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tv   Public Utilities Commission 121316  SFGTV  January 1, 2017 9:30am-12:01pm PST

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>>[gavel] >> i will call the summer meeting of the public utilities commission to order. please take roll call >> duran kwon caen and vietor are excited charlie a quorum is present. >> commissioners, item 3 the approval of minutes for november 8 to any additions or corrections we >> i will move the approval moved and seconded. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the minutes are approved. we are on to item for this is opportunity for general comments from the public for items under our jurisdiction that don't happen to be on calendar today. i have two speaker requested >>[calling public comment cards]
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>> commissioners, my name is francisco--i took a trip to [inaudible] to stand by the sioux tribe the dakota sioux tribe and to witness really held the protectors of the water are really respecting mother earth. over there, they want to build a pipeline and if they decide to put the pipeline under the missouri river, which is a very wide river, it could pollute millions and millions of gallons of water. i want to connect it with the san francisco public utilities
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commission. recently, it's been over a week we get some foul smell in our drinking water. when you report it to the communication people, they say that's just a temporary measure. i'm very serious about this. the clean drinking water reportedly comes hetch hetchy. the pristine water that belong to the [inaudible] the other tribes. i've stated before here and i brought them over here so that you could see them face to face and we must not take our drinking water lightly. why is this foul smell in our water?
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why weren't we informed about it? so i know you are hearing me and people are hearing me and i hope somebody takes this very seriously. water should not be smelling, and i know because i've a very keen smell. forcing people to go and buy bottled water when we said our water is the bastard that is number one. number two, we have the king tides which is adversely impacting some of our areas. many areas in our city. i prefer not to discuss it here. i want to go really deep into it and this time i want to sit down with the cup comptrollers office and i'm not [inaudible] i do everything in the open. i want to sit down with the comptrollers office and give him some history. i know the
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general manager commissioners [inaudible] and commissioner moron and the other commissioners, and their attorney who knows me very well but we need to wrap this represent the citizens of c graham san franciscans who deserve the best because they do pay into the system. thank you very much >> thank you. second card. >>[calling public comment cards] >> this is the first time i've appeared before you. on the other hand, i've sent a lot of e-mails to you in my name is out in georgia dominated san franciscans and a ratepayer. what i would like to talk about is the balboa reservoir. back in august or september you
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received a real estate report from staff and one of the items was about four reservoirs. the reservoir reports said that puc is trying to help the city fulfill its mission to give people affordable housing. now that is a very noble thought but i think what you, because you're going to be making some serious decisions on the issue, is you have to look into the details of what they call affordable housing. there are two points. one iis affordable housing is defined by law as being for homeless, low income and moderate income people. that is a area median income of
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120% of two 120% of median income. now what the - excuse me - what the development parameters for balboa reservoir points out isn't i cannot even over half affordable. it only requires 33% affordable housing as defined by law. so to me this is like bait and switch. if you keep up with the papers that la city attorney is suing sears, jcpenney's, macy's all these companies for putting forward this idea that you are getting 40% discount off retail price, basically i think with the city team is doing is doing a bait and switch. they are telling you that we are promoting and we are giving you affordable housing but it isn't. so i want you to really
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look into the details. asked the city attorney ford opinion about what affordable housing really is. the other aspect is when i can for the 33% affordable housing, it's deed restricted to be affordable. however, it's all in the details.. the definition of in perpetuity is for the useful life of the building. how is in perpetuity only for the useful life of the building? i guess i'll stop here. i've given you my hard copy. i hope you read it seriously. thank you >> thank you, we do have that. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners. the handout for you. maybe a couple months ago
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it sounded from one of the meetings like the record to be couple of opportunities for the commission to discuss the water quality control plan and it has not been agendize yet and i think that's disappointing there's a lot of people in the committee would like to comment and ask questions. much with the plan is. the staff meanwhile is meeting with a lot of different organizations and agencies. i believe dispersing erroneous and misleading information. for example, the top your packet there is this rreef and he uses the figures are challenged in the past economic impact of 188,000 jobs and 49 billion in lost sales. the excuse given by staff is that we've pointed out that last year we read 32% sales gap
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of 265 which might consider supply. that's over 30% rationing and according to david-19 2014 study we should seem a lot of $7 billion and was 25,000 jobs. now staff says we were not basing it on that study were based on his earlier testimony did it despite its front of for in 2009 and those figures were repeated in 2013. the second thing in the handout shows you that the figures from 2009 were more insulated vent when he 14. so it's even worse case for staff who argued they were looking at that. per business sales losses for a example, the 2009 figure for 50% higher and the 41% was more than twice as high. so the number that is a sales loss of 6.5 billion in 2014 probably was a lot higher in 2009. but
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they did not look at 30%. you can calculate that from the other percentages. a couple other things. the brief says east-has developed halted 11 development projects with the city cannot guarantee water supplies. that is a real problem. it has nothing to do with supply. its allocation to basket is entitled to 124 mcd and laster the use one 22nd there's plenty of water. we been working with the city palo alto to do a transfer on december 5 they agreed to put the issue on the finance committee because we think that's what happened in his other efforts as well. finally, it is for examples given had to reduce water use by 40% w limit us to $25 per person get well san francisco as you know in a drought publication is protected because there's not a lot of extra water around. so bosco gets hit much harder than speaking to a lot of other things in this that are the problem with but i don't have time right now. i do want to
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leave a request under the sunshine ordinance for the names and contact information of all the people that that has met with and shared this brief with this information. i will be busier for you. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> members of the commission, thank you for this chance to talk to you today. i am a cochair of the water committee for the bait chapter of the sierra club and i'm speaking today for the bay chapter. i want to bring to our attention this piece that was in sunday's chronicle that is titled, it is time for san francisco to help state their strategy for sharing. as you know felicia marcus is the chairman of the state water resources control board and she is reaching out to san francisco and i think
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you folks in particular, to step up and help us to protect our rivers and i protecting those rivers, to protect the best to eric and debate that is so important to all of us here in the bay area. now i understand that staff has been working against the state water board on this and spreading the idea that it would be better to negotiate some kind of a settlement that would involve other kinds of habitat restoration but not involve actually keeping more water in the rivers. i want to make it very clear that nobody is opposed and nobody denies that there is other kinds of habitat restoration which is necessary. but it is very clear that if we
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don't have water in the rivers all of those other efforts are for not. to deny that is to join the kind of denial of science that we unfortunately now are going to have in our white house and in both houses of our congress. if we don't support our california institutions to protect our environment like to state that we live on, we will have nobody to protect it. we really need you folks to step up. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hey, drudges, hunter cutting tip number of the sierra club member of the harvey milk democratic club a lot of organizations here in san francisco. i'm also a gadget am raising a family. we live in the mission district with my kids go to mission hygiene we are big water users.
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were also big on science. and the signs on the water board that's been proposed as the clear. we've got to leave the water in the rivers. right now, though, we have the puc objecting to that. you get the general manager of the puc [inaudible] offering an op-ed in the san francisco chronicle, and against the signs and water board. that's not leadership position. if this san francisco pc cannot get behind the signs and the water board says the rivers need any laughter offer an alternative. you just can't argue against the water board. we need those rivers in california. people in san francisco supports saving the rivers in california. those both of those are incredibly important economic health of the entire area in the city of san francisco. it just not okay for the puc staff to be out there opposing the measure and not offering a legitimate alternative. so i think is a leadership issue for you on the
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board to offer that leadership. the current situation is just not okay and i know people are done taking a look at this at the coming weeks. the deadline is january 17 and we need to see something different coming from san francisco puc before january 17 on this issue. thank you very much. >> thank you. commissioner courtney >> on the water board because i do a lot of state agency work , labor international union michael carla knows what we do that i would not go so far as to say they're infallible it is a unit that i would highly recommend you go look into that board at who those board members are and just take it with a grain of salt if you will. i don't know that we're supposed to just fall in line with those directives. i think would be irresponsible for us to do so. that is just my comments.
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>> thank you for your comments. we are this the general public comment session. it's not a jedi's today to get really get into in the depth of it it deserves. that would be something we will need to consider for a future agenda but thank you for your comments it is there any additional public comment at this time? seeing none, thank you. public comment is closed. medications. >> commissioners you have the communications from staff. any questions or comments? >> president moran i would like to make one comment on item 5 j on page 2, in the list of near-term actions items three states, there will conduct an annual meeting with the customers on several 16th 2016. that date should read separate 16th 2017 >> thank you for that
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correction. >> other to make one comment on the annual water supply, and report. i think that i recommend that to anybody who is interested in the long-term water supply situation for our service area. it does have some comments just raising the issue that the potential state board action does create some stress to the water supply plan and some need for some changes to that. i think is an appropriate comments in there and i was glad to see it. any other comments on communications? yes commissioner vietor >> i to question on the ghd report when i noticed 74% of the fuels were from sf puc the vehicles. i just wondering when that-i thought we're moving towards conversion citywide
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towards ev and when those hummers will shift start to decrease based on the transition? so i know it's a good medication item in. you come back. >> ms. hale. >> thank you. barbara hale power enterprises in the entity reporting on behalf of the puc and i can say that while our fleet for the city for the puc for sedans is the footprint is quite good, we do have a large number of vehicles with there's just not a low mission and alternative available to us. so we are good actors among the city departments meeting the requirements that you just described, commissioner, there's a number of vehicles that we need to operate to do our utility work that just isn't a low emission alternative for us. but
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overall, though puc's footprint is largely driven by our transportation our vehicles. that's not unique. that's true of most city departments. >> those heavyweight vehicles i do note of theirs state legislation they are trying to move forward to reduce emissions. >> right. we have participated in various pilots of vehicles and pickup trucks, three-quarter ton pickups. but there has not been a readily available market for us to tap into to make those conversions. and they likely will not be for some of the larger vehicles we utilize likely boom trucks and such that we use on the power sites. i spent that's true as well for our water and waste water counterparts. >> how does biofuel score in that we >> it scores better but still not a zero emission vehicle. yes.
