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tv   Fire Commission 121416  SFGTV  December 26, 2016 7:00am-9:46am PST

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>> america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> this is this is a reminder under the administrative code 67 a-1 the ringing and use of cell
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phones and pagers and similar sounding electronic devices is prohibited. set all to vibrate or turn the device completely off. now fire commission regular meeting of wednesday, december 14, 2016, and the time is 9:00 a.m. item one roll call commissioner julie christensen's commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioner stephen nakajo commissioner michael hardeman chief joanne hayes-white item 2 general public comment at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction with respect to agenda items, speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individuals.
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commissioners are not to enter into a debate or discussion with the speakers, the lack of a response does not constitute an agreement of support for statements during public comment. thank you, madam secretary. >> is there any members of the audience that wants to address the commission at this point seeing none, public comment is closed. item 3 approval of the minutes discussion and possible action to approve the regular meeting of on october 6, 2016, is there any member of the public that wants to comment on the minutes as submitted okay public comment is closed. i'll go to any fellow commissioners beginning about commissioner vice president cleaveland >> move to approve the minutes. >> is there is second. >> second and thank you, very much with that.
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>> that was for both. >> same house, same call? okay. thank you >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> and minutes are approved. >> that's the minutes for october and november 9, 2016. >> okay. >> item 4 certificates oh, public comment on the minutes. >> i did ask uh-huh. >> certificates and acknowledgement of lieutenant ronald johnson and part time and firefighter and petty officer justin
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k-2 and fish and game officers ryan and scott that took action at a bay rescue of that young man. >> thank you very much the chief the department will be preparing. >> good morning commissioner president covington and members of the commission thank you for asking for an acknowledgement on october 29th involved a bay water rescue restore proud to work with our partners with the california fish and game and all the members of the department that was a wonderful effort that day by those 3 entities and ask our public information officer jonathan to set the stabilize and can you talk a little bit about that was concurring in
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terms of effecting this rescue on october 29, 2016, and commissioners good morning and can i ask the members of the coast guard and fish and game to stand behind me before i start lieutenant was on duty and right about 745 had an incident on treasure island and knowing the commitment of commissioner hanson stated other than the island to make sure the public needs were addressed hopefully especially e he'll be here but we'll take his certificate for him the men and women you see from the united states coast guard and fish and game need to be acknowledged for the efforts on the day of october go 29 early in the morning for safety the life of an individual that
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really required our services to even though is the stage that was read earlier in a commission meeting we want to public to hear this as well those watching on sfgovtv so on october 29, 2016, roughly around 912 san francisco fire department engine 48 and truck 48 responder to the coast guard station while in route they were informed a victim who was not in the water but located at the dock the united states coast guard station no other information was given originally while in route to incident cruise of the fire department were aware that this victim has apparently fallen or jumbled off the bridge and in the water as the units arrived
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and u.s. kwlgd stationer there were directed by the coast guard personnel where the small craft was docked with the victim that was a rescue game warns ryan and scott that were maning that boat vessel and next to the vessel on the dock coast guard members if u b i island that were anted the needs of victim those coast guard members had that victim completely ready to go into the ambulance and if anyone who has been other than ems work knows that time it value and ♪ incidents saved this man's life the crews from the fish and game stated awhile on the bay to monitor the old bay bridge simply saw a slash you or me or
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anyone else in the public that was a splash that the water our game wanders investigated and there was a male figure that was surfacing from under the water retrieved that victim and notified the proper authorities at the coast guard station to be awaiting their arrive arrival and around 9 minutes that was pretty darn amazing negative impact time so - they are going to be commended on that awhile they were in route they were tevend to the needs of victim and make sure that had adequate information to rely to the united states coast guard at the w b i the members you see behind me we are presenter alert and professional delivered ems car
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and packaged the patient means placing him on to a board and assessing him when our planes ambulances and fire crew gets there when the fire crews get theretofore treasure island a paramedic and that victim required a lot of care lieutenant ronald joe hanson a licensed paramedic and maintained his status as a lieutenant jumbled in basically with his paramedic that included doing activities we call lesser skills with a chest decompanions i know that chief meyers talked about that a chest decompression if you don't reels the air in the chest cavity you'll die if
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not at the right time you will die lieutenant r07b8d joseph hanson and greg recognized this >> other things the victim was combative he is in trauma status they had to console to a person know this person would be okay and it's combativeness she was scared for lack of are terms that was done professionally and collaboratively between the 16 and game and the united states fish and game and fire department staff i'll conclude in this not for the efforts the man in question was not be alive
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today with that, i'm going to turn it over to chief joanne hayes-white thank you excellent overview is there someone from the u.s. coast guard or fish and game that wanted to say a few words before we present your certificate thank you dmirsz thank you for having us. i truly appreciate it i'm captain the second calendar and port commander of san francisco thank you for about recognizing the extraordinary efforts of california department of fish and wildlife and the coast guard and obviously the fire department we appreciate this recognition and you know it is one of our bread and butter
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missions to preserve life and actually - it is probably one of the most important missions search and rescue not done alone not unless we have the partnerships and strong partnerships we have in san francisco and for that i thank everyone that was involved in this case thank you. >> thank you and i echo our comments there is a man alive because your collective efforts i will defer to the commission if you'd like me to present the certificates now or making the assumption that the commissioners may have a few words to offer and thank you chief joanne hayes-white. >> thank you everyone for being here we'll begin with commissioner comments and then the presentation commissioner vice president cleaveland thank you, thank you madam president and thank you for your efforts on this
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incident i think that we don't realize how quickly an emergency can arises and have the partnership in place we have it has saved lives i commend all of you in working collaborating and making sure this man's life was saved so thank you thank you very much. >> thank you commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioner nakajo. >> thank you madam president i also want to thank the chief of the department and the department first year baxter for this presentation it has been really important as commissioners to be able to have those occasions by which we can see ourselves the mannerism that have been involved with that rescue we wanted to have this occur i'm gratified we're here this morning to see you all and thank the coast guard and the department of fish and games the
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streerd activities and accomplishments the public may hear about but when we see it in working with the fire department it is great, great, great honor to be with you this morning i be building a member of fish and game wanted to say something this morning as well i'd rather hear you that is as my name is josh an area lieutenant with the department of california fish and wildlife i want to echo the comments that were started the collaborative efforts from all the individuals behind me which resulted in a successful in saving this gentleman's life speaks volumes to the participation that we all work and diligently try to keep at a high-level before an
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incident happens so thank you for acknowledging our officers today. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much madam president and thank you, captain and the members of the fish and game departments thank you very much. >> thank you commissioner nakajo. >> commissioner hardeman thank you, madam chair well, like the commissioners this is wonderful to see you here it is nice our being recognized chief and the other folks in the department that wanted you to step forward to be seen by the public who are befriends to be recognized with our fire boat it is also rescues and deft operations that they never get credit nice to see a collaboration with all our would
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have departments and after what happened on a oakland 2 it tragedy it is nice to have good news and show the public some of the faces out there protecting us and helping us everyday to sew and happy holidays. >> thank you commissioner hardeman by i want to echo everything my fellow commissioners have said in those types of situations people that wear the uniform say we're just doing our job we will like to those occasions take a pause and say thank you that we see you and know the hard work and know how important it is and just presenter all your efforts particularly when a patient is
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combative those are trying circumstances and disoriented it takes a person with a particular heart and calmness to deal with those situations so i commend you for your service and our deamerican that takes a dent and i also appreciate the comments of captain and captain josh nickels and thank you for presenting lieutenant baxter all right. i think that is a presentation afoot. >> each of you burglary be receiving a certificate for the merit of conduct and your ex last year leadership i'll come down to present you each with a certificate thank you very much.
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>> at this time i'd like to call for any public comment i'll lead the public comment.
