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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 11117  SFGTV  January 18, 2017 10:00am-12:16pm PST

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building. there are no records about how many people worked on this building. the workman who worked on this building did not all speak the same language. and what happened was the person working next to the other person respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today. >> good morning.
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>> good morning, everybody, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance, for january, 11, 2017, my name is mark farrell and i will be chairing this committee, and i am chaired by tang as well as yee. and i want to thank the clerk of our committee as well as mark and sfgtv for covering the meeting today. do you have any announces? >> silence all cell phones and electronic devices and completed speaker cards and documents to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk, and the items acted tonight today will be on the
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january, 24th agenda unless otherwise stated would you call item one? resolution authorizing the fire department to donate a retired pick-up truck to the san francisco firefighters local 798 >> thank you. >> and happy new year, mr. chair, and supervisors. >> mark from the fire department to present on the next four items actually. the first is the donation of an old retired from regular use pickup truck for the department to local seven 98. and to assist with their holiday toy donation program and it is actually year round, and assisting families in need and this truck is as i mentioned no longer in service for the department and in need of mant nens and they have agreed to take on all of the issues and liable and i am happy to answer the questions that you may have. >> thanks, colleagues questions? >> we will move on to public comment in anybody wish to comment on item one? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> clerk, could you list me as a
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sponsor on this item? >> yes. >> colleagues, get a motion or any comments? >> motion to sent forth the resolution to the full board with positive recommendation. madam clerk will you call two. >>resolution retroactively authorizing the fire department to accept and expend a donation of $12,000 from fireman's fund insurance company for the development of a recruitment vid video. >> good morning, again, mark from the fire department, this next item for a variety of reasons was never formally accepted and so i apologize for the delay in that, this is annual indication of $12,000 for the fireman's fund that was ex-spended for the recruitment video, and this was shown the entry level, firefighter information sessions throughout the city and was a joint effort with the administration, and local, 798 and by the department and the dhr from the recruitment efforts chlts >> thanks very much, seeing no
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questions, move on to public comment. anybody wish to comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> go ahead and move it out of committee with the positive recommendation. >> motioned by yee and seconded by tang and take that without objection. will you call item three? >>resolution authorizing the fire department to accept and expend a donation of $54,927.09 pursuant to the order of final distribution of the estate of nguey woo. >> welcome back. >> good afternoon, again, the donation that the department was graciously listed as a beneficiary of the woo estate and so the department is thankful of that and there is no sprefk instructions on how it was to be spent and i followed up with the attorney's office to that extent and in the department intends to use that money for the fire education and safety training materials, and additional out reach materials for the public consumption and i am happy to answer any questions that you may have. any questions? seeing none, we will open it up to public comment, and anyone wish to comment on three.
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>> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i will motion to send this forthwith the positive recommendation, and thanks the family for this generous donations. will you call number four? >>resolution retroactively authorizing the fire department to accept and expend a donation of $25,000 from aaa northern california, nevada, & utah for neighborhood emergency response team supplies and public safety education programs and materi s materials. >> okay. welcome back. >> good morning, mark the fire department and the next is em and it was never approved and it came in separate increment and working with the controller's office and the recommendation for forward approval, and received, $25,000 from aaa insurance, and a portion of this was set aside for the public safety out reach materials and training materials. and approximately $10,000 was set aside for our neighborhood emergency response team training
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program to provide the free supplies for the public. >> happy to answer any questions. >> any questions colleagues? >> seeing none we will move to public comment. anybody wish to comment on four? >> comment is closed. >> i motion to move this out of committee with the positive recommendation to the full board. >> motioned by yee and seconded by tang and take it without objection. thank you, would you call five? >>ordinance amending the business and tax regulations code to modify the quarterly filing and payment requirements for payroll expense taxes and gross receipts taxes, to clarify the requirements for obtaining a return filing extension, and to expressly permit taxpayers to apply refunds of the business registration fee, the payroll expense tax, and the gross receipts tax to subsequent tax perio periods. >> okay. welcome miss free. >> good morning, supervisors from the office of the treasure you are. as you are well aware by this point the voters passed the
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gross receipts in 2012, and our office has been consumed with the implementation of the law, and it is a complicated law as you think that you know but we have been successful of building, the systems for the internal use and tax payers and now that he we have a few years, we are starting to get wakes to make it easier for taxpayers and. and we started by working on changes and we put new business on-line and inperson, assistance stays and, we have support videos for tax payers and multiple languages and we have been working with a number of city department to share data, so that the tax payers will have a more stream lined experience with the city and the county and now we are coming to you to amend the parts of the law itself. and i thank you for your patience and i know that they are confusing. this item before you will modify the quarterly file and payment
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requirements for payroll expense tax and gross receipts tax and clarify the requirement foz requesting an extension and permit the tax payers for the fee and the gross receipts tax to subsequent tax periods and effects only in a million dollars in gross receipts and residential land lords and will modify the quarterly payments for the payroll expense and the gross receipts taxes in several ways, first, lessers of real estate will be exempt, for making the quarterly payments if the gross receipts in the city shown are less than 1 million as adjusted for inflation under the cold. many of you have sent feedback from the land lords who are at this point on the hook of submitting payments of $5, or 6 a quarter which does not seem to be the best use of anyone's time. second, rather than
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generally only applies to larger businesses and the businesses over a million dollars. with the big exception being residential land lords so that has been since the beginning of the source of a lot of confusion and frustration, because tax payer received bills, and it is confusing and it does not understand, it is not worth the paper it is printed on and kind of the complaints and so that is number one. and the carry forward is something that has also been of interest to the tax payers, and our deadline for gross receipt and payroll is at the end of february and that is earlier than the irs deadline and so many of these businesses have not finished calculating their
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san francisco gross receipts by the time that they file and if they have to file for an extension and they need to pay at the time that they file and often we have businesses submitting more money than they think they will owe just to be safe what ends up happening is by the time that they file their actual gross receipts or payroll, if they are lower we are forced to refund and those refund checks tend to hit right when the first quarter payments are due and so we are in the situation where the city is refunding money and accepting money from the same businesses at the same time. and it would save a lot of effort on our part but also a lot of ease for the tax payers if we could hold on to the funds and apply them to the future payments. >> great, thank you. >> supervisor yee? >> is there some time limit in terms of anticipating to holding on to the funds?
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i can't imagine that someone would pay so much that, you know, it would be enough to carry them for several quarters and if that happens, and would you hold on to the funds for that? >> we would, we would apply to the future obligation and so it is at the tax payer's request and so it will be carried forward or they can request a refund and so it is up to the business to determine which is best for them, but these are businesses that have several obligations over the course of the year. several tax obligations. >> thank you. >> okay. thanks very much and we move on to public comment on item five and anybody wish to comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> go ahead and recommend that we move this out of committee, with the positive recommendation to the full board. >> motioned by supervisor yee and tang and take that without objection. >> and madam clerk, will you call item seven? >>ordinance amending the business and tax regulations code to remove the $100 minimum penalty from one of the penalties for failing to register with the tax collector; and to remove the fee and administrative requirements for
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obtaining a duplicate registration certificate. >> okay, so this item is here and we are going to entertain a motion to continue this item to the budget dmitty meeting for january 25th. colleagues any questions about that at this point? >> okay. and i assume we are all in concur ans with that. it is actually the department suggestion, and so we will move on to public comment, anybody wish to comment on item seven? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. could i have a motion to continue this to january 25th. >> so moved. >> motioned by tang. seconded by yee, we can take that without objection. >> madam clerk will you call eight? >>ordinance amending the business and tax regulations code to limit the late fee on unpaid administrative penalties to 40% of the administrative penalty assessed; and to modify the methods by which an administrative citation may be served. .
