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tv   Joint Planning Rec and Park Commission 121516  SFGTV  December 28, 2016 2:00am-4:01am PST

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>> now that i've taken 15 seconds i'm damon and a cross cigarette with the children's connection to natural and my co-chair spoke earlier i'm glad to be here an important moment it was a little bit over a year ago that phil ginsburg and i and hydra mendosa-mcdonnell and from the unified school district represented san francisco in a gathering of cities from across the country each considered to be leader in the realm of 1906 san francisco earthquake
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connecting kids and nature one reason has to do with with the social compton pack on the visible the san francisco children's bill of rights those of you unanimously endorsed that thank you very much that was had an effect gotten san francisco noticed that is a city that has a commitment to both kids and nature so following our endorsement that the board of supervisors declared a revolutionary whereas san francisco is home to more than one thousand children growing up in one of the most densely cities and it is a necessary component of a kid's cognitive development and whereas the children's bill of rights is a set of outdoor experiences that city agencies users organizations and schools and families representing all
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corners of the city agree every child should joy and whereas the children's bill of rights is a set of outdoor experiences in which children have the opportunity to develop and finally san francisco is a highly visible integral model of human endeavors he know i've gotten that message from other folks therefore, be it resolved the city and county of san francisco celebrates the annunciation of the children's outdoor bill of rights on october 2016 in recognition over child growing up in the city i'll call out two one explore all the president places in the city represent by owes do natural areas and city parks an unwarranted wildlife note urban wildlife and those wild places don't think the care of under a plan i urge you all to make the
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eir and the plan happen phil and les can and staff are as good as the staff are we've been colleagues for year thank you very much. >> next. >> (speaking spanish.) >> come on up we'll call a few more names (calling names). >> good afternoon. my name is sally roth i'm coming here to speak in support of natural areas planning and the eir on capital improvement plan the first part of eir i noticed that
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there was a great deal of time and effort put in for careful planning and impressive sorts of planning including remediation for anything that becomes an issue, and there is - furthermore, covers the idea there is much variation in the areas that will be affected by the natural e mp and the project will be lengthy, however, as the project move forward and the native planted increase percentage wise while the invasive plants one can envision the native thriving and moving into areas now they don't grow
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especially in the areas their killed off and/or the debris underneath the trees is toxic they can't possibly survive there. >> this is really progress in the in the right direction i come from the natural parks background and the willingness to front in and work with what you have do what you can to keep it in good shape and improve that is just very, very important i strongly support the n n p and strongly urge you to vote for it thank you. >> hello first thank you to
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the commission for proceeding this forum and opportunity to speak to the eir and the san francisco or the natural resource management plan my name is eric the chair and professor in rec and park and tourism at san francisco state university and media position not necessarily reflective of the university over the faculties but to support of the eir and the resource plan this is my research area i'm familiar with the eir and have been working with the national - natural areas program for 15 years and being past resident and having some experience in those areas walking with any family and the vast majority of parks move any other comments are restated i'll
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leave it i'm fully confident that san francisco transportation authority plans & programs committee. will be continuing to listen and work with community members thought as they establish this thank you. >> good afternoon. i've been a resident of san francisco over 15 years and i'm opposing the eir plan this plan is flailed it arbitrates 2 percent of golden gate park that is noting non-natural plants and focused on the local park which of total destruction last year of rec and park mentioned that herbicides were only necessary they need to retain workers that is strange to see see gardeners can't grow
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weeds to rely on herbicides on the report we read that rec and park has a document that record of tree maintenance i remember that one percent was killed in growth we wonder should the rec and park service trees concerning legal it's the blue tree is the only tree that can grow on sandy soil most disturbing an organized group has taken that uponism to remove the trees those plants were required by the city after the storm of 1983 to help with soil
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in the rock area it is time to be serious and san franciscans deserve a vote at the ballot box. >> good afternoon. i'm rosa resident of san francisco i would like in support of plan but as long as that includes side redevelopment of sharp park golf course and little rest it is daily impacting our endisagreed speciangered speciee those peas and you've heard earlier from the sierra club our esteemed organization that told you a simple solution i don't know this is part of natural areas plan you you know it is very simple plan and until it is resolved i stand opposed to a
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very sad day here in san francisco so thank you for your time. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bob a board member of the trail counsel 15 miles of that mile trail goes to san francisco and connections with 17 of its windfall parks a number of times over the decade i worked side by side with the folks to insure the continuation of the green space in the park system found those employees a skilled and knowledgeable group of people to help the plants we need the natural areas program as he aide gets pressure on the
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few spaces left we need this as outlined in the eir one that is gentle on the earth that the birds and butterflies and humans can depend on on the past since the eir was conceived time for the city to permit that vital machine to continue thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners rachel norton intern ceo of the parks alliance we support of management plan and the certification of the eir we think that is plan strikes a reasonable balance between all of the ways that people use the parks and our responsibilities of stewards of natural lands of san francisco we'll urge you to certify the eir and approve the ambulance now i want to take off my parks alliance and put on my
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other hat the experience that children can experience in the fall areas are so unique and special you heard from patrick and heard if charlotte and now from me if no we have some a unique resource and in the natural areas and an opportunity for skids to interest incredible experience that is incredibly important to preserve those areas for the kids for the future thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hi good afternoon my name is annie work an, an viral educator and here to support the management plan and eir everyday i take students of all ages to teach them about the native and had the opportunities to see the positive impact those natural areas have on the youth
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and maintaining those areas is important from an educational perspective the parks residential design the only closure and allows them to learn outdoor and have a place of ownership of san francisco natural habitat thank you. >> hello, everyone i'm amy wilson from the academy of sciences and read a brief letter on behalf of the executive director and head of science i'm also the society director of the government religions on behalf of my colleagues, we urge you to certificate the eir this will restore the city's natural resources the plan designates some of the highest quality and
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critical habitat as significant resource areas this i think i didn't bit of land preserves the last history and unique heritage of san francisco today more and more people live in cities and less access to natural areas those areas are critical to fulfilling our needs for experience and fresh air and recreation natural areas have a connection to nature and help us appreciate the diversity of wildlife that is california's history the few parks with designated natural areas will be much more than human plants and bonds and effort many schools and universities and summer exams use the local parks and natural areas for leaning and conducting our science we believe that people will explore them and learn about them and
