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tv   Aging and Adult Services Commission 1417  SFGTV  January 24, 2017 12:00pm-1:31pm PST

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of the issues i have them attached to the legal mandate on the legal mandate you have two the first one is the funds that basically means that must include the ability of the transbay and the east bay no two ways about it. the second legal mandate is properties 334 you need to have a non-stop train to translate in thirty minutes if you don't, you basically don't have access to any of the prop a bonds because if you look at this $557 million that is dtx but you see you can't achieve that figure and jeopardizes that you talk about - small business
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at some point has to ask the question how come we can build the central subway one .7 miles and then somebody said well, we'll get one .3 miles for $4 billion is goes down the construction you have a lot of construction with the costs and the impacts so in closing my recommendation to you to limit the appropriations to one million dollars for the sole purpose of basically wrapping up what needs to be done some point in time you will understand the issues thank you very much. >> and with regard to your letter your contention it is that those 3 sweeping terms will
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end up which the trains will have to slow down at 25 mile-per-hour will there beyond thirty minutes. >> yes. just going from town to the translation about - >> so what you're saying the alignment is wrong. >> yes. the alignment is wrong and actually, the there is another alignment that is missing that can't achieve that is not discussed right now. >> thank you, sir. >> mr. has. >> commissioner i'm jimmy have been before you several times to appoint the dtx plan will go off the west side of mission bay and jeopardize the campus you and the city and you the board of
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supervisors and this commission needs to take control over this project and coordinate it as you may know the planning department has the study which i'm on the citizens workshop i our report will be available in march no square feet confirm the inadequacy of current plan and indicate the only vicariously way to get the train downtown is on the west side of potrero hill either parallel to 7th street or third street now what needs to be done is not to fund this project as you were asked for but to fund the work around the terminal and second street and the study to develop
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the final tunnel plan to bring the train downtown that's the only viable way to get the train downtown so this work needs to be coordinated and right now and by the way, when you put the new tunnel together with the existing tunnel we're talking about $6 million budget thank you. >> thank you, mr. has any public comment? that wants to testify on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner sheehy the floor is yours. >> so obviously the chair has spent more time on this to continue this public comments we need to think we should be much more involved before the money i've worked down there i know the configuration and don't know
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as the gentleman noted when you look at the high speed right a karate's configuration we have i know we had the warriors going in we knew we would increase the capacity beyond what we had so i don't know what options are available but certainly completing the r e b study that the way in which they're planning on going both this is crazy to me. >> is a commissioner sheehy part of the reason the previous delayed this was an interest in seeing the results of arab study and part of the reason he needed to put it on this particular agenda was because we now have four new members of this body
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relative to the motion their 3 we vote it up and give them their 6 point plus million dollars option two vote it down and option 3 we can continue there is actually a fourth option that the gentleman suggested within the purview of this body we can give them less money in order to allow them pronouncing to finish their supplemental document those are the of your choice you as a new commissioner, i think have ever right to spend time not an easy decision and maybe we should look to some of the other new members as to what there will is and perhaps if you need more time to look at it with all due respect to the tjpa executive
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director he may differ given that high speed rail is not going to get there until if everybody is luke w8 /* /- lucky. >> i'd like to do that to understand this before i vote on this this is is a multi billion dollars the configuration doesn't make sense we have people analyzing this. >> you know you have more experience you continued is one i'll respect the judgment of the chair. >> it was in committee and came to the full commission and got continued this is the first time it is heard why not hear
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from commissioner ronen and then commissioner fewer and then visit with staff unless anyone else wants to weigh in commissioner ronen. >> commissioner ronen if you turn that microphone on. >> that would be helpful. >> i'm feeling the same way i have a question for you what would be the impact if we continued this a month or 2 down the road. >> we have the distributions with the tilly chang in last year and brought it to the commission commissioner peskin had a lot of questions at a time and responded to all the questions if we take another month almost a 9 month delay given we're almost done with phase one i'm eager to move
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forward with phase two all the allocations is the design for the 40 percent completion and we're not - we're going to wait to finish but not including anything else happening as part of the r e b study for the baby steps for the project if you look at the r e d you have the alignments of the dtx then the avenue and the third street alignment you work along second street the work on the box and the pedestrian connector for bart if the r e b study stays essays this is the alignment it shown in orange those are extension active and could happen while the dtx is under
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construction if the 85 percent of the work along second street and the box and the green box as well as the pedestrian connector that work will think e be preserved for the fourth street alignment 0 i urge you to move forward to continue on the project and come back with the r e b study will be completed next month and adjust as needed. >> one thought before we hear from commissioner fewer perhaps a will to continue this to our next meeting that at that meeting we actually get susan who is in charge of the r a b study to present at the same time to see all of that before we make a decision with regards
