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tv   Small Business Commission 121216  SFGTV  December 27, 2016 12:15am-3:01am PST

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meeting of the small business commission held on monday, december 12, 2016, this meeting is the meeting will come to order. at 535 thank you for the staff for tlifgz that viewed an commissioner honda two or live streemd an members of the public take this opportunity to silence our phones and please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. speakers are requested but not required to state your name for the record police place speakers in the baektd a sign-in sheet sfgovtv could you please show the slide slide or no slide the amps
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paurif you have any questions about small business please see the all right. get started. >> we get the good stuff first almost item one-stop shop call to order and roll call commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley commissioner sanchez mr. vice president we have quorum. >> next item. >> item 2 general public comment i'd like
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to welcome everyone to the small business commission meeting of new agenda items for the future consideration. >> members of the public that note obtain tonight agenda seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> item 3 discussion and possible action an lesbian registry applications to approve the following proclamations to the legacy business registry arrow stamp and the castro street and golden gate and karate studio and project open hand the situated grounds cafe and san francisco proximate athletic and valencia richard the program manager. >> two minutes on this item; correct?
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thank you. >> sorry just a moment. >> really challenged i'm sorry just give me one second there we go okay. >> good afternoon commissioner president dwight and richard the lesbian program manager before you are 15 application fewer consideration for the businesses to be involved on the registry business i have a power point presentation. >> the application we are reviewed by me for completion and submitted to the planning department staff on october 17th for their review the historic preservation commission heard the applications on november 16th and made positive recommends to the small business commission each applicant the packet
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includes a staff report from the business legacy the application a case report from the planning department staff and a resolution from the historic preservation commission there are copies on the table for the public as well item 3 a arrow staff and coin company the business founded in 19556 buys and sells and appraise and has stamps and coincidence for collectors packages were sold in world war packet and the arrow stamp coin company sells stamp for clerks collectors a fabric place in union square that has a large collection of buttons and other
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in 1952 fabrics from floor to ceiling and textures with a special emphasis on european fabrics the fabrics is one of the last family owned businesses in the union square area. >> item 3 c classifying con o one features culture music lessons in western and chinese instrument a place for exotic and music instruments from all over the world has poetry and others educational classes and working groups and programs for youth san francisco poetry opened the tv show has classifying i don't think in their home and 3-d the cfo on castro street since 1971 and
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their commitment to the let the record reflect community the castro was the sponsor for the 19 san jose and a contributor to if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer thems events and individual customers during the aids crisis over the years the business clefkd festivity of people in the neighborhood that decorated the walls of the restaurant it is a slide show on 3 tv screens in the restaurant item 3 e is dangles berry gated a local dance company that is socially dance theatre performances the dance bureau gated has a cultural center for art groups at affordable rates and off programs for adults and
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children and run educational programs and produce works nationally and abroad item 3 f golden gate fortune cookies established in 1962 commissioner makras handmade fortune cookies with cookie thinks outside the box that heat flat rounded cookies for someone to have a signature shape with 5 thousand plus a designation for tourists item 3 g a hamburger making that one of the oldest businesses in the richmond district hamburger is known for the 1960s interiors the interior features a 1960 lay
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out with a mom current and original booths and yellow and orange strand glass and tiles and wood panelling item 3 h the karate studio it is a multi generational family was teaching marshall arts for the aerobics and it is known in the mission district for the important role in keeping young teens and children engaged in positive activities as instilling a health had been they began the business and two of the children have been marshall artist and instructors. >> item 3 i is project on hand a nonprofit organization that provide free healthy meals
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groceries and across town and education and social work services so for sentencing and critically ill community members that dates back to 1985 when the founder was moved to feed her neighbors suffering from aids today it provide over 2 hundred meals to clients that battle a arraigning of diseases and ailments item 3 j the cafe founded in 1972 a neighborhood coffee shop for poetry's and students and artists the sacrifices ground it thriving in the community through the weekly poetry reading and open mike events and book sunrise and is a place for comedy performance it is sam
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jordan bar an important local community leader it is served as a neighborhood gathering and hub for african-american communities since 1959 the jordan leadership they support the educational economic and political and cultural vital of the bayview african-american business lunches and brainstorming and a breakfast this provide hot meals to school children item 3 l the prosthetic service the business established in 1984 manufacturers and sells the devices for patients the business prize itself on living wages to the employees they provide pro bono services to the excelsior medical clinic and document the prosthetics to
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people in need and treats pets one of the only two remaining businesses that have custom artificial limbs item 3 m the valencia whole seafoods was established by a two cousins that bring organic foods to the mission district valencia whole foods officer fair products and offers a salad bar and many different health foods the business is an important commercial anchor in the neighborhoods for 26 years and they're at risk for displacement and met the criteria for the eligible program and 3 m the cake and coffee shop established in 1985 was within the first hong kong
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cafes in the country offering cantonese cuisine the vip coffee and cake shop caters to a low income community including seniors it is commit to keeping the prices low and keeps the cafe open late to serve workers item 3 o the business is a cocktail lounge opened in 1941 with the definition 1940s decorative materials designing the interior with the mural depicting a persian love story for the congress tails like mary teens and manhattan's as well as
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strict standards of bar etiquette with the personality ever former owner the son of the original owner bruno didn't like the looks or attitude of a patron heed sends the person away all 15 businesses received a positive recommendation from the historic preservation commission after reviewing those application on the recommendations from the historic preservation commission staff finds the businesses have met the criteria for the legacy business register there are 15 dwraft resolutions for the small business commission one for each of the legacy business registry applicants note that a motion in support should be a motion in support of >> that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> and there are a number of representatives that would like to speak on behalf of.
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>> fantastic thank you, richard what another great list of businesses i love this part of our meeting it is like a magical history tour the history is still alive we're here to try to keep that that way this is a fitting finale that the legacy businesses induction you guys are a great new addition to the legacy business rosters, of course, if you're approved at the end of this session anyway commissioners any comments before you we open up for public comment okay. we'll let's have public comment just a reminder that during public comment it is limited to two minutes we don't need to be rude in one and a half minutes you'll hear a gong and that means 30 seconds the second time we'll politically regardless of where
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you are ask you to step aside encourage you to read our remarks no style for reading and looking down at your paper the point to get this into the public record and entertain us let's get started. >> speaker cards i'll read 5 at a time (calling names). >> okay first up. >> my name is dennis i'm the owner and sole proprietor of coin stamp company located on 26th avenue near terryville in the sunset
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district been since the founding in 1955 by my father question deal in stamps and coincidence of the world and the principles including myself and parents have do you see this person in court roots in the communities any gathering in 1886 my mom was involved in the business had - was from the stanford campus and my dad had his mba we have a hotel concentrated primary in the sunset all parts of san francisco and basically because of the specialized nature of our business we have clients not only from the bayview but all part of state and nation and amends people from foreign countries we've tried to work
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with the tools of the libraries in the city to promote an educational tool for the young people especially during the times when the budget kits have been tough for the schools that is a great and painful way for the students to learn history and geography and 2, 3, 4 closing i'd like to say that the post office services has not forgotten san francisco and issued for the panama in 1915 the 19389 golden gate world's fair an treasure island the famous bridges are on postage stamp the trans clipper one of the statements that is a sfta san francisco off of treasure island with postal admissions and many famous san franciscans on stamps like harvey milk on a
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$0.49 stamp and joe montana and authors jack london when associated with san francisco have been. >> all right. and in closing, i want to mention that even our famous 49ers have been on a postal issue and, of course, the signing of the unk45e6r789 in 1945 in the opera house has been the subject of many postal admissions >> thank you very much that's great . >> (clapping.) >> i learned about geography in history in stamps. >> welcome. >> good afternoon i don't know what to say we're here and glad you, you guys choose us. >> who are you. >> i'm from the factory all over the place right now you should know how famous and we the contributed to the city that he opened 7 days a week a lot of
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people asked me why are you on 7 days a week are you greedy for more money. >> no towards i don't know when the tourists are coming we don't want to close down before their arrive i hope they understand our duties to all the city for the community and for the people thank you for inviting us and giving us a chance making us survival. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> i love your place. >> we have a new items that i created kevin custom make our own fortunes just instantly so try 2 when you have a chance. >> it there an app for that.
