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tv   Small Business Commission 1917  SFGTV  January 17, 2017 6:00am-10:01am PST

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>> so then is akin to once we want a better shadow study? >> with increments 025 feet we can actually get rid of. >> just to clarify were looking for increments quantitative increments in terms of showing x number of square feet at this time, etc.? quantitative data? >> just like we saw was easy for us to see, they were the shadows it and for how long. >> okay. i guess there's two different-there's the quantitative data and then there's the graphical >> i think were much more graphically inclined. i can sit there and look at a table of numbers and get the full picture. we showed up there when he kind of went through was really helped get in other words the dr request or number two showed >> but that style of graphic >> yes. >> insofar as the intervals, i mean it's difficult to do hourly intervals for section 295 reporting but it sounds like what you're wanting is something of a more granular. during time just obviously many times it would either one hour would be already passed
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>> >> sure. it's actually commit of those other things that might-maybe you could get within this continuance or not get with the dr requesters shadow experts and come up with something that we could actually understand and agree on >> well, there's an existing model for all shadows of these are done which is section 295 model which of the various established menorrhagia is transparent instead of by the planning department >> item of you use that were not >> he did not >> let's use it and see what the impact is >> okay. we will follow with it a typical section 295 set of deliverables which would show >> clear map of the gardens >> identified exactly >> awnings and trees >> okay. >> how long would that take? >> well, i would probably be able to compare that level of study within two weeks. >> i won't be here in two weeks but if we can make it
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three weeks. >>[inaudible] [off mic] so >> sold february 2 >> i won't be here that day. >> i'm sorry to weaker i when i doing competing studies were only tasked mr. phelps-i just want to clear about that >> so is established methodology and stylish way to do shadow studies. that's what there can be preparing. maybe you can send them a copy of it and he could look out if any questions you can come to the person that's using the establishment. if you're using a stylish methodology it's a different answer the way of a problem. >> every 16th, commissioner squeak? >> yes. february 16. we have a motion and a second. without objection under the second >> i seconded spears shall i call the question on a motion
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to continue the matter on separate 1612 for further shadow analysis, commissioner johnson nay koppel aye melgar aye moore aye richards got so moved the motion passes for-one with commissioner johnson voting against. >> which places under general public, to which i have no cigna speaker cards. >> any general public comment? one general public comment. not on-you have 3 min. >> yes. i want to bring attention the fact that we just added another three weeks a lot of expense to a project for housing in the middle of a crisis literally because of shadows, not falling on a public park but on a private business. a private for-profit business. i just want to bring
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attention to that fact into the fact that it is scandalous and is literally embarrassment for san francisco. thank you. >> any additional speakers? we have 3 min. each. seeing none, the hearing is close. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >> (laughter) if you start leaning sfgovtv thank you for 90s all right. here we go this is the regular meeting of of the small business commission held on monday, january 9, 2017, this meeting is called to order at 5:33 p.m. that small business commission thanks the staff for
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televising the meeting on sfgovtv members of the public please take this opportunity to silence our discrepancy or other electronic if so public comment is limited to three minutes otherwise by the perfectly and speakers are requested but not required to- please place speaker cards from the elect turn called in the order their placed in the basket and amending a sign-in sheet sfgovtv please show the side >> happy new year welcome to the first small business commission meeting of our 2017 season as our custom, we begin the small business commission with a reminder that the office of small business is the only 35u78d the morning fog may chill the air, i don't care
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and of the small businesses in the county of san francisco. online and best of all our services are free of charge the small business commission a the official public forearm to voice your opinions about policies that effect the economic vitality of somebody's in san francisco if you need assistance with the small business commission start here at the office of small business thank you. >> okay item number one caseload r castle to order commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley and commissioner sanchez mr. president, you have quorum. >> all right. item 2 general public comment
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allows members of the public to comment on matters within is adjudicator but not on today's calendar for the agenda for future consideration discussion >> any public comment? that wants to comment on the item seeing none, public comment is closed. just a reminder public comment is limited to 3 minutes also less than that for a particular reason you'll hear a chime at 2 and a half minutes to include our remark we'll cut you off not our intention to be rude but the fairness to all speakers thank you in advance for your cooperation with that said, i understand people get nervous so i encourage you to written down our remarks and read them do not be embarrassed to read from a
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script this is not a talent show more demerits your objective to have your thoughts entered into the public record we sincerely appreciate our participation let's move on our item 3 discussion and possible action on lesbian registry distribution for the following applications to the legacy hardware good vibrations this is a good way to start the year >> sorry one second. >> always have an issue point of privilege sorry give me one
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second here. >> this is a little bit thick oh, these machines sorry i'm trying to get the screen to change but it is keeping me stuck on the live feed. >> no, i can't get the electronic screening i can't get the live feed thanks by. >> we're getting technical assistance those are on i can't assess that a part of screen it is broken. >> do you want to come to my
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microphone we can at least continue. >> oh, i can flip the power point for you there we go. >> sorry. >> well, i hope we can land this plane good evening commissioner president dwight and commissioners richmond the legacy business project sponsor and to the percent doing the caption thank you for your hard work and second note i'm the legacy business program manager not the lesbian program manager that was in the last meeting it sounds fun and interesting want to make that notation before you 3 applications for them to be included on the legacy business
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a power point presentation. >> the applications we are reviewed by completion and anytime does not planning department staff on november 2nd the historic preservation commission heard at the applications on december 7th and made a positive recommendation for each applicant your commission packet contains a staff report on resolution a case report from the planning department staff and a resolution from the historic preservation commission there are copies on the table for the public item 3 a is browns hardware found in 1905 is a long-standing repair service in the nob hill on polk street as one of the businesses to survive the 1906 san francisco earthquake fire brownies hardware is an interval part of community by carter to the
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diverse neighborhood by offering inventory that reflect tare diverse needs item good vibrations a railway that promotes safe sex for people of all gender and silksal organization in the mission district in 1977 by johnny a licensed family marriage therapist and developed the railway store with a welcoming well lit noting non- - to buy books and movies and obtain information for sexual health they brought on according to help with the distribution of information surrounding sexual health and education item 3 c is joe's ice cream the
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business in 1959 as the oldest ice cream par last year were unique ice cream flavors and embroider design a wide memo of ice cream and the business is a strong advocate for community support by hosting fundraiser and community gathering and hiring local youth to work with the shop and offering an award program that awards children with comes up for free ice cream. >> all 3 businesses received a positive recommendations from the historic preservation commission after reviewing the application from the historic preservation commission staff finds the businesses met the criteria for the legacy business registry there are 3 draft resolution for k by the small business
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commission one for each the planners note that e he emotion and support this be a motion in in favor of the resolution this that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> there are several representatives here that want to speak on behavior thank you, richard. >> thank you this is our most entertain and graiftd portion of meeting and started with a nice group of companies here so commissioners any comments before we open up for public comment all right. so we'll start public comment. >> okay. i will call these - speaker cards in order. >> first (calling names) two or three here. >> monique.
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>> two minutes limited to two minutes on this item. >> good evening my name is shawn kim sole owner of joe's ice cream thank you for us in the legacy business program an honor for us and my wife and lisa and i are the figure out generation owners and this is joe's ice cream in 1959 the generation has kept the characteristics throughout the years such it's flavor of ice cream and space and atmosphere and jose from the - who had operated over 33 years until 2012 we inherited all the receipts and operations and receipts from him a year later moved to the neighborhood and dedicated ourselves to the jose
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it is a juvenile experience it keep joe's experience alive the local founder where people get together for many points before and after sports in the project celebrating place for the holiday and the best place for young couples and walking sprays and grandchildren we have been happy to watch them to grow especially appreciate this legacy business during the process we couldn't find ourselves more clearly we kept 45 flavors for more than half a century with its long forgotten but classic flavors your family and 3 kids keep joe's ice cream steady and
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thrive and hope to make more memories in the future thank you. >> great. thank you very much those first ice cream dates. >> thanks for keeping the spirit of that tradition alive whose next. >> thank you for thank you for your time to hear a few words allison park honored to be able to represent the good vibrations it so existing to think we may be able to be a legacy business business enjoying the wonderful businesses inform town that make san francisco i joined good vibration as a staff member and a sales person we're a sex society in 1990 and i worked with johnny the original founder we lost her this summer i know that means a lot to her to consider the legacy business
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application i want to make sure we're represented to the public to the press that we can send san francisco values further than our own neighborhood we have a store down the street from brownie and consider san francisco to be the only practices that good vibrations could get a hold and begun to shape people's understanding of sexuality they're correct information and a positive and neuron judgemental attitude so i can't say we're an ice cream date for a place i know we've made a difference in many behaving citizens lives and friends and families and tourist that come from elsewhere it is indeed for considering us and it is really a pleasure and honor to be able to say hello to you
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guys. >> thank you. i'm sure that ice cream is factored into a few - (laughter) i'll leave it at that (laughter) next please. >> i need the overhead. >> okay sfgovtv can you please turn on the overhead. >> hi i extensive from brownies hardware i wanted to show you some pictures from the past it is - so. >> that's from the 1915 fair that's one of my father's partners was there that he fair in 1915 it's awesome and this is ben davis a few more years 1939 on
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polk street and polk it was all widdled west and brownies and the middle person is the owners of brownies at the time at the same time they've changed the facade of everybody on policies that is what brownies looked like an old west town place and brownies has been around a long time we're proud in 2006 one of the first stores in san francisco around hardware stores the rest of stores through the bay area and brownies is along the southern basis as one of the best hardware stores in san francisco in 1906 was the
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anniversary of the kwaurth and lastly like to put up window street displaces a few of them i can read them to you they're quite long but essential that says especially interesting the polk area and the riser there were 27 houses of prostitutions in and 25 gambling places on polk street that's the way polk street was and my last thing is brownies is very important to us we have brownies. >> (laughter). >> all right. >> enough for everybody. >> the kind of brownies (laughter). >> thank you. >> maybe legal but may not be appropriate thank you. >> that's awesome
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i think we have enough brownies for - >> for everybody. >> an extra bonus we have brownies for the gallery. >> following the last public comment. >> no more public comment oh, come on we'll give you 5 minutes for the brownies to kick in all right. >> just a pause while we get the brown i didn't see distributed glad it wasn't coal hardware we would have gotten lumps of coal all right. what's next on the agenda. >> oh, yes sorry spirit of moment. >> haven't gotten to the brownie yet seeing are they're members of the public that want
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to comment on any more members that want to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. all right. let's take action >> do we have to motion. >> we do. >> sorry commissioner. >> i want to shout out first to steve at brownies i don't know if you know this but that commission wouldn't exist if it wasn't for steve cornell i remember back to the senator mark leno we had the prop and the office of the small business commission brownies is alters and steve at the forefront for as long as i remind ♪ town it is appropriate that we're honoring brownies hardware at the legacy business i want to say thank you to steve pubically for all you've done inform small businesses in san francisco good vibrations you guys are awesome
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and you have san francisco and you are san francisco values and as a member of castro community you've been there if we need the sponsorship and been a great, great citizen and neighbor and just thank you for everything you do from the bottom of my heart and joe's ice cream your across the street from my gear street branch i've been in your store and taken kids from any neighborhood we don't have any good ice cream par legislators but joe's and swanson's thank you for everything you do and he keep it ice cream par last year open and going >> awesome commissioner dooley. >> i wanted to add any comments also steve cornell how many small business people are
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here tested 1345uks that's true dedication. >> and me (laughter). >> and good vibrations you know you guys are amazing your place is to ease to shop and everyone is so friendly and it is really important part of san francisco i haven't made it into joe's but i might have to. >> i want to shout out to steve cornell and tireless advocate and seeing him involved one of the reasons i got involved as i have in small business advocacy thank you for all your hard work and commissioners any other comments okay do we have a motion. >> move to approve. >> second. >> okay motion by commissioner yee-riley to approve the 3 businesses for the legacy business and seconded by commissioner ortiz-cartagena
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roll call vote commissioner adams. >> commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian. >> commissioner yee-riley. >> commissioner zouzounis that motion 7 to zero. >> arch well, congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> well to the legacy businesses in san francisco and thank you for coming out much appreciate and appreciate your comments that is a ms. grvrt part of meeting thank you for coming out you're welcome to stay for the rest of the efforts if you have to be going we'll not in any way be slight thank you. >> all right. moving on. >> yes. please. item number 4 discussion and possible action to make recommendations on board of supervisors file number health
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code and - and prohibiting the sale of public opinion i didn't see and kittens discussion and possible action action presenter legislation aid at commissioner tang. >> supervisor tang i'm here on behalf of of my aids (laughter) that's okay. >> good evening, commissioners and thank you. i'm proud to say that and thank you for approving district 4 business for its first one to receive fund from the legacy business prevention fund thank you for that and today one of the two pieces of legislation that i have pending before the board the first one has to do with with the sale of public opinion i didn't see and kittens you might wonder why we're bringing for the this kind of legislation that essentially will require a couple of things one that it will prohibit pet
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stores in san francisco is from selling puppies and kittens that are from breeders and the reason we're trying to encourage adoption more than 200 and 50 thousand dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters annually that's an alarming number a lot of time when people are buying where puppy or cats or kittens they may not be aware of t of the inhuman in san francisco we don't have any pet stores that sell kittens or puppies from breeders, however, we did before and come in the future i believe that seeing how overcrowded our shelters are even institutions like the spaca i want to thank spaca they brought this for the to us if that is it is important we try to instill in people how we
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should try adaptation first and my family adopted a dog from spaca so we understand the juice of adopting the other requirement for small business they have to display something in their cage or wherever the animal is and indicate which shelter settler from san francisco or another rescue orientation organization and that's the jest of it and lastly it to prohibit the sale of those puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old because apparently mel unsound to separate a puppy or kitten that's in a nut shell what we're trying to do and thanks for the animal control
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and spaca. >> so i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> on this one. >> commissioner dooley i just - i have a question but i think that is really a good idea to be doing this even though we don't have that the puppy and kitty mills this will you know put in an official damp on it i assume that employs to adult dogs and cats. >> the district prohibition but that employs to all dogs and cats sold it originated from breeders we're trying to accepted a strong message not only from the state of california but nation wide we see not only inhumane for the animals the treatment through the breertdz but also the impact to taxpayers when we have to continually have
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staff taking care of all sorts of animals taken to shelters their band this has a huge cost to all citizens we want to look at that as well. >> how does the board for a legitimate breeder will they be allowed to sell their animals individually in the city. >> as you may know we can't interfere with interstate commerce we can't prohibit the sale if you want to look on the internet and decided to have an arrangement we don't have the ability to regulate that we can say in the stores this is what we're breeding. >> isn't there a legitimate animal sounds like your
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vilifying again look online still and most of them are probably not in the city look online and find a so-called legitimate breeder and deal with them directly. >> commissioner yee-riley. >> what if your dog or cat has babies you can't find enough friends to give them away. >> that's not a commercial breeding activity that's fine. >> then you can sell them or give them to the pet store to sell. >> what we're really trying to do is limit the commercial breeders let's say you happen to have your dog maybe had babies chances are a pet store about
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not take your babies so i don't want to say for pet stores but not the practice we've seen again, we're not trying to limit that activity. >> commissioner adams. >> i've been kind of following that a little bit and what their trying to do is prevent puppy million dollars their legitimate in the kanldz they're not from the city but sell through pet stores and what this legislative correct me if i am wrong supervisor it is staff that we don't do it now but it will prevent some of the miles from selling the animals and puts them out of business not keep happening. >> they may very well stay in business in other areas but again. >> you can limit and not sell as much i get it.
