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tv   BOS Special Rules Committee 121216  SFGTV  December 26, 2016 9:15pm-12:16am PST

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that spoke so i'm not sure actually intended to speak at public comment. >> i would medication we're seeking exist in a growing group not a full committee for a long-term and unfortunately, that about the balboa reservoir and transportation is a key for all of it i want to focus and with glad you talked about the geneva how it integrates the seattle to the southwest is key i greatly appreciate this comment and thought. >> thank you. i'm very, very excited about the group of people that are applying for the advisory committee i want to thank the folks to get them to
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apply we've been trying to get folks with the background of people that come at the last couple of meetings to be honest tofu to beth and everyone that is coming forward to do this important work this is a part of san francisco that is overlooked for me, the way this body can be effective if members will be really terrify and advocates for transportation, housing, pedestrian safety it is key and all that k5u9 with the advocates decisions in my recommendation is seats one through 9 i don't have is seat for . >> shall we close public comment on item one all right. thank you supervisor avalos. >> so we have applicant for all the seats equip the city college and our backward having people not with the background that one is still open but
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wanted low income and supposedly that tiffany takes this spot and two seat a anna that was not able to make it she's with the youth challenge and senior is glen district attorney hope and we have one serving on the committee and seat 6 for pedestrian bike is also with walk sf the residents asset proposing aaron goodman and the small business will be louis who is with the ocean avenue association and working closely with dan weaver another person that applied and the nonprofit for jesse fernandez i've worked with jesse often the cac and so h he
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has a lot of bay bridge the areas of the housing needs and the transportation needs which which come up in that committee that's where i'm hoping the committee can adopt and hopefully have our support. >> thank you supervisor avalos and that would be in the form of a motion. >> i can't make that motion. >> would any of the committee members last week to make the motion. >> i don't catch the numbers but move the recommendations of our district 11 supervisor avalos. >> i have those here and as a committee report for tuesday. >> yes. test december. >> there's no further business. >> for the full board without objection. >> all right. congratulations >> all right. we're now joined by supervisor president london breed as well and mr. clerk going to item 2. >> the hearing for one mbe
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member term ending to the police commission we now have madam chair one seat and 3 applicants as robert and michael have withdrawn their applications. >> thank you very much and we did hear from one of the applicant from thursday so at this time unless opening questions and comments jump to the presentation the next is john. >> good morning, supervisors supervisor president london breed and commissioner eric mar and madam chair and supervisor cowen on december 2nd, 201 on december 2nd, 2015, mario woods two bullets ripped through his young body with it in the streets of san francisco mario died a victim of that mentally
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ill the following day i received a call from a young woman looking for help a young african-american was sitting next to her but were department staff stated to get on the phone the friend was on looker who watched mario woods died the friend of the member of the community as mario two fearful to come forward but angle african-american young person on their way to work captured evidence of a police killing was two faired to share the forgotten and offer their testimony this is the world i live in every single day i work in the same courthouses and with the police that arrest my clients i've spent a lot of time in the jail request the police integration good, bad, and ugly
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some of my clients are skewed of doing terrible things i'm a credible defense attorney and prepared to be inform next police commissioner our community can't wait your decision will have life and death consequences for san francisco the burden will be borne by young brown and black men the mentally ill and those struggling with substance abuse and those who struggle with justice afraid to call the police bus of the mandarin and chains speaking officer i've been reviewing the police work since laurel and a law clerk for the public defender's office everyday i ask did 9 police follow the law did they violate
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the fourth and fifth and 6 amendments we're my clients allowed to walk the streets free were their statements taken in mri if my clients were wrong i seek to hold 9 officers accountable i treat the officers that do their job with professionalism and integrity with respect i want to be clear in police reform no ups and downs we have to come together to heal what is broken as my friend who lost a sister to a police killing remind me we have to do that with compassionate and love our hearts must be open for change what i've discovered over the course that most police officers wake up evidence and put on the
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your mind and try to fulfill their duties to serve and protect the community having that desire is not right watt without 9 accountability and transparency we've let our officers done by not lagging the - the president task force on 21st century and the doj police services but we also have to acknowledge other officers that can't accept our diversity of our state officer with racism, violation and hatred in insurance hearts they disgrace the uniform everyday they put that on and we have to hold those officers accountable i want to give one illustration of the challenge and why this is important to center age expert in the position i recently had a
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client the department believed was a bad guy one officer came into the courtroom that my client shot at another person that was a person in prison after 3 years of litigation i was able to obtain 9 reports if independent witnesses that were on the screen has nothing to do with with anyone it showed that anyone else something else was the actual shooter the officers locked another young black male in a cage it took 3 years of litigation to get there this is hard work and requires the background and training necessary to understand the complexity of the training and practice an untrained attorney might accept the scorn testimony of a police officer if i don't
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do any job that are consequences people lose their freedom from the police commission is not doing their job people could a lose their lives your aide as spoken through prop d and g a new use of force we've heard from the blue ribbon panel and the task force and the doj cops report we've got a lot more work to do i want to finish with 5b9d about who i am i've called this city home for 2 two years born and raised in florida members of my farts family u.s. citizens were taken if in their homes put in camps in world war ii today question hear echoes my
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wife is an immigrant if malaysia and was raised local my sister-in-law and manual our son a named over and over mar the challenges are real and personal to me growing up i was one of the only how often of asians in all whites in florida i experienced violations and hate and bigotry i grew up in - i learned to run and hide and stand and fight won my first fistfight in second grade and not stop fighting for the clients and civil rights and police reform for all of us people that can't fight for themselves people like i was when i was a kid i'm here ready to fight for this city as your next proposal
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police commissioner. >> i don't know colleagues start off with any questions or comments. >> supervisor cowen is ready. >> pleasure to meet you how often do the attend the police commission meetings. >> not as often as i like i was there at the last police commission i watched a number 6 them from my office that's easier than coming down but i've attended others including the recent board full board and mr. johnson joint meeting and others so i think that - i mean, that's what makes me concerned about the candidates not just you we're in a crisis at a time and certainly i've been there and many of the people that are applying to be on the commission center not been there you in our
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professionalism definitely have a unique appreciative but i'm evaluating and listening to the folks that want to be is on the mrngs i'm looking for consistency, i'm looking for people that have been there from the beginning i mean yeah mario woods was shot and killed a year ago where was everyone two years ago where were you when the other quadrant homicide and a lot of things that happened and transpired so i'm going to be asking everyone that question not just you, sir because i attend the commission meeting i've seen you at the committee and seen you in the chamber for the joint commission hearing i appreciate 3 one of the things that was really paramount was the amount of work in terms of
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the number of recommendations almost 4 hundred we need to implement two hundred and 72 from the doj and the rest from the civil grand jury the other mix coming from the - blue ribbon report i'm looking for someone to support that can demonstrate a track record of fighting both in the spotlight but behind the scenes a couple of questions we want to talk about this is my opportunity to interview i think everyone has met with my staff i wanted to here our definition of - used as window dennis dressing into the community side and the police side. >> so i'd like to hear our
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definition on community policing. >> that's a great definition a hard question as noted everyone has a different definition while i hadn't been to as many commissioner meetings a two month process i've been out in the community and meeting with members of the community and people on the street level, police and social workers like jennifer from coalition on the homeless, other commissioners so i have been working hard putting in long hours to this point. >> community policing and everyone i've talked to has a different idea what it means is reestablishing relationships between the community and the police. >> and right now in the city their torn people don't trust the police especially in communities of color they have
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over policing and massive incarceration so one of the heart of the communities fabrics i actually had an interesting meeting with a young man from community developers in the bayview and talked about the policing and organizing get together with policing and barer shops for the law enforcement and community to speak honestly, openly about the pain the relationships have caused the deterioration of the relationships and the hope by 1i9d cross if one another and investigating people say hey, i was going to get milk why was i pulled over and having the officers are hear that that is a first with the family going through pain i think that - is one of the steps 6 community policing. >> the other -
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>> go ahead. >> i could gone. >> don't worry about i'll cut you off. >> it is not just about the old 1950 walking down the street and swinging a night stick we need the officers to be in the community all the communities of san francisco and we need to know that it is safe to reach out to the officers by reaching out in the offices for help we're not going to end up investigated and searched and investigated ourselves that is about the core building relationships of trust. >> in your opinion what engagement does the public and poa need to move forward with reform and the poa. >> and the community how do we move forward together collectively ask that possible.
