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tv   Recreation and Park Commission 31617  SFGTV  March 17, 2017 10:30am-1:01pm PDT

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item 25 today. >> okay. think that any public comment? on items to be heard in closed session? seeing none, can have a motion whether to assert attorney-client privilege >> moved to assert >> >> second. >> moved and seconded any public comment?? all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. item 15he was we are back in open session. >> item 19 was no action taken. can i have a motion on whether to disclose discussions during closed session? >> motion not to disclose >> second. >> any discussion? any public
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comment? all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. the item carries. we have one other item for open session item 28 >> item 20 adopt a resolution authorizing the general manager requesting the mayor and board of supervisors to approve a supplemental appropriation name out of $1 million for the wastewater enterprise. >> so moved mr. chairman >> >> second. >> any discussion? any public comment? all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. the item carries. any other new business? seeing none, we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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>> this is the meeting of the recreation and park commission. with the secretary please call roll call >> buell here, low here bonilla here and mcdonnell here >> commissioner anderson and harrison have it excused
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absence. this is the recreation and park commission of march 16. we welcome everyone here but we ask you turn off any sound producing devices. if you have secondary conversations, please, take those outside in order to have the meeting run as efficiently as possible. if you would like to speak on any item to date please, complete a blue card unless otherwise announced by the president each person will have 3 min. 3 min. for public comment on each item. it is an item of interest to you that is not on the agenda but does fall under the jurisdiction of this commission, you may speak under general public comment and that is item 4, and then it is continued on item 12. please, adjust your comments to the commission in order to allow equal time for all good neither the commission nor staff will respond to any questions during public comment. the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment is closed. last, if the fire alarm activates you must evacuate the building in an orderly fashion
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using any exit. please, note, elevators work immediately return to the first floor and are not available for use. if you do need assistance out of the building, please, make your way to the closest area which is directly across the hall and the men's restroom inside the men's restroom is a speaker box and security will answer it and they will assist you. with that, we are on item 2 commissioners >> thank you i have just one item but it's important one. this is a letter from the department-is there at katie at jesse onie in the audience? this is addressed to katie patricia tony, director of administration of finance san francisco recreation and park department. dear katie, on behalf of the recreation and park commission, i write upon your departure from the san francisco recreation department
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to express our heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for the san francisco parks. your appreciation of the importance of public parks and recreational facilities has made you a worthy and noble advocate for the people of the san francisco and their parks. in addition, your accomplishments at the department may clear your passion for not only to citizens of san francisco where the staff at the department. your leadership in, integrity, reputation for being approachable by any member of the staff in your willingness to bring all parties together for the betterment of the department will be greatly among greatly, missed. these, no you're my very best wishes as you transition to the port of san francisco who stole her away from us-i want you to know-to the port of san francisco as you transition to this exciting next chapter of what will be a very rewarding life you will be missed. best,
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mark buell. [applause] >> >> [photograph] >> my gosh, commissioners thank you so much. i was in an
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tape actually anticipating this. i cannot tell you how much i have enjoyed working for the recreation and park department. i may san francisco native. i spent an anonymous amount of time in particular in golden gate park when i was growing up and it's always been incredibly important to me to feel like i was doing work that made the lives of the people who live in the city better. so it's been a pleasure. it's really been an honor and i'm excited about my new challenge and excited about learning about some new policy issues but it is incredibly hard to go and so, i think you all, for
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your engagement and your guidance and, yes, i am truly truly going to miss this place. so thank you so much for the acknowledgment. >> thank you. we look forward to you building that new seawall down-[laughing] >> i will do my best. [laughing] >> all right. moving right along >> anyone would like to make public comments on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are in item 3 general managers report. >> i like to begin a report by announcing katie tracy audience has decided to stay at the recreation and park department. so this is news is a few weeks old. i've expressed to katie privately and to staff publicly and to all of you my feelings for her but since this is a g
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to recognize katie at the commission and before the public, let me just chime in with my own thanks. katie, you have been instrumental in as i said to you professionalizing this organization. your integrity, your caring your confidence your effectiveness, have all played such a critical contribution to the services that we are able to provide the public. you have left a profound mark on parks in san francisco. you have left-your leading up a profound mark on your colleagues. many of us in the senior staff level of no works together for many many years and you're very much the glue,, and you have been able to kind of sort of merge blues
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and yellows and reds and greens into a lease of team. for me, personally, as i said in a continue to say, you have been a professional sister. i think we've been able to meet some pretty serious challenges and take on some really exciting opportunities with just such a really healthy what i would call getting and yang. that is help us always arrived at the right place so i'm just super grateful to you and more sort so gracious to come. you've got some big shoes to fill. so thank you. all right, onto other business. very quickly, so summer. summer is just around the corner. just a couple short months away. at 10 am this saturday registration
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for our more than 80 day camps will open online and in person at 13 registration sites around the city. last summer we filled more than 12,000 camp slots. 94% of everything we had available in our inventory could be provided 475 total weeks of camp and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to go to camp we provided more than 3600 camp scholarships to the tune of nearly $750,000. this year we are again providing some of the most popular day camps in the city. everything from traditional day camps like pine lake and sober treat with the goal is simply to get dirty, two seaport camp cooking camp, and even a camp that teaches you how to survive in the city on $10 a day. something we all ought to be signing up for. you can log onto sf to sign up and browse our catalog today and this is the first season and thanks to the commission
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and thanks to this all leads back to katie, this is the first season will be managing our summer camp registration with a new software system that is much more robust. has a lot more capacity to make the experience of registering for camp if not 100% gratifying for 100% of those applying, a lot smoother for most of us. so sign up for camp get your kids in cam. we got early drop-off, late pickup. let them play. 17th and fulsome update. our department is going to hold a final committee meeting for new start at 70 that fulsome on thursday, march 23 from six-8 pm at marshall elementary school. this at 1575 15th st. we are going to discuss some of the park features proposed operating hours and park walls and overview of the community gardens. we will provide some background information on some park names that have been having that have surfaced
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mostly from some other community groups that have led the effort, the organizing effort around the park and we are going to close the meeting with a looks for an official parking that we will then print activity spivak commission. so if you are interested in what's happening at 17 and fulsome klees, attend a meeting next thursday, march 23. on april 8 with another mclaren park workshop. this public workshop will be to plan trail and asked improvements. saturday, april 8 10 am-12 noon at his valley library. 201 cleveland ave. at this workshop you can learn about some of the eliminate human ideas and offer feedback. this is the second outreach event with the trails and paths focus area and is part of the overall clearing part mission planning process that don and her team are leading so effectively. a week later extravaganza. april 15 to make
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your taxes will have been filed so bring your family out to sharon meadow in golden gate park where we are holding our annual spring extends a debit debt extravaganza 11 am-2 pm. this is one of four family-friendly events we host for the entire city to come together it will feature a cons, carnival rides, games, live entertainment, food trucks, and our annual rib cookoff that i think commissioner low has judged every year.. our annual rib cookoff with the sf fire department san francisco police department, and other city departments. this is not just pc and not just [inaudible] commissioner mcdonnell you are injured this is some pretty serious competition folks take this event very seriously. >> including the general manager. he takes it very seriously. [laughing]
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>> it goes under the category of-nevermind. guys who can ashley barbecue you don't expect to barbecue and i'm one of them. all right as always commissioners, you are always invited to be our special judges. if you can make it just let us know. i also want to offer an update on 11th and the toma. which is we hope to be our most our next acquisition. the park is going to provide a significant improvement in district 6 and follows in open space task force a lot of discussion in this evolving neighborhood about our long-term vision to provide open space to a neighborhood that is already underserved and expecting ongoing heavy development. the planning department estimates that about 9000 units will be built in this area. the acquisition filled the gap identified by the
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space task force to else one of the saltman and major gaps in the trust for public lands parks format where our goal is to be at as high percentage of possible of san francisco residence within who live within a 10 min. walk of a part of the final negotiated price is $9,725,000 and i really want to thank department of real estate for their work here along with your work at 1509 mission and at sure you could leave a great partnership with the department of real estate and they do deserve our thanks. the price of a discount about $275,000 to account for just over half of the remediation needs identified. when you approve this acquisition you did go ask us to go back and look at some phase v environment to work in a price tag came back about 5-550 and we negotiated about 550, and we
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with real estate help we reached an agreement to with the seller to split the cost of that remediation. the plan here is to apply for grants and think about some strategies to manage construction costs among the property does have some tenants on it so this is a long-term plan by the department to make sure we got some open space in the neighborhood. our hope is to move forward to the board of supervisors with an introduction into this month and hearings in april. okay, so i think that is almost a. in some-a bit of exciting news, as you may of heard commissioners, san francisco parks alliance has selected its next chief executive officer. that is true backer who is with us today get to outstanding
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obligations group more than 20 years of experience national and regional park clinic advocacy and philanthropy. he most recently with the pennsylvania the cultural society is president and ceo was previously the second objective in your restoration project. in washington dc 11 notable city planning initiatives is the deputy director of the office of planning and the associate director of their common to parks and recreation. giving him support agency experience. in chicago, he served as the chief of staff of the chicago parks district again more agency experience. as a civic and nonprofit leader drew is the first ability to scale organizations fund raise and transform a project for world-class [inaudible] and organizations and we are very pleased to have them here in san francisco. before i bring him up i did want take a moment and extend our deep profound thanks to rachel morten who
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had-[applause] there's an old bugs bunny cartoon which is one my favorites when bugs bunny plays the marauders and bugs bunny is pitching catching playing first short second left center and right,quickly to over the last nine months. wearing many many hats during the transition period and i think the work that rachel did strengthened the trust and the bonds and the collaboration during the parks alliance and the recreation and parks department is going to be a great gift and legacy, review, june, per your work moving forward because as you start we are in pretty good shape. so again rachel, our profound thanks and i like to bring up through to say a quick welcome. come on up, drew. >> thank you fill, so much for alumni to introduce myself to the commission. it's really-i'm humbled to be here and being