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>> okay. have you talked to any of the pet store owners what's their reactions and we don't have pet stores that sell puppies and kittens from breeders right now, we're very fortunate spaca has done a lot of outreach on this and again they were the ones that before you get or brought this to our attention and hopefully take a leadership role and again, we're trying to send a message for future businesses wanted to do this. >> commissioners any other questions. >> all right. open up for public comment any public comment? want to comment on this item. >> urban design group steve cornell that is at concept of
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not having puppy mills people can buy this over the internet we're talking about one particular industry with restrictions on guns whether good or bad that means someone want to get a gun they'll have to buy it in and out outside of san francisco and buy a puppy outside of san francisco is this the start of going with 09 businesses with the same things it is a problem i personally don't believe in guns and pick up i didn't mills i see this a potential problem thank you. >> thank you. >> any other members of the public that want to comment
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seeing none, public comment is closed. i find this perplexing and again to echo stephen cornells comments i don't think any restriction of public opinion i didn't mills is fine i find it interesting we'll selective go after industries i mean the implication no legitimacy breeding destroy and that san francisco is going to within it's city and county limits restrict commerce something that is not fundamentally illegal i just have an issue with that, i intend to be one that favors less regulation than more and this to me seems somewhat not
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arbitrary but to specific and to stevens point i'm not a gun advocate what are we're going to do industry by industry because this city feels no restrictions and form of we're telling our citizens they have to purchase rescue animals or outside the city i'm not a pet owner i know lots of them and people like taking in rescued animals they present their own issues if they've been abused or whatever some people prefer not to have rescue animals but animals from a breeder he grew up with breeders i just i'm troubled by the precedent this particular item
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sets my comments and thoughts >> i wanted to can katie do you know if there are statistics i don't think there are louths breeder in the city of san francisco but i could be wrong. >> we don't know of any in san francisco and no pet stores and pet central left in chinatown was selling pets. >> that's not relevant to the conversation that's like saying we no longer have cement froikdz here so let's outlaw them there's no reason but the fact it didn't exist we stount legislate it the fact it didn't exist it might not be a good use of property happen not to be there. i don't know that is i don't find that to be relevant
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to the question should we be specific regulating specific industries where there is legitimate participants. >> i have volunteered at the spaca many times and it rips any heart apart when i have to leave and san francisco thank god has an ordinance we don't euthanize our pets and do give them up for adoptions i've seen who happens no puppy mills i personally support that i get it about the guns and everything else but i think of dogs and cats as almost human and i'm - when i
6:40 am
see those animals that don't get adopted i want to take them home mitchel that is kind of like a san francisco value that we spaca. >> cruelty is not acceptable we're talking about legislation that effects an industry that is not universally unless it is universally cruel to animals anyway, i think i've made any point. >> do we have a definition that might be helpful what would be qualify as a puppy or kitty mill. >> that's not the purpose of this legislation in that they
6:41 am
don't exist that will preempt them. >> we don't sell them in stores anywhere we'll not sell widgets. >> i'm trougd by the precedent. >> my question to supervisor is we're basically in the city saying we're not selling any animals you know breeders out right and we shutting them out completely that have we cleared that with the city attorney's office. >> this is unique sorry. >> it seems you stated that we can't prohibit people from the outside of selling in the city from the outside that seems - so the question is have we checked that the city attorney we - they've written
6:42 am
it it only impacts shifting and did question of breeders the definition that we talked about is breeders not puppy or kitten mills it means the person for the purpose of breeding and open spring their purpose to sell in any case in terms of the legislation that is currently before you the district attorney's office as reviewed it. >> the policy we want animals in shelters to be adopted first not department of emergency ingress the breeders but therefore we'll shut them out is that the logic because it is the policy of the new law is so forth in the technicalities so that's what i wanted to say. >> you've stated it essentially
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currently adoption for the most part if you want to choose a specific breed and go through a breeder that's your prerogative and have that right now as well. >> but outside the city to the detriment. >> that's how it is right now and not prohibited. >> for the prohibited no. >> i'm could you be to any concern it is one thing to encourage and another to prohibit there are lots of ways to encourage the behavior and lots of ways to punish bad behavior to legislate and mandate the behavior you think is good and appropriate is a slippery slope so that's where i stand on the general concept it
6:44 am
is not related at all frankly to the specification of this issue the generality so commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i have a question let's say i want to start selling whether i have to look at the conditional use. >> for the pet store. >> of any kind. >> i don't know of any kind or specific. >> has nothing to do with with the zoning regulations. >> if i want to sell pets will i have to community-based through a conditional use. >> look through the planning code as your opening up a business and change through a conditional use and your mcd might require this don't touch on that. >> the pdr accepts any kind of business maybe they will be
6:45 am
allowed i'm trying to encourage maybe more of a conditional use process. >> i don't know. i think we're getting out without restrictions of 3e9 stores in the city i don't know if there be or not again, this didn't get to get stores per say it is the commerce of something that is up i illegitimate industry with a dark side whether it is the restaurant industry not paying the workers undocumented or a apparel any lash industry has it's dark does the trading of just about anything in oil to weapons to pets has a dark side are we're going to resident the dark side of all the businesses
6:46 am
by prohibiting the dark side i know of of find that where it extrapolates that that's my concern without knowing any more we are presented this issue for the first time my preference if i go against any fundamental values i need to look at this that's where i'm at. >> we're not judging the breeders don't buy from them there are too much animals in the city and county we are force you to do that if you're going to be buying otherwise you're going to have to go outside the city that's the bottom line; correct? will we make it more difficult if you don't buy or adopt an animal from a shelter we believe
6:47 am
too much animals northeasterly shelters. >> i i don't want the city telling me what i can and cannot do. >> that's a policy that we want to - >> may i ask. >> supervisor tang so does that legislation prevent though let's say non-puppy mills type of breeders there are serious breed breeders if a breertdz was to locate but they sold to individuals one-on-one will this prevent a breeder selling one-on-one. >> inside a pet shop the existence i stated your sole for the purpose of sales but i know for a lot of individuals to do
6:48 am
purchase breeds specific dogs they generally purchase from the breeder not a third party entity in that transaction would in prevent that an individual can purchase from a breeder as long as the weird is not in the store but located in san francisco. >> correct we're talking about pet stores from breeders. >> in this a legitimacy breeder is allowed to be in the city it only takes two dogs to be a breeder not conjure up some big farm you know and frankly, i see it as a farm thing there is a lot of people who are in the
6:49 am
business of animal husbandy that love their animals even if they go to the slaughter so there's another industry that is saying that a potentially legitimacy breeder can be in the city as long as they pole to their clients we're nipping around a legitimacy industry with legislation that is really designed by two really great organizations to create a legal impetus to go their way. >> obligation to adopt i have a fundamental issue with that. >> spirit is good the substance a troubling. >> is there an action item. >> no. >> yes. it is.
6:50 am
>> possibly action. >> possibly action i mean we could resolve that we don't have enough information that's where i feel i don't want to - want to say yes or no under the circumstances i respect the supervisors concern in the issue i have fundamental issues with the general principle. >> i think that because it is narrowing two breed facts in pet stores which i have actually read quite a bit about that is the place where puppy mills, kitty mills do the business through stores i personally think that if they're a breeder in the city that has you know has a specific animal they want
6:51 am
to breed and people contact them not preincluding we're breeding in the city we're narrowing it down to the worst offenders that absolutely are the stores this lastly rolling stone it is on the front cover of rolling stone about puppy and kitty mills it not a small issue it is a big ugly industry i personally think that what supervisor tang is suggesting is acceptable. >> okay. >> i agree you can with a small business owner as a breeder it didn't preclude you from that. >> right. >> i've said my business anyone else want to make a motion a possible action item.
6:52 am
>> i'll make a motion to support this i think this is something i really believe in and agree with what commissioner dooley said you know, i want to be a breeder in the city i, i know breeders in san francisco and they sell but it is all legitimate and not a mill this is on the mill so i would be in favor of supporting this and putting this forward. >> second. >> is this for sure breeders can have they're on business in the city and sell directly and they will not be considered a pet shop. >> as i answered the question if you needed to do direct business as long as you're not setting up a storefront. >> you don't have is a
6:53 am
storefront. >> not sales we're not prohibiting here. >> okay. >> so we have a motion by commissioner adams and seconded by commissioner dooley roll call vote. >> uh-huh. >> commissioner adams. >> commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight no commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> commissioner tour-sarkissian no. >> no. >> commissioner yee-riley commissioner zouzounis. >> no the i's e the i's have it. that that motion carries 4 to 3. >> okay. >> that was approved that's the first time. >> i thank you for coming out tonight we have one more. >> okay. >> all right. item number 5 discussion and possible action to make recommendations on the board of supervisors file various code
6:54 am
baby diaper with a new administrative code requiring all building to have one baby diaper xooms more women and one assessable to men and a single diaper changing amending the police code for a diaper change in a restroom assessable to women and maintain a baby diaper changing assessable to men or assessable to all gender amending the building code for the establishment and substantially renovating install the baby diaper for the environmental findings findings the public net and welfare and findings under the california healthy building standard and
6:55 am
directing the clerk for the office of the small business commission discussion and possible action action item supervisor katie tang >> thank you very much for the introduction of that so this legislation before you is actually simple and a little bit confusing how it is currently in the code and where we want to take that in a nut shell we've modeled this legislation off oh, president obama federal legislation that he signed in place in october of this last year and basically, it requires one in our public buildings that we have baby changing accommodates in into female and male and all gender roommates in on the floors a waiver for example, if you were not able to accommodate say ada or ada pesticide the access
6:56 am
under the city administrator's office this is under the ada but secondly, for place of public companions the same definition what is in ada so public accommodation if you currently have a baby diaper changing station in a female restroom you have to put one in a male if you switched to the all gender we ask if you, you have one put it in the all gender restroom this may sound simple or wonder why we're doing this we're trying to change the gender stereotype aaron childcare why is that all the baby diaper changing restrooms in female rooms because women are the ones to change the diapers we're trying
6:57 am
to breakdown the stereotype and president obama set that tone but the second part is actually part of existing law for those of you who don't know existing law arrested requires new businesses through a substantial renovation $50,000 or more to have baby diaper changing locates and moving forward it should be all gender restrooms given you local and status of women so this has always been part of city code housing and planning code and frankly not enforce so what we're hoping to do is move this to dbi so really it is a policy discussion for all of you in terms of new buildings and substantial renovations what you want to see
6:58 am
happen, however, for example, an option of only if a business choose to put if a diaper changing station they must make sure it is equal or a mandate many which is existing law that all businesses must have a baby diaper changing station in female and male and all gender restrooms that's in a nut shell what we are doing here today again essentially trying to insure gender quality in terms of childcare i am sure you'll have questions but with the requirements where public building arrest accommodation or other types of buildings there will be a waiver process if you believe that was not able for you to install one of these and lastly we're not requiring that you pull a permit for the changing stations
6:59 am
so with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i'm interested in permits are not required i imagine the huge liability self-installing those so no inspection requirement. >> we're trying to make it easy for the businesses if you like for us to require permit process inspection we certainly thought about it but trying to make it easy on i know how much you like permits and i've used baby commotion for almost 10 years i'm in favor of this to anyone that has a child. >> i'm curious they're not no requirement to make sure they're safe anchored to the wall just curiosity. >> is there a - i take that
7:00 am
businesses under 5 thousand square feet. >> no exemption based square footage but the infeasibility for example, the inaccessibility issues. >> but a lot of discussion of a 5 thousand square feet threshold. >> yeah. >> that's the old current okay. >> my list here is not sort of properly so commissioners do you have comments. >> yes. if you can help me understand what substantially renovated might apply to sense we're talking about public serving; right? so say a store a retail store that has to replace equipment but not renovating it's building would that equipment meet the threshold is that count under the -
7:01 am
>> if you're renovating a bathroom and amount to 50 thousand or more for renovating that bathroom. >> it applies to the bathrooms got it thank you. >> commissioner adams do you have a comment. >> i'm seeing this in restaurant the new restaurants open i go into the restroom and see baby changing tables in the restrooms. >> i think most people will switch over to all gender anyway and totally make sense to have that in the all gender restroom. >> i have a question supervisor. >> i apologize. i wanted to correct something i want to - this is something i'll double check that the city attorney's office commissioners reading the existence to substantially roomed any alteration in under the building permit with the cost of construction of 50
7:02 am
thousand or more of construction i want to clarify that i thought that was only to bathrooms i'll clarify that with the city attorney and try to get back to you. >> you said they shouldn't interfere with the access to ada would you say that a cast report will be required for such an additional if you add something not check and see if it is ada compliant and we're - this is existing law we're putting one part into the dbi instead of under the police code sorry under the planning code because frankly they especially\need to check the level of details in the interior of the buildings. >> make in any alteration the dbi will be well-advised to have a cast report it is not a requirement but
7:03 am
recommendation; correct? >> certainly as commissioner dooley and the others know we're been fierce advocates of inspections but not tied to the particular program. >> will they be exempt if one of the stores want a diaper changing unit will interfere with the access of the building. >> i'm sorry, i didn't understand the question. >> let's say if we required to put on one of the diaper go changing things and by putting in that that will effect the access to the bathrooms that will be a problem with the ada so would they be exempt. >> you would go to dbi and be able to get a waiver. >> that will be grant by dbi staff. >> they can get a waiver. >> that's right for accessibility issues we don't mandate what kind of diaper station for example, if you find
7:04 am
a creative way not bottled to the wall whatever fits our business again, we leave that flexibility to you. >> okay. >> all right. >> supervisors that are tips correct i'm asking those questions because of people listening. >> there are kits available. >> kits available okay. >> okay. >> okay. >> any other comments. >> do - we have to open up for public comment. >> any public comment? would like to comment on this item. >> small business advocacy business for mr. cornell seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners do we want to take action. >> i move. >> i'll second. >> okay commissioner dooley motions to support and commissioner adams. >> second. >> all right. roll call vote.
