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tv   Board of Appeals 12716  SFGTV  December 9, 2016 4:00pm-8:01pm PST

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leadership thank you, >> good evening and welcome to the tuesday, december 7, 2016,
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meeting meeting of san francisco board of appeals presiding officer commissioner president honda and commissioner wilson commissioner fung will be absent this evening to my left is brad the deputy city attorney and will provide advise gary and my name is cynthia goldstein the board's executive director. we're joined by scott sanchez at the table had in the front the zoning administrator and representing the planning department and planning commission should be joined by senior building inspector joe duffy who will be representing of the inspection please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited. out in the hallway. permit holders and others have up to 7 minutes to present their case and 3 minutes for rebuttal.
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have up to 3 minutes - no rebuttal. to assist the board in the accurate preparation of the minutes, members of the public are asked, not required to submit a speaker card or business card to the clerk. have up to 3 minutes - no rebuttal. to assist the board in the accurate preparation of the the board welcomes your comments. there are customer satisfaction forms available. if you have a question about the schedule, speak to the staff after the meeting or call the board office tomorrow we are located at 1650 mission street, suite 304. this meeting is broadcast live on sfgovtv cable channel 78. dvds are available to purchase directly from sfgovtv. thank you for your attention. we'll conduct our swearing in process.
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if you intend to testify and wish to have the board give your testimony evidentiary weight, please stand and say i raise your right hand and say i do after you've been you affirmed do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> i do. >> great thank you. >> so the first item is general public comment this is the opportunity for people who wish to address the board on the the subject property jurisdiction not on tonight calendar any general public comment seeing none, move on to item 2 commissioners questions or comments commissioners anything. >> since this is the last official hearing we want to wish
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everyone a. >> it is appropriate to acknowledge the sadness and tragedy that occurred in oakland and since your charge here it is 0 make sure that building are safe they're built and maintained according to standards the importance - that was - it hit hard we actually knew something that is sometimes, we don't make the public hearing when you see something as tragic as oakland we have a purpose in the long run we should send our condolences to the families of
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those that pashd. >> thank you any public comment on item 2. >> seeing none, then we'll move on to item 3 the boards consideration of 2016 minutes. >> unless any additions or changes may i have a motion to accept. >> so moved. >> thank you. any any public comment on the minutes a motion if sdmdz to adopt the minutes and commissioner president honda commissioner wilson and commissioner swig. >> okay. thank you that motion carries. >> we will then hear item 4 a rehearing request the the subject property on richardson after the appellant is requesting a rehearing versus 7 zoning administrator decided 2016 contaminate the board voted with commissioner wilson absent to grant the appeal and uphold
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the condition that is glass rail around the roof be changed to a parapet that allows the variance to meet the 5 findings under the plastering and the variance holder of record is laura and commissioner wilson have you have an opportunity to review the video. >> yes. >> and read the paper okay. great so you can fully participate. >> okay. thank you. >> so we can hear from the requester. >> good evening and welcome bryan. >> thank you good evening commissioner president honda and commissioners happy holidays bryan patterson on behalf of the appellant that is a manifest injustice and new materials and evidence from dbi and i emphasis
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this is positive evidence. >> the issue in this case where the variance are will be detrimental to the neighboring properties the answer is yes that means as a mattered of law the variance can't be issued >> a couple of days formally asked dbi whether for my clients building without an operatorable window in the bedroom can the window can't be a bedroom i received verbal confirm yes. you losses the window and by the time bedroom i would have gotten here earlier i'll read the written letter he shared what any client last time. >> an exist non-conforming building conditioned for specific can be continued to use
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as approved by the building department in changes to the said spaces and area make sense the existing non-conforming building conditions for specific space continued use as their originally approved by the building permit as long as no changes to those original approvals and sets spaces and area to remain the same we're talking about the notch entertainment commission and modifications to the footprint within the the subject propertys would require that said spaces meet the code per bedroom and limitations property line windows may be located closer to the property line per window than the california building code and there are specific restrictions in those 5 a bedroom by code is an habitable says that the definition as follows: a space
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for living and eating and sleeping bathrooms and storage closest are not habitable the requirement of a habitable space natural light and ventilation and sleeping room complies that the section for integer egress note a window insulate under the presence of ab within that bedroom will not serve this requirement as mentioned translation from the notch goes in the original requirement go out this is no longer bedroom we lose our bedroom due to this project. >> hi is that time. >> yep your time is up and madam director should we wait for inspector duffy. >> we can do that he's missed
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the information. >> yeah. give him a chance. >> i have a direct question. >> so should we wait; right? >> yeah. i think we should at this point. >> so do you want to put the meeting in recess until he arrives. >> correct. correct. >> do i need to - >> oh, there he is inspector duffy. >> where's your cape and commissioner president honda do you want to - there was information oh. >> mr. boskovich does inspector duffy have that? >> (inaudible).
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>> should we call on the variance holders to come and address the board and then. >> sure. >> and then if you need. >> the departments more time to review things we can do that. >> i agree. >> okay. >> so can we hear from - commissioners joe duffy dbi to say i'm not impressed is an underestimate mr. boskovich was many in my office and told me this morning you saw in the brief a building issue i tried to find out he said he wouldn't show me went to someone in dbi and get this preopting openly letter packed it up yesterday didn't tell the person that he
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got a preapplication letter didn't tell me until 40 minutes ago it is unfair we looked there the inspector, next line item. >> inspector had he known with an appeal on richardson would that have made a difference we'll not know but mark would have came in and spoken to me and may have made a different decision should not be told by mr. boskovich that there was even an issue with 60 richard son and acting on behalf of chestnut street i told him i was upset to answer a question on something i'm not prepared for i want to say that before i start.
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>> thank you. >> all right. so mr. silverman. >> good evening commissioner president honda and mbes david silverman on behalf of did variance holder without getting into the back and forth about the letter i just printed outburst a copy of the rules of the board and award to rehearing section 9 the board may grant if the materials and circumstances have arisen and a written request
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must be submitted to the board for a rehearing and here's the operative language the written request shall state the nature and character of the new facts and circumstances well the request was made a couple of weeks ago no new facts and circumstances the names of witnesses or description of the documents to be produced as we heard today, the letter if dbi was signed i believe sometime today so there was not produced a couple of weeks ago finally number 3 why the evidence is not produced tests original hearing we've not heard any of the evidence about that it goes on to as a failure to experience due diligence to produce the new facts and circumstances at the previous hearing shall be deemed
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grounds for denial of the request so shall is pretty forceful i looked at that the new letter from dbi out in the hallway for about 5 minutes i don't have is a copy of it but if there's a need to i saw enough of the letter i'll be able to rebut the conclusions that were drawn from it i don't think they were correct on the part of appellants he concur a number of ways the language can be read the letter is not clear and didn't amount four very much. >> thank you. >> and before we go further i need to make a disclose i have an existing relationship with the firm reuben, junius & rose
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and retained them the board will not have an effect on my decision. this evening. >> okay. so mr. sanchez you're next. >> thank you scott sanchez planning department. don't have much this is a very important issue and important point that was part of appellants primary argument and i don't know that the building permit has before provided with all the information necessary to make a decision only priority with information from one party not both parties they've been provided with plans to make this decision so urban design group this is very unfortunate it the approach taken had that been done some time ago that was an actual filed even looks like the request was made in mid-november
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with the department of building inspection had this been done before the previous hearing when the appeal was filed had the department of building inspection and inspector duffy been made aware of the request it could have been facilitated that was poorly handled by the appellant but it is important information to gather we want to make sure we have the accurate facts and defer to the department of building inspection on this matter the question of the impacts on the adjacent property was one of the reasons he had them make changes to the project after the initial his and her that was a concern and want that window to be maintained we understand that will with the conversation with joe duffy and he believed it can be retained there is conflicting
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information not accurate to the department of building inspection in a proper fashion so - >> available for questions thank you. >> not on ideal situation. >> well, i hope our feeling better. >> yes. much than yesterday. >> what's your overall thoughts on how this board should look at this situation. >> given the untimely. >> this was first made if they had let dbi that was secret active from the filing of the we could have had conversation and come to you with a definitive answer rather than i think misinformation perhaps you know there is still the building permit application process associated and a an appeal
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process associated with that which could resolve things i'd like to have this information wrapped up before the variance is final you know - the appellant has gone about it not in a fair or proper manner they've had quite a bit of time to come up with this and failed to use the time i didn't receive a copy until just now. >> thank you mr. sanchez. >> shall we invite mr. duffy back i don't know if so more he wants to add. >> joe duffy dbi again, the having something in our brief it new evidence founded department of building inspection to be presented at the rehearing will demonstrate the aforementioned material i
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work at dbi why not come and see me i could look at the plans and give you guys a proper opinion on this i will say if we're talking about property line windows and occasionally people lose their property line windows when a wall is going for an addition and sometimes, people lose out this is discussions beforehand with the notification from the planning department in this case, i building there is sill 3 foot 3 to either the property line or the neighbors the wall at the 60th richardson i don't know we're asking for that window to be removed without having the draurlgz i'm guessing bulls that window
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wouldn't have to be removed twhaefr was stated to the gentleman it needs to be removed again not have enough time to look at this had i gotten is this morning or yesterday may have gotten spoken about this but in general sometimes, people lose property line windows and sometimes they're allowed to stay i don't know if that's any help to you but available for any questions. >> thank you. >> so - you weren't here i mean the documents in front of you wouldn't while you missing or why you're wondering new you know there was a document that was read as the statute in place with the windows my interpretation that window wouldn't be an operatorable
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window therefore prohibit the use of that room as a bedroom and therefore the obvious extension of that is well, that that's injustice it will kill the value of the house because the major bedroom is not in use that's the line of thought this counsel wanted to put forward let's go to the part about do you see that window as not operateable and therefore critiquing the automatic result this not a bedroom that's the crux. >> the question the preapplication meeting was that for work on 2447 chestnut street are richardson if you present a preapplication letter to dbi
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that's for on attend project thank you property you're looking at not another property you're filing on appeal on so mr. boskovich again, our preapplication process for someone in tandem to do this how will you guys do this what can i get or not get the window on chestnut street i don't know where dbi makes you as a neighbor do something to our window if someone builds a wall we have sometimes someone wants to do that i don't know where were we requiring 25, 47 chuftd street to do anything to their window because of the project at 68 richardson based on the limited knowledge about the project no plans this is a
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permit as well as i'll say the building permit could be appealed and dealing with that during the appeal of the building permit but i'm not sure the chestnut street i can't stand up here and say we have to do go anything at all with the window people can keep them. >> let me rephrase the question in a conjectural if there was a building were there was an additional made how far would that and a wall was coming very close to an operatorable window which is a bedroom how far will that wall have to come before dbi to look at not the building under construction but the next door building and say you could no longer use that as
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as bedroom not an operatorable window how close. >> you see that up to a property line someone that allowed to build and someone has a window in there been there a long time we come across this occasionally i don't know if dbi makes you, you do it is discussed ahead of destruction a new wall completely in front of your window and to say sometimes we've had issues someone said hey he lost my window didn't pay attention to the permit process and it is a very difficult situation i you know but. >> if something is being built i think the space was 3 feet let's call it 3 feet for
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conversation is the 3 feet that creates the requirement to not have an operatorable window would that be triggered but as a fire safety issue what would trigger new construction - trigger something in a building that is not under construction as a result of something that was done in a new construction. >> that would stop on operateable window. >> it is a case by case basis but 3 feet if federally you're not having to side anything, at all 3 feet from property lines are permitted sorry operateable openings have permitted 25 percent and sprinklers building
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as many as you wish on that wall in this case if this is 3 feet we're definitely not doing anything unless a wall up to that prep e property line i don't know we were touching it we're not going to go there i think someone said 3 by 3 i don't have the drawings. >> may i question mr. duffy could that information or determination have been obtained on the variance if it was an angle that the appellant was going to use could they not have come to you this was dloeshl at the time of the original hearing. >> i think but i did not pay attention i thought the 3 foot 3 not an issue the window is not an issue only came up in my life
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and it wasn't in the brief so could have been and mr. boskovich seize me everyday could have told me that came up last week he speaks to me about cases i would have precedent a knowledge and could have maybe done more research in an effort to get the plans gone to mr. walls is this accurate have you been given all the facts for your meeting let's look at this closer i have to present before the board of appeals not the regular preopenly meeting owe see why he done it was the way it was done i wish it had of been more open and certainly addressed on the building permit but i don't know why we go to make 3 foot 3 from property
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lines definitely not an issue. >> thank you. >> next thing is public comment. >> so i don't know if you want to wait. >> i'll wait any public comment on this item. >> jonathan wade here to represent elaine my name is elaine i own richardson the building next door about two months ago i bumped into my neighbor that lives nearby i asked her about the sign posted on their window under the planning department and our conversation was as follows: aaron and - the new home is built aaron could not wait to
