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tv   Aging and Adult Services Commission 10516  SFGTV  October 19, 2016 11:00am-12:41pm PDT

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the services did not like the puc that use the system as they operate around the city the systems that are currently in operation 15-year-old in 2000 and are now becoming out of vendor support and the emergency radios that are carved by the police officers and firefighters are breaking at a considerable rate and now more and more unreliable so to address that problem fiscal year 2014-2015 approved an it project to replace the system at this point we had estimate the project was roughly $28 million and convened an steering committee and convened a project team with the department of emergency management and department of
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technology second the company to replace the system we've been in negotiation with them and as part of negotiations process we've been able to combine both the public safety and the public service radios and combine with the airport radio systems to create and bold one network that will be supported by all city departments and we feel this is the most efficient way to build 9 network and several benefits as part of the new system more importantly the radios that are used by the police and firefighters are going to be able to be inoperable not only in san francisco but if they are called out on a strike team outside of city limits throughout but fwaur they'll be
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able to take their radios the radios have battery life not only in buildings but building two new radio sites in the bayview and the san bruno jail the systems hinduism redundant and also be able to implement a gps to track officers in times of emergencies there are a lot of benefits with that system and so we're here today with a request to approve a contract with the motorola but the majority of radios that operate over 9 thousand radios we're anticipating as also part of the progress it is a large contract large dollars value and several others competing projects that
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are happening throughout the city so what coit recommended a financing arrangement we're able to finance the deficit the counteracting and ask an approval to enter into a contract for $35 million to - we've been able to obscure a 10 year financing arrangement very low interest rate so this is a good feel for the city and we would like to enter into a long term maintenance argument with motorola that will not - 24/7 technical support, onsite on downtime but upgrade the network every two years it is critical so we continue to use and
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operate on a current supported vendor platform by entering into the maintenance agreement we had 20 percent savings by this multi year contract and have the opportunity to get back finances for the outdoor agency that use this system. >> as far as the budget and schedule the budget analyst office did an excellent job in going through the cost estimate which you see in the report but originally coit approved a $78 million project we're under that that includes the finances into the contract as of now on budget with the program and then in order to build the system a project that will take several
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years we're anticipating 4 years for the transition but if we approve that contract in the next several weeks here we're on track to ship 26 hundred affordable radios for the police and fire department so they'll be able to start using those radios as early as next year. >> that's all i had for the presentation i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> okay. thank you very much and i know you mentioned the systems would be integrated across the departments it is really a great thing i. >> is a that was mentioned the sfmta has a system with a different company it appears the systems will be compatible so. >> and also important that the same technology so the public safety radios what about programmed to prerequisite on the muni network and our anticipation is that we use it
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as a back up for the public safety and public service radio system we're planning to trj of many feasibility. >> thank you. great supervisor yee. >> yeah, this will be really exciting we'll fund and upgrade our system i have one question in regards to the length of the contract for maintenance of 18 years couldn't think of a logical reason 18 years why a reason 18 years. >> that's a great question the first 3 years of the maintenance agreement so maintain our current system as we start to build the new system the first 18 are lower costs and to maintain the current network and then we have roughly a year of warranty and 15 years
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arrangement to maintain the new system and 15 years based on looking at our current system right now our current system is over 16-year-old we we use that a benchmark to guide obvious on the length of the maintains a very xeevens combraefr so we're not having to renovate, upgrade and replace all our network. >> would it make sense to make that a 10 year contract and the option to extend 5 more years so 10 years from now you could - right now, we're thinking we're senateer in the future and we'll protect the future with the rated in which technology is
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approving seems like 18 or 10 years from now the base will be different i can't imagine. >> that's an excellent point we did look at different models of how we would do the maintenance arrangement and looked at it upgrades in 6 years and again in 12 years but arrangement that motorola said a 15 years there was a savings by the bundles and have the option to modify that and standard provisions for termination of non-appropriation as part of program if we have a change or major technology shift there is flexibility that the city has i will say if you look at public safety radio communications in general the market didn't move and quickly as you see in the
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consumer electronics a little bit different type of technology. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. i think that supervisor yee was getting to some of the points i was going to raise i'm glad to see the built in upgrades and have currently we're not doing that at all out of curious so we're purchasing the equipment or the any models for leasing equipment so again, we're not in a situation maybe 18 years down the line we need a significant amount of money to purchase new equipment and invest in upgrades that is for over a shorter are period of time. >> we did ask for that type of arrangement and different arrangements as part of rf process models in some instances
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motorola has a model they own the network and city and counties use the network they have different models with the standard traditionally model. >> i'm guessing because with the proper maintenance we're hoping that will still be beneficial in a pretty - i mean new term for a long term. >> yes. absolutely and the system will be upgraded the bay stations will be upgraded we'll still have to tie in a 10 year period look at a refresher program for the affordable radios and working with the mayor's office roadway on how we can look at long term replacement strategy for the actual portable radios on the network. >> i think this is obviously very, very important for our city and you know, i think we're all pretty sure behind that
