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tv   Recreation and Park Commission 121516  SFGTV  December 26, 2016 10:00am-11:16am PST

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here and mr. chair protect the housing semiand strengthen goals against evictions we're commented for housing needs for all san franciscans to learn more visit highway
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>> there is one problem, it seems like it is a excluded place. they have the fire department that will get possibly injured. i looked and said wow, there is no snow under them. >> thanks. >> is there anyone else who
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would like to make public comments under the general managers report. at this time members of the public may address the commission within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and do not appear on the agenda. with respect to items you have the opportunity to address the commission when the items is reached. i have 4 cards i will call them off. jill, dee, sally and kelly. come on up. any order. jill, dee, sally and kelly.
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>> can you hear me? >> yes. >> thank you. good morning commissioners. >> good morning. >> the [inaudible] areas program will have us believe this plan you will address is all about "saving endangered species". they made statements about 50 loss of bio diversity in the plant program, but i want to clarify something, enfact the plant itself required monitoring of only 8 species of plants. zero or endangered, threes of locing concern which is lower than federally endangered. three are california native plants society to be listed rare, threatened or endangered in california but more common
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elsewhere. two are on the california native plant society level 4 which is plants with limited distribution. i like you to think the trade off and monitoring of 8 plants and worthy selling 18, 448 healthy trees mpt the other thing i like to speak to is the concept and that is the concept oft bio diversity. saving bio diversity is the linchpin which tries to save bio diversity in the remiant areas but the response to come, the final eir doesn't define what bio diversity is nor the draft eir or management plan. by inserting the word native into the employed definition of bio diversity the meaning the term is high jacked. all trees and plants whether native or not native are part of our local
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bio diversity like people from everywhere are part of our sit a's diversity. adding the word native to bio diversity demonizing native species. the urban forest are part of the totality of variation in san francisco and have been all most 150 years rchlt we believe all trees and plants whether native or not native are part thof local bio diversity and valued. we traced the definition in the sustainability plan which was fed into the sin ramp and eir and came from eo wilson they say but says biediversity is the totality of all variation in life forms of earth. we believe that native and non native coexist together like pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and part of what are now called by scientist novel forest eco systems and these eco sestm
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provide essential services for all plants and essential to our bio diversity. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> sfgov tv, video, no audio. ime rrp here today speaking on behalf of families and rpd gandner grounds keepers regarding the elth issue associated with exposing to the cancer causing chemicals you introduced into san francisco play areas. i'm addressing the lack of posted chemical warnings add these sites. we experienced the tragedy of a oakland warehouse fire. what
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makes this pertinent and city officials have known qu down ployed the raisk for years. former mayor brown as a city leader you assume sth people with this responsibility are doing their jobs. this commission along with the rpd nurt deuced to public parks thousands of tonls of chemical mixture who pfs count is found by the state of california as a prop 65 xhemical known to cause cancer. you continue to do this without posting warnings as to the it helths risks. this is sth same mixture we see in the video being treated by san francisco children like it was sand as they walk bear foot in it, throw it in each others face and place it in their mouths. as they breathe in the harmful chemtuals under the gaze of their caretakers rchltd if your intention is replace the fields, years down the road
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this does not mitigate the ongoing chemical exposers imposed every day on the intsent users of the neelds. the national list of cancer victims associated with exposure to these chemicals continues to grow. i heard the commission and rpd justify the actions by bragging you increased field usage. even if you take such a claim at face value, this means you also increased the amont of exposure time as to the toxic chemicals for thousands of lives. i once again ask for you to take as steward the obvious step and that is at the vaer least post prop sick 5 signs at every entrance at eerfb field that contains the chemicals so sth users less willing than your suvls to expose the children or grand children to these chemicals are given a reasonable chance to make a
