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tv   Board of Education 101116  SFGTV  October 15, 2016 12:15am-1:31am PDT

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san francisco board of education san francisco unified school district for tuesday, october 11, 2016, is now called to order. >> roll call ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton thank you ms. wynns mr. haney ms. sing thank you. please join
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me for the pledge of allegiance. >> thank you we want to welcome everybody who is joined us for for those of you who don't know to address the board of education we want to ask you to fill out speaker cards they're available in the hallway and please give them to ms. casco before the item a called item a approval of the minutes no approval tonight item b sprurnts report superintendant lee. >> thank you mr. haney last wednesday i'm happy to announce that mayor ed lee joined dianne feinstein elementary school students and families for
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subconsciously walk and role to city hall rec and park phil ginsburg joined us and sfmta's ed reiskin greeted the students it was estimated for 17 thousand students walked or rode their bikes to school sfusd the kickoff for the safe routes in partnership that encourages the community members to work together to make their neighborhood more pollutant for walker and promote physical activity and concern for the environment this thursday october 13th officials from the department of education and leaders from the decapitate foundation will be at glen park for a trail behavior in the blueprint for the literacy glen park is ahead of the state for the principals jean robertson will be guiding them through the
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clamors they can see students engaging in the literacy learning congratulations to glen park elementary their, their commitment for the first time stanford and perhaps in the nation all sfusd libraries will have a set of books and curriculum that focuses on how to graduate from school a road map to college teaches goal setting problem softening and career exploration at a level jose cisneros are read by the time by bunny wants everything a book for financial literacy and the detests between wants and needs jose cisneros office created the kindergartener to college or k-2 c in 2012 in
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partnership with sfusd k two a college program that amp contributes to cottage subjectivities and research shows a student is over 6 times more likely to attend college without an account regardless of the amount in the account and finally in saturday at the leap sand castle as ocean beach by rec and park and a spirited competitions between teens of architects and contractors and corporations and engineers and local elementary school students they are met to develop ideas on a set theme they make clay models and finalize the plans creating with a difference team is a learning externals for the students and sponsors that participated this is a mistake
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and morphs the people and things that move us that concludes my report. thank you mr. haney. >> thank you superintendant lee accommodation, there is none tonight. and student delegate report. >> good evening superintendant lee and board of education the fcc is planning a young voters forum for high school and college students in conjunction with sf commission and the advocates on thursday october 2, '05 to 7 location to be determined and here's a poster so i'll read out what is on the post youth with often left out of urban design targeted election conversations but to pass measures will the propositioned effect their lives young people are coming together in shaping the election and the
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outcomes so some of the examples prolongs that will be discussions education, safety, transportation, such as prop a and prop f so more information will be coming about this event next our election will be happening tomorrow communities will be choosing a chair or and catholic church to help to leads our project next an update on our research and development developing for sf c october thursday will be our first meeting to discuss with citywide regulations on how undocumented immigrant and to gather information to see how dress code is addressed with the students and see how we can make
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this more equal for everyone girls and obesity and anyone in the lgbtq community. >> and an update on the fcc is promoting the girls festive on october 15th and the awareness month we'll be discussing tomorrow during little meeting reps will be pga along idea for the school sites. >> commissioner vice president walton do you know what is happening on march 7? guess >> (inaudible) yes. >> (laughter). >> the submit huge submit. >> (laughter).
