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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  November 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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and super markets and things like that and i realize the transition was on the sfpuc. he got that first job and knows about the paperwork qu schedule and still works on this type of job, but he works with general contractors that also did other things. pretty soon it is like he did that one and that one. it completely changed his business. >> my name is nancy [inaudible] the office manager and bid coordinator for [inaudible] construction. worked on 10 plus puc, lbe contracts. today we are doing site maintenance on the [inaudible] chr site and currently the gentlemen behind me are working on every moving
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and basic specs of plants. in order to be success you need to work hard, bid low and keep a look at the sfpuc website for future bidding opportunity. >> this is a successful program because it provides opportunities to regional communities that might not have opportunities to work for large scale projects. the sfpuc is a fortunate agency we have a lot of capital program that span over 7 counties who also to see how some businesses like [inaudible] and bio mass started as small micro businesses grow and expand and stay in the program and work on several projects before they graduate from the program. that is what warms my heart. >> my name is college
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willkerson, the principle for bio mass. bio mass has been in business since 2006. 3 partners. small businesses fill a niche but apply and being a part of the program helped us be more visible and show the city and county of san francisco we can also perform services. >> this program had tremendous impact to the region. in fact, the time we rolled the program out was during the recession. this has h a major positive impact and certified over 150 firms in the rejen and collectively awarded $50 million in contracts, and because of the lbe certification it open many opportunities to work with sfpuc. and, i significantly helped the business. it is one of the major contributors to
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our success. supervisors. >> okay
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welcome everyone to the san francisco board of supervisors welcome back and thank you all for your patience ladies and gentlemen, we have having at this time meeting as a committee as a whole a joint malia cohen between the san francisco board of supervisors and the san francisco police commission and at this time madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> for the board. >> thank you madam president supervisor avalos supervisor president london breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim kim not present supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener not present and supervisor yee not present
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madam president a we have quorum were to excuse commissioner yee and supervisor wiener seconded by supervisor cowen colleagues without objection, without objection supervisor yee and supervisor wiener will be excused new i'd like to turn it over to commissioner president loftus welcome to the board chambers. >> thank you. good evening, everyone and welcome to to scombroint meeting the police commission and the board sergeant, next item. >> >> commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman is excuse commissioner marshall is excused commissioner nakajo's commissioner nakajo and commissioner dejesus commissioner wong excused we have quorum. >> thank you sergeant and ladies and gentlemen, just for clarity we will have general public comment at this time and
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we will then go into our hearing specifically on the number of reports including the blooper report and other reports as referenced in the hearing so if you last week to make comments specifically recommended to the hearing through will be an opportunity to do that as well that is the time for general public comment first speaker please. thank you good evening andrew yip world affairs have key focus on human civilization in process economic comes to a stage of prosperity and executive control 2, 3, 4 management puts business foyers in good order of development our life business career strives for success being caution about the problems even in time of security one must having a true obviously of executive actions
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one must have collect strategies for rich and notable to determine the december i didn't in life that is for the aspire of folks with time to accomplish true benefits of success for - holiness is strurm and virtues are notable and personal nature on to holiness in gradual steps in opening up a wondering business career time of circumstances and purpose from civilization in development by applying personal - destiny as with work for the wondering people one engaged if extensive differ phil ginsberg pathway and
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accident wondering establishment for the organization of holiness and vicious and wisdom and principle that leads people back to public it and for all that will be the business enterprise of having a kingdom god bless the holy kingdom. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you sxooepd and all the little ducks lame and mobile my name is a christopher's i live on 6 and howard less than 40 years from seawall he rise to comment on racism first, i wish you to take note there is at least one white man that has tried to start a dialogue on racism that man being my less than humble self-i've worn that shirt my opening statement in the dialogue awhile walking the
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sidewalks of san francisco for years during that time 2 hundred people an hour seen me wearing that 4 thousand smorg borrowed of customs that make our beloved city and county of san francisco i noticed a few people taking a second look all the people passed its the whitest human being they might see with two professional black guys on it in all that time with the uproar and pain involved that the subject of american he style racism none hallway u saw a comment none had a question none no white person no asians or hispanics not one question so members take serious note none really want to have a dialogue about race none no
