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tv   Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure 22117  SFGTV  February 21, 2017 10:00pm-12:01am PST

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your destination or at your residence is a large determinant of whether you are actually going to drive. there is a real issues with anecdotal evidence of people saying, no, i'm going to get a car. versus what your own data in your own models show. that's available readily on the department with the transportation demand management information. also it ignores the transformation-transportation demand management the quadrants of silicon valley on this [inaudible] not everybody's going to up and drive. another survey said 40% would decide to move from where they are. another 10% would quit their jobs. that is nowhere evaluated in that study. to go on to the program, i spent hours and hours looking at the citation
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statistics. we have got some terrible hotspots that not being addressed. 1500 valencia, which i'm you send a pco there within about two hours and giving out 10-12 tickets. day after day month after month, it was last april, it was this the summer. the only differences we've now changed the ticketing. instead of giving the red-the bus ticket that's $288, we are giving a red zone ticket for $110. i don't understand how that is supposed to change ongoing bad behavior. the white stones, sounds fine but the metrics are not catching the traffic problems adjacent to these. when they are on arterials which are shared by muni buses the muni buses cannot get through because of the obstruction of traffic that goes on day after day. i live on a street with a habit. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> >>[calling public comment cards] >> hello. i'm in wellington. i
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may san francisco native and 26 year resident of castro street. i just want to say that if this program continues there are some issues that need to be addressed about new noise seven wait a couple for some improvements and what's happening but because i'm on a hill every day the buses go by and i hear at 5:30 am going downhill there not as loud but because of the weight of the buses, the tires bark. i mean, that's one thing but going uphill there much louder than muni buses. i live there with muni buses for 26 years. used to it. much louder than the electric buses. they are lower than the diesel buses. i try to use a decibel meter grid i don't really know the levels
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that are acceptable but it can be of two 71 db in a room that's facing castro street. if you're watching television or whatever it's completely drowned out. it does have an impact and it's stressful. my housemate from his room is closer to castro street and it's really stressed out. i just think something needs to change and i encourage you to address that whether it is smaller vehicles were more silent ones. i'm not sure. thank you >> thank you next speaker, please. >> >>[calling public comment cards] >> herbert weiner. i really would like to see a [inaudible] that benefits all parties. for one thing, i can understand the position of younger workers who desperately need a job. there's also the neighborhoods that are the heart and soul san
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francisco. also the techies may not even have attention when they get to be 60 years of age and may be lining up for general assistance for all i know. one thing that should be pointed out in the agreement between the bus companies and mta was built on a house of >> was a handshake agreement there was no formal contract and at the interest parties to know this. that's one thing the second thing is given the prt on geary street given the van ness project, how is this going to affect the buses and traffic in general? this has not even been addressed. so you will have further congestion on an already congested van ness ave. and believe me, with the
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influent implementation of the van ness project is becoming crystal clear. i've seen muni buses stalled and i've seen it undoubtedly applies to the techie buses. so you really have to postpone a decision on this and really craft a decision that benefits all parties. you cannot ram this thing through. it will be to the detriment of all parties. >> thank you. to have any more public comment on this item? no? mr. warfield. >> thank you i am peter warfield. i would like to agree with many of the folks of spoken . certainly, with perspective the objectives of many those including writers, who want to keep west vehicle miles and so on and so forth. i particularly want to agree though with the folks who say they don't support . i am concerned with huge
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buses traveling through the neighborhood that i spend most common, which is haight-ashbury . they're completely outsized for the neighborhood i noticed that on one of your pages it says the commuter shuttle program currently keeps large buses on coltrane's designated arterials only and i am surprised-i do not think haight street was a caltrain's designated arterial. it's very slow and very busy street with one lane going in each direction, plus parts cars. i see these huge buses i was one of the more folks, huge buses and you can see some light coming through, through their darkened windows, you see nobody were almost nobody on these many many times. the use of muni stops by this privileged group causes a lot
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of problems for people who want to get on the muni want to even seen the muni coming, signal the muni that they want to get on that survey problem for anybody who is disabled. it feels as though my [inaudible] look at trees look at buildings in turn to basically a transit sewer grate privileged group in a two class system. those who can pay to play and those who don't. the rest of us it hundred thousand people, plus in san francisco thank you >> thank you any more public comment we last call anyone? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> thank you would you mind coming back up. i'm sure my fellow directors have some comments and questions and feedback. directors, who was i to start. >> i do have one about the size of the vehicles. when this
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i said these are license at the state level. does the locality have any say in this at all on that point? >> no. we cannot regulate the size of the vehicles. what we've done to the policies of the program is to set the rule that over 35 feet in length has to travel on caltrans designated arterials in order to encourage companies to shift to smaller vehicles would travel on any street unless it has the weight or passenger restriction on. so we've seen a slight switch to smaller vehicles but in general companies have not taken advantage of that. >> have we spoken to these companies directly >> yes. b was what is the results that? divisadero sponsors the larger vehicles better meet their needs than the smaller vehicles. >> do we know how many people are writing on these everyday
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quick >> in general the occupancies around 60% under the additional work data reporting records will be asking operators are much more detailed occupancy information because we know that's an area where we've seen a lot of questions and concerns. i think right now what you are seeing is the data is collected within the boundaries of san francisco as we would like to also gather more information on how many people that are picking up once they leave our jurisdiction because sometimes buses can appear empty within the city but are actually making additional stops along the way. >> so what's offered to the shuttle companies in exchange for smaller vehicles is able to write more streets? >> exactly. >> have we considered any other items in the ceric week the was we have another summer that something were open to doing >> i don't have any idea without might be but is worth pursuing. >> thank you before i move on to my next director i just want to thank all the members of the public who came down to talk about this. we really do appreciate your showing up and take the time off work and coming down here and letting us
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know what your thoughts are. director ramosdir. jim gordon >> a couple things. i see you are increasing the penalty which is great for infractions both the first-time and further infractions which is great because i know people have a concern don't charge them can you ask lane again white is we have to charge will be charged for the shuttle stops? >> sure. >> we can't just say $5000 per stop >> so there's different rules depending on what the fee is paid administrative font fines are for violations of the program and not [inaudible] transportation good as you mentioned we have requested an increase in what we are allowed to charge for permit violations. however for the actual permit fees and operators pay to use. we are required legally to the cost recovery which need to create a budget for the program that sets what we charge the operators each time they stop.
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so a budget was created for our two-year fiscal cycle and that will end next year in 2018. we will be preparing a budget again for the next to your fiscal cycle. that will give us an opportunity to review the cost associate with the program to determine if operator fees need to be increased or not. >> great. i saw in the new requirement new shuttle services after june 30 of this show be required to have accessibility-accessibility requirements. do know the status of current shuttles in the fleet queen had a meeting obama think we get that additional data where he are collecting? >> yes. we start to reaching out operators prior to this proposal to try to understand how they meet the needs of those folks with mobility limitations that are using their fleets. and how they work with the employers to provide them with the services needed.