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>> the poa needs 90 to north korea knock it off sit down at the table and realize they're not controlling the conversation not the only voice isn't room other stakeholders in the community and people in society that don't agree with their union they have a voice they're not the only voice the voice of public of our million citizens civilians i think that is an equal vote a think a million is a stronger voice but we need to work together in adapting the best practices and not get bullied and pushed around by commercials and public pressure and stand strong in light of that i thought appreciative of the supervisor and the commissioners at the last meeting stand up to the bullying. >> the department of justice i stated earlier made that battery
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of re78g9sdz on ways to improve and i see this is not so much as an indictment of the bad job but really an opportunity to grow for the department to get better in order to protect and serve those recommendations were suggestions on ways to improve our police force today feel that my of this - are there any specifics in the list of recommendations over 200 and 50 recommendations how do we prioritize which one o which one we'll implement first and which one will be secondary and i think we have to do what the commission has started doing that is prioritizing safety safety of the public, safety of the officers and that's why they began with the use of force they're so much room for improvement through the introduction of more than
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policing techniques the time and distance all the things in implemented we might not have had the dedicates recently i'll start with the court safety and adopt the policies according to it guideline and also focus on something i think that a little bit or less sexy than that the data scleks analysis which is something that the cops report identified by started did a recent study that o e pd they followed over the course of a year and the lessor is jennifer she did a substituted on the sfwraksz into the body cameras and then also through the written reports created database and determined indications of
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bias policing and what was occurring and how it was occurring that goes back to the policing and trust until we address the belief us and them not part of same community i don't think we have a chance of coming together and making progress we need to know in fact, bias policing is going on and if it is we need to address it. >> that's a good statement leads me to my next question you've probably answered - and prior to this administration from the mayor's office. >> of explicit bias training what are your personal philosophies on this training. >> it needs to be implemented as soon as possible i think inflicted bias no question is exists i was fortunate to go to
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a presentation jeff adachi from the public defender's office u.s. i'm sorry deputy and on the science is there you don't have to be one of the officers texting the horrible disgusting technologies it can be any 6 us jeff adachi himself talked to the panel about doing that the explicit bias and finding out he too as explicit bias no matter what kind of great relationships and great friends and this and that we have it and i think people get defense i have about it you must be a racist we need an acceptance with the explicit bias that is police officers but
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the consequences of the police officers explicit bias leads to wrongful use of force i want to push 3 forward if i have the opportunity. >> it is certainly going forward met with many resistance but now several officers in the bayview station and rolled out and one of the things i want you to be mindful of when it comes to explicit bias training they'll fulfill the argument it is costly and it is costing how we think our assumptions and checking ourselves i present the value statement we all have explicit bias and we recognize that the members of the board and department heads none without this bias that has been - created over a lifetime our
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adult life my question and two points i've offered two pieces of legislation on the data collection and one of the things i've also come to realize now we're moving forward in the direction of collecting the data we need a third party to analysis you've mentioned a professor and other not able professional and professors in the bayview she is one of the prominent ones want you to be the champion that will move the commission in 3 direction thus moving the department for the independent data analysis that will be the data and none has anything to gain but the people of san francisco when it comes to consistency in the interpretation of the data as
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you may know data can be interpreted i'm interested in seeing through the collection of data we're creating policies that reflect stops and serious yourselves not ignore the homophobic racism and sexiest cultivate that exists one the departments so we can continue to make that better my last and final question now is your future how do you see yourself intaks with office of complaints and can you elaborate on the roll with the interface with the commission and the department and let's add the district attorney's office just for future complexity to add color and context to our
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conversation how does that come together. >> so i think the dashgs pa has i think the community has not always felt the oak not the dpa is responsive to the community that has changed recently and heard from talking with people on the commission one of the community that have worked in the criminal justice task force and on the occ is a partner but has to be a partnership and has to be two ways there has to think agreement and has to be working together to address those i think that one of the really valuable things about the recent election dpa will be doing audits and reviewing the use of
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force every two years instead letting it go for another 20 years those are all things that - i say this with no exaggeration if we do this right we save lives we bring our community together make this city whole if we do this right. >> thank you another colleagues on the rosters supervisor mar. >> thank you for the great presentation i wanted to jump in to say thank you foretelling about your life and how you see the demonstration of immigrants and the phobias and the attacks on immigrant i guess my first question is as a sanctuary city how would you defend our city's policies and insure that patrol officers don't become palms of
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ice how will you look at that tricky position on the police commission. >> that's tricky a separation of our local and federal government and so the concern would be more instilling of a cultivate within our department not welcoming not supportive of our sanctuary city the sanctuarycy city with one of the core san francisco values i think our officers need to understand that and defend that they need to be trained in that and need to engage in the communities with our immigrants as though their equal to all of us no division should be no treating someone definitely by the way, they don't speak english as good or as all that will be a culture question as all the supervisors know is one of the biggest challenges with
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the department until we change the culture you know i don't think that he can make that form on the immigration question that is my biggest concern is allowing that national moment that feeling that exists in the world that has people walking around genuinely 23r50igd allowing that to be the effect of police and allowing all the police to make san franciscans feel as though their criminals for the immigration status. >> let me say to follow up on supervisor cowen's points about the semi terrific bigotry versus those like mayor ed lee that have used interference lie bad apples to those who focused on less systemic issues like the
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justice with the blue ribbon panel tsf appoint this but as supervisor cowen mentioned it is the strangle 40e8d of the pee pee on 3r67b9 reform how - i know explicit bias is one thing from top level top to bottom how do we crack this as our intern toney chaplin has had that position how would you as a police commissioner to mayor ed lee er toney chaplin 0 whoever is addressing that as a systemic and not addressing the systemic problems. >> i did a panel let me not tribute him before i get myself
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in trouble there's been a bad other than that of policing and everything something goes wrong oh, he's a bad apple but people will acknowledge it is usual not a bad apple by the a but a bad barrel of the culture of the department always be rogue officers but a culture within the department one of the things commissioner president commissioner president loftus sighting to the president 21st century policing report that said you can have the best policies in the world but culture policies need to be launched everyday that is summarizes the ideas of culture if we're not able to admit that
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we have those biases when systemic or explicit i think that's a problem i think we need to hold people abdominal and say that's wrong our wrong and need to come to the table and sit down and have a conversation about this kind of thinking never mit we're wrong it is always us and them that's what kept us apart i appreciate you mentioned one plead i watched her presentation she detailed not a recent problem but a forever problem always the problem with sfpd not that i recall we are willing to do the tough things stand up and fight and stand up to the bad apples and the bad barrel we're not going to move forward. >> my last question let me try to be succinct as i can the
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police commission has chinese-american and asian pacific islanders in the past from overview have on to the citizens alliance to the chinese for affirmative action and others asian-american community entering ethic conflicts that rise the demonstration at the scapegoating of people of color with the chinese and others how will you address the tensions that have arisen with the police commission and draw from your background julia sigh did it great job on thursday drawing from be tremendous community experience i'm wondering if you could address that. >> sure i shadow on the board of the american chinese association i'm not sure they sent a letter
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along the asian association coming from a non-dominant or majority culture asian background you learn to love and respect in honor and cherish the value of having other people in the community that look like you and grew up with similar experiences that come from shared cultural backgrounds and norma's this is an interesting process learning this i've been told time and again you're not chinese our innovate chinese you'll not get the seat i don't believe that i don't believe that we're going to say just because narrow not chinese your another asian enough i believe we work together long and hard achieved within the aligning community and defending and helping families and supporting through the bar associations and my pro bono work
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i think you've heard throughout this process from my backers within the chinese community of people that support me i've done the work and people are behind me i'm here and ready to represent all the communities. >> just a quick follow-up i know that professor to julia sue have identified those decades-long relationship with different organizations and individual leaders within the district attorney's office the requirement justice committee and the lawyers and others out of worked with if there were interactions tension between asian and asian pacific islanders for example, how would you depos relationships and how would you approach with there are decades of experience with other applicant i'm wondering how you approach the community
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in really tricky interethic situation that's a great point i think that is thank you for helping highlight what i think is one of my strongest suits i don't just exist between the community my clients with african-american and people that are primarily kuth i caught in the criminal justice system i work with them everyday and sit down with their families and spent a lot of time and know them in a way that only their lawyer and counsel the person that go is to them whether they're facing life in prison can i closed off the diverse community i think that gives me the ability to bridge the divide our speaking of but identifying that as valuable because you need someone that will sit down with
