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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  December 17, 2016 1:25pm-2:01pm PST

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it is a preying issue according to jocelyn a dozen hotels in the pipeline and most have night life nearby there are 3 open pipeline hotels between three hundred feet of airport and the fusion lounge in union square most hotels have night life nearby because they want to be in neighborhoods that are more active and engaging that's where the guests want to stay and they're more denser we have to make sure that both parties are good neighbors both the venue and the hotel night life and live music not only bring in over one bloimdz into the local community but help to define who we are as a city i want to end with a quote from benny imagine you know from the culture and music association a bar owner the 2015
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legislation you helped us pass entered the legend no legislation has helped the night life in decades it was landmarked with those amendments with the strength we can canned it to a new category and even more to fight for night life entertainment in the city and dense neighborhood i want to briefly pout this legislation is support by sfmta as well the hotel council and we last week got unanimous support from the small business commission which i hope we can receive from our commission and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> so thank you, again, for helping supportive this effort. >> want to go wow. for your presentation that was great i have a question that will not say cover the or less developed hotels that are existing for the
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night life. >> no. >> commissioner frost. >> someone is in the process of building a hotel what process will this go into effect that's a great question with the existing legislation open the existing development we are a grandfather process for projects in the pipeline when the legislation based paw i but fundamentally in those this is on the front end for the initial authorization do you want to expand on that point jocelyn. >> right so we did try in layman's terms when we see passed the other one for the taller than the and worked backwards into the pipeline i guess we should pursue again looking bog the pipeline a lot of development coming it means for us we'll be running
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quicker out of the box we have to set up now to deal with that dentally capture most in the pipeline if the building permits are issued are we're too late no way to be able to do anything but prior to that and i think we could capture a lot of those i hope we can do. >> do you have a sense on the number i know the last time around you were able to do shoes amount in the pipeline. >> you said it 12. >> 12. >> that that the hotel molt pipeline you can count them not necessarily as many but bring projects we heard 950 market
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part of that they grabbed them by accident. >> i want to ask you are those hotels potentially entertainment permits. >> of course. >> but primarily they are hotels. >> right. >> even if they're not covered by this legislation will still be beneficial for the discussions with them that is and their advised what they can do to minimize their construction so down the line if it comes back we did warn you so - >> i love that idea. >> we wander you commissioner thomas had a comment. >> if you look at the three-legged stool you'll hear the purchase is fundamentally to
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do two things to get the parties are parties talking and influence the commissioners opinion if planning department has arrested issued the approval that is too late to influence but, but always an opportunity to get the parties together and have direction for the supervisors legislatively saying this is an important policy direction whenever. >> once the planning is approved the construction process is also a place to have negotiation power still i think that is something we've heard definitely from the concerns of theirs commissioner thomas. >> first of all, thank you for tackling go down to this a conflict we don't have the tools to address thank you for doing that will this be triggered by the status of the volunteering
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with that type of status to change. >> let me community-based into the weeds and let's pull up the definition so this is a definition to be 116.2 the new language is development permit number 4 the project proposes the new construction of a molt or hotel to a change of a hotel and molt use and defines use so, yes it is a change of use to motel or hotel not previously one of those and, yes, that will trigger if it is a change of operators i suspect probably not i'm speculating here. >> but those are sro isn't it considered a hotel now an sro.
