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tv   Aging and Adult Services Commission 10516  SFGTV  October 12, 2016 11:00am-12:41pm PDT

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>> what our advocacy is going to be at the state legislature and again very much like the past years the main focus for most of the directors is attrition and for us in san francisco we're so fortunate that we way over match in terms of dollars for nutrition but we
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know there's still a lot of food insecurities. a lot of triple as in california don't have over match. san diego makes do with what they have from them and it's important for the directors to advocate for people's basic needs and nutrition is something that lethors understand and get behind and we got money in the state budget but it was half of what we asked for and only reason we asked for $5 million and we got $2.5 million so i personally and some of the directors have been advocating for us to increase that ask a lot so that if we get half of what we ask for maybe it will be more than what we got this year and we will continue to press on that. today i am heading down to the directors association meetings in anaheim and a
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meeting where all of the welfare recs, all of the medicaid providers, county medi-cal providers come together to talk about some of the same stuff, lktsdive platform but also sharing information. we do presentations to each other on best practices and things like that and usually have very good keynote speakers. i am presenting tomorrow with some of my colleagues, my colleague from alameda and one from sonoma and leadership opportunities in triple as and doing a trip e7 triple 101 and a lot of the folks don't understand how it fits into counties that hopefully that is interesting and then today megan eliot and linda lou are presenting on the food proxy
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program and partnership between our office and the food bank and in home supportive services program and it's innovative and hopefully will be received well too and i guess the last thing i want to talk about is michael costa who is a consultant for us and with the lgbt task force did a plan for support and service network did if you recall when we were looking at trying to develop a way that our cbos could sell packages and serve packages to private payers and we have been talking and we actually with the meals on wheels as the lead agency we approached the metafund and asked them for money to look at ways to draw down medicare funds into our
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community. medicare just because of the affordable care act and there are some new opportunities at different levels to start thinking about different ways to pay for services in the community and i think as the affordable care act rolls out and as providers realize there may be ways that we can keep people well and healthy in community at a much lower cost than say letting people getting sick and going to the skilled nurses facilities and for a long time has been our system. there are going to be new opportunities to draw down funds for things that we do or learn to do as long as with the other services we provide so the first opportunity is the diabetes prevention program and medicare is about to roll out regulations for that and we would like to be in a position to create a network that could actually provide those services in san francisco and perhaps regionally so we started convening a group of people to come together to figure out how
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we might do that. we're fortunate it's not been easy or a lot of money but fortunate that valerie and 30th street andom lock as an organization has been doing the diabetes self administered program -- >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> and so we can piggyback on some of the learning that we've had from that, but i think -- hopefully the first entree to draw down the funds and providers are looking at food and nutrition and food as medicine and great to continue the conversations and using the medicare funds as a funding stream and that's really because as much money san francisco puts into our services you know
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there is medicare is really the kind of big elephant, right, so if we can figure out to get more of the funds into the community it would be a great thing so that concludes my report for this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> any questions? i just have one. i know each year we do the training for the new rules medicare medicaid. i guess -- [inaudible] >> icap. >> yes. is that training -- >> has it happened yet this year? >> yes. does anyone know? >> you know i'm not sure but i think our office on the aging folks can find out and through bridget we can get the information to you. >> all right. because some of the people were interested in that. the other one you mentioned about nutrition and i
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was looking at most seniors don't qualify for the food bank in terms of the food they give away. the income is too high. a lot of seniors don't qualify. have we thought about trying to work with them in terms of raising the level of what the requirements are? a lot of seniors don't qualify for some of the food bank programs? >> right. we're always looking at that and i think we figured out ways to get around some of the requirements. it's always challenging and i know at the same time that happens with food bank resources it also happens with big programs like calfresh and there is advocacy around that too to look at kind of look at that ssi issue because obviously people on ssi don't qualify for calfresh and that's kind of been a problem for older adults, so we're