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all sides not just say wow, i know people in certain community over in north richard and that's my community this is a citywide suit this is not a seat for one small area i think when our making our decision do i think about who will interact and shown a record with all san francisco. >> thank you very much supervisor president london breed. >> thank you for being here today and a your presentation i appreciate my colleagues and they're great questions which lead o leave harder any for me to ask by two important issues i want to talk about the fact i i mean the previous commissioner was a criminal justice attorney the issue of conflict came up in
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decisions as a police commissioner can you talk a little bit about conflicts if you were to receive this seat. >> that was one of my first questions i talked about with victor and julie part of criminal justice staff you folks heard from previously but also run the criminal panel in san francisco the advise i've gotten he basically need to get out of san francisco and luckily my san francisco cooled is small the conflicts are addressed by not taking cases in the jurisdiction. >> thank you and the other question i had was specifically i'm surprised patio none brought that up your relationship with the police officers association our
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expression of police officers association clearly many of the gublz has to do with with the push back with that organization they sadly have been extreme you talk about balance and talk about fairness and talk about wanting to make sure we are doing everything we can to make sure that the community is safe and that officers are safe not necessarily the training that we're expecting the department to move forward in which they have the deesclation and anti bias training and everything discussed today as far as i'm concerned, use of force policies the fact that there is a tremendous obstacle in the way for the development is significant i need to really understand your relationship with that particular organization how do you plan to address what you see is happening with that
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organization pubically and how in many cases they have been an obstructionist to the department. >> i couldn't agree with you more on the last statement until we remove the obstruction to process we'll not have progress. >> that's a union for the officers and not as if we can say go away no. >> how are you going to deal with that that. >> i think that every stage of the process there needs to be conversation and we're not always going to agree when i understand from how the use of force the poa and others stakeholders sat down and worked through that they didn't agree on every points not perfect no
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perfect they got everything they wanted but a lot better the poa in i've been harsh i think that ad was disgusting that was offense and it set the wrong standards to what we need to do in the city but were they need to be sitting down at the table and be part of the progress i'm not inherently against the poa we look forward to working together to representative our city but we all need to be working together with the city if one side says no, i'm taking any bone and running home we have to be the parents and do the right thing when one side is not playing fair. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you very much for your answers to all those questions i think we'll probably
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move on to our next candidate we heard from you last week so at this time move on to bill. >> thank you, supervisors you know in 2003 justice sandra day o'connor talked about how within 25 years we would no longer need racial preferences because she assumed between 25 years racism was going to be gone we're halfway through that 25 year period we all knew those of us committed to civil rights knew she was wrong then and unfortunately, that we continue to live in the era today and so, yeah i don't have to be
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there i have an examine at the 8:30 one hundred students are sitting on approval of the minutes and needles i have the advantage of hearing the question but my students added 1:30 don't have their disadvantageous. >> i think all your questions are fair and important to address for me want to say at the time of what has been happening is it is very clear that we're in an age if police misbehave they set a tone and tenner for the rest felt community and give license for racist policies and actions it is happening police and immigration enforcement that is something a call to arms is actually necessary because the
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illnesses that have plagued this nation since clarify e slavery the mass incarceration of a new jim crow and the targeting of black men and women in violent racist policing that is since the annihilation of the thought targeting of mexican for d portion i want to thank you for considering my application over 40 years i've lived in san francisco since 1975 for over 40 years i've worked for progressive social change i'm a law professor but i think those of you two know me know i'm more than a law professor an activist, i've been involved in
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popg and i was a for your own of the asian-american bar association if i thought of that i'd have asked for their endorsement i practice in chinatown and trained as a law school doing deportation for latinos and aliens i know enough mandrin and domains to get me in trouble and boards of nonprofit with the asian caucus southeast asian action center i've been involved in philanthropy i was on the board of the rosenberg and the asian pacific fund and currently in the california empowerment i've worked with many members of this board of supervisors and past board of supervisors and former mayors
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and written extensively on issues of human rights and race and, of course, immigration i've taught at again and again and straightforwardly and uc davis and chaired the asian-american studies at the davis and been commuting to san francisco i would hope that those members of the board when know my work in the asian and latino communities would voucher so for me i'll not go into the latino work but probably in the asian community leading the family immigration categories in the latino community and best known for bathing for the sanctuary ordinance i am here when it was originally passed and i've fought for legalization for many years and for the wrongful
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deportation of many criminal immigrants that have been rehabbed i've battled for legalization and helped to push sacramento governor jerry brown asked me about the trust act but written on relevant issues i left this with you supervisor cowen because i knew where you went to high school i wrote an article in 2003 actually 2001 sorry ceo's the admissions policy for lowell high school that disfavored african-american and latino applicants to lowell high school indicating any daughter that was going to laying outline would probably not benefit from the policies and in fact, my other daughter i
10:03 pm
talked her out of going to lowell high school and since then talked about all my cousins. >> where did they go. >> to galileo. >> so all my kids went to public schools in san francisco. >> k through 12 they all went to ucs i'm name-drop for a little bit some of my longest and old friends in the african-american communities are henderson and others i've reached out to she said she wrote a letter so she's written a letter i stooped asking people for letters because it is probably too late
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not my style to parade a group of supporters if you want that i can do that but i don't think you want that. >> i've across the bay worked with jerald the founder of the justice immigration and the founder of panning african network and two of my former stanford law students are supportive of my candidatecy and one of hillary clintons policy advisors our next meeting is during the campaign i edited a book for one a consultant to anna smith for the pipeline project and supervisor cowen you may or may not know adrian and
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virginia tailor the founders of the bayview hunters point community legal services they were students in my reblues learning class and the idea for the bayview hunters point legal program came out of a.d. doctrines paper in my class i was appointed by the state senate serves years to the california commission on the fair administration of justice where i served primarily with prosecutors and law enforcement officials and some public defenders coming up with proposals for police procedural practices and the death penalty i wrote a decedent in that report the main report basically said we ought to do away with the death penalty in the state don't come up with millions and millions of money to make the
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process for efficient my post-office box was that bans the racist impact of death penalty we should do away with the death penalty and 20 years ago attorney general janet reno 0 appointed me to the citizens advisory panel for the - i believe the commitment to the sanctuary ordinance burglary benefit from having someone the commission will benefit from having someone with a strong immigrant rights background in policy and practical policy experience more than a years ago i was approached by black students at the howard law school to write and comment only policing and race i've shared
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with all your offices the resulting 50 page article i wrote in which i talked about black lives matter and others that are working on destructive alternative to creating true policing this is about public safety for everybody the reblues method recognizes the latin changes can come before to collaboration with common goals and experiences so working with the lavish movement and latino and asian-american organizations represents a strong foundation for collective change i'm sure you're all familiar with the broken windows to policing that term has not been used officially in san francisco you can think damn sure the broken windows theory has been implemented in san francisco and gone awry in other major cities
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in the united states we can learn from on the european conference requires the signatory 4 dozens to refrain from the use of deadly forced until necessary to achieve a lawful purpose the convention necessities standard will not be met if an officer has a reasonable belief a suspect has a gun it is interesting in europe that their training for new officers asked lasts 3 years they - the officers in europe get 20 time more hours on conflict deesclation than the typical police training academy in the united states. >> i'm sorry say that one time.
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>> officers in europe get 20 times more training in terms of hours on deesclation and cambridge training than the united states i understand that san francisco gets - i looked at the report somewhere into 10 and two hours of training but more than that if coming back. >> professor thank you i'll jump in. >> go ahead. >> force you to depart from your written word why do you think that the uk is far ahead of you and the deesclation tactics and the european union hsa has to do with when the european union formed the nations gave you their sovereignty and one of the
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conditions of joining was a commitment to human right we don't have this in the united states so once they committed to uniform unifying bodies of goals and aspirations that committed them to this. >> may i ask more questions. >> if i may jump if i know that obviously you have a very well respected history of involvement. >> that's age. >> not only from the academic studies but i mean as you cited our activism that has stemmed from early on in your life can you claeshl on your work you do teaching and writing how will you apply tour background to the role of a commissioner and the goals he pretty much parents on the commission today. >> well supervisor understand
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one thing i have tenure everything i write is about things i do not actually about - usually not about - writing what i've done or others should do i did that for example, when i was the president of the immigrant rights commission the big report was based on work i've done and assembled people to testify in the community i would try to do do same thing this is about creating an atmosphere of being guardian rather than warrior against the community and so what i would do is work on implementing tried and true and not all the recommendations i want you to know are tried and true implemented tried and true procedures in a way that are
