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tv   BOS Land Use Committee 111416  SFGTV  November 21, 2016 8:10pm-8:46pm PST

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the basis of failure to deescalate on that basis alone there is a strong case for termination of officers in that says whatever you think of the actual shooting in the end failure to deescalate that alone should be a basis; right? i want to make sure we don't losses site of that i think that all of this is important we have to go through the process but until and unless there are consequences for some of the incidents and there is an actual you know step taken i think we'll continue to have a problem i want to say that note diminish what we are doing i respect the acting chief we've been able to work together well, in the district but i want to say
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that's an issue that is good that the board is involved and that's good we're talking to as bodies the police commission and the board of supervisors, the mayor but i think that is a fundamental problem we have and it is going to be an ongoing issue so i look forward to public comment and again, thank you guys for being here >> and before we move forward just we will need to take a 5 minute break unfortunately, the commissioners can't leave the room otherwise not a quorum we need to allow them a quick 5 minute break we'llback. >> all right. everyone thank
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you so much for your patience and at this time, i'd like to recognize commissioner dejesus. >> thank you, thank you thank you sxooepdz thank you for having us here and thank you for the public i want to talk about what supervisor campos said this is a real important issue we need to put on the table what further discussion the reports have certainly said the department shouldn't be investigating itself this is a critical vlgdz vlgdz and i know the former occ now will be investigating every shooting or every you know shooting or killing that comes in so the real question and right now the department does the
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heavy listing the department is at scene and the counting of the bullet they do the heavy lifting if they're not investigate themselves who is going to do that i can if the we had the internal affairs and in terms of investigating whether the conduct or out of policy we have the occ now that will do this the department provides information for the occ but the key in question is the police department doing the heavy left or the da do very this the resources or turnover they are fox to the occ the da takes over the actual investigation are they going to coordinate and
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turnover information i know the department and da are working on a memorandum of understanding of what will do what we need to include the accountability within that so from the da ends up doing the heavy lift this is something we note to talk about that that determines that investigation really determines whether there will bring charges or misconduct that is something we need to talk about do we take that away from the department completely the cops suggested if they don't do their own investigation the other one i want to talk about i know that we talked about groups stakeholder groups we talking about working with groups on this in the process my understanding is that some of the way that the department is considering setting up having a
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member of the police commission and the mayor's office and then having peripheral stakeholders like the stakeholders this is kicked around i think outside the box as a narrow very narrow stakeholder group i think outside the box had this be broadened and consider having people on the racial just and the bar association and other organization their active on this to have them as shareholders actual stakeholders in terms of moving forward i know we need to move forward quickly the butt input we take in terms of policy or training or whatever it should be a broad diversity of opinion rather than internal opinion with the occ and the poa so i think that is something we need to consider and the data i'm concerned about the data because what i heard
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the department say to come up with what they need a request are for proposal i got the impression to consultant consult with a consultant and move forward to actually hire someone to hire someone in a way to analysis that information and i think that the chief talked about the request for proposals that archaic we not necessarily know how many rfp and it is as long process and the chief had ideas this is something that needs to be put on a burner fast burner and make sure the people experts in the field are able to get access to-
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i'm concerned about this type of process and concerned about us developing whatever data before we meet with an expert those are some of the thoughts that i have we have a broader workshop including stakeholders in the actual community as well as the bar association and things like that. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed. >> i want to just voice any appreciation for all of that background work on the effort of isn't it true police reform and looking at the data the finding and recommendations that came out of those two reports that is significant and it shows an effort around
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accountability and transparency i think that we have requested that we get a sense of what the recommendations are that will be prioritized and working on getting a number of 44 i feel in a way i have a receipt didn't doesn't show i won't be here but the 4 priorities that what are how are they 3wr0ekd in terms of our categories use of force or bias and police and hiring personal practices that is important when the next time we present to share that out there those categories understand the use of force what is the first one you'll work on in terms of that already you've shared some
