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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 111516  SFGTV  November 28, 2016 2:00am-4:01am PST

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it is a tough field to sit here and have mixed feeling about this i'm all for the unions you go down third street the castle steel and u.s. steel and three or four coffee companies all union jobs and so you know just don't do it anymore don't keep getting involved with all the good jobs of san francisco people thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors peter cultural action network yeah, so this the first major project to come both the brand new cultural district not with the protections in place we're clear on the gentrification i don't hear people arguing this project is 75 percent luxury and
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10 percent middle-class and 10 person working-class in a cultural district are hugely gentrifying he want to point out a couple of things to send this back for the full eir number one let's work back if 2018 a question the community if raise during the bryant street appeal when do we cap that mess 2018 we'll overrun with physical building the highest end of the eastern neighborhoods scope we'll physically pass it at this point what will you do build from 2018 to 2034 is that we're heated but ceqa the reason ceqa says the probably foreseeable
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future and ask you whether to exempt you're not expected to without studying new mitigations on the updated plan that is highlighted we don't want to blow over the line we're at this hundred unit i want to tell you a curious story that is we're at 24 hundred unit when the community presented this to bryant street in july new numbers were realized we've added hundreds of units not pipeline earth have driven the number not from 24 to 27, one hundred that number is wrong we need to correct that number before we go forward. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is randy and i'm here to oppose the titanic mess i. think that the board
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has said it want to preserve and enhance the cultural district i'm not sure what that means if it looks like the western edition and the fillmore urban renewable i think you know we continually bring argument to the board what is happening in gentrification and how we can maybe have some kind of protective community protection after we saw the long list of proposes it is clear the board of supervisors can't agree to anything the voters had to make the choices i don't understand what how this is going to move forward tomorrow i have to go and support one of my friends illegally evicted out of bayview i don't know what la happen and understand why there is not a community protection for friends investigation how
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this plan is acquired is doesn't make sense - what we're thinking about pushing for 33 percent ami 25 percent for working-class and 8 percent for middle-income lennar backed the prop o stuff to a lot of people like myself and now the entire country we are understanding this government didn't support people but protects wealth and property not us no human factor in any of this we necessarily don't know we have the infrastructure friends - >> thank you
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>> next speaker, please. >> hello board. >> i brought a proxy to speak on my beef hello my name is bards hello yes, yes, yes it is true i'm up here to talk about many titanic mess those on south van ness is there a puppet in government that might as well be real first of all, i want to talk about the corporations that taken over the control of our national government and hope that didn't happen here the lennar's track record with the detailed pamphlets on the affordable housing and the misleading reports on toxic waste should trike you to disallow any business with that corporation in the city of san francisco alone and on the cultural
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district issue first of all, it is a latino cultural district would you approve similar projects in chinatown i judge want to ask you i can't imagine a bunch of tech workers that can afford those spaces are the ones that are basically schedule to more often okay. would you approve that i don't think so anyway, the other issue the need for the eir first of all, from the beast and bryant the eastern neighborhoods plan is updateded outdated we've heard it you'll so this is such a massive project that demands and an eir on its own every single development in the pipeline actually is requiring an eir as far as the loss of pdr space i have this where are the plumps that will build this project get
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their plumbing project if mcmillan plumbing is moved to san mateo thank you. >> (clapping.) >> are any other members of the public in support of appellant please step up otherwise mr. chair. >> if not go to the city departments on behalf of the planning department. >> ms. gibson. >> good afternoon supervisor peskin, supervisor president london breed and members of the board i'm listing ca is a acting environmental officer the question whether the project anothers 115 south van ness avenue kwflgz for a plan expectation in corneas with the california environmental quality act and the ceqa guidelines i'll be making a few opening remarks
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before i i'm going to turn it over to linda who prepares the subject of the appeal i'll describe the project and highlighted two oishlgz raise in the appeal that ever rays on recent ceqa appeals before the board the project sight is three-quarters of an acre 33 square feet building that was occupied by mcmillan electric that moved to cesar chavez street the pivoting building b will be demolished the planning department issued a c pe on july the documented the review of the environmental effects and the construction of a 5 or 6 mixed use building and the project will include one and 56 dwelling units 26 onsite housing units and include one thousand square feet of commercial retail use
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and 4 thousand trade shop space and parking for roughly 80 vehicles and one and 60 bikes that was subject to the interim controls the planning commission approved the project on august 11th with conditions one of the conditions requires the sponsor to work with the planning department to incorporate trade shop and other code compliant continent point quatro cultural district one of the appellants key arguments relates to the growth projections and the analysis in the eastern neighborhoods eir we heard much testimony on this today does the eastern neighborhoods uranium valid for the evaluation of subsequent measurements accident e even though it didn't match it was rays on appeal of the 90 none 16th street eir heard on
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july 26th and the 200027 bryant appeal heard on the 16 the board denied the appeal realized on the eastern neighborhoods eir for subsequent projects as a refresher the planning department position on the eastern neighborhoods eir validity ate the growth boiled down to 3 points one no further environmental review environmental review is required for the rezoning and two the department has properly using the eastern neighborhood eir as the starting point in our environmental review for point development and 3 analyzing the impacts of subsequent projects we consider updated growth forecast as part of cumulative impact analysis ceqa and the ceqa guidelines clearly establish that once a project is approved no further environmental review is needed
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unless the discretion approval that required we're not permit to reopen the eastern neighborhoods in the absence of a change to the eastern neighborhoods plan ceqa also mandated that project consistent with the density establish under the plan shall not be subject to additional environmental review only to examine where there are peculiar issues to the site we're not identified in the eir accordingly the planning department completed a project environmental review for the 115 south van ness project we termed that will in the result in the peculiar or site specific impact the analysis identified significant impacts pertaining to noise and architecture local retail use from the eastern neighborhoods eir that applies to the project and second argument raised in the appeal gentrification and
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displacement constitute changed circumstances that were not anticipated to the eastern neighborhoods eir this issue is familiar to the board as it was raised on that is bryant appeal blah, blah, blah. >> it doesn't matter. >> (a gavel). >> go ahead. >> as we explained those are social and economics impact not subject to the ceqa review until to a physical impact upon did environment no evidence supporting in argument and as staff available today, we note that socioeconomic issues and land issues and the planting is alledgedlys in the context outside of ceqa review with that, i'm going to turn it over to linda that will finish our presentation and note other
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planning department staff here including claudia that can take questions about the questions to address gentrification and displacement we also have chris who helped to prepare the c p examples and tipping i can't chang and who is the current planner for the project. >> ms. gibson to the arguments that some of the individuals who testified made with the changed transportation circumstances our response to that. >> as part of our analysis for subsequent projects in the eastern neighborhoods and area we looked at where there is any project site specific and take into account updated growth forecast for transportation analysis we look at the most relevance available modeling that is included as sf champion
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model that look at the cumulative impacts in 2040 we just want that analysis. >> specifically to the piece of testimony by one individual that referenced an article recently in the newspaper about the number of tmc vehicles on the street have jumped to 45 thousand is that accounted for in the model. >> service providers like lyft and uber are we're not specifically evaluated in the eastern neighborhoods internal revenue because this is business model didn't exist at the time and at this point in our review of projects we have traffic counts when conduct that take into account any service provider that is part of general traffic and it is when we looked this we don't find that is changes the overall conclusion
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with regards to the eir and the subsequent projects in a meaningful way it is something that are out there on the street but not re89 to an individual project impact doesn't have relevance. >> and requirement to the bakersfield argument the representative of the appellant made any specific responses to the bakersfield argument. >> the bakersfield case raised an issue that socioeconomic result in blight e blight that blight relating to businesses that have been displaced through development can cause blight blight is an aesthetic impact it was amended through sb 43 to state that aesthetic impacts shall not be considered
