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tv   Recreation and Park Commission 21617  SFGTV  March 15, 2017 12:00am-1:38am PDT

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commission reading today is thursday, february 16. i am just going to make a few announcements. so, welcome. if you could please, turn off an electronic sounding devices that could go off during the proceedings, we would really appreciate that. please, take any secondary conversations outside. if you would like to speak on an item today we do ask that you complete a blue card you do not have to. the process will be i will call off the names on the blue cards but after that, i'm going to just say if anyone else would like to make public comments, to come on up and you will still have that opportunity to make public comments even if you did not complete a card. commissioner, how do you [inaudible] for coppola public
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comment today? >> testing 123 good morning all. >> is on >> how many people in the audience intend to testify today? given the number then we will give everybody 2 min. that will get us out of here by late tonight. [laughing] go-ahead width so you heard that 2 min. on public comments. if you would like to make general public comment that means is on just general comment i'm not on an item that's on the agenda. that is on item 4 and that it's continued on item 10. when you do make public comment we ask that you address your comments to the commission and in order to allow equal time for all neither the commissioners were staff will respond to questions
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to the public during public comment but they may ask staff to respond once public comment is closed. last, if the fire alarms activate you must evacuate the building in an orderly fashion. using any exit. please, note that the elevators will immediately return to the first floor and are not available for use. if you do need assistance out of the building please, make your way to the closest area of refuge which is directly across the hall in the men's restroom. inside the restroom there's a little speaker box. press it city hall security will answer. let them know where you're at and they will assist you. and with that we are now ready to start the meeting. so i'm going to very quickly roll call buell here loo low here anderson here bonilla here harriston here mcdonnell here we are now on item to which is the president's report.
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>> given the number of people plan to talk i will be very brief and simply congratulate the staff on a traffic groundbreaking for the new civic center the ground at the helen denver dillard family is funding good i think the mayor was very excited about it as well and has some very nice things to say about the department and what is going on. so i add my congratulations and with that i conclude my report. >> is there anyone who may wants to make public comment under the president's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. we on item to the general managers report. >> thank you president buell. for that and thank you commissioner low for being there. as the president noted, we celebrated the groundbreaking of two playgrounds at civic center plaza. there were $10 million film philanthropic gifts from the honduran foundation of which we are very grateful for. a couple other announcements. on march 3 and fourth sundown
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consider powering down your devices and kickstarting the weekend with i hiked a ride or a jog through your favorite part. national day of unplugging encourages people to step with him from their devices for 24 period and reconnect with nature and love once. we are proud to be a sponsor for about the fifth year in a row of this event. we also like a camp registration starting on march 18. that is for summer registration for our programs. it starts at 10 am on the 18th online and at 13 sites around the city. this summer your kids will have a choice of more than 80 different camps including traditional camps like highlight and sober traits as well as exciting new games like rock climbing urban pickers camp at alamein he
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farms and rural sports can. that's just a small sampling of what we have to offer good each summer we were close to $1 million in scholarships for classes cam and learn to swim programs that serve more than 10,000 participants. so. to entry is never ability to pay. the san francisco deltas and the new professional soccer team playing here in san francisco have their opening game on march 25 at our very own keys are stadium. which we are excited to get their season off and look forward to seeing you all at keys are. lastly our green acres program is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 program season. this is a partnership with a port of san francisco and youth leadership program offering teens a chance to play an important role in their community. they perform purification market parks throughout the city participate in the leadership workshops and choose products based on their entry. so if you know any teenagers interested in giving back to the community, please, spread the word about the application. thank you. he was is that your report point
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>> that is >> thank you it there anyone that wants to make public comment on the general managers report? seeing none, this item is now closed. we are on item for which is general public comments. we will allow up to 15 min. and this item will be continued to item 10. at this time members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public and are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and the to not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items, you will have the opportunity to address the commission when the item is reached in a meeting. is there anyone who would like to make general public comment? seeing none, this item is closed. we are on item 5 which is the consent calendar. richard fung is richard here or is in the overflow room? [inaudible/off mic] no. item 2 has been close.
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>> i'm in the overflow and it takes moments to get on >> when you go ahead and comment on item 2 >> yes. i been concerned about the concourse authority privatizing golden gate park. it's causing a lot of problems and i would like to see the concourse authority contract seized. it's been a bad deal for this city and is a bad policy for parks in general. the idea that you can have massive events which damage properties and then the public can't use them for later events and then the public who try to put together their own events, can't use their own parks. so the concourse authority has abused the system for over a decade now and it needs to be stopped. i'm david grace here in the city >> thank you. >> [applause] >> let me margaret, what make you with this. we will have a
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public hearing later and we really discourage people from demonstrating, clapping, cheering or making comments from the audience. it just slows down the whole process and everybody is here to try and make some constructive progress on the matters thank you for doing that. >> okay. richard, come on up. you have 2 min. >> good morning mr. buell commissioners. i have an issue on b on trying to to the dog play area on cape hatteras and [inaudible] they have eight-i try to speak about issues before the capital committee and what is happening is when they are we doing all the animal square they're going to have a problem. there's a fight the drop-i was think about [inaudible] and i was also wanted to try to bring in the part about having artificial
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grass. i been told that they're going to just use natural gas you water twice a day that can make it salty, slippery, and when people like mark buell step on it i like anyone bigger than me is going to be pushed down. [inaudible] okay the problem i'm also trying to push is chronic toxicity. we've all that ammonium, the year and the everything else. they've already included the [inaudible] drainage system but have a problem where they're going to use it. so what i'm trying to have the department look at and hopefully take into consideration is artificial grass which i usually don't say anything positive about. have an extra drainage underneath their and little rocky top
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loose small little pebbles and drained the rain off. that's about all i came over to talk about. hope we will give it consideration. thank you very much >> thank you. >> is there any mouse would like to make general public comment? that comment on item under jurisdiction of the commission but not on the agenda? seeing none, general public comment is closed. we are on-or was that the consent? that was general public comment. sorry. item 5 is the consent calendar. anyone like to make public comment on the consent calendar? okay seeing none, item 5 is closed. commissioners, we need a motion >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. so moved >> okay. we are now on items six which is the san francisco zoo. and as a reminder this is a discussion only item. >> good morning tonya peterson