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continuing to audio r advocate and i should have mentioned c4a is advocating for things like that at the state level and make sure that seniors qualify for programs in a more broadway than they do now. >> >> as we look at the dignity fund i am wondering is it a possibility that some of that may be looked as a supplement. >> right. so the thing about the dignity fund if it passes there's a very comprehensive needs assessment process. i am sure that nutrition needs will come out among many other needs and they will get all prioritized in that process, yeah. >> any other questions? okay. thank you. next we have employee of the month. department of aging and adult services will honor mary ann roeruth from daas intake
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program. [applause] >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> so this is always an opportunity, not just to honor mary ann today, although we are. it's your day but it's also an opportunity for us to highlight the work of an individual's particular team; right? so what i would really like to do is have daas intake folks stand up. [applause] great. is there anybody here
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that didn't stand up because they're actually on the eligibility side? okay. just daas intake folks today? so i want to say something about daas intake and it's been through a huge number of changes and mary ann has been here for many of them. she's been here for a long time, or in and out i guess, but you were here at beginning and then you came back but one of the things about daas intake they have really grown. when we first started having information referral and assistance program i think we had two or three people at least when i got here. we had a lot more earlier on but this team has really grown and one of the things that they have t (encode
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dropped). sometimes family members that live in vermont or some other place and want to know about service. sometimes the services are for people living in poverty. sometimes they're for people who have income. that's a huge knowledge base that the people have to have and it's a constantly changing environment. one of the recent things the group did they moved into a new building. we call it the daas information hub and moved in with the veterans office and in hope services and variability staff who do calfresh and them and
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they are part of a bigger team and i want to thank you for your flexibility and customer service and i wanted to highlight that for the commissioners and it's important that the commissioners know that we have this resource and people can call you or access you through the website and they're going to get excellent customer service and thank you and then i'm going to talk specifically about mary ann because it's her day today so mary ann i want to read what your colleagues wrote about you and give this to you so you can have it. mary ann roeruth is a valuable program of the intake program. she has been instrumental in the program's evolving transitions movement and program. initially she provided hospital liaison work at hospitals in the area and proven to be successful and collaborator and work of the
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hospitals. since that time she is a champion of the clients and as a specialist and provides hospital home visits and follow up services and this is another thing that intake does that i forgot to mention and you do so many things and i am glad it's highlighted here. she's a social worker and engages the hard to reach clients. she has a quiet and respectful presence but achieves outcomes for her patients. he is able to collaborate with multiple parties in clients care and rights and ensuring quality of life. she's a wonderful team player. she is able to juggle the multiple responsibilities of the program and call center and ihhs and the walk in center and solution physicald and provides creative and innovative approach to finding solutions to client's issues and valuable feedback in
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the unit want she always has a smile on her face and willingness to help out. she volunteers for daily assignments and special projects and support to the coworkers and appreciated for the above all approach in all aspects of the work and affects the clients and coworkers she reaches daily and mary ann congratulations. thank you so much. [applause] >> i don't have a speech or anything but i want to say thank you to all my coworkers especially those that were able to make it today and thank you for your support. i couldn't do my job to the best of my ability without your support and thank my supervisor donna for support and guidance. i am very
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honored thank you. [applause] >> next item c advisory council report, mr. submitted. >> good morning president james, commissioners, executive director mcfadden. the advisory council met on september 21. there was a presentation given by rebuilding san francisco earthquake preparedness that was given by their executive director ms. karen minsick. this program works with housing units owned and rented to
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prepare and work to make sure if and when there is an earthquake they have some support and they're really working to make this an aging friendly operation. mr. rick applebee gave a report on the education committee. we will have another training with ucsf on october 21 and this is an ongoing collaboration with ucsf and i would really like to thank rick for the hard work making this happen, and also at the meeting there were quite a few items that came to pass. we had a small amount of members that we were tabling it until the october meeting. that's my report. any questions? >> what do you mean you had a small amount of members?