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you, again madam secretary can you please call the next item. >> item 5 review of the harassment prevention policy. >> thank you chief joanne hayes-white thank you commissioner president covington i have jose who oversee the human resources presenting item 5. >> good morning and happy holidays commissioner president covington commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioners chief joanne hayes-white thank you for requesting this presentation which i believe is timely and also want to thank
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you for your patience and a little bit of delay in my presentation delivery i wanted to start by giving us a background of what we have in from the past and currently in the department. >> so in 2003 that was the last year that the fire department had its own e o unity unit and conducted its own vocation under the previous fire chief so when funding was cut in the department the department issued a general order in 2003 to explain to the membership we no longer had an internal unit for investigation and for reporting complaints and also to establish the the president's e
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o policies and complainant procedures that mystery of that the city when chief joanne hayes-white came on board in january of 2004 we maintained that general order sense that was recent and appendiceal but since her tenure we're issued two other versions of the e o policy and complaint procedures one in 2009 and an update in 2015 so that is what the in place the general order of 1583 besides the general orders we've also had them had an anti harassment discriminates and retaliation procession and the departments rex in the 1997 versions an article 3958 in light current version in article
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3911 you should is where all the relevant excerpts in our packet from november within the rules and regulations under each rank whether the assistant chief or battalion chief or captain a provision starting the officers responsibility to maintain a working environment that is free from any discrimination. >> so with regards to statutes in august of 2007 assembly bill 1825 was passed and this assembly bill actively states that all supervisors and other positions even non-supervisory
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may be required bans their public contact were supposed to take the mandatory harassment training so since that law way codified in 2007 the whole city and the department in particular has been compliant and has had regular training for all the supervisors every two years so starting in 2007 and every two years since and the last year was in 2015 so to insure that everyone who is supposed to take the training takes the training a general order is with every compliance with a list of members required to take the training and then our division of human resources collect those certificates mark them off the roster to make sure
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they took the training, report to the department of human resources and place the certificate in their file besides the rules and regulations the orders and the states assembly bill we have a training on e e o policy and complaint with every entry-level class i invite you to observe the next one in january sometime with the emt entry-level academy i conduct an the first day the e o policy and complaint procedures training besides the entry-level training we also have training for our new lieutenant and battalion chief and that is delivered by
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the division of training it is a specific module and the officer training program either delivered via video or online oriental back in 2008, when the first lieutenant academy began we delivered all the module slides by tapes the various modules and now delivering that online so being that this is in general order that is also part of the daily drill schedule if comes out annual the e o policy and complaint general order that part of daily drill schedule so that is an option of the over in
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terms of what items to administrator throughout the year but definitely on the daily drill schedule. >> so, now i will show you the excerpts of slide for harassment and in particular those slides are part of the actual e o policy and complaint procedure training which is about 36 to 40 slides for the entry-level so first, we define what harassment ask we try to educate our new hires on the two theories of harassment they may observe in their work environment hopefully not for the at least to recognize when we see something the first one is popo that the sexual harassment between a supervise and a subordinate
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because of the disparity and power were there an, an exchange communicated where the supervisor will say this employment continue will happen if you give me this favor so that's the first theory of harassment and then the more common one is hostile work environment where someone might feel singled out and the common term conversation that picked on but for electricity category reasons did pro quo between supervisor and subordinate in someone files a complaint the investor will be
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looking at the complainant to sexual nature the request is unwelcome and there is a condition of employment expressed within that favor request with regard to hostile work environment can come in many forms a physical conduct or a verbal conduct someone saying something offense of a category nature to another it could be visual for example things on our locker doors or on your smart phone be laptop devices but has to a protected category basis being targeted and, of course, again like the first theory the conduct is unwelcome and there are two measures in terms of how the conduct occurs it could be pervasive over time
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could be many months the things that happen or could be severe where it only happens once or twice but severe enough to alter the complainants work environment so this i believe is an exhaustive list of protected categories i wanted to point out for san francisco there is also a local ordinance about height and weight drimsz that is not in this state or federal protected category list ma'am. >> i know that's a list of competitive but i think at this point it may think that is too long long but good to read into the record. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> so the protected categories
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that are covered under federal, state and local statutes are race are color religion creed sex fat origin, ethnicity age, disability or medical condition, aids, hiv or aids related condition political application sexual orientation ann decree maturated or partner status gender identified parental status and other non-merit factors or indications by ordinance f in san francisco discrimination against height and weight thank you. >> so going back to the forms
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that cause harassment may take so knows of physical conduct would be getting into someone's face like blocking someone or glaring or lewd gestures something that interfere ferries with a space it could be comments or jokes derogatory against the protected categories mentioned stories not directed at the complainant necessarily but in the complainant is present in that environment and overhears it that could be a cause for complaint and visual conduct like the example i gave it could be things like pictures and posters you put on our locker at the
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fire commission or it would could be anything else on our smart phone or your laptop even though there your personal devices if you bring them on fire department premises those are covered by the policy he in terms of the slides i presented besides the harassment to the protected categories i also present spacial separately a gender identity discussion so that the members understand the detests and they know how to recognize it especially, when they respond to incident and
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also i have a slide regarding explicit bias not in and of itself a theory of discrimination but having that explicit bias and not recognizing it could potentially lead to a violation of the discriminates and finally i also have a slide generally on just the concept of respect because when i tell the class is it is good to be aware of all the theories so you can recognize time, however, prevention is the best and treating others a coworker or a member of the public the way we want to be treated it sounds basic but for me think that that's really if
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people will truly believe that and practice that then that would be the biggest prevention of any of those discrimination theories concurring in the workplace i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this matter? this policy no. public comment is closed. i will go to any fellow commissioners beginning with commissioner vice president cleaveland thank you madam president >> thank you for your presentation very timely certainly i think the golden rule do into others as you would do to yourselves how does the harassment policy be for the.
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>> when i explain when i conduct my training laermd or for lack of a better word to harassment not covered before discriminations laws so i also encourage members to report that as well that would be looked at possibly investigated under the internally in the disciplinary process governed by the bill of rights. >> again, thank you for your presentation. >> thank you. >> commissioner hardeman. >> thank you you have an important job with the fire department appreciate you're there for us. >> thank you. >> i took my training yesterday took me a lot longer than i anticipated but kept telling me to take breaks and
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tell me to go to lunch wow. >> i was happy that moreen our secretary told you to be done by the 15 everything he saw said the 30th oh, oh supposed to be done by the end of the week i'm glad i finder it thank you it is very educational even though we i take if i did it earlier for the state i have to do it; four, the state i've learned a lot thank you. >> i'll make sure we get g get our certificate commissioner. >> i turned it to maureen this morning. >> thank you commissioner hardeman commissioner nakajo thank you madam president thank you for your presentation on this subject matter we have a
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few questions and i numbered it but i'm going to look at this section that says besides the article men's for the division chiefs and captains of all divisions i wanted to get it clear i understand that all members of the department have to go through the sexual harassment training but a emphasis for officers in terms of this page it talks about the battalion and captains so besides the rules and regulations that provide informing those officers to insure their work environment is free of any discrimination at the beginning when lieutenant and the battalion chief are first promoted that's when they under go modules under the officer training program that
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includes the e o module definitely with an nullification a few extra slides on officer responsibilities in terms of monitoring and maintaining the work environment okay. just for a point of clarity i understand i saw the lieutenant and battalion chief the new ones particularly get training but again, i thought i saw where all officers are required yearly to do the training. >> as i mentioned earlier 2015 was the last compliance year under the assembly bill, however, for this year 2016 which would be an infrastructure outside of state statute we're requiring the whole department both uniformed and civilian and not just officers but literally the entire 16 hundred plus force to actually take the same training it is given every two
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years to supervisors to increase awareness everyone but unfortunately, that particular training is not an annual basis on an annual basis as of yet but civil grand jury look into that. >> okay again, it is a two year training for everybody? >> the two year is only for supervisors and individual non-supervisor but identified f we are all required even the personnel analyst i believe the payroll supervisor will have to take it every two years. >> okay. >> it smells my comment every member in the department whether uniformed or civilian should be required to take the sexual harassment training >> i agree commissioner
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definitely a great extra measure maybe accordingly to the assembly bill schedule of every two years but, however, for the entire department rather than just for supervisors but we have to explore that with the department of human resources and i appreciate that i understand how a two year annual training is required and see how the lieutenant and chiefs it is required but also think this is clear that every member of the department means every member uniformed or civilian and every two years some kind of basis on an in all basis to refresh the membership and officers in terms of criteria of sexual harassment and training not an easy
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dependence we took the requirement harassment that was required of us the commissioners quite frankly not as easy as folks think this is it takes a minimum of 3 hours i think it took me about that time a timing on it as well to prevent you from breezing through a catch over under the catch that every commission that does that has to take an exam it means you have to pass it for myself not only the training but investigating enough competition to pass it is there a test. >> it is the same online training module we all took for 2016 with a deadline of this friday december 16th every siren
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member of department uniformed. >> civilian will take that module and pass the same task they'll not be able to complete the training and get their certificate and turn the certificate into us without going though the prior steps so, yes. >> okay for myself my point of view that the commissioners will go through it in terms of being knowledgeable and expensive i feel the department had should be as well the other point of view there's the complexity in terms of 6 who files the charges at one point i was that was an overall responsibility of the officers to be accountable but assessable to the members if there's cases of harassment or suspended harassment what i'm hearing it is equally up to the
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member to also be proficient and knowledgeable about the independence of harassment so that in this case if a member of the department bring a charge they don't bring this to the supervisor officer they go straight to h.r. >> yes. it is in the office module that because the fire department is always schizophrenia chain of command recorded with a military structure i emphasis that is one item that the chain of command shouldn't be followed by based on the comfort level of the individual so i encouraged them to come straight to h.r. if their comfortable with a different supervisor other than the won their directly reporting to but director reporting. >> i understand to report to
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superior if a person files a charge to h.r. the officers in the station the command force have no knowledge at all about that charge until an indication of attorney or h.r. to the charge. >> that's correct appropriated the concentrate goes to h.r. and no other officer files general form memo supporting that complaint then the officer within the station and battalion and other members will only found out if there is an investigation by the drs when the members are detailed for interview. >> is the command force knowledgeable this investigation is concurring or is it to a point they're not knowledgeable until the case move forward.