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executive director and president of the san francisco zoo. first let me give you your due date attendance. as of january 31 2017 we have had over 500,000 visitors. that is because over a budget of 497,000 visitors by 9000 visitors so a good year so far. with that if i could turn to our powerpoint. it's the month of love at the zoo. we have two-for-one specials for senior citizens. we don't card our senior citizens and is not limited to san francisco residence. this is something we offered last year and was enjoyed by many seniors. also this month we are celebrating all good things american. we will have special presentations at our north american animals including our rescued grizzly bears and her disabled alter ego. we take pride in our north american wildlife could it will be open rain or shine but first 100 visitors each day will
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receive punches to keep them dry at the zoo. this year we are proud to participate in the international polar bear they get this a global event to bring awareness about warming arctic and its impact on polar bears. as a reminder san francisco zoo is home to one of the oldest bears in captivity could she was rescued from church oh cancer she was considered a bad there because they're going into town to feed. as you know, the ice is melting and a lot of the polar bears in northern canada are starting. this worker during the month-during the weekend of february 25-26. that night that enable the twilight tour and keep busy while and until 7:30 pm. our valentine gift to you is the birth of a baby lighter. you can see that little guy there. he is orange and his mom is black and white. this is a fran├žois languor and endangered monkey. there's very few left in the wild due to fragmented population in their native china and vietnam. come see
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this little baby before he turns from orange to black. we, too, have an open our registration for spring and summer zoo camp. as a reminder, over 2000 youth participate in our camp last summer and over 400 families with toddlers and a little earldom. we open registration yesterday and already 600 families have registered get a great way to teach our next generation about conservation. lastly, you will see some construction at her primate discovery center with the expansion of our chimp exhibit. this expansion helps improve the habitat of our three area check gems also allows us to bring into chimpanzees from local research facilities. with that i and my report >> thank you. >> is there anyone would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, this was discussion only. >> thank you. >> so we are on item 7 the open space fund contingency
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reserve-camp major. >> good morning commissioners dedicatory director of operations. he item before you is discussion possible action to approve the allocation of 291,000 dollars from the open space fund contingency reserve the undesignated reserve, to fund relocation of the ropes challenge course at camp major and to acquire and install two prefabricated cabins for it staff housing at the camp. this item does align with our strategic plan strategy want to inspire public space specifically objective 1.2 which is to strengthen the quality of assisting parks and facilities. commissioners you may recall in 2014 the
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department requested in the commission approved allocation of $20,000 from the open space fund contingency reserve get this on the commissioners reserved to fund facility improvements to camp matter. what are the key implements that was funded in that 2014 allocation with the design and installation of a ropes challenge course. working with a nationally renowned challenge course designer project adventure, we designed an exciting ropes course that it has been installed in the stand up tall trees near birch lake. it is proven to be one of our most popular camp features. every week in the camp season there are far more campers that want to participate in the ropes challenge course experience than we have capacity to provide. which means we really have waiting lists for the ropes course every week of camp. two years ago partially as a natural outcome of the devastating fire the conifer trees at camp matter as well as all the sierra nevada came under attack by the pine bark beetle. it's tiny but voracious insect that bores into conifer trees and quickly kills them. the beetle infestation has decimated over 66 million trees all along the sierra nevada and there's no measure to, at this or slow the
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vector other than below freezing temperatures in the winter to guilty egg masses that were deposited in the trees layer. our existing ropes course installed by project adventure in the camp of trees is now a casualty of this beetle infestation. the trees used for the course apparatus and the trees surrounding the course of all been infested and died over the last two years. consequently the tree condition makes the current ropes course unsafe for continued use. the department has consult with project adventure again on relocating the ropes course and we have jointly decide upon a ropes i'm sorry the course designed to be installed on 50 foot poles instead of trees could the project adventure has provided us with in an attractive and challenging design for such a course and we've identified a site at the camp back and offer the same wilderness feel that our current tree installed course offers participants. for those of you familiar with the camp is off to the-that would be the eastern side. easter birch lake
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, east of the shanks out in the what we call practice camp where the courses take campers for their horse ride and breakfast on the way up to-on the way up to hog ranch. also it's near the road that goes up to where the water plan is. so it's a fairly open area and we feel this is a good location for its. the projected cost for this project is $240,000. it includes a cost premium to construct a course using the puc job order contractor authority. the estimated cost is a result of the following factors. the course designer will require acquisition of tall poles and installation by footing and guy wires which was not in the original course design which utilize trees. the course elements in the design are somewhat more complex challenging and interesting that original course design bus more expensive. salvaging
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elements from our current tree course design for reuse in the new poll course design is only minimally possible. as with the previous rope course construction we are proposing to use job order contracting authorities of the puc at moccasin which is already in place for the puc's ongoing work at hetch hetchy. the projected cost from project adventure is a worst-case scenario. they have not completed their design drawings yet and are still completing project cost estimating. it is very likely that the entire project cost will be less than the projected $240,000. and if so any balance would be returned to the undesignated reserve. the department is making this effort allocation request now so that funds are identified in the available for project adventure to proceed with their work to have a new ropes course installed and ready for the 2017 camp season. additionally, and linked
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operationally to the ropes course, our camp staff component has increased over the last few years and we've offered were recreational options to our weekly campers. a ropes course that is early part of that staffing increase as our increased number of lifeguards custodians, and other summer employees were to deliver a great summer camp experience for our san francisco families. the staffing increase has overstressed our ability to house staff for the summer good rather than convert existing cabins for staff use, which would in turn reduce number of families who could be up at camp matter each week the department has identified a prefabricated cabin built in california that can augment our existing staff housing. the cabin design which you can see in your packet at attachment a is a log cabin cap design appropriate to the overall camp look and feel. if approved the department would acquire two of these two-person cabins and install them in the vicinity of the two existing staff dorms at camp which are nicknamed the
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shanks. each cabin is $21,500 assembled and delivered in our own maintenance group within finish the installation electrical hookup and footing into crushed rock based at the site once delivered. this acquisition would also be completed using the pugh sees job order contractor authority which again incurs a premium. so in summary of the requested allocation for you, commissioners, from the open space fund contingency reserve the undesignated reserve, is the following. ropes challenge course design and relocation installation is $200,000. contact premium essay that 20% is $40,000. the two prefabricated two-person cabins at 21,500 each is $43,000 and the premium for that is another 20% at $8600 for the total request coming up at $291,600.
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there is adequate fund balance in the open space fund contingency reserve. to fund this request that you can see attachment b for the current account status of all three sub funds of the contingency reserve. with that the staff recommendation is to approval of an allocation of $291,600 from the undesignated reserves to fund the design and relocation of the ropes challenge course at camp and to acquire and install two prefabricated cabins for extended staff housing at camp matter. in support we have friends of camp major and there's no known opposition. >> thank you. >> is there anyone would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? >> this item was heard in a committee with the recognition to approve. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> second.