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informal decision. multiple federal ages have taken concern regarding the chemicals and use on the fields rchlt these incluseu scpa, national statute of health kines, consumer product safety commission among many others. the state of california continues its own study which wont be concluded for years from now. this-thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. my i ask you to speak into the m oorks c. >> my name is jill, i'm a parnt of two kids and who go to outdoor education schools and the glen park southern neighborhoods. this is one of them, this is pharyn my son and
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i'm here today to ask you to think strongly about the herbicides in the parks. i put my kids in outdoor schools because i believe in outdoor education and children having access to nature and i came across as soon as my sons school started i came across posting signs they were spraying round up and garllen in the different areas where my kids are playing and i started a petition last year and got over 12,000 signatures and these kids-i was with them ipschool yesterday and all the kids were picking this sower grass, which he is eating now and they are picking it and putting it in mouths and making daisy chains and this something kids do naturally and i know it
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is policy tospray pesticides on these plants and i like to ask you guys to reconsider that and maybe think of coming up with a policy to prohibit the use oaf herbicides in the public parks because they should be for the public and enjoyment of families over everything else. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hi, commissioners. sally stephens and if you wonder why the [inaudible] program is so unpopular with people who live near the parks with natural areas in them i like to give two examplesism grainview park which is a hill top in the western part the city, surrounded by houses-rec and park planted a ice plant which is the only thing that held the sand in place, nothing else worked. when the [inaudible] program took control of all of grandview park the first thing
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they did is [inaudible] sand started to drift to the backyards of peoples who properties abut the park. they had property damage in the backyards from the sand and the neighborhood association meeting and couple years-a number of yoors ago, lisa wanes respaunss when they asked what can we do about the damage is there is no spaunlt to anything that happens outside the park. when fish and wild life tried to [inaudible] franciscan manzanita discovered in the doyle droiv redue they included land in glen canren. when the fennel version of habitative r was released included 3.2 acres were added because [inaudible] asked they be added. the problem is sth added land is
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not rec and park, it was peoples backyards and the people who's yards they were were never asked if they wanted their property designated as critical habitat for the plant and stuck with the designation and it effect the property values. fish and wild life says we wont bother them but the realty is they could. never held meetings to determine which parks have natural areas, they just took control of 1 quarter thoch city parks and not been a good neighborhood to the people who live aroun the parks and will only get worse if they get the free rein the management plan gives them. at this pont is there is no accountability so encourage you to implement the alternative and protect the park neighbors. thauj. >> anyone else who would like to make general public comment as this time? come on up.
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>> tom borden, with sf forest alliance and just wanted to make you aware of one thing going on in rec and park and that is the department of environment, ipm rules are being violated. the natural areas program is spraying [inaudible] tear one herbicide to kill native plants and we have a video of it, i think you may have seen it. but, in june they sprayed like a huge amount in glen canyon park below the miro loma trail and the sign said they were spraying poison oak but it was coyoteee brush and sticky monkey flower. i took pictures that show a halo of death around the park. in the mairpwork for the next ipm hearing for reduced
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riskpisticide it is reported there is a up tick in spraying and attributed to poison oak along the trail in glen canyon. not only where they breaking the rules because the plants where not invasive and lied about it and reported as poison oak spraying so keep your eyes open for that. it is indicative of something we have seen over and over again and hope people will pay attention and get everyone to play by the rules. >> thank you. >> anyone else who would like to make general public comment. this is closed. we are on the consent calendar and i have one card for richard fong.