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okay, thanks, amanda welcome back. >> thank you, i have been in the chamber several times over the past few years to assure all of you that the business and tax regulation code provides our office with significant numbers of mechanisms to penalize bad actors particularly businesses who willfully skirt their tax obligations and as you know some of them over taxes have become public, but most of what we do is confidential. so i am here to talk to you about a fairly little known piece of our code, one of the mechanisms that we use to bring the smaller businesses in compliance and these are administrative citations. we issue these to businesses to enforce violations of the business and tax code, including business without certificate of authority, or a business registration certificate. existing law permits us to serve in two ways, we can post the citation in a place on the property. or serve the citation by first
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class mail. the proposed legislation will eliminate the requirement that it be posted to a place on the property and allow us to send these via regular mail. unlike other penalties in our code, administrative citations can be issued each and every day that a violation exists. and payment of the penalty does not excuse the failure to correct the violation, nor does it bar any future enforcement by the city. right now, the late fee is ten percent of the penalty per month. and this is applied cumulatively, and so as you can imagine, these penalties add up very, very quickly for businesses. and the proposed ordinance would limit the late fees for the failure to pay the administrative penalty assessed by means of the administrative citation, to 40 percent, and this is a similar cap that exists throughout our business tax system. the treasurer is confident that reducing the penalties for
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citations and stream lining the filing processes is not only fair but will facility the tax compliance and make this a more effective tool, thank you. >> okay, thanks very much, colleagues any questions on item eight? i will note that we skipped 6, and so we have to hop back to that, my bad. seeing none, we will move to punl comment. anybody wish to comment on item eight? moving out of the committee. and seconded by tang and take it without objection. >> madam clerk, could you go back to item six? >> item six please? >>ordinance amending the administrative code to delegate authority from the board of supervisors to the tax collector under california revenue and taxation code, section 4765.1, to administer excess proceeds claims after the completion of tax sales of real property >> okay welcome back. >> hi, again. so moving on now to the property tax side of the house, and as
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you are aware, we are required to offer for auction parcels that are more than 5 years delinquent if their property taxes and i will be coming back to the committee in a future meeting with the parcels for this year. once a parcel is sold through the auction and the city has satisfied all of our tax and assessment liens, and the fees and the cost of the sale, state law prescribes that any additional funds must be distributed to the property's prior owners or lean holders and the state provides guidance on the process. and there is almost no local discorrection here. >> access proceeds must be detained, for the period of one year, following the date of the recording of the tax deed to the purchaser of the property and during that one year period, the proceeds may be claimeded by any party of interest in the property at the time of the sale. if more than one party of interest claims these proceeds, the board of supervisors establishes the priority and the
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extent of their claims. for the 2015, auction, we had total excess proceeds in the amount of 216,000. and we have received claims for the amount of 32,300 dollars. pursuant to the revenue and tax code of the state, the board may authorize the treasurer and tax collector to establish the information and proof deemed necessary to establish a claimant's right to any or all portions of the proceeds. and managing the claims and refund process is very much within our core competency of a taxing authority. and so for east of the administration for the city and for tax payers, we are seeking your approval to delegate this authority to the office of the treasurer in the tax collector, thank you. >> okay. >> and to the treasurer, and if there is some, disagreement by
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the plaintiff, is there any appeal process? >> if know other questions, if anybody would like to comment on item six? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> make a motion to send the ordinance forward with a positive recommendation. >> motioned by supervisor tang and seconded by yee and we can take that without objection. >> all right, madam clerk, would you move on and call item nine. >>ordinance appropriating $1,500,000 of real property transfer tax revenue to the mayor's office of housing and community development, city administrator's office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs, and human rights commission to fund legal representation, pathways to citizenship, public outreach, and rapid response social services in fy2016-2017.
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>> okay, thank you very much, we have the mayor a's office to speak on this item. >> good morning, thank you. and my name is deana and i am a very advisor to mayor lee and i have a powerpoint presentation and today i am accompanied by colleagues in the city and also in the community. today i just like to start off by saying thank you first off to the board and the committee for your support in funding the agencies to offer additional legal support and to service immigrant families throughout the city and as many of you know and are aware after the election results many americans felt really anxious in terms of the devisively and polarizing presidential elections in our nation's history and so given that climate, mayor lee and his administration felt the urgency to move forward through these difficult times and to insure that the communities of san francisco will continue to be serviced and number one, and that san francisco will continue to fight for our value and our
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rights to defend our city. the advice that has been gifrn throughout the last couple of weeks, and that supplements the advocacy and the agencies throughout san francisco. and today, we would like to present to you, in terms of the budget supply mental and the break down of what to expect with the 1.5 and the hope of with the future funding that we will have the funding toal locate and today i am accompanied by melissa white house and our director of budget through the mayor's office. and the office of civil, engagement and immigration affairs who leads the work in the city, and brian, and the director of the housing and development. and supporting our based contracting.
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>> the legal reputation and the rapid response services of 1.2 million, and our hope is that with the legal representation we will be providing enough support to build on the existing contracts and to hire additional attorneys to support families through some of the legal proceedings. and 200,000 to continue moving forward. with the communities and
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understanding the resour
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immigration, and also to work in partnership with the school district to make sure that we host community gathering, so that we can get to families, and parents and so that we can dispel any sort of urgency and any sort of fear that they may have. we also will be launching out
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reach materials that emphasize where families can turn to. we are here for the questions and i have, today, we are partnered with our director of budget and also a couple of key city organizations in case you might have any questions. >> thank you. >> okay, thank you very much. >> supervisor yee? >> just curious, how did you determine the allegation of the 1.5 million in terms of which department is going to handle it >> sure. so what we did was looked at existing contracts. we looked at networks that have already provided support throughout our city. and so they provide specific work for our city in terms of naturalization and also, just like i mentioned earlier, the support around legal representation. and so, with the budget process,
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we ended up looking at who is already funded and we also worked with a lot of advocacy groups and a lot of organizations that presented where the needs were at and a combination fl both with the consultation of our staff and we ended up deciding where the allocations should be considered. we are going to do an rfp in the future and just since we don't know exactly that the firm direction of where the federal government is at, until the day of the inauguration. and so we will be looking at trag to see if there are any changes in the next couple of weeks and move forward with an rfp to outline any additional needs and i will hang over to the budget director. if you want to add anything. >> thank you. >> okay, supervisor tang? >> thank you so much for the presentation, and i know that there are a lot of conversations that went into this and even though i am generally not a fan of supply mental i will be supporting this because i do understand the very pressing nature of this even talking to
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young students who are in our public schools just completely fearful of what is going on. i think that it is really important that we are doing this and i want to thank everyone who is involved in this and see if the mayor's office could let us know in terms of plans for annualization and what that might look like. just i know that there are still more conversations to be had but in broad strokes, kind of what the thoughts are moving forward. >> sure. thank you. the mayor's budget director and this was obviously part of the larger rebalancing plan that we presented to you all in december, and so this supply mental is 1.5 million in the current year and there is a plan to double that amount in the up coming two budget years and the mayor is committing that in his budget on june one you will see 3 million in each year. so the plan moving forward with the 1.5 was to move as quickly as possible and that is why we are using the existing contracts and amending them but the budget year amount of 6 million is a
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large amount that it is required to be rfped out and i think that we are having a little bit of a conversation between the departments just because existing spending is around, 3.2, in the report and 3.8 total over many different agencies and so adding 3 million dollars is really almost a doubling of what we currently spend and it is a very significant investment and so we want to be very thoughtful before we put out the budget on june one, about what dollar amount and the department and think that through in light of the changes and how are we best positioning our city to be responsive. >> okay, great. >> and so, in terms of you know, building on supervisor yee's former question about how it was that the funding was broken down between the various departments and that could change, based on the future rfp. >> absolutely. >> okay. so, i don't know if any other department representatives wanted to speak more in detail on the various services that are provided? i think that we got a great overview, but given that they
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are here, i want to offer them the opportunity. >> just to clarify, you are suggesting that the departments that are funded through the allegation. >> through this current allegation. >> that is right. >> although i do see the public defenders office if he would like to speak you are more than welcome to come up. >> let me just brian do you want to say a little bit just to talk about the contracting piece and then adrian, if we could have you share a couple of points. >> just to add, a little bit of background on it. as you know, the clabives that we plan to be working with have long established track records and sf immigrant legal education network has been a part of our department's grant pool since 2006, actually, and about 10 years ago, it was formed by clabive organizations, and the rapid response network was formed back in 2007, and so
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while this funding is new funding to deal with the anticipated additional complications for this population, the support and the infrastructure has been established and in fact we have often used both of these collaboratives and both the sfi, and the sf legal, clabive as an example of how we can best leverage the kind of the broad grassroots support across a number of organizations. and i know that we have talked to you a lot about how do we deal with the overwhelming need with a constrained budget and the beauty of these clabives is that instead of having let's say, five or ten different grants given out, we actually have one grant to each of these two clabives and between the two, organizations, i would say that we are leveraging the impact of about 21 different
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community organizations ranging from the asian law caucus to the arab resource center. and pangia and larosa and the community resource center and it really hits all of our different nar neighborhood and populations and it is a city wide collaborative and i agree that it is a substantial amount of money and i know that we are look ward to a year to make the cuts and i feel that it is a worth while eninvestment. >> and since they are getting the bulk of the funding for this, at least, can you speak to which organizations are probably going to be getting the funding for now? again i know that they don't have to go through the rfp because you have existing contracts with them, but can you speak to how the funding is dulled out to the various organizations? >> yes. and so we will be giving one grant to kresend and the central
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american resource center. and which will be approximately 855,000. which will include the majority of that being 750,000 for the staff attorneys. the rest for overhead. and then, the remaining 345,000 will be going to the lower street community services for the lead as the san francisco immigrant legalization network and so 855 to karesen, and 345 to the deloris street. community services. >> okay, thank you. >> colleagues, any further questions right now? >> departments? >> okay. >> good morning, supervisors. matt chief attorney of the public defender office. our public defenders in chicago is attending an american bar
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association meeting and so i am here in his place. you know we certainly want to applaud what is happening here today. the mayor has certainly made a commitment to trying to bring resources to a group of unrepresented people who are facing depowertation removal from the united states and so we certainly join in the excitement around that. and it is important though to also know that we had proposed being part of this supply mental to try to reach what we estimate as about 1500 detained individuals that will probably not be reached by these efforts. if those individuals had representation we would be successful in a third of those cases and so 500 people would not be deported in any given year. without those efforts probably 90 percent of those individuals will be deported.