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>> thank you. any other comments from the commission? comments from the general public? seeing none, we will move on to other commission business. commissioners? yes commissioner caen >> i want to mention i've adopted a drain. >>[laughing] >>[applause] trying to urge everyone to do so. i've named my drain. it's called the and caen drain and i cleaned it out this morning before i got here. so i'm courage everyone to do so. it's a great idea and every little bit helps. you have steve, that she has or this big storm and >>[laughing] and working on a lot of flooding so it's best to do that. >> thank you very much. now do we have-do we know where the
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and caen drain is? >> >> yes. you can look it up. >>[laughing] >> very good. i will do that. i think it needs a sign. commissioner courtney >> thank you president i know i keep weighing in under this agenda item but i did have the liberty of speaking with pres. moran weekly before today's meeting and i don't usually say i could i say, we but i'm going to say, aye, just to suck it i had a real bad 10 days leading up to this meeting. am going to say we all felt it. we had a apprentice who was assassinated on the corner in district 10, i believe it was. it was the most brutal act that you could ever witnessed or c and the way that it impacts the workers is we went up to public works and a copy with them. i don't do anything before 6 am in the
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morning but i was there and i did do that. i think it serves as a reminder because i have been having this conversation at this board since i got here. everyone knows i'm a union activist. that's not a secret to everybody knows that workforce development and doing things correctly and transparently is-i won't even yield on that. i won't engage in a conversation with people don't believe that has to be done correctly. i think where i failed in my role here is making sure that is mission-critical at the sf puc. so when i hear about our obligations with respect to affordable housing or i see people caroling and friend mayor's office about three city college, about legal fees were illegal immigrants and the millions and millions of dollars as much as all that's great stuff, you give a man a job and you may just save his life. so i take that seriously. i ran into some problems last
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week with staff and i also take that seriously. this is a difficult role for us. because i'm a chill guy get i'm a nice guy. when you just keep playing that,, you start feeling like you're getting disrespected. you start feeling like nobody fears. nobody takes to sears. you just hear the same thing over and over again and nothing really changes. so i have that conversation with andy was a mentor to me and he always tries to get me to stay a little bit in my life and always try to get a little bit out of my lane but one of the things on my colleagues to consider is the following. in light of workforce the moment i'd like us to have a conversation. i like is to be agendize and i'd like us to
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talk about what that is and how it relates to community benefits. specifically, what is in the public sector versus what it is in the private sector and more importantly who the point person really is. we can talk to, who has a thick skin, who's going to be able to do that work and make sure that we get the results that were making promises to the community that were going to get. i fully intend to keep those promises whether it is myself vince courtney as a union representative this is god's work. i've said that before. so i'm kind of out of patience. i'm going to ask andy to agendize the workforce devoted peace so that we can get an organized organizational chart know who is supervising them, where, what classifications therefrom and so on and so forth. additionally, some of you read about some of the occurrences over the course of this past election. so many engagements we have with nonprofits and the puc deals with a lot of nonprofits. the concern is that when we privatize government
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services we do so at our own peril if we don't make sure there is an accountability mechanism involved. sorry to put people to sleep. i see people yawning in the audience. also duly noted. but when that happens, and we don't take care of the ratepayers and we don't meet our obligation to the taxpayers, and we just kind of lively delegate these important critical service pieces of two nonprofits, i think it would come up and it's going to bite us. it happened recently in the election. you look at john elderly in that group were money was running through nonprofits in the back into political campaigns. aaron peskin ipod is putting together some legislation right now to require certain reporting but this agency has to really tighten up the nonprofit dealings and quickly. i think there's a lot of opportunities and more people lose their lives. the two people lose their lives in the past year were just trying to do their job. finally, andy, guidelines for staff. when you have staff that engaging in these types of
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assignments, holding pursestrings deciding who is and was not going to get funded them and also publicly engage in political activity, that is undue influence. that's on the ethical code that sends a message to some of these folks to either fall in line or get out of the way. i don't think we can have that kind of conduct coming from our staff and i think commission has to take positions really effective positions, in terms of transparency and accountability and professionalism on all three points am going to ask it be agendized and we need to have a full hearing let's have a full hearing. >> thank you. that's a lot. i guess what i would ask staff to do that to the general manager, is to engage the commissioner courtney to figure out what we can bring to the commission at the earliest opportunity perhaps in january that would start to address some of those
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issues. >> yes. i definitely would want to agendize this as soon as possible. with an opportunity to talk to the commissioner about when one of these items in particular and i thought the we addressed his item but it's a lot you brought up. i don't understand the fact that maybe we should get more information about folks who are pursestrings and participating campaigns. i definitely want to know more about it. i understand- >> this is not currently agendized items we can't get into it. i think the main point is there's assertions of concerns we need to figure out how to address and bring back to this commission. if i can be of help in facilitating that can indication him got to do that. but let's put that for on
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the agenda for get progress made in january. commissioners, any other mission business? any public comment? next speaker, please. >> i don't want to go into the details but with the commissioner has said it's a hearing. when we say we need a hearing we need the experts on ethics. the experts on workforce. the experts on all the key elements, baby 6-7 elements, so we have a good hearing. for example, like the presidents, i cannot the president arun peskin has been having some hearings on the millennium tower. even though we think like there's nothing linked with sf puc, there's
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something linked with sf puc. you may be surprised. terms are used about linked with either removing to watch water or putting in water and causing adverse impacts. the commissioner has stated about what is known as street violence. i turned over my whole office to the city that do not have good facilities for an entity that does street violence.. we need to study that. we are not going to be giving our young people jobs, minimum salary and putting them in harm's way. but the commissioner has said openly is right. we need to go and bring in the chief, the interim chief, tony chaplin. you need to bring other experts and not rely on our mail and
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[inaudible] and paul henderson because they just rubberstamp. i agree with commissioner. we give our young people jobs, let's see that [inaudible] in harms way. i know some of you commissioners have not been briefed. when you have this hearing you will understand fully that when a young man coming from the hood were coming from some other area where he may have committed some crime before it is given a second chance, and to get a second chance is right. but more than right, it is to see that his not put in harms way. thank you very much. >> thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, moving onto the report of the general manager. mr. kelly >> first item i have is an update on the drought.
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>> good afternoon commissioners. steve ritchie assistant general manager for water could of got a few slides to update you on the drought conditions. the first one is the slide that's the us drought monitor which actually i pulled this out because as i was driving yesterday i was here to be described by a reporter as to the state of the drought in california. i think it overstates things a bit. certainly relative to us. you know were the hetch hetchy he is as extreme count were still suffering the effects from the drought, but if you look at the you actually see where our storage levels are. right now
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for our system. in the particular our total storage is about 6% above where it is normally at this time. so our storage is looking relatively good. there's always a good reason for that that i'll get to in president bush pursue the vision of and >> do know what factors without monitor sparrow because clearly it's not just words levels. >> yes. they take into account soil moisture is like that. but in this case i think we are well caught up on the soil moisture. again this year were above average precipitation in hetch hetchy just as we were last year. the many different measures, i guess i view those charts. i talk to people in note that for a water manager those are useless. they mean nothing to us in terms of how we need to manage the system. that's what's actually happening with our water supply in the land it falls on is important and not a nice picture that you could put up on the wall. >> thank you. >> again our storage levels are up to goliad hetch hetchy. what a bank is still turning a little bit but is improving is on that as well. on the komodo
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percent precipitation front you'll see in the black line is medium. the green dashed line is last year's precipitation and the red is this years. so your little bit of head of sony track investors precipitation in that storm that commissioner caen noted them: and you add substantial guilt most important we will add snow. that's right precipitation is the precipitation forecast for later this week. then next week. why it is bad that is bad and who is in the middle you'll see our watersheds are definitely in the red and blue category for the coming two weeks. their study more precipitation ahead. on the stop out front we start to get some snow of country. it still lag is the one troubling thing in the information we've got is that we saw that start to get a pre-shovel snow pack country. only the storm will again have cold damages and start to see more so by coming in at the
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higher elevations. this one is an interesting one this water available to the syndicate this what we can store in water banks. this water over and above the obligation to the irrigation district. you will see that 22,000 acre and 50,000 acre feet with you 14-15 actuals on that. already this year were at 99,000 acre feet and looking promising going into the future of the year. so we are doing good on terms of amount of water in the river that's a double to san francisco. the last slide is the home deliveries. again the green is this years. the blue is last years. weekly deliveries and the purple is 2013. so we are talking right now down to our low point in the year which is typically about now around 1 january. our
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demand is quite low at 147,000,000 gallons per day. i just saw last week's that dropped another million and a half gallons per day. were about 146-145 letdowns per day to very low demand. there's no doubt about that. people than saving water and doing a good job of it in our system. that adds to our storage. so we will see where we get through the rest of december and see you next year on water supply conditions. any questions great >> any questions for mr. richie? any public comment? seeing none, mr. kelly >> the next update is cleanpowersf barbara hill. >> good afternoon commissioners. barbara hale assistant general manager for power. i've two items to update you on today. our enrollment and our rates. on the roman the front it steady as she goes. our program continues to successfully serve customers. you know that we enrolled additional customers on november 1. that now has us serving customers in district