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>> i'll guess. >> i mean. >> i'm not sure but i guess we'll learn a lot more about as we go through for the residential - it is certainly possible that will be a process of educating the planner to make sure the notification comes to us as far as the technical question i guess we'll have to find out the answer. >> either way not considered - either considered hotel or residential i like the way that the director kane said that eir regardless. >> even if a commercial office space converted to a hotel triggered by the brand new development and likewise commercial office space to the
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conversion as well. >> or if residential apartments that will change the hotel. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. i think the only rental i couldn't answer if it is an sro hotel. >> it is a hotel. >> i remember questioning the use there was an sro that kept coming back to us on 7th street i think 6th street about some annual i may be wrong but i inquired whether an sro was bona fide hotel and considered a bone fide hotel at the time. >> i think that is because utah we applied for his hotel. >> and the hotel above h s f is an sro but it is considered a
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hotel. >> uh-huh. >> so those are already hotels and if they change i mean - it wouldn't - there are restrictions on the ability of an owner to change an sro hotel for example, it goes through a process and urban design group certainly i would love for us to be able to intervene as many places as possible i'll argue for that transition but not intended to encompass those types of uses. >> a whole host of religiousy process making that a cu. >> i applaud your offices work on this stupefy h. >> supervisor breed and
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yourselves are proven to be night life champions and with the new board of supervisors looking forward to the leadership in big alley supervisor wiener going to the state we'll cultivate more but thank you for the work. >> have you a friend in supervisor president london breed that's for sure. >> you're looking for on action so let's open up for public comment and then we can move is there any public comment on this item. >> no? all right. public comment is closed. commissioners >> i would love to make a motion in support of this piece of legislation in the name of this commission so i will do so. >> yeah. i think i will second that. >> i mean, i think a member of the residential group committee
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i think that is proven to be really what's the word added arm of work we have that is protecting night life in the city and i think our venues appreciate it and people don't hardly know about the way we are improving on kind of the community and night life that exists so i think this is added tool is a good one. >> all right. let's take a vote. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner caminong commissioner thomas commissioner perez president tan. >> that item passes thank you very much. we'll move on to the report from our executive director and staff. >> okay all right. how are you it's been a while not a meeting in a while and this is our last formal
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meeting of the year as you may know so i was gone for a bit at the time you guys didn't meet and in las vegas representing the entertainment commission with the night life association that is super interesting and it was a descent turnout i've seen better but the work we're doing including the work we picked up and continue to do that on an international level so connected to that through a different trip altogether i was asked to go to western australia and sidney i did in november it was fantastic he represented at the western australia and got to review a
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number of times what the entertainment commission is what we do and the techniques and the good work and people were expressed and i went to sidney and spoke to a room of 40 people you know from the lord mayor to all the way down to bureaucratic's sidney is a big place and a lot of work they're doing in music and high-level policies and don't have any protections like we do on the ground people doing regulations like we do i hope i did you all right of and more and more as we do this kind of work asked to explain what we're doing so next year i'll be in austin twice telling a different group of people and pushing this along with the entertainment commission and how you make
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night life healthy and responsible and certainly the oakland has made it you know again, a priority to try to reach out to east bay in my way and if any of you can be helpful in that they're kind of still in a grieving space and not necessarily asking for our help we are talking internally at the city level how to make sure what we do you know in keeping safe basis is not an aggressive posture we identify when there are places that seem at risk and move them to a compliant without punishing artists for open space they mandate want to live in but have no choice in so, anyway that was a great experience i hope to continue to do that i have on the agenda
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this work that you heard about i'm not going to repeat about the hotel motel but moving a planning commission in january to get it on the calendar this work will be at the board in the first quarter of 2017 holiday party two weeks from tonight i hope y'all got the invitation i assume it went out how many people maggie and 6 hundred. >> 6 hundred. >> 6 people will show up. >> 6 hundred at the armor club we know many, many people say they'll come and want to be a part of the entertainment commission and want to attend but don't freak out we've freaked out too many times it is really okay.
