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tv   LIVE Police Commission  SFGTV  March 1, 2017 5:30pm-9:01pm PST

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>> here with the equipment and can you please rise for the preliminaries the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> commissioner president turman i'd like to call roll please do so. >> commissioner president turman commissioner mazzuco commissioner marshall
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commissioner dejesus commissioner melara commissioner hing commissioner president turman we have quorum and also with us is the police chief chief of police william scott and the director of the police of accountability. >> thank you sergeant killshaw members of the public welcome to the wednesday, march 1, 2017, meeting the san francisco police commission first of all, i want to make an announcement from city hall please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, contractors will be testing tonight you will hear the fire alarms community-based off between 6 - between 5 and 9 it is only a test we don't have to leave the building hopefully it will not be disruptive but make
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pa call thank you if you have any questions call 415 about city hall testing to that effect. >> okay sergeant killshaw next item. >> to be. >> first of all, i'm going to be taking items 2 b off-line the deputy director is with us the deputy director is ill and not be able to attend with that, that's the only item on the agenda i see as needing any announcement about rescheduling or reprioritizing sergeant killshaw item one consent calendar request the chief of police to accept 200 plus from the hilton
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financial district so for the central station request of the chief of police to accept the gifts for the observation ed marched wong from the nob hill for the san francisco planning commission and other charitable organizations valued as $1,500 and request for the chief of police to accept the koomgs of $200 329 alamo women's club if fed rated for the departments community fund. >> okay. colleagues in your inpatient are separate memos on these requests to accept those donations are there any questions or issues regarding them. >> no. >> i move to accept. >> okay. >> public comment any public comment on item the the consent calendar?
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hearing none, public comment is closed. the matters there is a motion that has been seconded and sergeant killshaw can i have a vote by a showing of hands all in favor, say i. >> opposed? thank you unanimously approved next item, please. >> reports to the commission discussions chiefs report on recent police department activists with crime trends and promotions and overview of first thirty days of chief of police and report on traffic saturation and investigation. >> all right. good evening chief >> good evening commissioner president turman and commissioner mazzuco and board commissioners i'd like to start today with the kind of a breakdown of my first right of refusal thirty days as chief of
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police for the san francisco police department give you some highlights of the first thirty days here and i'll start with the most significant event forensic and for the most part starting with my second day in the position we began a reorganization of the departments structure and the thought process in the requirement behind the reorganization to support and create an infrastructure that would give us the best possibility of implementation and sustainability for the doj for other blue ribbon panel suggestions with the president 21st century policing and we believe our structure is now in place that will give us a very, very good that framework to work with those objectives that
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included reactivating the assistant chiefs position that has existed formally within the san francisco police department so we activated it position and had two chiefs and toney chaplin and assistant chief hector and we also restructured and reorganized actually took away one deputy chief but added some commander positions mainly one of the commander positions a commander position that was failed the test with commander david lazzaro there were many recommendations in the doj report that talked about the need to have a cohesive strategy with the community relations and
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to institutionalize many of the things to commander lazzaro will be tasked with public health department that together and taking that to an organization that does a lot of good things but can get better and institutionalize our community it transcends the snernld in my opinion a very, very important part of the structure that we note to maintain those efforts commander lazzaro has begun to formulate from the community engagement our strategic project we'll continue until we have to done with that, part of the strategic plan process another department of human services dr recommendations to have are community input so we have have
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begun that process to identify community members will be a part of the process and our community meetings and outreach we're actually putting the invitation out and will then a short time decide what those work and those focus groups are look like in terms of the community bureaucrat u input great under the purview of commander lazzaro with my point of view and the command staff i meet e met with a number of communicated organizations in the first thirty days spent a lot of time and getting out in the community and meeting with the associations and business members in the chinese and african-american community and jewish community the latino that community and business community members and have a whole list of folks i've met with given me a very good feel of where we need
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to go as an organization to address the concerns public safety and collaborative concerns those groups have a really good education for me coming from los angeles being in san francisco has been great for me and the people i've met with including hosted by commissioner president turman with the lgbtq community really, really have met some really welcoming people that are lou gehrig willing to work with me to make the city a better city other significant events on february 1st, we're suspecting the participation with the joint services and task force that was a big decision i want to
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emphasize your intention and purposes to keep the city safe we have an outstanding working relationship with the federal partner but we're going to look at the policies and adhere to the processes before we begin discussions on go where we'll move forward on is jttf this week with commander lazzaro a maid a number of promotions promote the following individuals michael to deputy chief and the policing bureau and promoted commander roberto deputy chief he'll be in charge the administrative bureaucracy and promoted captain dan guerrero to commander and i'll be in operations still and also promoted captain yee from the
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training division to commander and will be assuming a commander position in the administrative bureaucracy we have accomplished a couple of things one of the things in an executive is concerned about the sustainability of the department we believe we promoted people with capacity on connection to assume higher degrees of responsibility if it opportunity arise or selected by me or others we put ourselves in positions that was part of the progress and part of the plan in terms of the structure one of the things that i looked at in terms of the some of the people that were selected they're very, very passionate about the change we the transformation that doj
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blue ribbon panel of the 21st century policing initiatives and the recommendations implemented they're passionate about that and we think we have the leadership to get it done i'm proud to make those announcements and promotes we have a good team in place what we need to move forward and get those things done and lastly in terms of public safety it depends on other city departments and elected officials and a spent a lot of time meeting with elected officials and department heads an individual basis to get common ground on vision and to work with those individuals and those departments to make our city safer and deliver services
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that is take advantage of the many great things this city has to over there is a lot of vision in terms of off how weigh tackle the homeless issue the police department is not the end all we have to understand or think how we fit in the bigger scheme of things to sit down with the department heads in terms of my role as the chief of police and push to the members to really push down through every level of the organizations we understand how we work with other departments to police this city i've spent a lot of time during the first thirty days sitting down with the elected officials and others on where we go working together and those are the highlights of my first thirty days i will end where we are in crime
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in terms of the first month of january january of 2015 i want to share the comparison where we are this year where we were last year with the crime statistics by we are that up in homicides had a bad month in homicide june of this year 6 this year calendar to one last year we are significantly up and turned the tide somewhat and slowed down things we put the strategies to focus on the individuals in the areas where the crimes are occurring we have 10 up to date compared to 6 last year at the end of january down 26 percent in rates we had 50 next year january 31st of this year compared to 37 down 6 percent
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percent in robberies 200 and 456 and 241 this year aggregated assaults up in jangle 2016 compared to january of 2015 up robberies and in human trafficking we're down to zero first month in january where we had 10 this time last year and this is not to say those crimes are not existing those cases we identified are zero so we continue to put focus on those cases to make sure we bring those folks involved in that human trafficking traffickers to bring them to justice in terms of property crime we're overall down 8 percent from last year as of january 31st burglaries were down for must 50 and auto thefts
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it is 401 for a net of 164 arson down one from two million last year from january 31st of this year area permanent and other thefts we down significantly 8 percent but that number representatives from 3000 plus this year and 3000 one and 3 sorry last year 337 last year and 3307 this year that's significant over three hundred crimes down that includes the burglaries and automobile thefts we will continue to focus on but we believe that we are focus in the right place on the right people so the
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people that commit those crimes we believe that makes a difference that concludes my report. >> right. >> thank you chief questions for the chief commissioner. >> commissioner dejesus. >> thank you chief i have to say i saw those promotions and have to ask you questions i don't mean to be disrespect for the 6 promotions 14 members on the command staff two i understand you made 6 promotions they're all men i'm going by the names confrontations it for me, i remember reading in one the studies which one talking about the leadership reflecting the general population of the department and so some of the questions i have are you want you to answer in a broad sense
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were there any women in the running and if not what does that is a about the department you talk about developing leadership it is important to develop the women as well as the men and wondering about the command staff it looks like an aligning and latino offenders from the promotion that was another thing the ratio of our department of leadership i have the same questions were women in the running if not how do we develop and get more of a ratio that looks like the department as a whole. >> yes, ma'am let me address and do the comparisons with the command staff first of all, the command staff includes the sooivenz those numbers include civilian directors 3 that have the equivalent of a director one
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of the things we have to utility the talent of the civilian as command staff to be just that we have 3 command staff staff members that are services two are women and one man overall numbers as follows: with the command staff we are ti percent male and 91 female our department numbers in terms of men and women i have it right here - let's see - are 84.9 male and 50 percent female we're a little bit higher with the female numbers in the command staff than the department the demographics are 14 percent black and 110 hispanic and 16 asian and two percent filipino the numbers reflective of the
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entire department are 050 percent white, 9 point plus black, 16 plus hispanic and 16.23 percent asian so our numbers are very closely reflective of the breaks down of the ethnicity of this department with that said, to answer our second question everyone is in the running at the end of the day the positions are based on who we think can get the job done and putting the right people in the right places and discussions how we need to get better in terms of the pools that feed into working to a command staff position we have 3-2 current lists adopted a lieutenant and captain
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list there are women and the numbers are actually pretty close reflective of the numbers i read to you definitely take into consideration when we make the next round of promotions a number of captains positions same thing with the lieutenant we have to look at who are in the pools and those factors will be take into consideration but i want to emphasize in terms of the comparison where we are compared to the department is atlantic beach exactly conditional equal. >> so the two women out of 21 regardless if their sifkdz that represents he 15 percent of the department. >> no, no there are more than two don't forget to include the sivenz. >> okay. i'm looking at the command staff i was promoted e provided and asking who are the
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civilians. >> so the question the folks that are promoted no women in this round of promotes the overall numbers are reflective of the entire command staff. >> right. right including the civilians i saudi this as police officers i have the 21 that are department heads and only 2 women so make sure that percentage your including other women they don't say ranges i'm talking about financial gains so we're talking about women within the range and file that are promoted only 2. >> we have two women and with the command and deputy chief there are captains that are being developed two were
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promoted to captain the conversation goes beyond what is in the command staff it goes to have we putting ourselves in a position to have a pool we can draw from we have some work to do to make sure that pool is there. >> right. >> to make sure we can put the people in position bans the merit but effective of the diversity so in my opinion a conversation that the proemgsdz i made i assure you that is on the forefront. >> i agree when you look at where the budget and promotions with the financial gain and all the ranges and the minority but when you look at the budget and look where you're putting the money and make sure we develop women and minority and value them thank you. >> great, thank you. >> commissioner melara.