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asian-american or african-american and no other europe americans and that is our american tragedy thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening board of supervisors commissioner president loftus and police commission i've never spoken here not sure of the premiers i don't know that is general public comment you have up to 2 minutes. >> okay. so can you hear me now. >> i'm here to speak speak about the police commission when you appoint a new commissioners pick someone is integrity not outburst for political gain we like a commissioner on the police commission not get their own criteria on the fast track we know about his past commerce
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of corruption not talk about commissioner wong the judiciousblas loss is the position r police commission gain i can't think on the police commission we currently have i want to propose out to the commissioner president loftus and to commissioner melara since those two joined the commission they finally have gotten moving on the reforms we've been waiting for year ares years and years only a civil grand jury report four officers counted in federal court and sent to prison i'm probably living out the transgression got them moving on the reform we've been wait on in years and years and years and propose out to supervisor kim for her editorial for the 4
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supervisors even though i'm no progression trying to push greg suhr the head of the corrupt snake and i want if thank you for what you've done and supervisor peskin the grown adult in the room that brought adult inspiration osteo all. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is david i am i'm with the san francisco's for affordability unfortunately, i don't have enough copies on november 10th i published on the poa arguing their days are numbered as a bullying force for the status quo a week after the trump quake i'm not sure sf can you remember has a
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partner for reform but julian becomes the attorney general obama's 21st century program upon which san francisco is riling may disappear poas may try to stall on the transformation how will we carry on how will we reform them without a federal partner. >> sir i'm pausing your time this is about general public comment after general public comment we're going to go to the actual hearing weigh reopen public comment specifically on those items. >> let me say that behind me other members of the sf poa had will be putting other narratives in front of you. >> in depth. >> we'll go to the next speaker. >> we'll get you help just a
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second. >> next speaker, please. >> ma'am, in the green shirt anyone else with general public comment please come forward if you're not ready step to the side. >> come forward ma'am, and where is the play button we're going to have john assist you judge a second ma'am, please come forward. >> this is general public comment. >> okay all right. dear madam president and supervisors greetings. i'm a san francisco resident and also a petitionerer reporting to the boards represents to the names of the subway chinatown station after rose pack many of us came to this meeting to help you learn about the other side of rose pack how she discriminated
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on behalf of the chinese government here in san francisco following our public comment many people came to us to thank us and found out what is this some inquiry from supervisors users so with you obligated don't bet let you know the answer directly is deeply rooted in chinese history and culture it is comprised of 5 experience one of them is meditation, however, the effectiveness of this practice didn't lie in the physical movement it has to do with with its principles of this experience which can be smiermd in 3 words truth and compassionate and tolerance one wonder who practices old people can sick people not quite so as the in
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fact, practitioners came into from from all walks of life no pattern what type of people practices whoever embraces the principle of truth and compassionate and tolerance what about a practitioner and thank you thank you per sir, are you ready or need more time. >> we're going to let the other group and then. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you madam president supervisors and law enforcement officers thank you for the chance to make a public comment i'm chris a resident and maintained san francisco office for the past 20 years most recently in chinatown revolved with a high tech companies and spoke to you before on the topic of naming the chinatown subway station like 0 answer the questions
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about having fawn gone so you can better understand the people that are commenting on this i met the fallen gone prisoners and saw the experiences and touched by the way they touched people in a vicious prohibition i started the practice no money involved it is completely free i commissioner wu that was a very good practices he can tell under h from the kind of compassionate people of all races in all countries practice this i benefit at one point my myself separated 5 years ago she have her cancerous thyroid removed they read john the block that we
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read turning the law wheel and starting practicing the dr was shocked she didn't need treatment thanks to fallen and gone definitely changed our lives for the better we hope you get a chance to learn about fallen gone mediation. >> next speaker, please. >> and good afternoon madam president and congratulations on our win my name is felicia with seiu 1021 i'd like to applaud the board of supervisors on up to date this and applaud supervisor cowen for indicating and making amendments to look at the total impact of the development and specifically in hiring with the trades here in san francisco. >> ma'am, i'm pawing our time that appeal is in the to be