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>> we didn't have a quorum. we had some folks but due to time constraints some people had to leave and hoping to put it on the agenda for october. >> i just want to make sure. i have one question. do we have members that we need to approve coming up because we're going to have a nominating committee? >> we do have folks in the pipeline, one person in the pipeline. unfortunately one of our members rolled off and we now have someone in the pipeline to fill that position. >> so i think we have a meeting -- i have talked to you -- november. >> oh i thought you said december? >> yes. but katie will be back. >> okay, november. >> for december. >> we also have a new member that was voted a legga by the
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board of supervisors and she will start in march. >> oh okay. thank you. >> thank you ma'am. >> any other questions? okay. thank you. thank you. our next would be joint legislative committee report. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we had at our september 21 meeting we had a presentation by the dignity fund bringing us up to speed on proposition i and asking for support providing buttons house signs and other materials to be supportive prop i. we had a report from mrs. hamond who is one of the representatives california senior legislature. they are having their caucus october 25 and 27 to develop their legislative agenda for the next
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session which will begin in january of 2017 so we will have more to report in the future once that gets finalized. the two year session ended and there were many bills that were signed. there were a number of bills not signed by governor brown and many that didn't make it out of committee. kind of dead on arrival so if they're pieces of legislation of interest they have to be reintroduced again in the next two year session that begins in january. we have a couple of updates. the long-term personal care allowance that we have been talking about which would increase from 35 to $80 the personal care allotment for people in long-term care that did not pass. ssi -- cost of
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living adjustments passed but with a 2017 effective date but they're working out a formula to be used beginning in 2018 so it won't an across the board increase and so we will probably be tracking that, but it will be a formula going into effect into 2018 rather than across the board which is i think what we were all looking for. the formula takes into account economic factors. they will give a percentage but it's not across the board so i am assuming a sliding scale. sb1015 which is the 2016 domestic worker bill of rights that was passed and signed. the disabled placard reform was held in appropriations and is dead so nothing is going forward with that right now. the sb547 was
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established the long-term care services and coordinating council that came out of the long-term care task force that passed. it went to the governor but nobody is sure if he's going to sign it or not and i forgot to check. the lgbt disparities reduction act and have four agencies collect demographic data. that passed and was signed and i looked up the four agencies and they're the department of health care services, the department of public health, the state department of social services and the california department on aging and that will be in your minutes. commissioner o w asked for follow up on four bills and in the minutes. one is on the ihhs authorized representative designation and it's detailed and i won't take the time to go over it today since it's a long
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agenda but basically allows ihhs as recipient or applicant to designate a representative for them. the authorized representative is defined in the bim and i put that in the notes and there are specified purposes on the form and it specifies the effective time period and that's determined by the department. the form is required to be kept in the applicant or recipient's file. it specifies that the applicant or recipient determines the duties provided and they can be revoked or changed at any time. it permits the authorized rep to sign time sheets for services but not their own which i know has been a question that's come up a couple of types, and it directs the department of social services among other things to develop a standard form so as we know more we will fill you in and then the second action item
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from commissioner o w on the senior bill of rights and that was a strong statement of senior policy. it passed and basically states it resolves that the legislature and people of california should up hold and protect the dignity and independence of older californians by continuing the state's commitment to provide these individuals with certain supportive programs and services and that's about it. it was just a statement. there were two other things that passed. one was establishing june as elder and ven adult abuse awareness month and the second was to encourage the federal government to end the cash out in the ssi program. there were also a joint resolution regarding the 50th anniversary of the older americans act but that was around the advocacy to try to get the act reauthorized and i think that was about it. nothing on the federal level.