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move into the new home i assume aaron will be renting out richardson i was upset and spoke to the lady about the expansion voiced in any concern i never received a notice and no return call impact from the architect he got the number in the window the lady at the planning department said i need to the file a petition that means time and money i don't have the lady in the planning department said she'll have the architects call any i realized there was affordable unit a large impact to any building my tenant and me it is not acceptable it richardson move forward i'll losses any window on the south side of the building. >> can you speak into the microphone. >> i'll allows my window and my right to light and privacy
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i'm concerned any tenant will be exposed to excessive noise. >> my tenants bedrooms inches from the new roof deck has a hot tub and fire pit it may affect might insurance they center two children and another tenants just had a new born in conclusion if i had the time and money to fight this i'll appear before the board of appeals about the effects he ask the board of appeals to consider my concerns and right to life privacy and the peaceful enjoyment of my home i'm asking you to continue to keep richardson in the marina a safe place to live and keep the codes
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and not block my window if you have questions feel free to comment i also have the apartment of 54 plus richardson the greenhouse and 68 richardson goes above the pap smears above blocking the windows as you can see blokes the entire window thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comment. >> i'm speaking for carmen the appellant who has failed and i'm sorry the appellant time to speak is with - >> the attorney. >> not a problem. >> if you have something to say for yourself you can use your time. >> at the board of appeals
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hearing in october mr. silverman attorney lied about our property on chestnut mr. silverman said we were too far away to be effected on the contrary our house is 20 feet door to door not many houses away here's a picture of our boarding this is our doorknob and this is richardson our 12-year-old daughters window faces richardson she needs to use that window for light and air we'll hear music from a party deck 68 richardson will diminish our daughters right to privacy he state we have a hot tub rooftop we have a catwalk and not used due to the small size here's a picture mr. silverman said we all have backyard none of us in
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the marina have outdoor space and fortunate to be surrounded by nature we live one block from the presidio three hundred park and from the fine arts and 4 blocks from the bay not a neighborhood with more access to outdoor spaceless at your doorsteps they missed the losses of light that's a direct result of 68 richardson the reality this effects our light the most important time of the year and every bit of sunshine is important to us he talked about the parapet for those reasons we ask the board to look at those projects in summary to override the variance approval the couple is asking for a large outside space to the detriment of our
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neighborhood this is your roof deck i'm taking the picture and as you can see there is a no roof deck in the neighborhood on our block that picture shows you across the street no roof deck you can't see it because of the speech. >> - >> there we go. >> this is across the street from 68 richardson no roof deck that is across the street if on chestnut street on the other side of richardson no roof deck thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm dr. rubinstein on chestnut street i grew up in the bayview a professor at the ucsf and researcher and oncology i moved
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in chestnut street with my wife in 2001 we love the house for privacy and the sexually assaulted that baths the small backyard and importantly the bedrooms in the back of the house of great value to me and my family and i wish to preserve that in late october at the mooefrg the presented testimony i had strong concerns of the projects with nothing else he testified under oath direct evidence was on the backyard with the building by this project on 68 richardson in terms of decreased light endorse to the back of my house 365 i raised those concerns back in
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october the corner of rebuttal there is in fact, a large tree in the backyard. >> we need the computer monitor. >> oh. >> becoming is. >> overhead. >> and this is the backyard this is light we built the gasped this is directly underneath the project the light will be directly impacted by the building project at 68
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richardson much to the enjoyment of my backyard this is a consequence of this project the guardian is something i wish to develop further and plan to do so that was justified for this project to have a roof deck with a hot tub the way it has a hot tub was previously noted not in their backyard is not on the roof in the backyard so inconsistents effectually a plan for an open fire pit la weekend a tragic incident in. >> your time is up. >> any public comment on this
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item seeing none, commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> i think mr. silverman read rule 9 could you look at that needing to be in writing what the conditions or the stipulations were regarding the request. >> we have the rules thank you. >> we have the rules thank you very much. >> i'm asking the city attorney. >> the rules require that the written state the nature of the facts and circumstances and the witnesses and documents we produce and why the evidence is not produced at the original hearing. >> so in my view not the case what was submitted. >> i believe the appellant is preceding under the theory under this rule which says accept in steadier case to prevent manifest injustice they're preceding on the theories this
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is an stewart case to prevent manifest injustice which is an exception to produce new circumstances. >> while we're asking the city attorney so - >> if the city came and said to the appellant you can't use the bedroom anymore as a bedroom and can't be used as a a bedroom which might effect the value or use of house would that be considered manifest injustice? >> i don't know if i can provide an answer to that i'm not sure it requires possibly some case file research the appellant - >> it didn't come up black and white for you. >> so i'll start
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i'm somewhat appalled by the way it has been handled and i'm going to go on the theory this information could have been gotten at the time of the original hearing and therefore inclined to deny the request for rehearing. >> a followup i concur with my fellow commissioner, i think that the bar for rehearing is quite high the information that has been presented before everyone and everything everybody is exciting as has anxiety what was discussed at the last hearing we believe we discussed the window distances in length there was actually pictures of them showing someone standing on someone's other property they were addressing the window bars you don't believe i don't feel it reaches the bar for manifest injustice. >> i'm - commissioner lazarus
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with the way that was handled was unfortunate no catches you should come clean i want to make sure despite that annoyance we don't - is it permittable to ask mr. sanchez a question in the middle and come on up. >> what you said earlier take care you were talking this was an important considerations and then commissioner president honda asked you what our thinking was is this the kind of situation i don't at all want to reward this type of behavior should we have a continuance to give dbi a chance to look at it and talk about that again and i appreciate that means that
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someone has to wait but don't want to be annoyed as someone's bad behavior to have an injustice to the appellant not their fault that their lawyer used bad judgment. >> i think that is a very wise approach i mean this is important information to have again, i expressed and reiterate the frustration how the information was obtained and which may or may not have been may not be accurate bus inspector duffy is saying this would be okay i mean they're pending the discretionary review request if we could bring it back at the next hearing and have the department of building inspection have the final opinion on the window would be
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beneficial to everyone to get that resolved as unfortunate we're in the situation it would be good to get it resolved so the planning commission considers the discretionary review that can be adjudicated by this board and consider this action they have the full project for the dr disapprove or make at changes. >> follow-up question mr. sanchez which it goes to planning agency shown 3 foot 7 inches away is that a consideration that your department acts in issuing. >> i mean certainly the understanding given the separation of the 3 foot 3 before the property line and the building wall our understanding of the code that an existing condition will not be remedied
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but having a - with the discretionary review. >> thank you. >> thank you mr. duffy i'm happy to hear from him and commissioners i got some time i think it might be helpful to give you sight into this issue up and - we can can i have the overhead, please? let's see - i move it up not in the way so can we zoom in on this? move over >> okay
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so this might give us some help here this is the rear wall of the building on chestnut street going across the window as you can see is like a little bit heavy everyone see that so then the dashed line behind the rear wall runs parallel so meaning this was one lot and then in 1942 got split today, if you split that lot in the code you'll definitely lose our window will have to board up unfortunately, many many years ago they didn't do that they split the lot so the other thing the windows has been on property line whether we lost all building or not so in richardson gets build the window is on the
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line do not in my opinion the board can add a condition that window remains but it was all the property line were there was a building there or not maybe something that is pretty - so we could whether or not a building permit always been a window on the property line that was not dealt with in 1942 and split i've seen a lot of them all over the city from my experience as a building inspector the only time if this wall was moved to the property line as part of this project potentially they'll lose they're light on the egress it is so close you can't you lose egress and everything the fact that you've got a window yes going on
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someone else's property we see that a lot not something if i was a builder inspector oh, by the way, i have to tell the people on chestnut street they'll lose their window and not coming up with dbi on the project at 68 richardson i don't know if that helps but looking at the plans may help. >> if i may question so if it did come up during the plan review when the permit is being considered what might be a solution to it in terms of if you looked at the and said they'll have to get rid of the window. >> oh, the people on chestnut street they'll not have a bedroom there. >> i mean, that's too late lastly. >> there was a 3 foot that
4:49 pm
space yes you're going to someone's prompt but the point you're going on to someone else's property just bach because you're allowing 3 foot 3 and mr. sanchez said no way to expand that building to block the window so you'll always going over property lines for egress the fact they're putting the building has not changed anything that's my opinion. >> just to reiterate my question that condition will not grant a separateable window. >> sorry say that again. >> that condition the 3 feet that will not preempt the reason to have a window.
4:50 pm
>> right. >> which is the testimony that i heard. >> yeah. i mean it is - you, you have it a lot in the zero lot listens we have operateable windows all over the city in existing older buildings we don't go around making people board them up they're on the property line a non-conforming time comes into play grandfathered we're not using that in the building code i've been drawn into some of those without building permits on complaint we we won't touch if someone does that over the weekend and see a window where we didn't see it without a permit, of course, we'll cite them but an original trend for a window we don't bother we just i mean not a hazard not anything happened and not a hazard you know if
4:51 pm
those people on 68 richardson want to put up a high fence and block that that blocks the egress that would be a problem and we get that sometimes, the spite things ha, ha you're not using the window anymore and the permit holder can put a high fence. >> you can put if over 10 feet need a notification but i've seen situations like that the way i see it you can build richardson and nobody at dbi will care about the existing window on the property line that's been there certainly since i don't know whenever the building was built.
4:52 pm
>> okay. thank you. >> does that answer your question. >> yes. and then some. >> can i make a motion. >> no, i just think that on bans what we heard no in any evidence >> and more additional process for this particular yeah, does someone care to make a motion. >> i move to deny the request no new information and no manifest injustice. >> okay. on that motion from commissioner lazarus to deny the request commissioner president honda commissioner wilson commissioner swig that request is denied with a vote of 4 to zero item 5 appeal. >> lisa versus the department of building inspection the property on 27 street 2016 to a,
4:53 pm
llc of an alteration permit to roof capped with sheet cover and screen the mechanical equipment setback thirty feet from - new open trellis less than 60 square feet and under separate permit start with the appellant and hold on my luck two out of 3 wish to disclose we have a existing relationship i've retained them the board will not have an effect on my decision. this evening. >> thank you. >> and welcome. >> ms. designating gal. >> thank you for having us. my first time appearing before you i live on 27 street the property in question i'd like to point out the history of this
4:54 pm
property includes the hearing before the planning commission in 2014 which limited the height and bulk of the project the neighbors asked for that negotiable hearing two years ago and we simply ask the intent of the planning commission be sustained as a reminder those included removing the proposed deck on the rear edition and reducing the dimensions maintaining a 5 foot segment for the upper two stories along the west elevation facing the residents on 27 street and avoiding the use of dark exterior paint part of reasons they gave for this is the commission in their discretionary review said
4:55 pm
there's two b necessary and desirable the commission wanted to insure the project sponsor addressed did surrounding neighbors by sculpting the overall massing to match the neighborhood context of rear additions into the mid block open space it feels incongruous reimburse with the blocks they didn't pivot open any property other than 27th street the property of one of the developers another reason the height and depth uphill on 27 street in relation to the proposal under review the commission said remain firm this 5 foot setback should you urban design maintained at the upper floors to protect the neighbors the neighboring properties assess to light and air so i want to have us remember why
4:56 pm
this was the decisions were made the appeal i filed for the alternative permit was filed when it became clear to the maybe so the anybody else's for air-conditioning unit will be a solid wall the footprints of the roof deck that was specifically prohibited the permit asked was issued and included the removal of a stairwell which the developers were ordered to remove, however, instead of having the permit cover those they added the mechanical equipment the equipment and screens to be setback thirty feet in the visible if 27 street by the way, was the case until our appeal was filed and new open trellis sunshade were removed into a separate permit i want to note i appreciate that the owner developers did respond to the neighbors concerns about the noise and performed tests on
4:57 pm
november 30th after our brief was filed on november 17th and those tests were done because of the noise that was caused by the mechanicals on the - this is located in the back of the building and not on top of anyone's bedroom the developers use this noise abatement to build a solid wall it directly ties to the issue at hand the planning department limited the mass of project the developer stated that removing the stairway was an accommodations to the neighborhood they were ordered they wrote in my brief,
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in fact, they later my mind in their brief the was confirmed with the planner came for a site visit again, our brief was filed september 17th there was filled the first, they said removing the hatch was an accommodation not so on the page 2 they claimed their permit was filed only because of a result of a misunderstanding of the approval of the project sirens this is their perform how do you make this type of mistake they want us to trust them without 90s us only because the neighbors are watching the violations have come to the attention of the planning and the commission and this board this same section of the brief tried to work cooperatively with me i've not
4:59 pm
seen this i've gotten a brief on the wednesday before thanksgiving and a drawing on september 2nd that drawings didn't describe their proposal and asked me to withdraw the appeal and trust them this drawing didn't contain a new permit explaining how they work around the mechanicals was i proposed to trust them in other than admitted understanding and that will be the future building in the neighborhood they stated their accommodating the neighbors and now move the mechanicals to the middle of the roof not an accommodation to the neighbors because the got caught the noise level exceeded the legal limit and this e-mail the architect stated that i
5:00 pm
misunderstood the process many i asked the mechanical units were has nothing to do with to do with heating i live at my home for 27 years never ever experienced problems with others that expand or improved their homes we believe in development a good thing my husband was born here and father-in-law but we need to look at the mechanics how they loam over the house on 465 our request follow the decision of planning commission don't permit a health and mass caused by the mechanicals and the assumed wall thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll hear from the permit holder now. >> mr. tuney.