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significant impacts under ceqa for projects that are transient ordinary and meet criteria we've elevate this project on 115 south van ness and noted it qualifies that's with the criteria and pursuant to ceqa we can't conclude those and that case is not relevant to the adequacy of this eir. >> and counselor burn you agree with that. >> deputy city attorney mirena burns. through the chair with regards to the legal analysis bakersfield case drew a link within the socioeconomic ways because of project reviewed were the wal-mart style projects and there was some evidence in the
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record because of those projects being approved outside of the historic downtown corridor of bakersfield will draw people out of the city and cause vacancy and the court found evidence of blight a physical change in the environment related to things like litter and empty storefronts so here we'll need to have a cause link between the socioeconomic impacts and physical change to the environment. >> my question was specific to ms. geb sons representation relate to a transient orient development the state legislature took away aesthetics impacts. >> from the project q. at the
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a transportation we're no longer allowed to look at physical impacts that's correct. >> supervisor campos this is not out of departments 10 minutes. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. chair i was going to ask the questions you asked before i follow-up i want to ask something separate bat discrepancy in the numbers address that through the chair or something that will be addressed by the next person. >> les can gibson we're not clear on what the question is we've added the relevance of the projection to the analysis and the question of the validity of our reliance on the eastern
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neighborhoods eir we report and i can look for that the numbers report on what the latest estimates are of the amount of development within - we can provide those numbers but not roll call what the question was so if you can focus the question for me. >> we talked about some of the differences and the protection i want probation officer make sure what your response is to that and the impact on the eir analysis. >> why not look for that information and provide that answer after the presentation okay. >> and then going back to the issue of how the gentrification and some of the other changes can lead to a physical impact what are the kinds of thing they'll make that to show
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substantial evidence of that. >> the evidence that would support that linkage is kind of something that our city attorney referenced in regards to the bakersfield case a linkage between the socioeconomic effects that relates to a effect that could be that it is a direct or indirect link that will exacerbate the socioeconomic effect with regards to the points that are raised regarding displacement the nature of the displacement concerns that are raised are ones of the affordability, the economic, the income of the individuals raised and the fact in their being required to relocate outside of the city and that is in some
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concerns raised relating to traffic impacts the additional commuting that goes with each individuals need to do at the faster distances if there were evidence of that that needs to take into consideration and fully access what about the folks moving on in from areas they were living further way away and their commutes are shortened depend on where their jobs are that's the physical effect in terms of how it relate to vehicle trips and air quality, etc. at this point it is complex and there's not been study that is - we're aware of that can give us subsequent evidence to support an analysis that supports that linkage in this case that we are responding to
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the information providing - provided to us we don't we're not generating that study ourselves. >> from our perspective they needed to provide that information? >> yes. but i'll say at the present time, the eastern neighborhoods eir we looked at this issue and recognize there is a relationship between where people live and the amount they drive there - the eastern neighborhoods rezoning will result in changes to where people live they acknowledge there would be issues that relate to gentrification and we acknowledge that and we noted that we don't have any evidence or any way of analyzing at the level this is needed to support the ceqa analysis what the change physical changes could be related so we can't speculate at the level of ceqa we're looking at it again, a policy issue that is clear that those changes are
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concurring and long-range planning to address the concerns without the need of the sort of technical rigor we're required to do in ceqa addressed in a policy way more easily. >> is any of that evidence around what you discussed. >> no has not been. >> okay. i know detail be more questions make sure that you finish our presentation and more questions. >> linda now. >> thank you listing ca is a good afternoon. i'm from the planning department staff the remaining issues are under one that conditions in the eastern neighborhoods and mission planned areas are changed such that new impacts are concurring in particular in regards to the in question what quatro
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criminality district and the cpe can't royal on the eastern neighborhoods that benefits they've not been adequately provide and 3 the project is not consistent with the policies of the general and eastern neighborhoods plan in regards to impacts on historic architectural resources projects specific analysis determine the existing building is not a ceqa historical resource and the project site is in the located women's network for a sustainable future a ceqa historical district the quatro cultural latino district not a historical district the area was he previously surveyed and it was identified other smaller district didn't identify the latino cultural district district as a historical district under ceqa the appellant has no basis to support the project site is within ceqa historical district and the property a contributor
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to a historical district or that the project will have significant impact on a historical resource the i'd like to take the opportunity e planner is available to discuss the historic resources should you have any questions with that said, the support of cultural diversity is an important issue and claudia flores with the citywide planning division will address those issues should you have any questions the appellant further argues the claimed community benefits of the eastern neighborhoods plan have not been implemented or under professionalism as discussed in the october response of public benefits was approved in 2008, as shown in attachment d to that response the public benefits have provided as development is approved and building permits are issued the appellant
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commends it didn't comply with the policies of general plan briefly the project has policies and regulations was evaluated in the cpe checklist and the determination the citywide planning division no conflict of sixth impacts not previously identified in the eastern neighborhoods eir will result that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> thank you very much and now we will have seeing no other names on the roster, for any questions at this time we'll ask the project sponsor to come forward up to 10 minutes. >> thank you board president peter's with lennar multi
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families we are little the subsidy of lennar but i want to make it clear i've not had a chance to speak with we're a separate entity from lakeshore that is developing a shipyard so through we're proud of our our alleviation we speeds in urban apartment community so just to be clear we started in 2014 reaching out to the community and trying to understand the feasibility of this development proposal we also start with the proposal that was 12 percent affordable and consistent with the current inclusionary housing ordinance it was a non-union development proposal i stand in front of you today very proud of what we've
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achieved over the last two years we are consistent with prop c as three percent inclusionary and we're one hundred union we have gone through newcomers technical studies we have participated obviously moratoriums and interim controls, gone through the prop c measure and we were granted a conditional use authorization in september so today, we ask you to respect the ceqa process we worked collaboratively with staff to insure that we dot all the i's and cross the t's and we were respectfully requesting you uphold the ceqa approval i'm going to turn it over to our land use attorney alex to get into the study we prepared for staff. >> game-changer supervisor president london breed and supervisors law group to lennar
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i wanted to add to the planning department or the city attorney's office only to reiterate the appeal focuses only on the community plan exemption or cpe prepared by the planning department compares to ceqa as indicated in our letter to you substantial evidence exists to support the cpe and no evidence has been presented that indicates a new or more significant impact will be created not covered or analyzed by the eastern neighborhood eir studies numerous technical reports and studies prepared by exerts that support in determination the claims rays in the appeal on affordability and displacement as no evidence staff they're not ceqa issues the studies and information provided by the appellants an gentrification fail to establish
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the link between those issues and this project and specifically where this project will as a result of the issues either individually or cumulatively create a physical impact on the environment the appellant has cited the bakersfield case but failed to meet the standard in the bakersfield case not provided the technical analysis that cause the link the project is in a latino cultural district it is not a historic resource under ceqa the mission district including the area that comprised the latino district has been surveyed and was found not a historic resource substantial evidence unfortunate record and the builders city's file to support those conclusions as to the claims that 9 - and excuse me - - this is all bull. >> sir, thank you thank you,
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thank you thank you >> (clapping.) >> i realize that we're all passionate about this particular issue i'm asking each of you, you had our opportunity to speak we want to move forward and give others an punt opportunity to speak when that is done the board will make a decision in the meantime to move forward i'm going to ask the members of the public to please refrain from outbursts thank you very much. >> please continue. >> again as to appellant's claims the bakersfield stands for the proposition that a special review is for the cultural district that is not true with the evidence before you bakersfield set the standard to link the social impacts to