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>> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. so moved thank you >> we are now on ida made recreation and parks department budget for fiscal year 2017-18 and 2018-19. >> good morning commissioners become kitty patricia tony. i'm here this morning to ask for your approval for the department's budget submission for fiscal year 17-18 and 18-19. as of today we are looking to solve a budget deficit of $1.5 million in fiscal year 17-18 and 2.6 million in fiscal year 18-19. those deficits are driven primarily by some revenue shortfalls in the current year that we have to account for in the budget. primarily from our parking garages. and primarily frankly from union square garage which is seeing a significant
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reduction in revenue which mta proposes is related to the central subway project as well as probably some ongoing loss in revenue just related to the increase in ridesharing services. i do want to say when i was here in operations at the end of january-no beginning of february i said that stockton garage was eating similar reductions and at the time they were seen is 75% reduction in transient revenue. that was wrong. it was more like a 7% reduction in transient revenue. so i want to correct that for the record. so, the budget we submit to the mayor's office on tuesday, february 21 has to erase these deficits. this
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slide is a summary of the solutions we are using to address the deficits and to make some fairly modest investments in the budget over the next two fiscal years. so as i noted the base budget shortfall for 17-18 was $1.5 million. we have totaled new revenue of $3.1 million which once we solve the deficit will allow us to make an investment of $1.6 million and then it both fiscal years we are funding a general fund capital and deferred maintenance budget of $15 million. in fiscal year 18-19 we had a $2.6 million base budget shortfall. we have identified new revenue into the $4.6 million which allows us to make about $2 million worth of investment. this is in one overview of changes to revenue year over year. it shows the
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current fiscal year budget. it shows the base budget for fiscal year 17-18 which is the amount we budgeted for 17-18 at this time last year. as well as the proposal now for fiscal year 17-18 and 18-19. you can see here and i will talk about this in a minute-that there is a pretty significant reduction to parking garages and pay parking $1.3 million next year. less than year after. then some increases to program and permits revenue as well as in your two significant increase to the open space fund could the open space fund numbers are parliamentary. to get the controllers also give us final numbers at the end of april beginning of may and that's what we were actually in the budgeting. so, the revenue the next couple of slides talk
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about the incremental new revenue that we are proposing to budget could go the gate park concessions, this includes some additional revenue at the japanese tea garden, both the concession and the gates. so lake additional revenue from facility rental permits. from athletic field permits. from little bit of revenue from special event permits good $200,000 in additional revenue from the outside lands concerts in each of the next two years. some additional revenue for citywide concessions. in fiscal year 18-19 the citywide concession number goes up by $150,000 and that is because we are hoping and expecting to install an ice rink in civic center plaza for the holiday season.. that won't happen next year but the year after. then some additional revenue from a recreation programs in this includes revenue from camp matter, from-arts studio in a
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little growth in our program revenue. i do want to note that in all of these cases the additional revenue is just from growth and usage. it is not related to any kind of a fee increase. the recreation program revenue, i also want to note is net of any scholarships that we give out. so at this point we are awarding well over $1 million in scholarships on an annual basis. but even with that, we still will see some growth in our program revenue. little bit of additional revenue from camp neither. we are going to draw upon a reserve for the union square garage when you may recall mta knew that construction of the central subway project would have an impact on union square garage revenue, and so, part of
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the project they actually received funding from the federal transportation administration to pay rec and park 79 dollars to be held in reserve to be allocated over time as we need it in order to offset the loss in parking related to the project. so we are assuming we will draw 200 and additional $250,000 in each of the next two years from that reserve. we have budgeted $200,000 in funding from philanthropies for scholarships. so while we are giving it away $1 million a year partnership staff is raising money on an annual basis to help offset those scholarships. i put in a plug for crab fest which is happening next thursday which is part of that fundraising. we have some fund balance in the gulf fund which will help us to offset expenses
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in the golf fund over the next couple of years. then the single largest source of revenue to solve our deficit and help us make some investments in the next two years is growth in the open space fund. just a reminder that our planning documents our strategic plan, our operational plan, in our equity lens are providing a roadmap for the investment that we are proposing to make in the budget. a few highlights from our operational plan that the commission approved in january. we are proposing to implement 58 new initiatives in the next two fiscal years. those initiatives include implementing a community-based part control staffing model. prioritizing deferred maintenance renewals in parks
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inequity zones. we are proposing to pilot a spanish language permit assistance function at mission playground. as well as we are proposing to expand youth programs that emphasize movement and wellness. we are going to develop a list of operational and capital needs that we can use to work with our philanthropic partners to direct resources to places that are at the highest need for the departments. we are going to increase volunteer support in parks and our equity zones. - excuse me - and were denied a second class of green acres. we are also developing an internally focused equity-based learning initiative and we are identifying technology to help us enhance service delivery. so the next several slides outline where we are making investments in our budget to be items that
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are highlighted in purple here are items that we believe we demonstrate our commitment to our equity lenders. so we are going to hire a new maintenance planner to facilitate preventative maintenance training. we are going to add a cement mason to the budget to tackle deferred maintenance. two labors for park cleanup and a little bit of additional funding for materials and supplies in golden gate park. under the strategy [inaudible] we also are putting $50 million in capital and deferred maintenance over the next two fiscal years. so we have a general facilities maintenance budget of $1 million. we finally have funded camp made her maintenance at about the place it should be. we will be
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replacing synthetic turf fields and actually that item should be highlighted in purple because the five fields that we are proposing to do are all inequity zones in the next couple of years. funding for grass field rehabilitation we are continuing to fund urban forestry as well as court resurfacing and then the budget for next fiscal year also includes funding to help us address playground that will be worked on through the play sf initiative including buchanan st., mall perks playground and hide any part of the 700,000 for those three projects is in addition to other coupons funds that are available. under our strategy to inspire play, we are adding three recreation specialists to really be the core of our afterschool