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>> the chiefs office is definitely within the notification by department of human resources so, yes. >> one more hypothetical from the officer suspects sexual harassment or impropriety the duty and responsibility of that officer to bring that issue forthwith. >> absolutely so report of third party complaints the officer will actually call me or submit a general form memo but not about the officer it is about a member and things that the officer has observed without the member actually filing a complaint at the moment and so in this case, i will accept a complaint and send a notice to the person identified to see if that person will actively want to file a complaint. >> your - conducts the line of questioning you're the
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officer. >> i don't participate in interviews they're done by the drs they have a e o division with a team of investors that specialize in dmrament so when something with report i summarize the complaint send to to the department of human resources and then later on they advise the department whether it is going forward as an investigation or if there are other measures that need to be taken outside of an investigation and then the competitive office is involved in the implementation of whatever recommendation from department of human resources. >> in the section of training it says annual daily drill up to the officer where they want to take a subject matter of policy or e o on the daily basis can
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you talk a little bit about it says annual daily drill i'm assuming the daily drill what i'm reading it is up to the officer to conduct the the subject property matter forth what i'm trying to get a clarification and i look at chief joanne hayes-white. >> thanks for the question regarding the daily drill skrld a general order that is issued and the next few days a daily schedule but put out to the members for the entire new year and the sort time of drills manipulate drills like review of our harassment policies and different rules and regulations so typically when the chiefs list at the bottom of the list the recommended daily drill for the day just as a point out of logics
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chief when does a dill drill occur at the station. >> we give flexibility but in the early afternoon. >> thank you throughout all the different stations. >> uniformed or up to the various chiefs. >> yes. depended on in this is sections to be done or school visits the officer does have some discretion in working to his or her battalion chief. >> so there's a daily chief. >> chief joanne hayes-white. >> thank you small business commission for the questions. >> thank you shawn for your presentation i have to - i have a couple of questions i know that the police department has been undergoing
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explicit bias training do we have training lined up for the bias. >> we don't commissioner president covington, however, we have definitely explored it and identified a couple of subject matter experts within our department at the officer level and hope to roll it out in 2017 a if i could add a few of us shawn and myself and little deputy met with the department of human resources they've selected to members to roll out the training i've been in 8 hours of explicit bias training it has been modified to be more applicable we've received very good feedback in the department of human resources they've begun as i mentioned rolling out the
7:52 am
bias to all members of the sfpd and in 2017 intend to do so in conjunction with the san francisco fire department. >> i think that is central can you talk a little bit about explicit bias what it see and how to you identify it for those people that may not be familiar. >> how i explain that in my entry-level training it is something that is in our subconscious and that's explicit you may not necessarily be aware of it and it is - could be - it is mo' magic that within you and like i said unfortunately in the subconscious and not
7:53 am
necessarily recognizable that's why that is important to at least introduce the concept of it so that the hope is each member will step back before making a comment or acting in a certain way and self-police, if you will, that hey, this is potentially not appropriate i know i have these things that were a - a result of my upbringing and my environment but this is not appropriate to bring into the workplace so that's how i try to explain the concept of implicit bias so the chief men's it devolves into it deeper with a lot of examples and experiences so make someone recognize or be aware of what it
7:54 am
is. >> i'll welcome an example of implicit bias from you or the chief either one you you know you found the training maybe something you want to share. >> i would say along the lines of had was stated something that is more cognitive as opposed to to implicit like the grandparent as a grandchild concentrated something that is a stereotype so as an example pearl hash has a negative notion towards the group of people that bombed
7:55 am
pearl harbor the grandchild somehow in my cognitive process has a negative condemnation of people in the group - having the grandparent opinion permeate the psych of the child non-complaint an expert but i think that is a good example. >> for any case and that may sound beethoven bnign but an ex >> i'm filipino so if i have explicit bias have an subordinate that is filipino and not knowing that subordinate maybe not giving that person a
7:56 am
chance to see how he or she would oh, he or she will be late for the staff meeting that's an example of explicimplicit bias implicit bias training i think is very important to you know move forward and the annual training for every single member of the department i think is something that is key there is time for each member of the department to undergo to training all done online the time in the firehouse don't have
7:57 am
to finish it all in one session as commissioner hardeman detailed he went out to lunch so sign off immediately out the door and the next day can continue we can do this and we should do this and is there in - in conjunction with department of human resources chief it is possible to issue a general order covering this. >> so commissioner president covington we will keep department of human resources folks i'm delighted to hear universal support from the commission to have a requirement for all of the members it is not done in on those departments i believe in the police department they we're taking a page from
7:58 am
their book it as universal application for every member so to our point this is time built in where we feel that 2 and a half to 3 hour training over the course year is important we did it for the first time for all ranks and civilian employees as pointed out an assembly bill requirement for supervisors you have my commitment that i'm in completed agreement with you a matter of the letting department of human resources know but our members schedules so i'm fully in support of what you're recommending not just have the training for one year but every year you have any commitment we've moved with that. >> we should have that built. >> it is an outside vendor i
7:59 am
know that is the second or third time they've changed vendors to insure that whatever fees we now pay would cover the supra administration and licensing but absolutely would be good for the department. >> to my fellow commissioners how many of you summoned that rank and file was going to the training as well. >> did you assume that rank and file is going to the training it never occurred it was not happening. >> for all members prior to that the supervisors. >> uh-huh. >> (inaudible). >> okay. >> well, everybody should have to do it every year i think that since this is not an action item i think that
8:00 am
should be on the agenda again as an action item with a timeframe for that implementation so that we actually do get it done i think that is h.r. >> that's not what i was going to say for 2016 the requirement it be completed by friday right. >> so probably not put to on the members in the first half of the year but around december of 2017 we anticipate that we may lose some over the course of the year but not requiring it in the next few months not a deadline. >> i didn't anticipate it within the next few months we need to know when it will kickoff. >> i think december of every year. >> that's typically what eave done.
8:01 am
>> or every other year but december of every year. >> we'll make that an action item for the next agenda and chief if at a point i can review the details with them we'll agree and hopefully by that time too maybe implicit bias additional material within the mode he will in department of human resources what secure the same vendor with an update or a different vendor that includes that concept as well within the mode he will. >> very good. >> i think that is important for people to know we occur about those things and we will take action this goes beyond you know treating me the way you would want to be treated that is what people usually say i don't know how you want to be treated
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what you finds funny and may not find funny what you find offense i may not find offense but the training will help me identify that and you know for that reason it is important people live within such close proximity they eat and live in the same house and firehouse they live and sleep in a dormitory together religious are close physical relationships and their overwhelmingly for the format but the odd person and ejecting in the firehouse is part of a being in the firehouse but it is go to point out what jokes are off elements because you're in the firehouse with our
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brothers and sisters but not at home i think that is the distinction all right. thank you very much for your presentation. >> you're welcome. >> is there any public comment? on this matter >> all right. public comment is closed. >> the next item, please. >> item 6 chief of the departments reporter on current issues and events within the department since the fire commission including budget ambassador academies and strategic planning w68d and 50 anniversary and communications and outreach to other government agencies and the public and report if the administration, report on the administrator fleet tea support services and homeland security and training within the department.