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and we say that not to dampn the enthusiasm that we share for the effort that is happening here, we will certainly continue to work with the mayor's office and they have indicated a willingness to continue the dialogue about whether or not there will be resources to try to expand the universe of people that can be aided by this effort. garta from my office handles primarily immigration cases as here he has got a statement to read from the public defender, and he can certainly address any of the issues before you. thank you. >> thank you to the supervisors for entertaining this important initiative and this wonderful initiative and as mr. gon sal ez said, mr. datche is not here but would like me to read this statement on his behalf. across the nation cities are
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preparing for the trump administration immigration policies which will immediately effect tens of thousands of people including some 40,000 undocumented people here in san francisco. i believe that the most important step we can take is to provide legal representation to all immigrants facing depourtation who are in custody. at any given time there are 1500 facing who are being detained in the san francisco immigration courts. and more than 85 percent of those people who are detained don't have an attorney. and they are fighting to stay with their families or to prevent being sent to their deaths in another country. the funding that is being proposed by the mayor, will provide assistance to some of those people who need legal representation, but it is not sufficient to provide representation to those who are being detained. and we believe that san francisco should follow the example of new york and new jersey, which through their public defender agencies,
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provide legal representation to persons, all persons who are facing removal the depourtation and, this is the only humane position to take. as a sanctuary city and a city standing for due process and fairness for all. we look forward to working with the board of supervisors and the mayor to insure that we are able to provide this basic right to immigrants in these challenges times. and let me just add, mr. brian chui, mentioned the rapid response network. i was actually the first attorney employed by this agency. i was one in the city, and now there are around, 20 and we have certainly gone a long way and i applaud the city's commitment to this effort but to not appropriately fund the removal defenses is again to dealing with the homelessness, and the homeless crisis without having a shelter system.
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to having or providing sellth services without an emergency room or a trauma center, and this is what the public defender can provide to provide this meaningful type of representation to detained people, thank you very much. >> thanks, please, come on up. >> good morning, supervisors and adrian pond, executive director of the office of civic engagement and as you know our office, coordinates the policy and integration and immigrant assistance programs together with the san francisco immigrant rights commission and our community partners and we are one of the few offices in the nation that has an integrated immigrant assistance program that does also does policy grant making and compliance and direct services. we do support the funding of these supply mental funds, and deportation da he was is critical right now, particularly as the public defepders offenses
10:38 am
said, we don't know what is going to come forward in the next few months, and years from the new administration ri dow want to emphasize that integrated services are also including not just deportation defense and citizenship, but a whole range of services from pathways for legal status, and deferred action and language access, and a number of things. we also fund the dream sf program which is an employment and leadership development program, for our dreamers. and we don't know what is going to happen with that program, if we are unable to pay our young people. and so, besides the estimated 47,000 undocumented individuals in san francisco, and nearly 50,000 legal permanent residents, we are also looking at the 2.2 million foreign born in the san francisco bay area, and most of whom come to san
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francisco for their services and whether they are for housing or for social services. and deportation defense, or naturalization. and so our office completely supports this, and we look forward to working with you on the allocations for the 6 million dollars in future funding, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> question? >> supervisor yee? >> i want to ask, any of the departments could respond to this, this seems like there are several departments that are involved with this effort and know that there is a focus, and how are the departments coordinating the efforts that we actually are -- efficient in terms of the decision making i will let the mayor's office answer that in terms of policy and some response to legislation, and our hofs has been coordinating that across the departments and working with the city attorneys office and in
10:40 am
a number of departments since deferred action was started in it # 012. and the mayor's office is trying to coordinate across the departments now, and at a higher level and so i will let their representative respond to that question. >> what are the best strategies in moving forward, and what are some of the out comes and the positive areas that we see that need to continue being supported. and i know that through the budget process too, there is going to be ongoing, dialogues in general around the needs and gaps that we have. and so the budget is involved in the default of this process. city wide initiative and looking at given the urgency and look at what it was had and had to build that in moving forward.
10:41 am
we do have two community based agencies that are with us if you would like to hear a lilt bit about more of their work and how they are going to be working with us day-to-day around some of these issues. >> the question then for the mayor's office will be then how often will you be meeting with these individual representatives? >> how often do you have the discussions with these departments? and the xhun organizations is this something that happens once? >> no. our goal is to be able to have a weekly immigration meeting or just a check in ongoing with the
10:42 am
departments and moching through with the hrc could speak a little more about, and just the efforts to reach the community constituents and we do host, larger key stake holders meeting and that is just to continue to make sure that we have a dialogue and just in general and directly with the mayor around some of the issues. >> and now this is kind of forced the dialogue and the conversation to have with each of the departments about what that looks like on an ongoing basis with this being at the top of the list and the agencies that are funded with this supply mental to do the community meetings and to be able to share that information talking about
10:43 am
anti-hate and what is happen and working with the school district and tieing in the meetings on the regular basis and will build that out with the community but it is i am bed inned this out reach and in to the campaign itself to address the increases and upticks that we are seeing not just in community but also in schools around the hate speech, and we are being told by students that they are being told that they should not be here and don't belong here. we are having these conversations broadly and narrow as well. >> thank you. >> so with do have a community representative if you would like to hear from them. >> larissa. >> good morning, supervisor and
10:44 am
had i am the executive director of the center of american resource center. >> and i'm wendy, the director of the delores, and we are the lead fiscal agent for sf ilapped. >> and we are the lead for sf island dc, what you have before you is the evolution of many years of work in san francisco from the community with the community as well as with our local government. to achieve the greatest level of impact and responding to the needs of the immigrant community and we have more than 36,000 immigrants in san francisco, who need services and the whole range of services and what i wanted to do was quickly familiarize you with our partners because really what we are achieving is a massive leverage of investment -- but what we have is sfidc has been
10:45 am
the mother collaboration that really talked about reaching out to the community providing all of your rights and education, and doing out reach and about the legal services that are available, city wide as well as providing the legal council, process and some of the representation. and in 2014, as i result of the under company children's crisis, that has impacted the whole nation, san francisco all of you, took a vote to approve the supply mental so that we could achieve a higher level of representation for children and family and sn immigration court. and that effort has been incredibly successful because we have been able to leverage at this point, 14 organizations and expertise, and two of which are technical assistance group and illegal resource center and the center for gender and refugee studies and we have the partner rz like the usf and we are really representing the people city wide, where we are able to provide language accessible services and currently we are
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representing almost, 500 cases in san francisco immigration court. the goal of this supply mental is to increase our capacity with staffing but also to achieve a greater level of linkage between these various initiatives that have been funded for fult pel years, and the sfi, and more recently san francisco immigrant legal defense collaborative. and what we are facing as a city and a nation is very real. as you know the confirmation hearings are happening john kelley sounds like he is going to be our next you know secretary of department of home land security. and we were very proud of senator harris intervention and questioning of him around the doca program and he was not able to provide any kind of assurance that these youth will not be targets. this is deeply concerning to us. we are fearful that our community will or our city will be particularly under attack for having strong values of protecting human rights and we need to gear up.
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so supply mental is timely as you know, hiring processes are difficult. and we anticipate that we will be staffed up hopefully by the end of february so we can provide again both detained and non-detained representation, i want to highlight that as a community of non-profit organizations the majority of us, because of the cost and time and insensitiveness of detained work, he or not necessarily the best posed to achieve a great level of impact. and in that front. and we have strong expertise in non-detained case representation and processing, and counseling and we do believe that as we move forward we will have a need to represent those who are detained, and those who may have criminal justice records. they --. >> could i ask you -- so if your expertise is not with detained --. >> there are organizations with expertise like the legal services for children and pangia
10:48 am
and limited detained work and the delores street and the asian law caucus, we will be able to provide services in that realm but we don't know what the united states is going to look like at the end of january. again, we have been receiving very strong messaging as all of us have heard that the immigrant community will be impacted. sanctionary cities are under threat, and i think that what is at hand right now is a move for san francisco to move to a mod thal is overdue to the people which is the right to counsel in immigration court, to us it is also a civil rights issue. so we are proud of the mayor's office and the supervisors and the public defenders partnership in trying to achieve the greatest level of linkages so that we can respond to our communities needs. >> just a follow up question.