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5, eight, and to get were about 78,000 accounts. our opt out percentages 2%. we are still expensing very low opt out. we have received 1609 upgrades to super green as a result of our enrollment process. 1609 and the last time i was here oh so pretty the fact we cleared 1000 and between then and now we been cleared 1500. that's pretty good. i'm excited about that. customers continue to sign up for our future in romans as well. we are targeting still first quarter of 2017 for next item in romans among those folks raise their hand and said they want to participate in our program that's a total 496 customers right now. 79% of which and said they want to sign up for super green. on the less happy note, we are at the time of year as a mentioned at her update on november 8. the end of the calendar year. it's that time of year when pg&e has rate
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adjustments. he's cpuc would issue a decision this thursday on pg&e pg&e date requested pareto become effective on january 1. we expect the impact on her be hetch hetchy customers to be small and the effect on our revenue for hetch hetchy start house to be neutral. there's only no big story there. but given pg&e proposal and their forecast we do it but cleanpowersf customers will start a small bill increase relative to pg&e pg&e bundled service at least to the next pg&e rate change. that's effective general. we expect pg&e x change will occur sometime between march and may. from what we are understanding to be there proposal at that time the increase will probably shrink a little but it won't come back to neutral for our
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customers. at least that's what we are exciting knowing what we know today. it's important to note, though, what's happening here is our rates are staying the same. there's no change in our rates. but bpg is changing the factors that go our customers and so that is going to cause the overall bill for customers to increase. it's that familiar pci we talked about before. that's what's going up. we are currently projecting for our clean power sf customers about a 5% higher bill than they would have paid if they were pg&e bundled customer. of course, we have filed comments together with the other cca's on these issues. we are remaining very active in the right go tory and legislative venues and we will continue to be active trying to
10:10 am
influence these outcomes and change the actual methodology for it to be a fairer and more stable predictable approach. so we are not caught in the timeframe like this seen these kinds of changes again. but we do expect pg&e to get approval from the cpuc for these changes notwithstanding our efforts to influence them more favorably for our customers. that's my report. thank you. happy to take any questions. >> thank you. commissioner day 84 >> is there to medications opportunity here? >> unsure there is good what you have in mind? >> would we be able to say something like dear cleanpowersf customers you'll see a slight increase in your bill but it's your rates are same the same from the city's perspective. it's pg&e and simple language that increasing the exit fee. >> >> yes. we talked about different ways our customers are getting the information
10:11 am
they need. when you look at a particular typical residential account for san francisco it's probably we did the math. it's like a $2.40 increase on their bill. so that does not sound like much especially as we talked about it was like in my household at this time of year i'm using more gas than i normally am so maybe i would not even notice. we are trying to talk through what we need to explain to customers to be sure their understanding of what's going on and should be commensurate with what their impact our. he was also i would add the bill is so complicated. we want a simple message. >> my worry is that organizing that cleanpowersf bill go up and because it's so complicated they're not going to understand that it's the bundled portion of pg&e for the hia and the
10:12 am
complicated message behind it. the reality behind it. some way to be able to say, we are with you and we know there's fluctuations. it's not us but the circumstances. however it can be put out there. it feels somewhat important since a lot of this program has been built on affordability, really. >> thank you. commissioners other comments? public comment. >> jason freed exec roster of lafco. they try to get through a cpuc who claims their overall customers but cutting the pg&e customer before the cpuc
10:13 am
customer to change its attitude treat all customers equally because not doing that now. one thing i want to caution about commissioner vietor you're not actually seen the dca portion of your bill go up. using the pci eight which of the pg&e portugal. granted that's because of the cca program but it's not cc part of the bill that's our sedona. our main steady and consistent. i think we were out talking it you are right. with the careful what language were using could these be careful about what were talking out of front and honest with people about what it is but careful how were doing it. the thing i think you need to keep in mind is we saw this in marina as well. various parts of their thing and him and okay and weathered and got through it just fine. so it is important rather talking to customers saying here is what going on. you will see a slight increase. it's not that much. most people probably won't even notice on the residential side of the talk about numbers that lack of a better term art in the noise. when using their bills go up and down every single month. not using the same amount of electricity every month pg&e can't change
10:14 am
his awestruck drama changes for transmission is distribution based on time of day., the year. a lot of various things closely changing in their bill. most people probably won't even necessarily notice it. that's not to say we should not be doing we can to rectify it and fix it and make our product as best as possible we should not be as concerned about that as i think a lot of people have become concerned about its. i think we need to be worried about it and paying attention to it. we detain attention to people opt out of this is the reason why you making sure we have good talking points as call centers the people are talking to those folks first and foremost making sure they understand what this is. do we said from the beginning we will not necessarily always be cheaper every day of the year our goal is to give you an average prices in the course of a here and right now, we might come generate my people a little bit higher. your final bill might be a few bugs ironed out could hopefully get things get adjusted later in the year were back to where we should be. i think is important and key to keep in mind i you go out and do that message and
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they are very careful not to see the cac bill is going up. it's not get your cca charges are saying exactly the same. it's the pg&e bill that can change and apartheid getting change the way that could finally over my folks i know -talk about the next phase. remember when the glance your holiday parties. retirement parties those retiring at the end of this year to my people they need to send by the end of february it would be part of inexorable cleanpowersf. please encourage them to do that even as were seen prices fluctuate as quantity of grain natural currents of electricity market. thank you. >> sounds like a perfect stocking stuffer. >>[laughing] additional the public? >> hello pres. moran and commissioners. i certainly jet also in, beatty argued i appreciate jason freed, and judicious summaries. i'm a little bit more concerned about the situation first of all the
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staff has been reached out in advance we've already discussed this at length but i just would say to you, if 5% of the bill isn't that much then we need to take that hit to the revenue of the program and match the rate. commissioner vietor says it's in the communications opportunity here. yes, there is but i would say the better to mitigation opportunity frankly as for the other side, the folks who been trying to keep this program from starting for many years, once we are more expensive rightly or wrongly, look at the national discourse right now. like it is very very easy to imagine funds supporting a new stop to shell shock style campaign. just try to start this thing will have 10% of the city enrolled. the whole city were enrolled
10:17 am
already, and we kind of had everyone we could say were fighting against pg&e advanced recovery i think there would be one thing but were talked out now about basically an opt in program.. try to get people to sign up were not going to be facing people in very quickly. and it's going to be more expensive than pg&e. to me, those are the two things that the mayor kind of killed the previous version of the program for. the program that we wanted to launch even those non-optimal. i would say he's one on this particular point. it's too early. where to want vulnerable to allow ourselves to fall into a competitive disadvantage. in addition to the pca going up which is a travesty and i'm very glad to be fighting that, pg&e generation rate is actually lowering. how they are allowed to do that by the cpuc passing
10:18 am
along other costs to customers in charges like to shut down their nuclear plants, etc. so really what we have is a revelatory system being gained and we are kind of getting the short end of the stick. i think -i stood up your previous means and said if we do this slowly were going to give them time to undercut us and i would argue that knowing that they only have a couple of years left before a majority of their load is in the community choice district they are going to take this opportunity to try to undercut us we can't let them do that. if it's not too big of a hit we should take a hit for now. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment we? any other comments from the commissioners? mr. kelly >> the next item in quarterly budget status report.
10:19 am
>> commissioners, eric sandler cfo of the puc good i'm here to present a q1 fiscal 17 courtly budget status report and this reflects results from july through september. i feel like the very different version of the report then we had all through the last year where i was showing a lot of red. cautiously optimistic. we are seeing increases in revenues for water and wastewater sales and modest decreases in revenue for power sales. just really on the water enterprise. we are
10:20 am
seeing $6.6 million in additional revenue versus the budget that's 1.4% increase. i've caution as you saw from steve's cell numbers the sales are trending much lower in the second quarter of the year. on the uses side receiving some things primarily resulting from the refunding we completed in october of this year. the results in about a $24 million savings and debt service. on the wastewater enterprise we are seeing a similarly modest increase in revenues resulting from slight increases in bill volumes pursuer. we are also seeing-this shows as a reduced use that $23 million in savings from not using plan reserves. it's really-what we expected that's a function of how we construct our budget. you'll see it in the next few slides
10:21 am
as well, to balance sources and uses. what we have revenues greater than expenses we have a line item called the general reserve and if we don't spend it it means he gets close out to fund balance. that's what this is representing and that's what we planned on. for the power enterprise, excluding clean power were seen a modest reduction in sales revenues that's primarily reduced demand from our customers as well as lower wholesale prices in the electric market. on the use side were seeing reductions similar to water and wastewater in terms of salaries and benefits and then the lord savings here is we don't anticipate using the purchase power of $4 million. then, on the clean power side of the ledger, we are seeing revenues that are basically on target with the budget. uses that
10:22 am
again are on target with a budget, a little bit lower in salaries and benefits and then $4.2 million planned use of the reserve. a deposit to the reserve. we are on target with clean power. once we finish-we had new enrollment in november. once we see some of the opt out information from that new in romans will be forecasting and have some that are numbers for you for clean power. all in all were on target for enterprises in terms of the key financial metrics which is debt service and reserve level. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. commissioners, any questions? any public comment? yes? >> commissioners, i want you all to pay attention to the
