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tv   BOS Rules Committee 32217  SFGTV  March 22, 2017 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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comment? all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. the item carries. any other new business? seeing none, we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >> >>[gavel] >> good afternoon everyone. this meeting will come to
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order. welcome to the march 22 2000 something regular meeting of the rules committee. my name is super supervisor safai chairman of the committee did to my right is vice chairman sandy fewer and to my left is supervisor norman chinese. our clerk is derek evans also like to thank phil jackson and jesse larson at sfgov tv for stepping this meeting. mr. clerk any announcements? >> yes please silence all electronic devices eating and drinking is not permitted in the gallery the please provide any doctrines in the legislative file to be submitted to the clerk. items acted on today will be around march 28, 2017 supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated >> thank you mr. cook it please: number one >> item 1 hearing consider appointing one of her term ending june 6, 2018 to the immigrant rights commission.
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there are two seats and one applicant. >> thank you mr. clerk. [inaudible] applied for seat find 11. seat one and five and five that's baking and is applying for those seats. so mr. clerk, as lessors any comments were announcements for my committee members will go ahead and call ms. roy to come to present and we can ask questions. >> supervisors safai, fewer, yee my name is angela wooley animate immigrate from chile. i been living in san francisco for close to 10 years. like many immigrants before me i came to san francisco in hopes of better opportunities. lightwave was to attend uc berkeley which after many
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trials and tribulations and low-wage jobs i was able to do. i graduated with a political science degree from uc berkeley. since then i've worked leading political campaigns locally and also try to take a you should role in my committee. currently the president of the san francisco young democrats which the largest chapter of democrats in the state. when i first orders of business has been to open the organization for noncitizens, including immigrants, holding different type of visas, and [inaudible] immigrants. currently, that policy has been discussed statewide demo which really makes me proud. it's been my dream to apply to the commission since i was a student at berkeley did i been attending meetings regularly since 2013. i have also done a lot of work in the immigrant community. i started teaching literature and spanish at the college of san francisco and then moved on to doing the
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productive rights work to california rights for reproductive justice, and also with the aclu,, dictating or teaching know your rights workshops to immigrants as well as advocating for the [inaudible] drivers license if it appointed to the commission i'm hoping to bring my enthusiasm and dedication to the community to the commission i also have a log of communication skills and a lot of contacts in the community, which i hope to utilize not only to promote the work that immigrant rights commission is doing, but also to bring more people and more diverse immigrant communities into the fold. thank you. >> thank you ms. roy. let's hear from our committee members. supervisor fewer any questions or comments? okay supervisor yee >> yes just a quick question.
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i'm just curious, like when you were a student what actually sparked your interest to be on this commission? >> when i was in college-i mean i've always been passionate about politics. but i really wanted to do was to become an integral part of the community of my city, san francisco. it was in that attempt to try to get back that made me want to apply to the commission and to become involved in all the organizations i have. >> okay. >> great. thank you ms. roy. i don't think there's any of the questions from our committee members. there's two seats, one applicant. looking at your resume and knowing your background i think you are imminently qualified to hold the position. i think it's great for commission to of someone that has a perspective all the way from their years in
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undergraduate assuming they were shooting towards-i think that makes it special for you and for our city. so i appreciate that. so if there are no further comments from the commissioners, is there anyone the way to have public comment on this item? speakers have 2 min. clearly, state your name and speak directly into the microphone for maybe the copy the document for the official file but these, went up to the right if there's any speakers on this item. thank you. >> good afternoon supervised my name is roscoe maps. i have had the privilege and honor of knowing angela and working closely with her for a while now. i met her about three years ago and i think anyone who's ever worked with her immediately is drawn to her spirit for life. her energy is
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extraordinary. when i first met her, i wonder where it came from and after hearing her immigrant story, i knew that it was special. she had a determination, drive a resilience and i believe on this commission she will carry all those characteristics with her. i think shall serve us very well and i just thank you so much not only for your work, with immigration rights, but also considering her for this opportunity. think you very much. >> thank you. and your members alike to testify on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> can i make a motion? >> yes, please >> i make a motion we accept angela roy as applicant for the emergent rights commission.
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>> foresee? >> seat-i would say seat number one >> okay. >> i'm more than one to support her dreams from college days. >> exactly. i know her accomplishments of fully confidential do a great job. >> jacuzzi with positive recommendation >> positive recommendation >> thank you. so there's a motion that doesn't need a second without objection this item is approved. congratulations ms. roy. >>[gavel] he was please, call the next next item >> item number to appoint two members terms ending march 1, 2022 the in-home supportive services public authority. there's two seats, two applicants >> thank you mr. clerk. messrs. initial comments from the committee, let's hear from our applicant mr.-yes mr. mike boyd
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and easy macarthur. if you would please come forward and addressed the committee?you can adjust one at the time >> good afternoon supervisors. supervisor fewer safai yee. hello. my name is daisy macarthur [inaudible] if you recall from last month i've been with the in-home support services for over 25 years. i have worked hard and diligently for senior citizens, the handicapped, and also the members could i service the tenderloin. i service north hill. i service mission. i
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serviced fillmore. bayview. i am all over. i have a passion for this paperwork may be because watching my mother coming up in the deep deep south how they would take care of the neighbors and how [inaudible] we would have to get buckets of water and do certain things and watch the bandages and everything. also, i have a passion because my sister was a medical doctor in new york city. i worked very hard for public authority and also for my members here in san francisco. there is not anything that is too high that i won't claim i can do and have help my fellow citizens and also my fellow members. i worked on time she changes. appeals. i go and visit them i have meetings once a month and when the
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registry gets there a full at public authority i will go in and i will get the job application that will take them around and place them in all the sros, the wanderings, the bodega stores. for anyone that has a passion for home care, to come in and sign up and take the classes and have their fingerprints done and get on board. i have been recognized for many years here at the board of supervisors. by many supervisors that have gone on in the past. from the state to the county, i worked on school boards from the state to the county. you know, that's about all i can say to you will, but i really believe have a passion for what i do. helping people.
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no matter what time of it is at night, told everybody, call me. i am constantly walking the street looking for the members, feeding the homeless, caring for the homeless, doing anything i can do to help out here in the city. so, thank you. >> thank you ms. macarthur. mr. boyd. >> michael boyd. i been on the advisory committee. i worked in special systems [inaudible] roberts worked for jerry brown for eight years in the largest disability organization in the world. after which he got a macarthur genius fellowship could he was inducted into the california hall of fame and this will be the sixth year that had the state hold a in his honor at roberts state january 23. he was paralyzed by polio and for 45 years he made
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the joke, he said i think walking is highly overrated i have not walked in 45 years. i took his one-of-a-kind 1970 wheelchair to the smithsonian and spoke at a memorial ceremony at the office building . berkeley honored tom bates and loni hancock this year. fred roberts day because they were his next door neighbors and even very well. but because san francisco is kind of a nursing home city, he was never allowed into san francisco. no one knows who he is. no one in the house storm and or in-home supportive services as celebrated his state holiday. i have some information here. a
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woman named diana carson has publish a children's book about ed roberts. the martin luther king of disability that i hope to get through the board of education. one of his closest friends patrick conley now deceased, go straight in the book. but, berkeley is most sophisticated city in the world for people with disabilities. it's the highest per capita city in the entire world. san francisco we used to say is 25 years behind it it's really like 40 years behind. every bureaucrat in san francisco has a nursing home mentality. when at roberts was a teenager he spent two years in a nursing home and was the most horrible experience of his life. he spent the rest of his life
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destroying them nursing home monopoly and creative. california was the first home care state is the largest home care state now. their home care in every state in the union. he was called the martin luther king of disability when he died. he traveled internationally. he was called the mahatma gandhi of disability. he had federal contracts in 47 states and 27,000 disabled people having trained in his advanced as though the leadership. zero having trained in california. zero having trained in san francisco. 27,000 people having trained. anyhow, i'm returning to the in-home supportive services public authority advisory board and i have a couple of pieces of information here for the supervisors. i've already given them to supervisor safai.
