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tv   BOS Special Budget Committee 2217  SFGTV  February 4, 2017 9:10pm-11:46pm PST

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supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen there are 11 i's. >> all right. those items have unanimously and it's mites understanding that we have an image pester item. >> yes. madam president a resolution declaring the city and county of san francisco is united against get-together bans religion and national origin we have an imperative item that requires the board of supervisors do i want two finding by a two-thirds margin or 8 votes before unanimous adoption of item itself let's take the first finding supervisor safai would be like
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make a motion it is purely come try and the second motion will be the need to take action came to the attention of board after it was posted. >> do i need to repeat. >> no 90. >> serious injury madam president. >> joir injury. >> that's correct. >> to be clear supervisor safai are you using the purely commentary or the seriously injury. >> savior injury. >> so madam president if i can clarify the need to take action to they will the serious action to a further hearing. >> that's the first and the second to take action took
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effect after the action was the agenda was posted. >> supervisor safai move forward those two fblgd is there a second seconded by commissioner fewer and colleagues without objection, without objection those finding passes unanimously and supervisor safai do you want to talk about the imperative item before i open up to pimppu there any members of the public wish to speak about the imperative item please come forward seeing none, public comment is closed. - >> sir, you i'd like last week to commend the board of supervisors anything that stops the discrimination against people from the religious beliefs is a worthy cause
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other anyone wish to comment on item number that want to provide public comment on the any public comment? pester item seeing none, public comment is closed. and all right. on the item itself madam clerk please call roll >> supervisor farrell supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen there are 11 i's. >> the item is passed unanimously madam clerk please read do in memoriams colleagues this is the end of the agenda. >> there's no further business. >> that cloukz our agenda for
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today. yeah. we're adjourned have a great evening >> this is the regular meeting of budget and finance committee. i'm malia cohen, chair and to my left is
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supervisor tang and to my right is normal yee. clerk of the board is mrs. linda wong. want to thank tom loftus for broadcasting todays meeting. we will do things a little different today. before we go to the announcements madam clerk i want to give the audience a heads up we'll hear item 10 first. could you tell us if there are announcements? >> silence cell phones and electronic devices. speaker cards and documents included as the file should be submit today the clerk. items will epeer on february 14. item 10 public auction parcels of tax default real property. >> thank you. we have mr. david augustine who is anxious.
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welcome, sir. he will speak on the item today. >> thank you. appreciate take thg item first. david augustine. resolution authderizes the tax collector to sell properties at auction. the taxation code requireathize office to hold a periodic auction. most the parcels on the list are time shares or sliver lots. few residential dwelling are auctioned off because the taxpayer may redeem the parcel before auction. the tax auction is important tool insuring high rates of tax compliance and largest source of city revenue providing fundsing for schools recollect community college road and transit. happy to take questions. >> colleagues any questions? no. okay. yes, please?
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>> i don't seem to have the-do you have the list- >> i have a list here of the parcel subjection to auction. >> there is one parcel that was of interest. sorry. >> i want the record to reflect we dopet have a budget legislative analyst report for this item. mr. yee. >> it was the first one, the commercial one. it is just listing a price but couldn't tell which size it was. >> excuse me. >> the first item. it is listed as commercial and curious of the size of the structure or lot and whether or
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not-somebody saying something? >> that is a one story building off third street. >> you know how big the footprint is? >> roughly ly 2,000 square feet. >> is it something the city can bid on? >> our office is prohibited from bidding but the city can bid. >> just wond er whether the city can actually if to purchase for housing or something. >> i thit sea not prohibited from bidding on the parcels as far as i understand. >> is dollar a way to notify the mayor's office? of housing or oewd to say it
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is available? >> we can do that. definitely. >> just for the record this piece of legislation for item 10 is a procedural step that allows the treasure trax collector to sell the attached list that is in the package for the public list of properties on a auction block, right? >> that's correct. >> let's get-did you get your answer? let's open up for public comment. ladies and gentlemen, if you like to comment on item 10, please do so. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can i have a motion to move this with positive recommendation? >> i'll move to committee with positive recommendation. >> without objection the motion passes. thank you. could you call items 1-4 together? >> 1, resolution authorizing the office of contract administration to enter into third amendment to the agreement between skity and
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computerland to increase to $58 million for october 1 through september 3, 2018. office of contract administration to into the third amendment between the city and en pointe technology sale tooz increase the contract limit to $77 million for october 1, 2014 through september 30, 2018. item 3, office of contract administration to enter into third amendment between city and xtech jv to increase to $94 million for october 1, 2014 and september 30, 2018. 4, octerize contract administration to enter into amendment with intervision system technology to increase limit to 30 million thrz for october 1, 2014 to september 30, 2018. >> thank you. so, are you jc
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fong? >> yes. >> brf you begin i want to say a couple things. items 1-4 authorize the office of administration to amends it contracts known as the technology market place. i believe the increase-first increase not to exceed amount to total $259 million from $165, 499 which is a $93 million increase so love you fr you to speak on that on that particular increase. and also extends the contract by one year from the original end date of september 30, 2017 to september 30, 2018. is that right? the increases are anticipated the airport technology needs for capital improvements? thank you for being here and presenting on the item.
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>> jacquie fong, city percher and director of contract administration. i am requesting four resolutions relating to the technology place contracts. these resolutions will raise not to exceed contract amount for 4 of the tier one contracts. the technology market place is a collection of 33 contracts in total with prequalified it vendors selected through competitive process. all the contracts that exceeded $10 million were initially approved by the board of supervisors. contracts started october 1, 2014. with the initial terms of three years through september 30, 2017. for additional tier one contracts were added june of 2016 to promote greater diversity with
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the vendor pool and provide city departments with access to additional technology expertise. these are requirements contracts and spending is still governed by appropriations aproouved by the board of sfr supervisors during the budget pros. we are requesting the following: $27 million for en pointe technology to $77 million and increase of $14 million to increase to spending cap to $58 million for computerland in silicon valley. increase of $28 million to increase the spending cap to $94 million for xtech joint venture and increase of $15 million to increase the spending cap to $30 million for intervision system technology incorporated. the proposed spending caps for
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each contract reflect the following assumptions: departments continue to replace legacy systems and some systems that are totally manual at this time and they make significant investment to modernize and increase sufficiency of the operation. the airport will use the market place to facilitate the procurement of it to meet the long term capital improvement goals and so the airport anticipates large projects through the next 10 years and approximately $10 years and approximately one00 million will be spent in the it area. it also seems the departments will continue to use the technology market place to facilitate procurement of professional sunchs work related to city wide financial system projects, which is scheduled foogo live july 1,
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2017. the four contracts which will expire the end of september 17 will be extended a year. rebidding the contracts before september 2017 is unlikely because of staffing at this point. the lca team focused on trying to create a successful transition to the orgical people soft system that will be replacing [inaudible] in july. so we anticipate that we will be really putting our efforts in that area and facilitating this smooth transition for the city. i'm happy toquer any other questions the board may have. >> colleagues, any questions? i was going to hear from the bla but do you want to speak
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before? let's hear from the bla. good morning. >> good morning chair cohen and members the committee. [inaudible] budget analyst office. as we look at page 4 of report, the city departments spent about 135 million or 80 percent against the contracts over the past 26 months expected expenditures is another 124 $124 millions which we consider reasonable. according to aufs of contract administration they believe the increase in the contract is sufficient through the remaining contract of september 2018. they are planning to go out for bid for new contracts after that date and any fund spent on the contracterize subject to board of supervisor approval so recommend approval. >> thank you very much. supervisor yee. >> i was just curious about the
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upping the limit. some of it is 25 percent increase. item 4 is 100 percent increase, so i mean it basically asking to increase to the limit that we -do you have estimates of the costs? what happens if the cost itself is going fall below--what happen tooz s to the funding? >> that contract caps and as i said there are 33 actual contracts within the market place and if a projeblth is more than $10 thousand we bid among the various vendors within the technology market place and so it could happen
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that we spend much less than the contract cap actually depending on who wins the bid and so at the end there is no money associated with these contract caps. again the, the money is approved by the board during the budget process. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you very much. public comment on this. thank you for your presentation. ladies and gentlemen, public comment is open. you have two minutes to speak on items 1-4. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues is there a motion for this particular item? >> i'll make a motion to send forthd 1-4 with positive recommend akez to full board. >> without objection the motion passes. okay.
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>> item 5 office of contract administration to enter into 4th amendment of the contract ulgrument boo between city and advan tel network for period of october 13, 2011 through september 30, 2018 >> i have robert hening, is he here? i have robert and [inaudible] presenting, is that correct? jacquie, excuse me. >> thank you. jacquie fong, city percher with office of contract administration. i'm before you to request approval of a resolution amending the citys term contract with advan tell for equipment and supply jz ancillary service. the not to exceed cap is $9.9 million and inrequest a increase of 5.1- >> can you explain why you request the increase?
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>> we are requests because we are very quickly approaching the cap of the contract. at the end of 2016 there was $697,000 available left on the contract. we expect this to be deplighted by april 2017 so in the next couple months. the proposed increase in the cap accounts for spending projections by the department of technology and airport for 2017 and 18. >> thank you. >> it is our intention to rebid the contract before september 30, 2018 and happy to answer any questions that the board may have. >> thank you. supervisor tang-sorry mrs. fong supervisor tang has a few questions. >> this is for phone equipment
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and related serve squs sounds like departments are responding or incumbering a large majority thf contract so it is just people are using phone services more? what is really going on? >> the context for when this contract first started was been in place for i believe about 6 years now and the context was a lot of our telecommunications infrastructure had a proached the end of the useful life. the city was at the time evaluating the voice over internet protocol and looking at various solutions for that and so over the past few years the city has been replacing its telecommunications infrastructure. >> okay. great. thank you. >> thank you for the answer.
