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tv   LIVE Commission on the Environment  SFGTV  March 28, 2017 5:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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commissioner kopp to do a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> we are adjourn. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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>> anthony good evening this is the a meeting of the san francisco mission on environment the today is tuesday, march 28, 2017, and the time is 5:08 p.m. a reminder please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, phones, please be advised that the chair
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may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a a note an opportunity for public comment on all items on the agenda and opportunity for general public comment for items not on the agenda we ask you fill out a speaker and hand to me and the calory chair will call the folks in the order we receive them and speak anomalously so after the speaker cards are called you may come up and move on tennessee commissioners, please respond when i call your name. commissioner hoyos commissioner stephenson commissioner wald commissioner wan oh, commissioner wan is excused we have quorum next item is item item no. 2 - president's welcome. >> discussion. >> thank you anthony good evening and welcome to tonight's meeting of the commission on the environment
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as you noticed the roll call. we're down commissioner holiday accepted a new position but only physically she's with us in spirit a bold force that he commission and serve the both the department of the commit and resident is distinction i'll do her we wish her the very best in her future endeavors that is a cultivate shock at the moment and we hope he's come and visit us often we loved her energy and brilliant mind at the last meeting he was moved by commissioner holiday with the item no. 2 - president's welcome. >> that touches on the grandmothers donation in resistance to the new administration policy you saw what happened that he epa the vublth of the population whether
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deportation or the need to be vigilant he reached out to her, she said remembered we're again steward and be out there i think i'll add we need to more ever really partner with different community and seek new partners and new community so we're not always talking to the usually suspects we can't afford to do that earlier this month i had the roll definition honor of attending the 61 conversion on the status of women a conference at the united nations and spoken on two panels and attended the women for climatic change with 5 mayors the mayor of paris the co-chair or durbin and the mayor of capping town and the mayor of mexican city
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commissioner hoyos was through that was great to see her with the mayor of paris was born in spain she saw my name so she said. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and there was clear consensus with the other leaders that the sustainability is a top priority we'll continue to work with the stand so i'm feeling inspired i think that what is happening today is not an opportunity to sit back but opportunities to stand up and act and with that inspiration i think we need to fight for our environment a special welcome to those of you have never attended a commission meeting on the commission on the environment we welcome you and hope you'll come again and find it informative please speak up during public comment we welcome and encourage your preparation i want to thank
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sfgovtv for all their efforts making sure our meeting are broofrtd with that is there any public comment on this item? which is the item no. 2 - president's welcome. >> first, the commissioners especially for the form commissioner jackie holiday. >> simply i beneficial with you said about her and her perspective for the environmental just the we all embrace that principle but i'll glad it is in her honor and glad you're here in your new role to speak. >> thank you so, now we open up for public comment on this current item. >> mr. pilpal.
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>> thank you david pilpal since i'm not going to stay for the whole meeting i appreciate your introduction and your reference to women that were leaders unfortunately i've been to two femurs that week and another one they happened to be strong jewish community leaders and women but 345kz that he rehabilitate on the power of women to change. >> may more so than men over the event i appreciate the leadership i'm looking i hope 0 that commissioner hoyos better and i know that later on talk about the resolution affirming our support for fighting be cliffs other than today when the president is doing that dbi i mean yeah. >> and i'm sure you'll select
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a president and vice president i appreciate your welcome and nice to see friendly faces in the audience and people i've not seen and hope others will talk we not to hear just from me by a range of people thank you. >> any other comments hearing anthony the next item, please. >> is the item no. 3 - approval of minutes of the january 24, 2017, commission on the environment meeting. >> so i have a motion moved that he commissioner vice-president hyland and seconded by commissioner stephens stephenson>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> i looked at the minutes briefly i may have some minor non-substantive if i can get
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those in a day or two anthony make sure that things are captured from the past meeting and by the way, i was concerned at the last meeting about my interactions with anthony much better in the last two months he's been helpful if i offer stepped he was unhappy and much happier this time but will you just a brief thing to get minor edits and should be incorporated in appropriate that would be great thank you any other public comment. >> hearing none, a motion and. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> of approval of the >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries. >> next speaker, please. >> the next item is item 4