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the physical impacts that standard has not been met a lay men's opinion is not enough and the professional opinion has not been priority give you a little bit of background the project is consistent with the latino cultural district it creates housing and that is a big issue at the planning commission and one that the project as peter not working hard 3 trade shops and a new corner retail and commented to working with the district 8 sfroefz to identify and make sure the use of those spaces meets the need and using 100 percent union labor the project as allowed mcmillan a local contractor to relocate one mile down the street and hire 25 new employees high pagan jobs
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and finally the project will provide three percent affordable housing in compliance with voter prop c the only pipeline project providing this percentage of onsite affordable housing in closing the issue in consideration whether the cpe prepared it legally okay. the standard is whether substantial evidence exists in the record to prepare a cpe as noted by staff and included in the administrative record there is subsequent record to support that finding the legal support has been met no further appeal is needed this comes before the board and in each case the ceqa document is upheld the staff did a tremendous job in making sure all projects comply with ceqa and presenting a requiring technical studies to make sure no in your impacts exist and
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substantial evidence in the record to support their finding this appeal is no different than those other cases there is nothing unique about this project or this appeal that warrants a different detector it is location in the latino cultural dpishth display change the requirements under bakers fields that has not been met nothing indicates the city's determination is wrong or not support by substantial evidence news i thus, the dwp e cpe should be upheld the issues are policy issues not ceqa issues we respectfully request you follow staff's recommendation and deny the appeal and uphold this. >> at this time i just want to let members of the audience i know a number of you are here also for the joint meeting between the san francisco board of supervisors
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and the police commission we still need time to finish up this hearing that had been starting a little bit late at this time i will open up to public commenters members of the public to speak in opposition of the appeal please line up to your right here and you have up to 2 minutes. >> first speaker. >> good afternoon members of the board i'm greg weber a board members of consortium of over one member's and a community activist in the inner mission i had the inner mission i head it
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renters with property owners who live in the vicinity of this development we live on shot well 26 south van ness and we're a group of latinos, asians all diversity represented in the mission we support the lennar project as a member of the community over the past year we have met that lennar numerous times to discuss the dine say architecture the build out of this development lennar is a model developer for the mission they been consistent in their compliance with the zoning rules they've - they're in inclines compliance with prop c with supervisor peskin trying period of time affordable didn't have to therapy grandfathered florida
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the 25 percent rule lennar is exemplar meeting and working with the community and most of all steadfast against paying off any hush money and extortion and any kind of funds to nonprofit organizations who in a typical manner of any development san francisco exploits the developer i urge you to get the project going for affordable and market-rate thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm steve a residence of the mission in supervisor campos district thank you him for working with lennar and trying to workout the best solution a clear legal issue the city and lennar went through
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with a lot of detail question have a community issue that's why we're all here i'm in support of development and the option to the appeal we need more housing this will provide more housing for me about as simple as that and welcome 39 more units in the mission you can go against high housing prices or against development but not against both. >> 42 thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm brooke i'm here to ask you to uphold the 1515 development the planning department approved this with a 6 vote the board of supervisors respect the determination this is a legal issue the appeal is quatro late ditch efforts to stop a project that
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many in the neighborhood many don't oppose and many support that the group was in the able to secure the signatures necessarily to appeal the cu now their appealing the ceqa fvmdz 1515 south van ness will benefit the neighborhood by adding 25 percent housing units the planning department considered the 1515 development and unanimously approves the ceqa and the board should uphold this thank you. >> thank you next speaker, please hi, my name is i live half a block from the site i want the building to move forward as is the architects have meet numerous time with the neighbors living close by and made concession they've followed the laws and a lot of work gone into this project. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is dante johnson thank you for allowing me to speak against the appeal on 115 advantageous i'm a native from san francisco and a journey man carpenter and local excuse me - carpenters local 22 and recently pled the apprenticeship and equipped with the valuable skills to help me as a carpenter 24 gets the hands on training that allowed me to complete any apprenticeship throughout my apprenticeship i commuted to find work and been anticipating working on this project since what july 2014 the development this development will be in the city that i live in allows me to work in my
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backyard and gives us an opportunity to give back to my community to spend money you know this appeal will not only delay the work in san francisco that will delay going to get built regardless so why delay it basically i mean, that's my stand on it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is carlos duran a representative for august 14, 2006, i represent approximately 35 carpenters in northern california close to 4 thousand of those carpenters are members of local 22 some of the members are here today, we strongly urge the board of supervisors to deny the appeal brought to you today for the purpose proposed project on 115 south van ness for the
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following reasons for the most part in project has been determined to be exempt in my environmental review and was proved on august 11th with the exemption second this project fills the needs for housing not only in the mission district but in san francisco this development will create one and 57 units 39 or affordable the development team volunteers 25 percent of the total units to need more affordable housing which emphasized in the eastern neighborhoods plan to our acknowledge this is the first and only project that complies with prop c which was passed its by san francisco voters finally this project has committed to using one hundred union labor this creates local jobs for san franciscans that will creates a gateway for young
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people skills for lifelong skills in the apprenticeship plan that is one step in the right direction to a complete neighborhood that brings a balance of jobs and hours to the eastern neighborhoods we urge the board to deny the appeal that will delay the jobs that san franciscans want thank you for your time and allowing me to speak gossips begins that appeal. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> larry local 38 and the president of the building trades council i rise against the appeal for 1515 south van ness myself and the san francisco building trades council feel the eir was adequate, second on a 6 unanimous vote it is volunteer
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las vegas moving up from 12 percent the first and only project we're aware of that is in compliance with prop c it is one hundred union and bring pension and apprenticeships lennar multi family did everything they said as far as i'm concerned, and the building trades you'll hear from no basis for the ceqa appeal and the planning commission approval should be upheld thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is tony rodriquez a local 43 a resident of san francisco i was at the planning commission when this project was heard and approved and then later on, i heard it was appealed at this
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time the state was talking about buy right and started reading about that and then the california is 20 years behind in building units housing i don't know exactly where san francisco is i went to another function they stated 6 to 8 jobs are created and those jobs only one housing unit that is provided that's in the future of san francisco so you know we've got to project that was approved by the san francisco housing action coalition i'm part of and approved by the planning commission it is a responsible project you know people keep talking about displacement you don't know beyond i go by this building i live in bernal heights this is empty i bought a home no bernal heights thirty years ago it is changed everyone
2:46 am
to talks about being against changd change i've been in the city of 5 years today is my birthday the city changes constantly and to make sure it is changed in a responsible way i ask you to approve the project and we're against the appeal thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon danny sheet metal workers local 104 often on behalf of at many men and women we too rise against the appeal of that planning exemption i echo what my two brothers before me said about the economic impacts and what did that mean we talk about union jobs and apprenticeship opportunities what that means the young men and women and latino men and women that was talked about earlier by a lot of
2:47 am
the people before us will have criteria opportunity in the penn e apprenticeship programs that will sustain them and returning the united states military veterans will are career pathway in the apprenticeship programs through the helmets to hard hats program we have partnered with the department of defense and the va that's what that means we feel that the planning department staff did an adequate study on the eir we feel that the conditions in the mission still are within the perimeters of eastern neighborhood plan and - so we ask that the community planning exemption be firmed and the appeal denied. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> you guys - >> i'm going to ask members of the public to refrain from the out bursts please thank you. >> next speaker, please.
