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tv   Planning Commission 1517  SFGTV  January 10, 2017 12:00am-6:01am PST

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>> for thursday, january 5, 2017, happy new year everyone i'd like to call roll at this time. or actually please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. and and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. now i'm not commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner koppel commissioner melgar and commissioner moore. >> we expect commissioner johnson and commissioner hillis to be absent firefighters is proposed for continuance at leeland avenue discretionary review to january 12, 2017, and item 2 conditional use
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authorization is proposed until january 26th no other items proposed for continuance there are no speaker cards. >> okay any public comment on the two items proposed continuance not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> move to continue as noted. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to continue both matters and proposed commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and commissioners that places us under commission matters consideration of draft minutes for december 8th and the december 15th joint meeting with rec and park commission. >> there are no speaker cards. >> okay any public comment? draft minutes not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> scomboer.
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>> move to approve second. >> thank you on that motion to adopt the minutes for december 8th and 15 and the joint hearing commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places us on item 4 commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> we had a 3 week break and a lot of reading and things produced in those three weeks two of them hit me around park in the chronicle inside section don't build passing they'll not be necessary in iowa looking at the parking requirement the article talks about parking standards and what will be effecting those in the future we've been talking about those
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and the pressure is millennials driving less and the technical advancements we're going to autonomous vehicles and climatic change and talking about this we've had to on the action list i wanted to bring that up and another recall to the new york times the same thing recommend you read this it talks about the parking rate we approve the sf parking for necessary, desirable, and compatible i look like a timeline what will we do with that space and the last one is after the hearing on thursday the 15 the controller came out with an economic 5 year financial plan for the city a lot of numbers where we are but
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the takeaway at capacity of housing even if we grow for jobs no place to put people and the transportation infrastructure is at capacity and we're having a hard time loading it up and the third one our growth is mirrored ratting we'll have and not maybe a recession but shortfalls in the budget progress the big takeaway we have a chance to pause and catch our breath double down on the infrastructure and we know that as boom coming this is the time to do it costs money anyway that was my read over the break. >> skwhoer. >> i have a question and obviously a comment of congratulations the city has
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reached an agreement with aau and a term sheet in place i'm wondering as to whether or not prior to us looking at the advanced calendar hearing items regarding augs in february we could have another debrief with the city attorney's office on some of the specifications of the development agreement and as to the term sheets looking at this project fully informed of how to look at that. >> commissioner moore just met with the zoning administrator sanchez and looking at the forward calendar it that will reflect the items on february 2nd are proposed for indefinite continuance and you'll hear the first in the presentation. >> thank you very much. >> commissioners, if there's
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nothing further, we'll move on to department matters item 5 director's announcements. >> good afternoon and happy new year i hope you have a great holiday i'll mention a few things of coming attractions let's start off the year commissioner moore mentioned the academy of art we were proposing the first of several hearing to talk about the term sheet to remind you that term sheet it the framework we'll start on february 2nd and this month and in the next few coming months bring a series of planning code proposed changes to the 2020 action plan been working with the community and in a series of chances in small clusters for the pdr used in the mission and
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be seeing this year the draft eir and later in the year probably the summer on the central soma 9 draft eir was released at the end of last year and 4 large eirs those will be coming our way and finally you will have at least two hearings perhaps more on proposed changes to inclusionary housing requirements probably at supervisor kim and supervisor peskin contributed to the legislative at the end of last year we were looking at that and proposing a at least one informational hearing in february perhaps another one of the 90 day clock it ticking we have to take action by the end of march so several large projects coming our way in the first quarter we'll keep you up
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to date thank you. >> commissioners item 6 review of past events point board of appeals and the historic preservation commission i have no reports from any of those. >> which places us in general public comment general comment not to exceed 15 minutes. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i have two speaker cards. >> great, thank you. >> thank you good afternoon and andrew yip what is true for the people we have to look at the human has the right to gave me syndrome holy working with several for human by spreading the word of true principle with the leaders
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with good cultures for the state of peace platform to promote the peace of wellness by true principle in the solutions for any of the tolerance and having the virtue and energy and justice to maintain the global peace with the protection for our people and close to the people political leaders can endo you the people with motion established the goals for surface and holy management to bring back the integrity of the holy virtues for the unified oneness of the universe. >> georgia swedish.
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>> hello new year to. >> you'll i want to talk about evacuations in residential neighborhoods a project in the 311 that repeat e really said to q and a vat the fraikd on the pi m thirty feet of sidewalks the reason i'm bringing up this up after i left here last year, i took the bus home i'm riding and psa 26 street at the same time, a stranger sitting next to me said oh, any are you okay oh, my god looking at the bus window and you know it is rare when you have a communication on the bus with a stranger here's
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the photo happy new year sfgovtv here's the house on the hill the yellow one x vacation and here's another one thirty feet at the top of the hill to the bottom but certainly the entire one and 14 feet so why is that important what is my point i think excavations of residential lots have implementation whether or not a project is clarified as a definition any changes to section 317 there the proposed expansion threshold and the residential design guidelines the current proposed revisions i really think this should has
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been in 311 is the only thing the public i don't know if someone will care but on the p m is more definition you don't deal with excavation but it is a gray matter where it the site permit and where the excavation begins the whole ceqa this never came before you but came before the staff thanks thank you very much and happy new year to you all. >> i'll pass them around. >> thank you jonas. >> thank you. >> great to see you happy 2017 thank you for your services and reading and writing for our thoughtness of the
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designing and growing a green and healthy city i've enjoyed san francisco. >> any public comment? not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i think when we do look at the section 317 for the, etc. when the public brings those kinds of things those are the ones we can reverse and cover how will it be covered, etc. that might be so keep those for that exercise. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to your regular calendar item 7 the alameda creek a draft environmental impact report please note that written
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comments are accepted until january 17, 2017, a good afternoon common sense and members of the commission planning department staff and coordinator for the the alameda creek environmental impact report or eir joining me is chris and the sf project team the deputy assistant manager the water enterprise who will provide you with a brief overview the item before you was on the alameda creek recapture eir case 2015 the proposed project in alameda county on water shed land and managed by the spuks will talk about the by passing the creek by the sfpuc
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as part of a multi agency for the extra coast in alameda creek the draft eir found the proposed project will in the have an unavoidable impact for the resources and air quality and the energy resources could be mitigated to a less than significant level the draft eir was published in 2016 and the public review period close in 2017 a period of 48 days to date with an comment letter from the alameda creek alliance with two concerns within the surface water and grafting and the recatch project the alameda creek letter requests an extension of the comment period beyond 2015 and requests a presentation on the project be held in the sonoma valley the
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administrative code provides the ero to extend the comment period staff reviewed this request with the acting ero and building not warranted the comment period had 38 days is longer than ceqa and we believe that the draft eir for this project including the hydrologic novels neither ceqa or the administrative code addresses the requirement for a single meeting on a draft eir we believe the 4 eight day comment period are adequate for the public to review and the staff does for the support an additional hearing we should note the sfpuc made a presentation regarding the proposed project on november 11, 2016, staff will receive and
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record comments but not respond comments received during the comment period will be contributed in writing in the response to the document which includes the draft eir as appropriate comments should be directed toward the accuracy and adequacy of the draft eir and for public please state your name for the record for those who don't wish to speak we have comment cards that maybe filled out and given to staff. >> for those interested in commenting on the draft eir in writing by mail or e-mail they may submit their comments to 1650 mission street by 5:00 p.m. on january 17th when the response to the comments is complete the department will provide copies we'll return to the commission to request the
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certification of the eir with the eir is certified the planning commission may consider i'll hand off the presentation to provide a brief presentation and after the presentation we recommend the commission on the public hearing on this unless you have questions we can use the screen. >> sfgovtv if we get the computer please. good afternoon, commissioners i'm ellen the deputy manager the sfpuc water enterprise and here
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to give you an overview of the project the alameda is part of a sfpuc water system improvement program this commission certified the environmental impact report in october of 2008 the project was initially created to recapture water from the calaveras damn with the memorandum of understanding they were revised through the calaveras and resulted in a recatch the key objective have to capture the in flows from calaveras that are required under the permit to operate the calaveras dam the alameda creek
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i'll show you a picture of that that depicts the location a facility that is used to divert water into the calaveras from the creek and bypasses allowing us to move water around that facility so the water stays in the creek the bypasses are intended to provide the habitat of stream capture and the compliance location with that. >> as i said the alameda creek depended on the calaveras in flow schedules that be implemented as part of calaveras reservoir so releases from the reservoir together with the bypasses are estimateed the range is 82 to 26 thousand per acre per year and the recapture volume is estimated to be 72 acres feet on average with the
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range of 48 hundred to 92 acre feet per year you'll note the recapture volume is less than half of the amount of water released in the bypass the water recaptured with the infiltration it is used by the acquire operators on the - where is that project located the project is located in the east bay near the town of synol that is queer operation the dictate it pond the water is recaptured in this i imagine at the bottom right of the picture you see calaveras reservoir i'm sorry for the audience in the it is a difficult image but the bottom
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right the calaveras reservoir a dark solid line that's where the alameda creek is the blue arrows indicates the flow of alameda creek and the red triangle at the top with the location of the recapture project i want to note that the project is not involving construction or facility in alameda creek our the banks of the creek so the project component there will be 4 vertical mounts depicted in the incidental the system before flexible discharge pipes from each pipe that will be located on the shoreline of the pond and from the manifold one foot 36 diaphragm pipeline that connects to the pump station pipeline the components
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includes one thousand flow motor and an electricalful building the trees provide shade and the electrical transforms and power facilities and battery power in terms of the project operation we'll operate the pond as all reservoirs fill in in the wintertime and drop down in december this image here depicts the annual operation of the pond it raise in the winter and start to be drown down in april and note the pond is never drawn down completely in dry years. >> generally, we plan to operate the pond within 90 foot range one and 50 to two hundred
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and 40 feet above sea level and pumps water san francisco uses 60 million gallons per person per day and the pumped water will be spent to the pump station pipeline the water system via our treatment planted in san antonio reservoir the anticipated schedule has started in the fall of this year and lasts 18 months to the spring of 2019 if you have any questions about the project i'll be happy to answer them thank you for having me. >> any all over the place from staff okay. >> opening up for public comment then.
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(calling names) >> good afternoon. i'm leonard ash with the alameda county water district affordable units and congratulations the sfpuc on its acknowledgements and progress on the ambitious water treatment program over the past decade as a customer of the sfpuc ac w d relies on this for 20 percent of the water the regional system provides ac w did with high quality water that is the most reliable and resilient water in regards to a customer they work with the sfpuc on the interests in the alameda water shed and our agencies are reputations being progressive water agencies in california, in fact, our
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agencies work cooperate since 1997 through the fish group to reestablish a head fishery in the central coast ac w d provided a comment letter on the notice of preparation on the i went for the alameda creek recapture project the eir with appendixes we appreciate the the subject property to speak today and look forward to many years of future collaboration with the sfpuc thank you. >> thank you is there any additional public comment? >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioners comments. >> commissioner moore. >> this is technically very
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challenging for us, however, over the many years this commission has been briefed and debriefed on the many stages of the improvements of the water system i'm confident the same amount of fairness is in the document in front of us in addition in the previous discussion regarding the reinstatement of that area we were very thoroughly debriefed about the challenges so i assume i'm in full support this draft eir has addressed those issues so many people have spent technical expertise i'm in support at this stage. >> okay. thank you. >> anything further from commissioners. >> okay not seeing any, next item. >> and commissioner on number
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8 market street as long as 1 oak street a draft environmental impact report please note to written comments are accepted until january 2015 a i'm michael with the planning department staff this to those to take the comments for the proposed project on 1500 market street as long as the one oak project no commission action is required it is locate at intersection of oak and van ness avenue in the south west of the neighborhoods as subscribed the proposal is the definition of a surface parking lot and the definition of the market street building with the retail use as long as all-star doughnuts and the market street
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space - it is a construction of a 40 residential turn over where ground floor commercial space and resident and a subterranean garage and sfgh loading and immediately adjacent to the site what an oak street the project has an assessable plaza with the installation of wind companion to reduce the wind during the site commissioners the planning department determined whether the project will result in the effects on the environment based on the studies the planning department has the topics of traffic and circulation wind and cumulous impacts it is has cumulative traffic with the mitigates measures with the construction pleas the planning
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department product a construed with a review period that end in 2015 for those interested comments to the review officer and sent to 1650 mission street state your name for the record and address - approval of its entitlements all comments been contributed and respond to in the response documents this is that the planning department will provide documents for the draft eir we will return to the commission to - the commissioner that that concludes my presentation. opening up for public comment a
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number of speaker cards. >> (calling names). >> hi, my name is gail i'll presidentth hal's neighborhood association i'm one of the several speakers i'm desolate any time to the below-market-rate housing in the draft eir to reaffirm our letter this project is not include in the bmr units to octavia boulevard without the language that the bmr unit will be built in addition on octavia boulevard that includes the transitional yet the bmr may not be in kind as per the housing required by the market octavia plan or family housing as well as go
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single persons kindly consider to require the bmr units or the one oak site no guarantee that the similar bmr units that be included in other development 38 delores promised to be onsite only to pay the fee after the project was entitled so far no affordable housing has been built as a result of the in lui fee payment note the developers are selling the properties to other developers we've experienced those new developers changing without community engagement 5 fulsome street and the development that was solid that close retail and we're waiting other retail on oak at octavia in the successful development and campus on 55 laguna we
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devoted years with different developers for the new apartment complex that as onsite bmrs and community gardens and the haight street - the participation in this eir process in the future entitlements for the oak street development to embrace this with the bmr onsite with the outcome that provides a liveable neighborhood with the pressure did you residents for those who live and work and pass through the area. >> i'll take the opportunity to remind the public comment this public comment period is for the adequacy and accuracy of the environmental impact report not the project itself. >> noted tom with livable city this project is in an area