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>> thank you chief joanne hayes-white good morning, again commissioner covington and commissioners this is my report since the last meeting on november 9th regards to the budget you'll be receiving in a subsequent item budget instructions overview from the deputy superintendent of finance and planning mark but happy to report our budget for expenditures and revenues are on track and we believe that we continue going the way we're going we will be procreating once again this year for the budget allocated for this next year that's good news. >> with regards to excuse me - >> okay with regards to academies as you may know 51 graduated from the
8:05 am
hundred and 20 academy on november 4th our one and 21st academy started with 42 members and we're joined this week by 13 members from station 49 for a total of 54 unfortunately due to an injury early on from one of the 42 members a resignation to fell that number to 54 i made the decision at 13 we're at 54 still given that one injury injure after the first of year we'll loofkt preparation celebrities progress and background for the one and 22 class which is scheduled for april of 2017. >> we've added to the
8:06 am
paramedics pool we offend the opportunity for members that have pair paramedic licenses as h-2 emts to bump up to level two paramedic 16 went through the training in november we'll have another 10 slated for next month in january to go from level one emt to level two paramedic and we are scheduling a h-2 level one emt academy we're hoping to have thirty entry-level folks in january with regards to the strategic planning our final draft was sent to the strategic planning and the fire commission yesterday i'd like to thank all the members from the strategic planning committee so for they are work and specifically our
8:07 am
deputy director mr. corso we're experiencing some short staffing he has to step forward we look forward to at our call having to have it as an agenda item for your discussion hopefully next month with regards to the one and 50 we've completed the plan for the one and 50 celebration as you may know the san francisco fire department was a paid professional dependent on 30th 1966 and hosted the celebration of that and there is a lot of thank you's to be said we had a one and 50 committee that was formed mid part of 2015 like to acknowledge all the one and 50 committee and commissioner president covington you had a
8:08 am
pivotal role it was appreciated of as you may know a kickoff second time in april and t-shirts for the members we had a special ems week we have a frier prevention week and the reserve a 9/11 and during the week of december 2nd through 9 i had the ability to visit a number of stations some of the time with the deputies and also with commissioner nakajo i really appreciate commissioner nakajo you attending and how well received you were because you are like i said a rich piece of history and by my side at every point i appreciated 2 and so do the
8:09 am
members i appreciated that. >> on the second of december because of fundraising we hosted over one hundred people as a thank you and hosted lunch in station 49 and that was the friday for most of admin members of the department an saturday during the day again commissioner nakajo with use it was logics but everyone step forward i want to thank everyone they were there i had and encouraged them to wear one and 50 an responses we worked with lyft that volunteered their time and origin joe's they prepared meals for nine hundred people 5 hundred meals that were delivered to all the members including the airport and station 49 as well and that was
8:10 am
well received we have cupcakes and a lot going on but many hands that day that was appreciated and that night the weather coordinated that was dry by chilly over the zee 6 hundred inform attention and everyone enjoyed themselves beautiful american flags the entire evening i thought the venue was great many volunteers and, of course, the guardian of the city throughout the one and 50 and particular olivia and firefighter larry and on the four of us really envisioned that event at the zoo and those 3-d a phenomenal job in excusing and making that an enjoyable evening so i think i've thanked
8:11 am
everybody i think enjoyed having and i've talked with p them and the 5 predecessors as chief the department attend all or some that included the retired ed, fred, robert, the chief that participated in the chiefs panel and others is some served on the one and 50 committee that was a nice way to say thank you for legacy so i have more free time we're not doing the one and 50 that was a great support from all the commissioners and your advice and input and it was very much appreciated not just by me with regards to special events communications and outreach sort of luvenlg in the fact that it
8:12 am
is called into their indirectly we had good news for promotes we promoted 9 captains and h thirty promoted 9 h-33 captains and got the exam i'll be preparing to make two permeation off that list once that is officially adapted since that's been over a month just to run down on things we're involved we have are a meeting with mta regarding bike lanes and specific we were looking at the 7 and 8 street corridors as well as turk street and working collaboratively not always in agreement but were reached agreement an 7 and 8 and turk street maybe concerns but working collaboratively with the
8:13 am
mayor's office and mta on those issues many of us participated on that is 13 of november on the veterans' day parade and as well on the 14 mayor ed lee called together a unit gathering and myself and the command staff down on city hall the 15 of november i participated in a monthly meeting with local 798 many of you were there a documentary of the fire that occurred in the 70's and that was equal attended as part of one and investigating fundraisersing that unite night i couldn't go but would have our members captain and firefighter chuck received acknowledgement and award for your service congratulations to them on the 16th of november i
8:14 am
offered keynote speaker and gave the final remarks for the day that was i believe well received and interesting conference he was able to attend after lunch on the 18 a walk through with our work on mta start at turk and matter to polk to make sure we have at assess we needing that is critical all the while trying to work with mta and have their ideas and efforts to put more bike lanes in the city's downtown corridor. >> on the 23 one of my favorite days before thanksgiving i participated as a number of volunteers and members of command staff and volunteers from city college well with the turkey caving at slaument on the
8:15 am
25th the day after thanksgiving i participated with toney chaplin we received on behalf of the city and mayor the tree and the tree lighting after thanksgiving on the 28 the deputies and i were greeting the one and 21st class and gave the people talk and wished them luck in neither 20 weeks he attended a planning meeting with the mayor's office and talked about the next 3 years of the administration and the fwoelz of mayor and city departments were focusing on in the next 3 years we'll agree to meet on a regular basis possibly quartering that evening i want to hill and acknowledged within
8:16 am
a month captain from engine 41 got an award on the 30th of november commissioner president covington and commissioner vice president cleaveland reappreciate our involvement on the h-3 classification i'm confident we'll moved on that in the near future and that day our quarterly meeting at headquarters with gas and electric from pg&e to any of the emergencies we've responded to on the 4 of december i attended at the golden yacht club and received in conjunction with some of the members that volunteered their time $3,500 for the toy program that was great on the fist of december
8:17 am
there was a press conference order by baxter in the chief of police and sfpd to have a press conference with chief chaplin and the commander open holiday safety tips from the 3 agencies on the 8 of december he attended an event at st. mary's hospital they gave nearly one thousand toys they've done that 6 years in a row it is great to see so many people giving during the holiday season and in city hall you'll hear from mr. corso the finance directors received those instructions at a subsequent meeting you'll hear about that today and on the 9 of december assistant deputy chief and i
8:18 am
attended a meeting with the puc on the status of easter projects as it relates to the water system those are typically regular meetings to get units from the puc yesterday he attended a board of supervisors and like to acknowledge supervisor peskin who acknowledged members of our department as well the police department that was a great story the 13-year-old boy collapsed near the station after getting out of school and went into cardiac arrest and worked the little boy was transported to cpmc and stabilized by 3 jesus gentlemen and a great work of engine 28 with the great
8:19 am
direction of (calling names) and paramedic firefighter matt and firefighter joan they did a phenomenal job as well and working with the sfpd and mostly witnessed by supervisor peskin and he was. >> i said how well the members were working and this little boy is alive even if transferred to stanford hospital we received what we need and realized into the hospital and will make a full reserve we want to talk about medic 64 for staying and cpmc until i arrived a language barrier the one myself and the mother and she only spoke cantonese he'll make a great firefighter doug awaited my arrival to convey my support to
8:20 am
this mom that was anxious and worried and it was an incredible moment he translated not just in any feelings in support but mom to mom her son had an issue and a as any son we decided that and he was able to provide some comfortable. >> yes. at the board chambers every member pd and the fire department is deserving of the acknowledgement so i think that's how i wanted to end this is a great story in particular around the holidays it is amazing to be part of that so thank you. >> and i wish you all a very happy holidays. >> excuse me - thank you chief joanne hayes-white is there any public comment on the chiefs report. >> seeing none, public comment
8:21 am
is closed. and quell go to excuse me. a rotator from the administration. >> welcome chief. >> good morning commissioner president covington and commissioners chief ramon deputy chief of the effects if so it my report for the month of december 2016 i'll start with assignments currently the annual vacant bid has buffoon completed at the end of the november the results will be implemented mid january with the reopening of battalion 5 securely we're waiting the results of the annual vacant bid for the airport under homeland security chief francisco attends the meetings and training
8:22 am
experiences disseminating awareness to the staff of real or potential terrorist activity. >> excuse me - chief williams. >> can you speak up just a little is that better. >> thank you my morning voice i'm used to reporting in the evening. >> during this reporting period chief francisco has submitted various dwrants for to acquire equipment and gear and training the resources for the department i like to report this during every commissioner meeting to remind the public if you see something to say something that is important we have eyes everywhere under verification services bureau the bureau conducts post accident and drug and alcohol testing during the reporting period
8:23 am
there was no positive reports i'm happy to report and as well, they also assist with the candidate background checks for the upcoming academy under the positions office the departments position continues to administer candidate promotional probationary methods and work-related exams during the reporting period the work-related injuries have gone down there was 32 during this period under the support services the construction at the pump station one that is located app at fire headquarters is complete for the most part a few minor areas that need work and full completion should be by the
8:24 am
end of this month. >> all easter projects move forward and are on track as you may know members of station 16 have relocated during the month of october as of this reporting periods all hazard materials have been removed from the station and definition has started we culver have a member who meets regularly with the neighborhood and they're available to answer any questions and answers that maybe brought up by the group ambassador just a reminder engine 16 hesitate relocated to 41 and truck 16 to station 10 the scheduling construction of station 5 has been pushed back to march of 2017 this is pending the successful contractor bid that is opening later that week. >> just a reminder after the
8:25 am