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nothing new on the city level and it will be a brand-new ball game starting in january. >> any questions? thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. next is the long term care coordinating council report. >> hello everyone. jessica laymen and a member of the long-term coordinating council. we met in our monthly meeting and talked about structure following the retreat we had this summer and talked how we think the work groups can function best? how this the steering committee work? how often should we meet? so right now we're in a phase of throwing around ideas and particularly
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wanting to shore up the work groups to make sure that each work group has clear goals and an action plan and a timeline. also we played a role in the budget cycle pushes for areas of funding that we see are important for seniors and people with disabilities and one question is how do hold on to the mission and vision of the council year round and paying attention to the budget cycle? so we talked about the council meeting quarterly or every other month and meeting less often so there is more time for the work that happens in the work groups. a lot of other ideas but i think they're some of the key issues. we also talked about reviewing the mission statement and using that to guide the work groups and reestablishing our relationship with the mayor and that has been talked about for a while and we're an advisory
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group to the mayor and how do we make sure we have that connection? so our next meeting will be on thursday october 13 from 1 to 3:00 o'clock at the born auditorium on otis street and we will talk about the neighborhood empowerment network and aging your way and continuing the conversation about the work groups. thanks. >> i have a question. >> i will stay on this side and mix it up a little. >> you said you would be talking about aging your way. >> the gathering of the community partnerships and a report back on what came out of that. >> okay. okay. all right. thank you. next would be tacc
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report. cathy russo. >> hello. i am reporting for tacc. we're having quarterly meetings now instead of every other month. as you're aware what keeps coming out around -- covers the entire country, the percentage of seniors in the population is increasing everywhere every year. funding for seniors is basically going down every year. when you go to the funding for senior programs we get that over here. we know that. in these issues you know the commission on aging -- the state commission on aging their staff run the tacc meetings. they set them up, organize it, get our speakers, do all this,
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and as a group they're very intelligent, very organized, communicate well, know what is going on all over the state, and whenever a speaker comes in you can see that representatives of the different state programs like them, enjoy relating to them. as a resource you're very lucky. you have a wonderful resource in your staff on the state commission on aging. now when we've had these major fires in the state what impressed me is when you get the reports with .
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>> and they're probably other activities that aren't currently
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offered that could be offered with the 85,000. it's possible if we get to the point that money is used up quickly maybe we can find other funds to enhance that next year but that's what we have currently. >> so how many people response to your rfp? >> i think it's still out. the deadline hasn't come out. >> when is the deadline? >> i want to say very shortly. do we know? >> friday. >> friday. >> so -- >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> and eventually you're going to pick one of the -- you're going to run the 66 raymond; right? >> correct. >> and how many staff members going to be? >> that's going to depend on the proposals, how it comes back. i think every agency is different. >> you have given the guidelines on the rfp? >> sure of course. >> they're not going to be too far -- you knows the proposal
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won't be too far. >> sure. we have guidelines around community service provision disblses so what is the guidelines? how many staff members? >> we don't set a staff related to the funding. we like to keep it open and a more competitive bid process. >> so the money is more precise; right? that's all they're going to get? >> correct. >> and as to the activities they provide and the manhours they going to provide? >> we will review the proposals for their effectiveness. >> right now is the self help for the elderly is running it. >> i think they're providing some services, yeah. >> okay thank you. oh when it's finished are you going to give us another report, who got the contract? >> of course. it has to come before the commission for approval. >> i see. okay. thank you.