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starting on this great organization working in this great city and partnering with phil and this great department. i always loved to san francisco and the other cities on what san francisco is doing because san francisco usually leads the country on a lot of initiatives. it's just willie -i'm really proud to be here and i will have to say, also, even though i've been in this business for a very long time, coming to a new city is difficult and i'm so proud 12 rachel on my team as well to show me around it just such as getting to this meeting today. i'm like, where is this meeting? and she lets me know so i too, am very happy which was part of the team and will continue to be very important part of the team moving forward. i am happy to partner with you all the rec and park department
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and our partners to even make san francisco bigger shining cleaner deacon than it already is good so thank you so much. the thank you and welcome. >> lastly this leads into our video of the month, tomorrow 3:30 pm, it is san francisco d day at delta state in san francisco or san francisco doctors that. 3:30 pm so after you are extended st. patrick's day lunch, please, join us at civic center plaza with our beloved us professional sports team in san francisco, the doctors. the players will be out. the coach will be out be hosting soccer clinics for kids in partnership with america >> great. that serves the tenderloin a lot of other underserved neighborhoods in >> very good. the lease signing autographs, taking photos giving out lag. then there will also be a free public happy hour from 445-7 pm posted
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by another planet entertainment in america scores at bill graham auditorium. that is all the lead up to opening day of the inaugural season and north american soccer league saturday, march 25, 7 pm, drop by. keys are stating to witness history as the doctors get off their inaugural season. tickets remain available for opening night long with other single match tickets that have tax and season tickets starting as low as $70 per match. can't find that many professional sports teams and so visit sf doctors that come with that little tribute to our tribute to our newest professional sports team. >> >>[video]
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>> there is you go. there is your doctors keys are stating blog and that includes general managers report >> thank you very much. commissioner low >> just want to ask a couple questions regarding the love and then,. the new purchase price to reflect the entire mental remediation,? >> correct. >> i guess we can do that work until after we acquired up actually the tenants are vacated? >> correct. >> so we approve this back in august and while the contract dates we've passed so what are the new contract dates to acquire the property? >> we are hoping to introduce to the board later this month and then have the board hearing in april. then on the contract
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has in the purchase will happen shortly thereafter. we do have that your long your longtime winner able to wait to sell us the property. we have-the tenant >> closing date is for an entire year? >> up to >> okay. >> up to. they could close red white >> so are we still in a due diligence period or past that? >> we pass that >> okay. >> they have up to a year to make a final close but it will close a year after it approved by the board. were earlier. then the lease option extend to 2024 so during that time, will be doing feasibility studies and park lanning and getting ready to create a park there. >> do you have any preliminary estimates as to the demolition costs? >> no. >> does this new-because the
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deal has been new purchase price has not been documented in writing? >> yes. the okay everyone sign? >> yes. while they have signed. the [inaudible] >> the funds for the acquisition coming from >> the open space acquisition fund which has enough funding for this project >> okay. all right. >> thank you chile go to public comment? >> any public comment on this item? come on up, richard. >> good morning everyone. this is kind of like amazing [inaudible] talk what the san francisco d and football coming to san francisco. so i was just want to pick up on it because i kind of got looking at that one time when [inaudible] was here and we were talking about doing
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the football field and i went to the ideas could have include the name that has soccer to it. so i want to thank the department and the people here on the commission being in agreement with coming up with a football team. that particular team, i kind of was a little hesitant initially that the delta would come into this to northern california. i would hope for something major but i think the area is ready for a major organization like the la galaxy once. that's the kind of football soccer whatever they call it that i like watching. i also would like to bring up a friend of mine who is a garcia.. he's a center for buddy doesn't play for his team and i was just wondering to mention him a little bit that
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there is football. i told them about it they told me about the new way they have to do tackles get it's only in the front so when you get coached for playing soccer you're going to watch out because usa team i watch them very carefully and they might be doing mark buell, tackle they go to the side and kick butt marks of legs are getting a little old now. [laughing] >> be kind. [laughing] >> anyone else who would like make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are now on item 4, general public comment. up to 15 min. this item will be continued to item 12. at this time members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public better not on the agenda but are under the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. so i've one card . and that is jessica evans.
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>> that was harsh. i was unnecessary. >> i agree. >> my name is jessica evans. i'm here about width trees. the trees that are amazing. that's what they look like it actually they look even better. so this is the proposed one. concrete can dazzle think non-native bamboo, you're cutting down a lot of eucalyptus are going away. but this a park that we could really use. we want to have a park if we would love to have a part. incorporate the trees. the whole ada thing, there's going to be a
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[inaudible] 20 foot tower for but there's no handicap parking so we can get there anyway. the argument is not really very good if you could just go see the trees avocado trees, two of them they are amazing. just go see them. this is the concrete where i bought a concrete i think i don't understand open space that i sent you on open the parking lot but i like shea. i'm kind of pale. so that something. i did what the morning to birds. it's kind of nice. there's always birds. it's pretty cool and avocado tree and the ashtray, which is amazing and they do not remove any they do not lose any branches during the storms. not one branch fell. the neighborhood loves them. they don't know the very chopped down willy-nilly soon. that's just wrong. that changes everything in the neighborhood. the carbon thing chopping down the carbon from first-rate, who will be great. also, i'm kind of home depot building
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[inaudible] other homeowners in sinai six i was born in san francisco and i always want to live in the city and it's getting a little harsh, the city like the construction never stops. but without the trees and salesforce building on. five of them stared directly into the windows on 346 percent with no privacy in the air quality will be that. worse than it is now. so give a moment go look at these trees. it's wrong to cut them down. they should be limited trees there's wildlife in them. the birds the avocado trees bear fruit. and the food bank could benefit from that. there was harsh with a set about your legs . >> they look like tree legs. >> there you go. strong and sturdy. things for listening
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just check out the trees. don't cut them down please, don't cut them down. my cats will be bombing. everybody will be able to see in our windows. thanks >> thank you. >> matthew. >> good morning commissioners. my name is matthew skiing. i want to speak about the same issue of very small postage stamp size puzzle in rink on hill called conway spark. we have entered numerous objections to the plan of rpd for its redesign of that open space at 48 died pl. i did want to provide you add an update on what we're doing is applying for a landmark tree application the supervisor jane kim's office were seeking her is a nominator to send this on to the counsel for evaluation and assessment of these trees.
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trees that are as mature as mark buell legs and >> theme of the day here. [laughing] >> although a little more mature. it would be-i would like to note the actual bid has failed twice is going out again this summer for a new bidding process and what we're hoping is between now and then when landmark tree obligations--i don't know how long the process will take to evaluate but hopefully in time before this is put back out to bid we can actually have a be design that incorporates as many of these trees as possible into that design. i might note them on the executive board on the south beach district 6 democratic club and we passed a unanimous-we passed a resolution but the small neighborhood issue. this issue
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is much smaller than natural areas program. much smaller than the palace of fine arts, both issues of which have come before you before. of which i've been involved with. and we just hope that our words today will be given some consideration by commissioners as well as by rpd staff. so thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> michael. >> good morning commissioners. i miss michael now actually a commission with the city of pacifica park speech and recreation commission. your counterpart >> welcome. >> thank you very much i'm here per million as an introduction to come out and do some outreach and meet the commission could also bring the topic to your
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commission the commission is currently discussing. we have an off leash dog walking subcommittee. we are looking at trying to find locations to have off leash dog walking permitted. in part, this is because of the possible large restrictions in the golden gate national park areas that are going to drastically eliminate quite a few those off leash areas. we have identified certain areas in the city. one of which is the top portion of sure park beach which is maintained by the city of san francisco. so, our director has outreach to some your staff members to at least initiate that discussion. i think the meeting is going to be planned for sometime in march or april pulley start that discussion. i just want to bring it to your attention that we are looking at that as a possible area to at least possibly have that. the only thing i would say is
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not really try to create something new. if you're familiar with that area, off leash dog walking actually happens frequently. so we are simply looking at making it allowed activity. so to speak. really not try change anything. we should not add any costs or burdens or anything of that sort. in any event, our commission is been discussing it for many months and i wanted to bring it to your commission's attention. just highlight it could >> thank you very much. >> is there otherwise would like to make general public comment? seeing none, this item is closed. we are on item 5 consent calendar. i do have one card, richard. richard fung >> good morning >> watch what you say >> be respectful
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>> sir including all of you, i'm just looking at this dog stuff, looking at synthetic artificial turf. i want to ring in something fresh now and maybe work out for everyone throughout the city. when i try to look at synthetic turf and look at the dog play areas i see a health issue as was recreational issue. a lot of people who use the playing field proximate to dog play areas have problems with fecal droppings and i've attended many of the required dog beatings and everything else. that's one comment that really stuck with me. another comment that stuck with me always has to do with kids. he said, why dogs. are we not more important? so i hear a lot of different
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controversies i speak of on different issues. this is one that i'm finally in agreement with myself that i understand can be a professional synthetic turf layer so many nosedived to set it all up. i just want to [inaudible] gravel on top of this compost that was proposed. gravel is something that allows faster drainage. another part if it gets out of shape roads can be placed on top and the whole [inaudible] all brought back up to its condition lessening foot injuries and [inaudible] injuries on the animals. so the dog play area, there is in the allocation. i understand the city [inaudible] including matching [inaudible] so is this commission would do something like bring up funding for such dog play areas brought the city, i'm not sure i think there were about 18 before they put a stop to any further
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increase in number of dog play areas. i'm just a advocate for animals who need someone to speak up for them. i'm trying to do just that right now and hope i am able to get across to you philip ginsburg and chairman mark buell as well as all the one the wonderful commission. thank you >> thank you >> anyone also like to make public comments on the consent calendar? there being on public comment is closed. commissioners >> is there a motion? theme of >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. so moved >>[gavel] >> items six san francisco zoo.