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so far we've collected some lemon or a data on the percentage of their fleets that are considered accessible in terms of wheelchair ramps and things like that. also, how they coordinate service with employers when they're someone who needs access to that type of vehicle. the purpose of the accessibility plan requirement is to have that all documented so that we can understand what is the scale of this need. is it being met and to we need to impose additional requirements to improve accessibility? >> great. i know sf bus fleet, the new regulations go into effect for the buses. is there a way for us to set an mission standards related to the overall program or is-i know that's hard because had you exactly do that but >> that something we can look into. that is part of our permit terms and conditions i think it's important to remember, too, that these
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operators have to apply every year to get a permit into that process we can tweak the permit terms and conditions each year as we see new needs are rising and so i think it's important to remember we are not locked into certain policies just because the program is continued because we do have this annual renewal process where we have the ability to change embryo harms these operators need to meet. so that is something we can look into in the coming year. >> great. thank you for not answering my questions >> thank you director ramos >> thank you i want to second your comments about thanking the public for coming out and speaking today. with your support of or not the comments of that we get and the tremendous amount of correspondence we got because we did get having a meeting fell like hundreds if not thousands of e-mails about this subject. many of them continually important points that were not even articulated here today and i respect for time we won't go into that. i stepped staff is reading him as well. i want to recognize that this issue has come before us many times and so much has been said that i would like to say over again but at a
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perspective, won't. the new development that have happened since the last time we talked about this has been the unfortunate state of our funding of our mass transportation system and the cliff that were headed towards if we don't turn that train around so to speak. recognizing that, on top of the fact that we have got the domain of economy and i should say can we afford to have a growing economy because i am from detroit i know what it looks like when economy-economy leaves and you don't accommodate the needs of the current industry could it's real sad situation. i know that it's turning around now but for the most part we are very fortunate to have-to be a center of commerce. i was
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saying earlier, but had the privilege of traveling a little bit when you go to other towns that don't have this type of economy you learn to realize for a quick real fortunate we are. i would also like to state that i feel like were very fortunate to have an industry that's when to work with us as stated by m napoleon >> politan >> thank you. by ms. politan earlier this a volunteer program. we could do this a coral at work via wild wild west cutaway were everybody's women-owned editors correct to the street and it could just be chaotic. i know plenty of high paid lawyers and executives the part where the heck they want to because of parking tickets is nothing to them. i'm confident that in the same way that these industries are making lots of money parking ticket would be nothing to them as well. so i am thankful to
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the industry that are working with us in making sure that we can get a program that works to meet as many people's needs as possible. the other news of courses that this traffic is not just our imagination of these two different studies that came out, one speaker mentioned one. there are two. the tom-tom study out of amsterdam and the-what was the other one be in rick study of kirkland washington at two places independent recognition of traffic is getting worse and worse. every time i think about how bad our traffic is i think about these shuttles google would happen if they were not here. if the company suddenly decided this is too much of a hassle. you know what everybody just do your own thing. the next thing you know we've got 10,000 more cars on our streets or something like that. every day which would be around us in any scenario. so keeping that in mind. all that to be said, this program is far from perfect director nice holy that
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these things are tremendously cumbersome and just an eyesore. to have a traffic jam on your street full of gigantic bosses is not something that i think anybody would welcome. so i also recognize that we are not laying concrete were not building a train. we are effectively adopting a program as it's been currently involved i suspect we will continue to you golf and we will continue to refine it and make it better. so that it does respond to some of the concerns. one of the things i thought was an interesting perspective in addition to looking at the hubble model one of the points i was raised through an e-mail with the idea of actually ringing down the concentration and distributing more, putting more shuttle stops in places which i think initially would be on the knee-jerk reaction like how can you say more stops but the logic was such that it would reduce 12 time, reduce the traffic jam on 24th. that we have. i think there is some
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good rationale into looking at how to we actually make this better so it works for more folks. so i can't say too much more. well i could say a whole lot more. the last question that i'll ask though, is if these folks were not working with us, the transit agency and accommodating new transit in our city, where else, what is the other alternative that we have as to accommodating these bus stops on our streets? what would be the alternative just so the public is aware quick that i given out for like for you to cite the sofa was in a commuter shuttle program? >> yes. >> it would be what it was before where they would use white zone's double park use muni zones without permission-based we run the risk of the one catching him in order to get them in moving violation or citation. i think it's important to remember this program funds enforcement and
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enables us to regulate them and without that funding we would not be able to dedicate as much enforcement to this. so you have both more illegal behavior and less enforcement to catch that illegal behavior. >> i suspect if we were to accommodate them in addition to not been able to accommodate them at the bus stops we would have to effectively-one of the options would be to remove parking and make more white stones. i notice a lot of our community already doesn't have enough loading zones and it would seem to me that we could go that route and remove more parking. i suspect that that would not be fair toward their lucy bite too many folks do go on and taking away parking off our public streets. so i like the direction this is going. i do think that we need to find and calculate the true cost of this program and enforcing it. i recognize that there probably
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is some more wear and tear on the interceptor that comes with boxes versus small cars. there's a need for more enforcement, more of our parking control officers to be out there. which i think and maybe even more sfpd if necessary. there is a drain on the system that needs to be accounted for. i think we are-i would encourage staff to be working towards making sure that we are figuring out -because i suspect is, these do want to play fairly. we love san francisco. i don't think people are to leave if they can't get to see the shuttle that they have. i think that the companies recognize that we've got a good thing here. some confident they want to play nicely. but i think that we do need to work on this more to refine it to address the concerns of an raised by so many of the excellent common state. thank you >> thank you director ramos director rath >> thank you for doing all this work. we really appreciate it and appreciate the comments. did you respond a little bit to
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the commentor from walk sf queenship for suggested adjustments to the program i'm interested in hearing what her follow-up is going to be on that because i thought those were good suggestions here and a few have them handy when tried remember most of my think one was adding technology [inaudible] another was an easy way has been way for folks to report dangerous behavior. >> [inaudible] and crash data >> thank you >> sure. i think some of those things are underway and we'll two implement them in the future. under our current internal policy we are setting stops we actually are we tried to do that. also regarding the shuttle crash data, that is something that we do track internally but we have tried to figure out a better system for tracking it and getting that information to me and my teams we can directly reach out to the shuttle operators. when
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incidences occur in a timely manner. also we are moving towards a new interface for both the shuttle operators in terms of how they report information to us as well as a new interface for the public where it will be kind of like 311 in the sense that it's on a dedicated webpage where constituents can go and report any issues they are having with a commuter shuttle program. right now, it's done through 311 or directly to staff that will be another tool we hope makes it easier for people to report issues that they're having and for us to log and track those issues. then lastly guarding the crash production technology, that something we definitely want to talk with with the operators. in general there's been improvement across the board in vehicle technology. one of the areas
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were also in talks with operators try to understand what is about larger movement for towards electric vehicles which until recently the technology has not supported long haul large commuter shuttle type vehicles and i think that could go along way to addressing some of the issues around noise which can be extremely disruptive especially the older vehicles so that is another area where we want to work with the operatives to try to push those types of technologies. but i think you are all excellent points and things we need to keep in mind. >> just one more question. i know we didn't heard about these hotspots and i realize the really challenging issue for us did dyou have any kind of short-term ideas of how were going to tackle these spots where we are seeing these photographs of so many shuttles bunched up? attorney challenging but i be interested in your feedback on the howard and opposes moving forward queen >> sure. we has some short-term and long-term ideas we would like to work on if the program is continued. in the short term i think unfortunately it really is a trade-off as we see in the noe valley quarter there's only one stop and that's just not sufficient to meet demand. that's a trade-off with the
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loss of moving parking spaces in order to create shuttle only by zones were potentially using other uni zones which in turn can be to conflict with me and we think unfortunate trade-off in a parking space sensitive issue and people often get upset about the scene parking but we do need more space along that corridor to meet demand. unfortunately, with the arterial speed will switch out remove large vehicles from smaller streets, we now see the consolidation on flex streets and the 24 street corridor one of those because there's very few connectors in that part of the city that are considered arterials. so what we would want to do there in the short term is be on looking at additional stops is to see on that corridor if we can work with the shuttle operators that are serving that corridor to coordinate their schedules and better so we don't see the consolidation of vehicles around the stock at the same time. in the longer term there
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are additional streets that we currently are not using such as dolores which were some opposition about before guerrero, which is also in ontario but currently we restricted. so i think there's larger picture things that we would want to look at but those are extensive planning processes that we want to involve the public in so the short time it's more about looking at refining stops placing you stops in working with greater [inaudible] how can better coordinate our service. >> last question. if we approve this today, i mean obviously we would be encouraging this to move forward but would you guys be reporting back to us on this kind of near term developed in the near future like in a few months? what is the follow-up for coming back to the board? >> well, i think for own internal planning purses using the data in setting what's
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happening is critical in order to understand what's working and not working i know internally a minimum we went to a conference of the evaluation each year similar to the midyear evaluation of really looking at the date of holistic way. to see what's happening. i don't think that precludes kind of these shorter-term investigations. i think one of our top priorities is the 24th st. corridor we started analyzing the data to really understand what are the issues happening there. so as we come back to the board we will certainly want to share our findings about what we are seeing in different parts of the city. >> do we have an estimation [inaudible]? >> i would like to come back to the board within six months with an update if that is-works for the board? >> okay. >> more questions? >> thank you chairman brinkman. the my colleagues here have covered it pretty well. i would just read-e director rubke's concern these trouble spots are very
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synthetic and residential as were people to go to sleep and wake up with these concentrated if there's any way to work with the shuttle companies in the neighborhood on finding solutions that will work [inaudible] that would go a long way. >> thank you. directors like a motion >> so moved. >> second. width all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. the ayes have it. this passage. again is the politan i just want to thank you again i know we keep stumbling on a naipaul did thank you again for all your stuff is done and i think it shows you do have the support of this board to not only continue along this program is to make changes as these because as we always know this is a living program and will have to change again to the public, thank you very much for coming down. i really appreciate. we will have >> mdm. chairman item 12 is to conduct a closed session >> motion to conduct close session? >> so moved.