contract is awarded and submitted engine 5 will move to station 6, truck 5 to the quarters of station 38 and division 2 to 38. >> support service division is working closely with the port on the pier 26 for recognition of the fire board during construction the pile driving has been completed and construction will resume early next year. >> during this reporting period there was one and 27 requests for services that were process for the most under fleet management all bids have been awarded and apparatus are delivered or an order and currently we have 4 ambulances that have been been
8:26 am
delivered last month bring the total to 6 and 3 more an order. >> 8 engines have been ordered they've completed specs with the award to the manufacturers guerrero our schedule to be delivered later next year and 4 more shortly thereafter we currently have two rescue squads in service and 2 aerial trucks to be ordered they're working on the final process that is determining making sure that all the criteria and conditions that finalized and approved by oca and then out to bid currently all trucks outfitted with cordless tools an ongoing
8:27 am
process until all truck companies with equipped this is the jaws and the spreaders and the ram bars. >> we also installing solar panels on all the ambulance in the fleet if reduces the green house gas emissions won completed all ambulances in the fleet will be equipped and we also testing a newer updated imaging cameras for firefighters and once the testing is complete that will be moved forward to the training division for further evaluation and lastly under division of training as the chief mentioned we have one and 21st class we have 54 recruits in the academy currently they've began their third week this week and moves them to the fire component of
8:28 am
the training they've completed their 3 week capital plan certification with the american and their ride along and orientation under as you may know with the regular paramedic and emt training they've also complete as the chief mentioned the h-3 level one to h-2 bump up academy increase in service training we've recently completed the module life training completed earlier this month with over 9 and 50 members completing that training. >> we've also completed the transit prop at the treasure island that training will begin
8:29 am
in the spring and include muni and a bart prop very realistic if you get a chance look at that. >> let's see under nert our coordinator attends the meeting and has conducted neighborhood training a newer component the nert medical reserve training it committed psychological fire aids for crisis care for the responders how to deal with the civilians during a crisis situation psychological tolls of responding to emergencies and dealing with survivor behavior and it is currently being provided by public hastening health and lastly under the fire reserves during that reporting
8:30 am
the members of fire reserves during that reporting have assisted with the habitat for wildlife and working with landscaping and assisting whenever that was need and with the san francisco fire department toy bathroom, and the members volunteered throughout the holiday season and helped where needed and help to interview for reserve i was over one and 26 applicant 3 it will be bringing did totals to 55 and they've continued their weekly training that is with the training campus and before i conclude any report i'd like to have the assistant deputy chief to acknowledge a member of his training staff. >> thank you, chief it again. commissioners and chief and
8:31 am
deputy the chief asked me to talk about with an of the my instructors we're proud and happy to say commissioner moore was recognized as the fire simple poochl in november at a large fire symposium he's been recognized as one of the of 3 finalists that takes up 5 thousand instructors in the state we're as far as you're concerned the best commissioner moore in the state of california where he whistle blower that or not he was recognized that day we were happy to say 5 of our members and symposium 3 getting additional training it was a great day for the sfreptd o san francisco fire department. >> thank you, chief and with that, that concludes any report
8:32 am
i'll answer any questions. >> thank you very much chief williams any public comment? public comment is closed. and i will go to my fellow commissioners beginning with commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> thank you madam president and thank you, thank you very much chief williams for your report and chief joanne hayes-white for your report as well we have a couple of questions i know when our dealing with the mta in terms of bike lanes and assess and speed bump and those kinds of things have you found the relationship working with the mta amenable and what are the key concerns and how do you make to the fit you know our concerns of access and they're about additional bike lanes bulb outs and things of that nature. >> so the dialogue is lively.
8:33 am
>> generally productive working closely with them i know everyone has the city's best interests in mind we come from different angles for us obviously life safety is critical and getting from pt a to b can be challenging we do an eminent job of navigating through the windy streets undertake the hills and a lot of congestion and certain one of the concerns is that all the time you do grokz in chinatown and other parts of the city that are congested but we're concerned when we see that if we have an existing condition and made more difficult for us that becomes problematic for us i'm proud of team i've put together working with mta to come up with compromises that's exactly what happens naegs
8:34 am
initiation to the bike lanes on 7 and 8 street and so conducive dialogue. >> yes. >> you don't believe there's a reason for the sxhegs to be involved. >> your definitely welcome. >> i've participated but happy to have any of you participate if urban design group your schedules permit. >> the second thank deals with the horrific warehouse fire in oakland is our department addressing the warehouses in san francisco and i know that our fire marshals is putting a plan in place to inspector all the warehouses in san francisco particularly those that maybe inhibited and so i wondered if you have a program or rolling out a program for making sure that all of the warehouses in san francisco are safe. >> so i want to be mindful of
8:35 am
agenda and need to be carefully how much information i think that that would be helpful at a future meeting to have been an item but other than to say we express our convenes for the huge loss in oakland's and reached out to them i reached out to libby schaaf and the staff regarding the incident we offered support and stressing it i had 5 or 6 volunteers to assist with some of the first responders and as well as the communities in general as it relates tattoos operational piece there is a lot of detail i think meet be better served at a future meeting he can tell you we met with other city agencies that have sort of an involvement in terms of the department of
8:36 am
building inspection and met that i spoke with the director of the arts tom and working closely with the mayor's office and we're all speaking as we normally do specifically about this incident i'm not the expert but kwharz or an f storage occupancy not under the purview of the fire department unless new construction or an installation of sprinklers or fire alarm systems so to i just to be clear that at the present time the inspect warehouses working closely with the department of building inspection and had extra inspectors and encourage anyone from the public if necessary have concerns of an occupancy is used in a manner in which not permitted for or if there is an
8:37 am
event not permitted and have awareness of it certainly call the san francisco fire department if so it an immediate life safety risk dialing 9-1-1 is appropriate we'll immediately responds. >> i period of time that chief i think that is for the citizens know we'll oversee the warehouses to make sure they're safe we're mother concerned the occupancy but if their save i mean, we inspect for fire safety not zoning our southern for human life it makes us release that people living in unsafe conditions if we can correct that ceremonial in san francisco but you without putting people out not to put them out but make sure the living conditions whether that is a warehouse or
8:38 am
whatnot that fire was a horrible reminder we need to make sure we are vigilante and making sure where the people are living whether legal or not is safe that's my concern self-we can talk about that perhaps put it on the agenda next meeting in january not necessarily the first meeting but the second meeting in january a fuller decision how we outreach to the arts community and those living in marginal situations to make sure we are protecting them as best we can we're not judging the zoning district or judging the approachness but make sure the electrical and other systems are going to be at least function as best as possible -
8:39 am
allison park wondering who hospital replaced chooemd who has replaced chief lombardi. >> commissioner vice president cleaveland the replacement for chief lombardi is deputy chief 101. >> so you're the guy with the progress of the construction and the new projects as well as rehabs of existing stations and whatnot. >> yes, sir. yes, sir. >> you have a steep learning curve. >> i'll say not really it was a transition because chief rivera came from us from the bureau of equipment and over 25 years in the san francisco fire department so having worked in
8:40 am
support services the equipment and fleet is an interval part of division that was seamless he's off and running. >> and sensitive to building a quick question my movement only finds a new place for training any discussions in the last month or several months dealing with the dr facilities we'll have to move eventually off of treasure island and that's a great question. >> chief lombardi's and i were discussing that yesterday i think that came up in budget hearing with many mark corso there's a lot of deft possibilities and we're trying to see what would be the most conducive for our department obviously we have trained facilities at treasure island also in the mission we're
8:41 am
looking at possibly moving them together another suggestion at the budget meeting potentially have a police department and fire sharing a road course they don't a lot of training with the vehicles and we do a lot of training with our vehicles also i think at this point there is nothing solid but we're just trying to figure out what will be the best for our department. >> thank you, chief rivera i'll follow-up any thought about perhaps making the training facility the next one to be put together a regional training facility and talking with alameda county particularly and looking at space ether there i mean is there any possibilities of work with alameda to or contra costa or my surrounding jurisdictions that may have more lands and space than san francisco has in order to pull
8:42 am
together and built a training facility that will be a regional training facility any possibility. >> i think i'll defer to the assistant deputy chief. >> i'll take that thanks. >> thanks for learning supervisor yee just kidding we're exploring the options with a limited amount of time at treasure island we're looking to as chief rivera said consolidate with the training needs or a portion last week the driving course we're looking at vacant properties we need a lot of space and looking to the unified school district for maybe vacant properties they might have and begun conversations with private entities that may have other
8:43 am
ideas in mind or moving locations so nothing is off the table at this point with the caveat all regional facilities we'll be open to i don't understand treasure island i'll be concerned to go any further than that we're taking in service companies out of service it is already a challenge to get them to treasure island so have a regional facility typically we do most of training when the members are on duty the beauty at the fulsome or treasure island that is challenging to get companies back to the city we've explored san bruno and the sheriff's department has property there when you we'll cancer doing this t to have it as a regional asset treasure island although the revenue is not - a great amount we do
8:44 am
offer training classrooms and our facility to some of the regional partners that come over and the pd and sheriff's i wanted to say that is a work in progress but remains and a huge protrude as we look to the next 8 to 10 years. >> personally i'm concerned and the commissioners want to insure we have a facility in place and had is to be in the regional basis needs to be working with the san mateo or alameda county to make that a world-class training facility which is what we want you have a question looking at our strategy planning of one of the items something about treasure island training facility estate sound-proof what did that mean. >> we're state sound-proof we're an.