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given that is a large dollar amount it it takes time and resources to refresh our system and trying to make sure whatever agreement make sense for us in the long term. >> all right so at this time oh, supervisor yee something else mr. rose. >> yes. madam chair and supervisor yee on page 31 the first 4 years of maintenance agreement the maintenance costs will be the same three hundred and 20 thousands annually as motorola maintains the system but in 2021 to 200022 plus over one million dollars unanimously and on page 32 of our report a table 8 shows the estimated cost for the radio replacement is one
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and $5 million plus and we do are recommend you approve that resolution. >> thank you, mr. rose. >> so at this time opening up for public comment if anyone is here to speak on item 9 seeing none, public comment is closed. (laughter) oh, i'm sorry was there someone oh, okay sorry we'll reopen public comment for item 9 my apologies >> good morning tom president of the firefighters i'll wear my sneakers next time i'll here to speak on behalf of the firefighters we totally support this radio system it is transmittal for the firefighters going forward that allows the fire department to replace our radios upgrade the infrastructure to a modern public safety standard i'll
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include radio coverage by especially in the below market rate and more importantly for firefighters tolerated our ability for communication and lastly that provides improved technology for lost firefighters in an emergency situation as the san francisco fire department we approve that. >> anyone wish to comment on item number 9 i'm scanning the room all right. now public comment is closed. all right. supervisor yee. >> i'll make a motion to pass that out of committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> without objection. >> mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> that completes the items for today. >> thank you. we're adjourne
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>> hi my name is a over and over shall running for supervisor in district 11 our neighborhood have been treated as a forgotten part of the city your working families need a strong voice to represent them at city hall i'm that candidate as a parent of too young children and a long time neighborhood resident i believe i can be that voice i'm a trained city planner that believes that stes cities not involved are stagnated government must insure that all
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families are part of healthy evolution of ourselves we have a severe shortage of affordable housing and must do better in the private and government sector we have not seen any of the housing producing and relatively strong economy that helps to fund wonderful programs at the city and county level we must strive to make sure that all sectors are represent the single biggest on or about that sets me apart we've been doing the work on behalf of the district 11 i've been producing as candidate don't just us on what we say politicians like to make a lot of promises but what we've done this will tell you what kind of a leader i'm the
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only that fought the closure of hospital by serving on the advisory committee and led a revolt in 2008, that achieved improvements in balboa park and in the last seven years figure out four marijuana clubs more than any other residential neighborhood in san francisco we have enough and access is not an issue currently i'm working to save the consortium a family serving daycare of 200 plus subsidized childcare and working with the nonprofit director to purchase the building once in office my top 3 priorities will be to as i stated before create nor workforce housing we have a
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sunshine ordnance of affordable housing, that can house working families my second priority to establish fully funded universal free care for all families in san francisco question any is her that all sectors of our population are benls from a strong economy and that is where the chuch gap and finally make sure that we have a really strong commercial corridor and that our vacancies and empty storefronts are dealt with the highest vacancies in the city with that we'll increase our sales tax with more restaurants i thank you for your time and ask for your vote on november 8th please remember over and over shall if i he.
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>> hello my name is june i'm a candidate for board of supervisors district 11 i'm asking for your vote because i am the most convicted candidate during 5 years worked for nonprofit organizations have the experience of collaborating with community-based organizations in 2008, i began working for then california be assembly member tom ammiano as his district director he spent 6 years politically my skills to bring stockholders to address issues hung up with solutions for the common good and mobile at local and statewide as assembly member tom ammiano assistant i played a part in
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helping to save city college california landmark anti-bullying bill that protects children bullied in california i'm currently the political director local 1025 and running for district 11 supervisor i'm commented to assure that under recommended communities have a vows in shelter in place the policies that impact them the difference community not san francisco values have made our city a beacon they are stolen by the real estate speculators in the cities that haveized the cost of living in san francisco to unbearable levels patrol car, immigrants, the lgbt community, our elderly and working people have that have been the backbone
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cannot afford to live here workers that are holding on live in fear they'll come home to eviction or no longer keep their homes they've worked they are entire lives and want to share any journey i was born and raised from the mission district my patterns were immigrants from mexico they met in the early 1960s at the restaurant any mom waltd tables and he worked for the garbage company they separated my movement raised me wheel working as domestic working and relying on public assistance after high school i studied at that particular time at kink of san francisco while working at the nonprofit jobs during the day and blessed to get a sclirp at age 37 owe graduated any life
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experience and challenges of being raised by a single mom has driven me work as a public servant if you elect me to the board of supervisors my priorities will include creating incentives more affordable housing, especially for families fooekt unjust fevers supporting subdividing and prioritizing parks and open space, working for equitable sdwrks with residential public transportation in my district and free tuition for all san franciscans residents at city college, please joan the organizations that have endorsed me for the board of supervisors transit union local 155, american federation of teachers 2123
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the california nursing association, the united educators of san francisco, the sierra club, the san francisco tenants union staffed parent hood of northern california harvey milk club the international brotherhood of electrical works local 6 and the national union of health care works and office of the san francisco workers and the aclu and local 10 to one and local 2015 and the united works left local 483 thank you for your consideration. >> handsome i'm sorry guz anyone running for district 11
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i'm a school teacher in public schools i teach owl i all projects and advocate for your children that have lack the health and lack of quality time together due to multiple jobs pr as a community advocate in district 11 i have that fined a community organization to address the needs of young people as a community advocate in san francisco i reopened a closed public school to address the needs of immigrant children and helped he families helping them with services and housing and jobs as an elected union official of teachers for seven years and elected delegates for educators owe supported resolutions and