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turn to mrs. campbell. >> the contract as mrs. fong says goes up to 1 .5 million to 15 million. this is the first incraes in the contract. page 7 the report we do list by department what the expected expenditures would be over the remaining term of the contract to september 2018. our issue with the contract is there is no end date and had a open ended ability to exercise options to extend the contract. we have been told by oca they intend oo go out for bid for new contractor after september 2018 and recommending the resolution to set the end date at september 2018 to basically confirm there will be a new competitive process for a new vendor at that time and any future contract have a end date otherwise we recommend approval. >> thank you, we will take that
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advisement. let's open up public comment. public comment on item 5. public comment is closed. colleagues is there a motion for item 5? >> make a motion to pass out of committee with positive recommendation to full board. >> i-going ask about the bla amendment. i like to accept the amendments proposedf if we take that without objection. thank you. now-- >> now i like to pass item out with this amendment with positive recommendation to full board. >> without objection. thank you. please call item 6. >> iletm 6, authorizing the mayor's office of housing and community development to accept a gift och approximately $6 million for rdf 75 howard to the affordable housing fund. >> supervisor kim is a sponsor
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of this accepting gift but we will hear from benjamin [inaudible] from mayor afs offense housing. this low as the mayor's office of housing to accept a gilft of $6
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>> let's go to public comment. sorry, you speaking for public comment? please come up. >> good morning madam chair, members of the board. mary murphy. project sponsor for 7 sfive howard street. i like to thank supervisor kim for introducing the gift resolution for your consideration and here to request that this committee approve the resolution and send forward to full board for consideration. the purpose the resolution as you heard from the imayor's is create a
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mechanism where the city may accept this gift from the project sponsor for use in the creation of affordable housing. the 75 howard street project is the residential project approve bide the planning commission in the fall of 2015. the project is subject to a 20 percent in lieu fee payment as rethrecktflected in the gift resolution and in the letter conforming that amount which submitted in the record. november 2015 the project sponsor submitted a let thoor the mayor and this board volunteering if they construct the project to make additional gift to the city in the sum of 6, 10,000. as the board is aware and the letters subsequent amendment tooz the inclusionary housing amendments that followed the letter
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grandfather certain projects. as confirmed in the letter and reflected in the gift resolution the 75 howard project is a grandfather project and required to pay the 20 percent fee set forth in the approval motion. the project sponsor wishes to make this gift that it offered in november 2015 so the full amount it will contribute will be the 20 percent in lieu fee plus the 6, 10,000. thank you for the consideration of the matter and happy to squr any question. >> thank you, no question. anyone else that like to speak for pub lblg public comment on item 6? public comment is closed. colleagues any discussion? the matter is in our hards. >> make a motion to send forth to full board with positive remation. >> do that without objection. thank you. madam clerk please
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call item 7. >> item 7 resolution authorizing city to execute and file on behalf of the city action nesitary for the purpsh of obtaining state and fed frlsh assistance and in the grant programs. >> we have miking dayton from the department of emergency manenment to present. >> good morning. thank you. good morning madam chair and supervisors tang and yee. i'm mike dayton the deputy director of emergency service and here on behamp of an croneen burke. ann wanted to be here today but she is having hip replacement surgery as we speak so believe me when i tell you she would much rather be here. >> we wish her the best. >> thank you, i'll pass that on. thank you for giving us the opportunity to share information how we invest federal funds to make san francisco betterer prepared for intentional and natural
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disasters and provide context for our role as the fiscal agefront the urban area kurt grant. the grant fts created in response to the terror attacks on 911 in 2001. initially the grachbt was created in or enacted in 2002, the grant was first awarded in fiscal year 2003 and target do a small number of jurisdiction rchlt san francisco and los angeles were the only jurisdictions in california that initially rvled the grants. subsquents years congress and department of home land security expanded the grant to a number of jurisdictions or additional jurisdictions across the kunt rea so in that expansion they expanded to oakland and san jose so in 2006 under the home land security act and amendments to that act, they created what is known as the [inaudible] they created this
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regional urban area security initiative and think the congressional intent was collaboration is a key thing when you talk about aid so they wanted the region working together. in general terms, the grant may be used for planning, training, exercises and some equipment. under in ann's leadership-i would like to start the slide presentation we provided. san francisco had the benefit of services as a fis sl agent of the grant program. in addition to receiving funds oo manage and inadminister the grant it lows us to fund 39 positions in san francisco and manage regional planning projects critical responding to and quickly recoving from major disasters. i think it is third slide
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entitled how fund are use in the bay area and has a break outs >> i think you skipped over a intereshing slide but san franciscos role as a fiscal agent, can you talk about that? >> we are the fiscal agent for receiving the urban area security initiative grants on behalf of san francisco and 12 other counties, so what it means is ann is the executive director of the approval authority and it a collaborative process. similar to the board of supervisors. we dont get everything we want in the collaboration but being the fiscal agent provides us some latitude in that. >> latitude to what, direct fund or offer on how funds should be spent? >> to a certain extent because there are restrictions at least 20 percent has to be use frd law enforcement and terrorism training and prevention purposes. >> let me ask a question to cet through the noise and get straight to the chase, how much
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of the funds are used to milter otherwise the alameda sheriff departments is it 20 or exceed 20 percent? >> it is significantly less. alameda county is entrusted with the training program for the region and the decision was made because sheriff [inaudible] of the money $1.7 million go tooz fund urban shield. >> i have more than enough about urban shield. it touches a lot of people. as i was watching things erupt onu c burkey i wundsered if urban shields fs in action last night, but we can talk about that later. my question specifically is about the-you mentioned the sheriff leading- >> there is a system in
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california and law enforcement aid so within the california of emergency services divided up the state in law enforcement so if we need mutual aid first we look in county resources do we need additional resources if it expands the capacity we look to immediate need from the counties. >> it isn't so much about the region just phreeroing in on perhaps the philosophy that the sheriff is employing in alameda county and i understand-i'm just asking questions, i don't believe nigh questions are too far reaching considering we are the fiscal sponsor and a role we should take seriously and if there is something egregious happening or something concerning a county is doing they are in charge of
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dissiminating the fund do we have say or oversight or voice or our concerns beyond documenting in a letter. >> it can be vetted at a approval thorelt. >> the approval authority-? >> we agreed to some amendment thooz the resolution but i know that alley meada county board of supervise rbs has taken action. they created a task force to look at urban shield and task them or direct them to give them an evaluation by august to say if urban shield is the right training for almeelda and the region . we are mindful of that effort and looking forward to the recommendation in august. >> correct me if i am wrong but think it task force is temporary not a established body doing the ongoing policy? >> you are absolutely correct. >> it was created to address this concern. >> correct. >> do you know when was created
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because i-- >> i kristin do you know when the task force was created? >> how convenient. earlier this month and it dissolved by august. >> i think they want to get a recommendation pretty quick order to determine if urban shield should continue beyond this year. >> [inaudible] through design. >> just for the record you are? >> i'm kristin hogan, san francisco department of emergency management government affairs manager. >> you were saying? >> just that the alameda county board of supervisors january 10 met to basically determine whether they wanted to renew the mou to continue to-city and county of san francisco to continue being the regional administrator of the training program for the region. as a
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part of that mou that would also basically continue urban shield, so the board met, all 5 members had a extensive hearing january 10 and decide that would be the course forward to continue the program would be the creation the task force. >> okay, thank you. >> if i can add our participation from the department of emergency management in urban field last year was doing community points of distribution trying to figure how we can provide food and water, diapers and other essentials to the population after a earthquake. we had to tie it to terrorism so came up with a scenario there is a cyberhack on the water system and need to deploy water to the residents and brought up emergency managers from la and san diego that will help out
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after a earthquake. these are the type of things we try to get out- >> i understand and appreciate it but dont think we can turn a blind eye to other problems with the dissimination of the grant money. let's go ahead and continue. you wanted to talk about how fund are used in theaire bay area, did you finish with that partf of the presentation? >> this is just a highlight how the funds are used in the bay area under separate categories and wanted to drill down on the next slide to how san francisco- >> wait, hold on. response and recovy is blank: >> yes, sorry. i assure you recovery is a major priority this year. we are doing recovery framework that we will have in place by next year u so- >> we don't know- >> it is a major focus of the annual exercise.