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>> thank you. thank you mr. boyd. any questions from committee members for mr. boyd or ms. macarthur? seeing none, we will go to public comments. anyone from the public that like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> any additional comments or questions from colleagues? if not then i'll entertain a motion >> i will first of all to think most of both of them for serving on this important committee considering what's going on not only at the federal level but at the state level. something we need to push back on. so what i'd like to do is make a motion to recommend both mr. boyd >> one other thing to say it was a conference >> mr. boyd i'm sorry.
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>> otherwise would not have an opportunity to-mr. boyd and ms. macarthur, to be appointed to seat one and 12 respectively. with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> okay.. the motion is on the floor to send a positive recognition from this board for mr. boyd and ms. macarthur respectively. without objection, that item is approved. thank you. >>[gavel] >> congratulations mr. boyd and ms. macarthur and thank you for your continued service. it's very important. mr. clerk, please call next item
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>> item number three hearing to consider pointing to members terms ending february 23, 2019 to the citizens committee on community development. to see into applicants. >> great. thank you. messrs. initial comments from my colleagues on the committee let's hear from our first applicants. is ms. emma kelsey here? please, come forward and addressed the committee. >> good afternoon. my name is emma kelsey and the like to thank you for your consideration of my application for a seat on the citizens community committee on community about i grew up in the area in san francisco last summer. after i moved here i began to look for opportunities to get involved in my community and in particular to advocate for the interests of low income and disadvantage san franciscans. while housing policy is a new area for me, my educational and work background is in poverty alleviation and economic development. earlier work at [inaudible] a financial services company committed to extending credit to individuals were otherwise unable to access safe and affordable credit. in
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helping them to improve their financial health. i've a masters degree in policy from stanford and prior to moving back to the bay area managed for assistant grants at the us department of state. while i live in dc i also volunteered with spanish-speaking immigrant communities teaching daily words english and volunteering at the employment justice center to help workers access to legal services. through these experiences i found out workers rights protections in financial services are important tools for assisting low income populations without stable affordable housing, and accessible community services, individuals and families are still in a very precarious situation. one area that is particularly close to home is the result [inaudible] project the resident at potrero hill, seen how isolated the potrero terrace and annex are from the rest of the community. as construction has just begun on project x i'd like to ensure the community continues to be insulted and abused project x
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as a learning opportunity for the rest of the development. i would like to see the residence of potrero terrace and annex are better integrated into the rest of the neighborhood that have better access to educational employment and health services. i'm also interested in sharing that there's increased supply of affordable family housing that's missing middle housing in the city. were to benefit low and middle income communities. also, people of my generation start families were able to stay and live in economically and racially diverse neighborhoods. while i was unable to attend the committee meeting-the first meeting of the year was canceled yesterday-on equal to begin participating thank you for consideration >> thank you ms. keller. the next individual wheel call is mr. clint loughlin.
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>> good afternoon supervisors. think with opportunity to be here today. to discuss my qualification to continue to serve on the citizens committee on community development that you make offer my application, over 25-can you hear me? for 25 years of experience in formal housing development community developed the social services can be developed economic development and urban plan. currently the senior development program manager the oakland housing authority managing the financing and development award-winning affordable residential and mixed use project and include special needs housing for the homeless. developing the disabled, persons with hiv aids for those with mental health issues etc. expense includes working with numerous local state and federal funding sources such as the community give him and block grant program. home, emergency shelter grants, housing opportunities for persons with aids. fema adult services act
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section 8 and others. i funded and finance projects to include emergency shelters for men, women and entire families transitional housing, to permanent supportive housing in addition we have funded programs that include social services economic development adult and youth employment location assistance and for housing. i've managed division program and project budgets and conducted programmatic and financial audits for nonprofits in compliance with hud and local requirements. i've also managed amenity processes for community and a, to moment activities and served as a staff to city council appointed citizens advisory commission planning commissions. listen of additional leadership activities activities is provided in my application i served on the ccd for about two years now and i believe that my experience coupled with my education and focus on finance and strategy and public and nonprofit management has provided me with the tools to contribute to the goals of the city and helping the disadvantaged. we honor to continue to serve on the committee i thank you for your consideration. >> thank you mr. laughlin. any
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questions for ms. kelsey or mr. lockman >> i do have a question. >> supervisor fewer >> in light of migration of african american population and in light of the challenges that we have had for african-american residents to access some of the great wealth is coming to san francisco, what are some ideas you have to build an economic base for african-american community here in san francisco? >> good question. education is one most important things because as our jobs continue to get more more sophisticated that will be a key component of what we do here as a city. if we can do that with a ccd that would be great. i think that working to develop affordable housing to execute people in san francisco i think would be another great opportunity in providing jobs for people i think be a huge challenge.
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>> thank you. >> supervisor yee >> one more. >> go-ahead supervisor fewer. >> one area i'm interested in particular is financial services and affordable housing. i believe without both it's difficult for people to maintain stability and stay in the city which as pinots extremely expensive and becoming increasingly unequal. so i would like to see increased counseling services available for people to better have better knowledge of how to access a for the housing and also how to be improving their financial health. >> thank you. >> supervisor yee >> so mr. lofton in.first book of how long have even serving on this? >> two years >> you seem like a real busy guy. have you been able to make the meetings? >> yes i have.
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>> always a good time. i'm just curious in the two years what you think you have had the biggest impact on in terms of some of accomplishments with moving the committee? >> in the last two years i think that it's on the most valuable for me is the committee a reach when we go into the community have these meetings and get to hear from the individuals in the community for example i get one in the castro grime the seniors got their input and think that's really important to hear directly from the people who are recipient of the funds. i think that's the kind of stuff that's important and bring that back to the community. >> in the next few years, what would you hope to-what is the one thing they really want to make sure that i can like to
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see get done >> i think the biggest challenge for the next few years, four years probably, is the federal budget what that's going to have in terms of its impact on cbd g and etc. i think trying to find ways to utilize that as efficiently as possible, whatever it is-whatever comes out of the budget from the administration i can be the biggest challenge. >> thank you. >> i the question. any other questions? ms. kelsey, >> so you mentioned you would like to try to get more connected housing to people with disabilities. i'm just curious, what are you i know you rattled off things [inaudible] but can you get a bit more specific about some of your own personal ordinances to make you qualified for this
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particular committee in regards to community development? >> yes absolutely. as i mentioned housing policy is new for me but working with underserved and low income people is not. for instance, in my current job at--one of my roles is managing our social impact for credit card program. what were interested in doing is helping our customers to improve their financial health. with goals from improving credit scores and trying to get them to change their behavior around that. then in my experience i worked quite closely with immigrant communities. working with workers who have been wrongfully terminated, working on those kinds of issues. i think both of these experiences have really enlightened me to the instability that these people face. because of that, i've also been difficult it is to ask a stable and a formal housing and that is when the
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primary areas barriers for people in terms of improving their own economic and social situation could >> i know you mentioned that not had a chance to ever attend a meeting. hopefully, he read some documents were got online to see what the committee has done in the past few years. if you have, i mean, what do you-what makes you excited about what they've done in the last let's say, two years? >> yes. i think one thing that is interesting for me has been the oversight of the hunters view-hunters point and bayview construction. the work that the committee has done. i have read past committee meeting minutes and some of the recommendations
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for the 2016-2017 budget. i think also in a document one area particularly interested me were the goals around financial health because that is something i do have subject matter knowledge in. in particular, was interested to see that some of the goals around for example increasing credit scores, that sort of thing with the alliance with my personal experience and knowledge that if you like toby will to contribute to. >> thank you very much. can i have some-is brian who is here equipped person to ask. i mean how many members on this committee? don't get it with this chart. >> yes [inaudible]. it's a nine-member committee could we have five members pointed by the mayor and four members appointed by the board.