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>> good morning on stephen haynes vice president for marketing and strategic growth at san francisco zoo. president buell vp hello commissioners general manager ginsburg thank you for having me today. on behalf of the zoo we want to send a warm welcome to drill the parks alliance in mutual former philadelphian as am i and also good luck to katie at the port. so following up on our mission of connect care and conservation, there's a lot of activity happening at the zoo now. just a couple weeks ago we were wet in conjunction with sales team and randall museum since were under renovation and we partnered for the rental exam signs there which was held for several days in the great hall. just a little background this is a great program that's been developed with rec and
11:11 am
park 46, seven, and eighth-graders at all public private parochial and homeschool in san francisco. was 4500 students participated at 32 schools and then for three days at the zoo the approximate 150 kids. culminating with the judging and award ceremony on saturday the 25th at the zoo was very proud to award a special award for excellence environmental science. - excuse me - went to eighth-grader jacob cordero for his project entitled, you bring me down cigarettes and ocean pacific. we found this very interesting because during a cleanup at the zoo did a beach cleanup day, last year, the one item that struck all of us more than anything was the collection of cigarette butts that were in the same. so we thought jake really hits home with that project. coming up this week and also is that's
11:12 am
the bay area team science conference. this program done in conjunction with cal berkeley. this is free. registration is free still open for saturday. it really offers kids a great opportunity to develop technical skills. those interested in sent science technology engineering math the basic stem and they can talk to undergraduate and graduate students, research and stem industry educational professionals. this is second year this conference is being held at the zoo so we wish people would come on now. following up on our conservation programs, last weekend we hold wolf conservation lecture was a terabyte nearly 100 people. if you remember a year ago we will open the wolf canyon which is a conservation program were doing with in conjunction with u.s. fish and wildlife. to help the mexican gray wolf. as of about
11:13 am
25 years ago there were five mexican gray wolves still living in the wild. nearly extinct. so over the past 25-30 years these programs have developed and this prevents you know is playing a major role in the conservation effort. last year as well, we trim program called stop. which stand and take our pledge and it is to defeat illegal ivory trade of which the city of san francisco is the second worst offender for illegal ivory trade. since that time is been some positive movements even overseas in china with the ivory trade being knocked down. but we are working with local artists and the jackson, on his visual narrative called red ivory. it's a 6 min. video that depicts the illegal ivory trade and the consequences. there's an organization called 96
11:14 am
elephants. the reason for that is every day in africa 96 elephants are slaughtered and so that will be the next to go if we don't stop.. so i think a program like this, a pledge program as well as a narrative such as red ivory will help bring this to focus. you can come out to the zoo beginning march 25 view the video and also take the pledge. right now, spring we hope the sun is out and that the rains have stopped it i'm sure you can imagine the reins as with the park system here in san francisco, the rains have not been favorable with the zoo but now the sun is out and the gardens are popping out could of course we are san francisco zoo and gardens suite lots of events walks are planned in addition around the african savanna we have many african plants. including more than half dozen varieties of pin cushions of ranging from red to yellow as well as prodi is and
11:15 am
how those. if you come up to conservation cars you can see a lot of the california native plants as well popping up. we just wanted to shout out to our crew as well coming out of this past winter storms. they did an amazing job with keeping those who clean and open even on some of the worst days. one week ago we held the members of morning on saturday morning. this was one of the highest attended events we've ever had for members warning on saturday. nearly 900 people attended could actually 886 and so they were met by our wonderful volunteers from the arc as long as-along with some owls turtles and to help pack up good nicely to walk in and be met at the zoo. we also have a pair of home cockatoos that age 45 and 36 respectfully.
11:16 am
he's the 45-year-old so that such bad for 45. there found in the rain forest in parts of australia and new guinea and surrounding islands. they're just a gorgeous pair of birds. their opposite the chimpanzee exhibit so again, on out and take a look. phil mentioned before summer is please the registration is open for the spring and summer zoo camp programs. every year these develop to maximum capacity, so go on now and sign up for the incredible opportunities at the zoo. finally st. patrick's day celebration this weekend. all things green the greatest place in the bay area this saturday and sunday, march 18-19th there will be wonderful programs guess will have the opportunity to enjoy live irish music as was traditional irish food and beverages and outdoor setting. bands would claim from 12-3 pm each day and you can come celebrate st. patrick's day. green is actually one of the strongest colors in most found
11:17 am
colors globally get a lot of expressions can be green around the gills little extra greening puckered green thumb of the conservation garden but in fact, again i like to end with a fun guy, whose this little green guy here? visit to the silk lizard and there found in the land course of central america could they are omnivorous but this member of the one a family can actually run on the surface of water prep 250 feet to run away from creditors and the toes on the back of their feet of extra flaps on the skin that spread out and create some extra service oh yes, these once a connection walk on water to make the of course green with envy. so come on out and we'd love to see you during the celebration. that concludes the report from the san francisco zoo. >> thank you very much. >> any public comments on this item? richard, come on up.
11:18 am
>> i just want to make a note of little comment about the schoolyard participation that's on the [inaudible] being sponsored by supervisor mark farrell. that particular location i myself i been there could [inaudible] three nights beginning like little mini size talk those. they even let me have [inaudible] and it was the fire department people that something i hope would move throughout the county where you have the schoolyards on weekends facilitating the needs of children throughout the community and old fellows, myself, and my old legs aren't going to make it much longer. anyway i just want to say to pg&e for being a community partner and i hope more of this
11:19 am
comes out [inaudible] >> thank you. commissioner mcdonnell >> is a common and richards comments reminded me, just to commend the zoo in particular the zoo mobile but also a relationship and partnership with the shared siu art project. supervisor farrell is doing an amazing job over the last five years of extending the number of playgrounds cross our city there are now open to residents in the community and part of that has been building partnerships with the zoo city departments and extending all the supports to families in neighborhoods so thank you so much for that partnership. >> okay. this was discussion only. we are now on items seven. acquisition of shoreview park.
11:20 am
>> good morning commissioners on stacy bradley deputy director of planning unit. we decided to bring this item before you today could my first meeting with at the park was with supervisor cohen neighbors ocii sarah was there and impressed upon me the benefit neighbors were hoping to receive when rpd would take over the management ownership of this park. as we found with the catawba is challenging to find park space in high need areas. this acquisition and no cost for the land transfer and with funding for capital improvements. provide a great benefit to the neighbors. we we able to provide an accessible vibrant open space for those who live around there. before handing this over to janice going to quickly step you through our [inaudible] that supports this acquisition along with our acquisition policy we have this knowledge of high
11:21 am
growth in throughout the city could would look at over 100,000 housing units over 30 years from 2010-2040. most of the housing growth is focused in the downtown core but also in the southeast and the long part way percent. lake merced. this also part of the strategic plan as you know well is objective 1.1 for developing more open spaces to address population growth and high needs areas and emerging neighborhoods. this project is also within the equity zone which is another big push for the departments. so without i'm going to hand it over to janice to give you details of the acquisition. thank you. >> good morning commissioners. janice perez from capital planning division. i am joined today by marie munson senior development specialist from ocii and josh came from the department of real estate.
11:22 am
shoreview park is affect their site currently owned by the office of community investment and infrastructure. it is located at 1 lillian court between beatrice and rosie lanes some nearby parks include held up an bigshot closeted after the san francisco peter bauman agency dissolves in february 2012 by order of the california supreme court ocii was formed to serve as the successor. under the redevelopment dissolution oh ocii legally required to dispose of all the development agency's assets and properties. ocii was required to prepare a long-range property management plan that sets forth the disposition and use of all the assets and properties that the former agency had. the ocii's oversight board and the state of california department of finance was approved the management plan back in 2015. the management sets forth this position of seven many parks located in the former hunters point redevelopment project area where the beam shoreview park. the plan requires
11:23 am
shoreview park to be transit of the city and county of san francisco for governmental use. the shoreview park acquisition as said is located in the bayview hunters point invert as shown here in the map. it is also located within the identified equity zones. in
11:24 am
line with our acquisition policy shoreview park is looking with a short distance of an area that's identified as high needs in the recreation and open space elements of the general land. the neighborhood is within the lowest median income bracket in san francisco above in areas high use an overall population density. also in line with our acquisition policy shoreview park has a unified funding for the developer to park is approved and rec and park ocii will transfer up to 2.1 million of community development block grant funds to the mayor's office of housing and community development. to rec and park for the capital improvement at shoreview park. the requirement to use these funds for shoreview park improvements is approved by the board of supervisors on the 2014-2015 cbd action plan. for almost 2 decades shoreview park has not been a fully functioning public part. the existing design in here who's a concrete children's play area with sand fill a large lawn area several trees with picnic tables and barbecue area. in the early to thousands of public-a
11:25 am
playground safety inspector deemed the existing playground of unsafe and subsequently set it off her music did not meet federal ada requirements and are also safety concerns the presence of buried needles in the same. playground cremains then stopped and has remained her last 17 years. in addition the irrigation is below grade and maintenance were unable to find the leak. the result was inefficient watering and the water was turned off at the site around 2009. former leader bauman agency staff try to improve this park for several years. but lack adequate funding to complete the project scope. during the summer of 2006 in integration for the property transfer ocii and the rex had a sidewalk and determine the many dying and
11:26 am
dead trees on the property. ocii in consultation with rec and park hired arborists to move on save trees and to conduct vegetation to ensure us a part for the community to enjoy in the interim during the property transfer before planned capital improvements are complete. this aerial boot view shows that park after the trees were removed. our own manager robert watkins has engaged with the community throughout the years and attended many community meetings in the past held by the formerly develop an agency but the potential park upgrade. robert is kept in the loop about the acquisition process was a huge oh pointing to ensuring the tree removals were performed successfully. staff presented this proposed acquisition to prozac in february prozac unanimously supported moving forward with this acquisition. mayor rogers represented from the district can and founder of parks 941246 poster. or it for this acquisition she actually used to live at shoreview and knows the area very well. before you you also the letter of support
11:27 am
from her. supervisor melia cohen also supports the project staff has been actively engaged with the project as well. we have been in regular contact with the president of the shoreview apartments tenants council janice powell, who unfortunate cannot be here today due to a sudden death in her family. i provided you with a letter she written prozac and that is in full support of the project and she is been the biggest champion for the park in the community and has been for the last two decades. we've heard so much from the community members about how excited and ready they are to seek to finally have this at shoreview. that concludes my presentation good i'm available for any questions. >> thank you very much that commissioner low >> you want to go to public comment first? >> is there anyone who like to make public comment on this item? richard. come on up.