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so sxhupt your guess is correct we'll be having the youth submit 2016-2017 on march 17 at forte mason one of the events in the unified school district all high schools will gather to talk about leadership initiative and leadership in general >> so our next meeting will be tomorrow wednesday october 12th in the board room if you're interested in coming to the meeting you can talk to our sf cc coordinator contact mr. salvador lopez. >> >> thank you student delegates for that report and performance commissioner vice president walton and then commissioner. >> do you it it scripted i'll get the answer right. >> no (laughter) you were supposed to not get it
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right dr. murase. >> i want to point out i've brought the cards for the girls festival and leave them in the hallway for those to pick up thank you item e advisory committee one report we have a report from the parents advisory council. >> good evening mr. haney commissioners and superintendent my name is johnny and i have two kids in the sfusd system one at the jefferson and one at alamo and i'll new to the apac this is my first report thank you, again so the role of the parents advisory council to represent
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the parents voices to to the board of education on policy discussed this report provided an update on the apac upcoming opportunities for the apac so the first issue is the standard report card at our last apac doctor mary programmer with the assessors office has the new raider and gathered the information from the apac members one of the most important identifying the need for the documents for students receiving the special education to address how it connects with the it doctor was her response to the feedback was very positive and appreciative we had a great discussion sowing and the reason it is important it is for families to
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understand how their children academic and social growth on the report card connects with our progress for meeting the goals and objectives and having a companion document will help the conversation and call for a second partnership between the home and schools the next item is the san francisco teacher residency parents panel last week 3 apac members were on a parent with a s ftc r they talked with the residents that were with the apprenticeships in 19 of the schools and shared their experiences about what makes a successful teacher partnership what gets in the way of a successful teacher partnership and from a elementary school to high school
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the apac valued the approach to family engagement as a recognition of teachers getting to know their students and building long relationships and supporting the outcomes the next apac item the local control task force daylight forum that is el cap make sense of the data takes place on wednesday 2016 at james lick middle school and we will have flyers available in the lobby and we'll be sharing data look at different busy aligning the data points with the vision vision 2025 profile to see how hour progress towards making this a reality for the students this alignment allows us to have data points will have a window
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into the students agency a whole in other words, to provide a picture the profile we hope to draw on the leadership opportunities students have access san francisco participating organizations like black student unions and school bodies and pure research programs likewise we'll include the data on arts and all programs throughout the district this data forum an opportunity to look at the metrics in the el cap to see and discuss the strategies that are supporting the success and identify the need forces student outcomes this is intended to support the parents accountability around how to look at the intervenes and resources and model and understanding student data to inform academic budgets and this understanding and connection are
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central for parents to meaningful engage in the balanced scorecard at their schools and equity the apac is aware the district leaders are reinviting the program at a - feeder plan in 2017-2018 at our apac meeting tomorrow dr. murase will join us to talk about how the apac might join in the process over the years the apac put time and energy into the process to to the discussion of 129 assignment for the school pattern and many of the concerns the apac raised in the past report are issues for the board to address limit do so access to the pathway for english learners and students who receive special education services we looked to
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hearing how we'll address the out going challenges as we identify the priorities for the upcoming year next meeting is tomorrow upstairs at 6 o'clock october 12th at 5:45 p.m. >> and i'm open to any questions. >> thank you so much for that presentation. >> commissioner vice president walton and thanks again for your presentation i don't have a question but want to commend them for working with the residency and great to see this is working with the families and parents as we address solutions for the district thank you for that. >> you're welcome and i'll pass that on the apac members tomorrow the meeting. >> any questions thank you oh.
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>> i was going to suggest you may want to invite maybe keith to the meeting also, because she's got a historical context of fitting the process and she knows sort of all the recent data and can share that with you also to give you a broader punish or picture what the direction the district is going in and she's has stenographers she can update you thank you so much for report. >> thank you. we'll keep in mind and try to schedule a session with her thank you. >> welcome. >> did great. >> (clapping.) >> see you at the next meeting. >> oh, yeah. yeah next week you got it.