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>> good evening commissioner president honda and members i'm tom of reuben, junius & rose on behalf of 3rr8d with me our architect and incarcerating and contractor this process this is a stated - the subject property in 2014 in march of 2016 a complaint concerning the construction of an internal stair lead to the roof we expect it will will provide access to the roof deck as the planning commission asked for the removal to provide assess to the mechanical equipment on the roof as a result, it was suspend in may 2016 and the permit holder submitted an application for the
5:02 pm
permit the permit and plans were reviewed and approved by the zoning administrator and dbi and the permit was issued in august the permit required the removal of interior stair and the placement on a cap to the opening roof and approved the mechanical with the screening on the roof the permit holder has not performed unauthorized work on the roof the air conditioner is on the roof and not operational the interior stair to the roof is removed and the hatch caps this was approved by alexander and stated by a site visit the placement of the screening a 4 foot tall kidney slap screening is approved by the zoning administrator and dbi because consistent with the discretionary review approval of the project and fully complies
5:03 pm
with all applicable codes the noise levels were tested and levels meet the police code from the equipment is located within the center of the roof the adam benefit of reducing the visibility of the equipment on the approved plans the equipment is shown on the west side of the roof so we request that the board approve a modification of the plans to accommodate this new location those reasons we request that you deny the appeal subject to our proposed modification of the plans and again, we're available for any questions you may have thank you. >> i have a question. >> yeah. >> this new location in the middle of the roof does that effect the wall. >> which wall. >> the wall that is referred to - and. >> the screening the screening will move with the equipment.
5:04 pm
>> right but what did that look like from the outside. >> it is horizon cedar slats. >> if you're standing on the ground would you be able to see that. >> it depends on. >> - >> it depends on where you are on 27 street from one angle we provided a photograph the top of the ac equipment where it is moved to the center that is less visible but not seeing the equipment seeing what we anticipate or would like to be a more attractive wood screening. >> and it would be the top of that. >> and my question encourage so how is assess going to be achieved to the mechanical at this point. >> we stated in our brief a ladder from the area rear.
5:05 pm
>> a fixed ladder. >> (inaudible). >> i'm sorry you can't speak but come up to the podium. >> it will be a fixed ladder will you come up and answer that. >> bradygeneral contractor for 27 street >> thank you, mr. tuney mr. sanchez. >> thank you scott sanchez planning department. so some projects require a lot more staff time than others for monitoring and enforcement i mean extremely frustrating when
5:06 pm
we have a deck and get photos from neighbors that shouldn't have to have the responsibility of keeping a watchful eye on projects when i reached out to the property owner project sponsor the stairs were for the access to the mechanical equipment as stated they needed permanent stairs to have access to the mechanical equipment the equipment be to events for the kitchen equipment and the two air conditioning on the roof is not our preferred alternative we asked him to locate it elsewhere they said not be possibly to locate it elsewhere it is code compliant with the planning department permits didn't print the structure with the mechanical equipment and others
5:07 pm
screening and the addition of the mechanical equipment doesn't require an extra notification so this is fully within the boards purview and would respect whatever decision again, this is required quite a bit of staff time of enforcement staff time there is still a structure on the roof if i can have the overhead can i have the overhead? please. this was going to be the roof hatch not shown on the approved plan the plans on appeal have the removal of the stairs not permitted in the first place and doesn't show what would have been a hatch no need for this it doesn't provide any access to what we're expecting this to be removed as well it says on the plans there is to be i guess would a flats sheet metal cap i
5:08 pm
don't know what the purpose if they need in the future to lower an ac unit but they that they'll need a crane but quite a bit of staff time has been involved with this much more than should be required my understanding this is a spec project that will be limthd until completed so we'll see what the board will do on this. >> sorry. >> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> so regarding the 4 feet screening is that considered additional massing from the street. >> screening for equipment and the commissions decision prohibited the roof deck so that's what we abated by again i mean not an ideal
5:09 pm
location for the equipment i think that centered on the roof would be better or in the rear yard but this is w where we're constructing it without the proper permits and that's where it is now. >> okay. >> so what's wrong with the rear yard you know. >> you have to ask the project sponsor i mean, i think at the time maybe 9 run they couldn't get the length of the run out to the equipment and you know maybe they didn't want to diminish the quality of their rear yard and quite a bit staff time is that because a the complaint and staff had to work multiple site visits not as simple as we made a mistake a long drawn out process and staff went a back
5:10 pm
and forth and a considerable amount of staff time addressing the complaint and working with neighbors making sure they're aware of this as well. >> so i guess let me just clarify this so was the staff time because their deliverability out of compliance. >> yeah. yeah, because they built the stairs and the hatch and none of that was on the approved plans. >> whoops. >> you'll have to ask them. >> okay. >> so just to be clear that the placement currently the mechanicals that is out is that out of compliance. >> the approved plans didn't have the mechanical equipment or screening on the roof that was added and now this permit corrects that violation by
5:11 pm
legalizing it it is permit under the planning code and didn't require - it can be - in our opinion didn't violate the commissioned decision it is allowable but this permit legalize something that was started without a permit. >> so you probably won't be able to answer this this smells like serial permitting. >> no work without permit. >> let's put is this way if this would have gone to planning commission with that on the roof would that have become an issue in the context of planning commission thoughts about potential massing.
5:12 pm
>> it could have. >> so this additional permit vague i would seems like somewhat of a - seems convenient that it wasn't brought up at the time the building was being approved i mean normally when you build a building you know where our mechanicals have. >> it is difficult to proscribe the motivation could be and the design has not entered a process at sometime oh, we want to put air conditioning in san francisco everyone needs air conditioning maybe that's the reason. >> yeah. but building are built
5:13 pm
different not as drafty and a as they were air conditioning maybe did tight air conditioning will be a more enjoyable climate but added a structure on the rear yard afterwards as well and things that i don't know it was to avoid commissioner process or if it was just actually like they decided at some point later they'll do that i can't say. >> and final question upon your review do you see it is possible or impossible to relocate the mechanicals in the rear yard or at some 09 part of building. >> i mean it is my understanding they can be relocated certainly on the revolver and my understanding the sponsor has offered that to the neighbors but in terms of putting it in the rear yard i'm
5:14 pm
not a mechanical engineering expert and couldn't say whether or not. >> forgot the feasibility. >> mr. duffy. >> hi commissioners joe duffy dbi just from a building code point of view it does meet code the building code is just to correct something obviously mr. sanchez comments earlier better when things are on the original plans not the changes that creates problems and people go ahead sometimes and do them unless their caught we don't see this in this case obviously they were complaints came in and made
5:15 pm
to correct this i actually drove past the property and took photographs it is visual if 27 street one way or another it is pretty - it is a bulky looking piece of equipment on a nice did a great job on the building and in fact, we signed off on the main permit with the cac we have closed out some of the permits on the project and this will obviously not hoping that the structure on the roof will go down bringing it into inclines with the original plan but from the building code point of view it looks fine for the work they're doing. >> sorry did the building does our department have any violations on the property. >> i saw complaints but no notice of violations we got
5:16 pm
complaints about the stairs the stair with these removed and not issuing a notice of violation the inspector was out there 5 complaints and we've gone out and mentioned about a rear structure was that exceeding 10 by 10. >> the inspector closed that complained. >> no permit no. >> okay. >> so that's what he said. >> thank you. >> yep thank you. >> we can take public comment can we can see a show of hands of how many people wish to speak. >> come on and come up if you haven't filed auto a speaker card give it to the gentleman that would be great. >> hi good evening i live directly next door at the 465, 27 street and posed the i oppose even though equipment on the roof it is close to my bedroom
5:17 pm
windows you can see in the pictures here the developers talked about where to place the equipment on the side of the roof but is a instead they choose next to you our bedroom windows and along the property lines he supplement in my bedroom from an illness i thank to my neighbor i wasn't not in a good place to do it and the construction noise was very loud i knew that he was temporary the mechanical permits are that time the con deterrences will heat and cool the house and the units will be turn down or turned on all day long we sleep with our windows
5:18 pm
open and nothing else by the sound will extinguish the quality of life for me and my family please recognize the noise is in violation of the code that was infected to protect our quality of life and anyone can hire a noise expert right under the limit of 50 decimals but it is unnecessary noise i oppose the placement of the equipment because of the 4 foot high screen which is really a wall that is in directly or direct conflict and at the hearing commissioner moore stated the roof deck shouldn't be used at all and they went ahead to install the roof roof
5:19 pm
deck and stairs the planning commission and neighbors agreed to a reasonable building height and massey ask you reject the high wall and unnecessary walls by denying the project in piss e it's location. >> they offered to put it in the middle of the roof did that make a difference. >> i prefer the yard our bedroom windows are still closed. >> does that matter if it is the corner or middle. >> right now on the property line so the middle would be better it is not ideal. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> hi, good evening. i'm hi
5:20 pm
commissioner president honda i'm georgia swedish i live behind and one lot up the hill i filled the complaint mr. duffy talked about not mrs. spelling gal that's a does show what is critical is the complaint that the developers call a misunderstanding i sfield this with planning last march the staircase hatch requires to be removed by the zoning administrator because of the discretionary review decision taken by the planning commission two organs to remove the roof deck the findings are clear the commission setback the project 5 feet on the west side for two levels and approximately, six and a half feet wanted to reduce the mass and height at the hearing other developers were opposed to any reduction they
5:21 pm
needed the square feet for the bedrooms it is possible from the developers will snuff a staircase and still have 3 bedrooms they'll increase the 6 and a half setback and not approved of the increase in height and mass due to the mechanical equipment in the same equipment the placement of the equipment is close to the neighbors and as far away as possible from the developers home on 27 the developers had all summer and fall to move this equipment to the ground the planning department urged them to do so even moved into the middle of the roof discussed with the developers this will be a mass on the roof very much like the mass of roof deck the planning commission voted to remove i appreciate the da's decision to order the removal of the hatch the hatch is still
5:22 pm
there the photos exhibit 7 indicates the staircase the developers state it is gone that may or may not be see depend on ones definition if you look at exhibit 7 can i have the overhead? here's what can be seen first, the entire roof hatch will remain the developer said that was capped not what the da ordered ordered it to be removed it is still there, and, secondly, the photos might appear to show the angles super structure behind the sheetrock there it is. >> oh, there it is there and there it is there i'm running out of time i had more to 15i the plan reinforcement was to be included in the section she wasn't can i have
5:23 pm
two extra seconds. >> finish our thought. >> my thought i wish that was considered the mass eased height had been done they take into account the planning commission they wanted it it be reduced and sculpted given this fact that the rear yard. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you your time is up. >> i know i appreciate it thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm going to use the overhead. >> if you need do overhead ask for it. >> good evening my name is michael i'm a 20-year resident
5:24 pm
of 479, 27 street and a preservation architect 20-year practice i can speak confidently about those issues we live in a quiet area and concerned about this introduced noise and the prelims of the developer trying to that that it was in mirror july about specifically about the volume that those units produce that is 70 d b approximately amount acquit high compared to the police code requires the a test was done a weeks ago that confirmed the units are two noisy thus they to meet the police code not the planning
5:25 pm
code or the building code but to reduce the sound levels we're concerned about filing a huge complaint against the building owners no mechanism in the town to deal with the noise levels before it gets built an oversight oh, you'll notice that this is the the subject property here's teresa houses the developers house at the 455 the units are placed directly on her property line her and her families property line and in the rear could have been fine they placed it in the worst place right next to her that's not very nice this is what it looks like today and this is their proposal to raise the wall height like 4 feet again, the most impactful
5:26 pm
choices they could make as designers they did an acoustical report problems with the report i had an engineer look at it there were no tests for multiple heights the test exposure and try noise walls the enclosure needs to be tested properly those there was a misunderstanding about the cooling and heating they noted in their brief they can't put in the rear yard because confident value of the rear yard they're living to use the interior stairs to manage to the roof where a ladder to the roof will be perfectly sufficient so we
5:27 pm
looked for you to please reconsider this and as the yard have it placed where most reasonable. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is tom, i live on duncan street kitty-corner behind the the subject property the permit holder say the roof placement of the equipment is consistent with the planning commission 2014 dr decision i contend it is not the planning commission was concerned with massing of the rear addition to reduce massing eliminated the roof deck that provided for rear and side setbacks now the permit holder is replying this from the planning commission were made aware they have to r they would
5:28 pm
have massing concerns commissioner moore proposed removing the roof deck concerned with massing her approval was unanimously approved just four months on april 2015 commissioner moore again weighed in on the impact of roof located structures on massing she did so on the 24th street project involving a 5 unit building ncd at that hearing the commissioner quote continue working with the planning department on the roofing promotion was approved by the commission if commissioner moore and the matter before you had been made aware of the 4 foot machinery would have a massing problem had a problem with a 5 unit building in a ncd surely a five and six
5:29 pm
district the permit holder can't deny the roof placements would have been a massing concern in fetus dislikes in. >> any public comment? please. good evening. i'm married to les can i'm here to read. >> a pious of the appellant. >> i'm here to represent a neighbor. >> you can use some of the rebuttal time if that's how she wishes. >> is there any additional public comment? >> we have rebuttal now from the appellant. >> we apologize for our ignorance the rebuttal was simply we wanted to read the
5:30 pm
statement of our neighbor jan who is too ill to be here as the neighbor to the 455 property and what she said they lives on 27 street supports the appeal because the installation of 4 feet height screen around the equipment creates a level and goes beyond the height set by the planning commission she's concerned the placement of the equipment on the roof impact fees that the noise will be broadcast to the whole block and hoping a better location can be put we're asking you to consider that and part of the reason we wanted the board to hear this we feel like there are a myriad of issues going on here we have a stair and the capping of the hatch and placements of the mechanicals that are sure to create extra mass and extra
5:31 pm
noise and also, we have two compressors why two compressors for a single-family for air conditioning we've for the seen that everything so, so excess and so contrary quite frankly we live if a very, very peaceful neighborhood in noah valley we have trees and hear birds we don't hear mechanical equipment and it is your own and feel blessed and grateful to live in this situation and we really ask you to please consider what was already necessary and desirable by the planning commission and to let us keep your neighborhood in the peace and harmony i didn't we've all experienced in the open space thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. tuney.