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fall in love with them thank you for your attention to this matter. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is franklin and i'm a resident of the outer you sunset and a educator in the city i believe that we should support the management plan for both the natural division because those natural areas are a critical educational tool for the youth growing up in new york city not have access to the green areas your fortunate to have i know the importance that those natural areas play in shaping future generations by protecting them requires management that's why i believe we should support this management plan >> good afternoon. i'm rachel
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a inspirational educator i grew up enjoying this as lucky enough to take children out into the natural area with the children i see the children connect and look at this connection to the history in a larger natural history in san francisco an amazing u amazing outdoor classroom of habitat of plant to mammals and kifrj you to support this thank you. >> hello my name is carter republican robin's grown up in the berkley and san francisco. >> i'm just disturbed bye bye
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the sequestration and that's with an of the main reasons i'm not in support of eir further that we're not looking tree cutting as destruction disturbed that is happening in the parks and happening on the streets i think that send a message to people and children that things can be destroyed just that and i think that we should use that language when we talk about those matters that's my main point. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. and
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(calling names). >> good afternoon my name is aerial i'm a transportation policy society with spur spur is a nonprofit oxygen that promotes good planning and government in the bay area for research and advocacy spur urges you to adapt the eir of the resource management plan and to approve the management plan spur strongly believes that will help us to sustain this into the future it is unique and total one and 40 seems to me are sensitive some of the species have stated and federal protection responsible maintenance as outlined in the
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plans will help them thrive the natural resources plan is geared the adolescence and hard working and careful attention to detail put into the development of the management plan it provides a thoughtful plan to manage the restoration of the dignity and provided for the restoration well 1w09s future spur cares about the opportunities for education research and restorative programs and schools and museums and children's programs use this for viral education that promotes this as a call to justice spur a passing has been a long time is supporter and recognizes honoring the program manager was a good government award and recognizes this vision problematic staffing and volunteer management and stewardship of our natural areas
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that is in the plans today a great deal of energy into developing the management plan by certifying this we can insure the valuable landscapes seize the - we strongly urge to adopt the management plan thank you. >> hi my name is tom i'm a mechanical engineer and run a material science business in san francisco i want to say if or this decision is being made in the dark eir fails to talk about the limitation you haven't notice but if this is implemented we'll lose access to 95 percent of the parkland it will limit the public access to trails that is the m m-3 if you
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don't believe look at the maps in 2015 requiring we stay on designated trails and threatening $1 plus fines trails cover only 5 percent this is a drastically change from the free access we enjoy today, the eir show people contained but the drafter chiu's choose to duck the issues if we close 95 of - in other area regarding did carbon sequestration the claims you don't have to be a scientist
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cutting down 18 thousand trees and planting grass will have an opposite check that results in a net loss of metric tons of c02 storage and didn't mean for the planned implementation and maintenance the green house figures presented in the eir where will fully miss circulated let's looking an example in sharp park 56 acres every effort will be replaced with grass land the sequestration fingers of c02 stored in a arc of forest and c02 stored in an acre grassland this result in a loss of 6 thousand c02 a back to the
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atmosphere the eir claims that will sequester more grassland than the forest this is incorrect, those are my main too comments from an emotional stand point everyone that talking about children and wonderful for children they're talking about programs and things from adults for children to experience that i really think kids should be able to play in the woods thank you. >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm a residence of
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san francisco and the patrick field director for the natural parks association the leading advocacy group for the protection of naturally - we oppose the eir and urge you to remove it i'm surprised and astonished we have to be here as part of rec and park plan to ask you to oppose this plan unless you're able to remove the sharp park in 2006 when was was property this was the pan area on the map shows boundary clearly no golf course element included back then the sierra club were supportive of progress on this plan. >> in 2009 when the scoping
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report was released it stated quote because of eliminating the sharp park golf course is a separate it will not be evaluated as part of project in the eir should changes to the sharp park golf course they'll have a regulatory review with the california environmental quality act review that separate study produced this golf course redesign which shows various additions and developments to the sharp park quote raising the fairways to raise hole 18 for - here's a map that is before you right now in the final eir
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and if it looks strikingly familiar that is last week the plan that rec and park implicit stayed with a trust a promise to the public that would not be included and this new plan says we'll quote raise rates and reduce the flooding this project never got the benefit of public scoping inserted in the draft eir we support other parts of plan and folks met with staff but unwillfully to fulfill their promise in the scoping report so we have to ask you unfortunately but for the benefit of conservatism this plan, rejected until the sharp park golf course redevelopment project is removed thank you for your time and
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consideration. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is juliet and i'm here to oppose the sharp park golf course redevelopment portion of the natural resources or the eir i urge you to remove any golf course elements from the eir or if it didn't happen and urge you to please oppose the eir this is the same map 2006 with the public process and was this is the portion of sharp park looks to be restored again, the boundaries around are not within the golf course within the wet lanes not effecting any of the golf course
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this map was the one waltz the scope process of the report that specifically excluded any golf course development from the eir this is a separate proposal not evaluated as part of proposed project analyzing the eir should changes to the grovel course they'll undergo a california environmental quality act the study they're talking about is this one. >> this includes to raise the
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hole 14 not listed the removal of the hotel removed somewhere else but this has been criticized by scientists however, when the - this specifically was not to be included as part of the eir, however, when the draft eir was published that included this map again which is identical raise fairways to reduce the flooding and for hole 14 noble a golf course redevelopment a new addition and was never subject to public scoping that contradicts what the department promised to treat the golf course as a separate project and separate it to ceqa review please remove this portion of sharp park from the eir thank
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you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you, commissioners my name is jill i am here to voice now option to the eir today, i'm a long time resident born here the mother of two children that utilize the park on a daily business i volunteer with any sons preschool i'm shocked by some of the people who talk about the bio diversity the issue of whether or not children can get into parks is an important one i believe strongly i work within the outdoor school to bring kids every single day into the parks but that issue is an issue of programs and assess and bringing them to the parks the parks are
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open and assessable to children but spraying peshz in the parks and cutting down trees makes that less assessable my kids had to relocate where we do the programming in the morning on several mornings because of peshz because of bio diversity already my preschool class watched the owl family that used to nest in the top of the eucalyptus and into comblaen canyon watched the owls that was an amazing experience and then my sons class including my son
