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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  December 14, 2016 5:31pm-6:01pm PST

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time to represent affirm our clock of a level and that's work i'm here i have a examine tomorrow but want to work for the immigrants to preserve their right to advocate for them and to make sure that there quality of life remains unchanged come january when we have a new president thank you. >> thank you very much very well-spoken for a 23-year-old and thank you for taking that call to action i am wondering in you are appointed to the council what immigration matters will you work on. >> from many research an ordinance that is pending will create a division within the public defender's office that would allocate 17 portions for advertising to fight against deportation that is a great
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first start now regarding people expressed they want to see universal recommendations in an ideal world that is perfect i don't know what the budget will look like but to ordinance is a great start and one thing first of all, thank you, supervisors for the statement that you wrote in response to the election and for mayor lee's remarks and seen the human rights commission has as well for releasing a statement and maybe i can help to drafted the statement of our own and what we can do is he reaffirm our doesn't the to the sanctuary city status and for our immigrants and hastings as well as held know our relevance sessions for immigrants i think working with the immigration rifrtsdz community and be as activist to go out and learn of people's fears and see when what
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we can do to advocate for them. >> i appreciate your last statement we do think that is important to get outside of the commission and go out into the community and engagement whether to support immigrant communities feeling safer or offering them protection no motivator how busy in law school to get out there. >> and regardless of how people are in law school you care about something you make time that's why i'm here today and supervisor avalos. >> i just really appreciate our remarks just personal but also talked about what we're facing agency a city and country i just wanted to letting you know that. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> thank you for being here in
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our one first year of law school i know that i feel your passion and seat number 3 edward lee you'll be a great leaders on the immigrants but thank you for the passion in support of immigrants in this tolerant time and appreciate you being here. >> at this time i believe that the next applicant is not here go to michelle wong. >> good afternoon madam chair supervisor mar and supervisor avalos my name is michelle wong i was born in '81 one and earned by degree in usa i was a lecturer
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for 10 years teaching social science and social and my school wanted me to teach in columbia university i moved to our city in the year of 2000 got married and raised our daughter since then so - my as a society metrological educator translator and editor i recognize the fact that our country is established by immigrants wave after wave of immigrants built this city immigrants have combgd our country to fight like no others many americans seems to have forgotten those facts and engaged in scapegoating
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immigrants for our shortcomings the national conversation on immigration needs to be realigned with that truth that would be gratifying to contribute to such a social change by participating in immigrant local policies i'm very proud to be part of the community that has humanity and values to pick up where did other governments have not lived that up to their responsibility every society has refuges at the doors and often come from ancient culture with the - sposhtsdz by those same that
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societies with power comes responsibility and the leadership taken by san francisco and followed by others will show wharf of a society we are our city's policy whether they be social services or incorporating the talents and labor of the vulnerable class into minute steering is what i'll most proud of and that's why i'm seeking opportunity to work as at home mom and part time of translator editor and doing some volunteers work i believe if you were appointed i will be having a lot of time
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to serve then participate with the community outreach work thank you. >> just as i asked the previous applicant that are able to be appointed to this commission what are some of the things as a commissioner you want to do. >> any best thing more in the education so because i think education will go a long way - working with media and then change
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people's opinion and improve the immigrants the rights and their circumstances. >> okay. >> and it looks like in terms of your civic activities you've mentioned a o 14 hundred the radio station your doug whether you might be part of an series or some episodes radio or radio program in general do you see that as a former venue to carry out some of our work. >> yes. i think see judging from the demonstration on the things of the part i know more about the chinatown can see the changes regarding the residents and also the language and
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everything so i think from this chinese population in the bayer their social status changed and their society metrologiccatolog >> supervisor avalos. >> i see my mentor in the crowd and want to say i have a question i know that your community experience i wanted to commend you on work with compliance but the china
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friendship association i know the work is critical given the trump department of emergencytion of china and the china barb in the new modification i think your soften a sociology we see more demonstrati feminization of - thank you so much important applying. >> thank you very much so at this time were going to go to public comment but call up first maybe director honking oh, i see you back there sorry you were hidden from view.