5:32 pm
>> thank you a couple of points as to the massing and the planning commission concerns i think we all know with the roof deck massing really can be mitigated by something like the glass railing what we find i find the greater concern is the activity on the roof and privacy concerns you got people up on the roof looking down on neighbors and just general activity of people there the massing of the mechanical units the photograph was misleading can be absolutely minimized by moving to the center of the roof one more point to the location a lot has been said why they were placed the contractor can speak to it
5:33 pm
we wanted to have solar panels as well on the roof and near the blowers lout we'll for go the panels to move to the center and absolutely willing to remove the wooden structure on top of and the purpose of having alexander out for a site visit happy to move that and we ask the new center location be approved by the board this is a reasonable compromise. >> mr. tuney why are you keeping the cap. >> it was easier construction wise to cover it that's with the zoning administrator required but we can cover that and finish it in my way the zoning administrator requires. >> i mean because i'm a little bit cleveland the direction
5:34 pm
although this is a notable hearing was pretty clear on no more - after the project sponsor was caught doing something they shouldn't have done the. >> penicillin get close to the next door neighbor by the way, could have put them on his side where his home is; correct? >> the contractor can explain that they were purposing put near the blowers to the kitchen vents and put to the side to allow for the solar panels but could, put to the other side. >> and little other question for the heating and cooling. >> just for air conditioning our experts can explain. >> the last question is what options have you given to looking them in the location to
5:35 pm
the rear yard i'll have our contractor answer that. >> he can come up. >> so two questions one. >> yes. >> why were the air conditioning units placed on the complete opposite side near the property away from the project sponsor, please. >> own personal residence as because the blowers and we needed more space for the solar panels and what have you done in looking at why not feasible to have the air-conditioning unit in the rear yard. >> the rear yard it present a challenge in terms of 6 just the feasibility of getting them back there this is an additional cost not performing better and as far as the usability of the yard
5:36 pm
that makes them less usable since we can't use the roof we decided to locate them there. >> just a comment from me those are substantial air conditioners unit and let me finish my comment i design my own house with quite a bit of heating and it is large i have the option to add the ac units but live in san francisco so we kind of have built in air conditioners. >> i have to ask the contractor about that specification i was not in charge of the decision the whole house is air conditioned i believe that's the reason for two of the. >> i'm sorry you're the architect. >> yeah. >> i will ask the same question tote counselor why is capped and not permanently closed. >> my decisions what we've discussed with the planner
5:37 pm
alexander curby and the zoning administrator it says cap this portion of the roof 0 it was a miss findings we capped that because this was the most easy and not having to rip up the roofing as we said we're willing to remove you know come into guidance with whatever the da said and the neighbors want. >> okay. thank you. >> my name is bryan i'm the architect. >> mr. sanchez. >> thank you scott sanchez planning department. won't go into too much more they confirmed the stairs were removed i'll show the photo of the master bedroom closet area where the stairs were an angle there and they kept the gun try but walled it off otherwise above
5:38 pm
it. >> do you think they can put stairs back there easily. >> this is where the stairs come out here so they have the return there the return air but, yeah i mean, i was a little bit surprised they especially\choose to take more space out of the master bathroom, and closest area but you know they said they've spent $10,000 on the cabinets that went under the stairs not preliminary that's why they didn't want to keep it for our purposes as long as the stairs are not there and no way to assess the roof that would be compliant a surprise to me they didn't more - want to use that says that a bit more. >> but anyway, that's the choice they've made and
5:39 pm
certainly in terms of we required that roof assess to be removed and do it in the most cost effective way but the elevations don't show in any extension anything above the curve so the plans approved will be a flat cap on it so that should be clear and i'm glad we can clear that up this evening i did notice on the specs for the air conditioning units the carrier 200 and 50 foot length on the run so there are different variables in terms of how high i'm not an mechanical engineer but flexibility and sounds like the architect says it would be feasible in the rear yard. >> i have one last question
5:40 pm
so since the planning department enforcement has removed the hatch and the scars stairs what's the process or stopping the new buyer er the person that owns this highway for getting an over-the-counter permit for the staircase. >> the condition that remains on the planning commission decision. >> so there's something that will be on the - >> i mean is it a deed restriction. >> not recorded at the as deed restriction but whatever action you take could be a memorial losing even though condition as a notice of special restrictions on the property title to make sure that is a tremendous point the future property owners need to be aware thought that condition to avoid. >> the concern i don't mind
5:41 pm
they keep cabiny. >> and this is a over-the-counter and wouldn't be fair to the new property owners. >> thank you. >> okay inspector duffy nothing commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> i initiation i'll start slightly troubled that the department has spent so many hours in particular case a general indicates some non-coordination i'm concerned that the roof is capped and that the staircase is suspicious of being put back in to be honest i'll prefer if the - the. >> penicillin were in the
5:42 pm
backyard if this is where they are and code compliant i'm fine with that my thoughts thinking out loud that the hatch would be permanently closed and the cap removed and as mention by the the da memorializing the notice of special restrictions no staircase to the roof. >> that will be in the middle and the appliance is moved to the middle of the property. >> any comment that will be my motion. >> make a motion already. >> well, i don't know i am troubled i'm not sure that your suggestion is enough given the history i don't see why it can't be put into the back i'm not
5:43 pm
sure i can vote for that option. >> okay. >> what would yours be commissioner. >> mine would be a bit extreme i'm not sure i'm prepared to do that yet and as the department said the board of appeals has widening and broader powers. >> commissioner swig i. >> i lien towards commissioner wilson wow. >> the cap is no the cap as required by the planning commission absolutely i'll accept the execution suggestion of the zoning administrator or the consideration that the zoning administrator raised that
5:44 pm
the appearance in the future of a staircase be for bibidden tha not a screen that's a wall the flies directly in the planning commission intent that shouldn't have a tower on top of the roof. >> we - >> so but i look at the findings of the planning commission so i'll recommend and, and machinery could be moved it is feasible to move the machinery to the backyard so i would kind of move the machinery to the backyard and make sure that cap was not a cap that was sealed and put a restriction on the stairway.
5:45 pm
>> i'll go for that. >> we're the famous words you'll find out. >> wyoming you like. >> no objection. >> make the motion. >> to uphold the appeal; right? and condition that one the cap that is on the roof to be permanently removed and to i guess finish it like a roof without an assess point. >> to also condition or memorialize a restriction no staircase to the roof going forward. >> and that the relocation of the hearts and what have you been relocated to the rear of
5:46 pm
the property and okay. >> so with the notice of special restrictions i'm one or more if you want to specific the language for the n s r something that the zoning administrator agrees to that - and correct. >> we don't have language before us it is important that we have something clear. >> we'll let scott speak to that. >> the removal of cap on the hatch. >> or the hatch to be removed and the roof to be. >> finished. >> finished is that the proper language. >> i just want to make sure that whatever we decide it something that is clear to the enforcement agencies that language works for you both and finally the relocation of the mechanicals into the rear yard is specific enough okay.