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>> no. >> (laughter). much appreciated thank you >> (clapping.) >> (calling names) hi ami terrance he walked into sam's company been 1957 or 58 a couple of years after founded a part of san francisco they studied stamps and coins and frankly that's part of history of san francisco frankly the spanish opted out california in 1769 largely because of silver trade in the far east traded mexican and spanish silver and the fact from the mid 15 hundreds to the late 1800s the
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spanish empire was the largest producer of silver producing 85 percent of silver produced worldwide the spanish dollars was - that's what our american dollars is derived from a germany coin taylor from the eureka valley they that was a silver mine there and they had coincidence the same size as our silver dollars all over europe with the folks that came in and the opening of silver mines in bolivia and mexico the world was flooded with silver and the spanish dollars was ever where and in case of sam's jordan bar mid-market a wonderful guy dead
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now that was an institution i'm an elected community man and both institutions are well worth considering and endorsing thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> nice bit of history for the season of silver and gold. >> hello hi there so the e-mails said 2 to 3 you may have to cut me off i'm the daughter of the valencia whole foods thank you for the opportunity to speak my father was born in the middle east and extremely close to his grandparents a garner with looftsdz fruits and vegetables and created catch-22 decencies he came back ca came and opened businesses pizza and dellly but
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found a business that made his heart sink it was the valencia i could give you a bunch of stories but i'll pick one a months ago my father told me about the fact he couldn't get avocados he knows vegetation he said an individual that is not doing well and is not responding to foods so this individual really responds well to the graik if i don't have the avocados i scant make the jake and that really bothers me this is one story of a story of thirty years as you may know
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mohammed businesses are struggling that's why you're here and my father is no different for several years struck but all the things happening in but the people of the san francisco are the mohammed's stores my dad gets up everyday and works for the individuals he knows them by names and compassionate he is supporting other businesses in the area and more importantly he supports the entire community by nourishing them i hope all the goodness he can continue to drive and serve the communities thank you. >> thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> vego for the jacque. >> we offer workshops in
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support and voice and acting this is on the corner in chinatown but not with the multicultural we're starting up i've in the the business for thirty years i'm a residence of this company and the latino thank you very much. >> thank you >> (clapping.) >> next. >> great. >> next up. >> (calling names) is number 6, 7
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(calling names). >> we have a timer right there so i'm dan brady representing this i host the open mike i'll come and read so situated poetry we've been serving up good food since 1972 the longtime open mike known every wednesday night between 7 o'clock and 7:30 we participated in a lot of local events palms under the dome and have screening for the hate ashbury the ecology peace and hope and some international an international escape in a person if england right r read to the open mike really, really cool mr. natural a real perch created the iconic character and johan
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was host the open mike for 20 years created things over that period a lot of poetry going over there the best is supportive and keeps the place open for musician and poets and really a wide variety of artist if old and young and men, women, and children and all sorts of the diversity is one of our hallmarks everyone has a chance to read and gets on the open mike every types of poetry and we've had some 12 views on the youtube channels we have it is really great and fun and encourage people to come he be heard of you can't say that there why show up if you can say it say what you mean and mean what you say there we go.
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>> thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> (calling names) clara. >> my name is carlos i started the business in a garage like many, many businesses and i had to move the rents space in the mission district and now the services i started with the march of self-defense and got kids interested necessary like it but non-we can say we started the directing did services to the youth and at the same time i had the opportunity to be working along with some of the former mayors in san francisco they knew what we were doing and started coordinating with services and had to go back to
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the mayor he knew what we were doing and we had dianne feinstein and the books a lot of history right there and, of course, harvey milk was very structural to the especially the mission district with the youth number one number one so, anyway i have so many people involved at the same time we were opening a contribution to the police department i had the opportunity to work with the chief of police like charlotte and dpoov and others he was running for supervisor you know so all the people got together and say carlos let's do something for the kids to keep them away from the gangs and alcohol, etc. etc. and we still doing self-what we have after-school programs and not only self-defense but the
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experiences and the gym and other things for adults too that's what we are doing right now in the past some in the last year some testimony that people were so happy to come and serve the service they have reviewed like i said in those books the last person that visit our place was supervisor campos he had the opportunity to all the kids in action and with the kids then my daughter said she wanted to form a group i would okay. i know i have 30 seconds i'll let my daughter continue >> we're going to restart the two minutes thank you for that. >> sorry we cut you claire i don't release we cut claire i'm sorry to follow up on any dads
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words we've been at that address for had 4 years helping the communities is over 50 years starting in our garage i remember i was a little girl and moved up-and-up to another location where we're at the presents day i want to be the one that continues what my father has planted in the dirt and it is a bud from the cement the dirt the sidewalk everything is coming out and now to kill this tree this dream that is a beautiful tree because we're not a multi analyzed corporation that is a total sin because he sacrifices his life he gets up at 5 in the morning as that gentleman over there because of the love of the children the community, the people
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we are always trying to help the children not only the children but family members like we see someone outside in front of luke in a garbage can for foods here, man take that water that gator aid we're trying to help them as a such a student that came outburst of surprise because he wants to speak i know that we're only limited to one speaker we're already over the fence with myself that's the future that wants to speak that's the future of navarro's. >> that's it. >> thank you come on up young man. >> hi, i'm zach i just got enrolled in navarro's gym and my mom set me up for a self-defense class to say important to i take public transportation almost
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everyday and you know are sketchy people that makes me feel safer having those skills the reason we choose navarro's a couple of reasons first a big community that has a good reputation and second not like some place you have to have a lot of money it is cheap because they don't want to over price you they're there to help you not only a gym like i said, it is a family where it is - sorry it is a big family of people that go to navarro's and i think that is much more than just a place you self-defense i think that would be a shame if they
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got cut off because they can't - yeah. sorry. >> awesome nicely testimony thank you. >> (clapping.) >> takes a lot of guts to get up in front of a meeting like this okay. next up. >> claire of clare i don't think music - my father before we migrated he thought maybe to build a piano cut the united states is a do it yourself and designed a piano kit and braushlth it over to san francisco unfortunately, it
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didn't sell very well to all the piano skits in the warehouse and put the pianos together are the ones i'll using at clare i don't think since 1982 and 34 years later they're still playing i wanted to share that and thank you for your time and consideration. >> that's a great story thank you. >> (clapping.) >> can't sell them put them to work. >> hello my name is charging anyone the owner of the fabrics and i'm proud to be part of that group that is selected to be part the legacy organization i thank you for giving me the opportunity to be officially a legacy business i'm proud to be part of the business that my parents started over 64 years ago and been a
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part of that over 40 years i'll continue to make the fabrics an iconic business and make san francisco proud thank you very much any of you have any questions for me. >> nope i've spent a lot of time at this company. >> i brought pens for your community. >> thank you literature who is next. >> good evening, commissioners my name is bob clark the owner of a small bar on hate street been there for 75 years the 75 birthday it sunday to that's quite a long-term and the bar has been witness to many, many changes on hate street over the years
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i've grown to know bruno in the earlier years and was very impressed by his wealth of knowledge of san francisco history grew up in the city and was very happy to pass on stories and tails of what hate street has been like in the 40s and 30s and so forth and unfortunately bruno passed on 16 years ago i was fortunate to take over the business and tried to maintain the venue and the end kit that bruno was fond of enforcing sometimes to our dismay the rules you learned them by heart by experience not anything that was readily apparent to you before you but
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the bar is part of a viewpoint and another comment about the safety grounds i remember walking in the mid 70's and i saw dianne feinstein and george moscone campaigning inform a for a supervisor and questioned boo the white panthers so it's been part of that community for many years anyway thank you for your time thank you for your time and consideration and good evening. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> all right. who's next next speakers (calling names) >> good evening my name is mark i'm the ceo of project open hand
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that is an expressive group 32 years ago we started seeing people dying he when understand we knew was something called a wasting syndrome we made lunch and breakfast and helped people the best way now 3 two years later serve the millions and 84 hundred clients in san francisco out of a building on polk and he had i didn't we will be always part of this community. >> thank you for your time and consideration thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >>
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(calling names). >> hi you doing thank you for hearing us last time i was here we spoke about sam jordan that is more than that we're advocates for the community we believe in people we had our thanksgiving feast we feed a lot of money me and my brother-in-law had food served with the a labor of love as i said it last time sam's is san francisco all the are san francisco i'm glad to be part of this wonderful panel of - i can't find a word to say about all the people and everything they've said about our business it warms the housing market and sam jordan we're more than a bar a gathering place the social center we're the place you
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unwind and easy your mind you need to come down with the west coast everybody know our name if i come in we're going to know you ever been and so for that fact alone i appreciate you granting this we need to be thriving in the community and keep on rolling thank you for hearing me out i want to applaud you all. >> i want to go now (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> a lot of love tonight i'm a public school teacher i'm also a affirm maker and started taking footage about can couple of years ago when everyone seems to be losing
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their apartments and business navarro did a town hall meekly for prop j so you know and that was over a year ago and they're still fighting and you know it is interesting that they run a self-defense business if you could i've been in they're shooting a lot of footage and the spirit is beautiful and they they're just you know running a business they were providing a service that helps kids learn how to be safe and respect how to avoid violence and how to not slip through the cracks like kids i work with everyday that is of utter importance they
