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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  January 31, 2017 10:00pm-12:01am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you, thank you for your comments next speaker, please. >> thank you thank you xhepdz and members my name is christopher i live at the 6th street and howard i rise to comment on criminal ignorance the planning department is payroll ignorant of the over crowded muni google stop will suffer avenue removal of other bus stops various bus stops on treasure island are exorbitant on sea level rise that says that ti will be underwater we the 19 century where all the most
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important papers where the million and supervisor peskin is ignorant on the part of dbi payroll exorbitant of the hotel that needs to be torn down and supervisor cowen is ignorant of his own history he voted for resolution by this house to hold a plumber's moon aau union to the law regarding the replacement of sros and unaware if this resolution passes the my own miefshgly found the building was reinforced by timbers and didn't need to be torn down in the in the first place and the supervisor farrell was ignorant to get him re-elected. >> please direct your comments to the board as a whole
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discussing the reputation and behave of their colleagues and the campaign manager was ignorant how supervisor farrell will let me had the age of youtube ignorance is criminal thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> these ladies know how to dance i hope you help them out before you begin you need to show some respect for your president he's your president he put his hand on the bible not the koran and like to read from the bible it is god's word and because jesus is the only man that predicted he will come up from the dead at a particular time and going to prove sisters one said like palm 16 think
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about that if you're a rational being he pointed to prove sisters i'll fulfill the prophesies that were written down they will spit and crucify me and the third day i'll rise again and whoever shall not receive you nor hear your words when you depart out of the house of the city shack off the dust veryly that should be more tolerable in the day of so many dom and gave him our i send you forgot as sheeps in the midst of wolves and chapter 12 those when who are k assaulted christ the
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his miracles and now shall be brought down to hell for the mighty works were done in so moved dom bayshore but no more tolerable for so moved dumb than god killed them their homosexuals they didn't know hsa as much as the people. >> - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> herbert wiener district one. >> i'd like to have the the undivided attention of the board i want to compliment supervisor president breed on citing the problems of panel problems at the muni bus stop this is the incriminate operation of mta four decades good a
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comprehensive bus system that covered the city the problem to make it work this problem as exist for 4 decades and mta has not addressed but by external allowed the project the board has to go over mta stands for more train wrecks ahead we've seen our share of cruelty in the last week kwoo you don't have to go to washington, d.c. but to take care value street they removed did bus stops that adverse impact adversely on seniors and the disabled they will be required to walk long danced to the bus stops now this represents stupid and cruelty maybe stupid i can forgive
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ambassador cruelty i can't it is great we are a sanctuary city that we be protecting our citizens against the after the facts that government that is mean and cruel but protect our citizens of on the actions of a fail agency a man and woman agency without compassion at all thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> requesting supervisors i'm a staff interest and a at the asian law caucus thank you for pga the action that passed in the public safety committee the importance in terms of fighting back against the federal government and advancing our
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immigrant in san francisco and throughout california and last week executive order now more important than ever to make sure that legislation is passed for many of san francisco immigrant community members last week is side executive order raise a lot of fear and uncertainty about what will happen to them and their families if they fully integrated duo into the schools our law enforcement entangled them with ice the community didn't feel safe reporting to law enforcement their witnesses to crimes in a study that came out by tom an associate professor found that squanderers we have a lower rate of crime
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and will send a message to the federal government which san francisco did today california and san francisco will not assist you with deportions i ask you all to vote yes to pass off passage and again like to thank supervisor ronen and san francisco for standing with the immigrant community. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> hello good evening. i'm a community member and organizer with the california immigrant justice alliance with the value act as a row we have nearly 40 thousand signatures from a petition in california and in addition to 50 thousand petitions out of state and other states are seeking to protect the undocumented across the united states this resolution will protect
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immigrant families like mine by keeping california law enforcement out of deportation business that continues to profit out of separation of families a few years ago my grandfather with apprehend by ice agency and almost deported him thanks to a rapid mobilization we stopped the deportions, however, a new administration of trump any emigrated is a target for ice in a priority for deportation this is w work i'm urging everyone in the board of supervisors to pass it resolution. >> continue to fight and protect the immigrant communities thanks. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> ma'am, move the microphone
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directly in front of. >> i live in district one this today is the four time i come here and ask you to support my small proper owner right to fix any building and repair any building because i've been asking any all the outside resort help me didn't work any neighbor is protecting lends on the property line to finish his work this one is not right because i am the property owner i have the right to fix any building and then paint any building but no trespass law only thing on somebody some parties right and i should have
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the right to do any upgrade property finishing so sorry if i hired an attorney to sue her will cost me more than the neighbors agency i don't want to do it and here i ask you help in all the supervisors help in the mayor help give me the court order just to finish to fix any building thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments ma'am. >> good evening supervisors i'm terry i'm the executive director of g lgbt historic sovereignty around for 3 two years we have is have a small museum in the castro and here
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tonight to speak in favor of a resolution introduced by jeff sheehy in favor of getting the city and county of san francisco behind the creation of a new lgbtq history and cultural museum here in san francisco i think that is imperative the city get behind us and hopefully autopsy the members of the supervisors will vote in favor we have a archive proposed today over on market and streets of san francisco the archives have individual going back over one hundred years our community envisions the new museum as as home for the history we have so many stories to tell so many communities that are aspects of the lgbt weer diverse and can't display is one the current museum i'm hoping this is more
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than that a papering and well, work with the board of supervisors and actually for or against a partnership with the developer to create a new museum i expect to be here many times and thank you supervisor jane kim it is important that because supervisor kim it has district 6 where we have the ex-wife's and supervisor sheehy district 8 we have our museum it is important we- not boarded by national district we're from all races and gender and orientations and religious persuasions - >> thank you, sir. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is leonard a
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former human rights commission and a local artist i'm here to support the concept of. >> new g lgbt museum here in san francisco that which has been visionary and offered leadership in a number of fronts and i'd like to ask for your support of supervisor sheehy and supervisor kim's proposal to support getting this little museum that currently occupies a spot in the castro thanks to walgreens temporary lease into a much bigger space it it has out gotten it's space thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> tndc good evening a residence of the mission district and i'm a founding member of the g lgbt an organization i've been working with 3 two years and hear to