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>> they set the standard there. >> i don't know how we'll live up to that item f public comment on consent items none signed up item g the consent calendar can i have a motion and a second? on the consent calendar. >> second. >> any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent. >> yes. commissioner president haney a few and i'll ask mr. steel to mention this. >> thank you superintendant lee yes 3 the first is 5 a 1610 and 25 on page 77 of the agenda the dates of service the ending should be 5 slash 2117 not 16 thus 12 - the second a 1610 act 11 k 34 under the source is now
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corrected to the concentration grant for the resource number is now changed to a 7092 and finally to summer page 14 resolution on page one is 6 is correct, however, the summary is not correct the description should provide stanford career pathways and provide technical assistance and project management to teachers leadership teams and central office team. >> can he ask a question. >> commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell. >> i'm sorry mr. steel did you say k-43 by chance k-43 shows a retroactive resolution the debate is october 12th tomorrow that really shouldn't be a retro
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introduce. >> that's on page one 14 and k-43 should not be marked and retroactive thank you, commissioner. >> any items removed for first reading by the board items severed by the board and superintendents for discussion. >> like to sever k-29 on page 88. >> k-29 on page 88 okay anything else roll call under section o item h superintendent proposal there is none tonight. and item board members proposals there is none tonight. and general matters call up a set of folks first from sunny side elementary
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(calling names). >> and you have 2 minutes each. >> hi, my name is arrest gone hugh my son calvin a fifth grade student i'm here for the fourth time to raise the issue that my son and classrooms don't have a permanent go fifth grade teacher the last time we asked for direct consumption if this group on sort of driving towards a resolution that still has not happened our current course is on committed through october i will you know the parents
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would really like to know specifically what is pretending the board having the teacher for the remainder of the year from the issue is really coming down to dollars i want to know specifically that amount and asking for a meeting from the beginning with all the fifth grader parents with their principals and teachers teaching the fifth graders to come up with a solution there's now finally talk of that happening but as of today he that's not happened so i'm really asking again hoping that i don't have to be here again in two or three weeks bringing this on or about up we're really looking for a permanent solution for our fifth grade class thank you. >> hi again
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my name is stefani and my son is also in the fifth grade at sunny side without a teacher after i was here last month i thought that - i'm a third-generation san franciscan my father and mother went to think outside the box they didn't feel that was save or adequate education i didn't go there but protrude of my sons experience at sunny side and advocated to people in any community my church and coworkers to go to the unified school district i can't do that we're not - the reason my son is there he was special needs he needs consistency a teacher that will advocate and hold him to a standard having all the different people in the classroom is only added to his confusion i don't think he's learned anything i think he was
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farther ahead i'm disappointed and sad to say i'm not advocating to go to the public schools this is a huge hole we are in a beautiful city with educated people and wealthy and this broadband can't find one person to connect those o to those children's education i'm trying to explain to my son education is the most important asset at unified school district has failed again not with only consistent person to encourage those kids to pursue their education or so things through anyone that will take the time to know them and support them and hold them to a higher standard i'm just sad huff wouldn't are
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believed we would be this far into the school year i understood when i left last time that you said you'll have a better way to communicate what we expect since then we've not heard such communication i'm disappointed and he hope that - it can move forward now we're going into into getting ready for teacher parents teacher meeting what teacher will be there we've been told our teacher didn't have access to our children report cards and not sure she'll be there and not the same teacher as before so please help to resolve this soon. >> hello
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again my name is dana this is my figured out board meeting of the year i've seen some of you around the city campaigning and other political candidates i've spoken with at various school functions i'm here again asking for the same resolution we're into the school year and 6 weeks away from the parents teacher venture and our teacher was committed to stay until october 17th that was pushed to october 31st we have again parents slashing teacher who will be present in the parents slashing teacher we hope but again like the previous speaker said she didn't have access to
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report cards now we have to ask someone else to create the report card we've been promised a resolution and we've been promised communication i'm not getting any of that at the last board meeting that was a forum a public forum for us to speak but not for you to comment on public comment where is that forum we went to the back to school night we were told that's not the forum i heard tonight we're moving towards a forum but who will be in the classroom in may i don't care about technique and the next week he want the person to be the same person that is there on stage when my child is ready to move on to middle school thank you.