10:49 am
it sounds like i mean when mr. gon sal ez came up and talked about the 15,000 or the 1500 that are detained and you are saying some of the community could actually do some of that. what do you think those types of services is best mragsed in representing those that are already detained? >> i am not an attorney. i am an executive director. but i can tell you that one of the gaps that we have had in our community. and they have been providing 30 years for the undocumented immigrants in san francisco and we do feel that there is a gap in criminal immigration services. crimim is a unique field of work because it requires both immigration as well as criminal
10:50 am
justice expertise. we have been in long (inaudible) in long conversations with the public defender and collaborated with them and i think that we will have to be crossing bridges as we move forward and we hope that our city will remain flexibility for responding to the best way that we need to, depending on how things go. >> thank you very much and really i appreciate both organizations or the networks in working towards protecting our citizens or our residents and in san francisco. keep up the good work. >> and i would like to add one more thing. it is not only about the funding and the increased capacity which is essential. but i think that it is also about san francisco sending a message not only to its people but also to the nation that we stand behind the value of keeping families together and the right to justice and counsel and to really like resist this notion that you have to make a choice between one group of sector of our community and verses another. we will be facing hard times and
10:51 am
we think this is a new day. and i also want to thank all of the departments that are present particularly mayor's office of housing and community development because they do meet with us regularly and do communicate with us openly and we feel that they are responsive to our work which has allowed us to have the greatest impact possible. thank you. >> any other questions? >> colleagues? >> okay. thank you for your presentation, and thank you all of the department heads for coming for ward. could we go to the budget analyst report on item nine? >> >> it is on, mr. chairman and members of the committee, we did issue a separate report, as you know yesterday, on this item. and on page 5, of that report, we note that the proposed source of funds for the requested
10:52 am
appropriation of $1 million, 500,000 to provide legal services to immigrants is the city's real property transfer tax and the summary of the proposed sources and uses of the funds for 16/17 is shown in table four. on page six of our report, we note that the mocd will allocate, 1.2 million and 16, 17, and that is shown in table five. and then on page seven, and the 100,000 to be appropriated to the human rights commission will be used for up support for meetings and materials and training and community partners sxr again that is shown in table seven on page 7 of our report. we can consider approval of this legislation to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors. >> thank you. >> any questions? >> supervisor yee? >> is this thank you for your
10:53 am
report. is this i am sorry, supervisor. >> i said thank you for your report. >> and i am just curious, in terms of the practice of identifying or the funding to come from, you know, the transfer tax and eventually, they will be on the general funds and so, is this, it seems unusual that it calls out in this particular case that it comes from a particular source that is --. >> supervisor, our office does not designate what the source of funds s but we have certainly disclosed it to you. it is a supply mental appropriation and we think that it is important that we identify the source of funds. and so we have reported that and
10:54 am
that is the way that it came from the mayor's office and the controller's office. >> hi, thank you supervisors, so budget director, this was part of the mayor's office put this forward, supervisors so that is why it was pointing to the transfer tax. and really why we did that is it is part of the rebalancing letter, so the rebalancing letter uses two sources one is the transfer tax increase and one was whole person care and whole person care had to go and exclusively to homelessness expenditure and that is why the source it being used for the supply mental. >> and at what point do you, or does the mayor's office figure out that maybe, there is the transfer tax is completely used up. and it seems like there is a lot of depentcy on everything, and the transfer tax. >> and the rebalancing letter,
10:55 am
dauz use up all of the current tax that is projected both in the current year and the up coming two budget years and i would say that it is really mostly a budget conversation because it is only a partial year amount in the current year, but the full budget amount will be for the two years and i look forward to talking to you in the budget, the rebalancing letter did spend all of the currently available projected amounts from the controller's office. >> thank you. >> okay. >> thanks very much. colleagues any further questions at this point? >> okay. we will move on to public comment on item nine in anybody wish to speak on public comment on this item? >> okay. public comment is closed. >> colleagues? >> i will make a motion to move this out of committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> motioned by yee, and seconded by tang and any further comments? . okay. motion passes.
10:56 am
thanks, everybody appreciate it. and madam clerk will you call ten? >>resolution approving an emergency declaration of the san francisco public utilities commission pursuant to administrative code, section 21.15(c), to repair dissipater valve of the hetch hetchy power kirkwood generator bypass system; with a total estimated cost not to exceed $700,000. . >> okay, intoed good morning, supervisors steve riche for the assistant manager for the power of the utility and we dable in the power from time-to-time, i am here to talk about our kick wood power house bypass, it is one of our two power houses that are in line with the water delivery system. each one of them has a bypass so that we can get water around the generating units for some reason they are out of service, and so the bypass is very important for maintaining our water supply. we did an inspection in october of the bypass system at kirk wood and found that a stainless steel valve of significant size had failed, and caused damage in
10:57 am
the bypass unit itself. and so we declared it an emergency declaration in november to ee fekt you ate the repairs as well as to order the replacement valve and we are actually going through the shut down of the system as we speak that will end about the first of march. and so we are working very hard on repairing this while that is shut down and going on and hopefully we will get the valve to put in place before the end of the shut down, and there is a slim possibility that the valve will not be available by then and so we will have to do a second emergency shut down for a day or two to get the valve in place and, this is to get accomplished which is why we declared the emergency. i will close by saying that we have seen the budget analyst recommendation and we agreement with it and be happy to answer any questions. >> okay, thank you very much. >> colleagues. >> supervisor tang? >> thank you and so this kirk wood generator or the system all of that serves san francisco, alameno and all of the water.
10:58 am
>> all of the serviced areas, yes. >> there were no competitive bid and we are approving an emergency declaration and why is it that we are not doing a competitive bidding process. >> yes, the time for the process we felt would have extended the outage for the bypass unit. and probably for several months and we would not be able to get it back in place in case of noo egg that goes wrong with the generator that would disrupt the water supply. we did, however, contact five bidders to verify could they do the work and four of them could not accomplish the work and one could, and so we did an out reach effort to as quick as possible get as many responses to teal with and make the best decision and we do think this is the best decision. >> and so the company that was selected as oakland machine works it looks like. >> that is correct. >> and how confident are you
10:59 am
that they will be able to, i mean, i know that they are an approved vendor and have done work with the puc. but just want to make sure that i don't know if they are engaged in this kind of work before. >> yes. >> that they can produce. >> that is correct, they have done the work before. and they are familiar with the type of facilities that we have and the work that is necessary and we all of the confidence in the world in the ability to deliver a protect. >> thank you. >> okay. >> colleagues any further questions? >> mr. rose, could we go to rour report on item ten, please? >> >> on page eight of the report we so the budget to the emergency repairs to the kirk wood generator bypass system and that includes, the 206,000 contract between the sf, puc and
11:00 am
the oakland machine works to manufacture the valve and that budget totals $590,000. and again that is shown in table one, on page 8 of our report. and on page nine, we note that the proposed resolution states that the emergency work will cost approximately, 700,000 and should be amended to correctly state that the emergency room will cost, approximately, $590,000 and so our recommendations on the bottom of page nine and we recommend that you amend the resolution to state that the work will cost, 590,000, and not 700,000 and that you approved the proposed resolution as amended. >> thank you. >> any objection from the puc. >> okay. >> we will move on to public comment on item ten? >> anybody wish to comment on this item? >> okay, seeing none, public comment is closed. so we have this item forward and we have an amendment recommendation and i just want to quickly come mend the pukr, for the emergency and getting to
11:01 am
this in a timely manner, with that, colleagues could i entertain a position to accept the recommendation and move it forward as amended n >> so moved. >> motioned by tang, and seconded by yee, take that without objection. thank you. madam clerk, will you call it eleven, please? >>resolution approving an easement agreement between the city and county of san francisco and avalon ocean avenue, l.p., for acquisition of an easement on, over, and under the property at 1150 ocean avenue so that the san francisco municipal transportation agency (sfmta) can operate and maintain the traffic signal at the intersection of ocean avenue and brighton avenue; authorizing the sfmta to take certain actions in furtherance of this resolution as defined herein; and making findings under the california environmental quality act. >> okay, good morning, supervisors my name is brian, and i am with the sfmta and we are requesting that the board approve an easement on the north leg of the intersection, and this is a private driveway, and there are sense soars and we need the acement in order to maintain them. >> okay. >> supervisor, tang? >> thank you, is part of this the creation of the new
11:02 am
sidewalks by the avalon project as well or just the easement agreement here? >> this is just the easement agreement. >> okay. but my understanding is that alongside of all of this is to facilitate better pedestrian safety and vehicular traffic and it is new sidewalks and there will also be a new traffic signal at that intersection. >> the improvements are construct td several years ago, in 2013, and included improvements at the intersection to signalize the approach coming out of the development, and pedestrian signals were also installed as part of this improvement and the sidewalk was also upgraded. >> okay. great so all of that work was done and now it is just to access or maintain the sensors. >> yeah, we just need to for legal access. >> supervisor yee? >> although the work has been done, as i go there a lot. the -- there is some confusion,
11:03 am
because the people don't actually know that there is a signal. and it is the people that are actually treat the sidewalk as a sidewalk and not a crosswalk because it is not real clear to people. and i always felt something needs to be done, would the city be able to improve the situation somehow, maybe, marking the sidewalk and then in a way that is more obvious than is across walk? >> so i can speak with the traffic, and see if there is
11:04 am