8:45 am
>> krtsdz academies we're recognized by the fire marshall. >> we have solar 35e7b8d ambulances in our needed. >> wonderful how many. >> how many do we have i'm sorry. >> commissioner vice president cleaveland anthony we have solar panels on our ambulances, our fire trucks our fire engines and chiefs buggies one of the reasons we went with that was just to address the need for dead batteries on the scene the excess draw from the electrical components on the vehicle we
8:46 am
reached out to other departments and trying to find out e figure out we were getting a lot of costs a set of batteries for a fire truck is $2,000 we're finding not only the costs by oats downtime for the vehicle sins we've insulate the solar panels the bureau of equipment calls for dead batteries went from approximately 1080 a month to less than one a month not only are we saving the staffing that has to go out and address the needs but the landfill of those super file led batteries we are to the point we use recreational solar panels nothing built for emergency services the emergency service manufacturers are now building solar panels we are changing to
8:47 am
more efficient solar panels i think our department has forcing the way in thinking outside the box how to keep our fleet not only you know ready for service but to be mindful of our environment. >> i'm very proud to hear that chief rivera so their back up power essentially. >> that's correct the panels we selected even though their solar panels when the vehicle is sitting in the fire commission they actually can be charged by the florescent lighting the efficiency of the panels nowadays is unbelievable. >> this saves a lot of money as well. >> yes, sir. yes, sir. >> thank you very much. >> dealing with the fire reserve in terms of the people that get brought from the training of the firefighter program what percentage would
8:48 am
you say served in the fire reserves prior to be selected. >> i'll be happy to get back you with i hold a lot of requirement for members in the fire reserve they show up to assist and organizing the letters it is a very good group they'll adding another thirty or so to the ranks. >> so if you wanted to be an h-2 firefighter and join the san francisco fire department training through the fire reserves it an excellent way. >> it is one of the many ways given high regard. >> that's all my questions thank you very much. >> thank you commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> commissioner nakajo. >> thank you chief williams at
8:49 am
this time i don't say questions but go into the chiefs report i truly appreciate the information from chief about our training and lieutenant tyson lee and appreciate chief williams if we don't have this kind of information the commission is to the privy and mo' magic that has to do with with issues this commission and commissioner would rather hear about that that recognition is tremendous and speaks to the team i thank you for information in terms of the comment or the questions of agendizing the discussion warehouse inspection i think it is appropriate agenda time to dialogue on that issue
8:50 am
is it is a complex issue so many can be said i want to make sure the fire department knows you jurisdiction and responsibility and what we can do with that we're not the most single department that has reliable and in fact, there is many, many facets of the city of san francisco and the departments that have the interaction and we're talking about community and talking about the lack of housing we're talking about folks that do what they got to do and this tragedy has brought that out again, i know we all take saviors issues with that that would be great by agendize this when we are ready thank you chief williams and chief joanne hayes-white it is not questions but comments he was also able to
8:51 am
join you as you pointed out in the coin distribution i wanted to say what a pleasure to be able to go with chief joanne hayes-white and chief gonzales we often in the commission we're here at the meetings and sometimes go to incidents at deft occasions but our goals to vest the stations and show ourselves in the various members i truly enjoyed it representing not only myself by the totals commission to the individual members to see the interaction but also to express our gratitude on the occasion of the one and 50 year coming to the conclude of the one and 50 year as chief joanne hayes-white has indicated so many tests this year we should be proud of that so many i particularly enjoyed
8:52 am
many of them from the chiefs panel to set in a.m. an awesome with the former chiefs and talk about the years of department and the operation and in this historical content gets us color the occasion the coin distribution gets us closer and the command force thank you chief joanne hayes-white for the distribution and definitely needed to acknowledge the doug on family for providing the lunches nine hundred ratify outlines - i'm a retired individual that takes muni i definitely will take advantage of lyft the individuals that came out to that day are 40 drivers 40 lyft directives of
8:53 am
calibers and genders all emphasizing distributing the lunches a great, great thing i wasn't able to make the celebration olivia thank you for your hard work for that celebration as well i want to point out as well and changing the the subject property matter commissioner vice president cleaveland talked about the importance of our relationship with mta that is an ongoing issue i think your question is appropriate in terms of the commission if we can participate one way or another i'm trying to be politically correct not trying to step on anyone's toes i feel frustrated that perhaps the decision makers have not taking into account our needs they have needs but we have
8:54 am
needs and clearly a struggle within you're coming of the minds to work together and i say minds we have to compromise maybe a best part and end chief what you talked about with engine 28 and individuals saving that young man that came out and had his medical crisis i particularly want to thank you chief joanne hayes-white many times i've been to the services and seen our presence there i've seen our presence in terms of not only supporting the individuals by in this regard being a mother with a son that the chinese woman had with her son and seeing the department used one of the abilities the bilingual communication ability
8:55 am
whether that is cantonese or spanish this is a xhovrnt basis to insure the policy we're trying to do our best i'm grateful and grateful for the paramedics and the department members i think you said doug chief joanne hayes-white with that ability to use the language to comfort the mother in san francisco i think that is positive and again being on the commission for some years the language and the abilities to we're part of our practice i would like to say on the morning that we did pass out the coins tragedy in life is part of a business but the members shoemdz where a young alderman that was painting off graffiti was shot and killed next to the door of the department of equipment the
8:56 am
members showed me three or four bulletins holes that went through the fence out to the freeway those and those things remind me of the responsibilities that you are members have i wanted to acknowledge that as well and grateful commissioners with the members men and women of the fire department. >> thank you very much chief joanne hayes-white. >> madam president. >> thank you commissioner nakajo commissioner hardeman. >> thank you, madam chair first i'll go to the administration report. >> chief williams very good report even or everything is on schedule congratulations and glad to hear chief francisco is working on the grants they're doing well in the last couple of years although the apparatus is on
8:57 am
schedule great job and as far as chief and chief williams reporting on the tyson yee it is top 3 finalists i think compared to the saturday night they have the finalists for the best football player in college the heisman trophy you get nominated congratulations tyson joe ours is a winner by my vote congratulations and great to see everybody in the fire department and thank you chief williams chief you deserve a metal for surviving your are the busiest person he know one time the busiest person i knew said to me, you travel all ever over the
8:58 am
country you're the busiest person i know between the two of us we're as busy as you that's when i was working full-time your extreme extremely i was glad to hear you might have more free time union had much you get an a plus you had help with our staff and commissioner president covington but came down to you that was react all the events i attended many of them first class fire departments should be proud and topping off at the zoo everything happy and enjoying themselves really nice you deserve you really deserve due diligence for a remarkable year
8:59 am
i'm going to put this away and one 51 for the last time what else? your report everything is on time for scheduling and training and good job oakland is a sensitive topic he agree with our analysis any discussion should be held off for a special meeting and caregiver about what we say on a lighter note thank you, chief the san francisco toy program anyone that is watching this live or catch it later remember san francisco toy program is a great volunteer thing that the fire department does and if you can't open up a few bucks for toys bring a new toy
9:00 am
to the local station or making a donation what can be better than giving a kid a toy or two around the holidays and be not political but john burton foundation john burton has his annual birthday party we celebrate tomorrow night he started that years ago as a birthday party to himself and switched to a fundraiser for fosters children anyone that wants to do in a the three that fosters children up to 18 now putting them through college we'll see tomorrow night an old group graduating or - after 18 person often their own their whole life another worthwhile
9:01 am
thing but the toy program and while i've got the mike tell the general public you never knew that room was packed with interested people that are employed by the san francisco fire department many are emts or going to school and they are the most perfect behaved people we've been to thousand of meetings no meeting ever compares to this the whole year never a disruption respectful of all the speakers and never doing anything inappropriate i wish you all the best and happy holidays and many of you will be selected by this department for something and we were if you
9:02 am
could see the credentials they carry the studying and the volunteerism remarkable people and wanted to thank all of you for being here and hope we can hire all of you, your deserving and with that, happy holidays and to those merry christmas and to my fellow commissioners look forward to seeing you next year and happy new year >> thank you commissioner hardeman. >> and thank you for your report chief joanne hayes-white and come to you chief williams so there currently 54 members in the recruit class how are the holidays breaks formulated. >> so any legal hierld this
9:03 am
city has the members will be afforded those legal holidays that was part of the schedule when the schedules was built to the training officers and the staff will be off during the holidays and that is two holidays coming up in the next few weeks. >> correct but holidays in january and february as well so all the legal holidays they'll be foortsd time off. >> good i wondered if it was an extended period of time they'll be on vacation but not good luck to all the members of recruit class that would be wonderful to graduate 54 stay with that holidays or no and how many people are undergoing the h-8 training going from level one emt to level two paramedic. >> so in november there were
9:04 am
16. >> 16. >> and we anticipate 10 in january. >> okay 10 in january excellent okay and the one and 50th anniversary the year was fabulous a lot of hard work on the part of many, many people and having olivia being the key contact for a lot of things that an excellent choices things went well throughout the year and december 3rd was marvelous so many people spouses and significant others were there and the chiefs son was there my son was there just a wonderful, wonderful time to see everyone in holidays spirit enjoying the one and 50th
9:05 am
and being you know a big family it was great it was great the music was fabulous the food was fabulous, of course, the members of the department were fabulous and there was such a feeling of community you know everyone was saying are you going to do this again next year. >> yes. if you organize it was great, thank you and kudos to everyone who participated and helped to plan all of the the activities all of the observes that was a wonderful year moving from that i wanted to know you mentioned a number of captains promotes in the past didn't the department have promotional ceremonies. >> yes. so every two years. >> every two years. >> we're on track for 2017 to
9:06 am
have a promotion ceremony and on track in accident as a meritorious ceremony. >> the meritorious ceremony is on my radar any ideas which the second time will happen. >> not at this time but in 2017 a can you talk a little bit about the strategic planning meeting with the mayor. >> sure. >> similar to my comments last month i'm part of the group the mayor has a retreat in september we had two meetings sing then to talk about the goals that the mayor would like to endeavor to accomplish in he's remaining two year term there has not been anything pubically put out but a strategy session that was the
9:07 am
meeting he attended since the last reporting period. >> is there a department that will be issued as a result of those meetings. >> it is led by the form director kate howard that is assuming a slightly different role in overseeing not just the department but the test strategy plan i'm a participant. >> so the city's strategy plan will that be a book that is issueed at some point. >> i would imagine that would i don't have details the mayor as you may know to formulate their own plans and others are endeavoring to do so.