5:47 pm
>> and that's on the basis of commissioner president honda. >> yes. >> we need a basis. >> the basis at that the roof materials is unsighting creates additional massing in from the street level. >> to grant the appeal and uphold it be revised to require the recording of a notice of special restrictions by the language for the zoning administrator pribtd a stair to the roof, the patch to be removed and the cap to be removed and the roof to be finished and finally that the mechanical equipment be
5:48 pm
relocated to the backyard. >> correct. >> and on that motion then commissioner lazarus commissioner wilson commissioner swig. >> thank you, commissioners that motion carries and there's no further business. >> thank commission my name
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6:00 pm
commissioner avalos the carry of the commission allergy joined by cynthia pollock and to my far rest by commissioner commissioner campos and we'll be joinld shortly by commissioner mar and our clerk is major madam clerk, any announcements? >> . >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. >> very good thank you and we'd like also to express my
6:01 pm
appreciation for sfgovtv staff jesse larson and phil jackson for broadcasting and recordings today's meeting madam clerk to our first item and. >> second item. >> the approval of the minutes of lafco minutes from 2016. >> okay colleagues, any comments or changes to our minutes okay we can go to public comment, public comment is open on the lafco minutes seeing no rush to the podium we'll close public comment and a motion to approval of the minutes a motion if commissioner pollock and seconded by commissioner avalos without objection and go on to our next item. >> item number 3 the
6:02 pm
communities choice aggregation choice committee report. >> see if this works. >> good afternoon, commissioners michael the director of chief of police program for the public utilities commission i'm here on behalf of the general manager hale. >> and ms. hale wanted me to say she's sad to miss that meeting we working closely with you over the years ms. hale in particular to develop and launch the chief of police program and on behalf of ms. hale thank you for your leadership in getting the program launched with respect to the update on
6:03 pm
the program the cleanpowersf program continues to successfully serve customers we have not stopped operations since the last time we met and we continue to enroll the customers during the moss month of november chief of police enrolled many brother-in-law accounts in the central parts of the city supervisorial districts 7 and 8 as of this week cleanpowersf is serving many active customers the program opt out rate including the november enrollment is 2 percent. >> and the clean power sf has
6:04 pm
over seven hundred supergreen customers enrolled that represents a bit modern 2 percent of customer base so we have a raise between supergreen and opt out and supergreen is winning. >> good to hear what's our goal for . >> we have a target of 5 percent. >> we also continue to receive sign ups for the next sign up in the spring as of this week 200 and 55 new sign-ups and 77 percent are supergreen sign-ups. >> will this get us to what percentage. >> in between. >> about 2.3 percent if we
6:05 pm
account for - we've got a lot more work to do but we'll be focusing on until another major enforcement for that the updates of the 77 plus thousand customers a lot of the potential we've been seeing weekly you understand on the order of 20 to one hundred customers and promoting the supergreen we definitely think we can get there and hopefully next year. >> we'll hold to you it. >> sounds good. >> it is something i'd like to be held to. >> and so on the outreach front i mentioned we're seeing strong sign up for intra has to do with with the activities you may have seen the cleanpowersf
6:06 pm
to took over the space point muni station and advertising on muni bus shetland in the enrollment area and focusing on upgrading the supergreen and we're also he hosting welcome events and we host your first welcome event on monday night at the african-american cultural center and the next event will be this sunday at 9 amputee eureka and the goal to be very available for the community we recorded in the past that cleanpowersf and the staff are working hard on a program gross
6:07 pm
land we've potentially launched phase one and two more months on our enrollment period for the november enforcement and we're setting our sites to scale the program citywide the plan will focus think an examination and better understanding the electricity and our outcome for the next several years our city demand and revenue opportunities is going to address and this is really a key part of that the financing needs for the program how we're going to scale up our power and they then to establish the operational readiness and support of an expanded program and what we're talking about today, we're serving 10 to 15 percent of the size of the city
6:08 pm
and county of san francisco about it is potentially about an 8 fold increase in size. >> i'm going to move to the regulatory updates unless you have questions about the material and we're good thank you. >> we're approaching the end of the calendar year and what that means for us the cpuc will be issuing the rates in particular the pc i a and filing the comments with the city and joining others. >> ccas. >> been joint filings together. >> given pg&e proposal and forecast cleanpowersf may have a
6:09 pm
small bill increase relative to the pg&e service at least until the next pg&e change we expect the march to may of next year and expecting to build some kind of a compensation in the rates that bring that increase down a little bit so just to be clear that means that cleanpowersf rates will be lower than pg&e generation rates by the overall bill impact to the cca customers maybe higher sth we're expecting a final cca decision on the 15 of december and that will support the pg&e rates going forward. >> so this activity the cpuc
6:10 pm
preceding is implementing previous policy and guidance on how to circulate the p cia is a formula with a little bit of ability within the scope to influence the changes how they do that a top regulatory initiate of the cpuc and the cleanpowersf to reform to move changes to the pcia and in response to last year's response the puck established a working group that involves the investor and utilities to come together over 6 month period to discuss options for
6:11 pm
reforming the p cia the staff are participating in the progress we've heard productions i've heard preview conversations where submitting proposals for that process the working group is are charged with presenting a report to the cpuc by the middle 2017 and the idea their proposal will then serve as the basis for the proceeding so it is a little bit of kick the can down the road but this is the cpuc the way the cpuc does business so we are looking at alternatives ways considering legislative strategies as well wraps up my update.
6:12 pm
>> you, you, you kind of answered my questions they're in the process of perhaps can be created to go from a formula to some legislative or policy way of adjusting the pcia from the outside of the cpuc there is an attempt to do that is there in the inside of the cpuc any place for our seat to take hold to find purchase. >> there is definitely an openness to hearing the cpuc concerns and trying to address them within their statutory restrictions there is a language in the law today that cpuc that guided the actions in the past the question within that existing legal requirement what
6:13 pm
kind of flexibility the cpuc has to make reform and so i think that the perspective they have and the working group is very much looking at the technical details with the cpuc. >> what can be done one of the biggest challenges right now, we're on an annual cycle where around this time of year we expect a decision that sets the cpuc for the following year and that volatility is very disruptive so one of the strong proposals i think that quite reasonable to create more of a forecast and create stability year after year instead of the volatility we've seen and there is an openness to that kind of thing when it comes to funneling
6:14 pm
changing the mechanism that the cpuc used to insure a non-participating customer in the process so that the exercises that are not in the system don't bear the costs that and may have to be dlon a legislative action wear thinking of ways to do that. >> to what extent does the cpuc work for the cca versus major utilities is it set up to provide some level of support for utilities it seems like over cpuc. >> the cpuc works for the repairs which includes utility rate repairs and the cca
6:15 pm
commercials we're talking about are the same repairs that's one of the message to the cpuc to remember that they also represent the cca repairs. >> we don't have the ability to influence legislative judges in the commissioners the way that the utilities. >> we have to do that through the public process and through stronger argumentation and over the history of the p cia the city has not been opposed to the concept of protecting the repairs there are non-participating san franciscans out there but clearly what the important to make sure the process is transparent and fair and
6:16 pm
compliant with the law that kind of stand-off can be buried in the details will there are ways to disrupt the projects we need to be aware of it's definitely something we're knowing the cpuc is watching over the process i think sort of as the cpuc movement is growing statewide i think that is really in our favor when it comes to pushing significant reform either way the policymakers and the regulators have to deal with the fact there are expensive contract that has been signed and so this the tough issue just to be clear and we think there can be positive change and in for the at the cpuc potentially
6:17 pm
through legislation. >> great, thank you. >> other questions mr. fried and jason fried, executive officer just wanted to chime in on a couple of update as the cpuc is doing great work with the business plan and looking forward to seeing the final version next year when necessary have the plan rolled out for the process to be done quicker good ideas how to do that and looking forward to that 2015 on the cpuc discussion were up having i potentially are a darker view how the pauksz treats the customers not as fairly as they need to be treated they protect the bundled customers to the disadvantages of other customers we need to talk about there as was stated basically the same customer and should be protected equally we
6:18 pm
need to make sure we are doing that up to this point the cpuc comments especially some of the commissioners they talk about protecting the customers not realizing we need to do more to cat them to protect the other customers so come next year as lafco stays involved i'll be continuing as to write letters or opposition whatever to make sure we're protecting the cpuc customers with the bundled customers of benjamin those are my - i'll be again get a chance to attend the event he encourage anyone that has thoughts or questions you have you'll your experts sitting in one room it is great for the public to show
6:19 pm
up people were fed and will be fed at the sunday morning i encourage the folks to show up this morning will - and really ask tour tough questions all the experts will be in the room i'll be there and 4re7b8dz a hand to the cause and hope you'll attend that that's all i have for any portions. >> great no other questions thank you for your report. >> mr. fried and go to public comment any member of the public that wants to rush the podium to say. >> few words about this. >> hello chair avalos and commissioners jeff from the bay area i guess i would say that the
6:20 pm
idea that some period of time we're trying to immoral the customers ♪ program that the bills will be higher than pg&e for the standards services obviously is bad news and we're working against i think this illustrates the need for city government to work aggressively to defend and build and protect cleanpowersf it is great to me as a community advocate to continue for lafco going forward as this clearly is not a federal issue business cleanpowersf has been launched ultimately all 3 owes is expected to be transitioning to the cpuc and 1 or 2 will be a majority the current chair or president
6:21 pm
of the cpuc michael ticker has referred to the community choices as a collective this was or less while serving in that office you you think from the outside it appears to us the cpuc allows the iou to pass they're able to reduce their electricity given what is going on in their market they shouldn't be able to be put in a bad position with our rates i want in support of cpuc and the board of supervisors and lafco in taxiing whatever stems necessary to make sure this program succeeds and not get - >> thank you if there are no other member of the public to rush the podium for public comment public comment is closed. and go on to the next item.
6:22 pm
>> item four honoring john aval avalos. >> madam chair. >> i'm the chair now so i did not have anything prepared to say i understand we are at our last meeting with our current chair chair avalos and commissioner mar and commissioner campos we wanted to take the time to honor their work here on lafco and i believe that we have i'd like to say a few comments i'll allow any colleagues to have comments first, i know that chief
6:23 pm
executive officer jason fried has some thoughts. >> yeah. for each of you, we have resolutions and proclamation for you similar on a nature although difference a lot of the work you worked so well as a team it was hard to distinguish you're responsible for one or another part but because of your ability to work as a team that's one of the things that means something to me personally for the 3 of i it was xrefsz maybe a discernment outside of lafco put that aside and understand the importance of lafco working on the cleanpowersf program and some of the other waste management in the city or mou how elections get run in the city you put
6:24 pm
those it didn't make any differences behind when i sat down to write the resolutions i couldn't figure out how to write them on that note he will read some of the individual clauses as to the resolution so you're aware of the individual supervisor avalos served with lafco into 2012 and severed as vice chair in 2012 a good training course to become chair let's see you were also the chair of the commission when the city's aggregation program was launched you'll be the last chair and chairing this body when we started to serve customers that's exactly what lafco was set up to do to get public elected and the cca
6:25 pm
program implement in the city and county. >> i appreciate that but the claim of launching cleanpowersf has been done by a member no longer here and that's why i said you were physically chair when if launched the physical launch any differences between each of you so on the noted i wanted to say thank you very much for your hard working and yield to the other commissioners and why not call 5 and 6 together as well. >> okay. >> so we'll do all at once. >> madam clerk call items 5 and 6 you've called 4. >> i had to ask that. >> that's right (laughter). >> you had - and item 5 is a resolution honoring david campos
6:26 pm
and item 6 eric mar. >> for commissioner campos your individual depictions you served for two consequence years as well as vice chair in 2010 and the chair that the cpuc at the time was ed harrington agreed to launch the program and the chair to get the sfpuc to launch a program granted hips after that but physically the chair when that action occurred and so with that, we want to say thank you for your your serves services i'll give you my personal thoughts i was very a.d. mirrored how you were able to get the general manager to have a long tedious process over the years you have a problem
6:27 pm
with that and went to every single item it was issued with the puc. >> worked so see how wooul you'll get to a large program wouldn't have been possible without the to this spot in the program to be launched i give you a lot of credit to get us to the point that sfpuc staff was maybe not supportive but get to the spot we have a program go to the public and say please join this program thank you to you and commissioner mar you get an interesting distinction you're the only lafco commissioner to leave the commission and come back (laughter) you are the only person to serve on 3 seats and switched to the alternative and left lafco and
6:28 pm
you missed us and did a different seat and served in 3 different seats at the lafco which is pretty expressive. >> it is i was looking at and seeing who was here the longest i forgot to mention commissioner campos from the board of supervisors to serve on lafco and but you've served longer than may board of supervisors and commissioner avalos your shortly behind you got a point a month earlier but the election he beat you out by one month. >> we've talked about that and will next thursday. >> so the 3 proclamations i'll be happy to give to you when we are done but go back to you folks to have the discussion
6:29 pm
about each other. >> i'd like to say a few words i think for me in the public seat it has been a learning experience for me on local agency formation commission and the 3 of you have been mentors to me i think that lafco is very different from other commissions or i'd like say the committees that our part of and the board of supervisors because this is like geeky behind the scenes not a lot of fanfare and other stuff it's within an honor to work alongside you and want to say a few things chair avalos and you know in addition to being you know a friend and someone that i look up to been a mentor and you
6:30 pm
know knowledge believing i can be a part of something bigger in terms of cleanpowersf and bringing me into the vice chair role you've never backed down from launching cleanpowersf you've never stopped thinking about the environmental review and the benefit of having cleanpowersf in san francisco and what that meant for the ccas in the state and then you've always looked for opportunity to expand the program listening in the advocates and working with the specifically with ted olsen he discovered the oil field in the community and looking at it as a way to stop the oil production and creating a solar farm that would be part of the do you believe the way you blocked for
6:31 pm
opportunities to grow the program and how your work on the board of supervisors and the city and just environment and commissioner campos i wanted to say i learned a lot from you in terms of the way you cross examine people you are you're like a gentle bulldog as agency attorney that experienced really pulling things out and the details out taught me a lot how to work with someone that i may not have the same end goal but how to find that common ground and put them on the spot to
6:32 pm
answer the questions that are important not in you bad way but transparent and accountability what it means to san franciscans so have someone that advocates for them thank you for teaching me that and commissioner mar i've always, always can count think on you to look at the social and racial justice you're always thinking of the world that we're creating more your daughter you're thinking about the legacy we leave behind we're thinking of people who may not have a voice in that room thank you for that for always doing that >> you can say curse words in the nicest way i super appreciate that.