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found a dead owl by eating grass and i support the bio diversity and support of environmental justice i think everyone in the room does i don't know that is any disagreement peshz do support environmental justice i urge you to endorse the maintenance alternative instead i think the parks needs to be maintained not through peshz and chopping down the trees thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm scott taylor i come here in support of plan and the eir on behalf of both the city as a member of blue phil's a native grass
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leaked in the bayview as a ecologist and a transport from here and as a public health official from there with all the combined san francisco to me as an abundance of urban ecology that chicago doesn't only has what happened if this plan didn't go through it is invaded and do away with that it is not profitable or prosperous or sound so chicago right now is going baugsdz e backwards trying to get native spaces didn't have any left within our backyard here glorious hills that have a view of the entire city on the worst days it is surprising how
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is city that has so much as hand realize that oh, we should preserve those spaces and do we we can to make sure the communities around them as and assess that is often meaning restricting assess while a project is done that has to happen so i'm all for this plan and program moving forward because that is something that as an outdoor cider can only service to be a benefit to the city in the long term maybe not in the short term a lot of disagreement but under the long term one of the best looking programs that will not effect the city as a whole as a an outsider thank you for letting
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me speak. >> hello commissioners thank you for having me. i'd like to make 3 quick points first, i'm here representing thousand of moms who are very concerned this plan threatens public safety you've heard it requires the use of toxic herbicides like round up and garland in children's play areas those are bio chooment if you don't spray. >> eucalyptus with a herbicides that will resprout two this plan also heard hurts public safety the city will be liable for slides and increases the risk that a tree will fail on a hiker from the wind and the
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city will be liable it poisons ground water with herbicides for people and frogs the frog sorry no frog. >> number two in the eir i would like to direct your attention to page nine hundred and 2521 the impacts on forest resources is the same and less than significant from the most deforesttion to the least deforestation that's the same i find that be to very preperplexing and everyone here is obviously passionate about nature as am i i dedicate any life to the environment i wish we could go back in time it is the climatic change in the 17
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hundred no climatic change sadly we have it and the large trees are playing you are best defense as you may know they absorb 3 times the carbon as young tree and fourth absorbs ten times the carbon of grassland ever tree we cut down and replace it because that's a eucalyptus brings us to disaster the airport everything is at risk if we want to be a climatic resilient city then we need a plan from a phoney one to one plants to a real 3 to one replacements of actual trees if not that causes climatic change and everyone will be responsible i urge you to vote no please do
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use to your powers to fix that thank you for listening. >> next speaker we'll do that a couple of times mower e make sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak those who have been here a while i'll ask to who are in support of eir and those opposed to the eir or the plan okay. thank you very much. >> and we'll go ahead and read more names. >> it's okay. thank you very much yeah they'll get to chance to come up
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(calling names). >> go ahead, sir. >> thank you, commissioners my name is aaron frank from the founder of california wildlife center and teach environmental law at the time san francisco state university and here to speak on my own behalf and oppose the sharp park portion of the environmental impact report. >> you've seen this map already that's the 2006 restoration plan that was put forth as you can see and other speakers have said all of the restoration program took place outside of golf course portion of the park and during the
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scoping plan the city said clearly in their report the cause of eliminating sharp park is a separate proposal being studied not included or elevated as part of s n r portion of the eir should changes to the sharp golf park they'll under go a separate report including the environmental impact report should any changes to the government park that is needed a separate environmental review that is the map of the property that is ♪ environmental review this is iowa the city said there have a separate environmental review and noted the changes that takes place in the golf course that is
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the redesign it moves the holes from one place to the next changes to the golf course i'll repeat the city sunshine said any changes to the golf course requires a separate environmental review with the ceqa process at the heart of ceqa is public participation and transparency to put this into the plan after the city made a statement they wouldn't undermines the transparent of that plan you know about the enar disagreed species the san francisco gard snake ivy urge you to you exercise many part of the
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portion of the plan otherwise the environmental impact report is faulty and should be rejected thank you very much >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm a student of the san francisco state university in that my first public comment i'll make it brief we want to raise an issue with the sharp park redevelopment plan i irregular that the commission remove the golf course from the eir i have a letter this letter was written by the ohio draft that provided the data for the golf course he sent this to rec and park department and in this letter he writes completed a
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study and feel our work is credible and accurate question and participate in the proposed restoration for this study he feels the proposed alternatives don't optimize the potential want site and the report didn't have a fair and balanced conclusion the sustainability of fresh water in the laguna be evaluated and the proprietor for the freshwater be secondary in the context of sea level rise. >> since the scientist that contributed you criticized the report clearly requires further study political remove this from the eir or oppose the eir thank
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you. >> go ahead, sir. >> hello my name is garrett i'm an great graduate also at the university of california, san francisco university of san francisco i urge the planning commission to remove the golf course from the eir this was written from the ecology and coastal engineering they wrote a letter to the board of supervisors in response to the draft eir in opposition to the golf course the letter says the san francisco recommendation for sharp park was to maintain 18 holes worthwhile making changes in the course to address the virgin censure is seawall and invest millions dollars in improvements there will effect
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the handbag at that time a potential for flooding and results to costs in the city's budget tomato misses golf opportunities and further conclude that the current proposal is inadequate to allow the guarder snake and threatens the red frog that inhabits the site clearly the golf course deserves a separate review to insure the best decision is made for the project and others that oppose the wild enlightenment institute the skooesh and chapter of the suffer rider and the natural san francisco tomorrow and he golden gate adu been society and save the frogs
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and the san francisco green party thank you very e golden g been society and save the frogs and the san francisco green party thank you very golden ga been society and save the frogs and the san francisco green party thank you vergolden gate been society and save the frogs and the san francisco green party thank you verthank you ve >> i believe you may not certificate the eir unless you eliminate the government course redevelopment project at sharp park the reason it is see our role to provide oust of the ceqa process to insure that san francisco gets the best range of 5e689s presented before development decisions are made and even though best science is used and because of way the golf coursed project was sferntd into the ceqa you'll not have the
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opportunity to complete those duties again in 2006 there was a proposal that the community unanimously supported down at sharp park including the wild - separately the 2009 project that came out of this document a white paper prepared by the rec and park called the restoration alternatives report came looked at 3 alternatives for the future of sharp park and concluded this project our friends disagree jackie spier's office bryan told us again and again during the comments the golf course rae alignment project was selected as the proposed project for the city and county of san francisco completely outside the ceqa process this was criticized heavily as