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>> so, yeah the only other thing i want to say i put an important date 12, 20 is our party and january we only have one meeting assuming the president will make a decision on the first meeting in january as they usually do in the tenth meeting we'll have to agendize that you can discuss that in january 17th we have a meeting i have the intention of putting forward a piece of legislation modifying in great detail the ordinance and how we go outdoor sound i might request the commission president consider an additional meeting in january for the purposes of hearing that legislation because it is a big, big piece
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of legislation i want to put that out there and february date to keep in mind the 6 which is our summit and that will kind take shape as we go along but february 6th if you don't have it in your calendar put it down and lastly inform things that comes up seat 3 is public health and seat 4 which is currently perez neighborhood seats those seats come up for whenever it is called the. >> reappointment. >> reappointment on july one so in order to be prepared so we don't have vacancies you know consider going forward and letting me know if you're intending to pursue the seat or not and can work on alternatives
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so - >> that's it unless you have questions. >> hand it over to. >> you're saying just to be clear to have two meetings in january even if the firefighters one is scheduled. >> correct and an additional obviously we'll agendize that. >> and notice it. >> i get it. >> one item. >> yes. >> you think you don't think you can last and be part of one meeting in january. >> the potential for the number of venues, however, this grows we don't have another proper meeting from now to then. >> got it. >> thanks inspector which inspector want to go first. >> inspector pauly. >> good evening commissioners
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several things to report probably more than this when you in the interest of time i didn't write down them several complaints received a new complainant about the independent the issue is noise emanating from the venue and want to see of it's from the venue i've not seen it still in the process as - in the process of determining the complaint so there is action pending going by i'll probably make contact with the venue i received a complaint about, about the cafe november 25th it is a complaint regarding a karaoke night i related to the staff the doorman they should keep their door shut during entertainment not an issue
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barbecue but nevertheless, i informed the venue to double down and a on making sure they're keeping the door shut and maintaining an environment that didn't bother the neighbors and the loud band and the doors open with the souvend out through this is an issue i managed a year ago and they're doing exactly when what i asked them to do i don't i don't see that as an issue i talked about with the owner slash manager we got a complaint to make sure keep the doors and all the types of things tight not to defer those things and the edge on 18 street got a complaint regarding karaoke the manager said they don't do karaoke maybe another venue that may or may not have a
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permit i'll determine what is going on with that. >> is there a karaoke scrooge going on. >> (laughter). >> a lot of karaoke issues i was thinking the same thing maybe 6 or 7 karaoke what's going on i performed an inspection on noriega they're doing karaoke (laughter) without a permit and they've been getting complaints from nearby neighbors i talked about with pd the neighbors went to the police department we've been in correct and went by and did an inspection this weekend and talked with the manager the owner is out of town and told the manager that basically, their operating out of compliance that's why i was here and know they actually come into the office and in the process of
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trying to have a mr. haney issue going to the planning department they're in the process of doing that their nevertheless, operating without a permit and that is not the best way to obtain the entertainment permit in the future and going forward you know they get more and more complaints that will escalate they're owners brother stated they understand the issue and take an action i think we'll end up going by to deal with that they're probably trying to placement eir regardless of not having a permit we'll follow-up and let you know what goes on alamo draft house i did a walk as a result of a complaint from
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another department that was trying to help out a religious organization they have a bar inside like an 8 to 10 speaker a small system not seems like it would be something that is out of compliance we don't permit what we do there so kind of more of a courtesy and check if their if they're doing entertainment. >> this is our bar all in the way of the in the middle of the venue a good-sized building and the bar is not that big and isn't it like in the back or middle in a protected area. >> that's exactly what i thought walking in i couldn't hear the bar that loud not loud but conjecturally the waking wall that is shared on the next
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block over i'm sure they're in compliance but sure the church or religious place can hear them we're trying to get them to work together than deal with an endorsement issue. >> they have some arrest arcade games again an inspection of a pizza joint with a dj two speakers and you know they're operating without a permit i told them that basically, they need a permit to do this type of thing not loud but the speakers are above the restaurants and regardless of whether it is loud they can hear that on top of in
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their out of compliance and heroism we'll get them into experience and the received a complaint i did a walk through they had one entertainment event in april but not doing entertainment since i let them know they can get a permit could be in contact with maggie i've not seen the issues on the karaoke lounge i did a walk through complained about the noise from neighbors the actual karaoke spaces ♪ back of the venue and they only have to close their doors hopefully that solved the issues i'll have to follow-up it is a place that i'll go by and make sure they're coming applying