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>> yeah. you mentioned that captain was promoted to the commander. >> yes, ma'am. >> have you thought who will take his place. >> not ready to releases the names a number of captains to put people in different places rather and that goes back to your question giving everybody the opportunity to work the assignments that are deemed the premium assignments running a station is a premium assignment a huge responsibility you can do a lot for you're career and for separately. >> not ready to release the names we're having discussions who those people will be and shortly be ready to make that public. >> commissioner marshall. >> chief is there a report 0 i
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don't want to add to it i think that should be included in there your preceding over the first slrm and in your remarks especially i think well-received by everyone in attendance particularly the range and file and for it televised you should put that on your list and i did in the mel valor my first metal of valor and the stories that were shared they were really made me proud to be a member of this organization a lot of what we want our officers to be able to exhibit and some of the
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incidents and they appropriately received an award and also my first graduation so my first academy graduation we had a couple of nights after the metal of valor and again my honor to bring in in any first academy grace class in addition part of it i didn't mention part of what i've been doing from 0 day one even before i got here with the district stations and specializing in meeting with the officers and talking with the officers that continues the only station i have not invited will offsite was the central station but visited all the others gotten many of the line-ups see including the hall of justice and really that is very
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informative and meet the officers and talk with the officers hear what they had to say as well. >> any other questions for the chief. >> thank you, chief thank you. >> next line item. >> commissioners and president's report. >> the matters i was going to report they're taken care of the graduation and thank you are there any other commission reports. >> commission reports. >> two over here. >> xhirg. >> thank you president we want to report i've continued my world wind tour following the chief i'm not met with except
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for two stations everyone san francisco planning commission, southern station northern park, richmond and taraval and tenderloin in addition to the special victims unit and continue to be impressed by the quality of the captains and look forward to working with them. >> thank you, commissioner. >> commissioner dejesus. >> commissioner hing and i attend the oakland eis with the members of the department and the members of the police accountability and the bar satiation or association be we're so far head they talked about first of all, they really revamped their whole system and realize there are values and the values are not working for them their redoing they found this was what i heard maybe they fixed it but captured so much
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data the data was unyoursable they hired the mining company and look at it and trerntd so the department can understand and the department can pick and choose they put it in and captured it and developing a program for like 4 years now sorry two years i think so they can hit a button and bring up the status of the police officers nothing but they can bring right now a sergeant they found that didn't work they have a committee up to the captains and the commander and the command staff and have a committee and evaluate it they get a lot of false positives but evaluate and make an or a determination three hundred
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people and only two were counseled a documents from an array of people indicating why for the false positive or then so and that's something we need to fix our has a assert that makes that review and it is spread out and needs to be documented and how the data is captured i don't know if we have a my wife and i company i know that we have a cell phone program i don't know if it rivals but they're willing to work with us and keep it going forward and found they've been working with stanford and found do stanford people were able to all help that's the second piece that helps them interpret the data and when the data came out a report last year the officers
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said wungs that didn't reflect everything but an intelligence section that says we saw this person go what we stopped this person and it can vary so analyzed by stanford that will come out individually with the crime populated place it had been because of probable cause is a detailed report go writing they went back by a to the back to the drawing board i think you want to continue working with the eis we can work and i'd like to know about the systems our it is capture and our phones rival what they have in that place over there and have anything that is in our system they use
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the outside contractors and with stanford is up to speed working with the department and knows that san francisco/oakland has encountered flaws in their report and fixing it with the department oakland i'm wondering if we'll hire an expert stanford has a running start what to look for a no, i was impressed by the conversations that they have we if talk to rank and file but from the description of those in charge of the early intervention system sounds the conversations with the individuals they've identified as folks they should talk to have intended to be constructive with the goal of giving folks on idea and a supervision how to be better
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officers and officers and didn't hear from rank and file but well-received in terms of the stanford thing maybe that was when the meeting terminated but i was told that our department actually in potential contract negotiations with chicago on the possibility of them rather than stanford that's what i understand that is a possibility. >> who is i'm sorry who is the department person you working with on this on eis. >> yeah. it was. >> i know that was an i a and john. >> oh, thank you. (laughter) youngblood >> and captain youngblood with you as well as someone -
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>> someone filed in two members of the department of and someone from the district attorney's office san francisco district attorney's office. >> well and the dpa so it sounds like you should - yeah sounds like we need to form a task force to keep on moving forward. >> i agree i agree. >> and sounds like commissioner will be the person. >> that's fine that's fine i know about that and mr. alden. >> he's been helpful. >> sergeant youngblood and if oakland certainly has some tools they'll share with us. >> they were detailed for two years kraibd e draibd they're
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happy to share. >> any future commission reports. >> yeah. i'm sorry commissioner president turman. >> just briefly reiterate about what the chief said and commissioner president turman i spoke at the academy graduation we talked about the diversity of department this is an extremely diverse a class and seeing the families in the audience many languages were spoken had a class president graduated from the uc berkley and first time i saw one multiple awards so ann has an incredible future in the department a great class go, go reflective of the future of the department and proud to see that put together and joked the chief was pleased to give a senior member of the police department
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it is a good place to be hearin
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comment is closed. >> item 3 discussion item regarding staff for motion proposed by supervisor yee action. >> colleagues in your packet is the measure proposed by supervisor yee regarding our staffing levels rather than me doing is long presentation on the issues we'll have supervisor yee come and talk about the measure. >> is within our packets.
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>> good evening commissioner president turman and other commissioners and also chief william scott. >> thank you for hearing this at the board of supervisors we spent a lot of time debating police staffing levels for the years the charters as you may know we should have one thousand plus police officers were pretty much quickly approaching that number finally and we heard concerns about future roles as recruitments has been challenging in these trying times so also a lot of discussions about what is the best way to figure out what kinds of staffing for the future for example, last year the bucket legislative analyst
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introduced a report with finding that include that police staffing can't be based on population alone and can't - as the board of supervisors we're not experts in that and rather than us trying to figure it out or the mayor's office i decided that well, let's create a task force that can look at this work and the task force that i'm talking about is strategic police staffing and deployment task force one of the things i thought about - the board of supervisors creates a lot of task force and in the sense we don't know who should be doing it and one of the most logical things i think of this is about
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police staffing the police force should be in the police commission rather than an outside entity so the resolution or legislation i introduced to ask for that to happen i believe that really the police commission is the best body to stir the process a task force formed by this commission can help to identify and implement a comprehensive misrepresent approach for the staffing levels based on a variety of factors studies studies on calls for service crime data, officer withhold and population size i believe with a task force that as a cross section of public safety experts
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to safety the police staff and other stakeholders can come together to forge a path forward one of the things by having a mixer of folks in the task force we can come together in a conclusion as much as we i'd like i know that is politics are involved but the idea to take the politics out of this position and making it is too important to be making politics with the staff and the police department to make sure we have a safe environment for the city so as a starting point the police staffing task force are representatives that represent data analysts and community stakeholder if from the following departments the u.s. department of justice and police services and cops for short the
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san francisco police department command staff the off of the controller's office and the department of police albeit formally known as the office of complaints, the office of sheriff the department of emergency management and thanks to thank you commissioner dejesus for you're input i want to add she considered pointing out experts from the bar association so i want to commend first of all, before i forgot i want to commend the commission and the police department for the efforts no implementing the room of reforms identified by the department of justice i think you're taking on a big deal here so before those many reforms are underway and the leadership with
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chief william scott we can be creating the process for staff and the deployment given the public's interest i hope the commission will consider the process through the various community stakeholder like the murdered organization and jewish organization and the police community police advisory bodies i seen the board of supervisors as a partner in the work and building we - we do everything you can to support the process our commission believes that should be implemented that is important for me to know about tonight discussion to incorporate things into the legislation that i'm putting forth and by the way, that has been introduced and heard at the g o a meeting tomorrow that is
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moving quickly whatever i hear from this body i'll try to make those amendments however, with the thing that paper that my aid passed out there are some things that i wanted to amend so i'll put them out i wanted to, of course, changes the office of complaints to the department of police accountability to change the name and add language to reflect the task force should go include the bar association and thirdly, which is real important i wanted to add language urging that the commission - this commission to propose funding for this task force during the upcoming budget kindly so that we can be supportive at the board of supervisors level