anything that we can do to improve the visibility and i do appreciate the comment. thank you. >> i think that the signals there and that nobody looks at it. and you see a yellow thing there and the people don't know what it is. you don't color in the sidewalk in between the two yellow whatever they call it. >> if might be helpful and anything to improve it. >> i appreciate the suggestion and i will speak with the traffic management when i return to the office and see what we can do and we will get back to you with what we are going to do. thank you. >> and colleagues, any further questions? and we will move on to the public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i will move this out of committee with the positive recommendation to the full board. >> motioned by yee and tang, and we can take it without objection. >> thank you. madam clerk, will you call 12 please? >>resolution approving an
11:05 am
agreement with bayside village associates, l.p., to preserve 70 affordable housing units at bayside village apartments (3 bayside village place) in an amount not to exceed $21,680,000, and authorizing the director of the mayor's office of housing and community development to execute the agreement on behalf of the city and county of san francisco to prevent the displacement of 172 existing low and moderate-income households residing at the bayside village apartments and creating permanent affordability restrictions for 70 of these units to remain affordable to households earning up to 120% of average median income. >> thank you, the mayor of office and community development. good morning, president farrell and members of the committee, i'm don and the senior of the office. and request the aboard of approval for the owners of apartments to prevent displacement of the existing bmr household and provide the affordable units and in exchange for a grant between of $21,680,000 from the housing trust fund, and the budget analyst reports provided a good
11:06 am
background. and so i am not going to repeat that information unless there are questions from the committee. this is similar to the agreement with the owners of the south beach, apartments that was approved by the board in may of last year, like south beach, the apartments were financed in part by the three development agencies bonds that have been repaid in full and the project has reached the end of its support area. and the owners have no continuing legal obligation to provide the bmr rents, and fortunately in the city, the owners of this project have acquired with the city instruction agreement that will provide the following. one, no displacement of the existing 172 bmr households and first they will provide the lifetime leases and the existing ami, rents and there, and in the very significant portion of this cost themselves and it will also provide, the permanent affordable for 70 unilts at 120
11:07 am
percent of the median income. and supervisor kim, representatives from the forest city, and staff from ocd have a very positive meeting with the bay side village residents in december to share of the terms of this agreement and i believe that some of these residents are here today and you will hear from them. ultimately the director of our department, and our deputy director hieidi from the city, and the representatives and i are all available to answer your questions, thank you for consideration. >> thank you very much. supervisor tang? >> thank you very much. some of the questions that i have really center around a larger policy discussion. i mean i think that when the last project came before us in south beach marina it was great that there was a compromised solution for the affordability for the existing residents and i think that is very important. and i was surprised when there was another one brought before us, and so, i would like to
11:08 am
know, kind of what do we see on the horizon in terms of the other projects where there might be expiration dates coming up and are we going to continue to tap into the housing trust fund? to be able to preserve these units and i say that, you know, with that i completely understand that it is a great investment to be able to preserve affordability and for existing tenants and then there is another issue about you know, how much it will cost to build more units and it is higher. but can you let me know what is on the horizon and what we see if you are going to be bringing other agreements before us of this nature? >> there are two other projects that are financed in a similar time period also with the expiring affordability restriction and beyond those two, and there is not another project until, 2037 and so
11:09 am
really they are a universal four projects, and each of these projects is unique and we have start and we have been in negotiations with one of the remaining two owners for quite a while and we have just started our negotiations with the fourth and the last project. each of these owners has different objectives and has different financing positions and so it is really difficult to say with any certainly at this point, what financial resources will be asking the city to contribute towards these deals and we just don't know yet, but we certainly anticipate coming back before this board. >> so just to clarify, you said that there are two other projects expiring soon and then one in 2037? >> no. none until 2037. >> none until 2037. >> south beach, and the bay side which is here before you today and then two additional projects. >> okay, gralt, so for example
11:10 am
no this particular one, and again, i have not questioning the intent behind this and i think that it is wonderful. and but, with this withdraw of the 21.6 million from the housing trust fund and it leaves us a balance of 14.3 million and so, you know, i think that it is just, it is a dwin delling source of funding and so i just wanted to make sure that we are very aware of what is coming up on the horizon and for example, if the next one expired in 2037, cost more than $14.3, and where are we going to find the funding to be able to preserve the housing units for the tenants and so, that is all that i am trying to get at and so i guess that it is a larger conversation that we can have off line. the other question that i have is regarding the people who will be living and having, you know, the lifetime leases on the site. in terms of the requirements so for example, being able to transfer lease to other people are the other people that are family, can you tell me how that
11:11 am
regulation works? >> i can generally. those rules are contained in our inclusionary handbook. and we did check in with our staff who work in this area. and typically, for existing, or for existing residents, our handbook does not prescribe rules for, and for any of those situations, and typically, we will see the land lords allowing the new spouses to be added to the lease and that is really up to the individual landlord, and also up to the terms in the lease itself. >> okay. because i want to make sure that we are preserving the units for those who are current tenants who you know maybe, they welcome a new baby and a new spouse into their lives, but i want to make sure that it is not that we are subsidizing house and they are transferring it to a friend for example. >> right. absolutely. >> all right, thank you. >> okay.
11:12 am
>> thanks very much, at this point we will open it up to public comment. i have a number of speaker cards do you want to say something? >> mr. rose. here we go. >> thanks for welcoming back in. >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the xh itty, as shown in table two and this is on page 13 of our report. evaluation and analysis was conducted in september of 2016. and valued the press certify vagus of the 70 affordable units and the lifetime leases for the current residents of the 70 units at 21 million, 687,000 and that is 10,000 per unit and the grant to the bay side village associates in an amount of that 21 million,680,000 was based on that analysis and it will be paid out as the supervisors have stated the housing trust fund, and on page 14 of our report,
11:13 am
the balance of the affordable housing development portion of the housing trust fund, is 36 million, 218 tlarz dollars as of december, 21, 2016 and the hcd were to pay the grant amount, and to the bay side village associates, and just as supervisor tang has just stated the remaining balance will be 14 million, 320,218. and so on page 15, we do consider approval of this resolution to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors. >> thank you, mr. rose. colleagues, any further questions for the budget analyst? >> okay. at this point, again we will open this up for public comment and i have a number of speaker cards here and if i call your name, come and line up and everyone and ten minutes to speak and come up on the far side and i have paul, and an
11:14 am
ton, and bastari and barbari, and le and kevin, dublin and katie and tinin ried and steve katie and then joe, i couldn't read some of these last names, but please come on up and everyone will have two minutes or you can speak together and it is up to you. you have two minutes if you like individually. but otherwise, if you line up if you are not speaking and first speaker. >> hi, my name is elli and i am a resident and i currently live in one of the below market rate apartments that we are discussing today and i just want to kind of promote the idea of the power that these apartments
11:15 am
that these opportunities you guys are talking about can afford to give young people like myself, i moved to the city in february, and if it wasn't for this opportunity i would either be couch surfing with friends or sleeping in parks like a lot of people have to do in the city. not only has the opportunity to extended but it is also, showing me that or given the really great and powerful opportunities to be part of the wider san francisco community and i am a blues dancer and i dance in the swing dancing community and i also work in the local coffee shop where i am allowed to interact with other members of community, i am grateful for this opportunity and i think this opportunity is powerful for other people in the future as well.
11:16 am
>> hello, i'm an international fellow at ustf and as you know it is a limited housing and so i cannot accommodate the researcher. gram grateful to give this opportunity and support the agreement between the bay side village and the city to build the preserve affordable housing. thank you. >> thanks very much. next speaker. >> my name is joe and there you go. >> there it is. >> i'm current resident of bay side village in the affordable apartment. the rent on my apartment is $1500. my primary source of income is
11:17 am
social security. and i got about 2,000 a month that leaves me with $500 for everything else. so i support the need for these affordable apartments. >> thank you very much for being here. >> next speaker. >> high name is sbrina i went into the lance street foundation and graduate aid year ago and i had no idea where i was going to be able to afford an apartment and i walked across the street and they gave me a chance. and i didn't have a greatest credit and a whole history of you know of employment, and it has been the most amazing opportunity that i could have ever hoped for. since then i have got other residents in, and please don't take it away. thavrngz. >> thanks. >> next speaker, please? >> good morning, supervisors. ladies and gentlemen, my name is
11:18 am
steve katie and i am a long term and a happy resident of bay side village. the opportunity to live there and continually living there has made my life a lot easier, the whole program of the below market rents is as i see not just good for those of us at bay side village but for the city of san francisco. and i urge your support to on this program thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> my name is -- and i am a resident in the bay side village and i live there for 23 years and i am here to support the agreement between the city and i support a daughter that lives with me and a wife who is a teacher, and work out and i would still like to live in the city.
11:19 am
thank you. >> thank you very much. >> any other members of the public that wish to speak on item 12? >> okay. city none, public comment is closed. any further questions for the analyst or the city staff at all? >> supervisor tang? >> no. so i think that it will just be an internal conversation as to the next project expireing in 2037. but for this i will make a recommendation to send forthwith the positive recommendation for the full board. >> tang, and a second by yee. and we can take that without objection. >> thanks for ook here and thank you to the residents. and with that madam clerk, our last items would you call items 13 through 16, together please? >> >> item 13.