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program, tlc program which is the tennis learning center. we have rolled this program out at hamilton and betty [inaudible] we are adding recreation specialist to coordinate citywide wellness and programs. were also adding some funding to create ongoing support for baseball for all, which is our summertime girls baseball program. under arch chatterjee to inspire investment, we are adding some funding to support civic center plaza and we are also proposing to fund the development of mobile application for the department. inspiring stewardship. the initiatives here include adding a community development assistant to support housing while verbal populations, adding an intern to support our
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expansion of the green acres and stewardship program. implementing an ambassador program at dolores and, parks. as well as some funding for outreach to equity zone communities. then finally under our strategy to inspire team we are proposing to add a couple of additional apprentice gardeners in the budget could this will take us up to a total of 31 apprentices. then we are also proposing to add a new it project manager and a support staff for it division. just to close, we did sort of our regular budget outreach. i had a couple of community budget meetings. we have been out to talk to staff at an all staff meeting as well as the staff found that lunch. i didn't here in front of the commission several times and then i was at
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prozac to talk about the budget at the beginning of february. we will be submitting our budget as i said to the mayor's office. this coming tuesday, february 21 and then the mayor will work on the budget for the next three months or so and then submit his budget to the board of supervisors on june 1. that concludes my presentation and i am always happy to answer questions. >> thank you very much. >> is there anyone who wants to make public comment on the budget item? if urinate or homer were here if you like to make public comment. public comment is closed. commissioners >> this was committee with approved recommendation for pool. the chair would entertain-commissioner mcdonnell >> this in the spirit of trying to appreciate how the
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department of the staff is thinking about applying the equity lens of this case is been rising budget allocations. so it all sort of made sense to me except for a couple of them. was turned to appreciate how those were included in the category so one is under the strategy of inspiring plays the cement mason and the labors, again love the most. >> yes., >> why are they included queen >> this is really for us on deferred maintenance in parks that are in equity zones. while both of these functions add to our overall capacity to address maintenance issues we really do have a long-term goal of focusing those resources most in the places where they are most needed. >> great. thank you the only other one was the gardeners? >> because we are really focused on a workforce pipeline into our apprentice program,
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where we are trying to get out into underserved communities to encourage people to apply for those positions. as well as to applied local 261 the laborers union, has a pre-apprentice program that also is very much focused on drawing people from the southeastern part of the city. so the service delivery isn't necessarily equity focused but the folks who are entering the program are really focusing on equity >> excellent i really appreciate the focus on this one outline the cries >> thank you commissioner bonilla >> yes, katie i'm ecstatic about the-with the deferred maintenance budget could i think it's very proactive. smart. and necessary. so i want
12:38 am
to give my special thanks to you for putting that in. >> thank you commissioner >> i've one question, katie. the ambassador for dolores park, is that to help alleviate some of the problems associate with a large crowds on the weekend? >> it but that essentially false in the sarah doughty with so i will let you tell c with the program is >> yes. there are as you know anywhere between five and 7000 people in dolores park on a sunny weekend. which creates a significant maintenance burden on our staff. that staff is assigned to a psa and uses resources across all those parks. so if there is a ton of work picking up after people in dolores park it necessarily means there's less time to be at rawls or garfield. so the idea is this is actually the third year of the love dolores campaign where we would have encouraged park goers to clean
12:39 am
up after themselves and to understand that this is a public space that they need to care about and stuart. the campaign has been incredibly successful. we've added a three stream receptacle so that everything there is not going to landfill. 67% of the material that's generate at dolores park is now either composted recycled. pvc was all going to landfill. so it's an extension of that program. which is an investment in the park and kenneth hopes to make sure that we you are not over utilizing so to speak staff, there is terms of picking up garbage thank you commissioner anderson >> just as a follow-up to that where it says incrementing programs and fun to origin of both $50,000 items house that money going to speed spent? >> to a variety of sports and katie correct me if i'm wrong much of it is budgeted either in temp salaries or contractual services. we have in the past utilized our partnership with the student conservation association which are
12:40 am
americorps interns. where they pay half the salary and we pay half the salary of these interns and they do outreach and education. we are developing that plan now to see if it makes sense to expand that could we have also looked at expanding our partnership with the hunters point family who has staffed some of the pit stops and also stopping the living innovation zone in un plaza. so those are in development at this time but the money is partially in our temporary budget and partially in what we call contractual services so we can effectuate it in an efficient manner >> thank you. seeing no other questions before we call for the vote i do want to it knowledge the fact that katie has worked for us for 13 years
12:41 am
and somehow the port of san francisco seems to be a more appealing place for her to move to get she will be moving on as cfo there and i think on behalf of this commission we want to express a genuine and deep gratitude for everything you do. [applause] >> are we voting on that? >> no. but your vote will reflect your patient with that identity in a motion >> so moved. the second >> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. so moved thank you, katie. >> it's been a pleasure >> thank you peered >> okay we are now on item 9, the appeal to allow summer of love 50th anniversary event in golden gate park. before we get started, i just want to announce the process. so the appellant will make a 7 min. presentation and we asked the commissioners that they don't ask any questions until the end of the presentation so they are allowed there. in minutes. once they are done staff will make a 7 min. presentation again we ask
12:42 am
for no questions during the presentation but wait until staff has completed. the appellant will then have another 3 min. to rebut and again afterwards you may ask questions and then staff will have another 3 min. and you may ask questions. once all of this is done we will be opening it up to public comment and as a reminder, each person will have 2 min. on public comment. i will call off the blue cards first. once that is done, anyone who was not having would not come up was in on a blue card i will ask for you to come on up and you can make public comment. once that is done, the commission they start their deliberations. >> on a make a couple of preliminary comments and then ask for the appeal. before we begin the appeal hearing our provide some context to what's going on today because there's been a lot of publicity in the press about permit denial. the