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with the direction a couple of minor things not issues revolution cafe received a lot of complaints during the summer about their doors open and in this case they had their doors up and the band started not started yet i walked in and they closed the doors not gotten any complaint so that's fine and stopped by the honey gallery 2, 3, 4 early november had some minor event on a friday and i hadn't been by in a long time i said to see what was going on i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> one comment do you put addresses on this some of these indeed. >> i'll definitely do that 0
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not. >> in general, i like to know what this thing neighborhood is about. >> all right. any other thoughts from commissioners thank you commissioner burk not commissioner burk but one day. >> inspector burk. >> i re-established what ambiance in the alley next to hue i let the operator know where he needs to be we talked about some strategies around limiting their system
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controlling base within the venue and since this action complaints are ceased it is looking good as far we did get a flerg a neighbors on 24th street in regards to people exiting the exiting the club i stopped by a few weekend in a row and checked out out the exit at grand as well as people conjugating in a nearby parking lot i have yet to see any issues but keep an eye on and in touch with management at the club and they have told me they'll notifies me when they have a larger event house our new establishment on 11 street and that address is wrong or on my notes there but this is a form b box they
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have received a complaint one on 11 street the operators currently working directly with complaints and myself to address the concerns including additional soundproofing and skylight encloser a work in process right now. >> so those don't have their poe permits. >> that's due to one department signing off. >> got it. >> i'm seeing permits their throwing ohio are they going to pay citation after citations. >> there are two notes citations are in progress and hope to have them fully
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permitted this week. >> great. >> bar flex us at the hotel i did their sound test this weekend a great space they are planning prosecute on opening in a couple of days their sounding good at the because of hotel and a smaller little sound system and looking forward to having a new live music place around one nov from the pass bar i was doing testing of the ambient levels an 11 street and noticed some base that seemed abnormal i walked down the street i realized that the bar had a private party that was in full swing 10 o'clock at night and turned off the sub would haveer
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and hoped that things would calm down it didn't i asked them to shut down at 11 o'clock i've yet to hear back we'll let them need to know they need permit throw us if they had that again, i mentions two citations for the house those are stemming from the lack of place of entertainment and should be good to go bit this weekend another sights from the weekend two conditions on their permit they were violated they couldn't pursues the certification and that's one of the conditions on their permit
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and i know there are - they took lead training and we're waiting on prove of guard card and a couple of certifications they're in xooeps excess of sound and inspector pauly issued a couple of inspectors to mention on caramel lounge next to lounge 32 has notified of a change of ownership i visited them and let them know they needed to apply for a permit with us and the armors first event i spent a lot of time on 14 street and mission and look at the security and how security is working and happy to report
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no complaint from the neighbors and we discussed some minor issues with security and how things might improve going forward other than that things went well, that wraps up any questions please let me know. >> commissioners, any questions. >> i have one question that was not - about the end up any update on what the status is. >> i've heard nothing sing i've been keeping an eye on this and visit once a weekend since things. >> have been smooth. >> checking with operator and . >> great thanks for keeping an eye on that. >> any public comment on the director report or our inspectors reports.
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>> nope all right. public comment is closed. move on i think this is why most people are here actually no item 5 police department questions or comments i don't see any police move on to the residential development consent calendar show i introduce this. >> sure if you want to. >> as you may know commissioners this is just a consent stem i don't need to separate them out to discuss unless someone wants to side or do that if not approve the recommendations to move forward to planning. >> would someone like to make a motion any public comment? all right. would someone like to make a
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motion >> come on guys. >> thank you commissioner thomas that's a motion is there a second. >> all right. a second take a vote. >> commissioner perez commissioner thomas commissioner caminong commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner frost president tan. >> that item passes and that move on to item 7 which is why most people are here a hearing and possible action with the permit we have 3 llps tonight so hand to did deputy director. >> why rant the loophole will thats on a consent agenda. >> this is the internal argument amongst you guys so bryan you having wanted them on consent and then. >> director kane. >> my decision i feel like when we don't


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