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>> >> the sfmta eight matters with the city attorney directors to settle accounts with took no action on the matter the board also discussed labor negotiations but took no to be a motion to disclose or not disclosing information or discuss closed session >> moved to not disclose >> is there a second? >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. >> mme. turman that concludes the business before you today. >> thank you very much. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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>> good morning and welcome to the government audit and oversight committee for february 16th. my name is jane kim, and to my left is -- i'm sorry to my right is supervisor aaron peskin and to my left is supervisor president london breed and i want to thank our committee - i would like to thank our committee's clerk, erica major and also recognize the staff of sfgovtv, charles kremenak who make our meetings available online, as well as transcript.
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madam clerk, any announcements. >> please silence all cell phones. >> thank you, madam clerk and can you please call the first item. >> item no. 1 is ordinance amending the environment code to adjust the incentive in the solar energy incentive program. >> the author of this item is president london breed, if you would like to make opening comments. >> yes, thank you i know we have laurie mitchell here who will be making a presentation shortly, but i just wanted to make a few comments about your go solar program in the city. we're making a few technical amendments to this program today. despite the fact that other utilities around the state are ramping down their incentive like the city of palo alto and silicon valley, for example, i'm happy to see the go
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solar program in the city is still going strong and that we as a city are continuing to invest in incentives like this particular program. we must continue to support renewable energy and energy-efficient programs so it's accessible to everyone. since the program started in 2007, go solar has helped low-income residents, nonprofit organizations and businesses install thousands of kilowatts of solar energy units on their rooftops across san francisco. this has helped not only reduce participants' electricity bills, but our carbon footprint in the city. there will be a few amendments to this today, and i know that ms. mitchell will talk about that in her presentation, and with that i'm happy to turn it over to ms. mitchell to discuss the program, the changes, and the proposed amendments. thank you. >> thank you very much, supervisor breed. my name is laurie mitchell
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and i manage the renewable energy group at sfpuc and we have slidess on the ordinance here. i'm not sure if you can see it. there is something -- there we go. really what we're trying to do with this ordinance is to look forward and to expand on the success of the gosolarsf program to include additional programs such as rebates for electric vehicle infrastructure, energy storage and to expand upon our energy-efficiency programs. so the new programs, as well as the current gosolarsf program is funded by the cleanpowersf and hetch hetchy power rate-payers. the agenda of what we'll cover today. one of the many things does is to integrate the program with the go solar sf program and it's important to know that they have both
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common policy goals. both programs seek continue vest in local programs and projects such as energy-efficiency, storage, ev charging and affordable, cleaner, climate-responsibility electricity and to invest in local jobs [sph-fplt/] background on the go solar sf program was established in 2007. and it designates the puc as the program administrator. it states the objective eh providing an appropriation of $2-5 million annually over the ten years, which can commence in 2008. it also directs the puc to review solar and to adjust incentives and coordinate administration of the program with the implementation and administer of the cleanpowersf program. so here is the summary of what we have paid out over the years since 2008, when the program started. so you can see in total we paid just over $24 million. the majority of that has
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gone to residential installations with a large portion of that going to low-income residential. >> i'm sorry before you move on, could you explain what you mean by low-income residential? >> we have several categories of incentives that people can apply for. they can apply for residential, so they don't need to make any type of income requirements for that incentive, but for the low-income incentive they get an additional incentive-level if they qualify to be low income. >> no, i understand that you provide additional incentives, but what qualifies? >> so we work with the mayor's office of economic development, and we use the hud guidelines in san francisco. so for a family of one, it's about $60,000 a year, and for four, i think it's about $80,000. >> you use the hud ami definition? >> yes for san francisco. >> and what ami-level and below did you select? >> so we get guidelines
10:35 pm
from the mayor's office of economic and workforce development. so the numbers that we're using today for household of one is $68,000. for a household of four, it's $98,000 >> so roughly like 90% of area median income and below, is that the threshold maximum income? >> i can double-check and we can can get an answer. >> i know it's ami, but what ami, 90%? 60% of ami and below? >> i'm not sure. it's median. i can get you that answer and can definitely come back to you on that. >> okay. so we're talking about middle-income households. >> right. >> okay. >> so what is residential low-income? is the red stuff -- what is the difference between the dark blue stuff and the red stuff? >> the red is just a normal residential incentive and
10:36 pm
the dark-blue is residential low-income and those are applicants that quail hollowed qualified for the additional incentives. >> i'm curious of the range of household incomes that apply to what you consider "low residential income." it still seems with the installation cost going down and incentives it's still really expensive for actual low-income household to actually put on a solar panel. do you have a range of households that have applied over the last couple of years. >> you mean the range of incomes for the holidays? households. >> we don't have that today, but we can get back to you. >> sure. >> i'm sorry did you have any additional questions? >> no. >> this goes to your question on what the cost of solar is. so this table shows you first column is installed cost of solar. you can see in 2008 a 2.5
10:37 pm
kilowatt project is typical in san francisco for residential project costs about $25,000. at that time, we offered an additional -- i'm sorry, at that time the regular go solar incentive was $3,000 and they would are have qualified for the california solar incentive, about $3400 and the net cost of solar would be $17,000. you can say today the solar cost have dropped pretty dramatically and that same system today costs $14,000 and qualified for $17,000 from the go solar sf program that make their net cost over $12,000. today we have some of the lowest net costs in the program's history. and this is just a review of some of the changes in the market and what other california utilities are doing with their solar incentive programs.
10:38 pm
so most programs have ramped down their incentives and many are fully subscribed. so the california solar initiative was fully reserved in 2014, although low-income program does continue. the city of palo alto is fully reserved. alameda is reserved. silicon valley and smud is fully reserved in 2016. so we knew we wanted to look forward with the go solar sf program and engage stakeholder as round make the good solar more efficient and work better and also to get feedback on new programs that they would like to see us develop. so we met in april of last year and gathered fee bac and came back in june with recommended changes that you will see today and we continue to follow-up with them and brought the changes to the commission
10:39 pm
in oct. . one is to require go solar sf recipients to be a customer. so they would either need to be a hetch hetchy customer or sign up as cleanpowersf customer available to all residents and businesss in the city now. we are also recommending that we market and outreach the programs together. so providing assistance and outreach to demonstrate the benefits of installing on the rooftop and becoming a super green sf customer and attractive net metering. another one of the changes that this ordinance will do will allow us to simplify the go solar sf incentives to dollars per kilowatt, which is how most solar incentive programs are run. currently we have a pretty complex table and that will make the program more efficient.