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the previous speakers said by scientists including do ohio draft that helped to prepahydro prepare the report and this creates and allows for a new kind of golf course to be built at the sharp park once this is conducted and if in any doubt and that's perhaps the unintended consequence the city is negotiating leases that san mateo to carrier the managed of that property and in the versions of those leases that they intend to develop the golf course pursuant to the alternative that was has been
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jammed into the eir process down at sharp park and created maps that connecticut inspecting stick to the areas that have been studied in the process there - this ceqa process has been certified. >> and nancy pelosi. >> good afternoon. i don't support the eir for the main reasons there is a low profile on the impact of the herbicides sorry a low profile on the impact of the herbicides on the environment and not only the natural environment i herbicides as you may know have superintendant but known to cause cancer and cause autism
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and others problems but i do not support the disruptions of healthy adult trees mainly pines eucalyptus, acacia and i don't know the others because their non-native simply because non-native and important parts of environment rafter require the eucalyptus they need the system otherwise they can break their wings the birds don't have the capacity to move well, so those trees are absolutely necessary and as for the others i personal adore monterrey pines their sacrifices but that's personal and something else i
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wanted to say great deal of talk about taking children into the areas toxic areas are not healthy for children or adults my understanding that that maybe part of the reason why a lot of the areas will not be assessable for assessable only on the travails but not in the other areas i don't support eir and the destruction of trees bye bye the recommendation of the forest alliance so thank you very much for this comment period and for looking at our hearts you know that no commission is monolithic there are some of you with doughs please listen to the doughs thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is doctor
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i've lived in san francisco since 1993 i'm urging the commission not to certify the eir i believe that a plan burn of intolerance and promotes bad things i ask the commission to endorse the maintenance alternative my buddhist said the creation of basis of every nation and every village and try to remove those differences you must respect the harmony and peace i'm wondering why healthy trees are targeted at a time of catastrophic climatic change when humans are living on the lip of extinction those arguing for the eir deny basic scientific facts the 18 thousand
2:53 am
plus trees in question are silence filter against catastrophic distraction can't be removed watt the degradation flooding and soil erosion and rising levels of carbon dioxide those trees are skas schizophrenic r large - the developers call those non-native i'm curious they're not native americans themselves this week the american geographic conference took place in san francisco naomi
2:54 am
satellites i quote the primary causes of climate change that fossil fuel consumption in a native wanted to clear-cut our parks the trees are not welcome those trees their dirty and out of control and employed against people of color since the discovery of this country by christopher columbus the call the trees invasive and even though those trees are difficult to grow clear cutting of the drought resistance trees is not only foolhardy i didn't by genocide you can't kill everything around you and hope to live. >> thank you, thank you
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>> next speaker, please. >> how does that turn on. >> jackie proximate take care this is how the parks looks now in this the program so it is pretty green our forest and the 10 acres on the ed's are grasslands now in the plan you see a huge brown area in the middle the 10 acre they want to convert by scrub areas those are the facts in the map from the plan the highlights are the trees from appendix f in the plan not phil concentrated
2:56 am
remove let's be contrary that's the idea and also the appendix f in the plan warns against substantial clearing ♪ part of the hillside that is subject to extreme winds taking out the middle of the forest subjects the forest to wind this is also a fact in appendix f if you look at that as part of plan also a fact it is that the arborist opinion the trees poor condition are looking at 78 percent less than one percent along dale wood and - subject to a higher standard and parking near housing many of them have been taught by pg&e even so of the 78 stresses only 11 were
2:57 am
recommended for removal their thriving would or not come in experts from uc berkley dr. joe mcbride and will last another within years what will harm the effort taking out a middle of the forest and peter come and look at the urban forestry manager and agrees the forest is sliding but the trees are recovering this is a gift from sutter he planted it in the 1880s as part of harbor day and opened the tree forests open to the public for hiking for the mental and fell health before a public park in the last remedy in advance on park city land response to comments confirm is
2:58 am
a historic landscape and should be protected whether i he had presidio i urge you to adopt it or take the thirty acres forest out of the natural plan and return to natural park status it is on the grassy area thank you very much >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (clapping.) >> thanks we'll appreciate if, if you don't show emotion on one side or the other not fair to anyone thank you for coordinating. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm sally with sf dog and urge you not to delay certificate the eir if you do you want the maintenance each time not addressing the areas in city parks nap calls closure of the - the dpa at mclaren park
2:59 am
was created in the 70's none asked park if they went to be at dpa nap took control we'll not more areas not less the eir didn't adequately address this population change especially you added in the space which has a 90 persecute in access to the arts of - not adequately addressed in the eir fully 80 percent of the off leash is within adjacent to a natural area the eir didn't adequately address the impact of the potential closer of the 80 off leash if nap staff claims that dog's cause impacts on the natural areas given the nap and
3:00 am
antagonism it is not an unremarkable concern they'll close 80 percent of that yet it didn't adequately address that issue nap has not talked e talked with people with dogs they say you can walk on leash not the same experience the eir says owl leash areas can be contemplated but no requirement that any new areas added in fact, over ten years no off leash areas in city parks created at all any new areas outside of rec and park essentially rec and park is going to trust us given the network offer the 10 years it is hard 25 trust the department it is not just the - the number of acres it is the quality of the recreational experience most
3:01 am
are small you can throw a ball and socialize that's it excuse me. mclaren park and bernal two of the largest areas for dogs in the city areas that have parts of in closed any off leash areas must be in parks that people have essentially the same experience they have will be lost basically urge you to approve the maintenance alternative take the forest out of nap and keep the forest and stop the forest downsize and. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is ron a resident of park first to the planning commission please don't rubber stamp the eir four reasons you've heard more but here's
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four the eir use the wrong definition of bio exist hence, the eir is not objective all trees and plans whether native or non-native are part of diversity like people in different parts of san francisco like ourselves by addressing native any native tree is demonized our parks are a variety of san francisco and have been so for one and 50 years thank you to a deposit sutter the eir is inaccurate the eir claims native plants are more tolerant more adapt active to climatic change and require less irrigation no evidence is provided the fact over thirty
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species are non-native i despite being hit are peshz it is a gardening preference and one that is opposite of sustainability it requires constant application of toxic herbicides to maintain them number 3 the eir is inaccurate because that states that the blue eucalyptus is not invasive the eir makes many references to eucalyptus being inner 58 the california plant society says eucalyptus has a limited and blue gum trees are not causing heartache harm which is the standard to see invasiveness and eir is inaccurate abused 39 what
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occurs states that 39 encourages the growth in the forest health the response to comments indicates it helps impregnate but 39 is only beneficial when trees are young and vigorous enough to take advantage of the competition otherwise the benefits from 39 maturity tree is negligible so the rec and park commissioners i'm urging to support the maintenance alternative that limits the number of trees less than 18 thousand and discourages the herbicides to kill native trees and limit the trails closed to less than 9 miles and discourage rec and park from eliminating 9 acres off leash dog play areas and encourage you to remove the effort areas of mclaren park.