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>> hello my name is dalai in fifth grade sunny side elementary i'm going to read notes that my classmates are written we need a teacher to help us learn my friends are sad and it makes me sad we don't need a teacher - a. >> any teacher we need a teacher that will help us learn. >> please help us - please help fetus a teacher for
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education. >> please get a real teacher. >> okay hello my name is laney also a member of the effected class i would like to say a few things about my classroom situation first of all, point out that is october and it has been a long time and there is still no plans to get us a teacher not that of heard of and second of all even though we don't pay tax i'm concerned why 68 thousands funds the ipads instead of getting me and teacher and third of all i'm
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concerned on why my class is so chaotic and why you haven't made in any fact on what is happening in my class while we're sitting here and some of the rules permanent teachers can show us the way to learn the ushts way and our minds and we can't. >> my name is notre daadalin a at sunny side elementary of the effected class 8 substances have cycled through the class and maybe 8 weeks we still don't
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have a teacher every time we have a new sub they discuss the rules some of the kids don't tell them the rules and in that way the substances are take advantage of i feel it is unfair to kids who need the rules the subs don't value the more fun classes like pe or art or drama and music and in that way kids are less enthusiastic about school. >> hi, everyone i'm suzy a parent of effected class at sunny side elementary starting to feel like a broken record this is my fourth board meeting and i don't know why there is a forum to hear any answers or responses from the board which
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as you recall you're the elected officials and work for us the parents and students of san francisco unified school district last time we came here i mexico's we misunderstood some of the situations that communication was out so here we go two weeks later i've not heard a damn thing a message what guess happening to our classrooms do we need legal representation you can't stonewall us you implied a plan can you please share that with the students and parents of sunny side fifth grade . >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> richard
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(calling names). >> oh, it's on special order sorry i'll call you in a minute go johnny. >> hi, i'm graham bell the teacher of the hard of hearing and the third time 13 years ago you did a good thing we remember not educating the deaf and hard of hearing students it was passed in 1975 and still not as of today, i'm starting to have to file abuse and neglect complaints have a child without an interpreter federal and local all his classes and moved for one of my classes where i'm as i said is next to the band room so when the trumpet and the flute start playing outside my door i
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run just like if you not provide a wheelchair to a student it is abuse bringing if a room like this turning off the lights for something visibly impaired when you bring noise into the class room that is happening at lafayette and four or five urban filled positions and deaf of heart of hearing cringes last saturday one of the teachers quit because she got a 50 percent rent increase next level at the you would we'll keep the - at the early start they're mixed and that teacher can't do her job and go
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out and do the teacher or meeting with the parents for babies and infants she's supposed to do at lafayette two teachers quit because the principals are doing their job and the i tenor and another was the aggressive attitude of administrator there i also had problems with she moved to presidio as a program assess i've told you all the people the. >> tusk modifications was not replaced my students failed we have an oral teacher a signing teacher that if speak in the at try mode that's the option you committed to best practices please follow-up with what you would you did then was
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really good and a lot of parents not able to be here to speak about this we would like to be put on the agenda so we can have a conversation how you'll so forth and live up to the commitment thank you. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm amy my daughter is one of the people effected by the situation my daughter had the honor of being part of tahoe program when it was working well, not too long after the teachers quit and not presidio is a different situations they've been violated one in which she didn't have a t h h certified teacher teaching her program the first week she was
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main streamed wondering why she didn't understand the curriculum so i called and saw she was main streamed and after i brought it up to the special day class person that was in charge he fixed it but took him over 3 days but at that point his teacher didn't center credentials and not an f m system and a classroom that is not modified and facing construction not respecting to hear everything she needs to hear her teacher there was a lot couple of different teachers one teacher is completely deaf an interpreter which is fine but now my daughter is coming home and signing and starting her language is regressing all that great progress we made at
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lafayette is starting to regressing now you guys none has will be able to help us, please do something thank you. >> hello my name is richard lo rosa retained of san francisco and a homeowner in 2009 i signed the mortgage on any condo not far from here and was happy the first time ami i've owned a home in any life shortly i was asked to vote for a resolution to give money to the san francisco unified school district for teachers support and for building maintenance as a teacher myself full-time still working i would great i vote when i startled to receive my tax forms from the city manager this san francisco unified school district is charging me the 200 and $73 tax
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twice one on my residence and my parking space in the stage building i've tried to talk with people at the school board and sent everyone a letter and got zero answer back i want to city hall and talked with the people in the - mr. lee that in he's office he counter tell him why i pay this tax twice and went to city hall and talked with the people in the tax assessors office he said this is totally ridiculous let me look at 24 he called me and said sorry my boss said none can do anything unless the deduct and went to the appeals tax appeals court and wanted to appeal this none can tell me out how to appeal they said, sir we get complaints all
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the time but unfortunately, the tax appeals court can't do anything but the school board and here again, i've got any taxes this week i'm being charged double one on my apartment and ones on the parking space he was forced to buy separated from the apartment base developers make more money i think you guys are not answering anyone else's question but hopefully, you'll get back to me and line item know why i'm paying a double tax and seems like the san francisco unified school district is unaccount we won't talk to anyone and give me anybody any reasons i don't think the voters of san francisco voted for this to get do i believe taxed >> thank you .
