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tv   CCII 32117 Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure  SFGTV  March 25, 2017 2:15pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. it is 108 p.m. this is regular meeting
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on community investment and infrasfruckture. the successor agency commission to the san francisco redevelopment agency for tuesday march 21, 2017. welcome to members of the public. madam scaert please call the first item. >> roll call. commissioner pimentel. present. bustos, here. singh, here. mondejar, here. rozauls, here. all membererize present. the next is announcements. the next meeting will be held april 4, 2017 at 1 p.m. city hall. prohibition of sound producing electroning devices during the meeting. the richcking and use of cell phone pager and similar sound producing e devices are prohibited. may order the removal of the person responsible for use of cell
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phone pager or similar sound producing electronic device. c, announcement of time allotment for public comment. please be advising a member has up to 3 minute to make comments on each agenda item unless the xhickz adopt as shorter peerd. members who wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card. the next item is 3 action taken at closeed session. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business, matters of unfinished business. no matters of unfinished business. the next order of business is item 5, matters of new business consisting of consent and relural agenda. 5 a, approval of minutes. february 21, 2017. madam chair. >> do we have speaker cards? y i do not. >> no speaker cards. commissioners we have consent
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agenda approval of minutes february 21. any edits, comments, motions? >> move that. >> commissioner singh moved and commissioner bustos seconded. >> commissioner members please announce your vote. pimentel, yes. bustos, yes. singh, yes. maund maunds har, yes. rozauls, yes. 5 b alection of chair and vice chair. discussion and action. madam chair. >> yes, sometime annually usually we have election of officers and even though we are in manch march will we have the election of officer today because 3 members were sworn in for new terms today. commissioner bustos apimentel and singh so have a full
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compliment the commission. i want to take nominations one office at a time and like to make the first nomination for chair. i like to nominate vice chair mondejar as the chair for the next year. >> i'll second. >> all is a second. any other nominations for chair? i believe i need to ask-yes, is there a member of the public who would like to comment on the nomination for chair? seeing no one, can you please cal the roll. her fan base haven't arrived yet she is saying. please call the roll on the nomination for chair. commissioner mands har for chair. >> commissioner penmental, yes. boousto, yes. singh, yes.
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mondejar, yes. rosolace, yes. the vote is 5 aye. >> congratulations, commissioner. [applause]. >> i nominate bustos. >> that was my next item. nomination for vice chair of commissioner bustos for vice chair. there is a second for that nomination. any other nominations for vice chair? seeing none, can i ask is there a member the public that would like to comment on the nomination of commissioner bustos for vice chair the commission for the next year? the fan base is outside as well. seeing none, can you please call the roll. >> pimentel, yes. bustos, yes. singh rfx , yes. madam chair mondejar, yes. commissioner
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rosols, yes. 5 ayes. >> congratulations to commissioner mondejar and bustos. thank you. [applause]. i think it is appropriate at this time since i'm no longer the chair, you want to switch places? [laughter]. okay. >> thank you fellow commissioners for your confidence in me and electing me and chair rosales. [applause] i want to thank commissioner rosales, so used to calling you chair rosales
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for your more than 4 years of service. you really have guided this commission, shepherded it and especially during the beginning when it was difficult. we were going through a transition, so i have big leadership shoes to fill so hope i'm able to come up to your expectations and thank you for your extratime because i know what it's like to be you know, especially as a chair all the side meetings before this meeting actually happens, so thank you. let's see, where am i? next order of business, madam screert. >> the next order of business is 5 c, conditionally apruchbing per sunt to owner participation agreement with mb-llc. 5.5 acre part in mission bay south within the
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scope of and described in the mission bay redevelopment project approved under the mission bay final subsquents environmental impact report. program eir and adopt environmental reviewper sunt to ceqa. mission bay soget redevelopment area. discussion and action resolution 12-2017. madam interim director. >> thank you. through the chair i like to introduce this item. it is 5.5 acre park with lots of aminities that will include plaza as well as trail paths so i would differ to the project manager, mark slokeen to present on the matter as well as we have the development team who will also be presenting. >> good afternoon madam chair mondejar, commissioners, director; mark slescon project
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manier for mission bay and before and is mission bay bay front park schematic design, request we will have for you guys as a conditional approval of the schematic design for bay front park p 22 as well adoping environmental review finding pursuant to california environmental quality act. today we will go over the site information, the design standards, project design, the team introductions, community outreach, mission bay cac, sbe contracting, ceqa findings and next steps and any questions. as you can see here, this is the largest park in mission bay south and it is located on the east side of the project area along the bay. it is across the street from where the
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future event center will be. here is a amenities map with all the amenities growing in mission bay. i dont think anything new since the last presentation but have a birch more coming soon on 4th street. for the design standards, two sets of standsards, mission bay south design for development. that was requires we have open flexibility use lawn areas to accommodate passive, active and major recreation use, soccer field and other sports. performance area, and accessory use and restaurants under port ownership and the port will build a restaurant in the northern part of the park not part of this design. there will be a pad for later use but will work with the port on that design and also some restrooms in that area. also, pathways
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linking city and regional pedestrian and bike systems and continuation the bay trail on the eastern park. there is also the san francisco bay conservation and development commission permit and that calls for the bay front development enhance the viewer of the bay and maximize efforts to provide enhance and preserve use of the bay and shore line especially from the public areas and the bay itself. with these guidelines contrains what we can do, but you will see a great presentation. the team here today the land owner is port of san francisco and david [inaudible] is here any questions later. the master development is fossil mv and mission bay development group and luke stort is here representing them. the landscape architect is surface design and raujric wally
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[inaudible] representing surface design. private coordination [inaudible] dana perry and [inaudible] will be here shortly. from the civil engineering dealing with storm water management. graphic productions is omni digital and-not here yet. same with outreach and programming site lab and another civil engineer ghd. now we'll switch over to the presentation from roderick wily of surface.