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called the hub the intersection of van ness and market in you look at the proposed project under construction proposed for that building the amount of development in this area increases several fold many more residents and office there that is very important place in the transportation network market street perhaps the most important street certainly noting if for the one of the most important pedestrian and van ness an important street in the live and work you'll know not a lot of room on the streets for more cars as we look at the developing this area add net zero one it is two congested and to make the area safer for walking and currently and move transit vehicles accommodating the large people we might end up with less road space market
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street reduce the vehicle capacity on van ness the bmr project reduces the automobile traffic on van ness avenue you have tool in the tool box. >> having, use the research this department has done to make that a smart place to put development that development can't destroy the assets that transportation richness that is the reason for developing in area in the are in the first place one of the takeaway from the tdm research adding - the most important tool in the tool box for managing transportation according to our research is reduce the parking this eir eis should have a reduced zero parking alternative two things one will reduce the number of automobile trips and the second thing that reduces a number of
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conflicts for automobile circulation car in and out of a parking garage all the right-hand turns so all the movement have an impact on walking and cycling and transit this project asks for a .5 double the number as of right they should get more than the zero parking alternative should be studied we say that in areas no parking is desirable you need to study if alternative in our eir it is not adequate otherwise and say which one is best for walking and transit if you only analysis one and so those alternatives need to be added as of right for it to be complete
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thank you. >> i'm at hayes valley association and my comments that redundant as of confirmation if you don't have the article i have a copy to reference and mr. dulavich statements that make many of the argument as to the adequacy of the eir i intended to make not exploring zero parking makes this inadequate especially this is the flagship development of the hub where 16 hundred and 82 additional parking spaces have estimated to be in this general area as you may know one of the most traffic choked areas in the city and not exploring that option is
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- faulty in the eir let's say not to challenge the .5 request we know reasons to justify doubling from the 2.5 is an error in the eir that needs to be rectified and that basically covers most of any points this is the density most transit rich hub in the city the hub should evaluate the entire development this eir is one of the worst possible examples requesting .5 and enforcing the .25 as much right and not considering the zero option a famous saying if not here where we should be looking zero very,
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very seriously it is interesting there was a very interesting broadcast by the sponsored of park merced talking about their sneflz to people to not own cars and over 90 percent of people offered the incentives took them if that can work in park merced given the transit area and we should be certainly looking at it very, very aggressively here thank you, again commissioner vice president richards and i appreciate all of your considerations on this. >> afternoon commissioner happy new year with the middle polk neighborhood association we've submitted a letter last night standing with hayes valley
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open this issue the fellow association you know in interest of your long agenda i essentially agree with the comments commenters and we think an easy fix by the project sponsor like addition mitigation foreshadows like additional affordable housing some other types of community benefits and we think that is really the high road to take i think the department did a great job what was presented by the sponsor so perhaps changing what is presented can fix all of this i think this is an easy way rather than having long details and forcing them to do you'll this additional work and need the communities where the communities is and we're not
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trying to you know stop the entire project still saying a great idea but here's some is small tweaks to make that even better so with that, i submit and thank you. >> any other public comment? >> hi, my name is bob with the hayes valley association i also am a residence of 77 van ness which is right about 50 yards from the development and right in the middle of the hub of market and van ness i have letters to give to commissioners to have an understanding of what we are talking about i'm here to talk about something that was omitted by the eir the study of
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bicycles i have questions not addressed in the either basically what is the effect of wind on bicycles an estimate 14 hundred bicyclists that traffic at the peek hours mondays through friday what happens when people have going to the intersection where's the way to go when it bounces off the building none of it is studied and market street a major lane is the wind going to hit the bicyclists coming through market and van ness is one of the windiest places in the city and the goal the city to increase the san francisco by making it for safe for residents the market octavia and the better
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market street plan and the sfmta strategic vision to increase cycling in san francisco especially on market street the eir has noting no mitigation for cyclists so in my estimation a mission from the eir itself which is adequate in that area and in california cyclists were ignored when the eir was challenged a decision to direct 4 bicyclists to be included in the plan i ask that be true for this area as well myself as a resident in the area and cyclist i have been in the city for over 20 years and done a lot of cross country trips i know what wind can do to people can stop them from wanting to do it and it is dangerous given the amount of traffic and the
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congestion as a person that lives on van ness it is congested constantly thank you very much. >> next public comment speaker. >> i'm sorry come on up there is speaker card. >> hello, i'm testing wellborn and a belated welcome to the new commissioners, thank you for being with us i'm with the hayes valley association and wish to follow up and when the market octavia plan was produced many years ago many of us were around and participated in that the idea was that we were allowing many new market-rate housing unit to be built in the market octavia area with lower and
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mirrored income housing we feel strongly the below-market-rate housing must be attached to this project and the consideration must be included in this dedraft eir no guarantee that any affordable housing will be built ♪ planned area in current draft eir and they plan to put in 72 units on 3 tiny papers parcels where the freeway was didn't guarantee - guarantee any units but didn't guarantee the units will be of comparable size and conditioned to the one oak project besides that - so obviously a fuel discussion of any below-market-rate housing discussion should be included in
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the eir this also did not include discussion about the gentrification and displacement any discussions where the enernex study what nexus study when percentage 12 onsite and 20 offsite or the prop c 25 percent onsite or 33 percent offsite these have to be fixed to get this eir to be comprehensive we need to know what size the bmr unit will be compatible and also reflect the market octavia unit sizes and mix
12:48 am
please take those comments and get and request that the eir be fixed thank you >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is getting i'm speaking on behalf of the myself i'm concerned about the eir and the impact the windblasts on single-track vehicle primarily bicyclists, however, scooters and bicyclists as you may know riding a bicycle pushed to the side you'll veer and could lead to a crash i think that is not particularly contemplated in the eir and i'm
12:49 am
concerned about the loading zone west of van ness that area where the main bike lane for people riding if downtown the western part of city and, of course, with vision zero the intent to decrease the number of injuries and fatality and with the increase of the auctions emanating from that building and using it for a loading zone as tmc there will be significantly more traffic interactions with bicyclists to get to vision zero we need changes decreasing the parking will be an idea. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners and thank you for
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taking our comments i'll speak to the inadequatecy my name is jason from the hayes valley neighborhood association first of all, on the transportation impacts we believe that there needs to be a keeper and thorough analysis of - you've selected a metrics that allows you under the threshold the first location is a high direction that you should dive deeper into even if the car trips are 3 miles per capita per day if you looked at the transportation study you're generating hundreds of car trips at a constraint intersection even if those trips are short their causing problems and interacting with the bicyclists this is a glaring omission we
12:51 am
are a city that encourages a higher split 9 percent by 2018 with the longer-term goal of 20 percent at some point you're not going to get is that your not discussing the hazard conditions towards cyclists on two points the wind study that was thorough on pedestrian and the impacted bus stops didn't mention bicycling at all you are to understand the physics and how the turbulent wind the loading zone is mischaracterized we're talking about the 1 on market street if the existing conditions the reality a physical change it bhts 10 years not used your own transportation report no trucks observed user that loading zone in the meanwhile you've seen the
12:52 am
cyclist will have vehicles crossing that bike lane a change to the physical environment a significant change the eir enforces it off we'll make it easier four delivery vehicles that is insane so we have the bicycle impacts and the wind and loading on bicycles the below-market-rate housing is also something important that speaks to ceqa, ceqa can speak to that a precedent in the city about the relationship between market-rate housing what the demands on bmrs and how that effects the open environment how people will commute longer distances and so on this needs a second look not but the project itself but the adequacy of the environmental study we hope you agree and i'll be happy to talk
12:53 am
about those further developments thank you and have a good afternoon. >> good afternoon, commissioners jeremy legislative aide to board president london breed. to supervisor avalos supervisor avalos asked me to pass on a few comments reiterating that was said already there is serious concerns about the parking ♪ project i think this is such a crucial hub for the transportation system i think we need to be careful in analyzing every new parking that is in this area and the fact this eir didn't study zero parking alternative is not adequate and needs to be reanalyzed and i think that supervisor avalos agrees with the concerns of wind analysis i think that anyone who biked around from city hall to market street on a summer afternoon knows the wind is disturbing in the afternoon
12:54 am
coming down polk street and market street looking at the cumulative impacts of the projected from all the developments going on is concerning the wind common places are encouraging to be considered but the bike lane is not analyzed in the either needs to be considered and looking at the cumulative bicycle impacts in take into consideration the the better streets plan and separated along the length of market street we should see a significant increase in bicycle traffic during rush hours as you may know that is a crowded bike lane and in a separated raised bicycle track with significant wind impacts that has a potential to create hazardous
12:55 am
conditions and the eir didn't address this i think that's all any points thank you >> is there any additional public comment? >> hello my name is judith i haven't had a chance to review the eir by have a few comments on previous studies of other documents one of the things the construction because this is such a congested area i guess yeah my clock can start now - this is such a congested area and because i use transit and drive in many area regularly and have noticed there is a lot of encroachment by construction
12:56 am
projects on public right-of-ways so many depending on limit the construction to the lot line and not allow them to push pedestrians into streets to push bike lanes into car lanes and things like that a strict adherence to the lot lines not been adhered to an van ness or 9 there is too much encroachment on public right-of-way and also loading zones you you know regardless of parking number loading are critical to maintain in terms of safety so many loading double space and just illegal loading and unloading that impedes the bicycles and
12:57 am
normal transit and cars which van ness, of course, will have the bus lanes special bus lanes and i would move the loading zone off market maybe oak and make sure there is a loading zones they're entitled by white zones are taken away for the parking for revenue is to attempting for the relevant agency i'll suggest that you have the developer add city bike in lui of parking to encourage the bike share and if it is subsidized by the developer by providing free being able membership to they're residents that that would be great and
12:58 am
also love to see some public bathrooms if no bmr onsite this is a great place and building to have public bathrooms that transit people can use we're not putting bathrooms underground anymore and that really makes that area not that great for families to use it would really - we know the city is doing temporary bathrooms that's an ongoing cost that would be great to have public bathrooms available and provided by the building a lot of churches in the city now thanks. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. and commissioner moore. >> i'm very grateful to the hayes valley association to do
12:59 am
such a thorough overview of the issues that comes to mind of the observations shared and mr. dulavich posed out of capacity reduction and a number of traffic related issues the one issue that was not mentioned by the h v n a the concern foreshadows on the green and partisan park i felt i'm concerned that as we're not increasing the number of neighborhoods parks in those congested neighborhoods that the overlay of the hub which came much later on the hayes valley market octavia plan creates additional pressure on this park
1:00 am
which is really the one for the most part gathering space so i'll support a partial examine that the eir is very cognizant and at this moment the park is not a protected park under the prop m - prop k actually and appreciate there would be additional studies on what that really planes to the growing neighborhoods and another point although not as much eir related the hub is an abstract commencement i'd like to see studied in a pragmatic eir together with over riding principles that look at the transformation this important point of city that's not occurred i've raised the same question recently we've
1:01 am
used 1500 mission street a project that will be part of hub and others projects to the west of shared vision on what that means reducing automobile capacity and reconfiguring the dimensions on van ness and market is a missed opportunity to really have a hub that deals with existing building forms but makes the street itself more important than the investment at the intersections i'm so not very clear about pedestrian circulation increased safety for people that are using transit that are crossing on bicycle and slower modes with the sidewalks in front of the the projects in
1:02 am
question today are to accommodate to increase the pedestrian movement particularly in loading not being moved to oak street and particularly we continue to not constructively address how we deal with the unregulated patterns of allotting regarding pickup and delivery of passengers all of that will have a direct impact particularly crossing over the dedicated bike lanes this is something enough of - not been put forward as the traffic measure by which we're bringing it into the discussion of eir and protecting pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. those are any comments at the moment thank you. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> so some of the commenters raised issues i had to go into
1:03 am
the eir to see what the project sponsors goals for the project the last goal to provide vehicle access to serve the needs for visitors i i get that make sense when you're looking at through the lens of what we're doing here understand the study it says the eir and the adequate objective and not be exhausted but the eir needs to be reviewed in light of what we need it is reasonable feasible no parking alternative a conforming parking alternative as well as the opinions 25 i don't think that it is objective some other things that came to mind as well i've had the occasion to be at that intersection several times and i do understand that loading zone is not used so it is in
1:04 am
existing condition but not being used we need to understand to reactivate it you the doughnut shop didn't unload who will reactivate that who will be the cyclists i was at planning department and had to drive any car unfortunately, that was great i could park in front of my house i tried to make a turn from van ness and i have to tell you at night the bicyclists are coming down van ness and you're trying to understand how to make a turn i project this intersection without loading zone not far from that corner on a rainy night i see the same
1:05 am
thing happening i think we need to help the bicyclists on the loading zone on the impact of the cyclists i think we need to understand the changes in the retail landscape yesterday morning i had to go to a meeting that was in my driveway an amazon car for the next door neighbor i thought they delivered by truck so many things are happening that are overtaking our ability to understand the on demand wheels and have some food delivered to my house will take uber home i'm sure we're getting a real understanding this many units and people and this demand i'm having a stretch to understand how to accommodate it the other
1:06 am
issue i think 390 first street the loading and unloading are people moving in and out needs to be considered for the project specifically although i don't live here without the ability for people to drive a u-haul and have them on the street carrying stuff in lamps and stuff and trying to get though the lobby this is doesn't make sense i know there is a big loading area i'm considering that is for bigger trucks that's an issue we need to be creative around all the things i've mentioned about where the world is going as it pertains to this project and other projects in the neighborhood to be creative maybe the delivery is happening at our sites p.o. box has boxes
1:07 am
you have to go and get them and shadow on brady park in the market octavia that should be looked at with the impact they'll have if that becomes a park i agree with commissioner moore we acted 15 mission street last meeting in december before that the power car wash site the honda site will be coming the store an mission when you put this together what does that look like a central soma eir i'm reading like we need a hobby when you put this together i want to make decisions in silo this honda .5 parking is coming together i want to see how this all fits together and commissioner moore. >> i have one other question and comment that maybe something
1:08 am
you can answer but like to put that in the project moving forward trithd by a comment in the public speaking the interference of construction the question the mitigation we're hearing about wind as wind detractors those particularly wind foils extend into the public realm i'm wondering how much the public realm is served by the need for public about necessity wind mitigation i'm looking at the wind foils particularly in san francisco we like to walk on sunny sidewalks when the sun is there i suppose that's a question i want that to go forward on consideration regarding wind mitigation for this project. >> commissioner melgar.