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remain a business in our community. >> thank you very touching thank you. >> do we have any other members of the public that want to comment. >> is allen jordan here oh, there is allen jordan you're next please and then - >> jim. >> thank you for hearing us out first of all, i'd like to say i'm very proud to be here and when i listen to all the other groups the word legacy he to me means family and but this is the first one coming about we're all coming together a family legacy i think that is fitting that it happens in this day and age because so many people are leaving the city and those are
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the people die-hard being a part of san francisco the history moves on so therefore the legacy continues when in any father opened up a business in the 1950s a congregation hub way back in the day when the redevelopment came into the model city days it was like a gathering place the west brooks and those were like the big people in the neighborhood that fought for the neighborhood and a lot of this took place right at our place our father first alderman to run for mayor of the in 1963 which was unheard of during that time for someone of my race to be
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running for mayor of san francisco came in third in a field of 12 candidates that was mayor shelly ran for mayor like i said the legacy continues my brother or brother-in-law hit the nail on the head when we said that it is a place everybody knows our name, again i extend the invitation to you and ifshlg in the audience sam jordan we have some of the best barbecue in town i got to say it i mean two years running first place the annual black cuisine and in san francisco we've of we've did an episode on bar rescue a lot of things going on but the main thing we're here
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and part of community and the people that i spoke did things in our neighborhood now their children their grandchildren and like i said the legacy continues and the family keeps on movpg thank you for your time and consideration and everybody else thank you. >> who knows if we say rank voting then you, your father might have been the mayor. >> anyone wish to comment. >> i'm the business sfriers the small business center i was assigned to be a project manager for the the particular karate studio this project hit me in
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the heart beyond the quantify and the budget and the numbers and you know the expansions of the businesses there's a human element especially for that father and daughter team been doing this for 40 plus years behind me is the matter a good martin person also a very, very good real estate person who hoping navarro in helping them trying to continue their business the city i know has asked me as well as our team to help them i want to be here a person to tell you they're very good people and their business needs help open the outdoor we're doing everything we can to take them to the next level i hope they get our support too. >> thank you very much. >> come on up what that your
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son you can see that on television it is recorded we're one of the most important shows on the citywide twrefgs television i'm julia a high school teacher and wanted to talk for a minute as a parent and as community member and as a teacher about how i feel about my kids getting to go to a place like navarro's and having it for that everyone else i've gone bold with my kids at the navarro with my daughter to make sure she has self-defense my kids or were born in san francisco and raised hereby in them as my daughter arrived at the age my son was able to move around the city for independently and getting to do a person not able
1:04 am
to do gettito and from school t is a different situation we have san francisco work towards that slowly your strong physically but giving you self-defense and how to make that possible was people tell me about navarro's and it was a fantastic opportunities because not just marshall arts but truly self-defense and lots of young women to walk stronger on the street and have the confidence you know and the presence will will command respect. >> how to give each other respect if any kid's have that and my kids in my classroom especially the girls that need it navarro's will provide that to everybody and i'm extremely happy that any son gets to see
1:05 am
other young women around him having that strength and be able to say. >> know thank you master and learn into a woman self-defense from a woman i think navarro's is incredible and hope it stays in san francisco >> thank you would your daughter like to speak would your daughter like to come up here and give us a two minutes. >> how often do you get to city hall come on. >> sure. >> yep. >> don't be shy. >> well, earlier this year my mom signed me up to go to navarro's because she wanted me to learn how to defend myself more like in art shows but how to fight
1:06 am
i was never able to like go around alone that is a big hassle to take me around i can't take the bus because i can't go if i don't know how to defend myself that is scary going around i could get hurt and so she as i understand me up for this i took the class and i just think that is helpful and good i feel that is scary to go into the city and go places by myself like with my brother that talked earlier i feel i'm not sure if i'll be able to last week go around soon like not at all it is hard to be safe but i think
1:07 am
that learning especially at navarro's it is like really, really teaching you how the fight and defend yourself that defending yourself it less dangerous to go places. >> awesome you've con kwerdz one of the fears. >> she's extremely shy the first day this is what she did and she could get through any training you can get through them thank you for standing up. >> future all right. any other members of the public would like to comment first call, last call. >> legacy business program manager i wanted to speak on behalf of the san francisco prosthetic services the owner is not able
1:08 am
to make that michael asked me to read a paragraph i left the paragraph in my office he expressed interest in speaking through me owe apologize i didn't bring the speech but want it on the record. >> can i give a shout out to the company bho who is products are in my feet. >> that's why you're smiling. >> you can only speak ones unfortunately. >> no. we'll have to have someone else speak rules of order something else that has not r read it anyone else want to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you for what is the most entertaining and frankly inspiring portion of our session
1:09 am
we donate our time this is the most delightful part of really we play so thank you for making it so it is not necessary i 3rer9 that commissioners can comment commissioner adams. >> i wanted to say gentlemen from san jordan we're a great big family and after listening to everyone talk i feel like family and the best part we have a cross section of san francisco here whether? bayview the castro or chinatown or north beach parts of terryville the whole people union square i think that is the cool they know about that we're all with only great big san francisco family and i just want to congratulate you on your legacy so thank you. >> commissioner dooley. >> once again we have the
1:10 am
honor of honoring all of you question know you're the heart and soul of this city i can't help it makes us feel better to know you're not alone and have so in the other wonderful people that run small businesses and their strength in numbers and carry on all your great work. >> all right. one question how many of have never been to city hall before - a few of up you some of you the first time at speaking. >> commissioners. >> no, i wanted to thank everybody for beige here it is beautiful to hear all this and i come from a family business background and i know that there is a lot of hurdles to go through even working with our family and this is what validates it i want to say thank
1:11 am
you for you guys you depended on the community events and have set a precedence for corner market with the merchandise that is important so thank you. >> all right. so it is my understanding that we're the only small business commission in the united states. >> we're the only small business commission in the united states so we're here. >> (clapping.) >> we're here to serve you especially you the legacy businesses my business is coming up on a 10 year anniversary i feel like a legacy business myself but still 20 more years to go i applaud all of you for the long haul the marijuaathon. >> do we have a motion. >> i move to approve the resolution to honor and appoint all. >> all 1.
1:12 am
>> all 15 resolutions. >> yeah. and we have a second. >> motion by commissioner dooley all over the place seconded by commissioner vice president adams to approve all 15 resolutions. >> okay. are you all nervous roll call vote. >> commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena is not present commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley commissioner sanchez by 6 to zero that that item passes. >> unanimously awesome thank you . >> (clapping.) >> all right. >> thank you very much yep. >> all right. the rest of it is should be tonight not exciting we'll not be embarrassed if you leave but you
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can stick around if you want by the way, happy new year roses thank you for that complete package one of the most impressive dismissing or smimentsdz i've seen to date i wish we all would be better historians for our own business i love our cookie factory i've been there many times and bringing any kid's there for 15 years. >> yeah. yeah. thank you. >> thank you for your time. >> nicely done you, too nicely done that's not that bad. >> public speaking is very scary i'm with you on that. >> so if you'll take our party
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into the corridor or sam's or zoom zoom or whatever we have to get on with our meeting all right. what's next on the agenda. >> item number 4 on behalf of my dad and myself thank you for taking little time to vote. >> cheers we have a presentation coming up ok okay. >> discussion and possible action to make recommendations on board of supervisors file business and tax regulations and tax collector for the amendment of the code to remove the one hundred dollars penalty for one of the fees for failing of a registration with the tax collector and to remove the fee and mosaic requirements for a
1:15 am
duplicate certificate discussion and possible action our presenter is legislative office of tax collector. >> hi commissioners that's a fun act to follow with ordinances about a tax collection thank you for the schedule. >> your news is good news i'm from the office of treasurer i have 3 piece of legislation i don't know that you want to stack it at once. >> it's okay if the point of order. >> read into the record item number 5 discussion and possible action to make recommendations on board of supervisors file business and tax regulations code rising the certification roles with the regulation to waive the 40 percent of administration penalty and to
1:16 am
modify the methods by which the certification maybe served the same presenter amanda and next. >> my voice is absent. >> discussion and possible action to make recommendations on board of supervisors file business and tax recollections estimated payments and filing extensions and refunds to modify the quarterly filing and payment for payroll extension taxed and gross repeating taxed to clarify the requirement for observing a filing estimation and permit the tarldz to apply tax funds for the register fee and the gross receipt tax to subsequent tax periods. >> thank you. i didn't writes stylists i'm glad to be here thank you for asking me to present on the 3 piece of
1:17 am
legislation as you may know the voters passed the groegs rooepts our office has between busy implementing that building the systems and the ability to collect the huge change in our system it is complicated law both for us but mainly for the taxpayers so, now we've had a couple of fooelz years under our belt we look at this law easier for are taxpayers to understand and comply with so our first step was to work on administrative changes as you may know we put new business register on line and having in person register renewal and pofltd multi illegal unit videos to help the taxpayers understand and working with the assessor our and data sf to share data so the taxpayers have a more streamlined experience now
1:18 am
seeking to amend part of this rule so will reach the $1 penalty failing to file with the tax collector and - so currently if you're business and you forget to register you renew our registration daily you have to pay one hundred dollars minimum or if it is more than one hundred dollars a it pursuant to the code 5 percent a month and goes up from there last year 2015, 8 thousand plus businesses were 3e7b8d for failing to renew their regimently if one hundred dollars all the way that to one thousand plus the reason i'm here because 9 percent of those who registered
1:19 am
are small businesses with gross receipts of less than one hundred thousand dollars they opposed a owed 75 or 91 business but the minimum is a steep financial burden for the small businesses 2 end up with the administrative fee one and 70 percent of base tax level under the proposal businesses of all size will be subject to the same penalty structure that starts at the 5 percent of the tax per late and caps at 40 percent so it is late in the evening your hair stifle 65 thousand you owe $91 in registration fees bunch of things you forgot in june you