10:23 am
many skyscrapers and high-density buildings that they are building. providing them with the best clean drinking water and of course they use the flushing toilets and we give them the same rates . i think the time has come to at these developers who pride on winning our skyline,, who impact our infrastructure, who impact our baby, some of the concerns you've heard today, to give them a pass. in this fiscal reports you really don't have a metrics with real line items. it's kind of a gray areas that are totaled up and then you say, okay, in this area we are doing good and in
10:24 am
this area is like, you're not generating much income. kind of convoluted. i think so,, we do have a citizen advisory committee. i think so from time to time we need to have a hearing on this. the only way you watch this is when you go to these meetings of the rate payers and then you see how the discussion goes. but if you get 10 accounts or 10 certified public accountants, each one will give you their own version of how they arrive at a figure. i wrap this in a the first people of the san francisco. i'm very concerned about the skyscrapers. i'm very concerned about the linear tower. i'm very millennium tower. i'm
10:25 am
very concerned about this and services command and tell you we need the water in our rivers so that a balance is created that are badlands and our bays are impacted you all kind of listen to it but you don't take it seriously. the indigenous people respect mother earth and i know it's difficult for you all to think like the indigenous people but it is time for you all to understand that the resources that we have, for example taking hetch hetchy water and using the to flush the toilets my that's totally wrong. totally wrong. but you don't feel it because the indigenous people look at water as blood. you don't look at it that way. the time will change. to come to understand. people come and give you all
10:26 am
your presentation that you ask the right questions. so that these people think differently. thank you very much >> thank you. any other public comment? mr. sandler i guess you are still on. >> yes, the next item is really a memo included in your packets that addresses the work we intend to do over the limit cycle budget. essentially in the off year of the biennial budget. one of the practices that the commission has put in place is to review periodically in the off year series of policies that have areas impacts on development of the upcoming biannual budget. with this memo does is it highlights the schedule and describes in some level of detail the various policies we intend to bring
10:27 am
before you any issues we intend to consider. i'm happy to answer any questions on that memo. >> thank you. commissioners, any questions? any comments? i have a couple. one is that you are earlier report showed there was a increase in revenue per budget because of increased water consumption. this is just a highlight for the commission that's part of the fund balance reserve policy review will be what policy we should have with respect to those excess revenues. what i have been urging consideration of is a policy that basically says if we get more revenue because were using more water than we ought to allocate on a routine basis to additional conservation efforts. it ends up being kind of a self funding way of keeping with our consumption targets. but that will be the subject of more
10:28 am
discussion in february. on the land management policy,, the last one on your list, what i hope we do there is have something that's more like a policy. what we have had is these monster binders that really represents more general managers direction or policy at the general manager level than it is policy on the commission level. hopefully what you be able to ping back to us is something that is more the policy level. i think the rest of the policies go to that level appropriately. that's the one that stands out. then the one also i'd like you to consider is having the [inaudible] has to be to do with
10:29 am
it certainly consistent with commissioner courtney earlier comments that one policy missing from this is a workforce to moment policy. as part of that employee retention policy and filling in partnerships and all that. if we could work to develop a workforce development and retention policy them i would appreciate that. any other commissioner comments? any public comment? seeing none, mr. kelly. >> the next item is hetch hetchy water and power capital improvement program quarterly report. >> good afternoon commissioner jeff gannon wave director of water capital programs and projects. i am here today to talk about the hetch hetchy capital improvement programs quarterly report ending september 2016. i wanted to start out by saying that the primary activity of note this
10:30 am
last quarter and actually continued to present, is the work that's been going on to prepare the major mountain tunnel shutdown starting january 3. there will be a 60 day shutdown. you were a number of workshops and studies conducted in the last several months including the master outage checklist meeting and risk workshop for the check down as well as conceptual engineering tasks working including working sessions on hydraulic fuel study, performance and words is set etc. for this all-important project. so that work is on track for the short time to begin in january and the contractor are mobilized and ready to start that work right after the new year. as you know there will be an inspection of the tunnel lining and interim repairs as needed during that
10:31 am
60 day window. then go be a second shutdown starting november 1 of next year. lb 100 day shutdown of longer period of time to allow additional interim repairs as needed to the project. we have also completed some very important added improvements in preparation for this work that's another contractor that's been on site for some time including access road improvements, and enlargement of some of the attitudes to allow larger equipment to get into the tunnel as needed for these repairs. so that work is on track for the work that needs to begin after the new year. i would like to address some of the other projects that have some red dots and what i'd like to say up front is that some of these red dots are there because we baselined the project in 2015 and we have not updated the baseline to present. now we have the new capital project approved this year but what we want to do is get the program-the water
10:32 am
program projects quarterly report in alignment with the capital budget by bringing an item to you next year. so the budget is there in the new 10 year cip but we need to get that in alignment with the program. the three baselining process is taking place as we speak and we will bring that to early next year. a few of the items that have changed since that 2015 baseline is the-pipeline rehabilitate this about $1 million over budget due to engineers estimate that was about 40% higher - excuse me - 40% higher than the [inaudible] estimate. on the home powerhouse item number two, this project is forecast to be about $2 million over the baseline because the original project in not include the home unit number two which is been
10:33 am
deemed necessary to be part of that project. on the cherry damn outlet rehabilitation the project is forecasted to be out 3.1 3 million over the current projected budget because budget didn't include the construction. it only included the planning and design. were going to add a construction budget to that project with the read based early next year. in terms of forecast schedule delays, the san joaquin pipeline rehabilitation is forecasted to be about 20 months beyond the baseline schedule because we put some work on hold while we make sure we have our pipeline assessment done for san joaquin pipelines, making sure we have a safe procedure in place and we are looking at policies and procedures for how to safely enter these pipelines and make sure that we have the proper balance in place to the appeal within a restart the project in
10:34 am
2017. so there's a delay there. on the lower cherry aqueduct, i've mentioned before that we have a right of way issue where some other breakaway maps for that aqueduct were incorrect. we've corrected those and submitted them to bureau of land management and were waiting for them to come back to us with their approval. then the mountain tunnel inspection repairs. i've said is on track for the shutdown that's coming off but we do have an 8.5 month delay compared to the original baseline addicted in 2015 because we extended the second shutdown to 100 days. again look at that we baselined early next year. i would like to end with an update on a new fire program. the majority of-five program construction is complete. the only remaining physical work associated with the program is the camp waterline and surveying of that
10:35 am
line. so overall the work is 91% complete and we spent about 80%. we are forecasting the work will come in under budget to about $3.7 million. now we've recovered about 91% of the old tubal insurance reimbursements and we have three more packages to submit to complete the insurance reimbursement request. then we will continue with the grant reimbursements as well. we've submitted out 14% of those. the reason those are behind is because there was a quest to get the insurance money first prior to going to the california officer of services and fema for the grant reimbursements. so eight of the 59 packages that we anticipate to submit our in. closeouts is a very lengthy process. expected to take about three years and the focus has been on
10:36 am
closing out the insurance first and will move to the grants. so other grant monies that we expect. we've collected about 2.7 million and we hope to collect in the range of 15-20,000,000 over the next several years. with that puppy happy to take any questions. >> thank you. commissioners any questions? yes, commissioner caen >> overall what is the total amount of money we are over budget for the reset program? >> so the reset program i gave the quarterly report on that a couple of meetings ago. that project that program is on budget for the revised baseline approved back in march of 2016. at the time we added $80 million from the water capital improvement program to fully
10:37 am
fund [inaudible] so it's a $4.8 billion program good as it has been for the last several years. slightly less than 4.8 billion prior to this-it's sorry over 4.8 billion now. >> slightly, meaning? >> it was previously 4.76 5 billion and now it is 4.84 5 billion. in $80 million difference that was approved by this commission back in march. we expect-right now we are on track to complete the program in 2019 on schedule and on that revised budget. >> okay. that answered my question >> okay. thank you. commissioners, any public comment? >> commissioners, want to discuss about mountain tunnel.
10:38 am
some of us who have been reading the documents, studying the documents for the last 20 years my 25 years, like i do, and if i read the documents produced by jacobs, one of your companies, large companies, who inspected mountain tunnel i want to know when a company as large as jacobs does some assessment and then it turns out that it screwed up big time , and you know i have full faith in >>[inaudible] [off mic] and dan waited. i full confidence in him and i know he means well. he wants to represent the city well, but i
10:39 am
did have a talk with him before this meeting and i asked him if we build a new tunnel, some assessment says that mountain tunnel does not meet the requirements, will not fulfill the obligations, and we build a new tunnel it is went to cost us billions of dollars. now whatever i'm saying is need to go back to jacobs like we need to go back to--and we need to go back to lacking rich good like we need to go back to some other entities that have made so many change orders and screwed up taxpayers paid back to mountain tunnel. if we go
10:40 am
that route, we are going to not only impact san francisco but a regional partners. we cannot take this lightly. so, commissioners, we want to sit down and i think now it is time that this consultants but give you all these rosy picture but they don't deliver and they don't take it seriously and we need to take it seriously because we cannot just rely on some of the glossy reports to come out. i've got all those reports. they say everything will be fine and so on and so forth. but now that's not the case. we know in--to remove 100 tons of dirt. somebody made a lot of money by removing the dirt but also aim for the place to put the dirt on trick i can go on and on and on but commissioners, you need to do due diligence and represent us.