1:09 am
>> thank you i'm not going to belabor the points that commissioner vice president richards and commissioner moore have said so well i also i'm would like a more thorough analysis the ways on bicycles and also the affordable housing component i'm really interested in getting more thorough application of the bmt as a measurement tool not justice a project but commissioner vice president richards in general, i think it could be a really great tool for us on the local level to apply and come up with our own methodologies and benchmarks when it comes to transit hub i think because we've been getting a lot of currencies
1:10 am
about the balboa reservoir this is a tool we can use you know as - this is really interesting but i'd like a little bit deeper analysis. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> just two trailing points we have a plan for market octavia we could use when you're looking at increasing the heights around the hub you're changing things that's why the accuracy of the eir may not cover those projects when our making changes midstream that's why i'm happy birthday to you u human immunodeficiency virus what a what are other things what will
1:11 am
it look like maybe the project it will help us understand the viability of what the parking issues look like. >> okay jonas that is commissioner comments. >> very good, commissioners. item 9 case new hotels and ophthalmologists. >> diego sanchez i'll be presenting the planning to require new hotel and motel to engage in an outreach process with the twaefks i want to provide coner johnston of supervisor president london breed to present to you. >> thank you plans coner
1:12 am
johnston staff to london breed i realized this is the first time i've had the opportunity to present to commissioner koppel and my best to commissioner melgar integrations i was happy to play a role in our commission commissioner melgar in 2015 this commission unanimously support and the board of supervisors unanimously passed supervisor president london breed night life presentation that is protecting music venues and preventing conflicts with the neighbors fundamentally i like to think a a three-legged stool second requires launder and be realtor to disclose to new residents there is a venue nearby and the third the law empowers the entertainment commission to hold the hearing
1:13 am
with the music venue whenever a music development is proposed one three hundred feet of a venue and requires our commission to consider any recommendations this the entertainment commission provides ougs how those uses what co-exist that last one is fundamentally important part of law we created those land used for the descends mixed use neighbors by moving towards each other when people are unhappy and change is more difficult the law is the first of its kind thank you for your support supervisor president london breed amendments strengthen that allow we established the entertainment commission authority to work on resident development but releasing the commission should be engaged in the hotel entertainment how
1:14 am
we're looking at the cam ton space and the night life venue likewise there be issues with the hoffman ton an jessie street - and the entertainment commission is having to manage all the problems and testing to make sure the venues are in compliance with our venues and working with the management of the hotel but forced after the fact supervisor president london breed amendment empowers the entertainment commission to address co-existing conditioners is night life and proposed hotel uses before those hotels are approved this is a pressing issue a planning department staff reports shows 26 motel and hotel projects pending 17 of which
1:15 am
within three hundred feet of an entertainment and two near the temple night club and two hotels have 3 venues within three hundred feet of that, in fact, month hotels have night life their because hotels by nature want to be near the action that is understandable according to recent reports austin, texas the haven for live music has a situation the west end built the hotels near the amiably theatre and susan the hotel for the music plans report says we exempt the planning entitlement after the legislation was introduced october 4, 2016, this was my 35 birthday and estimated currently two or three pipeline projects that have entitlement
1:16 am
and we understand staffs logic and fine with the change fundamentally we have to make sure hotels and venues are both good neighbors night life and live music not only bring one billion dollars into the local economy and support hundreds of jobs they chaplain us ted the co-chair the cultural association which advocates for night life in san francisco was a big part of 2015 legislation this legislation entered the in-laws of night life legislation no single legislation has helped night life more in decades that was a landmark so i hope you'll join us in making it stronger the legislation is supported by sftravel and with the management of the association and been support by the small business
1:17 am
commission and the entertainment commission thank you to sdefrz and little director the entertainment commission both behind me and an supervisor president london breed behavior ask for your support i'm available to answer any questions. >> we may have questions for you thank you. >> commissioner the department is in overall support with the comparability of landmarks outreach to stakeholders can help to improve project design and have a smooth entitlement process not one recommended modification as mentioned to the exempt hotel and motel approval by october 4, 2016, that's an introduction date of the ordinance the department buildings this is important because the entitlement for 6 or seven months are far enough making changes design changes can prove over bumper to bumper
1:18 am
one line i'd like to correct a typo on page 5 under the basis of recommendation one should read the inclusion of hotel has an approval on october 4th it says one year prior to date it should be approval by october 4 october 4th that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> opening up for public comment okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> having many nights bad sleeps in hotels where i used to work in private industry because of my neighborhood down the street i see this a real problem common sense you go to a motel or hotel and if someone builds a
1:19 am
hotel like knott's berry farm cited the venue that will be lost will stay not the hotel going out of business this is a balance between hospitality as plans said an extension of people work i move to approve. >> second. >> we'll adopt with the modifications read into the record by staff on that motion commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 toe zero and places us on item 10 this is a large project authorization
1:20 am
authorization. >> good afternoon commissioner fong and members of the commission jonathan planning department staff the item before you is a request for a large project authorization pursuant to planning code section 329 to allow a exception in off-street parking to diminish 3 buildings and allow 4 and 6 story buildings mixed use building located on fulsome street and 723 to 725
1:21 am
please note the clarification to a error the project is seeking two exemption for rear yard to planning code section and off-street parking pursuant to section the agenda sites 4 exceptions sought that is in correct the reason the project is located within the fulton mcd the project is requesting a requirement per instruction as proposed the protruding windows don't conform by the planning code section for widow projections that will be held on january 25, 2015, the proposal includes the construction of a 4 and 6 mixed use building murray 29 thousand plus gross square feet with 24 dwelling units one
1:22 am
one thousand square feet ground floor retail use and 15 below grade and class 1 bike parking spaces and class 2 bike parking spaces the project includes a mix of one bedroom and 10 two bedrooms and 13 other units to date 4 general inquires regarding the project the department has not comments in support of opposition of the project the department buildings this bronze is approvable the project complies with the planning code and is consistent with the policies the general plan the project is located in district residential and ground floor commercial uses are principally permitted a plaza mixed use with ground floor retail and significant updates including landscaping and private and open
1:23 am
space the project is consistent with and respects the neighborhood character and provides massing and scale with the program the project will add 3 affordable dwelling units and to the housing stock and one bedroom and two bedrooms and 13 three bedrooms and pays the impact fees that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> the project sponsor is present and prepared a presentation for the project. >> great project sponsor, please. >> good afternoon. my name is robin i'm here. >> speak into the microphone. >> sorry. >> there are 6 of us that own
1:24 am
the proposed project and amongst us we make up that two construction companies and a plumbing contractor go as well all of us work within the city for all the projects my sister my partners in this project and in the general construction grew up in the city and we're here with our children and spouses and operated as a general contractor for 14 years we're a small outfit it is important as natives we view those as an investment this is part of city we have completed work and our office is located and in the foreseeable future at fulsome will be a be a positive one for the neighborhood thank you. i'll introduce the project sponsor with the architecture
1:25 am
good afternoon, commissioners thank you with r g architecture if i could use the screen. >> so i'll briefly describe the project in more detail the main item about this project we are basically creating two types of buildings we're straddling zoning that provides complexity to accommodate the zoning requirement essentially two separate buildings by combining them as one development lots and basically, their combined through the sub transparence portion through the garage we create a lot of building efficiency and we creative street wall along fulsome. keeping in mind the fulsome street corridor we have a little project support on fulsome
1:26 am
street the only non-active use an clemente the project runs through our driveway the project on fulsome has because it like two buildings with to approaches with some relationship in materials to tie the project together the fulton side has horizontal delineation and has a facade with walls that express the movement horizontal of fulsome street on clemente street similar palate of materials i'll describe in more detail in this presentation a slightly different treatment we have residential ground floor unit no residential space on clemente street an articulation of lemons to bring the scale further in
1:27 am
line with the residential character it is described as two buildings above our grade we've created an internal court that is 41 feet 3 inches from building facade to facade it is an active court we've created a buffer what is 25 percent rear yard for either building and? middle of this court we're creating the planter that will be assessable through the as part of private open space and also created a private buffer between the two buildings. >> sdoem into more detail into the facade treatments i mentioned the actual street facade and the image on the left
1:28 am
is clemente street and i think what is most notable we've respond and created a depth in the facade, however, we've also created what is essentially recycle a townhome unit with an entry off of clemente and a private screen that is landscaped that is setback 6 feet to create a patio or stoop speaks for itself the residential entry so for the remainder of the unit is setback slightly 3 feet to avoid encroachment on the site looking it xheshl /* contextual here the two buildings type of approach that is notable we have a open space to the court of two
1:29 am
different levels on the roof and a setback as the building grows taller in conformance and to further illustrate that discussion here's the building construction on the left the clemente side with a different height limit and we're on an alley we're richmond we have a 45 degree setback from our adjacent property line across clemente and, of course, the fulton side has a higher zoning and as you can see the garage that ties the whole project together there's where most of building utilities are located keeping an active facade as possible just looking at some straight on elevation the fulsome facade the articulation of the residential floors how they basically alternative from floor to floor
1:30 am
with a slightly more traditional take with the bulk head and some other rhythm on many facade that helps with directed degree by working with the planning department here's the clemente street facade again, the difference in scale some separate in scale and some symmetry symmetrical garage and egress surrounded by the podium structure and then the residential between in the middle and the residential entry to the rest of the units on the right. >> this is looking at the north and south elevations respectfully and here again, just further illustrating what i keep
1:31 am
referring to as a two building type of approach with the central court and the relative side and finally want to point out the materiality we want to explore with that building the bulk on fulsome street a zinc coded co-combated metal that lends itself to the dynamic moechlz we're trying to create surrounding by a trim of break metal steel and the surrounded in the whiteer color is a lap siding the floor above transition to standing metal that is the coating oh, sorry
1:32 am
that's my last slide and clemente similar materials slightly different use a juliette balcony over the bay 0 so some metal railing and it transitioned all materials convenient last year with south of market with an industrial type of treatment and also the base of the building a podium style construction we are expressing the concrete a board form concrete that creates the first floor on both sides of the building and the first floor is a tall first floor that concludes my presentation. >> thank you opening up for public comment a few speaker
1:33 am
cards. >> (calling names). >> thank you very much my name is james i really appreciate the earth that was done to this building it really makes that nice by having the courtyard in the back and addressing the way they set up the building to reflect the neighborhood i only live two doors 1 small section street and our only main concern has been the additional flow of traffic into our street our street has a mix the residents and businesses i came up with a suggestion that will help i'm hoping the project engineering will be willing to pay for this the city has done this on the park behind any store and pearl they created a situation where the entrance to the street on my picture here
1:34 am
make that look like a driveway so that it keeps cars running through the street as a quick thoroughfare from the and 8 a 1-way street i hope the city can get if done immediately following the project any additional traffic that runs through there can be minimized i've seen it work on pearl and the park and it was created this which makes it look like more of a promenade with bricks the city did this and significantly reduced the traffic flowing through the streets people wanting to go from this street to that and with the additional park a they're allowing i'm fine with that but this i hope will unable to to negate additional
1:35 am
traffic someone pays for something like that is that will help to mitigate the traffic any other comment i plan to bring up i hope people are addressing this i know the city is trying to have zero parking and projects appearing on the small streets are zero parking, however, this particular project i'm hoping is actually addressed at 1228 fulsome and has no address an clemente street if any address on clemente street the residents can apply and get a residential parking permit that will allow cars to be used this is something i've seen elsewhere on projects with the zero parking and either on one of the residential streets and
1:36 am
if you don't eliminate this possibility some new projects need a way they does not have ways to apply for residential parking permits i'm hoping this project is addressed at 1228 fulsome. >> sir, your time is up. >> thank you. >> hello. >> hi my name is han i can't a resident of this block i own the building on clemente which is just a couple of doors down from this as well so first compliment the owners on creating a beautiful design everything impacts on fulsome but my primary concern is traffic all of the traffic for these new
1:37 am
residents will be funneled you down clemente we asked them at the meeting in february of 2015 to create an assess through fulsome to the parking garage they said not part of design and part of future so instead all the cars will be coming down our block and to commissioner vice president richards point earlier that means all the uber's and other traffic that took place there i'm a parent with a 3-year-old daughter and other babies born on the block that is not just a building a bunch of startups but families that live there and use this as pedestrian area so the safety and liveability of our block is important i want to support the comment by james who has been active and comes up with great ideas to support this
1:38 am
support brick style and pattern in our block so that cars that are considering maybe taking a shortcut down clemente entering the corners and racing down stop and slow down and consider there are a number of pedestrians and the general noise of listening to that on our block i brought this up in the meeting in 2015 to the architect and developer asked them to consider traffic calming devices my comment was to create a walk that is full of lights that will light up instead of having a flood light as well as the normal siren that
1:39 am
goes off wherever a garage door is lift their offensive suggestions towards the liveability of our block so if something more attractive that will increase the value and the aesthetic and the joy ability like this brick feature that james mentioned would certainly be in support by all the residents on our block thank you very much. >> i'm reminded he persons to please silence our mobile devices if you don't know how turn them off. >> (calling names) good afternoon. i'm bryan and i've been involved with the seven hundred block of clemente street since 1989 for those of you who don't know clemente is
1:40 am
one of the nicest block in the western soma a one-way streets heading east between 8 and 9 street a mix of smaller scale buildings that are commercial and residential got a real single - clemente is with only one block long and clemente stops at both ended it has a london feel to that it was the original affirmative alley south of market in the 80s and it has a real community in a block sense of place and i'm concerned about having high quality projects it is a nice project justice the amount of traffic
1:41 am
coming down clemente street one of the neighbors said you can't bring assess to the garage and the architecture design and can't bring the parking controls that's correct anything you can do to mitigate the amount of traffic an interesting idea not allowing more residential parking permits for this clemente street address because it is quite tight parking only parking on one side of the alley and your consideration take into consideration that's a very special block and thank you for your time and for your civic involvement. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> the building itself and how to conforms to rules and regulations and the other one of
1:42 am
the question about the dialogue on ongoing dialogue the attention to alleys and the circulation something we've brought up in a number of projects where alleys are not just serving cars that are allowed by code but also serving the larger circulation patterns for people taking shortcuts and now burdening with deliveries and increase in previously not customary ways that aside not what the commission will decide or discuss we are in continued dialogue with the department itself to look at the permission of the city including protecting the residential alleys as the next streets i want to say that note effect the public today and
1:43 am
with you living in a successful way staying in dial and talk about how we change the rules over time not today having said that, i'm in go full support and sensitive that is exceptional we're seeing similar or light buildings this one sits apart on its own and makes a nice and well-designed suggestion to a very already careful designed neighborhood your streets is exceptional and i'm happy you live there and wonderful appreciation of the neighborhood i think the building does a lot of things it does all the setback on an alley which i continued to be very strongly interested as it followed the rules it exist for this and the property mid block courtyard and
1:44 am
it does everything that a variety yet not trying to be too loud of a building so i'm in full support and move to approve. >> second. >> can i ask one other thing for the planner i only received in my page 8 and a half by 11 drawings it is difficult for those of us that take a full printout 11 by 17 by which it would have been much easier to approve the project i'm asking. >> commissioner koppel. >> i'm generally in support of project that is as kate hartley republican moore i appreciate
1:45 am
you're a contractor and looking here at the local hiring document this is upwaris upward with question 4 waits the estimate number of local residents and filled out with no non-applicable. >> all of our current employees are local and we anticipate continuing that our crews have been with us 20 people 10 or 12 people been with us for 14 years don't anticipate that changing they're all local does that answer your question appropriately and commissioner vice president richards.
1:46 am
>> i guess to the members of the public that came to express the issues for the property tax i echo commissioner moore's points i don't want you to feel that is a waste of time can you help me out the coal were redone with market octavia planned monies there money available to do alleyways under the eastern neighborhoods a section under the packet how many freeze and eastern neighborhood advisory committee that will we prioritize the money i suggest - it's okay if you work with the supervisors office on how to navigate that or the planning department staff to you might be able to see those improvements that's my suggestion. >> those could be great solutions acknowledging what you
1:47 am
say. >> i heard a motion did i hear a second there is a motion that has been seconded and if nothing further on that motion to approve that with conditions. >> commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero. >> okay jonas the commission will take a break and be back in about minutes. >> we have accommodate on overflow room in 46 to view and listen to those procedures when our item reached and wish to anytime public comment you'll be allowed to reenter the room i know a good number are here for item 13 for medical cannabis
1:48 am
dispensary on san bruno avenue i've asked an organizer in order to save time one person speak to the concerns of your neighborhood and then the rest of you who wish to can stand in support of those comments so we don't have to listen to everybody say the same thing over and over the commissioners get it they see the number of people they've seen the comment letters submitted and the petitions signed so but right now especially those of you who are here for item 13 overflow room 416 you will not be permitted to stay in this room we can't get started until the room is cleared with exemption if you can find a seat you're welcome to stay. >> yes. please.
1:49 am
(inaudible) (inaudible). >> thank you, thank you appreciate that very much.
1:50 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. good afternoon and welcome back to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for thursday, january 5, 2017, i will remind members of the public that the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners, we left off under the regular calendar for case 2015 on fulsome and one 20
1:51 am
haurth street a large project authorization good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission doug with department staff the item before you that the request for a large project authorization to allow for the demolition of an existing 17 thousand square feet office building on fulsome street and an existing 81 hundred square feet industrial building the merger with the building and the construction of a one and 92 thousand that plus square feet one hundred thirty foot 13 at all mixed use building that fronts on fulsome and haurwthorne and two hundred and thirty dwelling units with sros sros and 91 two bedrooms
1:52 am
and 8 three bedrooms twmz it includes speak up on the first through 9 floors as well as 9 and class 1 bike parking spaces bicycles and 1 class 2 bike parking spaces will be proposed as part of project required streetscape plan no vehicular parking proposed for this development there the provision for a large project authorization the project is seeking modifications to the planning requirements to a rear yard exposure sfgh loading and other requirements as a correction to the report that was published last week the project is not seeking a modification to the open space requirement the project is located in the
1:53 am
eastern fabricate by light industrial and commercial uses the immediate neighborhood along fulsome one or two story property and 13 story office building a 9 story residential context is the smaller industrial properties mixed with heights from one to 8 stories the adjacent properties to the west and south linked to the downtown office district but are improved with a mixed use development as long as the soma square development one and 11 unit and ground floor neighborhood serving restaurants and dry cleaners and small groceries and shoe repair stores the adjacent properties to the east is located in downtown support zones and a 9 story
1:54 am
apartment building that received a downtown project authorization for a building height increase to one and 76 feet locate two blocks to the project and market street to the north and the moscone conference center to the west in addition the transbay terminal is 5 blocks to the east there are 13 muni bus routes negation to golden gate rapid transit and golden gate lines. >> since the packet was published the department has one letter of support from the san francisco housing action coalition and in addition no other additional public
1:55 am
correspondence has been received for the project. >> after naval all aspects the department staff finds that is in guidance with the priority policies in the plan and located in the zoning district where residential use is permitted an appropriate in fill development that adds one plus dwelling units and over 8 thousand plus retail use in an area that has high density housing and has empowering frontage with pedestrian activities the project is comparable with the neighborhood character and provides appropriate massing and scale the project design is of high quality and will help the location between the moscone center and the terminal that
1:56 am
will contribute approximately 21 plus million dollar for the affordable housing units offsite in relation that - i'm sorry the project willfully utilize the eastern neighborhoods area control plan and pay an additional $2.1 million in impact fees the project will convert in underutilized site into mixed use development that will help activate the neighborhood and finally the project complies with the hiring program based on those feels and in the draft motion the staff recommends approval for the large project authorization the project sponsor is presented and has prepared a presentation that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> project sponsor, please. >> >> can i have at projector please.