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legislative billions for social just the district 11 is the largest number of children as other districts i'll enhance the coalition are nonprofit and community-based organizations and the city to allocate nor resources for our children when he talked to district 11 residents he hear one resident said we need a safe neighborhood a mom said he tried to help someone who was a victim only to have the gun pointed at me as you're next supervisor he want our citizens and nonprofit organizations to have dialogues to address safety and safe neighborhoods and to build trust 24 is how we'll help your
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neighborhoods your city and district 11 are aging the population will expand thirty percent of our population as a district 11 supervisory owe meet with many seniors and have the most profound respect i found seniors in district 11 some or inhabitant some can manage their homes some can't and some are commuters and are frustrated they can't afford the rent is as you're next supervisor a lot of mire top priorities to make sure that note neglected or solicited district 11 has their share of garbage and some residence of district 11 discard their garbage on the sidewalks as the next supervisor we want to come up with solutions the city has
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changed so much more cars and upscale common sense and part-time that displace as you're next supervisor he support qualified affordable housing for those who are in needs i've lived in san francisco for 35 years my family lived in district court 11 and my son graduated from lowell high school and 25e7bdz the university of california, san francisco i came to america with any family as an immigrant i studied. >> working hard to be a natural citizen owe graduated in illinois university in chicago in multi education and was awarded a scholarship last year elected to a union elected official and humblely ask you guzman to the board of supervisors he promise to serve district 11 with all my power
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and strength and humanity. >> dear friends please image a san francisco that you want to see that district 11 it is 679 to see the past we have to make this vision a reality for for those of you who don't know me, i'm here my family and i and kids and grandkids are raised here last year, he knocked it out of the park for the mayor of san francisco and 10 thousand i remains runner up i'm here to ask for your vote to serve as your supervise in district 11 this represents excelsior, ocean
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view, i know side 0 and outer mission and others too along we've loudly investors and speculators to run this and control city hall the result a renewal uaw bull market tearing up the fabric of this city and displaced thousand of the san franciscans out of the city we now have families inth districts living in cars, sharing living rooms and garage spaces we work and live here is where we have the right to live here we've developed a platform to protect our families from unjust lectured evictions and produce more affordable housing for working families we will improve the health of those dealing with asthma in the
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district particularly in the mission terrace and satisfy the farm and deal with the flooding there support open space in the excelsior both on mission and geneva and make sure the development of the in line will support seniors and families at the same time make sure we can have a full serve grocery store in the neighborhood muni is an example i think of the health of district 11 because health is more than having access to medication or clinics it is being free and from anxiety by having a living wage enough money to buy food and pay for rents health is a clean part and save schools leak the great work and neighbors in action this is a pursued at the rec rec centers
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health is protecting our small businesses in the outer mission and dealing with the noise pollution of low underlying mr. haney's plans education is not only for making it free but supporting teachers we need to find affordable housing to be teaching here as while as your supervisor i think continue to support the great after-school programs we have last week the excelsior conceives project and in the community schools and the ymca programs on 0'farrell we as a district have been away for far go long but making sure our families can flourish holding off on property tax on fixed incomes for people working that
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question, create with a new deal we are one of the last working-class neighborhoods in the city completes draw the line for our families and work together to flourish in district health, education, and living wages job safety and vibrant small businesses the heart of the families in our district clean streets for senior citizens and children and working people secure affordable housing this is all part of liveability what i like to call a little bit of heaven in district 11 and people like minnie ward he fool in district 11 we're the few weeks that can make a derivatives join me in this program thank you very
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission this is the regular meeting of the any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president
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richards commissioner koppel and commissioner moore. >> we do expect commissioner hillis, commissioner johnson and commissioner melara is arrive shortly first, the consideration of items for continuance e at market street preliminary negative declaration is proposed until november 3rd item 2 article 7 phase two of code reorganization planning code is proposed until november 17, 2016, and item 3 cap street conditional use authorization is proposed to december 8, 2016, item 4. >> fulsome street large project authorization is proposed until january 5, 2017,
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item 5 broadly street skrufgs is proposed indefinite continuance as is case 6 broadway street conditional use authorization commissioners i'm pleased to announce that under our discretionary review calendar item 13 at jackson street discretionary review that dr has been withdrawn. >> i have one speaker card for cap street you're only entitled to speak an matters of continuance at this time any public comment on matters proposed for continuance seeing any, public comment is
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closed. commissioner moore move to go as proposed including item 13 independently resolved. >> thank you, commissioners to continue item as proposed commissioner koppel commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unlawfully 4 to zero and places us under. >> josie want to make sure the card you handed me was. >> for 854 cap for the continuance calendar you can only speak to items on continuance do you want to speak you can't speak to it - >> sorry come up. commissioners we'll take item 3 off of the continuance calendar >> commissioners we were asking that be considered for the possibility of keeping those