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you know this is not something that you should think can be done with the statistics staffing it will take work someone has to do the work one of the things that i really don't want to fall flat on trying to do something with the lack of staffing and 5 years later found out oh, we couldn't put a meeting together that is important you look at this before we ask the controller's office to come up with numbers that might be helpful in terms of what kind of a resources you need to make a successful effort to you come up with the echos of this particular legislation so that's all i wanted to say and really thank you for tobacco this up tonight and if you have any questions i'll be happy to
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answer any questions you may have. >> thank you supervisor yee i believe that someone from the controller's office with us tonight and i've spoken with him as well about how this type of staffing study could be implemented and funded so i share your approach certainly in that respect but to clarify what you envision us looking at and basic bringing together experts community voice and certainly the bar association our own stakeholders within the sheriff's department and the police department and some of the other organizations you mentioned the department of justice, cops office which maybe tricky they don't unusually get
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involved we'll make the ask and looking at 1971 and saying is that as of 2015 the real number that we need to keep san francisco - at police level; is that correct. >> go beyond matching that. >> of course, to get to 1971 as a real number that actually takes as i believe we learned last week 200020036 officers so to get to the real number we'll have to - we'll - that means an even greater number of officers for on fte it is stated i think i don't know when 1971 was actually proposed. >> what year. >> this was 86. >> okay 86 - 94 so probable
6:20 pm
was not to look exactly at the issue but thank you for bringing it to us to do and certainly the boards definitely our partners as of the mayor's office i know that commissioner mazzuco shares your view on this matter as well as ask to chair this from the commission stand point and i think that the - i don't know from the. >> the corral person. >> great. >> so we're glad that the controller's office is on board they'll guide us in finding the spent and the structures and putting it together and discussed the general fund not
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the department fund i am concerned about staffing however, how - who we would and how we'll staff this particular endeavor but guess the controller's office can help us work through that as well. >> maybe we'll hear from the controllers. >> they've asked not to speak this everybody but if you have something to say please come on up. >> i'm sorry. >> good evening, commissioners stevenson a center from the controller's office i'm sorry how i dressed but ben rosenfield worked with the police department and the commission on several staffing organizational studies over the years and assisted you before with running on even if rfp if you want to hire a consultant setting the goals for the contract we can help to staff some of the
6:22 pm
processes ourselves i'm sure ben rosenfield urged you to be realistic about the time and resources required a robust community process is you know probably thousands of hours of work and meetings and we shouldn't get ourselves kid ourselves about those kind of things i'm here to listen if you need that help and listen to yourselves and the board of supervisors and the command staff to go forward. >> i understand as far as an rfp process we have qualified pools of experts to help us with the this type of endeavor is that correct? a their might be someone in the police department to speak about the police experts currently. >> i mean ben rosenfield told me we qualified pools in which we can run an rfp process and
6:23 pm
that's true for consultants of different types but not police expertise at the moment we have it and planning consultants and public opinion pool so some that might be he helpful but not specific expertise. >> thank you i'm sorry commissioner supervisor yee some of the questions from the commissioners. >> commissioner hing. >> thank you, commissioner all oh, commissioner dejesus. >> i'm a glad the controller is here because 0 i've been on the commission a long term and commission boundary had a consultant culpability that did a lot of this took the calls and the ac calls coming into every station, however, one person car and two person cars and the turn
6:24 pm
around time and did a good job and found out what sedations needed to take more and move some officers over there and instead of - the only down side when necessary presented this information went ahead and drew a line and the community waltz upset they thought it was set in stone we had a consultant with a lot of the information have 10 district stations that were equal and only moved two lines really two areas the southern and tenderloin i think only two areas that were effected and with that information question focused our community meetings about the areas affected by a change so i know we've done this before i wanted to say i think that is a good idea and
6:25 pm
commissioner mazzuco said this goes back to the san jose someone put it on the ballot and codified in the 4 but no rhyme or reason of the number of 1971 i agree and thank you for your leadership realizing you're counting the number of people so much more with that, i know we've used a consultant and i think the consultant should bring the information to the task force and the task force can decide what number they want rather than having that decided in advance without - input so thank you for that and i think money we'll have to come up with the money you know to pay for this 0 i don't know maybe that's what you work with the controller with or this department who do that before to gather that
6:26 pm
information and, see with the inflation and whatever we need to gather. >> my commitment is this is a reasonable amount of board point of view supported so - >> that's my commitment. >> okay. >> commissioner mazzuco. >> supervisor yee thank you for putting this forward i met with the supervisor we discussed this 1971 is number that commissioner president turman told us represents one thousand plus active officers on the street to get there close to 2200 officers administrative leave and military leave so that doesn't 0 include the national airport that is funding supported for the officers and the concern nobody know where this number came from the 1971 interest was no jurisdiction
6:27 pm
over treasure island there was no mission bay there was no ball parks neighborhoods throughout the city that increased the residential unit with the there the high-rises downtown area plan bring a large daytime population with the new businesses and high-rises we need to get a handle one of the suggestions i made to supervisor yee supervisor yee and did an analysis and compared us to other studies and found there that technically our numbers should be a lot higher so we hear from the community one thing i hear every time not enough police officers out there we discussed the beat officers the people on the street that is people feel more comfortable you know the change in the crime levels recently it is for the
6:28 pm
community wants more policing we need to figure out the right amount so thank you for doing that and getting past the 1971 mistrust urban design number i heard someone talking about at a restaurant. >> it is important regardless it has been a long minded it is good to review and see if you're hypothetical is value and my hope come to an agreement and then it becomes how do we get interest whatever number and have a much better discussion you know on the budget committee for a couple of years that should be part of the constitution how do we ramp up because for the last foe years is about trying to get to the 1971 in terms of the police
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academies you mean u as you may know the mayor and the board of supervisors have been supportive of increasing those numbers what we want to do is say well, look we had a good community process you know stakeholder were there and made be agreements and so when we go to the budget process again you know it will be more about the discussions how do we support rather than not deferring shouldn't do this and that and we have better agreements amongst all of us i think that is the way to go. >> thank you. >> commissioner melara. >> yeah. i'm supportive of this the only thing and i perceive on the programs and policies we're the populated body i like this
6:30 pm
resolution to be urgent to the police department and the chief of police because he's responsible for the operation of the department and especially because he does that here and being able to denominator what is necessary for his department. >> so that will be my suggestion that you know the preamble of the top should have the chief of police there as well. >> i'll look to see what makes sense i assume that the police commission is overseeing the police department and he's the lead, of course. >> commissioner marshall. >> so supervisor yee and the commissioners help me with my concern because that is the first - well the first i've seen and read it. >> couple of things my first
6:31 pm
one is we were scrubbed by the doj for the awards in the department 200 and 672 recommendations to consider what this you know that like the back of our hand where does that fit in the scrubbing of the department for the initiative was something that was recommended to be looked at i want to know that first. >> there is a number in the doj report. >> there is a call do diversity and krumentd as well as how you recruit and retention. >> does that specifically talk about - about the need to i'm just curious they went through a - did it address this issue. >> it didn't. >> it does not.
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>> secondly, and help me with the word - believe me i understand the 1971 is not there i heard that number - the other thing the word deployment tell me what that means i believe it means around staffing in the department that's the area of expertise can you help me out and in this context is that is a as your looking at staffing where and how they'll be deemployed that bothers me. >> this was not meant for the task force to say how to deploy our officers more of looking at what - more of you can't just
6:33 pm
to me it wouldn't come up with numbers without knowing the word. >> you see my concern i am comfortable about the use of word and the staffing levels i've heard going back to heather was talking about that but the world deployment conveys someone else but not interpreting that as strategies and how people are deemployed i don't feel comfortable i think your point is well-taken. >> for me ideals the chief i'll ask that word not be in there by looking at the staffing and levels that's why i'm concerned about creating another task force from the commission feels that is possible but we have a heavy load. >> beacon hill i'll look at that word deployment not meant
6:34 pm
for the task force to tell the police department how to run the police department. >> that's you are interpretation but might not be someone else's interpretation. >> i said i'll look at that. >> regardless of this in the report it is not it is coming from something else we are talking about making policies and procedures policies for the police department and i don't want to on the board of supervisors continue making up policies without having a good discussion from the task force were not formed what will happen we'll keep on playing politics with that number. >> i don't disagree but not put together a resolution that goes into gray areas the word
6:35 pm
deployment community-based organizations into that gray area looking at the number for me i'll ask the word be taken out. >> okay deployment because it can mean multiple things. >> i will look at it. >> chief so you have a position. >> i'll agree i think that easily missed and construed and the miss management of personnel the purpose to look at where we are in staffing and where we need to go plus or minus but can say misconstrued and into the management of the department issues. >> good i'm not sdraur i have to find different words to express but your point is well-taken. >> i'll join sxhaushz 19 commissioner marshalls request as well. >> go commissioner hing.