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>> roderick wily with surface design, thank you for allowing us to present the park to you today. as you know, project like this is a big sort of team project. so, we are really thrilled to be presenting to you a design that incorporated all kind of team members recollect civil engineering and community outreach. i know i want to make sure i touch the right button. i think that you are familiar with the site. it is a site we are really honored to be working on right at the bay, sort of eastern tip of mission bay. we think it is a amazing opportunity to provide open space for the city and for the neighborhood. also, it is
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opportunity to really celebrate the bay, the water, but also to celebrate the maritime history of the site. so, that's something that we've incorporated into our design thinking. you can see that this is part of a sort of larger master plan that the western edge of the park is the newly aligned nob naeb terri francois boulevard. apologies for--there we go. thank you. this is the park. i know that you have a booklot showing the park but this is the slide of where we are with the park right now. schematic design, a lot of details are being flushed out, but the spirit the
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park i think is represented in this drawing. a lot of it is a very large open space that we imagine to be very flexible so programmed with event, programmed with informal sort of soccer games and on the southern part the site is a applauseey that connects more clearly with the 16th street corridor and allows for activities, connection tooz the water of course but also bbq and picnicking and events like that. much of the sort of overriding design of the park was sort of related regulatory guidelines and those guidelines are prescriptive. thesenter of the park is intend today be flexible open space and the plaza space at termination of 16th street is the more urban
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space. on the north side the park is the proposed restaurant space. we have been work wg bcdc not only in terms of the bay trail that runs all the way along the east side the park, but also in terms how the park shapes and allows access to views to the water. so, the views that we are outlining in this diagram talks about view tooz the water and east and maritime activity still there. the dry docks are functioning and part of port history and contemporary port use so we want to celebrate those and make sure people understand where they are in san francisco. we are been ginning to develop materials for the park. these materials are #34e7b9 to be very resilient. this is a site we imagine a lot
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of people will use and speak tooz the history so it doesn't necessarily to be pressure materialsment we think we can be thoughtful about how we detame the material squz incorp thait in the park so we are talking-of course part of that is ent grating access lt to the park but not in a way that that becomes sort of distracting to accessibility but it is integrated in every sort of place that we work on in the park. the materials are fairly simp squl we know we can detail them in a elegant way. we talk about cast and place concrete for paths, asphalt painchs on the street edge and small insertions of wood to break down the over all scale and gesture of the design. the furniture plan for the park is developing. it helps to
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underscore the way we think about the park. the applauseey we are showing picnic table s and bbq, things that activate urban in the park. the larger lawn space re#345i7bs uncluttered from furniture along the east edge the parkt. we are excited to the opportunity to bring peep tool the agand have a moment to sit in what we imagine a fairly naturalistic experience and insertion into the city. we are beginning to work with stew winchester who is horticulturerist who has done work in mission bay. there is learning to be gleamed what succeeded in mission day and what hasn't succeeded in mission bay so we are trying to pinpoint exact species but now what we are proposing is
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brizbane box widely someplaceed 35 feet apart. it is something that doesn't-32 feet wide so something that doesn't impinge on views but creates a urban edge people can respond time in. and then beginning to develop of overall strategy for planting so incorporating plant types. there is turf lawn of course but along the edge of the water is coastal scrub so something that speaks to the larger landscape and the planting we find in the bay area. this is a plan breaking down the programmatic elements of the plan. the water-front composed of the bay trail and porchs, the moments where people stop and take in the water. the bay front green
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which is the open space can be programmed in all ways. 16th street plaza is urban end of 16th street. the restaurant cafe which is phased in at a later date and the promenade which creates this grand walk along terri francois. i know parking is a concern. there will be parking along terri fron swau boulevard and p 21 which is the parking lot on the north side of this slide. we have copal of blow ups of park design now. this is 16th street plaza design and the vista point we are trying to-the sea wall is in great shape. it is fairly new
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construction on the site so something that is resilient and serving the purpose of the edge. we are still ritoog invite people out to the edge. that sense that you are on the water and that's really the inspiration for the vista point and various kind of moments when you polk out tworsds the water. and then on the north side the park, the bay front green creates the sort of overriding experience on this part of the park. there is a small plaza directly across the street at the termination of south street. this is not something we imagine heavily programmed. it is a bump out within the promenade along terri fron francois boulevard. we applied for a grant from caltrans and oakland museum to use some fragments the bay
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bridge that was dismantle recently and we received a grant which we are really excited about. so, we have stock piled materials to possibly use as a shade structure in this park. it is something we are really excited about. we will be working with the local artist currently not yet named but have a few ideas and reaching out to leakal artist to see who might be compatible and design something reallyue meek and that speaks to the history of san francisco. so, right now you are seeing actually our depiction of that shade structure which as i said is to be realized by a artist but we are trying to give a sense how it might be used in the park as a shade structure. there is a plaza looking east. this is the other view of the green looking south. so, you can see
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in a way we are imagine this structure as it develops in design be#c34s a threshold from one zone to the other. a pretty straight forward view looking south of the bay front green, so we can i#3457b8gen all kind of uses here. there is probably never enough spaces for people to kind of have pick up soccer or any kinds of informal actaveties like that. a view south street plaza. this is the applauseey plaza i mentioned. the terminationf south street. probably not as programmed as the 16th streetplaza. we wouldn't propose bbq and picnic tables, it is place for people to rest and creates a more intimate scaled edge to the park. these are terraces, so these are the west side thf park. very