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meaningful and which hopefully the poa will buy into. >> thank you and supervisor cowen did you want to ask your question now. >> thank you so professor thank you for your time and interest in applying to be on the commission and want to acknowledge your application i believe came in after the deadline how do you handle students assignment when we come in after the deadline. >> any student i've had one of the most lenient professors ever. >> (laughter). >> and never punished anyone for being late i believe in forgiveness and recognize and you know what life is two short. >> life is short let's not spent a lot of time on the committee but do work maybe tells you why the application was late and i didn't know that
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was open to believe i know that victor would be worn in this january i assumed he would be stepping down in january. >> so you brought that it will become open in january. >> exactly. >> okay in our option remarks you did a lot of name-dropping with the african-americans i wanted to know for what reason and exactly would do you want me to takeaway. >> i was hoping honestly, i don't know of you and supervisor president london breed know i've worked with the african-american community so i was directing that to both of i think that everyone equip supervisor farrell everyone on the board knows me and knows the work i've done and the people i've worked with. >> i appreciate that i have to admit i was uncomfortable it felt like the identity politics
10:14 pm
and politicking on the receiving end you have actually educated my colleague supervisor katie tang and my legislative aide i'm familiar with our work in the community and we do appreciate the law review you've sent over. >> i'm sorry, i offended you. >> in the world of offense that was a blemish i wanted to flag it and share that with you supervisor. >> thank you and, of course, we you know in my role as compare i want to be as inclusive to as many candidates on the police commission here in san francisco and everywhere we're hence holding this for the additional complication. >> supervisor president london breed. >> so i had a few questions specifically i'm just trying to understand i understand the work
10:15 pm
that you've done and it is probably the reason why you applied for this seat and comes natural your someone involved in the issues but can you- i'm trying to take away just want to be a commissioner. >> san francisco supervisor needs to set a teen and an example for the rest of the country to respond to the urgency of what has been presented to the country in the last two or three years with those officer-involved shootings i agree with the implementation of one of the earlier questions that where have we been and i'm ready to roll up my sleeves and work on this issue
10:16 pm
that has to be addressed right now and kind of answering one of the earlier questions it involves having to work with perhaps difficult people in the room i've negotiated one of the courses i teach is a negotiation i've negotiated with people that could restraining order acted in bad faith with the criminal justice we'd make deals and do a press conference and pull the rug ousted from under the recommendations you do the best you can and forgo ahead i want to work on the issues advertised important to the country. >> and president to write about those issues and dealing with organization like the poa are two different things i i
10:17 pm
mean urban design specifically said uniform hope they buy into the proposed changes i want to understand how you as a commissioner would work to try and be a lot more grateful than what i'm hearing in our response to basically i mean, we're talking about an organization that is aggressive with not only members of the board of supervisors but aggressive how they communicated what they want to see happen and obstruct i was to move forward that could save lives i want to know what stance and how to deal with moving those important changes to the departments forward so we can see real change. >> they show going to i'll show good faith if they don't i'll stand up to them and come down to a vote we'll vote to implement those remedies they
10:18 pm
don't want if they're in transit not much you can do buy steel yourselves he get hate mail and death threats moment my name is in the newspaper i'll get a hate mail so. >> from students. >> not from students mostly anti immigrant folks so the implementation of your question they may become difficult to work with i found from the board patrol was difficult to work with and great board patrol officers and great police officer but if their union and this is indicative of the ice union they take strong political positions you can't for with them behind closed doors i've tried to negotiate with them
10:19 pm
it's difficult you forgo ahead and stand up to them what is right is right and wrong from the majority of the commission feels we've got to go forward we go forward without them. >> so the other concern i have is you know just we have clearly challenges with the way that our police department interacts with community of polar and we've got a lot more work to do we also know that what we've seen noble not only in san francisco but throughout the country is sadly there are people who lost their lives because of the challenges with that relationship primarily people who are a part of african-american community or latino community and we've seen that sadly here in san francisco i want to understand exactly you know you talked about our
10:20 pm
relationships with individuals but for me it is how you think and the priority not necessarily you know what kind of solutions a can you bring to the tangle to help us arrive at the conclusions to avoid this we talk about changes to the policies and things we need to do but i guess i'm trying to understand your thoughts and what kinds of policies you would push to get us to a better place to address those issues to make sure that we can doing everything we can to avoid the loss of lives with our department. >> listen i'm familiar with all the different proposals made i've read 24r9 cops report and the blue ribbon panel report i spoke with crews and others as
10:21 pm
well and they - it is clear there's not one proposal that as panacea i think you have to try a all to be honest if you make change i'll strike cautionary notes on the anti bias training if you read the explicit bias studies and look at the agencies that are trying them i'm happy it is implemented in san francisco it will not fix everything believe me it is difficult to change people's racist attitude but what it has been is discussing issues when our in that room i've helped do some of the trainings with jerry is a friend of mine at ucla and
10:22 pm
the limits of the way you implement those kinds of things when you get the officers in the room you have a chance to raise an array even if issues you may not change their minds you force them to think same as the data collection the efforts in san francisco are not worthy but the state governor jerry brown do i understand two data collection bills last year and that is it as procedural ploy it is a procedural mechanism to get officers to stop and think and so anytime you can slow down the process it is helpful what has been demonstrated by training after training and by police officers who pay attention and care about those
10:23 pm
things is patience is a virtue and that many, many times o shootings could have been pretend in the officers showed patience take tasers first of all, taser guns for example, that is- was promoted in the cops report i wish the tares recommendations be to be honest with you in new york tasers are authorized by certain sergeant not every sergeant not authorized by every officer and in fact, the points per capita in new york is lower it is a surprise so people it is much lower than san francisco and so tasers should probably only be used by a certain category of people rather than by everyone else they should only be used
10:24 pm
for example, only use a tasers when a knife welding person that is very dangerous but police who are having tasers use them with people that don't comply do use one because the person didn't move off a sidewalk and the other problem the tasers jam and when they jam the police officers reaches for his or her weapon a long way to respond supervisor i mean money to deflect our question i mean you try a range of different the range i try them all knowing they're not a single one will work on its own and last but not least. >> i want to ask you know
10:25 pm
oftentimes it is one thing because you're a professor and you have done research you've written about things that based our research it is one thing to write about that and another thing to have personal experience that drives you in making a decision i wanted to understand be a little bit more about the personal side as well that could help balance where a lot of this advocacy that you seem to have comes from. >> it is true the advocacies on this issue largely comes from the reminder since rodney king about the injustices that are visited on primarily african-american communities but also other people of color communities and on the groups it is true comes from that
10:26 pm
observation and me being passionate about the human right and civil rights every interaction equip stopping for speeding i've been the victim of home robberies they don't solve the crime but come to any house and always been good conversations and helpful so i don't have a parental vendetta against the police in that sense no, but represent clients that have problems with the police i represented so-called immigrants and gang members in the latino and the asian community and they i've seen some ugly things and nice things but in that sense sure but not on a personal if
10:27 pm
that's what you're asking. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> your 1:30 students are waiting for you. >> no, no i don't have to be there. >> sue gave great testimony with lots of people speaking for her what she'll bring and criminal justice have made a great case for other candidate one of the weakens you're addressing i'll make a point the law professor i think what you look like on paper i've known you around the 1980s when one was beaten up by the police and challenges for the community control cop watch then van and others emerged to take off but
10:28 pm
as the fifth preference and the immigrant rights movement you were our champion you were always down to earth and reaching out to people and the 2016 article from battling disrupting the race you tell the story of one of the founders of black lives matter and rodney king and rise to mario woods you tell the human stories how change happens i'll read the last part of it and ask you to comment as you claiming including conduct how the police commissioners and activists trying to change the system you say given did evil message that the war an crime and war on drugs and point out micro e
10:29 pm
michelle and others - we need our own wary come back to the destructive i know the reblues lawyerably you've done to others as well you say i come back to this issue of disruption disruption takes the students and social media but in the sense of reframing of up rooting and how police do their work disturbance on the street leads to the disruptive approach and list them today more than ever those of us in the legal community needs to look at the criminal justice how will you put into practice how you've learned over thirty years and learned so much how do you put that in practice in a hard situation that the police commission it is you'll be a
10:30 pm
number of members how will you do that. >> rebellious - it is respectfully the people you work with and i'll be working are regular everyday residents of san francisco respectfully their intelligence where they're coming from what we do to try to live their daily lives in a safeway and working with allies another thing for rebellious lawyering it is about looking for other allies you can bring to the table to work with and
10:31 pm
you're not skaishg me, you and your colleagues is not scaring me you're telling me the poa is difficult to work with but i'll tell you this they're more folks out there who care about this issue than we can imagine there are folks that really want and care about fair policing in non-racial manner i will beet the bushes to try to gain credibility with folks we're negotiating with. >> thank you. >> thank you very much so at this time we have about less than a half an hour i'll open up for public comment and i have a few speaker cards thank you for your presentation but, of course, i see - so i
10:32 pm
(calling names) no one else is here please line up by one of the walls over there. >> good afternoon supervisor tang and supervisor mar and supervisor cowen and supervisor avalos i'm sandy here to in support and make comments on behalf of julia susan i've known julie for over 14 years basically in relationship of the domestic violence human trafficking and elderly because abuse abuse a person as you may know is a person that works many communities. >> as a police commissioner not one commissioner that makes
10:33 pm