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>> i think that we can provide that information. >> not just for me in the committee but also the people in the public that are seeing how the money is allocated. supervisor yee. >> if there is a amount allocated for this, does it mean $22 million is not 22 $22 million but more? what we have now is $22 million >> the correct amount is $22 million. i will reverify the response for recovery but i can tell you it is a major priority and investing funds in recovery activity so i apologize. >> how often do you guys come before the board of supervisors in san francisco for reneural and going through the process? is this a annual thing? >> i think at least annually and happy to come more frequently if--
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>> we can resolve the problem. there may not be so much energy focused around here. so, yes we would love the response and recovery figure. you tell it doesn't increase the $22.4 million bottom line but we don't know that p. i think you are a fantastic man but trust and verify. trust what you are telling but want to verify the number so quh you get that appreciate having that. >> i understand. thank you. >> i appreciate that mr. dayton. how did san francisco spend the 2016 funds? >> use it for 39 positions but within san francisco's allocation we use it for nairbl empowerment and logistics planner at gsa and fund positions not only at the department of emergency management and the [inaudible] management team but also use it
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for the fire and police departments and happy to provide greater granularity on the positions if you like. >> yes, please. that is what i would ask if you can drill on what those 39 positions are and what they do. absolutely. >> crirsen do you have the three therein positions here? >> we can provide the exact titles following the hearing, however, there are planners, there are nurt and alert funded position which is nurt and alart funded coordinator. there are exercise planners. there is the [inaudible] management team. there are i think-thank you. here we go. >> i'm going be honest i'm disappointed with the quality of the presentation having
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information omitted and missic. ia know you were coming back here in a week and isn't as tight as i expected it to be given the attention around the seriousness. mrs. hogan do you have the list? >> we have a lead exercise planner and additional exercise planner, resilience and recovery manager, [inaudible] shelter planner, emergency planner, oorpth emergency plan, training coordinator, special events coordinator, response operation planner, operation coordinator, operation planner, the four mentions are within the deparchlt of emergency management. now within the general services agency. >> hold on real quick. the positions that you just listed, they are solely allocated out of the money. there is no general fund dollars? >> correct. moving to general services agency. neighborhood
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hub planner, logistic [inaudible] security planner, recovery support specialist, fire department we have assistant deputy chief of mome land security. local energy planner. within the police department we have bay area project manager and captain. home land security unit captain. home land security unit analyst. the alert coordinator and then the wausacy management team we have [inaudible] assistant general manager. contract specialist, regional grants manager, grant specialist, regional project manager, regional project manager of the whole quhun commune taegz and communications. grant specialist, chief financial officer, regional project manager and grant accountant
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and 4 leaiz an positions one with the police department, one with fire department, one with sheriffs department and department of emergency management tote aelg 39. >> these liaisons what are they communicating because it seems to be a couple positions in the fire department in particular. or a captain position you called out. what are they doing? >> i think the police department can speak upon their personnel however they are representing their department within the realm of the home land security. >> wait mrs. hogan you are the fiscal sponsor and managing this grant. >> obviously the lee ozons help out with the planning and making sure the plan reflect the interest of the fire department and police department. they are operationally sound and provide exercise inject and work with us day in and out of emergency
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operation center and make sure that our day to day operations- >> are these budget salaries coming out of sfpd? >> they tr coming out of the grant. >> supervisor tang. >> i wonder if you had a hard copy thist y list the positions we can look at because there was a lot. >> absolutely. i apologize we didn't include that in the documents to you. >> i think probably i'm not a mind reader but probably what supervisor cohen was trying to get at and what i'm curious about is the question on everyones mind out of the 39 staff positions do we have people working on things of the militarization hof law enforcement in san francisco? >> i wouldn't say a emphatic know and know madam chair you like to trust and verify so we
9:55 pm
can provide additional information on the positions. >> i'll just say that you know, obviously the bulk of what we get in san francisco, 2.6 million out of 3.4 go toward staff positions so it great to see the hard copy of their role jz responsibilities. but of course seeing money going towards the fire department for operation center and upgrades and equipment, the tactical equipment, nurt, the neighborhood emergency response team program, the web management system and radios, those are things we can see up front they are clearly used for emergency preparedness and for example i'mtion someone who is nert certified and went through training so understand we are literally learning how to use fire extinshuishers and basic cpr and that is a good thing. >> that is a great thij.
9:56 pm
thing. >> if quee can get clarity of the staff positions and used fwr getting all us prepared in the event of a emergency and we can all help each other in the community. versus say the suspensions in other counties may use it for other things. >> supervisor yee. >> just a follow up question. the one line item on there, which is the tactical equipment. can you explain what you mean by tactical squiment? equipment? >> there is personal protective equipment for law enforcement and also some chemical burning detection equipment that allows us to more accurately assess if there was a incident of bio terrorism so that we wouldn't have to send it out to the lab. again, sorry i didn't appreciate the level of detail
9:57 pm
you wanted so we should have broken it out in further detail so i can provide that. >> so, this is kind of put us in a interesting position because you are asking-you have come to us to ask us to approve the grant so that life can go on, but we are not here to be an adver sairlial partner and can tell mrs. hogan is annoyed. >> no-i know you are not annoyed >> this is a team effort. we need to help the community be prepared. >> we are not trying to be ubstructionist or trying to be disrespectful and please don't take my remark jz didn't mean to be disrespectful of your presentation but do want to raise and elevate the expectation this is budget and finance committee and are charged with the management and dissimination of billions of
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dollars and this is something each one of us fought to be assigned to the committee and take serious, very serious and so i know sometimes i'm a former staff person and it can be an annoying thing, why are they nit-picking now. we passed it all these years and 20 years ago but the realty is we are in a different time and different space and there is a different realty, a different climate that we have to rise to the aquation and expect more from ourselves and community partners. colleagues- >> so, i'm wondering because we will need to make a decision on this. i wonder if we could get the information on the more detailed staff breakdowns, but before the end of the hearing before we vote on theitism? item? >> absolutely. that would make me feel better. i made a couple notes on what i like to see and let me knhoe if i'm
9:59 pm
overlooking thing. love to know the missing figure in the $22 million how funds are used in the bay area. it says response and recovery and clear understanding of 39 positions, how the money is allocated and it is great to know if they are also cross dip nothing to general funds. supervisor tang, is anything on your list? >> lostly i want to share with the committee that i do thing there was one good development last night where the san francisco police department announced the suspension of their cooperation with the fbi counter terrorism task force. thank you to the advocate s who worked on that. i know that the adhaveicate said have been working many years to get sfpd to not par tace pate in that and that was started in 2007.
10:00 pm
i think that is one very important step where i certainly heard arguments from sfpd and the city there is no way to get out of the relationship, but now i think in light of everything happened with the federal government i think we are demonstrated that yes, we are making sure that we are standing up for san francisco value jz really need to disassociate from that kind of sharing of information that may be used against many of the people here in san francisco. i didn't to make sure we are aware of that as well because i do think that was a really great step for san francisco. >> thank you, i agree. you high jacked my talking point. you are doing a very good job of. supervisor yee i don't if we have remarks or we can go fl to public comment and take comments afterwards because there are eamendment weez would like to speak to. so, let's go ahead and open public comment.
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i have a stack of cards here for the public. thank you. thank you fl your presentation. we have public comment in orderly forum. we have two minute nrtdival jz hear a soft chime indicated 30 second on your two minute allotment of time. the first card in front of me is from sureef. the second is from john lindsey followed by stephenmic neal, followed by sandra schwartz and rio sharp . welcome. the floor is yours. >> sureef with the arab resource naup naup coming outd of the long week of tawics from tump administration we hope that san francisco will take the lead in creating a new space where all our people feel safe, welcome and protected.
10:02 pm
counter teartism programs like urban shield do nothing more but demonize or communities. we heard the city invest in taking a stand in support for there residents and and you to do that. i am a resident, we are resident. conttrary to what we hear, san francisco has the authority to stop the harmful weapons expo the lajest known in the world urban shield happening in the bay area and has the power to stand up and do that today. if you authorize the sheriff to enter into agreement with home land security and fund urban shield you authorize the sheriff to bring trumps [inaudible] racial profiling of muslims and authorizing police to treat like enemy combatants. it is not enough to say we are against the muslim registry or
10:03 pm
police kill ings we have stop here and now. the programs are raced of racist and violent mentalities. today we here because you have the power to stop the funds used for urban shield and ask to stop this especially in light of the current administration and trump era. you should be defining the scope and pushing the boundaries as a fiscal agent you decide sthou the money used. plain and simple. we call to stand with us in our communities that you represent and say now to had authzaigds of funding for urban shield. >> next speaker is john lindsey poland. next person should get in line recollect stephenmic neal. >> we sent a video to your staff on monday that we asked be shown. it could be in lieu of some of the public comment. it is 5 and a half minute video produced by urban shield that shows police exercise.