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>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is dee i'm president of the san francisco forest alliance i've been waiting for years to talk with you think you've been waiting a long time today to hear what i have to say i appreciate that and i will look forward to what you have to say after we speak i would do you see to a lot of green shirts in the audience if you have a green shirt or not and support the native alliance will be stand up thank you so i'd like to request how not certificate in document at this time and there are 3 main reasons the first is tree albeit it needed after mitigation annual documents of the trees removed
3:06 am
including when they were removed we were theo they debated or diseased or removed for some other reasons what are their species and diaphragm and height of the tree the dated that was removed and the gps correspondence and a log with the same information including an unanimous inspection how many trees planted survived over the 3 years in rec and park didn't keep those kinds of records replacement is a meaningful less thing this as lack the accuracy and adequacy stored carbon and green house gas emissions, tree replacement on a one to what ratio or appreciable by the way,
3:07 am
that tree replacement is not no the management plan only in the eir in the draft and final form issues around herbicides use, public assess limitation that were decided by appointed government officials and four significant and unavoidable impacts that are documented in the final eir have among those reasons the third reason the natural program has committed many ceqa violations i received a packet excuse me - which i hope you reviewed carefully in that packet we actually itemized and dlaebd on the violation please don't safety net 19 of this eir in you do i hope you will put forth implement rather the maintenance alternative last i'd like to see the word
3:08 am
native was snefrtd spot 1997 plan and into the eir by local native advocates they used. >> thank you thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> speak into the microphone please. good afternoon, commissioners my name is janet this eir is outdated for bio diversity it was written before we having had ccii yots that is updated and inaccurate for bio diversity you can't have it when the ccii i do not is not considered with people and dogs from the park the ccii yots require the thekts
3:09 am
be removed those i i've i was told oh, i know coyotes they can go anywhere right last year they appeared repeatedly in the neighborhoods this can be eliminated by the leaving the habitat intact they balance the environment and create bio diversity from the top down as in yellowstone called a perfect cascades they vicinity from the bottom up is misinformed not sustainable and uses toxic peshz our eir didn't address coyotes
3:10 am
as the keystone place in the city >> the eir understates the impact to the natural areas that calls for removing or relocating 10 miles of trails in the natural areas calls for restricting all off trail use of the park adults or children who want to view a pleasure or bird and feel enjoyment in nature enter into areas that are off trail we want to go to our parks and see wildlife in the forest. >> we would like to take our
3:11 am
pets and not feel we're shut out the assess limits in the eir have a huge impact as city owned parks we want our parks maintained not closed off i also does n i also do not support i want mp to stop using herbicides and closing trails and limiting dog play areas i pled you, you don't adopt the management plan rather that i adopt the maintenance alternative that will allow nap to manage those areas they've
3:12 am
replanted but prohibit them from destruction of non-native habitats thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> again day commissioners and park passionate people it is hard to not take this personally when i do a lot of right of work and what it takes to balance the handbag at that time but i'm doing haste i'm here on my own time as a proud rec and park gardener and 4ri6 laborer i'm committed to providing criterion and safe open space for all park users and species but the point to keep as many species for the most amount of time far into future as many generation as we can we're trying to prop up the food it is hierarchical changing
3:13 am
we can do that with a little bit of trust i'm urging everyone here to leave fears behind in recognizing our commitment at the rec and park department and to keep the natural areas criterion and safe over the pass 20 years we've worked under the management practices but without recognized guiding policy framework wow. we work with thousand of volunteers throughout san francisco in diverse community that want the heritage officially preserved san franciscans deserve reassurance as a progressive city that we actually make progress by roebs our investment in front line stewardship by certificateing the eir in the
3:14 am
management plan you - you guys don't see how we balance the foist that is frustrating i'll say you know when you call a homeless camp a tree falls across the trail that is the liv that shows up okay. as a native san franciscan okay. i'm here raising my fourth generations daughter here okay. i'm the one that has to apply the judicious herbicides to make sure i'm save i'm the applicant we have strict rules we need to move forward safely with a balanced approach
3:15 am
okay. i want my daughter and her daughters daughter to love the wildlife including the urban forest that has shaped by service i grateful appreciate you ford this plan and getting that moving loan thank you very much and i appreciate your support >> next speaker, please. >> as you come up i'll reads more names (calling names). >> for those persons in toverflw
3:16 am
room. >> please proceed. >> my name is ruth thank you for the opportunity to speak i must say i was also expressed to see side turn out everyone that worked with the natural areas policeman from any capacity whatever turned out i would like in that situation to remind that you there are two petitions that are quite descent opposing the pesticides uses in the park that has 10 thousand signatures closer to 11 thousand and a recent one regarding mountain davidson we have something like that 5 thousand signatures in a period of two weeks so just the fact that a lot of the people couldn't make
3:17 am
that to the hearing on a working day shouldn't stand to lose their voices i love what is described as the overall idea of the native areas program the problem is that is not what is in the plan it sounds like their drying to do the duty full thing to preserve everything this is there if it is the the plan they're cutting down 18 thousand plus trees and closing the trails and bay area not mentioned in the oust use the eir says that herbicides use will not change but if you cut down 18 thousand trees you'll need la jolla herbicides there is no at sharp increase the
3:18 am
second thing i find - only native plants are good for urban species but the sensitivities don't recognize whether a plant p is flacht or not like the butterfly forensic it grows an nursery plants and without federal we'll not have the grocery store yellow butterfly we have on twin peaks not because they're happy there but were because every two or three years transported san bruno and with the population will develop is anybody's guess the eucalyptus is the flowering plant and a wonderful habitat for birds and mammals inserts
3:19 am