11:28 am
>> let's give him 10 seconds this time. [laughing] >> one of the things there's a surprising [inaudible] hazard on the location. they'll had an awful amount of landscaping at the worst parts of this particular item serpentine rock, i don't know what they department or any the people in the departments and the county of san francisco view a serpentine rock or what you do. myself,-it's not a solution but this is close to water and areas around their hydration, runoff from the other parts of the city and county. so i am proactive. there is a hazard at serpentine rock. the department has begun all of that mission below is part because of serpentine rock. i like the sure
11:29 am
sale of that more on the hazards of location. thank you >> thank you. >> is there anyone else would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner low >> i just had a couple questions on the next steps on the transfer-well actually, so pursuant to the long-range property management plan, that designates the transfer of this property to the city? >> that the approval action from ocii >> okay. then what happens-then there's a quick grade dream that transfers the property to the city. how do we then transfer property from the city to the rec and park department? is that another step? >> when we go to the board of supervisors the department of
11:30 am
real estate books at the property under the jurisdiction of rec and park >> so should the quick claim deed to we revise this resolution is going to the city and county of san francisco under the jurisdiction of the rec and park department? i missing that step. >> on behalf of >> real estate division. perspective the actual transfer, in the quit claim deed, we check with counsel if that's mississippi we would expect i think the resolution itself will out something behalf of it sitting county is san francisco double check with counsel. we are looking at the lease about six weeks before be able to go to the board for that action because we have some german items with respect to an appraisal in getting the final survey. we have some time in there and had to give an update to you >> an appraisal? >> we have to get an appraisal due to the advent code a summer
11:31 am
accepting property >> is in the dollar zero? >> yes [inaudible] >> i'm just trying to make this efficient so that they shot yet another transfer that we have two approve from the city to rec and park >> the resolution of the board will be-there will not be an interim intermediary acceptance by real estate per site and then a transfer. it'll basically a direct transfer to rec and park upon acceptance of the city will set the property on behalf of the rex >> i think we should get the resolution in our package to mirror what counsel is advising so we don't have that interim step going to real estate and real estate to rec and park >> correct. >> otherwise i think i only other comment is to make the reference in the recitals to the block grant that the board of supervisors approved to go to this part. >> okay.
11:32 am
>> on that i would move for approval. >> with an amended resolution? >> right. >> to accommodate the changes in the language. >> you've written that? >> kind of good i don't know how to describe the block grant and am not sure what counsel will advise the department of real estate on the wording to have the transfer go to the city and county of san francisco under the jurisdiction of the rec and park department. i just don't know what the language is whatever the languages, just included in this resolution and i think we can move it forward. >> so that was in the formal motion. any other questions? seeing none, is there is there a second? >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. so moved. thank you commissioner low. >> okay. we are now on item 8 1500 mission shadow on patricia screen and the potential rpd at
11:33 am
position at 11th and the toma. >> good morning again commissioners. so the item before you today is the 1500 mission shadow on patricia screen and 11th and the toma. i'm joined today by josh king from the department of real estate and tina chang from the planning department. lanning code section 295 was adopted in 1985. in 1989 the recreation and park commission and planning commission 20 adopted a memorandum which identified quantitative and qualitative criteria for determining of significant shadows and parks under the jurisdiction of the rec and park department. the
11:34 am
1500 mission project is located in the south of market some a neighborhood within the market street project area market and octavia there a plan in downtown area planted the proposed project will be on two lots assessors box 3506, but 002 and 003 mission st. between south van ness and 11th st. the proposed project is gross of two towers. one is a residential building the second is an office building. the future home of multiple total city departments. josh and tina will provide you with more information on the project and its context within the city. >> good morning again commissioners. josh king. so this is pretty much getting to the point of combination of a really long process for the city. it's been directly over three years working in conjunction with our project sponsor was also our development partner. rid california. it's acid part of a bigger mission that the city has been working on for decades. it's basically falls
11:35 am
under the premise that the city is going to be here forever. especially some of our city department the essential services department are going to be here forever. the goal is how do we consolidate these apartment and how do we also put them in a transit orientated location and how do we find a site that actually big enough to accommodate these large apartments? many of you know there spread throughout the city at 30 van ness ave. 1660 mission sitting 80 mission, 1650 mission so that the planning department building inspection public works. all the groups integral to the building functions of the city. what we've actually been working for the many opportunities that just never work is how do we find a place and location with them altogether. explored opportunities at 1275 market which is a large website that though we ended up acquiring. you cannot will that transaction off. everyone knows the aaa building 100 van ness
11:36 am
ashley opportunity we had also we cannot pull that together. we are seeking and start working with related california on a unique public private partnership in the started about three years ago. what it entails is collectively within the developer site together. so related california is rachel developer. bill built have to site for residential. then the city would actually construct the other portion of the site a 16 story 450,000 square-foot office building that gives us the opportunity to consolidate these apartment and other departments as well smaller ones and to actually create this one-stop permitting center to you can get all the primitive functions for the city in one location. obviously there's great benefit for the city's customers. one thing to actually note, two, workgroup actually capital planning depression at 30 venice that group is icy slated to come to the building as well. rashly working [inaudible] we are
11:37 am
excited about this. were planning this keith mentioned were plan to any commission next week. we are excited about this. [inaudible] has strong support unanimous court for the board of supervisors in 2014 and [inaudible] bashfullybasic subject to the environmental review been satisfactory. [inaudible] as we move through this process, [inaudible] is been a great partnership with the project sponsor. any questions happy to answer after tina. >> good morning commissioners. planning department staff.:
11:38 am
provide a lot of context soaking my remarks brief but [inaudible] demolition and partial legalization of existing [inaudible] will be repurposed for the office use. [inaudible] on the whole project is found to be consistent with the goals and objectives of the general plan. planning area in the general plan particularly as generous pension project falls in the market onto the air plan and the help which is a subset of the market and octavia plan. is currently under study but it's noted the project is consistent with all the goals and objectives of urban design wise as well as when you slice
11:39 am
what's proposed in the harbor area plan. the project also falls within the downtown area plan the project is also consistent with. particularly commode perspective maximizing density your transit and ensuring housing including affordable housing the range of units can accommodate also mentioned that proposition is provided within the plan area. with respect to public hearings and outreach, the rabbinic three public meetings including and hearings-include a presentation regarding the dockyard propose legislative amendment before the planning commission. the project is excited to go before the planning commission again on march 23 next week. for the commissions consideration of the final eir adoption of sql findings and proposed legislative amendments as well as the downtown project authorization. we received a letter of support as well as one is in opposition to the amount proposed parking and this concludes my presentation but am happy to answer any questions. thank you.
11:40 am
>> patricia's green is 8.41 acre urban park located in hayes valley neighborhood. the part standard by hay street to the north south street to the south, the park is comprised of picnic seating are located along hays the features the pause with picnic tables the central section contains the plaza with an area for art installations and the southern portion of part contains the children's play area. on the days of maximum shading february 8 and november 1, new shadows we present for proximally 23 min. at 7:36 am and will be gone higher to 8 am. largest new shadow would occur at 7:36 am and cover proximally 7000 ft.2 equal to approximately 40% of the total park area. patricia's green
11:41 am
has approximate 66 million square-foot hours of theoretical annual available sunlight were tass existing shadow load is about 2018.21% of the total tass. proposed project without approximate 20,000 square-foot hours or 0.03% to the cast for the total shadow of 18.24%. new shadow from the proposed project would occur in the early evening, early-morning, - excuse me - between 7:30 am and 8:30 am in the winter and fall are less than 23 min. you shadow would fall primarily across the northern half of the park. the area containing a grassy area benches picnic tables and a pedestrian plaza. moving onto 11th and natoma it's a new
11:42 am
potential park that we are currently acquiring. 0.45 acres in western some significant population growth is anticipated around the site within the central soma plan area market octavia plan and help initiative. 11th and natoma strike site was selected for acquisition to serve the growing dense population of the emerging park neighbors with the understanding of the anticipated zoning changes and incoming growth residential development. he have to acre site is large enough for some active uses such as children's play area or sport court is most passive green spaces such as landscapes or grassy areas. the days of maximum shading our april 19 and august 23 new shadows on the days the maximum shading we present for proximally two hours between 4:50 pm-650 p.m. the larson shadow worker at 6:52 pm and cover proximally 14,000 ft.2 equal to 33.25% of the total parking area. 11th and natoma
11:43 am
is abruptly 73 million square-foot hours of tass these is in general makes approximate 20% at the proposed project would increase the new shadow but approximately 1.7 million square-foot hours or 2.4% of the tass the total shadow of 22.54%. to shadow from the proposed project would be present in the late afternoon and evening of march through october the maximum new shadow coverage tivoli occurring between 5:30 pm and 6 pm good the duration of new shadow with very would you shadow being present for less than 2.5 hours. here is a map showing the full year of shadow impacts. the doctor who signifies frequent shadow while the lighter blue signifies occasional shadow. the shadow study also analyzed new shadows cast by other projects development pipeline and for siebel future. projects are highlighted in purple on this map. so this slide shows the
11:44 am
location of the projects i find that are either future or for siebel and their individual shadow impacts on both patricia's green and 11th and natoma. the propose project is shown in yellow. the future active projects are in purple and the potentials logic are in great. the future projects include 455 d mark free 50 octavia, 10, top 10 s. venice city 29 market, 30 oh to start my 15 min. and 949 natoma. the potential projects in great include parcel k, parcel l and 30 van ness. this slide shows chemical shadow impacts from the use of projects. one note was specifically brought up last on the capital committee sought highlighted that as an individual group with 1500 mission. let's go through patricia's green first. 1500 mission and one note will increase just remote by 0.25%.