7:05 am
>> commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian. >> commissioner yee-riley commissioner zouzounis that motion carries unanimously 7 to zero. >> all right. >> thank you, supervisor. >> or the next item. >> >> moving on item number of discussion and possible action to make recommendations on board of supervisors file administrative tax regulations origins force the tax regulation and police code to have fees discussion and possible action our presenter legislative aide supervisor yee. >> and before you start so you know supervisor yee and tends to introduce substitute legislation tomorrow so that copy of the
7:06 am
substitute legislation has been distributed to you at our seat and members of the public it is on the table. >> good evening, commissioners thank you so much and so as regina mentioned the draft substitute ordinance we'll be introducing tomorrow that is the city departments they issue regulatory fees what this proposed ordinances eliminates unnecessary fees that will have minimal revenue impact and the impetus really for supervisor yee he wanted to streamline the process for small business owners to help eliminate any unnecessary fees and clean up the code the controller's office they contacted the departments and out of all the department
7:07 am
that responded and our office working closely with the departments to make sure that makes sense the police department and also the entertainment commission responded with certain fees they would like to see removed so the total revenue impact would be less than 2 thousands of hundred plus dollars that's what the controller calculated and impacts only 3 payers those fees it is insignificant impact and want this to be a conversation start eerie was talking to regina and supervisor yee is able to clean up the fees and love to hear from you recommendation on in any unnecessary fees we should work on for future legislation a difference from the draft substitute ordinance the department of health we were
7:08 am
removing a retail vendor fee as well as cottage operation fees but after talking to deputy director the department of health she mentioned that it was important to maintain overseeing fees for public education but for the foods served that's why we restored those fees and want to hear from the retail vendor fr from i look forward to our questions or comments. >> commissioners. >> commissioner dooley i don't know from my roster do you have anything to say and first in line perpetually forever. >> the retail food vendor exemption has been removed. >> exactly yeah.
7:09 am
>> seems like it is pretty onerous it is true that dph makes the vendor pay a fee for each farmer's market that is outrageous. >> we agree. >> so that you know, i would suggest you make just one fee that would be applicable to any and all the licensed farmer's market they participate. >> i'm looking this i see the line crows on the dollars amount. >> uh-huh. >> only crossed on two zeros do does that mean you meant to cross the whole thing. >> so it is clear a whole number yeah, so there's only a few for example, in section 2 we
7:10 am
actually eliminated if you look at page 2 line 9 that one fee that is by request more significant ones are probably in section 4 and these are mostly outdated fees the entertainment commission gave joyce hicks jocelyn kane and helps to clean up the code. >> want to eliminate it like item 9 on page 2 cross off maybe the dollars amount. >> correct. >> what were the fees before for the production.
7:11 am
>> the film production. >> yeah. the commercial and all of that i see there are pretty low. >> uh-huh. >> is that basically, the same as it was before. >> that's a good question i can ask and get back to you on that one is it ohio on page 5 in section c all of those costs are you asking what the cost was before. >> i'm kind of curious. >> yeah. i can - ask and get that answer for you. >> a lot of those fees we worked on get rid ofing 5 years. >> okay. >> remember.
7:12 am
>> some - yeah. some. >> we worked on these you know years ago. >> which ones the - and yes. >> for some reason a few of them - >> and somehow they've completely eliminated so it was one of the reasons he know sorry being without a microphone speaking with jocelyn kane proposed the majority of the permit fees from the police department or entertainment in the police department and in and of itself so those are ones she's directly proposing. >> some of the ones that be crossed out but the filing fee is zero. >> so it is getting rid of of
7:13 am
that actual liken the entire permit from what you understand none has been applying for those permits. >> yeah. i mean some of them we don't understand helps to clean up the language. >> so when we remove for example, the bingo games that's on the list that means no permit required. >> there's two different. >> categories. >> so either we make the fees zero but they have to apply for the permit or eliminate the permit altogether this is two different decisions and no games that was originally proposed but i talked with the police department and they're concerned with the gambling they want to keep it yeah that's why they're actually more we want to eliminate. >> we're trying to achieve the
7:14 am
fee and not the eliminations of the permit. >> yeah. uh-huh. >> item 10 and 12 and uh-huh. >> does that eliminate it and the zero filing fees do they have to apply for a permit and basically iowa jocelyn it proposing we're getting rid of of this she has other generic permits she can issue if the needs for example, she has a generic permit that's why the whole line is crossed out. >> jerry listen what might help for the commissioners to understand the section 2.62 are application permit fees for bingo games that's there within the annual fee. >> the application fee itself is not addressing this piece of
7:15 am
legislation we're not eliminating the application fees but the license fees and reconcurring leases or fees. >> section two, two sections when they submit some will be eliminated but section 2.27 is fees to be eliminated as well. >> for both of them we're eliminating some of the applications. >> good. >> uh-huh. >> and in your legislative review that minica handed out they provided a table sort out line that. >> any other questions
7:16 am
commissioners. >> all right. well open up for public comment any public comment on this item. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners >> i would motion to approve this because we're get rid of of the fees. >> i support that two. >> a simplification is good. >> commissioner adams motion to support and commissioner tour-sarkissian second. >> roll call vote commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley commissioner zouzounis that item passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> thank you for your presentation of this i'm looking forward to talking more with the officials and streamlining the fees that's a great idea.
7:17 am
>> okay. >> all right. moving on to item no. 7 approval for the meeting minutes action item december 12, 2016, contrast regular minutes. >> any comment on the meeting minutes before i open up for public comment any public comment? that want to comment on the meeting minutes seeing none, public comment is closed. do we have a motion. >> i motion to approve. >> i second. >> commissioner adams has another motion and commissioner yee-riley had the second > all in favor, say i. > opposed? that item passes unanimously 7 to zero and item number 8 excuse me - director's report updated on the office of the small business commission for the legislative matter and announcements from the mayor and the small business commission activities discussion item. >> first, i want to say happy new year and welcome to 2017 to
7:18 am
you commissioners and to the viewing public so in the director's report one i want today, the board of supervisors the new returning and new supervisors that are sworn into office and so that was the returning supervisor for supervisor breed and supervisor peskin and supervisor yee and then the new supervisors fewer and others they took the oath of office and supervisor breed was relength as the boards want with a unanimous vote we have new agenda items and will move forward as long as we complete the legacy business
7:19 am
rules and regulations for the rent stabilization my intent to have that on the schedule but still many outstanding things that our city attorney is finalizing we will have them on the agenda for the january 23rd meeting we will still be dealing with the section around immediate risk of displacement as separate from the rules and regulations because that is still proving more research from the city attorney as he provides me with information i have more questions so that we can really understand the direction from which the commission can operate in making that determination so these will be on the january 23rd meeting
7:20 am
i will not be here you'll have those well in advance and have a conversation to make sure you understand and rick and matthew will be present to be able to finalize those and start moving forward with taking grants if our - landlords that be leasing to the legacy businesses the business assistance i cannot 51 businesses that met the and thirteen that didn't file rick is come piling a report and have that on the january 23rd meeting per your request to review the grant applications before a they're absolutely finalized and again, the target for us to begin to issue the checks at the beginning of february for the legacy businesses and then the marketing program
7:21 am
we'll be working on in mid-february with you and currently in terms of the the number that nominations and applications for the next, i think two or three or four meeting we've been averaging 5 to 7 legacy businesses per meeting so it does mean that you know we're still under the target of the three hundred a year so you kind of understand the flows of the amount and i wanted to highest some of the the fact of the matter projects to focus on for the o s d staff for the first quarter working to finalize a solution with the c l r v we'll be scheduling a meeting with the department of the environment and the small businesses to prop this they
7:22 am
have a solution they've worked with the large retailer on and once unadmit we can take a solution forward to the state and work with the state legislative body to help advocate for that at the department so we don't have to write the legislation the department agrees to work with us on a solution. >> and then the assessable industry program goes into effect this year the first landlord that are required to apply will be in may and those are ones that don't have to make in any changes i'm working with department of building inspection and public works and working on the outreach program starting in march so we'll keep you apprised and probably want to schedule a condensed version
7:23 am
force the commission to make sure they know what is ahead the next 4 years for those property owners and businesses and then the small business round table had it's set of projects the staff is working with them so one that our office will be involved with that trying to find the best mechanism to develop an opt e-mail for businesses so the department what utilize the e-mails to outreach and for the businesses like we're doing a water project in our ear you know new fees with coming up different things of that sort so something we can utility mta, puc right now the original sort of solid list of e-mails with businesses with the tax and treasures office those e-mails
7:24 am
are really a communication structure between that department and businesses and often overseeing e-mails are keeping the department they're not the appropriate entities to be receiving sewer projects are happening or tearing up europe street or mta wants a meeting in our neighborhood to work on a bifurcation project this was a request coming from the small business leaders weep be working on that and several other things that i listed out but this - want to highlight through over the last holiday homelessness is really raised to the level that now sort of at the top of many merchant areas list and so i did anticipate that will probably be a core focus and topic to work with jeff who is the heads up
7:25 am
the homeless department will be meeting individually with some of the merchant associations but working on setting up a presentation as part of meeting with the mayor. >> and then i've provided a list of updates with the legislatively that have been before you we haven't had any new legislation introduced since the last meeting the interim controls around pdr for cannabis was heard today at land use and will be moving forward to the full board of supervisors not tomorrow but the following week with some amends on time period and permit that are already in the process prior to january 9th are allowed to continue through
7:26 am
the process and again interim controls we generally do not schedule those meeting before the commission because they generally happen fast sort of a place holder there's the ability for a large discussion on permit zoning controls that's generally what you hear and then i've priority a list of other policy matters that you you know we're continuing to work on and then the cannabis we - the cannabis task force will be making it's official set of year one recommendations again making recommendations ignite directions to the city and department for possible legislative actions or policy matters to work on and deal with so we have also been involved in
7:27 am
interdepartmental meetings we're looking at recommendations they'll be making the formal presentations to the board of supervisors on january 23rd. >> and then lastly i wanted to make note i mentioned this a while ago we've within readvantaging our starting business booklet with a design and updated information i hope to have an example that will be while we have translate but will be a few months but - so but you'll be seeing that book led soon by the end of the month. >> so unless any questions you
7:28 am
have of me that concludes my report. >> commission any questions. >> nope so okay. any any public comment? that want to comment on director's report. >> item 9. and vice president to report on small business activities and make announcements of interest to the small business community. >> i don't have anything to report anyone else. >> nope. >> i do i was notified to with mayor ed lee in chinatown that was quite a few businesses to promote the shop and dine in the 49 and happy to see the mayor went to the victory and bought something from the restaurant that supports the local businesses and the same day we
7:29 am
went to the pressed conference to kickoff the clean chinatown program so it was a productive day. >> december seems like a distant memory. >> all right. any public comment on commissioners reports? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item >> item 10 new business for the commissioners to have future agenda. >> anybody have any new business and i want to prop the trend of the pga the city town floor used by mostly corporate medical groups that take ahold of other types of businesses.
7:30 am
>> ground floor they're mostly corporate and medical. >> we have one in the neighborhood that will be taking up a huge amount of what otherwise, it storefront on two streets. >> okay. >> at the so that kind of makes a big blank wall. >> the proliferation there is a proliferation of medical service organizations. >> of medical corporate. >> yeah. >> this is a general thing based on i mean the transition to the population. >> okay i have an item to add i would like us to schedule a presentation about online registration of nonprofit. >> i recently attempted to register the dog patch association for the fee organizations and when you go to
7:31 am
the first screen to determine our organization type of no nonprofits designations the response i got well, you have an undermined designation that's not true you registration as a 501 of you don't register for an eis court and get something different tip of the iceberg so regina and i said i wonder in the merchant association are registered taking money in you should be registered with the city whether or not you pay a fee you should be registered if for no other reason the city should tell how many businesses on their roster their successors 01, of course, nonprofits right so well we've found out and not
7:32 am
name well known merchants organizations are not registered and we also happen to know that some neighborhood registers are not rent-controlled unit and some are not registered with the federal government so they don't have an employee identification number therefore they're taking money and clearly not paying taxes if you're challenging money you must have a taxpayer id i'm proposing that first, we understand what the process is because i have not received a satisfactory response so how i'm supported to register the dog patch it is clear he can't so i'll have to go in there or change it to accommodate the question any other organizations that should be on there so but
7:33 am
specifically around. >> ids. >> specifically around the rental requirement not just for the city but nonprofit would be a useful thing to do here many are merchant associations and make sure that all the merchants successors are registered properly with the city the state and federal government they understand their obligations in those regards and then i think that is a good public service i think we may have found a little hole register progress. >> the state follows through. >> it is straightforward to get this i went on online and did that with the federal government i went to city and county find my my my hope. >> that will be extremely important. >> as a public service to me
7:34 am
i'd like to have that calendared as quickly as possible. >> i asked about a federation from the san francisco airport i get a lot of inquires about those from the airport i'd like to be able to understand how it works and . >> with the airport or at the airport or both. >> with the airport. >> as a vendor to the airport? >> they would be having a location at the airport and d.b.a. with the airport. >> a location in the airport. >> to be a business. >> to locate our business at the airport. >> right. >> okay. and with the airport because a because i don't know what kind of an organization the airport is a special organization. >> it is a special - excuse me - a special organization they do have even though it is
7:35 am
city and county there are some depending on their certain areas they fall under federal giles. >> that will be interesting to know there's a lot of people out there so a lot of opportunity for small businesses. >> okay. great any other new business so 3 items that we like to calendar for presentation all right. any public comment on new business seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> >> sfgovtv could you please show the slides. >> >> as our custom, we begin the small business commission with a reminder that the office of small business is the only to start your business and the best place for getting the answers with your new or existing business. stouffer's policies and projects and issues that effect the economic vitality of the small businesses in the county of san francisco. so if you need assistance with small business matters start here. best of all the services
7:36 am
are free of charge this is the public form to voice tour concerns and the vitality of small business commission if you need assistance start here at the office of the small business commission thank you. >> okay item number 11 adjournment. >> i motion to adjourn. >> okay commissioner adams motion. >> i second commissioner yee-riley. > all in favor, say i. > opposed? that item passes 7 to zero this meeting is adjoined at
7:37 am
>> good afternoon everyone. we went outside >>[foreign language my name is >>[foreign language] and >>[applause] thank you. i'm the proud president of [inaudible] janitors union here in san francisco. >>[cheerring] secretary-treasurer of san francisco labor council good i-m before we start want to be able to acknowledge the electives here present and if i miss any of you, please do not take it personally when we are lousy >>[laughing] were when we are working our butts out on the streets of san francisco.
