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tv   Building Inspection Commission 122116  SFGTV  December 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> good morning today a monday, december 21, 2016, this is the regular meeting of of to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. the first item is call the roll. >> commissioner gilman commissioner konstin commissioner lee commissioner warshell commissioner president mccarthy and commissioner clinch is excused we have quorum and the next item item 2 presidents announcements thank you, very much first of all, i'd like to say happy holidays to ever seen that a few 34078z will be acknowledging wards we're giving to many of the staff for awards but first, i'd like to acknowledge the work our department is doing in responded
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to the fire in oakland san francisco arts community has long been supported and nurtured in san francisco our department is on the leading edge to legalize units and secure those types of spaces the program such as the code enforcement is one that do advances work in barhopping with the inspectors to actually to secure spaces. the future i want to acknowledge our departments work we're in the progress of work with the fire and health and other departments to actually come up with a program and we have an
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agendized in january to do a formal presentation is address this issue and give more information to the public about the program again, if any issues that people have in the public contact our department our inspectors and staff with here to make sure those buildings are safe so i'd like to now go into we have several awards that we give for the departments to acknowledge the great work of the employees i will be announcing dbi employee of the quarter for quarter, 3, 4 and our employee of the year so it is with much pride i announce an employee of quarter 3 betty is betting i didn't hear betty it is
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>> (clapping.) >> come up here we'll award you she's and permanent intuition and noimentd by nick our winner of employee for quarter 4 is carolyn jan carolyn wonderful we all know her the executive assistant to our director and noimentd by pta herrera and our winner for the employee of the year the builder inspector bernie. >> (clapping.) >> bernie was overflow room noimentd by dan loweringy i come up we'll give you wards we have let me announce first, that the commission would like to thank the department head phil ginsburg of rec and park for
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providing the freeze ice skating tickets address conservatory of flowers in golden gate park and have a plaque director will send a letter of prediction from phil ginsburg and this is a program where staff and managers can in the meantime in their outstanding performance and dbi for the sub push service we're about serving the public and making san francisco save we congratulate you i'll come down there thank you. >> (clapping.) >> me, too not
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often i get decreed up like this. >> so our quarter 3 betty here's your tickets to the wonderful ice skating rink it's okay. >> (laughter). >> so okay. great so - >> congratulations great. >> and you want to give it - okay ice skating tickets and plaque thank you very much for your work. >> wonderful. >> congratulations you look at nice in that tie (laughter). >> ice skating tickets
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and a plaque >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> all right. congratulations >> thank you, thank you. >> congratulations. >> all right. >> that concludes my announcement congratulation everyone next item 3 general public comment the bic will take public comment on matters not part of the agenda all members of the public can come forward who want to speak and allowed 3 minutes. >> hi
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my name is julie i'm the media manager on care and my 4 year anniversary of knowledge here on christmas day i'm here because the fire in large part thanks to our department has resulted in the environmental impacts of many artists from their home i have 10 thousand signatures but before i get to that i want to briefly tell you my identical twin sister can't remember a time she's not phil of sketchbooks any sister inspires me to create everyday it is a shame as we get older we're expected to put ours paintbrushes down she's kept alive the majority majority and inspired people to purchase or appreciate art in high school
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she included a quote that says life beats down and crushes the soul to remember us we have one without my identical twin sister we wondered how she'll make that selling art on the side we were - we saw she had a space our lives felt whole the landlord made a space for artists they need a lot of spaces this is normal landlord doesn't want paint on the waltz you can't paint in you can't see the colors you see the surrounding are beautiful go through the moveable carpet and she could paint her art as a result, the fire was tragic we we continue