1:20 am
totally forgot and you go online and 91 has increased to over 200 you're not alone we received many complaints about this penalty and while that is legal it is what is required of us by law we agreed it outsized and think that will work against us in the tax compliance particularly amongst small businesses we're seeking to get rid of the $1 minimum penalty that reduces the burden on small business by 39 percent in the first more if we had the proposed penalty structure in 2030 and taxpayers paid on the same schedule we would have collected 5 millions but the pencils on the small businesses to come into compliance quickly after missing
1:21 am
the deadline thank you for your time. >> and then i'll flo go through them item 5 rise the administration rulesy issue 15 hundred of those per year to enforce the violations of the tax code look at confusing but different than the penalties and interests those are certifications that are posted often your place of business and require a snatch from the taxpayer at hand the proposal decision will require will eliminate the requirement we post the certification on our building what we find this certification comes with a burden we can continue to issue them until you fix if you're a parking operator and forgot to get the fancy machine or not post our sift certificate we can issue the hundred dollars penalty we have
1:22 am
problems we don't want to pubically notice that is onerous for all involved but want to cap the penalties we can collect we know that businesses make mistakes and sometimes, it it takes time to collect we want to cap at 40 percent even if you get an administrative certification is increased by 10 percent each month can't go above 40 percent in the tax code this is the last one for tonight this plo one will modify the payment requirement for the payroll and gross receipt require an exception and expressly ask taxpayers to apply the refunds for the gross receipt tax period if any of you or watching excerpt for landlords with businesses less
1:23 am
than one million dollars in gross receipts feel free to ignore the rest of the conversation but if it motives the quarterly requirement so for one lessors of real estate be exempt from the tax quarterly payment if the gross receipts in the city is less than one million dollars so as regina and her staff are aware because of the law draft the landlords needs to file quarterly payments and often the way the law is drafts $5 per quarter i can't imagine that is a pain in the neck we've seeking to get rid of of that payment and instead of the bans the payroll taxable gross receipts this generally requires that payment be k4r5u9sdz at the
1:24 am
lower of the taxation liability of people return for the current year or three percent of the tax liability so simplifying it in accordance many of the businesses face and take away some of the complexity and taxiing away the flexibility but not making them go through a complicated filing and take the penalty for failing the penalties 5 percent of the lower payment with no interests the goal is quarterly payments that keeps with the goals that makes it easier for businesses to comply and lastly it allows the taxpayers to apply over payments to future liabilities of taxed so right now that is not possible you have to get a refund and again one of the things that makes people crazy
1:25 am
deft how the state and federal government operates we agree we are offering and hoping to change it i hope you see we're trying to make things easier for taxpayers we feel confident a number of mechanisms to penalize bad actors but most businesses are good arcs we want to applaud that and make that easier for all and then i really wanted to this the ferry building from the commission and several other folks in the business community that helps us to find solutions we're approved of thank you for your time and consideration. >> i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i wanted to ask you if you've had help if the small businesses. >> one of the major things we went through the 3e789 waivers
1:26 am
and issues that crop up and says which impacted the small businesses and tackled those first. >> was steve juror voofldz for the small businesses that's from thank you very much we have commissioners questions. >> i wanted to thank you amanda and the treasurer for this clean up legislation on all 3 of these and i continue want to tell you what great outreach our office so doing especially with small businesses in convert from payroll tax to gross receipts you guys are doing a fantastic job and on six the over payments thank you for that one he hear that is the biggest complaint let's do that the state does that why not kansas you've hired
1:27 am
everyone allowed i applaud all 3 pieces of legislation that is clean up and not hard and i think that your first couple of years converting everybody has been very successful especially in the last year you guys did a great job you and greg you guys created a milk not easy in understanding this is not easy and greg talks about with business groups and during the round table i've attended you guys were listening i appreciate that. >> i'll pass on that feedback thank you very much. >> commissioners any other questions or comments. >> i'm kurns do you have a list of for the purpose on items simple ferguson things. >> we're open to address ideas this is our first stab and limited the legislation on our
1:28 am
own we look forward to working on future ones. >> i know that steve years ago has ideas well fantastic thank you very much. we'll open up for public comment now. >> anyone wish to comment on this item. >> sir welcome. >> thank you i want to reiterate that came out of the meetings we had the mayor the quarterly meetings and the afternoon to come up with something steve major was part of whole thing we're grateful for that i want to add one note when i was on that commission one hundred years ago we got a report a guy in a black tie and white shirt and tells us what we had to do we short shutting up and couldn't ask questions this
1:29 am
is nice the coordination and have a changing downward for city hall. >> thank you steve. >> anyone wish to comment on item number this item seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, do we have a motion >> yes. i'd like to motion that we approve item number 4, item number 5 and item number 6 on today's agenda dealing with the payroll to gross receipt taxed in our legislation. >> do we have a second. >> the motion to approve 4, 5 and 6 and that is the motion by commissioner vice president adams and seconded by commissioner sanchez reinforcement commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight scomplag is absent
1:30 am
commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley commissioner sanchez that motion carries 6 to zero one absent unanimously. >> excellence thank you amanda thank you, steve all right. next item, please. >> okay item 7 presentation and discussion regarding the legalization of the cannabis discussion our perpetrates are mark the office of legal affairs and principal at green bridge corporate counsel. >> welcome. >> okay. it is i'm going to do the first 3 slides actually hi so my name is pam the legal director at the a nonprofit called the drug alliance we were
1:31 am
one of the chairs the campaign and worked those on the legalization of marijuana and medical marijuana and a number of other states i'm briefly going to give a very short overview of the initiative itself very short rational for why we felt the in each of the is important for california and touch on the landscape of what other states have done and she'll go into the details for small businesses and licensing so first of all, at its most basic level the utilities 21 and older utilities a small ovum machinery an ounce of a small concentrate and legalize the
1:32 am
product of that cultivation in our home residence and contains a sentencing reform for marijuana so goes to the health and safety and reduces the felon personalities to misdemeanors to infractions it also establishes a legal regulatory system for marijuana throughout the state like other states have done and does that modeled not exactly you'll hear about but with the state of california did to regulate medical marijuana in california it authorizes the same regulatory agencies the lead agencies the department of demur affairs and age to play roles in licensing and project gating regulations for the businesses that will grow and
1:33 am
building department and tested marijuana throughout the state sets the licenses 19 categories that match the one for medical cannabis within the micro business licenses will be important for small businesses it establishes a tax two taxed one an cultivation and a retail tax of 15 percent that will be collected by the board of equalization and allows the locality to director that revenue with the protective analysis office for the process to raise up to one billion dollars per year for california to arrive at the different funds some of which can come back to local governments that choose to allow machinery businesses to exist within their jurisdiction and then finally and you'll hear more about that a strong local
1:34 am
piece that locality can choose not to have machinery businesses and regulate them who gets licenses and the types of licenses if they choose to do that or defer to the state to regulate that new briefly i want to the public policy rational for running prop 64 and my organization feels this this is an important policy first, the criminal justice reform piece now you know well documented in every counties brunch in every state in the united states we have racially disproportionate arrests for all but documented them for machinery offenses and many people think that is no longer something that should be criminalize ace we're arresting
1:35 am
and prosecuting people of color many rates of white people across the board the legalization and the reduction of penalties and the number of people we're arrest and making felons is very important along with that goes the waste of law enforcement resources and diverting those inform public safety measures and then the fact that we have especially in california the more so than other states a robust and unregulated industry and by moving into a legal regulated framework we established the basics we have for other regulate businesses and industries like consumer protection and worker protection and environmental regulations and protection and collecting revenue from state local and control of the land use and business licensing and all those things which is why we regulate any industry to establish that
1:36 am
public safety and control and finally to touch on the national landscape california wear the first to do medical marijuana two years ago we were a little bit behind the curve wanted to water that's why in the long run so we're not alone as folks know colorado and washing legalized marijuana in 2012 and 2014 alaska and oregon and the district of columbia they only legalized did adult and the last election 309 states along with california, maine and massachusetts legalized machinery for adults use just quickly to touch on by far the most challenging you'll see how it comes one of the more challenging of those states with the adult use legalization is reconciling it with the medical
1:37 am
marijuana system from the state and what happens with the businesses and able to competitive if the marketplace and washing and colorado how to best regulate and properly legal and properly dose there were newspaper commissioners or even familiar with how to safely use and didn't have their own experience so some of the eatables were worked out and gotten better about that they were - some issues in where that have and i religion and try in california where people can safely consume if you don't have a home or live in an apartment our landlord didn't allow you to consume and public consumption didn't allow one they allow you to license public businesses or
1:38 am
spaces for consumption from the locality choose for onsite consumption not the case in colonel cool and washing one challenge that california will have the challenge along with at states how to create inclusion to women and small businesses can participate and get licenses when we move from a system people are punished for many years disproportionately on race and moving into a legal business model how to make sure that people are harmed have an opportunity to participate now that that is legal. >> so thank you for having us here tonight i know that i'm not a tax collector i may look like one i'm not (laughter) actually, i tell people my job
1:39 am
is to make we'd boring i sit on the cannabis director of public works and sits on the director of public works of the california cannabis industry association and serve as the pro bono general counsel puppy don't have slices and borrowing any slides are absolutely not interesting i'll provide any notes to anyone that wants them to pick up where she left off i'll talk about access to capita and vetting we're talking about small businesses and small businesses need capital in order to sustain themselves and established in the first place in a capital cannabis city many of the problems of the cannabis industry we established in other states market has to do with with the capital and access to investors given that bank financing is motion unavailable
1:40 am