10:40 pm
we're also proposing to step-down all incentives to reflect the lower cost of solar and stretch the program budget. the last time we adjusted incentive was in 2013. and we are proposing to step down incentives to make sure we grow here in san francisco. another of the proposed changes is that we -- i believe it's really important to continue to support nonprofits and low-income residents and we're recommending to continue to offer higher incentives for low-income and nonprofit customers. and we're also recommending that we develop an invertore replacement incentive for previous low-income and nonprofit customers. so the inverter allows it to connect to the grid and many of those components will be at the end of their useful life. this is when the new incentives will look like. you can see residential customer gets
10:41 pm
about $500 a kilowatt today. if this ordinance isa approved, in april, reduced to $400 and still would qualify for the additional low-income incentives of $2,000 and the environmental justice inverter in staller is applicable. and then the last thing this ordinance would do would allow us to develop complimentary distributive energy programs. so we know it's important to not only install solar, but to be complimentary programs like electric vehicle infrastructure and energy storage. so there is a couple of clean-up items in the ordinance i wanted to mention. no. 1 we wanted to clarify that we want to continue our support for go solar sf and our commitment to develop these new programs. then we just needed to fix some typos and no. 3 is inserting the correct fund balance of the program.
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so should read $7.275 million instead of $11 million. that is the end of my program. >> i had a couple of follow-up questions on the low-income and nonprofit programs. do you require them to be a cleanpowersf or puc customer? >> today? today we do not. this ordinance going forward they would be required to sign ups a cleanpowersf customer, but today they are not required. >> i just remember -- by the way, i'm a big supporter of cleanpowersf, but i remember one of concerns about the program was because there were -- it's a slightly more expensive program. that we had concerns about low-income residents, you know being a part of the program. for budgetary reasons. so it seems to me counterintuitive to require low-income residents to be a cleanpowersf customer when it's a more expensive power in order to qualify for stay deeper
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subsidy for a solar panel. shouldn't we provide an exception for low-income? >> that is a good comment and we can definitely consider that. we have made a commitment to not enroll customers if the clean foyer sf program is more expensive. what they would otherwise pay pg&e. so the requirement is that had he sign up for a cleanpowersf customer, but they would not be automatically enrolled unless the rates are at or below parge. >> i don't think i really understood that. >> sure. >> if i qualified to your low-income program, and i did not want to opt-in into the cleanpowersf program, would i qualify for the deeper subsidy? >> not under the new ordinance, if this ordinance goes forward. you wouldn't qualify. >> i just feel like how are you going to get low-income customers if they are not willing to pay more on a monthly basis?
10:44 pm
it just -- >> it's a good point. so right now about we want -- we had a commitment to clean power affordability and our rates where below pg&e. today due to some of the pcia changes, our costs are slightingly higher. but it's very slight. and we're currently researching whether we need to do a rate adjustment to catch up with that? but we had made the commitment to our commission not to pre-enroll additional customers until at or below the pg&e rates. >> i appreciate your work to protect our customers and i want as many of our residents to sign up as possible. i'm just worried about requiring low-income residents to be a cleanpowersf customer in order to qualify for the deeper
10:45 pm
subsidy for go solar sf. but to move on to my second question and maybe i can understand that in the course before this comes to the full board. so i'm looking at the cost today, and it's amazing how much it's gone down. over such a short period of time, but even with the subsidy it takes you down to about $10,000 or -- well, the incentive, i'm curious how low-income residents can consider that and i don't consider myself low-income and don't qualify under the ami that it seems that you work with. but i don't feel like i could afford $12,000 for solar panel. >> it's a great comment. just a couple of things to clarify: that $12,000 does not take into account the additional $2,000 a low-income customer would get.
10:46 pm
>> you said it's $14,000 today. so i did take the $2000 into account. $14 minus 2 is $12,000. >> they qualify for the $1700 on top of that. >> i thought it was $400 plus an additional $2,000. >> so it's $500 kilowatt. >> oh, i see. by kilowatt. >> 2.5 kilowatt system and would qualify for the basic incentive, which would give them about $1200 on top of that they would get the additional $2,000 for being low-income applicant and on top of that, if they lived in an environmental justice district, and use a city installer, getting additional incentives. >> that takes them down to roughly $10,000 -- how do low-income residents afford? >> it's a great point and one nice thing about the solar market right now there are financing options available. so there are many companies
10:47 pm
now that will allow them to enter into a power purchase agreement or a lease. so they can spread that cost over the life of the system and they can still reduce their bill from what their paying on their pg&e rates. so there is a lot of additional options that are available to people that are considering solar in general right now, which is nice. but yeah, we understand the other important point is the california solar initiative still runss a program called sash and they provide additional incentives to low-income applicants that they could also qualify for if they are in the right locations for that. so we are really trying to incentivize low-income residents to be able to afford solar, as much as we can. >> i would love between now and the full board meet ig would love to understand how that actually works for a real person? >> sure. we can get you some specificks. >> and also the area
10:48 pm
median income-levels that are eligible for the low-income program. >> sure. >> thank you your work and i appreciate supervisor breed's leadership on it to incentivize our residents to go solar. >> thank you very much. >> any other questions or comments from committee members? >> i would like to move the amendments. i think you received a copy of the amendments sfpuc language clarification. fixing the typo, and changing the amount which were explained by ms. mitchell. so i would make a motion to move those amendments. >> subject to public comment, i'm happy to vote in favor of them. >> so we have a motion and we can move those amendments without opposition [ gavel ] so if there are no further comments from committee members? we'll now move into public comment on this item.