insects nest and everything there ground things to - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon. i'm dan i'm the executive director 6 friends of urban forest but here to speak on behalf of as the head of the urban forest plant urlt council several years ago we identified that the ramp and the eir were two critical issues that faced our urban forest we have a series of hearings ♪ very room i was seating where under commissioner president buell/rec & park was sitting and expensive hearings on this subject with the people speaking pros and cons now the urban forest council is compromised of
3:20 am
people a heard the pros and cons and to create a document to understand how to deal with the problem so last friday in the room had a hearing on the eir and management plan and unanimously endorsed that we urge you to endorse this is coming from really good mind in san francisco that understand the complexity that face you all as you try to deal with only the urban forest issues we only dealt with urban forest issues now lots of talk about the losing of 18 thousand trees we didn't deal with the sharp park but in reality there's a lot of censure concern about mountain davidson and the loss of 18 thousand trees a letter written
3:21 am
by peter i have respect for we went out and looked at it mountain davidson >> go ahead. >> a couple of days ago and the chief scientist for cal academy and a recent addition to the urban forest council she and i walked off that and attached our letter to that letter i want to read a little bit of the letter based on the visible inspection at mountain davidson trees were showing the blue gum canopy waltz showing die-off that's to say the condition of the trees is far worst than talked about the die back is drought or die back has been noted on mount sutro it goes on and on i'm close to losing my
3:22 am
time you have to know a great deal of people understand forest they believe this is a great road map to manage the forest and we look forward to looming working with rec and park we strongly urge that rec and park look at a 3 to one ratio thank you. >> thank you. >> before we have the next speaker i've been made aware that the trans - i hate to see her collapse and end the meeting permanently so let me ask the secretary how long do we give her to recovery. >> how long do you need. >> 10 minutes please. >> 10 because i want to that make sure she finishes up a 10
3:23 am
minute recess thank you very >> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission and rec and park department commission joint hearing for thursday, december 15, 2016, i'd like remind the please be advised a member of the public has up to 3 minutes to address the commission unless the commission that the proceedings.
3:24 am
and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. all again visit overseeing persons in the overflow room the north light court downstairs to please make our way up to the room and remind the members of the public 3 minutes to address the commission. >> next speaker, please. >> okay my name is vic i'm a resident of mira loma park and rather than rehash what you've heard today, i want to raise a couple of points and a slightly different context and you've heard challenges to the accuratey i'll urge you considers challenges because if the eir is accepted as it stands i think there will
3:25 am
be saviors and long term unintended consequences heart of responsibility of this commission to reduce the impact think such unintended consequences by addressing some of the flaws that are pointed out out to i think you may be able to achieve that. >> i think that these unintended consequences not a hypothetical they will occur with the best the intentions it always happens and if we try to unravel i don't know how many century i want to choose of human impact on the environment in san francisco there are going to be difficulties and i'll leave it to you to discuss how you think realistic to try to undo the natural
3:26 am
accrues that is took place since human habitation that is present here with that, i'll just say please really considers flaws that are pointed out to i hope owl reject the either eir if you feel compelled to approve that, please go with the maintenance alternative thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is period of time jones i'm a 33 member the golden gate heights our organization helped to stay the red rocks and several areas from development we've aided the effort to save the green hair street butterfly in an 18 year dialogue with the natural area program
3:27 am
representatives between the programs claims of effectiveness and the obvious example realities within the project areas the matter before you is a 20-year plan our question is where is the other how will we know 5 years down the line or 10 years whether the program has yielded the promised results without inclusion of a process for periodic disinterested evaluations especially in a time of restrict resources no eir no special city council meeting city program deserves approval
3:28 am
thank you. >> thank you i'm john, i live in my family a few blocks sorry thank you my name is john, i live with my family a few blocks into golden gate park i don't opposed all aspects the natural areas proposal but have problems with the proposal as it relates to the urban forest the people in the natural areas project dislike plans 1492 and dislike the plans with a passion that approaches religious ferry our sometimes that ferry volunteer is good but for the as a relates to the urban forest golden gate park is a beautiful park before the removal the eucalyptus on the park particularly in the
3:29 am
eastern portion i'm afraid that the proposal will provide an skews to remove large numbers of aesthetically important trees in the city like amounts of money have been wasted removing the trees between diementsd heights the natural areas plans released a proposal a different proposal related to mountain davidson that proposal said that will preserve the forest on mountain davidson when i read the proposal you found it it only things that remain is the largest trees that will drauchl change the porn's of the effort and put a definite limit on the forest life i'm afraid a similar defeat with respect to the urban forest in the natural areas proposal and ask you only approval for the proposal if more protects preserving the
3:30 am
urban forest including our eucalyptus forests thank you very much. >> i live in the richmond and echo the comments of the previous speaker. >> i am here to speak for trees the compromise minced alternatives is acceptable it allows for the bio diversity that seems to be - i don't think that is right allows for the bio diversity that everyone seems to be so much concerned about i believe in bio diversity too about that should include what we have already. >> but i'm totally against
3:31 am
further destruction of the trees obviously diseased trees may need maintenance by the way, we've cut down the practice of cutting down dead trees those are habitats so a lot of unlastly activity in the name of enlightened foresting the trees sequester more carbon than the mraptsdz wear replacing and an earlier speaker said that the those backyard i don't want trails built to limit any access to my own backyard part of my backyard is the mountain lake park and mountain lake was in the name of the same
3:32 am
beautifications poisoned about 4 years ago so all non-native species can be eliminated and the eucalyptus trees over towards the roadway were taken down although several years ago early seven hundred they're okay but the ones on the other side of the lake they took down the first with an and poisoned the lake 94 now no ducks no black birds used to be alive with red and black birds every summon it is no children there to feed the ducks people think this shouldn't be there's no duck to feed if it is going to be the example of what this sort of
3:33 am