6:33 pm
>> (laughter). >> but all of you have really taught me what that is like to be a part of something bigger and cleanpowersf was my segue into lafco working on what that meant with the other reports like the elected officials and thinking about the things that lafco don't see it ripples out it starts as a seed in the community and can be bigger that changes the way we do things in the city and the way the rest of the country looks to san francisco so san francisco lafco can be a generate our i appreciate the work and if no one is on lafco come january you guys have to show up somehow. >> so that might not actually be legal i want to thank you so much and happy to be a part of
6:34 pm
honoring you and allow you guys to say a few words commissioner mar you're next on the roster. >> let me start by saying it feels good to say chair crews and want to appreciate our leadership from the voters and the young voters and all the communities efforts to nurture other people to step up and hold government accountable i'm going to show this little pamphlet but it is about love i love you guys and avalos and i spent jail in oakland in the last 90s and for mayor and i think that was over the youth.
6:35 pm
>> criminalization of youth and others were in there dan from the global challenge a number of us. >> james. >> and peter martinez an incredible experience being in jail with you john (laughter). >> i see lafco as pretty much the government body that sherz that cleanpowersf was not going to be blocked by the mayor and others and john made sure that was happening and john your brilliant legal counsel as we were a dealing with the balance of african-american and other students all the complexities but really how i remember affidavits ability and total people skills in addition to
6:36 pm
what cynthia or chair crews is saying about the ability to cross examining but an ability in using the people skills to really help negotiate the best for especially our most vulnerable citizens in the school district and continuing on as champion with lafco on our board i want to do my best to say i hear if the puc district quan and others but cleanpowersf wouldn't have come about without tom ammiano and others on the lafco before us we follow in neither footprints and not just in the lafco elected but michael from the sierra club before that was laura and others and john and so many others but also the
6:37 pm
community alliances that were formed i want to thank you to eric brooks and others that are persistent in gathering information to be better at what we do we wouldn't have cleanpowersf without the community coalition and lastly wanted to say because the per assailants of the community and jason fried in 2008, you were noted as the best political mind you know where the bodies are buried the best power analysis what goes on in city hall and outside and i met you when you were a working and timed to give you a special thank you for
6:38 pm
being an maliciously director for lafco and hearing about not only the environmental justice but how everything fits together and thank you for being a good friend and actually, i won't miss lafco but others will moved on the important struggles with cleanpowersf and so many environmental justice and been a pleasure to serve he won't miss it. >> (laughter). >> commissioner avalos. >> thank you president. >> god you know, i think that for the three of us and john and eric and i that will be a weird next couple of weeks or so as we're you know finally comes to i mean we've come to the terms
6:39 pm
we're leaving this place and you know being on the board of supervisors has been an amazing job the best job i've ever had and being a member of lafco has been an important part of it i was redundant do join lafco wasn't sure what that entails and lafco has been a critical part of the progressive movement in san francisco and so many people over the years made that happen in the end my commitment to lafco came from the progressive movement and specifically to the issue of clean power and larger cleanpowersf irks that brought lafco to into existence and there are people players
6:40 pm
that are no longer involved in the way they were before it was a different scraper and the san francisco bay guardian was a big proponent of lafco and redd man and other folks made it happen and saw that lafco would be a tool for members of the board of supervisors and eastbound members of the public to push forward the issues that for whatever reason were difficult to push through the regular process through the board of supervisors and the mayor's office over the years the relationship into lafco and city agencies has viewed i wanted to thank the california public utilities commission and their staff for putting up with us over the years we started out being contentious and challenging and difficult and at times you you know tough meetings were had and
6:41 pm
you know if there is any word that i think describes lafco to me that lafco has been relentless even has the political scraper changes and the political progressive movements up and down lafco has is the little you know engine that could and keeps on going and has it is interesting to see what happens i hope the moo new members of the board who by the way, talk about progress many of them are women joined this body and continued this work thank you to the puc and to general manager kelly, thank you to all the previous general manager and to the staff that worked with use it is greatly appreciated to the extent we've been going you
6:42 pm
have to go right with us whether or not you wanted to at times so greatly appreciated the lafco staff i mean wouldn't have been possible without the staff and i think jason in particular i don't know that a few years back you remember thinking i was going to become the chief executive for lafco you feel into and it happened you're a quick study and hit the ground running and been a pleasure for me to serve with you not only when i was there but as a member i know you have been someone who has learned the ropes pretty quickly and not afraid to work and we wouldn't have been possible without the you. >> so the big kudos to you and
6:43 pm
your energy what you've done and then to any colleagues we wouldn't have a lafco figure enough of us hadn't chosen to make that a priority and commissioner mar and commissioner avalos didn't have to do this they choose to do this consistently when that was easier we're doing so many things and fighting on so many fronts at times the last thing you want to come here and fight on this front; right? so thank you for your commitment and thank you for doing that and thank you to the staff for the work that came with doing that. >> to commissioner and commissioner avalos comes that added responsibility and not only for you but also your staff you really have played that role
6:44 pm
here for many years and it is not easy and so you know thank you for that and for in the just doing that but doing that well. >> it to jeramy and every staff member that as staffed you over the years. >> and you know i'm proud of the work we should, collectively proud of the work and thank you to all the people that had a part to play in all all of that i hope it continues i actually think we have learned from lafco you can think outside the box lafco didn't have to focus on clean energy and who knows what initials we're going to have to deal with i mean, we have a sense from the new president-elect trump but have a full plate at lafco my hope the community elected members of the
6:45 pm
board of supervisors will choose to continue to be on this body i'll advocate for them their decision in the end you'll have you know folks ready to go and hit the ground running so that is exciting i'll ended who people talk about lafco 10 or 20 or thirty years from now not just a community thing but focus on the work thank you. >> chair avalos oar i'm not i think i'm vice chair. >> so that is really hard to put in words what i'm feeling not only at lafco but in general on my service on the board ; right? i served with eric but more than anything i want to
6:46 pm
say i have a tremendous gratitude to work with i and learned itch from you along the what you actually i needed to watch and to observe and to experience our work david to be able to actually feel confident at the board of supervisors and lafco so you know, i appreciate your coming in and your brilliance at doing the difficult work of taking down and trying to find the truth of what we're saying that's been a significant experience and thank you for that. >> and eric you know, i just everything you do you do with our heart and do with a serious understanding of all the decades of work before to be where we're at today and i admire you are
6:47 pm
for that and appreciate for your work and being here and our sense of service and judicious that drive and motivate i know you bring you know all of your self to bear and i know through the work we have to do and i know behind you are incredible life issues that i you know manage just to get to where you are today and do to fine job appreciate you for that and your humanity and thank you. i have to pause i want to say crews i was - it was a dlierlt for you to come and work on lafco with us you're a geek (laughter).
6:48 pm
>> i say that in the most you know life affirming way i remember you had in the board of supervisors i don't know worship i saw you at city hall you came and spoke and haven't lost my attention you have had a shirt with fetish this is pretty cool what it said and it is great that you and jeremy got married and you guys are meant for each other and, of course, jeremy pollack any legislative aide has been great to work with and learned to which from him really
6:49 pm
the perfect aid i do a lot of things by improve and he gives me me the best information to work off i want to shout out to jeramy pollack wouldn't have been possible without the backing me up but in our climate it has been our passion as well and thank you to we'll start with mr. fried if you for staffing us and being the director all those years and it's been great to work with you and thank you for always having to use the crowbar to get any attention at times we're working on a million things and every minute my head it is filed with
6:50 pm
on the projects you've kept things moving through lafco i want to acknowledge you know how much knowledge you've been able to bring and work with to its to bring institutions this year focused so, so many things and kept you know the work ann around cca going forward and lafco you've served us well and thank you for that. >> and then for staff ms. hale is not here i remember the contentious years the problem went through my head probably not the most appropriate thing to say if there wasn't so much contention going on i think that ed had a shot at being intern mayor he actively was in a position to do that having being
6:51 pm
the controller and director but that was a thought that went through in my head but environmental impact report pathway here probably people are ready to like support him and be a different aide who knows maybe cca done 40 years earlier and mr. hymn thank you. i appreciate our reports like i said earlier today, you answered the questions with the presentation and didn't anticipate that and not easy to work with cpmc. >> juliette thank you for your work and i don't understand lafco you're really great to work with and brought resources to our district and really worked the community groups
6:52 pm
looking to get a better outcome to make sure for the work and been strong so i want to say thank you and eric mentioned members of the public that have been structural in the work through the schools and sierra club and i know 350 bayview thank you for your work and helping to keep us being a member of the public watching all the time i know there are many more but our work is helpful to keep the bathroom, going and our ideas led us to you know moving forward with the report what was the report calls the enernex report that led to finally coming to the cca program we have now so with
6:53 pm
that, i'll not say anything else. >> thank you mr. fried. >> i realize i forgot to apologize for ms. miller couldn't be here she was instructed to be in court for one of her clients in southern california you you know when the judge says you have to be here she was sad and upset but pass on her thoughts and thank you for your years of service she's been here the longest she wanted to apologize and saw thank you for your service and reaching out of this service and let you you know her thoughts and i'm going to turn it over to sfpuc to make a few comments themselves. >> thank you
6:54 pm
i did not expect this meeting to be like it's been my brain is - like coming home a week or to i was tgeneral manager and opm lik was the same pollack i have no idea (laughter) but here to thank lafco and especially thank the outgoing commissioners for all your work with the puc to really focus on cleanpowersf and getting that program launched as as you may know i taught a class called policy in action in europe and i think that the work is lafco has been to do is a great example the best is the best not the policy on the books or as people forgot it has impact i hope that each of you
6:55 pm
take pride including the staff around that entity has been able to do to get things done that benefit the san franciscans i know your proud we're proud i think as we think about the times of struggle that there were years of that i think that what i was left was that the puc and the lafco was not really that far apart with a common goal and set of values around green house clean accountable energy we've struggles for many years that was a principle struggle and ended up in a place with 57 thousand customers thank you to the supervisors coming out for your tenacity commissioner mar will not miss
6:56 pm
lafco when we came to - the staff stuck with that and have this concrete forum we wanted to have acknowledged commissioner i quantum is here to show his gratitude and representing the commission really were all of you on lafco and want to thank you to jason fried, executive officer and to nancy again, while we have differences jason would come over to the puc and play bodies and help us get to common ground thank you for that and then we brought along some guests and after we saw the framed proclamation that jason brought wow. ours have better
6:57 pm
(laughter). >> oh, my god so. >> we very specific plaques that really acknowledge the commissioners (laughter) and forgot the bowtie we apologize for that commissioner campos but have a bunch of other san francisco puc things hoodies and hetch hetchy hats and mugs, etc. we hope you guys wouldn't forgot us and i'll ended saying our general manager harlan kelly couldn't be here with another meeting but appreciated 24 process and i think when he became general manager questions where is he and will he become familiar with lafco and the leadership to get it launched he's provided amazing leadership and out there i think he is
6:58 pm
proud with the leadership and appreciated the leadership of the organization we've struggled he was one of the first people saying and invite them in and sit down and i know he wanted to be here today and i'll end with that. >> thank you very much just as we're appreciating all of the people that have been part of cleanpowersf and lafco he wanted to bring the news of the principle in the room convincing and carolyn babbitt i feel sometimes that especially women they don't get their names out there and not the people that come to the meetings but instrumental in moving cleanpowersf forward thank you all so much i want to give an opportunity for the members of the public and
6:59 pm
commissioner quan so say things. >> oh, we're open up for public comment. >> all right. good afternoon xhoolz and commissioner mar and vice chair avalos and commissioner pollock and commissioner mar and commissioner campos i really talk about riding on coattails i bear witness to this effort and very, very honored to be a part of it but to see this come to fruition has been a momentous year and describe the collective efforts and tenacity is top of the list without the potentially conveyed directives of clean power but the appropriate amount of emotion over the course of
7:00 pm
the effort many large sobrieties and didn't come to the city until 2008 and saw one of them but to let everyone know that cleanpowersf is virtually is important and people want it and not let it fade and die away to keep it alive impressed with the san francisco public works on the level of self-discipline and inclusiveness it move forward and expressed with the feel of getting ahead mr. fried a pleasure and brought rigor too this process thank you very much and honored to be bear witness to this effort thank you. >> thanks jed from the bay area i guess i'll really echo
7:01 pm
all the comments they were lovely there is no way to prove or disprove thank you for your service over all the years and like supervisor campos said i didn't have to do it in theory as cleanpowersf is implemented this will be the single largest step san francisco takes through the green house at least the production vera dick it is true we have work to do to make that a reality but to get the ball rolling down the hill is so critical and you know i'd like to represent the organization that are here and your organization and permanent as a long time san franciscan thank you all for stepping up and doing this because you saw it
7:02 pm
needed to be done i can't really fathom working in policy without you being here if we were not facing you know simple huge electoral losses i feel this will break my brain's but it is already broken i have complektsd feeling about everyone i feel like this is something i didn't know i had but really want to thank you for your everything you've done and hope very much that we will continue to see ion this side working to make sure that program is a reality i'll not give any statements to jason but since i as a san franciscan and
7:03 pm
