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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  January 13, 2017 12:00am-12:31am PST

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>> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the tuesday, january 10, 2017, board of supervisors meeting welcome to your new it colleagues
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supervisor sandra fewer supervisor ahsha safai and conceptually welcome to the this is not our first meeting your second welcome and it the returning members with that, madam clerk please call the roll. >> and supervisor president london breed supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor fewer supervisor kim not present supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor safai supervisor tang supervisor yee madam president combourm quorum okay ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of
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allegiance of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, madam clerk any communications. >> i have no communications to report madam president. >> colleagues, any changes to the november 1, 2016, board meeting minutes seeing none, is there a motion to approve those minutes move forward two supervisor farrell seconded by supervisor tang colleagues without objection, without objection those board meeting minutes will - commissioner kim was no the room during the vote please call. >> a total of 9 million of transfer tax no 2016 through
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2017 for funding community college to support the students to place funds on controllers reverses revenues from the november 8, 2016, election. >> thank you supervisor president breed i'll normally not make a. for a second and final vote but the house this is a changed i thought for a new colleagues i'll talk a little bit about the the open of supplemental and the history and talked about a month ago in the 20th century our government made an expensive choice a- pre k that the education should be free and universal in the 21st century
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america became great during the 20th century a high school diploma was an opportunity to climb isn't middle-income now the innovation and item are raising ahead of the public education system research shows you by 202070 percent of all jobs in the country requires a post secondary degree or training and certify throughout the country many states are a opportunity for free education astonish high school students and the tuesday, january 10, 2017, inning iconic folks hillary clinton campaigned for college free as policymakers our role to reexamine the tools and resources we provide our citizenry we sorrow fundamentally giving people a chance i'll make the case as
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last month ago that includes says to the community college i've been asked why not a proposal and why should we subsidy education for individuals that can food it public education will be - but i ask why should we empties education for the children of facebook in facebook if they choose to send their kids to public school we believe thc-2 all gain i'm state a much for compelling statement for free community college i don't believe that a high school diploma is enough to give people enough for opportunities
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and the biggest elephant is our growing income and staff cities nation wide have a growing income gap 40 years ago more middle-income americans in the upper income bracket now more americans in our lower and upper than the middle-income the booking institution the gap between the rich and poor is destroying the country and the data the income gap rise over guatemala our own middle-income is shrinking between 2012 our middle-income slung into 45 to 34 percent in the meanwhile those earning under 25 thousand
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this is a grown while the percentage often earning more than one hundred thousand greenhouse and none can deny this in san francisco we see it on our streets and we are responsible i believe in 2, 3, 4 board xafchamber in san francis >> and there's no better way of doing it by investing in human capital and the citizens we can do that by investing in their education and livelihood of conceding so let's increase the opportunity for more san franciscans entering into the middle-class it is frankly shameful that student design team it the largest depth in america it is shameful that americans have to spend so much just in order to have a chance to have an opportunity to own
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their own home or rent a home in san francisco so raise their family and have maybe a decent is pension one day i have mentioned last month that 0 san francisco has a legacy of being bold and progressive we married gay couples and established universal health care and raise minimum wage to $15 by 2018 now i was one of the sthoorts of the minimum wage ordinance it passed with 77.5 percent of the vote but we know that the fight for 15 is not about lifting more people into middle-class that's my case why i believe that a case 2014 education system should be university and free examine and reexamine a policy to be about that sure if most of
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the citizens have a chance to make it in san francisco and, of course, around opportunity to grow middle-income i mentioned the luxurious transfer tax i introduced i believe that we can and should ask those who profited the most in the luxury housing market to make it better for all of us make sense that owns a building valued on behalf of $5 million the value of your property isn't just based on your own you hard work you should share the profit of your building and home with the rest of the city and those buildings are only valuable in san francisco a city which we've all made great that's indelible throughout the time we decided
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on how to spend the dollars we work closely with the labor council i've seen you in the audience thank you and 2121 whose manipulating i see and political director who came to our office and proposed that we use this all traffic luxury to apprehend to expand education and whether you're a public high school graduate or an adult that may not is gone to college to get our associates degree if you have a degree from you've make 11 thousand more not across the country and so work together with native 21 with the board of
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trustees to bring it 24 ballot measure four did votes no november many people have asked why we didn't make a tax this is simply we can't by state law you can't dictate real transfer tax otherwise we have had put that in we're here to ask to appropriate the dollars we committed as we campaigned to voters in san francisco to make city college free for all san franciscans so colleagues for your vote a month ago this measure placed 9 to one at the full board and want to acknowledge and thank all of my colleagues here last month and to my new colleagues, i ask for your support on moving forward so in august san francisco will become the first city in the nation to make community college free-for-all residents. >> (clapping.) >> i do want to acknowledge