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address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda. >> good evening, commissioners eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates. so i'll speak to more specifics when the item 9 comes up but on that item i was meeting with your staff and learned something important with the staff about that item it probably applies to marijuana just pesticides this is what your staff told me was revalencia ave once you set policies here with their gowns departments they have to get them trained to implement the policies and that it is extremely difficult for them to
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advocates for cutting-edge policies or maybe beyond cutting-edge policies to when they try to have good emergency relationships with the staff in other departments and i think was it told me about the issue that i'm here for the agenda here today and probably other issues that staff needs us as advocates and needs you as commissioners to be the ones pushing the envelope so that when they go to another department and seek to train them onville issues or seek them to community-based along with the policy you've passes as a body we can point to me. >> you and i hey don't talk to me the advocates in the commission say this is what that he wanted to work together to give it to them we think of the
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issues that all the issues you've got on the future agendas it might help us to move forward faster for think environment that was a takeaway for me in the meetings with your staff i want to put that out there because i know i'll not put it in the comments on a specific tempo you can what i'm playing out the criticisms i'm not trying to crucify your staff that's not what it is about this is what needs to be fixed if you can help push us to be the bad cop your staff can point to us and you it is out of my hands you need help that will help us advance the policies in san francisco thank you. >> mr. pilpal. >> david pilpal again so just
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3 points here looking forward to the artery day planning we'll have an event i think to the city hall this year i think that is the plus thing looking forward to that weep hear more about that in the future and two suggestions for your agenda next time that will happen at the end of the meeting if it is timely to have an update on the budget process 2, 3, 4 two months we have information then from joe and mark or deb or jennifer whoever and again back on the rates we had four sections to link 15 hours of presentation by ecology and all kinds of fun stuff although they last meeting had a high-level overview not a lot of substance now a lot of discussion of substance and
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maybe robert or be jake can talk about that what the director's report recommended and i think at that time, we'll northbound the period where someone can foil an objection with the rate board but certainly will be a lot more information in two months on the status of refuge right away setting passes on the budget department and outreach and all kinds of things just a suggestion thanks. >> thank you hi anastasia i just brought to you for two months an article about this men strongest that was adapted for 45 adopted and the nature of the
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management plan the heading of the fate of rates mount in the affirmative i brought small pieces the position of 20 associations thousands of petition signatures and hundreds of phone calls and letters and nearly countless hours now neighbors and users the rec and park department plan to remove the thirty forests to restrict the access to increase the landscape from 10 to acres more than half the code and city at the park was given the good ahead by the board of supervisors it further says it will enroll the vital large-scale affirmative removal i'm seeing an application of herbicides and management
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separation and wildlifeness in public parks and san francisco affirmative alliance says for wildlife mounts the green house gas emissions creates the mudslides and being an unacceptable to animal and human health with me well in response for the dangers at the parks the city staff says that is the same assess around and i want to mention that, of course, as you may know mount davidson it where which i live and the like you can half of the affirmative park will become instead of forest it is not go for global warming and in addition it not the only park in
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shark park there will be 15 thousand trees cut down amounts to thirty despite the numbers in the plan amounts to thirty percent of the forest and i don't know if they will be using herbicides probably yes also, they can't use them in the whole course because of frogs and snakes thank you very much for listening and i still hope that at least part of this issue can be stopped thank you. >> thank you. >> any other comments? >> oh. >> i've got it. >> my name is doctor roy i'm here to talk about the importance of trees and urban
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forestry the eucalyptus are part of historic lesbian of this city most of them are one and 25 years old and they contact 5 hundred years old their drought resistant and mitigate carbon dioxide and whipping wind that character this city they're our friends and neighbors yet they use rapture language they call them non-native even though most of people are white americans not native-american their invasive when humanity threats all wildlife one in san francisco wrote merchant of doubt the conference stated the two greatest factors with catastrophic climatic change are these
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use of fossil fuel and deformation i would ask that the investment & infrastructure and commissioners confront the native that are fundamentally lift i believe are frond by big money and developers that want to destroy the land transfer them to the plots rather than use assistant president pro tem labonge and network them to be i'll transferred to the private developers that is one you talk about the commissioners concern about the vulnerability of our population why is there a mad rush to errata tens of thousands of trees at the time all of our fate are emergency connected two trees trees are the greatest things against catastrophic
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climatic change and graciously they symbolize the general rot and we can look at their bottomism and virtues and their example we're falling short of that i beg you have you to confront our coworkers and the department that be clear cutting at the time, we on the sdraurgsz species list i call it your sacred duty to protect the city against 0 people that are can implying our culture and locally and internationally thank you. >> any other public comment.