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two properties joined for the church over one hundred years and asking if this can be part of labor status because of the church having been. >> sir only to the matters of continuance i'm not sure if - there's a landmark status proposal for the property. >> for the church next door i'm not sure what's happening are you skewing if i'm oscar pistorius the continuance. >> that's all we're considering whether or not to continue it or not continue or continue to a different date. >> you're supporting the continuance; correct? until our study and investigation. >> can i ask have you been in tough with staff on that issue, the staff planner on that on or about. >> i haven't. >> we'll talk afterwards and
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get our information for staff. >> okay so next item. >> >> commissioners that places us under our consent calendar the matter constitutes a consent calendar may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests calendar separate item at this or a future hearing. item 7 755 ocean avenue conditional use authorization and planned unit development. >> okay any public comment? is closed. commissioner vice president richards. >> move to approve second. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on
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that motion to approve under consent commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melara commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us under commission matters consideration of draft minutes for 2016. >> any public comment on draft minutes? not seeing any, public comment is closed. and commissioner moore >> move to approve second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to adopt the minutes commissioner hillis excuse me. commissioner johnson. >> commissioner johnson. >> say i. >> i. >> (laughter). commissioner koppel commissioner melara commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved,
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commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us on item 9 commissioners questions or comments >> commissioner moore. >> i wanted to thank the mayor for appointing elaine forbes as director of the port elaine an outstanding planner moved to the port quite a few years ago i couldn't be happyier. >> i concur she'll be a great asset to the port. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to i would like to request to add your 2017 schedule to a future hearing in the near future as opposed to december when we normally consider it your calendars are full through the year and we're into january and staff is curious whether
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january 5th will be a
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3-d p-10 and intuitively dr p at the 35 fulsome and respectfully commissioners you originally heard this matter around march 3rd of this year continued to
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may 5th of this year where you choose not to take dr and approve the project as proposed since that time the e r the categorical exemption was not properly before you and hence your profess determination because there is essentially the third hearing on this same project with a new categorical goal exemption the chair has directed me toe limit speaking time for the project sponsor and the dr requesters to a total of 10 minutes each public commenters will be provided one minute and a 2 minute rebuttal to the project sponsors and the dr requesters. >> good afternoon rich department staff the item before you to have a discretionary review for the building
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application for two single-family residences fulsome street the proposed projects will be located other than two vacant lots measuring 20 by 17 in the rh1 bernal heights special use district and the height and bulk district those parcels don't have vehicular or direct assess or other assess this part of fulsome is not approved it in new single-family residences are 2 plus stories tall the residences measure approximately 2000 plus gross square feet as jonas mentioned since is last public hearings on march and may the environmental department rescind this donated 2014 and published and new one therefore the commission previous determination for the discretionary review have been rescind and a new hearing is
11:46 am
required to date the department receives a number of public comments both for or against since the last hearing the department has one additional letter outlining their concerns with the project the dr requesters have a number of issues with the proposed project paving of fulsome street and emergency and assess and impacts on the ground pg&e pipeline and vacant lots on the portion of fulsome street and impacts on the residents and on-street parking and with the bernal heights guidelines and size and scale and setback of new residences and off-street parking staurg penthouses and other issues that details that are submitted issues surrounding the pg&e pipeline have not under the purview of the planning department the dpw is the responsible agency for the paving of fulsome street as
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noted in the previous hearing the commission directed staff and the project sponsor to undertake consultation with other city agencies including sfpuc the department of health and the building department and the fire department dpw has confirmed that is feasible and the project sponsor has submitted a street improvement permit with the street plan also continued the evolution with dpw and the planning department streetscape advisory team they've revised the north facade in the previous remarks again, the previous opinion in a residential district and reviewed bets rdt they found that the project will not present any exceptional or extraordinary circumstances and don't recommend changes to the proposed project the department finds the massing and scale is
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appropriate the project is consistent with the surrounding neighborhood and meets the requirement of the planning bernal heights east slope special use district and the residential design guidelines the project adds new single-family units on a because of the park no direct impacts on the bernal heights or bernal heights park the project sponsor has revised it to avoid a variance for parking assess the project is not seeking variance or special entitlements from the planning code as there appears to be no exceptional or extraordinary the department finds the proposal and the bernal heights special use district and remedies that the commission not take discretionary review i'm available for any questions and that concludes my presentation. >> commissioners if i may i'm recognized the fact the previous
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facts we are heard and commissioner koppel and commissioner melara were not seated they've been advised to review this and have done so for the record. >> dr requesters please. >> good afternoon first of all, i have to say a number of people were not here we thought we were number 14 and got move forward up and i asked someone to take over my class my name is kathy i've lived on bank street for 3 two years and represent the bernal heights organization i'm totally overwhelmed by the nine hundred pages of mostly new information that is available to us in the last week and he really doubt that most of
11:50 am
us have analyzed it those nine hundred new pages exemplify the complaekt o complexity and each part effects the whole i'm assuming you know this process is costs us the neighbors tens of thousands of dollars that stretched us here we are again there are newcomers height and bulk and pg&e oversight and impacts of public safety and assess my greatest concern the ceqa identifies the scope of the project to include the infrastructure for all 6 undeveloped lots not just the two under consideration here we firmly believe that new street is a new plan you've not looked at the in the past couple of weeks no question that the whole project has a far greater impact than 0u78d in the ceqa exemption
11:51 am