the roll up through friends and family and another investors are more important so when states and regulars have been regulating financial interests they've stunt the growth of small businesses without intending to do so we kind of see the sample in local jurisdictions like oakland and well intend in my opinion parolee creativity did guilty program with the residency requirements san francisco should take a lesson and support the local businesses with ample capital and private investors outside san francisco when necessary so next we'll talk about the main provisions of the text have it listed here state listening. >> ivory gone over it yeah. >> she talked about the adult
1:41 am
use cannabis businesses for the licensing of cannabis businesses we'll talk about that for a bit and mentioned 19 different license for cultural aviators and manufacturers and be distributor and others the bureau of marijuana control within the parks department oversee the system and dpa we will regulate the disrespects and micro businesses the department of food and agriculture will license because cultivation and the public health department the important thing to note unlike the cannabis safety acts the three regulates the industry not a dully listening system not a local and statewide license under the a u m a but under the medical rules having said that i
1:42 am
don't know of any jurisdiction that will for go the opportunities to collect lvns fees from businesses that want to operated in their jurisdictions. >> if the locality has a local ordinance that licenses you have to have the local ordinance but that's right but if the opt not to. >> they can decide is to be medical and not adult use i forgot the term but the license types a type of 12 indoor and outdoor and mixed licenses meaning green house or a combine of artificial and each license has 4 tiers up to 5 thousand square feet of companion and 10 to 10 thousand, 10 to 22 thousand is next and 22 feet and
1:43 am
above companion is unlimited license we will expect that small growers will grow given the scarcity of real estate and the exception that most green houses may not be appropriate for the studies two types of manufacturing licenses i'll mentioned manufactured goods for compass and even though works and the ingredients in the products concentrated cannabis some forms with prolsz using artificial and some non-visible or no solvents at all the business that use the solvents are type 7 and will face more strict processes as mentioned micro businesses those are
1:44 am
vertically integrated businesses that are out loud to operate as a cultivate have a right if pens e less than 10 thousand square feet but and type 6 manufacturers a licensed distributor and a - this is tintsdz for smaller mohammed businesses that are doing everything under one roof so unlike the medical cannabis safety act the a m a has strict use through r6dz licensing agencies are prohibited into granting a license to any applicant that can't demonstrate the california resiliency before january 2018 if afternoon entity shall not be considered a residence if anyone controlling
1:45 am
the equity cannot demonstrate that unfortunately, no definition of what a controlling person is in the a u m a but hopefully they'll limit to the applicants with the reference to the management rules so the controlling person needs to holds 20 percent and management role before factored in in terms of existing businesses in san francisco through 2019 licensing agency at the state level are required to prioritize the issuance of licenses that prove the compliance between 2018 with the compassionate prop act and the laws the sb medical marijuana act moving on to the definition of owner and the impact on small business investments under the a
1:46 am
u m a the owner all aggregate each and everyone other than the security lien of 20 percent of more in the license fee and the direction of control of license note this extension has a strict definition it is a pubically traded includes the competitive executive officer and an aggregate interest in the business so this is one of the areas that very different under a u m a versus the nc r s a the advocates had to contend that lobbyists from law enforcement,
1:47 am
lobbyists from the city governments with the a u ma they came to the california association asked for input on what should be different from the mc r s a we're willing to give them our opinion about the medical cannabis safety act and what features of that act we're going going to hold back the strit industry the definition of owner is important because under the medical cannabis safety act a lack of clarity regarding the ownership under that framework the definition of owner under the mtc r s a is problematic we have vertical prohibition by prop ownership that are applied
1:48 am
to owner with any person that that has an interest in the - and hi ownership in a privately held liens will be the ownership regardless of how minute that minority stake you can imagine someone is lewis equipment that lease could be the financial interest and if that same person want to license that permit they can have their licenses - they're an owner of that liens as well so we'll deny this application we'll not granted you the license or are you new your license a very big issue for the industry and for a lot of the ancillary companies that service the area with equipment
1:49 am
and including lands and in contrast with mcr a we personally pamela and myself we've spent the weekends drafting a definition that make sense and we adopted the thresholds of 20 percent regardless of if it is privately owned and not to have all - adult use businesses so enterprise say i i don't have the money for the facility and manufacturing facility i'm going to ask my relative out east to help to funds me they'll be able to do that without having to go through the investing process without submitting fingertips and all the things that the
1:50 am
owner is expected to side sincerely disclose of someone with financial interest it is different how often they can own so we're not talking about doing away with a disclosure we are talking about marshall that small businesses has assess to the capitol especially given the capital. >> i told i make that boring so the main talking i 88 in our a culture variety or manufacturers you're not allowed to distribute our own goods you could do so under the a u ma but not under the cannabis regulation act an important difference that matters when you been about the more established
1:51 am
enterprises like san francisco that have's interrogated operation not to doe vest themselves their not allowed to hold the distribution licenses in the a u ma that might that could poeshlt go away we'll talk about the implementations of a u ma i'll pause there with you talk about local jurisdiction. >> we touched on that a little bit the one significant gives within the mc go r a the dual licensing in the mc r s a is the required that every medical business have a local license in prepare 64 not required is the jurisdictions can you know take a backseat they don't have to come up with their own listening
1:52 am
many of them will they have an option of also under both systems of opting out of the by his side and not an out right and choosing not to licensed businesses or contracts like as i mentioned 19 types a regulatory scheme that allows some of the types micro businesses or allow retail and didn't allow the other licenses so a huge amount of local discretionary in terms of controlling what the business scheme looks like within our jurisdiction another important local option i touched other than about whether there is an allowance for onsite consumption there is a local decision if you want retails it is virtuosa local question about what you want obvious communities to look
1:53 am
like and consumption that's a local question and also a local rule to play as i mentioned initially prop 64 allows for home culturetion and they can't say completely ban over strike indoor cultivation within our home sanitation a tax revenue fee and that piece localities gets some of the state tax only that piece of state tax if necessary gave me in cannabis within their communities licensing their businesses within the communities that opt out don't get that piece. >> so we'll talk about rule making and the implementations at the stated level is both the
1:54 am
a u ma and the r tsa are expected to start businesses have 1k3e789 to 2k3we9 state licenses in 2018 for that passage we have had the executive agency issue rules for licenses and redistributing the regulation of those businesses and medical use businesses as well all that being said a rule for prop 64 will not be in isolation because of timing the rule marking for mcr s a we've had shareholders meeting but not seen in any draft regulations yet and the agencies that are a bit behind the eight ball they're not pubically saying as much we may not have licenses issued in 2018 in the middle of
1:55 am
2018 maybe as late as 2019 so with that said we have to have rule making before giving outburst licenses very important and has to be concluded within a year under the california medic procedural laws and hopefully seeing draft regulations in the next couple of weeks in the state needs the 2018 listening timeline in terms of offer will you explain between the two agencies for implementation governor's office and state regulators don't want to see a lot of variation they will exist two separate systems two sets of licenses but by and large the regulation of the two 1278z has a lot of overlap given the same
1:56 am
agencies will be looking at those reconciliation discussions referring to how this process of reconciliation those discussions are underway in sacramento harmonized the two agencies and those discusses can leads to amendments either or both acts while license fees hold the adult medical use the rules of the roads with the licensing can cause operators from one framework over the over from one agency to another. >> i'll add that urban design group this offer will you explain in other states one or more of the most did the people with reconciling the medical systems with a new system for legalization and so by design that they process didn't copy everything because things were difficult and not saying change
1:57 am
to a more sensible system but by design follows this and the same indications and the same license types to with the idea that businesses will want it operate in both arenas and make that as easy for all and allow the initiates in california can be difficult to be amended but were on the regulatory prize prop 64 allows the legislature to amend amend to activate that to reconcile the legislature will have the freedom to implement to make sure the implementation works. >> yeah. one of the things we took away as california if watching colonel cool and washington go first in washington nothing in place
1:58 am
before the adult use system came into play so basically chaos with people you know in the medical- industry kind of not having regulators having the adult use regulators we'll come and recollect you it is a mess and accounting colorado 2, 3, 4 in contrast medical recessing rules and regulations california is in the middle yeah, we have our medical rules in place about the adults use paused but rule making it is overlapping we'll have to side both apps simultaneously. >> in thinking about the considerations for in commission a couple of things one omissions and licensing in so for
1:59 am
san francisco only licenses medical cannabis dispensaries currently but the san francisco cannabis task force is going to be submitting recommendations to the board of sups next month for january 9th to adopt the licensing categories as proposed in the a u ma with respect to land use and zoning so the zoning will be independence on the types of businesses you want to get licensed echelons has public safety impacts electronic devices is prohibited. set all to vibrate or turn the device completely off. access to credit cards services the retails businesses will impose a different cultivation and manufacturing requiring the armed guards and zion rules odor from plants and the preparedness of solvents might dictate heavy traveled commercial district for
2:00 am
manufacturers and licensing deliveries can be a streamlined procedures given the land use impacts given the storefront we were able to practicing pass the appropriate legislation to allow for that the other thing to keep in mind in terms of zoning even if we don't compose the task on the number of licenses that the city will ultimately award the zoning detects impose those caps rights so stacey the local caps is unnecessary and for local land uses that be capped by the inventory of the properly zoned paralyze from my conversations with the real estate brokers in the bay area be vacancies rates are between one and 3 percent cannabis are not competing with each other to get those parcels
2:01 am
that are properly zoned. >> proximity to schools daycare, however, this can be adjusted giving the local jurisdictions to get on patterns of pedestrian traffic for example, if a business is located within the 6 hundred foot radius but not assessable to the students or pedestrian from the business is greater than 6 hundred feet could the zoning authority to have a buffer zones or granted variances. >> so mr. butler. >> we have traversed quite a bit of tdm and we are here to really understand how this might effect our constituents i think that you're the right people to
2:02 am
be working on the protective chaos it is ensued but we're not to be involved we need you to get to our work product before we can do our job and so i think that for our commission and in the interest of time that this is interesting history but and kind of ground work but not for you guess other than if you're a student of this area they can learn about that elsewhere we want to be sure we stay on our mission here with our presentation tonight so we can all get back to diner you know in a timely fashion so what can we do to help you what do you need us to know before you've got a lot of work before we ever get involved the licensing is