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>> hello my name is lucy i live half block away from the proposed project i support in project and i'm - because this project provides more housing and affordable housing and high hope more available housing in san francisco than they'll be more explosive pricing and people can afford living in san francisco and because of more availability and the only thing we can embrace is changes can't avoid we can't stay in the one phase and try to keep that that way we have to embrace changes and hope the supervisors will approve this project. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi my name is vincent a renter in the mission and i want
2:49 am
to say something that will be unpopularity i don't think buildings cause gentrification and people people do the only thing to stem the tide of gentrification build where rich people do i muscled out guys for basement work i would i live in an lennar development if we don't build unit we can what will happen they'll compete with the stock for middle-income and who will win people with more money like what do we get for not building 10 years in the mission only one way outburst not to build housing we have to best estimate that's thank you. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> easily a commenter said you're bringing a stranger into your neighborhood as if it was self-evidence that was bad if everyone can see that is bad that disturbed 33 me i've been disturbed and in san francisco of all places not take for granted bringing strangers into the neighborhood is a bad thing they know a lot about who will live this this is mysterious the mission moratorium report that the controller's office prepared last year says the new buildings 84 percent of residents are people that live in san francisco so the idea that - from the building was filled with newcomers so what in trumps
2:51 am
american we were sdrushdz we don't like it when you come to the board of supervisors and city saying you don't want different people in the neighborhood you're exactly the same as americans across the country that don't want immigrants it is the exact the same attitude so be the kind of person to have new people into the neighborhood or the kind of people want to keep people like you out of neighborhood i want to build more housing and people available to live here and a wide diversity of people i'm not going to pretend i know who will live in the building. >> for members of the public i realize there are a lot of passionate people but let's get through that and i'll appreciate if you refrain from the out burst thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> game-changer supervisors i'm jose i'm with the san
2:52 am
francisco electrical workers we support this and against the appeal that will bring work for the apprenticeships that will in the city and make a living thank you very much. >> thank you next speaker, please corey smith from the housing action coalitions and deny the appeal today, this project will bring one and 56 homes for the families 39 of them permanently affordable our understanding this is is compatible with no public money the largest affordable housing onsite percentage wise in the history of san francisco some details of the project transient ordinary we appreciate the .5 parking radio and the biking parking ratio did a lot of transforming over a period of time one of the few projects
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that came to the project review team twice specifically point out the ground floor retail use last week, we passed its proposition x in the spirit the project sponsor has committed to 50 percent of - sorry 50 percent yeah rent and cost for the ground floor for local artists and trade shops and august the planning commission unanimously approved this project and i ask you to do the same i want to the hope on sonja's comment our city made comments about being an sanctuary city and welcoming to the to make sure we open our arms is putting shovels in the ground i sincerely parking spaces you pass the project. >> good evening supervisors my name is patrick mcmillan i'm
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sorry i'm nervous i'm the ceo of medical care million miguel for the last 50 years caregiver that corner with respect to the latino cultural district wherewith where were you guys when wells fargo was calling for notes in the noticing pardon me. >> sir direct our comments to the board and not members of the public. >> okay anyways the person was connie and together we got it get rid of the graffiti and help with the homeless, dealt with the day labors all in a compassionate and good way for the neighborhood we well my
2:55 am
father and mother bought the building and sold it we moved down the street to the caesar chavez where we build a state of the art facility out of a 20th century building - when i struck this deal with lakeshore they - at a time in proposition i lennar could with walked away from the deal he extended the money on the new building they stated in they especially\walk away from the deal so i would like to speak to the character of lakeshore they're a great thing for the city. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> and any more members of the public that want to speak please line up to our right. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm xavier with the local local
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261 i have an obligation for the representatives we represent over 5 thousand one of the comments that i want to mention is about the community we represent you know our members live in the area also, we represent community and i want to just to be clear a topic here and i don't mean to offending everybody respect every single person you know as a building trade i'm here to support them the brothers and carpenters and plumps and sheet metal workers so i support this project and move forward thank you. >> thank you and just to be clear this is for anyone to speak who is actually opposed to the appeal. >> next speaker, please. >> okay seeing members of the
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public that want to speak in opposition to the appeal tierpt public comment is closed. >> all right. now the appellant will have up to 3 minutes for a rebuttal >> thank you so much to say in so little time the questions were what is the impact of the cumulative emphatic that market-rate development this and all the other ones on the latino cultural district i think we've provided substantial evidence that will be negative that puts businesses nonprofits and resident at risk who are already at risk and the second question was what do we do to mitigate
2:58 am
we've not gotten answers to those answers in fact, not in the eastern neighborhoods plan that those questions were asked because the latino cultural district was not in existence contaminate so the impacts couldn't have been studied and no subsequent evidence to support this conclude they didn't study it our job is to provide substantial evidence in a fair argument can be made that it should have been studied and substantial evidence consists of facts and raefshl assumptions predicted on facts and can include expert opinion not the technical friends analysis suggested by the project sponsor if doesn't puts
2:59 am
the planning department on notice this should be studied we've provided more than enough evidence that that requirement has been met again due to shortage of time i'll point you to pages 7 and 8 of my brief the district is also historical in nature as i said earlier not a historical designation in order to have this characteristic and when the eastern neighborhoods eir did it's search to see if they're looking for historical assets the latino cultural district was not in existence how could they have found it as a secret geological area of historical interest and finally there was the issue on bakersfield about aesthetics i've read that case probably half a dozen times and the project i didn't and read
3:00 am
the subsequent cases not references to aesthetics by green house gas emissions and the sdrupgs in the community and so forth clearly aesthetics is an issue but not the only issue that bakersfield touches on and finally, the issue of consistency with the area plan that was supposed to provide affordable housing and much larger numbers than provided under the eastern neighborhoods plan supposed to respected the diversity of our communities. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay. this hearing has been held and is now filed this item is in the hands of board. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much madam president and you know, i think you think i've been on the board
3:01 am