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>> good morning. i wanted to make a few comments about the [inaudible] willie wong chinese playground. there was found there were infrastructure needs, one way valving on the sewer system because blocked up tennis courts. that will be a big cost addition. there is another point in the sewer methods, i'm not a plumber or engineering you have >> student have good terrain because the building across the way sometimes has had many pluming problems so i'm troy toog look carefully at that. there should be make the money go up a little bit. there is
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part about [inaudible] on the cost part. i may as well get to the other part. on the other has to do with bridging of communities. i tried to put on facebook and not too good at that. i couldn't get the comment on it. [inaudible] women who are going to be the aquilizers of [inaudible] through the chinatown area. these particular people rpd woman, terri and all the rotary club, those kind of people want to help out bridging the community. there were a lot of supporting people of this particular rehabilitation project but there wasn't much talk about funding our fund raising and that type of stuff. i want that to come back into focus. there will be a lot of other people using this same facilities. children use it usually during the sum squr at
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other times they are not using it. the big point i want to bring has to do with lighting and the tennis court and the possibility of a tennis court. i looked at the plan and nothing indicated a tennis and that is a very famous court for people who got national ranking there. anything you have to do to include tennis of appellanting of the lines as well as putting poles into the ground so you slip in the other poles and pull up the net. if you did that and of course you have to cap it when the kids are playing soccer but if they are playing basketball they don't have to take down the net. that is something use frd the community and continue the support of tennis. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the poles are too high. >> any other public comment on this item? item 5, the consent calendar. being none, public
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comment is closed. commissioners. >> entertain a motion >> moouved. >> movaled and seconded all in favor. >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are on item 6, the san francisco zoo. >> powerpoint, please. thank you. good morning president buell and commissioners general manager ginsburg. thank you for coming outlet in the wonderful wet weather. in my office i have a meeting with someone named noah and if i see the animals lining up 2 by 2 i'm heading for high grand. i want to thank you on behalf the san francisco zoological and oversight you do make us much
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better. on a personal note, as a former resident of noe value congratulations on the town square. fantastic. last weekend part of our mission is one of the c is knhunty. last weekend-two weekends ago, december 3, we hosted one of the most incredible events, 15 oanniversary of the san francisco fire department with the chiefment we had over 650 people present and i know arfbd had a wonderful time and we were proud to be able to host this event and group of people so dedicated and also for many years in a row we partner would the fire department on the toy program collecting thousands of toys so thrilled to be a partner with the fire department. part of our conservation program we brought in two new birds. it is called
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the bali mynahs the male is from south carolina and fenail from the miami zoo. this bird is critically endangered in the wireld squewoo are part of the acasa program which is the species survival plan to help protect this bird. in fact, san francisco zoo conservation efforts are vast and this is one of 32 ssp's just within the aviary department the san francisco zoo has. this bird is only found on the island of bali so thrilled to be a partner with the ssa program. if you come out to the zoo, i think you all seen our 3 female mand rill's. we have a male, his name is badgeo. his face
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is bigger and has the blue color. he is a incredible animal. they are getting along well and hope the family will also be growing in this exhibit. starting in january ewoo will have a docent class. every year hundreds of docents help support the zoo with volunteer efforts through thousands of hours and can't do it without them. they are the ambassadors of the zoo. on saturday january 14 we will have docent orientation if you know anyone interested or yourselves in spare time of course and beginning february 5 we will have a new docent training program that starts and lasts several weeks. we thank you the docents for all their efforts. wroo mobile. last time i was here about 4 weeks ago qu showed a picture
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of the new zoo mobile that we have out in the public. sinss then we partnered with san francisco unified school district with this program to enrich the science programs and already vized 38 title 1 classrooms with additional 24 that are currently scheduled for the spring months. if you have any ideas of schools and chasss that would love our program please let us know and happy to bring out zoo mobile to the classes. additional growth at san francisco zoo just in the last couple weeks we added babies. new infants at the zoo ft, top right is one of the new howlers so there are two of the primates in the discovery center on the far left exhibit said. there is simang and next is the howlers.
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yes, those are the ones that howl. if you live nearby the zoo you will hear them a good half mile away. additionally, in the lower left we have a new kudo caf that joined us november 30 waying in at 30 pounds so come out and see as the zoo continues to grow. we talk about global connoisseursation. consurivation from san francisco zu zoo that wnt to churchmill hann togueo to look what is happening to the polar bear population. wurbing with the program called the polar bear alert program. the one thing you want to note especially when we talk in the narrative of climate change, thiss is end of november and you see it is dirt so should be a lot of snow at this time. this program that i mentioned
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the polar bear alert program goes back to flaen 80 and they collect bears that are huh rassedments to society and put them in jail. luckily there are zoos such as ours as part the conservation efforts to take the bears. hulo the bear who is 35 years old came from this facility 33 years ago. she was a bear that gout into peoples garben and she and sister and mom broke into a house so wnt to jail but is part of san francisco zoo 33 years. it is great san francisco zoo can look at the programs and work with the groups. another interesting conservation group, our lead vet graham crawford is trying to protect seberal differentagys in the lemur.
