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tv   Aging and Adult Services 1417  SFGTV  January 8, 2017 10:35pm-12:01am PST

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the appropriate time for community meeting and we are at the moment projecting the bayview. no other comments on the committee agenda thaen we are ready to accept a motion for adjournment. >> motion to adjourn. >> is there a second? >> second 6789 >> all in favor please say aye. opposed? the meeting is adjourned, thank you. [meeting adjourned]
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>> sorry i'm turning your microphone on. >> commissioner president james commissioner itani
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commissioner loo commissioner ow commissioner roy commissioner sims and please note executive director sherry is present. >> thank you may i have is a motion to approve the agenda missouri. 234i6z thank you. the motion carries may i have a motion to approve the november 2nd minutes >> moved second any discussion or comments from the public. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> thank you that motion carries the reports thank you director director mcfadden. >> good morning, commissioners happy new year i'm going to apologize for the fact that i just got back from two weeks of vacation and realize we didn't meet in december i wanted to start with a couple of announcements the first one is that cindy as you may know know
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from the institute on aging now with the department of aging & adult services and started i think after ours is a last time we met i want to formally introduce cindy to everyone she's overseeing the community program side working with offense of aging, our dos intact our a long time go care operations and she'll be a liaison with our folks that work with the longtime legislation stuff we're happy i'm very, very happy to have cindy on board and sure you'll be working closely with jill and cindy especially cindy she oversees our contract and report that michael who many of you this mike has brink presenting new director on office of aging he started in
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december i believe so again, after we met last time so we are getting those positions in place and looking forward to hiring a new director of adult services and the in take. i think that jason left before our last meeting he which is able to announce that at the last meeting we have a couple of even if positions to fill and we're excited about it that's the first one the second thing is i was in dblgd an additional an at the aging our national trend association for the triple a and the a agencies on aging so what a little bit - people are uncertain about the future of some of our important programs so we talked about what the
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agenda for the completely around things li - find out together a great letter i had brigitte send to you laying out an agenda for an administration that will be pro older adult pro aging and it is a well written document i want to share it with you i'm not sure i do i thought i sent it out in late december we'll send it out it will be great information for all of you and in december the mayor's budget instructions you've probably read in the paper the mayor's office is projecting a down turn in the economy in the next year
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we've been asked to cut back in our 2017 budget, 2017-2018 budget our cut for the agency is one $.5 million this year and one $.5 million on top of that; is that correct. >> we'll be figuring out out how to meet the goal and the other thing not add a the fte obviously when the city starting thinking of a down turn in the coming years we don't want to add to the fte we can substitute positions but we're accounting the details on the budget and have our public human services coming on do you know what that is, i think on my calendar i apologize. i haven't had a
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chance to look at that every year an event for the public where we talk through the budget process in high-level that trends nicole will be the head of the office of early care and education those are the big things we are working on right now and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioner sims. >> maybe a little bit early but would the budget reductions and the dignity fund coming in i know that was head count forever dignity fund we contemplated as part that have initially. >> right. >> is that protected head count in addition or a substitute within the constraint. >> when you say head count you're talking about the dollars. >> there was a position i thought an administrative responsibility. >> what we got in the budget an analyst position to work in
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the office of aging we're trying to figure out how to use that a a position 2, 3, 4 planning okay. so - we put a couple of positions they're good for this year and other money to analyze you can doing a broader assessment how to you diving into certain populations that are how we address gaps how we analyze those gaps we are working on that and putting that together maybe i didn't mention in november most is organizing the dignity fund operations and the management level we're trying to figure out we need someone that can pull all the people together so, yeah we're
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also trying to figures out how the dignity fund spending will jive with our rest of what we're doing and figuring out the overall budget it is i'll have more information next month when we put it altogether. >> thank you about the dignity fund and the budget - do you know from the dignities fund can offset the budget cuts. >> the dignity fund will not offset those cuts necessarily it depends on where the cuts are what we've been able to do it figure out at an agency level not cutting programs and hoping we'll be able to do that like in the last couple of years with budget targets. >> thank you. is commissioner
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ow. >> you mentioned a cut of $. million is that the constitution. >> to the agency. >> yeah. >> what is the total amount of city input for the - this commission on aging. >> would you think roughly. >> it depends on if you're talking about the entire budget. >> i'm talking about the city's money is going into this dos. >> to dos. >> right if you're talking about the entire budget entire budget in dos is 200 and $50 million. >> 200 and $15 million. >> i'm going to have to get the actual amount. >> i don't need that only on the general fund city funds - the mayor asked for a reduction of 1.5 do i have that right.