11:45 am
all future projects will grease patricia's green vote by .93%. all future and potential projects when please patricia's green load by 16.46%. note, most of the shadows is coming from parcel k and l both adjacent to the park. this is the maximum additional keynote of shadow that will result from all listed projects. picking the increase of square-foot hours would represent a cuban of annual shading total for proximally 35% at a cumulative increase of abruptly 16% over existing conditions. as for 11th and natoma 5001 oak weeklies shadow by 2.4% and one oak shadow will increase patricia's green 0.004%. all future projects will increase
11:46 am
11th and natoma shadow by 5.21% of all future projects and potential projects will increase 11 natoma's shadow by 5.47% it is the maximum additional keynote of shadow that result from the listed projects. the chemo to increase in square-foot hours represent a key motive and no shading total approximate 25%. an increase for proximally 5% over existing conditions. the 1989 memo to not associate jennifer parks, then 2 acres with 20% or less shadow. both patricia's green and 11 and natoma is smaller than 2 acres. the existing shadow load of patricia's green is 18.21% of existing shadow of 11th and natoma is 20.14%. the propose project will increase the tas by 0.03% at patricia's green and by 2.4% at 11th and
11:47 am
natoma. this concludes my presentation. i'm available for questions. thanks >> thank you. >> public comment? we will go to public comment before ask anyone would like to speak i would like to remind everyone the item before the commission today is on the shadow impact not on the project itself. so if you can focus your comments to that. so is there anyone who like to make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner mcdonnell >> thank you. i'm trying to think but how to represent the questions that is a concern because it feels as if we are inconsistent to think it's important for us to be consistent however we define a. by that i mean, so in one moment when talking about the impact of shadow load on any given park and related project and this of course funny stuff
11:48 am
recommendation. at least i recall in the past actions this one has night much of how to interpret that that's one part of the question. the other is we seem to speak to the impact rather, the merits benefit of the project as if we should or should not be concerned about the shadow and as margaret just reference, the question before us is the shadow and not the merits of the project so often when we are in these discussions is difficult for me to appreciate what i'm weighing could either questions with the merits of this project so this is what about this project but also about just this particular part of our responsibility round weighing the impacts of shadow load and so we went all the way through the impacts of shadow load in this case in analysis assessment and there's no recommendation. i'm not sure again how to interpret that.
11:49 am
does that mean we think it is significant load, not significant load it will have impact on this particular park and it's kind of regular recurring activities we think it has no significance or whatever it happens to be just on a fireplace of consistency around these kinds of issues. be sure thank you for those questions. doing the shadow review is >> sure. thank you for those questions 1990 min. set forth qualitative and quantitative meadows for us to look at windows is the public benefits or public good on behalf of the project. so i think one thing when the project this commission is seen as a hospital which had a very clear public good. often the items are not so clear. the work we have been doing i think that the commissions quest you back the recommendation and allow it
11:50 am
to be a discussion amongst the commission to decide the policy for if it's in impact or not an impact to the park from these projects. so we have we move forward with that. even doing no recommendations for the past couple of years, with just showing providing the qualitative and quantitative analysis that we've done at the staff level and with the help of the planning department and the shadow analysis. >> commissioner that's an excellent question good to have a little more context to stacy's comments, under that scene shadow memo, what we were very i think along euro projects, came to really focus on is actually the recreation and park apartment commission doesn't actually have decision-making role in shadow
11:51 am
but the role is actually purely advisory and is not even specified as the commission needs to per se, taken action but that the general manager of the spivak's apartment can advise the planning commission as they make their decision about a property. so upon closer reflection and looking at just how the recreation and park commission frankie was becoming a form on a way to stop projects or not, it was i think very appropriately the were directed to stop making formal recommendations and with respect to shadow that being said, we do want to advise the commission as if the commission would like to make comment and provide advice to the planning commission give them enough information to do so. >> thank you that's really very helpful. i guess a request therefore i would make going forward would be because what i did not see represented here at least we received is a some representation of the activities in the park. again,
11:52 am
absent recognition one way or another but just to have eight lens or through which we can determine from our own deliberation and assessment with other significant or not impact. >> absolutely. i think that is a very thoughtful request i think we can begin to characterize ip activities and square footage is dedicated to different types of activities and park features in future reporting >> we have done that in the past. magically i think of gene friend but in one of these cases we don't even know yet whether users are going to be >> yes we have no idea yet >> although it may influence only planetary scope and the shadows are cast on the time it gets built good do you have other questions? >> no. thank you steve >> mr. low >> just to piggyback on commissioner mcdonnell's comments, we do take into account the good of the shadow caster. i think those are the
11:53 am
terms under the 1999 men out and deciding whether or not the shadow cast is first correct? >> yes i will let stacy was actually memorize this back and forth and occasionally talk back in [cross-talking / off mic] the way the shadow analysis is constructed is interesting and complicated and has one analysis is significant and in a very different analysis of whether not the shadow and breaking those two components apart. i think as we are determining again whether shadows adverse, we look at whether or not significant and then you can also analyze the extent to which the project might have public benefits, so the public good that windows outweighs those considerations in mozilla, three dimensions we talk about when were thinking
11:54 am
about shadow. >> any more questions commissioner? >> i will wait to the end >> commissioner bonilla >> yes that raises the question for me in terms of the-i know the capital committee approved or recommended approval could so my question is, did the capital committee just address the shadow impact and if they did, what were their comments? why they moved it forward to the approval? >> i get some momentum here from the capital committee to have to respond to that. we do take into account the impacts on patricia's green. seeing that the shadow those cast on for tricia's green was in the early morning hours and it was representative that was not a lot of activity at those hours that the activity at patricia's
11:55 am
green was more towards police during the weekdays in the late afternoons and early evenings, certainly it might impact some activities on the weekends but it was considered not to have an adverse impact on patricia's green. we also look at 11th and natoma. i think a discussion maybe was more focused on where we were on the status of the purchase of 11th and natoma but i think doing our analysis we have to look at the shadow cast on the property exist today but really what makes this the future since we just don't know what the future will be. >> but you are willing to approve it for recommendation i mean just with the fact [cross-talking / off mic] >> yes we do not wait into the >> 11th and that, >> we did about late 11th and
11:56 am
natoma but what is it today and just buildings which we won't be able to really do anything with until 2024. we do not take into account any public benefits by the-i'm so looking for the 1989 memo but the public benefits opposed by the project were the shadow caster so we do not take into consideration. >> it's interesting >> we did recommend this to move forward. >> before, sarah you weigh in on this, i think as i understand it, both the general manager and the commission way in and recommending to the planning commission. we don't do an up or down or yes or no, we do an analysis. that does incorporate with the use of the building is to the degree we know it and it also doesn't
11:57 am
necessarily apply to future shadows though impact a part. so i think it is a judgment. there we were headed on this was to try and avoid having a staff recommendation that ms. those judgments and that we were trying to get to a place where we were simply being generally advisory to the planning commission about it and they weigh in on uses and some of the other impacts. so i think that puts it in perspective. sarah, did you want to comment? >> you said it all. thank you. >> commissioner low all give it back to you. >> okay. i have some changes to the resolution that there's a recital which talks about the recreation park commission does not have jurisdiction over 11th and natoma. that is not correct right? we do have jurisdiction over 11th and the thoma? >> not yet were moving forward
11:58 am
the acquisition. not until the board takes the action. >> which are having us prove shadow cast on 11 and natoma is not misleading? >> no. the 19 nine memo looks at properties doesn't buy the recreation parks department for acquisition could this that includes the language of the planning code is actually very specific and so at the moment that is not often the property is not technically considered under acquisition for the planning code but we think it may become it officially considered under the planning code all the planning is waiting for the planning is going through permitting action and getting its building permit so we don't have to bring the property to project back to the commission if the building permit triggered the review. so we want to review it just in case the timing all alliance
11:59 am
with which is likely to happen by the time they pull the permits which is the trigger for the planning code action is likely to be officially designated for acquisition by that next item apartment per planning code section 295 >> maybe- >> [cross-talking / off mic] >> because this is just a recital right? so when we say the recreation and parks commission has adopted a resolution to proceed with the acquisition of the property and scott all the other definitions to be used for future recreational purposes? >> yes that would work absolutely >> on that revision of like to move--sorry commissioner mcdonnell >> i'm sorry i know were trying to get there. i want to be helpful. that said again i'm just want to find that consistent through line as we wave these. so the recital says
12:00 pm
that we are recommending approval and that the shadow will not have adverse impact yes? is that correct? >> yes and 11th and that, both. there's actually two separate resolutions. one is that the 1500 mission street will not have the shadow cast by 1500 mission st. will not have a significant adverse impact on patricia's green. then there's a second resolution at the same shadow will not have an adverse impact on 11th and natoma. >> yes exactly right. it's the-on the rec and park commission's advice to the
12:01 pm
landing commission that it would not have a significant adverse impact in either of those projects he was done with the planning commission does after that is up to the planning commission. >> right. so does that-is that resolution were determination of their being no adverse impact, is that based upon the quality of the project were just the quantification of shadow load >> no. we are just looking at shadow-the percentage increase of the shadow load on each park and property and whether that will have an adverse impact on that part. we don't even look at the merits of the project. not to say there are no merits but we don't look at the merits of the project >> i guess the whole thing crumbles for me again because we say our recommendation is purely on the math, if you will
12:02 pm
the assessment in it earlier in the conversation we are saying how great to meet you weigh the benefits of the shadow cast during what they're doing to add community benefit >> well, gives math and use of what's going on on the ground. >> right. there are two prongs. actually found the memo. there is a quantitative analysis, which there's math and that's why there's a small percentage increase of the shadow load on patricia. more significant shadow on 11th and natoma but would look at the condition is exist today. so that's a quantitative analysis. qualitative analysis gets to what you're talking about. what are the activities at the park that will be impacted by the shadow and that's where the capital committee we looked at our substitution green primarily actually the whole focus of the capital was on patricia green looking where were the hours of the shadow cast what time of day, time of year, what
12:03 pm
committees would be impacted and the capital committee we make a determination that was the early morning hours and was not a lot of activity being impacted. but we did not go into the next prong on the qualitative and also which i think you're talking about is the public benefits that's created by the shadow caster and we do not just did not get to that analysis because we thought after looking at the quantitative analysis in the first prong of the qualitative analysis, but the shadow cast was not a significant adverse impact. >> so again surely in the spirit of consistency, what would make sense to me is either were always considering both in our resulting recommendations represents both ,, not quantitatively adverse but benefit great, so on balance, we approve, or, not adverse and so it seems to me
12:04 pm
that we sometimes way both, sometimes only way-it feels again inconsistent >> to really defend staff on this from the 1989 memo is, no offense to supervisor mark, is really hard to follow good it is a quantitative analysis. as a qualitative analysis. qualitative analysis walks you through value of the sunlight, shadow characteristics, and then what you are referring to is the building characteristics which is the public goods served by the shadow caster. so i think i do think in the future we should maybe walk through each of those steps. just that on this page could project after going to the quantitative analysis the valley of the sunlight and the shadow characteristics the capital committee just determined was not a significant adverse impact.