2:03 am
irrelevant to us where - when should we engage with you again in a time in the future when we've gotten to a place there is actionable things right now on you guys it is interesting but we're not effected you know. >> i have a question the city didn't pass any regulations state law about apply didn't has nothing to do with the city didn't pass regulatory scombrooen i what is look like
2:04 am
please clarify hue how do you do that? let's say this is a a city and county so san francisco. >> yeah. san francisco. >> give us san francisco how how do you do that? what are the time elements and like we should be expecting what is the city explain to us where we are in the process in the city and county of san francisco and to what extent you said. >> yeah. >> equip the home cultivation. >> not what the city will do i mean first of all, to clarify i don't think the state is just a default law the state regulates throughout the state and have to have a state license you have a local license or even a local city of san francisco license businesses has to have a state
2:05 am
of california license and comply with the state reservation my understanding and you might know san francisco will come up with a license to license the businesses and will device their scheme in - when the state listening is in effect they'll have a license for medical businesses. >> who is that. >> the board of sups will adopt. >> but the board of supervisors who in our city government. >> the recommendations were made by the san francisco legalization task force that is part of city they're making the recommendations before the board of sups next month. >> are you members of that task force. >> someone from my organization is. >> and do small business have a representative on the task
2:06 am
force and we have two representatives on the task force not from our office by members of the business communities but just also to maybe provides a little bit more clarification so the task force will make recommendations and the board of supervisors will work with that department whether work with the departments may have clear opinions about what may we they may want to create the regulatory structure for both the work that minica and i are doing trying to understand the landscape of the small business opportunities and can we provide some of that information as well we're creating help inform communicate that as the regulatory structures are being developed so there will be quickly working with those timelines once the
2:07 am
legislation has been introduced so part of this is to help you kind of understand sort of the scope so when the time we're not has to do with quickly bring you up to speed on the considerations of the complexity that are going to be given because listening to all the legal the ownership structure and highway that may affect in addition to all the different business opportunities - this will effect dpw if dpw that will probably be the primary entity that has the permit to operate and also the control so, so i think once those things are beginning to be figured out it will happen very quickly.
2:08 am
>> okay. it is sufficient for us to know there's complexity but we don't need quite as much detail that's for about the task force not what we're here for . >> yes. >> and then the elephant in the room financial you know can't assess capital well credit things this is the one thing that i did bank overall medical marijuana at any bank and had to close out their accounts or close down any business i've been watching carefully what is going on in colorado and washington and this is an all cash business in colorado they go to the city and county of denver and pay their taxed in cash you laugh but that's starting to be a
2:09 am
problem they start their own bank and they were shut down and in washington i'm hearing horror stories about people keeping money in their car and getting stolen and stuff this is something we need to address. i know the state board of equalization i've talked about with fiona moss they'll have to come and handle all that cash how do you do that where is it going to that is something and not up for discussion now but something that the task force needs to think about so i'm watching that is going on in colonel i voted yes on this i'm a all for this and as being a
2:10 am
banker if anyone is watching - i mean, i had to close out the accounts they know who they were that bummed me out as a banker they remember good customers had this is something he hear about the schools i know about that because from the medical marijuana communities how to bank those people because without that urge to have a lot of issues and right now, i'm seeing a lot of issues even in the medical so >> you're not going to get argument unfortunately an issue that needs congressional issue and the federal regulators are federal officials without a concerted effort in washington not getting that kind of changes and open up to the rest of the industry in my opinion whatever
2:11 am
you do at the state level have to address that impact. >> kwhief solution. >> it's all cash. >> i'm watching colorado it is an all cash business no way around it. >> there are so the deputy of treasurer issued in 2013 or 67 that along with the what is then network put out networks hey we recognize banks that point to bank the business if you want to bank the business here's the guidelines to bank this business it gives us a safe harbor under the a ma laws no, not enough to have the banks take on that was not good enough we need to have the department of treasurer and have safe harbors carved out for
2:12 am
status of women businesses simple as that and no others solution. >> i just wanted to quickly add to what commissioner president dwight say why not care about this now the presentation was very sdmraltd but i think underlying their discussions certainly with the commission that many dictate what size and teaches businesses allowed for businesses to thrive in the business the enclosure of what loopholes categories allows the small businesses to exist is important you know and if there's a voice for that within the city i assume part of this commission to get in there and say when you're looking at this is in the city of san francisco we want small arcs and businesses to play a role and needs to look like this and the rules for them to practical do that. >> and the reason he drove
2:13 am
under sacramento i no longer live in 70 in san francisco was base feel you guys are the only small business commission in the country so you have a voice you're able to speak to states laughter's and say if you device those rules where the money comes from and how many businesses that effects our citizens and existing businesses already here that gone through a lot of heart attacks and cannot go in and say we'll devest you of this portion of the business that's unjust 0 my hope to hope you'll take up the issues not only with the board of sups but also with your state legislators this is not okay. >> good that's the thing we needed to hear so thank you.
2:14 am
>> commissioners. >> hi, thank you for your presentation i have two questions and defer to staff if they can answer one you've preserve this effecting i have a lot of constituents that are smoke shop retail uses and their scattered this might effect them could this effect the tobacco listeners and for constituents that are you know in that industry but want to move you know into the medical marijuana and adult use industry or just constituents in general what part in the process is interest the best part informative public comment regarding people around in their listening process. >> on the first question the question answer is no is shouldn't have impact and on the
2:15 am
second question they should be engaged with one what the rules will look like for san francisco if their opening a business in san francisco they're in the employment place and the rules and gave me in the state law process as well as the draft to make sure they fits the qualification and be able to comply this is a pirate initial lvns that goes to existing acts that are compliance within the city of san francisco and then when like after that the initial listening up, up. >> regina he assume the task force are pubically noticed. >> their pubically noticed and i think - but, but should be engaged and . >> took to provide us with information as well because as we start to look at the
2:16 am
different business categories so any current businesses selling tobacco or alcohol can't be adult cannabis from the business wants to make that transition those are the things we fled to know about but again, if you have representatives it would be gay for them commissioner president dwight said to go to the task force meeting if their recent to do so. >> that is where that will be dealt with a lot of stuff that needs tobacco sort of out there question will be involved in here not that we don't want to know about that that's why we have representatives because we have other things to attend to so - >> any other comments. >> i do. >> commissioner tour-sarkissian. >> i'll be interested in getting our thoughts at least put them down and send them for
2:17 am
the commission as to what that commission should be looking at that would be i appreciate the fact you came from sacramento and want to benefit from our thoughts and see what you think we should be looking at in terms of the regulations that are shaped so. >> happy to provide that in writing. >> yeah. i agree with sdmen. >> that was a lot of information and cannot remember all of them if you can send us to the director we can take into account that. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> okay commissioners any other questions. >> okay. >> open up for public comment
2:18 am
anyone wish to comment on item number item. >> make our way up any speaker cards for item 3. >> yes. speaker cards (calling names) and if anyone else wishes to speak fill out a speaker card and one second let me get this - >> okay. go ahead. >> public comment is 3 minutes and just a reminder you'll hear a gong two and a half minutes and appreciate it. >> thank you for your time so this is two reasons this commission should be interested in cannabis i'm sorry i'm recovering from a colds is tax revenue and jobs i had up to 45 people headache in san francisco investing in a new company and spent a lot of
2:19 am
time in the cannabis industry co-founder the cannabis manufacturing you motivator not know what that means in that a manufactured cannabis product that start as a plant and now a oil this oil helps people crone disease amongst other things we want to stay in san francisco and need the city of san francisco to act to allow us to get a permit we can illegal be here in not we'll have to move we can be one plus people because interested and demand from patrons for the products we're one of many types of cannabis manufacturing businesses eatables and during the course manufacturers and oil creams basins their owl manufacturers products to make the passage i showed you
2:20 am
requires if we employ the scientists and people with pack boxes and make deliveries? wide range of jacobs that can be in san francisco we employ people and want to stay here there are other people that have companies in similar positions it is just difficult to get things through city hall we need every advocate that is interested in creating jobs. >> are you attending the task force meeting. >> yes. my co-founder the scientists we're involved in the task force and we're also members of the manufacturing committee for the california cannabis industry working with the state of health working with the manufacturers. >> you're the expert we need
2:21 am
thank you very much. >> being and thank you for your time i understand that is getting late try to keep this brief want to irate what my colleague said i'm aaron flynn a fouvend member the california growers we're a nine hundred member organization statewide and run the chapter of the california growers association i'm hoping that i can give you you guys sight one and 10 members in san francisco prominently into the non-restricted retail side of cannabis bus so you're hearing a little bit the fact you don't need the local organization under the adult act why think anyone is there any understanding that san francisco is not going to pass local regulation san francisco already
2:22 am
has regulations for the retail side of the cannabis industry and there are - it is absolutely moving forward with passing regulations for the non-retail side that the calculator varieties and manufacturers and trornts if we don't have that regulatory structure by 2018 those businesses that equivocate in san francisco will fall behind that in the listening process for the state the state is going to be looking at blaze that are regulating and essentially wait until they begin to you know if we come with an application as a business to the state and those local regulations are not created we'll likely fall behind this process we anticipate even on the cultivation through 9 pulling there is probably one and 15 to one and thirty
2:23 am
different consular sites in the city of san francisco employing 3 to 10 people those are low blue-collar and manufacturing jobs that are often limited leaving the city so rapid starting wage for month is $20 an hour and as those businesses ton to grow and continue to expanded if this local regulation if combo play by summertime or maybe a little bit later they'll have to move to other communities and cities that have the local structure again, you guys really come into play advocating for a speedy rapid you know movement towards structure so the businesses don't have to shut down and the businesses are not lofty. >> thank you.