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>> right. >> i wanted one .5 minus what roughly. >> well that is 1.5 out of the agencies entire budget. >> not just dos. >> one and $60 million. >> that's doss budget it is out of the entire city's budget includes the human services and the office of education i don't know what we're talking about it is a little bit confusing sorry i can get the exact figures. >> you'll continue as update us. >> we'll continue and commissioners when - so let me know when the budget meeting will be it will be january 10th at 3:00 p.m. is that going to be in boredom
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auditorium and we'll have all the pie charts that shows the breakdown of federal and state dollars you know you can see it laid out by programs and general fund versus everyone else that would be helpful if you make that meeting you'll get all our questions answered there any other questions or comments. >> sorry one more thing commissioner we're pulling together the dignity fund oversight advisory committee so i know that commissioner president james has been involved and to a point the advisory committee council and coordinating council and the mayor has a couple of positions to appoint we're hoping that group will be pier 39 together this month. >> thank you. the department
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of aging & adult services will honor nancy schneider from adult protective services office . >> (clapping.) >> how are you. >> thank you. >> so hi nancy welcome and congratulations and i - so as usual i like to have everyone i know a lot of supporter here of nancy and know that having working closely with the adult protective services i can say the human services position it super important because social workers basically need to be out doing work and
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follow-up and paper and the human services technicians help take people to the doctor and get involved working with clients directly and doing some of the things social workers don't have time nancy your honored by your peers and colleagues and adult protective services and if you can all united states adult protective services staff to stand. >> (clapping.) >> everyone don't say fanatic job it helps you're here to support them i want to read nancy what you're colleagues said about you nancy is one of the human services abstractions and react and not only is she working full-time but graduate
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school after work when any aps social working ask nancy to drive the clients or in the other member he know the work gets done in a timely manner and has the responsibility of scheduling did technicians and monitoring their schedules nancy has spent a lot of time challenging plans often for hours she shows each individual clients utmost respect and working on the saturdays and she did wonder with her paintbrush and distancing schneider is a honoree of the employee of the month for january graduations nancy and. >> (clapping.) >> come on over here
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(laughter). >> we want to give to nancy necessary, desirable, and compatible /*. >> (clapping.) >> thank you the next item. >> is the advisory committee report leon schmitz. >> good morning commissioner president james, commissioners
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- executive director making faulg and happy new year to all of you i'll give them a moment. >> the advisory committee did not meet in december so this will be a report on our november meeting at november meeting dos staff persons king and talked to the advisory committee regarding the long time care council and doing a focus group and wanted participation from some of the members we had a presentation by ms. melissa magee regarding the proposition i say dignity fund and she explained to the advisory committee council what you're roles and responsibility
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we had of interest our 3 participants will be part of dignity fund and those folks have been in the mind and will be part of dignity fund oversight committee also at that meeting we had a change of patty will be our person doing the site visits and rick had i don't know what our next education participation will be because of holiday give us a break but going to usf medical center we continue to work to bring membership into
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the board we have fulfilled the commission seats now waiting to have the supervisors a couple of seats open from the supervisory side that's my report for right now any questions. >> any comments or questions for mr. schmitz thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the next item the joint legislative committee report. >> good morning and happy new year this report combines october meeting and our november meeting sins the agenda november was so full and i'm not going to go into all the legislation you'll have the notes in our minutes i want to give you a high-level of october and november the california senior legislature had their
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caucus they narrowed their legislative top 44 to 10 many will be repeats we'll have all the detail in february as to what those are as you can see the dignity fund past overwhelmsly this was the first legislative of its kind in the nation san francisco leads the pack directors during late october and november and i believe early december for their and will be more to report in february and looking at they working hard to implement the ihss and looking for data to see what the impacts of those reporting changes have been and there's a committee on adult services that is monitoring
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commissioner ow at our october meeting suggested we meet with the state assembly representative early this year to talk about the priorities for the legislation on department of aging & adult services issues the group the joint legislative committee and council agreed to that we wanted to wait until we had all the information the joint committee sets it's golds this year to prioritize the list we know early in the year what ear supporting if we need letter to meet with the state legislature and the realignment we are working on after the october report i found at the alzheimer's a report an act called the hope act that the
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federal government we've not been monitoring and that was introduced in may of march of 2030 and introduced a number of times to amend title 18 of the social security act that will allow medicare to pay for an initial assessment for and develop a comprehensive care plan for the beneficiaries that are diagnosed with dementia and alzheimer's nothing happened we'll monitor that to see if it is reintroduced and no updates on prevention the session was over you'll have the updated notes in our minutes any questions. >> any comments or questions from the commission and the public? thank you >> you're welcome. >> next is the a long time care coordinating council
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report. >> got it.