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>> i had a question regarding the senior employment program. >> yes. >> what type of employment were you thinking of in terms of senior employment? >> so this is going to be -- the way we're envisioning this program it's going to be modeled after a program that's been deployod the east coast called reserve and takes retired workers, looks at their skills and recruits employers and tries to match them, and the agency would serve to subsidize the contractor providing the employment service would serve to subsidize the senior worker making it more attractive for the employer to take that person on. >> oh okay. so it's not necessarily seniors working with seniors? >> no. >> it's seniors in the regular employment -- >> you know it's saying we have seniors with nursing backgrounds. >> okay. >> and we have employers that
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could use these skills on a part time basis and we put them together. >> oh all right. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. i just want to say it says senior employment program but for seniors and people with disabilities so it shouldn't say that. it's misnamed. i'm sorry catch that earlier. >> it's regular employment and not necessarily directed to seniors. >> right. >> okay. any other questions? thank you. okay. next all items below are actions items and require a vote by the commission. a requesting authorization to modify the grant agreement with community living campaign for provision of the aging and disability friendly community adfc project
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at cayuga terrace during the period of july 1, 2016 through june 30, 2016 in the amount of 80,000 plus a contingency for a total grant amount not to exceed $222,200. could i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> okay. linda murley. >> president james, commissioners, executive director mcfadden, bridget i am here today to seek your approval for a grant modification with the community living campaign for its program kay yiewga community connectors. the area is an under served part of san francisco. it's the south central sector of sf. its boundaries are geneva almeady and mission and includes the
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cayuga terrace park. there is no community center in this part of the city so the connectors have created called a mutual help service so instead of using a community center we're bringing people together at various locations in cayuga and develop social relationships and relationships. it's a very successful program. it's been going on since october 2014. the tag line for cayuga is "turning neighbors disbo friends and that's the philosophy and it's growing to 175. that's what the budget mod sifz going to include. it's 175 people served om the community activities in the year up to 325 and increase in neighborhood
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outreach activities from 50 to 75. the funds are also going to help bring -- they're very active community connector to a full time status. she's been working part time at this point and then other funds are going to leverage to bring her to full time. also the goal is to hire someone from the community to help with the administrative tasks of the program. running all of our programs requires a lot of paper and we need staff to help with that and so cayuga is going to reach out to the community to help with that. the additional monies will pay the church, bethel church with a lot of the activities are located and buy supplies, teachers and paint for the mural projects. any questions? >> yes. i was trying to see did i miss nutrition component
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of this? >> there's no meal program involved. >> no meal program? >> no. >> is that because the church -- in terms of people getting together is there no facility? the chuferlt doesn't have -- what is it? >> aging and disability community friendly projects are more about socialization and activities and not nutrition. there's not a nutrition component to this though there is access to meal services for people who want food, so does that -- >> [inaudible] [off mic] there is a kitchen at the church so we do have -- for example monday we have coffee and fruit and cake. every event that we have we have refreshments because i do share the kitchen with the church. for example when we have pot lucks they let us use the
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fridge and the stove. does that answer the question? >> and i am happy find the nearest congregate site and let bridget know and she can inform you. >> we can go to excelsior and they have a food program there and mission y. some of the seniors have been going to mission y for the food program. >> so how often are they coming to this particular place, how many days a week? >> every day actually. three days a week we're active. on tuesday and thursday we're doing computer training. you know it's like a aging in place. we use this facility. they have tables and chairs and i invite speakers and we use it almost every day. >> okay. i don't think i would like to -- you know, just seems that you come to a place
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for all the activities that everything else should be there and go somewhere here. so it's okay. [inaudible] >> one of the things that a program does it lets older people in a neighborhood know there are a lot of different places to go, different services and not just one place but many and it's a good option to know. any other questions? >> do you mind introducing yourself? >> i'm sorry. >> not linda. >> hello. i am patty spaniac with the community connectors. thank you. >> thank you. >> and she's also an advisory commission member commissioner. >> okay. any other questions from the commission? is there public comment on this? any public comment? hearing none i will call for the question. all in favor say aye.