the difference is a collective body of a policy group that has to convince the majority of the commissioners to do a certain way i believe that julia will have the ability to work well with they are fellow commissioners and also working with a city department had that experience working with the commission and the staff of women but working with the chief and the police unions the different rank and file and listening to their issues and the community at large has a track record in doing all those things with as a policymaker so i encourage you to bring her name forgot to the full board tomorrow thank you. >> thank you very much
10:34 pm
interest. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is lindsey here to speak on behalf of john you can in thinking about this over the last couple of weeks in reason san francisco shouldn't lead the nation in fourthing that problem you have a very big task in front you as the commission and to think someone would can carry forward that vision i think there is two main reasons i'm supporting john one his experience his experience in the criminal justice system is unparalleled amongst the commitments we need to know where the rubber meets the road and real life situations in decisions and john knows that he
10:35 pm
was spent years and years and years talking about e talking all members of this community the criminal defendants and everyone that is one part and the second part is we're going to need to sell our ideas not just the police officers association but to the community i know john we volunteered as coaches for the college trial team and it is an after-school program in the bayview that helps first generations kids get into a four-year college and john was by far i say this what a couple of other coaches john was their favorite he understands and needs the same skills selling those ideas and
10:36 pm
bringing people on board i'm confident that if you choose john he'll be able to bridge that he's dealing with the kinds of kids you want to bring over to our side so thank you. >> thank you very much >> next speaker, please. >> board of supervisors i'm the president of the offices for justice first of all, i want to say that you personally know each of you know the officers for justice justice has been engaged in challenging work with the police reform within the san francisco police department that was a golden opportunity as you as supervisors to do something in our city that is not been think done to appoint a asian-american to the police commission the reason i'm here is because i believe that john
10:37 pm
is the best candidates based on his training and experience and he is going to be uniquely qualified as a commission when i spoke to him he understand reform when i spoke to him we talked for many, many, many occasions about 21st century policing what police reform will look like in san francisco his experience with the criminal justice system i think will only help to give a new view and allow our police commission to be a little bit more open-minded to the community the other issue we have so many facts that have been presented to us by both the blue ribbon panel and the doj we do need someone that will be committed to police reform in enhancing the relationships
10:38 pm
women and children the community i think he can do just that he is emerged in sharing that justice and farng is available to all the citizens i think trufl we want the familiarity with his experience will be an seat and look forward to working with him on social justice for people of color and citizens we serve thank you. >> thank you very much >> next speaker, please. >> morning to the rules committee and the clerk i'm 11 year resident and a criminal justice attorney a former - i'm here in support of john
10:39 pm
appointment to the san francisco public works he worked in the criminal court reporters and understands how how to restore instrumentalist we've served as law school students and went on as attorney john 5i9d the vulnerable residents the poor and mentally ill and people of color we worked with use of force are protests in situations where racial over tunes colored the arrests i've seen john in court and he treats his fellow counsel with equal respected and respected by justices for for his district john volunteered his time to instruct my students me mentored students and
10:40 pm
continued to serve the communities the community can send a message tell the people of san francisco that is taking concerns involving the use of force and mentally ill country's seriously celebrating john in the criminal courts will send this message to our city thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello to the members i'm here in support of john to the san francisco police commission i'm a paralegal that specialize in criminal defense in the bay area the president of the harvey milk club and others i'm also a member i'm sorry a resident of district 6 i first met john through a justice when i decided to take a
10:41 pm
legal position in a firm he was one of the practices advertising sharing the same office through any 5 years john was one of the biggest influenced of my life i remember one of the daily lunches he with other advertising talking about those who are accused a technical nuances of legal the imbalances of color and technically the people of color and the struggle to see your client is other than criminal john was willing and ready to provide guidance and legal sighted to myself and other advertising he's a well respected member of the bar association to the aging association the san francisco university of california, san francisco and been - i learned about john's love for his
10:42 pm
community many days john would take off earlier for the college and attended board meetings with organizations when most advertising go home john worked on conflicts pro bono for causes he believed in such representing political protests and rap actors and victims of domestic violence - the community has been demanding reform for years and it is unfortunate the blue ribbon panel finding had to highlight that i respectfully dabbed you not play politics with that that the community can't afford it with that black lives matter and thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors i'm david one of the co-founder
10:43 pm
of the police affordability sealed the sf police commission has not a great record after mario woods a new use of force has been voted on unanimously and not implemented because the commission has been sub servant to the poa that needs to change we need a commissioner with backbone and a push for data and on the culture issues marry san franciscans for police affordability officially supports john or hinging but john has impressed me with his knowledge and background and also our organization has met on numerous organizations with commissioners one by one the job is almost full-time you don't get paid it is grueling work you have a lot of people that are in our face all the time you make monies, etc. i think that john
10:44 pm
with his youthful energy is the right candidate so our organization supports either john or hinging in a perfect world love to have them both but my money is on john he's got the energy and the heart thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisors my name is richard the last 10 year i'm a member of the every station the chance have a community of citizens advisory i'm one of the members in my station a integration in chinatown so i know something about i know sue for the last 25 years she's a very friendly person
10:45 pm
right now in this city our police department is not working well with our community we not satisfied with the community policing and julia when i appoint her recommending her to the full board of supervisors when they got that job he can sit down with the commissioners working very good with the other 6 members and she can talk to the victims very good two at the same time and communicate with the police unions and she's a very easy to get along with and talking with so on this i urge you to recommended her to the board of
10:46 pm
supervisors and she'll become a police commissioner thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, everybody my name is an mark jacobs a san francisco public defender 21 years and record of training at the office now i can talk about explicit bias training we do it regularly and people can change not just one training a lifetime it goes on and on i'm a member of the racial justice committee even though i'm a white boy i'm here for the racial justice committee we submitted to the board of supervisors a 10 point plan before any of the other plans cute and a lot of them have been echoed in the plans you guys have been receiving in the different groups and i
10:47 pm
started to get emotional i try cases and you guys are sitting here like a jury lineups to the issues in the city makes me sick 21 years i've been banging my head 21st years the police officers association the former drug dope man busting heads president of the poa i'm sick of that we have 3 former da's on the police commission commissioner president loftus and tipping i didn't i tried cases and went to the u.s. attorney's office and you're not talking about the poa you're talking about the commission itself and until the 506789 office of citizens complaints
10:48 pm
walk up i know we have a lot of politics i've lived here since 88 seen it all before in the public defender's office politics takes all we need a defense the reason why or attorney on that commission i'm serious we have lopsided law enforcement police commission. >> i'm sorry, sir we have to give 2 minutes to everyone. >> let's follow the rules. >> good afternoon i'm karen ferry building a member of just for mario woods and a co-sponsored of san franciscans for police affordability and served as the director of internal review and general council and staff support for but for the citizen
10:49 pm
commissions to the city moving to san francisco i continued my work helping young adult people of color launch professional criterias until one person caused me to question everything i've made my living as an bias trainer i was unaware of the deep-seated problems in the san francisco police department until i saw the video of mario woods and embarrassed since january 22nd i attend my first police commission meeting i'll say i attended 75 percent of the meetings so developed a strong relationship with victor wrongly and commissioner dejesus and see the characteristics we need on the police commission we need street fighters can't have
10:50 pm
people that are weak or send a letter to the police department saying you need to change we need someone that understands the games mentality when i call sfpd a gang those are the words the retired justices from the blue ribbon panel that person is john we had an extensive conversation in which we per swayed me he's the right person for the roll and what i really most respect is his deep understanding and engagement with low income young san franciscans of color that are disproportionately has and served by the police department i urge you to support john to fill the seat of victor wong if you want to reign in the poa offer legal insurance to police
10:51 pm
officers not independent for the poa for legal recommendation thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i come here not only a san franciscan i worked in district attorney's office and do criminal defense and on the bar association in nell question endorse john the southern california is concerned with what we are politically many of the people are targeted in the 9/11 world the fact by other people but by law enforcement so that's important to us but i want to share like a personal story why i personally am endorsing jonas a prefer and criminal defense attorney you speak to laermd in the trenches and people with contact with the
10:52 pm
police and influenced how justice if you have a victim mistreated it focuses their ability to come forward and testify and if you have a defend balanced treated by the police they don't come forward the whole notation we as citizens have ability to supervisor our probation officer police department for that reason we ask you to consider john for that position. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is michelle i'm a public defender from the public defender's office and a resident of san francisco for the past 4 years lived in supervisor mar's district and like to say good afternoon to supervisor president london breed and supervisor tang and supervisor cowen and supervisor avalos i'm here to support john he sent a
10:53 pm
letter to every single i've known john since a lawyer in law school he was in my office and an intern and i after he left the public defender's office he continued to do criminal defense he is interesting and that's what audible see the kind of person that coagulate to the police commission he be targeted and be learned and researched and as not afraid to field our questions and speak with the communities i don't realize all the things that john does when he's doing the hunters point the mock trial program the kind of person that has had relationship not just as an asian man but with the people of color and which he'll speak on behalf of who on the other candidates
10:54 pm
witness a shooting and knows who will i talk to they'll pick up the phone and call john help me and help any community when you look at a candidate and look at it their resume and submit who is qualified for the job regardless of how great people are i've been in the community for over 20 years i know professor lang is an amazing advocate and julia is part of a community i've known them them over 20 years when you look at their job applications no matter how wonderful you're not third-world country and no disrespect to say. >> an individual didn't mean i dislike you but you're not fit for the job i - i know my time is up look at the job qualifications and when you endorse someone say you are -