10:49 pm
>> hi jason fried executive director of lafcko and wanted to speak to some of the items supervisor kim you brought up about the low-income and a couple of things to keep in mine on the rate structure, the sfpuc set up a once a rate structure rather than changing the rates quarterly as pg&e does. so right now while the rate is slightly different, you will see in the summertime, hopefully, if everything is worked out correctly, you'll actually see cleanpowersf customers paying less than what pg&e pays. over the course of the year, you need to average it out over the course of year and while i get your comments about low-income not being able to pay more and being profocus of tective of that, which is extremely important, in theory, it should be the same -- they should be paying the same. you might pay more in one month, but less in another month. to keep in mind a lot of other ent or
10:50 pm
incentives and programs, doing low-income installation. taking gosolarsf funds and money from other organizations and groups and are able to put it -- able to be much more cost effective for low-income customers. the final thing i would put in on the low-income side, we're lowering their bills. so while even if there is a is a slight price differential, their overall bill will go down. we're not just talking about generation, but transmission, distribution and the other line items. so they are able to save a lot of money in the program. i appreciate supervisor breed's legislation and would encourage to you move it forward to the full board. thank you. >> thank you. >> if there is no further public comment on this item, public comment is now closed on item no. 1 [ gavel ]
10:51 pm
can we take a motion to rescind on the amendments and take it again after public comment? we have a motion to rescind and do that without opposition. [ gavel ] , we'll take a motion to move the amendments as proffered by president breed and que do that without opposition. [ gavel ] is there a motion on item no. 1? >> i just want to say thank you to mr. fry for pointing out specifically the balance of what we are trying to accomplish with our clean power program, which i believe is definitely a better program than what pg&e has to offer and i would encourage everyone who is interested in signing up for clean power, go to thank you, with that i would like to move this item as amended to the full board with positive recommendation. >> thank you, president breed and we do have a motion to move this forward with positive recommendation and i see a second and we can do that again without opposition. [ gavel ] >> thank you. madam clerk, please call item no. 2. >> yes, item no. 2 is a
10:52 pm
resolution retroactively authorizing the sheriff's department to contract with global tel*link to provide inmate telephone services which will [phao-eurpl/]ize inmate phone call rates that reduce the cost of the average local call by 34%. >> thank you, madam clerk. we're joined today by the office of the sheriff. and today by crispin hollins, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you very much and good morning supervisors, crispin hollins the cfo from the sheriff's department and happy sf clean power customer and i'm here before you today to request approval with a new contract with global tel*link to provide inmate telephone services. global tel*link has provided services for san francisco since 2010. oover the years the department has made progress in reducing call rates and most recently recussing
10:53 pm
the cost from $2.35 to $1.54 in june of last year and the contract before you today memorializes the june 2016 rates and 3-year contract with two one-year options to extend. as i think you know the proposed rate caps and while these rate caps have been challenged and not yet implemented the rates in the contract before you today are lower than the fcc proposed rates. the main point of had this slide is to show progress to lower the cost of an average call and finally this last slide shows the benefits of lower calling costs inasmuch as it results in greater call volume and greater call duration. when the rates were just last june volumes and duration
10:54 pm
increased roughly 20-30%. >> great. thank you so much for the presentation are or are there any questions from committee [stph-ebz/] supervisor peskin? >> thank you, madam chair. a appreciate the fact that the reduction is in the amount of 34% and i had one house cleaning question, why the retroactive nature of the resolution? and after the fact contract signing on december 1st of last year? >> we were anxious to move forward with this contract, and we wanted to make sure these were memorialized, but we had it signed with the understanding that the contract would not be formally approved by the city until it was approved by the board of supervisors >> so somewhere in this
10:55 pm
24-page contract is some clause to that effect, counselor, mr. givner. >> not looking at the contract in front of me so i'm not sure, but all of our contracts become effective only if the board approves the contract, if it's subject to 9.118. so occasionally departments will enter into agreements, but those agreements are not binding on the city unless the board approves. i don't know whether that is memorialized in the contract itself -- i believe we have some boilerplate in our contract to that effect. i can double-check as i see you are right now. >> it's okay just as long as you
10:56 pm
don't make a habit of it. >> understood. >> all right. any other comments or questions? president breed? >> thank you. so when i first became a member of the board, i made it my mission to address these particular issues, specifically with the contracts as it relates to phone calls for inmates and also the commentary, which i know former sheriff ross mirkarimi worked with the team at the sheriff's department to come up with what i believe was a fair change, a significant change and drop in rates. and the drop in costs overall for inmates, who rely on these services, and who i believe sadly we're being taken advantage of. so in this particular case, with the phone calls, i do appreciate
10:57 pm
the significant increase and the continuous decline, especially in light of the fact that calling locally is traditionally free, and i know that there are some other layers that go with setting up the appropriate phone systems in our jail system. i realize there are costs associated with that. but the one thing that i'm continuously concerned about, and wanted to know if you could address that with some more specifics: the money that is collected, and used specifically for programming for inmates, and we have had this conversation in the past, and expressed the desire to see an alternative, and not to develop these programs on the backs of the families of these individuals. and so just wanted to know what the breakdown is for the anticipated revenues annually for this
10:58 pm
particular program? and what is anticipated to go specifically where? because it's not necessarily spelled out in that way in the contract. >> we estimate roughly that this contract would bring in about $500,000 to the inmate welfare fund and then the inmate welfare fund provides services -- it's required to be spent only on services for inmates. it funds salaries for prison legal services and other jail program staff. the other big expense that it funds is for community-based organizations, primarily community works, which provides our one-family program and our "stop the violence program." >> have we done any work -- because i know that again, when this contract was up before, i
10:59 pm
had expressed a desire to look at alternatives in an effort to reduce the costs associated with this particular program. so have we explored alternatives? is this the only money for this particular program? are there other means to support this program? >> well, so we have reduced our reliance on inmate welfare fund by reducing the costs here, but there is still half a million dollar amount that comes to the department to help provide these programs. if we were to go significantly lower than this, we would need to come to the general fund to ask for it to make up for that difference. >> so do you know what the amount is from the contract for the commentary? that goes into this particular fund? >> i know that in -- for
11:00 pm
last fiscal year from 2015-2016 that amount was about $600,000. >> so the total is a little bit over a million dollars for this program. do you know what the cost is to have this program in general? separately from -- we're talking about $1.1 million and the total cost to operate the program? >> total expenditures in 2015-16 were $1.2 million. >> and it all comes from basically -- the inmates themselves? >> yes; we had a beginning fund balance -- july 1, 2015, fund balance of $2 million. there was an addition to commissions and phone calls there was commission from some of the signage in the jails. it brought in total of $1.3 million and we expended $1.2 million and ended the year with fund
11:01 pm
balance of $2.1 and this year, the expenditures will be roughly maybe $1.5 million. >> and then where does the additional .4 -- i mean, because this contract along with the commissary generates $1.1 and there is still an outstanding need and where does that money come from? >> from the general fund. i mean, these -- the programs that it funds are larger programs. we do quite a lot of work with community-based organizations, and our prisoner legal services program is much larger than what is funded by just this program. so those funds primarily come from the general fund. >> and for the inmates that are in 50 bryant, the biggest feedback that i get is there is no location for services and so how is that
11:02 pm
particular population getting served? even though they are clearly paying into a fund that is supposed to be used to serve them? >> 850 brian -- there are challenges that go with 850 bryant. but we do have programming at 850 bryant, particularly with regard to this program. we have the one family program operates there. and recently we have augments that program, if you will, by inmates who participate in that program. we have been giving them phone cards $20 phone cards. so that once they -- after having contact with their families, with their children, through the one-family program, they can then make free phone calls to their loved ones after the program is done for the day. >> thank you.