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to mourn but the city departments by forcing the inspections on the hours you're creating fear and stress i'm here with 10 thousand signatures it is hard to give a number of evictions maybe 10 or 11 but creating evictions is not the answer the city has - limits the new construction or makes the - the city is responsible for the inspections that rumentsz in eviction along with any sister and others i'm scared of them becoming homeless in the city they call home entirely this is 10 thousand signatures with asking our department for 3 things cease the inspects until
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more places are for - we also ask you not be heavy handed in the enforcement and we ask you to consider raising the permit fees with the upgrades with surprising and, etc. you want people to be safe but forced out the spirit of the city and consider the consequences because many artists will rather take on the rifksdz that the landlord can't afford to bring up to code we can create spades without the measures month of the warehouses - one was the extension and not the rule and the landlord are upgrading the spaces many petitions are - but please don't evacuee artists and my sister people that make the
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bay area creative please don't crush our scowls u souls love it had been you these if we could. >> please, please thank you so much i appreciate your effort just in i'm an artist and agree 100 percent and our board of supervisors we have our code enforcement outreach include the partnership with organizations who is job to try to make sure the evictions don't happen we're committed to this thank you. >> any other public comment? >> no other public comment? >> thank you we're on to item 4 commissioners questions or comments 4a there
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the staff at this time the staff may ask the programs and policies that of are of interest to the commission. >> any commissioners. >> have anything i mean i'd like to reiterate that many of the commission have requested the presentation from our staff and fire specifically regarding the art space issue and making sure that past forward not include eviction and as much as possible include legalizing and making the spaces safe that's on the next agenda in january. >> any - >> yeah. making a presentation next commissioner meeting no
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january. >> that would be great if fire can be here and i believe the last time i want to make sure they come. >> okay. perfect any other issues for the upcoming agendas donate a big one we want to give it attention any other issues that come up please let commissioner president mccarthy or i know we'll put it on the agenda. >> our next meeting is. >> item 4b future meetings at this time to make a special meeting and other items for the station 49 our next meeting is january 18, 2017. >> great okay. >> item 5 discussion and possible action to approve and
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swear in members of the co-advisory committee recommended by the nominees of subcommittee are jay edgar junior and general business and preservation and henry commercial precipitating and manager and jim electrical engineer and bryan engineer michael contractor and structural engineer and robert mechanical contractor and mark cunningham and member at large and member at large and kevin the modeled contractor and erica residential project contractor zachary architect and civil engineer and a position for the
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disability advocationcy since 2008. >> actually, i commissioner walker is that if we could do items 5, 6 and 7 altogether. >> that's fine. >> okay absolutely. >> read into the record item 6 and 7 discussion and possible action inform approve and swear in members of the board of examiners appoint and reappointment for the subcommittee emmanuel building trades and mac mechanical engineer and patrick structural engineer and bradyly licensed architect and sam re7b8gd electrical engineer and licensed plumbing contractor james reed general contractor and michael high-rise building representative and licensed architect and licensed and randy
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also structural engineer in schematic improvements and james precipitating and we currently have a vacant position for general contractor c to exterior in 2018 and item 7 discussion and possible action to approve reassign from the general contractor and swear in a member of the board of examiners fire protection engineers to expire 2019. >> commissioner lee okay. >> first of all, i'd like to take the time to speak on those 3 items if i may first express my appreciation to the board of the advisory committee for the work this past year i learned that the committee held 70 meetings just to review and comment on 19 proposal amendments for the building and dbi cost schedule and of course,
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the hundreds of san francisco amendment to the 2016 california building code that would include the plumbing and electrical code and green building code to this year at the committee they spend a lot of time and did a lot of work i thank them for that there are 17 seats on the code advisor and 16 want to continue to serve with a denomination committee to review the membership this past august and by the way, all the nomination committee consisted of commissioner gilman and commissioner melgar and me the nomination committee in use of force supported to recommend to reappoint those 16 members okay.