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>> i guess what i'm seeing here is the for the board has. >> right. each of the four board seats are staggered so to caesar up this year and the other two seats are up next year. they're all two-year terms. >> can you just don't put you on the spot but who are the other five? just curious >> sure. so currently the composition we have five mayoral appointees in case you're familiar with any of them, [inaudible] riley some you may be familiar with her longtime connection with china township park vocal peer who's been active with groups such as payback and a consultant focusing on program evaluation. linda chavez-who is i [inaudible] at the walter [inaudible] fund megan laura, was a pastor on the west side and active in homeless and lgbt issues. and most recently, is
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diana cruise, who is an attorney with morrison and foerster. then, on the board appointees the other two appointees, one is peter cohen who as you knows a staff with accounts of community housing organizations and the coal pan, who is active in the contracting field and was formally with mission hiring hall. >> okay. this helps because when the reason i ask is i'm looking for balance and i think that you two candidates we have would certainly feed into the balance. >> i just want to bring mr. lofton back up for one more question. so, just this past friday pres. trump and his administration announced they were discussing the elimination of the cbd cbd g barlow. can
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you talk a look at how you think that's going to affect san francisco and what some your thoughts are on that and strategies you might have to do with that because in my opinion i think would be devastating to our city and any other city in the country. >> yes i agree it will be dennis devastating for a lot of cities throughout the country and am hopeful there sufficient support at the local level that aspect of his budget will not be implemented. i think if that were the case, i would hope that he would look at other sources such as his proposed infrastructure i guess billion dollars in infrastructure will be able to take some of the pressure off of local communities. so i think that's what the huge challenge. i'm hopeful it will not go away. >> thank you. ms. kelsey? >> i'm also hopeful the
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proposed budget is not the final iteration that will end up with. but in the case that it is, i believe that the city of san francisco should seek other sources of funding obviously [inaudible] will be very constrained but you would be necessary to continue vital services and building of affordable housing. >> thank you ms. coke colleagues, any other questions for the applicants? seeing none, let's go to public comments. any members of the public would like to testify on item number three? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> any additional comments, colleagues or questions? if there is and can i entertain the is there a motion? >> yes i moved to-sorry approved both these applicants for the positive recognition >> great. supervisor yee
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>> [inaudible] earth shattering >> okay. positive recognition to a need to save the seeds equipped any particular seats >> we do have mr. clinton and lofton was currently in c2. so the proceeds one and two respectively. two and one. >> [inaudible] >> mr. lofton for see number two and, kelsey for seat number one. >> with a positive recommendation. see no objections that motion is moved and approved. congratulations. ms. kelsey and mr. lofton. >>[gavel] >> mr. clerk, be please ask item >> item number for a hearing appointing one member for a one-year term ending august 31 to the canada state legalization task force.
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there's one seat and five applicants. >> thank you mr. clerk. unless there's an initial comments from the committee members, let's hear from our first applicant ms. tamara moritz. would you please come forward and addressed the committee? >> hello. supervisors. thank you for having me here. before i begin i just want to say there's a mistake on the application and i actually have been to task force meetings, well one that's one more than zero. my name is tamara moritz and am applying to fill seat number 22 on the san francisco cannabis passports before i got into why wannabes are and why a believe him a good candidate for the test was a little you look about my background relationship with cannabis. i was born and raised in israel most if not the most important
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rest of countries when it comes to canada state that israel was when the first first countries the world to legalize medical cannabis 1992. four years before california did in 1996. this mentality was run by for the first half of my life. i feel we then moved to irvine when the most conservative cities in california restaurant had to address being surrounded by a vastly different mentality could this allow me to gain exposure and understand the various organizations for an against medical and recreational cannabis seen the effects of overstretching and criminalization for the portion my youth bring a sold sense of social injustice from the get go. business will actually did very presentations on legalization and decriminalization of cannabis to because was not as particular passion about want to build a better awareness around. up to six months ago the majority of my professional career has been dedicated to [inaudible] analytics data cross various industries it was most natural moved to join my company [inaudible] intellects retail sales tracking company for the cannabis organization [inaudible] just that you
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understand this was an opportunistic move, i am working for start up in the canada space and could easily working half the time in almost any other job. i'm here because i'm passionate about this industry been a passion of helping it grow correctly it unpatched about correcting the injustice in this industry but creating opportunities for those who deserve it but don't have the means to two years of injustice and a believe my background and access to literally hundreds of millions of data points may be a valuable asset to the task for scripture, [inaudible] i can provide multiple perspectives. having lived is run by the entire gamut of opinions on campus could have literally heard every argument for and against it. i also represent the millennial text community since that's exactly what i am exactly all my friends are not to be able to [inaudible] back to the test was not just my friends but from various tech community events i regulate and exposed to. in addition to all the cannabis events and committees currently actively involved in. finally, the
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number is much in this industry, whose only six months ago that i wasn't and consumer member having the mentality of someone who wasn't in the industry which is a perceptive uglies important to have. that's what i could bring to the table from a data perspective, a committee collects retail sales transactions from dispensaries aggregates and sells the data to brands lawyers legislators and other interested parties in the state. i can show you the exact sale of recreational versus medical habit and categories are doing even with those consumers are bowing down to the date you been able to measure these facts and trends can give us insight and how we choose to shape our
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recommendations on the passport. understanding the effects of the recreational market or have on the city and existing medical market and in fact we've even been able to assess the legislative change in both oregon or gone and color whether or not i'm selected to be on the task was a believe our data can submit in the effective useful to task force will continue to offer my service throughout the year and the object you're sitting here to oversee and be a part of the new wave of cannabis. we won michigan laws and regulations from the plant are in length of fairly correctly in a way that benefits people in the industry to people that want to be in the industry our communities city state and more. i believe that i am the data that should be part of that. >> thank you. any questions for ms. moritz colleagues? seeing none, let's go to our next applicants. mr. robert --i hope i said that right. you have 2 min. >> thank you. thank you for having me. i'm very humbled and thankful to be here in front of you guys speaking today to have this opportunity. to give you guys a little good background on myself, i am a business owner in the cannabis industry, students and i have
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participated in almost every single part of this industry from retail, manufacturing, and all the way to cultivation and have also performed the role of a consultant. as far as my lens in this industry goes from oncoming added as not only again as a business owner am a small business owner but coming at it from somebody who comes from a community that was impacted by the war on drugs. so that heavily influences my outlook on the subject. as far as my goals, if i am appointed, social justice again would be a huge part of it. training and preparing people from disenfranchised committees to be business owners as well as skilled workers in this industry
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. directing tax revenues to public education and afterschool programs that are currently under attack by the federal government. i also do believe that such programs could help in drug education must specifically scientifically-based evidence for cannabis. educating parents as well as the kids to reduce the exposure to minors. along with this regulations, regarding [inaudible] advertising could also reduce exposure to minors. providing communities with autonomy in regards to cannabis businesses in the communities are reaching out to communities, affected by the war on drugs to already existing organizations that are working in this communities in order to open take part and
8:42 pm
have their voices heard and again, assist in job and entrepreneurial readiness and youth prevention. it protects small businesses and assist in structure and ring a unique outlook on how these businesses are structured. employee protections and occupational safety and just overall to finish, even good steward to the city of san francisco and hopefully taking this experience elsewhere preps back home to hawaii one day. thank you. >> thank you. any questions for mr.--. click supervisor yee >> so, robert, i one*question for candidates and later on for tomorrow to later on insert it.