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>> good morning. i'm janice a member of the l t cc i'm here to give you the highlights from december lc c meeting the new lc c member will be patty the division director for the capital which i shouldn't for the experience within this field she will join us this month and she'll be introduced and voted on we reviewed the age and disability task force and repurchases how they compliment each other the work is on the task force developed the first tatter recommendations the work groups will implement the task force recommendations the task force will start meeting january on the second
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wednesday of each month from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. the meetings are open to the public the task force will be collecting data for the next 12 to 15 months to create a based on assessment and action plan using the council fraction how the city can be friendly melissa it the point person for the department on is dignity fund coalition they meet on the second wednesday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. last commission for the advisory committee council and lc c are working with the nominations committee to identify members for the okay. the dignity fund will be available for the communicate to be distributed far and wide we had discussions
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on the projects and priorities to include the performance of the municipal transportation agency mta with shawn kennedy the n t is focusing on large corridors in the spring or early summertime focused on times geneva corridor shawn will share the community meetings and requests more information with lc ct members and lastly at our january malia cohen we'll discuss how the budget and policy proposals for the supervisors to consider this policy work group will are created a form and process for each work group to turn in mile-an-hour policy and goals then as the finance and policy working group will come pile them into one proposal for the board of supervisors that's includes my l t cc
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update. >> thank you. any questions or comments thank you very much. >> take report kathy i don't see kathy case report. >> patty. >> good morning happy new year and case had a wonderful holiday party we located another one of the programs the new george davis senior center and used them as a cater it was nice to see you did events and get a tour of amazing things you can do as a brand new building that night honored and recognized some of the supervisors that spent a lot of time dedicating
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there will and giving us who serve department of aging & adult services clients a boost in our cleavers they've helped to support to expand the services for the department of aging & adult services we recognize supervisor campos and supervisor avalos and others that was a nice event our next meeting january 9th we'll be electing new officers and taking care of final budget asks where we are pushing to go to do new services for adult protective services. >> thank you. any questions or comments for patty. >> thank you very much in the meantime, committee report commissioner. >> good morning and happy new year to all we held a meeting in november 2016 where the
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commission officers were selected we interviewed norman yee for the commission and decided not to select the last nominee until the end of january or beginning of february until one more potential didn't candidate will be out of the country at that moment the report is incomplete and this end the report. >> thank you very much any questions or comments for commissioner itani. >> thank you. any general public comment hearing none, any other business hearing none, new business community living funded six months report keri wounding. >> good morning commissioner and director mcfadden so i would like to present to
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you the community of living fund 6 month report and the annual we were detailed into the previous agenda start with the 6 month report. >> okay. so i'm going to highlight a couple of areas for you in the six months report that covers the january to june 2016 time period there was an increase in referrals 26 percent since 2010 there was a decrease in the number of clients served under the emergency home delivered meals their fund by the aging of dollars, however, the number of clients this was served in the traditional model are consistent with the previous six months period and as you can see we received an additional $6 million to
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provide services i'll give you an update in the areas of in-home care and modification it is challenging to separate those expenses for this specific amount as you can see we can is that there are about 3 thousand more hours of in-home care provided during this period and an average of 10 more clients served for the board and care patches and the housing spending decreased by $34 million and there been about $40,000 spent in home care alone that include 4 stair lifts and two automatic door openers and one ceiling transfer system the current wait list is around 13 people which has gone down a lot and this is the earliest dates back to december i'll move