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the only member that did not respond to our inquiry about whether heir is the member off on the disability advocacy to the only member we're not reappointing for as of today is vacant okay. >> the board of examiner didn't meet last year wow. 12 of 13 members on the board would like to continue to serve the telephone members are essentially on standby they're ready according to the street they're ready to serve the board convenes whenever there is a review to revenue materials and types of construction and hear appeals to the directors condemn
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nation orders religious have not happened he suppose they're ready to serve all the seats expired in september 5th and the nomination committee in august examined this recommended to reappoint 12 of those members the current members to that board again the seat that was vacant and probably contaminated was the register fire protection engineer seat now what we learned later was that one member of the board of examiner sitting in the general contractor seat was qualified to serve in the engineer seat therefore item 7 all i'm asking to reassign to the protection
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fire protection seat i think this would be prudent we may find more people qualified and interest rate in serving in the general contractor seat in the fire protection seat before the board the commission to consider >> to do a motion. >> would you like you're sitting on the committee would you like to - >> i say thing we're really impressed is the vacation and hours the committees put in 70 meetings in an calendar year folks for volunteers we really, really want to thank you for your service and the fact that many of you want to serve that's the dedication to the city and county of san francisco but the dedications to dbi we want to thank you and many of you are in
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the field everyday doing the work we appreciate that and on the side note assuming it is okay myself and commissioner walker just r0i8d for reasons for the board of examiners to meet we'll be sending you a letter to look at modular 6 construction and complies with the local code a new trend that people are using in the private market currently to be building and we know that it is something that the building trades and other folks to see how we can make that successful no so we'll be sending you a formal request to meet. >> wonderful any other commissioners. >> i want to reiterate the prediction appreciation we meet
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- having experts to getting into the weeds it is - we appreciate the work you do and we know the city does to thank you very much for serving. >> so i'll make a motion on items 5, 6 and 7 to reresident the members that were read off by commissioner walker to approve the whole slate. >> is there a second. >> i second. >> seconded public comment on this item. >> seeing none, roll call vote. >> commissioner walker commissioner gilman commissioner konstin commissioner lee commissioner warshell that motion carries unanimously and congratulations, everyone.
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>> (clapping.) >> would you like to come forward and say anything you don't have to i have a certificate for you to sign. >> speak now or forever. >> come up you don't have to speak. >> i'll come and do that. >> thank you. >> oh, okay. >> jonathan rodriquez? commissioner
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>> jonathan rodriquez? >> thank you. >> dan. >> right here and great thank you very much (multiple voices). >> what's your name.
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>> okay. we're going to do a picture so everybody fall in. >> if you get tight (laughter) no. >> (laughter). >> we're going to do this; right? >> oh, you'll had had oath now. >> so at the repeat after you one or two fill in our name. >> so we are going to everybody is on the board of examiners here and so we'll do one of the first one the board of examiners so at this time you'll repeat after me. >> i.
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>> do do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth? and convinced that the constitution of the united states and the constitution of state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bear true faith and alliance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california that i take that obligation freely without any mental recessed vacation that i will well and faithfully discharge the destitute's i'm about to enter and during such time i hold the office of a member of the board of examiners in the city and county of san francisco. >> okay. >> now we do the code advisory committee same thing. >> okay. i do you solemnly
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swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> repeating. >> i 8 bear true faith and alliance to the constitution of the united states and to the constitution of state of california and that i will - obligation freely without mental reservation or purpose of evasion and faithfully discharge the duties i'm about to enter into and during such time as i hold office as a member of the city and county of san francisco you consider yourselves sworn in. >> okay. thank you . >> (clapping.) >> sign those and return them.
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>> okay. >> all right. >> oh, we might get out by 10. >> yes. i'll take it uh-huh. >> thank you very much. >> thank you good so see you.