1:57 am
>> computer. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is drew with the project sponsor quality residential we're pleased to present the hawthorne project for your consideration we want to 82 thank the of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a for those of you who don't know entity has added residential to the market over the 18 months and will add additional unit a total of 26 apartment homes operated in the city we love the city new and old and committed to be responsible community members when completed hawthorne will add one hundred plus in fill housing where contemplated by the downtown jobs and without adding any new parking and the project will contribute over
1:58 am
$21 million towards the construction and the added jobs and tax revenue we partnered with the architecture we collaborated on fremont turn over that is one of the finest new buildings in the city here it my colleague to talk about how it is integrated into the neighborhood and good afternoon, commissioners and happy new year nice to be back with the interesting about this project is two told fold it an in fill project but completes a master plan given the fact the project sponsor is owner of soma square this project abuts to that development and what we are trying to do with the design the project and the outside space and the integrity felt spates to complete with a master plan of
1:59 am
the entire block area as you can see from the map an l-shaped site butts up against the square and what is architecturally i'll talk about that later we had a developer and wanted to develop a character that works with fulsome street and character that works with hawthorne and a character that works with the interior court of the square an interesting challenge to carve this building that works with all 3 of them. >> as you can see from that massing plan we establishment with the l shape and worked towards creating an area that will respect the different heights and the volumes of the other buildings again given the fact that soma square is there we're working with a yerba buena and the improvement program and
2:00 am
central soma that hat not been adopted but we're working with the planning department and considered some of the aspects of this this plan within our design here's a picture of just how that intercourt works i don't know if you've been up there that is nice a lot of landscape and foundations we wanted to do with one 20 is integrate that as you can see we started to carve the building to get breathing room although a property line a imaginary property line that is open than the property line indicates as shown here. >> here's a i simple reflex how that integrates into the space and again, this is an indication of hawthorne we did a
2:01 am
sargent that is again not required bus the central soma plan is not in place but anticipating that and again working with the planning department we take into consideration and here's do give you an idea how the inner court works this is a view here's the typical plans as previously talked about we we have from micro to three bedrooms and 200 and thirty units a combination of all those unite no parking on this site we're basically integrating retail on the empowering so you'll primarily active use the architecture fulsome as you may know the development across
2:02 am
the street that was completed or under approval no 633 was completed a office building with a modern fleet and 631 up the street we have a much more contemporary style along fulsome versus hawthorne a much more punch window contextually facade here's an existing photo of fulsome street and this is what the building about look like our project is on the right on the left in the corner is the another development that was recently approved this is a view of hate ashbury as you can see the scale goes down a bit but 8 story buildings along the street as well and this is the implication of what
2:03 am
you are building appears like we tried tried to use a punch system and create the setback on top of and how it relates to the fulsome facade and how the building integrate. >> on the ground floor as mentioned that is 8 thousand 8 hundred square feet of retail use we've divided that up along hawthorne and located the residential lobby on hawthorne it is a more pedestrian like experience so that's where the lobby it in the entire building. >> and then those are two elevations of basically, the retail active use on both
2:04 am
streets fulsome and hawthorne with that, i conclude the presentation. >> opening it up for public comment any any public comment on this item. >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> interesting building great to see the block finally completed and know that is under the same ownership i'm glad if so a europe way of presenting a courtyard other than other development projects i'm very happy to see that and i think the building shows a good diagram the diagram is sensitive and the integration of the block is extremely important it stand out in not providing parking especially, as today earlier and the only thing i'm concerned
2:05 am
about it that hawthorne is unfortunately not what it should be a shortcut to the freeway that has exacerbated the downtown construction and the breakdown of strvrt to 101 is a correct move to put the residential entrance into hawthorne particularly the preliminary corridors on fulsome and hawthorne i hope the city finds a way to calm traffic an hawthorne so it can be the remainder center the is intended to be i'm in full support of the project and move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i want to say thank you very much for doing several things you didn't have to the setback when i first look at the address i thought here we go we had a project a lot push back it
2:06 am
carries the europe feel as commissioner moore said that is great work and congratulations i'm happy to support it oh, and the no parking amazing. >> commissioners to day with an errata the affordable housing language is based on the oldest template we ask you to amend the affordable housing and make reference to the charter amendment that was passed. >> i accept that as amendment to the motion. >> great commissioners, if there's nothing further, there is a motion there is a motion that has been seconded to approve with motions and amended by staff regarding the affordable housing template commissioner koppel commissioner melgar
2:07 am
commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong in an amount unanimously 5 to zero and commissioners that places us under our discretionary review calendar for case 2015 at 30th avenue this is a discretionary review. >> good evening washington southwest team alert the subject property locked on 30th avenue and this request is the originally skeleton to be heard in september but an inadequate notice posting by the project sponsor new notification was done as per department requirement this proposal is to large
2:08 am
affordable unit a two-story single-family residences to expand the ground floor no work on the side of rear building wall 6 inches towards the easterly boundary a setback along the northern property line this property is on the east side of 30th avenue it was an terryville in the rh1 zoning district the property is 3 thousand square feet and located in the far side and surrounded by single-family residences of various heights the planning department got comments from someone 0 on the same block and the comment was to light and privacy and light following the filing the residential design
2:09 am
guidelines met the standards of residential design guidelines and didn't provide any exceptional or extraordinary in particular, the greater the 3 foot sites better matches the adjacent mapping the design change is appropriate contributing to the light of the adjacent properties with the bay windows and the window march the lowest floor a below grade and the property is one and 20 feet in overall depth 0 therefore we ask you not take review that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> opening up to the draft eir you dr requester you have 5 minutes. >> thank you steve williams i represent jenny
2:10 am
and mr. king they lived in this residence for the past 4 two years and children there their home is locate directly north the project site the kings doesn't object extending up and out into the rear yard and filling up the setback will have negative impacts as they're to the north let's look at the existing situation from the one can i have the overhead, please? this particular block has a clearly defined green space in the middle very little development it's been restrained and the rear yard didn't extend most of them take up few part of lots and the buildings in the
2:11 am
outer sunset let me show you a photo of the sites this is the kings and the project sponsor over here the setbacks are currently very large allowing windows the kings have a lot of southerly windows this is aggressive 42 feet of new construction 30th feet and a 12 foot pop but first, they requested that the department of new rear wall limited to the depths the adjacent building and asked for the roof deck on the pop ought to be reduced in size not the pop out itself but the deck they have privacy concerns and impacts on light in response to our dr the project sponsors filed a written response as widower required by the planning department i want to hand that
2:12 am
out i'm not sure that was in our packet so let me give you copies in the written response the project sponsors offered the rear yard and the project sponsors conferred this to the commission when we appeared on september 22nd the sponsor said no problem if you read the handout the rear expansion is averaged between the two adjacent buildings and the rear expansion will not block access to air quality it complies with the residential design guidelines i followed up with the sponsors and the problem is they're not averaging not average if you
2:13 am
look at exhibit 202 you'll see that what they're doing is matching the deepest building to the south and going quite a bit past the kings place we've asked it be pulled back to the average that is a unique to meet with the residential design guidelines it is in the code and reduce the depth about two or three feet and kwng quite frankly so cut down to 42 feet below this is a single-family home built out to 7 or 10 bedrooms gives the appearance of a airbnb rental you don't see that anywhere in the neighborhood we asked for that reduction the next is the
2:14 am
elevated roof deck no other building has an elevated roof deck this has a very strange feature in that that presents a solid side wall instead of a railing glassed that presents a solid side wall to block even more light that's what we are asking for to be reduced in size move those railings in two or three feet and have them turn into glass or something that allows light for the rear yard those are the two issues i thought we had that done the reduction of the rear yard deck other than i thought we had this settled many months ago they promised to average it and independent. >> thank you project sponsor 5
2:15 am
minutes. >> those in support of dr requester you have 3 minutes each any speakers in support of the dr requester john. >> hello, i live down the broke from the development and opposed to allowing the development to continue it's current format and in addition to the comments about light and privacy in the backyard any main concern that the overall scale of the project as you well know the problem of multi unit dwelling units in single unit building is a problem in the sunset thereby it
2:16 am
seems to me an end run around the zoning for single-family residences a building with 10 bedrooms and 7 abandonment didn't it seems to me to be the typical single-family home most resident in the neighborhoods are one story over a garage some 23 story over a garage average homes if that neighborhood has 2 bedrooms sometimes three bedrooms i feel like this is an illustration of setting the property up for eventual conversion into a multi unit building i don't like to see that especially, when if we're going to zone multiple unit i'd like that to be the topic of discussion i'd rather not seen an enlargement of an existing building under the table can be
2:17 am
converted to a multi unit building that's my primary objection to the way this project is being handled thank you for you attention. >> thank you. any other speakers in support of dr requester opposition to the project as is seeing none, project sponsor 5 minutes. >> my name is a benson the attorney for gina the project sponsor and the property owner of 30th avenue as detailed in our papers we respectfully ask the commission follow the recommendations of the project sponsor and approve the plan as say we respectfully ask the commission decline the review for discretionary review based 5 points number one the plan legally conforms to the zoning and planning code provision as well as the residential design
2:18 am
guidelines number two we've worked closely with the planner and addressed the comments of the dr requester, number 3 this house is on 30th avenue between terryville there are other build outs and other housing that have build outs and extension on this block and number 4 she's a single parents with 4 kids the family has lived there more 17 years ms. moss is getting older they want to take care of if she gets into retirement she - the kids have kids and ms. moss wants to be around the grandkids the kids want to remain in the city this is expensive this is a way of achieving their goals and number 5 he no hidden agenda no
2:19 am
alternative motivates the house will not be rented out to third party's and the house low not be used and airbnb the house had been exclusively used by the moss family i'm here with the project engineer john we'll take our questions. >> thank you. any speakers in support of project sponsor. >> they have 3 minutes. >> i'm the project engineer. >> sorry i'm sorry. >> happy new year. >> sorry. >> i want to explain why we have such a big building okay. this is asking about this this is almost like fulfilling an american dream ms. moss came to the country 31 years ago and single-handedly raised 4
2:20 am
children in fact, i thought explained to mr. williams any wives has 4 brothers and sitting down to dinner we have 28 people that's why they live together and have so many bedrooms and bathrooms and things like that we're trying to follow all the plans up to code and everything chief administrative officer vin knows that we negotiate and we have a firewall we need to have a solid wall and also, we never agreed to everything i think there was a miscommunication somehow any other questions i can answer i don't see the dr requesters in the audience today thank you. >> thank you. any additional
2:21 am
speakers on the project sponsors team no those in support of the project sponsor and the project as is you have 3 minutes any speakers? >> seeing none, dr requester you have a 2 minute rebuttal. >> well, i won't take up much of the commission time you have a large project coming behind us the written response that they were going to average averaging is typically done because their averaging they're coming applying point residential design guidelines we would like to see that enforced in agreement they made as far as the from the firewall is move forward back in order to give privacy to the surrounding homes and yards surrounding than the
2:22 am
firewall can be glass that's all we have. >> project sponsor a two minute rebuttal or you can pass thank you. >> this portion off the hearing is closed commissioner moore. >> it is a large home, however, if i understand it correctly coverage on those lots and this particular part are 75 percent and while the rear yard anchorage is something which neighbors can agree to it is not mandated if it i properly understand it a mutual understanding the properties and the rear yard, etc. that doesn't seem to be the issue the one thing which this commission has spent a lot of time on is the extent of roof deck in this case
2:23 am
the second floor roof deck it sits at the edge of the building with the ability to look back to the joining properties to the north and effecting privacy in that case i'll ask that the roof deck which is currently 61 foot 11 inches that is almost 17 feet be held back by 3 feet from the north side and another 3 feet from the east side in order to really make that a deck and give it a slightly more opted out feeling commissioner vice president richards you'll recall if i had only known the extent of this solid wall i would have never approved that i tried to explain that while inner talking about that is a particular case
2:24 am
when you look at drawing one pulling the deck back 3 feet is indeed an expression of an appropriate sized deck with the type of railing and not interfering with the firewall. >> i want to remind the commissioner that deck will be 5 feet back from one side and 3 feet from the other side. >> that's great you can stand at the far end and north end and look back at the bay windows of the building to the north and i believe those will be interfering with the privacy as far i can tell. >> from the deck were moved on the north side two additional feet it will be 5 feet not have to meet the fire code. >> can you speak into the microphone. >> i'm sorry from the deck were moved two additional feet
2:25 am
on the ned not have to - they can have a glass deck that was raised by the project sponsor attorney and have a solid wall it is only 3 feet back from that side. >> whatever to be to stay - as coded mr. washington that's what i think we should be supporting and willing to address into issues not a big deal but fully fundamental deck and not endangering anything so i ask the commission to manifesting for take the dr and move for modification. >> second. >> question for the project sponsor really quickly help me understand the gentleman
2:26 am
submitted the documents saying your averaging but you're not averaging. >> it is a miscommunication between the previously consultant and i think that it is a miscommunication regarding ms. moss requests we agree we can leave the deck the way it is and move the railing move the railing 2 feet or 5 feet but you want us to move the railing on the east side that won't bother anybody 12 by. >> just the massiveness of the building it looks like a railing will sit on the rooftop i want it to be more residential. >> the fact that deck is one
2:27 am
story not two stories above the ground we have a rendering of the back the back is open basically, i was suggesting removing the handrail back and the rail at the back if you move the back that one and reduce the deck and cut out a lot of the outdoor activities. >> what we can do if we moved the deck in two feet on the north side the remaining deck can be glass necessary meet the fire code one is 5 feet from the neighbor to the south and this might open up address the issue that the turning rate is the massing and light of that that will help facilitate some of the concerns. >> would you mind going to the overhead and drawing what you're saying to the commission can see
2:28 am
thank you mr. washington. >> do you want to - can we put the wood open railing. >> what we want to do is take to wall and the remaining two additional feet so have the glass railing and address the concerns raised by the project sponsor or the drs filing attorney and open up a little bit more light and air for this addition and that will probably address this concern.
2:29 am
>> the question i have we don't need to put glass railing if we put railing it is safer than glass and i think that will meet the fire code too. >> when we setback. >> whether glass, however, the commission feels we can resolve that. >> get specific and can't be any farther per building code. >> nothing changes on the rear. >> thank you nothing changes. >> commissioner another motion there is a motion that has been seconded shall i call the question? to take dr and approve that project as amended moving in the north rail of the roof deck to feet with no specific material associated with that. >> as long as it's not solid right. >> on probation officer motion
2:30 am
commissioner koppel commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero. >> thank you very much. >> commissioners that places us on your last dr item 13 for case 2016 - zero, zero zero at thirty 15 san bruno after a mandatory discretionary review and i'll give it a minute.