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>> (clapping.) >> and hi, i'm here to talk about an issue that we've been hearing at p t s people are being calming and - mainly we learned recently that the district will be using 7 greatest scores as the test criteria instead of the terry nov to honestly taken parents by surprise we've been telling people in the workshops this will be used and so a lot of people are calling us to find out if this is true but it's coming second and third hand and indirect communication and feels like people are learning late in the
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process i know that the moment fair is october 29th that's a plug but a lot of people start this process earlier and in fact, people look at high schools since august and findings out wlat from the process that something was changed in what they thought was the truth how to get admit the into high school we confirmed it with pc and asked folks for comments if anyone is interested it is on this open for a couple of days and 50 comments people feel it is unfair to have a private test for public and private students many people are fine with that that's similar with the e f t but don't like the retroactively communication they felt that was sort of doesn't - have been lied to it
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is a pilot or has said you don't need to worried about and now feeling that is high stakes so that's really the money concern just feels like the communication was late to the ask we're hearing if folks number one to be honest and talk with people in advance of making changes and number 2 self people want students to have at the option of using either test since they were not given advance notice thank you. >> thank you. >> okay special order of business i'll call the public hearings an city college of san francisco and san francisco unified school district dual enforcement partnership agreement superintendant lee. >> yes. i looking for doctor stevens dr. stevens is he here okay?
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may i - oh, commissioner president haney i'm told it dr. stevens is in route is that possible to >> be surprised how quickly he got here (laughter) okay. so the giants game - >> okay so we'll come back to this through we don't have m that many things. >> i'm told he'll be here within 10 minutes. >> okay all right. so i will move to the next leona helmsley all right. i call the public hearing and adoption to the agreement between the district and the united mists of
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san francisco can i have a motion and a second? >> moved second. >> thank you commissioner president haney and i'm happy to see that caramel is here the chief of labor relations and will present the item. >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent sow what we would like to do is present per requested action that the board of education of san francisco san francisco unified school district conducts a public hearing and adopts the agreement 24/7 the district and united mists of san francisco u sf the related documents and the accelerated salary increase for the salary schedules of clarified management in accordance with the district practice. >> thank you
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i have one public school speaker. >> now you're up. >> richard. >> good evening commissioner president haney superintendant lee and fellow commissioners i'm richard executive director of the united administrators of san francisco i have with me an executive board member jay that works in early education effects and want to speak, of course, in favor the resolution i don't remember adding on the number presented management but i guess that's part of workers you have to do the meeting and
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greet commissioner hasz we want to get through tonight and spend another 13 innings with the giants i hope you'll quickly move forward tonight want to thank pubically all the people that came all the candidates for school board that scam to our candidates unites a couple of weeks ago both incumbents and people running for the school board we appreciate your time with the mists thank you good night. >> comments from the board. >> sounding like we're to move quickly on this we're not sweet spot to comment. >> (laughter). >> on this one we comment let's
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go ahead and take a vote. >> ms. sing ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney that's 7 i's. >> all right. go make sure we win. >> item l discussion of other educational issues there is none tonight. and consent calendar resolution we've moved. >> pardon me commissioner president haney we need to do the next item. >> sorry special order of business one action item which is the approval of the superintendent search firm can i have a motion and a second? on the approval. >> move the approval of the item. >> second. >> superintendant lee.