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to this allocation commissioner fewer. >> thank you chair peskin i also would like to see p continued i have a question about the capital actually, the money part of it i actually have more questions about the design i would feel more comfortable postponing this vote until we get the adequate research thank you. >> thank you commissioner fewer commissioner kim. >> i just want to say i'm glad we have new commissioners on board and think that is important for the four new members to said understand this - and, of course, it is complicated is involves several agencies caltrain and caltrans
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and high speed rail and the connected for the original terminal project will be the new transportation thank you, everybody, u hub for light rail and the downtown extension and now through many years of delays and a complete divestment for the transportation for light rail we're seeing phase two continuing despite the fact that a box is constructed in phase one with the terminal ready for the train to come into 9 downtown area i want to see all this happen and the high speed rail in san francisco and in many ways the terminal will help us get there and many want to see this in san jose we have a lot of deinvestigating with the points an alignment that was
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approved back before i was on the board of supervisors and now there is a question about whether this alignment for the new light rail and caltrain downtown extension i want to currently the new members to understand this project and a lot of questions i think at some point we need to move forward with the funding on the skwien i'd like to see that happen but acknowledge that i mean this is a complex project and going back in time there were many decisions i would have made about those those two phases would have occurred and recognize the executive director for leading the helm there are there's a lot of moving parts and a lot of actors and players thank you commissioner kim. >> commissioner safai. >> hi yes. i'd like to echo what my
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colleagues have said new commissioners i think that is important that we're briefed on this i'm sure a lot of requests for funding given the level and magnitude of that project it would be nice to have a better understanding of how that will be looked like and effects the decisions and have an opportunity we don't need a lot of time but you suggested next meeting give staff the opportunity to come and talk with you individually and then move forward thank you. >> commissioner safai and commissioner tang i wanted to announce the planning department staff reached out to all our offices to offer a r a b tour their take place at 2:30 one of my aids will be going and if any of our legislative aides their meeting at the northwest corner of b
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street will take an hour and bring walking shoes and end i believe fourth and king the rail yard station if you need another details but that same from the planning department and i did ask myself to ask the staff to point out this is in the middle of our board meeting most of our staff are otherwise disposed but thank you for appoint and i do acknowledge that is a process that staff wants us for familiar recalled of how we vote on sxheshz for a continues we'll clarify in a second many any role as chair will work with our staff to bring the r a b study head here
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for our next regularly scheduled full commission meeting for a presentation at least any desire that everyone is engaged is proving true we're off to a good start maybe the gentleman doesn't feel that way but commissioner sheehy would you like to propose this be continued to the next regularly scheduled full commission meeting. >> yes. i have a a motion by commissioner sheehy and seconded by commissioner ronen colleagues would like a roll call vote on it i'm seeing - >> all right. we are going to take that same house, same call? the matter is continued until februa february 28, 2017,
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>> allocate prop k funds to the bay area rapid transit for the park station additional scope project subject to the task schedule this is an action item. >> ms. lombardi 0. >> ms. tilly chang who will make the presentation. >> we went through the programs. >> indeed in any comments from commissions any any public comment? seeing none, same house, same call? the allocation of $653,000 of prop k plus is approved next item, please. >> item 8 approve a resolution from assembly bill to occur the self-driving cars an action item. >> colleagues, i brought this item up and introduced it for a hearing in support of assembly mesh ting one of our assembly
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members representing san francisco to support his assembly bill 87 san francisco curve and otherwise regulate and propose enforcement relative to illegal self-driving cars i'm sure you read it in your passage any questions or comments from commissioners seeing none, is there any public comment on this item number 8 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? the resolution is adopted we have done item number 9 mr. stamos could you please read the next item. >> 10 introduction of new items. >> are there any in any items commissioners seeing none, any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. and general public comment are
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there any members of the public who would like to make general public comment, sir >> thank you, again supervisors so as you may know we have a new executive chief washington and the same advocates on the private sector involvement and i'd like to talk about that in context of a new translator there is the way it works in the private sector you have the ridership and we have ripped we've got a two capacity so if you go to the private sector if you build another translator that is a good chance they're going to be taking the new one and even there will be extensive shut downs and that is the
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private sector will step in your job as supervisors is so work on the book end to make sure that on the san francisco side you're able to make the translator on embarcadero and the private sector will take over you have to work with them and my advice in oakland to look around the whole plaza it is where you need to go to satisfy the sector that brings us to the dtx because now there is no way to look at those numbers they don't add up okay. but the reason for that we have so many people but if you have traffic in the east bay a lot of traffic will not stop they'll carry on with the dtx, etc. now you may be able to have a meaningful conversation about the dtx with the private