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subtle topography that allow the view about the grade to look at the water. creating more intimately scaled park spaces. ultimately the vocabulary of this park is one that is an oasis in the city. there is large program spaces but the idea is that also people have a moment to breathe and kind of reflect on being in the city or on the water. it is a real respite, that is the way we imagine it. then finally there is subtle grading that creates a bit of a promentory for people to take into even more. that's my slides. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> jennifer m att economic workforce development and was interested in key projects along the water front including the chase event center across the street. sadly in december 2012 she passed afrom pank attic cancer so in recognition of great contributions there is a element of the park dedicated to her. later this summer we will work with family and in communication with the family to determine what is the appropriate memorial for her. outreach over the past 18 months ocii the port and design team held 8 public meetings to
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develop review and receive feedback and approval for the park concept. thrfs a specific design workshops, port central advisory group. bcdc design review board. mission bay citizen advisory committee on two occasions and just last month we were before the port of san francisco commission which they approved design as well. mission bay cac went for approval january 17 and after discussing concerns it was approved. the initial concerns about lack of exexpressive design elements and activation. it a great conversation talking about the constraints and bcdc permit that you have to keep more level areas to allow for views out to the bay
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as well as bay inwards so within those constraints we have a really great design and they ultimately approved it. they were also concerned about the porch area not damaged by skate boarders, very big concern in a lot of parks and then also with the shade pavilion they wanted to make sure that there was access to power and water so it is accessible for that. sbe contracting, the agency goal was 50 percent small business enterprises on this was consultant who achieved 70 percent. informational, there was 29.6 percent minority owned and 5 .3 percent women businesses. during construction well affair the 50 percent sbe subcontracting goal as well as 50 percent local participation and that will be acheebed. here is data break out of the consultant to show
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how we got to 70 percent. my apologies the memo that was sent out i didn't include the bioes so in the back of the packet you can nined a write-up on all of them. ceqa fineings, staff recommends the commission make environmental findings and determine the schematic design approval is implementing action within the scope of mission bay redevelopment project analyzed in the final environmental impact report mission bay north and south redevelopment plans and requires no further environmental review per sunt to ceqa guidelines, 16, 62, 163 and 180. next steps, the commission approves or schematic designs, the construction documents continue working on them through this year and be complete january nerks year. also the port will work onilities design for restaurant and work with them
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on that as well as incorporating bath room in the north end. this time next year we have to hope have worded a contractor to build the praiject project and construction begins may 2018 and work go through august 2019 then go through the city acceptance process and hopefully open by october in time for the chase arena. time exact. that is our presentation, so we are available for any questions if you have. >> madam secretary, do you have any speaker cards? >> no speaker cards. >> so, now let me turn to the commissioners. my fellow commissioners, do you have any questions? yes, commissioner singh. question for mark? or
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designer? >> i just want to know, i saw parking spaces, how many parking there? for public parking? >> public parking along the street on- >> not along the street. special parking- >> parking in p 21, that right now i don't know how many spots we have. david [inaudible] will tell you exactly. >> commissioner, david [inaudible] planner with the port. that parking lot to the north of the site is reserved for people using the public boat launch to the north. there are 30 spaces for vehicles with trailers, we haven't seen demand for all the trailers yet so split 15 of the spaces and have 15 for boats with trailers and another 30 that are interim that we allow people to park in. but ultimately it is reserved for those that need to trailer their boats in because it is the only public boats launch in
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the city. >> so not for public parking [inaudible] >> there is a lot of on street parking on terri francois so that is the primary location. >> i [inaudible] eerfben now you cannot park there. >> so the port manages terri fran cois boulevard and one thing we are work wg sfmta and manage the parking based on demand and adjacent to the open space restrict the duration the parking so people can't park there all day long and there is public access for parking to the park. >> any other questions? commissioner pimentel. >> i have two questions, who is responsible for the maintenance of all of the open space? is
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it the port? >> this will fall under ocii's responsibilities so covered by cft number 5 which we contract out to mission bay parks. >> my second question is regarding the local artist, where exactly are the artist from and what did your outreach to the artist community? >> we have not begun-- >> that is just beginning. we are just beginning to look at artist and soliciting ideas so that is where we are right now. >> ocii and compliance department will work closely with them to insure it is a fair outreach process. >> any other further comments? commissioner rosales.
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>> have a quick question. i'm trying to figure out what is the jurisdiction of the port? it is a overlapping jurisdiction? i'm interested in who has management. >> the port owns the land and we have the master lease over the land, so within the master least we are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. it is part the 45 year lease all parks once they are built and accepted they owned by the city or port and managed by ocii. depending on which park within mission bay. >> management for the open space? what about the restaurant? >> the restaurant is a individual pad owned and managed by the port. we will not get into had restaurant business. >> i presume the port will then do some sort of request for proposal like what rec and park does with its restaurants.
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okay. good, thank you. >> any further questions? so, i just have a couple of questions. the same photograph that commissioner singh pointed out with the parking spot, there were also bike racks. >> there will be bike racks enthe southern portion of the park is where we plan to add a bunch of bike racks. >> do you know how many? >> this is the schematic design so haven't decided how many but are looking to be a good portion of bike racks in that area. that is the lower-see if i can get to it. on the lower right hardscape, the red lines. hard to see from here. right now we are approximately locating 30 bike racks on the site and they would be distributed throughout. probably a larger concentration of them at the plaza that
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terminates on 16th street but there will be others throughout the park and right now the numbers are-- >> [inaudible] >> sorry. >> just repeat. >> right now we are looking at locating 30 bike racks throughout the park. they would probably be more concentrated at the plaza space at the termination of 16th street, but they would be located throughout as well. >> and for mark, one more question. i just want to clarify, all of our parks are maintained- it is our responsibility and the contract is for mgm >> now for all the parks so we have the last year you approved 3 year contracts with mgm so they oversee all the parks in mission bay. >> aside from parks any other parks mgm manages?