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to the annual fund there - the biggest news i want to highlight there was an existing contract that was transferred from the at that particular time of dos o to do so to $3 million that was the contract for skashtd site housing at the point of transfer one and 3 unit occupied with long term clients and those have been designated to expand the housing portfolio and to allow the target population to focus on the folks stepping down the employers are a center property be management organization which leases market-rate apartment
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with the home modification and the home retention unit and as you can see as the unit become available we'll open to the clients one of the big things during the past 6 months since the july we have focused primarily on implementation not only transferring the contract but the population is different the population we have tend to have more disability and the unit require more potentially accommodations we're doing an assessment and trying to integrate people that - transferring patients and clients from the dph model that has people are more health issues and people stepping down and one of the things we're
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creating a database we 3-d have one before we want to know as the unit become available to utilize through the process in terms of the referral to getting them into a house any questions. >> thank you very much keri any questions commissioner sims. >> one that's related to the demographic data collection i was - there's an acknowledgement in the 6 month report that the data is still partial it not fly deployed a quarterly timeline i'm trying to understand when you expected full deployment of the demographic data collection tools so we will know more about the populations that are served and how that breaks out. >> so the - they're
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collecting the data we found out last year there was a lot of things that needs to happen in terms of not just collecting the data but how people are doing it operational as when the tool we pull the data from this timeframe to versus pulling from a different timeframe and asked do managers to update the data and things we're accounting we expected the next 6 months the report will be much cleaner than it has been so another piece of it that as you can see dos integrated into one system so we would unify the terminology that was used and making sure that there are 4 things they're
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identifying that those 5 things and 5 in other database their routed does that answer your question. >> we fully acknowledge collecting the lgbtq data is sensitive and there's still a gap in our ability to collect the information i wonder if it's related to cultural competent then the tools themselves. >> right so hand in hand with the loving california part is the training we have if anticipated to launch this year in terms of the dos gaps are the ones that do it in take for c l s and getting that on the i o a side they're doing it they're building people's confidence around asking questions so -
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>> thank you. >> uh-huh. >> any questions commissioner president james. >> yes. do you cover any veterans in this report. >> under c l s. >> at the include the veterans eligibility for c l s is not preferable treatment a standard they meet under three hundred percent of the poverty line if they've over 18 you'll see that they receive services under c l s. >> so it's not sound. >> i don't know that piece of data is pulled out specifically i don't know there is an easy way something we can look at. >> not filled out in this report. >> that's not a clean way
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that's a good question. >> thank you and under the eligibility criteria. >> any other questions for karen thank you very much. >> next is melissa with the dignity fund oversight committee. >> good morning commissioner president james and commissioners, director mcfadden so i'm melissa magee the point person for dos working on the dignity fund i wanted to just give an overall what happened since the election what we're working on so sngz is passes on november 7th and the dignity fund set a baseline for seniors and adult disabilities and this year is adds $6 million on
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july 1st and $3 million every subsequent year after there was an additional implementation legislation that is required and supervisor cowen is sponsoring that i actually talked with her legislative aide and hope to have that in committee early february need to wait for the new years and i'll let you know since the election and prior to the oversight and advisory committee i'll get to in a moment representatives from dos and from the dignity fund coalition have been meeting regularly every two weeks so there's several members of the coalition as well as dos and myself at times sherren and cindy by contracts and planning and budget from dos we are through this meetings we've been
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trying discussing the process by which the dignity fund will be implemented helping everyone understand the budget process especially the coalition members to you know so we can understand how this will fit in and working on identifying priorities through the first $6 million bus a the formal process to the committee needs assessment and allocation plan won't happen by july 1st, by but in the next years function we'll work to put the first $6 million the oversight and advisory committee the community body that will working closely with dos and will working closely with - in the legislation the charter that was passed the membership of the organization ac is identified 3