am counting on this body being here next year thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners eric brooks i should mention all the groups that come forward over the last 12 years for lafco san francisco clean power and public net and san francisco and just thanking the 3 commissioners for leaving for their service on the commission i'm not going to repeat did you make that city liveable and clean power off the ground we still need lafco over the years it has not been rosy and the public you might not realize it i'll hit it we've had our detests in strategies sometimes
7:04 pm
issues with trust at times but in the end it boils down to lafco it's a group of people and advocates working with those people who saw that stuff needed to get done the executive branch of the government was not going to do that tom ammiano wisely tom ammiano wisely understood we need to create an agency to make that happen lafco gotten stuff done we always could have - we always had a super majority on the board of supervisors with clean power but we needed a bodies that was empowered and funded to get studies like the internet studies, etc. so that's why that body needs to continue but once again i have so end
7:05 pm
with thanking everybody that has been mechanics and especially the 3 commissioners that won't be returning after their seats are filed they can run again maybe you can encourage them to do that. >> thank you. next speaker. >> none rush public comment is closed. >> not sure what to do. >> we have the resolutions; right? >> we have a motion to approve the resolutions. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay without objection they are approved and the next thing on the agenda is item no. 7 the executive officer's report
7:06 pm
report. >> jason fried, executive officer i'll keep this report short and sweet over that meeting we're going to have a celebration to thank and honor our commissioners in room 270 finger foods and things i encourage you give us 5 or 10 minutes after we bank the a gavel so we can continue to celebrate our 3 commissioners, thank you that's all i have. >> thank you very much we'll have public comment on our executive director's report anyone wish to comment to bum rush the podium seeing none, public comment is closed. >> our next item, please. >> item number 8. >> public comment. >> good afternoon, commissioners
7:07 pm
andrew yip politely e political leaders have management wondering martin luther king must apply kindness on the existence of timely trends one that promotes the strategic plans and programs in response to the mental process o progress for local regions and on the accomplishment of two-way real virtues one must make great publication with true benefits for the government and for the people political leaders must work on peace of wellness in great harmony for the for the virtues in the principles and on those issues be full on non-stop as one - should be maintained
7:08 pm
without intervals one state of mind with public integrity or passion and destiny one course of achievement and having a mission for worldly rescue. >> thank you anyone wish to comment no one we'll close public comment and next item. >> the further agenda item since three-quarters of us don't have a future here maybe go on to the next item public comment on the further agenda items okay. i'm sorry. for that the gallows in my mind public comment on future agenda items
7:09 pm
seeing none, public comment is closed. and go to our last item. >> adjournment. >> as we adjourn colleagues again been a real honor to - >> sit here in lafco with you thank you. >> >> welcome all of i'm more and more reign the ceo of had been coat in the city of san francisco and i'll be your mc today (calling names) i'm super proud to be an equation part to sfmade to help keep homes in san francisco i served as the president and ceo of goodwill in san francisco one of sfmade long standing work patrons before that i came to know and love sfmade work when i feels regional vice president of
7:10 pm
the foods the leading measures of heath foods for kids in the bay area and reaching millions of kids across the united states everyday (calling names) so with xooichlt and appreciation of the value of having a strong moufr that or manufacturing that creates world-class products and thousand of jobs for us in the bay area an honor to be our host for today, this is an exciting culmination of work we sfmade in partnership with the san francisco surfacing and fremont and oakland to highlight 89 facilities and talk about ways to be - work more diligently look around we're in a building with bones were built from manufactured and manufacturing is programs for the future as
7:11 pm
part of the work at pier 70 thank you forest city for providing 2, 3, 4 space today as i look out i see dozens of community partners who've made this possible from government leaders to nonprofits panders to our media sponsors the san francisco businesses a private sector partners that is an few minutes ago and releasing and technology and so many of the manufacturing that themselves together you represent the eco system in the bay area that can drive a powerful manufacturing sector in doing so create a platform for more inclusive and equitable economy to start our program i'm so pleased to bring to the stage one felt presenting sponsors the vice president of community service for pg&e.
7:12 pm
>> (clapping.) >> the vice president of customer service for the operations for local customers and customer service and customer relations in addition oversees customer account management and other sales as well as non-products and services welcome deb. >> (clapping.) >> hi, everyone i'd like to echo more and more reigns comments and welcome and thank you for supporting sfmade states of regional manufacturers in our world event i'm honored to be part of today's program and excited to continue the collaborative effort to support the bay area in the development of manufacturing jobs in california as more and more reign alluded to my role of vice president of pg&e has given me the unique
7:13 pm
opportunity to see the contribution of the bay area manufacturing sector bags or beer and tesla electrical cars bay area manufactured are not only making but making a difference by drinking jobs, resources and innovation to our community since the 1970's pg&e has worked to help companies save money by saving energy per capital energy consumption staying flat and increased by 50 percent in the rest of the country we know that companies that save energy that translates into more turned out for businesses and their future committees down the road pg&e working closely with all of our customers to design and implement energy efficiency programs and policies that allow businesses to do more with less energy
7:14 pm
saving money and helping to protect the environment we help local businesses mediated the energy challenges maximizing the return on their energy investment that's why we believe so strongly in the bay area urban manufacturing initiative linking together san jose san francisco oakland and fremont that will be a critical driver of the future of the bay area manufacturing and the jobs it provides in our business when the community thrives and grows our companies has opportunity to thriving and good grow along with that we don't succeed unless you succeed pg&e is proud to creating a more sustainable through local manufacturing i look forward to seeing all the great things that sfmade will
7:15 pm
bring to the by way of with that, i thank you for your suppo support. >> (clapping.) >> thank you deb and not we're not able to bring all the bay area manufactured we're excited to see what is happening in manufacturing and the leaders that are shaping it take a look at this so my vision for this region is a recentury equitable thriving region we have to have all types of jobs all types of people we have to have an inclusive equitable economy we have all sorts of opportunities we will not concealing chief this vision unless we grow and support our manufacturing sector
7:16 pm
when we're all thinking about how to make sure that our diverse populations get a chance at sharing prosperity in the region it can't be solely a discussion about the technology industry it has to be about what people not once you enter into the diversity you understand there are different groups and countries a lot of them of immigrant but fantastic people that understand how to make things the bay area urban manufacturing is the next step in the evolution of our regional manufacturing system they'll harness the collective pour across the regional each working to help manufacturing start grow and stay in their communities.
7:17 pm
>> employers a recognizing the proximity between manufacturing and seeing a lot of this in manufacturers trying to take advantage of that. >> you know fremont is not unique in the sense many all the employers want a well educated workforce i've seen first hand the college changes the curriculum they partner with the larger employers and basically is a what do you need our skills our students need to make sure they can work in great companies like you. >> with manufacturing it is to the best of my knowledge the workforce training is critical and that didn't happen in one decide but across the entire region. >> we are interimmigrant region so i really enjoyed working with my mayor in a
7:18 pm
fremont and san jose and san francisco we rails when is if job balance and transportation and infrastructure and just making sure that our reason as a whole is competitive on the international scale we have to work together. >> i know that is important to know how connected we are several companies have a factory in one city and corporate in other places and in another city not seeing the aide boundaries you and i see validated. >> you think there is a reputation in the world i've had people come off of their planes from china what do you make here he want to buy there there's a sense of high quality it is a reflection of the, fact that our reputation is as san francisco in the bay area is world recondones our innovation and quality there are many challenges for
7:19 pm
every city in a transmittal it make sense for us as we hear about companies from by the way, braid for us to be engaged with one another and important to work together we are offering the best in the bay area to employ our residents. >> we're in together join the bay area urban manufacturing and help us create a more equitable and prosperous bay area >> (clapping.) >> next i'm very exciting to welcome to the stage bob the director of city community development and inclusive finance. >> bob leads the partnership with the global and national organization in support of inclusive finance and community development through economic
7:20 pm
empowerment focusing on assessable finance financial coaching and sf this and neighborhood revitalization sees to college education and small business micro development with the city's micro finance and corporations and municipality working across the city's groups to expand access to financial services city was sfmade first institutional partner in 2012 and consisting been one of the lead partners manufacturing of accelerate programs as a presenting sponsor and incredibly amazing guy i i know you e bring you bob proud to support the region. >> (clapping.) >> i left it on my desk and can
7:21 pm
you hand media that times partnership hello, everyone it is a pleased to be here ♪ fantastic location thank you. this wonderful venue we was taking with adam from new york and thinking brooklyn would be jealous of the potential to develop here in san francisco i wish you a lot of luck the city is involved in supporting sfmade and the whole urban manufacturing movement for some years and it is an exciting movement i know many of us watched the elections so alcohol know the loss of manufacturing job is not only one of lost jobs give you a political issue and within that concerns many, many of our community and how we replacing manufacturing jobs and not likely to be replaced in the forms they were like ben
7:22 pm
rosenfield steel supporting the navy arts but what can can be think internal work of many difference from small to medium enterprises the engines are growing and the way we've seen stunt and this region not just in the bay but we as a new yorker he speak about the bay area i speak about what city but we have four mayors offices an area that many of us look at the bay area will think of is h as progressive and entrepreneurial and this is what is so important that is a period of change were we worried many of us in terms of jobs and loss and creation this is a success that many of the entrepreneurs bring to our city is exciting for the jokes you create and exciting for the job recreation but for the
7:23 pm
stimulus you bring to the city and the ability to leverage so much creative talent in the areas that are specialized electronics to fashion to the micro brewery across the spectrum you work at to be part of glths one area we work on immigrations and again your cities all of them have a significant population of dynamic investment courses of immigrants a labor force but also nationally immigrant are amongst the largest suppliers and started small businesses that is a dynamic force that is combined with the internal work in the bay cities been involved since we met with kate i think in 2010 with my colleagues and since 2012 and it has been a number of
7:24 pm
years and an exciting growth funded as partners i think of investing sfmade nearly one million dollar and this last year putting the money into the work and the resources around the bay area initiative one and 50 thousand and like to call think many of you other companies that invested in the area similarly to make an investment today we launched another one hundred thousand dollars for this bay area initiative >> (clapping.) >> we think it is so well sports by the evident of having mayor ed lee and the other mayors an example representing mayor schaaf the municipalities here are amongst 9 months repetitive in the country that's an amazing combination to have expresswayship in the city and include the progressive mayors
7:25 pm
and have neighbors like sfmade i would say many years we've worked on sfmade a partner here adam from me man in building out the urban manufacturing natalie think that the city's work that is done in the bayer is being look at it and replicated in other cities we're involved in we call on more of you to be supportive and best of luck to the entrepreneurs and look forward to seeing this space recreated as a manufacturing place once again thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much bob and next we would like to welcome to the stage the president and ceo of the irvine applied the grant making foundation for the focus on keep that in mind the opportunity for the people of california don joined the foundation in
7:26 pm
2012 after years of serving at bridge group and became irvine's cross executive and led the organization to a change of focus breath making strategies he'll share more about welcome to the stage don howard. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone what an awesome space great to see familiar faces ooze others great to discuss the role of manufacturing as an engine for economic growth it is relevant to the work at the foundation we're a private grant making foundation on expanding the opportunity for the people of california you may not have heard of us a tag line your work is 85 years in length and giving away resources to irvine that
7:27 pm
owned a portion of california we firmly believe that economic and political opportunities both a chance for living wage job and the chance to be heard in the applied process are defining ordinances of our time i think that last week made that important penthouse and for californians working and struggling with poverty as mentioned we refocused on the issues of economic and political opportunity and working for californians that one in 3 california families will fall below the federal poverty line and one of the 3 people in the community live in poverty and their paying together jobs and pay checks and living one unexpected bill emergency away from a financier burden i think work that many of us are trying
7:28 pm
to change that has embroiders and leader or government leader we at irvine are investing in organizations that are improving people's skills and strengthening their pathways to good quality jobs so to support families and allow the workers to participate in their community and supporting organizations that bring the workers together so they have a voice in the economic and political decision that effect their lives with the new work we're doing has a job agenda and workers agenda we hope we can serve in some preview way for collection between those two communities we're just getting started on our work gouged and see an important role for us to play for 09 philanthropists to play one clear lesson one
7:29 pm
public-private partnerships are essential earlier this year we at irvine recommended kate and sfmade oemsz with our annual foundation leadership award wro what stood out great the public and private sectors to help local manufacturers to create more good jobs for san franciscan the leaders your are about to hear from on a bigger scale we live in a region that is leading california and the nation in innovation, entrepreneurship and other areas yes many californians are isolated and struggle on a margin the economy so one of the reasons we're excited to see the leaders mayors and public
7:30 pm
representatives heel are pressuring challenges i look at the list and wonder if this is a good week for them to be here and great to see them come to talk about how manufacturing can play a greater roll in steel the economy and expanding opportunity for workers each of them warrant a panel discussion of their own it is a privilege to have them ladies and gentlemen, my distinct pleasure to introduce this outstanding panel joining kate this afternoon the honorable mayor edwin lee mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> (clapping.) >> second the honorable bill harrison mayor of the city of spring. >> (clapping.) >> third the honorable sam the mayor of the city of san jose.