6:36 pm
>> yes. thank you president and supervisors thank you for your leadership on this excuse me - the way i read your resolution and why i'm supportive of it is that you're trying to put these decisions in the hands of the body that has the expertise and doing this rather than the political body or the board of supervisors and i appreciate that and appreciate you're honest on that and i'm particularly assured that - i feel okay with the point if you want to take it out that's fine what - the composition of this body includes a command staff of the police department and so i can't believe this entity would make unwise decisions based on
6:37 pm
even if deployment was not on the there is a motion on the table i want to commend you in taking this out of political realm thanks. >> i want to make a comment as you may know a lot of transition and started that with chief suhr and he was supportive and continued this discussion with the intern chief chaplin and he was good with that i've had less of an opportunity with chief scott i mentioned it to him not fair to say that was a discussion like i'm going to do this i hope it's okay. but only my intention that the command staff in particular, the chief will have a role with the commission. >> just to clarify folks, i don't know that commissioner marshall concern is with the
6:38 pm
bodied or the and the words i think his concern is people outside of process coming after the process with the word and read something more to it than what was meant by the body putting together or what was meant by supervisor yee i think i can't speak for you but that seems to be what i'm hearing; is that correct? >> yes. but the words out there in word and delve into that the spook to that point i'm a little bit i know you've spoken to the prior chief. >> talked with him about that; right? >> i mentioned it when we had a brief encounter but this has been moving forward and why i'm
6:39 pm
here listening to like your appointments for the deployment words i'm going to make sure that i'm sensitive to your perspective i'm asking you to do the work not some other body so if the chief chief scott has an issue with this he can let me know here or let me know privately it doesn't matter to me hopefully it is not an issue basically, i'm not taking out of it from you're hands. >> so - >> i have a recommendation. >> yeah. you know i'd like to formulate a motion we can move forward with this so we can you know move on it but like to think that we will take a vote on the spirit
6:40 pm
of the resolution and for the chief to work with the supervisor yee on those those actual words or their and can vote you know have either vote on the final resolution or leave it in their hands i think that the concerns that i think commissioner marshall and i have's expressed has to do with with making sure that the power of moving on the implementations of this plan is both on the commission level out of policy level >> about the operation level through the chief i totally agree with that that's why i've been doing this may or may not last time a number was transferred two years ago chief suhr was not approached with that number and i was one that
6:41 pm
was very not happy with that that was your that approach i'm trying to basically approach you all of you to be have a voice in this and take my voice out of it as much as possible. >> could i make a motion. >> at this point, i'll take contractual and be back. >> i'm of a different mindset first like to be through the chief and like i understand on the spirit but wording i want the wording to be cleaned up and accurate as it can when i vote on it i would move to table it myself and bring that back as an item when it is done me
6:42 pm
personally. >> what's the timing. >> tomorrow we'll hear it in committee. >> i think there's you know that that will go to the committee and the full board. >> we're talking about you, vote on it right here. >> i think we all agree. >> i - stop, stop. >> if you want to speak yeah. >> commissioner hing. >> that's the commissioner. >> sorry commissioner dejesus can we first. >> add another monitor to the budget. >> all right. i understand this is moving very fast and had it last week and only hear none i mean the process how we go forward in terms of us and the department and that's fine
6:43 pm
that's something we decide i hear one word deployment move with the adversaryer the spirit and striking out. >> you have the commitment on my part to introduce it. >> we should move forward and the meeting is tomorrow not holed up the process with one word and how we implement is up to us i'll second the motion with the understanding that we take out deployment and supervisor yee will follow through we support this and he'll move forward as part of the step to go forward address find out how much money to go forward. >> okay. >> let me just clarify - well, back to commissioner. >> go ahead. >> what was your motion you
6:44 pm
restate your motion petra. >> i made it. >> okay. >> i thought she did as well let's have that in order. >> i said that the - what i said was i will propose to support this resolution in principle without for now without the deployment piece and insure that the chief and spoefz get together that everything this the resolution goes according to you know the operational policies of the department and that's your motion. >> i made that anyone wish to comment motion do i have a second. >> all right. public comment next year any public comment on this item?
6:45 pm
hearing public comment is closed. >> all right. i was going to call you supervisor you confused me supervisor yee commissioners a motion to support the spirit of the this resolution that 0 supervisor yee has put forward striking the words deployment and insuring the chief work with supervisor yee office to make sure that all operational needs are met and that the chief retains those operational functions fair enough. >> okay > all in favor, say i. > opposed? >> i said i. >> okay that item passes unanimously thank you so much. >> thank you very much thank you very much for your patience. >> next
6:46 pm
thank you so much all right. madam secretary next line item and discussion and possible action to adopt the general order hazardous materials action. >> all right. chief i see that deputy chief ali is approaching the president of the united states who is not acquit the president of the united states thank you. (laughter) (multiple voices) (laughter) he's everywhere >> your better looking. >> (laughter). >> thank you, commissioner deputy chief ali to present. >> good evening, commissioners or public i'm ali deputy chief for the
6:47 pm
spell operations bureau with me is officer who is one of our long-standing members and experts in the departments explosive disposal unit with the expertise of hazardous materials forgive me this is an update to the general order this update is driven by science best practices which includes and enhance the consideration for public safety clear delineations for the responsibility of a multi disciplinary agency response to i understand involving hazardous materials if i can get the first page that is a high-level summary is of the changes in terms of definitions that are in this general order policy and
6:48 pm
procedures within the definition section an update on languages that resists the best practices and hazardous materials also updated in the policy section that makes it clear the san francisco fire department roll in non-criminal hazardous materials incidents as well as owls of it is a staff with the police department handling those incidents and are responsibly relative to non-criminal conduct as well lastly in procedures it updates and resist the changes in current law about locally and state agency administrative procedures and safety considerations specifically that also delineates the responsibility for investigation of criminal conduct associated with the hazard i didn't say
6:49 pm
material incidents with the special investigations distinction as well as fortunately unfortunately, if there was a loss of life in the hazardous materials responsibility of the unit with that said do you have any questions for me. >> it is my understanding this dgo has the revisions have been vetted through other processes did you hostility on that. >> i'll have the officer speak on that. >> yes. it has i've done a survey with the partners in major municipality city's and other areas. >> he's ours now. >> i know i have a film going
6:50 pm
through (laughter) but put down on names we're talking about experts in to the field this is bans the nation wide standards standards what is going on nation wide in the united states to get us updated as far as programs and policies go. >> was the reviewed by the department of public accountability and conducted as well. >> yes. that was. >> any other local stakeholders. >> i had extensive talks with i believe it was the poa optimism had confuses with them we workout and she was concerned with who i do the survey and compatible with the best practices nation wide i assured her it was.
6:51 pm
>> was that marianne the person. >> yes. that's correct. >> all right. any other questions commissioner president turman. >> i want to take the opportunity officers generally, you don't see him in a suit and approaching obama making the presentation but thank him for his serves or services he's done a lot of defussing explosive devices risks his life thank you for nothing you put in this i trust. >> this is - he is lighter usually has one hundred pounds. >> thank you chief and deputy chief. >> public comment on this
6:52 pm
item? hearing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners before us the department general order 8.07 as revised i'm going to entertain an appropriate motion. >> move second. >> all in favor, say i. >> >> opposed? that item passes unanimously 5 to zero. >> commissioner secretary next line item the address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda. a speakers the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners
6:53 pm
or departments or occi personnel. department, occi or commissioners are to respond to questions but may provide a brief response. police commission should enter into debates and please limit your comments to 3 minutes, please. >> members of the public in you have public comment good evening. >> good evening commissioners my name is sarah i'm with seiu 10 to one i'm here on behalf of off the employees and the department of police accountability on november 20, 1610, to one with the department of the police accountability the survey was not meant to be public now it is publicly e public is exposed the agencies
6:54 pm
that should be of concern to the commissioners we urge the commissioners to take the issues highlighted in the debate seriously we reflect long-term of the dedicated and hard working a employees many of the employees 0 would like to be here to express their concerns they fear retaliation they are willing to talk with the commission if they are guaranteed protection if retax we urge the commission to examine the moral and leadership issues at the pca by an investigation thank you thank you. >> next member of the public please. >> good evening my name is
6:55 pm
john jones my may comments please the commission those remarks are used to the commission as the staffing requirement of the police department i was at the berkley demonstration on february 1st i got there a little bit late so all the windows were smashed milo left the premises the sprays all spraying was done what i observed was a modest crowd like in the film matrix and they all did the citizen wall dance a band brass band a believe it or not i wanted to report to you that the police will announced at small site
6:56 pm
program some point that people had to leave the plazas i estimate i'm bad but about 20000 people and all young students associated with the university in my opinion that was a mistake one that is a crowd that wanted a fight i don't think they realized what a fight with a police officer would be like but wanted a physical connotation and the police were about to diversify it to them moreno place for the 2000 or 15 hundred people to go that's an example the played on telegraph hill started the playground that was recorded in the press with the vital connotation with the beating up of the driver one car and the closing of the traffic i wanted to tell you i think the
6:57 pm
officers in charge made a mistake if you have a large crowd you better have a place to go if you order them dispersed in particular case no place for that crowd to go now i know this crowd was described as riotous and the riot occurred before i was there when i got through this was a mellow group of people from police procedures from my preservation it was a mistake to ask them to leave and touched off the ongoing riot with the formal parade of rioters, if you will, down telegraph hill avenue. >> thank you next member of the public please. jackie san franciscans for police accountability
6:58 pm
this is an account by the mother of michael broadcaster was brutally attached on february 3wi8 police his aunt flagged down the police explaining that michael was having a mental health crisis and asked them to call an ambulance they said they would will you awhile michael was standing on the quack with the brother and cousins the officers rushed him and began to detain him michael was unarmed they had him face down on the ground and despite telling them he couldn't breath several officers were you on top of him and beat him up and attempted to assault him with the billy club people were told to get back they beat that him a he was at
6:59 pm
san francisco general for 4 days before transferred to the jail an bryant the police denied his mother visitations and any information she learned that the incident by chase the san franciscans police other received this account and really flawed in flies in the face of upcoming committee of the whole meeting where the police department would be accountable to the board of supervisors and in their implementation of the department of justices recommendations cops report recommendations and those recommendations are very clear about those having mental health
7:00 pm
criticize and the kind of interventions that need to be made this was a very strong recommendations that the police deescalate and use alternatives in dealing with those in mental criticize we see that no process has been made and how can we go in all truth to the board of supervisors next week and tell them that you have been implementing with all earnest the task forces recommendations when we see that we're still seeing the results of injuries to people who are in criticize of course, we need
7:01 pm
accountability. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next member of the public please. >> good evening, members of police commission my name is ray hart for san francisco open government. and it's been a while sins i've been here so hello to those who have seen me before on the third page alcohol, tobacco & firearms agenda a section called know your rights under the sunshine ordinance i am the proud person of 3 orders of determination with 3 departments in violation to provide public records and failing to allow public comment. so i think that my 8 or 9 years of doing this i'll put everyone on notice when i show up i look for two things primarily members of the public are allowed to make unimpede and unrestricted
7:02 pm
public comment they feel the body their commenting before they need to hear the second is when go members of the public make a public record under the sunshine ordinance arrest the california public records act a lawful requirement of the bodies and the departments to comply point ordinance and as i said, i have 33 orders for whatever reason bodies decide not to interfere with public comment or tell people they're not allowed to say certain things when the law says only restriction is time and deny them public records i've argued an apprentice to their public comment i can't make intelligent public comment if i can't get the documents necessary to provide the facts in - to support my argument
7:03 pm
someone is previous speaker mentioned the issue of the homeless and dealing with those with mentally illness it is strange the first police commission meeting i attended in 2008 the same discussion basically, i have always urged that if you fail to train the police officers and how to effectively deal and deescalate cases with the mentally ill are involved you're doing a disservice to the individual but primarily to the officers themselves if i'm a police officer and given training how to deescalate and position and because of the skill i'm able to avoid users a weapon i'll go home at the end of the night feeling better than if i have to use the weapon who it is needed is not the issue
7:04 pm
whether or not it is - if i had had another tool and could have voided using it i show have not had to do it. >> thank you in relation member of the public. >> good evening ms. brown. >> hello i'll use the real video i show all the time when i come. >> it is one thing to anticipate a death because of old age or sickness gunshots. >> it is quite different to experience the death of a loved
7:05 pm
one this is the most it in the circle that lost their sons. >> as ms. torres son (gunshots). >> she lost her second son that's my son graduating that's my son (gunshots) the other sons dying in san francisco. >> san francisco has xrermd an unprecedented number of homicides. >> that's the niece son laying in the streets these are all unsolved homicides including my son. >> 60 percent of the homicides
7:06 pm
7:07 pm
7:08 pm
>> (415) 575-4444 if you have any information please help this grieving mother and mothers like her thank you any further public comment. public comment is closed. madam secretary next line item item 6 public comment on all matters closed session including public comment on vote whether to hold item 8 in closed session. >> ladies and gentlemen, we'll be to go into closed session does anyone from the public have a comment but us going into closed session hearing none, public comment is closed. line item number 7. >> vote open whether to hold item 8 in the administrative code code action.