for two lots woult without considering the other 4 lots many of whom have spoken in favor of that lot and - by piecemealing the project and looking at one small piece never an assessment of the whole impact because the scope and detail and community has been disregarded in the process we urge you to reconsider this project first, this project not be approached piecemeal with no opportunities to study and analysis or consider the possibility development of streets and the 4 additional homes, and, secondly, if you approve the design and the street is rejected being another kind of walking assess required we request the bulk of the building with reduced by one floor since the garage will no longer be needed as our documents and the neighbors
11:52 am
attest from street to home creates a dangerous precedent for street construction not the sidewalks you see all over the city the concerns produce unusual circumstances as a whole without a doubt causes damage to life and property thank you. >> you have any slide please. yes. >> thank you. >> supervisors i mean commissioners sorry good afternoon my name is herb i live on fulsome street myself have lived there over 33 years i'm here before you to talk about the garage going into our house and how the design of this house that is proposed those two proposed houses makes our garage inassessable and on
11:53 am
workable. >> before we were able to park my wife's car in the parking area in front of the garage i was able to use the garage or vice versa now because of the eliminated driveways area and the extreme break over angle it is enforceable for us to get into our garage and will be impossible to get into our garage between a 34 and 37 percent grade on that new street a street we can't back up out of easily maybe not at all the challenge i'll put to you can you tell me how to back my car out of the garage with the new construction put forward i see a mass of uneven tehran we're here
11:54 am
not prepared by council because the benefactor was passerby for the lawyer moved out of the neighborhood we are here and concerned citizens and frankly terrified of the safety hazard i'm under and my wife under if anyone visits us is under with the new construction of the garage if i can't get out of my garage i wonder if the property owners at 3526 and 16 can get out of their garage for the first time living in bernal heights i'm terrified the situation that is proposed for us. >> we're having technical difficulties maybe you can stop the clock for some reason. >> if sfgovtv can go to the computer please. it is stopped. >> okay. and can we go to
11:55 am
slide - >> back to slide 4 thank you, commissioners my name is marilyn and my partner and i have a house next to the project site we share my part of this presentation today is point out serious design inadequacy that inform this dr analysis we request accurate data be required before building a building permit is issued the first inadequacy the public use if bernal heights boulevard that involves the mass of top of the house this is this - can i see this slide please. thank you. >> okay. this is a south facing from the bernal heights sidewalk the yellow circles mark the top of the story poles if
11:56 am
you - this slide panoramic see the spectacular view the bernal heights valley if you walk or jog are push your stockholder or ride our bike are around bernal heights park as thousand do each week you know the view now the check list of the dr analysis shows quote does the building protect major public views the box is checked next slide it is absolutely not true the ceqa determination echoes this inadequacy in fact, it states quote the proposed routes of t building sit below the elevation of bernal heights boulevard unquote that is a traption and part of dr report and the ceqa determination it
11:57 am
corrupts this report. >> allocate question from the stair penthouse is visible from the street it is checks a the eliminations of the quote stairwell was to appease the neighbors jetting out and blocking a public view respected with a parapet stairwell they getting into the weeds of the stairwell but it is still a blocked public view an engineer checked the height it is 15 feet above the bernal heights grade i want to point out the experience we feel are legitimate concerns of consistently not been heard the dr analysis points out the following question answers the following question with a quote
11:58 am
is the building to enhance and compliment public spaces we say no next slide, please this is consistently to represent the house in incongruent with the top debris they do that expertly we provide you with a close-up not found in the packet those houses are designed to maximize footage not with the urban design guidelines quote promotes the best architecture solutions that locations of public promise and quote large parks occur at the top of park no views unquote i can gone but we ask the commission to resolve those inadequacy before approving those projects thank you.
11:59 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners i'm tera member of the east slope design board and specifically the commission passed our residential design guidelines for the east slope very specifically about our neighborhood and it's design and our review board has been reviewing projects for the last 20 years using our guidelines and the reason we ask for discretionary review is because we wish that the planning department would use our very specific guidelines to judge the significant entries, the bulk and architecture massing and the
12:00 pm
facades facing bernal he will you've just seen illustrated. >> sir, your time is up. >> but have a 2 minute rebuttal. >> okay thanks. >> so jonas help me calling speakers in support of dr requester. >> that's right. >> opposition in the project and in support of dr requester. >> okay. not - >> public commenters in support of dr requesters, in opposition to the project. >> you have been already spoken. >> and who are not dr requesters; right? >> my name is a patricia hugh's i'm opposing the idea of unoccupied buildings there i'd like to ask a question if i may how many of you have been out to
12:01 pm
see the space to see the - two buildings that are populated to be built anyone has anyone seen it you ma'am, 4 seconds folded a q and a period only to submit public testimony. >> all right. i think everybody should see that >> next speaker >> good afternoon my name is sarah victor for i moved into the neighborhood i moved from new york city and what i love about san francisco is the natural beauty that surrounds us and all the beautiful parks that is why we choose bernal and this construction horrifies me for a number of reasons one of which
12:02 pm
it is changing what i love so much about being in the city and a new resident here i appreciate a couple of things i want to go over some of my neighbors have touched on but quickly through the design list i have to say i don't know what is going on he moved in but i'll say even just on a brief review of the documents put before us inadequacy in the report i believe they misrepresent truthfully misrepresent what the building will do it's size and impact on the neighborhood does. >> ma'am, unfortunately your time is up. >> yes. i live in the neighborhood for 10 years i think the question to ask with the slide of the visa to from
12:03 pm
brand new natural hill a large number of tourism that happens and tourism is number one economically if you remove that view from bruno who does those homes benefit is that a community garden or low income housing no it is not okay made for two families that will impact greatly on the hill by the way, the rest of the hill is owned by the city how can that benefit bernal and ask yourselves not only in the front you see the city skyline but in the back taking photos i live on el nino worth and manhattan
12:04 pm