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the communities are very impoverished and using lemur as nourishment. the reason for that is chickens, the population of chickens have been diseased ovmany years so he has worked over the last 8 years with this incredible team to vaccinate the chickens of madagascar to make them ed #b8. this has incredible global impact so we have been work wg the mad gar car vaccine development and harvard school of public health and 3192 chickens have been vaccinated to save the speess of lemur. winter zoo camps have a few openings so if you want to help support the camp or during the holidays make sure that the kids are out of the house.
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please snd them to san francisco zoo and we are happy to take them in. as yoi know, santa claus lent us bell, holly and perp mint for the reindeer romp. they are on site have aggreat time. reindeer come from the north pole, here is a side note useless trivia they are a semi domestic species the care bu. just recently they were reintroduced into scotland extinth since the [inaudible] finally zoo lights begins tomorrow night, december 16 through the 30 accept for the 24 and 25. please join us filled with hundreds of thousands of lights and food and music and will have a great time and the weather starting tomorrow will be perfect. that
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conclude my report. >> thank you very much. >> is there public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. commissioners, this was discussion only, so we are now on item 7. let's play sf approval of the agreement between the rec and park defarmt in san francisco parks alliance in acceptance of the grant. >> good morning, lisa bran stn, director of partnership in rec and park. thrill #d to be here
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for a mile stone in a project we have worked on for some time with the parks aliness. this comes out of the department strategic plan in the areas of strengthage existing park facilities and cultivating increasing philanthropic support. not only will this be a vast improvement to the city's playground but a major milestone working with parks alliance and the first major capitalcome pain the department has taken on with the nuf organization formed 6 years ago. so, you'll see in the staff report that we are asking for three commission actions. that is a slight variation from the agenda language because with the direction of the capital committee, we decided that we will take the related agreements to commission, so what i'm asking for today are discussion and possible action to approve the mou between the rec and park department and the san francisco parks alliance to
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partner on the lets play sf initiative to renovate the 13 playground in san francisco prioritized as most in need by the failing playground task force. aproouv the grant agreement between the deparnlt and park alliance the parks alliance contributes up to $15 million for the playground renovation and number 3, recommend the board of supervisors accept this grant of $15 million encash and in kind contributions. i just want to back up and start how we got to this point. this process started with the 2012 bond which was passed by more than 70 percent of volters and it had a pool offunding of $15 million to renovate playgrounds in san francisco. when the bond passed in partnership with the the parks alliance the department convened a task
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force in 2014 to prioritize the unvenvited playgrounds. the task force consisted of park professionals, community and children advocates and other stakeholders. the task force met for 6 months and ultimately selected 4 criteria for prioritizing unrenovated playgrounds. those were the presence of wood treated with carpine arsenic, low hosehold medium income, high use density sthof neighborhood and low grades on the parks alliance playground. and so the playgrounds that wnt through that filter ended up with 13 playground you see on the map in front of you. i did want to emphasize the selected playground coved the vast geography of san francisco.