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members of the long term that are voted and and the in the meantime, committee met and the representatives will be voted on the january 12th meeting there will be 3 members from the advisory committee and their next meeting on january 18th hold the vote to identify the 3 members there are 2 members in the dosz commission and touched on the bylaws they can be appointed so commissioner president james has appointed herself and commissioner serlina to serve and 3 members appointed dribble by the mayor at large we don't know who is considered and note the members who are serving from those 3 bodies have to be members of the body for some reason for example, someone in the coordinating council leaves
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they can't serve and the council will appoint a different representative so last month we didn't meet but sent with the packet of criteria for the o ac i'm wondering if you have that or send it out to you, you again do you - and we didn't meet in december shall we send that to you again. >> blank look. >> okay. we'll send it out again and just really owls the responsibilities of the oracle and the composition and the criteria for manipulating and one the goals to be as different as possible so the oversight and advisory committee by legislation will be in place by february 1st and hope to have the first meeting the initial meeting before the end of the february will be my goal at the initial meeting the
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group will select co-chairs and weigh schedule an orientation we'll really in our discussions said to make sure that everyone is on on the same page and has a good understanding the process so the orientation will include process, the budget process, the request for proposal process and identify priorities and a timeline for the needs assessment allocation plan and what i'd like to do is present another update at the march commission by then hopefully weigh have hopefully weigh have meeting and announce the members of the organization ac any questions or comments. >> yes. commissioner sims. >> with the orientation i wasn't clear is that just for o ac members or also for nonprofit
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providers interested in participating in the rfp process. >> this is for the o ac members all members have a good understanding of what we're doing together. >> so other orientation that will educate nonprofits in the community that might want to - >> for the rfps. >> yeah. the rfp process will follow the same process. >> thank you for that report it is comprehensive you mentioned that supervisor cowen will be introducing the legislation to implement the passage the dignity fund in prop i this type of legislation can - the mayor for example, in any way effect the funds allocated be reprioritize for the failure the voters to approve the sales tax the mayor has a flexible that was - he
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had the option of using the tax money i'm curious is there any way this legislation if it didn't or does pass to change the provisions of dignity fund. >> no, it is clearly identified in the charter the funding with the implementation legislation will our charter is very, very comprehensive it will be really information about the o ac outlining that term limits and kind of thing will include a timeline for the services and allocation plan that sort of stuff not about the funding and been introduced just now has to go to committee. >> thank you. any other questions or comments from the public hearing none, thank you very much pursue the next item on the agenda requesting authorizations to answer into a
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new grant agreement with the family services the san francisco doing business as sullivan at an institute for the provision of services at 66 raymond during the period of january 2015 through june 30th, 2018, in the amount of one hundred and 90 percent for a not to exceed. >> director mcfadden and brigitte happy new year i seek our approval for the institute to provide services at the visitacion valley family center at 66 amanda u raymond and visitacion valley san francisco and in response to community leader in that area mayor ed lee and malia cohen advocated inform to open up this neighborhood hub at the sunset centering for
11:22 pm
center the 50, 60 raymond location two buildings at a playground and lot in between a food pantry and a lot of activity on a regular basis a busy area sullivan at an was award the community grant sulliv has a - the project manager is mr. derrick has lived in area since the 1960s and reminds you partnering in a talent show you the asian pacific islander center will contract with sultan for translation and services at the center this year the sultan
11:23 pm
partnership will provide an enrollment of one and 25 president haney seniors and one hours of intergenerational activities and translation and 200 hours of social services and one house of outreach to make sure that the family center is inclusive to everyone in the area any questions i can help with. >> may i have it motion for discussion. >> so moved. >> any comments or questions from the commission. >> commissioner president james. >> i - last time this was open they had different agencies 3 different agencies serving meals so for lunch so i'm wondering how is it going to work this time. >> for the elderly there are providers now and that's the plan going forward.