10:55 pm
>> thank you thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon sorry. >> as you may know it is really hard for me to talk about that issue but, yes owe show up the position is really important for the voicesless i met john through a friend two months ago who's mother was in care in a facility in the bayview a mother living with dementia without full capacity to speak her voice and in a conflict in the care facility the police department was called and they showed up and did some not optimal things this individual ended up 5150ed sent
10:56 pm
to san francisco general what in the world were you thinking sfpd why do you 5150 to citizen 19 with dementia she didn't need to be 5150 john - eave known john for three weeks and many of you for much longer than that as in the mentally ill on the crisis intervention training and the team john has the heart and the for it is the duty to advance the reforms that ground level have been working for the fact i'm speaking 20u today an indication how hunger this
10:57 pm
community is for substantial change he respect and admire the qualifications of the other candidates but here to affirm to every single that john is the best candidate for the roll the time thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is jackie a co-sponsored for the police affordability and here to speak in support of john right now san franciscans for police accountable is one of the community-based organizations that needs to be shareholders and be considered as part of the groups in the community that the police commission consultants with i building that john will be more than inclusive than the
10:58 pm
present members of the police commission have been and additionally more senior members of the police commission would not be able to categorical and roll over someone with john's credentials so all of those and many more that have been mentioned i'm in strong support of john do the right thing and vote for him. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> and if anyone else wants to speak during public comment feel free to line up. >> thank you good afternoon supervising i'm barbara a police accountability consultant a 15 year veteran worked at occ a san franciscan native we want to
10:59 pm
underscore hour important that seat is the commission is charged with 0 overseeing the governance of the police commission and the oovment it is imperative you appoint the strongest candidate to the point the commission suffers if the complaints the lack of leadership on the commission was in the long termination of greg suhr who's tenure failure to hold officers accountable for misconduct tenure marked by horrible police shootings and racism evidenced by text messaging those are the neglect of the office of citizens complaints to bring this to
11:00 pm
police commission now with the detailed non-transparent payroll derailed of an appointment of a new police chief the out arraign - to the police commission association this appointment of a force fulfill influential leader to the commission is more important than ever we've heard to impressive candidates for this position bill and john their experience is great but you need to appoint the most forceful i believe this is john thank you for your time. >> thank you very much any public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisor mar. >> we have an incredibly tough decision colleagues i'd like to
11:01 pm
start off by saying i'm going i move we support bill for the vacant seat number 2 on the police commission i wish we had 3 seats to appoint i know as some said needs to be much more of that passion that john recommended on the police commission but the reason for any support for bill are spectacular to what i mentioned the fraud long time oversee to being one of the most approachable mentor to one of the immigrant rights community right now is a sanctuary city infrastructure attack on the nation wide level his awareness eased involvement not only with immigrant community but african-americans and long term representatives with so many in all community is needed right now i think that john's work is commendable but what is lacking
11:02 pm
there is the deep relationships that even juicy sue brought up with the china's and asian pacific islanders but the immigrant communities women's and others i think that bill and michelle mentioned who is the most fit i believe bill is so i disagreeable with any friend of mine tiger and think that bill has the ability to have a broad overview on the notch and educated many of the leaders from moifshg alexander and he started off with hi. i think he has the overview but
11:03 pm
will help with the systemic review i urge the support for bill i wish we had 3 seats important police commission. >> thank you, supervisor breed i'm sorry supervisor avalos a thank you. i wasn't able to sit in with susans presentation he talked with bill over the weekend and john as well and mostly today, i was listening actually was very i'm not sure what to do i told two candidates i was supporting them not the best way to communicate to one of them about my position and i came in thinking that the best candidate was potentially going to be bill >> and i knowing bill from the
11:04 pm
human rights work and his work in decades in academics but looking at how the institutions served them and from a perspective of working with the institutions to help to make changes in them and but i actually i thought that was really important that we do have someone that is more familiar with the chinese community part of asian community but as he i was listening to john, i feel he was the kwlths respond that has very, very strong relationships with community groups and someone that has a background in how our justice system works from the - has the ability to know how the system of law enforcement works from the policing point of view
11:05 pm
and that to me hands on everyday experienced is what i think will be critical as we're trying to make reform happen or transformation within the police department so i'm not a voting member of the community at this moment i'll voting tomorrow but would be supportive of john and if it turns out the board is not supporting john which i hope he can i would support bill in that case. >> thank you for your comments supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> thank you. i want it thank all the candidates who came out today, i know that julia didn't have a chance to speak but here last week and you know it is really interesting because when we make those important
11:06 pm
commission appointments there is definitely a lot of people who have their relationships and have their favorites and have you know what they believe should happen in these particular moments but ultimately the decision rests in our hands this is an important seat and commission and an important time i want a really good commissioner i have relationships with, of course, but you know i'd encourage another candidate i thought would be a great candidate but was somewhat discouraged when we met with one of the board members i was told he wouldn't have a shot at the seat i thought he would bring a lot to the table i understand you know under a desire to that
11:07 pm
is equally important to make sure that the person that we have in the seat is someone who is of substance which all the candidates are they bring a different perspective i was looking at for with this particular commission is someone who understood exactly what was really going on not just in theory but you know just from experience you know, i think the thing i try to talk about is all the things around policing and the challenges and issues i mean, the gentleman who said he had been a public defender's office for over 28 years those are my bosses and cousins heads was
11:08 pm
bufrtdz and killed by the sfpd and sadly epic those conversations come up time after time and i feel the conversations has mislead in a way i never thought possible what is so sad you live your life thinking that is normal and what it's all about and president to create change i'm excited about what the future holds with so many other people that are expressing interests in the changes we can talk about that all day that is as important to make sure that our actions reflect the need for change and the need for what is to come i've heard again tremendous things about all the candidates and i don't know john
11:09 pm
very well but he has impressed me and it wasn't just about the people that came in here and spoke about what he had to say what that plans to do and also the faculty is criminal offense attorney you know the cases the families, the people can and going up against the da and the police department to defend people sometimes are innocent and sometimes guest guilty know a few folks who didn't commitment the crime i think having if familiarity of what that entails is really missing on the police commission and so i think that from my perspective as impressed impressive of a
11:10 pm
resume as john has as impressive of a resume and career as julia in the city i think that of all the candidates john stand out the most to me and i think that he is exactly what we need on this police commission spectacular reasons i want to support him has to do with with any support for victor his criminal defense attorney experience and being in that criminal justice world and being a social justice advocate i mean those are the kinds of things we need to see what also i was impressed me about john was the fact that he strikes a balance he is not anti police but he is really given me the impression he's an advocate for
11:11 pm
what is right and not afraid to call anyone to the table on what they're doing right or wrong and he's done that in his work i think that it is going to be important that we make good decisions about the commission as he mentioned the different between life and death how we make decisions and change that department you know someone out there someone out there lives will be saved because who we put on the commission i believe that the person most cable of making the good decisions highway to steer the commission nicaragua would be john. >> i'll jump in before
11:12 pm
supervisor cowen speaks thank you to all the applicant my biggest fear was actually not enough people applying for this how much work is entails and the spotlight on the commission i'm really glad we have 3 really amazing candidates i never taken so many notes on the candidates this is such an important commission as supervisor president london breed mentioned and want to talk about any thought process you obviously all 3 are advertising very intelligent but bring different backgrounds what i did appreciate about john is that what everyone has said he's criminal justice background and the examination outside of work it is important we have that perspective on the police commission i did a appreciate professor i know there were questions how his academic
11:13 pm
experience translates into his role at the police commission i'll say knowing his daughters growing up that he has raised incredible activists in the community of san francisco and beyond because i have his activism i truly believe that not only just writes or teaches about those issues but actually does gave me in this work one thing up appreciate that he said was that note necessarily we don't necessarily need to agree with all the recommendations it came down we need a critical eye to whether a blue ribbon panel or the doj we need to make sure that all the work for san francisco and in terms of ms. sue i know you didn't get to hear her presentation a couple of things i appreciated about her background is the fact she mentioned other issues besides the use of force that are
11:14 pm
important at least to me personally referred to as a bulldog not backing down on issues one of the things that is missouri important to hear about but i know first-hand her work four domestic violence and human trafficking especially with domestic violence they mentioned that was difficult for the police department to focus on that was one of the leading causes of death in light community she fought hard to make sure we were not oh, it was a consequence in time that we have a decrease in the numbers or that we have zero in certain years we need to get to the root cause so they don't resurface again, i think she made that parallel argument use of force we can't take it for granted but have to deeper dive and
11:15 pm
appreciate her thoughts around language assess and all the candidates talked about united states trust language is important especially with the asian culture many others you don't speak the language you don't want to report anything to the police i've seen it with my own family as well i feel like should not be swept under we need to address that and we really need to have officers engaged in the community we have more difficult cultures to speak that confidentiality and lastly working with survivors and victims' families i think that is important as well i didn't hear that being talked about i know that john worked with many victims' families but that is something i do feel is important for a commissioner to have that ability to work with the