11:20 am
ordinance approving a development agreement between the city and county of san francisco, the housing authority of the city and county of san francisco, and bridge potrero community associates, llc, for the potrero hope sf project at the approximately 38-acre irregularly-shaped site bounded by 23rd street and missouri street to the north, texas street to the east, 25th street and 26th street to the south, and wisconsin street to the west; confirming the development agreement's compliance with, or waiving certain provisions of, administrative code, chapters 14b, 29, and 56; approving the use of impact fees and exactions for improvements and other community benefits, as set forth in the development agreement, and waiving any conflicting fee provisions in planning code, article 4; ratifying past actions taken in connection with the development agreement; authorizing further actions taken consistent with this ordinance; making findings under the california environmental quality act; and making findings of conformity with the general plan, and with the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1(b). item , 14,resolution authorizing the execution of the master development agreement between the housing authority of the city and county of san francisco, bridge potrero community associates, llc, a california limited liability company, and the city and county of san francisco, for the potrero hope sf project at the approximately 38-acre irregularly shaped site bounded by 23rd street and missouri street to the north, texas street to the east, 25th street and 26th street to the south and wisconsin street to the south; and making findings under the california environmental quality act, and findings of conformity with the general plan, and with the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1(b). . item 15,ordinance approving a development agreement between the city and county of san francisco, the housing authority of the city and county of san francisco, and sunnydale development co., llc, for the sunnydale hope sf project at the approximately 50-acre site located in visitacion valley and generally bounded by mclaren park to the north, crocker amazon park to the west, hahn street to the east, and velasco to the south; confirming the development agreement's compliance with, or waiving certain provisions of, administrative code, chapters 14b, 29, and 56; approving the use of impact fees and exactions for improvements and other community benefits, as set forth
11:21 am
in the development agreement, and waiving any conflicting fee provisions in planning code, article 4; ratifying past actions taken in connection with the development agreement; authorizing further actions taken consistent with the ordinance; making findings under the california environmental quality act; and making findings of conformity with the general plan, and with the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. . item 16 resolution authorizing the execution of the master development agreement between the housing authority of the city and county of san francisco, sunnydale development co., llc, a california limited liability company and the city and county of san francisco, for the sunnydale hope sf project at the approximately 50-acre site located in visitacion valley and generally bounded by mclaren park to the north, crocker amazon park on the west, hahn street on the east, and velasco on the south; and making findings under the california environmental quality act, and findings of conformity with the general plan, and with the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1(b). 12. >> and okay, thank you very much, colleagues, these items are response orred by supervisor cohen and i know that this is an exciting day for her and for the community, thank you for being here but i am going to turn it over to supervisor cohen. in ethank you very much and good morning and this is a very exciting time and the big moment for district ten and if you even, bigger moment for just the city. and the revitalization of public housing has been a key priority of mine. and mayor lee since both of us assumed office over the last several years it started to gart ner more publicity with the city wide support and especially with the prop eight in 2015. i think that it is really important to know that many people in our city have never been to any of the hope sf public housing sites in the southeastern neighborhoods. and i am specifically talking and referencing today about the hill and the tar is and sunny dale and these are the two items before us today. the vast majority of san franciscans don't even know that the neighborhood exists, 10,000 live public house and a third of which are children, and what the people don't know is that the average income is $12,000. if san franciscans knew about them, in the neighborhood they probably have stereo typed the neighborhood and have a negative association and they have misperceptions that they believe
11:22 am
that this area of poverty, and of crime and of place where the people should be afraiding particularly at all costs. but i am here to tell you that they are wrong and they are wrong. and that the mayor's office is here to tell you that this notion is wrong. and this is a live and thriving community, and the people are hungry, for change and what we have before us today is an opportunity for the transformative investment in this investment is going to come in the form of rebuilding public housing. i personally have seen how new integrated units over at hunter's view and how it has transformed the lives of the residents and how they have increased public safety as well as the health and vitality of the entire community. most recently, we have also witnessed new units under construction at alice grifth and that is also the flat lands. where with he have successfully have been going and we are able
11:23 am
to transform the development into a new mixed income community with i think that this is absolutely critical. zero displacement. we have learned from the mistakes of previous years, specifically the redevelopment agency, and displacement is not on our agenda and we are here about creating community and building community. we will never be successful in our transformative efforts if we only look at this as building and that we are rebuilding buildings, what we are also doing is rebuilding and putting together lives. and helping families become whole again, that is why hope sf is incredibly important and they have got the phenomenal service element where we are investing in the residents and helping them put their credit back together. and also, there is housing counseling for those that are interested in purchasing a home, and moving up the rung into home
11:24 am
ownership. i want to recognize bar bra smith who is the head of the public housing and sites all in san francisco. and olsen of the director of the mayor's office of housing and the two of them have been really committed and a part of this process and as to where we are today. and also, i want to recognize theo miller who has been in the glue, and he has been the director of hope since assuming office in the mayor's office for the last what? three or four years and so quite some time and what is the most important is that even during the down turn when we could not see the pathway forward, and these folks are committed and then we have the community partner as well, and there is on the project forever, and i see her, and we have bridge, and who else do we have here? >> and mercy bridge and i am missing one.
11:25 am
>> and related. bill litty sorry. >> don't hold it against me bill. and so this is absolutely, incredible, and you all should be feeling excited because we are about to make history here today. we heard this item in the land use committee on monday and it passed unanimously a rare moment when the sperp aaron and i are in agreement and just one 110 percent on board and in love with each other, and my goal is to get this through the committee and get this positive and move this forward as quickly and swiftly as possible to get thus units built. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. >> and i, you know, just to start off i like supervisor cohen want to say thank you to the staff and i know that this is years of dedicated hard work and yeah, and this is the difference in san franciscans lives and so thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisors. and theo miller, and the mayor's office, and the dreblther of hope sf and the phenomenal
11:26 am
introduction, it is as supervisor cohen said it is a history being moment and i am going to go through this swiftly and give the folks the background and get to the master development approvals and i want to echo the thanks on behave of mayor lee, and this is near and daer to his part, and hope sf is and go to the first slide the nation's first and i december size that, the first large scale public housing transformation, and initiative.
11:27 am
we have a promise, and that so that is an incredible moment, and as you can see on the map these are four communities and about 5,000 individuals and 2200 households that are socially isolated and segregated communities in the city. these are communities that have not experienced and benefited from the pros terty of the city and today, signals another moment of our commitment to bring these resilient family and households into the fold of the city. >> in terms of the background with hope sf is, it is these four communities and hunter's view on the way, and what is the secret in san francisco.
11:28 am
160 for the public housing residents and now live in hunter's view at the top of the hill and the multi million dollar views of the day and they live in grand new housing and attendance in schools has increased by 30 percent and since that new housing has happened and the violent crime has declined, and we don't have the hunter's view residents here and it is an incredible story and i encourage you to get to the hunter's view. and but here before you today are the sunny dale, and these are two of the most important communities, and 1300 units and incredible family housing developments and folks who have waited for this opportunity as you see on that grid.
11:29 am
hope sf is san francisco, and it is our equity commitment to the city and the county of san francisco. next slide. this is a visual in terms of sunny dale that you see the 50 acres on the left and the house ing we are here to say not in san francisco, there is nothing
11:30 am
new that theo is saying in front of you, these are old promise and these are old promises that we are here to fulfill on and to follow through. did you introduce yourself. >> my apologies. >> no. >> hello, my name is terri jones and i am the mayor for hope sf and a resident. >> thank you. for helping me. next slide. before i turn it over to lee and smith, i want to stop on the hope sf principles and many of us have those tattooed on our back and one for one, and so supervisor cohen mentioned this and this is the transportation of neighborhoods in the communities but this is without the displacement of residents and so we have learned that there is a one for one replacement and each and every single public housing resident has a right to remain and they have a first priority for the brand new housing and we will be doing this in a fiscally responsible way and an ethically
11:31 am
responsible way in phase and sequences and not one resident will be influenced and the folks will have the opportunity to maintain and to stay in the communities in which they have lived and we are not just replacing one for one, we are increasing the affordable housing and we know well, the potrero and the market rate demand and also in the visitation valley and the commitment is to the housing in san francisco and so you have seen us fulfill that commitment in hunter's view and also in the grifth and you can see the rest of these principals really just reflect, you know, three central concepts and we believe if you build mixed incomes housing and the support the community and provide the services and if you bring in the public health, and with the city and county, we can do something catalytic and something transformative for the 5,000, as i call these residents. and so with that, i will turn it over to olsen lee and i want to thank the supervisors and you have been on this and supported
11:32 am
the services dollars over the last several years and now we are finally at that moment where we can move forward to build and fulfill the promise of high quality mixed income housing and transforming neighborhood for these incredible residents. thank you. >> olsen lee, the director of the mayor's office of housing. this is a long time coming. it started under the prior administration, and with the hope that we could do something as the federal government moved away from helping low income people in affordable housing and for me, it is just another example of san francisco exceptionalism. and we do not take no for an answer. we see an injustice and we try to correct it and as we have worked through and the creation of the affordable housing for a variety of populations, and through of the strong and
11:33 am
affordable housing and eco system and as we have gone through and set the example for the country, and in the rental assistance demonstration program, that local, partners and local solutions and can solve tough problems that the federal government can't, and this is another example of how the local government and the san francisco stepping up to the plate to solve a problem. we are not doing this without the federal government, but the federal government's role is different in this process. and bar bra shared with me this morning an e-mail from the hud which approved a very important financing approval for these projects. and that really makes this or these projects possible. and it is only a question of when, not if. and that we will be able to
11:34 am
cobble together with the local resources and with the federal resources, and new affordable housing, and new safety, san tarry, affordable housing. and most importantly, as the theo said it is not just about rebuilding the bricks and mortar although those are things that are important and it is not just about rebuilding the neighborhoods which, again, very, very important. it is also about the services that we provide the residents so that they are engaged in and have a fruitful life as well as being well housed. so, again, this is again part of a string of successes for our affordable housing, and we clearly need to do more. we have not sort of met the need for all of the affordable housing in san francisco. but clearly this is the example of where the city government and
11:35 am
the city leaders and the community have gotten together and come up with a great solution to the conditions that are at the. and so we will appreciate the board's support in this matter. >> good morning supervisors and well i'm absolutely thrilled to be here today and i know that the residents are on the way to having brand new housing. this is really a mow men yus occasion for us and, speaking for the authority rebuilding these delapitaed properties sunny dale and potrero and thanks to the mayor and the commissioners and ten years of tremendous team efforts on the part of our residents and many city agencies especially hope sf led by theo miller and mohcd led
11:36 am
by olsen lee. the developer parters and the head. and it is having a reality. and we are eagerly looking forward to your approvals and i want to thank you very much for your support. thank you very much. so supervisors we will move through the development approval and we will move it to the property for the housing development, if that is okay and we will open it up for questions, for you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, supervisors i will just very quickly go through some of the more technical aspects that will or are part of this request, and that will enable us to achieve the goals so beautifully described by supervisor cohen and the previous speakers, first of all we are asking for your approval on a development agreement and a master developer agreement with the housing.