7:31 pm
>> (clapping.) >> and the honorable annie advice mayor of the city of oakland. >> (clapping.) >> i'll bring to the stage the amazing ferocities the one and only visionary from sfmade kate. >> (clapping.) >> great all right. everybody so we made a great movie together we're all done here (laughter) thank you, thank you all for joining us so you know really today, this is the beginning of work that we know lives on after
7:32 pm
we walk out of this incredible building this is the beginning of a sustained misrepresent year initiative to take the work that is already happening in each of the 4 cities in oakland and san jose and fremont and san francisco that collectively represents the 4, largest manufactured city's in the bay area what we really want to reveal for you today what is happening and more so how we can amplify the work we've all been doing to create more jobs and more opportunity, more diversity in honor rfp workforce and make sure the bayer is 289 forefront not just vicinity but made here so with this panel we want to take a few minutes and hear a little bit more what beer doing in the cities and hear idea what we may be able to do together
7:33 pm
i'll start with you next to me tell you a few thoughts what is special about oakland and what you're most proud of that oakland has been doing for the manufacturing. >> absolute thank you so much kate and sfmade for the opportunity to be here i'm representing mayor schaaf in the city of oakland the thing that is excited about oakland is how divided our manufactured sector is in oakland what you'll see even today in or neendz our one and 10 year old company ab fundy that applies 200 people in oakland and food and o who candy and food you'll see metal fabricators and what i'm excited about in oakland right now is the opportunity that we have to build real
7:34 pm
carrier pathways for our young people in oakland last week, i violated two manufacturing companies with one and 50 young people this is the 6 manufacturing company in oakland last week to expose them to what it looks like to work with the manufacturing sector right now how can we go ahead exist and see that right now these are jobs that involve technology their creativity and can build things with their hand and how can we can build the gives me economy we're talking about. >> thank you, kate great to be here and real estate on amazing site with mayor ed lee and supervisor cowen really their leadership in making this happen i know there are big plans ahead but in the meanwhile great place to hang and meet and offers a low cost option for the
7:35 pm
manufactured working with free air conditioning we had a strong position manufacturing stand today and really around initiative products a century ago it was around food and sfo's invented the ego waffle if you didn't think san jose was cool but ask your kids we are, of course, much more focused on vance manufacturing we'll hear from companies like western residual around the haven't technologies they're doing a lot of prototypes and eventual at some point that process will be offshore we know that a significant amount can be
7:36 pm
made here and benefit enormously from obviously all that is happening in the valley 5 thousand people in the city of san jose that are engaged in manufacturing today and a great resource of highway jobs out on the average and a great pathway for middle-income so we'll bullish on our tech great and a pleasure to be up here and mayor ed lee that looks like the beginning of every one of my sons video games it is existing i'm waiting for the killer to come out of one of the walls keeping an eye on on this i think the thing that makes me proud of our fremont with the manufacturing road is not where we are right now but where we were a few years ago just a few years ago 4 seven hundred people lost their jobs businesses
7:37 pm
closed their doors it is growing and producing those autos you may have heard of testing last and 6 thousand people working in that manufacturing this shows where the manufacturing is strong. >> (clapping.) >> my friend daniel from tesla we're very proud is to be the home of tesla those numbers make that the largest manufacturers in the state of california but not just that the companies that are around that exciting into the tesla phenomena we have golden gate you've met them this is the companies that are feeding into the tesla and produce the jobs of future talked about numbers in fremont one out of every four jobs in fremont is connected to manufacturing this is huge that
7:38 pm
is good paying and middle-class jobs income grow we're excited about one of the things that makes us unique is that that ability to grow we done a pretty good job of preserving going forward pressure on that i know my colleagues did the same one of the things going forward we cherish and have that room to grow to make sure you can solve tomorrow problems with stricken out ways to so jobs. >> great to follow bill i was told in i came here each of us mayors and x mayors will get a tesla (laughter) daniel has the max ma kate thank you for being part of this i want to add my thanks to the sponsors that are here putting this together and
7:39 pm
acknowledge supervisor malia cowen is malia still here all right. >> (clapping.) >> how. >> now she's the mayor of district 10 i can say that has a second term mayor change the title i want to say thank you to every single mayor this is the first time we've literally broken bread together. >> but anyway, and for good reason when i been these mayors i think about urban savings account i will say that we're all going both struggling and vanls the cities when it comes to job creation and manufacturing in particular i think we're not building citizens and villages it is job creation it is about people and i look around this room we've got the people in finance, city, foundations that are
7:40 pm
trying to help us with our vision and you've got people who are trying out things and companies that are but making things as the maker movement but to put them in the context of more than manufacturing how to support each other and more and more us mayors in the entire bay area will be working closely together we have to understand the skies of supply change of manufacturing not do everything in one city anymore but require a bay area approach what we recognize i can't manufacturer cars i have no room unless a really, really small car. (laughter) but we're going to be proud of our breweries and our chocolates
7:41 pm
and proud of our tie i'm wearing in particular because blue is mustered and designed and made here in san francisco and we could be selling products as i said in the video that the people around the world would love to have when we put our city label that are on things made here an international constituency i think some of the other brands out find europe 19 are meeting their course and people buy something here that has san francisco made label on it they'll feel proud of that is high quality whether the fashion industry that we are trying to resurrect we used to have a lot of fashion here it didn't disappear but gone on hiatus we're doing not mass manufacturing but designs with
7:42 pm
fashion like the accessories movement sincerely erratics and world-class stuff made very we have over 6 hundred manufacturing companies in san francisco they're looking for the talent that can coming out come out not net of the university but talent from the college and city college where we're making tremendous invests of people that don't have to have 4 year degrees job creation is about a village coming together to make sure it happens land use issues we have to deal with we're going to go into more detail >> that's a great cigarette way at the end of the day my whole staff and most of my partners thinking about manufacturers are the opportunity for people it really comes down to the people the people that work in those companies it is the possibility
7:43 pm
of shared ownership and diverse ownership of those companies one of my farther i love sharing when i travel east for the belt where i'm from more than 50 percent of the manufactured in san francisco are owned by women and i think outside the box as a bellwether. >> (clapping.) >> that's a well weather inform what we're capable of in the bay area one program i heard about i'm excited to learn more as we talk about sharing mayor is the san francisco works one of the real opportunity and challenges in the data we collected ask that we both struggle with legacy manufacturers whether environment or food having amazing workforce and not net the next generation coming up behind them and manufacturing with a skill so tells you more
7:44 pm
about what you guys are trying to do to address that. >> actually certainly i think we recognize the economic issue how we address the growing gap between rich and poor not more acute with the cost of living here in san francisco for the opportunities to provide a path with jobs and manufacturing we launched an effort with la jolla partners and with the future being a key participate and, of course, your manufactured our employers and seeing how we can focus on both retraining adults and getting to our - for them not cool to be a manufacturer and we need to demonstrate to them there are great opportunities and great careers not just about amy there is cool stuff out there and so far we've had great
7:45 pm
success like some have participated in hiring over the summer and ultimately offering some of the young adults permanent jobs that is great for them for the future work program one hundred folks trained and employed in advanced manufacturing and really know that requires great and greater skills not the manufacturing line they need to have advanced skills around understanding computer and using advanced technologies and their skills are demanded at the assembly level so we wanted to partner with a community private sector to get folks on the assembly line or folks into the assembly line the skills for the advanced manufacturers there is significant growth one of the things we also learned even if we talk about the work of assembly line it is different than it used to be and
7:46 pm
working on an assembly line is working with 20 people not necessarily 2 hundred people one thing that is similar across the city a broad range for the two and three person shop and old oakland is a better example of having that in the same city i know that you have done and personally as the leadership in kind of external lists the food manufacturing and connect it back to the community as we think about how to make it easier for folks to understand what's that journey been like. >> in oakland the food and beverages industry has allowed us to what i think we all need to do is make this an enticing field for everyone to understand how different the industry is now so we've used it as a creativity marking tool to fill
7:47 pm
the notch around the food and beverages in oakland and created a food trail along the waterfront to have a mc-2 over 50 sites that people can come and ride their bikes - >> how many people have done that. >> by the next time next year. >> we're on it. >> (laughter). >> you can bike along the food trail 50 sites and see food and visit our urban wineries a trail as well and it allows us to market oakland in this very specialized way and also talk about what a restauranteur industry we have in oakland been a creative way i think to talk about the manufacturing sector in a different way. >> this whole initiate wouldn't have been possible self-we hadn't had the blessing of our own mayor sfmade is progressively in san francisco
7:48 pm
and a leader that hadn't only spider us but gourjd us to see what we can do collectively across the region why would you do that (laughter). >> first of all, i grew up in a family were any mom was a seamstresses used to someone as a head of the 40ur8d making things seeing the delight in her eyes she used to do sky jackets with the do you think she was proud of stitch if you got the right stitches that don't cough the details like that effect our whole life i paid attention to a lot of the details because you train hand to use coordination with the speed and when they're
7:49 pm
sold their seed well, you take pride in the brand that's what the workforce in the manufacturing industry feel they feel they own the product where it is sold and resold they get this product so a personal aspect of that kind of drove me to pay attention particularly when it came to fashioned so many other things are happen that cause our space to be reused in a productive way when you think of obesity when you think that i know restaurant - they're doing skateboards now the overlay of technology cat boards are not made with just a material but an overlay of electronics like at circa in the film you look at that assembly line and the neat part of it
7:50 pm
they have new types of machineryy that guide provision of cutting, that provision helps because when you have a whole piece of laefrp and you're making a belt there is a lot of center unused leather with the machinery they can position that belt design into the leather to get twice as much out of one piece an overlay computerized accuracy of that belt so switching 19 stitching it is still part of manufacturing of that apparel but overlayed by great level of technology that helps with quality with the design, with the environment for the use of those materials there are incredible tributes of state of mind we have to wrap up i'd
7:51 pm
like to hang out but how often do we get four cities together it is looking at we need to connect each other capabilities together we have garment manufactured in oakland and san francisco but not the electronics manufacturing and scale for example, you might have in san jose that's one opportunity so the workforce which resides all over the bay area and we are excited about the bart station in fremont i think is one of the countries first transit oriented industrial elephant taking the development to a whole new level and, yes we can clap for that. >> (clapping.) >> so let me ask in conclusion, this may be one the harder requests of the recognized people in 3 words -
7:52 pm
>> not possible. >> each something that you would most be existed about as we looked at a few years together. >> in manufacturing. >> 3 words mr. mayor. >> build be talent, pipeline. >> internet of things. >> (laughter). >> wow. it's about the young people for me >> support support more people. >> thank you commissioner pr
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