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>> welcome. >> good evening commissioners my name is denise and i'm noted for being the pioneer in cycling which i started in '71 in 1970 before anyone thought about it but i have a complaint that we are are discouraged the cycling idea actually came from the manufactures of all the crap they having us cycle and every year they add more stuff the one example i belong to a group at one time senior lunches and give milk in cartons that are
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compositeable now plastic things when we have to cycler go a lot of it goes to china and poor countri they poison their land so cycling is i'll say i think this is group here by the way, myself we started this commission years ago and we were all for cycling at the time not anymore when you release that every year they add stuff we have to cycle and it is not recycleable and where did it all go i'll suggest that we change our ideas about cycling
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and stop it now in france this year we'll ♪ france they banned all plastic plates cups and forecloses and achieves what did you call them utensils but conquer massachusetts abandoned plastic bottles a lot of people don't know what plastic is made of plastic is made from oil by the billions of gallons of crap we throw way i've been you're going this thing for 40 years hoping that the people would
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follow my lead i think after 40 years two people bring their on stuff forks and plates and parties you go to a restaurant and i go to a lot of parties and benefits they have left-over food and goes right in here and take that home we waste 40 percent of all food here's a way to stop that waste. >> thank you thank you any other public comment. >> is that it. >> hello james lloyd i i don't represent an organization justin
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just a citizen unfortunately can't be here for the entire meeting thank you for item 8 for the trump administration heartwarming moved from the east coast been here less than a year to live in a city that is a model example for the rest of united states and embattling the science forgive administration thank you very much and have a nice day. >> thank you any other public comment. >> anthony next item, please. >> the next item. >> is community four or five campaign detailing the facts about buying electric vehicles. >> welcome outreach team i'll point out a couple of years ago
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the commission started a traditions of starting our community with an outreach commercial, if you will, to highlight the campaigns because outstanding fund by this department and the last foe commission meeting tax item decided would be great do have this and welcome. >> no questions. >> i'm with the san francisco environment and go ahead and share a little bit of information about the campaign before i dive into too much detail around the campaign created before i dive into too much information i want to go forward and share the information the reason we included that campaign and the
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goals of campaign the overarching campaign ways to drive the electrical vehicle sales in no 70 and this is a big goal a kind of problematic goal to testament to the team that sf environment jack and others have been working on this to refine that is more campaign specific that is more achieveable from a communication perspective a tremendous amount when we look to infrastructure and charging stations we have this is around the lens of electrical vehicles and driving sales for sf one of the things we worked with what is it doing many this space we don't manufacture the electrical vehicles what is sf do we're not kelly whitcraft checks for rebates how can he
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encourage the san franciscans it is one the brainstorming questions and susan and i came together we helped with the federal tax credit but they're all prepared. >> anticipate what if we bring that information on wage page and put it in plan language people can understand that was our high moment to promote the when and raise the awareness of existence of those particular rebates and incentives then we sat around the table and talked about the research what do people know one of the role the ways i saw the project is inferior ratting it is the judge mom why, why why, why one of the why questions that
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susan and i put up with not why people bow electrical vehicles but san franciscans luckily i would expect from prime motivate for brokerages and silver like reduced costs per mile; right? cheaper to drive on an electrical vehicle and might to hov assess and c or could be like i never have to go to a gas station again, that is awesome i figured environment will come maybe six or eight don on the usual participation but not in type of this time environment is the number one, reason that's why people bow electrical vehicles number one, we actually came number one, that is huge so that kind of helped to
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inspire us to get excited about this project we're talking with people that added wind to their sails and not dragging them across the finish line this is tremendous and i i get it this is your vehicle; right? this makes sense like you have to put environment over pretty much everything bay e by the way, on the 1985 and goes up to 15 miles per hour in a range of $15 million we've come a long way their some kind of lynching they buy them for the environment that was huge we had a great goal and research to back up and a great opportunity we took a moment to find what are we want to be
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original but what we wanted to do it comes to being original interrupting people's day and what we're trying to prompt federal tax credits this is financial and interrupt with a fistful of money or a picking bank we had to come up with something different and guide them though the rebates we wanted to be on topic that was what we talked about extensively was how can we find space in the campaign to align to the frustrations in san francisco aroundville issues stand side by side local government we said to be relevant we have a small budget and were not able to