11:03 pm
again, i appreciate the continual efforts of the sheriff's department to try and make sure that these programs are cost-effective for the inmates. because ultimately, as you know, the families are the ones who have to deal with the bills associated with the phone calls, the commissary and all of the different layers that exist. because clearly, as these inmates are in custody, they have no means to generate any revenue and this money comes from a lot of these families, who unfortunately, tend to be low-income families. so i appreciate the work done by the department to continue to decrease these expenses, as much as possible. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, president breed. i appreciate you bringing up all of the comments and concerns that you raised. when this contract came to us before slough then sheriff ross
11:04 pm
mirkarimi, i expressed a number of concerns about the high cost of staying connected with your family and friends, which evidence clearly shows supports rehabilitation when the inmate returns into the community. so charging them a lot of money to do something that we know will help our community later on, seems counterintuitive, but also to use the program to charging the families in order to provide additional services to the inmate also felt somewhat wrong. so i do appreciate the work to reduce the costs. allowing inmates to stay in better contact with family and friends. thank you for your work. >> thank you, seeing no further questions or comments from the committee. at this timely open up for public comment on item no. 2. are there any members of the public that would like to speak on the item? seeing no comments public comment is
11:05 pm
now closed. mr. hollins thanks for presenting to the gaoc committee. do we have a motion on the item? >> so moved with recommendation. >> supervisor peskin moving forward with recommendation and without opposition. [ gavel ] . >> thank you, madam clerk, please call item no. 3. >> would you like me to call all of them? >> yes, please call all the remaining items on the agenda. >> except for-- >> item nos. 3-27 are various collective bargaining agreements between the city and county of san francisco. >> thank you, madam clerk. nicki callahan, director of human resources for city and county of san francisco and thank you for presenting on the mous before the gaoc committee. >> this is a fairly simple thank you for calling all of the items
11:06 pm
together. we were successful in reaching tentative agreements with every -- regarding every expiring contract for the spring of 2017. and as i sat here i just learned that seiu ratified by 94% margin. so at this point all of the unions with the exception -- the second page is sightly out of date now. the largest remaining union to ratify is local 21 and they'll ratify in the first week of march. a couple of smaller groups, three smaller groups we expect to hear from the attorneys next week. but ratification margins, low est we heard is 59%, but some have been unanimous and been in the 90s. so i think our labor partners agreed with us it was a good plan of action, given the uncertainties we're facing as a city. i'm happy to address any
11:07 pm
questions. i'm sure you have seen the terms. it's 3%, each of two years. which what i will call a little safety net in the second year, if we should have major drop in revenue, or recession, we'll be able to save some money by delaying the increase by six months. although we wouldn't have to go back into bargaining, which is good for he everyone. we'll know the outcome. and i'll be happy to take questions. >> madam chair, i just want to note for the record we have been briefed about this as an entire board in closed session, as the negotiations were ongoing. and i have a question, which is should we -- do you want us to remove the ones where the tas have not been approved, item 10 for muncial attorney as the association and twu items and continue those? or do you want us to move those ordinances while they are still voting? >> we would request that you move them all forward in unt
11:08 pm
unlikely event that someone fails to ratify, we would request it to be pulled off the board's agenda. >> thank you, mr. callahan. see nothing questions or comments, we'll open up for public comment on these items. so any -- >> thank you. >> good work. >> thank you. >> any members of the public that would like to speak on these items? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] ms. callahan, thank you so much for all of your work. we appreciate on behalf the board. so committee can we take a motion on this item? >> i would move items 3-27 to the full board with recommendations. >> we have a motion to move items 3 through 27 to the full board with positive recommendation. we have a second only that. and we can do that without opposition. [ gavel ] >> thank you. ma'am clerk,
11:09 pm
do we need to take the motion to convene into closed session? can we make the motion to convene into closed session? >> public comment? >> before we do that, can we take public comment on these items? >> 28 and 29. >> seeing no public comment on items 28 and 29, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] >> may we take a motion to convene into closed session for items 27 and 28? >> would you like me to call the items? >> excuse me. >> would you like me to call the items? >> that is what i asked. >> item 28 is ordinance authorizing the lawsuit file by yu ern phan and gai thi fan nguyen again the city and county of san francisco and item 29 authorizing settlement of lawsuit filed by willie crawford filed against the city and count of san francisco. can we make a motion to convene into closed session? >> so moved. >> we have a motion and do that without opposition. [ gavel ] . we just ask members of the public >> all right.
11:10 pm
we're now back in open session. >> our city attorney jon givner. >> during the closed session, the committee voted unanimously to forward items 28 and 29 to the full board with positive recommendation. >> thank you, mr. givner. can we take a motion to not disclose items from closed session? >> so moved. >> we have a motion and we can do that again without opposition. [ gavel ] >> madam clerk, any other items? >> there is no further business. >> thank you. meeting is adjourned [ gavel ] .
11:11 pm
11:12 pm
>> (clapping.) >> good morning my name is phil ginsburg the great pleasure of service as the general manager of your rec and park department i want to welcome those of you to performing arts so today is valentine's day a lot of us have a little bit of a red accent for us there is really no better day to love our parks then with this amazing groundbreaking of the helen diller playground at the soefshg there is a lot of love in the air and long beach special people that have made today possible you'll hear from several of them i want to start
11:13 pm
allergy primarily acknowledging the tremendous generalist of the helen diller foundation represented by zach here and the incredible partnership of the trust for public land represent by the adrian and alex but a lot of people in the house. >> (clapping.) >> give it up p t l. >> (clapping.) >> so love; right? so you know there is no better day to love our parks than valentine's day that is the day that really celebrates the love that jackie and her family not city and playground for the pc location who home-based in san francisco as this city and it's parks are
11:14 pm
the love that civic center needs and deserves and the degree to which our children will love the playground with what in their built i want to give thanks and i'm going to turn it over to a couple of my bosses again want to thank the hundred foundation for frustrate for public land and my team in this project and i want to thank so many partners and institutions that are here that support this plaza dr requester our city larger than and many people have a vested stake in the amazing plaza so we are this is the day of celebration a day of love and my boss will introduce the mayor is saying history has many,
11:15 pm
many, many parent today celebrating this victory our president mr. brutal beautiful. >> thank you it's nice to talk over kids having a wonderful time in the playground in 2, 3, 4 challenging country i thank phil for arranging that prop behind me parents there are two particular parents ♪ crowd today they've been acknowledged but i want to say that again, the helen diller foundation and jackie have done a marvel thing great benefactors of the delores park if you been to another park now you'll see one most represents 3 different parts of the city that will
11:16 pm
serve all the community and kids that's something to be proud of you thank you for the work the family fountains and the memory >> (clapping.) >> and yes, please. >> (clapping.) >> our other partner is the trust for public land they've done a remarkable job with the rec and park department in all aspects of open space and public space in the city from hunters point to here and today and everybody in between i thank the trust for public land for on steering wheel job. >> (clapping.) >> new it's my pleasure i'll introduce the mayor let me tell you about the mayor one of the great benefits in san francisco our mayor came up during the system and knows how it work and
11:17 pm
public works gets done and build something in the city and knows how to hold people accountable to none knows the job better and i was going from the p t l partnership and chatting offscreen he said you know mr. mayor the country looks to you because of what you did with the park system no, no and not kidding won awards it is a great pleasure to introduce you to the green mayor, mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mark and phil as the president of the rec and park commission said we've got two great parents with been the helen diller and the trust for public land i can be a kid again (laughter) ii time to say thank you it's a pleasure to join supervisor jane kim who was worked with me and
11:18 pm
when the board works with the mayor you get free city college that's what you get. >> (clapping.) >> wonderful whole things we're back together on this stage for something i know is dear to here i'll say this the best gift we can get on valentine's day is to be with our kids i can't be of a better gift than the kids of tenderloin school right here the greatest gift. >> (clapping.) >> that keeps on giving you pay taxes when you get bigger (laughter) but i want to say thanks a great thanks to rec and park commission for just providing leadership of you're talking earlier with the trust public land and working with the nation we brought a sense a real sense
11:19 pm
of quality when it comes to open space everyone needs to grow up and really have the escapes for them that's why we're here at the civic center and the heart of city in front of the city hall were here next to the tenderloin and by the way, randy planning says this area because of tenderloin and all the changes with that because of central market and market van ness and all those kids we're growing at a 72 percent rate right here in the civic center 72 percent rate people want to come back and enrich their lives how could be better from the asian art museum and the museum is here when you have people that want to dedicate things
11:20 pm
library the economic trade off like putting those lanterns and last year that was rabbits i don't know if interpret moving he swear they were move the exploratorium and the foundation plaza you got another one in april the asian museum and the teen centers that working hard and all of them combined in inviting kids to come and invite and spend the day and afternoon i know with supervisor kim's office and the mayor's office and the police department we have people that are here all day long have to help them get them off the streets with the navigation center and the people helping to clean the streets like downtown streets work on yes - downtown streets in the house. >> (clapping.) >> no, of course, we have to help people to pick up the
11:21 pm
needles not just confined to the playground but welcomed environment we're doing that is with a hundred foundation and rec and park and all the plazas lovers in the city we're reclaiming this area for everybody and it is great that is sun is coming out it will be warmer and i know that we have to work hard if we don't then different forces will work themselves and have bigger challenges those are great times to invest i know randy he knows with the investment in the tenderloin and invest in the public spaces and invested in areas that have been overlooked for many years i suggest to you the the united nations plaza that plaza and central market are over looked now we see all the attributes of
11:22 pm
it coming to the forefront that is one the greatest community that is growing and attractive and those investment are coming in and the foundations are having evictions visions for everyone to use the spaces and families to feel welcome thank you to everyone and particularly to all over the place but public and private entities that come together with the random reply commission and all the people that love our families and youth to say we have more restrictive things to do and creating new relationships we have a new relationship with the hunters point folks that will help us to transform people's lives they're here thank you foundation. >> (clapping.) >> you know their looking at for people that use public amenity to make sure the amenities and we're monitoring things to have extra eyes and later on one of the things that phil was reminding me about
11:23 pm
three or four years ago we are talking about redoing the mraudz plaza i want more restrictive the people work all day long and so i think the worst places are the places we are taurt if you have more restrictive new light that's part of new redesign particularly in between the museum and the library and this area and you are more restrictive welcome a lot of the small businesses and dan's diner are expanding on their own dime they want to do more restrictive for themselves we're investing and keep on working hard to make sure that people work together and when we all work together the vision can come about let's keep the city working together and do the right thing and always honor the traditions of the city a diversity city a city
11:24 pm
of inclusion that welcomes everyone and works for everybody thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. mayor. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor a few more restrictive acknowledgements of folks that serve the civic center love hydra mendosa-mcdonnell from the school board and alex and alex walker rep assembly and jen and the entire office of assemblyman chiu came down and commissioner jim one the civic center historians that is a fabulous partner and by the way, sits open is civic center cd board i want to acknowledge the civic center braid for your participation and the vice president allen low who is here.