7:09 pm
>> i move > all in favor, say i. > opposed? thank you, ladies and gentlemen, of the public we're now going into closed session we will return from closed session that > .
7:10 pm
7:11 pm
return from closed session thret
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7:41 pm
streets don't accept this. cities have to be shared and have to be safe for everyone. one of the best tools to slow cars down and put an end to the deaths of people walking and biking skateboarding and driving is automated speed enforcement asc. there are numerous states around the country that already have ase programs in effect and have proven that safety cameras work. ase saves lives. they can help change the culture of speeding in san francisco across the state and the nation. in the mons-in a month memory, and as a member of the san francisco bay area family for safe streets, i'm proud to stand with assembly member chu,
7:42 pm
mayor lee mayor ricardo. and so many others who support ase legislation to save lives. i invite you,-i invite you in ending this carnage on our streets by signing a petition today or online at sf be a families for safe to demand that our state leaders adopt ase legislation. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you, allen and we are doing this or kaman. automatic automated speed enforcement is obviously a public safety approach. i very much appreciate the work we've done with law enforcement here in san francisco and in san jose and sacramento to really ensure that this is a policy that will
7:43 pm
work. i'm also proud that we have had a strong line of police in the city and county of san francisco who have been 1% behind ase and with that i like to introduce the newest police chief of san francisco chief liam scott. >>[applause] >> good morning and thank you a summary number two for your leadership on this important legislation and thank you mayor sweet and mayor regard up for your leadership in making this happen. in october of 2016 the san francisco police department in partnership with the san francisco metro transportation agency and the department of public health wants a citywide effort to reduce speeding in support of vision zero. on sunset speed is one the leading cause of the spirit and david traffic collisions in san francisco. as a component of the san francisco safe speeds campaign, we have implemented regular high visibility
7:44 pm
enforcement on high-end corridor and all 10 of our police district. our officers are equipped with lidar and honor streets to change on safe driving habits. automated speed enforcement were ase will be another tool we as a city can use to help reduce speed in san francisco and save lives. ase has been a success-has been successful in other cities across the country such as chicago, denver and new york city look for to working with a summary number two and mayor lee to bring that hereto san francisco. this new tool will build on the san francisco police department's focus on the five campaign to issue half of our citations for the five most common causes of injury collisions and those five are speeding, violating a pedestrians right away, running red lights, running stop signs, and failing to yield while turning. let's be clear. speeding is going over the posted speed limits. this new enforcement campaign is an effort to simply save lives good
7:45 pm
our goal is not to write tickets as a police department. it is to get drivers to slow down. that's why we are talking about it now and we will keep the public informed as these tools are installed in san francisco. we hope that the public knowing more enforcement will happen. speeding change behaviors under most collision prone streets. if our drivers [inaudible] opposite across every police district will enforce the law. so these, join me and him and women of the san francisco police department to make our city safe for all users of the road by slowing down. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you, ticket i just want to thank you and him and women of the law-enforcement or your support on this as we move forward. to speak about another facet of why we are here today in a hospital, to talk about
7:46 pm
the tremendous impact on medical and economic costs of crashes on our streets that are preventable if dr. lucy kornbluth from the san francisco general hospital trauma center. >>[applause] >> thank you. i am dr. lucy kornbluth. i may trauma surgery and critical care fellow here at zuckerberg san francisco general and additionally i completed my seven years of general surgery training in the ucsf system where i spent a significant amount of time on the trauma team at zuckerberg san francisco general. from this experience i can really speak firsthand to the impact traffic collision has on patients and families and the community overall. we are the city's only level i trauma ctr. which means that all the most seriously injured people are transported directly here for the highest level of care by the team of specialty trauma
7:47 pm
providers. we treat approximately 4000 patients a year here solely for trauma and nearly half of those people are injured in a traffic collision. that that over the course of your that means that the pager of the trauma surgeon on call goes off approximately five times a day, every day, to respond assess and treat a person who was injured in a traffic collision. the trauma surgeons here truly understand an attitude of this public health crisis. we are seeing on our streets as a witness it every day. particularly, tragic to be the head and neck injuries which are spirits by a third of people walking and biking. we see the friends and families mourn the promising futures of young patients whose lives are often asked extended but not fully recovered, and on a frequent basis we have to
7:48 pm
inform loved ones of the inability to save their family member were their friend despite extraordinary efforts. a recent analysis estimated the medical costs of traffic injuries treated at zsfg to be $35 million in direct costs. a year. and these are solely the medical cost. this does not come close to even capturing the immeasurable cost two people were injured or killed or to their families and friends who we have heard from today and we will hear from some more. this is why zuckerberg san francisco general, surgeons and staff having actively and very centrally involved in the vision zero initiative since it began providing both expertise and collaborating with public health epidemiologist to better understand both the problem as well as solution. as you have heard, we know that vehicle
7:49 pm
speeds are a main factor in predicting whether someone survives a crash and how injured they are in a crash. that there is very strong scientific evidence that policy that slows speed does save lives and it keeps patients out of our operating room. that is why we all stand here today with our elected officials, our city partners including sfmta eight and the sfpd, and the families of the victims to support this very important moments. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you dr. we have a few final speakers could i would like to invite up jenny you was a daughter of jenny-who was seriously injured in san francisco at the corner of hands-on park presidio. >> hello. my name is jenny you
7:50 pm
and i'm here today because of the not only my mom was severely injured by a driver who was speeding. i am also we are representing by family members, friends and the people around us both impacted by the responsible action by a driver in one of the city's most dangerous intersections. this reckless action cause my mom to suffer many physical injuries. including a fractured spleen waves and the damage for brain severely. my mom's brain is missing many pieces and parts and she is of your cognitive impairments. this crash took away my mom's ability to live a life. she no longer has ability to do what she has loved and has no real purpose in life. my
7:51 pm
mom now is a person who goes from multiple different personalities within her within a given our. sometimes she is someone with a severe all timers disease that sometimes she someone with a severe suicidal depression. sometimes she is someone was like an eight-year-old and sometimes she suffers from severe posttraumatic stress disorder. my siblings lots of altered since our day on february 22, 2011. the past six years we still wake up every day wishing this crash speed was just a portal nightmare. but we are reminded and face a daily struggle of not knowing who my mom will be that day. and how she will be throughout the day day in and day out. emotional pain and frustration are indescribable. we physically adjust our schedules monthly, weekly, daily sometimes even hourly, to see how we can do what we think is best and do what we can do to try to take care of our mom. things haven't given up to our health has taken a toll. the list is and was. but why i stand in front of all you guys today and relive this painful story is to urge our leaders to support families like mine with what is needed to stop these preventable crashes from happening. our streets should
7:52 pm
not be dissuaded and we have to take an action to to stop it. we also need to share our stories as families and individuals will experience such a tragedy so policymakers realize the impact on us when they don't take action to improve safety. the tragedy of the tornado [inaudible] how overwhelming frustrating painful and stressful days can be. san francisco bay area families for safe streets is here to put an end to these preventable tragedies by advocating for policy that save lives. on behalf of my family, i want to trust my gratitude to assembly member to and mayor lee and mayor ricardo and many others for taking a critical step towards achieving the vision zero by introducing automated speed enforcement legislation today. if afc had been in place my mother might not have been hit or her injuries may not been as severe with a reduction in the speed
7:53 pm
of the driver was going at. we cannot allow these preventable crashes to continue. ase is proven to tackle that speed of the and save lives. i urge everyone was listening today to take a step towards saving lives and stopping these crashes. we all need to play her part to change it. you can take that step by signing the ase petition here today were going on on sf va families for safe >>[applause] >> >>[non-english speaker] >> sign the petition.