10:41 am
thank you. >> thank you. any additional public comment? >> are you coming for public comment? okay. thank you. seeing none, mr. kelly >> the next item is wastewater enterprise. capital improvement program quarterly reports. >> good afternoon commissioner good karen cubic. i am here to give my regular quarterly presentation and it's always as
10:42 am
you know look backwards. this will be through july through september 2016. also throw in some updates of things that happened more recently. first, the quarterly report. i'm going to combine the court of the report with the sf cip presentation just to kind of move things along. right now on the sf cip side we have three projects that fall into the red dot area. three out of the 70 and those world, time related. they are projects that have a six-month or more delay could the first is [inaudible] project and we took an extra seven months to be able to add the project labor agreement information into the contract documents. the second is kansas marin street sewer improvements and it will we are in negotiations with private landowner. it's an llc "get easements and build our store under their property peer that
10:43 am
ongoing now. is a meet in a train ticket we do open going to be able to wrap that up that has delay that project. the last is when we use of aging 01 gerald good that's the asphalt plant. to be able to demolish the asphalt plant requires us to relocating dpw sewer staff and we were originally got up with them at 1550 evans. now the properties were to be used for the new community facility. so we had to find another site and scramble. that project has a six-month delay as well. with that i like to move into the quarterly update sides please. this is a brand-new pie chart that were very happy with it depicts the status and where the dollars are for our 70 projects. at this time, the bulk of the money number of
10:44 am
projects is still in the planning and design phases. that's because i works are still in design but if you to look at this, we got 10 projects in construction, fort in bid and award, and eight that are complete it to that are in close up. this would just keep picking up as we move into 2017 and i would show you some of the highlights on the construction ongoing as i get into the presentation you're right now we are about 40% in terms of completion and you can see the expenditures there. this just looking are $2.9 billion of monies that are been approved and endorsed by you. if we look at the next life, does a high level look at the program looking primarily at the treatment plan projects and most of those are moving rapidly into construction.. headworks will start construction in about two months time. biosolids is about a year and a half off. here are
10:45 am
some pictures of some active construction that is occurring at these are projects [inaudible] primary and secondary clever as we have mechanical electrical work as well as structural improvements that are being done to the primary and secondary aqua fires and easily done in about a year. we have some work occurring on that disinfection system get its instrumentation and hydraulic improvements will be done in march 2018. we have work occurring at west side pump station. this is work on the pump manifold and sewing night skates in order control improvements. if we look on the green infrastructure side, things are starting to look pretty. admission and valencia because the underbelly now has been built. the buyer retention basins are being filled in this will be ribbon-cutting
10:46 am
opportunity beginning of next year. that one is quite nice. holloway is still doing curb cuts. the bowery retention underneath that will be next july. sunset boulevard is one that were doing another design build fashion. dpw is designing and building it and we are going a block by block delivery could we have completed the pilot block which of the first block. now we are what we call phase 1 engineering talks phase 1 and will move on to phase 2 and phase 3 and wrap this project december 17th. the base project headworks currently in design will wrap up 65% at the end of the year. we did issue the construction management rfp . so we'll be getting proposals in shortly on that. he mitigated-middeck we do not get any comments and were exciting city planning to sign it this week. we are ahead of schedule on the environmental good as i
10:47 am
said construction will be starting in 2017. just in a few weeks. biosolids would along also. a design we are reviewing 35% package. we are putting together the cmg c concept contract would be coming to you next year to be issued for proposers. and the environment so review is active. the draft missed read a draft of the entire mental review will be coming out in march with construction expected to start summer of 2018. achievements for this past quarter good we completed phase 2 of the architectural design guidelines. really does look at southeast plant and how it's all going to fit together to be architecturally consistent. what are people going to be seen whether going by on evans, gerald, height, colors, all of
10:48 am
these things that help to guide our designers so we have a cohesive band that we can predict be proud of. we did complete the pilot block on sunset juried reconvened the southeast working group for quite a while to assist us with a lot of these projects. it now disbanded. the last meeting was in november. we think them for their service and their duties have now been passed over to the commission at the southeast community facility. we completed an internal draft of the bayside climate change adaptation plan. this is look at bayside facilities, which we need to do with our electrical system? 20 to make modifications when we are designing things? it is to give our designers enough guidance and direction so that will be designing to meet our climate change expectations.. we received civic design review for website on station additional work happening there. in our continuing to work with the adjacent neighbors on the project. on the job site, we are doing also
10:49 am
very well. i really want to do a kudos out to our workforce and economic development program read which is--he goes he's been working with us to make sure phase 1 is as successful as possible. get 19 active contracts that professional services, and construction, and of those contracts and defend residents worked 30% of all the hours. this equates to $4.9 million in wages and benefits and the top districts represented artistic 10 to motivate you, district 4, the sunset, and nine, mission bernal added in the top hours. also we been doing very well on the entry-level opportunities, we know it as the partnerships. we work with contractors the trades and unions to make sure that we have trained qualified apprentices ready to go to contribute to the sources and improvement program projects. so far of the 75% of the
10:50 am
partnership hours have been worked by san francisco residents. this is as compared to a 50% requirement from the city. so the apprentice primarily coming from again district 10 which is 44% of those hours. always, we are very active with talking to everyone and communicating.. the outreach has been shifting from programmatic two project. the focus this past quarter and the media mentioned with the pla, the start of the van ness prt. we have store work and green infrastructure as part of that they launch of the national green infrastructure certification program with the water environment federation. this is looking at maintenance,, operation, construction, of green infrastructure that is a common certification program across the united states we are really leaders and that thanks to our wastewater enterprise queen
10:51 am
infrastructure team. we've continue to presentations on central bayside improving projects,, coffee chats on green infrastructure, we've utilize her contracts assistant center for two previous bid opportunities. these are standing room only deals. i don't know if you been up to the contract assistant center but it's quite a big space and we had our digest the soviet project the construction meeting there. we also had an outreach event for construction management and literally, all the chairs were gone. standing room only to a lot of great opportunities for subs and clients to be able to talk. always 20 people interested in the sewer system the we've got manhole monday when people tweet in pictures thanks to the and caen drain were now at 108 adopted drains. that's pretty amazing. what can we look forward to? we will be back. i will be
10:52 am
back. i will be back generate 2017 to share with you the jobs and conduct report which is something that staff has been working on for a long time. we will update this on a biannual basis and would want to be something the general public will also understand and appreciate. in february, stephanie harrison will be here to talk about flood reza yancy. after wet weather we want to return and talk to about the results of how are infrastructure is performing and then in the summer, june 27, we are wrapping up the urban watershed assessment report and we'll be back to to spend results of that because that will help us to read basically what projects will be doing what the priorities are and what the schedule is terms of collection system and green infrastructure projects. so with that if you have any questions happy to answer them. >> thank you. commissioner courtney
10:53 am
>> i wish you give up report monthly. in a perfect world right. there's always really informative. you guys do great work and the numbers that you put together, especially districts 10, nine, four is a bit of surprise to me but that is all trades. that's not just entry-level were talking about. that's going to be all trades. i do a quick question. great report. i do a quick question about the green infrastructure peas specifically the maintenance fees. do you perceive that's going to be performed by public-sector workforce were private-sector workforce? can you develop a little bit on that piece for me please? >> i think really that to the general manager. >> i think as part of rolling out green infrastructure we will have a workforce component . what we're seeing that's really helping us on the green infrastructure is our storm water ordinance which we are
10:54 am
asking developers to actually put in green infrastructure as a requirement. that's one way that we've seen significant ways that we can do green infrastructure. as part of green infrastructure-perfect timing-as far as the commissioner cedillo chan ba toward there are different things were looking at. the first thing we looking at is partnering with the department of public works and because if gardeners and so that's one option. the other option is we may want to bring a workforce ourselves to manage the green infrastructure. the third option is that we contract it out as well a portion of it as
10:55 am
well. so there are multiple opportunities and i think we just need to see the volume that we are talking about, what is the best-so we really have not decided on all program and i think that is something that francesco mentioned to me recently, that she wants to get updated. i think were scheduled to give an update on the green infrastructure january. kathy house,, january to talk about that whole program and what our recommendations would be in the workforce component behind that. is there something you wanted- >> no. thanks. if i may, just with respect to the certification piece, can i get that piece? i know we talked about it already. >> when we start green
10:56 am
efficient to project out to bid were getting contractors that might have done a lot of sewer work, water, landscaped work but they were really struggling with building green infrastructure actually. all we did was to put together a curriculum and have now developed ashley a san francisco certification or checkmark for folks that they have to go through before they can bid on a green infrastructure project it that's where the construction site. what we've done so much good work on this that we teamed up when water environment federation and dc water who is one of our peers on the east coast, determined they wanted to put together a program that could really help to sync up with job . so this dictation program is looking at the construction and it's looking at maintenance and it is looking at design. there is actually going to be an exam that's given by a third-party. this would enable contractors
10:57 am
or others to be certified and actually have a career that would be mobile and recognized because it such a fairly new thing for a lot of cities to be building when the depending on a working to move storm water. we jumped on the opportunity. we wanted to be represented at the table because a lot of the other cities are very different than us. not heavy urban. there just a different format and they might have other motivations for why they're doing green infrastructure. so a lot of our staff has done a lot of good work and putting a lot of time to help develop the curriculum and the test. the test is now being administered. >> i can go there because i already did once today that figure another is enough, right but be that as it may, were any conversations taking place with any labor organizations? i mean, you're familiar with the deferment of industrial relationships in the relationship with the building and construction trades affiliates have with them in the department of a partnership
10:58 am
standards. so my curiosity is piqued. were there any experts in plumbing, electrical, asphalt, horticulture or was it just all done in-house and if so who were the experts? >> agreement have to actually- >> all withdraw the question. because it's not fair. we just need to talk more. >> we will deftly talk about it but we've been working with dc water to talk about-i think there's standards of building something. for example, to give an analogy, if we are having say vertically or pre-stressed concrete, which is a new technology, we tell the contractor this is how we wanted to perform so that. it's more of that. were not seen
10:59 am
how-so i think we should talk off-line and see where-i definitely want to make sure we bring as many people in because we want the desired outcome. we will pull out altogether. >> thanks very much >> commissioner caen >> sorry late to the conversation. this last week there was a leadership table on green infrastructure. i don't know if you spoke to that but i did go to that and i was there he surprised it was standing room only. there was wide support not just from city departments but from contractors and people in the workforce space. everybody looking for what the benefits are beyond storm water management the green infrastructure can provide. i just was really struck by the opportunity. i think with our cip to move into more