of supervisors 8 years and you never know how those things will go until you come to the these chambers and go through the process and let me say i came in into that repeating thinking that i was going to vote a certain way i've said this before i'll say this again that is very challenging to deal with the issues of gentrification with the issue of the displacement and the context of a ceqa appeal and i want to say this to the appellant and to the community because i think that has to be said i say this is as someone that has been fighting stloondz alongside we have to do a better
3:02 am
job of making the legal arguments around ceqa we have to and i actually think that that point that was made by the planning department staff is really important the issue of substantial evidence on physical impacts but i also believe though that it is not on the appellants he actually think that is on the city and one of the things i'll ask of the planning department and i know this is not probably the place to make an official request will follow-up after this i do want to have an analysis done by the planning department and will do it in writing to make that official that actively looks at how gentrification impact physically the
3:03 am
environment potentially i think that we need that analysis done i don't know if this is something that could be done by an outdoor city without the support and help the city i'll ask that. >> with that said, i came into in hearing thinking i'll vote against the appeal but for those of you who wondered in public comment makes a difference this public comment changed minds this is a perfect illustration it does and specifically want to thank the representative from behavior for helping to change my mind and her comments about donald trump and her comments about nativeism
3:04 am
i actually think on the eir i'm not happy about the comments by the appellants but the thing about those appeals we have the ability as a board to use our own independent judgment and assessment here i believe what is different about bryant the bryant street project is the latino cultural district i came into this thinking that case was not made by the representative from behaviarf helped to - the person that referenced the
3:05 am
latinos in gang activity in the past thank you for kind of shedding light on this issue for me because i do believe enough questions have been raised by the individualized of the record notwithstanding about the questions about the appeal to call for an analysis by the city i think we do need to go back and do further environmental review that looks of the at the issue the displacement beyond that in the legal analysis it is what it is we'll make that - i want no part whatsoever in the age of donald trump with the kind of hateful ignorant language and rhetoric
3:06 am
that was presented by those two individuals and i'm willing to think sued and taken to court for saying that bring that on but if there is a time to stand by do the right thing that is today and i also want to send the message to the other projects that are coming down the pipeline for the impact the latino cultural district let that be a message how you should precede because if there is a perfect example how node not to proceed with that, colleagues as a district 9 supervisor like to make a motion to move forward item 37 and 38 and with respect
3:07 am
to item 38 to include in the motion faster analysis is needed on the environmental impact of displacement and gentrification on this community and specifically the latino cultural district and table item 36. >> okay supervisor campos has made a motion seconded by supervisor avalos supervisor avalos. >> thank you i don't know if i can be agree eloquent as supervisor campos i felt that for the past 8 years i've never ever uttered from my seats from public comment but found the comments are so offends from one individual talking about. >> (clapping.) >> where we were in the noticing and in the noticing i was working in the community and
3:08 am
trying to - at the time in the 90s two years ago october 1996 the chronicle was trying to over exercise the gang district and painted the cloth of young people red and make them pure like gang members that's where i was in the 90s fighting that crap to think we have a project before us that is defend with such ignorance is beyond the pail we have a system nationally that was repudiated in the election of donald trump but we know where the country is blue that system is thriving that system actually allows for the type of development that is happening in
3:09 am
san francisco that leads to wealth concentrating more and more to the wealthy and the people public school low income working-class getting the displaced and not getting fair share people saw the economic system and the politicians that support the system are do not support working people to think that only happens in the red states or red counties is a fallacy happens in san francisco i feel look the board of supervisors especially the progressive wing that is concerned has been fighting for that forever i'm totally happy to support the motion made by supervisor campos to uphold the appeal on this project. >> thank you supervisor avalos supervisor mar. >> thank you, madam chair. >> sir you're out of order. >> i'm going to miss 20 these
3:10 am
two guys sitting across i'm going to join with any comrades in supporting the appeal thank you so much to the artists that have come out the artists and the latino community and organizers and activists the small business leaders and others for giving us the political context of what is happening in the mission district and other advanced gentrification advanced displacement neighborhood we also know that many other neighborhoods are coming next as well i want to say that i did meet with the developer and i wanted to thank lennar multi family and others i think that is not necessarily about this project it is a bigger political context that is being discussed but wanted to say that 100 percent union labor the 6 sfmade maker
3:11 am
spaces moving from the grandfathered percentages to the much higher inclusionary to the 15 percent but 10 percent affordable goal is commendable but i'll standby with any colleagues and the community that have said the 1y508 eastern neighborhoods eir is way updated and not seem there is any plan in place to update the board eir i think that cumulative impacts has raised by mr. weaver and others are critical for us to been not necessarily looking at it project by project but the city needs a much better plan when the planning department staff said we're trying to address the displacement and the socioeconomic impacts in other ways i've not seen enough to show me that's a serious effort a serious displacement in the
3:12 am
mission district and other places i want to cite not only miriam and karen berkley for innovation and the urban displacement numbers but also the budget and analyst that was commissioned by supervisor campos the mission district is rapidly gunmen phil ginsberg the push out of latinos and seniors and artists and disabled people is to rapid i'll give the numbers from the b l a 60 percent of the population was latino in 20002015 dropping below 50 percent and 2025 dropping half and the unable of wealthy people doubling with all due respect to the wealthy people that spoke in favor the project the families and others
3:13 am
that are displaced rapidly but the wealthy is doubling to over 26 percent in 2025 the number is reduced in half and 21st percent to 11 percent in 2025 a serious situation soifshg and families for the demographics in the mission i feel strongly as people talk about newcomers that has to be based on respect for latino cultural dictate and a history that has been developed from irish to latino immigrants and has to be based on respect of that cultural heritage for the latino considerate that is an important part of san francisco blood and i wanted to thank all the people to defend the mission district and really stand up for a city that has a
3:14 am
soul i'll be voting in support of motion by supervisor campos. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> (clapping.) >> thank you madam president i want to society myself with the comments made by the maker of the motion but colleagues given the grave outlet of the situation i want to make a motion to allow the project sponsor that attempted to speak to address this body for not to exceed 2 minutes if not objection like to make that motion. >> supervisor i'm sorry supervisor campos is there any objection. >> without objection we'll lie you to answer questions supervisor peskin? and are you asking questions. >> no, i want to give him the opportunity to address that body as the project sponsor. >> i've done i object. >> we'll have to take a vote. >> i withdraw my motion.