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convince the people in san francisco but nudge people closer to buying electrical vehicles and making that consideration and wanted to be digital people to talk with us and share had context and after a little awhile staring out a window we came up this campaign for alternative vehicle not all facts in a number of different online and digital display instances the fact about buying electrical vehicles was not alternative from tax credits to fuel rebates this is expressing our values through the choices has never been more for the next time you buy a vehicle make that an electrical car not about creating a flashy add but connecting the environment and
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buying electrical vehicles with this nature with that sense of frustration and giving it a positive output a daily ac mansion every time you got into a vehicle it something good we ran some digital did i play asp that's a teacher educating a student and then we sent people to a page credit to that and susan for creating this page my favorite line the federal government offers a tax credit up to $7,500 for now and people liked it not only did they click the like button they
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actually had conversations and loved it shared it with their powers and networks and they covered it but this is the one i really enjoy they wanted it if you saw that a bumper sticker people want to get a bumper stieshg and put that open their car they just bought that is really fun and accountant an disposal as far a feeling good that means when it comes people were interested in beyond this well in the three weeks we ran the campaign 11 hundred stieshgzer this is shy of 20 percent of the 70 website for that monument and 11 thousand clicks; right? how many boungsz away picked on the
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wrongs add they stuck around that is twice of length of time that that people tend spend on the average page and frontals that on the landing page for the rebates and the incentives you can get educated that was one of the most you'll expect if folks are interested in this and saw that landing page they book mark it for the mind they're ready to learn more about the electrical vehicles but the time then to click on the links and become more educated this is incredible so, yes >> we were original and relevant and digital and might have but what i enjoyed what the theme this didn't come out of sitting around and staring around a window but an effort been on behalf of not only the outreach but a corroboration from start to finish and huge
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proposes to suing for putting up with me huge and fun campaign but also a shout out to the upper market management it is risky a little bit out there and wanted to say thank you for giving us the trust to run this sort of a campaign and i hope the results speak for themselves. >> thank you for that wonderful and enthusiastic presentation and any questions or comments. >> it was awesome thank you so much. >> am i on. >> there was fantastic thank you so much so i have questions because i always have questions that was my favorite presentation how
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long did that run. >> 3 and a half weeks. >> and is it going to run anywhere. >> the budget is spent no. >> do we have a mechanism to understand if there's a sales lions share in san francisco. >> no, this was one the first questions how we measure this to translate this asset to direct electrical vehicles not a mechanism in place to decree and correlate we have access to the information about the rebates that are taken out so that - it is still a bit of a leap to make that assumption that is related to this campaign. >> for the electrical vehicles is not such you may have to buy a vehicle in 18 months so budget ran out what happens in terms of i love this process and i love the fact i think that has been
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on a billboard. >> no. >> is there a plan to take what you've done and apply to other things we'll try to do like assumption in san francisco. >> that is a question for donny. >> i appreciate it thank you. >> yeah, so when i think of excellent engaged presentation he concur so in relation to the other work is there i understand this is more about purchase than. >> absolutely. >> helping people understand the process and so on but is there more thinking about the interaction between the work the department has done and your promotional work whether that be
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the parking or the kind of charging stations we're thinking about i'm thinking as we try to help people learn about not just how to get one but the users friendly electrical vehicles except we're taking requiring ciara new building, etc. is there an intersection between the creative thank you do and the rest of the work maybe a question for you so go for it. >> that's really a question in terms of for deb and donny and jesse to see what the overlapped to support all the work going on and are you the first time i've had the benefit of meeting you are you focused on this issue or creative to go into the other areas as well. >> creative due to go into the other areas. >> good that's good we're
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impressed with the presentation we're looking forward to more of that to thank you to your whole tame lucke it goes really fast want to have people be able to look at it. >> is there a way to replay it. >> you almost don't know to constrain on it and it's gone. >> anthony will support. >> so while anthony is doing that i want to address commissioner hoyos and jesse is sitting in the audience so jesse would you like to come up and answer that what the future of - why not oh, got to watch.