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>> aye. >> opposed? ayes have it so the motion is carried thank you. [gavel] . item b requesting authorization to renew the grant agreement with golden gate senior services for the provision of aging and disability friendly community services during the period of october 1, 2016 through september 30, 2017 in the amount of $150,000 plus a 10% contingency for a total grant amount not to exceed 165,000. could i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. michael. >> hello again commissioners. the item before you is add back funding for a one contract renewal with golden gate senior services village program. it's a unique program with office of aging. it's a hybrid between the traditional senior active community center blended in with a village model program. what
11:57 am
that means it's based out of the richmond senior center so they're able to leverage the resources of the community center space which is the space itself, the staffing, the computer lab that is there but they reach out to the community of richmond and offer village model service membership base, volunteer pool, and service and assistance with service requests. the service area for this program is the richmond district and sort of the two ideas is first to recruit members from within their own richmond senior center who might be interested in enjoying the benefits of a village model program but also to reach out into the community by offering the village program services and recruiting people who can then come in and experience the richmond senior center and the services they offer there. popular activities they currently have include a monthly
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cooking co-op, a neighborhood walking group which is done on a weekly basis and organized completely by the membership. they also do a monthly book club that is popular. they're more village like services that they offer are help with referrals to vetted local businesses. they use staff and volunteers and fellow members to help other members with things like transportation, household help, neighbor visits. they do a regular phone call in in. kind of the popular service requests are assistance with technology and transportation. they also have something they called one big thing which is coming up in november. this is where the members call in with one big thing they need assistance with, maybe around the house. the golden gate organizes their army of volunteers and send them out on one day to complete as many of the tasks as possible. this is still a relatively new
11:59 am
program opening in fall of 2014 but we have seen strong growth and development of the program since then. the funding before you today is an increase in funding over previous years but we do have a corresponding increase in service units including unduplicated clients and program offerings. that funding is primarily going into staffing with this new funding they're able to have a full time dedicated golden gate village program director. there is funding set aside for program outreach to get the word out about the program and member events. with that said i am happy to answer any questions. >> i have a question. >> sure. >> when you say the volunteers provide transportation how the coverage? if it's like i take a friend with me in my car or is
12:00 pm
the department in terms of being responsible? how is that handled? >> so it works like a village member would call in and "i need a ride to the store or a doctor" and staff of golden gate would find another member or volunteer member to provide that ride. now they do a vetting of volunteers and there is extensive insurance to cover any concerns that i think you were speaking of. >> yes. does the department -- does the grant cover that or the own individual volunteer just have their own insurance? i am just wondering how that is handled? >> i believe the village makes sure everything is appropriate with the volunteer, yeah, making sure they have it. >> because somebody has to be accountable. >> of course. >> so that would be my part in terms is it like i'm taking a
12:01 pm
friend or city and county taking respond for -- >> responsibility for -- >> i don't think it's city and county, no. >> okay. thank you. >> suhr. >> just making sure. >> yes. >> >> if i can add to that i think the insurance requirements are in the contract and there is volunteer background checks so looks like the agency is responsible. >> the agency is responsible. okay. >> yep. >> all right. thank you. i want to make sure that was covered. >> of course. >> i knew -- thank you. >> i have a question. >> yeah. >> on the salary and benefits detail there is employee fringe benefits for 19,173. >> yes. >> what is that? >> oh so the fringe benefits that includes -- let's see.
12:02 pm
that includes fica, workers' comp, taxes, kaiser health plan, delta dental and paid holidays. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> any other questions? public comment at this time. is there any public comment? hearing none i will call for the vote. all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposes? ayes have it so the motion is carried. [gavel] thank you. next item c. review and approval of fiscal year 2016-17 california department of aging supplementary nutrition assistance program education snap-ed contract sp-1617-06
12:03 pm
with the amount of $53,482 and all subsequent amendments. could i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. we have ms. chan. >> good morning p sarah chan and commissioner and director mcfadden. i am sarah chan nutritionist from office of aging in daas and today i am bringing you this item that is giving you a little background about supplemental nutrition assistance program education which is short
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>> how is that so different in terms of elderly abuse and bullying why do you put it over there. >> that's an interesting question i think that that is
12:21 pm