3:15 am
>> okay supervisor avalos object and supervisor peskin withdrew his motion. >> okay. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you thank you. good evening and thank you for weighing in on this weighty policy that is an interesting conundrum we're in the same situation time and time georgia again, i've building that a compelling argument was made and we should begin to direct staff to begin to incorporate displacement and i also think in addition to incorporating the analysis of the displacement of what a project will have on a neighborhood we should be look atth total cumulative impact of projects that are in the pipeline and this is a particular problem we continue to have in district 10
3:16 am
specifically in potrero hill the cumulative impact we're approving projects individually but not paying attention to the environment the entire landscape those projects will be coming alive in i think that we are becoming out of balance and it is important for us to be in sync so today you know the conversation is also about really brewing for . >> couple of years we need a sea change and be moving in a different direction if the development shouldn't be displacing people but development should be widening the intent and bringing in and welcoming people into san francisco and certainly i've said many times before the board in the land use committee that i believe we need to reexamine and make tweaks to the eastern
3:17 am
neighborhoods area plan so supervisor campos i will are supporting you today. >> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor campos. >> thank you. >> again i'll ask the members of the audience please refrain from vocal expression. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much i want to be clear in part of the motion that i presented as planning does it's analysis going forward that you know the basis behind the motion and the look the focus on displacement is the connection between displacement and the physical effects on the environment and that is what was mentioned not hearing that was traffic, air quality and other physical impacts i think that is important for that to be considered in the analysis and, of course, what you it
3:18 am
unique about this project the first project that is taking place that can have an impact on the latino cultural district want to make sure that is understood relative to the motion. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> thank you i know we're talking in context of a ceqa appeal a clunky tool we're trying to use to bring about this detail of change supervisor campos with your willing to amend our motion i want to see the total cumulative impacts of projects i'd like to see that also analyzed. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> okay seeing no other names on the roster, supervisor campos has made a motion to approve items 37 and 38 with proposed amendments madam clerk take the amendments separately. >> no madam president and and
3:19 am
tackle item 36 and seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 9 i's and. >> (clapping.) >> and okay. the appeal is approved >> (clapping.) >> okay with that, we'll take a 10 minute recess and reconvene with themuch.
3:20 am
>> all right. folks we have work to do and just for clarity mr. ginsburg we've taken public comment already but you're welcome to stay all right. back to item it it through 26 supervisor kim are you ready. >> yes. we were not able to come to an agreement on many of the requests i made earlier i'm requesting a continuous. >> okay until when. >> december 6th. >> okay december 6th commenting has made a motion to - before i accept that do we
3:21 am
need to amend the dates innovate at this time so supervisor kim made a motion to continue all the he means to december 2018 seconded by supervisor peskin colleagues without objection, without objection those items will be continued to the meeting of the december 6, 2016, madam clerk where did we leave off. >> item 27 a resolution to approve the ordinance and sale of the 20040 mortgage revenue bond for providing the fence for the instruction and development of multi unit residential unit from low income and very low income persons with households 0 at the 16 plus on mariposa and carolina streets and 420 wisconsin and arkansas street
3:22 am
okay. colleagues same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopt unanimously next item. >> item 28 a recess to authors the library commission to establish amnesty for over due library materials to february 2014. >> same house, same call? >> without objection the resolution is adapted unanimously next item. >> item 29 and thirty. >> yes. go resolution this approve two mills act property contract and item 29 between the city and hampton hid on vallejo street and next between jason the owners signer street colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolutions are adopted unanimously item 31. >> item 31 a resolution to
3:23 am
stand interim controls that require conditional use authorization for new office use if king to wholesome for a specific parcel blocks for 6 months and to maintain the proper findings a same house, same call? the resolution is adopted unanimously mirena burns 3 it through 34 together. >> a motion to appoint karen and others to the childcare planning and advisory council ending 2019 and a motion to opponent jose and angela and others to the re-entry council ending 2018 and item 4 to appoint cellister and jeffrey requirement waved to the security task force for an
3:24 am
indefinite call colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the motions are approved unanimously all right. madam clerk let's go to commissioner wiener reports. >> item 43 is a public hearing of the board of supervisors- pardon me madam president item 44 was considered by the government oversight committee and was forwarded as a committee report it is an ordinance to amend the administrative code for the conversion ordinance to how short-term rentals to no longer than 60 days in the unity is registered on over and over or after january. >> a emission to sxus supervisor farrell and seconded by supervisor mar colleagues without objection, without objection supervisor farrell is excused all right. madam clerk on the item roll call. >> supervisor kim
3:25 am
supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang oh, sorry is this the vote. >> no supervisor tang no supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cohen no there are 6 i's and go nos with supervisor tang and supervisor cowen in the descents the ordinance passed its on the first reading please call. >> considered by a land use committee as we forwarded an ordinances to amend the administrative code to prohibit the studied from extending leases for the extraction of fossil fuel and to require inspectors and valuations of any future uses. >> supervisor avalos thank you colleagues we've been working on this legislation for
3:26 am
a very a long time and have waited a long term this evening i'll urge you to vote in favor and make my commissioner kim's for the second reading. >> thank you roll call. >> supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 9 i's. >> the ordinance is passed its unanimously on the first reading all right. madam clerk let's go to roll call for introductions. >> introducing nyu supervisor
3:27 am
kim. >> i will shorten any comments fweven the time calming for a hearing looking at sorry i'm trying to shortly my points calling for a hearing on the scope and enforcement that is currently conducted on evacuees in san francisco we recently had a investigative report on omi and how many cases are prosecuted by the district attorney's office and how attended are able to get help we're looking forward to hearing in the district attorney's office and accept we to take prevent illegal revocations and making sure we are assuring many of the legal evictions with the resources we can provide to the tenants and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar
3:28 am
thank you, colleagues i'd like to ask to end this meeting in honor of an amazing toasted a hotel working and a proud member of local 2 at the oxford hotel on mason street i met her during the ribbon coalition in 1984 and built multi lonely at the elect tarsal elections she was an amazing helper in building inspection the ribbon coalition and lived a long and colorful life and was 91 years old when pass as a african-american woman is he worked hard ms. nash worked in mississippi picking cotton on plantations they came out to the
3:29 am
closed-captioned, so it is important for everyone to speak directly into the microphones at the podium. for the record hotel she was a room cleaner and inspector they became involved in local 2 and worked to elect officers in the 1990s was theth of the local 2 association as a working and western edition leader ms. nash recognized of the changes over the years the gentrification of the african-american community of san francisco it is like workers last week ms. nash that were and are the backbone the city a should be remembered for their contributions in the fabric of the san francisco cultural thank you the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor peskin thank you, madam clerk colleagues i'll be brief in early september as you may know i began a string of hearings wards tattoos spg and tilting felt millennium tower and while some of the hearings have been
3:30 am
fruitful unfortunately i've not be able to secure a couple secure witnesses with the knowledge that i think will be helpful to the committees work and so as a result colleagues i'm going to request we the board of supervisors pursuant to a motion drafted by the city attorney subpoena those relate parties to insure their coordination and participation in the preceding moving forward and eave introduced a motion today to ask the city attorney or a request are for the city attorney to act in addition i'm offering an in memoriam today for eleanor swift a true california cowgirl and voted military spouse that passed its away at 82 the mother the sonny elmore was born in