thank you. >> did you say if i'm the dr person he can't come up. >> yes. but a 2 minute rebuttal. >> any other public comment any other speakers in support of dr requesters. >> not seeing any, moving on - >> (inaudible) opening up for public comment to project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is fab even the project sponsor for those two houses i bought think at fulsome which i plan to build my house and it's been almost 3 years i filed
12:05 pm
a permit since the hearing on may 5th where the planning commission supported a project with a vote for from 6, zero we've tried to work on a few items on the project first item was with planning commission asked that we rework the north facade and the south facade which we've done and submitted the proposed redesign to the planning department and it is in the package we tried to add windows and interests on the outward facing uphill and downhill facades which was a request that the east design boards asked for we also have reworked with based on the neighbors comments who commented that the street width and driveway assess were difficult we've row worked in
12:06 pm
collaboration with the std t advisory team and dpw to improve the design based on the layout of it being approved we were able to get the approval to enlarge the proposed street from 15 to 19 and a half and widened the curve cuts to allow easier turns into the garage and do a better transition and less of a turn going into the garage we've submitted to dpw and the planning department and updated the proposed plans and hopefully, you will see that we're going in the right direction thank you very much. >> commissioner president fong and members of the commission
12:07 pm
charles olsen from the law firm i'll be brief as this is indeed the third hearing on that over the last year i wanted to address two points the ceqa contention that a categorical exemption is not available for the projects because it involves 6 residential units not 3 or less the only applications in front of the city the 2 from my project sponsors that qualify for a categorical exemption the reissue categorical exemption much more robust than the prior with an has a discussion of cumulative impacts but again, the rule in san francisco unless an application for environmental review on file the exemption shouldn't apply no
12:08 pm
irish circumstances that is covered in the reissued categorical exemption that's the second points on the driveway and the fact there are existing driveways my client is consistently offered to pay for the design and improvement of the existing driveways it requires the coordination of the neighbors they remain part of final design for the street in may this commission again two other members and not the two new members voted 6, zero no exceptional or extraordinary and since that time the only improvements is the one that the clients mentioned their favorable and request that the staff recommendations be adopted any, any questions i'll available to answer. >> opening up for public comment for speakers in support of project sponsor.
12:09 pm
>> hi i live on olsen street and building this project should go forward we need homes in bernal heights as well as the city they have a right to build i understand they're trying to work with the neighbors and should but the neighbors is work with them. >> okay. thank you any other speakers in support of project sponsor. >> okay not seeing any, dr requester you have a 2 minute rebuttal. >> i'm sorry one minute. >> two minute rebuttal. >> two minute rebuttal. >> commissioners i'm terry from the east slope design review board our action on this project over the last couple of years has has
12:10 pm
to do with the design, and how it can be approved, improved and we have houses built in bernal constantly with our good advice mostly and think that modifications on these to buildings beyond what you saw on the slides just now will be very worthwhile for the community and end up with very nice buildings this project will be a lot more acceptable all the way around so that's why we're asking specifically for discretionary review and extra design advice from the planning department thank you. >> i want to point out the
12:11 pm
project sponsor and the lawyer if address the inaccurate information that has exists in this report and we would like request the commission to require that accurate data be in the report thank you. >> my name is gail i live on fulsome street and i'm not going to say what i was planning to say i want to reject what the neighbors not wanting to meet with the gentleman about my driveway that's not true we've not been given any kind of plan what that would look like we'll have two architects look at in my view was a misrepresented rendering of what that streets looks like and not realistic so we have tried to talk at one
12:12 pm
point an meeting and none that of that has come to pass thank you. >> project sponsor a to minute rebuttal. >> fab general project sponsor i'd like to respond we've not be able to meet we've tried to set up meeting with dpw and the neighbors but dpw said they're not ready to meet with anyone we tried many times to meet with the neighbors and discuss what the driveways with them and they've tells the they didn't want to meet individually but with the entire neighborhood we found it is impossible to meet with all the neighbors they were extremely hostile in the
12:13 pm
meetings and there's no reason in meeting with a group to discuss individual driveways and we've said everything we can say on those driveways and will continue to work with the neighbors through the dpw process but those are the driveways and not part of the buildings and a spate issue the neighbors will be able to appeal so we are expecting that will happen and go through that process thank you. >> okay. that concluded the public hearing and public comment is closed. opening up to commissioners commissioner hillis. >> thank you all for coming to talk about this project i don't think much is changed in my mind we recognize it is complicate and addresses that the last time we were here not simple other agencies in designing the roadway outside of our purview
12:14 pm
we asked to work on the design that asking can still happen to say moving in the right direction but i don't - i encourage people to get involved in the roadway design process also with dpw and whom ever needs to be involved but i don't think there is anything new that would change my vote from the original recommendations to not take discretionary review and approve the project. >> commissioner moore. >> i would echo commissioner hilliss sentiments when we heard this project twice i believe this commission used all caution and technical caution to get staff together with the others departments prepared those were thorough and support of quantum and dpw didn't get involved in
12:15 pm
the nature of the stage, however, the street is a paper street we have ♪ commission so the process for which this process come forward seems clear sir, i have a question for you this has actually never happened before is that possible that the issue for the roadway by itself although environmental office of jones choose to package it because cumulatively we never looked at the projects just the way you look at impact, however, the streets itself could have come forward with the dr requesters having a second presentation or third presentation >> correct so dpw was able to they work with the environmental planning division and so that would have been subject if dpw
12:16 pm
had chosen to take on the project in this case the sponsor was involved that was considered part of the original project. >> commissioners you're asking if there was not a proposal for a building dwp would have gone forward. >> yes. >> that's important to us to keep in mind and too long hearings thoroughly looked at literally every detail two are reasonable questions and considerations by the neighbors, however, in totality i think that what is in front of us and unchanged i don't see that any changes to reconsider my position that i held during the last vote and not dr and approving the project.