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>> congratulations again everyone. >> on to item 8 duration on the tracking system. >> hi. >> hi. >> morning commissioners and director. >> good morning. >> my name is bruce a project
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sponsor with the department of building inspection i'll be giving the status report in the absence of shawn and henry today in the current period completed several key items the first being the improve of concept and what's the proof of the concept in the report as items of concern the first, the date interfaces that is successfully able to demonstrate to us that process was to take data if an outside source and automatically i'm going to turn it over to that in a batch process into the solar system that worked perfectly that was very, very good news the second concept was the easy of use that didn't go immediately as well as we hoped
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but what we were able to do work with the users to give me more concrete ideas of how changes could make their lives much easier at first pass a little bit of hand wildlife like we understand your pain and the difficulties are we can make things better by doing our users didn't feel that is really suspicion we were able to give concrete changes that made them much more acceptable to the process we're expecting the feedback any day now that was a processed we are hopeful for the third item was inspectors scheduling and competently cell brought in a third software company and they specialized in scheduling software on the
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second pass with the inspectors this tested ought to be very, very, very good the inspectors were very happy that the flexibility and makes their process of reassigning and barbara hale their inspections schedules much easier so that works good click software is a third party that integrates with excelsior and this part of project although a third party will be all managed by excel not a separate contractor all work in the excel project another key project a drafted for our governance model project governance that project communications and roektsd and it allows effective decision making and oversight of the
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project we've been talking to the progress finding who the correct players will be and we expect to present that to you probably in the next upcoming meeting and we're excited to share that with you you've made changes that include bigger presence with the planning department as well as some other key departments in the city another key activity is - the fit gap analysis so we received a draft from excel with the fit gap analysis based the requirements we enjoyed in the fall so in that retirement special we came up with 2000 requirement that the department needs to do its job and excel
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needs to perform to those tasks of the 2000 requirement the feeling is 200 and 50 they feel with gaps in what we can deliver as a off the shelf product we which we talked about the proof of gap if that were a gap a significant for that purpose gap that will cause a large problem didn't didn't exist so this is what the gap will be some of the things listed in the gap are minor and our job is to determine if there is anything out of significance for example, there was a requirement that said we need to generate x reports and when that report generates we want 4
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copies to automatically generate well excel can't do 4 copies might be one that is although a gap not a show stopper any anyone's imagination and gaps; right we ask for a test field of unlimited characters size well, if the gap bus excel can't provide unlimited space but 4 thousand characters that's what we're going to make sure the gaps are not significant show stoppers going forward with the gap analysis we expect to work with the excel those issues out and the next process will be to create a statement of work based on the requirements of what excel can do and other items going forward in the next period
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will be - our organizational change management we have in the process of designing the organizational change management process to go through the departments we are currently drafting the specification are for that and begin social listing this and thirty days of importance that statement of work from excel people we'll get for details in time do you have any questions for me. >> commissioners? >> yes. thank you. >> i understand your comment about the plus.
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>> one and 50 items aha along with the design organizational change management approach remembered me when we're doing a major process an amazing opportunity for us to reassess many of the things and not just ask the assistant to do them the way we've done them but challenge all of them if this is necessary and could a it be streamlined are you saying this design organization change management approach will be the opportunity for us to do those or as significant work in effort gone into major reassessment to be measure the process evaluation has critically
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evaluated the opportunities to streamline. >> it certainly can be and as to not plead governance i've been on the project for 12 weeks i was there a prior management study but as far as a critical part of the implements of that project into the working structure of the department of building inspection whether that integrates large-scale changes i don't know that will be a accurate from my knowledge that is something i'll take back and answer you more directly with better authority if that is acceptable to you. >> that's would be terrific and do you know if a popular
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technical used in changed management has that been. >> i'm sorry what. >> the area change as a management tool toll to evaluate do you know. >> i don't know. >> thank you very much. >> i apologize. >> commissioner gilman. >> bruce thank you for your update this is great our moving forward i want to flag i don't want to - i think wherever we get feedback from the other departments from planning and the fire and the assessors office to get 3 feedback early on and have a request from those departments for data and information they need you want to life that and make that clear to the departments they get one opportunity for feedback and that window of opportunities before it is closed to move forward for implementation.
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>> in fact, the many other departments are included in the project and yeah. your absolutely right this is key to have their thought ahead of time. >> thank you for your work i've between on the project 12 week now your primary responsibility. >> as of right now yes. >> thank you very much. >> welcome and any other commissioner questions at that point this is very helpful it is has the opportunitying and let us know if you need anything from the commission. >> any public comment only item 8. >> seeing none, item 9 droert and update on dbi's finances.