8:43 pm
do you believe that the industry should have unlimited access to opening as many retail storefronts as they want? >> i do believe that there should be a cap on the amount of retail businesses in san francisco. however, i do think that again communities should have essay, a strong say in where these businesses establish themselves. i also think that there should be-the repetitions for this already but strong rules regarding these businesses regarding zoning to correctly place them in the first days. >> thank you. >> any other questions? seeing none, thank you very much robert. we will call the next person. evan tenenbaum if
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you are present please, come forward and addressed the committee. >> hello. supervised. thank you for having my name is evan tenenbaum. i'm the ceo and founder of prize brands to cannabis distribution company did they keep your time and for the opportunity to serve this great city. i like to provide you with some brief context that's why i'm applying for the seat in san francisco. glutinous ingram micro and pencil of here my mother was born here and was determined to raise the as a san francisco child. why ended up landing in san mateo by mother is the leader in the dioceses prevented by father worked on tv for over 20 years. i've easily grew up in the city. -internship at [inaudible] radio and eventually was able to live here for three years
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before foreplay getting priced out having to move to the east bay a few years ago. i love the city with all my heart and my dream my aspiration is to base my business here to get on here and to raise my family here. what's the cannabis industry take off over the last decade and in its wake i've witnessed cities and counties with opportunities to structure the cannabis policies and such waiver will create greater opportunities for thousands other community members. san francisco has unique opportunity to learn from these other cities successes and missteps and am thrilled and humbled by the chancellor impacted her at such a crucial time. i think the passports has already done a fantastic job with the previous recommendations. i also believe my expense within the cannabis industry has allowed me a fairly unique viewpoint with [inaudible] across the ecosystem every day on the opportunity to work with cultivators, extractors just to bidders, dispensaries, delivery driver software platforms and beyond. all of this has really shown to me
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just how the vast majority of the small business owners are hungry for smart policy and regulations good yes, we are increasingly an industry of suits but we are also community of idealists. i speak with people everyday who are eager to find a city that will tax them fairly and spend those funds on education career, neighborhood safety and support of low income. i believe encouraging corporate responsibility in the best local present believe in supporting small businesses and i believe in providing extra sport to entrepreneurs for underserved populations. i look forward to serving the city. thank you for your time. thank you. >> thank you. any questions for mr. tenenbaum? >> i'm sorry did you guess my question? >> not yet but am happy to. i believe there should be a specific cap but i do believe the smart zoning regulations you can limit the number of
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retail operations. as will think it's important to note that while there's a focus on retail operations is a huge opportunity on the nonretail aspects of the cannabis industry which the city could specifically benefit from. >> thank you >> any other questions? let's call up the next speaker, mr. chrisman bowers. >> good afternoon supervisors. ms. kristin bowers and it's great to introduce myself to you or a member of your staff over the past few days. as you know i'm applying for seat 22 of the canada state the causation task force. i hope you will at least consider my application in the comments for the record as to appoint a successor. i will start by briefly just how you about myself. was born and raised here in california. i two wonderful parents by dad is a rabbi and my mom is a small business owner. i'm the youngest of seven siblings and
8:48 pm
i still no idea why my parents had that many children. and i would like to save my child it was pretty unique for two reasons. the first is, when i was young i spent every free moment i had in my mom's legal office helping folks were being evicted were needed to file for bankruptcy or in many cases trying to get their records expunged. so i have first-hand experience on how policy impacts people as it pertains to the law. the second is because of the youngest director in the director for president obama's reelection campaign i was managing most important region in ohio and i was 18 years old. so i've seen firsthand how can ease organizing and engagement worked particularly as it relates to young folks and ensuring they have a seat at the table. i also have not so
8:49 pm
fond memories of my childhood with my family has seen the first-hand effects and consequences of the failed war on drugs in one of my brothers and my cousins have been incarcerated for drug possession. that's one of the reasons i'm such a huge proponent of criminal justice reform in i care so much about equity especially as relates to marijuana legalization could that's why i was related to [inaudible] of proposition 64 on behalf of the drug policy alliance last year. our community engagement efforts that only helped get us to this point where we are discussing implementation of legalization but also allowed us to educate and engage the lineal communities, communities of color, and those were formerly incarcerated. all that to say, as young person i would be bringing all of that personal work experience and perspective to the seat. if appointed to the seat, i believe i would be the only african-american and
8:50 pm
one of a couple people of color serving the cannabis task force. that's important to note because as we know, the war on drugs has been a war on peoples of color. it's important that our voices be heard and prioritized as local regulations are formulated. if appointed i would like to hope that has forced thing about the approximate $500 million annually that the state had and that's going to the state youth education prevention and treatment fun. i would like to advocate for the creation of a community task force in an advisory group that will allow us to prioritize hitting our community-based organizations here in san francisco 80 at that statewide lawmaking process to ensure that we have access to some of those funds. i also leave very interested in prioritizing or ensuring local license equity as we roll out rules for legalization. i believe i am qualified
8:51 pm
candidate for the apartment to see 22 and am happy to answer any questions that you have. thank you. actually i would answer your question. i do think that that should be a process for the community is involved in obviously. but i will say this. there is a path. i think it should not look like places where like in la, where i think it was a cap of 12 dispensaries and they all went to essentially, the old boys club. which were cannabis dispensaries owned by white folks and so when we think about equity and ensuring access if there's a captain should be some thought process into ensuring there is a diverse group of folks who have access to the mark. >> thank you >> any other questions? great. thank you mr. bowers could i will call up the next individual, individual,stephen--
8:52 pm
>> hello. supervisor. thank you for considering my name is stephen-i did perceive 22 on the chemist has for all give you a little background i've held nearly every position from delivery driver consultant tremor team manager cultivation manager and seen the downfalls of the cannabis in the street as it is now good we have unsafe working conditions. very few regulations for workers. very [inaudible] and is a member of the task force i would like to make recommendations to try to help you get this strongly affects our youth and particularly drawn to the cannabis industry and i see it as a strong opportunity to empower our youth
8:53 pm
are young people could i see the seat as having really two main purposes. as a young person on the task force, i think it's pretty important that we limit exposure to people who are under 18 while this income people over 21 try to bring them into the cannabis industry. right now, as you know it's not a great time to be graduating college. it's can't talk for those i think the cannabis industry is a great opportunity for young people. a lot of people were graduating were involved in the cannabis industry a kind of already at risk that a lot of these people have prior convictions because of their involvement in the cannabis industry. a lot of minorities living in areas that are underserved and i think it's important we address these issues and just try to pull our young people into the cannabis industry and make it as safe and regulated as possible. our industry. much welcomes
8:54 pm
regulation. it's been a lack of regulation that has really made our industry unsafe and unstable. so as a member of the task force, i would take strong recommendations to make the industry much more regulated than it is now and protect our workers. to let your question about neighborhoods and communities, it would be my recommendation to leave the licensing pretty similar to how it is not it seems like it's working well where dispensaries , have the opportunity to open it as a community backlash. they have an opportunity to voice their opinion that seems to work very well now so i would push for framework or a similar to how it is now where communities ultimately, hold the decision whether or not dispensaries will be allowed in their community. i would stress the importance that retail
8:55 pm
stores are sometimes the safer option. people in these committees are going to have access to the medicine they're going to get it through delivery with two other means which may not be as safe as a dispensary retail.. i hope that answers your question. >> thank you very much >> any other questions? any members of the public that would like to speak on this item? supervisor yee >> can we have the first speaker come back up. >> okay. you do have some questions. tomorrow, would you please come forward and addressed the question on- >> sure. i agree with most of
8:56 pm
the answers that are been stated that there should not necessarily a cap but absolutely there should be zoning restrictions that think that if we let capitalism progress as it usually does that on hurley and capping how many dispensaries there are per neighborhood or for city community. but-yes >> great. thank you. so any members of the public that wish to comment on item number four please lineup. state your name you have 2 min. >> hello. my name is nina parks. i am, one, i'm a person who was born and raised in san francisco. two, i worked in nonprofit afterschool program for a long time and currently, now running a cannabis delivery. so i've been very involved in the task force as a business owner. so [inaudible] formally held that seat and she and i have been working closely on things regarding community benefit agreements and what exactly that looks for san francisco. my organization that i cofounded [inaudible] women
8:57 pm
has been working closely with people in oakland having to do with what is equity look like for oakland and we got some amazing wins in the past month. but, just as some thinking points for you guys. they've you did a really amazing job of holding [inaudible] justice records like willie brady that fully support and she was really the only one in the task force besides of course the facilitator being able to echo what she has been sent to whoever fills that seat would definitely need to carry that work forward because i would hate to see that loss. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public village comment on item for? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> colleagues, any further questions or comments on this item? supervisor yee >> yes i want to thank all five applicants. it's when the
8:58 pm
situations again worry of all these qualified people and there's only one seat. i wish there were five seats. but there aren't and unfortunately, for other people not be moved forward and i'm hoping that their interests will continue even if they're not selected. hopefully, they will be considered in the future. >> thank you. supervisor fewer >> yes thank you. i want to echo what my colleague just said. i would encourage you to apply. there are many seats that are open that need to be come i think harvey appointed on august 31st 2017. there's position expires and so i would encourage you to actually apply for some of those positions because actually come i think many of you are qualified to old somebody seats. thank you. >> right. could thank you
8:59 pm
supervisor fewer. then there's this question of this task force was going to expire in august of this year but did not meet until little bit later so that they will go through the end of the year and then there's going to be a determination as to whether or not they will continue. so we are in communications with that committee and i think that would give the opportunity for further recommendations. i will say that i think that because this is a seat that is designed for younger adults, 21-30-year-olds, it's exciting to see so many different applicants so many different people excited and i echo the sentiments of my colleagues here are really well qualified. the other thing that we have to consider as a body is the makeup of that body. that adversity on the body from all different perspectives. the experience that one brings to
9:00 pm
the body from the industry. so i think those are all the things that we are waiting today. so to any of my colleagues want to >> i move-i think like i said i think everyone of them would bring a different perspective and some overlapping perspectives. i think what's going to tell to me is the not only the number of recommendation letters that have come in but in particular the one recordation letter from the personal that holds the seat right now, daisy. recommended robert--. so i would like to move his moving for first week number till you for positive recommendation to the full board.