7:38 am
if i can go down the list, there's a list that can be provided for me but i'll start to my left to my right. i want to first acknowledge the folks that have kept this man standing up every time that he assembled his family safai and taylor family. >>[applause] our former mayor and, if you went with her left eye and you twist your head to the right, future governor of the state of california gavin newsom. >>[cheerring] we were doing turnout for you for sure. >>[laughing] and to his hiking going down the list, though current mayor of san francisco ,, the guy who makes the magic happen here in the city, our mayor, ed lee. >>[applause] our president of our president
7:39 am
of our board of supervisors, a sister who comes out of fighting and strong for the community that she represents, london breed. >>[applause] someone that i know are janitors and a lot of people in this room helped get elected assembly member david chiu. >>[applause] and it still caught up in sacramento >>[laughing] for ms. ray's, our current and brand-new sen. scott weiner. >>[applause] now as far as politicians come in all sizes, but there's none more feisty or an errant 10 past. supervisor aaron peskin. >>[applause] and our sen.,
7:40 am
mark leno. if you could please, stand. >>[applause] supervisor mark farrell >>[applause] and the relentless and strong melia cohen, can you please stand. >>[applause] [inaudible] alex randolph. >>[applause] and former supervisor [inaudible] >>[inaudible] [off mic] assessor,, thank you. >>[applause] carmen chu. our sheriff hennessey. >>[applause] i would also like to recognize my brothers and sisters and labor that are here present, kim paulsen executive dr. of san francisco labor council. >>[applause] mike carey oh, building trades. >>[applause] and i saw lisa
7:41 am
from the teachers union. >>[applause] and the other two brothers, >>[inaudible] [off mic] please, stand up, from the trades can you be please stand, brothers hear from the trades. >>[applause] i know-all right a big round of applause. >>[applause] if you guys have heard of the hash tag got your back in either the firefighters please dan john buford, where are you? all right. >>[applause], o'connor, where are you? john buford and sam o'connor i know you're somewhere in the room but thank you very very much. thank you very very much for joining us this morning. the police officers, let's see-marty, there you are in the
7:42 am
back. >>[laughing] >>[applause] from the police officers association, thank you for joining us. before we begin with the program i want to be able to tell all of you that this has been an incredible last eight years of campaigning can some people thought it was only two years. it's actually been eight years but when i think about oshawa safai i think about the word consensus and unity and say my mom teresa floors re: tommy is never judge a book by its cover. and what he has been able to do is capture all of us to rally behind him and help him get here. a lot of people haven't had any on the back and are still on the back and i want to tell you this isn't-this wasn't a victory that we did alone. it took all of you, all of the volunteers and the countless hours that all of you put in to what those saturday mornings and sunday mornings. but i'm incredibly proud to be standing up here and being able to say that today, it could be
7:43 am
storming outside, but as we tell other folks, the rain brings great things to come. what better way than to do it as a summary and all this bearing witness to that for an incredible next four years and eight years for supervisor elect, oshawa safai. oshawa safai. >>[applause] please forgive me. i just noticed >>[laughing] he needs no huge introduction but with respect he's earned from all our communities. attorney george gascon district attorney, george gascon. and supervisor katie tang. >>[applause] can i have augmented- >>[foreign language] please, stand. [inaudible] from local 87. thank you. >>[applause] the
7:44 am
new supervisor, jeff sheehy. there he goes. >>[applause] please forgiving is like a spot right like my face. jeff [inaudible] >>[inaudible] [off mic] wow. jeff adoptee. >>[applause] it's a great day today. i have the incredible sensibility of making sure it all runs smoothly. so i'm going to the rev. dr. james mcrae from the tabernacle community development corporation. >>[applause] >> it is an incredible honor
7:45 am
for me to stand here to be invited by brother safai who many many years ago when my own daughter was growing up, things were happening here it at city hall that really will he be kennedy was supervisor. i met this young man and i am extremely happy that after years and years of preparing and putting himself forward we, the community of san francisco, has seen fit to bestow upon him this responsibility at this critical time in our city. so i would like with all of you stand with me? strong god, we
7:46 am
gather here at city hall on epiphany sunday and we are mindful that there is like breaking forth. that there is power entering the world. and that your grace and enabling are available. so we come with brother safai to embrace your light and to ask that you would activate in him and in each one of us a power to lift our city. we thank you for your presence with us now and ask that you would bless the proceedings with your grace and with your glory. and this we asked in the
7:47 am
name of the one we call christ and others you're in for with the word justice. amen. >>[applause] >> i am going to ask all of you to please figure would be having the presentation of the colors. likely able to thank col. doug bullard was done an incredible job with our children in these high schools in maintaining jr to jr tc a lot. i like to be at able to ask all of you, the colors by the balboa high school jr otc colors are commanded by emerson district and members gordon so, just to lie, and alastair lane. [inaudible].
7:48 am
>>[presentation of colors.] >> >>[pleage of allegiance] >>[presentation of colors.] >> >>[applause]
7:49 am
>> i want to remind everybody these are high school kids. high school kids. they deserve a stronger louder round of applause. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] thank you. you may sit down. thank you. so much like rainy days and it time wherein in about a week our country is going to be changing. in that it requires a lot of unity and solidarity and sometimes words that we are unable to be able to, those who thought they were unwilling to compromise and to work together because of our different points of views, our city needs to come together to unite. who better than to lead that charge
7:50 am
their mayor, edwin m sleight. >>[applause]we >> thank you, olga. good afternoon everybody. welcome and thank you for wading through wind and rain to come here and to celebrate and to witness this incredible honor that we have to welcome in oshawa safai to our board of supervisor could i've known-yes, please. >>[applause] i've had the privilege of knowing oshawa in many other ways and when i was in dpw or city administrator, we had a chance to work together in the district that very district, cleaning up talking about
7:51 am
parks, about families, about housing them up about open space and from that years ago, i knew that oshawa had already formed a loving heart for this district the most of the people in it. he has demonstrated that by now coming forward and taking up the important position is a member of the board of supervisors did i want to say thank you to all of our board members, our elected officials for being here today. but you also know oshawa in many other roles. as a labor leader and i want to say thank you to all of the labor representatives are today. >>[applause] you are the heart of the city. in my discussions particularly, in the last few years, and even most recently as the housing crisis has been on on us as families have by
7:52 am
both data and stories, have begun disappearing, coming under tremendous pressures, as we look to all of our districts to step up and step out on these challenges come out we find leaders. leaders who are going to amass incredible years working with the labor, with people, with residences and particular, with families. ashok has given the-his story. i am enthusiastic about it. i'm excited about it because he's going to lend a very strong voice for families in san francisco. that is absolutely needed. i know that begins with issues like housing but it will extend, everything from job creation to open space, to childcare, universal childcare for everybody-yes. >>[applause]
7:53 am
i know that i will have it within him a strong ally and a leader not just for district 11 but for all of our city. i'm excited about this because when he speaks he is going to be speaking to those and he is going to do it every day, every time. it isn't working on saturdays and sundays anymore. ashok. it is monday through monday, 24-7 and if you want to, i will write unique with you to make sure our families are getting the best service that they can and he's cared about everybody. but in particular, i know oshawa has his heart working with families. >>[applause] i know that he will bring dignity. he
7:54 am
will struggle he will we go fight. he will unite with all of us to make sure voices have not been heard will be heard and he will make sure that district 11 is never ever referred to as the forgotten district of people. >>[applause] i am excited. i will be excited when we walk those corridor and outer mission , when we observe either the vacancies were the storefronts that ought to have better visibility, when we get to mission and geneva we are committed to an even better job in making sure that is the safest vision zero intersection and all of our city. >>[applause] when we speak to families, i want all those families to know, that universal childcare objective, that is going to be real in san francisco is a bosch's
7:55 am
leadership and people like those that are working in our buildings, as maintenance worker, you are can have a proud leader that you can depend on it will bring dignity to your jobs every single day. yes, and to all the generations. >>[applause] so this is exciting for me as the mayor of the city and the privilege may. i want to thank the tenant governor for giving me a shot at this job and >>[applause] taking a risk in a deeply. buried bureaucrat to come out to make sure we're doing all the right things but also want to say to oshawa, who i think is going to represent the new generation of supervisors along with jeff and of course, our other elected supervisors, we are going to do great things in here and if washington wants to take us on, okay. bring it on. bring it on. >>[applause] so, ashok, congratulations to you, to our
7:56 am
family, to what you stand for and i will stand with you and we will do great things together with all of the people in district 11 and the people of san francisco. congratulations. >>[applause] >> i would like to acknowledge folks that just came in. not to let everybody know that you came in late but i just want to be able to acknowledge the laughing that you came. a similar number still paying. >>[applause] chemung walton from the school board. >>[applause] all right. bad decker from labor. >>[applause] susan solomon.. >>[applause] thank you. sarah's alley. all right,
7:57 am
[inaudible] from mh w been squarely from labor 6x1. >>[applause] so we would like to be able to now have the oath of office and i'm going to ask her lieut. gov. by the hon. gavin newsom and his head in our justice, [[inaudible] and i can have daddy up here, to plead >>[applause] gabby safai. >> are you ready quee are you sure?all right. are we all set?
7:58 am
you guys ready? >>[inaudible] [off mic] i feel like i should be swearing you in as well. >>[laughing] i'm just saying. big round of applause. width don't say that. >> >>[laughing] >> all right, auster. you know the drill. i'm going to say, aye, and this is i, like this even be forced to repeat after me. >>[laughing] but the only thing you can do on your own is state your name. i'm going to say, you state your name. the rest we will see how it goes. all right? are you ready? >> yes. >> i, do solemnly swear, that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california and that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same good
7:59 am
that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter. during such time as i hold the position as a member of the transportation authority >>[laughing] >>[cheerring] and a member of the county board of supervisors, for the city and county of san francisco . well done mr. supervisor. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] >> ashok, after lieut. gov.,
8:00 am
here you thought you were done just with swearing in. >>[laughing] we are going to ask you to-say a few remarks before mr. safai >>[laughing] supervisor safai. another big round of applause. >>[applause] >> all right. i will do my best to get out of the way of the main event, but it's the spirit of the times we talked about in safai swearing itself
8:01 am
evident to everybody in this room the headwinds coming our way here in san francisco, in particular, and in the state of california quite notably. it requires the spirit of what mayor lee was saying, the spirit of what jeff was saying when he was sworn into the spirit of imagine what usher is going to say. unity. right? going back together the that old african proverb, the member clique if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. i think it is >>[applause] it is in that spirit of unity and reconciling, you know, all those interesting differences that define san francisco politics, and has plenty of it in this room, trust me i have not forgotten- >>[laughing] but at the end of the day there is something that i know unites every single person in this
8:02 am
room at the same time and so i will just say this. as a resident, or former resident, i can believe i left this damn time i can afford it supervisor alioto >>[laughing] but as a proud this generation speaking with six generation kids, we count on you. we count on you, o we count on you the board of supervisors could be count on you mayor lee. become on all of you in this room at this remarkably significant moment in our history to do exactly what ed lee. said. step in, stepping, be authentic, be bold at the problem and challenges will be big. don't be ideological in terms of our approach could be open to argument could be interested and evidence but step up to this extraordinary moment and challenge that defines, i think, our time. i could not be more proud of this guy. i've seen him-it has been 10 damages
8:03 am
and even running for this office. it is unbelievable. >>[applause] i will close with this. you know, from the housing authority to the work is done at the ecw, the work is done it on lcd, there are few people that are more compared to truly hit the ground running to represent this extraordinary district. you've got a great fighter in oshawa safai. congratulations district 11. >>[applause] >> okay. i guess i've got to say something. >>[laughing] well, you know first of all, the moment is kind of surreal because usually on the outside looking in. i'm usually the person that was behind the scenes working with her were a whole bunch of you to elect all bunch of you. >>[laughing] i
8:04 am
keep on thinking, and i was thinking this because of the subject close race, i cannot figure out score to get a phone call saying, we actually found another 500 votes. the laughing sorry, you lost by 73 vote. >>[laughing] but that cannot happen because i actually they certify the election. >>[applause] >>[cheerring]. so you know, today is the day that i think you give thanks first, first and foremost, your blessings and my mind a storm is assigned as others have referenced my to sign of what is to come. that there is going to be some change and i think that with our new board and a lot of the folks that are sitting here, there is going to be change. mr. mayor and i think we are ready to do this collectively. but i truly believe that the people that we meet in our lives are often ones that help to shape our destiny and 19 years ago-i try not to get emotional-but 19-year-old zero met this young woman on the first day of
8:05 am
graduate school and we talked about our funny names, strange things, whatever you want to call them we talked about football. here we are, 19 years later in the woman is my wife >>[cheerring] >>[applause]. and the reason that i'm standing here today-let's not be let's not question that at all. be glad when she is my best friend. my partner. and what i like to call my in-house counsel. >>[laughing] because she is an attorney, by the way. >>[laughing] you know, truly married some of that smarter than me and someone that is a strong woman in her own right. so, there you go. >>[applause] because from my perspective, the voters of district 11 did not just elect me. elected our
8:06 am
family. i am a husband and a father, first and i will carry that with me every day that i do my duties and act as a supervisor good i'm a father to soul and roomy and a husband >>[applause] i told him he could come on stage once though. >>[laughing] you had that opportunity, we meet. but that i am a husband to yet zero and i believe our family truly represents and reflects the image of district 11 working families. a lot of times people asking what i think working families means and everyone has their own definition. but martin knows what i'm talking about. working families means deciding who's the top of the kids in the morning. who is going to pick them up after school. was there to do the grocery shopping. who is going to make dinner. i get a call every day at 4:55 pm. what are we having for dinner tonight?