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>> good morning tyra and grew before you is the 2016 financial report is includes the revenues and expenditures for the first 5 months july to november allowed to go over a couple of highlights year to date equal $29 million and in our year to date revenues have strong we're actively collecting at a pace faster we budgeted, however, overall the revenues are down from last year, we talked about that was is a braid year and page 2 of the report down by $2.9 million than the same time last year and evaluations are down but once again, we anticipated we'll reduced the
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revenue and it looked like we're studying that and the 5 million plan check applications is down and plan revenue is down and once again the evaluation goes down that impacts our revenues on the expenditure side their slightly less than last year but not receiving more building - so really we really are out paying if you take into consideration we're out paying expected by the departments to billing us on a regular basis and preliminary the hiring we've exceeded about nine hundred almost one million dollars more salaries this year than last year and to make sure we use the expenditures wisely i'll be
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happy to answer any questions you may have. >> about the report. >> i have a question not necessarily on this but i understand that the departments are being asked to reduce for the future budgets if that we're an department and we balance it out how are we planning on doing that i know our budget process is coming up. >> that's a great question we'll be coming some time in january because the budget is due in february and, yes, that general recreation for the funds for the department we present the first year and 6 percent by a second year that didn't impact us ear a revolver generating department
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no monies before we had not had to meet those things we should be fine with the revenues we have and at the next meeting i'll go over some details on the restructuring the reason why the mayor's office as requested that that there has been statement in general maintaining the ftes so for us that means no new positions basically maintaining what you have now we'll be looking that and that maybe a citywide because citywide i think the city in general is looking at the numbers how many ftes do we have unfilled at this point that are approved do you know offhand. >> what we're working with. >> i don't i think the last time i had that information it may have changed we may have about - the number changes a lot because a bunch of retirees
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so i know forensic off the top of my head right now there are at least 6 positions that we're recruiting for; right? >> right. >> for 63, 22 positions and there could be others right now those are actual recruitment we have right now the other thing is that although i probably can tell you the full numbers of positions we have vacant we have a attrition so some attritions for the next meeting i'll tell you know the true vacancies that we have to have vacate and right now 4 at least 4 or 5 positions we've recruited for right now. >> great. thank you very much. >> yes. sorry some folks are
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new on commissions i was wondering when you're putting the final budget together talk about the code enforcement and the collaborative helped the folks get up to code that happened no old and earlier today if we have excess revenue and make a different - i want to see an option to do that in the budget. >> that makes sense to because we have so many of those types of programs it in laws and programs that will win e benefit around the tenants involved i know. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> 9 b state and local legislation. >> good morning, commissioners bill strong in public affairs i passed out in your packet the details i mentioned a few items there is a new ordinance that you know supervisor tang has sponsored dealing with the required installation of baby changing stations in buildings that our disability assess inspector rick has been assisting with that's just recently introduced but kept it to come to the committee sometime in january and our code advisory committee will have a meeting and talk about that the ordinance
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secondly, commissioner peskin has come up with some amendments to the hotel xhefrngs with a series of updates that that particular piece of legislation has not been looked in many years it is expected amen in january and coming back to you what commissioner walker mentions on the soft story program i can tell you we've issued one and 15 permeated and nine hundred and 87 retrofits we now have about a 90 percent compliance so there are still about 37 buildings that are now in our code enforcement process
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representing 10 percentage of the total 5 hundred buildings that were in that size category which are 15 units or more so we are making good progress and finally i'll mention on unit legal shuns we're issued to the board our thirty month updated report signed by direct your attention and director ramos and issued 200 and 10 of the legalization permits with one and 26 still under planning review so i'll say the program is modest in terms of the estimated lijdz throughout the city people are taking advantage that planning are waving the
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pricilla chan review fees we encourage people to do do legal shuns and work with us on that i'll take any questions. >> thank you very much. >> item 9 b update on major projects. >> good morning, commissioners tom with the department of building inspection when you compare last month for the major project no up and down any questions you have. >> i would assume the plan check revenue is going to be reflective of an upcoming downturn that is what we expected a little bit but. >> yeah. i mentioned from planning the eir big project is job substantially but we have another thing coming like the