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>> yeah. >> yeah. it was the first part on the alternative i like which oh, okay. thanks luke oh, going to keep ongoing to luke commissioner hoyos asked a good question a lot of work not on procurement but on some of the policies we'll be voting on today a whole road map we are developing for how to get public chairing infrastructure and how to get the commercial sector on board and how to use the fleets to create this road map why did this piece now a particular funding opportunity why now. >> there was a funding opportunity from a top california this was a perfect storm of all those things succumbing together and the in the amount of that took place a
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day before we went to the campaign. >> and then can i clarify one my question was not so much why this now i totally see the stand alone value whenever you did it was more like moving forward is there a chance to use this marketing savvy to promote other east bay program and any other program that seems to be engaging but jesse is here i'm wondering with that application and i'll give one more context so where i work for climate parents we're promoting 100 percent clean power and part of this astronomies is ev adoption so wondering since to see such a
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cutting-edge city can we take this and with the infrastructure changes and maybe others will take it up. >> now we have some data around how successful this very small term campaign was to be able to think about in addition work and how we budget formal outreach including fund to be able to do this kind of outreach with luke and his team because it did work; right? and to be able to help to get the word out where the infrastructure a go on and the charges, etc. this is a good opportunity for us to take what we did as the best practices and share that with other colleagues in cities we're members within networks like c
5:51 pm
40 and the neutral cities alliance to begin to replicate is one of the reasons why we launched this pg&e has new rebates around electrical vehicles as well as a program that has rolled out for charging infrastructure and so we do have an opportunity to potentially promote that later part of charging infrastructure and in a way in another way if we find budget for ongoing outreach thank you. >> so we can run the campaign long run. >> i'm not speak for the audited manufacturers but i'm about to too i think this is a
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great tool for san francisco and the residents and people that are within our borders when it comes to bringing up this to the campaign on a large-scale if i was an all manufactures this is a big risk. >> i don't mean them but giving us money for more san franciscans buy their cars. >> department of the environment so certainly an option we need to be careful with taking money only from one company versus another company and incurring we're not promoting one company over another we'll see a great opportunity here that isn't going to be driven by us through the dw investment plan in california which covered on friday and posted on their
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website and dw is required to invest in the investment that is $200 million in california over the next thirty months a big chunk is in advertising brand knoll for all emission vehicles we will be able to benefit from that we're also going to see investments specifically in the bay area in charging infrastructure so we're one of 5 cities in the state that are in their investment plan earmarked for investment and charging infrastructure we'll be working with their team but don't have the details now commissioners any other questions before public comment on this item. >> thank you thank you very much >> (clapping.) >> yeah outreach team>>
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(clapping.) >> any public comment on this item? >> as my name is denise and by the way, i'm on the board of san francisco tomorrow and so glad our meeting on tuesday wednesdays is when we have our meetings i love to come here but can't do it i hope you keep on having your meeting on tuesday i can come and make a lot of comments my comment like cycling automobiles should be - we should be concentrating on public transit and free up the land for housing and park and things like that even if you have those electrical vehicles
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they have to be manufactured oil global warming and shipped all over the place global warming so what will you do with the attires not enough problems with the attires we have the glass that needs to be manufactured all the stuff that is a car and 40 thousand people killed every year driving cars that is not going to change with electrical vehicles so we'll have the same amount plus those injured people and people around 40 thousand as well so it depends on we should change the way we think in the environment the idea one person per car is absolutely fantastic 20 years from now i think we were idiots