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speak in support of a resolution introduced by supervisor sheehy and co-sponsored by supervisor kim calling on the city and on other shareholders in san francisco to support us in establishing a new lgbtq museum i have the honor of somewhat bio currently spends a lot of time in france and gave a talk about the museum and archives at at museum i want san franciscans to understand your archives the far or farther away it looks bigger if tourists and investors all around the world they think of visitors a welcoming patrolling place for lgbt they draej of the history we built is inspiring not only to our elderly but to people all around the world and speaking for san francisco is it a way of helping people
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understand our san francisco values and concretely speaking for san francisco that will be a vital attraction for adversities all around the world to come and contribute to the local economy and learn about the great values in f this dark era the knowledge of those two come before us inspires us to work for social julius today so, please support the resolution today thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm shawn architectural historian and the co-author for the lgbt history and the co-author of the national parks lgbtq study chapter on san francisco i'm here to support the resolution people recognize san
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francisco as one of the most influential centers of lgbtq culture and politics in the world there is no other place more appropriate for world-class lgbtq history museum i hope using you'll continue to support the lgbtq historical society for the lgbtq history in the communities thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisors i'm curiosity from district 4 i want to speak against legal defense it raise constitutional issues our constitutional 6th amendment is a right to an attorney. >> sir i'm pawing your times speak generally about those
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items the item 25 is on the agendas that provides funding to the community so, please don't speak about this item but do so in general i'll resume your times. >> i mean the constitution it seems pretty general should i just - >> and the right to a government funded public defender only in criminal cases not in civil and not for civil immigration court not in the realm of the public defender in fact, under the i n a the use of government money for the legal money for theal levin the board of supervisors and mayor have exceeded their authority in that area this is different than a sanction policy that is equally
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insidious but the policy has no fiscal policy not speak with federal immigration law enforcement so instead of reaching to make the phone call our jail returns the caller to his pocket none of the people's money is spent you'll have to find private funding for this. >> thank you for you comments. >> next speaker, please. >> hi there my name is brad, i. on the executive director of the harvey milk go be lgbt democratic club and reading a statement on behalf of the club the harvey milk is in sponge support in support of millennium of the lgbtq history and cultural since 19 ifd the historical society lifted up the history drawing connections
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continue the past and present the trump administration has wasted no time in attacking mayor's office of housing and community development and the community from the society visitors learn the history of transgender and queer history failing victims to 2009 germany from which textbook students learn about their history of margin in his histories with the cafe riots to the life and death of harvey milk the white knit riots and sorry the gay weddings at city hall san francisco has a proud history of resistance and discovery and preservation by the lgbtq society we ask you to support the lgbtq history to help to grow an institution and visited by travelers from all
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around the world and many times take bold steps to promote the history and counter hatred with ignorance and education and presentation unanimously passed a resolution affirming san francisco's commitment to the respect and dignity particularly as this resolution is a commitment to the fight for the right of lgbtq people undocumented and the different between the communities james baldwin wrote the great history comes from the fact we carry it within us - >> you thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm peter executive director of library users association i went to the mask for kevin star and can tell you he was a truth teller if you like
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librarian but opposed to the building of a new library but he paid with his job and later recordedly in a book patience of for it is the duty said the library was a paradigm lacking in space for books and materials and also spoke very strongly and consternation when the library move forward from the old to the new the library continues as not being a truth teller in earlier this month january 4th a complaint against the library we requested information what was the library presenting of
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american and made a question from mr. herrera there were others that were not included those were key transformations sunshine ordinance found the library in violation of law coming your way from the library with nfl incorrect information is going to be ultimately a request to spend a lot of money on a privacy threatening technology r f i d that ties in directly with concerns will surveillance and gathering of patron activities that will assist in tracking surveying. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> i live in supervisor sheehy's district and here to
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support the lgbtq history museum and all lesbians going forward supervisor sheehy i must commend you what i watched with regards to the stand expanded research and san francisco general that is history i appreciate that personally he met you when we were trying to elect one for mayor if it took donald trumps election to get this city's in touch with the values and the reasons we moved here i didn't come here to be a - i came here to celebrate different and live my life out loud i've been watching all day i have differences with some of you on issues i - we're getting in touch with not some folks but
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celebrating we're not against infill we want to keep the delicious food going forward thank you all so very, very much. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> madam president i'm mr. duffey i live wherever i amputee moment radio like most people when confronted with any gender i decided to go with that, however, we have many populations for one population or another change snare genders i want to point out my experience i've noticed we have transgender people that come out here before high school and after high school they guess to college and windup staying here you can put a sign with bells and whistles this as a transgender mecca didn't matter it is a transgenders place i'll tell you living in the
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neighborhood here a big issue is employment another big issue is housing and what i see is that a great number of transgenders windup needing stabilization in their housing that costs money sometimes a lot of stabilization if you take a limited pool of money and throw it at gold played stuff that a little bit high on the hierarchy of needs i appreciate people say we're a - i'll leave it at that the politics is something we have people on the street we're not treating right. >> thank you for your comments next speaker, please. >> my name is bill wilson i
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been in this building since 9:30 i came for dennis herrera press conference after that i went down to sfo they're still aclu lawyers waiting to give advise for anyone coming off the international travel and contact you have to confess about 1 o'clock didn't know if i wanted to stay for the board of supervisors meeting and you did amazing things i came to support the history museum but have to say jeff supervisor sheehy's remarks about the beginning of the aids crisis and what 70 san francisco general meant reminded me, yes in its history it is what happened yesterday but history is what you are city doing today
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and yesterday informs what we do toy and tomorrow and no one said that better when you got up and commended the people that stood literally hundreds of feet above everyone and said resist i just so - and then you came and made a transgender cultural district i just can't express to you and without getting emotional and probably breaking down the how proud i am to be part of what you all are our values are important and our values are what will see us through you gave me hope and you gave me hope and continue to give me hope i'll sleep better tonight you know that - that sounds
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corny but not slept welcome things since the election. >> thank you pier 30/32 comments. >> next speaker, please. >> tom gilberty i agree with what the people said this is an interesting section. >> mr. gilberty. >> sorry about that. >> i agree with what the gentleman said that is an interesting session here democracy a challenge and in the beginning before the election i was the term was overwhelming with all the amendments and all the things that is a challenge and feels good to rise up i was born in the year the tiger in the hour of the dragon which means i'm always late but a privilege to be part of and