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around and other projects going forward but the new coming to the planning job. >> yep great. >> commissioners. >> thank you. >> 9 d update on code enforcement. >> good morning, commissioners. >> dean deputy director i want to wish a hetch hetchy's. >> for the code enforcement do i update for the month of november building inspection were 5 thousand 200 plus complaint received three hundred and 4, complaint within 72 hours is 200 and 44 complaints for the first notice of violation were 54, complaints received were one and 55 abated complaints of notice of violations were 55, second
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notice of violations received to the code enforcement were 13 for the hazard inspection services inspections performed one thousand plus complaint were three hundred and one complaints responded to within twenty-four hour and 72 hours was 200 plus and notice of violations were 200 and 9 and abated were one and if the number of cases were 43 and route inspections were 2 add he had had code enforcement number of cases sent to the directors were 60 number of order of abatement were 11 and number of cases were 10 number of cases abated 44, code enforcement inspections performed 85 number of cases referred to the litigation committee were 2 that's the report and this is the update for the year thank
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you. >> thank you. >> commissioner any questions. >> next. >> any public comment on the drortsz items 9 a through d seeing none, item tenpins of may 2016. >> is there a motion to approve the minutes. >> commissioners. >> i'll make a >> been >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? any public comment? no public comment. the minutes are approved. >> item 11 adjournment is there a motion to adjourn. >> move. >> second. >> second. >> second. >> we're not adjourned it is 1004 thank you. >> shortest meeting ever
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>> we think over 50 thousand permanent residents in san francisco eligible for citizenship by lack information and resources so really the project is not about citizenship but really academy our immigrant community. >> making sure they're a part of what we do in san francisco the san francisco pathway to citizenship initiative a unique part of just between the city and then our 5 local foundations and community safe organizations and it really is an effort to get as many of the legal permanent residents in the san francisco since 2013 we started reaching the san francisco bay
10:55 pm
area residents and 10 thousand people into through 22 working groups and actually completed 5 thousand applications for citizenship our cause the real low income to moderate income resident in san francisco and the bayview sometimes the workshops are said attend by poem if san mateo and from sacking. >> we think over restraining order thousand legal permanent residents in san francisco that are eligible for citizenship but totally lack information and they don't have trained professionals culturally appropriate with an audience you're working with one time of providing services with pro bono lawyers and trained professionals to find out whether your eligible the first station and
10:56 pm
go through a purview list of questions to see if they have met the 56 year residents arrangement or they're a u.s. citizenship they once they get through the screening they go to legal communication to see lawyers to check am i eligible to be a citizen we send them to station 3 that's when they sit down with experienced advertising to fill out the 4 hundred naturalization form and then to final review and at the end he helps them with the check out station and send them a packet to fill and wait a month to 6 weeks to be invited in for an oral examine and if they pass
10:57 pm
two or three a months maximum get sworn in and become a citizen every single working groups we have a learning how to vote i mean there are tons of community resources we go for citizenship prep classes and have agencies it stays on site and this is filing out forms for people that are eligible so not just about your 22 page form but other community services and benefits there's an economic and safety public benefit if we nationalize all people to be a citizen with the network no objection over $3 million in income for those but more importantly the city
10:58 pm
saves money $86 million by reducing the benefit costs. >> thank you. >> i've been here a loventh i already feel like an american citizen not felt it motorbike that needs to happen for good. >> one day - i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, for liberty and justice for all. >> you're welcome. >> (singing).
10:59 pm
>> (clapping.) >> introduce the san francisco field officer director ribbon that will mirror the oath raise your hand and repeat the oath i hereby declare on oath repeating. >> citizens cry when they become citizenship to study this difficult examine and after two trials they come back i'm an american now we're proud of that purpose of evasion so help me god
11:00 pm
please help me welcome seven hundred and 50 americans. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> she wants to be part of the country and vote so much puppy. >> you know excited and as i said it is a long process i think that needs to be finally recognized to be integrated that is basically, the type of that i see myself being part of. >> out of everybody on tv and the news he felt that is necessary to be part of community in that way i can do so many things


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