9:08 am
>> regarding the finalist when will actual person being selected be announced. >> i believe in the next month or so. >> in the next month or so, so an occasion where all 3 are present and then the announcement is at this point and i don't believe so i think their scattered throughout the state that's why they picked the symposium i made sure tyson was there and he got additional training but they've been given their award and when it is specific as soon as i know you'll know. >> thank you for that. >> okay and regarding the inspection of warehouses in the city chief joanne hayes-white and i had a discussion i also had a followup discussion with fire marshalls
9:09 am
regarding agendizing that i placed that on the meeting for today but it was the feeling that perhaps we needed to allow a little bit more time to pass before we dove deeply into our warehouse inspections and how they happen and the impacts on people that maybe living in them or not so this is definitely on my radar and we will you know monitor the events as they precede and then agendize that okay. >> thank you. >> to any fellow commissioners and chief williams you know isn't if true that one of the
9:10 am
reasons we sought. >> consumer price index we'll be able to g and providing the training to our own members we can get additional money by these attending our curriculum. >> what do we need as puberty or outreach or whatever to let that be well known by other departments and let them know the level and you know the various classes of training that will be available. >> i believe once we've secured the instructors that's
9:11 am
within the problems with having the location and the mind to produce the training once we secure the instructors and location i think advertising for the classes is within the at least of our concerns we have networks throughout the departments statewide to produce that advertising. >> we've done this in the past have we not. >> yes. held at decision of training that was brought in from the outside commissioner moore they submit the training materials to the state fire marshall to receive the accreditation and now keep that in house. >> any particular classes that we for ourselves in the department any particular classes we don't eave at this time it that you feel will be
9:12 am
good to add to the training schedule. >> i can refer not for the recruit class other than the recruit class. >> my first thought to look at the 9 course component from firefighter investigations prevention and foreclose command necessary make up the requirements to become a state sound-proofed fire officer begin there and increase the level of management courses and chief. >> director of training yeah. we're fortunate to have the facility we have anything we feed to do we can do when we look at a new facility we want to look at more of the state of
9:13 am
the art and i do believe in that regional effort will will be a great thing for the city of san francisco a class a burn facility right now, we're fortunate to have a live burn facility with propane but that hard it is difficult to teach fire dafr when our dealing with propane and not combustables and they've let us see and giving us an outcome down the road. >> is live burning preempted in the city and county of san francisco at this time and we've gotten a permit with the space think gi g index not the right
9:14 am
place to do that accept tida but at the right place we can definitely do that i highly recommend it. >> thank you for that input is there anything else ubld to add chief joanne hayes-white, chief williams. >> not at that time and thank you very much earlier he asked for public comment so, now i'll ask for the next item and item 7 overview of the test budget and process for fiscal year 2017-2018 and 18, 19. >> mr. corso. >> good morning madam president march corso from the
9:15 am
finance division just yesterday we were talking about the completion of last budget and now starting off for the next couple of years i want to give a brief overview of the higher level city information that should be released shortly i mentioned the overview of the process and 0 backward some of the challenges facing the city and specific citywide department instructions from the mayor's office go over timeline for the fire department and open for discussion and any questions as well. >> for the most part it is similar to last year's tatter for reductions in most cases in december the departments budget is due to the mayor and the
9:16 am
controller's office in h the mayor combinations the submissions to process the budget that is due to the board june 1st or prior budget hearings in late june through july and contaminate moved forward in july late july or early august at the board with the continuation of growing budget cycle the city will shifting the entries general departments between a rock and a hard place /* /- two-year budget. >> kind of on the higher level citywide later today, the mayor controllers and bust will be realizing the 5 year be
9:17 am
financial plan through 21, 22 that kinds of sets the perimeters for the longer than term outcome and serves as the budget process going forward the city is looking at deficits over the next 5 years a number of reasons similar to previous years and the major factors are related to employee costs pension obligates and benefits health etc. baseline setbacks thank goodness are approved legislatively or voters, etc.s potentially are graduating any additional revenues and speaking for that elements the flexibility in the budget in addition commitment to increase the serves that have been incorporated into the budget over the last couple of years >> as far as some of the challenges and risks going forward i include in our
9:18 am
information there is a memo from the mayor to the board of supervisors regarding post-election as a result of the recent election on a local level a number of initiatives that passed and didn't pass that shaped the process over the next couple of years sales tax that didn't pass there are assumptions with regards to the additional revenues as a result of that are not going to be coming in a plan put for the by the mayor what of those in the budget this year and next year the details are in the memo that's an ongoing negotiation between the mayor and board those are happening on the citywide level and some uncertainties surrounding the election from a federal level based on the words and message
9:19 am
coming forth a lot of unknown wards to the impact the president-elect trump modification and from the federal funding perspective those are worked on, on the state and local levels there is quite a bit of uncertainty and in addition to the current year for next year i should say i believe every labor union excerpt for police and fire is up for renegotiation for the salary and benefits as a result of that are relatively unknown a large undertaking currently underway with the mayor's office and the department of human services - that rate mass
9:20 am
slowed so the solutions to budget years surrounding the revenues additional revenues to fill the gaps these are not necessarily available going forward as that growth has slowed down and in the past years dealing with the deficit the city from the expenditure obligation to out pace those revenue growths that delta w is what we're talking about going forward. >> so given that the mayor highlights in his memo the city is look at a deficit over the next two years for the budget $400 million those defects are anticipated to increase but we're focusing on the two years the instructions to the department from the mayor's office to propose the ongoing reduction conditional to 3 percent cumulatively a 6 percent
9:21 am
reduction in the general fund that is a combination of reduction in expenditures or increase in revenues either one of those offset the city's obligation to the departments budget and those are both acceptable options the idea those are ongoing and not one time in nature that differentiates it it represents $7 million plus that 6 percent is $3.3 million. >> amending the departments were instructed for the to add net in any positions to the budget that's the blanket instructions to all city departments. >> overview timeline similar to previous years we've received the budget instructions december 8th january 13th is the deadline for capital and it buckets port commission a
9:22 am
separate budgetary track their funneled through a committee that each of capital and it projects and imagine. >> february 21st is when the budget is due to the mayor's office and controller's office this is the deadline for mill to the board and june and july commence it and overall negotiations to the board prior to approve >> from the fire commission stand point obviously today is it is budget presentation the meeting at 11 we'll request a to hear the capital and it proposing proposals those are due the friday after the meeting the meeting of january 25th continues the meeting the meeting of february 8th will be brawl due to the schedule that will be the only meeting prior to the deadline of submission
9:23 am
which is the 21st there is another meeting on the 22 that is after the required submission date so possibly have approval at that meeting an february 8th in addition innovate done it in previous years but that's the week of 13 of february that kind of owls the department schedule next steps for the department we are in the process of reconvening the budget committee we'll have a meeting scheduled the first is friday morning at city hall the mayors director will walk you through the presentations she's protruded to the department and financial staff and answer any questions and substantial we'll video an internal meeting i'm in the prosecutes of meeting with the division heads to owl their goals and concerns over the next
9:24 am
couple of years for the total formation of the budget with that, open to any questions you may have. >> thank you mr. corso from questions from the commission he time to ask if any public comment? that wants to speak on this item. >> okay public comment is closed. >> commissioners. >> commissioner nakajo. >> thank you madam president and director over and over so director corso i'll refer to the bucket instruction summary page we were in a two-year budget kindly are we in the first part of budget cycle or a two-year budget into 2016-2017. >> until we move to a fixed budget we're reevaluating the
9:25 am
first year they approved the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 as part of that second year was 2017-2018 foe our first year we're looking at 2017-2018 and 18, 19 excuse me - the board approved the 2017-2018 year we currently have a budget that was adapted this process a number of modifications that process undergoes. >> okay. so we're ending our second year process but that was theoretically approved from the two-year budget and starting the second too year. >> a rolling two year cycle you go through the entire process that continues annually. >> when i see a projection
9:26 am
opposed 3 percent and 6 and $1.7.06 percent 3.3 mr. corso has subject 3 percent is it not a 3 persecute. >> it is a 3 percent cut to the general fund support so we have a budget of $375 million that are poorlgsz that are paid for by the port and in addition a number of revenue portions that offset the costs the net impact of the general fund is paying for us set at 200 and 50 off the top of my head but a portion of that is carved out there's you portions for prop f once that is catered that 3
9:27 am