purification will produce go for the maintenance program that's fine but please don't cut down any more trees. >> next speaker i'll call a few more names (calling names). >> you got me. >> honorable commissioners ladies and gentlemen, my name is john burns i'm here to support the completion of the renovation of sharp park an award-winning affirm maker and golfer in 1973 i build the
3:34 am
oldest continuance operating center in the united states i powder that with a wind generator i know about b a thing about ecology and building this commission knows a thing about the same things i taught golf for san francisco rec and park my one and 46 students came from ethic and religious backgrounds and one left me exhausted everyday and with an that i still cherish i taught the history of golf and through that i saw a fascination grip any kid's that is astonishing to them a game played in 1557 is the visually
3:35 am
the same as golf that became blue and a great equalize that led harmony to my ragtag group great friendships and life lessons and perseverance provided any kid's with a key that perseverance leads to success in golf the same as in life you've already licensed to the argument i'll not bore you with the details i'm here to support the positions you've made and to reinforce how close with the environmental sound rules you've accomplished i applaud you as thousand of others that expressed pride in knowing the thousands and thousands of millions of dollars to update the sharp park will be
3:36 am
good for children that love to play golf until the end of days on our national treasure sharp park i urge you to approve that thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> yes hello commissioners i'm glen reorganizes or roger a landscape architect member of the sierra club and also a member of california native plant society i think you know where this will go. >> i'm in support of nap program with the exception of sharp park the red-legged frog and the san francisco garden snake are effected by fertilizer and herbicides and the burn off caused by those of materials
3:37 am
there is no environmentally sensitive golf course a barrier can't solve lawn mowers kicking off organism like the snakes and the regular legged front pages frogs in deciding mountain davidson with the carbon sequestration in one judge's 5 hundred years a thousand years there will be a fire releasing the carbon who ever thought there would be a fire in oakland san bruno mountain represents the vegetation that growing grew in san francisco historically those plants are under threat increasing the generic fist of overseeing planter of intending mountain is my goal a monocult
3:38 am
doesn't encourage diversity let me explain lgbt about the legal when eucalyptus trees position poisons the soils prohibiting under growth a number of plants that have this california bay tree has no under story underneath the creek beds where it is found and that's very wet fertile area the leaves have 24 oil it makes it stellar and unlike the oak that supports over thousand of species the lips supports few if no species in my opinion especially with the - it at mountain davidson we rack the leaves so other
3:39 am
vegetation can grow if you see it in its natural nothing growing underneath that. >> the natural areas program with plants species don't think them alone are found is my goal and what i would like you to support thank you very much and i hope you support the natural area program thank you. >> good evening, commissioners eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates. our city first make sure the correct the record on a misunderstanding on the green party their appears compares to a golf course in a natural areas program, however, that didn't mean in ours is a member of the golf course was support the underlying plan i want to make
3:40 am
that clear we don't support mass removal of trees and the use of toxic herbicides to control vegetation in our public places where children and pets and the rest of us and workers what about exposed only the golf course we said should be removed that's a couple of years ago so why not support the mass tree removed and herbicides what the herbicides it is office use i was with pesticides watch in 2006, we got strong laws passes to keep herbicides and pesticides out of public parks and the next the folks that are just fanatical about native plants came along and peeled back the restrictions on this incredibly toxic tier one and herbicides that is an unacceptable development in and
3:41 am
of itself and need to we need to reject bans the ability for those folks to use those herbicides we want to refocus i know you've been sitting here for hours but bring up a new issue you've not heard that relate to the other statements of climatic change and the climate crisis and green house gas and the thing you have to understand those this eir and those plant do allow for the removal of up to 18 thousand trees that is the plan no matter what anyone says the plans nipping and edges of things like that people that support those native agenda want to remove all the trees an east bay plan that will remove hundred of thousand of trees rejected in court because that is a crazy idea why
3:42 am
a crazy idea because when you cut down trees you release carbon from the trees and the soil in massive moiments that carbon realized takes one hundred years or more to be reabsorbed sweet spot forest the eir is flailed didn't account for the fact we're hitting climatic change crisis we cannot realize the carbon and wait a one year's to be absorbed i'll say i ask you reject of eir. >> i'll call a few more names (calling names)
3:43 am
good afternoon commissioners thank you for your time i'm available to answer any questions you may have a doug i'm working with friends of urban forest and representing myself i'm a certificateed or not i sit on two boards one at chapter international society of the board cult and cal fires your honor, and forest advisory council but today i'm a thirty year citizen of san francisco in favor of the eir i'm if it is new to me honestly sharp park innovate include that our natural areas have under gone a lot of changes over time we're losing the forests the eucalyptus i would like to refer to a letter that was sent to you offered by the which i shouldn't
3:44 am
urban forest counsel and the academies executive director where it was in favor of this plan i do think it has been discussed 3 to one replacement but i think we have to look at sort of this phased approach and we need to move this plan forward looking at healthy forest and native plants and bringing i say opportunity to teach you are young people and those don't come up that often i think that we know our children are hunger for those natural areas and people talked about problematic uses in them those are largest native areas from mclaren park that sutro and mountain davidson i feel touched when a my children recognize a
3:45 am
small but the fragile nature i think the information you have is extensive and thoughtful and actually, well informed and scholarly look at some of the documents that have been submitted the to you, you have a tough decision good luck on that and so thank you very much with this opportunity today. >> i'm to reader everyone one of the book into the record is if is that a problem. >> go for it. >> thank you, commissioners i don't envy our job i give a talk on the topic 90 minutes i've done 3 hours on the time loaded
3:46 am
the man that spoke is a friend of mine when i lived in the city i moved to mri i think a planting manager he's not read all the books so many profound scientists challenging the non-restrict scientific all trees
3:47 am