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share in the chinese cultural we get a parade and san francisco is a wonderful place for that we're lucky to share the holiday season begins with the thanksgiving and rush any two favorite are here to come the chinese new year the parade experience it and valentine's day even though if so just an unanimous card but you're here in the city comes with a pillow fight i recommend you take our contacts out and glasses off and get yourself a pillow and whack a few people it's a wonderful experience and as far as
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president trump everyone must have a little bit of greatness in him and possibly what he is very good at it bankruptcy maybe share that with the college graduates that have the medical emergencies that made people sell their homes and burglary collar workers that went on bad luck help us declare bankruptcy that would be a nice start for the public. >> is there any additional public comment? >> madam president. >> thank you, madam clerk and members of the public who wants to provide public comment at this time seeing none, public comment is closed. the board of supervisors will now go into closed session to confer with the pursuant i'll kindly ask the members of the
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public to exit the board chambers at this time we'll reope >> okay. we're back bipolar demand the board took no action in closed session can i entertain a motion not to disclose what was said in expedition closed session moves and second colleagues without objection the board will not disclose what was discussed in closed session all right. madam clerk let's go to the would you reference to competent 49 through 51 are immediate adoption with 9 and single roll call vote and it be clipper card
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separately paw seeing no other names on the roster, to sever items madam clerk. >> on 49 to supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen there are 11 i's. >> all right. those items have unanimously and it's mites understanding that we have an image pester item. >> yes. madam president a resolution declaring the city and county of san francisco is united against get-together bans religion and national origin we
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have an imperative item that requires the board of supervisors do i want two finding by a two-thirds margin or 8 votes before unanimous adoption of item itself let's take the first finding supervisor safai would be like make a motion it is purely come try and the second motion will be the need to take action came to the attention of board after it was posted. >> do i need to repeat. >> no 90. >> serious injury madam president. >> joir injury. >> that's correct. >> to be clear supervisor safai are you using the purely commentary or the seriously injury. >> savior injury. >> so madam president if i can
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clarify the need to take action to they will the serious action to a further hearing. >> that's the first and the second to take action took effect after the action was the agenda was posted. >> supervisor safai move forward those two fblgd is there a second seconded by commissioner fewer and colleagues without objection, without objection those finding passes unanimously and supervisor safai do you want to talk about the imperative item before i open up to pimppu there any members of the public wish to speak about the
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imperative item please come forward seeing none, public comment is closed. - >> sir, you i'd like last week to commend the board of supervisors anything that stops the discrimination against people from the religious beliefs is a worthy cause other anyone wish to comment on item number that want to provide public comment on the any public comment? pester item seeing none, public comment is closed. and all right. on the item itself madam clerk please call roll >> supervisor farrell supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed
10:38 pm
supervisor cohen there are 11 i's. >> the item is passed unanimously madam clerk please read do in memoriams colleagues this is the end of the agenda. >> there's no further business. >> that cloukz our agenda for today. yeah. we're adjourned have a great evening good morning. [i
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san francisco department of emergency management and we are excited to be here today for this event. today is bark at the park. we have a saying the first time we exchange a business card shouldn't be during a emergency [inaudible] san francisco fleet week is sth only freet week in the nation that combines the [inaudible] with disaster response training. we have military, public service and community suvs dogs here to demonstrate their capabilities. rescue demonstration, bomb detection. we also have community suvs dogs here from can 9 compan jn [inaudible] have come back from over seas [inaudible] you will see a wide range of activities.
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>> this is seth and he is [inaudible] into my person >> my name is nob naib this is my military working dog fredy, she is a search dog and that means he has the capability to work on and off the least to locate [inaudible] he will be doing basic obedience. >> we have [inaudible] moving around, going around going around [inaudible] you have to center have the dog that says i smell it but where is it now? [inaudible] boarder protection agriculture special ist and work out of san francisco international airport with my dog floid. floid is a 6 year old beagle trained to [inaudible] inbound international flights. today boid floid will do a
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demonstration what he does at a airport so we'll have [inaudible] see if he can find them in the busyness [inaudible] floid is what we call a [inaudible] response dog so while we search passengers arriving floid will sniff bags and sit on a bag if he thinks they have fruit in the bag. floid as been on [inaudible] >> the department of emergency managet and public safety and police and fire department work consistently with the [inaudible] military partner tooz respond to a emergency. [inaudible] go to sf you will find basic guides to prepare yourself, family -
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>> good morning and welcome to the san francisco transportation authority for the this is the regular meeting for today tuesday, january 24, 2017, i'm the chair of the authority aaron peskin our clerk is mr. steve stamos call the roll. >> roll call commissioner breed commissioner cohen commissioner farrell commissioner fewer commissioner kim commissioner kim? present commissioner peskin commissioner ronen commissioner safai commissioner sheehy >> commissioner tang commissioner yee. >> we have quorum thank you. can you, please read
10:44 pm
the next item. >> chair's report an informational item. >> good morning. thank you again for your support in helping to guide this body 0 through it's next big chapter the transportation authority i think you will all of you know and the new members will learn the steering mechanism for san francisco mechanism and growth strategies with our input and guidance we'll make smart investment for the bold plan with our city and region in 2015 we should with the san francisco municipal transportation agency and association of the bay area government to update the plan bay area with the blueprint one plus 3 seven hundred thousand jobs and housing between now and 2020 we will have the
10:45 pm
neighborhoods serve transportation infrastructure guided by climate and equity goals with the upgrading of your pending arrive of one hundred and 51 light rail and 42 vehicles to expand the light rail fleet we've booster our system around safety improvements transit pedestrian projects and cycling facilities we continue to lead in the discretion creation by transit development i want to thank the san francisco and mta and at planning department to examine the underutilized bus yards this body has led for the vision zero safety investments in communities and neighborhood where most vulnerable residents are competing with fast moving materials we'll shape measure 3
10:46 pm
the mtc plan toll for 2018 and, of course, looking at reasonable ways to make sure our public realm is responsible whether you bike share or not with a - we've made interpretation progress and in my opening comments to the annual report we'll hear i want to be candid where we are at accomplishing the strethsd and victories keeping focus on the work ahead muni trip times are unreliable we need repaving and are under fund and frankly our vision zero goals have yes, he did. to be realized to address those issues we'll need local revenue i pals our sfcta staff to work with any offices and the mta and public works to insure we hit the goals
10:47 pm
in our outlined in our annual report we need to grate long-term sustainable revenue something as radical a income tax or several sources this body and the city and county needs to insure our collective success in the years ahead i'll save the rest of any comments until after the chair election thank you all for your work on this board and in our respective indignity with that, i conclude the chair's report. >> is there any, any comment on item number 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. stamos. >> would you like to call item 3. >> call item 3 and 9 together. >> executive director's report
10:48 pm