12:43 am
city of san francisco's actively celebrating the 50th anniversary of the summer of love under the umbrella of the california historical society and sf travel. over 50 events are currently planned throughout the city and even more are still in the works. these events include a special eighth straight summer solstice celebration art exhibits, photo exhibits, poetry readings, magic bus doors, volunteer events and lots and lots of music. this appeal is not about the city or the departments support for the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. it's about one permit. additionally this appeal is not generated by a dispute over money could permit fees are set by code and the promoter and the departments are in agreement about the fees for this event and whether the question is whether the promoter submitted inadequate plan to ensure safety park protection and minimal neighborhood disruption. lastly, i know we as commissioners are big supporters of events in the
12:44 am
parks in particular free events. their great use to the parks bringing people together in community aren't integral part of the social fabric of our city. from comedy day to the women's march to gay pride and bluegrass the department works to support events by ensuring they are safe for the attendees and the parks are protected and the surrounding areas are not unduly impacted. i would conclude by saying that i was there 50 years ago and my stepdaughter is named summer and she does turn 50 this year. so we are cognizant of the significance of the summer of love and we are enthusiastic supporters of the summer of love and with that over again just ask everybody be respectful of other speakers and we will try and get through this as expeditiously as possible. thank you. >> thank you commissioner buell. commissioners, my name is ken lyon an attorney i represent boots and related companies trying to get this permits. first off i have
12:45 am
submitted >> i need you to speak into the microphone >> first of all there's a better map here which i left for you all to can see the work we've done. thus about 150 extra letters. which i just got today. not make copies but i'll put those into the record. those are letters of support. let me talk a little bit about how this came about and in a way it's a conflict between generation. i think. boots houston has been producing events in the city for 40 years. >> speak into the microphone >> i will boots has been promoting events in the city without a problem for 40 years. the north beach there, the summer of love 40th anniversary, the chet holmes memorial. he's got a long long history of personal dealings with the permitting department and he's never run into anything like this. now, a lot
12:46 am
has happened in the last 40 years. the city is not the same as it was 50 years ago. the permitting department has a lot of requirements, a lot of people to deal with. a lot of protections for the public that they have to deal with. we understand that. when i came in on this about six weeks ago i looked at the correspondence between boots and the department and it looked like these groups were talking past each other. i said, let's ask for a meeting let sit down and talk about it. see if we can work it out. we went all the parties were there. we practically single by yacht. it was a great meeting. we settled all the disputes could boots and i left there on cloud nine thinking okay working to get the permit everybody is in agreement. i agreed at that meeting to lay out in detail everything they wanted us to do and we have done virtually everything they've asked us to
12:47 am
do. then two weeks later we got a letter saying, we think you lied about this production manager who said you were going to hire. well look, boots-if you one answer that i'll give you an answer to that but what is really going on is we have tried very hard to be accommodating. we are asking the department to sit down with us. we will sit down every week if that's what they wanted we will do whatever they asked but to accuse bush of being a liar or dishonest or having no experience is just not reality. he's got a 40 year history the weight of history is against the characterization i would ask for you to consider the north beach there the other than c's put on without incident. let me talk a lot about the grounds. unfortunately this is become a very detailed ring fitted case. the department has said he made
12:48 am
misrepresentations a material fact. that means he is lying. to do that, they've got to prove he is lying and i don't think there's any proof he lied to i think he is trying his best they're talking past each other. let me give you an example. the rock med they say we talked to rock med. they're not coming they don't even know who boots is. they did not drop it or if they did they talk to the wrong person but that is here today in support did they submitted a letter saying there could be at the event. all they want is insurance to cover their doctors and they are happy to do it. so the if boots says something the city seems the department rather seems to go out of its way to try and prove him wrong. that's not the
12:49 am
spirit of cooperation that the summer of love was about. we are asking for the city to cooperate. we are asking to be able to sit down and talk and answer any questions they have. whatever they want. we are happy to meet with them. to me talk again about a few other problems. there was a big deal about boots advertising the date of the concert on his website. i would like the commission to look at the midi notes. this committee notes. this a document dated february 16 to the rec and park omission from bill ginsburg and dana ketchum and on page-let me get this right-on page 5, november 30, 2016-boots is asking to publicize the date.. they respond, you still need to do
12:50 am
the following. develop a plan for protection of the polo field. resolve please needs. we saw security needs. complete community outreach after he spoke to mtm eight. developing a neighborhood cleanup plan. he has done virtually all those things and those things were all discussed in it 22 on january 13 that's what makes it so frustrated two weeks later they say, sorry, your application is not can be acceptable and we had reached an agreement. you got an e-mail between dana ketchum and night which i second his what we talked about. here are all the things we are willing to do. any thing else we are missing let me know. she made comments about that those he knows but it was a general agreement. so i must say when i got the rejection i was stunned. i felt like i've fallen down the rabbit hole. i do not aware that was coming from or why it was so severe that i think it is an event that not just the city deserves but the world
12:51 am
deserves. this is an event the summer of love in san francisco change the world. it changed for the better. everybody agrees to that. they get it through music in part. music is an important part of san francisco's history. it deserves a chance to be respected again here get with whoever playback and who still alive, will come back we hope and play again. i am sorry that there's been some personality differences between us and the park committee-parks department, rather but i want to work it up to boots wants to work it out. all these people you see her in this crowd in the overflow room and outside demonstrating, they want to work it out. they want to show to happen. only give a little-a personal aside good when i was i'm from a small town in ohio. when i was four years old, 50 years ago >> your time is up
12:52 am
>> i want to hear the end of it. what happened. thanks okay >> my family parents were not hippies by a longshot. we showed up we walked around and i'm five years old and i thought i was in the carnival puke it was the most wondrous thing i've ever seen. people of all shapes sizes colors everybody hanging out enjoying free music enjoying each other. it literally blew my mind and 20 years later i came back to the city to be aware because i fell in love at five years old. the thank you >> this city deserves a celebration >> we give you a little extra time. the thank you. >> staff if you could come forward, please.