9:01 pm
>> second. >> great. so seen the motion from the floor for positive recommendation for mr. robert-- without objection, that is moved and approved. >>[gavel] >> congratulations and please, everyone that applied i know that your resumes are on file and will continue to look for you all to come back again for other opportunities. mr. cook, please call the next item number five >> item number five hearing to consider appointing one member for an indefinite term to the airport facilities naming advisory committee there's one seat to applicants >> thank you. we've one c to applicants. welcome mr. jeff silver and john martin. mr. silver, be please, just the community and speak on your qualifications? >> good afternoon supervise. thank you for the time. my name
9:02 pm
is jeff silver appeared i moved to san francisco five years ago. i was before that a public school teacher in new york city and a lawyer in new york city and moved out here to work in morrison and foerster law firm downtown in a work at running club which is on the online lending coming. i have something i try to get involved in the video is a teacher's aide at the city college course for adults with disabilities in job training and interview skills i run the social justice organization in my synagogue which is called the kitchen. i'm also based downtown. i read about this advisory committee and thought i would put my name for. i think it's important for the facilities at sfo reflect the values of our community. i don't have specific names but i would want to put forward but would seek input from people in our community boat names that i think people would've done a lot maybe been forgotten or don't have access to
9:03 pm
decision-makers in san francisco. i am very aware of the contribution; applicant so to speak and his record of service to the airport and city and i thank you for considering me alongside him. thank you. >> thank you. mr. martin? any questions. we would to questions after. >> john martin. supervisor i am i would be honored and happy to serve on the committee as you know i worked my career at the airport at 21 years has airport director so privilege to serve the san francisco in that way. i have a lot of knowledge about san francisco history as well as airport history i've always been involved in the committee always want to give back many years as a hospice volunteer, board member for larkin street fundraising for larkin street [inaudible] most recently
9:04 pm
leading a buddhist insight meditation group the upper market neighborhood. i will be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you mr. martin. colleagues, any questions for mr. silver or mr. martin? supervisor yee. okay. seeing no questions other any members of the public that would like to comment on item 5? i'm not going to call your name but you can come up and line up and speak in order. >> good afternoon honorable supervisors and staff. julie lind-head of the san mateo council. i'm the representing the best unites workforce at sfo am here today to speak in favor of john martens appointed to the airport facilities naming advisory committee. throughout his 35. mr. martin, which many incredible things.
9:05 pm
such accomplishments include after our reach to in partnership with the san mateo labor councils airport labor coalition institution of the airport quality standards program. [inaudible] there and living wages and living conditions for all service and security providers in sfo beginning in 1990 the current wage standard being 14.40 in our. he is also a leader in the industry for safety and security technology and practices including operating the first airline security package system in the world which is now the industry-standard and it sfo's operated by union workers. [inaudible] door-to-door van so many commercial buses serving the airport using clean four, creating a culture of health and wellness among all employees leading to sfo >> my name is one healthiest places to work by the san francisco business times providing unique guest services such as locally owned restaurants and retail stores many which are unionized, [inaudible] accredited our program at the museum. we in
9:06 pm
the labor community as i'm sure all in the broader community do as well enjoyed a very positive relationship with mr. martin during his years at sfo. was always open and honest in his communications willing to meet with us whenever he was needed and committed to the partnership we developed for the shared goal of continuously improving the airports both for the flying public and for those that serve on its daily work first. we value that relationship so greatly that upon his retirement last year we chose to honor him with the community ward at our annual banquet and i can think of none more qualified than mr. martin to serve on the airport facility naming advisory committee i strongly support his appointment. thank you >> thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is--on behalf of the members and president of local two [inaudible] we strongly rip
9:07 pm
when john martin appointment could over the years, john has shown a real commitment to working men and women it san francisco airport and earned the respect and admiration of our members for his tireless efforts on their behalf. under his watch, working people were insured decent wages, real health care and job security. john martens legacy as an airport that truly mirrors our principles and values as a city. a reflection of who we are and what we stand for. as we work on visitors from around the globe. we can think of no appointment more appropriate in order to continue that legacy. it is our sincere hope that john martin be appointed was for. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
9:08 pm
>> good afternoon supervisors. i am [inaudible] secretary-treasurer of [inaudible] local to some behalf of members of the united local two, we strongly recommend john martin appointment. so local two has about 13,000 members including 1500 members working for [inaudible] at san francisco airport many of them are working in the kitchen where the temperature under [inaudible] degrees and they were paying under san francisco wages during the contract fight 2014-2016 john was helping these working women and men so their wages are able to be increased to sfo 14.44 as of
9:09 pm
today. so we need john martin. this person to continue to serve san francisco and is our [inaudible] john martin appointment was for. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public wish to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> colleagues, can i entertain a motion on this item >> sure. you know, mr. martin is well well-qualified. he knows that inside and out. i complete your glutton for punishment that you're plying but it's wonderful to see you again. you are great director and again, hopefully you would provide something to this committee but given mr.
9:10 pm
martin's history and this discussion happened from the beginning, i think you would be one only to move forward with positive recommendation. at the appointed >> before you finalize that i want to thank you the stress of work for coming for. as i said to earlier today execution look into other opportunities become a little more active and i think we will see you in the future. mr. martin, we appreciate you taking time out of your come i guess her retirement activities were doing because this is an important-this is an important role in something that originated with a conversation around the appropriate naming of different aspects of the airport. so we appreciate you coming back and be involved in this important conversation. seeing no objection to the motion on the floor, that item is moved and approved >>[gavel] >> thank you, colleagues. mr.
9:11 pm
cook anymore items or issues today? >> no more items. >> then we are adjourned. thank you. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local biz and challenges the san franciscans to do their shop and dine in the 49 within the by supporting the services we help san francisco remain unique and successful and vibrant so where will you shop
9:12 pm
and dine in the 49 san francisco owes itch of the charm to the many neighborhoods people coma greet and meet it has an personality these neighborhoods are economic engine seeing the changes is a big deal to me especially being a san francisco native and it is important to support the local businesses but also a lot to over here it is nice not to have to go downtown i think that is very important 0 for us to circulate our dollars the community before we bring them outside of the community for the time we have one dollars in the community is the better off we are it is about economic empowerment by apron ingress the
9:13 pm
businesses that are here. >> shopping local cuts down the cyber foot you'll find cookies and being transported the world where everything is manufactured and put on the assembly line having something local is meaning more the more we support our local businesses the more i can walk down to where i need to be. >> bridges contingency bye like west portal it is about city and san francisco may have a big name but a small city and a lot of small communities shop and dine in the 49 highlighted that
9:14 pm
and reminded people come outburst and i love that about this city i'll always be a >> hello. the meeting will come to order. welcome to the wednesday march 22 regular meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee at a special at at 3:00 p.m. and i am supervisor ronen and to my left is supervisor sheehy and supervisor fewer and supervisor safai has
9:15 pm
joined us. the clerk is erica major and i would like to thank sfgtv for staffing this meeting. madam clerk do you have any announcements? >> yes, please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and copies of documents to be parted of the file somebody submitted to the clerk. items will be on the april 4 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. and we called this meeting today -- or i called it at a special time because we're going to have two hearings, one about child care and about one staffing and teacher housing in our public schools and wanted to accommodate those that could only come at this time and we have a long agenda and we will go quickly as possible so everyone can get home and feed
9:16 pm
their kids and get to sleep. check check will you call item 1. >> yes, is a hearing on the family violence council 5th comprehensive report on the family violence and requesting to the department on the status of women to report. >> thank you. and we will start with a representation from supervisor tang's office. >> hi. good evening . i am from supervisor tang's office and i would like to keep my comments short and go through the report of the family violence council and weed like to give your thanks to those that putting together this information important on the status of this important issue in our city so i would like to hand the mic over to the department on the status of women director maf ari.