2:24 am
>> i run a family owned clarifying services in san francisco. >> before i make my point i want to give you a little bit of background on myself i was born at san francisco children and went to elementary school and my father owns a dental office that serves the community for thirty years now i'm contributed to the legacy being a reliable employer i'm born in a different generation so my dream is to have a successful cannabis business in right city i was born and raised in
2:25 am
right now, i'm educating their needs to be education on this planets and substance; right? >> i also provide other educational opportunities through another organization that i co-founder and a women of color organization for women in claims that want to start small businesses we educate how to start a small business in cannabis and because self-sufficient shareholders in this industry the issues we're facing not that many informational spaces for us the clustering along the eastern part of city makes it difficult to be able to find a one space that can put my car into; right? and also like driving out to the western part of city kind of cuts into delivery time
2:26 am
this industry is unique so also let me say that by staying saying i worked in the neighborhood for 6 years doing case management with the youth that are incarcerated and public safety work mostly around policing so i've seen how people of color especially my communities have been criminalized by this plant so establishing a clear and supportive communities so for cannabis and for our support is a act of restored justice in the city to make sure that people like myself that had a brother that was incarcerate for cannabis we'll find a place in a legal industry and be able to earn money in a very legitimate way so thank you for your time >> thank you. >> next. >> hi
2:27 am
my name is camille thank you guys for begging being here and starting this organization i'm a small business owner myself and small business changes lives for the better i represent the betty project we're a new operation looking for a brick-and-mortar currently hoping to follow all the laws and i'm just here representing them i want to tell you about how it effected any life having being an employee of theirs i was able to quit any york bernie sanders and getting into this industry full-time. >> saved money and start my own small business on the side i do ceramics and it is unbelievable how much the cannabis industry is changing
2:28 am
lots of lives here in san francisco and i pretty much wanted to representative the betty project we're a great local grow company looking to be a retail and i'm really, really confident that our company will grow bigger with you guys help so thank you so much for staying late to hear us. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening my name is dominique and although i don't own a cannabis business i do consulting for people once you're in the business or part of industry i have taken regina on a local san francisco cannabis tour where they were able to saying see local industries within the
2:29 am
city many of them are speaking in front of you don't tonight and like to extend to anyone on the commission if you're interested please reach out to us and like to have you or all of you to come on the tour to see the local cannabis industry it's jobs and facilities and the tax that are all there that the city really is not appreciating or validating thank you. >> thank you next. >> my name is kevin a local affirm maker he travel the communities to bayview hunters point and similar communities that are doing war on drugs in constant conversations about the opportunities that presentism with this new industry amongst
2:30 am
us and like to get more information and direction to sort of take back to the community as it relates to get in this industry to help deal with the things that have been represent rationed as it relates to the criminalization of those communities so if there is any further information i can get to take back as i sort of we sort of navigate through this new industry that has been legalized and was lay out the rules and regulations be mindful those communities that are high in employment and criminalization can this can have a positive impact on community that are desperate needs of jobs and opportunities i want to put that out there and hopefully, we'll continue this conversation and elect and good afternoon and to the communities.
2:31 am
>> great. thank you very much. >> evening i'm jesse on the san francisco legalization task force thank you for the commissioners to hearing this and for participating in the task force and appreciate our input. >> thank you very much. >> anyone wish to comment to comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. let me say the commission acknowledges the business opportunities in this area and we're excited to participate the rule of law is important and many any endear the faster to resolution on the rule of law ♪ new area the better so all businesses can get on what their business in an environment of certainty rather than uncertainty that's - we have no quarterly whatsoever with that the commission will follow the lead presenting of the task
2:32 am
force so the working group is the task force not the commission so we appreciate the education as it relates to the business issues that we deal with here the jobs, tax revenues obviously ambassador more than opportunities for entrepreneurs is and small business owners so we are very mindful and engaged in the task force activities so we appreciate all of you coming out this evening to voice our support for in emerging industrial we'll do the best we can to make sure that you get the firmer sounds like appreciateable foundation on which to build our business going forward >> commissioners. >> for any of you, you filed out the speaker cards please
2:33 am
take mini cans business card if you doesn't fill out a speaker cards and we'll continue this conversation as the task force does its work to do was it needs to do to inform our supervisors and the other legislative players that be ultimately be making the laws that the city and county will enact on its part with the state and federal government are establishing themselves and i believe that. >> i want to say i want to say thank you to the presenters and to all of you entrepreneurs out there obviously a huge learning process for all of us we need to work together to make sure it is fair for everyone so let's just keep all of us working on this
2:34 am
to make it a great industry that employees a lot of people in the city and we'll just keep moving forward. >> i heard a number of speakers that touched on issues that face all the city not only the city but the availability to put a place for the business and wage and tax issues are unique to our city and county and some are for generally just the state of affairs in the state of california and the united states so we're all in as small business owners no matter what industry we're in dealing with many of those issues those are just the issues of being a small business owner so we have kin rids spirit whether we're in the specific industry or not i'm in the garment manufacturing business that's a tough one. >> i'd like to say this process is very helpful with the
2:35 am
commission and i appreciate the fact that the director is involved in the process we will eventually have to deal with the laws that come before us so it is a good thing that we're educated exposed to the issue and this is a good forum for people to express themselves i think that is a good thing also, because we're seeing the shaping of the new industry we taught to be involved in every step of the way and be able to voice our opinion and allow others to express themselves before us. >> of course. >> all right. any other conversions comments. >> no action required on this item. >> no. >> great actual all for coming out, i appreciate it. >> next item, please.