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>> thank you. any other commissions. >> i have a question before the clothes for several years renovation and the chandelier had a lot of chinese activities you know chinese senior activities and they played music and dancing and also other activities those activities are going to be continued? >> many of the activities are currently going to be continued yes there is singing going to be continued and karaoke and chinese sultan is savoring the people that go to the center to make sure they know what the programming will be. >> how about the citizenship
11:25 pm
classes. >> the 5 key charter schools they'll continue esl. >> you say charter school there will be a part. >> no, it is called the 5 key charter school and teach esl classes there is - using their staff and students to teach the classes not they're not a charter school at the location. >> okay. thank you. >> any other questions or comments any questions or comments from the public? seeing none, >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you that motion carries. >> item b requesting authorizations to modify the grant agreement for the provision of animal bonding services to lgbt services and adult disabilities during the period of december 2016 and
11:26 pm
june 2017 plus a 10 percent contingency for a total noouchld 200 and plus hundred dollars happy new year and congratulations on our new position. >> happy new year commissioners is there a motion for discussion. >> so moved. >> second. >> good morning the item before you a modification for all already existing contract the program it designed to provide animal services to isolated adult disabilities be lgbt sustaining the human animal bond improves the outcome for the pet owners shawn agency delivers this service through the utility shotgun of the staff and volunteers that provide a lot of practical support though the
11:27 pm
clients and pets their currently over 6 hundred people on the pause wait list for services many of them will quality for services increase in contract adding the money will being able to meet some of the demand we'll see 50 additional clients served through this through this modification the community living fund is supporting providing support for this program the two sharing goals of the two programs are consistent community living fund initiative to focus on reducing unnecessary institution shotgun the clients meeting the criteria will under go a secondary screening to make sure they meet the living fund criteria those who do will have access to this
11:28 pm
fund wholly to the purchase of program supplies as mentioned through the additional funding seeing relief for 50 other clients in the program and additional hours in the program with that, i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you, michael any comments or questions from the commission. >> commissioner i'm going to recuse myself from the vote any questions or comments from the public hearing >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you that motion carries. >> item c requesting authorization to enter into a new grant with alzheimer's disease and related disorders inc. for a disease initiative specialize the services through 2016 through
11:29 pm
august 31st, 2019, announcement of 4 hundred plus and plus a 10 percent contingency for a total grant amount not to exceed $527,000 plus dollars keri will present a motion for discussion. >> second. >> thank you, keri. >> good morning, again the next 3 items on the agenda are related to this i'll do a broad overview and talk about the alzheimer's and wait for the on the dos with the alzheimer's disease and related disorders inc. there are san francisco and usf was awarded a grant for the living for the alzheimer's disease and specialized support services a 3 year grant focused on building dementia capable services for the intervention that con consists of isolated
11:30 pm
seniors and adult disabilities with dementia and public housing the second it with dementia in the chinese community and third with the intellectual alzheimer's disease related disorders the objects are to one develop effective support systems for individuals living alone and train the caregivers to better support individuals with alzheimer's disease and disorders and 3 build effective care and support to persons in the chinese community with alzheimer's or other few moments of dementia the alzheimer's association they're specific they have a - i would say tlions share with a
11:31 pm
one is the live alone project focused on individuals living in putting the cart before the horse sites they're doing case management and a resource guide the other train is caregiver training an evidentiary based model and is a 6 week course 2 hours each week the caregivers attend the training so they can improve their skills and work on support for each other and things like that so there's things like memory loss the basics of alzheimer's and the effective communication strangulations and the third part is the support groups that include the caregivers and staff for with alzheimer's and disease and development of persons with the disabilities that's the first portion any questions.