9:17 pm
>> good afternoon chair and supervisor sheehy and supervisor fewer. thank you for having us today. i want to acknowledge the leadership for requesting this hearing. we were originally presented in october and after waiting three hours the committee decided we should be scheduled to today and we're delighted to be here with three new members with the board. congratulations to each and every one of you. the family violence council and compose upon of 24 members. 21 government agencies and three community based organizations plus many more attend regularly. i want to acknowledge some of the members who are here today. we have captain yuma bailey from the police department. maria mcgee and the district attorney's office julie leonard from family and children
9:18 pm
services of the human services agency. san francisco is unique and we address violence across the life span and including elder abuse and family and child abuse. the mission is respond to the city's response to family violence in new and innovative ways. for example the first guest speaker to the council was representative from animal care and control known as the dog catcher so you might ask why the dog catcher has anything to do with family violence fam but turns out where there is animal abuse there are signs of child abuse or domestic violence or elder abuse and families are more likely to open the door to animal control than others and they're a mandated reporter and one of the activities is
9:19 pm
publishing an annual report on family violence in san francisco and the only of its kind in country and we bring work from 20 agencies and staffed by the department on the status of women and has three co-chairs. kate i albright and keaght and sean and couldn't be here today and we have staff filling in. i would like to thank the interns nicolette and the office of woman's policy and we put together this report and switch the slides to these slides. so just in terms of a quick overview of our report. methodology the data was
9:20 pm
collected from july ion, 2014 to june 30, 2015 from 15 public agencies and 27 community based agencies so today we want to give you a high level view of trends and statistics. also talk about family violence deaths in 2015, achievements of the council and recommendations for 2016. we don't have time to go over all 121 pages of the report but it is available on our website so i'm going to turn it over to katie albright to give statistics on child abuse in san francisco. >> thank you so much. and supervisors it's an honor to be here. thank you so much. my name is katie albright and the executive director of the san francisco child abuse prevention center and our mission is end abuse in 50 years. i will be highlighting specifics around child abuse prevention
9:21 pm
statistics specifically and my colleagues will be highlighting domestic violence findings and jill highlighting elder abuse findings. i wanted to thank dr. morassy and others for their incredible work and leadership on this report as well as the entire department on the status of women for the dedication to end community violence in our san francisco. we are truly connecting the dots between child abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse and creating effective solutions for families in our community. as you will read in this report i want to pull back on three highlights. one, prevention is key. two, we really can connect the dots. as was said between child abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse both in terms of its cause as well as prevention opportunities in the to find solutions and finally private private truly work and i think you will see that in the report
9:22 pm
today and as you read the findings let's me start with the child abuse finds specifically and i wanted to highlight again the prevention is key. when you think about the finch finding the top line is a program by the san francisco child abuse prevention center and operating 24/7 for more than 40 years really thinking about as initial response to families in crisis and we see more than three times the number of calls as our child welfare department, their hot line so you can see that this is truly an effective measure in order to be the first responders on the line and the calls are from suicide and crisis calls how to do
9:23 pm
(encoder dropped) and as you will read in the report on page 62 yearo over the cdc's rates of child abuse relatively constant from 11 to 14% year over year. turning to the police department the find it is show there is a 30% decrease in the number of cases investigated by this department in 2015 conversely in later slides investigations of elder abuse have increased by four fold and we will look at later slides how those connect with each other. finally turning to the district attorney's office the findings show a 33% decrease in cases filed by the district attorney, but in 11% increase in
9:24 pm
conviction rates. there's more information in the report and the san francisco child abuse prevention center looked at the economics of abuse in our community and i am happy to make that available as well. creating a link between child abuse and domestic violence i wanted just highlight some success numbers that we see in a program called "safe starts" and focused on family with children 0-6 exposed to violence and between 2011-15 we saw an increase of 103% as well as an increase in the work by the district attorney's victims is department of 41% in this last fiscal year. again it shows the interconnection between public private partnerships and the importance of focusing early on prevention. i have the happy opportunity to turn it over to my colleague bev upton to focus
9:25 pm
on domestic violence. >> thank you katie. so i want to walk you through some of the domestic violence statistics. i want to talk about the san francisco domestic violence consortium and the community. san francisco is really rich in a diverse array of services operating 24 hours a day shelter, crisis line and then community based non residential services which serve the needs of specific communities, the spanish speaking communities and the asian speaking community and the lgbt community. we have a safety net built over 40 years in san francisco to protect the most vulnerable of domestic violence and it's an honor to represent them at the family violence council. when you talk about what katie talked about for domestic violence agencies and number of people served you're seeing about 24,000. that is roughly three times
9:26 pm
that we're seeing at from the calls at 911. that again really echoes the fact that people want to speak with somebody who speaks their language, who understands their cultural issues and who may not be part of a criminal justice team. now of course san francisco wants to be ready when people need that kind of solution. they're here. we work with them every day but just as we saw in katie numbers for child abuse the largest number of calls and the every day solution to many people's domestic violence and the exposure of children is reach out to the community so you can see shy of 25,000 folks are served in the community every day -- every year. 21,000 are reaching out on our 24 hour crisis lines. san francisco the department on the status of women funds women inc. to operate san francisco's 24 hour
9:27 pm
crisis line ferlt the shelters and other agencies answer their crisis lines during the day but 24 hours a day every day of the year you can get many languages that are very well versed and trained in domestic violence issues and can help kied people 24 hours a day. as we talked about 911 receives about 9,000. again we see those as the more serious calls. we have begun trainings with 911 new dispatchers on the language of domestic violence, what some of the challenges for reaching out for help might be and connect people faster in their language and their own cultures to solutions around domestic violence. the special victims unit they have a happy load on domestic violence cases. heavy load from cases and it's down a bit but up when you look at the numbers and the bulk of the
9:28 pm
cases they're working on. when we look at the district attorney's office our numbers differ than child abuse but again i think we have a longer history and so we looked at 542 -- 500 cases being filed. that's a 63% increase over the year and the convictions and probation were 111. also a small increase. i will take this opportunity to say that most of us in the community and our partners in criminal justice do not always see incarceration as the solution to domestic violence, so when we don't see huge numbers going into incarceration we're not deterred by that. in fact it gives us hope that more is being handled in an alternative manner and in the community, so we see these as positive numbers. speaking of more positive numbers we're seeing convictions and probation up as well and then i think one of the more hopeful numbers
9:29 pm
we're seeing in this chart 142 folks convicted and ending up receiving treatment at our rsvp. one other number i would like to add is how many other people are receiving intervention classes out in the community. san francisco has ten more domestic violence intervention classes where people are not incarcerated but go through probation to get to the classes so there's lots of folks to change the belief systems and their behavior out in the community. certainly if it requires a law enforcement response we want to be there for that and partner with them but we do not see that as negative numbers. on the next slide -- there you go. thank you. we can tell a pretty good story with a cautionary tale; right? when we started this work or in
9:30 pm
1991 in the 90's we were losing seven or eight women a year to domestic violence. now are these numbers always perfect? no. women and other people -- lots of folks die as a result of domestic violence that are never captured so do please keep that in mind. also it has an implicit outcome in suicide, so these numbers are just what our medical examiner over the years as determined to be domestic violence homicides. okay. with that baseline you can see where we were in the 90's, seven, eight women a year and i can tell you if this chart started earlier would be more and in the 80 it was ten or 12 and over the last ten years we have substantially reduced the number of women dying from domestic violence in san francisco. in
9:31 pm
fact when we really had an all hands on deck response in san francisco when the community was -- we're still robust but when we were starting our partnerships, getting more funding, establish svu, getting probation to the table, work with the da and pd's office we had 44 months without a homicide for domestic violence that we know it and that is unprecedented for cities and san francisco. you can see the cautionary tale as we move up we're seeing increases and three is consistent for the years and we're waiting for a couple of determinations from the medical examiners office in 2016 but you can see the trend and we need to be vigilant and we know about
9:32 pm