2:31 am
>> okay why not go ahead and good afternoon commissioner president fong and fellow commissioners jeff department staff the item before you requires a mandatory discretionary review for the property project on san bruno after the project requires a mandatory discretionary review pursuant to the planning code section to establish a new medical cannabis dispensary on san bruno avenue doing business as as s.b.a. wellness as a acupuncture office open to the public for onsite and the neighborhood will keep san bruno avenue save no parking is required and inform physical expansion for the structure since the publication the department has 200 and 8 letters of support and 70 letters in
2:32 am
opposition the project sponsor held two community meetings and he met individually with over 40 merchant and has completed all neighborhood 90s as the project proposed an mcd to provide patient an increased level of safe access to medication for their illness to smoking on site and concerns about parking located in an area with in the other mcd the staff finds that to be compliant with the career and established in the planning code and advanced policies of general plan they recommend it be approved with conditions that concludes my presentation. available should there be any questions. >> before we get started i'm going to have to remind members of the public if you can't find a seat you can't be in this room
2:33 am
this is a fire hazard no way to get out of this room overflow room 416 you will be given every opportunity to submit your testimony. >> commissioners that is mandatory discretionary review we'll hear from the project sponsor. >> correct project sponsor, please. >> good morning. i'm gay robert on behalf of the a project sponsor richard and they'll provide a few comments and in just a
2:34 am
moment want to compliment staff that recommends the project certainly we agree with that the conditions which were recommended the applicants have no problem to a a garbage area and a carbon filter and steam cleaning the sidewalks and litter removal we do wish to reiterate the project is consistent with the city's long-standing policies regarding medical cannabis this will provide a tremendous public health benefit to the patients in the area currently no mcds in the area and no clustering it will go in fact, improve public safety we'll be providing crossing gardeners for
2:35 am
pedestrian safety and as well as uniforms and security guards within the building and outside and cameras along a security plan we have as staff mentioned over 200 letters of support and i know the commission is familiar with mcd permitting issues about real and phantom we have a good neighbor policy that will be enforces and patient orientation this will provide a tremendous benefit to the neighborhood the reality is it makes the neighborhood safer we want the avenue to be safe and the applicant will have a few words and also our outreach specialist that will give you a brief outreach of the font that was made so if you have any questions that's fine otherwise
2:36 am
i'll send it over to - >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is hfa i don't think one of the applicants of the proposed mcd at 3015 san bruno after a patient over 10 years and married and have two girls the reason i want to open an mcd so educate the asian community of the benefit of marijuana my goal to teach uninformed individuals if used correctly medical cannabis has a benefit many people of my ethic groupthink that marijuana is an illegal drug for my personal experience i went through two major surgeries what is proscribed with pain i got addicted i lost
2:37 am
any appetite and not able to focus on every day activities once i was recommended medical marijuana it is not an illegal street drug thank you for your time and opportunity to express any belief. >> good afternoon, commissioners and thank you for your time my name is stephanie the outreach corridor for the san bruno wellness project came on in november and we did two months of really dispenses door to door outreach we sent our introduction letter out in chinese i hand walked 6 hundred pieces of introduction letter plus our neighborhood meeting to san bruno avenue as well as door to door to the residents on our
2:38 am
block immediately impacted i did about 5 hundred l-shaped down san bruno i had two meeting at the fdr with the importantly tool people meet one and 50 people that is worth mentioning that the chinese empowerment center showed up at the meeting and became gave you and teresa stole any sign-in sheet and another member of the organization stole the microphone out of my hand and another person put their hands on my architect that aside everything went well, we had an intelligent conversation about medical marijuana in their own language thank you, ma'am, your
2:39 am
time is up. >> opening up for public comment (calling names) and have everyone line up on the television side of the room you don't have to speak in the order i called you but you can come up this way or leave the secondary room into this room (calling names). >> have and reached anybody
2:40 am
here. >> do you mind making an announcement if i've called their name line up on the television side of the room. >> you'll have two minutes to speak those people lined up line up on this side of the room please. go ahead, sir. >> yes. good afternoon, commissioners i am the reverend director the the encalifornia church as well as the chaplain the chinese christian union of san francisco i'm here to urge all of you, we don't need no marijuana shops to open up into our community and
2:41 am
next door to our churches we know that the pros and cons of having the shop to sell marijuana in our community some people maybe think that when they're open this marijuana shop in our community can generate taxes because it is well, a very good business and a lot of taxes will generated on the other hand, even though we generate tax on the other hand, that we need to spend more money to fix the problems about how to treat them how to heal them so we want
2:42 am
- we don't want any shop to open in san bruno avenue as well as other area you know that marijuana can develop a lot of problems to our human body so we don't want that to happen. >> thank you, sir. >> i want to remind those members of the public that filtered into the room we can't have all of you in the room if you can't find a seat watch the preceding from overflow room 416 you can't stand in front of the doorway your - every person will be afforded an opportunity
2:43 am
to speak who wishes to. >> overflow room 416 you'll be able to view and listen to those precedings. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon planning commission i'm pastor from chinese. >> one second.
2:44 am
>> all right. thank you why not go ahead and i'm pastor from chinese evangelical church on baker street as far as i know they're not authorized to open a mcd shore 80 store all customers that is the reason why we protect their money we want to protect our neighborhood if so not safe for the families and seniors as a chinese you studied the chinese history we know that i traded a - reading our chinese community that's all i oppose the mcds thank you. >> in dep good afternoon,
2:45 am
commissioners and happy new year my name is bela i'm a senior citizen in potting tell district so for 45 years eventually i heard about this i ranged a petition instead of you know - so it petition is about 2000 signatures here they are opposing we the potrero residents are filing a petition to stop the opening and sale of medical cannabis and dispensary on thank god 17 san bruno avenue
2:46 am
we believe this store will have a negative effect on neighboring businesses and will increase the crime in the entire neighborhood we are definitely against it the reason we have 8 schools around that area burton is an mann sell they come in the avenue to catch the bus those kids are curious about marijuana they going to be using it we already have a problem with homeless they have drugs and alcohol they can produce anything they're homeless we don't want to add up some more and not only that will effect the future generation of those kids they bad actor dope addicts their brain going to be screwed up we're opposing that and ios
2:47 am
petitions are addressed to honorable supervisors district 9 hillary and district 10 malia cohen. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> if you want i can submit that. >> thank you your time is up. >> >> next speaker, please. >> well, you should give it to them yourselves. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> commissioner my name is sherry chang i'm a registered nurse i have grand patients neighbors who use marijuana i oppose mcd stores because i saw many people after use marijuana they become different person they took other people's possessions and argue with people because of
2:48 am
hallucinations and as someone that walks by in the automobile accident he oppose to no mcd store whether medical or recreational because marijuana stays in our system for 6 hours and create a second-hand smoke and have migrant headaches people with asthma will aggravate their health. >> my name is annie i've lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years so i know around the times kids having around the store waiting
2:49 am
for bus going home i don't think that is a good location to have that store open thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon commissioner member i'm tom and i live in the san bruno area over almost 20 years and now i disappeared to they're open the marijuana shop right on that location i oppose i have a picture photo picture about earlier it's around the corner right there around the corner have 3 bus stops every morning and have a lot of students and young kids stay there the shop
2:50 am
will be opened there from about one and 50 feet that is a bad situation i know you all guys you know - please put our school keep them safe earlier and get them good life thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner my name is teresa with committee empowerment center on north avenue and i have bring ahf 3 thousand signatures to opposed and also all the signatures from the business too so i have you know all the things you know, i have hand it to you the reason
2:51 am
we against the mcd in our area is that it is so close to you know we have all the schools you you know the high school and also just a few houses away is a called the first fifth grade and also, we don't feel safe i'd like to tell you that is the case you know a murder case case no. 120605691 on july 31st that was a male victim 2 that years old was killed there that is in front of his house as 3060 san bruno avenue across the street because of the marijuana and the gun related so we really oppose so i'd like the commissioner to listen to our
2:52 am
voices you know the neighbors voices you see all the neighbors we have 3 thousand neighbors against they sign and come and all waiting to hear their voices i hope the commissioner listen to us you thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm pastor aaron of the assembles of god church 33 church working with the homeless we operate a own and operate a home for people who were homeless at 3230 two blocks away i personally spent 8 years wasting my life as a pothead beginning in the 60s i know your marijuana that leads to other drugs
2:53 am
i'm an advocatey against any kind of promotion of marijuana the text on men and women and the homeless cultural for those men and women stay drug dpree a dispensary is inappropriate modeling for the emergency room and high school students in the area the dispensary will create endorse of drugs and a bad example to young people the dispensary is a great destroyer of motivation for forward progress and life skills that is a great cover up it is a framework from the person's responsibility for ones actions i lost years of my life after a college education i'm a harvard university educated person i lost years of my life surrounding the marijuana from
2:54 am
growth to maturity. >> next speaker, please. >> hi happy new year so i'm a mom of two children and we have to transportation everyday and every time we pass some marijuana store because you know that the smell didn't go away originally after people use marijuana so they feel very uncomfortable they have asthma and licensed to the radio this morning some signs report have better showing that actually most of the marijuana people using they also consume tobacco like cigarettes
2:55 am
so i'm very concerned about the second-hand smoking any children it is not good for their health on the other hand, my kids are curious about what happened in those mcd stores because always people standing outside like security they always ask me what happened inside i don't answer i know that some people may have like doctors appropriation prescription /* prescription some speakers mentioned some people are not using it for
2:56 am
medical reasons so just consider our next generation i hope that won't happen inside of san francisco thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> so after good afternoon, commissioners no mcd >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. so this i met her, she needs help she didn't speak english she lives a couple doors right next to the proposed mcd and didn't like it because it smelly will be smelly and she may you know has second-hand
2:57 am
smoke >> (speaking foreign language.) >> uh-huh. >> okay. thank you. >> we are a teacher of the city i strongly oppose the proposed mcd an san bruno avenue too close to many schools and it is within the very busy business area as many speakers before me told here i want to share any personal experience so on december 14, 2016, there is a community meeting offered by the sponsor and requester
2:58 am
i was there and he was able to get the mike to ask questions. >> yet after i asked a couple of questions and translated any questions and the content to many neighbors that don't speak english i didn't get answers but somebody grabbed the mike from me is - she was the host at that meeting she said, "no more questions i feel i was abused it is not fair to me my words was not - heard. >> i strongly oppose personally and it is no good for
2:59 am
our kids who you know have activities around the area thank you and i respectfully ask for your disapproval for this proposal thank you. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'll call a few more names (calling names) hi good afternoon the area i want no mcds in our neighborhood okay. please thank you. >> excuse me - i'm doing to
3:00 am
translation for the neighbors. >> can you speak into the microphone please. hi, my name is audrey a volunteer at san francisco volunteer community center i'm organized and helping the chinese people to do a translation and also i'm representing our neighbors and community we have more folks at room 416 to speak. >> hello. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> she saw she ride on the bus and saw many people selling the marijuana on the bus and also she opposed the marijuana store
3:01 am
in san bruno avenue and she opposed it. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> she opposed the marijuana thank you. >> thank you. >> happy new year my name is yawning keep the center safe no mcds thank you. >> now, it's my turn excuse me. i'm representing the community center at san bruno avenue and then my center in the area we
3:02 am
have a lot of neighbors and community people and members coming to ask our center to voice our communities safety because this one when they opposed the mcd an 3015 san bruno avenue in the area is a really a lot of traffic and a really busy area a lot of the high school and middle school and elementary school and childcare center and many people the store is in front of the bus stop there is a lot of kids getting off and seniors and young kids all around there this is a very bad negatively impacting for our children we care about our children we know that marijuana is hurting a lot of the children's all the it is
3:03 am
difficult and impacting my - that's why we really oppose the project please disapprove that can you you make a general announcement let people know they can when they finish they have to take your things with them they will not be let back into the room everyone in overflow room 416 will be allowed to speak okay. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> thank you.
3:04 am
>> next speaker, please. >> hi good afternoon. my name is alley my family and i have lived on the 3 thousand block of san bruno avenue for over 20 years we're directly effected by the proposed establishment of an mcd on this block so i'm not here to debate the merits of medical marijuana but want to describe the environment on this block a little bit so on this block on the 3 thousand block a check cashing joint at the corner right next to it is a liquor store and across the street is an implication and one block down a smoke shop those types of establishment in our neighborhood currently so we feel strongly that having an mcd in this neighborhood is not an
3:05 am
additional benefit to our neighborhood or community you know as you've heard from everyone san bruno has a lot of car traffic right along the 101 freeway there is a lot of foot traffic during the day especially back and forth hours when the kids walk to and from once again our family is strongly against having this particular mcd on san bruno avenue we need something that draws the community together for the betterment of the community we need something that is welcome that's not a medical cannabis dispensary i personally feel belongs at a pharmacy and our family in our family we have three children under the age of 5 there are a lot of other
3:06 am
families with young children on this block we don't want to send a message those are the only kinds of goods and services in their communities we ask you not support in couch an establishment on san bruno avenue thank you, ma'am. >> this room is not representative there are a lot of people in the other room. >> thank you, ma'am everyone will get a chance. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is be robert hudson and i have been a long term medical cannabis user i believe the wellness should be put in san bruno because i feel like all the therapies and how do you
3:07 am
know those people are not drinking alcohol all those things are legal and available on every block every kid and every the teenager they want to see that if they see a medical cannabis shop they can't get into that but like i said depending on the parents where they want to bring their child for the medical marijuana users we should have a say having the cannabis shop in san bruno it will be color for disabled people go to their medical cannabis and come back home and not deal with being robbed if you see thing on the bus you can't blame all medical marijuana patient i have medical issues and next door helped me
3:08 am
out not having to community-based all the way down to mission they bring in any cannabis this will be a safer position important everyone i believe that wellness should be put in san bruno i understand the community don't like it but hey everybody got a store some kind of hustle i believe they should run their store in san bruno. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is lisa sink a couple of days ago i read a newspaper marijuana increased in illegal listed sale i personally believe all the medical expense will be far more
3:09 am
than taxation money in the state my friend have breast cancer and able to get well without medical marijuana it is not the only solution and please help our children they're our future and you know if anything effects the children we should help them thank you for listening to our voice thank you very much. >> good afternoon. my name is sonya happy new year today, i'm here i'm strongly against marijuana open any more in san francisco enough is enough calling the police more marijuana stops and more crimes to the area i'm retired he only take transportation i like to walk through any neighborhood i don't want any small crimes in the
3:10 am
city take my freedom or freedom to walk to the park or area more crime no beer thank you for the seniors and the kids and the families so, please listen to our voice no more marijuana stops in san francisco thank you very much happy new year good evening, commissioners i'm richard i reside in chinatown we visited and show up in the san bruno area per we are thousand of people signed the petition ask you reject opening up another mcd in the san bruno avenue you know the planning commission is that you want to
3:11 am
put in the right place a school a shopping center and then the bus stop you have a responsibility of locateing all the the neighborhood is up in arms you'll not have peace if you establishment establish a store in that area i understand a lot of places in the city also 34 places december p,z&e, finance governance marijuana i urge the commission again do not let that open thank you again. >> good afternoon. my name is christopher's low i'm opposed to this marijuana dispensary
3:12 am
popping out like in that area i'd prefer it to not be so close to like all the schools that are in this area and like apparently like you know teenagers they're like super impressionable if they see this medical cannabis dispensary right there i'm pretty sure their feel like, huh? i wish i could get some marijuana and go to dealers and get marijuana on their own thanks for listening to me. >> thank you. >> >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is lee no mcd in san bruno. >> thank you.
3:13 am
>> next speaker hello my name is sue no mcd san bruno thank you. >> hello no mcd thank you. >> hello my name is vivian no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> happy new year i ammo mcd in san bruno area thank you.
3:14 am
>> good afternoon no mcd on san bruno they keep it safety thank you. >> good afternoon no mcd on my neighbor thank you. >> my name is carmen no mcd keep san bruno safe thank you. >> hello no mcds thank you. >> hi good evening please no
3:15 am
mcd keep san bruno safe thank you. >> good evening, everybody and no mcd. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon no mcd in our community thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone my name is vicky wong please no mcd on san bruno avenue my sons school is nearby i hope you guys keep san bruno safe and keep our kids safe thank you. >> hi my name is danielle no
3:16 am
mcds. >> hello no mcd. >> hi no mcd in san bruno. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, everyone my name is u gene please consider the safety if our neighborhood no mcd thank you. >> hello no mcd in san bruno.