11:32 pm
>> thank you, keri in any questions commissioner loo. >> you said in the chinese community with the training will it be chinese or what. >> that's a led folks are doing ♪ chinese translated the material and specific organizations have that will identified and will partner with them there they're doing some of the training onsite and some are supports throughout this year's projects >> do you have a self-help. >> those include the chinese community resources center and xanax care and northeast medical care services. >> okay. >> i don't think this is in
11:33 pm
your packet that detail. >> i can send you the list. >> i don't think i've read this thank you. >> you're right. >> commissioner sims. >> thanks the place for this the fact of the matter the chinese community specifically narrowly i've read them the 3 criterias other population demographics recommended in this. >> the reason why that became a population that was pulled out san francisco has a large chinese speaking community monolingual a huge gap and this is an opportunity to use that to start with one community using an evidentiary based model hopefully to build other models on the safe i didn't care model has been used in improving
11:34 pm
quality of life. >> i don't know if anyone tried that with a medical model and whatnot but shown to be having positive effects could be a base for other things. >> so i characterize this as a pilot. >> well it is fund through ac l if we have funding for other to do a pilot we're open to doing that so, yes. >> i think that several caregivers have been rolled out to the senior a positive recommendation but in other languages so we're going to try 2 with the chinese materials using same models to see it it works and part of what we need to look at if it needs to be tweaked good opportunity for us to look at this and given that senior population
11:35 pm
in san francisco is over 40 percent asian primarily chinese monolingual we know we have a huge population of monolingual seniors that was a good place to start when we are talking with the alzheimer's association so it could happen later we think about doing the in spanish or russian or other languages but this is a great place to start with translated materials. >> thank you and the other piece sorry. >> no continue. >> the other not more interesting but interesting working with people with development disabilities and i'm learning more about that people as their i get it older people with the disabilities are living longer and we're seeing people up with downstairs syndrome so
11:36 pm
what do we - we're trying to learn something and identify things we don't know a lot about that he hopefully report out on recommendations of the history and how to better serve t9 and know more about that. >> any other questions or comments commissioner president james. >> i'm wondering in ucsf what departments society with that - does that include are you looking at the medical needs in the pharmacy or looking at dental car or mental health. >> so ucsf has the research component that go focus on people are dementia and there purely looking at those the
11:37 pm
caregiver model and looking at the live alone project and support groups with the goal of building the dementia capable systems more about - no treatment per say for people with dementia so we're really looking at primary caregivers to see what makes a differences you doubt rely on medication alone if you want to live in the community as long as possible to the ucsf component they're doing a survey of how well, they do and looking at success for which we helped them with the quality of life or the caregiver educating folks what the signs and symptoms are and educating families in general and hopefully being able to make a
11:38 pm
difference in that way so they're looking at they're helping us treat the evaluation tools and survey interviewing folks and their training the staff about how to do those tools they're doing an analysis at the end and a report for us. >> oh, i mean, i you have people that list alzheimer's in you'll types of stages i'm wanting to know about people that have trouble with swallowing or working with medical staff to teach people how to look for choking and other things like that that's why i was wondering what stage because it goes from walking around and being alert to a terminal stage where they need
11:39 pm
more care i'm wondering are they going to bring especially you know the doctors in who might have to insert a tube that's why i was wondering are they going to include that type of care. >> people that are included ♪ projects are people that are going to be all different gametes and different kinds of caregiver needs the training is focused on the support system will be building you think their capacity not specific to an individual per say some individuals that will be identified where there is a deeper assessment and see if it is beyond the scope they look at the support that is existing >> okay. thank you very much
11:40 pm
any other commissioner commissioner loo. >> yes. first of all, where it that alzheimer's association is it in based on - the telephone number is an area 40 - >> yeah. they recently consulted maybe someone is speak about that better than me we have a site in san francisco the alzheimer's association and been recently named the alzheimer's disease incorporated they have people in san francisco there's an office in san francisco. >> okay. >> and the other thing i look at budget for arc and it seems like the fringe benefit is high 49 percent? >> may i suggest when we get
11:41 pm
to the item arc let's vote on this first any other questions or comments from commission any questions or comments >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you that motion carries. >> item d requesting authorization to enter into a new grant point arc san francisco for provision of an alzheimer's disease initiative for the support of september you 2016 through 2019 in the amount of one and 65 thousand plus plus a 10 percent contingency for a total grant not to exceed one hundred and 81 thousand plus again keri thank you a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> thank you. >> so with the alzheimer's association i'm sorry the arc
11:42 pm