12:05 pm
>> one and two precluded three. >> we just never got to three >> if i could add one more -that might be helpful, i just want to emphasize again the commission is actually not making approval action today. they're only making a recommendation to the planning commission and that as such to commissioner low's point, memo is a complicated memo and it does not provide the kind of clarity of criteria that one would hope for that i think we aspire to practice in many of our other decision-making processes. actually, again because of the nature the viceregal of the recreation and park commission and that this is a recommendation only, also allows for incredibly broad discretion about how we make that recommendation with these landing commission has a very specific role that they have to fulfill but that we have a lot of discretion about how we think about adverse impacts of
12:06 pm
shadow. the shadow falls on a tree that's already there departments already shadow what does that mean to us rightly so we get very quickly into some bizarre metaphysical questions as well as pragmatic concerns about how shadow impacts apart. so this is been a long-standing i think conversation in it 10 years i've been working in the department as commissions try to make sense of how they want to interpret and use these criteria i just want to state again there's a lot of discretion given to the commission and the interpretation of those criteria. i should state criteria is too strong a word, guidelines. >> for the edification of the commission, if the shadow is approved and then one of these projects is not built, does that shadow to that allotment of shadow stokes this on the part work in another project fill it or is that only for the
12:07 pm
zero tolerance park where you have to raise the budget? >> that question [cross-talking / off mic] >> that's good beyond the scope >> the question about the merits of this particular project and i think to clarify for them [inaudible] >> i think the issue before us on the transbay district plan where there was an used shadow and then they were [inaudible] the question is not put before us and i like to just move this matter forward with the changes in the resolution handed to the secretary. >> is there a second? >> second. >> before i have to call for the boats have to make an observation about the irony that this a public-private partnership, the public side may well be the planning department and were putting him through the torturous approval process to get something built in town.
12:08 pm
>> and your own capital planning staff were slated to relocate to this facility >> yes without we have a motion in second. all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. quirino is up opposition it is unanimous >>[gavel] >> thank you >> we are on item number nine laguna salado restoration project at sharp park >> just when you break from sharp part. very very briefly, when you have in front of you is a letter from the general manager to the board of supervisors outlining the contours of an agreement made between the department and one group of appellants of the natural resources management plan eir. through conversations that were facilitated by supervisor peskin and former general manager jared blumenthal, we had about a month's worth of conversation with some of the appellants over their concerns around the
12:09 pm
specifics of the sharp park project in that eir. just prior to the hearing on february 28 we were able to strike a deal with them which led to them withdrawing their appeal of the documents. the deal is outlined in the letter and it is essentially unlike most things that sharp part there a very simple it we are as part of the habitat restoration project proposing to dredge the water bodies at sharp park. we look at three possible disposal locations for what's left over of the dredge the remaining soil. i discussed using the soil at the remediated rifle range at sharp park the organic dump at sharp park or the possibility of using that soil on the fairways particularly 14 and 18 but some other fairways at sharp park. that element of the project description raised significant concerns for the appellants and so again through these month-long conversations
12:10 pm
came up with the compromise of withdrawing that portion of the project and committing to not using dredge soil or any outside soils on the fairway of the course of this project. which led to the withdrawal of their appeal and for a belt and suspenders type of approach they asked that we bring that letter to the commission and have you formally adopted through resolution. >> is there any public comment? richard, come on up. >> >> good afternoon mr. buell and everyone. good morning. this particular addressing of the area of this particular sharp park and restoring of a
12:11 pm
habitat for the snakes and restoring the habitat for the frogs. i just wanted to make comments about the ground up, the type of pesticides that mr. buell instructed me to go to the department of environment over and of course i [inaudible] where they found that the pesticide roundup had deleterious effects on the eyes of the amphibians, the red tail frogs, and also would likely in the category of zoology, bother sinks as well. incipient and reptiles. so looking at that particularly, i just want to bring that in as well as if it's just a matter of disposing of such spoils as stated in the
12:12 pm
letter of phil ginsburg general manager, i just want to bring up a point here that is very important that struck me as very important. any delay in implementing the project will frustrate recovery efforts and contradict the recreation and parks department commitment to the resource agencies to implement habitat recovery. so when it has to have to do with habitat recovery there's usage of pesticides but i don't think you should even think too much about what you're going to do. you have to put it to for some other place like on circuiting they put out in the nevada somewhere. i don't know where you're going to do with the soil but [inaudible] there's a lot of erratic behavior of frogs. they're laying eggs up on the grassy area. i just thought the public would like to know that. so they are not
12:13 pm
always doing everything the weight of frog is supposed to be hating. thank you >> thank you. >> is there anyone else would like to-richard, come on up. richard and richard. >> commissioners, of richard harris san francisco resident and president of the san francisco public golf alliance. we have seen this february 28 letter from general manager ginsburg to the board. the letter speaks for itself and we approve the-we support the resolution that would approve that letter. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> before we-before i asked
12:14 pm
for a though work someone a component the staff. i think is a real coup. it's a great win-win parole parties and so once again a job well done. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. so be it. >>[gavel] >> we are now on item 10 let's play sf and this is a discussion on the item, commissioners.the morning commissioners lisa ranson dir.