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so, why do this? first of all, play is important. play and playground are transformative for chrn and for neighborhoods and for communities. this project will impact nearly 20,000 children who live within a quarter mile of these 13 playgrounds and hope it will impact more and also the generations that come after the children living in these neighborhoods now. and also partnership is important. the city cannot do this alone. the $15.5 million enthe bond is enough to deliver we believe 6 playgrounds. if we want to do all 13 playgrounds which we very much want to, then we need to have a partner and we need private philanthropy. in 2015 the board voted to initiate a
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campaign with the department and we are moving forward on that. in addition to working together on the felon thopic campaign, the department is hard at work renovating the first 6 of the tier one playgrounds. merced heights and sergeant john mu collie playgrounds are having community meetings now. i believe they both had sthree. washington square park had three community meetings, there is community consensus on the scheme for the playground and i expect that sometime in the next 6 mupths there will be a concept plan for your review and approval. and then there are preliminary studies in process before the participatory design begins for the second 3 of the first 6 tier one playground. that is [inaudible] panhandle play
10:45 am
grown and john mclaren at the picnic areament that brings us to today which is next step formalizing a partnership. we ask to approve the grant agreement to recommend the boardf supervisors accept the grant and approve the mou between the department and parks alliance on how we'll partner on this project. so, to start with the grant agreement, here is highlights. the term of the agreement is 8 years and then the grant agreement defines a general use of funds for the initiative and playground budgets will be developed on a project by project basis. only private funds will be used for campaign expenses including park alliance staff and playground related special events qu the goal is $10.75 million but we seek approval to accept up to $15 million in case the parties decide to seek more private funding or the campaign is wildly success sfl, which we
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hope. this grants agreement maintains city authority over public funds and tier one playgrounds will be prioritized. this is the general preliminary budget for this nisative. expenses for tier one are based on cost estimates by the department as part of the early planning process. expenses for tier 2 are estimates based on departments general experience renovating playgrounds of the size and scope of the 7 sites. the parks alliance campaign staff and expenses will be funded privately. the sources as i said are the 2012 bond funds. there is some other public funding that is designated mostly for tier two playgrounds from public sources including general fund allocations and community opportunity funds allocations
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that the communities applied for and award by the department and then of course the philanthropic dollars from the campaign. and then for the mou and related agreement, the term in the budget are the same as in the grant agreement and the tier one playgrounds are prioritized. so, this document is really roadmap for the partnership between the two institutions and it includes general terms that the department requires of private partners on capital projects. the support from the parks alliance is expected right now to include three general forms. one is cash grants, two is in-kind grants of playground design and three is in-kind grants for construction. there are 3 grants that receive private support #23r5u78 the parks appliance and these agrooments follow the form of
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standard partnerships between the department and private entities when we partner with inprivate sector for capital projects. i want to emphasize that everything in these agreements is addative to the regular department practiceess around capital projects. all sth projects will come to commission for approval of the concept design, the award of any contract that contains public funding and in addition at request of the capital committee the department will provide twice a year updates on the initiative so you can track the progress. the commission will see expenditures through the cost estimate that come with concept design, tracked award approval and through the mupthly financial support from the capital division. that is where we are. i hope you approve these items and i am happy to answer questions. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> do we have public comment on this item? come on up. >> good morning mpt rachel norman ceo of the san francisco parks alliance and thrilled to ask you to approve these fwo items. this marks a huge step forward for us as a organization, for our relationship with the department and for kids in san francisco most porntsly. if we are able to raise all the funds we hope to raise to renovate all these playgrounds, 20,000 children will have a new updated play space in their neighborhoodss kwr we will have eliminating the problematic wood from play spaces in san francisco so i think it really is a very worthy project, it is really exciting for us and the next step for us in our evolution as a organization. i want to just note there were question raised at capital