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susan lamb that working closely in helping us and look forward to work because beyond the appropriation of the working with the board members on the implementation of how to make this a reality thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor safai. >> thank you i rise to speak in favor of this - what you call it i'm losing the words. >> supplemental request want to add to some of the things that supervisor kim talked about and one in particular when we talk about having a means test for something like that people that are often left out the most are the people working families overtime that fluctuates in terms of the cost of living and
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i know that governor cuomo proposed a threshold of one and 25 thousand making up for that and in many cases a teacher a nurse and their partner that's a working family member if you go go a little above that when in san francisco we're talking about continuing access for thefsh an important aspect i believe we should make that free for everyone and i commend supervisor kim and others. >> thank you supervisor safai and supervisor fewer. >> i'm also am a college graduate any father passed away when i was 14 years old and this is my only resource i know how expensive college is and leaving any position as commissioner of the board of education i know
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that is between the san francisco unified school district that every one of our seniors will graduate with college credits as they enter a 4-year institution and community college we transition 4 hundred plus students the students we serve 90 percent of color the majority are eligible for free and reduced lunch this is a a federal poverty line giles in their barely barely making it in san francisco we have the vigorous graduation requirement and one of the history graduation rates so our students are prepared to go to college sometimes city college is the only option i agree with sxim that is a solution one of the solutions to our wealth gap and one for homeless i also think that city college ask an
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institution that served many, many generations of san franciscans myself included and my husband included also and as gone on to live vibrant and health and safety families in san francisco and cage gave us that foundation for all the students and so for the san francisco unified school district that depend on city college i agree with supervisor kim that city college should be free and this should be something that we see as an extension of public education that is a human right and a 12 grade diploma is not enough a a two year free two year college education is part of a promise of public education so thank you supervisor kim for bringing this forward i look forward to supporting it. >> thank you supervisor fewer and supervisor ronen.
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>> thank you. i too supervisor kim am in support of 124 the supplemental and i would like to say what strikes me during a time when we there is legislation after legislation at the federal government moving us back with regard or ward this is one piece of legislation we have the power to move forward and to make a more equitable society we want to say the type of legislation that will make a difference in people's lives but it inspires them at the time we all deeply need inspiration there are two weeks left my understanding where the mayor spends the money immediately we could make city college free for the next semester he really urge 9 mayor to spend this money we're going to approve today and
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to provide that hope to the residents of san francisco thank you. >> thank you supervisor ronen supervisor farrell. >> thank you madam president and again, i agree with this policy but i am not going to vote in favor of it i don't agree with the way it is wrought forward despite the comments from my colleagues we are stripping the homeless budget in order to pay for this and as a matter of priorities the homeless are important in san francisco and as midterm budget cycle is the wrong decision to strip our budget. >> thank you supervisor farrell with that, seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk please call roll. >> supervisor breed supervisor cowen supervisor farrell no
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supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai commissioner president wolfram supervisor tang supervisor yee 10 i's with one no supervisor farrell descent the ordinance as finally passed. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations supervisor kim thank you for your leadership. >> with that, madam clerk please call item 2. >> an ordinance to authorize the department that elections for the fourth amendment to extend the term to 2018 and increase the total initiative from 19 to approximately 29 million and reinforcement.
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>> supervisor breed. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee there are 11 i's. >> the ordinance has finally passed unanimously next item. >> item 3 an ordinance to amend the administrative code to modify the fines and fees at the public library. >> okay colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is finally passed unanimously next time. >> an ordinance to amend the campaign and government conduct code to file the reports
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regarding the solicitation of charitable contribution same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is passed unanimously next. >> an ordinance to amend the plastering to add sections to create the mission and 9 street special use district and amend the height limit from the planning commission determination and make the appropriate findings same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is finally passed unanimously next item. >> all item 6 is an ordinance to amend the planning code to create an alternative for project sponsors for the fee to small site for the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> supervisor fewer. >> thank you madam president. >> as supervisor mar was the sponsor of this i'd like to speak about the richmond
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district by small site program and one of the worst no-fault eviction in the city we need to help the tenants in place with the office we have the ability to very early on identify the buildings that are in danger south africa the affordable housing and building our portfolio i look forward to building additional legislation solution. >> thank you supervisor fewer colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is finally passed unanimously next item, please. >> item 7 an ordinance to direct the rec and park department to install a memorial in bernal heights and directing other official acts and affirm the ceqa determination. >> reinforcement. >> on item 7.