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>> they deal with the park and maintenance the park squz landscaping and security and maintenance like trash and all those issues. more than just landscape. >> okay. so, having no further questions, this is a resolution that we have to approve. do i have a motion? >> i move. >> second. >> commissioner rosales motioned and seconded by commissioner pimentel. please take the roll. >> announce your vote when i call your name. pimentel, yes. rosales, yes. singh, yes. bustose, yes. mand har, yes. the vote is 5 ayes. >> can you call the next order of business? >> the next order of business is agenda item 5 c, authorize pursuant to transbay
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implementitation agreement memorandum of understand with city and county of san francisco, acting through public work tooz increase funding for transbay folsom street improvement not to exceed 283, 268 for total not to exceed 1, 112, 791. transbay redevelopment project area. discussion and action, resolution 13-2017. >> thank you. this is a item, the second amendment to the mou with public works who is responsible for the improvement and construction of streetscape improvements within the transbay redevelopment area and this would allow work to continue through phase 2 to 100 percent of construction documents. with that, we have shane heart who is transbay project manager. >> chair mondejar,
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commissioners. good afternoon. my name is shane heart and the project manager for transbay. i also like to introduce oscar g who workwise san francisco department of public works as our project manager for folsom street project. we are here to aobtain approval the saecd amendment to the mou with dpw for folsom street improvement project. the aproouved transbay redevelopment plan
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includes revitalized folsom street and folsom street will include granite pavers and colored concrete and widen sidewalks that are more pedestrian friendly and also have new street lights, traffic signals, street furchtures, rain gardens, two rows of trees and cycle track bike lanes. in 2013, ocii hired dpw to manage the project and mou executed at that time which also includes mta as a subconsultant. in 2015, a first amendment to the mou was approved. you can see from the slide the projict boundary ranges from second street to spear street. this
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gives you a idea how the project will look when it's complete. a summary the mou with dpw, in phase one dpw provides design review servicess through 50 percent construction documentation. this work scope was approved in 2013. phase two provides 100 percent construction documentation bidding, contracting services, construction management, inspection and acceptance services. we have since divided phase 2 into 3 subphases and subphase 2 a approved in 2015, that one is nearly complete. you can see what is involved in that one. subphase 2 b, is completing construction documentation, bid and contract the project. that's the next phase and the
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subject the second amendment that is before you today. subphase 2 c will be the construction contract. that will be a future amendment and that should come back to you in fall of 2017. the subphase 2 b scope of work includes dpw project management oversee the subphase 2 b work. dpw has numerous gigzs divisions listed here along with pu c and mta and together they all provide support services to prepare and review the 100 percent construction documentation, bid documents, bid submittal and adenims and also conduct the contract negotiationism also the second amendment includes dpw's preparation and review of additional 95 percent
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construction documentation set, and dpw acceptance of granite pavers, benches, trash receptacles and rain gardens twhin within the project. the proposed second amendment amount for the contract in total is 383, 268. since the 2 a contract was approved by the commission, that was done in the first amendment which was brought to you last time. mta spent about $100 thousand than what was in that phase and so what we have done is we now included it within phase 2 b and this will be put towards the dpw work within the second amendment. so therefore the
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net cost for the second amendment is $283, 268 and 1, 1 12, 791. with that, oscar and myself can answer any questions. >> madam secretary, any speakers? >> no speaker cards. >> since there is no request to speak on the item i will close public comment and turn to my commission members for comments and questions. okay. quite group. so, do i have a motion. >> yes. >> commissioner bustos made a motion. do i have second? commissioner singh second. please take the role. >> pimentel, yes. rosales,
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yes. singh, yes. bustose, yes. mondejar, yes. 5 ayes. >> thank you. so, to the next order of business, madam screert. secretary. >> five e approving schematic design to candle stick point hunters point shipyard development agreement for mixed use residential and retail including 124 rez delths units, 13 below market rate and 15 thousand square feet of ground floor retail block 9 a and adopting environmental review findings per student california veeurmtal quality act. bayview hunters point redwelt area. discussion and action. >> thank you. this item is a
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interesting one, the first residential development on the candlestick point. exciting and residential units, market rate with about approximately [inaudible] below market rates. it inpluds aminities that used it being in rez dolesh units with parking, courtyard, as well as common space squz so on. so, annie wong will present on the item and also development team around will also present. >> thank you director. anna wong, the assistant project manager on hunters point shipyard candlestick point. the item presenting is cantle stick point block 9 a schematic design. as director mentioned this is a exciting milestone sfwr us and the project is it is the first market rate development in phase 2 we bring before you for approval. today
3:01 pm
we have our development team. they will present to you their design later in the presentation. in term oz thf structure of todays presentation we will start with commission action before you and provide a introduction to the project including where it is located and overall development program. from there i willhand it off to the development team to walk through the building design and then come back to discuss the community benefits component of the project. any benefits component the projects as well as staff recommended approval and next steps for the project. so, the specific commission action before you today is the conditional approval of schematic design of candlestick block 9 a which is a mixed use residential retail building. i will include 124 housing units and approximately 15 thousand
3:02 pm
square feet of ground floor retail space. your action todayologist includes adoption of environmental review findings per suint for ceqa. to help sich way to where block 9 a is located, this is a birds eye view thoof project. we have hunters point shipyard on the upper roilth corner and to the lower left side is the candle stick portion so the big yellow delynne yailts block 9 a. it is located in the candlestick neighborhood of the portion of the project. zooming in you see block 9 a is third development block known as subphase cpo 4 on harny way which is the thorough fair and
3:03 pm
across the street fwraum the regional retail sent urwhich is the development for the neighborhood when it is completed. to the the east and west boun my 8 and 9 street and also bound my [inaudible] to itself. to the east are block 6 and 8 a with chare the market rate developments brought to you for approval. to the west is the ocii affordable agency lots, block cps 11 a. that is a 100 percent affordable housing project including 150 new units of affordable housing for the neighborhood when it completed. next i want to give a summary the overall development program for the project. as you heard this is a mixed use development. it is 6 stories and sets back toward the back. it includes 124 residential units, 103 of with
3:04 pm