11:37 am
and in addition to the full board and there will be land use entitlement and we will be requesting and we are heard at land use on monday. there are four main sources of funds and the first is the all important federal resource of project based section eight subsidies that will allow us to leverage the suggest debt and to preserve the residents that will serve very low income house holds. and secondly, we will be using the tax credits and we will be using the significant resources from the market race development and finally we will be using the city, and subsidies from the mayor's office of housing. and this will be a long term build out and we will try to accelerate it as much as possible. but because of the breadth of the project it will be approximately ten to 20 years of
11:38 am
build up, and that does allow us to pro-teblth residents and there will be no displacement and also it allows us the flexibility to accommodate and so we have a few maps and site plans for your review, and this is a great map of sunny dale, which really shows the breadth, again of the development. and you can see, a completely new structure and a grid that will connect this development to the larger community, and end the isolation, that has been part of these developments for a long time. and there will be as i said, all new infrastructure, and mixed income housing and acres of new open space, and community serving retail and child care,
11:39 am
and social service space and this shows the integration of the mixed income parcels for sunny dale. and similar issues, and similar design goals and phasing for potrero as well. and the mixed income and the new open space and the new recreational and over all community amendies that currently do not exist. again, this is a long term build out and we will do everything that we can to accelerate it. but we are our first and foremost goal is to protect the existing residents and finally we have been before the planning commission and the rec and part and puc, and now we are here at the board and we have received support and proval from all of those agencies and look forward to your support and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have.
11:40 am
>> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> supervisor yee? >> yeah. first of all i want to compliment the staff of hope sf and everybody else involved. and i in particularly appreciate that many of the new units will have multi bedrooms to accommodate the families or the children. and something that i have been focusing on. and the other things that i really do appreciate and i always thought that these housing clusters were silly to seg agree gate the people according to their income. and really i always thought that mixed income communities are the best ways to go. and rather than seg agree gating everybody. and so, i do, however, have a question on both projects. and in regards to the child care facilities. i don't see anything in the
11:41 am
development agreement, there are existing programs today, whether it is in the potrero housing or at the sunny dale and the programs are actually serving low income families. and so, i am just curious, how is it going to, and yes, you want to be building out child care centers. but, what about the existing organizations that are running either the one in potrero or the one in sunny dale is there anything and maybe i missed it in the development agreement. that guarantees or at least indicates that there will be working for these organizations? or is there a separate mou with the developers and the organizations whether it is bridge or >> mercy. >> mercy. housing. >> so a fan tas tick question,
11:42 am
and obviously these are the family units and as you mentioned the family and the child care is critical, and i will say a group of things, number one the principal of non-displacement also to the cross cultural and we, and the others and in the sunny dale and so we have a categorical commitment to make sure that there are robust services spaces including child care in each of the developments and in sunny dale, there is a, what they call a community hub that will be multi purpose area. and that is still, you know, to be developed, and the master development agreement will not be the place and dan can come and address, specific lip the questions, but you know, pointing out that child care issues. both in grifth, and in hunter's view where we have created a new space to be the child care, is at front and center of the mind and i will say it as a technical matter. that the loan agreements for each of the projects was as miss heartily mentioned this these
11:43 am
will happen in phase and there is a service's plan that will be attached to each of those agreement and we contemplate focusing on child care, as the projects unfold and each of those, and so to my knowledge, the master development is not the place where we sort of warranty and guarantee, you know, specific provider of these are, and in some cases 20 year developments and so we don't want to specifically say for sure, who will be there in 20 years, but, the child care absolutely, is a core, concern of ours and we are making sure that there are communities spagss that have child care and workforce services in both of the developments if you have specific questions, i can actually ask the project managers to m ko up and speak to that if you would like more. >> i think that basically, that was my anxiety over this is exactly what you just stated. and yes, there are going to be some space developed for the services. and what i'm asking is -- what
11:44 am
was the agreement there, and you know, that i know that that was the existing child care center that i actually am very familiar with. and in the case of whether it is cross cultural or we you know, are they just going to be out there, saying, okay, this and let's do an rfq or something and if you are lucky you might be coming in and in the case of, and i would have to say that really in the concern of that one and the organization, actually raised the money to build out the center and it is not something that this is just moved in or paying the rent, they actually built out the center and so it is about ten years or so and so it is not ready to collapse yet. >> right. >> and so, it is and then the other question is part of it is, what would be the either the market rate that we are talking
11:45 am
about in terms of the lease agreement, so, so i would like to at least put it in the record you are nodding but could you state it in >> sure, this is not a, these are community facilities. and this is not market rate rent, and everything about hope sf in terms of the redevelopment and we have the mission driven developers that in the new mixed income communities there are community serving agencies that are trusted by the community, including across cultural who is currently at potrero who will be able to remain and be aible to thrive and to support the new community. this is not a situation in which we will look to have the community spaces that go out to the highest bidder under any circumstances. >> are there representatives of the developers here. >> sure. >> i am the representative
11:46 am
manager and just to give you a little bit of background for sunny dale we have been working with them since they were on the sight to look at the new facilities and the new master plan and actually they are interested in two locations and so we have planned out. and we have done the space planning to wem this and they are interested in the 6,000 square feet for 120 infants and toddlers. and that will shl 60 slots and their goal is to replace the 70 head start slots that they are operating right now on site and move those two the two new
11:47 am
locations in a blended model where there is affordable child care. and private pay or the sliding scale so that it is a mixed income model of dlifry, and we are planning to build those new facilities before their existing facility two be demolished so they will not have the displacement and they would move into a new facility. >> thank you, i preeshlt the statement. is there someone from the bridges? >> increasing the capacity and across the cultural centers have relatively new service provider
11:48 am
at potrero and we are excited that they have come to take over that function at the sight. and we have been engaged with em them in the indepth conversations about already programming a child care facility, in our next phase. we actually changed our phasing plan to insure that we could provide continuity of child care, rather than having to move them off of site and move them back on the site and so we have advanced in our phasing plan, a child care facility, that would expand their current potential and increase the number of children that they would be able to serve. and we have stated with them, and i want to state here today, that we will work with them to insure the continuity of subsidy and so they are able to provide the no cost child care for existing residents. and so it is essential to our over all service plan and it is essential to the aspects like economic mowbility and if the people have the child care they are better able to access employment opportunity and so we are committed to the task and look forward to working with the
11:49 am
across cultural center on that. >> thank you. >> thank you. and thank you so much for all of your presentations on this. and we apologize that our chair had to step out and supervisor co-hen as well. although, i do know of some of the answers to these questions, i did want to just kind of bring it to the public light.
11:50 am
we would be happy to come back to report on progress. >> and the goals to hiring minority and women and the small business enterprise and hiring the goals alz well. >> also still in place. >> and then, correct me if i am wrong, but i think that i had heard something about although there has been a certain number of units designated for below market rate tlshgs will be units at affordable levels; is that correct? ? >> as i heard for the first time
11:51 am
home buyer units. >> so i am going to refer and i should go to speak to the home buyer program in both sides. >> supervisors as we have discussed, this over all financing of this development, is highly contingent on being able to use a variety of sources of funds including market rate across subsidies, because these developments will require all new infrastructure and complete housing they are expensive. and so, but, the focus of the developments is the public housing replacement and the new affordable units and so in light of that, we are not imposing a normal bmr requirement on the market rate partials. because to do so will diminish their value and provide less subsidy and to build out the new public housing units which means that the build out will take longer.
11:52 am
however, it is in the development agreement, and it is a possibility that on the market conditions, that we could have a below market and we have the opportunity to have the below market rate requirement on certain market rate developments so that we can and that is something that has to go as the build out proceeds and what the conditions are and but we are committed over all to help. >> thanks for that clarification. >> supervisors if i could add that we have a very strong partnership with ocii and so they have been in conversations on sort of helping us to support the residents to the below market rate and home ownership and so we think that although
11:53 am
there may not be the immediate opportunities for the folks to buy or to own or move from the public housing in the sunny dale, we are this is a city wide effort if you will. >> okay, great. >> and then i saw that you had added a couple more slides here to show he the improved circulation, both for pedestrians and drivers, and for muni and so i think that is really wonderful and of course, just seeing how it is all going to be laid out i think that it will be a huge improvement and so thank you for that. if there aren't noo he noo questions, we will go to our budget analyst report followed by ted egan from the control's office who has been an impact report on this project report as well. >> madam chair, supervisor yee, on page 26 of our report, we report that the sale of the estimated 817 market rate parcels located in the project will generate, $138 million 898,000 for the project and the sale of estimated 648 market
11:54 am
rate parcels in the sunny dale will generate, $324 million for a con and as shown on table eig in page 276 our report, the net gap that is the moh cgap was the proceeds from the sale of the the market rate parcels will be, $157 million and $255 for sunny dale and so the total combined gap would be $413 million, 659, 976 and that is for both projects and we consider approval of this proposal resolutions to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors. >> okay thank you. mr. rose. >> and now we will go to mr. egan.