11:00 am
leadership or is issued with green infrastructure and to approach it from the various angles, whether what are the workforce opportunities in addition to climate resiliency, to community engagement and beautification all these things that we do and separate silos it feels like an opportunity to be much more intersectional and so we spoke. i asked the gentle manager if we could have a presentation that can really show us what we've done to date but really to explain to us what the opportunities are through sf ip group with some of the monies we talked about towards green infrastructure and what that might look like. is i feel like the conversation is overdue and i feel like the time is really right politically, community wise, to make something happen in the green infrastructure space. i would love to see is moving towards a time when it's on green infrastructure but all infrastructure is green and were just talking about it in that context because i do for like it's going to be really the dna of cities in the
11:01 am
future. so i am eager to keep moving a car station forward and see what we can do with it. >> i just read two comments comment. i think a lot of this information or information is out there and i think we are going to pull everything together and present it as a total package so we can comment on it. i know that commissioner courtney has issues on workforce and had issues about what we are doing as far as the training or program work commitments just in general. so i think generate will deftly agendize that. >> thank you >> thank you very much. any public comment? seeing none, back to mr. kelly >> i'm sorry. i should have asked you for first >> well you know everybody looks at this presentation
11:02 am
their own way. i look at it in a way that i want him. cool data faster. in pure gold data empirical [inaudible] not once you commissioners focused on our [inaudible] and second efforts. if i was looking at this project, that's where i would go. unfortunately, for reasons best known to yourselves, literally you'll not gone there. from reports that i'm guessing because it i monitor this very carefully, from the reports i'm getting some patchwork has begun on our [inaudible]. now here we are barking tides and eat you all think our wheels fallen into disrepair will stand the patchwork. is that what you think? keep laughing
11:03 am
the public when we know that the salt water has rich treatment plant on many occasions where kept in the dark. these are facts. you commissioners should know it's. because you are sworn to tell the truth. all of you, say us, we read about it but we keep it hush hush because it's taking a risk. the flooding was at., the environ mental protection agencies involved in that. not a word to the public or i can go very deep into the sewer treatment plant itself and how particular's not being monitored because spare parts are not put in and the -everything shuts down. just to give us a emergency appearance we need more money to fix the sewage treatment plant. while, good employees
11:04 am
retire because they don't get the backing could commissioners, what we have here are is a fairytale story. i've nothing against karen because i know her for a long long time. i stood by her [inaudible] i know she just looks at the engineering. commissioner today spoke about workforce that workforce is not just about the employees. it's about upward mobility. it's about management. that's my expertise.. what comes to me, right now is very serious. i'm going to be having one meeting with the comptroller and i'm going to have another meeting with the general manager. then i'm going to come here and hopefully you give me 10 min. to report to you. thank you
11:05 am
very much. >> thank you. any additional public comment? mr. kelly. >> that concludes my report. >> thank you. next next item please >> >> item 8 2015-16 annual audited financial statements. >> good afternoon commissioners. deputy cfo. he financial reporting unit is pleased to present to the commission the fiscal year 2016 audited financial status for the water enterprise but the wastewater enterprise and hetch hetchy water and power enterprise. these financial statement reports were issued by kpmg on october 14, 2016. this
11:06 am
slide shows that october 14 is the earliest issue date of the annual financial statements over the last five years for all the three financial audit reports. the main objective of the financial audit is to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. the review also includes consideration of internal controls were financial reporting but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of internal controls. for all three financial statements no material the statements were noted by the auditors. nor were there any internal control deficiencies observed for any of the three enterprises. sf pc continues to demonstrate strength in making financial integrity and internal controls through effective fiscal
11:07 am
oversight with clean august consecutively for eight years. i will be happy to answer any questions at this time. >> thank you very much. that's quite a remarkable record. commissioners? okay. >> at this time i like to introduce lisa avis, managing director of kpmg to present to the commission the audit results. >> thank you. >> thanks for the opportunity to present in person at the end of the audit we are required to present audit resultsto the oversight committee of the entity we can do that either in a letter or verbally in a
11:08 am
presentation it again i appreciate the opportunity to be here. as i'm required to do, want to communicate with her audit responsibility was under generally accepted auditing standards and government auditing standards. as ms. lee's standard would you consider internal control in order to design an effective and efficient audit approach. we do not opine on control but i should mention we do issue a report on internal control that nothing come to our attention during our audit process. we also design and implement audit procedures based on our understanding of the entity to gain reasonable but not absolute assurance as to the absence of any material the statements within the financial statements. if we audit to get absolute assurance we would still be auditing the audit that would go on for a long time auditing every penny. our audit is not designed to detect
11:09 am
for all that is a mixture 02 the financial statements could we do procedures that we perform to make sure that it's free from a turtle the statement. so we just want to highlight that. because this audit is in accordance with government auditing standards, do we have to test compliance with laws and regulations. nothing come came to our attention was any instances of noncompliance during our audit spirit also, we do have to opine on those financial statements based on the test we do. as ms. lee stated were three opinions we issued. one on water. one on wastewater and hetch hetchy water and power. they give receive clean opinions as she stated. so those financial statements ms. lee presented the financial possession of those entities. as stated, there were no deficiencies or instances of noncompliance noted in the report that we issued over
11:10 am
financial reporting. we are required to let you know that we are independent of the organization in the work that we do. the accounting policy they described in note to the financial things are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and are consistent with other industries noted within the type of industry they present. they did adopt gasb 72 which dictates how the reported at fair value. the opinion notes this adoption as well and a properly adopted this new application of the gasb standard. the clean power sf was launched into operation may 2016. because there was only a couple months of activity during 2016 the project was combined with hetch hetchy power and their operative results were included in the hetch hetchy
11:11 am
report with the increased activity there will likely be a different presentation on that going forward. it will likely be a separate column where you can see the results just for that organization. now when we conduct our audit was the arms we are able to balance due invoices, bank statement but there are some financial statement line items that you require management's estimates and judgments running those amounts. for example here the damage and claims of liability also revenue requirements, workers comp and pension liability for which they receive an allocation from the city. we do have our actuaries look at that and they were able to conclude-i'll talk about-on the next page but the estimates the match and reported were fair and reasonable and free of any management bias. there were no corrective audit adjustments meaning that we did not find any significant audit adjustments the management had to correct your there were some small differences in the
11:12 am
estimates are they to the -liability compared to the final actuarial report because of the immaterial nature when considered in the financial statements as taken as a whole, those differences were not booked in the final financial statement. we encountered no disagreement with difficulties with management on financial and reporting manners and just want to note that management was cooperative and provided timely access to books and records and because of that we were able to meet the october 14 deadline. the were no concerns regarding application of any new accounting pronouncements and to the best of our knowledge management did not consult with any of their accountants on any accounting related matters. we generally
11:13 am
discuss a variety of matters including you accounting principles and auditing standards with management each year. these discussions were part of the normal course of business prior to our retention as auditors. we received a representation letter from management which outlines what they take responsibly for sound financial accounting and reporting of those statements we opine on with an engagement letter with the city and county as a whole documenting our audit relationship. with that i like to open up if you have any questions of me. >> thank you. any questions for ms. avis? thank you very much. any public comment seeing none? none?we move on to the bawsca update. >> good afternoon commissioner. as an moran. things for the opportunity speak your review today i was appreciate this.
11:14 am
there are four things i want to talk about today. none among particularly long but so you know where i'm going. first and very importantly, want to introduce tom francis, sitting back to whitney today. bawsca's new water resources manager, tom has trained a civil engineering and business and his experience and practical engineering, construction water resources flooding, so i believe this can be a great asset to bawsca's team. i would him away from east bay mud with the interest in the system and i think all the great things that involve good i hope you have the opportunity to work with him as you know that often happens. so look forward to him being here with us. >> welcome, mr. francis. >> second, regarding an item not on her calendar today item number 12, the washer agreement with contra costa county 01 take my time here to stress i support that action. we work
11:15 am
closely your staff in with contra costa water district to move forward on examining this possibility of looking at a increase in size of that existing reservoir. so i do want to trust my support.. third, if you minutes to speak about montana. as you know these past few years it's been a major focus of my comments before you and also in my efforts with your staff to remove the water customers from the risks that are posed by the current conditions of mountain, piazza talked about earlier in the meeting, the qc will be taking a very definitive step in january and doing a very large shutdown and extended straight of mountain tunnel. during that time we hope for great success in completing the specific construction work that will happen during that time and also some repair work. the
11:16 am
end result being at the end of that period we will a significantly reduced risk to water customers from a severe outage of the tunnel and i think that is something we should all be very proud of and so in particular, want to thank this commission for your focus on this critical issue and also i want to thank gen. manager kelly agm which he further readership. this has been an item that is crossed literally across the state in dealing with all the staff. the operations department, so within a major issue and focus to get this accomplished. it's not done but they have suddenly led and i appreciate that greatly. lastly, i did want to say a few things about the bay delta plan and the substitute incremental documents. as a public discussion continues on the bay delta plan you put some comments about it earlier today, it's been created
11:17 am
drafted by the state water resources control board. want to be sure that you and others understand bawsca's position on this plan. in nine words, very simply bawsca supports the objective of the bay delta plan. simple, clear, understandable. but a few more words, 20, i could say bawsca work with other stakeholders to protect the water quality in the bay delta for humans, fish, and other wildlife. again simple, clear and understandable. anyone who won't accept these words as a true and clear statement of bawsca's objective is pursuing a political issue and not a pathway to beneficial results. as part of her comments, on the draft as cd bawsca is working with the puc to provide this could board with the critically important data about the potential impact we believe are necessary for any public body to have as part of a correct and appropriate decision-making. and consistent
11:18 am
with state law. we know that the present reality of the bay delta system is not sustainable. we don't question that. we don't question that there's a need for increased flows and mostly for adaptive management and different and new ways to work and handle the environment. we editor by felicia marcus is commented on earlier was in the paper this weekend and is part of that, she provided her opinions on the bay delta plan and i want to say that she is correct. this is not an effort to choose a winner between the urban and the agricultural water users and environmental advocates. bawsca agrees. this amount is is to protect the water quality for the bay delta brault users, humans, fish and other wild. it should be a strategic process not a legal good jaws about sharing the river better. it requires tough action and respect for all interests in january,. requires open minds.