and adapt the 2016 annual report on action item. >> good morning and to commissioners especially our newer commissioners welcome to the transportation authority we're happy to have you and if i could get the slides this is our 2016 annual report as ours tradition let me where is our slide i hope you have copies at your deck and we'll get this on the screen momentarily here there we go okay. so the transportation authority plans to fund and delivers a range of improvements for san francisco local and regional levels we work in partnership with a number of transportation agencies sfmta, public works and planning department and environment and a whole host of agencies as well
10:49 pm
as the public we look forward to sitting down with you at the new year to understand your priorities in the district and citywide levels this is a critical year for transportation as chair spelling of the speakers name for the written record, and please deliver it to the secretary prior to kin mentioned with the regional levels and hopefully, the local levels in year two first, the slide that explains our roles the congestion management role that is the status that allows to look at long-term planning with the coordination of the transportation in this really were a sub regional commission to prioritize a whole host of state aid regional funds and the administrators if that role our financial engineers and strategists to make our local sales tax to go as if a sfta far
10:50 pm
as and, with the other roles refer to our funding roles for clean air for the prop double a double fees as we discussed the tricker-treat treasure island mobility management so in all the roles we're here to help you as staff provides the advice in transportation related matters to implement the voter expenditure plan as well as to help to deliver the projects for the city and county a long-term rank planning then chair wiener to envision the subways and major facilities together with sfmta we present this work to locate current transit performance how much input investment we may need in corners on the city on the left this is a result of our online
10:51 pm
tool to get input from the public and also had in person poupts to get inputs from folks on the ground none of that is a decision making but the looking for investment projects o projects looking at the subway at fisherman's wharf and the avenues the richard and this is south along 19th avenue and along the give me corridor and the eastern neighborhoods with the high speed rail and caltrans investments so this work with precede with our partners through the connect sf over the coming years and it gets wrapped up in - into the planned bay area we completed this preferred alternative work for last year prior pointing for the priorities and making sure that
10:52 pm
all the projects we are developing today, we'll be able to proceed at the ripening level next speaking of subways the first phase of major will be the bus - as well as the preferred alternative and sfmta will continue to with pits approval with the federal government as well to design and many, many years of planning detail design and implementation resulting in hopefully, a service by 2019 we we were also last year able to addressed regional planning together with the regional agencies at san mateo and mtc 24 refers to the idea of putting hov lane high occupancy lane to
10:53 pm
connect downtown san francisco with san jose to prioritize the high occupancy vehicles to do so in a way that allows us to also make sure we have reliable services for motorists and with the high-occupancy vehicle so some of the grants will help us to develop the technology as well on the studies side our work does get responds to the needs you identified in particular commissioner tang asked for a child transportation study with the past week that commissioner sheehy regarding an in depth look at the school transportation and the across the city public and private schools with the partnership with the mayor's office and sfmta and others to identify what are the actual traits and the actually motorist rates for
10:54 pm
transportation and how to improve for the parent particularly elementary school parents with new ways of partnership with the community-based organizations for the private sector and night transportation studies this is to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote initiative read by think outside the box supervisor scott wiener before he was chair and the so with the oewd office of economic workforce development to look at late night transportation needs for the entertainment venues and community as well as for the early morning workers and their needs and the capacity studies another example how we can work together with the region to look at this comprehensive short and memory range prairie in the corridor there is tremendous crowding on bart ac transit and meta ferry service we talked about the treasure island i'll
10:55 pm
not spend a lot of time but wrapping up in terms of planning meant to help to identify and get the funding role we heard first and foremost the administration and public steward of our sales tax those sales tax approved by voter in 2003 by now is generating about one million dollars a year in my given year we may allocate between $100.50 to $200 million but again, we collect one hundred million dollars a year and leverage those by a large 4 to 7 times we can provide local match and trick others state and regional fund to tricks pedestrian safety as you see bicycle and pedestrian safety resurfacing our streets and signs and the like in traffic
10:56 pm
calming for vehicles this is a push helping mta to replace a generation of light rail vehicles and then we have maintenance and other capital facilities such track and infrastructure at the neighborhood level the fund program that is available to you to respond to your priorities at the neighborhood level one of them is the transportation improvement program that allows for supervisors in each district to name in their priorities with the planning perspective so we began this program i believe in 2014 after the adoption of our initiative than supervisor avalos and as you can see those are some of the completed planning projects capital projects worked on to date in district won several bike facilities and pathways paths
10:57 pm
that were looked and the bike lanes to reduce the capital completion the two the lombard with commissioner farrell and his staff and commissioner breed our alamany was led by supervisor campos and continues under commissioner ronen in district 10 we have bayshore that benefits into districts 9 and 10 residents led by commissioner cohen here is our next slide we have the new anticipated projects we are seeing up for 2017 and beyond that were approved last year the capital program for vision zero ramps in district 6 and south park at betsey carmichael sidewalks improvements and district 4 with the configuration studies on the west side that commissioner tang
10:58 pm
commissions as well as a host of safety improvements on district 8 at sufficient fix and geneva the sued is completed as well prop did you observe aa a vehicle registration fee approved by voters with $5 million every year and currently in a programming stage currently right now $23 million available in the next 5 years and those are the projects the recent city college the beautiful design we saw improvements on delores street and those are small but important capital projects that help to move the projects with street and pedestrian safety for the voter mandate the one bay area grant program this is an mtc regional led
10:59 pm
federal funding every 4 years we program a whole host of projects to try to improve the project areas parts of neighborhood that have the growth and as well as transit service we support the higher density to marry the land use and transportation decisions to put in real projects to promote those and support the community that are taking that growth in the last cycle we had $35 million and this will be in the next cycle $40 million examples of the major programs although did development process and in the south quarter is nearing completion the chinatown streetscape and save to school we have second street and mosaic
11:00 pm
those are examples of major ways we put the prop k and other local funds together with federal funds to deliver the projects that help land development and community development as well the transportation here i won't get into too many of those to reduce the motorist vehicle emissions on behalf of our district they prioritize the funds and you as the transportation authority have some of the projects student transit paths by the san francisco state university and other vehicle programs served by a number of agencies in terms of project delivery we're proud as the chair mentions to implement the completion of one of the major, major capital improvement plan projects that was led intensify i the transportation authority
11:01 pm
under the director eric who is the westbound ramps that were opened in october of 2014 that reason cooperated with the bay area authority and the transportation authority with a whole host of activities with the procurement and this ultimately will help the island by making the one and off-ramp easier rather than the left off-ramp that was there for many years and moving forward the project their smaller but significant project these that west side in phase two that will be delivered with what we call pedestrian contractor camtc general contractor a newer method of delivery for better results and more efficiency better risk management
11:02 pm