2:36 am
>> item number 8. >> approve the minutes action item the minutes that are for consideration november 28th, draft minutes november 14th draft minutes and february 22, 2016, and april 2015 and draft minutes and then the december 18, 2015, draft special meeting minutes. >> as i understand the last of the minutes that so we'll be all caught up to date as this approval. >> we'll be completely caught up to date. >> congratulations a hurricane task. >> thank you minica for making
2:37 am
sure that happens so a motion. >> i motion we approve the november 28th, november 14th be february 22, 2016, minutes and the april 27th march 23 and the other minutes and i second. >> okay. all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? okay that item passes 6 to store one absent okay. >> item 9. >> item 9 director's report update on the office of the small business commission and the assistance center the department policy and legislative matters and announcements in the mayor and announcements for the san francisco small business activities. >> commissioners, i will try to be high on a hill it calls to me i'll hit on the key essential things i want you to know about under my report and the remainder you have to take with
2:38 am
you to read with the legacy business the rrules and regulat in any items have come up with the rules and regulations so until we have a really good solid product i think that will not have additional questions which i hope to have all of that solved by the january meeting that's why we have not heard them the business assistants grant is thus, the 15 to that's the deadline currently we have about 15 applications in we've done communications with the 64 businesses now legacy businesses as of tonight with e-mails and phone calls and written complungz that is rimdz them of the filing deadline and then rick and i are about to
2:39 am
final list the selection to issue the contexts for those not registering with the business assistance grant or the rental stabilization grant with the business owners to issue them the checks 1650 mission street the small site we'll be working with with the san francisco small business development center it houses the program the legacy business program and will have a satellite assistance center position the department of real estate has informed us they have to push out their timeline with the construction weeks ago looking late april possible early may for the completion 100 mission street which is the old goodwill site which is where a they'll be ground floor retail and residential on the corner at
2:40 am
11 and mission we're going to be building a new building which will house dbi and dpw, planning, and some other smaller entities all in one location on the second floor is a large permit center and i've put in our packets not the final version but a copy of its not the final version we've made changes i want you to know that the office of the small business commission is going to have space in the permit center we're there to help to vice the businesses especially with additional questions non-related to dbi and planning. >> so is that - and satellite and having that will be a good
2:41 am
opportunity to figure out how to have an offsite needs. >> will you continue to have your main office here. >> yes. so just to let you know that is exciting we hard working to insure a presence there i'm pleased we do. >> we'll see i mean, maybe that do we have the staffing we definitely have the staffing. >> by having a satellite office eliminates the ability to tag things here because the body is away so they can't fill if you know here so the question can we reliably staff that remote location given the demands of the general office
2:42 am
retirements. >> we'll need to figured out there will be businesses we don't want to send to the permit center to get advice but the value will be that we will be able to have dpw planning right now there to have discussions and, of course, the aspect position will definitely be located that will be their permanent site we'll definitely be able to manage having the - right now they're giving us 3 spaces that includes the aspect position and the mayor has issued his budget direction the city is still projecting status for the next couple of years even in the economic boom because of the pension obligation 0 or so the agency 2k3w59d departments with oewd is
2:43 am
a 3 percent general plan decrease a similar instruction that that in the past last year so i've worked with the financial advisors to figure out what we need to do to have minimum impact but there will be for at least the next few years no new positions not a hiring freeze but no new positions then i've priority you a list of legislation that has been referred to the commission supervisor yee has introduced legislation eliminating some business tax fees so that was introduced last week and we got it on friday so i'll be take a look at that. >> there's been intern
2:44 am
controls introduced around an intern moratorium around greg cannabis in pdr space because there's is some concern about the amount of pdr space that is held off the market in anticipation for this industry and that is now not moving forward fast because of the concerns of the cannabis growers that is being discussed we are also seeing that some department of human services making sure the medical marijuana is conditional use those are those right now, we're
2:45 am
having individuals coming into the assistance center asking questions how to navigate the fact that proposition 64 has passed can be they do currently the only thing is the legal structure open a medical cannabis dispensaries that's the only licensed structure we have in place right now so but we will be you know minica and i are working closely with the task force and with the business communities to figure out what we need to do moving forward. >> incidentally a lot of talk ultimately growing activities inside the city's expensive like ourselves not if you running an urban winery you don't grow your grapes in downtown san francisco more likely that the raw product
2:46 am
will be brought into the city and processed as for beer and wine and others types of things this is - there's a bunch of people studying the economics the other thing i live near what i'll say a 5 thousand square feet debris operation and the impact on the neighborhood is non-trivial it is intense the sovereign is a very good operator hesitate installed state of the art suppression equipment for the aroma did work when our down winds from that place one one thoughtless feet. >> i know what you're talking about. >> you feel your consuming and
2:47 am
a tremendous amount of resistance we need to get prepared a lot of neighbors and this is not speculative you go on the tour with this fellow and go to the grow operations you'll smell that it is intense. >> right and both minica and i did the tour if if you're interested. >> it is not like a brewery that is a grow operation it is in operation 24/7 so. >> so know i think there are broader policy questions to be looking at in terms of the best sectors what is more akin to san francisco and i think on the retail side there is a lot of nuances and things to be given consideration to and i think via it, of course, whatever we do, we need to be sensitive to this
2:48 am
business with the pdrs and the demands for pdr space not only on the cultivation been on the manufacturing side you know we don't want to have this sorts of overtake what we've spent what almost 10 years with sfmade and building up our local manufacturing so. >> to the extent it is manufacturing sfmade we don't discriminate one 1915 medicaid waivers type over another the issue with the cannabis industry that will be venture free is like tech we also use the words tech or tech it is not tech venture capital enterprises that derive the cost of labor and reality they're willing to extend more for whatever
2:49 am
industry a tax or cannabis a new industry that many of the venture firms they see this greenfield opportunities no pun intentional but that is what the cannabis industry is facing the same issues that any industry is facing. >> yep. >> so and then eave i'm not going into it in great detail equip about some of the major policy issues weeping we'll be working on for 2017 i didn't put this in your reports but forgot to put in the article the change for article 7 you received a very brief presentation a couple of months ago from the planning code taking outside the definition and putting them in article 1 so one section in the planning code that has all the definitions that is continues
2:50 am
so i keep reporting out when the next hearing before the planning commission so to help you anticipate when that legislation will be coming back before you so that's continues to the beginning of january and oh, february excuse me - thank you. >> so that's it and that's it for my report. >> great i want to say and at the last meeting of this year that the use to use affordable terms a much greater quarter richard such done a fantastic job of petting the legacy business program on the map we were undually criticized for being slow in the uptake and we had to have staffing we hired you and you've done a lot of work thank you very much and
2:51 am
minica it's been an absolute pleasure to have you on the team we went without it is fantastic so thank you for your efforts as well. >> and we're oath to a great fetish and great starts any public comment that want to comment on the director's report seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, please. >> item number ten commissioners report. >> i have nothing to reports anyone else. >> i wanted to report that. >> yes. at the telegraph hill differentials meeting they called me out with a great amount of thanks with the small business commission and how much they appreciate the legacy business so i wanted to communicate that we were that was called out as a very
2:52 am
important. >> thank you thised positively. >> for 2016 and a quick announcement working with chinatown's community now how expanding an existing shuttle bus we'll be taking people that park for little money golden gateway for the chinatown sea we will now with collaboration do the same for mertle beach a weekend program and really be helpful to the businesses. >> any other commissioner reports. >> i have a comment. >> yes. >> i personally in the last quarter enjoyed immensely the legacy business especially the richard work like the fact that it is thorough, that is well presented and like the supporting documents i think we
2:53 am
should - that's a tough work and a lot of files i personally thank him for the good reflection on the commission and also thank you for your good work you're doing if so very good for us such a good team and, of course, the directors (laughter). >> sustaining the quality and so thank you for your force any other director's report or comments any. >> i'm sorry to join you to saying all staff for good work and especially with richard and minica two things we got beat up earlier this year by - was legacy business and then the minutes now we're caught on the minutes. >> richard and the legacy business now we'll be going into the funding parting the prop j
2:54 am
that is important and something on the legacy but thank you to everybody it was a team efforts everybody up here and the staff and everybody so. >> any anyone wish to comment that want to comment on the commissioners report public comment is closed. >> leveling new business. >> really quick under legacy business everywhere i go people think they need money and want to know how to apply to be a legacy business i tell them you, you can apply to be a legacy business we're working on some outreach i like to continue that and bring that sooner than later after today last week, i was approached by the a couple of businesses we don't need the
2:55 am
money but how do we apply we don't want to apply we don't need the money he tell them apply we need to build that up and work outside of this with other businesses but in the new year really, really work on that. >> for the planning meeting discuss how we amplify your celebration of legacy businesses it is clear this session has been a forum people know we're having a celebration and show up i mean today, the number of people speaking son on behalf of the gym so i think that we should promote about the activity here but figure out how to have an annual birthday party for legacy businesses it will be great to have a reception everybody can come together to celebrate their legacy business we can talk about that later.
2:56 am
>> i have new business. >> regina talked about it i've been working with the planning department for many months on their proposal to eliminate section 7 did neighborhood commercial code and replace that with section one hundred given the extensive and substantial changes that are being promoted now some of the new definitions and the new section one hundred are not necessarily the same as what in their replacing and added presents that is very confusing and hard to understand for those comparison is we as a commission and public can understand the ramification for the mcds so i'm requesting that our staff be provided with a
2:57 am
document that clearly spells outs any thoughts changes that may have an impact on the mcds because there are actually quite a few of the this about have profound impacts think mcds so everyone needs to know more about this not just a minor little thing. >> when will this be affected. >> they'll hear it to the planning commission the first time in february it has a lot of problems. >> okay. >> they keep pushing the date further and further back i'm personally appreciative because i've been looking at hundreds and hundreds of pages for months and months and months the thing the planning code is you can change one section but made 2406r be referenced in yet
2:58 am
another area we need to thinks that fact and make sure we're cool with what is proposed. >> okay. >> should we ask them to come and do a presentation. >> let's have staff do it first. >> if we can get some kind of a donate that shows what is before what it is now and another column that says what, if any changes that would be helpful for all of us. >> we modesty another new business item on that topic we meet want to think about if we have some subjected guidelines to present at the commission for the people so they're addressing us in areas that are perry amenity to your jurisdiction tonight was a presentation that
2:59 am
was important but no slides no idea where it was going and whether that was going to end any time soon so i was compelled to say look i mean great but we need to stay on task here and so rather than and that's the job i'm going to make sure that we're the presentations are useful for us and that our commissions work okay so we're not waste of time with the presenters, the recipients or the audience all right. so i think that it is environmentally poor if someone makes a presentation that they have slides okay because i want to know what slides we're on and whether or not we're on slide number ten of one hundred or 10 of 15 and
3:00 am
attendant i think we're on 10 of one hundred we had to stop so i think that should be tables for someone making a presentation. >> usually we have but krooks we don't and it causes a situation that is uncomfortable and not in my way meant to be rude it was interesting before the commentary end so they didn't hear what public comment had to say that was as important to hear public comment. anyway, i think that is important to acknowledge the task force itself is working on the flails details we will ultimately be engaged in the task force not that i i don't want to know about it we're engaged in a place the engagement is meaningful okay. so maybe if


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