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sector thank you very much. >> thank you, sir are there any other members of the public for general public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. and we are
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>> neighborhoods in san francisco are as diverse and fascinating as the people who inhabit them. today we're in the sunset, where we'll join supervisor tang for the inspiration of this show, where we explore san francisco, one neighborhood at a time. hi i'm katy tang the district 4 supervisor in san francisco, which is comprise of sunset and parkside neighborhoods. i think what makes district
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4 unique is that we have so many different cultures here. we have so many different generations of people. different experiences and that makes it a vibrant neighborhood. for example, which you go down urban street you can do to a japanese restaurant, chinese restaurant, american restaurant, and the cultural diversity is just what makes it so amazing my name is ching le, and i'm the owner of the kingdom of bounty. 17th san francisco, 94116. we make the most authentic and different kinds of dumplings and dim sum. recently more and more popular because they are vegetables and meats that we use fresh vegetables and meats in the business. it's really inspired to start discover your district series, because i wanted to find a
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way for neighbors to come and get to know our small businesses and our neighborhoods. get to know each other, get know our office, and do so in a setting that was unintimidating and fun. so i launched this idea call the "discover your district," where we go every month to one or two small businesss in district 4 and we have done things such as learning how to make dumplings that we're learning today and there are so many different activities that we have exposed our residents to. >> today is the very special day, because the city of san francisco hosting this for san francisco city. learning how to make dumplings and knowledge of dumplings. they love to do it and all enjoy it. >> this is definitely not my first time making it, so i have definitely improved a lot. the first couple of time s i
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tried to make dumplelings they looks inedible. they have definitely improved. there is a special dumpling eating contest, which is amazing. everyone those eat the dumplings that they made and see how many they can do. i'm curious as to how many they going to be able to down today? >> don't forget to write down what you are eating today. >> we make all different kinds of dumplings and enjoy what they made. so after that, we'll have contact how many pieces of dumplings they can eat and announce the winner today.♪
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>> [bagpipe] ♪
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>> please remain standing for the san francisco police department color guard and our national anthem sang by retired sergeant jerry d'arcy.
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o, say can you see, by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming. whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming.
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national -- and the rocket's red glare! the bombs bursting in air! gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. o, say does that star-bangled banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave! [ cheers and applause ]
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please take your seats as san francisco police department chaplain quinn resites the invocation remarks. >> hello, mayor lee, supervisors, commissioners, police of all ranks, all cities i suppose are all welcome here and the citizens of san francisco. let's us begin this ceremony in the chapter of the lives of scott williams and his family and welcome him to our family. let's pray for his continued success and excellence guided by values we hold
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now to the city of san francisco to the best of his ability. i don't think we have done anything to bring the sfef -- city of san francisco and los angeles closer because of what i have read is that san francisco, you have a good man. let us pray for him everyday in his leadership and for all of the organizations that represent law enforcement in our community, for the police commission, the office of citizens complaints, everything that helps make the people of the city and county of san francisco so lucky to have the very best in law enforcement. now, president john f kennedy gets to law enforcement that everybody gets the value they deserve by the
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values and the law enforcement it insist upon. let's ask for god's blessing upon the men and women of san francisco guided by their new chief as they strive for serving the highest quality of service to our brothers and sisters to the best of our abilities. may those who serve under scott's leadership may i continue to ask for blessings and continue for them all daily and continue to strive for excellence and virtue. >> please welcome the mayor of the city and county of the city of san francisco. the honorable edwin lee. [ applause ] >>mayor edwin m. lee: good afternoon and welcome, everybody to city hall. thank you all for joining us here
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today on this special occasion. the official swearing in of our new city of san francisco chief of police. bill scott. i want to thank the scott family and friends who are joining us today. i want to thank the los angeles police department and all of our guest joining us today. thank you to the men and women of the san francisco police department, the officers, the command staff and police officers association and everyone who keeps us safe everyday. a special thank you to the members of the police commission who put in countless hours meeting with the community and interviewing candidates to find us the best police chief in america. and especially former president suzy loftus for all of your tireless hours
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in work for leading in the search of this process. i'm appreciative for your advice and council, suzy. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> i also want to extend my deepest thanks to our interim police chief toney chaplin. [ applause ] toney, you've led the department through a critical time under intense scrutiny and pressure. from the start, chief chaplain has been a strong advocate for change within the department and did an incredible job laying the groundwork for some of our most important reforms. the san francisco police department is better today thanks to the integrity and dedication of toney chaplin.