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of the work the implementation of the decirculation and time and distance and you've touched think outside the box that but so many other recommendations that we've seen that are you know discussed i don't want to get into the weeds as much have in writing before the next hearing at the board of supervisors so that's my recommendation i won't eastbound here to receive that but i expect i'll be watching as a citizen not a supervisor at that time, but we all are really from the election last week and we know that real changes with coming down in san francisco we had and across the country in terms of transformation police reform the backstop of the 21st century president obama report from the doj well our doj very, very
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different i'm concerned how to uphold the principles from the 21st century report in the face of what the effects will be trying to you know put forwarding in terms of law and order and presidency and get to the poa i'm really concerned about how much we have to be very vigilant with the instruction the poa will be creating here in san francisco the leadership of the police officers association had done a lot that payroll supporting the republicans and 84 percent of the city voted for clinton did you sent money to the republican policy and voted but the poa - 71 percent wanted to repeal but
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the poa do not to oppose it 69 percent voted against prop 66 that expected the death penalty. >> the poa to defend that we know that the resources are moving us back in the 21st century policing by the obama administration i think we need to be much stronger as a city to figure out how to bring them to the kind of reform and vision of the policing that is about building trust with communities our goal in terms of reform with that, i'll keyed my time. >> supervisor peskin and thank you to madam president and commissioner president loftus one widening place of agreement at the board was funding this was a priority that is mayor
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shared with us funding the investigation bureau that he district attorney's office with an of the questions from time to time at the board what is the status of mou is i have the competitive up here i'll ask him that request chief chaplin. >> i've been issuing to get to. >> we're in the efficiently phases of the mou my understanding from the da and this was said earlier but he's in the final process of hiring the advertising for that position the mayor opportunity the position for the excellent bureau we're finalizing the mou with regards to the police department and the da how that will work out with the investigation but you know again, it is going to be with
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them taking the lead in the interview process we're finalizing get into the weeds we're close to the finish line and negotiated with that body and the mayor's office with regards to funding the position my understanding he put out the job announcements he's in the process or phil i don't want to jump being so information i have no full knowledge but cattle he was close to filing those positions. >> without putting a finer point getting into the weeds and what the mou will be entered into any timeframe estimate. >> i think we're fairly close and within the next month or so. >> thank you, chief. >> thank you seeing no other names on the roster, i will open up for
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public comment for public comment. there any comments? so if there are folks from the public that want to comment on the hearing please come forward. >> ms. jones welcome. >> thank you two minutes okay so first, let me say i'm felicia jones what the disparticipants in the justice for mario woods my first point would be to supervisor peskin and i just want to say you have good relationships with the police department. >> as a community advocate i wish mario woods would be here
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to say the same thing and jessica williams to say the same thing and alex i wish louis were here so he could say the same thing and cutting-edge technology and others were here those of us it is disheartening to say that to you only the other things the focus on bias the training of captains and lieutenants is not enough working with a par military organization even though this is from the top down you stop at the two a lot of times with the culture the culture will not
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change we got to get real and my other they know who police officers the police the executive team i don't know the commissioners name of the year she said to you have the mayor and the police commission and have police chief. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> police for accountability two minutes is not enough to address the issues but the during the course cops found in bias they found in data in the center of tech innovation why is that that sfpd and it's it department it in the stone age i'm hoping not willful blindsness this must change
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just you guys know boston hired a world-class audit firm we need that that san francisco having an academic on board is important as far as writing an rfp and you know being closely involved in the process ac democrats we need to know exactly what our data and need to get working on that quickly also let me pick up my remarks from previously given the trump quake they'll feel enbelonged how will we maintain the remorseful i think by building the grassroots civil society organization and institutions for affordability and by local government working