this. any questions? >> any questions? >> thank you so much. >> good afternoon. my name is jill neilson and a deputy director with the department of aging and adult services which is part of the human services agency. our department operates multiple programs that promote the self sufficiency, safety and health and independence, not just of elder adults about adults with disabilities. we are one of the programs that is operated by our program with adult protective services and a primary safety net program to serve older adults and adults with disabilities that are experiencing abuse. one of the things that we know for sure that elder abuse is on the rise here in san francisco and that's not just here in san francisco, but that's also across the state and across the country. in fact the adult protect service program over the past five
9:33 pm
years has seen increase of 22% in the reports of abuse we receive by the hot line. studies across the country have shown that 10% of older adults suffer abuse and we know the rates are higher when you look at vulnerable populations like individuals that have dementia. what you will see from this slide is reports to adult protective services that were confirmed cases by others increased by 33% in fiscal year 2015. we also can see that requests for civil restraining orders which is another way to track elder abuse and went up almost 200%. san francisco's special victims unit is responsible for investigating reports of elder abuse, and we did see that in fiscal year 2015 there was a decline in the
9:34 pm
number of cases that the special victims united investigated pertaining particularly to physical abuse. however, in the area of financial abuse we saw that there was a significant increase over 200% in the number of cases that the special victims unit investigated and we owe that to the addition of three investigators that were specialized in the area of financial abuse. and it's a highly specialized area and the cases are time consumes and require great deal of training. the district attorney's office reported 30 convictions and i just thought i would report that does just pertain to family crimes but crimes that might occur to an oldare adult, for example a street crime, so it goes beyond family violence. adult protective services is a
9:35 pm
state mandated county operated program and we're responsible for investigating reports of abuse, neglect, exploitation and self neglect. and in fact over the in 2015 the program in san francisco received over 7,000 reports. what you're seeing here pertains just to elder abuse. we have pulled out our cases involving adults between the ages of 18 and 64 and what you can see from this slide is that psychological and mental abuse is the most commonly confirmed abuse and that type of abuse is often co-occurring with other forms of abuse such as financial and physical abuse or caregiver neglect. our program works closely with criminal justice partners. one of the ways that we do that is through the elder abuse forensic center that is operated by the institute of aging elder abuse
9:36 pm
prevention program. we're also very important to have an elder justice subcommittee that we were able to form through the family violence council and it really allows us to work on increasing operational collaboration and effectiveness. thanks very much. i am pass it back to the department on the status of women. >> good afternoon. i am the policy director on the department on the status of women so i am going to follow up with some of the ways that we then are able to use the data in the report so it doesn't just sit on the shelf so looking at the summary i want to reiterate some of the points that have been made about the experience of the community service providers because you can see both in the area of child abuse and domestic violence our cbos are fielding three times as many calls than the government agencies and going into budget season it's important to fund
9:37 pm
them that are providing the services and part of the safety net. another way we looked at the data and really combine looking at child abuse and domestic violence and elder abuse and we did a dive around the special victims unit formed in 2011 and prompted by a huge contraction of staffing at at police department so there was a need to consolidate so there was separate units for all of these categories and consolidateed in the special am victims unit but we saw with fewer staff the number of investigations overall declined both total and for each of the areas so we're hoping as we see the police department running more academies and up to full staffing that the special victims unit will receive more staff to enable to get back to the number of investigations it used to v i will go quick and i know you have other hearings but stop me if you have questions. in terms of racial disparities
9:38 pm
we see for the agencies that do provide data black and latino victims are disproportionality represented at victim services and the district attorney's office and trauma center clinics and for family violence and disproportionality represented in terms of their population overall in the city and one ways that we use the data this is a map of 911 calls by police station regarding family violence in san francisco so you see that the bay view and ingleside have the most family violence calls so we use that to implement two programs, one we did an ad d campaign in october of 2015 and the person purchasing the ads were in bus routes most affected by family violence and we were awarded
9:39 pm
excellence communication award by the california association of public information officials last year for the campaign that ran on bus and shelters and online and dating apps like grinder and okay cupid which was a first. we also have a pilot program we're running in the bay view to target high riskinin domestic violence cases and prevent some of the homicides that beverly talked about and where the calls are coming from and talk to the police and about cases at risk and talk to an advocate at the scene and new program informed by our data so i'm going to very quickly zoom through some of our achievements. as katie mentioned our public private partnerships are fabulous and able to do great work and some of the improvements we have seen
9:40 pm
are coming up with better prot will cos at the on -- protocols and the special victims unit and i want to commend captain bailey and we had turnover and since she's been there we have better policies when police respond to a domestic violence call and when health care providers have to report domestic violence to the police and how that report is handled. we've done some training as mentioned at the department of emergency management, at the housing authority and we recognize there are tenants there experiencing domestic violence and as previously mentioned as a result of our last year's report the special victims unit had investigators for elder abuse at that unit. so i'm going to let you look on your own. our recommendations for 2016 i will point out we did include in our report a very ambitious five
9:41 pm
year plan for combating family violence that has budgetary needs and it would be great when looking for the budget this year to be consulting with that. any questions? >> thank you so much. colleagues do you have any questions? any questions? no? no? supervisor sheehy. >> no, i just wanted to thank you for your report and thank supervisor tang for calling this meeting and acknowledge katie albright and beverly upton and shawna resources with the family violence council. i worked as a victim advocate in the district attorney's office for victims of domestic violence and hate crime. i was there when this happened. i take no credit but i was there from 98, 99, -- 98,
9:42 pm
99 and i saw the genesis of this work and it really was lead by the community. luckily the district attorney, the police department, all the various pieces came together but the drops in rate and this 44 month span and no homicides. congratulations. really this is astonishing. people's lives have been saved and i want to specifically note the comment about it really isn't about convictions a lot of the time. it's about changing people's -- really their world view a lot of times. there is a power dynamic that is very sinister and people can change and families can be healed. i did want to look -- there was a piece of data that jumped out on page 97 at me, and that was looking at -- that's in the schools. >> yes. >> and you know the different
9:43 pm
-- the numbers are quite dramatic when you look at physical and sexual dating violence between heterosexual kids and lgbt kids. you know 6% and dating violence and 12% for lgbt kids and -- [inaudible] for heterosexual kids and 21% for lgbt kids and i saw some scary dat on suicide among lgbt kids in the schools so i think there is something -- i may want to come back to that at another point because i'm not sure that is what is happening to the lgbt kids in school are safe as we hope and not as safe as they should be i think and maybe we can continue. maybe get some data too on lgbt elder abuse. that would be very nice to have
9:44 pm
that because i am glad you're picking up elder abuse as our population ages our people are incredibly vulnerable. and i am a member of the budget and finance committee and i am committed to defending existing funding so we cannot let the cuts at federal and state level and the trump administration impact violence against women programs and elder abuse programs and child abuse interventions and i took a look at the funding recommendations in the five year plan to address all of these needs and in a tough budget year i look forward to work with you as part the budget process to accomplish these goals. >> thank you. >> i just want to respond on the school district data on lgbt and actually it was supervisor sandra fewer that allocated funds for a person within the school district on those issues
9:45 pm
and active member of the family violence council and we would like to have any staff come to the quarterly meetings and that is where the data was unearthd and we will have conversations with the school district to address the disproportionality between lgbt and straight -- disparity between straight and lgbt students and family violence. >> >> that would be great. you might look at suicide data as well. i don't have that in front of me and not really public event it was distributed so all i had was a screen shot of that but i think they're parts -- i think it's two sides. same coin so looking at the violence and not the trauma and pressures that lgbt kids are under school is important. >> i wanted to address it quickly as one of the tri-chairs. the day this information was presented at family violence council the gasp
9:46 pm
in the room was audible, so we're going to really want to partner with you and your leadership on this because it was stunning. i can tell you the day it was presented many of us left the family violence council feeling like we had not done everything we could for our kids, so we want to partner with you. >> thank you. i would appreciate that. >> it was stunning. >> that would be great. thank you. >> thank you so much. i wanted on thank you for the presentation and all of your work and just echo. i serve on the board of [inaudible] one of the community based organizations that provides this essential work that is language and culturally appropriate so want to appreciate that your focus on those types of services and the public private partnership. it really make a lot of sense and also wanted to appreciate a comment from beverly upton about not wanting