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today, it gives me great confidence today to swear in chief scott. the san francisco police department strives to being a model in the 21st century police department and the leader in our nation balancing public safety and community trust. chief scott, brings 27 years of service from the los angeles police department and a vision of reform that will support our city. he had led and shaped community based strategies to decrease violence in some of the toughest neighborhoods in los angeles. i am confident that the appointment of bill scott as the new chief of the san francisco police department will be our city's next step on the continued path to improvement and reform. i look forward to working with chief scott, the police commission, police officers association and all of you in the community to continue on
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the path to reform and to improve community policing across the city. and to that end, i want to welcome chief scott and his wonderful wife as i administer the oath. please step forward, bill scott. [ applause ] >> raise your right hand. repeat after me your name. >> i, william scott, do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states, and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies, foreign and domestic. that i will bear true faith
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and allegiance to the constitution of the united states, and the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation for purpose of evasion. and that i will willfully and faithfully discharge the duties which i am about to enter during such time that i hold the office of chief of police with the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> good afternoon. first i want to thank you, mayor lee, the san francisco board police commissioners and the san francisco board of supervisors and all the guest for being here including your
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support. today i have been bestowed the honor the serve the 34th police chief with the san francisco police department. a department with great 127-year history. the san francisco police department in the room, i would like to thank chief heather fong, chief gaston [ applause ], chief greg suhr, [ applause ] and interim chief toney chaplin. [ applause ] you have all had significant contributions to the illustrious history of the san francisco police department. i fully intend to serve as your chief
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the way you and all the the members of the san francisco police department are all proud of. i would like to mention all the san francisco police department sworn and non-sworn. since mayor lee announced my appointment, i have met many of you as i have visited stations, talked to you on the beat and anywhere else i could talk to you. i have been encouraged by the many stories that i have been told about your successes and how you -- constantly serve in the community. you have welcomed me and i look forward to serving as your chief of police. these are very challenging times in our nation and in our era. our department will have a
12:42 pm
difficult task ahead. we have challenges in our department not for the sake of change, but for the sake of making it better and do it in a manner that is constitutional, safe and protective in the eyes of the public. i applaud you for your effort. i will do anything in my power to support you and give you everything you need to do your job to keep everybody safe. i accepted this position fully knowing that you will look at me as your chief of please with high expectation of leadership to reform of and impose safety to the residents as they demanded and they deserve. i expect you to hold me accountable to the leadership that is fair, collaborative, consistent and
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that is in the best interest of our city and our department. i also accepted this tradition knowing that your expect of trusting me as your chief has to be earned. i fully intend to earn your respect. in turn what i expect from you and every member from this department both sworn and non-sworn is to revere the sanctity of human life, to police this city in a constitutional manner, to prevent crime and disorder and not just react to it and to treat the public with the most dignity and respect. these though not all encompassing are consistent of the police department and the corner stone of who we are in the rest of the nation. to residents of san francisco, when you turn to what to expect from
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your chief of police, i turn to receive the report to affirm that they have conducted the recruiting for your chief of police. i have read every comment because i wanted to be absolutely sure that i was up to the task of meeting your expectations before accepting this position. you have asked for a chief who is an excellent communicate or, focused, support of community policing, a collaborator, a relationship builder, and a chief that has a record of working with youth. you've also asked for your new chief to deal with community violence and understand the complexity of serving and dealing with the mentally ill and homeless. be a good listener and you also have asked that your chief of
12:45 pm
police be transparent and accountable to the community. not only do i fully accept your expectations, i embrace them and i expect you to hold me accountable to them. to our elected officials, i thank you for welcoming me and for your respected pledges of support. my pledge to you is to be collaborative, to be responsive, and to be respective to your district and to communicate with you openly consistently and with transparency. of i look forward to working with you as we strive to keep our city safe. to all the department heads of this city, i also want to thank you for welcoming me to this city
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family. to accept the city government takes collaboration and sacrifice and vision. mayor lee has provided me with that vision. there is just 1 piece of the puzzle. i am delighted to be part of this team. i hope you look to me as your efficient leader and it takes someone effective to do this. there is 1 person that has helped me over the years. i thank god for those people in my life. i could not be here before you today. i cannot mention all of them but i would like to acknowledge a few of them and thank them publicly. however, before i acknowledge those individuals, i would like to acknowledge those in
12:47 pm