12:17 pm
>> commissioner vice president richards. >> i guess a question for one of the dr requesters ma'am, on the inaccurate data please. so in terms of the inaccurate data that you mentioned what in terms of the inaccurate data would effect the categorical exemption the eir. >> the categorical exemption actually quotes it i mean it states that in terms of public views that the houses neither house go above the grade of bernal heights boulevard a section consistently left in those dr reports despite our objections. >> the question if you read the categorical exemption it talks about the view not degradeable from the park not the boulevard. >> that's park property i want
12:18 pm
to point out that many - urban design group the park if you go to the park potential most people enjoy the park by walking around the sidewalk you know there are certainly people that exercise their dogs an bernal heights and run around the hill but for the most part if urban design group you're pushing a stockholder or jogging i mean, we see that all the time tourists come and walk around the hill that's how they enjoy the park. >> thank you. i guess a question for staff the fact that the boulevard is - you know the way to get on and off of the park is that considered to be part of park or is it - >> john. >> i honestly don't know it would be somewhat unusual the
12:19 pm
boulevard is part of a park but honestly, i don't know. >> in terms of how we typically look at public views we protect the designated public views in the general plan so even the views out from the park not listed this one is not listed in the general plan not something that is basically regulated per the fire code. >> thank you the other thing i'm glad i saw the cumulative i was concerned about the piecemealing and the hook ups for gas or water or whatever and a portion in the categorical exempt and talked about the impact for the houses and they will be subject to further review i'm satisfied with what i see as well. >> commissioner hillis. >> i move to not take dr and approve the project.
12:20 pm
>> second. >> thank you on that motion to not take dr commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melara commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong sxhauchlt unanimously 7 to zero and commissioners that place us back to the regular calendar on items 12 ab for cases the second to none daily and hope sf master plan informational
12:21 pm
presentations. >> good afternoon commissioner i'm theo from the mayor's office the director of hope sf with tremendous joy to come before you on potrero and second to none very vail is i'll do a very, very brief backward and apologizes for the time confusion i'll need to - we have staff to answer questions and first of all, i'll say we have the 4 hope sf sites and part of the reason it give us joy to be in front of you we feel and i speak on behalf of the mayor in public housing no master development more important than hope sf this is quality and adapt with cities
12:22 pm
across the country are facing and hope sf is about repairing public policys the unacceptable conditions for communities we're well underway and alice griffith and hunters point and today is a critical moment about potrero hill and sunnyvale i'll do the background on hope sf that is old news but want to make sure for the record folks understand what hope sf is indeed the nation's first public housing transformation initiative to disruptive intergenerational poverties with mixed income communities without displacement massive displacement as a concept of the hope 6 sites we learned our lessons for the vouchers not supporting folks mayor newsom in 2010 over the
12:23 pm
course of the last 6 years through public and private investments now reaching $600 million city investment we're well on you our way hope sf is an incredible collection of affordable housing developers, departments, philanthropist and we call it a collective initiative i'll discuss the designs to set the context i stand here on behalf of the dozens and dozens of partners that will make that possible in terms of the community snapshot at a glance 5 thousand residents, 2200 households, incredibly multi ethic and racial you'll see our partners bridge housing and mercy housing that can speak to potrero and sunnydale we're trying to
12:24 pm
disrupt the public policys for dedications the housing authority has created with the resilience amazing unbelievable families 73 percent of families that are employed in the city and 14 thousands is the average income and 80 percent of households are single parents and unacceptable outcomes with schools and upward mobility i've given you the results of the fraction it indicates our values and ultimately to transform those communities with the residents it is a mixed income initiative and ultimately to have 90 or 100 percent almost 1 hundred folks to stay and strive
12:25 pm
with $3 billion investment in hope sf over the next 15 years as i go to i'm going to transition over to staff but i'll say just on behalf of the residents and spent a lot of time in communities meetings folks and in way on potrero don't believe we're actually going to do that but a.k.a. is a guidepost so i thank to the commission for the attention and bring the work in front of you it is a citywide gave her to fulfill many old promises thank you very much. >> good afternoon. matt schneider department staff i'll
12:26 pm
give you a little bit of background of the projects themselves the master site plans and what we hope to see built on the physical side and then i'm going to turn it over to lee of oewd that will take through the da and talk the design review process we're looking at to institutionalize and skip forward a couple of slides here not working.