11:25 pm
>> (clapping.) >> and no doubt a few more restrictive to come as we hear from more restrictive speakers the civic center is an interesting case that is both a neighborhood park and our next speaker a champion for the paperwork in the tenderloin and south of market and together with her passion and her leadership we're doing a lot with the bodecker park we're working together for other parks and things in the tenderloin rec center and a new piece of open space not south of market area that we're working on and the next speaker supervisor kim is for front a pleasure to bring up
11:26 pm
scomplm. >> you stole my talking points speaking of what the mayor brought up thanks to randy shaw we are going we'll be initially the tenderloin new street lights program and it is going to make an incredible difference in our neighborhood to lit up the streets i'm proud to be here where the community that is actually, the second project that the city hesitate partnered with trust for public land in the district i represent a few years ago we reopened bodecker park in the heart of tenderloin and most amazing thing about bodecker park not how beautiful but it is still beautiful and activated today wouldn't have been possible without the generous contributions and partners like the trust for public land. >> (clapping.) >> but also all the
11:27 pm
community-based organizations that activate the park every single day and insure that the park didn't turn into a place that was unsafe but a place for seniors and children to joy in experiencing and planting i see some of the partners here i see the center and david and i see kate robison from the state passages that organize the volunteers in the afternoons when the kids are let out of school only corners when watching children for the after-school programs to make sure they're walking safely through the neighborhood the boys and girls club as well as many others this playground i have to thank jackie and the helen diller playground it is the most important playground if you've not seen the design it is
11:28 pm
amazing and beautiful with the incredible families of the tenderloin and mid market but for all the families the asian art museum and the library and all the employees stfl of but represent a park in the city the open space is so incredibly important we're growing in residents but also growing in families ancestry with you reopen bodecker park with the rec and park and to renovate the parks in the tenderloin as and open new playground in mission bay their parks that welcome our residents but help the residents to stay and raise their families again, thank you very much for the trust public land (calling names) who working closely with our
11:29 pm
office on those two projects and want to recognize our bodecker folks jan and others that have been fierce advocates for the district and finally thank the staff of rec and park i see steve is offers many of the parks thank you so much thank you for all your hard work and for commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to and our president and vice president i come to many of the commission meetings you've respond and advocated understanding that was a credible lead but a ready community that engaged and wants to activate all of the playgrounds and parks so thank you very much. >> thank you jane. >> (clapping.) >> a few more restrictive acknowledgements it is amazing
11:30 pm
to see how many partners showed up representing planning department who is involved if this phrase and guatemala the planning department with a longer plan has set it off and joaquin and from the mayor's office of economic workforce development thank you for your support and partnership in this. >> (clapping.) >> so supervisor kim you're doing something right the p t l loves this district in addition to that amazing park and bodecker work on the less play to renovate our 13 work playgrounds and p t l with the park alliance are incredible partners and in jane's district they're helping us to raise money for and also got great
11:31 pm
planning at the rec center another partnership as jane is right more restrictive families and more restrictive kids and density in the south of market this is one of the busiest rec centers and 80 excited to tackle that one, two that's my way of saying thanks to you all you're amazing with the 21st century government we need partnerships and we don't have a healther more restrictive committed and partnering with the trust for public land you're always there for us and in the success of this private-public partnerships can represent i'm absolutely thrilled to bring up adrian and others that will talk about the actual playground and want to acknowledge andy and emily here such an amazing job with the
11:32 pm
design? in my mind the most ambitious project no america truly a park it is extraordinary and wouldn't have been possible without the folks so adrian all years. >> thank you phil good morning san francisco i flew out from new york i heard that was sunny all the time thank you you're using things about the folks that represent you i'm here to reaffirm those and i really can do that with the senior vice president and former parks director for the new york city our goal is the trust public land all resident should have a park within 10 minutes a high quality park so
11:33 pm
we work with the parks directors and the mayors and the private partners across the country to find the money to build this their expensive engagement to make sure they're beautiful and so let me tell you what where san francisco stand we know they're in a sector whereby we ranged in the americans cities san francisco is number 5 but you're ahead of of boston and staeltd and chicago and and so forth here's something. >> (clapping.) >> you're ahead of all the other cities the most for all the factors is the score how many people live within a 10 minute walk of a playground in san francisco 95 percent of you live within a 10 minute walk of a
11:34 pm
playground so the tenderloin is close (laughter) so close and i have to say that was mayor ed lee's leadership and we're all hoping soon to be celebrating 100 percent to parks and playground that's pretty fabulous. >> (clapping.) >> another thing we measure your progress with parks and grounds something else that san francisco is way ahead of other cities the whole issue of entity so great to build parks and who gets the best parks a tough questions cities across the country are wrestling with the news that san francisco is well ahead of cities in the entity and analysis but acting on that the city of san francisco has dedicated with the rec and park
11:35 pm
department directing addressing this first and foremost so thank you to phil ginsburg leadership. >> (clapping.) >> that is setting a new standard in the entities the trust for public land is proud to be a long time partner we said 6 that is the shortest walk (laughter) we walked over here but worked there are names that you may recognize balboa park and hayes valley and, of course, bodecker in the new tenderloin going back 45 years in san francisco but saved the best for last the greatest and coolest and most beautiful playground in the america those two playground right here
11:36 pm
thanks to the municipal transportation agency gift of the helen diller foundations jackie your building the greatest playground in america it is the vision that supports beauty first and foremost and it is the playground and the helen diller playground in mission delores park and now the cool itself playground in america thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> al i didn't. >> thank you and thank you phil well, thank you everyone for being here i can't wait to see that but i want to say even though we've not broken ground yet but brought you us together here to this beautiful day valentine's day to be together
11:37 pm
outside that brought a wonderful community it together so many people for the design in so many ways into the process going forward i want to give a few shout outs i'll not get everyone but try first of all, jackie and phil i'm very i'm in. >> i think you always you raised the bar with excellence thank you they're both involved with the design of this personally so to the park and to the staff i see so many of you many came from the other side of the city and many from the office and phillip and helen putting
11:38 pm
together this our california board thank you for your support and dedication i want to really thank our consultant team andy and emily are here they have been such a great designer and their work attention it details you know the way we started this process working with a community and saying which picture do you want started asking people when you were a child what experiences do you remember in that made an impression on you that's how the design evolved and thank you corey will be doing the interacting lighting and be amazing it is hard to explain but will be amazing i think that as mayor ed lee said that originated four
11:39 pm
years ago you should do something with light and now it's happening i want to thank compton for making the beautiful structures and not being front yard of this. >> (clapping.) >> the boston the construction team they're committed working partners and not afraid of challenge and greases city officials and supervisor kim the mayor's office the planning department 5 and the public works the community benefit district all the neighboring institutions the museum and the library and another plan and many more restrictive that have participated in this process last but not least lots of community members that came to meetings and the bayview of
11:40 pm
women and children with the boyer school and last but not least all the children from the tenderloin are here a break from their busy day. >> (clapping.) >> and many of them actually gave the ideas for the design so they're here and going to say a little bit about what they look forward to thank you. >> thank you al i didn't one final special speaker but a couple of quick announcements supervisor safai from district 11 another champion and want to echo and thank you to supervisor kim for acknowledging my staff not the easiest place in the word but with dedication they everyday they pour their hearts out to stay safe and clean and joyous i want to thank the entire team from the park
11:41 pm
rangers to the recreation staff to the permit staff that provides assess first amendment to the women's march to everybody that helped on my team and a special acknowledgement to supervisor courtney representing the people of local 261 with all due respect the most important speaker alexander who is 11 from the school. >> (clapping.) >> she's the most important she's our consumer. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is. >> 457b8d a fifth at tenderloin i know this will be worth our time i'm looking forward to coming to this park again and again that's not the only thing i'm looking forward
11:42 pm
to i'm looking forward to making this park i'm looking forward to playing on the swings and sliding down the slides and looking forward to getting exercise this new project is important to my family and i this is also important because it is cleaner and safer and much more restrictive modern so i come to this because - it is guaranteed to be safe and clean it is also important for the family and i, we, get a little bit of exercise it would be a family park and get exercise i spent a lot of time in my backyard the reason why it is because i feel safe and comfortable and increase a lot of space i also sometimes go into the tenderloin parks called bodecker
11:43 pm
park and spent a lot of time in south park walking any dog i'm so glad the city of san francisco has places to harangue out in we harangue in school at the same time i love to exercise so i'm okay that that carbon monoxide i play outside on the sidewalk i have a friend that environmentalist every saturday and live next door and they they play hopscotch thank you for this amazing opportunity we look forward to community parks thank you. >> (clapping.) >> future generation with the rec and park department alexandra superintendant guerrero that's all there is we'll gather over here and break ground. >> we'll count
11:44 pm
ready 3, 2, 1. >> yeah. >> do it much.