more general terms. first, i would like to thank the san francisco police department for welcoming me here today. i truly look forward to working with you and serving you as your chief of police. i would also like to thank my colleagues and friends from the los angeles police department. [ applause ] you know, i get text message from 6:00 this morning that their flights were canceled and they took the time to drive here today. i really appreciate that. [ applause ] i had 27 wonderful years with the los angeles police department and it means the world to me that you are all here. i would like to thank the past and present members
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of the los angeles police commissioners who drove up also to support me. [ applause ] >> next, i would like to thank all my friends that came from los angeles. i am blown away by your support. would you please stand. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. and for my new friends in san francisco. my family and i cannot thank you enough for the warm and sincere welcome you have extended us. you have extended your hand in friendship and gone above and beyond to welcome us in san francisco. thank you for doing that because you didn't have to do that. you did this from the goodness of your heart and my family and i am truly grateful. now there are a few
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people that i would like to acknowledge in my life. i mentioned how san san francisco and i am encouraged for making a difference in the lives of others. by showing that they care enough to lend a hand can change lives. it's that type of encouragement and caring that brought me into law enforcement when my cousin jimmy render who is here with us recruited me to join him as a member of the los angeles police department. jimmy, would you stand up. [ applause ] this is the decision that was influenced by his mentoring and encouragement that entered me into my life's work and for that
12:50 pm
i'm grateful. i would not be here if it weren't for you to encourage me to join the los angeles police department. you opened your home and you have been a mentor and a friend. i would like to thank you for making a difference in my life. [ applause ] >> next, i would like to thank chief charlie beck of the los angeles police department who saw something in me and promoted me to the rank of commander and deputy chief. you gave me a great opportunity to develop, to provide support and you provided a role model in me and provided me as a leader. i would like to thank you for the support and opportunity that you provided me over the years. i would not also be here if it weren't for you to give me an opportunity to
12:51 pm
start in the los angeles police department. i hope i can do you proud. [ applause ] >> next, i would like to thank retired chief gary peterson of ralph and associates to conduct and search for police. while i tried the do my job with the los angeles police department. i was fully engaged when gary contacted me and talked to me about this great opportunity. as any great recruiter does he was persistent and he made me realize of this opportunity. he didn't have to do much convincing about me coming to live in the city of san francisco because i have always wanted to live here. [ applause ] he did however do a great job in providing the necessary
12:52 pm
information through the public process report, through job posting, to give me the information that i needed to arrive at this decision and that was that i was best qualified and what the public was asking of the chief of police. i am thankful gary that you recruited me and in this process, your recruitment of my appointment has truly changed my life. thank you. [ applause ] and to mayor ed lee, thank you for selecting me. i think you made a wise decision. [ laughter ] think you made a wise decision. [ laughter ] [ applause ]. i am just kidding. in all seriousness, i know this decision was not an easy one because i know there were many qualified candidates who
12:53 pm
applied for this position. i thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead this department and be a part of this great city. i save the most important person for last, no offense, mayor ed lee, but i want to thank my wife for her support. you have always been there for me. [ cheers and applause ] and i hope that i have lived up to my end of the bargain for you. you sacrificed a lot in order for me to put the time and investment and energy to be successful. you very seldomly complained. [ laughter ] even when duty called and disrupted our personal lives and our plans, it caused me to fall asleep in
12:54 pm
the movies, fall asleep in church, but you nudged me with dignity to wake me up. in all sincerity, i owe this all to you and i love you for that. [ applause ] my badge number, i was fortunate enough to be able to select my badge number. i selected no. 26 which is your birthday. [ cheers and applause ] so, in closing, it's truly an honor and privilege to serve as your chief of police. i share with you the vision and desire to lead this city in a
12:55 pm
professional manner. i thank god for allowing me to serve you. god bless you and god bless san francisco and god bless the san francisco police department. thank you. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, please join chief scott and his family for a reception. >> >> neighborhoods in san francisco are as diverse and fascinating as the
12:56 pm
people who inhabit them and today we're in the western addition in district 5, where we'll hang with supervisor london breed and experience firsthand the renaissance underway at the buchanan mall. buchanan mall was connecting city blocks from grove to turk street and once besieged by violence, today it's revitaling community spirit with an urban garden. this is where anyone who grew up in the neighborhood and spend out any time outside we spent time at buchanan mall and we hang with one another and made it work. we had fun together. the good news is that it seems like the activation is bringing the community back to the area. this garden, i think, can do
12:57 pm
a lot for bringing the community together. my hope is that with these cooking demos, that will bring folks out and they will start talking to one another when they probably normally wouldn't do that. crystal jem started cook as soon as she could start and the coordinator for community grows an organization that teaches cooking and nutrition, sanctifying growing spaces and nourishing communities. >> it was to have a sea of calm for pause and congregating. i see more people out. if they are out here playing, it's still safer. it's a beautiful spaces and people are less inclined to mess them up. it allows them to want to instill some sort of ownership over this good thing.