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>> thank you commissioner president haney on this item chief general council will summarize the requested action. >> tonight we're asking you to approve the resolution so we can enter into a contract with leadership and societies as i'm sure the board remembers it was a unanimous pick to move forward to what enter into contract tonight a resolution the item before you we've begun the leadership and societies the total includes expenses and reimbursement costs that's higher than the consulting fee but breakdown as support in the agreement. >> no public speakers my questions or comments from the board. >> all right. ms. mendoza-mcdonnell
1:04 am
>> i'm sorry can you tell us what the differentiate from what we viewed in the meeting and now the higher number. >> sure i can look it up but my memory 625 in consultant fees no not to exceed 5 thousand dollars in expense reimbursement for consultants and then i actually put in - they have a provision of candidate experiencing expenses to be reimbursed not a dollar figure, of course, they don't know how many candidates and what the costs we put in a 10 thousands cap but this will be to be preapproved by the board jaw. >> but the truth mechanism. >> not included in the 5 thousand that's was that 5 thousand dollars. >> 5 thousand dollars for the consultant travel. >> expense reimbursement.
1:05 am
>> and the candidate is separate. >> we're putting in a cushion our exactly not to exceed 10 thousands i'll not expect to get near but otherwise have to bring it back before you have candidates we don't want to be in that position. >> thank you roll call vote. >> thank you you know what i'm sorry. >> sorry. >> the other question that we had asked whether they're willing to put in writing about the provision of not approaching candidates within a certain amount of time. >> we've provided the two year guarantee if the superintendent leaves before the two years and proposed the 5 year non-solicitation clause if if they place a superintendant here not put the superintendents name for the 5 year period without
1:06 am
the boards prior written approval. >> that's the negotiation of the contract. >> that's correct. >> roll call vote. >> ms. sing ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase. >> ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mraevens. >> that's 7 i's. >> all right. item back to item l discussion of other educational item there is none tonight. and resolution for a second reading there is none tonight. and item n seconded under item g. >> mr. harangue. >> ms. sing ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton i'm sorry we're voting. >> on the consent calendar. >> i thought i wanted to be
1:07 am
sure i'm voting yes, but abstaining on item 2 d and 11 b-4 and number 7 organization due to a conflict of interest. >> mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney thank you. >> i'd like to i'm sorry. i'd like to say noted. >> couple of items k 26 we're pulling k thirty; right? k thirty and 42. >> k thirty and 42? okay >> all right. >> item o consent calendar resolution severed for separate consideration i believe one ms. wynns. >> thank you so this is an item that i i don't have any problem but on
1:08 am
page 87 i gave you the wrong page there is a request for a waiver and not mention who the person for the waiver being requested two other waivers in the agenda means we've never had a request to waive a policy without knowing for whom we're waving it so i would think that should be corrected and further i have to just also say we recently had a controversial issue about waving a board policy district policy that appeared to be a little bit overarching not specific so i want to raise a small red flag we need vigilance on the issue of granting waivers we shouldn't do that i think for a specific purpose only i'm prepared to
1:09 am
vote but like the name of person to be provided to the board and somebody to pay attention in the future. >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell. >> can i have - i have a question originally you said page 88 which is k thirty you actually meant k-29; is that correct. >> i voted i did not vote on k thirty a retroactive resolution i thought that was what you pulled so can you make a connection for i k thirty on that thank you. >> all right. a vote on that item >> k thirty. >> we're voting on k-29; correct? >> ms. sing ms. fewer
1:10 am
ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> all right. item p introduction of proposals and assignment for committee there is none tonight. and q for immediate sphinx of rules no extensions suspensions for immediate action going back to item k public hearing which i will now again, recall this public hearing on the city college of san francisco and sfusd dual partnering or agreement superintendant lee >> thank you mr. haney so just as deputy director guerrero to step up for dr. stevens that is making his way back the requested action this evening is that at board of education of the sfusd hold a
1:11 am
public hearing on the dual personally between city college san francisco and sfusd as required by ab 288 and in the morning with the ed code 76004b and to provide give you a little bit of background per ab 288 the board process requirement and, of course, with the ed codes stipulates a city college district any enter into a college and partnering with a deduct partner that is governed by a cca partnership approved by the governing boards of duo both districts governing board and an open public merging of that board shall present the dual partnership as an informational item the government board at at subsequent open public hearing shall take comments from the public and approve or disapprove