conservative carbon and all trees on mountain sutro have you, you seen the tarps i lived near the st. patrick gone while when they cut down the eucalyptus trees the hills collapsed all non-native is going down no science i'm not an emotional guy by relying on the science so you see the title the wild - behind the war on east bay 58 do i o'ryan a horticulturist talks about the instant the fact of the matter but the eradication and viewing
3:48 am
the use of toxic herbicides which 50 more than 50 years ago was taught to us how far have we come in san francisco we are environment itself it is okay in the parks with the children and the last one is poison which shows the and so on to you might conclude that i am opposed to the current eir for the tremendous inadequacy including pesticides and the destruction of thousand of trees of any species that's honking me, you guys are tolerate and putting up with that thank you how i want to end with a paraphrase from
3:49 am
other authority that said the enemies of the environment used to be, sir. >> okay. thank you very much folks. >> well done in 3 minutes. >> and good luck with our decision. >> next speaker, please. >> hi and i might want to use the mike to your right. >> all right. >> hi, i'm rosalina resident of san francisco since late 90s i'm here to say i'm opposed to the natural areas management plan to cut down the trees and use the pesticides why think you need to be a scientist to realize how unhealthy those are especially for children
3:50 am
contemporary those leaves and branches preserve the moisture according to calfire this entire city a fire risk that's they're lost rating other ratings are high and verified there are plenty of other reasons i oppose the eir that have been said i urge you to consider them and i also ask that you, please approve the alternatives instead thank you for your time and attention. >> good evening, commissioners my name is robert i lived in san francisco for over 50 years i'm kufrnt a board member and past member of the mclaren park and i'm sorry to interrupt you from
3:51 am
the person who is alarm is going off it is disruptive. >> and a board member and the past the park is a residential community of 200 homes and will be impacted by the proposed plan but before you i speak on behalf of the club and 4 hundred members supports the restoration and the mira loma supports the best plants in the city we advocated for the plans in the general plan we work collaboratively with rec and park personnel in our neighborhood and, yes our forest management that plan before i is esteem with the focus specifically on the impact to mountain davidson the club detailed the concerns to planning on why the draft eir
3:52 am
as inaccurate and inadequate and planning response was to all of the clubs comments with respect to mountain davidson in regards to cutting down 16 hundred trees the related impact the carbon wind and mammals do financial costs the tree replacement and closing 2 nine hundred feet of trails and 4re789 access to acres and users herbicides planning said our comments are insignificant not relevant and not supported in essence all the impacts the club cites were less than a significant impact on the draft eir the club absolutely disagrees and building if so imagine accurate addresses not obviously therefore not be certified to be put in place to address the comments in regards
3:53 am
to mountain davidson, however, if it is approved we ask the alternative maintenance to the plan we supports as the superior alternative otherwise from the plan but is approved the club has asked mayor ed lee and the rec and park commission as stated in the correspondence on august 29th this year that certain parts of mountain davidson be returned back to rec and park forest the club wants to protect mountain davidson thank you for your time. >> good evening. i'm peter the senior environmentalist - i
3:54 am
say was first editor of voice and in fact, learned that jerry thomas spoke my bosss boss allowed did editorials though they were edgy now a government employee he can't say be two edgy but a few brief comments on behalf of the environmentalists and restoring our eco system and providing access to the aide we're supportive of and in fact, and they anywhere our own goals 3r0e789 the eco system and strengthening community resilence i'm frame my comments in my really at the department one of the things i devote any time to celebrating all the great work in the city with
3:55 am
respect to local nature and diversity i'll put up, up a slide. >> and celebrating in could be a full-time job and in fact, today, we're celebrating rec and park work in natural stewardship and the natural areas plan are situated from the slide amongst the diverse programs kaktd to connecting san franciscans to hereby nature san francisco has benefited from conservatism of local nature in our nature state and local parks it continues the progress to moving forward and plan recognizes the continued threats to where you are natural environment and should be
3:56 am
stewards has the restoration and stewardships amazing 4 hundred plus native plant out of the 7 thousand in the state over 3 thousand species of birds 5 hundred and 50 in california and the plan does makes the film contribution to the mitigates e mice of the crisis those places within san franciscans with the ongoing potential for relationships with nature and nature trails provide the opportunity forever autumn san franciscans to have connections to nature where they live in recognition of those important goals and the exhaustive position i ask you to approve the plan on behalf of the
3:57 am
environment and. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> hi my name is al i'm a city resident and i'm a - i'm of california plant society this he is kind of fun i'm 73-year-old and never been called a fanic kind of appreciate that. >> i'm very much in favor favor of keeping the tiny land as native as possible and i'm
3:58 am
doing if is selfish point of view i'm 73-year-old not as easy to get out to places like marin and down into the city the ability to take a bus or short walk and go to a place like for example, the oak wood lands in golden gate park and see something that still approaches what was here one and or 200 years ago or whatever? important and probably be very important to a lot of people who have experienced for one reason or other not the mobility they had before i'm a gather any two grandchildren live here we want to make sure they can without investigating to get carted out in a car or bus somewhere they
3:59 am
can see a natural area or mostly natural in the city itself and, yes we're going to have to do stuff to keep it as natural as potential i strongly support the eir and plan that will for what i've seen will do stuff to keep those areas as natural as they possibly can be thanks very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello i'm sorry robert and i'm here a concerned citizen and representing myself and several neighbors in the davidson area i'm a parks lover where soccer fields for the kids tree covered housekeeping trails are part of city i think the rec and park for the good work what's lost in the noisy debate
4:00 am
over when species deserves priority in san francisco are some very significant well, concerns that need to be addressed and have not namely the damage to the human heartache concerns of the impact think the water supply and changes to the landscape for erosion and run off purposes i've not heard anyone talk about i'm shocked you know what the use of herbicides where do they ends up they don't breakdown they accumulate in the environment starting in 2017 the san francisco water supply we'll be mixing in ground water into the taps to underscore that was ufo some you know health issues


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