12:58 pm
before we did this buchanan mall project i had walked through here -- hadn't walked through in ten years because of the dynamics of the neighborhood. >> for residents who kov founded green street a local business that offers re-cycling for the properties, activation took opportunity for the environment and community at-large. >> it's the but thy of the whole mission north and from the prison yards together and now we stand here today pushing good energy for those people around us. i learn businesses through this and now i can share business with my communit
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
soon. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> greeting of peace brothers and sisters and esteemed guests we thank you very much for joining us here and society of san francisco during this critical time in our countries history first i want to thank the following city leaders for your work and commitment in protecting and advancing values we would like to thank our esteemed mayor, mayor ed lee,
1:01 pm
the city attorney district attorney george gascon, ms. sheryl davis the human right director of human right commission, human right commissioner, san francisco police department the city attorney's office are faith leader if in this city a special thanks we want to give a special thanks to mayor ed lee who showed up here the day after the election i thought out of the country he came to assure the muslims of this city they have nothing the fear we want to thank him a special thanks for his leadership of the diverse community in san francisco and
1:02 pm
like to say it him and unapologetic fight for the city's dignity and justice and civil right and renewed strength we believe for elected officials throughout the country so we would like to thank him thank you, mr. mayor and i saw one time thank you very much for our beloved mayor, we hope and actually prefer that he runs again (laughter). >> i hope so but it is possible we can keep the time so we can complete this by 12:30 by the grace of god mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mohammed thank you for the societies warm
1:03 pm
welcome happy new year everybody and you know, i can't think of a better way to celebrate the traditional new year and also the upping lunar new years but with people of diverse background coming to the islamic society people i will working closely with particular this year and years to come and to celebrate the coming together of leadership in all our diverse community to protect and enhance and share the love the city has to continue to be the inclusive city we've always wanted to be i know that mohammed had already listed names. >> thank you to jeff adachi our public defender's office who is a great part of the coalition of the departments but also the sarcastic constituents community-based organizations that joined together in the
1:04 pm
education the legal education network in the legal defense and the legal rights collaborative in i did minority communities that are hard working to get the 50 thousand legal resident in our city into pathways to citizenships organization likewise self-help or the kind of groups that are standing behind me that represent our superintendant lee i think there are 3 board members here from the unified school district our incredible help community that everyday wants to make sure that people are not living in fear and can actually take care of their health and safety challenges and today today's announcement of the equity and rights and community education immigrant rights campaign is all
1:05 pm
about getting rid of and reducing fear in our city fear exacerbates your health fear prevents parents address kids from getting the education necessary need and president in in city fear drives people underground to create three quarters only underground economy fear stops people fear is what we contest against we want people that are in san francisco to live their lives freely and proudly and society themselves with the religion they wish to our orientation the way they wish to and the community of color and the community we wish to be in this is what san francisco is all about and mohammed we're
1:06 pm
here with the islamic society sang are part of dominates and certainly as the mayor i take it privileged not just to say that but to put the resources together to defend and enhance it today equity immigrant to the additional three hundred 8 modified to protect the get together right and push this forward and work with the over one thousand plus bar associations leadership that is doing pro bono work in addition to the work we provide for the community-based organizations to enhance that by an additional one and a half million dollars to go to the collaborative to the network to pathways to citizenship the legal education and make sure that our city's
1:07 pm
family of diversities stays intact no matter what the announcements or the detail no matter what potential attacks there might be from the federal authenticities we'll be that city of refuge and sanctuary we'll protect ourselves and make sure that people boo live in fear i'll hear some individual stories from people and hear from the agencies that want to do even better and make sure we reach out correctly in all the 20 different languages of people that live in our city and hear from the leaders that is a not just protecting but to provide a pathway forward to citizenship this is what the city is all about not status quo but advancing people's lives and we're right here at the center that has the nameed but potentially elected officials
1:08 pm