3:17 am
>> good afternoon no more mcd thank you. >> hello, everybody my name is sandy chang no mcd in san francisco there is too many and too much already thank you. >> hi no mcd in our neighborhood keep is safe please. thank you in dep. >> hello, i live near the san bruno area i have 4 children and they - no mcd in our area thank
3:18 am
you. >> hello happy new year no mcds in san bruno area thank you. >> good afternoon. i live in the visitacion valley for thirty years this is a safety area you'll have more marijuana houses in our area everything is getting worse and worse thank you. >> okay. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, everybody i'm judy and i live in the neighborhood and i oppose to
3:19 am
this marijuana no mcd in my neighborhood the only area for our entertainment and the shopping area for the entire neighborhood i appreciate it thank you. >> hi no mcd in san bruno thank you. >> hi good afternoon. my name is helen i live in the san bruno in the neighborhood please no mcd in the san bruno avenue safe thank you. >> hello happy new year everybody my name is a sue you no mcd in san bruno avenue thank you. >> my name is cindy i'm so
3:20 am
sympathetic to people that need the marijuana but in the middle century they have a way to buy it i know that people just like you sick you don't wait until the no more pain pill and need the pill so people can buy a half hour when you need it you can buy elder you can shop in mission street a lot of space you can buy it so very - opposed to the mcd thank you. >> hi, everyone i'm amy i live across the street from the
3:21 am
proposed marijuana dispensary many of the subject i'll touch on comes from fraurnd this is sorry this is a activity across the street i used to be scared someone was standing outside and visitors were in and out of the store i don't know this - i strongly oppose the marijuana dispensary don't believe this the right type of establishment for this neighborhood especially on this block literally right in front of shop teenagers and adults all board the bus an elementary school middle school and two high schools in walking distance i don't believe that will be a positive influence on youth and all passersby are
3:22 am
exposed to marijuana there is a marijuana dispensary an bay shore why do we need another one in the resident area i think i speak for us all we don't want the smell of marijuana penetrating into our homes in addition the establishment will contribute to the parking problem on the 3 thousand block i'm talking about the streets of san francisco parking but the cars blocking our driveway there are 2, 3, 4 cars and when i woke up at 10 he left the house at one i'm only speaking about my experience i'm not counting all the other neighbors driveways that are blocked if you didn't hear our message in 2009 here i
3:23 am
am in 2014 you're not welcome then and no, no mcds. >> thank you, ma'am. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm not talking about marijuana good and bad but all the commissioners listening to the community one of the community is representative of the city. >> thank you. >> hi, everyone my name is susan no mcd in our neighborhood i want to keep it safe thank you. >> hi, my name is wendy and no mcds in our neighborhood i want
3:24 am
to keep san bruno safe thank you. >> hello good afternoon happy new year to you all my name is laura and i'm the owner and founder and director of the child time child development that is up the block from the wellness center and i have been born and raised on homicide instead in san bruno avenue there is quite a bit of traffic there already and also i'm concerned about pit stops that might be made people jumping out of their cars to get supplies and concerned a bus stop that families and grandparents and children and teenagers are there waiting for the bus concerned about the congestion the traffic, the necessary amount of
3:25 am
people that will be on that strip that is there and just being around that in the air with so many children and families in that area not an appropriate place for this type of business on the street it is a residential it is families children i mean, i take care of two to 5 years old and you know there is already a lot of traffic parents trying to park pickup their children and also a high school up the block a middle school and family connections down the block just a lot of concerns about this type of establishment being so close to families and children. >> and i agree no muffling establishment on san bruno
3:26 am
avenue thank you. >> hi, my name is amy no mcd in san bruno thank you. >> hello good afternoon. my name is alice no mcd in san bruno thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> okay. while these guys
3:27 am
come up i'll call a few more names (calling names). >> good afternoon my name is elizabeth chow please no more mcd please let me keep my child safe and regularly for them so stop it, it is enough thank you. >> hi good afternoon no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> good afternoon, everybody
3:28 am
this my name is leahy keep our neighborhood is safe i i'm - i say no mcds in my neighborhood thank you bye bye. >> happy new year to all of you i'm peter and strongly am against an mcd i live on 7th avenue have to kids want to keep san bruno safe so thank you. >> good afternoon, everybody no mcd on the san bruno avenue thank you. >> hello my name is yee no mcd
3:29 am
on san bruno avenue thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm leaving this area for more than 10 years my name is a hazel lee and my organization is developed on this area sf association i remember this district 9 supervisor supervisor campos and his work together promised no more mcd in our location but i don't know why is i really hope that all the commissioner reject this for 1315 san bruno avenue it is not safe for our community for our family for our seniors and for our children please
3:30 am
consider this i'm hazel thank you. >> hi this is christine woe happy to be here to tell you actually, this is a controlled substance i wonder they wanted to have the time to have a store open around our area i'm representative senior center because we're kind of worried about when we walk around and stuff so especially around that area we live there i've been there 33 years when we move if in that was so quote when the store was trike a triple double triple parking we drive around and can't go through it so, please commissioner my husband works for the police department
3:31 am
crime lab for 35 years we know how destructive terrible if you go into your system listen to our voice our voice is really weak but our people please concern your health my health and everyone's health here thank you >> (clapping.) >> go ahead jonas. >> sorry. >> okay. >> next speaker, please. >> hi good afternoon
3:32 am
no mci thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm terry chin the pastor at christ of all nations church 3 blocks from san bruno avenue my concern the safeties of the people who congregate a short distance from the property site on san bruno avenue we have hundreds of people that come every saturday to our food pantry mostly elderly people that are effected negatively because of the traversing and the increase in crime and many young people and children that are on the streets that come over from the taylor and martin
3:33 am
luther king schools that participate in our activities and program we're trying to help and make the community a better place a safer place for all people i believe that the proposal is not a good thing for our community it will bring more issues rather than solve issues thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm marlene trend a retired public school teacher and a a long time activist in the southeast sector here to oppose this mcd in districts 9, 10 and 11 one of the headlines is entitled marijuana related illnesses increases by did your elizabeth she quote elementary
3:34 am
rooms have seen an increase and the united states attorney regarding the mcd enforcement actions the main theme expressed the impact on children marijuana dispensaries are full of cash and many public about their operation they're at a risk of being robbed and given the fact there is already crimes in the neighborhood mcd will overwhelm us with additional safety actions united states attorney assumed that up if so it close to children that's a line we draw we are opposing this because of the increasing health problem on the dwindling health systems and the foreseeable harm
3:35 am
effects to close the school programs and childcare centers more and more mcds are targeting the southeast sectors many residents are totally unaware of those intrusion because supervisors with not required to to the residents and many non-resident english speakers and never receive the notices no posting of those hearing on the site until a month before despite the fact the mcd extend the plaques a month earlier the mcd are not required to to the community two mcd in silicon valley has not con this the mcds have targeted our residents we ask you to deny the applications ever 131 san bruno there small
3:36 am
business more tomorrow's on the mroifg proliferations we hope you do with us. >> excuse me - folks we don't allow clapping in the room. >> no mcds in san bruno thank you. >> hi no mcd at the 30th san bruno because in the - no mcd
3:37 am
in here thank you. >> good afternoon my name is randy support the s pa wellness because it is a chance for alternative medications to come through i don't have to continue to take heavy drugs in pharmacies in the area i feel there is a chance for alternative medications to come back into the community that will bring income and probably bring the community together a little bit more being able to experience a different type of alternative medicine so thank
3:38 am
you very much and enjoy your day. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is a karen my understanding there are happening more than thirty mcds according to the san francisco i don't believe we need anymore i oppose to opening any more mcd especially in the san bruno there are a lot of children and seniors and adults i've seen increase traffic throughout san bruno avenue for the past 10 years traffic has increased we don't need any more crime and drugs in the neighborhood please consider our children's future we need them to be raised in a healthy society thank you. >> hi good afternoon no mcd in my neighborhood and keep it safe
3:39 am
thank you. >> good afternoon no mcd in our neighborhood. >> good afternoon. my name is jacob i'm a veteran of operation active freedom he support safe assess for all americans and studies indicate that medical cannabis dispensary improve the safety of neighborhood and communities thank you. >> good afternoon. i no mcd in our neighborhood and keep san francisco i mean san bruno safe
3:40 am
thank you. >> good afternoon no mcd thank you. >> hi, my name is may i take the bus the live bus everyday to work always i can smell and see the people and smell the marijuana i feel right now the people go eat the chinese people eat them opium no mcd in our neighbor thank you. >> commissioner president fong can we take a break. >> one second we're moving through pretty
3:41 am
quickly if you want a 5 minute break there's enough to have a quorum if you want to take a break. >> the concern is over folks lining up before they're called. >> i see can you reset the time thank you. >> so good evening. i'm here as a concerned sentence as a patient a lot of issues the community that concerned with keeping children safe is paramount according could the studies 9 to 5 in fact, in 2009 the denver police department and the la police department survey indicated robberies were down
3:42 am
and banks are more likely to get robbed then medical cannabis dispensary their contained in a few limited district that creates hardships when relying on transportation people are limited resources have a hard time getting to the serviced we ask those services be available in all neighborhoods so there's no smoking onsite in california law states that cannabis can't be smoked pubically so the concern of second-hand smoke has been realized people turn to increase ground market value if no cannabis and those drugs can - i want to see this provided to the public and stimulate -
3:43 am
or further burdening the legal system we need to support compassionately support in the importantportollo and i'm david near the san bruno avenue for the last 25 years and raised 3 kids i against the mcd open up in anywhere neighborhood because it is respectfully our neighborhood for the kids and schools because for the school too close to the playground i urge all the commissioners listen to us i'm
3:44 am
just a mall guy but listen to us and our voice thank you. >> hi good afternoon. my name is lisa no mcd in our neighborhood please keep san bruno safe thank you. >> hi no mcd in my neighborhood thank you. >> hi good afternoon no mcd in my neighborhood.
3:45 am
>> good afternoon. my name is helen no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> hi good afternoon all the commissioners my name is a linking i live in san bruno in the district a long time many years no mcd on san bruno avenue we need to care about our children the health and the future and we need our community is safety safety thank you all the commissioner consider our voice thank you very much. >> good afternoon. my name is delores lynn no mcd in our
3:46 am
neighborhood. >> good afternoon everyone my name is peggy wow. no mcd at san bruno avenue. >> good afternoon no mcd in san bruno avenue thank you. >> good afternoon no mcd in the san bruno thank you. >> hi good afternoon my english no great no mcd in san
3:47 am
bruno avenue thank you. >> thank you. >> hi good afternoon. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i hope we hope no d mc in our neighborhood thank you. >> hi good afternoon no mcd thank you so much. >> if i good afternoon. i'm tony a resident in the san bruno area he live actually a block
3:48 am
away from san bruno avenue and strongly opposed to opening of an mcd in our neighborhood the reason that will divide our community and make our community very unsafe and just going to impact our children very negatively because our children will be exposed to the marijuana because it is so close is to the bus stop at school studies have shown that marijuana when smoke is releases a deadly carr gene no mcds thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone no
3:49 am
mcd in san bruno avenue thank you. >> good afternoon, everybody no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone no mcd in san bruno avenue thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone i have 5 children so i really strongly disagree with marijuana in our neighbors in san francisco no mcd in san francisco - san bruno area thank you. >> hello, everyone
3:50 am
one of my family's don't want mcd in our neighborhood no mcd in our neighborhood my kids go outside into the playground and good for them to grow up thank you. >> my name is kim lee i don't like the mcd on san bruno avenue because they're one part is very danger on the corner okay. thank you. >> my name is alex no mcd on san bruno avenue because it is too close to school and too close to traffic i'm strongly against the mcd on san bruno
3:51 am
avenue. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> no mcd. >> good evening no mcd in san bruno thank you. >> no mcd - okay. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> no mcd thank you. >> hello no mcd san bruno
3:52 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. we got the message. >> lou can we no san bruno thank you. >> no mcd on san bruno thank you. >> no mcd.
3:53 am
>> hello happy new year thank you. >> hi good afternoon, everyone my name is jan in a no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> i'll call a few more names (calling names) i think some of those the (calling names). >> hi my name is kathy woe
3:54 am
please keep our city safe no more second-hand smoking thank you. >> hi no mcd. >> no mcd avenue. >> hi, my name is julia i'll be living in in area for 35 years and i strongly oppose mcd at san bruno avenue and you know to keep our children have a better and safe life and less crime thanks.
3:55 am
>> no mcd in our neighborhood mostly our san bruno area they are all immigrants they work hard to settle down not easy for them they have senior and kids around all the time and san bruno is a really, really busy area so, please stop this thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone my name is alice chino mcd in san bruno area please thank you. >> my name is billy brand new net he support cannabis i have a
3:56 am
card i was at my doctors today and talking about different medicines what's the side effects i can deal with the pain with cannabis as opposed to taking the chance on something else i think that is safer for everyone they should have the choice to side that because that is legal thank you for your time good afternoon. i'm been in america for two years i've strongly against the mcd in our neighborhood advertised really dangerous for the healthy people and the children the people needs they can please yeah keep
3:57 am
san bruno safe thank you. >> no mcd in san bruno. >> next speaker, please. >> no mcds in san bruno. >> hello no mcd.
3:58 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> no c n d san bruno. >> no m t c san bruno. >> susan and no mcd in san bruno. >> no mcd. >> hi, my name is sheryl no
3:59 am
mcd in our neighborhood keep san bruno safe thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> hello no mcd in our neighborhood kim say no safe thank you. >> hello no mcd yeah. >> good afternoon. my name is shay my husband and i own the repeat a new or brewery four
4:00 am
brooks from the medical cannabis dispensary richard have been so forth coming in their security plan how they want to support the surrounding community the as a matter of fact the medical cannabis dispensaries are legal in california additionally the planning commission has deemed the proposed site of the mcd to be within a green zone the zone the city has acceptable to have an mcd i see lots of signs saying keep san bruno safe i two time to keep it safe i have two children studied by the san francisco planning commission and the police department have proven that crime rates near mcds decline excuse me - i believe that the security richard have planted
4:01 am
will be at the end of the mcd why not let them open a legal business on san bruno if not them than who won will eventually open especially the people of california voted for recreational marijuana to be legal better so have 80s two gentlemen that want to help the neighborhood than an unknown entity to open up on a side note my husband a veteran and army education has taken a toll on hi body he's had many surgeries shortly after he retired from the army he tried a strain of marijuana and it did a lot for
4:02 am
his mobility thank you and have a nice day. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> no mcd. >> no mcd. >> san bruno. >> good afternoon simply no cd m - mcd thank you. >> no mcd in our neighborhood keep san bruno safe.
4:03 am
>> no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> no mcd in our neighborhood say simply no. >> no mcd in san bruno and
4:04 am
neighborhood. >> my name is lee no mcd in san bruno. >> my name is henry fong no mcd in san bruno. >> good afternoon no mcd in our neighborhood we want to keep our neighbor safe thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone no mcd in san bruno and in our neighborhood thank you.
4:05 am
>> on san bruno avenue. >> afternoon mcd no mcd thank you. >> yeah. >> no mcd. >> thank you. >> noimentz or my name is caylee lee no mcd no good for you the kids no good for
4:06 am
everyone and this one signed the papers for the neighbors and fami family. >> put it there we'll take it. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm felicia and no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> no mcd thank you. >> my name is amy lynn no mcd in san bruno no neighborhood thank you. >> and no mcd in our
4:07 am
neighborhood safe on san bruno thank you. >> no mcd in san bruno avenue thank you. >> hello good evening no mcd on san bruno. >> no mcd neighborhood thank
4:08 am
you. >> good afternoon no mcd in our san bruno neighborhood. >> my name is a becky and no mcd in our neighborhood. >> hi no mcd thank you. >> hi no mcd in san bruno it is no good for our children.
4:09 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> hi no mcd for children no good thank you. >> my name is cindy no mcd as san bruno avenue. >> good afternoon, commissioners and i live in the tfa tool neighborhood i'm concerned about there will be
4:10 am
don't understand why you choose the location next to so many schools i'm against it no mcd on san bruno avenue thank you. >> hello no mcd san bruno avenue thank you. >> hi i have 3 young kids and we've lived there such a long i'm concerned about the area i don't understand why they choose this place to open this store place so there are elementary schools
4:11 am
and caregivers in that area i strongly against mcds and we had the thing about this place and is environment so we want them to be safe for the children so no mcd thank you. >> hi good afternoon no mcd in san bruno avenue thank you bye bye. >> hello no mcds in san bruno avenue. >> are there more speakers outside do you know okay.
4:12 am
>> any speakers or any persons wanting to speak in overflow room 416 now is your opportunity to come into room 4 hundred and submit your testimony anyone in the room wanted to speak please come forward. >> i'm maggie i've been living in san bruno for many years now and know there are an elementary school and high school around the area opening up a dispensary is not is very good environment for children that be growing up so no mcds thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is kathy i support the mcd i seen friends getting stronger once medical
4:13 am
marijuana is recommended i hope any sick person will have access to it wherever they live thank you. >> sure. >> (inaudible). >> it would be fantastic if you could do the same in room 416 - yeah. okay. >> okay. wonderful thank you. >> great job thank you. >> come on up. >> i'm steven i'm a resident in the san bruno avenue neighborhood i've lived here since i was 4 so i've gone to all the schools in the area so i've been to er
4:14 am
taylor and burton high school they're relatively close to where the dispensary is located also two houses away from my houses what concerns me the most is really the potential crime things like that and also the children in the neighborhood easy assess and without - i don't see too much for leasing in the neighborhood especially in the low income neighborhood so like what would stop people from reselling the marijuana i've known classmates that smoke marijuana i support people's rights to smoke marijuana and use it for ma intensely purposes but that is earlier assessable
4:15 am
four for our children to buy it off someone that is what concerns me the most. >> thank you. >> my name is nelson i'm against to have the mcd in our neighborhood because i'm concerned about our children just a couple of hours ago the address on san bruno for the mcd is 4 bus stops lights from the corner and a lot of the high school students proceeded to go in front of of the door to go up and down so may i show you the records thank you.