definitely worthy of some discussion if were looking at some people are just pardon me rude people some people are bullies they'll exercise control is with an intent or agenda elderly abuse it sometimes that occurs oftentimes families people that that are family members of a senior, nefarious neighbors if senior is bullied by a neighbor that is an f c s call we're looking at the senior center and bad behaviors in a setting that didn't finish that conversation i think that is a really interesting point i don't know if part of curriculum but will be after that meeting i'm sure. >> because the same kind of
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control what i'm seeing i saying goes on if it goes on for a period of time that person is taking control of somebody else's behavior and that's why i'm saying you calling it bullying but it is still elderly abuse and i'm just concerned - >> and mitigate this to. >> there's definitely a difference. >> state your name. >> i'll give an example some seniors go into the dining room and someone says that's mine over and over an example gossip one senior that married another
12:23 pm
senior the gossip he's a loser that senior decided not to come back the bullying we're going to be learning mar more as we go through this but definitely a difference between the - if a senior whether a staff person actually creates commits abuse we'll file an ap s report immediately this is a different category and it is very common we sometimes one of the biggest problems it goes unreported so seniors in a senior housing the bullies the folks in the senior housing stay in their apartment to avoid the bullies in the dining room it is different than elderly abuse and just bad behavior people that don't want to follow the rules the bring others into it so patrick our
12:24 pm
consultant foyer curriculum development and training he's going to help my staff almost be preventive by watching and be able aware of behaviors before they become serious bullies that's to help the staff to anticipate it i had another senior that was a former union rep and she was tell people some mean things for them not to speak up or call them suspected so those are kind of like board line abuse but people will not come forward we're starting with staff to buy in and do a 9 months of senior training we'll actually prevent and hope people to name it and have a vocabulary to name it to create a safer and
12:25 pm
more harmonious environment it is going to be interesting data we pull together at the end he really want to thank the dock for taking this seriously we heard if other colleagues on the increase and maybe because we're becoming more aware of it once you're aware of it can do something. >> what i'm booking for the consequence for the behavior of the bully communication for the behavior of the abuse so what's the consequence of the person. >> there's a lot of these levels commissioner president james a lot of the bullies need our services the consequence could be a variety of things we'll look for the most
12:26 pm
compassionate response but still have consequences the biggest problem that it goes undebe texted and staff don't feel their equipped to address it we'll go for both of those. >> i look forward to seeing that thank you, thank you marry any other questions. >> this is unfortunate this is happening and the awareness point is correct it's great we're addressing this head on tuesday. >> any other comments? public comment at this time? any public comments hearing none >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. that motion carries. >> next item is g request
12:27 pm
authorization to contract with m m jump for applications running ab s automated clients and cc s during the period of october one 2016 through september 2017 in the amount of of one and $27,000 plus a 10 percent contingency for a total contract not to exceed one and $40,000 plus can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. we have jill is on jill. >> hello, again so on the agenda items g and h are listed and will be considered separately. those two agenda items linked i can address them spacial but mrs. ann have an understanding they're linked in california
12:28 pm
adult protective services data is managed at the local level and here in san francisco since 1999 we have been using a database called action ax i'm requesting a one year extension to an existing contract was look at confusing about this contract in 2014 we end into a contract request m m t g the company that demonstrated own and operate the database ax in june m m it is was acquired by jump technology the provisions of the contract are the same requesting a one year extension moving forward working with jump technologies this database is to provide a little bit of context lielthd not just by the adult protective services program but utilized
12:29 pm
integrated intact and the clinic units that is staffed by nurses that work many adult protective services cases that involve medical issues that involve high-risk neglect we've seen the budget for the contract grow that's preliminarily as a result of number of users assessing the system as a result of collaborative casework we're expecting it the number of licenses we'll need to purchase will level out over the next fiscal year seen a great deal of growth with doss you'll see in the budget we have a newborn we have funding set aside so for enhancement and working with just this technology to try to expand the ax database to we're
12:30 pm
able to report out on the full range field that the federal government the administration for community living is going to be asking for on a volunteery base a federal data warehouse now the national dublt reporting system and many states are sending data into the federal government and california is trying to position ourselves in the coming years we'll be working with jump technologies on and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> any questions anything and okay public comment at this time is there public comment hearing none, i'll call >> i. >> opposed?
