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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  November 21, 2016 8:45pm-9:01pm PST

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and finally remember that we're all ♪ together only by work together will we be able to have a result in a better sfpd and as states one that serves as a role model for the whole nation >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> immigration supervisors and commissioners and the chief he wanted to brought to your attention one of the comments that supervisor campos i want to echo on behalf of the community in any district we really appreciate the fact you're working towards change and reform but one of the main concern is trust in building a community and at the same time building a community that happened in a lot of the district especially my district district 8 we suffered the loss
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of 9 individuals at the hands of police officers and yet we still have not gotten an answer in the district attorney if he will provide charges to the police officers responsible for that but also need to hear that something is done about that it is great we have a lot of policy and systems in place to you know reform but again, if we're not addressing the issues the community their own police officers will not do their jobs effectively we want to support them but at the same time want to feel r79d and protected not feel front yard we walk down the street when we see a police officer so again, all time and time again, i've asked any neighbors how they feel with the work that the supervisors did
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they're supportive but want to feel safe i'm here to ask you to consider amongst the accommodations of the blue ribbon panel and the department of justice that you include something around building a relationship with the community adjourned. >> please i said to take wish with that report said training there is something glazing in my opinion alarming no evidence it didn't bias is wiped that can't be the truth just do a search on sf with the scandals and racism and homophobia and talking about planned activity and burning
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crows into the tech give me a brake man and jutting us herman being a police commissioner beat his beautiful to a pump be denied opportunity to work on domestic violence issues for the police commission yet able to be a part of all drug illegal drug policy and supervision that to me is such a hip civic position for sfpd when i did recruitment for sfpd the one thing nicholas if you ever done e line substance don't be a police officer you'll not get though how, the police commission beat up a partner in a rage over meth
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not part of our community who else has used drugs i think that is shameful as doerns suffer and request why not document the lgbtq or the queer community and the sfpd acting police chief you don't quantify this was wrong with being queer a hostile intermediate within the police department people about are afraid to come out we need to next that that's not outlook in san francisco. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> gilbert i want to say go things about the poa first one the poa is not a union in their innovate part of labor council military organization cannot have a union poa cannot strike they this other must in any so, please stop taking money from the poa
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and specific thank you to london breed and scott wiener the poa is using police safety and over safety is important but we all need to get smarter what the poa means by that you. >> next speaker, please. >> tom gilberty the police have to know the streets according to 60 percent of their business on the centers is dealing with people that are in crisis so they need to work with the independent crisis and preservation team not with the department of health and i loved to see the new police experiment with gun also belts you walk into a community not with a gun
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and the communities you're not going to shoot me i'll have tour back i want to see that and have after the graduates are on the streets i want them to see them work with 10 year vets not fired a bullet and have no complaints with the use of force of racism maybe 1, 2, 3 or years or go on the owner with their own con trespassers we want to see dedicated housing for the police part of our community on the videos i will after an officer has the right to see his video and he sees it the public seize 12 between twenty-four hour we might as well move forward on the bluecoat 60 - the
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majority of blood alcohol need to metal the blew coat they're going to have to step up to the poa if it is out of state and shape police after the veterans are the highest second in suicide alcoholism divorce they are not happy we need open police commission meetings when we do the closed session question open the door. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i heard you breathing. >> well, i'm here. >> sir, you can lift the microphone automotive i'm here because my 340789 moms birth is on the 13 i predicted an
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earthquake i called back and sxresz to this i was going so predict another earthquake at the 1111 a guy says that's a long ways away i mean god did any moms birth is 11, 13 there was an earthquake that mraevent got so close anyone recognizes those things that god don't for us on this architecture artery that was nfl when trump was proposed when satan offered me his job maybe you might call me crazy and give me shock treatments i'm a frivolous person i was out front are the
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muslims yesterday for my mothers birth friday the 13th and on behalf of the christian and the muslims and is jews i'm the second circus fix that will be a lot worse than you can imagine what a legacy i leave you who he knows the christ and me and i thank you all because in the day we'll all remember you can't forgot it this day thank you all thank you for your comments any public comment who wants to address did board of supervisors or police commission on the police academy and . >> madam president. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all righty supervisor cowen do you have any final thoughts.
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>> thank you very much i want to thank to everyone it participated. >> commissioner president loftus. >> oh, wait yoimg to call on supervisor peskin before you commissioner president loftus i mark farrell want to thank the members of youth commission for being here this evening. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> and commissioner president loftus thank you supervisor president london breed i'd like to thank chief chaplin, members of the command staff we've talked about the leadership so many people in the community that took time dinner time and commissioners i'll ask for one point of personal prestige we autumn have families and other things going the rockets that had a soccer parties together celebrating their season and so if in the way the families support urban design team shout out to the vivian and the rockets i would
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be happy to be there but good evening, everyone. >> again thank supervisor cowen for they are leadership and commissioner president loftus and the members of the commission for being with us today this year this is something and i see mr. van did care pool under tcivil grvrj we about about the defendant's guilt like we looked at a lot of details and we have a lot of reports a lot of information a lot of data and what i appreciate and i'm really glad felicia jones is here and it is a lot of work but it is a community effort and it requires making sure that the community didn't let up we continue to
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have the hard conversation these are hard conversation he really appreciate the youth commission present and they better not f be late to school tomorrow kid this is is trying to focus on bringing this thing together the right way is important and appreciate you know really the leadership of the san francisco police department for they're willingness to break off roll up tare sleeves and have the hard conversation and but more importantly you know being willing to come to the table and trying to resolve some of the challenging issues of our time this is incredible effort it is not by no means you know something that is finalized that is something we are going to say to work on and it is clear this board and commission is committed to working on the
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issues i mean we've its been a long time coming and this is interesting i try not to get personal but sadly i did as before i lost a cousins to the san francisco police department and the bayview hunters point in 2006 no vicinity investigation no video no closure for my family because of the work we've done now there is a requirement of an independent investigation anytime there is an officer-involved shooting and so taking that probation officer perspective we have work to do but come some way i want to acknowledge that we're committed on the board of supervisors to try to do our best you you know to bring you, you, you you know closer and comfort to the family paw more importantly the policies we put in place protect the next person
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from having their family not have to endure what families have to endure in the city those policies and this work and commitment from the city demonstrates that we want to make sure this didn't continue to happen and so i do thing it is a step in the right direction this board is condominium to have the dialogue you know the next discussion we have will in about february of 2015 i'm looking forward to progression every member of the san francisco police department will be equipped with body cameras that's process the trainings and all the things we're doing you can it is going to move us in the right direction i'm really happy that the dialogue continues and the process gets made we'll continue to move forward together so thank you
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for being here and your patience and yeah. let's continue to move forward thank you. >> again and thank you, everyone it joined us tonight with that we'll take a erase and resume our 2 o'clock meeting okay. so we'll adjourn the special joint meeting and take a 5 minute recess and return to the previous of the


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