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spoken about that had it's public comment i thought that was general and keep our comments more general don't moreno enumeration the foil appeal. >> let's mention the trade unions in san francisco they don't hire minorities and not sufficient black and latino workers going through their apprenticeship programs for them to come up here and say oh, because we're trying to get something for million dollars corporation to come into a latino area and say oh, we'll put latinos to work that is really disheartening i hope the board looks those things when you look at the total impact how the hiring processes are a minority of here in san francisco that's we're not getting jobs here in san francisco. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> before the next speaker
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begins i'll state a rule pro bono applause a vocal expression you're welcome to use our supportive fingers continue ma'am. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hello madam president and the board of supervisors my name is allowing young nearly 70 years old seeing me you'll not guess i was at at late stage of cancer patient with a slew of other
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illnesses. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> not just that in 1995 i had symptoms of indicator cancer the dr told me 3 months to live during the painful time of my life i combrntd the folks by accident. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i thought they were very good i took out a medicine active experience active learning experience with symptoms and the
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pain slowly went away my spirit were up 6 months a mere 6 months later i changed from being unable to walk on any own and needing my husband to support me probation officer being able to ride a bicycle and take care of my granddaughter. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> from now my heart was filed with happiness and so happy to be alive i was able to have a new life after that, however, the chinese communist parties i was arrested four times and forced to denounce my faith isn't that asking me to die that
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was the reason i came to america. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> now i have practices this for over 20 years been in the united states for over 5 years my body has been very heath we want to tell everyone it can benefit the mind and body and hope you'll not be deceived by the chinese communist and get to know this personally thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
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language.) >> hello madam president and the board of supervisors. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is hone i used to be a head nurse i came to the united states 20 years ago in 1997 and learned about fallen gone and impressed by it's broad and profound teaching he practiced that the electronic illnesses and vera course veins magically disappeared .
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> now i not only take care of my own mother by my parents in-laws going on 80 years old is not easy to live together owe follow the truthfulness and tolerance and always put them first to fulfill my dedication teach people to be good.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> nowadays we get loan and support the practices and pie participation in the activities to let people know about the chauvinism the chinese communist parties prosecutor and extended to san francisco i hope the board of supervisors does not surrounded other chinese communist pressure or in the name of economy i hope our country whether uphold san franciscans including fallen practitioners rights thank you. >> thank you thank you
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>> next speaker, please. >> dear board of supervisors as you can see many different people practice fallen gone is common they are always go by the pertains of truth and compassionate and tolerance that is essentially a practice that teaches people to be a better person after being reenthd from modern 10 years we recently applied to join a chinese new year parade to be held next february 9th chinese chamber of commerce will ask his our application just two days ago on sunday we took part in the veterans' day parade they were a marking band were welcomed we the organizationers this is what the grand marshal and organizer of the parade said
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to our band. >> you've the greatest band i've ever seen. >> (clapping.) >> and you know you may not be welcomed some places but you're welcome here. >> ii just i cry maybe i've almost to grateful to you beautiful instruments, your music is beautiful, you're a one thousand percent not 100 percent you should be poured to be part of that organization and the culture you support and i thank you all.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> this is typical of what we heard when we attend many, many parades in the country people welcoming. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> sorry for any delay in getting in set up. >> we'll take the next speaker. >> we're good. >> supervisors and commissioners supervisors and police commissioners i'm the how shall derrick was with a scenario familiar to brown and black in 2012 officer josh was a rookie cop with the sfpd profiled too young teenagers that are walking from mcdonald to the deposits o bus stop at
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7:30 with a lot of local residents in the gas station and driving by he swooped into a fuel gas station demanding to know why the teenagers were walking through the implication derrick was scared 15 years old and tried to run away the officer escalated did situation that resulted if an conviction of derrick 49 seconds from start to finish, of course, the da backed up the conduct and officer josh no accountability all over the place in consequences the young 4-year-old that was with derrick has been derailed in his life with the officer although da of san mateo uphold the conduct the family received a sizeable settlement what does


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