11:19 am
requires almost to stick to the facts. we are pleased to help were looking for to working with your staff on that. with that i'll conclude my comments. >> thank you very much. clear and concise. commissioners? any questions we commissioner caen >> i have a question countries about this. what is the status of the suit that the nine residents of hillsboro? maybe this about time. >> i do not know the status be on the fact it's been filed and they are trying to make it as a class action lawsuit. but i've not heard anything further about it moving forward in the court so i do not know but i can find out and get back to. >> i was just curious. for a number of reasons. >> thank you. any public comment we thank you. 1 to the
11:20 am
consent agenda one of the questions that our secretary posed when i took office was whether we want to revert to my prior practice of reading the consent items as a whole but not to go through the individual items. that is the practice of the board of supervisors and other commissions and actually reading the individual items is a little bit unusual. because we come to this point, because of the desires of prior commissioner presidents i asked her to continue doing that. however i would ask for any input you have as to whether you think our interest would be better served by conforming it to board practice or to
11:21 am
continue our current practice. you can give that to me and whatever time and whatever form you would like to do. but with that we have eight long consent calendar today. mdm. clerk if you could read the items. >> item 10, all matters listed here under constitute consent calendar are considered to be retained by the san francisco public utilities commission and will be acted upon by super bowl of the commission. we know seven discussion of these items unless a member of the commission will, so request which event the matter be removed from calendar and considered a separate item. went off of approval water supply assessment for the india basin mixed-use project. there b approved modification of one to the agreement between the california department of fish and wildlife visiting county is san francisco increasing the agreement by $466,000. c approval amendment number two agreement number cs-23
11:22 am
inclusion by wind nine dollars. d approve amendment to agreement green a number cs-203 increasing agreement with the 2 million with atomic session 2 years. e approved amendment number one to agreement number cs-297 authorizing each claimant 2 million. f except conduct amount of $4,561,000 approved modification number for four-time extension of 198 calendar days and authorize g approve the increase in the construction of contract cost contingency for ages 91 uprising future modifications of the content. there'll tell approval agreement number 12 agreement pr 0029 increasing agreement by 1,500,000 with a time extension of three years. i except contact wg 2596 increasing the
11:23 am
contract amount by $106,000 and authorize final payment to the contractor. j except contract number wg 2667 approved modification number one decrease in the contract by 11 thousand eight and $40,000 and with the time extension of 42 days. approved modification number two decrease in the contract by $61,992 and authorize final payment to the contractor. k approve an increase in the construction contract cost contingency amount of two and $28,000 increase to the existing contract duration ditches eight 254 consent of calendar days contract number debbie debbie 602 authorize future modification to the contract. l approve an increase to the constriction city of 250,000 the contract number debbie debbie-604 are future
11:24 am
modification to the contract. m approve the plan since this additional work on that number debbie w-606 are two in the amount of $4,049,000" by response of responsibility. n approve the plans as the citizen work on check number ww-631 in the amount of 9,000,007 or $11,000 o approve the plans and specifications were contract number ww-644 four not to exceed total contract amount of $3,834,500 to the list all five responsible and responsive bidder speed yerba buena concert. p approve the terms and conditions to authorize the five-year revocable license with the city redwood. q
11:25 am
approve the terms of conditions waterice education outside. the r approve the modification to job order number one three and 65 consecutive days. s award job 68 not to see amount of 1,000,000 kg off five response of responsibility. >> thank you mdm. sec. commissioners, any items you would like to remove from the consent agenda? i have two item a and item o. does the general public they would any items they would like to remove? seeing none, we will vote on the consent calendar not including items a and l. may a motion? >> moved and seconded. >>[chorus all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the consent calendar,
11:26 am
without items ao is adopted. on the item o also, this is a water supply assessment was based quizzes we have enough water to provide the moment in question get my question for staff is given the uncertainty of the state board action what is our thinking with respect to approving water supply assessment at this time? >> steve ritchie assistant general manager for water. there is uncertainty there. i think that at this point we are using the best available information on action that have been taken for the ceqa process to go for. as a ceqa issue, i think-well put it this way. i should nor rain speak to that as a ceqa issue is the state
11:27 am
board action something that is reasonably foreseeable that would need to be included in potential ceqa action or not. >> dore number city attorney's office. incremental impact report where they would at all the issues with respect to the project date may or may not consider there but with respect to the water supply assessment given that we are talking about a 20 year time frame, i mean they really look to the water agency to make that assessment. so it's not-i think the it's one thing if the state were to take that action. it's another thing for that to result in the city and county of san francisco not being able to meet demand of its development
11:28 am
that occurs here. i have not seen anything that says that we've included-that we can't do that. that's all the water supply assessment is looking at. not where we are going to get it, how much we are going to pay for it but whether or not were going to be with to deliver it. >> does the water supply assessment make any reference to that at all? >> no. >> it does not. would it be appropriate that make such reference? >> i would defer to the folks that are writing it. i mean it comes back to the puc. if you think that-there are a number of things that could occur relatively to your water supply. give your water supply report but frankly until you were to decide that you are not going to look for sufficient
11:29 am
supply to meet demand in the city. i would not tell prospective customers that you are not going to have a sufficient water supply to meet their demand. it is a threshold issue for them in terms of whether not they can move forward. what we are talking out in this project is infill project most of which is public park and some affordable housing. i don't see that as >> i think the important thing is it's a yes-no question that nuance doesn't really enter into it and leases cars my understand of what we need you for water supply assessment. >> right. if you get to the point where you are saying not have enough water in 20 years for future development then you are connected tell people about that. but i don't know that you are there yet >> i don't believe we are there yet. certainly, this is
11:30 am
not a huge amount of water. so i'm prepared to support this. what i would like to do however is a couple things. one is future water supply assessment i think should be on the regular calendar not on consent and that we should be, as we assess the implications of the water quality plan for the state that one of the things that we keep very much in focus is what effect it may have on our ability to make water supply assessments for additional customers in the future. i think it's an issue that's not quite right but we are certainly beginning to engage on it but i think we need to be very mindful of it. >> absolute. i think we have as the mayor mentioned another sentence, you still have not finished or complete review of the state water board documents and prepared whatever analysis we have of that. that's been the common deadline is january
11:31 am
17. by that date we will actually have some concrete information to share on the what we believe the impact may be if we go for. >> thanks. commissioners, any other questions? any public comment week if not i will with the item. >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the item carries. item o. item o has to be removed because as one of those circumstance where one bit of a significant more than the engineers estimate. and could you give me the you are thinking as to why this is an appropriate word given those two fax?
11:32 am
>> good afternoon commission to kathy houck agm for infrastructure. this actually is the first time the we are doing a sewer ceiling contract as opposed to a sewer repair conduct and highly specialized work. we probably could have some lessons learned here but we do need to move forward with trying to get some of these leaking sewers sealed so that we don't get a more significant failure. the contract was put out to over 100 contractors. two firms of affect of time attended the pre-bid meeting for firms yerba buena team up with a sub specialized for national services and so they will probably be doing a lot of that work. >> as far as evaluation is to re-bidding would produce more bidders? >> i think the team looked at that and i don't think that they thought they would get more bidders this first time
11:33 am
around. once we learn more from this particular contact i think then we would the same thing came out would probably ask to be-bid >> >> okay. thank you. i'm willing to support this. again i would request we are beginning to more of these where there's a single bidder and that the bid amount is significantly over the engineers estimate. legos to come back on the regular agenda as well not part of consent. >> okay. >> that said i'll move item o the second >> any commissioner comments? any public, squeak all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? that item carries. thank you get onto the regular session. mdm. sec. >> item 11 is the power enterprise and cleanpowersf to enter into a 10 year power
11:34 am
purchase agreement >> ms. hale, welcome >> arbor hill general manager for power. this item follows up on an item i been reporting to you regularly at our cleanpowersf update. we have an obligation under state were noble portfolio standard requirements for clean power as that of a portion of it supplied under a long-term 10 year contract. or solution for our compliance recommendation is to procure that obligation from our sunset reservoir solar photovoltaic facility in san francisco. we would be purchasing green power as that would be purchasing from our hetch hetchy program kilowatt hours from that facility. the obligation we face as determined by the california public utilities commission is to have 0.25% of our total retail sales in the first year of our operations under 10 year contract. that results in an
11:35 am
annual obligation of about-well it's a little over 200,000 mwh in a little over $30,000 worth of power. it at the most administered delete experience an appropriate transaction. we ask for you to authorize the general manager to sign he power purchase agreement that is in item 11. think. >> thank you. commissioners? >> can ask a question on that. i know we had the sunset reservoir on the early days we entered into a power purchase and it was quite expensive at the time. is this in addition to that? are we going to >> no. are we going to be buying that actual power? >> you are right in your recollection. the judge he purchased power from that facility. duke energy developed it at our request. they prevailed in a bidding opportunity. right. now
11:36 am
fast-forward to today, we are clean power as asked i should say is purchasing a portion of that power from hetch hetchy. hetch hetchy controls all the output of that facility. our hetch hetchy program does. controls all the output of that facility and clean power sf would be purchasing a very small portion of it in order to make this annual requirements that the state has. once we come a larger provider clean power as f will be able to procure directly at competitive prices are a larger quantity that would be attractive to bidders. that's what we propose to do as our obligation grows but for that .25%, which is a very small amount, we really don't see-we look to the
11:37 am
bidders in our earlier clean power sf bid. the member those 52 bits we got. we engaged with some of them but it such a small portion of what they would like to sell to us we just did not find an attractive opportunity there. >> were going to be paying a high rate for it? >> we are. when sunset was built and constructed those were the going rates given the amount of solar performance that a panel in that location produces. so we are paying a rate that compensates hetch hetchy. so we are not having our hetch hetchy program subsidize our clean power sf program and that's one of the business practice policies we think it's consistent with the business practice policies that you've adopted during >> that's a long term contract, >> right. it's 10 years. >> 10 years starting- >> now >> contact once the >> yes. >> thank you. any other questions or comments? any questions from the public? may
11:38 am
i have a motion. >> i'll move >> >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? item 11 carries. item 12 mdm. sec. >> item 12 authorize the cautionary agreement with contra costa water district that amount not to exceed $100,000. >> steve ritchie general manager for wanted the crm the cold referenced earlier in her comments could this basically caught sharing document for environment to review for extension of the reservoir which is located in contra costa water district service area. it is being developed on anticipation of proposition one funding for. which would be storage funding. our interest in this is this is one potential tool out there that we can use to enhance our water
11:39 am
supply. certainly in light of where we are with the state on their proposed actions, we want to make sure that we have all the available opportunities before us so that if there are stringent standards applied for streamflow that we have the best possibilities to meet our future water supply needs this would be just one of those. >> thank you. commissioners, any questions? public comment? motion, please >> so moved >>'s >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? item 12 carries. item 13 please >> item 13 authorize a seven-year management agreement with the alameda county observation district with puc funny not to exceed 1,297,006 on $81 and authorize a seven-year lease. commissioners, any questions?