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
>>[non-english speaker] >>[applause] >> thank you jenny. our second
7:56 pm
and final speaker is representing the san francisco missile transportation agency that is in leading our citywide efforts in this area and if we were to receive state approval will be responsible for carrying out ase. the chairman of the board shall bring them. >>[applause] >> thank you all very much. thank you for coming out to support this joint effort for automated speed enforcement. one particularly thank our director of transportation edit reiskin and are sfmta board of directors for their unwavering support for this. this feels like it's been a long road to get here advocates and agencies in san francisco have been talking about this for over 10 years to be here at this point is a big milestone. but we've all heard the numbers. we've
7:57 pm
all heard the emotions and we felt the emotions and we know what an impact speed has on safety under city streets. so i just want to talk for a brief moment about how we are going to get this bill passed and who's going to sport this bill. if you ask any parent in the bay area, any parent in the state what it is that are most frightened for their children when the kids leave the house by themselves those parents are going to tell you it is traffic violence. i talk to coworkers live out in the lovely suburbs of the bay area don't let the children bike or walk alone because they are so worried about the idea of traffic violence nurse so worried becoming a member of that club that none of us want to belong to. they are so worried about having to see the effects on their family of traffic violence. safely we have a way to change this. thank you so much assembly member to berkeley this-dissolution in front of us did so now i just want to make sure we all know were going to work very hard to get this bill passed but i think listening to all this today we understand what the benefits are good so we know
7:58 pm
that we can do this and if we all work very hard together we are actually quite to make our streets so much safer than when we make the streets of san jose and san francisco sabre other cities in the state are going to look at us and say, we want that. we want to stop the senseless loss of life that comes from cars and drivers speeding to our streets. so we are ready for this and we are going to go ahead and work very hard to pass this i thank you all so much for your support on this. >>[applause] >> thank you cheryl and i also want to thank a moment and thank director reiskin giggling paul rosen katie mccarty the team it sfmta eight been working on this for years. our final speaker is the mother of her daughter and she will tell the story of what happened at school crosswalk in san jose could elizabeth chavez. >> hello everyone. i will begin by introducing myself. my
7:59 pm
name is elizabeth and i represent [inaudible] who would've thought on may 14, 2013 our lives would've changed? on the afternoon of may 14 received a phone call from my oldest daughter. despite her innocence in a weak voice, she tells me, mommy, my sister is on the floor. she is dead. write them before she said coolly it was, i don't know if there was a mother's instinct i close my eyes and the first image that popped into my mind was eileen. i don't know how i got to the scene of the crash but once i arrived, i could see from a couple feet away her favorite pink converse sneakers and my daughter's body laying on the floor covered with yellow sheets. my five-year-old daughter was cut short. an
8:00 pm
inattentive driver struck my sister-in-law and two youngest daughters. eileen was pronounced dead at the time of the crash. despite the laws here in california, if you have a clean driving record you can get away with almost anything. as for the young gentleman he was only sentenced for 30 days in county jail and three years probation. i have no examined against this young gentleman. on the contrary. i thank you for calling 911. someone else in his use of hit and run. but it is that young gentleman was not speeding maybe my daughter would still be here. there is not a day that goes by and doesn't bring me back to that afternoon when i receive that phone call. i'm here today sharing my story pain that no other family goes through this when my family and i have gone through. if i could have-if we
8:01 pm
had automated speed enforcement in 2013 my daughter eileen could have been spared. she would have been in school today like every other child and i would have been working. i'm here to fight for ase that will prevent people from reckless speeding in our streets. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. that concludes today's press conference that i want to thank the members of the media were here good i think rather than taking questions i like to give all you view an opportunity to individual interviews with all of the many voices who are here and what effect are two great mayors. why think all the community and elected officials who are here vertically think our families and just and with one thought. from numbers of the public were wondering if this is the right policy, think about your family members. think about what you would do if you came home and one of them wasn't home. and that was
8:02 pm
something we could do to prevent it. we are here for alvin son, for julie sun, for jenny's mother, and for elizabeth's daughter. we have to get this done. thank you. >>[applause] >> >> >>
8:03 pm
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8:08 pm
>> i want to thank all of you for joining us on this web san francisco date. we are thrilled to be here and however-even though it's wet outside the sun is definitely shining in this room. our announcement today will lead to brighter futures for our students at city college. today's announcement is the first in the nation and led by our great city. and most of the cases [inaudible] commitments to support tuition for students across their state we hope one day our entire state will do what we are doing here in san francisco and the commitments were about to make today. as vice president of the board of education i know the important value of city college
8:09 pm
attentively for the thousands of students that you want from our san francisco unified school district into city college and graduate and has the mayor senior advisor i know firsthand how passionate the mayor is about providing access and opportunities for all our youth. particularly, as it relates to educational outcomes that will lead to a degree or a certificate and improve their future earning potential. i see daily his dedication to develop a strong workforce in my city coach is so important to him and to our city. so this time fees, join me in welcoming our mayor, mayor ed lee. the clapping >>[applause] >> thank you thank you hydra and i want to welcome each and every one of our supervisors that are here today are board of supervisors. i know the join me in the trustees of our community college in this, i think life-changing milestone for our city called but particularly, for california residents who live in san
8:10 pm
francisco need [inaudible] these days. let me first and foremost thanks supervisor jane kim. i know that- >>[applause] she has been championing a way for whether it was though valid to looking at increased revenues. worked with my staff and i think she said a few weeks ago that she really liked working with hydra so i told [inaudible] and quite frankly they did. i am delighted that supervisor kim has been working closely with hydra on this working group that represented aft, the federation of teachers as well as the chancellor, chancellor lamb and the board of trustees and of course as i mentioned earlier the supervisors [inaudible] who
8:11 pm
really wanted to see something happen in the city. something bold, visionary, and we have done so with the collaboration that we have. let me tell you, when [inaudible] works together we can accomplish great things. we are going to need that spirit as we face challenges on the regional front, certainly, on the national front. but this is one thing that we do well when we come together is we work for each other and we do bold things. let me harking you back to a time when community colleges were established back in 1960s. it was told to us the promise to the state was that they will be part of the great public education system that we now enjoy, that we still enjoy, in san francisco. somehow decades after that we seem to have [inaudible] with one crisis after another. welcome we have come back to accomplish
8:12 pm
what i was like to say, not making new promises, but accomplishing the old ones with people who understand the mission of our community colleges in our public education. i know that supervisor kim it understands that. she obviously has worked very well at the school board for many years and she has continued her commitment to her work as a supervisor and now that we have this we can say to california residents who are living in san francisco, you are community college is now free and quality. yes. >>[applause] it is bold to say that because no other city in the great state of california can actually say that. not only say it, but mean it's because i want to make sure that this
8:13 pm
free tuition complements the accreditation overcome that the community college has accomplished [inaudible] that was a wonderful thing for us as a city to come together as well. in addition, we never do things in one dimension. we also say who else do we need to help? and we have taken a look and this is where a lot of the internal discussion had to happen. this is where hydra and supervisor kim and others aft, had to also make sure that we do it economically sustainable approach particularly, for those students that are most in need. we were able to figure out to a grants program for those students that receive the board of governors waiver that they will get at least a $500 per year support for books, for
8:14 pm
fees, for transportation costs. things that are really costing students and adding to their debt and we want our students to be debt free could we actually want him to get the best jobs this region can provide, and so that was helpful. that's really focused on full-time students but we also had in mind to help those that are struggling as part-time . that maybe they will have a path forward to be full-time judge maybe they will be able to get their diplomas and certificates because as part-time students, may also have a need and we will grant program that will support them as well. the combined with the grant programs,, combined with a free tuition, combined with accreditation we have a big old story to tell about what people can do when they come together here in san francisco, and i want to thank not just hydra
8:15 pm
and supervisor kim and chancellor lim in the board of trustees, but they wouldn't be able to do it without the public's knowledge that we embrace our public education. it's not just education for education sake. because the work ahead of us is not just reduced debt. it's to get people their hopes and dreams. because when people go and educate themselves as most college students do, here, they want a good job and a career. that may be sometimes of two teachers they should never work in a vacuum. students, they shouldn't be studying in a vacuum. it should be about an entire community of people who support the goals of education. that is to get good careers. so we have our work cut out to get not just because we've done this foundational work of being a good bold vision for public education. we have work to do to expect people to do great jobs the jobs they can afford for their families on a whole
8:16 pm
families, to move forward together. i know a lot of people are dependent upon our city college. i know that combined this will really have great news for our city college for generations to come and i know that they will do really good because behind them will also be a lot of businesses and government want that talent to come through our city colleges. so congratulations everybody and again thank you supervisor kim for working so closely with us. >>[applause] >> thank you mr. maher could i want to thank you for giving us the time to dive deeper into developing this plan and engaging the supervisors, your department, your budget office in these discussions could i just want to publicly acknowledge the great work in support of our budget director melissa white house. and her budget lead chris will yell and i'll sort of thing controller and rosenfield and his lead. for their collaboration. those were really team members. to our conversation. >>[applause]
8:17 pm
for four years, served side-by-side with our next speaker could we team together as the president and vice president of the board at one point before she took unresponsive though to of representing district 6. when it comes to education supervisor kim goes beyond her district good looks at the bigger picture and knows the role education plays in getting many of our students often first in their family, and low income, to rise. these, join me in welcoming supervisor jane kim. >>[applause] >> thank you hydra commissioner mendoza also our board of education. it is so exciting to be here today. almost a year after we initially began this process. we hardly said before and i'll say it again there used to be a time when-that many good paying jobs only required a high school diploma. that this diploma was enough to get most americans an opportunity to my
8:18 pm
a chance, to enter into our middle class. that is why government in the 20th century made this incredibly expensive investment in our human capital by [inaudible] in a universal and free k-12 education system. >>[applause] that is something to applaud. but we know that times are changing and research shows that by 20 2070% of all jobs created here in the united states will require some type of post secondary degree, training, or certificate. 70%. politicians are taking note throughout the country. in 2015 president obama made an announcement proposing a plan to make community college free for all americans for two years. we have seen that states like oregon on minnesota tennessee kentucky, have implemented some