chare coundy miniums and 24 town home and 13 below market inclusionary unit spread throughout the development. on the ground floor is 15 thousand square feet of commercial space meant for neighborhood serving retail. that will include restaurants, pharmacy, personal service item such as pet care or dry cleaning. of the 15 thousand square feet of grounds floor xhrlsh space, 4 thousand is set aside for community facility space and will geinto detail later in the presentation. the project include 110 parking spots in at grade parking garage and shared aminities include 10 thousand square feet interior courtyard space and shared bike workshop space for the residents. with that, i will hand it overto the development team for them to
3:05 pm
walk through their schematic designs and return to wrap up the conversations. >> hi. i'm steve [inaudible] senior development manager with 5 point. i will first introduce to braidy smith who is architect of record and introduce to the design team and come back up. >> thank you and good afternoon commission. steve mitchen, my name is braidy smith the architect and leading the design effort on block 9. on behalf of the design team we are very excited toprint the project to you and like to take a moment to recognize our entire design team. like to start withory associate architect which is van meter [inaudible] today careena is here to represent the firm. she is instrumental in development of the project thus
3:06 pm
far. also, i like to recognize our structural engineer team. we have waltry bouleer, john harvey is the principle and the associated engineer is [inaudible] landscape architect is pga and diana [inaudible] doing a lot of slnt work on the project so far. the civil engineer is luck and sxs and jennifer san is here today. for mechanical and electrical engineering interface engineer is our record and unis yoon is here representing mechanical electrical and associated for plumbing engineeeing with mhc and jimmy lee is here. with that, i wanted to hand this back over to steve and then my
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partner ron metser will walk through the design the building. thank you very much. >> members of the commission, i just want to first kind of walk you through more detail and contectual of the location of block 9. you see on this page here and presentation you see block 9 sits on a major bike corridor so the green lines on harny streets are bike lanes as well on back side you have midblock breaks which are pedestrian only blocks that span the block that allow
3:08 pm
pedestrian experience that come to the project line. on this next slide this is the-block 9 sits on a major line. peak service at that location is every 5 minutes ahong harny and you see it has a great pedestrian experience and access to the site. at this i will hand it over to ron metser who will talk more about the design. >> thank you steve. happy to be here on behalf the team and so going through the design-the first thing we to look at is how to make the project complementary to the fabric of the community dwened so looked at other projects and blocks developed at the same time and how we might compliment that to
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redevelopment the masing strategy to dojust that. you can see the building across 8th street and how we are complimenting that with similar massing but done differently. we see 8th and harnyicize important. it is the gateway to the waterfront park and a pex to the wedge park on candle stick. we took the mass of that building, raised it up to give more importance which you will see as we go through the presentation. we also took the mass the building as you come into candingistic and lowered it to street level which yoi also see. this is how it is translated into architecture. we took the important corning at 8th and harny, raised it up so expresses a transparent base for the retail environment at the corner opening up to the adjacent retail center across
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the straight engaging with 8th street connecting to waterfront park and front out to the wedge park. at the top of that form we created a void space which expresses bal cunies. the building lowers in scale down harny and there is a rooftop terrace at the top of the building along the street, but then also the overall scale and grain the fwilding as you go through harny also becomes less and less. this is what it would be like at the pedestrian level. you see the building stepping down, the scale of the building expressed with the form and so the store front also has a different character in each of those beys. reminiscent of traditional neighborhoods here in the city. on 9th street we wrapped the character the building around
3:11 pm
and stepped that building down further towards the mid-block break. whereas, at h street we created a void to express bal conies up high to give prominence. as you come into the project we created that void at ground level. here you see the building as you come into candlestick from harny. we have open base with the retail is expressed and the store front expands to the retail and see the facades down harny. steve mentioned the south side the project has a pedestrian oriented mid-block break so the character of that building is also similar to the ovall character the block but we created additional textture to the materials you see over here with simentitious panels
3:12 pm
and brought those scaled down to 4 stories with town houses with stoops that front directly on to that space that will activate that space. as you come along 8th you start to see the residential entry as the building steps back up toward harny. that is a view of 8th with the town houses on the left, the residential entry in the middle and the retail and commercial base on the right as you get back to 8th street. the building plans that you have, you can see what we have is a pretty flexible retail environment along harny and then we have parking behind within the building and ground floor residential along the mid-block break and on the sides we have residential aminity and lobby on 8th. on the second floor the garage, we
3:13 pm
are again concealing with a residential town homes along mid-block break and retail facing harny. as you go up above, the podium above the retail you have residential units that surrounds a residential courtyard. we also have aminity space that help activate that space and create community gathering space frz residents. again, it continues up and as you see on the subsequent floors how it building steps and away from the mid-block break. there you see the roof on the south allowing more sunlight into the main courtyard yet the building is surouning on the north and west and east sides. the building stepping back. then
3:14 pm
you see the roof forms at the very top. so, as braidy mention rks pga did a fan fastic job outdoor rooms that can accommodate large groups or multiple small groups that will feel comfortable in the space at the same time thmpt rooms accommodate outdoor dining and living and fire pits used any time of day in this environment. this shows really the unit mix that is proposed as mentioned we have 124 units with certain amount of affordable units in this particular building. i think
3:15 pm
that is it in terms of the design. >> thank you development team for the presentation. next item i like to discuss are the community benefits component the project which includes affordable housing, facility spaces, contribution to community benefits fund as well as small business and local workforce hiring. as steve mentioned, there are a range of affordable below market rate units in the project so i won't go throw every unit about at a high level the bedrooms average object 2.5 bedroom size in the
3:16 pm
development and this will be a mix of town home jz flats. there is also affordable to houses earning between 80 to 120 percent area medium income. the next component of community benefits the project will bring is community facility space which are in10 today provide critical programming space for community serviceing entities. the uses could be serve community youth center, senior service or library reading room. the community service entity that occupies the space doesn't need to pay rent or purchase price for the use of that space, but it will have to cover its portion of insurance and any operating and maintenance costs. for block 9 a 4 on the square feet of the ground floor retail is set aside for community facility space. that space similar to the rest the ground floor retail is built to cold shelf for future tenant
3:17 pm
to further improve on. another component of the community benefits that block 9 a will bring is count bugz to community benefits fund. market rate developments in the phase 2 project, the developer pays half percent of the sales proceeds of each market rate unit to the community benefits fund. the legacy foundation is the entity charged with analyzing the community needs and to make recommendation to the agency on how to best direct the use of those funds. as you may recall on february 7 commission meeting, my colleague presented to you the legacy foundation 5 year strategic plan. in that plan they identified education workforce development, home ownership assistance and neighborhood buildings as key areas to direct the existing funds to. next is small business and local workforce hiring. under the bayview