10:04 pm
>> let me check with the clerk, do quee we have a video? >> [inaudible] >> doesn't matter. you can restart you time. you have two minute to communicate what you want us to know. >> so, i want to speak to the capacity and authority that you have in order to oversee these funds. the memorandum of understanding that makes the city the fis sl agent says all requests for funding reimbursement from the fiscal agent meets guideline jz requirements established by the agent. that is very clear. i understand there is a resolution that you are considering amendments that you are considering to make a recommendation, but the recommendation will hold no-there are several supervisors who sent a letter last year also making a recommendation to suspend or stop urban shield. that
10:05 pm
doesn't have any authority unless you actually exclude and give direction that this grant application should exclude urban shield or whatever language to exclude mill torizing policing. if you conclude the city attorney is correct, that you can only make administrative conditions, then the idea would be to renegotiate the mou and give direction to renegotiate the mou because if the project comes back before you and conclude you dont have legal authority to have ovsite of the funds you will be in the same boat you are today. i really urge you to look at this video of the swat team training in urban shield to get a visceral sense. one other thing i want to note is the university of california police department and san francisco police department and san francisco sheriff participate in urban
10:06 pm
shield every year as does oakland and berkeley. many who individual officers trained by urban shield have committed abuses and we can get more exact documentation of those abuses in writing. thank you. >> thank you. just want you to know sir, that my staff had a opportunity to review the video that was sent over. next speaker. we got sandra and rio. we got sumere. katelyn miller. if you start to line up so we can move quickly. >> i'm stephenmic neal is san francisco resident and work with american friends services committee. i just want to comment if the san francisco police department can spend the participation with the fbi, sfpd joint terrorism task force because of the political climate and the implication the past cooperation and think the committee and board of supervisors can somehow with
10:07 pm
draw from urban shield because they have a negative impact on our communities throughout the bay area. i participated in the training called the active shooter at a school setting and in the training which i thought was good it was said the fbi study on incidence of extreme violence in the united states shows swat teams and other first responders such as police and fire don't show up for 18 minutes and the incident is usually over by then so don't see the value of intensive swat training exercises that go on every year through the fundsings and hope you find a way to renegotiate the mou, which is what the police department is doing with the fbi with community input. i hope you find a way to renegotiate the wassi, mou and
10:08 pm
allow community input. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. sandra schwartz and a san francisco resident. i'm here to oppose the money for urban shield. i am also here soosupport the idea of renegotiating the mou so the city can determine how to spend the funds and/or to adopt a amendment which allows the city to determine how to spend the funds. it seems in the time when our civil liberties are under attack over and over again it is slutdly essential that we stop every effort that is going toward mill torizing the police and other civilian institutions. and the money should be spent strengthening the communities applying to health and human services and mental health. on a personal note, i wonder if any have read paradize biltd in
10:09 pm
hell and if you haven't i recommend it because in times of disaster it is often the police or the authorities that create the most havoc and the people come together and create communities that are very supportive and very instrumental in providing services. >> thank you. i have been busy reading the 600 e-mails the advocates have been snding me. perhaps in august when we have a break i can take you up on that. >> good morning. rio, speaking today as a member of the international jewish [inaudible] we got involved in stop urban shield because years ago the urban shield invited the israeli military to train local police and drawing othen experience to teach local police how tainteract with crowds and we bore the brunt the training at occupy oakland. this is feld in the community by san francisco residents like
10:10 pm
myself and others in the bay area, the new tactics gained through urban shield are felt to the head and body and in the streets protests and activism especially now when protest is likely to cut done on more when we see bills in city to criminalize protest, even peaceful. it isn't a time to grant our police more techniques in crowd control and crowd repression and the fact urban shield is inviting governments with serious humanrectomies abuse in the past to train local police including san francisco forces in the techniques it is something that has to stop. we really are happy you all considering keepal the roam of fissical agent. if you are hold on to a dangerous weapon you want to hold on and wield and responsibility and sounds like that is what you choose to do but ask you do more than just urging admeada county to change their ways and direct
10:11 pm
the fund not to go to urban shield. the mou says the fiscal agent can set the fund. 16 b of the mou gives you authority and like they said, if you cannot do that within the confines of the mou you have the ability and spaunlt to do that so please do for the safety of people here and redirect fund toward emergency preparedness which we need. please find a way to stop the funding. >> thank you. sumere next. katelyn miller. jacquie barshack. marly elson. you can walk to the podium. donna willmot. andrew. malia. >> my name is katelyn miller. thank you for your time. i am a nurse midwife and nurse pracitationer and graduated fromu csf in san francisco and in practice 6 year jz work at
10:12 pm
alta bates hospital. i know from direct experience the importancef emergency preparedness. i help train the ob residents at san francisco general to responds to emergencies mostly valve thg lives of two patients at once chblt henss, i want to stress no one is here against the importance of emergency preparedness squl community safety. we had share that goal and i know you all do as well. with that in mind though, i want ask the question, does mill torizing the police make us safer? i would urge you to consider that militarization of police made many clunties less safe especially people of color immigrants and lgbt and other communities. the american public heblth association put out a paper about the impact of police violence on public health. they concluded that it
10:13 pm
was terrible impact basically and their suggestion was to fund and strengthen communities and to defund the police. so, many people in the health community are very concerned about the impact of urban shield and i am only one of them. many coworkers couldn't be here today but i urge you to fund community preparedness health, sfud security, safety and to defund further police militarization and defund urban shield. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm jacquie barshack and was part of this thousands of people who converged in pleasanten last september as part of a action to stop urban shield. pleasanten was the site of the weapons expo. my ask here today is as you heard
10:14 pm
to exclude urban shield from being funded. san francisco should maintain its fiscal sponsorship of wasi but defund urban shield who's war games, racist and zeeno phobic stereotypes increases the use of militarized weaponry and tactics and law enforcement. urban shield is counter terrorism training for swat teams. it uses unwilling citizens for its exercises and then uses what they learned against us. urban shields weapons expor has violent and destructive impact on the community. it is where law enforcement departments can view military grade weapons and equipment that will eeventual wale be used against us. it part of the many attacks on
10:15 pm
immigrants, muslims, black and brown communities instead include a recommendation that fund used for health and social services community resiliency, natural public resources, housing and public health and medical service. finally, if san francisco is maintaining fiscal sponsorship include a resolution that will renegotiate the mou to include the authority to create guidelines for spending these funds, which include that san francisco is administer the funds for urban shield. >> thank you,: next speaker. >> good morning and thank you for take thg time. samara arobi a resident of san francisco and member of arab resource and organizing commission and worked government relations in dc with department of homeland security and fbi working on emergency
10:16 pm
response and counter terrorism and wanted to share lesson we learned in the years of meetings and studies in my organization and within the departments which found a militarized and antagonistic response to emergency situations is counter productive and something you all know well. not also because it increasing marginalization of vulnerable communities which increases the radicalization but decreasing the capability of emergency responders to handle situations in a frame outside of a terrorism framework. urban shield is a oatious example of this thing and using the line of reasoning creating a dangerous misuse of very limited fund use today protect the knhunties of this type of thing so this works against. and so i just want to drive home the idea this is something not just morally rep rehensible but strategicly counter
10:17 pm
productive and a core use of limited fund that can otherwise be used to help the communities opposed to attacking them and believe that puts you within the right tooz make sure the funds are spent appropriately and not ineffectively and not morally rep rehencebly. >> thank you. >> good morning. my name is marly allison, a resident of alameda county. i am here to strongly urge the board not to fund the urban shield. i fear a resident militarize and police tacters something supported by urban shield will lead to further destabilization of communities in the bay, especially communities of color, immigrants and working class people. i believe urban shield is exactly the type of program that represents the
10:18 pm
dangers of a trump administration and san francisco prides itself being a sanctuary city and city leaders committed to protecting communities against trumps daerjs policy. we ask that you make good on the commitment. defund urban shield. i was present at the protest last noithd atu c berkeley and i saw police in full swat gear holding weapons and pointing at crowds of students and they were standing on top of the student union and it is a hard image to get out of your head. protest against student administration met with excessive police force and i worry about militarization the police will threaten the lives of friends and fellow community members who wish to exercise their constitutional rights. so, i emplor you to defund urban shield. thank you.
10:19 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> andry zito born and raised san franciscan and live in district 7, norman yee pfss district. want to echo emergency preparedness is important but urban shield does not make us safe with the trump administration we know urban shield will only work to repress san franciscan are waging at city hall and on the streets. i urge you to defunds urban shield and exclude it from being funded in whatever it takes whether it is working through the mou or preworking the mou or whatever. >> thank you. after this group of women, we got mohammed, susan harm en, gerold smith.
10:20 pm
[inaudible] indigo cochran. >> hi, my name is malia slaifer and a public health worker and instructor at san francisco state university in the health education department and here to oako support on the statements my colleagues made before me and to ask you as the fiscal agent for the bay areau asi to defund uben shield and prioritize alternatives that build community preparedness and emergency response. there is ample public health research supporting police violence and militarization of police is a huge public heblth issue. the policy of black-the policing of black lives was published by
10:21 pm
harvard review in 2015 alongside a public health re racism and police violence policy statement published by national association county and city of health officials also in 2015. happy to share any researcher data with you. this type of published research really reinforces all the direct voices and experiences the communities have been sharing at sha stop urban shield meetings and board of supervisor meetings and here with you today. there are definitely as a public health worker i know there are other ways to create community preparedness and get ready for emergencies that are not further militarization of bay area law enforcement. when i leave city hall i am going to san francisco state campus to teach a class of master student about to graduate and become public health worker squz will talk about stopping urban
10:22 pm
shield and hope this is a chance to talk how community organizations and public health workers collaborate to stop something that will indainge the communitys and work together to keep the communities healthy and safe. thank you. >> good morn pg. my name is dana willmotpart of catalyst project and my organization is part of stop urban shield and i'm also a retired professor of public health teaching at city college for about 8 years. so, i am pretty sure that like millions of people in the country and around the world you are deeply concerned about what the trump administration has in store for us. the first 12 days have shown us there are clearly going to be more racist
10:23 pm
law and order policies directed at muslim communities, communities of color, immigrants communities and a lot of those attacks are carried but my militarized please. i know urban shield is framed as a emergency preparedness exercise, which i think it is important for people to understand that however much good if t may do for emergency preparedness it can't be offset by the harm done by creating the very training people in very racist approaches to the community and seeing people as combatants in a war. so, i really applaud the city of san francisco for city leadership for holder fast to our city as a sanctuary city. i think the decision to
10:24 pm
not participate in the joint terrorism task force was a cor ages thing and feel like your decision to not allow funding for urban shield to go on is completely consistent with those earlier positions so, i urge you to use your power to defund urban shield in whatever way you can. thank you. >> good morning supervisors. i want to start by thanking this committee for asking such tough questions on the bay area wasi program. we have been doing research for years and months and it is very very complicated program and the way that funding moves and decisions are made. as you can see that evethen staff working on it don't have all the answers
10:25 pm
either. i do want to say given that we did look at the mou and do believe that you do have the authority and at least should have the authority to determine to some extent where money goes and where it cannot go as the fiscal agent. and you know, there is a certain level of playing it safe within a legal framework that i know you all have to abide by, but as supervise sor cohen very articulately said, this is a new time and this is not a time to play it safe. it is actually a time to be really pushing the-what is in the best interest the community. to be bold and take leadership and you have done so with holder firm to san francisco being a sanctuary city. the sfpd
10:26 pm
pulling out of the joint terrorism task force. supervisor cohen you are part of a effort to not have the city comply with muzlic registry which we deeply appreciate. this program and this funding is very much tied to all of those harms and dangers and it comes out of the same drive. the war on sair terror and climialization of black and brown communities so we ask you to do what is in your power to put a end to urban shield and put us as the first interest with rarsds to funding, with regards to defense from the federal government so move frgward we can mitigate dangers and harms. >> were you mohammed? >> yes. >> okay, hold on. just let me double check. are you gerold smith? darrin--okay. i called you. hold on. you were not
10:27 pm
in line. you can't short cut, this man was waiting in line. anyone else like to speak please come up and get in line belined the handsome man in the leather jacket and everyone will have a opportunity to speak. >> good morning, derek sipren a resident of san francisco. worked in restoreative justice in san francisco for american friend service committee and um, you know, um, i'm not here to totally protest everything. we need the emergency preparedness. we appreciate law enforcement and appreciate emt and fire department and all they do, but i think that is just a breakdown in communication with law enforcement in the communities where urban shield is mostly deployed in. i think we need more communication oppose d to
10:28 pm
militarization. the community doesn't understand there is no communication. there is no interprnl relationship so from a community standpoint they are intimidated by urb an shield. i think if we get communication and opposed to militarization that will work better. that is pretty much all i have to say. i think it is the attitude of the military mindset is where the communities feel like the enemy and they are demonized and feel they are the enemy. that's what i see. ikeep only speak to what i see, i don't know about all the stats and everything else, only speak to what i see and recognize. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning susan harmern representive oakland privacy. i want to start by showing you
10:29 pm
the back of my t shirt which is a souvenir from having volen teerd to be part of urban shield one year so that i could find out what goes on and it was all awful. it was extremely violent, but i thought i needed to participate in a exercise so that could speak with support about them afterwards. it was terrifying. lots of shouting, yelling and mostly shooting. i also wanted to show you some of the t shirts that have been sold in years past at the urban shield- >> hold it up a little higher. >> the urban shield expedition. urban shield exists of the exercises in the xhounty and expo of weapons and things like these t shirts and seminars.