12:15 pm
of partnerships that ration parks department and i'm here today to provide informational updates on the let's play sf initiative to renovate the 13 playgrounds that were prioritized for improvement by the playgrounds task force. i don't want to revisit the entire history but as you all know this is a public-private partnership to renovate the grounds that words are meant to be most deserving by a citizen task force and we are really thrilled with the progress to date. a couple of items. the board of supervisors approval of the grant agreement is in process. i submitted the turtles to the mayor's budget office and the controller is now responding to comments on that. then, we are working-we are thrilled to have drew
12:16 pm
becker here, just starting and we are working with the well with the parks alliance both on the fund raising elements of this and on the parks alliance efforts to contribute in-kind design services to some of these playgrounds. to date, there's nearly $4 million in private funding available for the project in those ongoing discussions with many of the individuals and foundations in san francisco that seem to be most committed to civic projects. as i said, the parks alliance has been working with several netscape architect to secure design services for the second three of the six-the second batch of three of the six pier one playgrounds. they can speak more to that in a minute but i want to give you a project delivery update. i guess i want to start by noting that my partner in crime,
12:17 pm
caroline wilbert, from the capital division is not here because she is out doing some preliminary visits to the tier 2 playgrounds. we are pushing forward very quickly with all these projects. so this is a map of all of the plea grounds that were designated by the task force. let's see. so we've been working on these first three of the six tier 1 playgrounds and i can give you an update on those. washington square concluded its community meetings and one piece of nice news between my presentation a couple weeks ago and today is that tara went the historical
12:18 pm
preservation commission yesterday and got unanimous approval for the proposed plan. so washington square had to go to historic preservation because the entire park is a historic site. so that's nice. merced heights has had a three community meetings and they are finalizing the concept plan and will submit environmental evaluation application later this month. sgt. mcauley's planning to have it final community meeting at the end of april to reveal the preferred concept plan to the community and take final comments. then the second three, as i mentioned alice chalmers, mclaren group picnic area and -wait-panhandle the ground are all in process of being preliminary planning work in the parks alliance as a mention is very close to signing on tax for design services on those three grounds. we are also starting some work on west
12:19 pm
portal which is a pure two playgrounds but that site has community opportunity funds and so has right note among the funding in place outside of let's let's play funding to move forward with that project. here-i talked with the schedule. here is the schedule which you also have in your package that shows where we are with these playgrounds. then, in terms of budget, so you've seen this budget no many times before. this is the initiative budget that we are working with right now but there's a lot of work going on as we finalize conceptual plans the first three playgrounds to refine these numbers and i do think they will change a little bit as we finalize that but we are working closely with the parks alliance to make sure that there is-there will be some
12:20 pm
private funding in all of these projects - excuse me - many of the tier 1 projects and we are confident that we will be able to fund willy all 13 of the playgrounds. let's see. then back to the schedule, we do expect that we we back to commission frequently this year with concept lands and related agreements for all of these playgrounds. we are expecting concept plans very shortly for washington square and merced heights and sometime in the beginning of the fall for sgt. mcauley. without i'm
12:21 pm
happy to take any questions. >> would you like to go to public comment commissioner? >> i would >> we are on public comment. >>[calling public comment cards] >> hello. drew becker san francisco parks alliance could we are really excited to be partner in this fantastic program. we look forward to ramping up our fundraising with the next couple of months to meet these goals and actually hopefully exceed the goals that are laid out within this partnership. just as we were sitting here today, we all received an e-mail we got a $15,000 donation from the waterfront playground either the mark they are donating their access to let's play sf
12:22 pm
so that is a great need and something we will look for to other committee groups doing that. as you know, the playgrounds are used by everyone and their such integral part of communities where people actually meet face-to-face. kids learn a lot on playgrounds and how to interact with one another and it's hugely important to the future of the city sort out to be a part of this. also, we are september 17 is party for the parks which main issue is fundraising for let's play as a and i'm sure you'll all be there while a lot of fun and raise a lot of money to hopefully sealed the deal on phase 1 of let's play sf thanks >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. almost after good morning commissioners. drew said it well. i just want to give you a
12:23 pm
little update as lisa mentioned. we are very close to signing agreements with three landscape architecture firms will be providing design services to panhandle, alice chalmers, and the mclaren group picnic area that will represent really almost at least in the first two panhandle and also missed this can represent about $6000 gift to the initiative which is great. some of that is actually in-kind pro bono services and some of it is a gift the parks alliance we making to the initiative. so we are really excited to get going on design for some of these tier 1 we are working on. it's exciting to see merced heights moving forward, washington square looking forward to just a great initiative the partnership proceeding really really well and we are thrilled
12:24 pm
with it. so thanks for the opportunity to update you. >> edna. >> i'm edna james and representing merced heights part. even though were moving ahead come i still have some concerns regarding the surveys of agreement in terms of what people think of the design and so at the last meeting, unless i missed one, there were only nine people to vote what and i felt there was not enough people to make a decision about the go-ahead on the park. the comment was, staff comment was that we would move it towards another month and then there's another concern that people may not have computers in terms of being able to vote. i know
12:25 pm
something is, like myself, we have grandchildren that come and visit us and come and see the park and i know my granddaughter and i revisited nine parks one day and she really had a good time and now she's in virginia. she says there's no parks like that in virginia and she drafted a picture of different design good the other comment i have was regarding sandbox that during those nine-seeing those nine different parks we went to balboa, we went to it was another was a couple out in geneva and they had sandboxes and so i know they're concerned about needles in the sandbox,
12:26 pm
dog poop and what have you that i can set what's the behavior of these kids. they went to the sandbox to nature and i would like to see it stay there as a historical landmark. i know turf is being talked about. it is a but kids do trip in it. in any event, i hope that i know we talked about schoolyards being part of offering park space but it's not the same as regular part and so i would like you to take that into consideration. think you. >> thank you >> is there any most electric public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner bonilla ps i just want to get some clarification. we are still in
12:27 pm
the process of getting more input right? on the design >> lake merced heights? >> yes all these others >> the first 3 washington sq., merced heights and sgt. mcauley . washington square is concluded. merced heights has had its through three community meetings and that ashley settled on a general plan i believe but there's some question of exactly which piece of play equipment and my understanding is that the project manager on the project is working with the tenant at the mercedes heights clubhouse to schedule a meeting during the day with the kids who are in that clubhouse to let them look again at the play equipment and make their choice. >> can you tell me what the total amount of input that we got out there in merced heights?
12:28 pm
>> so >> in terms of the community to make sure that their views are being represented? >> yes i actually went to the first two of the three community meetings and there were probably-i don't know probably 12-15 community members at each meeting. there was a lot of input and there's a lot of opinions taken and then there has been an online survey. i believe it was an online survey posted after each community meeting with the presentation and ability for people to vote on the choices. >> so that's what edna is referring to? >> yes >> that process the fact that some people may not have computers and may not be pretty to-privy to the design and have the opportunity to vote
12:29 pm
>> that is true >> that's what she is referring to. >> yes >> commissioner mcdonnell >> so there is a memo we received raising the question of the need for a board of supervisors resolution to receive 15 million dollars in in-kind services_. what is the status of that? >> that's whatever doing the beginning of my presentation good bosses as we submit, once the commission recommends the board approve a grant we submit a package to the mayors office and to the controller's office is the package has been submitted and have a few questions and refinements and working on those so that should happen shortly i hope >> thank you >> okay. think you're much those information on. appreciate it >> we are now on i am 11 and report by the controller's office on park maintenance
12:30 pm
standards and, this, too, is discussion only. >> good morning commissioners. i'm steve rockwell senior administrative >> good afternoon >> >> good afternoon already. the senior administrative analyst and operations did i run the park evaluation program for the department. alice kaczor from the controllers also be joining me in making the presentation today. this annual report reviews park maintenance in fiscal year 15-16 in the second year which to park evaluation standards [inaudible] these new standards were adapted from the original standards and lamenting 10 years prior in 2005 and now provide greater clarity reducing evaluator interpretation, deegan and analytical reporting and deliver more complete
12:31 pm
information to the public. as you will see today, we are already achieving success in these areas. as anticipated, the tougher new standards adopted resulted in a downward adjustment to lower baseline. this year, the citywide score began rebounding increasing by .4% to 85.6 good with managers and supervisors now able to use real-time reports to affect speedy repairs, with the completion of renovations targeted to low performing facilities, and with staff becoming familiar with the goals set by the new standards incremental improvement in park scores should continue in future years. parks moving to the new higher scoring categories the final column at the right of this chart is growing. much of the impetus
12:32 pm
for this continues to come from capital improvements targeted to aging and park infrastructure and even ovations dramatically improve the scores at several parks like human playground which we've renovated this epa washington square with the restrooms were renovated, joe dimaggio north beach playground the entire site was redone, and [inaudible] partner pathway improvements occurred. what you can't see in this chart is the lowest scoring part in fiscal year 16 at a score that was 7.2% higher than the lowest scoring part in previous years. this is a success. in our efforts to equalize maintenance delivery across the city. seven points below the 85% good maintenance threshold psa three was the lowest score again in fiscal year 16. golden gate park has the greatest decrease in score. 1.4% with this in mind both pse three and golden gate park avenue and reorganize read more supervisory resources
12:33 pm
equalize workloads. in fiscal year 17 a new bayview complex has been added to psa three and a new section 7 has been created in golden gate park. so that is the overview. i'm going to hand it over to alice will give you a further breakout the data. >> thank you good afternoon commission. my colleague >> speak into the microphone he was as great an online dashboard that is available to the public regarding park scores. hopefully the projection will work. so what
12:34 pm
you are about to see is a map of the bottom and top 10 parks in disco years 16. those highlighted green oh correspond to the higher scores of highlighted red correspond to lower scores. four of the high-scoring parks have been renovated by either the 2008 or, 2000 and nine p.m. safe parks budget the low-scoring sites are in process or plan for the future in fact you've heard of to them in presentations today including alice chalmers the ground and john mclaren park. so if you're ever curious you can come to our website here the we have a chart showing the breakdown of scores on average by supervisorial
12:35 pm
district or districts three and five in fiscal year 16 had the highest scoring average at about 80%. districts 10 and 11 were again at the lowest scoring at 81.4 and 81.3 respectively. however, it's important to note district 11 had a significant improved average as compared to fiscal year 15. this has equalize the outcome across all the districts decreasing the spread by about 3%. this is an additional chart showing the change in spread. you can see again in fiscal year 16 each district and the ranger park scores associated in the district. finally, we will talk about features within parks. 85% is the threshold for
12:36 pm
what is considered good maintenance of a feature. most of our parks actually surpass this. athletic fields, heart skips and lawns were close but not quite meet. however they have increased from fiscal year extinct despite irrigation due to the drought. further growth in heart skips wars are expected as the apartment undertakes a long deferred asphalt improvements. children's play areas remain as you can see the most challenging feature but hopefully with the let's play sf initiative that we heard about earlier which the department is embarking on should direct funding to these low-scoring play areas.