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the agreement so formal adoption of the ab agreement by this board of education will take place on october 25th. >> no public speakers any comments from the board commissioner walton. >> thank you mr. haney want to say this is an important collaboration some of the components of this have going to allow the students to take up to 15 unites of city college units this equals for city high school credits with an early access to city college our students will be prioritized over adults in those crazy in our campuses we've been waiting to see this happen and supportive of our pathway program and how we not to move forward including other opportunities for the district personnel so this is something
1:13 am
i'm definitely in full support of and glad to see this is coming up for a vote so - and commissioner norton. >> i'm interested in a hearing more about - we have a partnership in place students are taking dual enrollment courses i don't know how many students contagious of take advantage of that and wonder when it comes back to the board on the 25th if we can get a roster of wasn't that looks like if we're expanding it i'll be interested in the data and what city hall's is students are participating from but so if i may our curriculum committee had a little bit of an update on that but also at the last community college meeting with yeah, we also had a brief update on that there is data that staff
1:14 am
has available and maybe they can just send it to you electronically and didn't have to be a presentation but will have to see data. >> great. all right i will adjourn this public hearing item s members report can i have a report from the standing committee let's started with the report from the existing curriculum committee. >> thank you mr. haney so we had four informational items school quality irritation and summer school so i think - how they are supporting our teachers that is quite a monumental feat
1:15 am
and as we have more new teachers than ever so the induction program is going to have a remainder of teachers and your students will benefit after coaching and support from the school sites and with the state of california following our lead is going to be requiring ever high school to offer ethic studies and our curriculum to monitor it every high school as as you recall that we allocated a .2 but schools themselves are allocating out of their own budget another in some cases 4 classes of ethic studies and every ninth graders is tmc ethic studies so doubling the amount
1:16 am
of students in the ethic studies and have data on the raced of those students that have taken the ethic studies by commissioners, if you want to add anything mr. walton and mr. haney we're all pleasantly surprised about the state adopting or using our curriculum as a framework and summer this is where commissioner norton's we served many students in the program we hope to actually serve more i think i believe that that is present or sent electronically if in the mailbox in not we'll request to be sent to every commissioner thank you very much. >> ms. fewer and commissioner vice president walton. >> so much thank you as usual an existing personal and labor
1:17 am
relations committee meeting last week or a couple of weeks ago but we talked about staffing and we know there are still a few vacancies at the time i think 28 not just educator but personnel we've been working hard the district working hard to fill those spaces one of the things i'd like to tell the families that came in and spoke earlier we are working hard think a plan and strategy to address all the concerns that we've heard the past few weeks and sometimes things we can't discuss as we move forward and in terms of doing the work but we've pushing hard to make sure we rectify that scenario and other gaps in terms of staffing we also had a report on the teacher recruitment and retention for the r89z school year we're focusing on and working hard to make sure there is a strategy in
1:18 am
place that everyone in the district unforming knows and understand our strategies and how wool be working with the plan to provide the correct information as well as everyone working with their best foot forward to address future gaps an update on the classifications as we push towards making the team permanent and we also discussed the superintendent search twermentd in the process of receiving proposals from r f q as you may know we had a discussion for the two selections to move forward and now we are moving forward with our chosen firm for the selection of superintendant more information in terms of dates and how we'll work on the
1:19 am
transparent process to select our superintendent as we move forward and that concludes my report. and our next meeting is on october 27th and, of course, guarantee it will be fun exciting and exemplary thank you. >> mr. haney. >> commissioner norton. >> i want to just go back on the budget committee for this month i was not able to make the early october time and i'm labor day the calendar i think budget committee members commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell and commissioner wynns i'm thinking to go back to the first november meeting and do so have a meeting november 2nd this is a wednesday yeah. >> oh, you're on budget sorry. >> who is on budget sorry dr.