8:07 am
i said, i better get on it. >>[laughing] who is going to stay home with the kids are sick? who is going on there filtered squeak who is doing their homework? who is putting them to bed? and the way that i acted on the campaign is the way i'm going to be a supervisor. there was never a night that i do not say, sorry i have to go home is time to put my kids to bed. all most every morning i dropped him off on my way to work in on their way to school. my wife's looking at me like, don't exaggerate, now. >>[laughing] i see that look on her face. but you have my kids afterwards if i'm telling the truth. >>[laughing] but oftentimes, working families also are the working men and women and a lot of the working labor leaders
8:08 am
are in this room today and i'm so proud from the bottom of my heart that i so much support from labor so can we give it up for all the labor in the house today please? >>[applause] and you know, referencing back to the campaign, the campaign is what really sets the tone of how you're going to be a supervisor. how you conduct yourself on the campaign it has run your campaign is how you will be as supervisor. if you sit back and let other people dictate to you that was can happen when you're on the board. but if you set the tone and you fight and you fight hard, right ms. breed, if you fight hard people note your benefit when you get to the board. i was very very fortunate. we had 04 11,000 votes, with the most number of votes in the history of district 11 did so i'm very very proud of that. >>[applause] over 28,000 people cast their ballots for us and in the end we bond one by 413
8:09 am
votes. at the end of the day it was a hard-fought campaign that started on the doorstep of mr. roberto mendes could i started october 2 2015 we do not stop until 8 pm, november 8. right ms. colleen olsen. we do not stop. we went all the way to the end. >>[applause] i feel like i talk to my friend scott weiner and he taught me you go all way to the finish line don't stop short knock on every single door and that's what we did. we knocked on 7000-i knocked on 7000 words per sums up my campaign not on a lot more than that but at the end of the day people set and they've referenced it. this wasn't a one-year campaign were a two-year campaign. they said you've been running for the last eight or 10 years according to the lieutenant governor in what i would say to that is, you are right. >>[laughing] you are absolutely right. that's why
8:10 am
i'm standing here in front of you today. >>[applause] but i learned from my mistakes in 2008 and was hard work, perseverance, and listening that at the end of the day propelled us to victory. i listen to 7000 people personally on their doorstep. it's one the most humbling experiences of my life to sit on someone's door one on one, and listen to their concerns, their frustrations, their dreams and their vision for the neighborhood. at the end of the day, no one knows better what they want than their neighbor. that's how you really get the heartbeat of the campaign get that you really get the heartbeat of your distant. because at the end of the day people want to come and tell you, this is what your voters want. this is what your
8:11 am
district wants. at consultants and surveys and polls, i have my own call. my pole was 7000 households door to door. so let me tell you what the folks in district 11 are asking for. and i listen to those working families could they want better parking. they want slower traffic. i told the sea i only met with the mta mr. medved i said, they were talking about purchasing new vehicles and i said, how many times at the board of supervisors rejected one of your contracts? and there was 15 of them i do not know his meeting with 15 people. they all looked at one another and said, never. i said, okay great. electric about what i want to talk about. i said, i want to talk about parking good i want to talk about slowing traffic down. i want to talk about what it means to have service on time and reliable treat this guys name i think his name was henry or chuck it i can't a member but i have his e-mail and all the-i said you were not targeted investments because the head of parking. that's what the folks at district 11 are asking for. i do know my friend muhamed dooley is in the room but i want to give a special thanks to mr. nuru. >>[applause] i had a lot of
8:12 am
jobs and work for a bridge under mayor ed lee when he was city head of dpw award for mayor newsom worked at the housing authority did i work for a lot of people but also work for muhamed nuru. that was the best job that i ever had in the city and county of san francisco get it was the hardest job. we were the hardest working people and if i could clone that man make him run 7-8 permit this to be running on also. let's give it up for muhamed nuru. >>[applause] that's my way of saying, we want a little bit more attention from dpw. >>[laughing] we want them cleaner and greener streets. >>[laughing] i made a pledge and i'm going to talk to the mayor and already talk to muhamed about this. we want eight to plant a minimum of 500
8:13 am
trees a year every year that him in office. >>[applause] we want to see our neighborhood be cleaner. but still cleaner and greener more updated parks and rec and at the end of the day there's a few other things. you know we have the highest rate of empty storefronts and vacancies in the entire's. we want to attract more businesses. we want to go storefronts built that means working with some of the artists around the city,) michelson get we want to get them to come occupy those storefronts, create space and get some activity and foot traffic on the corridor. lastly, i will say universal childcare, the mayor, definitely mention that that something we campaigned on and we campaigned on affordable housing for working people. workforce housing. >>[applause] you know him i've had a lot of the folks in the trades come up to me and they're saying, we are getting to the point where they say, if we can't live in it were not going to build it. if we can't live in it we are not going to build it. because
8:14 am
it's not right that they are building housing that they can't even living in this circuit we have to have workforce housing did we have to housing for the working families. because if you took district 11 out of san francisco, we really would be a tale of two cities. we really would be the wealthy and the extremely poor. the reason our district is what it is is because we have the highest rate of owner occupied homes. we have the most diverse city did we have the most children under the age of 18 people aging in place. we are a very different but yet similar part of san francisco. we need to re-create that. the only way you can do that is if you're building housing for working people. so that is good to be one of my biggest agendas when i'm on the board of supervisors and i will fight for that every single day. >>[applause] there with make a good i wait a
8:15 am
long time for this moment so i have quite a bit to say today but i promise i will wrap it up in the next 5 min. >>[laughing] so these are my marching orders. this is my agenda. it's very clear. you know i think it's clean what we are going to and fight for every single day. but given our new reality at the national level, with our new president, we must all come together as a city and put aside our differences to ensure san francisco remains a refuge for immigrants and people of all stripes and colors. this is not a time to back away but yet it's a time to lean in and lead on the national level. president reed and i were at the reception for our new sen.,, harris and she said better than anyone can say. people around the country are
8:16 am
looking to us to be a model for the nation. they are looking and waiting to hear what we have to say. we have to lead on this issue. we have to fight for immigrants could we have to fight for people of color. we have to fight for folks that don't have a voice. so while the rest of the nation is watching us, we have to lead on the issues that are important. but i would like to reflect on something that what i would say what of our great presidents had to say and was a true leader and knows president john f. kennedy. he said that at a graduation at american university commanded so true to this day. if we cannot and our differences, at least we can make the world safer for diverse city. for in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. we all breathe the same air. we all cherish our children's future. and we are all mortal. could you know what, that is absolutely put those words matter more today than they ever have and we are pessimistic, we are in as president reed said, we are going to fight and we are going
8:17 am
to stand up to the national agenda that's one that's going to attack us at all different levels. while these leaders here today that i've worked with them proud to say that this report i pledged to work with you to fight this because we do need to be a true leader in this regard. >>[applause] you know, all the elected officials and other folks that are in this room, i'm not going to go through every single one of you and thank you all over. i asked olga to recognize you and every single one of you supported me one way or another and i truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. i would like to call out in particular, just a couple because i think that it helps to shape and as i said the people that you need an open the door for you and being the ones that hope to shape your future. i started at the housing authority good i started either great fortune with my friend, i think, the
8:18 am
city and london, with doing open-door day with mayor willie brown and no one wanted to do that because he would have meetings at 7 am. so i was like, i will go. >>[laughing] quite often, 6-7 of the people were members of the housing authority and so to sit in that room and to watch one of the great politicians, probably of the last century, that is not only probably when the most intelligent but when the most savvy leaders that we have and often times, they don't the two don't come together in one person. a lot of time someone is smart to a lot of times someone is savvy but never the same together. i had the great fortune of learning from him. it was after that time that i went to go work on supervisor newsom's campaign for mayor and then had the great fortune of working for him and it is from the lieutenant governor that i learned the value in idea and what it means to be focused on numbers and numbers matter. numbers dictate the ultimate
8:19 am
outcome. and importantly, this is very important-policy ideas can come from anywhere if you listen. it's not the smartest person in the room or the person that thinks they are the smartest person in the room were the most educated but if you listen, you will get ideas. when i was doorknocking one of the women said to me, she was just in there and she said in a wide we have all these empty storefronts ice and him are sweet but you allowed to come in for free init. we will clean them up and we will activate-now that might be someone might've done it other places but was awake in the passion she said it could i said you know what that's a great idea we will do that. that's an example of what it means to listen and i learned that from our lieut. gov.,, mayor newsom at the time and i appreciate him taking a shot on
8:20 am
the giving my first shot in city hall in the 31-year-old that thought he knew a lot. didn't list and is vastly good idea that he may be the deputy director of community development. so i'll never forget that and appreciate that. >>[applause] then, also, mayor lee at the time who was the head of the apartment of public works, and then went on to become our city administrator and our mayor, thank you for giving me were endorsing and supporting me and supporting me during the campaign and embracing our ideas and i waiting for me to be supervisor to take on childcare, to take on affordable housing, to take on the things that the people of district 11 care about. i believe i was the only non-income and that you endorse so i appreciate that and i really look forward to working with you. >>[applause] as i said, not going to thank every single one of you all over again, but i will say sen. leno, in particular, is always
8:21 am
endorse me every time i've run for office. so everyone i've been involved in is always endorsing sort, some not going ask you for an endorsement for another four years. the laughing so thank you, stood thank you for standing with me and always being there for me. i appreciate that. the clap in dist. atty. gascon beginning early outdoorsman. i appreciate that. assemblyman david chiu, assemblyman phil ting. again from his another one like sen. leno was there with me from the beginning. i think i was running for [inaudible] he was there with me whenever this phil ting has been there with me and i appreciate that. >>[applause] assessor recorder carmen chu, are sharp, hennessy, outs and of community college board member. then two in particular that a longtime friendship with, >>[inaudible]
8:22 am
[off mic] a longtime friendship with melia cohen supervisor janet thank you for your support supervisor farrell and the one i think i know the longest, my friend london breed president breed, sorry. president breed. >>[applause] thank you for taking my calls all throughout the campaign and thank you for helping me get atty. gen. at the time and now state sen., harris's endorsement. i really appreciate that. >>[applause] supervisor katie tang thank you for your support. so many people i could go on and on but i want to end up with this. you know, we have tremendous energy in our district. we have
8:23 am
tremendous folks that have amazing ideas get their neighborhood leaders could they remain part of my campaign. i'm not to call you all out because i miss somebody good to hear about it later on just want to say thank you to all the different neighborhood associations. edi eight, cayuga improvement association, new mission-absolutely let me finish, mentioned i'm just kidding dr. >>[laughing] i miss when i'm going to get the new mission terrace improvement association. the district 11 council. my brothers from united players even though they're not in district 11. >>[applause] thanks. out her mission merchants and residents association. so many i could keep going. candy alley leaders. >>[laughing] but thank you for your tremendous support and your ideas and i really look forward to working with you every day. my piecing captains my house party does my volunteers, no campaign can operate without a great team. i would like to thank my consultants from clifford, tom
8:24 am
clifford and megan smith and my friend david letterman for providing us numbers did i campaign manager i've already recognize him and assayed again, colleen olsen thank you for putting up with me. >>[applause] and the rest of my team, dixon lee, aaron lu, sue sandoval sicilia-rockstar volunteers like ada and justin. then a special thanks goes to my childhood friend, beth live from boston and damage to run my geo tv london hardy, kenny korea, thomas gonzales. >>[applause] by other childhood friends that actually moved here and now live here, sam berenson and todd kiger. >>[laughing] i also would like to thank in particular, the person community for believing in me from day one. by dear friends see it and sammy, soft as in peabody already reckon it. baja, [inaudible] and the entire [inaudible] let's give
8:25 am
it up for them. >>[applause] like to also recognize community tenants association and all the chinese community leaders that copy honey. i really from the bottom of my heart, standing there with me translating documents come a doing everything amazing amazing work for the leadership and support from the chinese community i appreciate that. >>[applause] i would like to also give finally a special thanks to a couple of lifelong mentors get gov. michael dukakis who could not be here today could he married my wife and i in a guiding light for us and our family. i have to tell you, i'm not kidding you the best advice in the world i'm a better than a political consultant worth everybody,-no, wait it was free. he gave it to
8:26 am
me for free. he said, go knock on every door. and he just saying it go knock on every door. he would hear that and use 800 and knock on the door. like mark farrell on a knock on every door and offered him there will go knock on every door. because it's a burden and it's time-consuming and put some on your family and but we did we not done 7000 doors and have to think on that him for being there for me. my godmother loretto vdot for believing in me and providing guidance. every step of the way and almost a daily basis, i met loretto when i was start off as an intern in the white house. in our president bill clinton. i have to say, one of the smartest political minds, smartest people i've ever had the great fortune of knowing and i color my godmother now. she is my godmother and her family britney and bryant and john always been there for me every step of the way. never last book not least, please
8:27 am
everybody i know we can a lot to labor but give one more big big round of applause to our janitors were taking me under their wing for the past eight years. >>[applause] and for my sister, and friends, olga miranda, for bringing me into the labor movement and about morale is, a special thanks to the teamsters and all the different locals of the joint council 350, 665, 826 2785, and is olga said the firefighters are fighting for me the police officers for fighting for me and all my brothers and sisters in the building trades for being there with me every step of the way. ilwu and uh w, i could keep going on and object of cw i mean it's amazing the kind of support that we had in every little bit helps. i'm just going to end with this. a couple people that shape my life that are not here today i like to end in their honor. the soto, boys godfather. open somebody doors for me before people even knew who i was in the city. my grandmother and
8:28 am
grandfather, ed and state, jerk were not with us but she did me and my mother who made me a man that i am today, thank you so much for always being there with me every step of the way. >>[applause] and all my family members my brothers and sisters you know there's a lot of people today to honestly, instead they got the flu and their home of throwing up and i believe in 10-15 times over and over again people are not line but my brother could not be here today that he is sick at home and my brother-in-law growl and agnes and all my family, everyone that has helped to make this reality, i just went to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i'm honored to be your supervisor. i am now i'm committed to begin and let's make this district 11 shone. thank you so much. >>[applause] >> one more person is one more
8:29 am
person i want to thank you for he leaves is-and i mean this from the bottom of my heart but supervisor aaron peskin could thank you for keeping your word. thank you for saying neutral and i look forward to working with you, brother. >>[applause] >> >> >> thank you. >> for km my name is ed reiskin i'm the director of transportation in to san francisco and absolutely delighted to be joined by u.s. secretary of transportation andrew's and mayor ed lee and some other smart and committed
8:30 am
people to announce and celebrate the grant award of $11 million from the u.s. department of transportation to san francisco to help us do some of the things most important things we do in the city first make sure that people can get around more safely and move people inefficiently and fewer vehicles and really try to groundbreaking hinges in a new development in treasure island on the corner of that map really bringing that kind of innovation through 24 grant with really groundbreaking stuff and fit well with the three is where the get over the finish line was we have a mayor that has been a strong leader and currently innovation and collaboration and that's really what that arrogant problem about
8:31 am
call about we're honored and humbled to be a recipient of this grant i think that rehabilitates a lot about the current administration and u.s. department of transportation when president obama announced andrew fox as his nominee to be secretary of transportation we knew immediately that that would bowed well, for cities and for the whole crisis andrew fox was the mayor of charlotte and they knew each and everyone of each other there the conference the mayors and a progressive great work in that he is city in charlotte for transportation and more general that he will serve us well in d.c. he understand what happens on the ground in the city he also brought to the job a great passion for equity and creating opportunity for people in recognizing that
8:32 am
transportation is really a big part of that and extremely important here in san francisco more so than it's ever been and a strong focus on safety and also a it up priority here in san francisco with vision zero now almost 3 years ago in the city to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024 but i would like to see most revolutionsy a approach that may sound shocking the federal government didn't have all the answers and this grant program and the smart city challenge we're seeing he really took the federal grant process and flipped it on its head and a attribute to the secretaries leadership to say hey, we don't dr. all the answers and a lot going on the ground rather than telling you what to do we need
8:33 am