4:16 am
>> jonas. >> speak into the my case please. all the high school students is
4:17 am
there at the school time thank you. >> my name is maggie i'm in the neighborhood my business more than 10 years i'm here for the commissioner all the supervisors can hear our voice i'll strongly disapproved of the san bruno we we need to keep the neighborhood safe and too cross to the bus station we can see many students waiting for the bus all the day in the neighborhood and that's not good for the children we need to be against it for the next generation thank you.
4:18 am
>> next speaker, please. >> hi my name is. >> june i'm a agent on san bruno avenue and a concerned parents of two so the reason i'm standing here not because i don't need medical marijuana but i don't want any children and all the neighbors to be imposed to second-hand smoke and in addition to that if it is like the other applicant medical marijuana decreases the crime rates in the neighborhood we should put it on the agenda to open up mcds at every corner that will cut the costs on police force and everything else thank you. >> hi no mcd in our
4:19 am
neighborhood please keep our children, our neighborhood safe thank you. >> hello no mcd in our neighborhood please thank you. >> hi, good morning my name is cindy no mcd in our neighborhood please because i don't like the smell no good for the children thank you. >> hello no mcd in san bruno
4:20 am
thank you. >> hello no mcds in san bruno avenue. >> hello no mcd hi no mcd in my neighborhood that is for my children. >> hi, my name is jamie the current resident of san bruno avenue and here to support no mcd in the neighborhood and i believe that there's a right place and time for a lot of things i think about marijuana as well and the majority of the neighborhoods didn't understand
4:21 am
what marijuana is that's why a lot of people find this to be concerning and i think that will almost thrive better in a different location i'm not saying that marijuana is bad in any way that's why there are medical reasons he support that but feel in this community already a culture and community that already works well the way it is by adding this in they can't understand not good thank you. >> hello my name is david i'm here to voice any concerns of no mcds i've been a resident of san bruno for along those i can remember and live partially like two houses away i believe we shouldn't open up a dispensary from my experience i've seen a lot of students around the area
4:22 am
people say yeah high schools but children will be given assess to the marijuana i believe this is true we on one there especially the high school they be able to assess it, it, it in outside of the school literally take the bus and pass by the dispensary they're the ones that purchase marijuana from reselling it to what will stop other people from having access to it i believe no mcds thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners so i'm here not to debate the merit of the decision of marijuana but to speak out begins in mcd that is proposed on san bruno avenue there's a fact there are many commuters that use the bus stops
4:23 am
on various corners and mr. of those are really young children we are well aware that cigarette smoke is bad for your health and causes lung cancer and bronchitis smoke linger for a long time for me sorry to me have no objection to the person use of marijuana, however, with that mcd your dictating the lives of business owners many are right next to the establishment strongly opposed to this thank you for your time. >> hi, my name is henry no mcd in san bruno avenue because that area a lot of the school up
4:24 am
there thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is a fiona my mcd in our area neighborhood keep san bruno avenue safe thank you. >> any other speakers outside? >> okay is there any other public comment? >> folks that have not spoken already. >> hello my name is e sdeblg he graduated from the high school and i believe that the mcd that's going to open up on
4:25 am
san bruno will be a great place for people that take transportation on the sfmta because dispensary open on mission street i believe that ever bus stop san francisco uses the bus stop transportation everywhere and i believe that's a great way for transportation it goes everywhere besides it being in front of san bruno i believe that is any assess for kids that go to burton or mlk that go down mission the same way as getting off the bus and having the medical dispensary and us on san bruno a lot of kids pass by but if we have good security in front of the medical cannabis there will not be you know assess for little kids or
4:26 am
elderly or people that don't have their medical cards, however, i believe would be great security like we'll have more officers because there's a police station on san bruno and we'll have a lot more security and police officers driving by around san bruno i believe it will be you know great security and safer for our community thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is wilson i'm an architect marshall arts sticker and master and healer i believe in holistic and herbal medication the main thing right
4:27 am
now needs to be a canvas education ♪ project many people have seen medical cannabis dispensary but this is a medical cannabis dispensary where you need license and doctors appropriations and things like that in order to go into that dispensary to obtain cannabis this is highly security with a good security plan list has been used many, many years ago thousands and thousands of years first for boo and arrow for the destruction but the found out sighed were good food source and medical source back from 27 b.c. to the empire the father of
4:28 am
chinese medicine found out that did i didn't know and yank was high and unique he's used this medicine in china for melara and absent mindness this has been treated by many western and eastern medicines to help sleeping disorders and eating and calm the brain cells and epilepsy and muscle stavmz and marijuana protect the brain after a stroke >> thank you sir, your time is up. >> okay. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm going to ask for no
4:29 am
outbursts. >> good afternoon. no mcd in san bruno. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is patty wong no mcds on san bruno avenue thank you. >> hello my name is cindy chang i support the wellness center i experiences that my husband has anxiety attacks and been an multiple medications that caused him to have motion issues and having him going to down symptom and every like that so all the experience i've been through with my husband and born and raised in the area and lived in san bruno for 10 years it is
4:30 am
crime it is not about putting a marijuana shop that causes the crime recycle one of the parents said oh, she's got to explain to the kids why security guard outside no different if clubs having security guards why go explain to the kids security guard or adult practices there is security guards for them to be secured i don't see any problem with opening up a wellness club i have 3 kids of my own they went to bayshore ton high the security guards they all have the cannabis cards and things like that in my opinion and a natural herb not like all the other message that are mixed that cause them through down
4:31 am
symptom and things like that thank you. >> my name is johnson i've been living in that neighborhood and 15 years ago i was disabled i fell and broke any back-alley cannabis actually helps me stand in front of you guys today and then also at the bus stop my son- no lighting and my daughter witnessed her friend was beat up in lighting this corner is a way bad we need something bright around there i take a bus to get
4:32 am
any meds and scared about coming back with the meds in my pocket just if that place opens i'll find if great for me, i hope you guys approve that thank you. >> hello, i support the inspection a wellness on san bruno that makes that easier for cannabis users like a cannabis center on mission for people in their neighborhood that will bring business to a lot of the stores around the area thank you. >> i support it, it is more convenient for all the other persons problems they're worried
4:33 am
about their kids first of all, that's their kids they should say good parents and not let them get close to that. >> i also think that for them not letting a medical cannabis club open it is selfish if you walk down san bruno you'll see medical places that's not fair and not like everyone will have access everyone has not has a card and not like people that pickup we'd and smoke that right there thank you. >> my name is ken i'm asking you not to support the measure because there's a lot of other options people are available to them they can get it online and
4:34 am
others options i'm hoping you 1-way street allow it to open thank you. >> hi good afternoon. my name is susan i come to here i don't know marijuana shop in the san bruno avenue because the area is high crime area not enough police to monitor that the area they have a lot of daycare and schools so no - so opposed property
4:35 am
opt opposed and business opposed please oppose marijuana shop on san bruno avenue thank you. i appreciate. >> hi not to exceed a cynthia two children living in san bruno avenue for almost thirty years i request that no mcd in our neighborhood because there's a lot of families and teenagers you know living around that neighborhood please no mcd in that neighborhood thank you. >> hi my name is a abby for the security of our neighborhood i don't port the mcd there i'm a preschool teacher and asked any children they say no,
4:36 am
not good that's my reason thank you. >> okay. any additional public comment? >> okay tell you what the commission will take a 3 minute break we're looking for a translator for a few folspeak. >> thank you guys. >> wait hold on are we ready. >> okay. thank you. >> all right. good evening and welcome back to the practitioner regular hearing for thursday, january 5, 2017, i will remind member of the public to silence our mobile devices so commissioners we're still - on item 13 for case thirty 2016 at
4:37 am
thirty 15 san bruno a mandatory discretionary review so if those members of the public who need interpretation could now speak if you want to assess an interpreter or collectively representing they're not interested in the mcd in the san bruno area raise your hand that would be effective as well. >> thank you very much is there any other public comment. >> okay. he already spoke. >> he already spoke. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> you already spoke ma'am. >> ma'am. >> he again not speak two well no, no. >> is there any additional public comment? >> for anyone that has not
4:38 am
spoken yet. >> only for persons not yet spoken. >> good night, sir. >> how you doing i'm dill lesson and so for i've heard about second-hand smoking i've been around san bruno and went to the high school when i walked to school angle san bruno i see people smoking cigarettes and didn't understand the difference between marijuana use and opening an cannabis shop is a big deal because necessary can't use their own product in front of the store and i'm pretty sure that people know when to use marijuana not in front of children or yeah. >> okay.
4:39 am
>> is there any additional public comment? >> yes. >> for someone who has not spoken. >> i speak chinese. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. she says they oppose the mcd in 3015 san bruno avenue because it is a bus stop right there. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and have the daycare center. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> is the impacting our children is very negative impact for
4:40 am
children. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> there're a freeway entrance and is lots of traffic. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> that is impacting our neighbors and our lives and our safety is not like a concern of ours. >> thank you. >> okay >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> i oppose. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. >> i oppose mcd mcd because
4:41 am
this is too near schools and daycare centers and also it is a bus stop nearby so i oppose it thank you. >> okay. >> my name is and irene he live in san bruno area it is almost 35 years ago so i have 3 kids i always walk in the san bruno by the, you know, the market and buy food so you know the kids and you have a lot of you know the daycare school, high school, you know the senior you know a lot of people is walking on the san bruno area
4:42 am
so i think center san bruno is already you know a healthy and safe for the area so i suggest no mcd that store opened on the san bruno area thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi my name is what you think i'm living in san bruno 20 years went to school i didn't want to open one in my area thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm teresa live nearby thirty years ago already and you know the traffic is really bad
4:43 am
it is heavy used to be two lanes now, one lane and i can see the traffic if necessary offer this more cops office over there and sometimes when i go home he can see people over there so sometimes, i see homeless living underneath the freeway they're poor over there i don't know if we offer it for the homeless i - don't, when the sons tell me they tell me that - i tell him i don't know you know it is effects everyone my kids get off from the school and bus stop he
4:44 am
tell me that they're connected off from the school bus and run over there so right front of the bus stop and the store is close to the 101 freeway people from san bruno and other parts of the city can drop by a buy - >> next speaker, please. >> my name is a vinnie. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> her child one in elementary school and one in kindergarten
4:45 am
school and right near by san bruno avenue 30th 15 the san bruno store. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> you opened the mcd on san bruno avenue is really about her kids safeties. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> please understand i'm a parent of the kids and then understand how we are feeling about the safety of our kids. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> please do not on the mcd in san bruno avenue thank you. >> thank you. >> no mcd. >> inform mcd. >> okay.
4:46 am
>> next speaker, please. >> okay. you can speak now. >> no mcd if we open up a store for marijuana then that means that will attract more people and they'll get in the habit of visiting that store often not only that marijuana bad for your body what effect the environment we live in as a student i think that is important for students to be able to be safe and opening up a marijuana dispensary will not make that happen
4:47 am
i live and go to school near san bruno avenue. >> i take the bus to go to school everyday and that bus stop is near the store which makes that dangerous so no mcd thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is jason trend no mcd because it hurts other people and it makes you good crazy and i'm scared to go up to the school now i'm scared to go to school because theirs mcd a store near - their opening a store for d
4:48 am
mcd. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, everybody my name is jan which you no mcds on san bruno avenue please thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello noisome in favor the mcd at in opening importantly toll valencia i ohio for myself that will help to educate people when i was young i used cannabis
4:49 am
at a young age i feel it was were a cannabis i feel i would be more educated about marijuana and stuff like that yeah. if you create a lot of the economy creates jobs with proposition 64 more dispensaries that be open and recreation alley legal they'll have to open their hearts and mind a lot more towards cannabis the way we treat it for some people might be hard to get used to it will be here a long time so, yeah i'm in complete favor of that okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> >> next speaker, please. >> i understand that some people needs the marijuana for
4:50 am
ma intensely use you how about the other people around them like me, i'm pregnant, however, everything i'm taking the bus and people after they smoke the marijuana and get bus i have to take the number 9 and number 8 but is there not somewhere i can escape i have to smell this type of smelling and i feel like vomiting it makes me sick. >> thank you if you can stop it thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> if the person can silence their mobile device please. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> his name is mr. tom.
4:51 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm coming here to oppose the marijuana store on 30th 15 san bruno avenue. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it is near the school nearby. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> 10 years of school and church and students if you open a marijuana store over there it is unsafe for the kids. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> that's why he's coming to the commissioners do not pass the mcd on san bruno avenue. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> because for the kids future
4:52 am
and then the kids will get influence from this type of bad behavior. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> that's will be effecting the future that is for the kids for the next generation and the kids if they learning will be impacting their generation. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> he's cia wong. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> he's opposed for the
4:53 am
marijuana smoke over there because he can smell the marijuana it is really effecting him and not best for him and impacting his smelling. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> a lot of students around there and a lot of kids in getting impacts and the impacts that's why he come to oppose for the mcd there. >> thank you. >> i think we're getting the message that is imperative. >> my name is yank. >> (speaking foreign language.)
4:54 am
>> i oppose the marijuana store in there because a lot of schools around there. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> in the area the traffic is very bad and the street is narrow and the safety is really important for us because unsafe. >> okay. >> my name is joanne i'm against the marijuana store in my neighborhood i live very close and i have allergic to the smell please don't approve the
4:55 am
store open there thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> andrew here actually shouldn't be allowed for legal consumption legalizing marijuana is destructive only to suggest our next generation to start off with this for the activities and facilities will be definitely leading to social disorder should civil justice allow this to happen should we support for the holy virtues i don't believe god allows people to have this this is not only damaging for ones physical body but one better health and marijuana
4:56 am
means striving without thinking of caring about the actions and possibly resulting from behavioral patterns and in taking the chances by the way, marijuana is an expensive drug in addition to marijuana will definitely lead to more problems what integrity and the holy virtues one must stay away from the addiction of marijuana amen thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
4:57 am
language.) >> no mc - >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm opposed to the mcd store in san bruno avenue. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> mixed use store open there it effecting the environment and a lot of people walking by is really bad for the environment thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
4:58 am
language.) >> my name is shelly. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm living if san bruno avenue. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm opposed the mcd on san bruno avenue. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> because they have negatively impacting the area and the people that live in there and the children who live there and nearby. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm coming here to ask you
4:59 am
to oppose the mcd marijuana store because that is rapport for the kids health and nearby please oppose it. >> thank you. >> okay. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> my name is joyce i only see - i help my neighborhood safety no mcd store in our neighborhood i want to keep my family and the children safety in our neighborhood and living safety that's it thank you. >> great, thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> not seeing any, public -
5:00 am
>> good evening my name is a ellen i'm a psychic social worker we work with the staff and parents on behalf of a lot of the participated and a long time resident near 3015 san bruno avenue i think you've heard from all the people more than three hundred speakers opposed no before you and 3 thousand signatures and gave it to you and you know that is a high traffic area so show you the video earlier by one of the members in the community and as you've heard federal law is a us 1922 illegal you know the health organization quote it as an illegal it is a drug it needs to be regulated, however, we looking at kindergarten
5:01 am
elementary school and high school and has been coming here voig their concerns and earlier many people are limited in english they didn't say cd m they're not informed and you know what the people who organized they do this in the fall and kick the family and children for hearing what happened i mitchel a teacher on weekend at the san francisco community empowerment center we know that two weeks ago ago we have more thousands of people and voiced their concerns no application for mcd on san bruno avenue not good for many people it has been presented to you already thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi i was the leasing agent
5:02 am
representing sailor to poverty i have a buyer the buyer wants to - i did a little bit of homework i tell him not because too close to schools and also daycare and - my buyer asked me do you want to make money, of course, everyone wants to make money but please give up this it, it is too close to school and students have to stay home or community-based to school everybody be happy thank you very much god bless you. >> in dep>> next speaker, pl.