the transit center we have this item on our board i won't go into it you'll see a presentation prop k we worked together with the transit center allowing for bus and intermodal connection for caltrans all the mode and a host of bus providers this project is about 70 percent complete and eventually will house the caltrain and high speed rail rail we do oversight and provide the partners with technical support the central subway is another prop k and again, our oversight and funding to help with the project delivery one point plus billion dollars and the completion time is expected to be mid 2019 the tunnel contract is complete and
11:03 pm
disadvantaged business participation rate others caltrain and high speed rail we continue to stay engaged in the mapping of this $2 million project took the action hopefully secure a full fund from the federal government that is a partnership of all 3 counties and we often have caltrain and san mateo and san francisco the idea to provide train control as well as new electric vehicles and electrified infrastructure for more service and cleaner service in this incredible corridor further on the delivery with the pedestrian and bike work that continues to our vision zero committee on safety the most important venue that we can provide here to allow for public input and your guidance to the various agencies across the city on pedestrian safety and bike
11:04 pm
safety as you can see some of the road and other types of projects coming through the mta's and other agencies as much as public works and others we're working on this program i mentioned the muni the expansion here's some details we saw the first prototype vehicles a couple of weeks ago that was we expect delivery the major delivery of the light rail at sfmta and finally important our transparency and accountability we had a clean audit 13 year in a row our credit rating is reaffirmed by double a plus level and continue to be rated by other agencies that potentially moving our debt program into the bond because of the again, all the procurements and vehicle delivery that mta is
11:05 pm
planning to take over the coming years and the management system will be yuthd the project management to help to expedite that the transportation authority to plug in a your address to see what the transportation authority is putting funding on and that the sister agrees are developing look into there and see the planning and funding and all the projects that you have in our neighborhood so check that out our dbe and feedback performances is strong that's important to make sure that all the entities in the organizations smaller firms across the city can participate we do our best to incorporate that learning and partnering
11:06 pm
with the firms and finally a big thank you for all your leadership and staff the partnership that we rely on really has been a pleasure and that we be able to show real results to our staff feels regarded in the accomplishment we bring back the grant fund and continue to motivate us to do our best work so thank you very much again looking forward if you have any questions. >> thank you, ms. chang any questions from commissioners for the executive director? seeing none, is there any public comment on these two items seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. clerk can you please read the next item >> we'll take a roll call vote. >> on item 9 the adaptation of 2016 annual report with that
11:07 pm
nice image of all it concrete on the cover a roll call. >> on item 9. >> commissioner breed commissioner cohen commissioner farrell commissioner fewer commissioner kim commissioner peskin commissioner ronen commissioner safai commissioner sheehy commissioner tang commissioner yee and the report is adopt. >> item 4 please. approval of the minutes of the january 5, 2017, an action item. >> is there that position to approve the january 5, 2017, meeting minutes made by commissioner yee is there a second by commissioner kim is there any public comment on item 4. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and on that item same house,
11:08 pm
same call? the minutes are adopted next item, please. >> the election of chair and very cordially, of 2017 this an action item. >> are there any nominations commissioner yee. >> so i rise to nominate the person that likes to rise i am going to nominate chair spelling of the speakers name for the written record, and please deliver it to the secretary prior to peskin to continue to be the chair of the board i think he's done an exemplar job over the last two meetings and that there's a lot of things that will be impacting transportation wise in his own district district 3 including the central subway that will be
11:09 pm
completed at some point soon and that i also know that vision zero which is a big part of what we're trying to do at the ta is something that is important to you as impacts a in regards to the number of incidents or collisions that happens in our district i know you'll pay attention to that as many of us are passionate and also appreciate that in our opening statement about a month ago in taking the chair position that you made the mention that you really want to look at not only a win district but how to have the best so i'm a representative of the west side i deeply
11:10 pm
appreciate that comment so i will nominate you. >> thank you commissioner yee is there a second seconded by commissioner kim on that item a roll call please. >> take further nominations. >> seeing no other names on the roster, the nominations are closed and second a roll call. >> any public comment. >> oh, this right public comment on the election of the chair seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. stamos. >> on the motion for chair commissioner breed commissioner cohen commissioner farrell commissioner fewer commissioner kim
11:11 pm
commissioner peskin commissioner ronen commissioner safai commissioner sheehy commissioner tang commissioner yee the motion is approved. >> thank you for that colleagues is there a motion nomination for vice chair of the ta? commissioner kim >> yes. i would like to nominate commissioner tang for possession of the vice chair of the transportation authority i think that actually, it is a great balance to have someone represent the west side of the city and county and commissioner tang has been a thoughtful advocate not only for her district but other districts that don't get resources around public transit and many of the other district do i think she'll be a great balance as a vice chair i'm honored to nominate
11:12 pm
her today. >> is there a second for that motion. >> seconded by commissioner breed she beat you commissioner cohen are there any additional nominations for vice chair? seeing none, nominations are closed is there any public comment on the vice chair position if so seeing none, public comment is closed. and why not take that same house, same call? congratulations vice chair tilly chang and now that you guys have all made the mistake of nominating and electing us let me tell you was on my mind (laughter) >> so what i have the honor of being elected to the intern position after chair wiener went to sacramento in his role and a as the state senator i said a
11:13 pm
few words about that body and agency that is actually a remarkablely important powerful agency i have to say many of us whether we're members of the public or members of this body is not as engaged as we could be and i would venue to say as we should be i'd like to try to change that i think we have very important decisions to make and as we are looking at multiple billion dollars projects actually multi multi billion dollars projects we have to get our housing house in order relative to priorities we have caltrans electrification and tip of the iceberg they owes the city and county while we're wearing our 09 hats a quarter of a million dollars and the
11:14 pm
central subway we've got in ambitious subway plan we need to have city attorney a exemption with the public and our staff about our priorities where that is van ness brt or not going to be able to have it all it is good to plan four the future but given what we all know is a seat change at the federal level that will profoundly impact high speed rail to you name it so i wanted to i want to put that out there and want to commissioner tang and i have had those conversations suggest that we start considering having some third party vicinity oversight at this body we consider working with our staff to create and put out a request for proposals to have something that is akin to the role that the legislative
11:15 pm
and budget analyst praise for the board of supervisors i think this agency would actually benefit from that. >> and then finally as chair i want to collaborate with all of you to do the following things which is as our san francisco transportation authority has become an extremely independent authority as a matter of charter law i hear hear from you sometimes you're not getting what you need and our constituents are demanding in large part not a funding agency i want to use this body and work with you to insure that the mta we give hundreds of million dollars is meeting your needs in your district as well as all of our needs citywide so those are the comments i want to make and
11:16 pm
also think we have a role which we all see on our agendas as we monitor and support and oppose various pieces of state legislation we center much more regular much more in depth czechs e checking and let me leave you with that on thought i'm not agnostic about but thought about who we will be better served to meet trice a month as a full body and maybe our committees are not doing we we need to do but spent a couple of hours what has traditionally gone to finance and programs as a full body food for thought let's check in on that formally and informally we can see ahead and thank you very much fewer confidence and support and supervisor president breed the floor is yours.