10:30 pm
>> up higher. >> sorry, what does it say? destruction cometh >> destruction cometh and they shall seek peace sphthere shall be none. this says this is my peace sign and someone with their hands up. in the cross hairs, right. last one is it says black rifles matter. urban shield has agreed with us, we had-i live in oakland and urban shield is sort of our responsibility unfortunately because it is our sheriff and they agreed to not feature things quite as tacky and racist as these and there is a task force that the board of
10:31 pm
supervisors in alameda etup to deal with urban shield. those are pieces of progress . also our supervisors finally realize they have some control over the sheriff but caughting the funding at this level would be a spectacular move and seriously help stop the violence in our communities which is coming from the police. from the police trained in urban shield so thank you so much for taking the step. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> you are up sir, thank you for waiting. >> no problem. the oscar grant committee opposes any public fund used by urban shield given the fact it also a hustle. people come and sell the [inaudible] to the various
10:32 pm
police department squz thus field into this militarization the police, which is out of control in america. when you have school boards that buy tanks, the school police, there is something wrong here and we want to reverse that if at all possible . this is one specific case that hopefully might make it concrete for you. july 24, 2016, nadia clark, a sergeant with oakland police department crashed her su v in a high-speed chase in my neighborhood. now, in the may ham someone fired a single shot at the su v. they did not hit the officer but bad enough. after deeply flawed so called investigation, homeland security was dispatched to the home of omar secure. bombs placed in the front and back of
10:33 pm
the home, bombs sold by the way at the urban shield expos. snipe placed on the roof the neighbors and omar was apprehended. his home was searched with robots. the house was empty, sisters apprehended at her job. this was the wrong house i have to say. a few days later the perpetrator was apre-handed in stockton. urban shield normalizes these type of abuses. that is part of what it does. it contradicts to the corruption of our judicial system. urban shield works directly against the goal of creating trust between the police and our oun communities. defund urban shield. >> thank you. two more cards. idio cochran and tracy roseenburg.
10:34 pm
come on up. >> i think we are doing in reverse order. tracy roseenburg. i ges i want to start off by saying we need to remember the times we are in. we have a rogue federal government, the department of home land security just a couple days ago fs disobeying court orders. so, we are in new times so the issue of playing by the rules and playing it safe something that we really have to look at because that's not what the trump administration is doing. urban shield for years has been commingling emergency and public health services like deal wg catastrophic fires and floods and earthquakes to a nexus to terrorism and what that means is the only way that
10:35 pm
important public health and crisis and emergency training can be provided is via anti-terrorism tactics. this is so long headed. this is so destructive to those on the wrong ends of racial profiling and police harassment and marginalized communities that is a enormous contributor in the creation of the problems we have trying to sauvl and problems that have a catastrophic impact on effective community policing and on the burden and trauma that impacts communities of color all over the country and we have seen it for years. for three years people have been protesting urban shield and what i want to say is if 500 people have to take a day off work, go out to pleasanten and get arrested in order to get
10:36 pm
those disgusting t shirts that you just saw removed then they are not getting it. >> thank you. your time is up. there is always one or two at the end that want to take a little more time. okay. >> hi. my name is indigo cochran and 19 years old and here to use my voiz as a white person to speak for the immigrants people of color, arabs and muzlics who's voizs too often go unheard. like all the lot of people before me, i want to urge you to police defund urban shield. increase surveillance and weaponry is not what we need right now. trump is already committed to
10:37 pm
increasing the power of the police and to labeling social justice movements that work to address the harms of policing such as black lives matter as terrorist. now we need to do everything we can possibly do to protect our communities especially those in our communities who are most likely to be targeted. as you aware the election of dawn uld trump raised concern about increase in militarization of policing and arabs and poor people of color. given these are the people that receive the blews from programs like urban shield, i call on you to use the power of your position and please stand up kbaens against funding urban shield and please stand with the communities you represent who literally are counting on your leadship right now. thank you. >> thank you, any other members
10:38 pm
that like to speak on the item? seeing none rsh public comment is closed at this time. the matter is back in the hands of the committee. supervisor yee. >> first of all, i want to thank the public coming out and gibbing your voice to us. so, i think we had a similar discussion last week and i want to get clarification from deputy city attorney gibbener in regards to what the parameters are of this contract and what power we have. because what i hear from the public is this is not what i heard last week. >> deputy city attorney john gibbener. the city entered a memorandum of understanding with the other counties who are member thofz authority and the
10:39 pm
authority has-the member thofz authority also adopted bylaws consistent with that mou. the city's role-city plays two roles as a member of the authority for the purpose. one is as voting member. i believe we are two votes out of the 11 on the body. the authority through its voting members with san francisco representing that 15 percent of that or slightly less than 20 percent of that, must approve application and funding. so, san francisco has a policy voice by exercising its vote on the authority. we also play a separate role as the fiscal in agent for the authority which shamore limited role which is partly
10:40 pm
administrative applying for the and signing off on the grants but the mou and bylaws don't give san francisco or dem the authority to place substantive conditions on how the funds are used by the other counties and cities accept for conditions imposed through the funder. we get funds and authorized to distribute those funds based on the funders conditions but we can't oppose our own restrictions on how the fund are used. there is a sentence in the mou that some of the speakers pointed to that says
10:41 pm
requests for funding or reimbursement from the fiscal agent, that is dem shall meet guidelines i requirements established by the fiscal agent. in the-that sechbtance in the context of the entire paragraph and the entire mou and the bylaws means that we can impose administrative conditions auditing conditions, those type of-here are the pireps you need to file, but not that we can impose other conditions such as you cannot use the money for these purposes if the purposes are authorized by the grant. >> in this body of 11 people, how often do they meet and can they change the bylaws or the memorandum of understanding quickly? >> i defer on the meeting
10:42 pm
question. i'm hearing it is mupthly. on the mou amendment, the board of supervisors and other jirsductions have to approve a amendment to the mou and over the years the different parties have proposed various amendments that have come to this board and could do that again. as i mentioned last week i dont this think this resolution is quite the right vehicle for that. but hpy to work with you and potentially the department on figuring that out. >> quhauts what's the time limitation for submitting or approving this? >> mr. dayton-- >> say again? >> you have to come up. it is what? and february 17 but
10:43 pm
givethen deliberation we are in conversation with the state to see if we can extend that so it is a state requirement. >> i see. >> we have asked for flexibility and indicated we may need extension. >> thank you. >> so, here is a question--can we ask the 11 person body to convene emergency meeting to change those memorandum of undering to reflect maybe some of our desires and if they don't want to then we will not be the fiscal agent? >> happy to work with you off line on that. i think our position and i apologize we didvent the full list of positions-we are in a arrangement now where we don't get 100 percent of what we want
10:44 pm
but do drive a benefit in terms of the positions here. they are not dedicated to urban shield, they are dedicated to emergency management and planning. >> i know i'm not having that discussion now. >> i fear fiscal the agent to another county we have no assurance the positions maintain in san francisco. >> let me object, these are views supervisor yee holds and doesn't necessarily represent the entire body skoe want to make sure supervisor yee gets his question answered and i think the answer is, yes-actually we don't know. can we ask the body to convene a emergency meeting to renegotiate the mou, do we have that authority? >> that is a question for dem. >> i will check. there has got to be something in the bylaws
10:45 pm
that allows us to convene in a emergency body but what that would entail, i like to have further dialogue with you. >> fair enough. >> because i guess i don't-if we dont-i'm try to pursue a path if we want to make chaisks we can make changes and the path now it seems we cant make changes. >> supervisor-john gibbener. just flipping through the bylaws and i'll follow squup let you know. make sure this is correct after the meeting, but the bylaws provide the chair of the authority may call a special meeting with 10 business days advanced notice or majority of members may call a special meeting as well. sounds similar to the rules at the board of supervisors. in the case the authority they need to provide 10 business
10:46 pm
days notice. >> so. making a suggestion if at all possible and the threat of san francisco not being the fiscal agent was discussed last week and the discussion maybe conclude that through your word or staff words that no other entity is capable or hads it capacity that we do have so it seems that is our leverage if we use it at all. >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor tang. >> thank you for your question. i think it is really important that san francisco remain a
10:47 pm
fiscal sponsor because we do care in san francisco and think that we do have the ability in the role to really set the tone for other cointies as well. for me i see it as a advantage because other counties may not feel the same we do or hold the same values. i just want to put in that piece. i want to get claer clarity. each county has their own bylaws they adopted mou's and so i think is there question supervisor yee is asking is there time and opportunity for the other member counties to change the bylaws. if alameda county would say we will not apply grant funding to urban shield, is that what we are-is that possible for us to achieve here?