11:45 pm
>> (clapping.) >> say a special thanks to our new police chief and fire chief for being here thank you and to all of the departments the growing number of departments under the zoning administrator's office and say to all of you and staff thank you for being loyal to our zoning administrator and thank you for working hard and thank you for all your years of
11:46 pm
service i thinks if my talks with zoning administrator kelly and i, we know that these are not jobs we can do on our own at the depend on great public servants and i'll say this when i was zoning administrator and i believe that naomi building this today, we have the best downstairs if all the world thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you charlotte hluet our competitive officer of protocol and my school advisors is here she's excited because this now is the city of the free city college thank you. >> thank you to all of you for doing that. >> (clapping.) >> ladies and gentlemen, i know that you know that this is
11:47 pm
a very special time in our city's history a time when we're rediscovering what diversity means we are reinvest in the things we truly believe in because we're all as a city challenged to do better and do more restrictive and certainly from the vantage point as a mayor i need other great leaders to step forward i have that in naomi cell not only a great zoning administrator but all this time having her kids a great mom yes. >> (clapping.) >> she led the effort and one the really people that i depend on on what charlotte and others to have one the best women
11:48 pm
conferences recently a lot of people on the agenda. >> (clapping.) >> and then i know that she's been at my side and working with the board of supervisors all the elected officials to keep our infrastructure going keep our city departments working but more importantly to keep the spirit of this city positive so at this point let me just say it is a pleasure to work with you naomi it's a pleasure to work with a mom which i think it historic for a zoning administrator and it's it's a pleasure to put up with harlan kelly all this time (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> so are we ready for the next 5 years all right. coming up up naomi
11:49 pm
>> (clapping.) >> please say your name after me >> and the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> against all enemies. >> (repeated.) >> and that i will bear true faith and allegiance. united states. >> (repeated.) >> and to the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> that i take this oath freely. >> (repeated.) >> without any mental reservation. >> (repeated.) >> or purpose of evasion. >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.)
11:50 pm
>> and during such time as i hold office of dir for the city and county of san francisco repeated congratulatio congratulations. >> thank you. >> i can't tell you how grateful i am for you mayor ed lee for a second term and thank you to the honorable
11:51 pm
board of supervisors every single one of you for your anonymous support in the years working with you want to thank you all wouldn't have been possible without the confirmation so thank you to you and all san franciscans that love this city as much as i do i serve ♪ capability with humility 5 years ago at my swearing in i felt the gravity and urgency of my responsibility and not regard them and that remains true today this is a job that i take seriously because san francisco is my home where i live with my husband and two sons and parents william and maria i experience first hand the decision at city hall in on a 4 pen maliciously appointed me
11:52 pm
as city purchaser one the first phone calls was was to ed lee also a city purchaser i explained the importance of the ability to effect change whether if so for providing opportunity to minority and women owned businesses insuring equal benefits to domestic partners paying prevailing wages and burden of proof products in emergency precipitating o preparedness those conversations led to the foundation and values of the zoning administrator's office in ed lee i proudly continue to this day with the new administration with religious registry i look forward to work with the immigrant foyers with the
11:53 pm
pathways to citizenship pathways and working with the immigration lawyers to train our residents how to respond to ice raids where from dollars will come to our sanctuary city that is evidence by the gop for the caltrans electrification as a planner i know how important federal dollars to our seawall? why we supported a $500 million transportation bond to support a three hundred seawall bond in the future as the trumpet administration talked about rolling bake the affordable health care act i'm honored to be working with labor and enforcement to implement health care accountability ordinance in the health care security ordinances that may serve as a backstop as women reproductive rights are threatened i'm proud to work with mayor ed lee we'll
11:54 pm
continue to address accountable childcare and promoting women in leadership and positions and reaffirm our commitment to inclusion and equality for all i'm grateful to my team among the 25 department heads of city agrees we have the privilege and honor of working everyday with you many of you are here today and two numbs to mention i'm proud what we achieved in the past 5 years and the great work with the eyes on the future i think my friend and colleagues here i'm so touched you're here with me like to thank you and unfortunately not here but someone who is true been a mentor in sacramento that is the willie brown he hired me 20s years ago at the age of 22 and
11:55 pm
he encouraged me to go to law school or not promote me unless i went to law school but truly in my corner as former gavin newsom and thank you you've been a dear friend 20 years ago and in closing because i know i want to party what all of you celebrations like this i always take time to invoke my family they're my anchor i have my 96 greatest aunt and my cousin denise . >> (clapping.) >> and they have been in my corner since the moment i was born i want to thank my father william and mother and harlan and sons -
11:56 pm
>> (clapping.) >> i know of my obesity are proud of the work i do i hear overhear them talking about it in the work many long hours and it takes time away from them i struggle with that at times but to listen to them talk about my accomplishment. >> what i do as a leader for the city and working with the mayor and the board of supervisors makes me know that is all worth that there are times they rather me stay home and bake cookies but the faith that all of you have in me and my love for the city keeps me going and collectively our voices will be heard and san francisco politics and the principles and culture will
11:57 pm
remay i have a motion main unsecurity guard and thank you very much i love to rk
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
commission reading today is thursday, february 16. i am just going to make a few announcements. so, welcome. if you could please, turn off an electronic sounding devices that could go off during the proceedings, we would really appreciate that. please, take any secondary conversations outside. if you would like to speak on an item today we do ask that you complete a blue card you do not have to. the process will be i will call off the names on the blue cards but after that, i'm going to just say if anyone else would like to make public comments, to come on up and you will still have that opportunity to make public comments even if you did not complete a card. commissioner, how do you [inaudible] for coppola public


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