11:17 pm
>> thank you. congratulations chair peskin i want to say i appreciate your thoughts and leadership on this body i also am really existed about the opportunity to have an independent oversight body similar to the you budget analyst for the board of supervisors that could really help us to dissect a lot of the layers of what we're doing in terms of providing funding resources to some of our many transportation projects and i know this body also does strategic planning but i think that taking the opportunity to have a robust decision about strategic planning pea how we look at the bigger picture that is exactly what you're talking about i think could be helpful to make sure that with those many complicated layers we can basically take them and put in
11:18 pm
in a large picture and start to move towards progress simultaneously for all those various layers of projects that exist all over the city rather than responsive to independent projects how those projects will impact others and make sense to layer those on top of each other to those can help us to understand what we should or shouldn't as 12 relates to what we'll be damien e dealing with around transbay i'm excited and glad you thoughtless what was on our mind this will help us moving in the right direction and make the transportation in san francisco a lot better for those who are here and travel around the city we want to be a transit first and want to make sure that our infrastructure is
11:19 pm
in place in order to accommodate it congratulations to you and commissioner tang i think you guys are working really well together this will be a great committee or commission and i'm excited about that thank you and congratulations. >> thank you for your comments commissioner breed and vice chair tilly chang. >> congratulations chair peskin i want to congratulate you as well and using form supervisor avalos words i hope we don't sleepwalk introduce the transportation authority it is incredibly important and so many money that goes before us so i'm existed to be able to work with chair peskin in that capacity and i think that you know you being transparent with our thoughts i think that was refreshing one thing you mentioned how it is we can also utilities this opportunity with
11:20 pm
the mta to work with other sfmta agencies and there has been times i have turned to ta staff the wonderful ta staff to help us whether or not initiating the studies that work you, you know push other agencies i want to thank you for that and hopefully, we'll continue building on this incredible work together congratulations. >> thank you commissioner tang if no other comments from members mr. stamos call the next item. >> allocate the $6 million plus in prop k fund with conditions for the downtown rail extension subject to the task force distribution schedule an action item. >> ms. lombardi. >> congratulations chair and vice chair welcome to the new commissioners this is the nice allocation to start off with
11:21 pm
given several months have lapsed this my idea why this is coming to you today and turn to michael to give a brief synopsis this is related to the electrification program with the boulevard study and the high speed rail not to mention a significant caltrain effort that is going on in the area this is a request for that $6 million in prop k sales tax from a line item in the voter expenditure plan specifically for new transbay terminal and the downtown expansion project that item came before this body in september commissioner peskin doesn't have a level of
11:22 pm
comfortable by i'll not go into two of them are related to the special conditions to allocate as we often do one of them is that a condition of receipt the fund if this body proves with an oversight protocol it is a written oversight models that staff - and is electrification it is in place we like to codify that when we get the funds the second condition the planning department rail yard boulevard study has a number of components one is alignment of downtown and who one we prefer or leaning towards the second condition states if that body enforces one of the alternate alignments that
11:23 pm
grant can be put on pause to renegotiate the scope or work on that with that, i think i'll hand this off unless there are questions. >> before i turn it over to transbay joint powers authority we have one of our members who sits on the oversight body that transbay transbay joint powers authority board which is commissioner kim here so i want to point out that out for those of you who don't know for the new members but wanted to put that in a little bit of context as to why in september and until now including now that i have been nervous and reticent it is very simple when this project started out it was a large and expensive project i'm talking about not the extension i'm talking about the building of
11:24 pm
transbay at the $800 million that was what it was supposed to cost when i was a member of this body a decade ago we're north of $2 billion not all of that was local money all taxpayer money but that also includes a short term actually not that she remember several years likely commercial paper loan from the the city and county of san francisco to the tjpa the tjpa is actually a kraefrn of state law all be that the city and county has 3 members on the governing board part of what makes me nervous was we're in the process of making a decision for san francisco that is a decision for the next 50 or one hundred years relative to rail alignments relative to bringing this kind of infrastructure into
11:25 pm
our downtown core that those of you who might be on this board in a decade or in government or politics in a exactly know we go in with our eyes wide open by the way, this extension is what a $4 billion project didn't become a $12 billion project those are the kinds of things we as elected people need to be extremely concerned about given the fact that the transbay costs a bloody future with that, sir. >> good morning, commissioners congratulations on the election chair peskin and congratulations commissioner tang for being the vice chair i'm mark the disorderly conduct with the transbay joint powers authority i want to start by taking a minute to give a department on
11:26 pm
pier one will reach the completion on this year and current work together the bus operators to operate shortly after we hope to get them into the transit center within a timeframe if 9 contractors can't accommodate we'll on the transit center for operations we're trying to get a manager to get the contract next month and the contract manager will lease out the retail we have one hundred thousand square feet of retail that's part of their duties and in charge of - we have one hundred screens we hope to generate revenues and work with
11:27 pm
the community and activating the sponsoring at the park and also seeking - we're hoping to maximize the revenue for any gas for the operations of the transit center i'll start with the items. >> sir my understanding i think our understanding is that it is still going to require an operational subsidies even if you sectucceeded. >> there will obtain operation gap and we'll work with the transit to cover that gap right now we are trying to close that gap as long as by generating revenues at the same time achieving the goals that the board asked us to do and the community by bringing robust and activating the part with the
11:28 pm
community. >> and has staff at the transbay joint powers authority indicated they're willing to subsidies that operational funding gap. >> they're good listeners we continue to discuss that currently mtc is providing $5 million to help us with updating the temporary terminal and thoefl to increase that amount. >> what do you project the gap to be. >> i wish i can share that but, but each of the seat managers have numbers and once we have someone under contract i'll be happy to share that information with you. >> please proceed. >> the downtown extension dtx will extended underground with the high speed rail with $1.3 million from the caltrain
11:29 pm
into a transit center the construction limits $2 million the extension is 1 point miles. >> today's allocation with the use of the thirty percent drawings and the design with the requirements we will use to money to estimate to today's conditions and also the ridership study to have an active amount charges to light rail in order to fund the extension the money will perform risk assessments for the construction and program such that when a budget is adopted by the mtc board that budget are reflect