10:48 pm
>> deputy city attorney john gibbener, the question is can alameda county the sheriff or board of supervisors make a determination they will not use funds for urban shield, that is not something that the board of supervisors can achieve and don't know how what it would take within alameda county to make the call. >> the timing in terms of the fiscal year, urban shield is allocate squd approved for this calendar year. this grant is for an urban shield that would occur in calender year 2018 so think there is already a mechanism in place with alameda county board of supervisors action whether to proceed beyond this year and that is the task force recommendations that we are waiting for. >> so, if the ald alameda
10:49 pm
county board determine they do not want to continue then our conversation here today is null and void? >> correct. >> the question is how are the dollars allocated and this body is going to determine where those-not sending to urban shield it will go somewhere so dont know if you have any indication where it ends up? >> i think it is training and exercise but i appreciate the interest that you have shown z colleagues have shown so we will have deeper conversations how the investments are made. >> just give the mic back to supervisor tang. >> hearing the convertiations here sknr public comment, everyone agrees we want emergency preparedness and funding to make stronger and safer but we want to separate and parse out towards urban
10:50 pm
field and militarization of law enforce. because the grant is what we are application we are approving today is for fiscal year 2018- >> 2017 but-- >> applied in 18. >> activities are carried out in 18. >> so, what can we do right now to make sure that right now when for example people may be protesting or exercising their right that some law enforcement agencies and counties are not going be harassing people or using certain tactics on individuals right now? i know that is a complicated question, but-- >> just given supervisor yee your questions and from the staff how many people are from san francisco and par tace pating and conversations with john, what are they doing when
10:51 pm
they participate in urban shield we can report back to you exactly on what anybody from san francisco if they plan on participating and what that participation includes. is it a swat team exercise or more for search and rescue or water rescue or is it eoc. the eoc communication or interoperable communication so you have the assurance if anyone engages in urban shield you know what it is before they do so. >> okay. i highlighted a couple positions based in san francisco that you provided a list for. they are numbered, so for example number 1 and 2 cl are lead exercise planner and exercise planner. 8, accordinator. 9, special events coordinator. response operation planner. 16,
10:52 pm
assistant deputy chief. home land scurtd from sfpd and analyst on 19 and 20 and lines 36-39 are the terrorism liaisons from sfpd, fire department and shirrf department. those positions seem to based othen titles potentially have where these are the staffers who have any sort of coordination with urban shield in terms of infears i think are out there so i don't know if there is a way-it doesn't have to be at this very moment but just to get more details on what those particular positions do and how they interact with urban shield. >> sure. would you like me to-on the lead exercise planner if you want names it is jill reacroft and primarily doing episcenter exercise which is
10:53 pm
earthquake exercise in april before the 1906 anniversary and fleet week and do a series of exercises between but has some level of ininvolvement with urban shield. the exercise planner is doris bor on and focuses on the yellow command aspect which is eoc. emergency operationm our goal last year was to bring in other big city emergency managers familiar with recovery in a urban area to help qu there is a catastrophic earthquake. those are the type of things we are exercising. the training coordinator reports to me. it is really about certifying all our staff and other city staff so they can be deployed for aid. there is a program in the state to certify emergency managers and credential them.
10:54 pm
they surge as a planning or operation chief, logistics and sent them to other areas thof state and also bring in people we are assureed are trained to operate in our roc. that is her focus. very little if any at all valvement with urban shield. special events coordinator is andrea-our concern is we don't special events to impede the ability to respond to anybody else in the city if they have a 911 emergency. so it focuses on security, the emergency medical resources if they are drinking, so do they have first aid tonets tents and sober center that is adequate that isn't a draw on there ems resources. response operations planner is more day to day 24/7 duty
10:55 pm
watch. if you get a ccsf alert and there is always improvement on that and talk off line about that how to get more people registered for our emergency alert because every time we send out a alert people drop off but want to know if there is a active shooter or someone dangerous they shelter or take other precautions. >> number 16. >> number 16 is chief shane francisco in charge of home land security division at the san francisco fire department and he really is our point in contact for special events and he also manages a lot of grant programs that fire department so assistance to fire fighter grant. when they were awarded additional fire fighting
10:56 pm
personnel from the federal government he was the person that worked on that grant. i can't speak and sorry i don't know what his level of involvement is with urban shield. the two home land security unit captain and analyst work with chief fran cisco. i believe they also have a nert component, don't know if that is listed under there or in a separate item or not. if that gives you a idea but happy to provide kind of a key deliverable by position if that is helpful and again apologize we didn't have that for you today. >> okay. the last ones were just the terrorism liaison for the 4 departments. >> they are liozen to all harders crime center so they
10:57 pm
support law enforcement, fire department. i think for the police department there is a video analyst for homicide and a video analyst is for solving crimes when the homeless penitentiary person was killed and kicked to death, the video analyst was the person that figured out that the assailiant put his hand in a place so picked the dna evident off the wall to app hend the person just from the video analysis. that is the type of liaison work they do. >> okay. i think for us i think our challenge is-thank you for the run down by the way. is wanting to fund certain aspect of emergency preparedness but not other uses. i don't know if the amendments today will address it or need to push it off a week to figure what ort
10:58 pm
counties may do to revise their own mou's. open to discussion on that. >> thank you. it is a little of both. the amendments address the discussions-some of the problems we look to address we spoke of last week, it doesn't really address supervisor yee's i think main point is to whether we can call a emergency meeting and begin to renegotiate the mou and thought what that will look like. i have a couple remarks i want to get out into the public. want to thank everyone that is a part of the conversation. thank you for coming down and have known ann croneenberg many year jz outstanding person. speedy recovery. that is no joke, a serious surgery. the main concern brought to the body
10:59 pm
regarding our ability to withhold funding from other counties particularly those employing the program of urban shield was i think one of my greatest concerns. urban shield is a intensive multilayered training program and exposition of military grade equipment to prepare law enforcement and emergency respondsers in emergency scenarios. while it is popular among some law enforcement in the first responder communities i think based on the most immediate change from the post san francisco police commission in their i guess leaving the joint terrorism task force in reporting in partnership with the fbi i think that speak tooz the changing dynamic that is
11:00 pm
happening. it no secret urban shield is a controversial program and don't you to feel like you need to defend it, we are just having a honest conversation about the merits of the program and is it reaching its mark or not. i am concern td about the increasing militarization of the police force not just in san francisco. we ironicically don't have that problem. not to the same degree as some of our other neighboring law enforcement agencies, but i have been very very outspoken the last several years regarding community policing, transparency and increasing the relationship. i asked questions last wednesday meeting to better understand our role as fiscal agents and scope of power we have to
11:01 pm
impact the programming that other counties use for funding. as was stated earlier in the conversation, the deputy city attorney john jibner advised it is not oin our scope of authority to tell the county how to use the funding and think there sadis crypt aenls i heard from the advocates in the public comments they believe we have that ability and that ability to weigh in the matter so just want to make sure i have that correct. if not our legal role to tell cointies how to use the wasi grant dollars but take it seriously that we have a responsibility as regional national leaders on police reform and public safety to take a stronger role. we are fiscal agent and think we
11:02 pm
have been not paying as much attention as we could be. now is a opportunity to continue to push forward. there was some comments about last years letter sent from 3 of my colleagues that are ironicically no longer on board but they sent a letter and one thing i learned about public policy and bringing about change is it is momentum and takes time for momentum to build and build because not only do you educate policy makers but also the community and public. i think there was value in the letter that i think was avalos, campos and mar wrote to alameda county encouraging them to refrain from using wasi dollars.
11:03 pm
today i want to introduce amendments to the resolution that i like to see implemented and hopefully voted on unanimously. isent you a copy urmier in the committee meeting and found a error can. the amendments include language to encourage alameda county to refrain from funding for urban shield. i want to be really clear that i am interested maintaining our fiscal sponsorship. i think that we are a strong county that so far we have demonstrated that when we are paying attention we are really good. we are good. it is when we are not paying attention where we seem to
11:04 pm
slack off but wree engaged. this body you heard the discussion we are paying attention. i want to speak to the fact that the amendments that i am introducing also requires deparchlt of emergency management come back to the the board of supervisors upon receiving the grant money so our city can formally accept and extend the grant and also use it as a opportunity to get a update on the existing task force status in alameda county, which as we said earlier assessing the urban shield program. i think that is a very fair request. colleagues, i believe you got the amendments before you and hope you can support them today. to supervisor tang i made a tweak at your request to change one piece of language on page 2.
11:05 pm
page 2, line 2. for the record, whereas urban shield is a intense emergency preparedness training program for law enforcement which uses military graitd equipment to train first responder and it goes on. now, we can do a couple things. we can take a vote and accept the amendments to the resolution and then figure out if we want to continue this item, or if we want to pass it out without rem recommend ation. madam clerk do you have advise? snow. looked like you were gety ready to speak. >> thank you for the amendments it does send a clear message from san francisco. for some it may not feel like enough but
11:06 pm
think it is a great start. one question i have is the fact the alameda county task force will consist of the proposal is have consist of 18 members and there a list of the board of supervisors rks sheriff office, red cross, stopurban shield coalition, civil rights attorney and so forth and wondering if it would be appropriate for our chair perhaps director koenenberg to serve on this almeady county task force as a fiscal sponsor to oversee the conversation and recommendations? >> i hope it includes us. >> we are the fiscal sponsor, let's throw the weight around. can they tell us no? they can?