11:40 am
any comments from the public? >> if i may of like to recognize carlos-antoni bartel from our staff that put a lot of work into this. [inaudible] resource observation this has done large lipton done a great job on. >> thank you for that recognition. commissioners, we have a motion and a second. >> i like to move the item >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? item 13 carries. item 14 >> item 14 approve the terms and conditions authorize the lease with christian access -investment corporation at a rental rate of $61,750 per month. >> any questions of on this? any public comments? may i have a motion? >> i will move
11:41 am
>> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? item 14 carries. item 15, please >> item 15 a discussion and possible action to authorize the general managers consent on behalf of as puc and bridge camero to the california environmental quality act including a mitigation monitoring and reporting program. >> i do have a question on this . both this and the item following. taking operator maintenance responsibility for the electric service at the housing authority. those facilities within the housing authority. chapter is upgrading the infrastructure there correct? are they going to be building facilities that be sufficient to meet the standards?
11:42 am
>> actually, we are to we will only intervening as those. [inaudible] pg&e requires spears are we paying us to do that or we do not on our own? >> your pain to do that. >> okay. any other questions? >> i like to move this item >> second. b was any public comment we all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? item 15 carries. item 16 >> item 16 discussion possible action to authorize development county of san francisco housing authority of the city and county of san francisco and sunnydale develop and company and adopt findings pursuant to the california environment the quality act including a statement of overriding
11:43 am
considerations in a mitigation and monitoring reporting program. >> commissioners, any questions? any public comment? motion please? >> i will move it >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the ayes have it. item 16 is adopted item 17 please >> item 17 adopt a finding and acquiring the as of using current and future utility needs and authorize an agreement with the city of pleasanton to sell the property for $4.2 million >> is that the property i think it is? >> yes. it is >> >>[laughing]. oh. commissioners, any questions? any public comment we motion please >> so moved >> moved and seconded. all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the motion carries. item 19 >> item 18 adopt a finding in
11:44 am
three parcels in-rs of using utilities authorize the board of supervisors and mayor to prove the property sale price of purchase and sale agreement to sell the property for 2,000,003 and 40,000 hours. >> any questions? >> i would like to move the item >> any public comment? i have a motion. >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the item 18 carries. item 19 >> can i just point out like to thank our real estate group and her team press the city attorney's office maybes happen and to commissioner caen for making this happen >> item 19 >> >> item 19 approve the
11:45 am
selection of emerson process management authorize agreement for the amount not to exceed 20,000,004 and $25,000. >> commissioners, any questions from ms. hout? >> i just wednesday my colleague john doherty had of the electricians union had been here since 1:30 pm that we just lost him. but i know that he wanted to speak in favor of the item. sorry, john. >>[laughing] he moved out. i'd >> i do have four cards. it's good you are watching us. any questions from the commission? we do have for comment cards. >>[calling public comment cards] >> good afternoon
11:46 am
commissioners good into pleasure to be here this afternoon. my name is pamela calloway. i rise in support of this staff recommendation for this contract. - excuse me - i think it's important the kind of work that emerson is committed to doing on community benefits. it's very important and is commissioner courtney has mentioned. several times during this meeting. for those residents were in the areas most affected by work to the benefit of job training and support so that they may move from provisions of unemployment or under employment to full and self-sufficient employment. so i urge you to support the staff's recommendation on this matter. thank you. >> they give very much. >>[calling public comment cards] >> good afternoon
11:47 am
commissioners. my name is josh great. i may concern residents who was afforded the opportunity to go to college. the opportunity, though, that a lot of my fellow district 10 residents have not had the opportunity to do. this is why it's imperative for emerson to support the community benefits, to allow people who may look like me, who may come from a challenging background, to afford the ability to obtain a job, to obtain the house, to support their family. why is it important? because we know the shifter the community is changing but the support of what they've done in the continuing to invest in is important to our community, particularly the southeast quarter where i come from. so i encourage you to eat he the recommendation of the staff.
11:48 am
thank you. >> think you and thank you for the time to come to us today. >>[calling public comment cards] >> thank you. good afternoon commission to thank you for the opportunity to speak this afternoon. i come to you as a bayview residents by funk bayview resident in support of the staff recommendation for emerson. the unique thing here that emerson has reached into the committee and developed a community benefits agreement that is a compliance the mitigation requirements for the san francisco puc. it is deep. it is far-reaching and it actually touches many of the issues that we need to address within the community. secondly i'm good to go out on a limb. was another competitor i understand their name was snyder. who are they? iver here i like to stand up.
11:49 am
because i understand that they were also going into the community. we've never seen them. don't know who they are we don't know what their agenda was. i just wanted to ensure make sure that was clear and lastly, the housing development residence was a representative that had to leave are ecstatic to see that the mitigation requirements are being addressed in terms of workforce in terms of training and in terms of equity and the small business community is very much excited that they are mentioned in community benefit agreement portion. so the whole packet is something that we can grasp on as a community among bring us together, to work towards the ultimate end of economic engine for disenfranchised community residents and above all, to finally start the work, the important work, do we need to do on the project. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you much for coming mr. hanson the last shall be
11:50 am
first. thank you for joining us. >> good afternoon commissioners. john jordi electrical workers local six. i rise in support of the staff recommendation in favor of the path that we don't have a dog in the fight between them or cider and anything else but we do have is great opportunity here and i sat on the mayor's construction workforce commission with general manager kelly and he can tell you local higher goals city residents, standards put into the sewer system improvement plan, pla, all of these things are bonuses for the city. there are aggressive goals and targets for the neighboring communities. we have been
11:51 am
recently we have partnered with the city built so we now have a direct interview program for our apprenticeship. we are really trying in the trades to make all this work and the last thing we need is to have any delays in these programs. some of the signs up earlier, you would see the timeline of all these projects going forward. those timelines all kind of depend upon each other. it's kind of a domino affect. if you delay this what you're going to delay about one and a light bowing to lastly, this a wastewater treatment facility. aging systems when you're doing with wastewater is a very dangerous thing. we want to make sure we have the most up-to-date systems so that we can process that stuff. that goes into the wastewater plant but we do-i'm joking but it's important stuff because as we see that a moment we've had on the east side of town, the first
11:52 am
three with channel flynn and southeast plant that i think are very working on it if i read the report correctly. those are on the side of town. it's important we make sure all those facilities are top notch that we get these as up-to-date as we can. so thank you for your time. >> thank you for sticking with us for so long. i do have a card from mr. hampton. is he still here? okay. that includes public comment. any additional comment that i don't have cards for? commissioners but is your pleasure? >> i like to move the item >> moved and seconded. all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the item carries. we are now moving into closed session.
11:53 am
madame secretary would you call the items. >> item 22 existing litigation reaches of the universe of california versus city and county of san francisco could item 23 existing litigation to the county of san beavan versus deccan plant services incorporated marketing incorporated dba foliage incorporated: enterprises dba suncor nursery incorporated. 24, conference with legal counsel on property 3.9 acres designated as sf puc parcel 142 santa clara california with-lp. 25 existing litigation gas and electric. 26, existing litigation pacific gas & electric. 27 existing litigation with pacific gas & electric and 28 existing litigation with pacific gas & electric and 29 existing litigation with pacific gas & electric up an item 31 not be heard today. >>
11:54 am
>> okay. thank you any public comment on matters to be heard in closed session? seeing none, may have a motion on whether to observe attorney-client privileges? will to assert? motion to assert. the second >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of >> >>[gavel] >> we are back in open session of the commission approved the amazon item 22 and 23. no other action was taken. can i have a motion on to disclose discussions during close session? moved not to disclose. >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] the item carries. other
11:55 am
announcements.. we will not be having our december 27 meeting. so our next meeting will be january-something. 10th. okay. january 10. thank you. any other new business from the commission? >> >> no. perry christmas and happy holidays. happy new year >> all of the above. thank you. and we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >> >> if you frequently travel
11:56 am
before i van ness i might be surprised van ness will goodwill go the first transit corridor to have brt as more frequently known the goal to get conveniently van ness and geary boulevard one of the most reliable transit systems in the country van ness avenue is a major connecter between potrero hill and mission on the south side of san francisco correcting connecting us to the marina and state highway in the financial with the western edition neighborhood it is mostly residential a lot of the geography of van ness the rain that is wide it was uses is a firebreak in the 1906 san francisco earthquake a lot of building occasion that helped of hoped to stop the fire
11:57 am
from jumping van ness had a light rail or sprash separating and along geary 0 when we came to the question of how to address the needs on haven because of its cost effectiveness we have found in the brt system with the new vehicles. >> the new mr. secretary is a change we will actually have transit in the middle ♪ the far legal unit and a broadly prom >> one of the reasons it is in the center a was it is an clouf right-of-way a set of pedestrians will cross from the sidewalk to the middle of the street a. >> to move the reliable along the corridor with this travel time had been signifying reduced we think the ripped will go from 16 thousand a day in that portion the corridor up to 22
11:58 am
thousand and we'll have those beautiful new one like this one. >> with the dedication of the signal and lighter saying that between stops we were able to estimate a .32 improvement in travel time and a 50 percent reliability improvement as a result. >> we're pitting u putting in a up to date modern system of new thirty foot high light fixtures and pedestrian lights on the same pole again inviting a comfortable environment for pedestrians. >> it has become a 3 dimensional street project. >> the water that is my understanding under the ground and the emergency firefighting water system month will be replaced and new street lights and traffic lights and the paving and stripping the trees
11:59 am
both in the medium and on the side. >> the main core of the project goes from market it lombard that's where we'll be replying the sidewalks. >> there are a number of trees that need to be replaced
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