8:19 pm
type of program encouraging more individuals and high school students to sign up for community college. but what i am most excited that we are announcing here today in san francisco the city of many first, is that we will be the first city in the nation to make community college free again for all of our residents. >>[applause] we know that the elephant and the policy realm of cities across the country is our plumbing income and wealth gap. here in san francisco, according to the brookings institute, we have the fastest growing income gap of any city across the nation. over four years ago, it used to be that americans and the middle class outnumbered those that were in the upper income and lower income brackets of our country. today that is no longer true. we as politicians, as policymakers, are responsible
8:20 pm
for these trying to reverse the trends and one of the best ways that we can do that is by investing in our citizens and investing in their education, and raising their likelihood of succeeding in the bay area region. so this making city college free, is going to provide greater opportunities for more san franciscans to enter into the middle class and more san franciscans to stay in the middle class if they currently are. in fact the data shows if you have an associates degree from city college you are an average likely to make $11,000 more than the same individual with just a high school diploma. that is almost $1000 more a month. it is great and important to build affordable and middle income housing but let's also put more money in the pockets of everyday san franciscans. we can do that by partnering with the great institutions at city college of san francisco and i
8:21 pm
want to acknowledge chancellor lamb and her staff for working with us these last april on helping to form late to plan. i want to give a big big big shout out to the san francisco labor council, connie for the vice president is here today along with kim paulsen the president and of course, this would not have happened without aft 2121 a president- >>[applause] and our political director alisa messer. >>[applause] they were important components of this program because when our office began rain storming and drafting an increase in the real estate transfer tax here in san francisco acknowledging that the luxury market was really impacting everyday san franciscans get we actually did not know how to best spend down those and what was the best way to invest [inaudible] coming from the luxury building and housing market. [inaudible] the labor council and aft 2121 came to us and said let's make city college free again. and when
8:22 pm
they first approach me i thought, wow this is really ambitious but i don't know if we are going to make this happen. if not for all the data and work that had been collected over the last year to labor council aft 2121 and the city college administration there is no way that we would be here today announcing this amazing program and we are absolutely making city college free for all san franciscans residence. >>[applause] this initiative will assist roughly 30,000 students that we know are san franciscans enrolled in city college today taking a critical is at minimum and we are also anticipating and thanks to the mayor's office to their proposal-anticipating growth as well. so i want to thank the mayor personally and hydra mendoza. from working with us to get the right numbers and also making sure that we put in a cushion to
8:23 pm
both encourage more residents to take a credit course at city college but also to ensure that we can welcome them all in as the city college enrollment grows. so thank you so much for committing not just picking city college freight but also to committing to the growth. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> so finally, i just want to recognize the city college board of trustees for us here to fit in with us since the very beginning of last year president rafael minimum and current president the slb trustees i can do as a candidate campaigned on proposition w pussy out randolph owner community coach residence i'm sorry students who campaigned on the trail thank you all so much. we could not have done that without your leadership and trustee john rizzo was in the back row so i could not see you >>[laughing] he spoke at many of our press conferences. icr board of supervisors here when my cosponsors on the supplemental and proposition w erin peskin,
8:24 pm
thank you. two supervisors ronen safai and in december after they got-after their elections were not sworn in but-official, immediately committed you are vote to making city college free. thank you all so much for working so closely with our office and i'm sorry, supervisor sheehy. they do also much that there's a lot of think used to be had but i think the biggest thing is that in august follow 2017 hopefully, by this thursday we will be able to announce all students will be able to attend city college for free again. i am just going in a time when there's so much darkness and disappointment and fear and anxiety throughout the country, as we see leadership in the white house that is promoting
8:25 pm
exclusivity, that is not promoting inclusive society, that is in fact trying to divest from the citizens of the united states, we here in san francisco can be a beacon for the rest of the country and say, in despite of that we can be the light and we can provide a greater investment to our residents and the we are absolutely committed to growing our middle class here in san francisco. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> i miss working on policy projects with you, jane but don't get any ideas mr. mayor. i like this particular project. i want to thank supervisor kim. i also want to appreciate your openness and working closely with the mayor to arrive at this well crafted program that accomplishes both of your goals. both the goals you both had and the commitment made to the stakeholders in the community. i also want to thank ivy league at your office. >>[applause] for all of her engagement and her hard work and the role she played in getting us on the same page.
8:26 pm
over the last year and a half, interim chancellor steve and susan lamb has stepped up and focused all her energy to ensure that city college is open and accredited and she has accomplished that. >>[applause] on january 13 we also rated the news that their accreditation is reaffirmed and we can now focus on building up enrollment and supporting her to run a great community college. we didn't give susan much time to revel in the news before engaging her more deeply in this plan.. so, please join me in welcoming our interim chancellor, susan lamb. >>[applause] >> i hate to say but i think the previous speaker said at all. i almost want to just say, did oh but i would be the correct though if i didn't say i want to say thank you as a
8:27 pm
singer thanks to the mayor for putting this city forward in a place where it does have a promise of free education for the citizens of this city. and the work of supervisor kim, who has worked tirelessly over the last year of moving this forward engaging in the conversations and making this a reality. and the conversations with the board of trustees, of making this a citywide commitment to truly educate every citizen of san francisco. this will be going to the community college board of trustees. this thursday. we are very excited about this opportunity. i know people have mentioned this as an opportunity for us to grow and in some ways, it is. but i don't think that is the primary reason for this. the primary reason is so that every person
8:28 pm
in the city has an opportunity. there aren't just in educational opportunity but an opportunity for their families, for their work, for improvement so that social economically they can get to a better place, so that that impacts them and their families in a positive way .,, when we look at the-when we look at our next generation coming up today, the students that are in san francisco unified, the most likely indicator of whether they will go on to college is whether one of their parents went to college. so when we look at not just the people that are enrolled today but the people that are enrolled tomorrow this is probably one of the biggest factors that will determine not just the educational future of the city, but also the economic future of this city. so i want to get profound thanks once again to the mayor them onto the supervisor, the board of
8:29 pm
trustees, aft 2121 that continued to drive this forward with their leadership and look to it to a positive thing for our city, for our students, and for all of us. so just want to say thank you on behalf of the college. city college, i am so proud and so honored just to be a part of it. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you so much chancellor lamb. i want to welcome pres. breed who is just joint thank you so much for being here for supporting these efforts as well. supervisor breed. i want to thank you chancellor lamb. i know we often times but you between a rock and a hard place but you -we argued we fussed, we have not shared pleasant thoughts and-but overall, it was-no, it was all great. we got exactly what wanted to get accomplished and i know you are
8:30 pm
>>[laughing] i know this. you bring was just for the students and i really really appreciate that. i also think your cfo ron gearhart who- >>[applause] there was a point where susan were not allowed to talk to him because he been said that you want to protect him and so she said you can call me and i will talk to ron and we were able to work all that out but he worked tirelessly to ensure the numbers and the forms that we used to develop the program are accurate. so thank you so much for that. you know, being a resident in san francisco who went to city college as well and to be one of the leaders at san francisco unified, i know the value and importance of our community college and the leaders that are heading up our community college are i can have a huge task in front of them, but each step of the way we want to remind you that we are with you side by side. and that we are going to continue to support the efforts of our community college good as
8:31 pm
supervisor tim was saying when there's so many things that we as a city are doing to protect our residents, that no one else in the country are able to do, we just made an announcement last week mr. mayor, of what we are doing with our public housing and how we are building communities to ensure our lowest income residents know and feel that they are part of san francisco and i think this is a step in the right direction that reminds all of us how incredibly valuable it is for us to be residents of san francisco to be able to work in san francisco and to be able to pull out of this bubble every once in a while and give praise and recognition for the great work we are doing here in this city. so at this time i want to be able to open up for a few questions that maybe some of you may have. hi annette. width >>[inaudible/off mic] width >>[inaudible/off mic]
8:32 pm
>> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> item of the chancellor has actual numbers. students at city college. we do know that over the last two years that the number of san franciscans residents enrolled in any number of credit courses, one, two, however money was roughly 20,800 over the last two years that these are san francisco residents enrolled in at least one credit courses one credit course. last year when we campaigned to make city college free, it was very important to
8:33 pm
us that we talked about a program that was free and universal to everyone. and i spoke about this a little bit in the beginning of my remarks but american-american government locally and throughout the state decided to invest in a universal and free k-12 education system because they believed at that time in the 20th century that was what was necessary to provide citizens a foundation in order to the tools they needed to succeed into the middle class. we are learning today that in the 21st century that a high school diploma is no longer enough to compete in today's market. that close to 70% of all jobs here in america will require some type of post secondary degree training or certificate by 2020 so it's very important to us that similarly to how we may k-12 universal and free, even to to the children of the founders of [inaudible] that community college should also be free to all residents that live here in san francisco. but that is a government investment in all of our citizens. >>[applause] in fact we are asking those who are making the most in san
8:34 pm
francisco to contribute to making city college free. so why shouldn't city college be free to them as well? that's my response that i don't know, chancellor, if you want to talk about the numbers at all or if you have them? >> so the formula component of this was really challenging because there's multiple ways for us to calculate how many full-time and part-time students that we have. so when we are going to be approaching this is paying for credits. when we think about the number of students who are in-do not currently have a waiver were going to take all the rest of those credits because that really lands us on a more accurate amount that the city can invest without counting that headcount. but we are really clear on how many
8:35 pm
part-time and full-time students will be able to receive the grant component of it which is close to 10,000 students, because they all-they both go through a process that think over the next two years while we are in this-with the formula that we are using, we will also be able to collect more data. so we currently,-if you're eligible for bob you have to make $70,000 or less as an individual work 37,000, or less, as a family of four. so that is not a lot of money. so you are right. we would love to be able to understand what the threshold would be should we be giving-you know brands to those that are within the 37-125 like gov. cuomo has been quoted as saying in his program. we don't-city college doesn't collect that information they've no reason to collect what people's income is as we don't have that. but we do hope that over the course of the next two years as we implement the program we will be able to identify some additional data that will help to support making the program even stronger. but that idea that 37,000 is the current threshold