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committee and want to be clear we respect your need to have oversight over the bonds funds and see this as a partnership and philanthropic endeavor to expand the reach of those public dollars. i think the changes made in the agreement since the capital committee reflect the concerns and will add additional transparency as requested. gym the board chair at the capical committee wasn't able to be here today but spoke in support and our board is unanimously in support of this initiative and think it will be a great think for san francisco for us and for you so urge you to-thank you. >> thank you. commissioner low. >> before we do that is there any other public comment on this iletm? >> seeing none public comment is closed. >> commissioner low. >> i just want to thank the
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department on and particularly lisa bran stn on enduring sessions of drafting and redrafting the mou. it is maybe something lawyers enjoy but not those responsible for fundraising. it does address the concerns we raised at the capital committee particularly around reporting and accountability and believe this agreement does reflect the concerns addressed and raised at the capital committee. i did review nancy werefulls e-mail that came in yesterday which really was parallel concerns on reporting and accountability and those are adequately addressed in these agreements. >> keep going. [laughter]. >> was it the lawyers comment you didn't like? >> does he need the chairs permission? >> nancy waterfolds e-mail and
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it already addressed and think the revised agreement in her e-mail so think this is reflective of reporting accountability and the status reports that will come to the capital committee every 6 months, so i think this is adequately addressed and is in the form for approval. i also want to see my fellow commissioner mcdonnell who wants to speak and want to acknowledge he put a lot of work in into the failing playgrounds initiative and commissioner harrison and that work will come into fruition as the public bond money for tier one are prioritized and come online first and see the failer playgrounds fixed soon. >> thank you. commissioner mcdonnell. >> thank you. thank you so much. i want to add my thanks to lisa and staff and rachel
10:53 am
and team at parks alliance and then most especially the members of the communethy who participated in the failing playgrounds task force. one of the most encouraging elements of the process i was fortunate to participate in, was how actively our community who are coowners of these spaces that we are looking to invest in engage in the process and really exciting that we are able to begin to fulfill against at least implied if not explicit promises of making the investments so this is a exciting moment to move this project forward. thank you. with that i move approval 6789 >> second. >> before i call the roll i want to add my congratulations to staff and park alliance and particularly comment that there has been a long journey to try and solidify one park partner
10:54 am
and to make that partner as good as it can be and i want to congratulate the alliance on their board and staff selections because i think they raised the bar to a level that the philanthropic community can look with great confidence at their ability to deliver and can look to the staff for their ability to design and construct, so kudos to everybody and with that it is moved and seconded. all in favor. >> aye. >> hearing no opposition so moved. >> we are on item 8, the annual capital plan for fy 2018. good
10:55 am
morning commissions. i'm here to talk about the annual capital expenditure plan. for a long time there was a practice holding a annual capital fair. that fair was poorly attended and we have taken this opportunity in the resurrection of this requirement to have a annual capital expenditure plan and hope to start not just once a year conversation. i hope we can celebrate what has been a extraordinary decades worth of work and that we also start ongoing conversation that my hope is over the next year in particular to start using
10:56 am
capital committees and opportunities to talk on more deeply about specific topics relevant to the way we deliver our capital projects with a eye towards general obligation bond planning. with that i want to make today the start of that conversation. this is a unusual timeline that i have on the screen. it isn't included with the chart but talked about it at prosac. this shows the investzment in san francisco parks since 958 with focus on general obligation bonds. as you look back the dark green circles represent bonds that passed and the lighter green represent bond that were pulled together but never paz passed
10:57 am
by voters. back at 1958 you see the amount och investment adopted by the voters and invested in the park system was pretty minimal. we have a small bond for $15 million in 1959 for the palace of fine arts. and is a $37 million bond-these are todays dollars for park irrigation. general bond for $38 million in 1987 for rec park and focused on golden gate park in particular. in the 70's or the late 60's a effort to pull together something for parks. four efforts all of which failed. i think there is a important story to be told about the importance of planning and account #7b89. prior to the adoption of 10 year captop
10:58 am
plan. if you have money and resources you can go to ballot. it resulted in a hap haders how we made investments. the result is for 50 years we barely had anything. that resulted in most of the facilities particularly the buildings came online in the early 50 and so you saw the aging out of the system without a replacement plan. that need build up to the point that then parks council and many other parks advocates feeling there was a crisis for the quality of our facilities did initiate a bond in 2000 and that was $110 million general obligation bonds for parks and no other restriction accept the funds shouldn't be spent in golden gate park. that is the first investment in 50 years. there wasn't a planning capital