9:47 pm
to rely on incarceration as the solution to violence and sometimes makes matters worse so thank you for the thoughtful and incredible work. i really appreciate it and if there's no other comments from my colleagues i would love to open it up -- oh sorry, supervisor fewer has a couple of questions or suggestions. >> thank you chair. thank you for the report and it's comprehensive and i have to go through the whole thing and i have some comments and i echo with sfusd lgbt students and hard to read the statistics as my son is gay and know first hand about some of the issues concerning are inclusiveness and in our classroom settings. so yes, i would love an update on sort of that resolution i wrote and also about the funding and the programs that we are
9:48 pm
implementing for that. i have a question though, and this is on this big report, the 2014 comprehensive report on family violence in san francisco page 70 and i think this is probably a question for katie about the child abuse intervention program. i am looking at this that -- so maybe i am just seeing this data as a little -- i am just reading it briefly of the program the client statistics which don't seem that promising katie but i want to mention i think it's pretty -- like they're mandated by law to complete a minimum of 52 sessions. is this why these stats are so low? low? actually this is page 70. >> i just want to clarify the 2014 or 2015 report? >> this is the 2014 report,
9:49 pm
and so are we seeing better outcomes gradually? are we learning from it? or maybe just give me a snapshot. >> it's a very good question supervisor if thank you for asking tthis is a legally mandated program to have a 52 week counseling session. san francisco was able to implement it several years ago. it was an initiative of many departments and the mayor's office coming together to go forward and it's an evaluation based program so evidence suggests it's working as an inter vengdz. >> >> i believe those programs and others working on the front end and, wog with families and protective factors with these intervention programs will bring the numbers down and one of the things that is interesting that all of the family violence elder
9:50 pm
abuse, child abuse, domestic violence what we want to see is awareness raised and reports increased and then substantiated cases decreased over time and one thing we grapple with trying to understand the true cost? what are the true numbers prevalentacy of these abuses? so this program is an effective intervention. the city has invested in it and we do definitely believe there are other intervention programs that are effective. >> i just wanted to add the numbers seem low because the only people are sent by the court and convicted and we don't have a tremendous case load of people convicted of child abuse. that's what that reflects. >> thank you very much. as i rethis what i upon looking forward is sort of the correlation between wage disparity, the corlaigdz between families tripling up in households, seeing such a way.
9:51 pm
-- wealth gap in san francisco and stressing our families out and wondering if this is compounding the program -- i mean i'm not a social scientist but i can see it has an effect and speaking to people in sros now and multiple people living in one room so wondering as a city what are some of the initiatives that we can align with the preventative things and do together? so when we look at family housing and we're discussing it and what is an appropriate housing situation of a family of four? what is an appropriate housing situation of a family of six? is it a two bedroom apartment of 1300 square feet? those type of i think policy issues that we're grappling with on another -- to solve another issue we think about housing but how these
9:52 pm
things also affect the domestic violence and child abuse, and i think that if we can align them a little bit and get suggestions around it knowing these statistics that we might be able to use the resources to really address other issues, not just that families need home,s, but what makes for a healthy family home. >> i will make a connection and connect dots here and you know this is near and dear to my heart. eviction prevention want keeping the families in the homes that they're in and also we're very concerned because of san francisco's housing crisis that people will stay in dangerous situations longer in order to keep their housing, so eviction prevention is a way of preventing elder abuse, domestic violence and child abuse and
9:53 pm
keeping people in stable housing and not forcing them to stay in dangerous places because they're afraid they don't have another place to live. >> i think we need to connect the dots and conversations we don't have with housing and the health of the family and also i think something else they really would like to look at is these statistics by race, really looking deeply into race because we're also looking at a racial disparity in san francisco that is happening quickly and what happens to segments of our population and reporting and cbos versus the police and now in time of the trump era and we will see a decrease of people actually reporting and increase of people staying in unsafe situations? and actually when we talk about elder abuse too. that's a growing population in my neighborhood. it's the
9:54 pm
largest growing population of seniors and i am actually probably in that category right now so i am concerned also about the statistics around where some of the eldare abuse is happening? is it in institutions or institutionalized or in individual households? so some of the things -- what can we do prevention wise? what education give to caregivers and even family members so they're able to express through the love ones what might be happening to them because a lot of times -- i say elders are sometimes embarrassed to speak up about it and i think this is something that has been abuse in general quite frankly in our society stigmatized by society so how can we have victims of these crimes actually come forward and to seek shelter and actually safety? >> right. before i turn this
9:55 pm
over to jill i want to say another prevention you're working on in another context is immigration, making sure that san francisco stays a sanctuary city. people won't reach out to help and even to the community and not to the criminal justice system which we want them to feel safe and have confidence if there is something serious going on to reach out to whoever is appropriate so all of the mayor's efforts and the board of supervisors' efforts around sanctuary city and keep san francisco safe for all is a preventive tool for elder abuse and domestic violence and child abuse. >> we agree. >> really quickly in response to your comments. one thing we do know for every instance of elder abuse that is reported between 14 and 24 go unreported and certainly shame goes a long way. victims do not speak up. sometimes the victims have dementia. due to their
9:56 pm
cognitive impairment they don't know they have been victimized. they might not be willing to accept help. we know that typically the abuse is happening in the home and the abuser is loved ones and the family violence concept. caregivers. we need to support caregivers and family members and there is a connection between psychological and financial stressors and abuse and that's why we need to help the families in multifaceted ways. thank you very much for your comments. >> thank you so much. now i would like to open for public comment. is there anyone that would like to speak on this item now is your chance to come forward? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] and colleagues can we move forward with filing this hearing? >> yes. >> okay. the hearing is filed. thank you so much. [gavel] thanks for your presentations. madam clerk can you call 5th
9:57 pm
comprehensive report two. >> yes number two is a hearing to consider that the type 51 club license to treasure island yacht club doing business as treasure island yacht club located at 300 clipper cove way and will serve the public convenience or necessity of the city and county of san francisco. >> hello. we have someone here from the police department to speak on the report. >> hillo. i am from the san francisco police department. you have a report for treasure island yacht club located on 300 clipper cove way. if a driewfed the license will will allow them to sell beer, wine and distilled spirits to guests only. there is zero letters of protest or support. they're in lot ten and high crime and in census track as listed which is low saturation. southern station
9:58 pm
has no opposition. we approve with no conditions. >> thank you so much and now we have the applicant here. would you like to say a few words? >> thank you supervisor ronen. my name is nice an and the current commodore and the member share for the treasure island yacht club. most people don't know who we are and in a serious issue and talking about yacht clubs. we have a deep history and navel history and started by the navy 50 years ago and celebrated our 50th anniversary. we're a humble small yacht club, less than a dollar for membership and a club and boating available for those that are interested that are avid boat motorists as well as new members. we recently because
9:59 pm
of the development of treasure island were displaced from our old location. three years ago we didn't have running water. that's how humble we are so we moved to a new location and over a year ago we have been filing for the department's transfer and i'm not sure of the challenge the previous commodore had last year and took so long and the membership is small because it's a dollar a day and 44 memberships up to 93 now and i'm the membership chair and i do also do the dishes but so we growing and the development of treasure island is proceeding forward but i'm not sure what has taken so long for the premise and transfer from location to location. we're a non-profit. we try to give to the community on treasure island and we have navy members and most are retirees and some live on the island and so as i said
10:00 pm
the membership is pretty low because we want to be open to the community on treasure island and those around it and the liquor license permit is the only other source of income for us meaning when we have other yacht clubs that want to come into treasure island we can host them and without the liquor permit it's difficult to do that so we appreciate your approval of support on that. >> thank you. i know these delays are frustrating. it's something that i am interested looking into and trying to address. >> thank you. >> so i am sorry for the delace. thank you very much. is there any member of the public to speak on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] colleagues do you have any comments and if not can i get a motion to send this forward with recommendation? supervisor sheehy


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