their component is primarily to identify and recruit professionals and family caregivers to be in the caregiver program it includes the basics the memory loss and dementia and alzheimer's disease and the communication strategy and responding to dementia related to the - there are also developing support groups for families and family caregivers professionals and caregivers to serve people with alzheimer's and related diseases and intellectual disabilities there is a lot of people to say people that alzheimer's i'm sorry development disabilities are they're not one one-size-fits-all everyone is very different so what looks like what one look another as normal but to identify the right people that will benefit from this and people they
11:43 pm
traditionally have seen as having memory loss and how to better serve those people and with the family and support system that exists like they're having schedules and dream jobs for any of us to have people that work with family members that have special needs so just having that kind of hearing some of the stories is really going to be really i'm hoping to see and learn a lot from this group should i jump to our question commissioner loo. >> yeah. i was asking the question whether the fringe benefit for the arc is so high
11:44 pm
49.5? >> well it's the higher he said of range we feel the fringe benefits have been rising because of the different costs and stuff but looked at specifically to contact the arc i don't have an explanation. >> this is close to 50 percent and i'll be happy to get back to you. >> thank you. any other comments or questions. >> yeah. one more. >> commissioner loo. >> i'm looking the travel in and out of town you have it for the first year what happened to the subsequent years. >> for that particular line item for shop training that is out of state so they anticipate taking the training for a identified group of people and
11:45 pm
bring that back as a trainer type of program and basically learn what it means to say a sibling with a disability so - >> thank you. >> thank you. any other questions or comments any questions or comments from the public? benson >> just a quick comment the individual that are clients of anger are also clients of the act and golden gate regional system and eligible for the services? the state of california with the parents so there's a kind of parallel system for people who are adults who are aging many of whom have
11:46 pm
been isolateed so discussion as this thing roles out with those individuals from g grc i think this is a great augmentation and g grc couldn't do this themselves their caseloads are huge and no place for the intellectual skilled nursing facilities it will augment their ability to remain if their placed. >> thank you. any other questions or comments hearing none, call the >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you. the motion carries. >> item e requesting authorization to enter into a
11:47 pm
new grant with the san francisco state university for provision of an alzheimer's initiative specialized supportive services from 2016 through august 21st, 2019, in the anonymous of one and $39,000 blue plus a 10 percent contingency not to exceed one and $48,000 plus dollars keri will present may i have a motion for discussion. >> so moved. >> so the ucsf portion is to evaluate the effectiveness of each element of the initiative each element of the carve alliance and target population on the lower project and the seniors living in public housing they are along with arc and alzheimer's association their designing and developing and modifying the portfolios for each project will have training
11:48 pm
set aside to make sure the tools a administrative code the same in each area and identify documents and best practices lessons learned and come pile a report and talk about future initiative we'll have 3 reporting elements every year. >> any, any comments or questions any comments or questions from the public. >> yes. commissioner president james. >> i'm concerned i'm a graduate of ucsf like you were saying the 40 percent of you know fund that are given to them for contracts and what have i i'm concerned about a certain group jogged any memento retarded children a lot of
11:49 pm
people are born in car homes i'm concerned especially with the people that people that have severe disabilities and in terms of helping them and i think we should bargain a little bit more coming out of uc because this is - a hard project to work with and i know because i work with care operators and retarded children i'm concerned about the grooming of your derrick and alzheimer's you said dementia and how many
11:50 pm
clients might be eliminated because of that and my certain is that i think uc has a lot of wealthy in terms of servicpecias and maybe should be a little bit more medical consideration in terms of having those clients. >> so i agree there's a lot of need and certainly this one grant will not solve everything but i want to reassure you with the people identified as part of this project they're going to be both caregivers and individuals so when we identified someone that maybe is beyond the scope of this grant we will there are people that really want the
11:51 pm
whole person approach to helping people so in addition to the caregiver support group and the caregiver consultation and doing the training if there are areas that are outside of it not bans uc some people are providers that are training hospital and that's why we have the training if they're in the senior the public is part of a rad the public housing sites ze we have service coordinator and anyone that looks risky we'll approach them and make sure their taken care of that's what we do. >> any other questions or comments in the commission any questions or comments from the public hearing none, the >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed?
11:52 pm
thank you that motion carries. >> any additional public comment. any announcements? motion to adjourn >> so moved. >>
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>> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. my name is maria cohen president of the retirement board this of the regular scheduled full board meeting. the purpose of the board [inaudible] please join me and rising raising your right hand over your heart and saying the budget of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> thank you. clerk any announcement? >> commissioners paskin-jordan and stansbury one up here today >> can we do please take roll call >> cohen speak, here.


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