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with them collaboratively. >> given the trump quake the only way for san francisco to retain the progressive values. >> move forward to be a beacon of hope in a dark night to break down the community between the community and this board i hope that will happen. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm david i have two items of constructive notice and something about the police officers association the first, the transcription on those videos are horrible i think that there actually a vision of brown act they need to
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be fixed the second thing is good this is a joint meeting because this involves the revenue stream not only of city and county but thought state and something that is under the jurisdiction of police there are hundreds and hundreds of cars driving around san francisco that have dealer plates their uber cars those are cars not paying tax and 245i driving willfully i'm seeing them from all over the states those are dealer plates innovate with passengers and all sorts of things trucks with the loads in them so this is constructive notice for the police department to start enforcing the laws an dealer plates and the next police officers association i was shocked to hear the
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commissioner was unhinged with a police officers association i think a grand jury should be worked on with the police officers association as if their organized crime if you look at the idea they're creating a situation they're claiming immunicipality from investigation in mcallister's in deaths in all sorts of in tune behavior and they're creating a crosswalkal arrangement that is failure to investigate the truth of situations this - and the contracts with the city and county of san francisco be - >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening supervises and police commission we understand that you guys are exhausted but we've been here for just as long
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and we're still here i'm clem the district 6 and the chair of the unemployment commission i'm here to reiterate things that the commissioners said in past commission meeting in the new police chief those encourages the appointment of a chief that is in line with the characteristics and recommendations within our budget and policy priorities as in the bp p we need a chief that will impact with people on the school grounds and officer skills and best practices for working with young people that are yountd e groubtd in development of incorporate scenarios of real live implication with young people in those training components and thus giving the
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officers to apply the skills the last thing i want to say as our elected officials you guys come into our neighborhoods and tell us how important to center a voesz a lack of voice contributing thought decision maker and not acknowledge us as an important body in the room is discouraging and disheartening so we are the ones directly impacted by the decision maker you guys make and those are issues for the youth to give their public comment i ask you give them your undivided attendance thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening board of supervisors i'm here to spoke speaker for my brothers and sisters who were not here i'm also to speak for the other
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organizations that came out not to stay as long as we could the project was united playaz and others as youth we are effected and me and my brown skin i've been searched because i live in the neighborhood but no way i'm the vice chair the commission and a junior at the san francisco state university to urge the police commission to look at the budget priority policy priorities we urge you guys do please be mindful and how do i say this to be more sensitive around arrest our youth on campuses and arresting them in front of of the parents and around trump to be sensitive
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around the youth and undocumented youth thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone i'm a senior at the lowell high school i'm a mayoral appointee to me communication is the key to southern california all problems bossing nerk verbalize their concerns and be able to take those concerns take into consideration to make people's lives easier this is a simplified and easier said or done but police in communication are equal to non-compliant in san francisco i feel like the sfpd is not doing enough for hear our voices we are literally 9 future and as cliche as it sounds if you don't show an honest to make sure that the
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youth relationships are on a positive tune ear adding to distrust within our community coming from my neighborhood where police presence running into police presence positive relationship is key because if not results in a lot of unnecessary problems so, yeah so sorry respect crucial - twruft is crucial if you want to see process you have to tarot with the youth that is going on 9 o'clock we had a lot of people that would have liked to speak we have to go tomorrow i have to wake up at the foufshs but tell her youth that want to participate in things like that this is difficult to do that you obviously see you know a low number of youth so i want
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everyone to take into consideration in planning meetings in the future. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening polar vortex and supervisors it is still calm; right? that's how i see my days sometimes good and bad at the end of the day i'm living in district even this 10 this is my second year on the youth commission i think my fellow commissioners reiterate what is already been said please include the things that directly effect us the general point has been - in the past in the youth commission meeting with the department it is pretty much at the time of parents arrest from the child is not under that policy effects me as a formally