11:16 pm
different survivor of communities so this is a very difficult decision honestly, i could support all the candidates i think you're all wonderful but given just my experience with at least ms. sigh someone that i definitely want to support but honestly be okay with you know what this committee puts forward i don't know supervisor cowen apply on our thoughts. >> i'm trying to organize them thank you for the members of the public and the candidates and those at home watching who will watch the rebroadcast that have written the e-mails and the people that texted me stopped me in the grocery store and out to dinner with any husband it is first concerting there were few people interested
11:17 pm
in applying for this position but the level of professionalism and the deep knowledge that the candidates have had and this includes robert hirsh someone that supervisor breed mentioned was impressive we're looking for a unique set of skills and frankly i'm not entirely satisfied with all the applicant there are skill sets i'm hopeful will be developed in the appointed commissioner but for the time being what i'm looking for is a long term commitment not one that is is create in the last couple of months or years i'm looking for someone that has
11:18 pm
dedicated their lives to justice and fairness for everyone and someone that is really been at the table part of conversation that go going on for a very long time the level of dysfunction that is permitted to exist in the city and county of san francisco is deplorable and time for a major game change a shift in the way we've been handing our law enforcement agencies here in san francisco there was a motion on the table to support professor and unfortunately i'm not able to support that and one of the things that concern me the most is that the deadline was missed and i interpret that as the deadline was missed because you're not attending the commission meetings and not engaged in the conversations and this is has nothing to do with with the extend background in the legal perform i don't
11:19 pm
think that is the right background for to particular seat at that time commissioner sue is trans informative i've known her for many years and advocated with her but it is concerting to me under our own admission not attended a meeting since 2012 and i think that we again need someone that is present and awake i'll be supporting john, however, he too since recently came to attend some of the meetings granted he watches them on sfgovtv but i'll take him at his word but bans the presentation he has demonstrated a deep understanding not only about the law not only about justice but also a hard felt commitment to
11:20 pm
seeing justice disdonated in a fair evenhanded manner and think i'll be a person that challenges the person's but a balance when it comes to the police department. >> their advocacy on behalf of their interests there are many policies that do worry me professor spoke specific about tasers i'm concerned about tasers not sure where i fall on if but tasers kill as well considering the non-lethal weapon but has
11:21 pm
the ability to maim and hurt and kill people from my perspective, a policy issue skraurl in the responsible and jurisdiction of the police commission so colleagues, i hope i've shed light into my thought process who i am and who i think will serve best not to displace any of the folks that have not willed to employ again, we have other appointments coming up to be available and anyone of the applicant that expressed interest and got in far in the process should seriously consider politically again and want to acknowledge that john spoke of i think supervisor mar raised the question of representation with the aimentd
11:22 pm
specific to the chinese community i thought the answer that john gave is thoughtful part of asian api communities and i believely of japanese descent to present and aware of the challenges that gave me comfort i've heard from leaders i've really come to respect sandy, and commissioners about the concerns of what they want to see there's a functioning spent a lot of time and articulated the concerns the asian-american community that laid it heavy on any heart i think that the answer that john gave gave me more comfortable that the community will be very well recommended and open and
11:23 pm
approach able to the needs and again those are specific to what i've heard articulated in the chinese-american community with that, supervisor mar i'll not be able to support your motion today and i'll be making my motion to move forward john for consideration. >> thank you thanks for maya angelou making it seize easy /* easy i'll be willing to support supervisor eric mar's motion i say this not to disrespect john, i think your frankly the person i've known the least out of the 3 candidates. >> next speaker. >> but not taking away from our qualifications dwech any understanding of the professor and his background i
11:24 pm
believe that he is more of an activist than more of us know up here so i would be okay with supporting the motion that supervisor mar put forth. >> okay. let's call the vote. >> okay. >> roll call vote on supervisor mar's. >> motion by to appoint bill to seat 2 on the police commission supervisor mar supervisor cowen no supervisor tang we have 2 i's with supervisor cowen in december sent and so we'll i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> as a committee report than all right. thank you, everyone >> soak so supervisor cowen will proceeded to the land use committee i have a memo he can appoint supervisor avalos to our
11:25 pm
committee as a third member we're going to call up item 3. >> to appoint 6 members to the immigrant rights commissions there are 6 seats and 4 applicants. >> thank you very much so i'm not sure who is here we have 4 applicants as our clerk stated
11:26 pm
(calling names) you good afternoon, supervisors my name is ryan i'm 23 years old and a firefighter law student thank you all for allowing me to speak before you and hope at the conclusion of my remarks i earn your represents to the human right my determination is two-fold deals with any up bringing up and background and the times we're in now and the circumstances in which we find ourselves first to my background my parents in fled iran they came to the united states to pursue an education and their american dream thought my childhood wlooern from their hardships and struggles and the sacrifice to pursue their american dream he developed a
11:27 pm
respect for their american dream and because of the lessons from my parents he spent a lot of time to uplifting the american community in the capacity i was able to i'm originally from the south bay and a homework tutor to students and traveled to costa rica as an english teacher and a tutor and helped the immigrants and one of the most important things i've learned if my parents was that when they came to the college of the deep south in the they looked at different and they speak the language different and came from a country that took american hostages they were not subject to discrimination and an era of coverdaleness now look at 2016
11:28 pm
our country has gun backyards r backwards this is hate and racism and people in the communities are scared immigrants are afraid and one of the most heartbreaking is one of any classrooms they was in tears i have to have a terrible conversation with my parents i told any mom and dad not to speak parcy in public when a if someone hears you, we can't control we we look like but control the language to protect ourselves the fact that conversation was in 2016 was are heartbreaking in hastings any campus we are were saddened what lies ahead for the future and
11:29 pm
any professors were weeping in fact no instruction we had a town hall and got up and said you know what i've learned there's hope it is a call to action for any generation to mobilize and play our parts in whatever roles and in my capacity right now as a young student and a son of immigrants the part i play in the immigrants rights commission and didn't stop with me i've motivated classmates now it 9 time to represent affirm our clock of a level and that's work i'm here i have a examine tomorrow but want to work for the immigrants to preserve their right to advocate for them and
11:30 pm
to make sure that there quality of life remains unchanged come january when we have a new president thank you. >> thank you very much very well-spoken for a 23-year-old and thank you for taking that call to action i am wondering in you are appointed to the council what immigration matters will you work on. >> from many research an ordinance that is pending will create a division within the public defender's office that would allocate 17 portions for advertising to fight against deportation that is a great first start now regarding people expressed they want to see universal recommendations in an ideal world that is perfect i don't know what the budget will look like but to ordinance is a great start and one thing first of all, thank you, supervisors for the statement that you wrote
11:31 pm
in response to the election and for mayor lee's remarks and seen the human rights commission has as well for releasing a statement and maybe i can help to drafted the statement of our own and what we can do is he reaffirm our doesn't the to the sanctuary city status and for our immigrants and hastings as well as held know our relevance sessions for immigrants i think working with the immigration rifrtsdz community and be as activist to go out and learn of people's fears and see when what we can do to advocate for them. >> i appreciate your last statement we do think that is important to get outside of the commission and go out into the community and engagement whether to support immigrant communities feeling safer or offering them
11:32 pm
protection no motivator how busy in law school to get out there. >> and regardless of how people are in law school you care about something you make time that's why i'm here today and supervisor avalos. >> i just really appreciate our remarks just personal but also talked about what we're facing agency a city and country i just wanted to letting you know that. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> thank you for being here in our one first year of law school i know that i feel your passion and seat number 3 edward lee you'll be a great leaders on the
11:33 pm
immigrants but thank you for the passion in support of immigrants in this tolerant time and appreciate you being here. >> at this time i believe that the next applicant is not here go to michelle wong. >> good afternoon madam chair supervisor mar and supervisor avalos my name is michelle wong i was born in '81 one and earned by degree in usa i was a lecturer for 10 years teaching social science and social and my school wanted me to teach in columbia university i moved to our city in the year of 2000 got married
11:34 pm
and raised our daughter since then so - my as a society metrological educator translator and editor i recognize the fact that our country is established by immigrants wave after wave of immigrants built this city immigrants have combgd our country to fight like no others many americans seems to have forgotten those facts and engaged in scapegoating immigrants for our shortcomings the national conversation on immigration needs to be realigned with that truth that would be gratifying to contribute to such a social
11:35 pm
change by participating in immigrant local policies i'm very proud to be part of the community that has humanity and values to pick up where did other governments have not lived that up to their responsibility every society has refuges at the doors and often come from ancient culture with the - sposhtsdz by those same that societies with power comes responsibility and the leadership taken by san francisco and followed by others will show wharf of a society we are
11:36 pm
our city's policy whether they be social services or incorporating the talents and labor of the vulnerable class into minute steering is what i'll most proud of and that's why i'm seeking opportunity to work as at home mom and part time of translator editor and doing some volunteers work i believe if you were appointed i will be having a lot of time to serve then participate with the community outreach work thank you. >> just as i asked the previous applicant that are able to be appointed to this commission what are some of the things as a commissioner you
11:37 pm
want to do. >> any best thing more in the education so because i think education will go a long way - working with media and then change people's opinion and improve the immigrants the rights and their circumstances. >> okay. >> and it looks like in terms of your civic activities you've mentioned a o 14 hundred the
11:38 pm
radio station your doug whether you might be part of an series or some episodes radio or radio program in general do you see that as a former venue to carry out some of our work. >> yes. i think see judging from the demonstration on the things of the part i know more about the chinatown can see the changes regarding the residents and also the language and everything so i think from this chinese population in the bayer their social status changed and