1:20 am
murase and commissioner wynns is the 2nd of november work for you. >> i think see. >> i need to confirm that but wanted to get that on the calendar so let's pencil that in for 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd of november dr. murase calendar. >> (inaudible). >> okay. i'll confirm that but announcing that 6:00 p.m. on november 2nd. >> great other board reports. >> mr. haney if i may the curriculum committee will be meeting on november 10th a thursday their usual meeting on monday the 7 of november but as that date is the date for election so decided to do it on the 10 i may not but - i'm kidding a curriculum meeting - >> thank you commissioner
1:21 am
cohen and commissioners we're also open for suggestions of items that you may like to hear at the committee. >> dr. murase. >> the next meeting the student assignment ad hoc will be november 29, 6:00 p.m. and again spending the year listening to folks about areas the process where soliciting feedback and hoping you'll calendar that a couple of other announcements last week on tuesday the bay area urban debate legacy featured the middle school and high school students debating like vote 16 and police accountability and want to congratulate the students who participated a couple of upcoming phenomena's gateway school is having an
1:22 am
annual event november 11th and october 19th and the san francisco education funds back to school gala up to the 19 and my last announcement i'm pleased to report that the u.s. foundation has recognized mr. so on no teacher of the japanese language and the chair of the language at lincoln high school for the outstanding teacher award this year so hardy congratulations to him very popular in the jackie spier program thank you. >> commissioner wynns. >> i want to take a point of privilege so many of the staff
1:23 am
we want to recognize friday is my mothers one and second birthday. >> pretty sure she'll make it and actually she's landmarking i want to thank the board and the staff for if i miss a board meeting and went to see her and happy to see her she's looking forward to see the results of election and plans to vote on her birthday in north carolina and when they voted in the primaries her picture was on the first page of the paper with the council journal she was the oldest person to vote in the county and people at the regular said call us up and we'll bring the ballot outside so i know how
1:24 am
much she really appreciate all the support and kindness that everyone showed her. >> happy birthday to her and we'll not ask how she's going to vote (laughter). >> take a guess. >> i should i know i've talked about that at the time she was one hundred years ago and able to talk to the people and lunch for her, her town and spoke on behalf of the family and one of the things i said was that commissioner norton knows she went to banner college on lessor stopped being the correspondent so no correspondent they have 5 or 6 people in the class but her life i think that is story the 20th century a lot about the women's movement and looking
1:25 am
forward to the election. >> ms. fewer congratulations to lafayette school awarded the natural blue retain and thank you for all the excellence in education everyday to those students at the lafayette elementary school. >> absolutely congratulations lafayette other commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell. >> i want to thank supervisor farrell who will be hosting the annual shared school yards the huge if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them for the district raise close to 3 willed and 50 thousands that allows us to open our school yards and hopefully to be up to school yard ware excited and partner with the parks alliance
1:26 am
and thank you sxroenz that also friday the 14 at the general residence in fort mason so thank you to supervisor farrell for keeping that alive. >> other reports. >> all right. item s other informational items there is none tonight. item t in memoriam adjournment one in memory of dr. williams who passed with peace and grace on august 19, 2016, after enduring a long ills at her suicides were her husband willie and family she is league of women voters remembered by here mother and daughter and grandson her siblings (calling names)
1:27 am
and their others was born in 1951 in hawaii and attended the university of hawaii and had a decorate in addition from the university of san francisco a dedicated educator that served as an award administrator was a proud member of the cappa sorriest the 21st century academy and stephen elementary remember her with love and respect a patron and participant of the arts they alongside to the screen actors guild and performs on stage and remembered for her sharp intelligent and passion for life the board of education and superintendents of schools
1:28 am
extends their condolences to the troy williams family >> >> (clapping.) >> item u closed session the board will now go into closed session i call a recess of >> the board by a vote of intent to dismiss one teacher by a vote of suspension without pay
1:29 am
of one teacher in the matter of aa versus sfusd the board by a vote gives the district to pay up to the stipulated amount and - the matter of mc versus sfusd the board by the vote of 7 i's gives the authority to pay up to the stipulated amount and - the board by have voted of 7 italians e i's gives direction regarding one matter of anticipated litigation the meeting is adjourned
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