11:07 pm
if we are the fiscal sponsor why not--throw our weight around. >> i guess my question is, i would like to see that happen because i would like director croneenburg volved so can we amend to include the chair of- >> we can ask. >> i'm second that. >> we'll get to had vote in a second. maybe also just stipulate that if in the event she isn't healed up she can send a proxy. >> great. >> supervisor tang is there anything? supervisor yee? >> i just want to stay these amendments are putting us in a right direction. they are positive amendments and i will support the amendments.
11:08 pm
however, if the call for the vote is to pass it out with positive recommendation i will not support that. >> that was a slip on my part but you are right. i have one more thing before we go to vote. deputy city attorney gibbener, there was discussion about renegotiating the mou. how real is that? i still don't quite understand the process. >> i don't know how real it is. i think that is a political question. it's the discretion of the director of dem. it sounds like the department is hearing the concerns of the committee and the public right now and so they have the conversation to be had with director croneenduring. >> to the members of the public in the weeks time we are deal wg the issue i reached to all 5 members the alameda county
11:09 pm
supervisor tooz get understanding where they are. i had a long conversation with keith carson. my staff spoke to hisstaff and also my staff spoke to supervisor via's staff as well. there seems to be real movement and urgency athround concerns the advocate said bring forward today and feeling confident and better about my decision today knowing that you have people that are taking the concerns advocated today very seriously. incredibly serious so much they set up the independent task force. i'm sure many were in the meetings. so, i thank you for being the watch dog and keeping us honest and mr. dayton you know we will awatch you, sir. we will be on you. >> thank you. if i can say i appreciate you being here. you make america more american and
11:10 pm
you know, if you call 911 we will respond as quickly as possible because that is our primarily role is get the help they need when they need it. >> we want to make sure that continues to move forward. thank you for the last statement. you can sit down. so, there are a couple of-deputy city attorney? >> one clarifying point on the last amendment not to supervisor tangs amendment but the last piece of your amendment regarding the department coming back for a approval-i believe in past years the funds have been appropriated in the budget during the budget process so no accept and spend is required and this committee will be considering the budget in the coming months and so you will have a few options. you could not appropriate that money in the budge lt, you could appropriate and put on budget
11:11 pm
commit areserve pending report back or accept and expend resolution. i want to flag that as a ongoing issue. and, thank you very much for flagging that. did you catch that and understand what he is talking about? i see heads knauding. there is a motion made. supervisor tang made the motion and supervisor yee seconded the motion. >> the amendment was to urge alameda countsy to allow our director of emergency management in san francisco or i guess a high level staff to serve on the almeady county task force evalvateing the urban shield program. >> take that amendment without objection. and then we'll do my amendments. without objection and i mentioned several amendments. i don't think i need to reread them i
11:12 pm
think the clerk captured them. are you clear? >> clear and motion we accept your amendments. >> second. >> without objection that passes as well. as amended what shall we do? >> through the chair. i recommend we send to full board without recommendation to highlight there is still issues we are looking into. for example, looking into whether other counties can renegotiate the mou i so forth, but again i feel like these amendments like supervisor yee sets on a positive path forward. >> we in areement? it is no recommendation. without recommendation. >> i like to say that even with a no recommendation i would urge director croneenduring to
11:13 pm
pursue what i had discussed. at least see if it is possible. it is possible you can do this but politically i don't know if it is possible but in the procedural way it is possible and like to urge her to do the procedure. >> take this without objection or do roll call vote? >> we can take without objection. >> okay. without objection the motion passes as a-minded. thank you. thank you madam clerk. laej, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being a part of democracy and i'm sure i will see you at full board. next item. >> item 8, resolution to approving modification 3, services agreement between air tran system and city to two one year options to maintain
11:14 pm
service for the airtrain system and obs sleet airtrain parts not to exceed $115 million. >> thank you. we have john up dike from real estate to speak on the item? no? item 8. sorry, john. >> good morning. thalities that's okay. cathy wagner with san francisco international airport. >> we'll save him for item 11. >> thank you. the item seeks approval for modficaigds 3 to the airport existing contract with bombard yea. this modification will xurz the first of two one year options and- >> one minute. ladies and gentlemen, could you take your conversations out of the committee room so we could continue with the business on the agenda? thank you. mohammed. thank you. you and
11:15 pm
your friend. we got work to do. thank you. i know. i agree. >> modification number three to the airports existing contract with bombard yea with exercise the first of two one year options and extend the contract through february of 2018. as well as increase the not to exceed amount of total contract by approximately $15 million. the board of superizvisors approved the original contract in 2008 as well as the two subsquents modifications to the contracts that exercise options as well as added money to the contract. the air pornts airtrain system provides 24 hour a day service through the airport and consists of two lines that serve all terminals, terminal garages, the bart
11:16 pm
station as well as the airport rental carsenter. in our peak traveling season the airtrain serves up to 27,000 passengers per day and does currently have a service level och 99.7 percent. recommend approval and happy to answer questions you may have. >> good to see you back. this is clean and straitd forward contract. let's go to public comment. excuse me, sorry. there is a budget analyst report. >> as mrs. wagner said if you approve the contract there is one remaining one year extension through 2019. the increase for the next year to 2018 would be $14.9 million. this is about 3 percent increase for operation and
11:17 pm
maintenance and thought it was reasonable and recommended approval. >> thank you, i appreciate that. colleagues, any discussion? public comment is open. seeing none public comment is closed. >> make a motion to send forth with positive recommendation to full board. >> thank you. >> item 9, resolution prevailing wage rates for individuals engaged loading or unloading materials goods or products from commercial vehicle in connection with special events and individuals engaged driving a commercial vehicle loaded or unloaded on city property with show or special events. >> have pat mulligan from labor standsards and enforcement. this is a resolution that sets prevailing wage for individuals who load or unload commercial
11:18 pm
products from vehicles for shows and events on property. this is the first time we are setting prevailing wage for this sector of works and includes drivers, fork lif operators and forman. i made your presentation for you but pretty exciting. >> thank you i was before you last week with anual approval for prevailing wage and lease agreement on city property. this is not included in the packet because at the time this was submitted before the civil service commission for initial review and this had not been approved. since this was approved after the submittal it offered independently. there is one more outstainding prevailing wage classification for security service that will be coming for the board to make the formal approval for the rates as well. >> thank you, supervisor yee has a question.
11:19 pm
>> hi mr. mulligan. what caught my eye is the fringe piece, the benefits. curious how is that calculated because it seems it is all most like equivalent to the wages. >> much like department of industrial wages established prevailing wage rates for construction craft work throughout the state of california, san francisco review-collect bargaining agreement frz that work classification. in this case it is a teamsters package for loading and unloading for special events and that is what is before you today is the teamters bargaining agreement. >> i guess my question is spirfck to the benefits like how is that calculated? what
11:20 pm
are the elements that added up to basically 75 percent oof the salary? >> it is typically helt and welfare so healthcare benefit squz fairly generous retirement provisions. with prevailing wage classifications, in the event an employer is working-engaged in the collective bargaining agreement and making those payments say to a joint labor management trust fends in the event they be expected to provide that some other way so they can provide directly on the check. >> can you provide myophorous with breakdown of benefits? >> just curious how it calculated. >> absolutely. no problem. i'll schedule time with staff. >> for the record i want to reflect each board the is required to set prevailing
11:21 pm
wage. the civil service commission provides the data to help determine what that level will be but are not bound to it data, is that correct? >> now it is at the discrugz of the board and why it is before you. we take time to see what we think is most appropriate and should add that moving for ward this will be included in the anual submittal with all other prevailing wage classifications. j ladies and gentlemen, public comment is open. anyone like to comment on item 9? seeing none public comment is closed. before we go i want to go to the the budget and legislative analyst. >> i'll be brief. as we say with prevailing wage legislation we are not able to determine the impact non city cost because we don't know what the contract costs are associated with this. but as you pointed out this is the
11:22 pm
discretion of the board of supervisors so consider it a policy decision. >> thank you. thank thank you. is there a motion. >> make a motion to pass out of committee with positive recommendation to full board. >> thank you very much. without objection that passes. we have taken care of item 10, let's go to 11. resolution authderizing a sublease at 1440 harrison for approximately $300,000 monthly. extend for use by the human services agency. >> thank you very much. now, we have the-you are not john up dike. john updike come down and make a presentation and inform us. we have john updake to speak on item 6. >> john updike. one of these days cathy and i will swech off
11:23 pm
so i can do a airport item and she can have one of mine. robert will t up the presentation and have copies of the powerpoint. robert ross of hsa will lead and i'll follow up. >> good afternoon madam chair, supervisor tang and yee. before i begin i want to thank supervisor tang for the wonderful pod you helped out with. love those. makes our facilities better. >> thank you, my staff actually. >> we are here today to discuss lease renole at 1440 harrison street in san francisco. and i put together a presentation. this early morning shot. i just want to discuss the program that operates out of the building. as some may
11:24 pm
know, medi-cal just celebrated its 50 year anniversary and 33 of those years have been spent at this location at 1440 harrison. the space currently housing approximately 263 hsa staff. it serves more than 330 people per day. actually 2 days ago john and i were at the site and on january 31 they had seen over 650 clients that day. as you can tell that is pretty big numbers and to site more numbers we serve approximately 195,000 individuals and 122,000 cases. now, one case may have multiple individuals so why you see a discripancy in the two
11:25 pm
numbers. i'll address and take your questions, but basically anyone, any san franciscan can walk into this building no matter what their socio economic status is or get information advise or sign up for medical insurance. this not include medi-cal but covered california as well, so it is a very good hub for folks especially if you have language barriers. it is great to come in there and have someone explain the very complicated issues around helths insurance we face these days. and in addition to med kale and health insurance we ask folks when they come in to apply for cal fresh. often times we found if you qualify for medi-cal you also qualify for cal fresh which is food stamps. we
11:26 pm