11:39 pm
their society metrologiccatolog >> supervisor avalos. >> i see my mentor in the crowd and want to say i have a question i know that your community experience i wanted to commend you on work with compliance but the china friendship association i know the work is critical given the trump department of emergencytion of china and the china barb in the new modification i think your soften a sociology we see more
11:40 pm
demonstrati feminization of - thank you so much important applying. >> thank you very much so at this time were going to go to public comment but call up first maybe director honking oh, i see you back there sorry you were hidden from view. >> good afternoon madam chair and supervisor avalos and supervisor mar and thank you for having us here this afternoon to fill those vital seats on the immigration commission and several of the commissions have to step down we've been waiting
11:41 pm
patiently to come before you for the filing of those spots i want to speak briefly on behalf of the commissioners the commissioner has mentioned had to leave for a hearing and the other commissioner is with they are students at the university of california, san francisco so, so both commissioners have been long serving members the human rights both are immigrants both moves to this country at different points in their lives and had a huge commitment to interesting in dedication to the population of immigrants the commissioner is iran american and served on behalf of her community and is a wonderful advocate and voice so for is iran american and broader middle
11:42 pm
eastern communities and the commissioner she too is a wonderful - in both her role as a immigration attorney and activist she is has working closely with supervisor breed office to make sure that the community is the issues that effect them and the concerns are brought forward we look forward to having both commissioners reappointed we look forward to welcoming our two new applicants to join us on the commission again from the comments they've made they've increased the diversity of the commission and bring new ideas and thoughts we welcome any outside given the challenges we fascinate year ahead thank you for your time. >> thank you so much now director adrian. >> commissioners chair and
11:43 pm
supervisors adrian executive director office of seismic engagement and immigrant affairs briefly i support all candidates for the seats the next several years will be challenging for immigrants communities as far as all of us we need commissioners that are confident and really to show up for meeting to take acts one of the issues we've not be able to reach quorums for several meetings people are two busy to make it to meetings we need people the - one of the city's commissions 15 diverse members will we'd be celebrating our 20 anniversary next year hope you'll be part of that but an incredible must have work to do over 3 hundred thousand san franciscans who have - born outside of the united states
11:44 pm
over one thirds the population of desire need of the legal representation and assistance with citizenship and green card application and this is in addition to things we all struggle with language barriers and as many residents are facing safety concerns and affordable housing, health care economic and safety concerns there are also 5 hundred thousand more nine hundred undocumented immigrants in san francisco bayview most of those work and attends school or seek their services here in san francisco and close to the immigration courts i want to make that the three the vast yoort are no in the criminal justice system they contribute to this city to the
11:45 pm
tax base ore economy and provided essential services for the city that is one of the things that our conditions and office working towards reframing the perspective of our immigrant communities not here just here in the city but in this in addition, we interesting have greatest advocates but again several found it difficult to serve we hope you'll reappoint the two commissioners, i mentioned and add ryan and michelle to the commission thank you very much. >> thank you very much any other members of the public who would like to speak on this item please come on up. >> good afternoon commissioner tang and supervisor mar and supervisor avalos i'm florence
11:46 pm
the president of the san francisco chinese club and actually, one of the commissioner of the immigrant rights commission today, i'm here to removed michelle wong for the human rights commission because you've known her for 15 years we're close and i know michelle has the common sense and skills necessary to be efficient in our commission this meets the needs and the policy priorities regarding the classes of immigrants legal undocumented and otherwise she brings a background personal academic and professional and diversities of our bodies michelle was the lecture we were
11:47 pm
in '81 pay and teaches of college before been selected to be supported to study at columbia's doctoral degree program now more than ever we face an urgency to work collaboratively and with other jurisdictions to project our message to the greater community to promote the understanding of the rights of immigrants and how we can move forward to be inclusive to the immigrants for, if you will, our mission of our families and communities and, of course, i also recommend the other 3 candidates to be appointed or reappointed in our different seats thank you very much. >> thank you very much commissioner anyone wish to comment seen none, public comment is closed. >> thank you to the speakers for being here i the president to say that when
11:48 pm
we ceded the immigrant movements of the 90s during that period of the personal responsibility and the attack on immigrants at that period we saw this commission would play a significant role historically i think as bill talked about the attacks on the family categories in the 80s we're now in a similar period of time where the roll you play on the human rights commission is critical i want to acknowledge mabel and as she and john young worked with the movement and communities to craft the immigrant rights commission that is so important what you'll be doing in the face of trump one days and overturning the executive offered of obama your role will be critical thank you to renée our former director of
11:49 pm
the coalition so for immigrant right for that passion and activism that she and multi illegal unit unit that she brought as the immigrant rights commission was folder and i and supervisor avalos and supervisor campos leave this board of supervisors i know i'll be there to support find immigrants commissioners and the office but i know right now is a critical time we have to keep solidarity and ununity i want to thank the two new members soon to be commissioners wong and the other one because i think you're entering the commission has at a historic moment i look forward to our leadership and supporting you thank you so much to madam chair, i move the two gentlemen
11:50 pm
to be reappointed for or seat 2 and ryan for seat 3, elaine reappointed to seat 9 and wong for the other seat for the board of supervisors. >> thank you all residency waiver required for the commissioners for seat 2. >> okay second that motion. >> without objection just want to thank everyone lots of work ahead can't believe there are vacancies on this at this time i want to thank supervisor mar and supervisor avalos that is the last time serving on this committee with the fine supervisors thank you you've brought heart to the decision making on the rules committee thank you for that and
11:51 pm
mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> thank you we're
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>> hi. welcome to san
12:00 am
francisco. stay safe and exploring how you can stay in your home safely after an earthquake. let's look at common earthquake myths. >> we are here at the urban center on mission street in san francisco. we have 3 guest today. we have david constructional engineer and bill harvey. i want to talk about urban myths. what do you think about earthquakes, can you tell if they are coming in advance? >> he's sleeping during those earthquakes? >> have you noticed him take any special? >> no. he sleeps right through them. there is no truth that i'm aware of with harvey that dogs are aware of an impending
12:01 am
earthquake. >> you hear the myth all the time. suppose the dog helps you get up, is it going to help you do something >> i hear they are aware of small vibrations. but yes, i read extensively that dogs cannot realize earthquakes. >> today is a spectacular day in san francisco and sometimes people would say this is earthquake weather. is this earthquake weather? >> no. not that i have heard of. no such thing. >> there is no such thing. >> we are talking about the weather in a daily or weekly cycle. there is no relationship. i have heard it's hot or cold weather or rain. i'm not sure which is the myth. >> how about time of day?
12:02 am
>> yes. it happens when it's least convenient. when it happens people say we were lucky and when they don't. it's terrible timing. it's never a good time for an earthquake. >> but we are going to have one. >> how about the ground swallowing people into the ground? >> like the earth that collapsed? it's not like the tv shows. >> the earth does move and it bumps up and you get a ground fracture but it's not something that opens up and sucks you up into haddes.
12:03 am
>> it's not going anywhere. we are going to have a lot of damage, but this myth that california is going to the ocean is not real. >> southern california is moving north. it's coming up from the south to the north. >> you would have to invest the million year cycle, not weeks or years. maybe millions of years from now, part of los angeles will be in the bay area. >> for better or worse. >> yes. >> this is a tough question. >> those other ones weren't tough. >> this is a really easy challenge. are the smaller ones less stress? >> yes. the amount released in small earthquakes is that they are so small in you need many
12:04 am
of those. >> i think would you probably have to have maybe hundreds of magnitude earthquakes of 4.7. >> so small earthquakes are not making our lives better in the future? >> not anyway that you can count on. >> i have heard that buildings in san francisco are on rollers and isolated? >> it's not true. it's a conventional foundation like almost all the circumstances buildings in san francisco. >> the trans-america was built way before. it's a pretty conventional foundation design. >> i have heard about this thing called the triangle of life and up you are supposed to
12:05 am
go to the edge of your bed to save yourself. is there anything of value to that ? >> yes, if you are in your room. you should drop, cover and hold onto something. if you are in school, same thing, kitchen same thing. if you happen to be in your bed, and you rollover your bed, it's not a bad place to be. >> the reality is when we have a major earthquake the ground shaking so pronounced that you are not going to be able to get up and go anywhere. you are pretty much staying where you are when that earthquake hits. you are not going to be able to stand up and run with gravity. >> you want to get under the door frame but you are not moving to great distances. >> where can i buy a richter
12:06 am
scale? >> mr. richter is selling it. we are going to put a plug in for cold hardware. they are not available. it's a rather complex. >> in fact we don't even use the richter scale anymore. we use a moment magnitude. the richter scale was early technology. >> probably a myth that i hear most often is my building is just fine in the loma prieta earthquake so everything is fine. is that true ? >> loma prieta was different. the ground acceleration here was quite moderate and the duration was moderate. so anyone that believes they survived a big earthquake and their building has been tested is sadly mistaken.
12:07 am
>> we are planning for the bigger earthquake closer to san francisco and a fault totally independent. >> much stronger than the loma prieta earthquake. >> so people who were here in '89 they should say 3 times as strong and twice as long and that will give them more of an occasion of the earthquake we would have. 10 percent isn't really the threshold of damage. when you triple it you cross that line. it's much more damage in earthquake. >> i want to thank you, harvey, thanks pat for .
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>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the
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rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc
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meeting of the small business commission held on monday, december 12, 2016, this meeting is the meeting will come to order. at 535 thank you for the staff for tlifgz that viewed an commissioner honda two or live streemd an members of the public take this opportunity to silence our phones and please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. speakers are requested but not required to state your name for the record police place speakers in the baektd a sign-in sheet sfgovtv could you please show the slide slide or no slide the am


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