11:55 am
>> the structure and the affordable housing and the contribute 1.8 million to the city's economy over 25 year period and the market rate, will be about, 475 million, and in today's dollars, and to the future residents of the new affordable housing units will add to about 22 million in consumer spending, and the additional market rate housing pun its will provide the economic benefits in the order of about, 45 million in reduced
11:56 am
housing costs >> thank you. >> and thank you very much, and okay, so seeing no questions, or comments, right now. we are going to go to public comment then, and i have a couple of speaker cards. janet, jaris, dan adams and i don't know if you wanted to come up again. drew, and devon, and stalworth. and calvin watts and jones and so if you would like to come up and speak to line up to the curtains over there and welcome. >> hi, my name is janet and i am a resident of the dog patch for the last 35 years and i just like to say that i fully support the rebuild project, which i am very familiar with, having gone to many community meetings over
11:57 am
the years. and i think that the team is really great and they have been doing so many programs with the neighborhood for years, and particularly the walking school bus, they have started. and the healthy living, the multi generations project. they have done a great yearly get together with the whole neighborhood for bbqs and clean ups. and just in general, they are really, so ininclusive of everybody and they have really started some great projects and programs for everybody that will continue in the future and so i have a lot of faith in the group and i think that the programs are wonderful. so i would either be very happy to support the project. >> i hope that they will too. >> thank you. >> next speaker please? >> okay. hello supervisors and again, my
11:58 am
name is terri jones and i am the mayor fellow for hope sf and i am a proud resident and i have lived there my entire life. with my family. and it is gra it to see the change come into my neighborhood being that it is in the city and isolated. so the project will let us feel connected to community and that is why i hope that you pass the da and the mda and with this, this is overdue, and i am glad that they are taking strides, also. >> thank you. ? ethank you very much, next speaker please? >> dan adams and the bridge housing and in addition to recognizing the great work of the mayor, and the supervisor cohen in leading this effort and the work of hope sf and i did just want to take a moment and recognize the effort of the residents who participated in community out reach, meeltings and planning meetings over a period of eight years, and
11:59 am
without their strong input this project would not nearly be what it is today. so i just wanted to recognize them. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> my name is jaris i have been on the potrero for 45 years, 46 this year, and i have seen many changes but none that is going to be as well as this. and i am in full support of the changes that they are making. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please? >> hello, my name is drew jenkins and a long time visitation of the valley resident and also advocate for youth and also, mercy community liason. i am -- we have been waiting for
12:00 pm
this change for a long time. because it will change the things that has been going on. we have been promised for a long time that the change was going to come and we have not had it yet and right now we feel like it is in our grasp. myself and our mercy team has brought the young people out to actually speak for it self-and we feel like it is important to know the opportunities that are coming for in the change of no violence, and to see to be part of the new san francisco that has been coming on for years. and saying that it was the largest housing projects in san francisco and haven't had any of the perks that the rest of san francisco has had of with the change. so we feel like this is very important to move this process
12:01 pm
to create new change in life and opportunities for our young people too. and we are so happy that this is even possible through hope sf, and the people like theo miller and it is actually pushing it forward. and so we appreciate that. and thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next peekespeaker please and you would like to speak or you did not submit a card, line up by the drapes over there. >> good afternoon, my name is deondra, and yeah, speaking and i appreciate what you are all doing for the community. but i will like to see the change inside of it and i was born and raised inside of san francisco all of my life and i think sunny dale and the whole visitation valley district needs a whole lot to be brung up like, you know, we travel we do what we have to do and i love it, san francisco has this up coming but
12:02 pm
the visitation valley does not. like we need that. the jobs, the child care, the whole nine, like, it is rough out here. and you know, it is we want to be business owners and we want to make sure that we have what we can do inside of our life and inside of san francisco for the rest of our lives because we do live here and we do have family that we want to bring up for the rest of our lives and like we want to live happy and so, you know, i mean, if you all can do that, i will appreciate it and i know that a lot of people behind me will appreciate it. and -- you know, that is what i can do, that is all that i can say, i mean, i'm going to and i am going to keep trying and like you promised and i hear a word of mouth and i watch on the news every single morning that you are supposed to be doing this for the community and i want to see it happen and like i don't want to be growing 50 years old and you are all talking about we are going to change the community for real? so, i mean, that is me.
12:03 pm
>> have a good day. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please? >> my name is calvin and i live in the sunny dale, and with this change, it helped to bring in a lot to show, that the people that, not or having lived in sunny dale that we don't just tear it down, negative, but we could tear it down positive too. and with these jobs, they helped us do more than just fight against each other and work with each and to bring the community better and help to show that we can do more than just violence. and the opportunity to show the kids that we helped to build the project and that we could show that and i helped to put that tree there or i help to build the buildings in this project. and so it is a good opportunity for the whole and the community
12:04 pm
and the guys. >> thank you. >> next peeker, please? e >> i am 23 i i have the kids to take care of and i want to show them the difference of how we grow up and how they can grow up different from us, and we can go outside and take the kids outside with us because they the fact that we can't do that and it is like sometimes we have to live the kids because of the stuff that happened in the neighborhood and we want to have a different out come from them i want to have the fun like the other kids and i am different from everybody and i grew up rough and i don't want them
12:05 pm
growing up rough and things like that. so, that is all that, and so thank you. >> thank you. >> they have been redone and even, claire park is being redone and so i have to say that we are kind of tired of being the dump of the valley and we have been repainted over ten times, and the paint rolls away, and the people just stay and we can see that the other neighborhoods are revitalized and not just repainted. i am tired of having to run my water, and i am tired of the
12:06 pm
feces and the mold and the asthma and the windows and my kids getting the same things and i am talking from a health standpoint now, that it is no the just about we don't want no more violence and we don't want any more infections and no more health problems that are coming from having these old facilities. what it feels like to have a happy home and when i come back and the idz kids and the kids across the street, and we have to walk around just to go around the school, and the boys and girls club kids we have to tell them not to jump in that puddle because there is fecess it is not right, and this is san francisco. and thank you. >> larry gave me the choice to come before or after, and i made
12:07 pm
the krong choice, but i would want to take a second to echo, i think that what dan says and i want to thank the residents who have persisted with us and led us through this process and i want to thank all of the city staff of planning and the rec park, and all of the various departments and the hope sf staff and the mayor's office of housing and planning. and there are just so many folks. i am a greedy person in the sense that we are excited to be here and also in the conference will remind me would not be here if not for the housing bond, but we need to get if it takes us 15 years to get this done, i understand that this probably is logical, but shame on us if it takes that long and i hope that those of you who are sitting on the board and i know that you will not be here 15 years from now, but we are going to need your ongoing support today as just the mda and the da and we
12:08 pm
are all anticipating the federal budget cuts and these are the neighborhoods that get the hardest hit and, i know that we have the great leadership of the city staff, but we are going to need your help. >> any ee members of the public like to speak, come on up. >> hi, my name is shana and i have been living in the bay area my whole life and i actually have great relatives chlts my great i am great frd greece, and there is a lot of culture in thard and so it is nice to see so many positive changes and actually like.
12:09 pm
thank you. any other members of the public that wish to speak on this item? or these items? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and i will just, echo my thanks to every single person who is involved, and every single organization and resident and department, and on this project for decades less. and so, we certainly hope to see this, come to from you igs, as soon as possible. and so with that, exciting times here, and supervisor yee, would you like to make a motion? >> and this is for all four items. >> 13, 14, 15, 16. >> correct. >> and i also want to echo my appreciation to all of the individuals involved in the organization, and involving in making this happen, and when i look at the over all plan of this, and this is pretty exciting. and this is too bad that we didn't do this 50 years ago. and but, here we are.
12:10 pm
and let's get it done, and i like to move, all four. items out, and with the positive recommendation to the full board. >> and we will do that without objection. congratulations. >> do you have anyite ems before us today? >> there is no further business. >> all right, we are adjourned.
12:11 pm
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12:14 pm
here. moss. supervisor kim. we have a quorum. >> welcome everybody to the
12:15 pm
treasure island development authority board meeting. this is the first of the year and there is much that we will do in this year. it is very exciting year because we are implementing the many years of planning that we had before this and this year we will actually start the construction of much of the infrastructure. next item. >> item 2, general public comment. allows member of the public to address the board on matters that are within the subject matter jurisdiction and do not appear on todays ajendsa. in addition to public comment it is held in each item on the ajendsa. members may address the board for up to three minutes. you will hear a single chime with 30 seconds remaining. state your name and organization you represent if any for the record. >> any members in the


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