really have seen a good delivery of services with this method and it makes it lot easier for people in san francisco to get multiple services without having to run around the city which we know can be troublesome. we can talk about statistics and feel free to ask questions. as you see from the top left diagram, there is a large proportion of san franciscans who are chinese descent that use this site and are also enrolled in medi-cal, which is-the point of bringing that up is it shows how important translators and how important it is to our community-very diverse community to really support folks in a understandable and easy way. it also talks about primarily languages and i believe it is over 29 percent
11:27 pm
account for cant neez and other api languages. >> this is very important but we are here to talk about the lease and rent so let's just get to it. we know what we are doing and know we do translation and do it well, we are in agreement on that. let's just cut to it. >> okay. i think i heed that and i appreciate that but it is very very important. the point of me saying that because it is budget and finants and easy to put things in a spread sheet but have to understand the social dynamics as well. if it was rp were to go away especially with the current political climate it makes folks very worried qu can cause social issues. recent renovation in 2012, we spent approximately $1.6 million to
11:28 pm
renovate the lobby and service center as well ozoffice training spain space and childcare space. i will hand it to mr. updike to discuss the lease renewal terms. >> mr. updike i'm sure you read the budget and legislative analyst report. >> yes, madam chair. >> that is good well we can start from there. >> very good. thank you. so, i think really the highlight of what robert articulating is what a large property is needed. we want the flexibility to have everyone in one location because there was discussion whether you could bifurcate this operation into two smaller locations perhaps gives us a chance for lower rentals because that market may be more available to us and the point i hope you take away from the prisonitation is having all
11:29 pm
the resources in one location is tremendous value >> student the human services agency. we have a 56, 878 square foot building and include a parking lot that is of value and a open court yard which provides a lot more respite. both client and to staff on site. what is before you is a 8 year, 3 month initial term renewal with two 5 year options for renewal. the initial rate of that renewal is $63 per square foot and annual increases are at 3 percent. i know this is a huge increase from where we erp in 20 twechbl when we last renewed this. when we did the renewal in 2012 and each time we do renewal we try to negotiate the best deal to bring forward to you for consideration. that was a fixed rate so the rate did not increase the last 5
11:30 pm
years. of course the last 5 years have been a tremendous increase in the market place so it exacerbated the change from where we were and headed now. >> supervisor tang has a question. >> for public record if you can state what percentage increase it is from what we currently have. >> i believe the analyst had it at 195 percent. i got that right? >> got that on the record. >> alright. thank you, i think. so, the main questions and concerns posed in the report i felt were two fold. one is why an 8 year term for this initial renewal. why not a 5 year term. in negotiations with the ownership, the prior lease, the master lease we are renewing here had a 8 year extension, i believe it was 7 year final extension at the
11:31 pm
outer ejs edge of the series of renewal term. the owner prepted to us a reasonable price if the initial term was a little longer so we are swapping out the 8 years for 5 years instead of having at the tail end thof deal bringing forward. the concern is what if there is a recessionary event in the next few years. have we missed a opportunity to renew at a a lower rate. my crystal ball is foggy when the recession may hit and think comments and research done by the budget and legislative analyst what the market is trying to understand when we may see a leucineing of the market. the point i took away is there a flattening in the market place . there is not a decline yet. would there be
11:32 pm
decline, i dont know but like to quote from the controllers report referenced in the report and that was, growth rates for the most exnomicically sensitive revenue such as property, business, sales are projected to slow in the final 3 years of the 5iary year plan. the base case does not assume a economic downstourn. that said we ran two different scenarios. if we did a 5 year lease at a sligetly higher rate because that was the demd of the landlord if it term was smaller, the rate requested would be above $63. it is a range of 70 to $80 a foot which i can show the evident why the landlord was thinking that. if there was a economic down turn say 20 percent market downturn and we consulted with the controllers office to try to understand what a appropriate downtourn and recovery would like like, we modeled that and
11:33 pm
asked over the 8 year period where we spend before you a little over $31 million in rent what if we did a 5 year and a a 5 year what would that same 8 year period look like with a recession occurring during the first 5 years and both different models picking different dates for recession to set early and late in the term, the models indicate we are still spending more. 33 to 34 to $35 million over that 8 year term. so, my point is, we are bringing forward in our opinion the most efficient and least cost lease here. the risk we run if we were to say to the landlord we are just want to do a 5 year deal and we cannot come to agument with the landlord based on our apraivl the landlord has the right to go through arbitration so the landlord gets his appraisal,
11:34 pm
and arbitrate in front of a third appraisal. there is risk involved in that. that process could come back with a number in this range that you see here of 70 to $80 a square foot. >> can i question- >> i hope that helps articulate the rational and risk ahead. >> supervisor yee. >> quh i looked ed at the compareable leases in here it seems like i'm getting half a picture here. why do i say that? because i look at the addresses and they are all closer to mission bay or something but in that direction and here 1440 harrison is further out and you dont have any addresses that are close to
11:35 pm
that. the market i think is more expensive once you get closer to the embarcadero and so i'm just curious, are there no comparisons around that area? >> there are other compareables. those are in the independent appraiser report. those include property ies on townsend
11:36 pm
11:37 pm
>> to the school district that is a lease that goes out to 2040 so sale, purchase not a option in my tinnier. >> why don't we break the lease or ask the school district to break the lease and deal directly to us? >> when we had prior discussion with the school district about lease versus purchase and you may recall this, when there is a lease revenue that is very flexible revenue for the school district under the california education code, when there is a sale of public asset by a school district it is very specific how the sales proceeds may be used and is restrictive and they are less enamored so had the discussioned and usually fall on that issue they
11:38 pm
prefer the flexibility of garen teed revenue stream. >> it seems we are wrun team and need to operate in the direction that is bea benefit for all of us. >> i do not disagree at all. >> what reason do we not lease from them and cut out the middle man and just lease with the school district? >> they have a executed lease with harrison asset llc so there is legal risk. perhaps mr. gibbener can speak the complication of breaking the master lease. they made certain assumptions when they entered into that lease and probably secured financing so that gets complicate #d. >> so we haven't exploreed it >> we exploreed it years ago before the 2012 prenewal and that discussion did not go very far. >> we have a new person there, david golden is retired.
11:39 pm
>> i think david is still there. >> my apologize, david. love you. okay. supervisor yee. you want to finish out the line of questioning? >> i'm finished. >> in your expertise and all the years you spent on the school board, you probably dealt with if not this issue a similar one. >> i understand why the school district would rather lease than sell because once you sell it is capital and that is all they use it for is capital where in a lease situation you go into programming. >> there is no amendments or changes that can be made that is specific to this particular property? >> i can't speak to-you mean from whether the school district-and can't speak it too that. >> perfect, no problem. anything else? are you
11:40 pm
finished? >> i believe i have conveyed our position to you. we believe what is before you is the best possible transablgz with the lan lord at the least possible risk. >> can you tell us the timing for when you did the-it is all the different dates or is it like when you ran the comps? >> the cbre appraisal was completed december 2016 and reviewed december 16 by cliff ord advisory llc. the comp said came from colliers and asked them as a favor to take a look at the market place and what might they do if they represent the landlord so this another side of the coin no question about it, but and trying to reflect what the risk
11:41 pm
if we went into a appraisal arbitration >> is there thought, i know 204 40 is a lauchck time away but we are on the same team and would have been great to have a nice relationship with the school district given they are the owner so any thoughts about once 2040 hits how to plan towards a situation where sfu sd will still be the property owner but hsa may have a better lease agreement? >> i would hope so. we cannot execute a sublease beyond that term, so as we get closer to 2040 it is more and more imperative because the importance the funs in 2049 it is just as important as today and sure we will be in a position where we want to say we want to retain the use at this location so it is a worthwhile conversation to have, but i think we are in a
11:42 pm
wrong time in the middle of a very long time-long term master lease. as we get toward the end the risk starts to dissipate and it may be a very worthwile conversation and who knows by then perhaps the education code can be amended. i had with the school district and they had with legislators so they have the flexibility when they sell a asset. >> let's turn to our friends in the budget legislative analyst office and see what they have to say about all of this. >> i do want to point out and don't know what this means but the master lease between the school district and master tenant has a option to extend so renewed 2015 and my understanding the options goes through 2025, is that correct?
11:43 pm
>> there are multiple options to extend however the options are not mutually agrewable. they are triggered by the master tenant not the school so the school district has to acwes to extend and there is discussion of the rate and reset on there rate each time that the option is renewed up until the final date. >> i am curious why you didn't mention this in the presentation? >> it is not pertinent because it isn't a decision that the school district gets to make. it is a receipt of information the school district makes thmpt aungzs are not relevant is a right that the sublandlord can execute and the school district and sublandlord agree on price. that is the only possible failure point and there is arbitration for that
11:44 pm
which is binding in nature so you are-we do see this and sure the school district viewed it in the conversations and would continue to view as long term underlying master lease. my apology. >> it is relevant and important to me. the bla flagged and presented it so youprinted as if the lease expires at 2040 realty is yes, it expires in 2040 but we have chances to intercede and make changes or advocate in our interest so that is the key point i was looking to hear in the presentation. thank you to the bla for pointing that out. you may continue. >> in terms of our report, as discussed the rent is going up to $63 a square foot and 194 percent increase however based on apraisal document it
11:45 pm
represented 95 percent of fair market values which is termoffs had lease. over the 8 years of the lease the rent to the city is about $38 million. i believe 36 percent is paid by state revenue and rest by city fund. our concern is the lease sublease between the city and the master tenant currently provides three five year options to extend the least and one final 8 year option and that is the language. the city is exercising the 8 year options and we are considering this a policy matter but do want to point out there is a technical change to the resolution in termoffs the number of remaining extensions. >> thank you. okay. seeing there is no colleagues on the roster let's go to public
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