11:30 pm
the conditions and not have a difficulty so and we're also working with our funding partners in order to secure the funding from local and regional levels later in the presentation i have a slide i'll show you how we intend to do that overall the next steps we have outlined we'll come up with a 2 to thirty percent engineering accruing a program budget that 89 regional can stand behind and move forward the scope of the dtx extended the box to accommodate high speed rail and this accommodates caltrain and high speed rail to use two screens and the links is longer than than the train box we have to extend the train box since we're extending the train
11:31 pm
box we are using the reality for greenhouse and amtrak buses that includes providing a connector between the center and the bart station we'll have direct assess from the transit center to include bart and this includes the train box itself that was built as part of phase one and build the tunnel between the train box and the station on 4 and king it will be a combieng of open excavation we have a - at the end of the alignment that will allow us to further ground the tunnels into 22 street and in the future to continue the
11:32 pm
undergrounding. >> ever since it started in development we've been working closely with r e b t this shows the relationship we discussed by the team and the dtx is in green this is a basic alternative with the avenue alignment in orange is is an estimation while the dtx is under operation and moved the alignment to the third street alignment which is a third alignment under consumer price index and continue to work with the team and as mentioned we can land what how best to advance dtx and bring trains to the transit center that is a draft schedule we put together for the dtx it shows we can bring trains to the transit center in funding is available and the ridership position -
11:33 pm
currently our ridership schedule is started the process in the middle of 2018 that is predicted on securing the funding from r o-3 if it passed also predicted on the r and b study to determine what the best alignment for the dtx. >> and that slide is the funding slide we developed our draft estimates are approximately $4 billion with the city's allocation we'll be able to up that estimate and be sure that that estimate is the right estimate moving forward we currently have identified the potential funding the amount blow theblast imply box between 6 hundred and 8 hundred plus million dollars at the include 20075 to plus million dollars
11:34 pm
for the between 200 and $4 million in tax increments the blue box is the amounts for the current area plan under consideration approximately 2 med $2 billion one billion dollars is for the sfmta parts program and $3 million for the funding $350 million for the san francisco county tax and $575 million from high speed rail that equals the business plan and one more parcel to be sold that parcel is currently the location of the temporary terminal once we on the transit terminal that parking becomes available that value is approximately 200 and $45 million we also have district between
11:35 pm
$865 million plus with discharges they'll be leveled for passengers that terminate their travel at the transit center currently caltrans riders stop at fourth and king to reach tare district they'll get on muni or other means so with charging equal to what they're paying between two or $3 million and charging caltrans between 8 and 11 explores that and $26 we generate between 8 hundred plus million dollars that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, sir are there any questions from commissioners. >> are there any members of the public wyoming like to testify on this item? >> please come forward.
11:36 pm
>> we're in receipt of our communications. >> there they are quite a few of the issues i have them attached to the legal mandate on the legal mandate you have two the first one is the funds that basically means that must include the ability of the transbay and the east bay no two ways about it. the second legal mandate is properties 334 you need to have a non-stop train to translate in thirty minutes if you don't, you basically don't have access to any of the prop a
11:37 pm
bonds because if you look at this $557 million that is dtx but you see you can't achieve that figure and jeopardizes that you talk about - small business at some point has to ask the question how come we can build the central subway one .7 miles and then somebody said well, we'll get one .3 miles for $4 billion is goes down the construction you have a lot of construction with the costs and the impacts so in closing my recommendation to you to limit the appropriations to one million
11:38 pm
dollars for the sole purpose of basically wrapping up what needs to be done some point in time you will understand the issues thank you very much. >> and with regard to your letter your contention it is that those 3 sweeping terms will end up which the trains will have to slow down at 25 mile-per-hour will there beyond thirty minutes. >> yes. just going from town to the translation about - >> so what you're saying the alignment is wrong. >> yes. the alignment is wrong and actually, the there is another alignment that is missing that can't achieve that is not discussed right now. >> thank you, sir. >> mr. has.
11:39 pm
>> commissioner i'm jimmy have been before you several times to appoint the dtx plan will go off the west side of mission bay and jeopardize the campus you and the city and you the board of supervisors and this commission needs to take control over this project and coordinate it as you may know the planning department has the study which i'm on the citizens workshop i our report will be available in march no square feet confirm the inadequacy of current plan and indicate the only vicariously way to get the train downtown is on the west side of potrero hill either parallel to 7th street or third street
11:40 pm
now what needs to be done is not to fund this project as you were asked for but to fund the work around the terminal and second street and the study to develop the final tunnel plan to bring the train downtown that's the only viable way to get the train downtown so this work needs to be coordinated and right now and by the way, when you put the new tunnel together with the existing tunnel we're talking about $6 million budget thank you. >> thank you, mr. has any public comment? that wants to testify on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner sheehy the floor is yours. >> so obviously the chair has
11:41 pm
spent more time on this to continue this public comments we need to think we should be much more involved before the money i've worked down there i know the configuration and don't know as the gentleman noted when you look at the high speed right a karate's configuration we have i know we had the warriors going in we knew we would increase the capacity beyond what we had so i don't know what options are available but certainly completing the r e b study that the way in which they're planning on going both this is crazy to me. >> is a commissioner sheehy part of the reason the previous
11:42 pm
delayed this was an interest in seeing the results of arab study and part of the reason he needed to put it on this particular agenda was because we now have four new members of this body relative to the motion their 3 we vote it up and give them their 6 point plus million dollars option two vote it down and option 3 we can continue there is actually a fourth option that the gentleman suggested within the purview of this body we can give them less money in order to allow them pronouncing to finish their supplemental document those are the of your choice you as a new commissioner, i think have ever
11:43 pm
right to spend time not an easy decision and maybe we should look to some of the other new members as to what there will is and perhaps if you need more time to look at it with all due respect to the tjpa executive director he may differ given that high speed rail is not going to get there until if everybody is luke w8 /* /- lucky. >> i'd like to do that to understand this before i vote on this this is is a multi billion dollars the configuration doesn't make sense we have people analyzing this.