3:18 pm
hunter point contracting policy and small business enterprise policy, developers must make good faith efforts to achieve 50 percent the contracting opportunity to sbu consultant and contractors with first consideration to bayview hunters point residents. the sbe policy requires agood faith effort to achieve 50 percent in the areas of construction hiring and permanent and temporary jobs. the developer achieved 47.6 sbe participation in professional service contract. of that 26.4 percent are minority owned firm squz 4.1 are woman owned firms. to date on phase one the shipyard the master developer achieved 39.1 workforce participation, 22.7 percent are bayview hunters and 62 .5 percent are
3:19 pm
minorities. in terms of community review, block 9 a has undergone appropriate community review. the project wasprinted to mayors hunters point citizen advisory committee november 2016 planning and subcommittee meeting and at the cac meeting in february 2017. the cac expressed support and remed approval. comments brought up during the cac meetings are resolved to date. next as is typical for all schematic design approval, staff included conditions of approval the developer can work on in later stages of design. those include further developing the materials pallet for the buildings. developer the screening of utility room, level 2 parking and mechanical
3:20 pm
equipment. insuring 9th street ground floor has active use. identify the location of 4 thousand square feet of community facility space on their building plan andologist providing schematic design frz sub-phase cp-04 mid-block breaks. kwrust to give backgrounds on what the mid-block breaks are, they are small scale streets intended to allow public access to and the idea is allow for more pedestrian circulation. as you can see in the diagram, the mid-block breaks in cpo 4 extends through 4 private development blocks, 68, 8 a, 9 a and 11 a. to insure the blockerize uniform and provide a coheaveive design staff recommends the mid-block break adjacent to 9 a differed to a
3:21 pm
later date so the developer can submit one design set for all 4 mid-block breaks at one time. by approving the schematic design of block 9 a the commission is also approving the number and location the bmr unit in the project so staff included a couple conditions of approval relating to bmr units and first afirm the number, location, size and affordsability levels of the bmr units are identified in the block 9 a set. second, the geper will adhere to the most current marketing plan and timeline for the unit including early outreach efforts. in terms of schedule and next step, ocii workwise the geper to review design development document squz construction dumes as well as building
3:22 pm
permits. it is estimated the project can begin construction fall 2018 and that construction can be completed in 2020. now that's the end of my presentation. myself and development team are available for questions or comments. >> madam seck rutear, do we have speaker card? >> okay, since no requests, no speaker cards. okay. no requests to speak on the item i will close public comment and now refer to my fellow commissioners for their comments and questions. yes, commissioner singh? >> there will be 13 bmr units? >> yes, that is correct. >> what is the price? >> the price has not yet been
3:23 pm
set, determined because that is probably coming at a later date when we are closer to construction but i can let the developer perhaps speak to that more. >> the price will be based on what is considered 100 percent ami pricing for that when we get to it in 2020. >> can you tell me approximate? y >> i don't have the approximate, sorry. >> not till 2020. >> 2020 when it coming online. >> 2020. >> 80 to 100 percent ami. the only thing i can give approximately pricing is parking is decoupled here so in the case of parking we have a approximate price oof 60,000 for a parking stall. >> how many parking spaces on
3:24 pm
the units? >> for the bmr units, we are at.89 ratio parking ratio so 110 parking spaces out there, two of those are reserved for ride share. all the residential buildings in the cp have a certain amount of raid share within those buildings and the remaining 108 spaces are decoupled and out there for the tenants. the bmr units have first right to refusal. they can purchase the parking stalls at cost and there will be a market rate cost for the remaneer of the parking stalls and that allow physical you a first time home buyer and buy a condo and don't own a car that many in the city dont, you don't have to purchase parking. it alos us to provide flexibility and pricing for the market rate people as well. >> parking you have to pay extra? >> i wouldn't consider it
3:25 pm
extra, i consider the ditcherance buying a value meal or just want a ham burger. it allows to price the units a little less. >> that is separate aminity. >> i never heard of that you have to pay parking. i like to see everybody should have parking in their units. >> ideally that would be great. commissioner bustos. >> commissioner singh, those are the good days. we all had a parking spot. so, one thing that i know that was important to the commission eeben when the redevelopment days was the
3:26 pm
aminities fixtures within the units that you couldn't tell the difference from what were market rate units and affordable units in terms of size, fixtures and all, so i hope this is- >> absolutely. you have the same aminities in the market rate units that you have in the bmr's. i think that is actually in the design packet but it will have the same aminities. for the placement of the units they are scattered throughout the building. there is premier bmr units with great views on corners, town homes mixtures with that, it is spread out evenly throughout the building. >> i like you are contracting with businesses in san francisco a long time so to staff thank you for pushing that forward because that is something near and dear to our hearts so just want to thank you publicly for that. >> yes, commissioner rosales. >> i'm interested in the
3:27 pm
marketing plan and what that looks like. it is a while i think we heard about marketing for bmr units so can you walk us through that? >> i'm afraid i can't and only because this being the first building out there we haven't gotten into that phase yet. i really only work on the virtical development but sure as part the conditions i know we will come back to you to speak about that issue. >> in fact we'll have maria benjamin to speak to you. good afternoon. marketing, you want to general-okay. >> just remembered last time. >> that isn't easy for me. the aprieveiate version is they come in 18 months before they
3:28 pm
are ready to go at the start oof construction to do a early outreach to cop holders. give opportunities to get home ownership counseling and get ready and then approximately 6 months before they are ready to start sales, they come in with a more detailed marketing plan that outlines all of the community organizations that they will reach out to, outlines new print ads they will do, outreach to electronic social media, outreach all of the different pieces that they will-all the different areas they will reach out for marketing, including the postcard we sent to cop
3:29 pm
holders. the announcement once it comes through will go on the city's e-mail housing alert system, which goes out to up to 60,000 people now that get the e-mail housing alert and folks will be able to apply and have 45 days to apply and before the lottery happens. >> that's abbreviated. >> my follow up, is there effort by the city to connect with candidates for loan asisance? >> absolutely. we provide extensive training to all of the lendsers that we are work wg ing with so they know all the resources we have and we know the resources they have because sometimes lenders can provide programs as well that used in combination with our
3:30 pm
programs. we have a downpayment assistance program used to provide gap financing for folks that need it and can't quite make the first mortgage loan amount and as well as programs for teachers and first responders and we always trying to get other resources for folks to be able to purchase. >> okay. >> no further questions? >> my only other question and maybe it is too early but aminities. on aminities, what are it grocery stores look like in this area? we are adding a lot of people? >> that is a good question. allow me to go to a back-up slide. >> we are a foodie commission.