5:03 am
>> we're not here against the mcds unless one is opening next to the chinese i apologize for the patients that need an mcd i believe that medical marijuana is necessary for the chronically ill but not the right match san francisco is a difference city communities co-exist we respect and work with the new cultures san bruno a well established neighborhood for the chinese shops and restaurants grocery stores are set up to provide for those who make that corridor their home the old and young the sick and frail the monolingual and the under privileged came
5:04 am
here to oppose no more extremely circumstances to preserve the vibrancy than to respect the members of the community and their way of life how they raise their kids the last thing we need is for this peaceful neighborhood to have an mcd through the forbid of this subdivided community in addition wait for the marijuana tasking to finalize this for opening further mcd please turn down this project thank you for listening to the neighborhood voice. >> thank you. any additional public comment. >> (clapping.) >> okay. thank you. >> please. okay public hearing, public comment is closed. and opening up to commissioners
5:05 am
commissioner melgar. >> thank you. i had a question of staff so in the project analysis under number one you say that the project meets the criteria because the parcel containing the mcd not located one one thousands of private are public secondary school or public facility and the recreation center that primarily serves persons under 18 so did we not define child time that is 200 and 50 feet away as a facility serving children primarily under 18? >> yeah. in the code of elementary and secondarily schools childcare and daycare are in definition to a personal service and fall under a different category in the planning code. >> i see that as a difference
5:06 am
without a definition the child is 5 it's not okay. but. >> under any impression of the planning code due to the fact it daycare has no longer adult supervision with kids placing in soccer folds but in the interest of the code. >> but daycare is a preschool. >> correct. >> excuse me - excuse me - >> we won't tolerant any outburst okay. >> so the other question is about the neighborhood character and you know the last speaker who spoke said something that i pay attentioned about the task force and the design guidelines i lived next to a couple of mcds
5:07 am
the storefront they change the pedestrian experience in front of those and seen it done really well on one particular one that came from the commission was welcoming and warm so in our analysis of what they're proposing i think this will not change the neighborhood character. >> in my opinion the security they filed has to do their best to enforce the cbo school and their patrolling other mcds didn't have this extensive current like eyes on the street, i believe that is an item i discussed in the report. >> so you know just. >> in regards. >> my permanent having you
5:08 am
know seen both the sort of having presents out there of the school district a intimidating in a reads to the preschool i did multiple discussion with the zoning administrator on where that line falls he said the preschools and childcare's don't fall into the criteria we review within one thousand feet. >> thank you i will not be supporting the project i think the community is overwhelmingly against it and i don't think it is necessary and desirable for this particular spot and that think that is close to the freeway i think that we haven't quite studied the repercussions from the traffic an san mateo county for
5:09 am
the the only reason and the character of the neighborhood. >> commissioner moore. >> thank you for the community coming out and speaking for or against this is a difficult subject and while i hear commissioner melgar making observations which are partially shared would you, please not use our flashlight it is hard on any uses it is difficult for us using those criteria that govern how wore to look at the subject of mcd which we've done for 10 years or longer to basically take the push back from the neighborhood as an element by which we just what can and can't be if i simply look at mcd not the newest interpretation of recreational marijuana the rules
5:10 am
are clear i'll mr. spears the community mentioned middle school, high schools and other public facilities which my definition would fail under consideration, however, i don't see a map which responses to what the community claims is nearby can you explain i see those two discriminated and basically, the interpretation of the childcare preschool facilities there is nothing there isn't that correct. >> within one thousand feet no trirth the secondarily and other communities. >> i assume you attended the community outreach merge so the instructions by which the community understand we're about to do has been made clear to everyone. >> i was not able to did hearing was adjusted due to the fact that was original scheduled
5:11 am
on the 26 and moved up to the 5 they adjusted things i was not able to attend. >> the difficulty not us having the planning code to know those instructions basically, what governs us to do has been communicated to the community because personal opinions in this case don't matter as much as we're asked to do and take an impartial look how mcds that is state law supported when i the city and county of san francisco can and should be placed the discussions over the last 10 years is neighborhood entity we've been concerned about the strong doesn't even clustering up and down michigan street that particular push back from madam chair rosales including supervisor campos and now we're fourth street health in an area
5:12 am
where that is possible to place one but have this incredible push back by the community the only thing i want to add and basically, not clear where i personally need to take this a passing of proposition 64 a lack of clarity there's a lack of new benchmarking of what we need to do because we need i think extra combines in order to do this properly i see director rahaim need can you ask a little bit of a purview of where you think this is going. >> commissioners with respect to the state bladed measure 64 we're work together with the department of health to develop regulations what seems korea to date i should say that will take many months the proposition at the state level was literally if
5:13 am
you recall 46 different types of liquor licenses the same thing 12 different types of off recreational marijuana regulations they don't center the regulations in place but identified 12 types of licenses we'll have to develop the regulations and the state licensing procedure will not be in place until january of next year and we're to have them in place in september to be ready what is clear we'll be still need to regulate medical marijuana mcds because of the way the state law is structured a definition not totally clear how much of a distinction but between medical and recreational facilities you'll probably see them in some fashion not
5:14 am
automatically be approvable is my likely presentation. >> the only thing at many moment the may the record show are entrepreneurial but community-based to licensing by public health extra should ultimately be able to become hybrid mcds so the mcd plus recreational at many moment as it is unclear to us makes it extremely difficult to be falling into the difficult of this important dialogue relative to the land use to make decisions about mcds without knowing what the future will bring for us who went through the process i'm torn - >> just to be clear to add the
5:15 am
state are regulate a license marijuana but the ballot measure allows the cities to regulate from the land use perspective so we could be the cities could be more restrictive, if you will, they can't be less retrofit but add additional regulations at san francisco's choosing so there will be many choices us or for us to make and the mayor's to regulate the industry. >> and it is i guess the bottom line what i learned in the last meeting he attend a lot more complicated than i thought and several months to work out this. >> thank you. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> okay. so i look at san
5:16 am
francisco passed 74 percent i don't have a breakdown of the supervisors district not easy to find on the website with the department of the election he found it hard to believe that district 9 or 10 went the other way san mateo county we have a concern they don't have medical cannabis dispensary and we're worried about tourism with the traffic and quality of life issues passed 63 to 37 percent so if you were in san mateo and my board of supervisors or county commissioners said we'll continue our moratorium on mcds i'll have to think again that
5:17 am
eliminates that medical cannabis tourism from san bruno and get our pot and do the quality of life and smoke or con assume and we're worried about them getting home the issue i have is threshold for conditional use a necessary and desirable we're looking exceptional or extraordinary but i'm sitting here what is quitclaimi exceptional or extraordinary this business what is extraordinary is the unknown so if we approve that today what worries me the proposition 64 gives the cities and counties the allowance to not make it more likely but to restrict if we approve that today i'm not
5:18 am
sure we're approving a conversion to a adult use in the future we don't have the regulations i don't know if we have is things that are retroactive there are things that are approved and grandfathered in i don't know that and the city attorney not here we have no idea what things look like come september one so also i'm not sure what the ability to convert from eating and drinking and consuming to smoking it in the future if we approve this today bans the consumption of eating and drinking how can we do it in the future i don't know. i don't have any background in the city attorney or staff a couple of questions i did have project sponsor of the 17 different state licenses you'll - what
5:19 am
licenses do you need now. >> right now states licenses are not available and the applications for the state in the process of doing the regulation now for the different licenses types no states licenses we can apply for based on the m m r s a adopted by legislative we'll need a retail outlet license in addition to san francisco license. >> what i was mentioning the issue of the listening. >> by no means if you approve an mcd now the establishment will be able to sell to recreational users in the future the city is looking at how it
5:20 am
wishes to regulate right now we have the rules in place now sincerely the certainly the applicant met all the requirement we talk about you think the community sentiment no way the district went from 76 percent citywide to somehow opposed a lot of the people that showed up to testimony against it are not from the neighborhood bus in from other neighborhood. >> we've had this situation the most recent one that approved two recently one i think that was 60 square feet in the financial district. >> divisadero and south of market was delivery only this is retail which i'm just more
5:21 am
hesitant i take pause in trying to understand what the ramifications are for the neighborhood i'll let the commissioner weigh in. >> i share some of the concerns you have not sure at that point of limbo what we are approving could be converted to so i have hesitation i have a question that commissioner melgar asked is it true that phil and john burton high school are outside of a thousand feet 3 blocks away from the guaranteeing maps. >> yes. a map in the staff report i think that is just after. >> i see that. >> yeah. it is from one thousand feet from parcel to parcel it falls outside of that
5:22 am
south radius. >> thank you for confirming that. >> yeah. i don't know if i see this as exceptional or extraordinary need for the neighborhood obviously folks from the neighborhood and also folks in support from the neighborhood but it is pretty clear the majority are not in support of this. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> so i guess we brought 5 members up here we need 4 to take dr to take dr or not take dr the project is approved as say, i see we have a split opinion i move to continue this to september 21st when we can understand what the regulations will look like.
5:23 am
>> second. >> jonas when something is continued. >> generally speaking anything that has received notice 6 months ago would require renotice so in this particular case is requires renotice so. >> let's continue it within 6 months. >> commissioners it is up to i was asking the - the option to continue it indefinitely you can reinforms it we'll - if you condition it indefinitely it will have been to renoticed anyway. >> let's shot for a date september 21st. >> is that okay excuse me - commissioner melgar. >> can i comment on that.
5:24 am
>> fundamentally it seems unfair you have the rules in place they've followed them to continue this because you, i don't know what the board of supervisors may or may not do with the task force may or may not and it is up to them. >> i mean not seeming right to put them in limbo for another 6 months you should follow the dr. >> the other option to simply say no. >> i think that is what the project sponsor was saying you can approve it or say no to the dr. >> commissioner moore. >> director rahaim i think
5:25 am
planning and the commission have an active ingredient because of the land use all the questions will combo play we look at recreational marijuana in this category it still needs to support all objectives of planning and neighborhoods of criteria having said that, i believe that continuing it will be with the intent to inform ourselves and the next level of judgment is a fair response to the ambiguity we're in this commission has 99.9 percent throughout the years we've sat here long or short or in between supported and approved all the mcds we have to sit here we've
5:26 am
done that you probably know that it's for that reason i think we're fair to the quany to suggest a continuance to give you a better response at the time when we have that information. >> there are that be more criteria but not undermine what we need to do and we'll clarify that. >> so - let me know scombhifks commissioner vice president richards. >> are you taking a financial hit if you wait 9 months we should say no. >> we prefer you not say no, of course, but i mean other options available condition it upon you you know coming allow
5:27 am
them to open for the 9 months and come back and require they be reapproved and then have some that real data and can see has it increased crime has there been issues with children getting in there their phantom issues. >> i realize not a lot of issues but cultural issue we have cannabis dispensaries in my neighborhood that are well ragged if there was no prop 64 i'll absolutely be in favor of that but the unknown is extraordinary. >> of course we will not prefer you disapprove we're requesting the ability to open up, of course, the applicants will be
5:28 am
dancing a significant financial hit by delaying it. >> come back for additional approval. >> i don't know if we can do that. >> with the city attorney. >> i'm no longer a city attorney. >> i mean it does seem like from the commission has over the years been supportive and approved those mcds that met all the criteria your staff says that meets all the criteria why are you penalizing those people and to study with the dental recreational use we're not asking that but a medical
5:29 am
marijuana use. >> i'm supportive of the continuance i'm sorry anything else. >> you have a majority for a continuance then. >> okay. >> commissioner a motion is a motion that has been seconded shall i call the question? >> please. a a motion to continue. >> commissioner koppel. >> no commissioner melgar. >> commissioner >> commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 4 to one would go commissioner koppel voting against. >> commissioners that places us. >> (clapping.) >> - under general public comment excuse me - we have one more item general public comment there are no speaker cards. >> any general public comment this evening. >> we do is that allowable.
5:30 am
>> sir, you spoke under general public comment this morning. >> thank you. >> okay. any general public comment okay. seeing none public comment is closed. the meeting is adjourned
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>> welcome to "culturewire." today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly unique artist residency programs.
5:44 am
we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked
5:45 am
with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about recology, do you have the only
5:46 am
sculpture garden at the top? >> it is based on work that was done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have been here so far and what you're
5:47 am
working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now. this is a greeting card that i found, making it embroidered.
5:48 am
it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel. what attracted you to apply for this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best. >> what materials were you immediately attracted to when
5:49 am
you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer, going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor, about 8 feet long. in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts, it is part of the process of negotiating the final form.
5:50 am
>> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional? maybe going back from the 3f to 2d. >> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages, and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a structure that reflects back into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every
5:51 am
four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out. we have food. sometimes we have gains and bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪ >> hi. welcome to san francisco. stay safe and exploring how you can stay in your home safely after an
5:52 am
earthquake. let's look at common earthquake myths. >> we are here at the urban center on mission street in san francisco. we have 3 guest today. we have david constructional engineer and bill harvey. i want to talk about urban myths. what do you think about earthquakes, can you tell if they are coming in advance? >> he's sleeping during those earthquakes? >> have you noticed him take any special? >> no. he sleeps right through them. there is no truth that i'm aware of with harvey that dogs are aware of an impending earthquake. >> you hear the myth all the time. suppose the dog helps you get up, is it going to help you
5:53 am
do something >> i hear they are aware of small vibrations. but yes, i read extensively that dogs cannot realize earthquakes. >> today is a spectacular day in san francisco and sometimes people would say this is earthquake weather. is this earthquake weather? >> no. not that i have heard of. no such thing. >> there is no such thing. >> we are talking about the weather in a daily or weekly cycle. there is no relationship. i have heard it's hot or cold weather or rain. i'm not sure which is the myth. >> how about time of day? >> yes. it happens when it's
5:54 am
least convenient. when it happens people say we were lucky and when they don't. it's terrible timing. it's never a good time for an earthquake. >> but we are going to have one. >> how about the ground swallowing people into the ground? >> like the earth that collapsed? it's not like the tv shows. >> the earth does move and it bumps up and you get a ground fracture but it's not something that opens up and sucks you up into haddes. >> it's not going anywhere. we
5:55 am
are going to have a lot of damage, but this myth that california is going to the ocean is not real. >> southern california is moving north. it's coming up from the south to the north. >> you would have to invest the million year cycle, not weeks or years. maybe millions of years from now, part of los angeles will be in the bay area. >> for better or worse. >> yes. >> this is a tough question. >> those other ones weren't tough. >> this is a really easy challenge. are the smaller ones less stress? >> yes. the amount released in small earthquakes is that they are so small in you need many of those.
5:56 am
>> i think would you probably have to have maybe hundreds of magnitude earthquakes of 4.7. >> so small earthquakes are not making our lives better in the future? >> not anyway that you can count on. >> i have heard that buildings in san francisco are on rollers and isolated? >> it's not true. it's a conventional foundation like almost all the circumstances buildings in san francisco. >> the trans-america was built way before. it's a pretty conventional foundation design. >> i have heard about this thing called the triangle of life and up you are supposed to go to the edge of your bed to
5:57 am
save yourself. is there anything of value to that ? >> yes, if you are in your room. you should drop, cover and hold onto something. if you are in school, same thing, kitchen same thing. if you happen to be in your bed, and you rollover your bed, it's not a bad place to be. >> the reality is when we have a major earthquake the ground shaking so pronounced that you are not going to be able to get up and go anywhere. you are pretty much staying where you are when that earthquake hits. you are not going to be able to stand up and run with gravity. >> you want to get under the door frame but you are not moving to great distances. >> where can i buy a richter scale? >> mr. richter is selling it. we are going to put a plug in
5:58 am
for cold hardware. they are not available. it's a rather complex. >> in fact we don't even use the richter scale anymore. we use a moment magnitude. the richter scale was early technology. >> probably a myth that i hear most often is my building is just fine in the loma prieta earthquake so everything is fine. is that true ? >> loma prieta was different. the ground acceleration here was quite moderate and the duration was moderate. so anyone that believes they survived a big earthquake and their building has been tested is sadly mistaken. >> we are planning for the bigger earthquake closer to san
5:59 am
francisco and a fault totally independent. >> much stronger than the loma prieta earthquake. >> so people who were here in '89 they should say 3 times as strong and twice as long and that will give them more of an occasion of the earthquake we would have. 10 percent isn't really the threshold of damage. when you triple it you cross that line. it's much more damage in earthquake. >> i want to thank you, harvey, thanks pat for so, same time next week? well, of course.
6:00 am
(laughter) if you start leaning sfgovtv thank you for 90s all right. here we go this is the regular meeting of of the small business commission held on monday, january 9, 2017, this meeting is called to order at 5:33 p.m. that small business commission thanks the staff for televising the meeting on sfgovtv members of the public please take this opportunity to silence our discrepancy or other electronic if so public comment is limited to three minutes otherwise by the perfectly and speakers are requested but not required to-


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