3:31 am
1924 in mud springs california every year she and her sisters spent the school year unheard cattle to the cabin and pastors in the upper regions of sierra nevada the gun stand and it is on displays within an exhibit chronologically the long line of cattle ranking families that settled in that region rufus daughter that sustained the family rancher they lived in the announce that was rare to see a handful of pares they header the cattle with 54 days straight being the longest amount of consequent time on hours back her sisters churned butter and spent long days living off the
3:32 am
land here long time love of the mountains led her to a lifelong love as a support of lund trust avenue world war ii was stations over sea met an immigrant who proposed to her on the first date while stations in germany alfred his military service took him around the world and raised 3 sons in the bayview settling in nevada she took great pride in being a military spouses and split their time between for the all of 3 of her sons joined the military and they celebrated 65 years of marriage and elmore was adamant that directing her if i may failing health innovate impediment to vote for the first
3:33 am
woman president of the united states or told her family time to put a grandmother in the white house she's survived by husband and 9 grandchildren and one great grandchild i'd like to younger in the memory of don he was born 1944 and passed its away on october 25th surrounded by the love and respected of the it's family and friends and two african gray parrots he insists were smarter than most people he was avenue avid chief and north beach guy a stand up man that cut it no matter how tough the challenge my goons to emphasize
3:34 am
widow and sister diane and daughter, he loved to camp he found deep inspiration in nature and must be loved by the north beach community the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> i was trying to cue something up but couldn't quite get it i don't have anything to submit equip those words from malia cohen that makes a lot of sense and in our dark times ring the bells that still ring for the offering there is a crack in everything that is how the light gets in he just died last friday age 89. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> supervisor breed thank you, madam clerk i have
3:35 am
two in memoriams one for colleagues i'd like to journey the meeting in memory of her who passed its away on september 6, 2016, she was born and raised no san francisco and become a dedicated leader in the western edition comment one of her greatest mrirnts was the demolition and redevelopment of the hayes valley apartment which made that possible for many people to continue living in the hayes valley community she went on to that manage the apartment for 10 years for a safe environment for children and families an tiff volunteer in their community dedicating hours of services over the years and loved the community and the people who were a part of it she was a very supportive mom and wife and friend and may she rest
3:36 am
in peace as the other deacon donald colleagues today i'd like to journey the meeting in his memory passed its away november 2016 in a lovingly and peaceful manner he attend emergency room and junior and high school in a graduate the galileo high school and after graduating in high school mr. co-sponsor been attend college in oakland and scombroi fully married for the last 44 years he retired from veteran affairs in oakland about 18 yeefrgsz a dedicated family man ann at 79 years had there children adam and my close friend 15
3:37 am
grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and over one thousand faucet children you know growing up in the western edition community there was one how's that we always felt safe and secure we went to and the corbin's house was that place that was filled with love, that was filled with kids and always filed with food overviews a community advocate for children, youth and young adult as seniors saeftsdz h sauftsdz people that employment and working with the food banks and homeless program and transportation programs a gifted and talented musician and played the piano mr. corbin was such an amazing father an amazing friend an amazing inspiration to so many in the
3:38 am
communities he was truly loved and he brought so many love and joy to everyone that knew him may he rest in peace and finally colleagues, i have an imperative item we will discuss later in this meeting we the election is over but still a lot of hurt leave frustration and a lot of uncertainty and i appreciate my colleagues for attending the opportunity gathering we had with the mayor and with other elected officials yesterday and so in that spirit this board will move forward with an imperative item to send a strong message we're here and we're paying attention and we're committed we're recommitting
3:39 am
ourselves to our values here in san francisco with that, the rest i submit. >> thank you madam president. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much madam clerk we have a couple of items the first a hearing request i'm introducing on the status of implementation of my law this board passed its creating a or requiring the opening of more nationwide i think this is important to know how this is going i know that additional centers have been opened but a better understanding how something that has proven to be successful is going. >> the second thing you know i actually with the election of donald trump i actually was attempted today to introduce an motor home for quality and you diversity and an in memoriam for
3:40 am
our bill of rights but united states injure is out i'll end by the reading a mexican proverb that i think is fitting and what is happening in the rest of the country and the proverb goes like this they tried to bury us, they didn't know that we were seized the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor campos. >> all right. supervisor cowen. >> thank you supervisor campos and supervisor tang i've got badgers a few weeks ago a visual attack that attacked animals one was my friend shawna sheep beloved member of the community he survived but a couple of chickens did not the animals particularly shawn
3:41 am
was seriously injured and transported 0 into a surgery what is concerning when the animal care they refused to seize the dogs and didn't stay to resolve the situation even the dogs clearly posed a dangerous threat to the public and community with that, i'd like to request a hearing for animal control to report on their strategy that talks about time and response and qualifications that must be met so that a dangerous animal can be seized i want the hearing it get a better understanding how the department handles incident in public safety on a second note you may have noticed that my former legislative aide has transitioned severing mia's the
3:42 am
liaison to the mayor's office and the best of luck for a very long first day and want to wish him all the best and my long time aid gloria will be transitioning ironically her last day a a legislative aide we'll miss her transitioning to join a law firm the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor farrell thank you, madam clerk i'll be short one thing we agree on aside from our option to trump presidency this november there were far dwoom ballot measures local initiatives on the ballot here 25 in total and everyone in the schafrp is guilty of things that could be handles at the board of supervisors i assume you've heard from the voters
3:43 am
across the city before their confusion the ballot measures i'm introducing a hearing request i want to thank the city attorney for the discussion to begin a conversation about the policies we can work to stop the ballots measures from happening to bring together stakeholders and the elections department and other experts for this important conversation a lot more details are circulating but the more we can do our job they board did less confusion with our voter and even though better off with that conversation look forward the rest i submit. >> through the president to supervisor cowen we want to join our request for 3 hearing and ask through the president only one sheep in san francisco lives
3:44 am
on earl street is that the shawn the sheep. >> that's the one. >> i'm very sorry to hear that. >> ease recovered i checked in with his a dad and told he's not suffering. >> thank you thank you supervisor peskin. >> madam president someone you don't know supervisor peskin. >> i didn't know the chickens i never met the chickens. >> (laughter). all right. colleagues moving right along thank you so madam clerk let's go to our items for adoption without reference to committee >> a member may object and serve an item and have it considered separately. >> madam clerk one item i believe can you pull 54 supervisor cowen. >> thank you madam president i
3:45 am
was going to ask to sever 54 as well. >> on the remaining items colleagues colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection those items are approved unanimously marking call 54. >> a motion to schedule the board of supervisors to seeing no other names on the roster, today november 5th o'clock to hear the law enforcement practices. >> supervisor cowen. >> motion to table. >> yes. i'd like to make a a motion to table seconded by supervisor peskin colleagues without objection, without objection this item will be tabled madam clerk call item 43. >> item 43 is a public hearing the board of supervisors to seeing no other names on the roster, as a whole on the findings and
3:46 am