you to tell us what the goals and equity and safety and collaborate across the city to improve the outcomes for people if you're city and region through the smart city challenge and there this grant program that is changed. >> the way we partnered between local and federal government and we have a long history of the partnership and great infrastructure project with the subway and the van ness brt and the geary brt also some innovation and technology partnership that is sf park this one really is different approach and really a testament to our secretary of transportation i think history will reflect that he will be one of the best to serve in that capacity we were incredibly howard to have him in san francisco please help me welcome director of transportation andrew fox
8:34 am
>> anthony and he had thank you for the wonderful introduction it is also great to be back in the bay area with the great friends friend of mine mayor ed lee who has demonstrated so much leadership on so many issues in particular transportation and we'll talk about some of that today also has been in the bay area for about 48 percent hours and suffice to say ii see the evidence of the tremendous congestion ♪ region and if you were in the jelly making business i'll have a big jar of traffic jam (laughter) and let me say this is part of the 21st century challenge of transportation in america
8:35 am
>> you're in one of the faster growing regions in the country if not the faster and a dime economy and problems of transportation are not just related to you know a lack of attention to trying to move things along it is actually, the fact that growth is outpacing our ability to build the infrastructure to solve our problems and if i might just depart what i was intending to say parts of that is the fact at the federal level so much of our transportation policy and fund has been built around building these testimonies systems and the challenge of 21st century is integrating those systems and making the systems work better together and really if that context that the u.s. department of transportation for at least the last 8 years has been
8:36 am
focused on trying to help our nation through our communities understand that we need a more demand driven transportation system by that i mean rather than dictating to the country how transportation is to be practiced from place to place giving communities more flexibility giving them more resources. >> allowing them to shape the vision themselves because frankly the challenges here in the bay area are different than in the midwest and different in other place we need the flexibility we're a big country and need to practice transportation definitely than place to place understanding we're proud of the fact we launched the smart city challenge, a challenge that really did turn on its head the
8:37 am
typical grant making process what folks will say about that the secretary walked into a conference room and said we want to do this they want to frng what they were looking for we'll know it when we see 2 we saw great things in san francisco and we preceded to go through 24 process and in the process with the advances litigation congestion granted san francisco was hugely competitive that's why we're awarded the money inform this project here so let me get back to what i was supposed to say the as a matter of fact of the matter is we need to leverage the kelly whitcraft had help us reduce the congestion and during or doctoring my time we've been focused on innovation we've been
8:38 am
inclusively ways to empower san francisco to repeat technologies frankly you were doing this on our own anyway we were here in the convenient last year federal government to help and to address transportation issues you see everyday in the same vein flo the field for initiative approaches to advance transportation technology for example in december a vehicle to vehicle mauvent all light rail to be equipped with technology to communicate directly with each other on the roads and released the most advanced set of safety rules advance in the world i'm sorry this is unmanned aircraft systems or drones what i was going to say to top it off we've proutsd the first of its
8:39 am
kind for ammonias vehicles 2, 3, 4 is the most comprehensive policy that the world produced and precedence setting in the sense we're setting out the ground work for the he will technology systemthorax in october we announced $65 million in advanced technology transportation grant to help the cities across the country fight the congestion and encourage the market those grants will build on the smart city challenge the challenge asked the cities across the country what they need to improve their systems and few limitation in giving us that feedback in response we received applications for more than 78 cities and our goal with this round the application grant we want to make that easier for local areas
8:40 am
to test new ytdz and reach beyond about what was deny to meet the challenges we know we'll face in the future and so we provided almost $12 million to san francisco to support a number of projects to encourage ride sharing and carpooling and making that better by having pickup curve for the riders and helping to deploy smart connecting traffic to make intersections safer for people riding bikes now separate and apart what did you do by nearly $360 million for the demand on - that will connect public and private transportation options all of those are p.o. box san francisco to be one of the most connected cities at a time when the
8:41 am
infrastructure continues to be stressed that's why it is too important we need to test in the 21st century solutions to those issues i should also is that maybe to conclude that mayor ed lee knows when cities come up with good solutions to problems overtime they get replicated elsewhere so we are trying very o vertically to user laboratories to helpful see some of the greatest efforts represent indicated in other parts of country so mayor ed lee i want to thank you and the entire region for your leadership, and thank you for continuing to push the vision vision for transportation to its growing edge shall we say. >> thank you for continuing to
8:42 am
help us help you by giving us great things to work on together and looking forward as partners to help with that collaboration well into the future thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. secretary that needs to give a flavor of the new and better way of the federal government looking to partner with us with regards to taking things that are employed in the city with the replication sf park and a opportunity pilot a pricing for that concludes my remarks that led to a significant reduction in congestion and their green house gas emissions made it easier for people to find a way for parking that is now becoming a standard across the country and that kind of innovation happening can be
8:43 am
invested and replicated across the country within the spirit of that grant the secretary mentions that the congestion in the city i was hoping he wouldn't that is something that the mayor talks about i'm trying to tell him congestion is a good thing it is healthy but he remind me too much can have adverse safety impacts and start to make that harder for people to get around for work and education can help start to restrict the ability for the growth it has so some of the tools ♪ grant will help us address that or challenge we're having to make the streets safer at the same time, we have great leadership from the mayor among his tasks to nominate the directors for the municipal transportation agency and we're
8:44 am
happy to be joined by our charm of the board of directors tom and their leadership inform our agency that positions you guess and the rest of the city to be competitive for this grant first place i wanted to acknowledge they're great leadership by the mayor has done a lot for transportation and the task force brought in half a million dollars to invest in that infrastructure as the secretary talked about and most of all helps to us partner outside of government and that leadership is also positions to us to be a contender please join me in welcoming mayor ed lee >> (clapping.) >> thank you. good morning everyone and welcome to super public another indication of the
8:45 am
way we're doing things in san francisco but we're part of a whole region let me take the opportunity to thank our friend secretary fox thank you to you, your leadership and you know as i was listening to the secretary talk not just about the grant but looking at him and thinking years ago when president obama suggested more than suggested he said we had to be covered from the economic disasters when he first started started to make critical investments transportation has been the center whether borrowing that clicks on the president was there along with leader pelosi working closely with our city and making sure we utilities those federal funds appropriately to get jobs done and start talking about the center of our city and how we
8:46 am
might be prepared for economic recovery even better and look was has happened 2, 3, 4 did 8 years and it is not just because we want economic activities i think there is a dramatic movement of people who want jobs and better life to move into the city and they're coming regardless of whether you want to put the welcome mat or not people are looking for that better life but happening in all the cities in the bay area and across the country and secretary has observed and visited chinatown and part so i say that in the sense he really want to say thank you to a former mayor to a friend to secretary who literally is here from the first welcome back to the last week of his tenure to be in the city i
8:47 am
know he's appreciated for a variety of reasons and die is no exception we're here super public because we heard is not just the support from the secretary the administration we literally known that his folks at the fta are writing the transportation systems personally experiencing what day to day people are talking to us about so they can say oh, this is what you are experiencing and this is work you need those funds and not just a complaint about suggestions but a direction of finding solutions as reflective we don't need those things on the singular city and fda grant it is bribl everyone together so that's why super public has been a model
8:48 am
with academia and leadership where the county is involved and technology leaders are involved and their data is confirmed own mta and county transit experts can all congregate to make sure not only we're using does the federal funds the way it is directed bull bringing in the extra juice of folks that are going to be thinking in the future and shouldn't surprises you, we were getting a smart is city grant but shouldn't surprise you we're not independent on a single grant but commitment committed to make sure our city and region continues to be answering the challenge the congestion but i also think two this is what the added value of that we have -
8:49 am
when we were by the obama effects to come up with better solutions i'm specifically happy about something that was done a couple of years ago back the mta said in response to not just technology not just the transit who are we serving as well but tailor have been documented disparities who the transit system serves and so in that muni equity strategy i've provide the mta adopted identified a lot of community not serves when you are not served you not going to a participation and dialogue how electric autonomous electrical vehicles help the community
8:50 am
impoverished for any years you want to have a policy and system that serves everybody that brings even up so the growth strategy was as important as the newest introduction of technology and how it will help everyone when you combine all that you get the attention of the president and the discreet and the attention of our fta administrator and the leaders please san francisco is paying attention to everything and all aspects of improving everyone's life and using transit agency a way to get things down that's why i celebrate not just the grant of $11 million but the hundreds of millions of we've been fortunate to receive we have not only national leadership that paid attention but people's life experience
8:51 am
like former mayor fox that understood from the first minute how those challenges are to every city that's why we work closely they incentiveed by challenging us through the smart grant to do it better that's why out of all the entities that came together the bart and community bart next year i think we're doing it right we're answering those questions i think we're having the dialogue and the inclusionary policies that will make our city better for everyone this is y what i came to office to try to do and thankful for the leadership as director reiskin and the county of transportation agency are putting together all the detergents so we could eat less of traffic jam and more of the
8:52 am
peanut butter (laughter). >> and take the opportunity on the last few weeks of his leadership to say thank you secretary to our leadership those are years we'll look back we've done things well and got the support and leadership of president obama and the capitol hill not only not just the money but what we've created out of the opportunities that bring this city and entire region together this is what i think those federal divisions are all about not just fund transit projects but bring people together to make sure that crying country was moving together with everybody that's why i'm particularly provide of the the way the incentiveed program and others have allowed us to simplify our humanity
8:53 am
respect for the improvement of transit and solve problems and insure that everyone is included for a better city on behalf of the city and county of san francisco secretary thank you hopefully, you'll be back negative impact a different capacity with an that will continue to compliment us and as you ride our transit systems when you do get here they'll be adequately improved with a level of intelligence and smartness so that this year whereby less jams and more peanut butter . >> (clapping.) >> you could hear from the former mayor and secretary this deep commitment to equity i
8:54 am
think reflects the ideals they've brought to the public service and really has been integrate in the work they local level with the transportation to make sure that it provides an opportunity for folks to take part what we hope to achieve ♪ grant you heard a lot about the clorox of the regional and federal level i want to acknowledge the administrator of the transit not only leaving the fta but a career transit professional and a frequent transit rider that helps us to make the case what are the transit across the country a great partner but and the sfmta office as well and in the region the mayor made reference to a member of bart the board of directors and doctor from uc
8:55 am
berkley two of the smarter folks in the region of the country how to make transportation better here so a lot of brain power in the room and region we work together and make that happen part of brain power from the county of transportation authority they've lead a lot of great groundbreaking work in how to develop the brand new community in treasure island and part of the two of the projects of this grant are focused on treasure island the secretary mentioned the guidance that his administration put out with autonomous vehicles see how 24 fits on the ground of treasure island with the transportation authority under the leadership of the executive director tilly chang >> (clapping.) >> thank you so many ed and
8:56 am
secretary fox and mayor ed lee and all of our honored guests thank you so much on behalf of the community of the transportation authority thank you to secretary fox and the mta for this grant and opportunity to partner and demonstrate the benefits of initiative transportation as the community agency wouldn't be more exciting to initiative with the partners logically and nation wide mr. secretary thank you for your championship and income tax and amongst the cities your leadership with the department of transportation has been nothing short of incredible and mayor ed lee recounted many of the examples you are were about two years ago in february of 2015 going down the 101 to
8:57 am
guaranteeing google i believe you unveiled your beyond traffic initiative a national dialogue of the awareness of transportation investment to the need for investment and the crisis of a lake lack of impetus we see in congress that year we were all seeking to have a long-term transportation bill your messing meg miss included the ways of doing more business efficiently manage congestion to protect the planet and bring all the members of the community as mayor ed lee eloquently mentioned later that year in the fall of 2015 usual administration sent the long term bill to congress as the fast map leader pelosi and other leaders in congress was passed happily by president obama and laid the ground work to advance
8:58 am
beyond the transportation all the non-sexy things the transportation and the brightens and transportation as well as the initiative partnering and this included, of course, particulars marked stirs challenged the faster grant program to administrator in my career with the leadership of mayor ed lee and our partners locally thank you for your grants together with uc berkley we're happy and excited to be a winner of this grant and the finalist we were in the company of 77 other amazing cities who also rays their hands we have a tremendous need this has been a fantastic experience and just the gwen with advanced grant the
8:59 am
transportation authority will be working with ed and his team at the sfmta to demonstrate the smart corridors and innovations connected and technologies and as mentioned on treasure island will be partnering with the treasure island development authority so have a community on treasure island that is planned for 8 thousand units of housing 26 affordable over the next 20 some years our projects will include a powell system to help fund the transit and water and muni and ac bus service as well as autonomous shutters transportation on treasure island really will be a laboratory we look forward to this and with the partners at caltrans and the commission
9:00 am
those will transform treasure island and have a robust neighborhood that will be a model of innovation in terms of transportation to demand management and safety and the way we fund those types of programs through the innovative feature we've advance the secretaries initiative by tying together a town hall transportation system and with the carving and bike share for the most vulnerable residents so thank you and in closing for your administration secretary look forward to the major capital project involving the transit and both downtown and as well as the recent van ness brt project we're fortunate to get $75 million we're ever so grateful and appreciate our support you've extended to all
9:01 am
the partners at caltrans for the electrification we wish you the best we want you to come back of all the work in a few years time thank you . >> (clapping.) >> thanks tilly and thank you for your leadership hers it the public agency and mine and the federal government didn't have all the answers we were shocked to know they didn't have all the answers we're a happy to be joined by part of bringing together the other partners to make that arrogant happen. >> (clapping.) >> thank you i'm probably the most at least competitive and person in front of of the people this morning i didn't realize nicholas was going to be here he was told the
9:02 am
trains went to oakland and thank god a lady told me that i don't think anyone would have missed me that's why the room is so fuel we're thankful and i'll summarize our goal to help the public private partnering with the innovation and as long as we're not locked into a temp we're allowed to work with the private sector and this is part of design methodologies that is built on stanford and uc berkley with all the pilots that's really the work at the 76 projects we're looking at and meaningful second scale across the country we've been lucky that mayor ed lee has for the last two years helped us to create an institution for the
9:03 am
public basically the federal government and others getting together and, of course, the uc berkley to actively go out and scale those pilots and that's really been the goal of that thank you, mayor ed lee we have d.c. and miami and worked with the academic institutions the work with secretary fox with the smart city grants we've been able to beat out many folks as we've become the first institution to help planning out u outside the london to open this so we can intricate the electrical vehicles and we currently have people in the community really engaging the community in miami hey, what does the community want and with the work with ed reiskin and tilly chang in terms of the the
9:04 am
work we what pilot those out here and scale them across the u.s. and uc berkley great partners with the people that binge things to the table we can test thank you, everyone and actually making this a reality and giving us an opportunity to nationalize this we're excited thank you. >> (clapping.) >> so finally just because something is initiative didn't mean it's good much the innovation maybe good and not so good but advancing the policy goals uc berkley brings the research to support what we'll test in the field and our ability to test it to achieve our outcomes and uc berkley for the institute studies leads by
9:05 am