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>> supervisor breed supervisor cowen supervisor farrell. >> no. >> supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee. >> there are 10 i's and one no, that supervisor farrell in the descent. >> the ordinance is finally passed next item, please. >> an ordinance to amend the code for restrictions on the sale of direction of drinking water to educate the city departments for the restrictions and make the environmental findings. >> madam clerk add me as a co-sponsor. >> call the roll. >> supervisor breed supervisor cowen. >> supervisor farrell
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supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee there are 11 i's and the ordinance finally passes unanimously next item, please. >> item 9 an ordinance to amend the various codes with the administrator code and he health and menu elections for substantive changes. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is finally passed unanimously next item. >> item ton 10 to overwhelmed the ordinance entitled regulating the width of the sidewalks for the reduction of a portion of easterly between
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clemente to the north and geary to the south to adopt the ceqa determinations and the findings. >> same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passed unanimously on the fdr and next item. >> item 11 ton ordinance to amend the planning code to permit terrace on a non-complying section under the article 11 and located on the assessors lot to firmer the planning department ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading. >> all right. let's skip over our 3:00 p.m. special orders madam clerk please go to committee report. >> item 22 was consideredcy the land use committee on a rescheduled meeting and forward as a committee report an
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ordinance to amend the you can to implement the vision zero regarding pedestrian safety and making the appropriate findings and affirming the planning department ceqa determination. >> supervisor peskin stem 23-22 we're on item number 22. >> (laughter) sorry there were two - sorry. >> so yesterday we heard this item at land use committee and sent it to the full board the timing on this is absent tough because as you may know the general plan amendments are deemed to become law in the board didn't act within 90 days and that will we're running up against the 90 days there's no board meeting the section on the 25th there are some provisions
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in here that cause concerns for my constituents obviously the high language of the vision zero element to the general plan make abundant senseless in as far as it only called out the requirement for the development of streetscape and public realm plans and one residential neighborhood that it is chinatown and not for any other residential neighborhood that caused concerns if constituents who are not - claim they're not consulted by the planning department organization like chinatown trip this is around for decades so - i think what we were interested in was some assurance from the planning department that they would be engaged in meaningful
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public participation and that will be done collaboratively unfortunately, because the late general plan work we couldn't put the language like that in i was hoping that someone from the planning department would be here to address this and there is excellent the uneasy conclusion we came to yesterday because our options are pretty limited that is as far as we want amend we can either vote it down and have them put in the language that the community is looking for or the uneasy piece we come to yesterday the planning department seemed to indicate they might be willing to come up with trailing legislation that will address the communities needs maybe we'll hear from planning what you guys are thinking about that. >> okay we have someone from planning department please identify
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yourselves. >> a planning department staff we're happy to develop the language that will be sufficient. i'll clarify that is policy is saying for areas we have high concentrations of pedestrians we want to develop the streetscape plan it is implied as part of the process and other projects we've been doing throughout the city >> supervisor peskin. >> i my office will endeavor to work with the planning department and the effective stakeholders to achieve that language. >> okay. >> supervisor yee. >> yeah. so i guess i'm a little bit hesitant to vote so for it at this point the general language for the vision zero seems fine but there's when i went through it quibble i realized it seems to be missing pieces for me.
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>> of course, we want to support improving those high incident corridors such as possible what we - i'm finding fault with that logic is that for you going to the intersection a thousand people crossing and two people might be involved with collisions in the crossing and then i have streets in my district and i think other people other supervisors have similar situations where in an intersection i've seen two people one killed badly injured for a street corner in which
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maybe 5 people cross a day and when you look at it you might say oh, that's not a high injury intersection or corridor when you consider when you look at it from different point of view not just that you recall numbers but looking at the percentage of people that users intersections it becomes a different be perspective i'm beginning to have discussions with ta and mta staff around that thinking and what this document didn't do it reflects that type of thinking and and i feel like if we let it go today it will continue to only focus on one way of thinking and that makes me very uncomfortable especially for my district i don't know if you have a response for that. >>


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