10:59 am
division at rec park so that proposal was pulled together through the democratic process largely driben by squeaky wheel planning and resulted in a spectacular mismatch of expectations what was delivered. we were able to leverage another $3 hundred million in other funding sources against the $110 million bond it left many people a bad feeling about our audibility because we praumentsed the park sestm would be renovated with that one general obligation bond. in 2006 two things happened, there is a 10 year capital plan put forward by the city which begins to sequence a series of general obligation bon to meet the needs so the needs drive the proposal rather than where with all. at the same time, the rec and park department
11:00 am
created a planning and capital division. they were separate and i became the department first planning director which is tarifying to me given we are the largest land owner in san franciscoment we created the planning unit and the city adopted a 10 year capital plan and made the clean and safe neighborhood parks bond the first project of the 10 year plan. since thatd time, our bonds have passed at huge levels. actually not just within rec and park but the city as a whole. we have seen the passive of more go bond in the prior decades since and major investment not just in parks but public health and public safety. i think it is a important story and this can the bed rock of that 10 year plan and our own bond planning is a lot of careful dulibative
11:01 am
planning and expectations we create during the planning of the projects and during the campaign and attending to the dlivy of those projects making sure that the expectations established in the public whether through task force like the playground task force or bond planning process those are clearly spelled out, that agreements are articulated and we monitor the implementitation of the promises. we continued to do that and now have over $300 million in investment we continue to manage and now we look towards 2018 as the placeholder for the next general obligation bond. that being said, the plan is flexible, it 10 year plan and we do expect there to be conversation whether the bond occurs in 2018 or 19 to accommodate other needs. i look flward working with you over the next year to talk about what that process will
11:02 am
look like. revisit the lesson learned of what worked for us in the 2008 and 2012 delivery and how to roll the successs in the next plan and learn lesson particularly around cost escalation and budget practices to make sure we are wem prepared to meet public expectations. these are just before and after to show the transformations we have beenable to make using our bond program. this is joe demauz row playground, before. this is after. this is chinese recreation center. >> dawn, can you speak into the mic. >> sure. the other important thing that doesn't get discussed about our portfolio works is this a chart that shows all the projects completed in the past decade
11:03 am
and it is over 450 project said. they range in size from the extremely tiny to our largest projecttened to top at about $25 million. the $30 million in the marina the largest and chinese rec are about $20 million. 80 percent of the projects are under 2 $2 and a half million dollar. the quhalg is unlike large project which you have all the same problems but less flexibility about how to respond and think that requires the different administrative strategy how to dliv the praunlects and aults as we move forward and think how we build budgets and manage them, more conservative approach you may need if you manage a portfolio of $30
11:04 am
million projects. as we look at the past decade of work we look over a billion dollars of investment made and this include again some of the larger investments. things like the zoo for example. projects that are not-under our jurisdiction but not administered by us. ovwellming the money comes from the go bond program. one thing that dif rirchiates the rec park capital program from others is the amount to which we use private philanthropy and grants to help support our work. so, i think katey presented at the capital committee for this years submission for the budget. it is over $15 million and continuing to focus on
11:05 am
differed maintenance and differ maintenance needs we haven't been able to address in the capital program. like forestry and court resurfacing and irrigation improvement. future years i think these streams of decision making will be merged and this was our first run this year and our deadlines were out of sync and hope we will produce a more formal glossy report for submission to the board of supervisors as the charter requires in mid-january but this data will be included as part of that. with that, happy to answer questions. >> do we have public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner harrison. >> yes, dawn i have been around a long time and lived through most of what you reported on. >> yeah. >> and i am astounded all those
11:06 am
years prior to your coming on and creating this division- >> you created the division and hired me. >> you put it together and made it a breathejug living thing and absolutely great. i'm very impressed. thank you very much. your staff and you putting that together, we are lodge clael using our money. now. correctly. >> yes. >> i really appreciate it and thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. commissioner harrison the senior member the commission? >> i think-- >> she was around in this day and age as well. >> through this whole process of- >> maybe the same time did you come at the same time? i think so. >> i was talking about prior years when i was working- >> he does have seen orty, doesn't he? >> thank you.