12:53 am
>> good morning commissioner dana ketchum dir. of property and permits and reservation also would meet diane ray's manager permits. we were first contacted about this event in early 2016. we were excited about the opportunity to have a concert celebrating the summer of love. diane is from the music industry and attended the prior concert before she even worked here. it was really with great sadness that over the past nine months we concluded we needed to deny the permits. but let me go through the history. first, the
12:54 am
application stated to be in attendance of 40,000 people. we knew that mr. euston had done an event in the parks in almost a decade ago. that the permitting rules had changed significantly. we wanted to alert mr. euston so that he could prepare adequately. what are the basic permitting requirements? i put them up on the board. public safety part protection neighborhood impact. one of the questions i came up is why do they change? summa you were not here in 2009 but in december of 2009 we came in the permits division at the request of the commission to do a presentation on how we were going to improve special events. we were also required to make a presentation to a committee of the board. that was after the prior two years really had a series of events that are raised a lot of concerns. they were summer level with stock and power to the people. one of the major issues we have had with committees in the past is that they would get a permit and then not follow through with the requirements. we do not check on it beheaded a permits
12:55 am
it to these things and they never happened. examples. no road closures signs the notice to neighbors. vendors setting up without controls driving everywhere. inadequate security. lack of protection for our trees and our turf. permits committed at that meeting to go through the steps we were going to do to make sure our procedures were enhanced we worked very hard to do that. at the same time the department of emergency management and sfpd have also changed enhanced their policies. so with that background, why did it change? let me go through our communications with mr. houston. our first medications from day one explain that things had changed. we pointed to our website. we exchange there in your patent numbers e-mails outlining. staff had serious concerns that mr. houston had budgeted for the cost needed to comply with enhanced permit requirements. this is not about fees for rec and park but it's the cost of
12:56 am
having to provide adequate security and infrastructure. we asked to see a budget to show he was planning appropriately. there's a lot of e-mails back and forth. finally in october 2016 we got a budget. it indicated that he was relying on volunteers to provide many services. including stage set up, security, medical service. no contracts in place. the issue on rock. at that time was he said rock band was going to volunteer. in his papers do we saw rockets president at a meeting another meeting, and i want to clarify he cannot say we didn't ask him if he [inaudible] the estimate he heard from boots were about this event and he is not and he said he was not going to volunteer. throughout november staff considered to express concern about missing elements
12:57 am
and a lot of things came together. we were thinking maybe we can make this work it we want this to work. finally in december at a meeting of summer of love organizers, the applicant got up and disparaged the new requirements for hands public safety and security indicating that he knew what to do. he had done lots of events we should just grant him his permit. based on the misrepresentation, the lack of concrete progress, the department staff was prepared to deny in december. but we really don't want to give him one more chance. we did. so in january we came back with a him and his attorney. at this meeting, it was still very clear that mr. houston was very confused about a number of things. after nine months he still do not know what emergency medical plan was picked it's on our website. he also believed that one small security committee could provide 90 security guards could we have a lot of worries. his attorney took excellent notes came up with a to do list and the most important thing on that list was defined an event organizer with the more recent
12:58 am
events and had experience of doing large events in our parks. he said he would do so. on january 19 you represented to us that this particular event coordinator would consults. in the meantime event coordinator had told us that she was not available. she would be out of the country inch would not consult. staff immediately contacted his attorney to express concern about the new misrepresentation. rather than address this or look for another adviser, he publicly announced the events. even though it had not been permitted in the were many unresolved issues remaining. with a publicity came more issues. the public announcement says attendance would be 80-175,000 people. every application to any city agency said 30-40,000. he said local musicians only. it was going to be a smaller events. we do not
12:59 am
build a plan for event that size. the polo fields cannot accommodate a larger crowd without significantly different plans than we have. other things. despite nine months of going back and forth we got a letter from rock magic it says is available to open it has not been contracted. we got a letter from a security committee last week which has no address among the license number, and no one has heard of it. there is no detailed plan for turf protection. he said he met the conditions on mta. well the first time he contacted mta was january 27 after he had announced the event and insane he really didn't know what he was doing, could they provide him with a plan i just got that e-mail. so on february 7 we had to deny the permit could it was a tough decision. we really wonder to try and make this work it we worked on this for nine months. but in the
1:00 am
interest of public safety and part protection, we have no confidence that the applicant would deliver the items needed. thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. wein. width just a couple of points. you know, i know boots went to the historical california - i'm sorry - i know boots went to the historical society and complaint that he was being given a rough time and he did in public and he heard some feels good i am sorry about that. this is a thing he has been working on as hard as he can with his got a large staff. as i said, we met in january that a month ago. i thought this whole thing was done could i thought it was a done deal. we have some work to do. we did it it's all attached to my appeal good if the commission has any questions about what's left to be done what i think is
1:01 am
left to be done, there is plenty good in terms of misrepresentations on the website, boots is a promoter. this event cannot happen without a date and the reason is, bands, personalities, weber is when it come to this be contacted or volunteer action because they're doing a free concert letters can volunteer to go to that show needs that date. we can't do it without a date. the people who we have been in contact with that have no agreement with include some big names like eric clapton or the dalai lama. as i said, the of only had preliminary discussions. if they decide to show up and this event become something more than it seems the which at the moment, is about 40,030-40,000 more or less, we are guessing, it still depends on who shows up. we have said is part of our agreement at the meeting we had
1:02 am
to look at somebody big is coming, we will will be the first ones we call. whatever is you want us to do, double the security, add more vendors, whatever it is you want us to do we will do it. they said, okay great. that has not changed. while boots set up to one 75,000 people, that's probably a little wishful thinking is probably a little promotion and puffing could i think it's more likely the event will be around what we have guest, 30-40,000 and that's how many came to the 40th anniversary is probably been some deaths since then so i expect the crowd is an elderly crowd by the most part it's not like it's a bunch of young people. i don't mean to disparage anyone unjust target >> be careful what you say there. [laughing] >> i'm just trying to be practical here and say our guests the best guess. it's anyone's guess depending on who we get but without a date without an ability to promote the date we can't-we just can't
1:03 am
-we can go forward. we're stuck, too. we are in a position where we can people to come to they want to know the date could they want to know the event is being promoted. let me see. is there anything else? if it is true were 7-8 months b was time is up. >> thank you any questions? >> we will wait until we hear comments. >> great. >> hello commission is that women talk about publicizing the event you we get concerned about publicizing the event because people i play tactics and count on it. and we wanted him to just get the work done and present an operational plan that was complete before we could announce the date. we kept not getting anything we could count on. even when he publicized it we reach out to
1:04 am
them and asked them to at least add a leg which is a this event has not been permitted yet. instead of doing that, he said he would-but instead of doing that he put language on that says permits will be issued two weeks prior to events. it doesn't tell the public the truth. you know, are concerned if we lower the standards for this one, if the lower the standards for everybody. under the first amendment it to treat everyone the same. so if we are going to change standards we can't just do it for one entity. unfortunately, we are still missing fundamental pieces needed to make an event happened. after the size of the event we agreed to use the polo fields on condition they will be very little infrastructure placed on the turf. we have a youth event three weeks later. there's one and that's only side they can use. in order to accommodate toilet for a larger
1:05 am
event there's. you've got craft booths toilets on the upper level could is no way to make it fit. so we were conditioned on the application that we got. 40,000 when he talked about a large crowd we were still talking in the 30-40,000 size range not over 100,000 people. thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. shall go to public comment >> please >> as are minor to everyone you of 2 min. each. i will call off names. you may came up in any work. capt. yup could diamond dave. >>[calling public comment cards] >> good morning commissioners. i'm capt. paul yup commanding officer of richmond police station. i come here with a very singular focus and i'll
1:06 am
freely admit that i'm look after public safety. that's the safety of the attendees of the event workers at the event, the overall impact of the event. i'm going to give you my opinion of today. my station permit officers have an intimate edition with mr. houston and or his representatives since october of last year regarding his proposed event the summer of love. in golden gate park at the feedback from my staff is that mr. hughes and provide us with mostly inconsistent and vague information regarding his plans to public safety and the overall logistics for the events. therefore i'm not confident that we been given accurate information on his planning arrangements and expectations. also i serious concerns for public safety including the well-being of any potential attendees and the adverse impact of the neighborhood. most of the communication is done with my permit officer reportedly has this guy doing concert today so we can be here today but i do have his notes from their communications are more than
1:07 am
willing to take questions. >> thank you very much. if you stay we may have questions for you. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> diamond dave, come on up. >> 50 years down the line. i attended that summer. [inaudible] on that street the summer of love and some call it hate. every 10 years i've been involved. another 10 years is coming up. intact half a century that you mention all these events coming. it's kind of new to me the i don't know please been incorporating were calling people were there [inaudible] we need to build the coalition does what the brotherhood [inaudible] need to open up a coalition of the summer of love. i'm down with that. get me a
1:08 am
[inaudible] let's get together is about doing more together than any of us can do on her own. is that right clean? i live in one of those underground-it had been underground off the raider i would say collectives art collectives. and after the horrible fire 37 dead at the ghost ship we were expected [inaudible] but the board of supervisors passed a resolution. resolution is not there to pick them. you are there to help them become legal. i think the same situation holds. let's get together. today's the first day of the rest of our lives. let's get together make that happen. love is the answer. he will get you nowhere level get you every. thanks a lot. let's get together. no one man can do it.