dr. >> thank you to secretary fox and mayor ed lee for the opportunity to be here with you this is a very exciting year 2017 is not only our 17 anniversary but also something that people didn't know the 20 anniversary of the first time we have a california, if any, in the context of the federal grants like 20 years ago this break through this was conceives fiction we hope that will be an exciting mitigation grant we can claim the victories two years from now the history of collaboration within the city of san francisco and the university we've seeing none, public comment is closed in memorandum of understanding when was dramatically related by the challenge we are extremely grateful into secretary fox but the university have been
9:06 am
collaborating on cities berkley was involved in the snatch and the writing of the mou between the city of san francisco and the city of paris and many - we're excited today because of the work because it alsoables us to interact with did public university at berkley through this program we really hope to make contributions to the bay area and california to the u.s. and in general, you you look at you'll see the involvement of the universities in the programs whether on the bridge or talking about the tenderloin or all the others things that berkley was involved in with the mtc and caltrans and the federal government specifically the services roll in the program that will be led by susan thank
9:07 am
you for your leadership throughout the program and this challenge and many other exciting things the secretary has led in his tenure specific to berkley's contributions in the granted we are excited we're push the research and the extent those par dims they'll change urban san francisco see is a city of innovation most of technologies the transportation all born no or in san francisco no better place than the city the second involvement of the university for the vision zero corridor that is an extremely important for public transit and more importantly the third is data electrics in the 151 impossible to see the systems that will be operated suv and no better place
9:08 am
to do this than the other partners at the table here and uc berkley has the highest concentration of people in the world that as advanced dictated for a den benefit of translation we're excited about the future of smart cities and at berkley we cared about transfer which we produce in the passerby la habra through the examples throughout this wonderful collaboration with the federal government have successfully approved grant break through these and grateful for the programs we've built no, first in the future so to conclude i want to express my warmest thanks to mayor ed lee and secretary fox they're leadership working together with the federal government to absolutely amazing have a partner a prestige and we're excited in the future to
9:09 am
contribute to the partners agencies at the table today microsoft and others and thank you to secretary fox and others. >> (clapping.) >> okay. thanks i'll give a final thank you to secretary fox for his great service we're short on time maybe time for two consecutive questions and let you on your way the floor is open any questions if not thank you all so much for
9:10 am
>> thank you for all for coming today. soggy wet day outside but it's warm and cozy here. so, thank you. i have a few announcements to make. i would like to thank the president london breed for being here today. for president mark farrell. >>[applause] the hon. mark leno. supervisor aaron peskin. >>[applause] sheriff vicki hennessy, thank you. >>[applause] and you sf -i should know this sf ust board member shannon walton. >>[applause] thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. so,
9:11 am
hold, please. >>[laughing] pay attention mr. supervisor to be. >>[inaudible] [off mic] alex randolph, hi. just wanted to say, hi, two. >>[applause] well, and then of course [inaudible] >>[laughing] >>[applause] for anybody else >>[laughing] this might take a while, folks. >>[inaudible] [off mic] nobody is nervous here, trust me. >>[laughing] so without further ado, i would like to introduce-who am i introducing? >>[inaudible] [off mic] mayor ed lee.
9:12 am
>>[inaudible] >>[applause] >> thank you, jeff. good afternoon everyone and welcome to our city hall and as i said on friday, i have found someone who i truly believe an excited about as he takes on this enormous responsibility to represent the residents of district 8, my district, and i know that he is been called an activist for most certainly people know him throughout this city's history. he as he has as
9:13 am
he said himself, made history but he also wants to serve and be a part of making many important decisions for not only the residents of the eight, but also the people of all of san francisco. i have got to know him. i've heard of him and i remember just name and i can share a little bit with him during our interviews where after he was pushing very strongly for the equal benefits , it just happened to be at that time that i was the director of purchasing for the city. so i got to literally enforce the equal benefits law and, in fact, i truly the member how important it was to our city where certain major contractor said to me that they were not going to be able to sign it, and we were going to lose the benefit of a very large office supply contract in this city that was worth millions of dollars. but we were true to our word and we gave them adequate time and response
9:14 am
and we understood what this meant but we also made it actually in my opinion quite easy for them to sign up and ultimately, they said they could not do it. well, we enforced the provision and jeff, i want you to know that after they lost the contract for about 3-4 years, they called me back up as i became the city administrator and said, you know, the regret we did not sign that. it was as easy as you said it was. we made it a principle of the city and something that we were proud of but after losing some $12 million a year worth of contract they regretted it because all the others had signed up for it and we made it a national movement, but i recall that mainly because i think in that vision of you and both mayor willie brown and mayor gavin newsom, i think not only did we do the right thing,
9:15 am
we made it something that was enforceable and easy to do and representative of the values of the city. that is white and that is an xml i want to say to because things that you've done in the past advocated for, we were able to administer with all of our leadership and now you get the old help past good legislation, but also help all of us increment it in the right way. now, after being an advocate, a strong move, a mover and shaker of not only lgbt community, but also of very progressive viewpoints, you also now are a father, husband, a father of a daughter and public school a homeowner in glen park in my neighborhood dear to me but also one that is
9:16 am
part of an illustrious diverse group of neighborhoods that represent district 8, and i am extremely proud of you stepping forward to indicate your desire to be part of the governing of this city. certainly, i hope that we will have many years together to do all the right things and discuss what our public and make sure everything from potholes and ronnie muni on-time, to all the challenges that we believe we will have because of the threats or changed by the federal administration will do us proud, both as a district and also as a city. i want to thank all the members of the board of supervisors. the present and past, for being here as well. i specifically want to say, thank you to scott weiner because you have had big shoes to fill and i know jeff is going to be able
9:17 am
to do that, but you and sen. leno have always demonstrated that love for community and for this district and i want to say take the opportunity to say thank you, as we are about to swear in. i'll will come up in a minute or so and come back and swear in our new supervisor, but before i do that, i want to say that, to say thank you to our lieutenant governor who i learned a great deal when he was mayor and now city administrator to properly guide the city and do the best that we can to make sure that our values are protected, enhanced, and that the city is balanced measurement of what we believe in do and continue to do and go forward, and please welcome to the stage our lieutenant governor, gavin newsom. >>[applause]
9:18 am
>> all right. i will break president, and be brief. and access my appreciation to mayor lee for the privilege of the podium and the opportunity to share a few thoughts on i think this enlightened choice. for district 8 supervisor. i'm reminded now particularly in light of the trump ascendancy of that old saw it even like the world looks when you're standing up, stand on your head and go local. remarkable things are happening at the local level. in so many ways this moment is an anecdote of sorts to some of the cynicism. that's out there. >>[applause]. now more than ever, this position, these positions, county
9:19 am
supervisor, the great jobs, sincerely, one of the great political jobs that anyone can be privileged and afforded are more important than ever. on immigration policy on health care policy environmental policy, on so many issues and you have someone here that gets it and gets it done. someone who steps up, someone who steps in, someone with grit get some and with determination. someone that doesn't suffer fools. someone who's happy to call you out including me in 96. i still remember >>[laughing] the harvey milk-what the hell is this called what's the-act? what happened i just got appointed your life was easy. willie brown threw me into this mix and there's sheehy, president of the club telling me the way it should be. but i like that. that's why i'm here.
9:20 am
because i appreciate people that , you know, call balls and strikes. i appreciate people that you know, try to raise the bar and i'll close with this. i still love that quote particularly true. i think about jeff sheehy and that his career and the work is done on certain debacle the jamaican some opponents on the california institute of regenerative medicine, the work i do was a member of the uc board of regents the work you do not use if you reminded of that wonderful old quote from the glass door that said the biggest risk in life is not that we aim to hide and miss it. is that we aim to low and reach it. i think in so many ways jeff is here because he is has demonstrated a commitment to that mean. he is here because only you know, he doesn't leave good enough ever is. he
9:21 am
doesn't believe in running the 90 yard dash. he doesn't believe in being interested in the things he cares about. he is committed to the things he cares about and at the end the date you all know this is the difference between success and failure in life in any endeavor is that distinct, distinction, between commitment and interest. we have a committed public servant, and that is why i am honored to be here and am proud at his appointment. thank you. >>[applause] >> now i would like to introduce scott weiner. >>[applause] >> good afternoon everyone. so i said this at the press conference on friday i will say again that in a way, it's a bittersweet moment. this is the
9:22 am
official passing of the baton to, from me to jeff. and there are something about that this amazing opportunity to represent district 8 draws to an end but it's a sweet moment because i cannot think of a better person to whom to hand that the time that jeff sheehy. and-yes. >>[applause] and i think is a member of the board of supervisors knows, we-when you represent a district, you have this sort of like motherly or fatherly instinct that you develop about the district and you want to make sure that it's going in the good hands when you move on as we all do. that is absolutely happening here. before i was on the board of supervisors that in dusty had the honor of holding this seed i used to hear them sometimes
9:23 am
say when he was speaking that this is the best job in the world, and i thought at the time that he was just saying it because he had to say it. because that's what you say when you're elected office but having done the job, for six years, i know he was that kevin was absolutely speaking truth. that this is just an amazing, amazing thing to be able to work with your neighbors and speak for your neighbors at city hall. and be on the ground working with your community. being a district supervisor, where it is so hands-on, where you are working day in and day out to make tangible positive change in your community, where you live, where you're invested, as a resident, it's just-there's no other opportunity quite like that and so, jeff, you are just going to absolutely love this drug as hard as it can be them as challenging as it can be when people are always mad at you so
9:24 am
get used to people are always glad to be mad at you but also going to love you as well and they're going to support you and they're going to help make you a success i know you are going to be. but district 8 goes beyond just any district. district 8 is unique and special. this is harvey milk's district. this is mark leno's district. this district has been represented by people who have made history. this is a legacy seat for the lgbt community. this is the seat them at this is the district, where we were at the epicenter and continue to be at the epicenter, of the hiv epidemic. this is the district that has given us so much in terms of positive activism and i know, jeff, that you are going to continue that legacy, and, in
9:25 am
fact, you're the heavy burden that i spoke about the other day, that for the first time in decades, we will only have one lgbt member of the board of supervisors. that is jeff sheehy. that is a heavy burden for our community. we have amazing straight allies and we love our straight out there we love you all >>[laughing] but there is nothing quite like coming from a community and representing the community and understanding firsthand the challenges to my and jeff, that will be on you and i think you are going to do it with grace and with talent than with passion and i'm just really proud that you're taking this step and you have my complete support and i look forward to working together. so, congratulations. >>[applause]. >> thank you so much sen. d'errico we really appreciate
9:26 am
that. so next speaker is a dear friend of our family, joya dominick. she's a public school parents and a really wonderful friend of ours who's come up to graciously accept to say a few words on all our behalf. so here's julie dominick. >>[applause] >> this is not what i do on a regular basis so i'm a little nervous. >>[laughing] jeff and i became friends through our lovely little daughters. two little girls became really good friends at the local public elementary school. and our friendship grew through common interests and supporting our community, supporting our
9:27 am
teachers, and focusing on education which was important to us. public education. as we slowly build our lives around the local school. having chosen to call sf home because of the diversity its inclusiveness, it's amazing city, i'm happy to say i met my husband here our daughter was born here, and we own a home in just future district. through the years i got to know how deeply jeff cares about the city, how well how important it is that sf takes care of all its people, protect them, keeps them healthy, educates them every one of them. and you know, i'm happy to say this is where i live. this is an amazing city. it is you need to have lived in
9:28 am
many other cities and countries and this is a special place. it's very special and i'm very excited and proud to say a good friend of mine is going to be my supervisor. i'm very excited , best of luck, and i'm looking forward to how well you got us into the future. >>[applause] >> thank you, joya. i know that's not easy. so our next speaker is dion jones, who is the an rn at san francisco general hospital. >>[applause] >> so i apologize for looking like a drowned rat. i stood up for two hours in the rain trying to book within the
9:29 am
assembly district democratic party elections. so i met jeff in 1997. was lying on a gurney in the hallway of the emergency department at san francisco general could have been lying there for several hours. i was coming on shift and coming to check on my patient and he greeted me with a rant about the ineptitude of our hospital. >>[laughing]. and for leaving him in many other people lying on bernie's for hours waiting for beds in the inpatient area. so i have been in hiv nurse for 16 years at that point and then out of that relationship between hiv nurses and their patients, and lesbians and gay men, i promptly informed him that it was probably he was lying on his gurney because of the peter budget cuts that come
9:30 am
down from the mayor that he probably had supported. >>[laughing] and the mayor who was unwilling to all-day private sector responsible for their share of taking care of poor people and after all, if we had single-payer universal health care he would not be lying on the damn gurney. >>[laughing] >>[applause] so we shared a moment together. >>[laughing] from then on, we have spent the years since fighting together in the trenches of this hiv epidemic that has killed and hurt so many many people all around the world. the chronic chronicle called to a bulldog. i actually know you as fierce and passionate and deeply appreciate your willingness to allow me to fiercely disagree
9:31 am
with you at times and fight about strategy and endorsement, but to keep coming back and working together for a common goal. so what we are asking of you is that you bring your great expansive mind to bear on helping our cities live up to its potential as a city of refuge and hope that this nation and the world needs more than at any other time. so that not only do we fight for getting to zero and hiv, that we are also fighting for getting to zero in homelessness, zero people in our jails, merely because they're mentally ill, >>[applause] 08 t partition. zero evictions. and i trust that the show is can keep you honest, to keep as a soon-to-be teenager, to keep fighting for women's we productive rights
9:32 am
and we thank you so much for stepping up at this time and for your family letting you step up and look forward to working with you and supporting your work. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you so much dion to appreciate that. so our next speaker is michael schreiber the director of the aids memorial grove. >>[applause] >> good afternoon. i can't help but stand up here and think about jeff getty and i can't help but think about hank wilson and jim foster and peter
9:33 am
levin good i can go a litany of important individuals in the city, gay men with hiv who made a huge difference over my left arm and now there's jeff getty -now there's jeff sheehy. just let me know he's going to be supervisor for me a moment of absolute pride that somebody who was smart, competent, deserving intelligent, bullheaded, stubborn, arrogant, brilliant, compassionate, ada driven, all the adjectives came to my mind and its jacket was jeff and i was incredibly happy and very proud this is mandatory representing my district. >>[applause]. my entire life i lived in district 8 so long as a been an adult in the city as someone said earlier, scott talked about earlier, i come from a district of heroes and legacy of euros in this seat of which i expect no less from jeff and i'm sure jeff will deliver. so, jeff, it's frightening for a lot of
9:34 am
people that of hiv rent is very terrifying winning the affordable care act goes with it terrifying to me what happens to my medicare know what happens my social security. what happens to my health and my friends health including my friends were active drug users and or challenge with homelessness. if there was one person that i knew i could trust that challenge to it is you and so my friend, with whom i disagreed many many times with and when i one i felt great and when jeff one, i knew i was wrong. >>[laughing] i am just so proud and so happy and congratulations and good luck. >>[applause] >> thank you, mike witt really appreciate that as well. okay. it's my turn. so we have talked a lot about how tough jeff sheehy is. we all know that but
9:35 am
nobody knows just like i do. >>[laughing] but what hasn't been said about is about how sweet this man is. i've been with him for almost 18 years good offer state was at the pilsner in the castro and i called him sheepishly when friday afternoon and said, you probably have a boyfriend, but if you are free would like to meet me for a beer. he said, i don't have a boyfriend i like to meet you for beer and i was like, yes. >>[laughing] so we met at the bar had had about three sips of beer in aegis grabs me and the clock speed. i said, okay let's put the beer down and go home. >>[laughing] and he never left and we've been together ever since. >>[laughing] >>[applause] he really is the love of my life it is the love of michelle's life, too. so his toughness is
9:36 am
true but his kindness and esophagus is there, too. you can find it if you just hit them like a kitty and start to purr as well. >>[laughing] but if you are wrong and you disagree with him, not so much. >>[laughing] at everything that's been said about him the past two days and really for the last 18 years the good stuff i'm only going to mention is it's true. he really works hard. he is really smart. he really cares about the bigger picture. he's not sellable, breakable, good if he tells you he's going to do something for you is going to come through. there is no doubt in my mind your wife think the city of san francisco is very lucky to have jeff sheehy as our district 8 supervisor. i cannot be more proud to be his husband. >>[applause] i could go on and
9:37 am
on but i make the best lasagna. so - excuse me - i think we should carry on with the program. i think it is time for the mayor to swear in jeff sheehy as supervisor. >>[applause] >> all right. jeff, if you're ready to get sworn in, before you get sworn act.