3:31 pm
>> and parking. >> it is a planned grocery store on the block on the [inaudible] cpo 2. no, 3. cp north 2 a is where the grocery store will be located. it is third block to the right and that's where there are other site aminities in the area including the soma arts center and retailsenter there will be a hotel across the street from block 9 a and also going to be ground floor retail across all floor development blocks on cpo 4 on the ground floor so mixed use there. >> commissioner pimentel. >> i have a question about there community benefit. it says 5 percent of the sale goes back to the community benefit fund, so is this in addition to
3:32 pm
the preexisting legacy foundation budget? >> this will come in to the future. payments to the community benefit fund occur at the sale so won't happen undill the construction is completed but that correct, this is phase 2 portion. phase one as 1.5 million roughly and in the 5 year strategic plan is spend down that existing funds and so these will be an additional contribution to that fund. >> okay. >> one thing i want to point thought is we have a model of block 9 a so if you want to take a look at it later. >> further questions? follow up with commissioner pimentel's question, the 0.5 percent to the community benefit fund is that only new market units sales? what about resale later
3:33 pm
on? do they still get that 0.5 percent? >> i do not believe so. >> only new? >> right. >> not internal 0.5 percent. >> exactly. >> and then my other question is community space availability. is that only for residents or is thatope toon the public? >> the community facilityty space is meant to be for community services entities so these are can be non-profits or for profits, sf library, there is a lot of flexibility built into it but it is intened for community and public use. the idea is we haven't identified a specific tenant so want it to be flexible but cut out 4 thousand for community use. you want a non-profit that needs a community youth center or non-profit that needs space for elderly program that can all be polesh use of that
3:34 pm
space. >> who manages the community space? >> that space will be managed by ocii and also work the developer tooz look for tenant for that space. >> okay. any other questions? one more. commissioner singh. >> do you what is the value ue of this project when it is completed? approximate. >> i will hand that question to the developer. >> i don't have that available to disclose at this time. approximate value of the building. >> you don't know? >> no, i'm sorry. >> okay. >> when will we know? >> probably soon when go over-we are private developers so as we finance the deal and go forward. >> thank you. okay,
3:35 pm
commissioner this is a for approval. do i have a motion? >> can i ask one more question? the small business contracting i think the is like 12-i keep asking this question but maybe i'm dense but of the 47.6 percent sbe participation, 26.4 percent of that number minority owned firms but not necessarily all san francisco based companies. that's a question. i think the answer to that is yes. >> hand that over to brook. [multiple people speaking at same time]. >> you are correct, but the majority is in san francisco. >> okay. what about in the bayview hunters point, 94124? >> i have to at the specific but for professional service there isn't a lot within that area. you see more of that in
3:36 pm
the construction. >> yes, that's true. i remember. thank you. >> just later on we'll get all the zip code too, right? >> you sure will. >> thank you. i do have one more question. i notice the bedroom size are all two bedrooms, three bedrooms, are there one bedroom units? >> the idea is for all the below market unit we wanted 2.5 bedroom sizes to accommodate families of different sizes so in order for the developer to hit the average for this promect they allotted a high number of 2 and three bedrooms to reach that average in the project. >> so, there are one bedroom units? >> there are one bedroom units but those are market rate. >> the ones you presented are for bmr? >> that's correct. >> they will have parking, right, additional fee? >> there is a option so all in
3:37 pm
bundled so a option to elect at cost so what it cost to develop the parking spot is what is charged to fuper bmr home owners. >> the bmr is 80 to 120 percent? >> yes, if we flip back to the page on the chart, >> earlier i think the developer said 80 percent. >> there is a range between 80 to 120 percent ami and so that means is there are some units pegged for 80 percent and some pegged for 90 percent, 100 percent, under 120 percent. >> up to 120 percent. >> that's correct. >> thank you very much. having one more question. okay. >> how much are the parking spaces? >> that is a number that not yet determined. my understanding is it will be at cost for the bmr home buyers.
3:38 pm
not sure what the market rate cost is but for the below market rate home owners shed they wish to purchase a parking spot that is at cost so whatever the cost of construction and developing that is what would be charged to the home owners. >> i think $60 thousand was said earlier. >> i think that was [inaudible] >> what happened to dahlia? wasn't it a bmr- >> yes, maria. [multiple people speaking at same time. >> dahlia is alive and well and by 2020 it will be up and going for home ownership. [laughter]. we are starting it now. bmr rentals are alive on
3:39 pm
dahlia. and we are working oen billing out the-home ownership piece is more complex and so we are doing the-taking care of rental stir. >> what is the delay? i have been on the commission 6th year and talking about electronic- >> we are on track for it. but doing it in pieces. so, and home ownership is the last piece. when we are pleased so pleased so far with our results with it and the-i think the reason why it has taken so long to build the rental part is we did like consumer testing of it squent out and had real applicant people living in bmr that had to go through the
3:40 pm
paper process testing it to tell how to better meet their needs. and i'm proud of it, the it team that created it has really created something that is so easy and on your phone you can do it. you take pictures the documents we need you to upload and upload on the phone. we found that people may not have computers but they got cell phones and smart phones and the agencies that we are working with the access to housing agencies are helping people who don't have a smart phone or may not be as technology savvy. it is definitely moving -- >> thank you. we are on you. okay. do i get a motion? second? so moved by commissioner bustos, seconded by commissioner pimentel. can
3:41 pm
you call the roll. >> please announce you vote. pummental, yes. row zosal, yes. singh, yes. bustos, yes. mondejar, yes. the vote is 5 ayes. >> okay. our next item, please. >> the next ord rb of business is item 6, public comment on non agenda items. madam chair. >> do we have speaker cards? >> no speaker cards. >> we do? we do have a speaker. okay. [laughter] please state your name. >> do you mind giving this to the commissioners?