1:09 am
that's where we are 50 years ago we used earlier now >> next speaker, please. the morning commission. mona lisa wallace. i tend my first summer of love organizing meeting three years ago. i can tell you that the list of events that you mention the differences is the privatization issue. the committee based volunteer effort and i respect park and recreation debarment, tournament dana and i am working hard to protect the public fields. this is a city event. this is got to be from the top down. this is going to cost the city something. it's 20 and innovation people and something to be concerned about like diamond dave says, "together. i have here a petition that was gathered just a few days over 1500 signatures and it's very wonderful comments that are of time to read for you here but i will
1:10 am
submit this to you to read. there's a beautiful comments not believe we as a city can work together and make this beautiful event happened this is not just a typical event. it scored to take a top-down instruction to do this because the permit department is just doing their job. it's going to have to be from you that says hey, do district we might get inundated by a lot of hippies. this might happen but it's good to be awesome whatever it's going to be viewed so thank you very much >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is and:. mike has done is alan cohen editor of the work oh back in the 60s and he was part of the organization to have our first human being could now i've been working with the california historical society and we were the number one-the council light. this is us council of like we were the first one in the polo fields back there 50 years ago. we are being watched all over the world could are we
1:11 am
going to get to have this event? guessers all the other events going on, but we were really the number one in regard to the music and the-it's very important that we be able to have our event. it's 50 years. were all in our 60s and are 70s. we want to do this again. just one more time. >> thank you. [applause] >> before the next speaker, please, if you're spoken i do need you to take your seat again . i'm going to name-i'm a call off some more names. you can come on up. >>[calling public comment cards] next speaker >> good morning my name is rich sam from. i work for rec and park as a 99 six and the reason i'm saying that i cleaned up the parks was homeless people
1:12 am
living in this crowd is very environmentally conscious and i would not be so bold to say that we'll see everybody here they'll be at the event is the same way. these are people who are animal rights activist, environmental activists, human rights activists. the itinerary of the band is a great distinction here. it's not an alcohol consumption crowd. all the people that are very--there is no violence can i mean woodstock did not even have one fight that we have 300,000 people there. the crowd size is very encouraging to me that if there was 150,000, the my presents a more concerned for security at 30-40,000 we had no issues at all the last i was there at the 40th. i really think it's one of the most and important things in san
1:13 am
francisco in 1967 and it was unification of peace and antiwar minded people which we very much need today and i can almost guarantee these people to not fight or drink and make problems and cleanup i assure you, to have any problem in the 40th with that? so i would really hope you guys give us the opportunity. thank you very much >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning commission. i'm probably in the minority tonight. i actually have to talk about you guys denying the permits. i normally stand up here and all of you hardly stand up here and fight for entertainment in the golden gate park. i'm more than happy to stand here and do that any time. unfortunately this, i cannot. i looked at all the supporting documents. that have talked to david. i've talked to-i've heard nothing about
1:14 am
dealings with the neighborhood other than a quick check in with part. i don't know how safe it will be for the neighbors i get were complaints about events in the park coming in and doing things than most people because i helped work to make the events and the park and the neighbors all coexist. today, i feel bad i have to do this but until today i do not hear about an mta plan. which is something very important for the neighbors because it gets the people out of the district quickly and reliably. i do not hear anything about neighborhood cleanup until today. those are things that by far are huge for the neighbors. to permit the permit has done a great job over the years of taking a lot of crap from the neighbors about we have too
1:15 am
many events that we have this, we have that. dana is put up with that. today she did a good job by saying, no we don't need to have this event. so thank you >> could you give us your name for the record? >> miquelon eight >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> hello. commission my name is elliot durham number presented my company easy productions. muscle richmond district neighbor did i like to say i'm not speaking against the summer of love event but i do want to address my relationship with rec and park good i work with the rec and park permitting the permanent staff since 2004 is an event producer. i company specializes in large-scale events for example hardly strictly bluegrass nike women's marathon just to name a few. that happened in the part. sometimes i focuses primarily permits some very familiar with the programming process and how it is changed over the years.