9:38 am
>>[laughing] please, repeat after me. i, jeffrey gee do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic , that i will bear to be a faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of mediation and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which
9:39 am
i am about to enter and during such time as i hold the office as a member of the board of supervisors and transportation authority for the city and county of san francisco. there you go. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] >> i have to say a bit
9:40 am
overwhelmed. the love in this room is just amazing. in the rain, thank you. thank you, thank you. >>[applause] i want to thank the mayor for this tremendous honor and his confidence in me. i want to thank lieut. lieut. gov. newsom , both for all the support is given me over the years for being here today. i am very grateful. thank you sen. weiner . i think the really big shoes to-though mine are almost- >>[laughing] you know, all of my friends here and you know mark leno, carol makin, aaron we've known each other for years, you know. by future colleagues, i see people in the audience that i truly love. i
9:41 am
want to especially thank my family. the mayor did not appoint a person. he appointed a family. as all of us who aren't families know, whatever happens to one of us happens to all of us. i am so grateful for the job you've done and you're about to make me cry and that i cannot give this speech. so >>[laughing] but i'm very grateful for you and of course, michelle we love you more than anything in the world. you know that. you know, i'm doing this because really two reasons one is on a personal level i lived experiences of my district day today. so we walk the neighborhoods good michelle is a fanatic bogeyman go person. however it's on my phone. so i walk so i get exercise so i
9:42 am
don't become fat and old. so i know the neighborhood quite well. i been doing things either politicking were living in the district since 1994. what happens to people in my neighborhood i feel personally. i want to be, to give them to make sure they get the kinds of services that they come to expect. the benchmark was laid down by sen. leno many many years ago. carried on by supervisor duffy and of course, scott. it will be my goal to try to match that standard. i have to say, it is something when you look at the things that are happening in our neighborhoods but there are challenges that there are talented there's challenges of disparities, people being evicted, people losing their homes and when i was introduced , as i was walking around, person comes up to me and says,
9:43 am
you know we just got ellis acted. you know, what do you do? we have this horrific state law that is pushing people out of their homes that some people have been in for decades and they can't find another place in the city. the challenge of homelessness in the city. you know, to his immense credit lieut. gov. newsom when he was mayor at almost 7000 people when he was homes how many people to the house by the end of his term? 7000 people. how many people do we have homeless right now? 7000 people. you know, i don't know if the solutions will be found only in san francisco but one thing we have to commit ourselves to is doing the best we can to help as many people as can get we are the city of st. francis. and compassion is part of our fabric. it is part of our dna. i think the other
9:44 am
thing we have to face and this is been alluded to is that defendant faces an existential threat because of what's going on in washington. our immigrant brothers and sisters are directly threatened and thank you, mayor lee and the rest of the city family for having stood up at the very beginning and saying, we will not-we will not-take part of this bid we will stand together and not let this happen. >>[applause] it is likely that the courts will present immense challenges, both to women's rights and to the lgbt community and many of the gains we have achieved over the last 20, 30 years, 40 years, maybe reverse. we may have to fight battles that we have not fought in decades. for the things that we have come to
9:45 am
take for granted. so in order to do that we have to come together as a city, as a community a lot has been talked about about how much of a bulldog i am and how fierce i am. but we have to be fierce together now. one of the things i think that we need to be really aware of is the impact on healthcare. this is particular interest of mine. you know from the department of public health to groundbreaking research, trying to make sure that we have the services and the research for cures, but just to give you a statistic, 250,000 san franciscans are associated with the affordable care act. 90,000 san franciscans are on medi-cal. this is all threatened by this new administration. so our first priority has to be to make sure
9:46 am
that people do we have got healthy, the work that we have done to reduce disparities in healthcare doesn't get old back. do we keep this fight up. that we don't let our people die in the streets. you know, one of the reasons i'm here is because i think i'm hiv positive. michael had talked about this historic moment that this represents. he talked about getting to zero. one of the critical point of getting to zero is no preventable hiv deaths. we've heard a lot in the chronicle about long-term survivors. and my brothers and sisters who have-who managed to survive this terrible epidemic-you know i can't tell you how lucky i am and really if you ask me the only reason i'm here is because of matt. >>[applause] you know, i
9:47 am
didn't really expect to see 40. if you had told me that i would be in a couple months, 60, that i- >>[laughing] thanks. you turned 60 last year, right? that i would would have a husband it was unimaginable that we would be able to marry and that i would have a daughter . i mean, the [inaudible] we make it i know so many other people like jeff getty like hank wilson did not make it but i know so many people were still struggling and their isolated. the services are not there for them that they really need. and i'm committed to the survivor community because that is the best way to honor no
9:48 am
preventable hiv deaths. >>[applause] so in 1981, beyond -and by the way i supported wilbert achterberg. i very grateful for the time mayor brown but back in 1981, when aids struck our community, and you know many places responded with hate. they said was god's will. they wanted to isolate us, quarantine us, put us away. laugh as we died. like ronald reagan. san francisco did something completely different.
9:49 am
the community, the city, embraced us. people from all across the city came together to support us. you know i looked at the on and carol megan, lesbian sisters held us together. you know, through those years, supported us that so many of us would be dead without the incredible supports of the city of san francisco and that model of coming together has to be the model we embrace now, today. our challenges are likely to be just as great are some of the communities that are gimme impacted by this new administration. so i would like to end by saying, may we not fight amongst ourselves but come together to fight together. >>[applause] so
9:50 am
thank you for this great honor. and- >>[inaudible] [off mic] you will wrap it up? great, thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you supervisor jeff sheehy. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] so this concludes today's performance. we all cannot sell present cookies and tea in the north light work and please, join us. thank you. >>[applause] >> >> >>
9:51 am
>> hi everybody, we down here at the /ep is a center which is our pop up space down here in san francisco where we operate a store front to educate the policy from the home owner who has center which is our pop up space down here in san francisco where we operate a store front to educate the policy from the home owner who has never done anything in the house to the most advanced structure engineers we have working around here. we we're
9:52 am
going to here from kelly to talk a little bit about san francisco. how are you doing kelly? >> very well, thank you for having us here. >> in front of us, we have a typical soft story building. when i see this, i think this is some of the most beautiful architecture our city has. a lot of people don't know these are problematic buildings. why don't you tell us about some of the risks he we have in these buildings? >> soft stories are vulnerable in past earthquakes and the northridge earthquake to this type of building and character of building. when we talk about the soft story, what we're talking about is generally a ground story that has less wall or other /pwraeugs to resist the lateral forces that might be imposed by the earthquake. so we're looking for something that is particularly weak or soft in this ground story. now, this is a wonderful example of what some of the residential
9:53 am
buildings that are soft stories in san francisco look like. and the 1 thing that i would point out here is that the upper force of this building have residential units. they have not only a fair amount of wall around the exterior of the building but they also have very extensive walls in the interior and bathrooms and bedrooms and corridors and everything that has a certificate amount of brazing yea it's significantly less country /srabl in those stories. now very often, we get even a garage or storage or sometimes commercial occupancy in this ground story. that very often not only has a whole lot less perimeter wall but it often has little or no wall on the interior. that wall is the earthquake bracing and so he see very significant bracing in the top floor and very little on the bottom. when the
9:54 am
earthquake comes and hits, it tries to push that ground floor over and there's very little that keeps it from moving and degrading and eventually /paoerblly keeping it from a collapse occurring. so we know they're vulnerable because of this ground story collapsing >> is this only a problem we see in sentence france? san francisco? >> no, this is certainly a national problem. more acute in western but more up to california, washington, moving out into other states. this kind of building exist and this kind of building is vulnerable. >> when you're involved with the community safety, this is a different way of thinking about these types of things. we had a community group of over 100 people involved and upper 1 of them. tell us about * how that conversation went. why did we
9:55 am
decide as a city or a community to start fixing these types of buildings? >> there were a lot of aspects that were considered well beyond just the engineering answer that these are vulnerable. and that effort brought in a lot of people from different aspects of the community that looked at the importance of these buildings to the housing stock and the possible ramifications of losing this /houbgs in the case of an earthquake. the financial implications, the historic preserve vacation s implication as you mentioned, these are very handsome looking buildings that are importance to the tourist city ask which make san francisco something that people are interested from outside in coming and visiting. >> it's such animation story when you think about the 10 years that the community spent talking about this /seurb but we actually did something about it. now we have an order unanimouses put in place to
9:56 am
protect 100,000 residents in san francisco and retrospective in 2020. so on behalf of residents and employees in san francisco, we want to say thank you for the work you've done in pushing this forward and making people more aware of these issues. >> and it was a fantastic community effort. >> so in an earth quake, what happens in these kinds of buildings? >> what happens when an earthquake comes along is it moves the ground both horizontally and vertically. it's mostly the horizontal that we're worried about. it starts moving the building back and forth and pushing on it. when you see i'm pushing on it, the upper stiff of the wall stay straight up but the lower floors, they actually collapse just like i did there. >> luckily, we can put this building right back up where it came from so
9:57 am
it's a lot easier. now kelly, obviously these aren't real frame walls here but when you talk about buildings, what makes the property for stiff? >> the easiest and most cost-effective type of bracing you can put in is either put in a brand new wall or to potentially go in and strengthen a wall that's already there where you don't need to have an opening is where you maybe have a garage door or access to commercial space, you might go to a steel frame or other types of bracing systems that provides the strength and stiff if necessary but at the same time, allows continued use of that area. but some combination of walls or frames or other tools that are in the tool kit that can bring the building up to the strength that's required in order to remove the vulnerability from the building so that when ground shaking comes, it in fact is a whole lot more resistant
9:58 am
and less vulnerable. ideally, this story down here would be made as strong and stiff as the floors above. >> if i'm a property owner, what is the first thing i should do? >> the first thing you should do is find professional that can come in and help you evaluate your building in order to, 1, figure out that indeed it does need to be retro fitted and 2, give you some idea of what that retro fit might look like. and third, evaluation and design to help you determine the retro fit requirement. >> well kelly, i can't thank you enough for being here today. thank you so much for your wealth of information on how we can take care of our soft story problem in san francisco. and you the viewer, if you have any questions, please feel free to visit our website
9:59 am
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the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the transportation authority plans and programs committee occurring on tuesday january 17, 2017 will begin shortly.


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