11:07 am
>> if i can thank the commission. i have [inaudible] capital programs and think a great thing about the rec park commission is the fact there has been real ownership of principles and that partnership has made our jobs infinitely easier as we troy to do the smart thing over the long term and balancing against the crush of current day relentless interest we face so i think that partnership is very important and look forward continue toog build on it in the coming year. >> thank you. with that, i believe there was no public comment. we will entertain a motion to approve. >> so movaled. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor. >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are now on item 9, general public comment continued. anyone who would like to make general public
11:08 am
comment who didn't comment under item 4? being none, this item is closed. 10 is new business agenda setting. any public comment? public comment is closed. commissioners, any comments? >> none. >> 11 communications, any public comment? being none, this item is closed so we are on 12, adjournment. >> so movaled. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor? >> aye. >> so moved, thank you very much. [meeting adjourned]. >> things for joining us toy
11:09 am
and thank you all interface council and public safety and department heads to the police commission to all those that are worked together 0 make sure our city is safe and successful for the most part let me personally change chief of police toney chaplin. >> (clapping.) >> tip line i didn't stepped up and led our department with grace and indirectly during a trying time for the city and worked tirelessly to move our san francisco police department forward an pathway to reform and the san francisco police
11:10 am
department is better day then when we took the rule and acting chief for that we're all indebted to tony. >> thank you on behalf of myself and the city of san francisco the only reason i didn't thank you very much. >> as you all know this process was very comprehensive a great deal of effort in searching candidates with the skill setsdz and characteristics that are desired and talked about in so many communities meetings and the right experience to lead the san francisco police department the search included internal and external national as well as local about the it's my pleasure to announce the author process paid off we found a candidate
11:11 am
that both the commission and i felt embodied what the police department needs in the police chief in william scott the deputy chief of the san francisco police department. >> deputy kind of scott a 20-year veteran of lapd during the course the last year's has under gone transforms within the department of justice and with the experience of managing a department taking on similar changes coupled with the progress made under 101 i didn't see leadership i be we have exponentially increased to build the 20 percent police department more quickly and effectively deputy explosive scott seen first hand not only implement a
11:12 am
series of reforms but to transform the condition to build the community trust and create a transparent and accountable police department it to starts it's top and deputy chief is up to the task not only has scott helped to usher in reforms but has the operational and administration experience needed to keep our streets safe he's responsible for management and proclamations the la south bureau and responsible for managing four geographic areas and has led more than 17 hundred employees that served nearly seven hundred and plus residents in 57 mile radius i'm confident we've gained something unique in deputy exposure scott and look forward to his leadership as we
11:13 am
move forward moderate as a city i want to thank the police commission for having the search your dedication has not gone unnoticed and our your hard work brought us this mroment and thank you all of you in public safety groups as well as our interfaced leaders you've been at the table helping us understand the need of your city and also listening to all the people heard impacted, and wanted our officers and our police department our city ultimate to do better our entire city i've said it before that the realize the department of justice report was not the end of the journey it is the beginning and has provided us with a road map we promised to honor and
11:14 am
have a leader in place with the experience burglary his belt and the leadership skills to work with all the different entities involved to succeed this is a great day for the city of san francisco and want to welcome dearly and his family to it's my pleasure to introduce san francisco's next chief of the san francisco police department william scott. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everybody. you first of all, i want to thank mayor ed lee for taking the steps to select me for in motion i know that process was not an easy one a lot of folks that were qualified and grateful i'm selected to lead this great city and great department i have a rule when i speak in public i try to eliminate the
11:15 am
word i say words are about we but i know you guys want to know who i am i'll start with a little bit more before me and what you're getting in terms of who i am i brought my family with the exemption of my family my wife and son and son tyler they're the force i couldn't do that without them bear with me. >> and been with me throughout the journey a little bit about me, i'm from alabama and went to the city college of became i'll be brief i don't want to use up all the time when


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