11:44 pm
>> you know you have more experience you continued is one i'll respect the judgment of the chair. >> it was in committee and came to the full commission and got continued this is the first time it is heard why not hear from commissioner ronen and then commissioner fewer and then visit with staff unless anyone else wants to weigh in commissioner ronen. >> commissioner ronen if you turn that microphone on. >> that would be helpful. >> i'm feeling the same way i have a question for you what would be the impact if we continued this a month or 2 down the road. >> we have the distributions with the tilly chang in last year and brought it to the
11:45 pm
commission commissioner peskin had a lot of questions at a time and responded to all the questions if we take another month almost a 9 month delay given we're almost done with phase one i'm eager to move forward with phase two all the allocations is the design for the 40 percent completion and we're not - we're going to wait to finish but not including anything else happening as part of the r e b study for the baby steps for the project if you look at the r e d you have the alignments of the dtx then the avenue and the third street alignment you work along second street the work on the box and the pedestrian connector for
11:46 pm
bart if the r e b study stays essays this is the alignment it shown in orange those are extension active and could happen while the dtx is under construction if the 85 percent of the work along second street and the box and the green box as well as the pedestrian connector that work will think e be preserved for the fourth street alignment 0 i urge you to move forward to continue on the project and come back with the r e b study will be completed next month and adjust as needed. >> one thought before we hear
11:47 pm
from commissioner fewer perhaps a will to continue this to our next meeting that at that meeting we actually get susan who is in charge of the r a b study to present at the same time to see all of that before we make a decision with regards to this allocation commissioner fewer. >> thank you chair peskin i also would like to see p continued i have a question about the capital actually, the money part of it i actually have more questions about the design i would feel more comfortable postponing this vote until we get the adequate research thank you. >> thank you commissioner fewer commissioner kim. >> i just want to say i'm glad we have new commissioners on board and think that is important for the four new
11:48 pm
members to said understand this - and, of course, it is complicated is involves several agencies caltrain and caltrans and high speed rail and the connected for the original terminal project will be the new transportation thank you, everybody, u hub for light rail and the downtown extension and now through many years of delays and a complete divestment for the transportation for light rail we're seeing phase two continuing despite the fact that a box is constructed in phase one with the terminal ready for the train to come into 9 downtown area i want to see all
11:49 pm
this happen and the high speed rail in san francisco and in many ways the terminal will help us get there and many want to see this in san jose we have a lot of deinvestigating with the points an alignment that was approved back before i was on the board of supervisors and now there is a question about whether this alignment for the new light rail and caltrain downtown extension i want to currently the new members to understand this project and a lot of questions i think at some point we need to move forward with the funding on the skwien i'd like to see that happen but acknowledge that i mean this is a complex project and going back in time there were many decisions i would have made about those those two phases would have occurred and
11:50 pm
recognize the executive director for leading the helm there are there's a lot of moving parts and a lot of actors and players thank you commissioner kim. >> commissioner safai. >> hi yes. i'd like to echo what my colleagues have said new commissioners i think that is important that we're briefed on this i'm sure a lot of requests for funding given the level and magnitude of that project it would be nice to have a better understanding of how that will be looked like and effects the decisions and have an opportunity we don't need a lot of time but you suggested next meeting give staff the opportunity to come and talk with you individually and then move forward thank you. >> commissioner safai and commissioner tang i wanted to announce the planning department staff reached out to all our offices
11:51 pm
to offer a r a b tour their take place at 2:30 one of my aids will be going and if any of our legislative aides their meeting at the northwest corner of b street will take an hour and bring walking shoes and end i believe fourth and king the rail yard station if you need another details but that same from the planning department and i did ask myself to ask the staff to point out this is in the middle of our board meeting most of our staff are otherwise disposed but thank you for appoint and i do acknowledge
11:52 pm
that is a process that staff wants us for familiar recalled of how we vote on sxheshz for a continues we'll clarify in a second many any role as chair will work with our staff to bring the r a b study head here for our next regularly scheduled full commission meeting for a presentation at least any desire that everyone is engaged is proving true we're off to a good start maybe the gentleman doesn't feel that way but commissioner sheehy would you like to propose this be continued to the next regularly scheduled full commission meeting. >> yes. i have a a motion by commissioner sheehy and seconded by commissioner ronen colleagues would like a roll call vote on
11:53 pm
it i'm seeing - >> all right. we are going to take that same house, same call? the matter is continued until februa february 28, 2017, >> allocate prop k funds to the bay area rapid transit for the park station additional scope project subject to the task schedule this is an action item. >> ms. lombardi 0. >> ms. tilly chang who will make the presentation. >> we went through the programs. >> indeed in any comments from commissions any any public comment? seeing none, same house, same call? the allocation of $653,000 of prop k plus is approved
11:54 pm
next item, please. >> item 8 approve a resolution from assembly bill to occur the self-driving cars an action item. >> colleagues, i brought this item up and introduced it for a hearing in support of assembly mesh ting one of our assembly members representing san francisco to support his assembly bill 87 san francisco curve and otherwise regulate and propose enforcement relative to illegal self-driving cars i'm sure you read it in your passage any questions or comments from commissioners seeing none, is there any public comment on this item number 8 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? the resolution is adopted we have done item number 9 mr.
11:55 pm
stamos could you please read the next item. >> 10 introduction of new items. >> are there any in any items commissioners seeing none, any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. and general public comment are there any members of the public who would like to make general public comment, sir >> thank you, again supervisors so as you may know we have a new executive chief washington and the same advocates on the private sector involvement and i'd like to talk about that in context of a new translator there is the way it works in the private sector you have the ridership and we have ripped we've got a two capacity so if
11:56 pm
you go to the private sector if you build another translator that is a good chance they're going to be taking the new one and even there will be extensive shut downs and that is the private sector will step in your job as supervisors is so work on the book end to make sure that on the san francisco side you're able to make the translator on embarcadero and the private sector will take over you have to work with them and my advice in oakland to look around the whole plaza it is where you need to go to satisfy the sector that brings us to the dtx because now there is no way to look at those numbers they don't add up okay. but the reason for
11:57 pm
that we have so many people but if you have traffic in the east bay a lot of traffic will not stop they'll carry on with the dtx, etc. now you may be able to have a meaningful conversation about the dtx with the private sector thank you very much. >> thank you, sir are there any other members of the public for general public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. closed. and we are
11:58 pm
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