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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  December 27, 2016 9:40pm-10:01pm PST

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professionals to find out whether your eligible the first station and go through a purview list of questions to see if they have met the 56 year residents arrangement or they're a u.s. citizenship they once they get through the screening they go to legal communication to see lawyers to check am i eligible to be a citizen we send them to station 3 that's when they sit down with experienced advertising to fill out the 4 hundred naturalization form and then to final review and at the end he helps them with the check out station and send them a
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packet to fill and wait a month to 6 weeks to be invited in for an oral examine and if they pass two or three a months maximum get sworn in and become a citizen every single working groups we have a learning how to vote i mean there are tons of community resources we go for citizenship prep classes and have agencies it stays on site and this is filing out forms for people that are eligible so not just about your 22 page form but other community services and benefits there's an economic and safety public benefit if we nationalize all people to be a citizen with the network no objection over
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$3 million in income for those but more importantly the city saves money $86 million by reducing the benefit costs. >> thank you. >> i've been here a loventh i already feel like an american citizen not felt it motorbike that needs to happen for good. >> one day - i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, for liberty and justice
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for all. >> you're welcome. >> (singing). >> (clapping.) >> introduce the san francisco field officer director ribbon that will mirror the oath raise your hand and repeat the oath i hereby declare on oath repeating. >> citizens cry when they become citizenship to study this difficult examine and after two trials they come back i'm an american now we're proud of that
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purpose of evasion so help me god please help me welcome seven hundred and 50 americans. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> she wants to be part of the country and vote so much puppy. >> you know excited and as i said it is a long process i think that needs to be finally recognized to be integrated that is basically, the type of that i see myself being part of. >> out of everybody on tv and the news he felt that is necessary to be part of
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community in that way i can do so many things but my voice wouldn't count as it counts now. >> it's everybody i hoped for a bunch of opportunities demographics and as you can see yourself there's a good life for everyone. >> that's why. >> you have people from all the walks that life and they're standing in water 8 hours to be an american citizen and contribute to the city and that's really what makes this
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worthwhile. >> ♪ ♪ commission my name is
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commissioner avalos the carry of the commission allergy joined by cynthia pollock and to my far rest by commissioner commissioner campos and we'll be joinld shortly by commissioner mar and our clerk is major madam clerk, any announcements? >> . >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. >> very good thank you and we'd like also to express my
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appreciation for sfgovtv staff jesse larson and phil jackson for broadcasting and recordings today's meeting madam clerk to our first item and. >> second item. >> the approval of the minutes of lafco minutes from 2016. >> okay colleagues, any comments or changes to our minutes okay we can go to public comment, public comment is open on the lafco minutes seeing no rush to the podium we'll close public comment and a motion to approval of the minutes a motion if commissioner pollock and seconded by commissioner avalos without objection and go on to our next item. >> item number 3 the
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communities choice aggregation choice committee report. >> see if this works. >> good afternoon, commissioners michael the director of chief of police program for the public utilities commission i'm here on behalf of the general manager hale. >> and ms. hale wanted me to say she's sad to miss that meeting we working closely with you over the years ms. hale in particular to develop and launch the chief of police program and on behalf of ms. hale thank you for your leadership in getting the program launched with respect to the update on
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the program the cleanpowersf program continues to successfully serve customers we have not stopped operations since the last time we met and we continue to enroll the customers during the moss month of november chief of police enrolled many brother-in-law accounts in the central parts of the city supervisorial districts 7 and 8 as of this week cleanpowersf is serving many active customers the program opt out rate including the november enrollment is 2 percent. >> and the clean power sf has
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over seven hundred supergreen customers enrolled that represents a bit modern 2 percent of customer base so we have a raise between supergreen and opt out and supergreen is winning. >> good to hear what's our goal for . >> we have a target of 5 percent. >> we also continue to receive sign ups for the next sign up in the spring as of this week 200 and 55 new sign-ups and 77 percent are supergreen sign-ups. >> will this get us to what percentage. >> in between. >> about 2.3 percent if we
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account for - we've got a lot more work to do but we'll be focusing on until another major enforcement for that the updates of the 77 plus thousand customers a lot of the potential we've been seeing weekly you understand on the order of 20 to one hundred customers and promoting the supergreen we definitely think we can get there and hopefully next year. >> we'll hold to you it. >> sounds good. >> it is something i'd like to be held to. >> and so on the outreach front i mentioned we're seeing strong sign up for intra has to do with with the activities you may have seen the cleanpowersf
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to took over the space point muni station and advertising on muni bus shetland in the enrollment area and focusing on upgrading the supergreen and we're also he hosting welcome events and we host your first welcome event on monday night at the african-american cultural center and the next event will be this sunday at 9 amputee eureka and the goal to be very available for the community we recorded in the past that cleanpowersf and the staff are working hard on a program gross
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land we've potentially launched phase one and two more months on our enrollment period for the november enforcement and we're setting our sites to scale the program citywide the plan will focus think an examination and better understanding the electricity and our outcome for the next several years our city demand and revenue opportunities is going to address and this is really a key part of that the financing needs for the program how we're going to scale up our power and they then to establish the operational readiness and support of an expanded program and what we're talking about today, we're serving 10 to 15 percent of the size of the city
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and county of san francisco about it is potentially about an 8 fold increase in size. >> i'm going to move to the regulatory updates unless you have questions about the material and we're good thank you. >> we're approaching the end of the calendar year and what that means for us the cpuc will be issuing the rates in particular the pc i a and filing the comments with the city and joining others. >> ccas. >> been joint filings together. >> given pg&e proposal and forecast cleanpowersf may have a
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small bill increase relative to the pg&e service at least until the next pg&e change we expect the march to may of next year and expecting to build some kind of a compensation in the rates that bring that increase down a little bit so just to be clear that means that cleanpowersf rates will be lower than pg&e generation rates by the overall bill impact to the cca customers maybe higher sth we're expecting a final cca decision on the 15 of december and that will support the pg&e rates going forward. >> so this activity the cpuc
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preceding is implementing previous policy and guidance on how to circulate the p cia is a formula with a little bit of ability within the scope to influence the changes how they do that a top regulatory initiate of the cpuc and the cleanpowersf to reform to move changes to the pcia and in response to last year's response the puck established a working group that involves the investor and utilities to come together over 6 month period to discuss options for
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reforming the p cia the staff are participating in the progress we've heard productions i've heard preview conversations where submitting proposals for that process the working group is are charged with presenting a report to the cpuc by the middle 2017 and the idea their proposal will then serve as the basis for the proceeding so it is a little bit of kick the can down the road but this is the cpuc the way the cpuc does business so we are looking at alternatives ways considering legislative strategies as well wraps up my update.
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>> you, you, you kind of answered my questions they're in the process of perhaps can be created to go from a formula to some legislative or policy way of adjusting the pcia from the outside of the cpuc there is an attempt to do that is there in the inside of the cpuc any place for our seat to take hold to find purchase. >> there is definitely an openness to hearing the cpuc concerns and trying to address them within their statutory restrictions there is a language in the law today that cpuc that guided the actions in the past the question within that


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