percent applies. >> so that the majority funded. >> it is either reduced or creates increased revenues is that with you said. >> correct. >> you have projection of increased revenue for the department to offset tairpt. >> not necessarily for that full amount of requests in the current year potentially some additional revenues from i think volume on the medically ems side, however, that often is a requirement of additional retail use resources to combat the call volume we'll be discussing that with the mayor's office and my question in my mind the -
9:28 am
because we were in the ramon budget theoretically the department i didn't think would be in a position of getting a hit that would be effective to a point of changing our operations and our revenues in terms of the department having said that you're going to say is something director corso. >> last year whether i budget was approved that was set for next year you, however, some changes i guess to the overall city outcome has modified the resolution. reductions >> i guess the assumption with the new effects with the president-elect trump with the kinds of concerns that san francisco is talking about effecting our revenue source the line in here saying no new
9:29 am
positions did that refer to h-2 classes in 2017 ares h-2 classes are they in jeopardy or scald or intact. >> i think the mayor is condemned to a plan i think anything above and beyond if you're seeing what is beyond approved in the budget that's why those instructions will be in place. >> the h-2 were projected at the 2017 were project by project two we got a federal grant later in year 2016 a discussion of age additional class or enhancing both the classes is that still the thinking of department. >> correct for next calendar year we have this class that
9:30 am
began in late november and caters over until april the next academy and following that he wanted to say in october as of rowing that schedule is anticipated to be appointed and director corso is that enhanced granted we're award that increases the numbers of the class academy where is it at. >> not specifically in all the classed per say we're still be looking at as the chief mentions 54 we're looking for the classes to go through i'm not a spectator for the chief but a logical division for the training that is - the grant allows us to add an additional sxaemd to the overall hiring plan, which over the next few years adam additional academy. >> in terms of this
9:31 am
preliminary instructions of reduction. >> we've not talked about that but even though hiring of some of our academy classes in the budget and at this point we anticipate those will still remain. >> director co-sponsor so is it your intentions to have the budget committee made up of the internal members of the department to help to enforce this budget. >> yes. we're looking at reconvening that meeting friday morning and and she would is on the committee if you're interested in attending that is 8 o'clock at city hall so two hours meeting about the mayors budget director that will go over some of the information and be meeting internally for the second pofrgs that.
9:32 am
>> thank you very much commissioner vice president cleaveland for still being part of that i think that is really crucial and essentially, we make the changes for the internal budget to go through the process with that atmosphere of the president-elect trump there is a lot of questions going into january the 20th and they'll still be some play after that in terms of results so thank you very much for your time madam president. >> thank you. >> thank you mr. corso for your report i wanted to make sure that we started talking about the budget early on until we're doing that now and he particularly am interested in whether or not there has been any san francisco historic preservation commission amongst the members of the budget committee regarding grant writers
9:33 am
we to the extents we can really need to get out in front of the cuts that are coming i think that that is just the beginning because the world order is changing and that means that were previously very secure for us will be earmarked for other things in order for us to be more agree i will - i would like to the budget committee to think of ways to offset you know these cuts you have been very successful in writing grants
9:34 am
chief francisco has been successful in writing grants that's why i think we need to look at position of grant writers both of you have very, very extensive portfolios and i appreciate our level of detail and commitment to writing those grants i'm not sure we can sustain that level with the two of i want to make sure that we don't burn out two essential members of the upper san francisco fire department so grant writers and whatever else the budget committee can think of that we can do to bring monies in from other places right now we are so heavily
9:35 am
dependent the general fund and the befrienneficiaries and the has connections to people that are genus are us whether we're talking about foundations or individual benefactors we need a plan because we're going to be challenged. >> so do you have any feedback on my comments. >> absolutely our first of all, appreciate the compliment thank you very much that has been in the previous years that has a budget committee one of the - essential a number of ideas that have been brought affordability by the members of the department or the budget committee members that have been discussed as far as additional funding needs a grant person has
9:36 am
been identified in previous years last year, he on the focus was think equipment and the fleet and this year i think that will absolutely be brought up again by a number of people i think i do think we do a good job on writing grants but the avenues of funding a great benefit to the department i fully anticipate this will be one of the packing points. >> one person would be guarantee know we will have to have some discussions with the unions regarding whether or not we can bring in some people that were previously with the department and did grant writing and pretty sure h pretty much have to speed but good have to
9:37 am
have those discussions chief joanne hayes-white i see you're up inform comment and i want to add fully if we i get it what you're assessing and the thresholds year the budget committee is kwooej and i think the reality and not to see we can't be per skwaf but the mayor's office will make good on the positions the department received during that budget keeblg one of the key priorities no new net positions that is an uphill battle not going to give up but something i need to say will think challenging and we face many a challenges and overcome many challenges two things with important with over thirty thousand employees at this time given the projections of getting new positions will be
9:38 am
extremely difficult not to mention the many of the grants we've received is federally opportunity and given the uncertainty of what is happening with the new administration i have to say candidly i have concerns we'll be as successful in the past with federal grants to our point commissioner vice president cleaveland seeking out other foundations we're not rectifying on the federal government but something we should be at least looking towards. >> i agree with you on what of most of what a you stated, however, for me, i'm making a puck commitment to fight for money you know no new net positions means no new net positions
9:39 am
didn't mean you can't move people around i understand that but also understand under those times we are no competition with other departments and that's what they said in the mayor's office whenever he go there the departments that was here before you was asking for money too they didn't get me but can't be just that's it you know - the new administration i anticipate that will be increasing for instance, homeland security funding so just - i'm asking just look at every possibility that people can think of and don't just you know throw out
9:40 am
something a suggestion that might not at first blush seem last week, a good suggestion because at this time we need to dig deep you know and in a gray matter and come up with some good strategies not just to survive but to be able to move forward. >> absolutely. >> okay. >> thank you and because of time i will let that be my last comment on that commissioner vice president cleaveland additional comment. >> yes. madam president just one quick question we work hard do you think that plan is in jeopardy in any way, shape, or form. >> i would say everything will be looked at not only in the department but citywide the
9:41 am
commitment foreseeable a 5 year equipment funding plan we have not begun those conversation i can't say for sure no, but everything will be evaluated citywide and i think we have obviously the justification and need for it i would anticipate some of the xhufksz with the mayor's office. >> the conversations have begun or will be beginning shortly. >> thank you very much. >> okay mr. corso thank you. >> item 8 fire commission calendar for 2017 discussion and possible action to adopt the 2017 fire commission regular meeting of calendar. >> thank you, madam secretary and my fellow commissioners i'd like to propose we not have the second meeting in november of
9:42 am
2017 and the second meeting in december of 2017. >> second. >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> so be that unanimous. >> next item. >> item 9 communications e-mail from jesse heights dated 2016 and e-mails from james, dated second 2016 i forgot to ask for public comment on the commission calendars. >> so i will be happy to listen to any public comment concerning the calendar as well as the communications to the commission seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners is there any comment on the communications
9:43 am
that has been forwarded to us you, you commissioner nakajo. >> not apple that is communication forwarded but i brought up on sfgovtv we're here tobacco televised we we're not as the san francisco fire commission traditionally i try to tape the review but didn't see that perhaps i'm wrong but perhaps check that sfgovtv we came down with the intention of sharing information and to be transparent thank you madam president. >> thank you madam secretary can you do some follow-up on that, please. >> yes. >> thank you and commissioner hardeman. >> oh, i just have to go to the luncheon i'll not be able to say good-bye to everyone. >> we're at the time ended approaching the end of our
9:44 am
agenda and next item, please. >> item 10 agenda for next fire commission meeting on january 12, 2017, a okay madam secretary we have the elections at the first meeting i think we have the strategic plan. >> and perhaps warehouse inspections are there any other items. >> you asked for an action item on the annual harassment. >> yes. >> so put that on. >> please. commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> sorry yes madam president last week to add do h 23, emt administration position on to the agendas for final action by
9:45 am
the commission. >> all right. >> any other commissioners. >> adding anything. >> we'll have to have a discussion about the capital buckets and the it plans has to be on the agendas as mark mentioned we need to have our approval for the two days later has to be submitted to the mayor. >> sounds good. very good. >> any public comment? on future agendas okay public comment is closed. >> and i would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays season and see in the next year thank you all we're adjourned


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