being a target a target perhaps on a registry perhaps associated with a religion that some people may not have a correct more positive attitude about i know any ancestors that lived here wizards ago they're an a registry a registry that prevented them from voting and owning property outside this area call chinatown i know that first hand from the stories i've heard over and over over again by people that were victims of discriminations and in all aspects came to this country seeking a better life almost just obedient in every way living they're free lives and paying takes and doing hard work life is hard because of the
1:09 pm
barriers we face i celebrate those lives and again and again particularly this year with the additional resources because again, we will not allow our residents to be in fear for their lives or their families so this is the way i think we should celebrate the new year bringing all the families diversities together in the city and giving them the support they need and rising up out the fear that is real and potential we'll be together throughout the entire year if not more to make sure we campaign 80 communicate to all the residents congratulations and continue the strong effort to support everyone to make sure they can live their lives proudly thank you for joining us . >> (clapping.) >> hello my name is sheryl davis i'm the director of the human rights commission the human rights commission exists
1:10 pm
to support the acts the discriminations and help people filed complaints one of the areas we focus obsess the sanctuary city ordinance we are grateful to partner with our sister agency mayor's office of economic workforce development and the immigrant rights and affairs to highlight we're here to talk about the fear that exists and the things that are happening not just in san francisco but nation wide we want to provide a space for people to come and share what was happening and support them through the process we will be working with the collaborative opportunity to host workshops do you know your rights session to make sure that people know their voting rights and how to have access to the resources and working with the school district to do simple workshops to make
1:11 pm
sure that people know we're a place of love and not just a place to come to exercise activities and behave in a manner this not in like that with the goals of san francisco we're launching our eligibility campaign that is around immigrant rights we want to make sure that everyone understand san francisco is a city for all and everybody should feel comfortable if you feel your discriminated against finds us we'll help you feel safe and secure and included in san francisco i'm grateful to partnership with the office of city engagement and looking forward to launching and moving forward thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hi, everyone i'm adrian executive director of the civic engagement and immigrant affairs
1:12 pm
san francisco is one of the futile city's in the nation that has a department that is focused on policies and services for immigrants and monolingistic community we have an immigrant rights commission and together with a broad network of community service providers and legal defense organizations and city agencies we work to make sure that san francisco is a welcoming and inclusive and safe place for all providing a continuum of support from assets and legal services assistants for the young dreamers and citizenship and leadership training on civic engagement and a number of services we all seek to make sure that all have access to the critical health and society services they have opportunity to drive and parking lot participate in the city's success we face a new administration many demonstrated
1:13 pm
unprecedented disregard for the rule of law for basically human right and decency and respect or right-hand turn for all people in the coming years we need to w. to fight for civil and human right for justice and quality for all people not just some we have 3 courageous residence to share their personal experience and stories first is mr. why a long time resident it emigrated from hong kong and his family are finds the pasta to citizenship interpreting is ms. ann self-help for the pathway to citizenship leadership thank
1:14 pm
you. >> (clapping.) >> >> (speaking foreign
1:15 pm
1:16 pm
language.) >> >> (clapping.) >> i'm going to translate for mr. honk 79-year-old came from hong kong in 2011 came here not knowing a word of english once you reach the 5 years residency i'll apply to be a u.s. citizenship this journey will be difficult and no self-help for the elderly leading a group of cso calling the pathway to citizenship initiative 6 months ago we attended a 7 day workshops and waited for a long time but got all the serial number application forms filled
1:17 pm
out for him and 3 members of his family and also got the fee waiver together he saved over $2,000 he's a very happy one of the family member already became a u.s. citizen and him and his wife have been footprint and filed out the necessary forms the advertising on a pro bono basis have provided and attending citizenship classes as self-help and some other agencies have provided fund and on behalf of the folks wanted to thank mayor ed lee for the opportunity thank you. >> (clapping.) >> okay. we're next going to
1:18 pm
hear from a client of the delores community services where attorneys provided legal assistants to her and her children and interpreting for her amateur from the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. >> (clapping.) >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is ann actual. >> i arrived to the united states last i'm a single mother. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> since i don't have any relatives it became hard to get legal services and work.