1:16 am
some of the changes that i've seen is that implementing online permitting to speed up the technology to speed up our permitting process but if it goes on overall event safety, which is driven in part by the events industry having a focus on temporary building structures. this is changed a huge amount the past 5-10 years. which has dana and diane and the rest of the parks department has been actively researching and participating in it and some of my negotiations with by then; to been around how to produce a safe event structure wise. so i appreciated that. also security planning, we looked overall event security and adjusted as we needed over the years and the changing global climate. and the impact of the neighborhood, is a resident i've noticed a market change from the level of engagement. it has been for the better. so
1:17 am
in closing i just would like to say the changes are challenging but i've seen the past 15 years it really good outcome from the changes that they have recommended and i found them to be fair and reasonable to deal with as long as we all have participated in the requirements peer thank you >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> good morning my name is debbie summer. i'm a san francisco resident homeowner and taxpayer. for over 35 years i worked as a librarian and have also worked at user goal events, festivals and other fund-raising events. i work at events as large as peter gabriel's festival the monterey jazz festival and the earth dance. and festivals as follows
1:18 am
the jewish music festival. i've been involved with the council of light for the last two big events in golden gate park and ugly they both went smoothly and without any problems. i am the person on behalf of the council of light that contacted sf muni. my first e-mail to muni was on january 20 is a librarian very familiar with researching. i try to navigate to muni website for months trying to find the appropriate contact to get in touch with the muni. it was only when i serendipitously ran into candace hsu and my community benefit district meeting that i have a valid contact that i could immediately write you on january 20. i would like to say that the events that we are proposing-the event we are proposing to offer just as the other ones, are beautiful, free concerts and multi generational, multicultural,
1:19 am
godiva and honored and delighted to be involved with all of those. i do hope that you will consider allowing us to move forward and plan another beautiful you didn't the community can enjoy and engage with. in these times, we need more peace, love and understanding. when communities come together our joy heightens in her sadness legs good i hope this can be a beautiful day that could be actualized for everybody to enjoy. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning commissioners but my name is a new as garcia. i represent probably just a very large community of the music folks around the area. i've attended during many festivals. i been on organizing committees participated previously in festivals and concerts in the park. i want to start very briefly reminding everyone that san francisco
1:20 am
mayor was out the tenant governor mayor gavin newsom had issued a proclamation declaring sunday, september 2 summer of love 40th anniversary date in san francisco. in recognition of the birthplace of the 60s revolution that ignited a spiritual awakening that swept the world could i think were all in agreement that everyone like to have a celebration of some sort of this concert of the nature of a festival for the people, by the people and the uniqueness of this particular per postal and event idea because it's not about tour is impure about breaking people into museums to listen to a tape of jimi hendrix were some photo vacancy of jerry garcia. we have folks who participated here you are of that generation who are of that movement helped create the idea of a spiritual awareness and a growing and a unity for people.
1:21 am
10 years from now in the 60th think a lot of these folks will not be up it were honoring the musicians who were here people who are members of those bands. i think this is kind of a real embracement of something that would make a difference to a lot of people around the world and the community. if there are things that still need to be fine-tuned and ironed out of the security or safety or neighborhood is communication, at least at the very least please, would you consider moving the date back and still granting the permit could thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. and once he is done i'm going to- >>[calling public comment cards] >> hello. my name is sam bad but i like a think the commission for the opportunity to speak. i to address a couple issued. first public safety i understand the police department's concern. i worked running the overnight security group that hardly bluegrass for six years. some pretty familiar with the needs that they have and their concerns. but it we can probably all agree there's bigger public safety concerns at a football game pro or high
1:22 am
school or college. they're probably more drunkenness, drink driving and fights. i used to go to giants games just to watch the fights in the bleachers. so i think while it's a legitimate concern i don't think the police department has anything to worry about with this event. as far as other events planned the polo fields afterwards in the conditions of the field, but remind the commission that this is a polo field and was designed for quarts of horses to run on so people could play polo and have it if you get beat up a little bit as part of its purpose. other than that i would also like to say that as far as the lowering of standards for other events i like to remind everyone that the polite boots and bill graham and chet helms a set the standards for events like this. when the city-when the san francisco school district was running out of money in 1975 and they were going to consider
1:23 am
axing arts and phys ed, the musicians and local community are the people that came up with together a fund-raising concert at the stadium called stack jim. [inaudible] and i think it's only appropriate that we be given this permit and perhaps putting the date back a little to give us an opportunity to the men are well organized is a good idea but i urge the commission to grant a permit whether it is for the june 4 date or a later date. thank you very much. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. when i call your name you can line up on either side. don't worry about go-ahead >> hello. my name is trina robbins. i'm a veteran of the 60s. like so many of us here. i was at the last interpersonally and it was a magnificent nothing terrible happened. now we are the ones that are left and what harm are we going
1:24 am
to-this is already been said did the worst thing that might happen is a bunch of senior citizens who get stoned on pot and can't find a way out of the park right? did we need this concert. [laughing] what is the world-the world is watching this. what are they going to say ? are they going to say that the san francisco park commission would not allow a 50th anniversary summer of love concerts in our parks? all i can say is, why-i mean we know we can all work this out together. and we have to. we have to work it out together. how could there not be a summer of love concerts? thank you >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> hello. thank you for
1:25 am
commissioners. my name is brian mcewen, residents here and i've sent the last 25 years as well involved in the music industry my subject is to work at biscuits and loser of a nightclub my family promptly shows for 20 years in sacramento. i been involved here as well with some of the planning that's been going on here and i think a lot of the times, as already been mentioned, promotion is exactly that. it's about what you want to see happen and i think as well is difficult to analyze a big crowd and the size of the crowd that's going to happen so i think that's a small measure to consider. okay we will have 40,000, but it could go up much higher. because there is expectation and as well i think responsible to say that because there are other contingencies freshly involved with this particular type of an event. so i also think with regards to security those things change all the time. so i think you definitely need to have a
1:26 am
strong security plan and i think if there is a security plan in place as well as one in case things to get a lot better i think a party discussed there are other things that can happen in order to build to cover some flexibility so the thing that kind of takes a little bit harsher for me is boots has done a lot of great things in the city and polo great shows good i'm not heard anything positive from the other group over here in park and recreation of anything that happened in the past. i think you are supposed to have some common interest. we are supposed to discuss things that work well and maybe things in improving and i've not heard any of that at all. so where's that spirit of cooperation for the summer of love? ask you to think about this as well. where's the spirit of
1:27 am
compromise here? how can we move this forward? how can we work together to ashley put on something that's great not just for i can for the next generation? >> thank you >> next speaker, please. i'm going to do a few more names. >>[calling public comment cards] >> thank you good morning my name is chris holmes with an executive producer for the breakers race here in san francisco. they give are having me here. i'm here today to speak on my spirits working with the city and the rec and park over the last few years. i would like to note i'm not here to speak in regards to stir houston oilers character or business practices because personally i don't know either of those. mike my company took over operations of the race four years ago our first year we faced a steep learning curve doing large-scale events here in the city. and there were a number of challenges that we faced in at first year. i'm happy to say that in hindsight
1:28 am
i can concede the people that i worked with at the city agency including rec and park did have a public safety and community interest at heart. i am happy to say now four years later our relationships have improved dramatically from executing the event from race day communication, permitting, operational planning, and things of that nature. at this point i really look forward to building on the progress we have made over the last few years and hope that we can continue to make beta breakers and event that the entire community can really be proud of. thank you so much >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> hello. good morning my name is randall larson. i been a volunteer with the haight street as berry street fair for
1:29 am
39 years. i want you to know that the volunteers will be there for this event. you know, we don't get paid but we love music and we love life. we will be there for this event from the moment it opens on to win the last piece of garbage is picked up.


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