recommendations regarding law enforcement practices for today november 15th. >> this item - table table table. >> i'd like to make a motion to table. >> okay supervisor cowen has made a motion seconded by supervisor peskin and colleagues without objection without objection this item is tables tabled. >> okay madam clerk can you please call the imperative item. >> on behalf of the supervisor breed a resolution richmond to the election of donald trump and reaffirming san francisco's values to the election threatened. >> okay supervisor tang. >> thank you supervisor breed for bringing forgot this resolution he agree in sentiment what is before us today i've recommend to your office an
3:47 am
amendment in terms of language and so i'm hoping the board might entertain that are non-substantive okay. >> in the expanded title i'd like to focus on positive tilt and state a resolution responding to the election of donald trump and reaffirming san francisco's commitment to executive silt and rather than focusing on the negative aspects of for that title in the first whereas clause i suggested just stating on november 8, 2016, dating was the 45 president of the united states on the first resolve clause line 8 that no matter the threatened president-elect trump and then on page 2 lines 23 wanted to
3:48 am
amend it although the united states will have a president that demonstrated a lack of respect and comma not change who we are and what we stand for recommendations i made because you know in my opinion i don't want to as the board of supervisors to stoop to the level of our president-elect and last week us to focus on the positive aspects of san francisco. >> and thank you supervisor tang and i'm sorry that i haven't had a chance to review those particular amendments but i do want to make that clear based on the comments, based on you know the tone that was set by the president elect we want to send a strong message he guess i understand your suggestions to be positive and be above that i think we need to
3:49 am
make that clear and call out what we know to be the truth unfortunately based on what has been said pubically over the course of this campaign by the president elect so i hope we could i know i'm happy to incorporate some of the amendments that you're proposing but i guess the questions are you suggesting i strike anything within the resolution. >> no, not striking just kind of rewording a couple of things i mentioned on the record. >> okay. all right. >> and again, just to reiterate through the chair or supervisor president london breed he agree with the spirit of that. >> before we begin the discussion we - before we discuss this particular resolution which unfortunately, we couldn't necessarily coordinate we didn't want to do any brown act violations but
3:50 am
certify the findings and make the proposed amendment he certify that has provided by the sunshine ordinance the need to take action is yes, ma'am perfected to threaten serious public interest is deferred at a later meeting would anyone last week to move seconded by supervisor farrell colleagues without objection, without objection that passes and further certify that has appropriated by the breast cancer this is a need to take immediate action to the attention of the city and county of san francisco after the agenda was posted moved by supervisor campos and seconded by supervisor mar colleagues without objection, without objection that passes as well and supervisor tang has made a motion to amend seconded by supervisor farrell colleagues
3:51 am
without objection, without objection those amendments will be constituent supervisor campos you also have an amendment. >> yes. thank you supervisor president london breed and it is good to see a smile on the city attorney face when we talk about following the brown act we tried to make him happy on the second page the resolve that talks about actually bigotry won an election that language i'm recommending and thank you supervisor breed and your staff for putting this in the revised version we make a reference to some of the hate crimes that have been happening specifically the new language will read line 23 further recovery roefltz that we not allow the hate speak
3:52 am
bigotry may have won an election but will not change and debate within san francisco but on the points we're 100 percent unity we're one city and pill together i'll make a motion. >> okay supervisor campos has made a motion to amend a second seconded by supervisor mar colleagues without objection, without objection the amendment passed its unanimously autumn if i may make the point one of the most undesirable things since the election of donald trump the number of incidents of hate speech and hate crimes i've heard from different people throughout the country up think in one aspect with trump has normal missed the racism feeling they feel comfortable being able
3:53 am
to say it i'll give you a couple of works my sister had a coworker in southern california that at the gym in a steam room one person basically went up to this latino worker and said urban design group you mexico's smell i'm so glad with donald trump you'll be kicked out of the country in palo alto any husband a coworker went to a restaurant over the weekend in palo alto she's asian and a white person in the restaurant when they were leaving that basically said i'm so glad your feinstein leaving this restaurant we hope you all leave with donald trump elected. >> so, i mean that is just
3:54 am
sadly the facts of life and normal listing this kind of behave and important we speak out against it thank you. >> thank you supervisor campos and supervisor avalos. >> affordable housing we're not reading it yet he it out you - your name was on the roster okay if you are all right colleagues is unfortunately supervisor tang although we approved our amendment not incorporated into the ones we passed out excuse me. supervisor peskin we have at this time going to symbol lyric read the whereas clauses to make sure that members of the public hear this resolution and know where we stand and
3:55 am
understand this is important to us we'll continue to reaffirm our values so i think you each have a copy and approved our whereas clauses to read i'll start off with this is a resolution responding to the election of donald trump and reaffirming san francisco's commitment to the values of the election threatens we're making specific amendments thank you supervisor tang november 8, 2016, the united states elected a - therefore, be it resolved no matter the threats san francisco will remain a sanctuary city not turn our back in the men and women from other other countries that helped to make that city great and represent over 1/3rd of the population this is the golden gate we build bridges not waltz.
3:56 am
>> be it therefore resolved supervisor kim. >> that we will never back down on women's human right and we're not objects to be assaulted and sure our young girls and obesity grew up to be and do anything. >> and be it therefore resolved supervisor cowen that there will be no conferee therapy and no withdrawal of rights in san francisco we gain hosting gay weddings 12 years ago and not stopping to all the lgbtq people all over the country that feel scared bullied or alone you matter you are seen, you are loved and san francisco will never stop fighting for you and be it therefore resolved supervisor peskin. >> that we believe in this
3:57 am
nation's founding principle of rig freedom not ban people for their faith and the only lists on nieflts to come to prayer together and be it therefore resolved - >> supervisor avalos. >> that black lives matter in san francisco even if they may not in the white house and guided by president obama task force on 21st century policing we'll continue to reform our police department and build trusts between community of color and feel is safe in their neighborhood and above grade that climate change is not a hoax or we'll continue our work on all things to protect future generations and be it therefore
3:58 am
resolved. >> we've been providing universal health care in a decade and from the new administration will revoke the insurance from 20 million people san franciscans will be protected and be it therefore resolved. >> that we're the birth place of united nations by the thousands of international visits we welcome everyday we'll remain condominium to internationalism and from our friends whether the administration in washington is or not and be it therefore resolved. >> be it therefore resolved. >> that san francisco will remain a transient first city and continue building muni and bart systems we can rely upon whether or not this effects enrolls on the platform to eliminate transit funding or not. >> and be it therefore resolved that california is the 6 largest
3:59 am
economy in the world the bayview is the innovation capital of the country we'll not be bullied more sacrifice or values or members of the community for our dollars and be it therefore resolved. >> that we condemn all hate speech per praltd and bigy may what won an election but not change who we are and never change our values we're argue we campaign vigorously wound san francisco but on those pots p points we're 100 percent units we're one city and move forward together thank you, colleagues for working with me on this resolution it is very much appreciated i think that sends a strong message to folks in san francisco that we are going to our best here in the city to protect our values
4:00 am
supervisor campos. >> i want to thank you supervisor president london breed and you are staff and proud of all of us and let's continue to fight together against what as happening at national level. >> before i pass this resolution i'll have to open up for public comment any public comment? to provide public comment on this imperative item seeing none, thank you mr. ginsburg public comment is closed. and colleagues this imperative item same house, same call? passes unanimously madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> madam president today's meeting will be adjourned think on behalf of the supervisor breed for the last mr. decon corbin and the lady. >> on behalf of the


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