8:36 pm
to get financial aid in san francisco is daunting. yes? >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> what constitutes a san francisco resident? it is one year and a date them into a california resident. if you're not a california resident you pay a higher fee at city college. so you pay $234 per credits versus the $46 per credit if your a california resident. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] width so it's a california resident of lives in san francisco. so we will be- >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> correct. so this will be -the details and the mou were going to be identified because that's the kind of information that will be built within the system that we want to develop at city college. so, in addition to the funding we are
8:37 pm
providing for the tuition and for the grants we are also giving city college a half million dollars to build the infrastructure and the capacity to ensure the program can get implemented. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> we do know-what we been working with is this idea that 80% of those that go to city college are san francisco residents. so we have data on the-on the zip codes. so we will be running through what the proof of residency requirement will be. but if you can prove you are a san francisco residents then that is what we will be-that is credit will be taken care of. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> the method of proof has not been confirmed. correct. but we have methods within community college already that identifies san francisco residents. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> so we are not-right. in a
8:38 pm
public schools we don't allow that to happen is we investigate those to be quite frank. we will determine white that will look like. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> leeann? >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> i will answer the first part of that. so the total budget per year will be 5,000,003 and 66,952. so the way that breaks up is we are going to be covering the creditor classes to the tune of 2,000,092.632. we will be covering full-time bob
8:39 pm
recipients for $100 - excuse me - four year. that's $250 for the fall and for the spring. that total is not to exceed $1,578,000. then we will cover $200 for our part-time students could that will be $100 for fall and 104 spring. that number is not to exceed 8400 - i'm sorry - 1,696,003 under $20. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> the money from the tax, i don't see melissa who would- >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> yes. prop w was worded such
8:40 pm
that all the tax and general fund. of course we have needs and this is where a lot of the conversation, the more delicate conversation, happened was that we needed a sustainable approach to this that had everybody including the city family engaged with this because also property taxes quite friendly transfer taxes, our little bit of volatility in them so we did not want to have promises built solely on that promise but on the fact that we will commit to this. this is two years they forever commitment and so what i have always preached is that-that we keep our city economically strong while we do this because a strong city can then afford to do these things for our residents that bring old promises back to reality. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> we will continue this
8:41 pm
average. we do it to your budget we do five-year financial planning and i'm glad now that we have city college and all of its folks to actually be part of the city budget process. under the board appreciates that. everybody does. it's a much more responsible approach because as we have learned school district cannot act alone. now the city college cannot act alone could know we all act together for the benefit of our residents, and i think this is a good start. i think this is a part why we have to be together with all of the different agencies that were working in san francisco. not just siloing off with each other. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> so this money except for
8:42 pm
500,000 number which we are using for programming and seven, all this money goes directly to the students. it is basically a pass-through to the students in terms of-it goes straight to their fees. basically, we put all those fees we provide the documentation and then provide that to the city and we still have to work out the details of that on the mou. so that this isn't actually new income coming to the college. it is basically a grant that goes straight to our students. so that said, it will-we are anticipating-it is a piece of helping to grow our enrollments. were doing active engagement with san francisco unified mode with the city business community, and then also with our partners with the fire and police department to bring back some enrollment to city college. that said, we do about 35 nine dollar step down in our budget and so what we're
8:43 pm
trying to do is be fiscally responsible and slowly step down our courses while at the same time growing our enrollments. we do have a lot of empty seats. we have a schedule that's basically built for about 85,000 students. so we want students to fill those seats. so we are welcoming people hate, come back take of course take a language course, expand your mind take a music course or come back for some retraining. get a plan on a different job. we have internships in stem cell research, in it security, and so come back to give us a try. >>[applause] the >> so once again thank you. congratulations. we have free city college in san francisco good we should celebrate that we want to thank all of you for attending. thank you. >>[applause] >> >> b was >>
8:44 pm
week. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the san francisco. the reporter: has many opportunities to get out and placing play a 4 thousand acres of play rec and park has a place win the high sincerely the place to remove user from the upper life and transform into one of mother nachdz place go into the rec and park camp mather located one hundred and 80
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square miles from the bay bridge past the oakland bridge and on and on camp mather the city owned sierra nevada camping facility is outings outside the gate of yosemite park it dates back before the area became is a popular vacation it i sites it was home to indians who made the camp where the coral now stands up and artifacts are found sometimes arrest this was the tree that the native people calm for the ac accordions that had a high food value the acorns were fatally off the trees in september but they would come up prosecute the foothills and were recipe the same as the people that came to camp
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camp is celebrating it's 90th year and the indians were up here for 4 thousand we see every day of them in the grinding rocks around the camp we have about 15 grinding sites in came so it was a major summer report area for the 92 hawks. >> through there are signs that prosperity were in the area it was not until the early part of the century with the 76 began the construction of damn in helpfully a say mill was bil
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- >> we're back in open session. and you still are a quorum and so is not present. >> all right. so let's continue on so commission item 9 to disclose any or all discussions in the closed session administrative code 67.12 action action and. > all in favor, say i. > opposed? okay. that's unanimous. >> item 10 adjournment action item all in favor, say i. >> opposed? thank you ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned hi
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left right halt i had a burning doorway to do the right thing and join the department such this we my brother applied and fortunately we'll here and this means a lot i'm home everyone night to study and we workout together and it is a blessing i have a brother
8:49 pm
to go home and fed off of one another we're the twins but pretty much we're not treated and individuals sometimes treated as a item if he did something wrong they use the word instead of you the it heroism we're going our our separate ways and good morning our own individuals middle of steadfastly a twin all the it but inside of the district i've seen negative and positive things and with that made me want to be a police officer i want to give back and do public serve always a class president i dealt with everyone and served my class not only be humble enough to serve my class and pierce being a squad leader is a
8:50 pm
responsibility of maintaining my squad and being that voraciously person i need to step up to the challenge i believe during the 8 months i fulfilled any dude and after graduation just be a good officer to learn the skill and profession and give to the community to give the best to them and be a helpful hand that's the main thing and the new people coming into the did not know why you're doing it join the department for the right reason and do it to help the community and it is sharing you're time when you get into the department do is commented to the craft and enjoy it along the way enjoy it along the way i encourage you to talk about over with our families and talk 2 over with yourselves ultimately
8:51 pm
you'll do the job and find a senseably reason for doing it after the hard work everyday for 8 months straight and finally it pays off and you know as honey honor and privilege not anyone can do this job i look forward to getting often the street and learning and hit the ground running it will be a surreal moment day one i thought months here but sat down me and my brother talked about it and we're on the right track and stay focused and walking tloo across the stage is a huge honor
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>> neighborhoods in san francisco are as diverse and fascinating as the people who inhabit them. today we're in the sunset, where we'll join supervisor tang for the inspiration of this show, where we explore san francisco, one neighborhood at a time. hi i'm katy tang the district 4 supervisor in san francisco, which is comprise of sunset and parkside neighborhoods. i think what makes district 4 unique is that we have so many different cultures here. we have so many different generations of people. different experiences and that makes it a vibrant neighborhood. for example, which you go down urban street you can do to a
8:55 pm
japanese restaurant, chinese restaurant, american restaurant, and the cultural diversity is just what makes it so amazing my name is ching le, and i'm the owner of the kingdom of bounty. 17th san francisco, 94116. we make the most authentic and different kinds of dumplings and dim sum. recently more and more popular because they are vegetables and meats that we use fresh vegetables and meats in the business. it's really inspired to start discover your district series, because i wanted to find a way for neighbors to come and get to know our small businesses and our neighborhoods. get to know each other, get know our office, and do so in a setting that was unintimidating and fun. so i launched this idea call the
8:56 pm
"discover your district," where we go every month to one or two small businesss in district 4 and we have done things such as learning how to make dumplings that we're learning today and there are so many different activities that we have exposed our residents to. >> today is the very special day, because the city of san francisco hosting this for san francisco city. learning how to make dumplings and knowledge of dumplings. they love to do it and all enjoy it. >> this is definitely not my first time making it, so i have definitely improved a lot. the first couple of time s i tried to make dumplelings they looks inedible. they have definitely improved. there is a special dumpling eating contest, which is amazing.
8:57 pm
everyone those eat the dumplings that they made and see how many they can do. i'm curious as to how many they going to be able to down today? >> don't forget to write down what you are eating today. >> we make all different kinds of dumplings and enjoy what they made. so after that, we'll have contact how many pieces of dumplings they can eat and announce the winner and announce the winner today. [horns honking] announcer: the first step to getting into college is finding someone who can help. for the next steps, go to
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together we can support your children. it's been my dream to start is a valley school since i was a little girl. i'm having a lot of fun with it (clapping) the biggest thing we really want the kids to have fun. a lot of times parents say that valley schools have a lot of problems but we want them to follow directions but we want them to have a wonderful time and be an affordable time so the
8:59 pm
kids will go to school here. we hold the classes to no longer 12 and there's 23 teachers. i go around and i watch each class and there's certain children i watched from babies and it's exciting to see them after today. the children learn how to follow directions and it ends up helping them in their regular schooling. they get self-confidents and today, we had a residual and a lot of time go on stage and i hope they get the bug and want to dance for the rest of their
9:00 pm
>> madam secretary? >> roll call, commissioner willie adams. >> here. >> kimberlee brandon. er >> commissioner woo ho. >> item 2, approval of the minutes of the february 14, 2017 meeting. er >> all in favor, say aye. er >> aye. >> opposed? >> item 3, public comment on executive session. >> is there any public comment on executive session? hearing none, public comment is closed. >> executive session >> >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? we are now in ext