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>> good afternoon madam chair and supervisor avalos and supervisor mar and thank you for having us here this afternoon to fill those vital seats on the immigration commission and several of the commissions have to step down we've been waiting patiently to come before you for the filing of those spots i want to speak briefly on behalf of the commissioners the commissioner has mentioned had to leave for a hearing and the other commissioner is with they are students at the university of california, san francisco so, so both commissioners have been long serving members the human rights both are immigrants both moves to this country at different points in their lives and had a huge commitment to
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interesting in dedication to the population of immigrants the commissioner is iran american and served on behalf of her community and is a wonderful advocate and voice so for is iran american and broader middle eastern communities and the commissioner she too is a wonderful - in both her role as a immigration attorney and activist she is has working closely with supervisor breed office to make sure that the community is the issues that effect them and the concerns are brought forward we look forward to having both commissioners reappointed we look forward to welcoming our two new applicants to join us on the commission again from the comments they've made they've
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increased the diversity of the commission and bring new ideas and thoughts we welcome any outside given the challenges we fascinate year ahead thank you for your time. >> thank you so much now director adrian. >> commissioners chair and supervisors adrian executive director office of seismic engagement and immigrant affairs briefly i support all candidates for the seats the next several years will be challenging for immigrants communities as far as all of us we need commissioners that are confident and really to show up for meeting to take acts one of the issues we've not be able to reach quorums for several meetings people are two busy to make it to meetings we need people the - one of the
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city's commissions 15 diverse members will we'd be celebrating our 20 anniversary next year hope you'll be part of that but an incredible must have work to do over 3 hundred thousand san franciscans who have - born outside of the united states over one thirds the population of desire need of the legal representation and assistance with citizenship and green card application and this is in addition to things we all struggle with language barriers and as many residents are facing safety concerns and affordable housing, health care economic and safety concerns there are also 5 hundred thousand more nine hundred undocumented immigrants in san francisco
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bayview most of those work and attends school or seek their services here in san francisco and close to the immigration courts i want to make that the three the vast yoort are no in the criminal justice system they contribute to this city to the tax base ore economy and provided essential services for the city that is one of the things that our conditions and office working towards reframing the perspective of our immigrant communities not here just here in the city but in this in addition, we interesting have greatest advocates but again several found it difficult to serve we hope you'll reappoint the two commissioners, i mentioned and add ryan and michelle to the commission thank you very much. >> thank you very much any other members of the public
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who would like to speak on this item please come on up. >> good afternoon commissioner tang and supervisor mar and supervisor avalos i'm florence the president of the san francisco chinese club and actually, one of the commissioner of the immigrant rights commission today, i'm here to removed michelle wong for the human rights commission because you've known her for 15 years we're close and i know michelle has the common sense and skills necessary to be efficient in our commission this meets the needs and the policy priorities regarding the classes of immigrants
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legal undocumented and otherwise she brings a background personal academic and professional and diversities of our bodies michelle was the lecture we were in '81 pay and teaches of college before been selected to be supported to study at columbia's doctoral degree program now more than ever we face an urgency to work collaboratively and with other jurisdictions to project our message to the greater community to promote the understanding of the rights of immigrants and how we can move forward to be inclusive to the immigrants for, if you will, our mission of our families and communities and, of course, i also recommend the
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other 3 candidates to be appointed or reappointed in our different seats thank you very much. >> thank you very much commissioner anyone wish to comment seen none, public comment is closed. >> thank you to the speakers for being here i the president to say that when we ceded the immigrant movements of the 90s during that period of the personal responsibility and the attack on immigrants at that period we saw this commission would play a significant role historically i think as bill talked about the attacks on the family categories in the 80s we're now in a similar period of time where the roll you play on the human rights commission is critical i want to acknowledge mabel and as she and john young worked with the movement and
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communities to craft the immigrant rights commission that is so important what you'll be doing in the face of trump one days and overturning the executive offered of obama your role will be critical thank you to renée our former director of the coalition so for immigrant right for that passion and activism that she and multi illegal unit unit that she brought as the immigrant rights commission was folder and i and supervisor avalos and supervisor campos leave this board of supervisors i know i'll be there to support find immigrants commissioners and the office but i know right now is a critical time we have to keep solidarity and ununity i want to thank the two new members soon to be
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commissioners wong and the other one because i think you're entering the commission has at a historic moment i look forward to our leadership and supporting you thank you so much to madam chair, i move the two gentlemen to be reappointed for or seat 2 and ryan for seat 3, elaine reappointed to seat 9 and wong for the other seat for the board of supervisors. >> thank you all residency waiver required for the commissioners for seat 2. >> okay second that motion. >> without objection just want to thank everyone lots of work ahead can't believe there are vacancies on this at this time i want to thank supervisor mar and supervisor avalos that is the last time
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serving on this committee with the fine supervisors thank you you've brought heart to the decision making on the rules committee thank you for that and mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> thank you we're
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>> okay, good morning, everybody welcome to the final 2016, meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee meeting. my name is mark farrell and i will be chairing this committee and i am joined by supervisor norman yee and joined momentarily with tang and i want to thank, lindy wong and sfgtv for covering the meeting. do you have any announcements? >> silence all cell phones and devices completed cards and documented to be included as rt


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