12:27 pm
>> i'll remind you you've seen those projects several times over the year and in 2017 and july had the impact reports and respectfully in december we did a couple of actions we took adopted ceqa finding for potrero one thing with general plans to be able a portion block x to move forward prior to the rest of the projects we did an informational about a year ago and, of course, last month to initiate the general plan. >> and so we'll be before you next month here's a list of actions you'll take i'll come back to this slide i want to run
12:28 pm
through some of the general characteristics of those sites and how we love to transform them again, we're looking to do increase the density those are largely well under developed sites they're under lined zoning to leverage the density to integrate it with the neighborhoods there as they are and improve the connectivity and provide uses not only the predominantly resident along with mixed income in the neighborhood and political this to sunnydale in visitacion valley it is surrounded by amazon playground and character decided by 6 large super block
12:29 pm
80 buildings wide low swung buildings constructed for workforce housing perpendicular to the and don't have easy on the streets and much of the infrastructure it is lacking on the bottom right you'll notice is streets without sidewalks for example. >> and looking to transform them into a regular grid with buildings that align with the streets and setback consistent street walls to define the streets here's the site plan for sunnydale not connected to the neighborhood and then what we plan to transform, of course, regular
12:30 pm
street blocks around 36 fine-grained blocks replacing the 6 super blocks with 4 additional parks that not only provide the opportunities for residents and local neighbors but ties into the regional open space network so in the end we'll look to again, we're going in terms of levi's stadium we're looking to add retail in other communities facilities to make sure that that is more mixed use and mixed income. >> and here's the project you've seen this graphic many times but this is what the site looks like now and then what hope sf will transform the site into and doing the same for potrero travel up to potrero hill and
12:31 pm
hope sf commonly referred to as potrero annexation it has all the similar characteristics but characterized by the slope and separate from the rest of the neighborhood to transform it to typical streets network request an open space network here potrero looks to take advantage of the things that are typical at potrero specifically the specifically the steep slope to use that for the open space and incorporate the open space and the perpendicular parking that is carried forward into the neighborhood here's the potrero and the plans
12:32 pm
introducing mixed use and mixed income adding additional parks not only are great to have themselves but help complete the overall area open space network and the same graphics so let's talk about what is going to be before you and what the planning department role will be in that next month before you a general plan amendment that we had presented to you last month inspecting a couple of the maps in the urban design and the open space and recreation elements we are i should back up and say wear modeling what we'll be doing in with a hope sf project similarly to what we did with schlage lock and park merced
12:33 pm
that's so we'll create a special use district sites forced o for those sites most of controls will refer to a separate document that will be site specific designed and guidelines document that will be before you that will be a document for this pod to approve only we'll also, of course, be doing map amendments that will adjust the heights right now they're limited to 40 feet we wanted to make this area more urban and take advantage of the low density to binge up the density and finally we'll be here for second to none very vail ceqa - yeah ceqa a motion from the general plans and the 101 plased
12:34 pm
to none just vail and special use district for each the sites they'll emotionally refer to the control and guidelines document one for each they're similar no format the way we're organizing this is dental crossed across the sites to make that has simple as possible. >> so the design review will be different from what we typically do at the planning department we're mostly involved with reviewing projects for structures or buildings on private lots here this is much more multi feasibility study with schlage lock and with park merced we'll have it will be - our review in nature will be vertical and horizontal with
12:35 pm
that, i should mention notifications we typically do a requirement in the development agreement that both project sponsors be on sort of a continuing to do outreach in the community and making sure that so in one meeting happens prior to an application coming in. >> the phase application is something that the planning department will look at prior to look at plaques for design review for buildings and this is to assure that has they phase their phase their project buildings and blocks are being designed in conjunction with the streets, of course, this give us an opportunity to make sure there is a sufficient amount of infrastructure their public defender at the same time with the building with their structures at the same time we'll building both this process are we'll be reaching out to our
12:36 pm
implementing agency that will be looking at applications for infrastructure improvements that will give us an heads up to provide comments to the project sponsors if need be and do a design review vertical this is typical in planning review a of buildings we'll be reviewing against those design standards and guidelines documents and within that will be provisions for being able major modifications and minor jar will come before you for our discretion and the parks and community facilities and designs for streets that will actually be taking care of by the department of public works with planning having a
12:37 pm
major role they'll be the corridors of that first to review the street designs making sure their consistent with what we have in the design guidelines and documents. >> okay with that, i'm going to turn it over to - of oewd that can talk about the available agreements. >> thank you matt hello commissioners. i'm leah with the office of economic workforce development so the last piece of package before you next month is the development agreement and as you know a development architecture is a conceptual tool to achieve public benefits over and above what could be desired by the normal practices and give of the developer a vested right over a specified term so the da is an
12:38 pm
essential tool for hope sf second to none sunnyvale that the hope sf can be implemented with clear up front exceptions and responsibility for every party in addition the city will remain long term control to assure an appropriate roll out of the phases and we know you're familiar with the development but hope sf das are unique they more like lists the developers mature commitment to the ambitious goals of hope sf and the city in addition to the traditional roll in in this case is a true partner in the project the city will be providing capital funding the city will be playing angle active roll in coordinating with the
12:39 pm
infrastructure department to realize this master plan and the city with the leadership of the mayor's office of housing be working with our state and federal housing partners and the final piece the developers in their role is a unique as a reminder bridge housing is the development of the potrero site and the partnership of mercy housing leading the sunnyvale sites those are mission driven developers unlike some of the folks that come before you these developers truly share the goal of the city in housing the vulnerable resident throughout this project. >> so the package the set of public benefits and the set of this will achieve revolves around the important benefit to rehouse the existing over 13
12:40 pm
hundreds households living in the sites new clean households to live in and additionally those neighborhoods will be mikdz the developers will provide additional low income available tax credit united on the site and opportunities for a new market-rate again to create that mixed income community and as you've heard from matt both projects include inkind benefits with new neighborhood that a a number of open spaces across the sites there will be programmed such their space for the residents to use not something like today and include new roadways and connects and transit improvements all of which will greatly enhance the residents and the new residents connectivi


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