1:19 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> a friend of mine referred me to them and they referred me 2 to 3 the delores street services. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> when i went to the delores street services they provided serves fyi for people of low income and the services will be for free as well. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> when i got higher was living in a shelter i'm still living in a shelter but now i can have a legal status that brings me peace of mind
1:20 pm
especially i'm a single mother and have children. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i don't have much else to say i'm very, very thankful about the services that are provided like myself and many immigrant we count on the services and very thankful for them. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'd like to thank the delores street services and the mayor as well thank you. >> (clapping.) >> wanted to thank and pointed
1:21 pm
out that we have been enjoying our wonderful service naomi kelly who has been supportive of all those services we provide to the city we are honored to hear 23 dr susan a family member at ucsf judgemental was born and raised in north carolina she attended college and medical school following the hate killings of her family we demonstrated here wilt to clearly articulate the threat of islamic to be and results to phobia and hate we're lucky to hear from her today doctor. >> (clapping.) >> thank you all for thank you for having me. and thank you to those who shared their powerful stories we heard are not just examples or scenarios how this campaign may
1:22 pm
help we're talking about real people with real struggles members and interest rates of our society that rely on our leadership to protect the rights of all people unfortunately, we live in a time where hatred is very real my name is dr susan barry cot and mayor ed lee is touches me in many ways as a sister who lost her brother and sisters as we were murdered cooperation style in their home by their neighborhoods because of their faith and who works at jennifer lowe dedicated to servicing underserved with a mission of working towards social justice my family looked at different
1:23 pm
those photos were done as children of immigrants who were known that for their legacy of service and compassion that pains me they were taken at the prime of their youth by hatred my family is not alone and as a private attorney provider in the clinic many of the folks rely on the services we offer in a time of uncertainty i hear patient after patient share with me in their justifiable fear they hear they're not welcome their children are taught and bullied at school health and safety derates and not enough resources for the vulnerable those are people that with come to our city to find refuge a city that
1:24 pm
is complaining the underserved that is important now more than ever for the leaders a galvanize the resources and protect the right of all constituents i'm honored to stand next to our mayor and the entire team that does just that thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, dr. bar cot and thank you to the islamic society of the san francisco for hosting us ♪ sacred space and all the partnerships and pathways to citizenship initiative the network that the immigrant and legal education network and the san francisco legal collaborative, the san francisco san francisco unified school district department of children, youth dcyf and public defender's
1:25 pm
office the mayor's office of housing and community development, the immigrant rights commission the human rights commission, the office of civic engagement and the zoning administrator office and to mayor ed lee's staff and the director of the violence prevention and especially to our leader mia's you've heard the threat of our human right and religion is not across the ocean in a far away land it is here and now nearly 17 years ago over one hundred americans of japanese descent were illegally incarcerated in concentration camps those camps exist could i so in the threat that lies before us inspiration hope and faith in the human spirit and in the undying belief that together
1:26 pm
we can create an equal and more just society to everyone this ended our event because this is a place of worship we ask you leave the stage as quickly as possible thank you very mu >> neighborhoods and san francisco as exists and fascist as the people that i think inhabitable habit them the bay area continues to change for the better as new start up businesses with local restaurants and nonprofit as the
1:27 pm
collaborative spaces the community appeal is growing too. >> what anchors me to the community i serve is a terminal connection this is the main artery of the southeast neighborhood that goes around visitacion valley and straight down past the ball park and into the south of market this corridor the hub of all activity happening in san francisco. >> i'm barbara garcia of the wines in the bayview before opening the speculation we were part of bayview and doing the opera house every thursday i met
1:28 pm
local people putting their wares out into the community barbara is an work of a symbol how the neighborhood it changing in a a positive way literally homemade wine that is sold in the community and organized businesses both old and new businesses coming together to revitalizes this is a yoga studio i actually think be able a part of community going on in the bayview i wanted to have a business on third street and to be actually doing that with the support of community. >> how everybody reasons together to move each other forward a wonderful run for everybody out here. >> they're hiring locally and selling locally. >> it feels like a community
1:29 pm
effort. >> i was i think the weather is beautiful that is what we can capture the real vibe of san francisco i love it i can go ongoing and on and on about the life in the >> you're watching quick bite, the show that has san francisco. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we're here at one of the
1:30 pm
many food centric districts of san francisco, the 18th street corridor which locals have affectionately dubbed the castro. a cross between castro and gastronomic. the bakery, pizza, and dolores park cafe, there is no end in sight for the mouth watering food options here. adding to the culinary delights is the family of business he which includes skylight creamery, skylight and the 18 raisin. >> skylight market has been here since 1940. it's been in the family since 1964. his father and uncle bought the market and ran it through sam taking it over in 1998. at that point sam revamped the market. he installed a kitchen in the center of the market and really made it a place where chefs look forward to come. he created community through food.


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