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- child of formally incarcerated parents that effects me it is hard having to live away from a parent that is called dad and having a parent in prison is unfair and seeing them arrested for the last time is brings angle gush and seeing a parent arrested is like - and is also when our trying to change you're thinking of changes and the voice to change it can be bad i want to reiterate that and just to say that we need to progressiveness within the sfpd when our looking through a different less than not use the past strategies maybe it worked in the past but starting to look at it at a different angle in a positive
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way i wish people sunshine could are have been present to share their experiences with the police but at the same time having youth to come up here and tell you you policymakers. >> thank you, commissioner. welcome president matt >> hi my name is a madeline i'm a senior at the urban school of san francisco and the chair of the youth commission so as we talk about the new policies i'm reflect on the policies success in the past there's a memorandum of understanding between the sf police department and the sf school board and we really not to see that implemented yes. the youth commission received a complicate about mroebt cops arrest youth at a san francisco high school in front of their classmates and limited
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communication with the school personnel that could have helped to avert that situation we ask implementing the memorandum of understanding and making sure that the implementation that the training we've recommend for all police officers around interacting with youth is implemented as police officers are hired thank you very much for listening to the youth and trying to coordinate we know that is late we really, really appreciate your time. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> commissioner president loftus i want to thank you for pointing out the oak rep analytical i've spoken with him one reason we came here the presentation was a lack of action by the am i correct? my son was in his senior year of university and never in trouble any son was sdaulthd by plain
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clothes officers vp anthony montoya and was unlawfully jailed for the night first thing in the morning he went to the dr and to the, llc ways physically hurt they took photographs and advised not to file a complained until the charges were dropped the public defender's office in the alu then begin working with us they were a lot of media on the case there is a lot of evidence a civil suit with adoptions despite this the oak close the case the occ did not have the facts the investigators said no video but, but the public defender's office and the alu have video it shouldn't be this hard to get justice that the officers abuse the policies using unmarked cars
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to perform a traffic stop and changing the name of occ and roach from didn't political make a function better must be closer insight with a closure lens fighting for what is right wears you down trying to heal any family from the trauma is my sole economic and emotional responsibilities disappear - my son suffers from a disease and i'm ripped open when i see the officer in role as a pi o. >> thank you not the first police officer that committed a crime that was promoted. >> a couple of progress nufrn the deesclation policy in the last 6 months is a rows success
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only one officer-involved shooting of a civilian and he was shooting at an officer when he got shot over the last 6 months is quality of life is good and taken two along everything takes long for the commission to get done the dash cantonese took months and only 3 in intern chief chaplin i'm sure saying that chief suhr was dragging his feet i am not only again, the dash cam take to along the committee was made up of 8 officers 8 advertising from alu with the bar all the advertising and one regular person i don't remember here name may be one the commissioners know but 17 members on the committee figuring out how it will go one
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regular person and 8 police officers association and 8 paid lawyers this is not how you run a railroad thank you. >> next item. >> and it is hastening to witness this to consider the recommendations of any reports relating to police reform in san francisco i hope the first of many such working sessions between the departments undoubtedly there's more work to do and like to thank the san francisco police department for being open to the findings and recommendations change it difficult we get this is something we must deal with each
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the reports is a culmination of research and analysis and throughout the goal of the c g j report not to serve as as indictment but a road map for change and road map for reform and road map for success a road map can bring the city to a better place it seems save to say most of reports have the same goal in mind as those reforms continue and discuss change i ask all the departments from the mayor on down to commitment to the following be transparent, shushing off - be ready to change be thoughtful don't be political review not only the wording of the recommendations but the spirit in which they're written and intended utilize the community shareholders
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and finally remember that we're all ♪ together only by work together will we be able to have a result in a better sfpd and as states one that serves as a role model for the whole nation >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> immigration supervisors and commissioners and the chief he wanted to brought to your attention one of the comments that supervisor campos i want to echo on behalf of the community in any district we really appreciate the fact you're working towards change and reform but one of the main concern is trust in building a community and at the same time building a community that happened in a lot of the district especially my district district 8 we suffered


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