3:42 pm
thank you, everyone. >> thaupg for the opportunity. my name is [inaudible] i know mr. singh and rosales. i'm here to see how i can negotiate with you to pay off my debt in a reasonable way and equitable way that i owe the city and state and when i say that, first of all i need you to understand the framework i like to pay off my loan. asia know, as recently as couple of years ago, your commission that has the judicial responsibility for managing the effortss on [inaudible] are in some ways
3:43 pm
[inaudible] it is basically forgiven them. as you know, the developer of [inaudible] michael johnson walked away with $18 million loan. as you know, the owner of 1300 fillmore [inaudible] $4 million loan has not paid a penny. i think she paid $500 and you allowed her not to pay the rent of $10 thousand a month. now, in this period is what i'm coming to propose to you. i want you to consider my offer to pay you off that was in the context of what happened historically. now, you have been told that the [inaudible] and that's false. as a matter of fact, it is a matter of time that it will come out. if you look that document you read in terms of the term agreements,
3:44 pm
the document with [inaudible] you see the lease enof it and you see the director tiffany [inaudible] mr. morales dozen sign. [inaudible] you are not in a position to forgive loans of $5 million. for whatever reason he didn't. i assumes i hired the top bank reps attorneys to review towns of pages of the document. it didn't happen. you were told the man was in bank reps. one thing, i want to make sure when you review my request that you review thinl context of fairness because we all got in fillmore in district as developers and i have a feeling that i seem to be not one of the favorite people in terms of [inaudible] the sec thing i
3:45 pm
need, sorry to take the time is i didn't know there was a limit. the second thing and i'm refinancing my property which you is a second on. if i'm not allowed to refinance which i have a agreement with the agency, then you lose your loan and the property. but time is of the essence. i like you to direct the staff to talk to me. now, i see that you have a new director madam director and i like to meet with her and talk. i don't need every time i ask something from this commission that i have to hire a lawyer because i don't have the kind of political clout. i don't need to do that. i have fulfilled my obligation. >> thank you, sir. we will take this into consideration. thank you for coming. madam secretary any other card? >> no other card.
3:46 pm
>> let's call the next item, please. >> item 7, report of the chair, madam chair. >> madam chair, that's me. i have no reports. [laughter] >> item 8, report of the interim executive director a 8. informational memorandum of update regarding transbay block 22 beale, 120 units of family affordable housing to incrude 24 houses witherantsal subsidies who volen tal relocate from sunnydale public housing with sf hope to facilitate correction at sunnydale transbay redevelopment project area. discussion. madam interim director. >> in your package you will see a memorandum from my office
3:47 pm
discussing the 120 units that is being built in the transbay redevelopment area. this is a collaboration with the mayor's office of housing and community development, housing authority and hope sf in trying to fulfill the mayor's mandate on revitalization of the hope sf, which includes 4 sites within public housing. sunnydale hunters view, alice griffith and potrero. lucky for us mercy housing is the developer on the transbay block in discussion as well as the sunnydale development so the idea here is to allow for 24 units volunteer lease to relocate due to staging of development of the sunnydale development to the transbay site once construction is completed in 2018. um, the idea is that it will be fully
3:48 pm
service type relocation with resources being available. we think it is a good thing from a policy standpoint and what the intent of the hope sf initiated was all about and we are happy to collaborate with sister agencies to put this through. we have jeff white in the audience who is available to respond to specific questions if any the excisioners commissioners have. >> any comments or questions from the commissioners on this item? any public comment on the interim executive drether reports. >> no speaker cards. >> okay. i will close public comment. >> i do also want to note for the record that staff responded to the inquiry from the commissioners at the last meeting about getting copies of
3:49 pm
the distribution of the sv local enterprises by zip code comparison as well as the zip code map of san francisco. that was e-mailed electronically. if you want we can resend them. we have a map and training sener. >> thank you. if you can ree-mail that. i have the trace training center and paperwork that was in the packet. any other questions comments from the commissioners? okay. call the next item, please. >> next order of business is item 9, commissioner question and matters. madam chair. >> yes, before any questions or comments come up from my fellow commissioners we cannot discuss the presentation, the public comment presented to us by mr.
3:50 pm
shirf row upon as vise of council so i know commissioner singh you wanted to make a comment on that, so i think i will differ to council that we are not able to do discuss it now. >> only because it isn't publicly noticed. >> because it isn't publicly noticed. >> western addition is [inaudible] i know [inaudible] [unable to hear commissioner]. >> we need notice first before we discuss it publicly. thank you, commissioner. let's next item. >> the next order of business is item 10, closed session. conference with legal council
3:51 pm
significant exposure to paragraph 2 subdivision d of section 549 of california government code one case and b, initiation of litigation per sunt to paragraph 4 of subdivision d section 54956.9 of california government code one case. madam chair. >> i like to ask anyone not directly involved in the item to please leave the okay, we a to-back the commissionism we just finished closed session and have uthing to report. >> the next order of business ajurnment. >> motion oo adjourn. >> commissioner singh and
3:52 pm
seconded by commissioner row zals. at 343. thank you. [meeting adjourned]
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>> the matter will come to order. >> just a moment. sfgtv is catching up. >> here we go. >> the meeting will come to order. this is the march 22nd, 2017, special meeting of the local agency formation commission i am the vice chair of the commission, i am joined by ronen to my left and fewer to my right. and i would like the thank the staff of sfgov tv for bringing us live, madam clerk do have you any


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