12:37 pm
>> as in past years city services auditor offered several repetitions for the department.. i will briefly outline what we are doing in these areas. one, implementing mobile evaluations. as you will see today regarding that the scope it with a fully mobile evaluation program. two, develop more frequent and useful reports could significantly improve reporting has artie been accomplished no show you that today as well. three, identify potential parking improvements as indicated throughout the presentation rpd is actively engaging using evaluation results to focus deployment of staff and renovation funding opportunities for more pointed use apart evaluation data will increase as we further draft reports this year. update site maps. park maps continue to be a high priority and we're committed to continuing rolling out the new generation of mass
12:38 pm
to more sites. so in the spirit of our continued program improvements to me give you a first look at our mobile evaluation tool. this is what an evaluator notes ease when they open the san francisco park evaluation program mobile app location. evaluate is no longer need to wait for a packet of papers to derive from the box simply on the first day of her evaluation period pick up their phone, download the evaluations and view a list of their park sites. when multiple sites are assigned each evaluator see evaluations and their personal schedule and i'll be of value in a single afternoon were evaluated on separate days. tapping on any sides in the app will open up a screen that lists the features that exist at that site. for instance, at [inaudible] program you see immediately the buildings, two separate children's play areas, fire escape, lawns all need to be evaluated. starting at feature
12:39 pm
evaluation changes sought by color to yellow as in the second row here. if i tap on that feature, then with school-age children they area i open the list of questions pertinent to the playground. here for example i stop at several standards used to evaluate children's play areas signage an evaluator finds any these issues within the play area they use the app to record them. for example if the sign on the west gate of the playground is faded and could amount to be easily read, the evaluator marks this issue as true. then in the interest enters the comments and takes a photo could so that stuff is all the information they need to go out to replace the socket the evaluator than school through and evaluate automating children's play area attributes graffiti, painting a rubber surfacing and after completing all the features of the site
12:40 pm
since the final results back to the database. previously park managers do not have to wait 5-10 business days to get information. today the park managers send reports like this one here in real-time as soon as the database receives the completed results. report streamlines the data excluding [inaudible] was pastor standard including only found issues which need resolution. report details the nature of the issue the department responsible for fixing it and the evaluator comments in the photographs are new mobile application allows us to capture information and quickly deliver it. that concludes our presentation. were happy to answer any questions you might have. >> i like the technology. see if there's any- >> any public comment on this
12:41 pm
item? seeing none,-adam did you want to make public comment? come on up. >> edna james. i just want to just listen to the comment about the [inaudible] and think about merced heights park where we requested the police to come out there because the students of san francisco state have parties on weekends and so when the children come there's a lot of whiskey bottles and everything else at merced heights park in batches one thing. the other one is that we were talking about the maintenance of the park and we think that the trees or overgrown and as i said the
12:42 pm
plot was called an open field, there's not supposed to be any dogs going around their on the leash were not on the leash but they have that good that is one activity that we are against and i started to say something to a person about that but i'm not a park administrator and i could've gotten shot or something else happened to me but i'm just saying, i have some concerns and also, the last thing, when you mentioned that merced heights park is used by just one group of children, and that's where she's getting her evaluation from. we have children at temple methodist church. we have children at lutheran church of our savior. we have chosen that it buchman that, and use the park and i'm just saying, getting it one group that's running that space, that's not adequate for me.
12:43 pm
they can. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to make public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. i believe libby would like to make comments? >> good afternoon commissioners did on lidia-operations manager in rec and park i supervise speed and i want to acknowledge how significant this particular program is. it really is cutting-edge week onto a mobile application in i need to thank the general manager at his insistence as well as ben rosenfeld and peggy stephenson. we are among very few, i think i only know one other municipality that's doing anything like this so we been doing this just over 10 years and want to say how significant it is then also kind of the herculean effort both controller staff and our staff have gone through to make this happen in a very short period of time but i want to thank the staff that worked on this steve
12:44 pm
is retiring in a few months at this the last time you present on this. i just want to acknowledge that. we cannot do this without leadership and help of the controller's office. >> thank you so much. commissioner bonilla >> i just-this relates to your presentation in terms of the technology aspect and the community being able to make comment on the conditions were evaluate the parks and so on. the question i have is, do we have computers that most of these sites that we are speaking of in terms of-do we have computers that say merced heights and alice chalmers and so on? because i know there's been an effort citywide by the
12:45 pm
community living campaign and community technology network to have computers available for seniors were for youth to be able to utilize. do we-are we working with these programs and do we have these computers in these some of these parks that were improving and just wanted to get an idea of how linkup or how connected we are? the things commissioner any current director of operations. let me respond in two ways good one yet to evaluations on mobile device.separate what i think
12:46 pm
your question goes to was the level of technology in our facilities and i would say that merced heights, i mean we have a tenant who leases the clubhouse. so i am not exactly sure what level of commitment computer support we have there. might be provided by the tenant at our major rec centers and those type of things we do have everything from fiber-optic support to something less than that. there are various sites. if your question was, does the public have access to those, i would say only in a programmatic sense. if there's something in the [inaudible] that does provide or incorporate computer support i would say probably so but we do not have computers or technology out in our facilities
12:47 pm
that is just opened to the public. if that was your question? >> or for community purpose that we been speaking about because i think certainly the goal lease from the standpoint of the elderly and use that use these facilities, but our goal and and i can attest to this, put computers out at the rec centers and everywhere have possible so the community has access to these computers. which could then be used for other purposes to our programming. >> i'm not aware of any just open computers. we have for public use for whatever reason they would have to access them. i think all our technology support is strictly programmatic
12:48 pm
program support for things that they are signed up for and participating in. >> i think i will work at our center we have that capacity so i'm going to explore with these organizations what it is we actually are doing because it's my impression that we would being no working between rec and park to do this. >> commissioner mcdonnell >> it seems to me another piece of the equation that this change was pointing out that how many folks have opportunities to give input and so clearly having these smartphone capacities fantastic and at the same time if the five kind of portals of access to people that ms. james represented, are not touched in some way technologically or otherwise, then our evaluation is only limited-the 10 people
12:49 pm
we talked to and got input from versus the 30 we could have made up numbers but >> commissioners, 21 a complete word or two separate issues. the committee process for the redesign of for example lake merced, that is completely separate and different from just part evaluation program to our parks are evaluated quarterly by rec and park and annually by the controller's office in the evaluation -evaluations as agreed on by those that. there is no public evaluation >> thank you >> i would add to their significant public input that denny and his staff utilize to make maintenance decisions >> comments the common >> i'm ellie through 311 but also the park service managers
12:50 pm
>> by requiring individuals to make input by a computer or however through technology in terms of design concepts and so on, i think certainly, we have to know that or feel confident that the tools are there for them to be able to make input if that's how were doing business >> understood and that's in the capital program we can talk about how to incorporate that >> thank you for the presentation. with that we do have an executive session so i think we can move through the rest of the calendar >> okay. we are in item 12, general public comments. is there anyone who did not make public comments on item for the wants to now? okay general public comment is closed. item 13 is closed session. is there anyone who like to make public comment on closed session? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, we need a motion and a second whether to confer with legal counsel >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor say,
12:51 pm
aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. >> we are now in closed >> (clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i think we have more companies anywhere in the united states it's at the amazing statement we're not trying to be flashy or shocking just trying to create something new and original were >> one of the things about the conduct our you enter and turn
12:52 pm
your your back and just so the orchestra. the most contrary composer of this time if you accountability his music you would think he's a camera come important he become ill and it was crazy he at the end of his life and pushed the boundary to think we're not acceptable at this point for sure it had a great influence he was a great influence on the harmonic language on the contemporary up to now. i thought it would be interesting because they have e he was contemporary we use him on this and his life was you kill our wife you get poisons
12:53 pm
all those things are great stories for on opera. i was leaving behind a little bit which those collaborative dancers i was really trying to focus on opera. a friend of mine said well, what would you really want to do i said opera what is it not opera parallel. why isn't it are that i have the support now we can do that. i realized that was something that wasn't being done in san francisco no other organization was doing this as opposed to contemporary we are very blessed in san francisco to have
12:54 pm
organizations well, i thought that was going to be our speciality >> you create a conceptual idea for setting the opera and you spear ahead and work with the other sdierndz to create an overview vision that's the final product felt opera. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i was very inspired to work with him because the way he looked at the key is the way i looked at sports looking at the daily. >> so much our mandate is to try to enter disis particular work there's great dancers and theatre actresses and choirs we've worked with and great video artists is a great place
12:55 pm
to collect and collaborate. i had a model they have a professionally music yes, ma'am assemble and as a student i benefited from being around this professional on and on soccer ball and as a conductor i'd be able to work with them and it's helped my growth i had a dream of having a professional residential on and on soccer ball to be an imperial >> it operates as a laboratory we germ a national the ideas technically and work with activity artists and designers and video all over the on any given project to further the way we tell stories to improve our ability to tell stories on
12:56 pm
stage. that's part of the opera lab >> i was to investigate that aspect of renaissance and new work so that's why this piece it is important it was a renaissance composer. >> there were young people that are not interested in seeing traditional opera and like the quality and it's different it has a story telling quality every little detail is integrated and helps to capture the imagination and that's part of the opera how we can use those colors into the language of today. >> so one of the great things of the stories of opera and story
12:57 pm
combined with opera music it allows people to let go and be entertained and enjoy the music instead of putting on headphones. >> that's what is great about art sometimes everyone loves it because you have to, you know, really great you have to have both some people don't like it and some people do we're concerned about that. >> it's about thirty something out there that's risky. you know, disliked by someone torn apart and that's the whole point of what we're drying to do >> you never take this for granted you make sure it is the best if you can.
12:58 pm
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ - working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrant and dynamic city that's on the forefront of economic growth, the arts, and social change. our city has always been on the edge of progress and innovation. after all, we're at the meeting of land and sea. - our city is famous for its iconic scenery, historic designs, and world- class style. it's the birthplace of blue jeans, and where "the rock" holds court over the largest natural harbor on the west coast. - the city's information technology professionals work on revolutionary projects, like providing free wifi to residents and visitors,
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developing new programs to keep sfo humming, and ensuring patient safety at san francisco general. our it professionals make government accessible through award-winning mobile apps, and support vital infrastructure projects like the hetch hetchy regional water system. - our employees enjoy competitive salaries, as well as generous benefits programs. but most importantly, working for the city and county of san francisco gives employees an opportunity to contribute their ideas, energy, and commitment to shape the city's future. - thank you for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco.
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>> >> >> the city of san francisco, sfgov tv meeting of the mayor's disability council occurring friday march 17, 2017 will begin shortly. >>


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