12:31 pm
the i's have it. and so the motion carries thank you h is requesting i have to read it. >> requesting authorizations to renew the contract with care assess silicon valley valley for hosting the jump be applications for ap s aa ct s during the period of october one, 2016 through 2017 in the amount of of 52 thousand plus a 10 percent contingency for and total not to exceed $58,000 $80 can i have a motion it discuss. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you all of the 22 counties in california utilizing the ax contracting with jump technologies also have a sister contract with care assess of
12:32 pm
silicon valley care assess essentially acts as the secure server that hosts the database and to some degree the ax system will not function without this contract with care assess and so i will is that we're having discussions with jump technologies about was that we might be able to move away from having a dual contract and so this is something we'll be looking towards in the next fiscal year we will be going out for a full rfp for the system later this fiscal year. >> any questions from commissioner. >> just a general question what kind of data. >> 0 this is our full case management client system in
12:33 pm
august the adult protective services program received over seven hundred reports of abuse so we have data it is transacted at the client level and at the case level and data that tracks the allocation level the type of abuse for example, and we also have used the system for our notes which is where really on the ground level is most important and it is really important that we have a web based system we often have a variety of social workers or nurses or intact staffers simultaneously working on a case so a social worker will enter the notes and something else can look at the system and entering their notes that we do a comprehensive psychosis analysis all that data can be tracked within ax.
12:34 pm
>> so from a broad picture you get an analysis based on you said 18 years worth of data maybe for example in this area this location there is more prefer lance of abuse and need to address that. >> we are regularly doing database analysis we're fortunate to work with the h f a and rose is presented at the commission before established recently a six months report for adult protective services showing a wide range of data whether he means to say i'm working with her to use data to inform our practice to improve our practice and engaging in quality assurance this was a process for rose she had to assess what we call a data dump
12:35 pm
from care assess and my understanding it every month she's receiving raw data in unlabeled tables and she has successfully be able to organize those tables and set up inquires to run monthly report for me so if the commission has interested on a specific area i'll be happy to prepare a report and i'll be happy to come back and present that information to you. >> in our office i have people intacters to record all the data; right? concerning our clients. >> the in takes you're asking about it in takes monday through friday integrated intact programming is managing the
12:36 pm
report and earlier director ma fatten wag talking about the ring of duties they ap s we're able to meet with people from the community off the street in person most of f that function is 47b89d over the phone and an online reporting portal so that mandated reporters can submit an apa report if they prefer. >> what does the care assess do. >> so care access is the server and they're basically hosting the ax database and i'm a social worker i see this not my background what i've
12:37 pm
come to understand that the - so care assess basically is keeping our data safe and their functioning as age it server that is technologically up to date we're hoping to use a web base system ax is not a web based system we're able to assess through the internet because of care assess. >> so care assess does the recording of the information just the recording device they're not helping you they're not analyzing all the data. >> that's correct. >> they're hosting. >> they're hosting. >> yes. >> their safeguarding our data but not doing an analysis of this is steve.
12:38 pm
>> hsa basically m m t d provides a solution and they're hosting the data m m t g nor the city hosts their data but they do all the encryption and data and provide data dump of the monthly transaction. >> one last question why can the city data you know the computer system install all the information and you have to seek outside help. >> well in order for us to do that we need an extra we don't have for the level of security see this is we do a lot of privacy applications like the day to day operation of hsa didn't currently accommodate.
12:39 pm
>> i will say we did explore that with the it department and we were told they don't have the infrastructure at this time but moving forward we're looking for other solutions. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay and any other questions. >> public comment at this time come back any public comment? >> hearing none, i'll call the >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. the my brother's keeper area announcements 8 announcements hearing none, announcements hearing none, public comment? any more public comment? hearing none, can i have a motion to adjourn >> so moved. >> thank you. >> the meeting is adjourned
12:40 pm
>> how is everyone doing today? all right. so we are here to announce the grand opening and cut the ribbon on duc loi pantry. how about a big round of applause? [ applause ] as you all know, duc loi is a long time san francisco business that is expanding and opening here on 3rd street in the bay view, filling a vacancy on 3rd street, bringing good local jobs, and providing fresh produce to the neighborhood and the community. we have a number of speakers here who want to celebrate this milestone and iman


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