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who everybody was driving those big vehicles and one person and so i don't care it is this electric it is go to the manufacture and shipped and you got to figure out what to do when it falls apart thinking a little bit differently this idea that everyone will have a car by the way, we live in san francisco the rents are fantastic most people can't afford cars who will bow those cars no? so that's the big problem i'll talk about that later on >> in the future. >> thank you thank you. >> any other comments? oh, yes steve
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>> good afternoon i'll come up here. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm really coming because i am one of the ev drivers one more 4 years and been a thorough i don't drive all the time when i come to city hall i took muni my driving is limit so we call people that drive - so in some ideas it would be useful to have videos embedded from the website or social month because people generally my experience with evs people to talk to one another and groups to find out answers
5:58 pm
make uses of videos and make use of public fairs people come face to face with the ev drives 70 street would be a good opportunity to have the department of the environment a booth about ev cars and then a lot of questions that be specific related to san francisco for example, when you live in san francisco you'll never have to use air conditioning right and by the time heat both of those things are energy drarnz on the batteries that specific information for san francisco ev drivers in san francisco that would be helpful and i had the idea to work with dealers i think they'll potentially be i don't know if they'll contribute money to the department but south america want to work in tandem to educate the public about using electrical vehicles
5:59 pm
and also uc davis is doing a research study they're other drivers in san francisco that are part of that study about patterns of driving the ev vehicles i know that ends at least one year from now tap into that that and see if you can make use of that and as far as charges i'll license to your presentation about to come people needs to understand the differences between fast charging and charging on an ordinary outlet if there's an outlet in a garage so just some thoughts thank you. >> any other comments. >> okay next item. >> next item. >> is item 6 presentation of the commission on the environment - environmental service award to sustainable chinatown. >> this item for discussion.
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>> thank you commissioner wan not able to be here she asked i present this award on her behave quite an honor to do so commissioners as you may know chinatown is one the truly jowls of this city and county of san francisco the neighborhood has a thriving community that is so apparent as you walk through the streets and neighborhood leaders have a challenge how to engage the vital maintaining affordable housing protecting chinatown unique cultural heritage and improving the environmental performance the results was a sustainable chinatown campaign through the collaboration between chinatown community development center and enterprise community partners and the san francisco planning
6:01 pm
department, and the san francisco department of the environment monk others i have to call out the department of the environment rich for your leadership on behalf of the departments thank you for all your hard work and droop a map for at the same time helped the city achieve the zero 50 one hundred goals more energy efficiency and affordable housing overall and more vibrant and green public spaces community wide infrastructure and open data for all your hard work we are pleased to present the commission on the environment the environmental service award for chinatown and understand cindy wow. from the development center will be accepting the award on her behalf so thank you.
6:02 pm
>> (clapping.) >> thank you i want to say thank you to the commission we have so grateful for your support on the projects dementia what with us in the beginning
6:03 pm
and thanks to rich and all the community members from planning and enterprise i think that is important work to try to expand the definition of accountability but about the ability for people to stay in their neighborhood and fight displacement and look forward to continue to work with you on that. >> thank you very much oh, commissioners commissioner hoyos. >> i was going to say congratulations i like our broader definition of the environment. >> i would like to say what an amazing thing to watch you in action cindy and watch you how you're able to bring people together and people that don't normally sit around the table are sitting around the table and asking an important question you articulated to me and john rahaim the head of planning department to make sure that the improvements we give in our
6:04 pm
neighborhood serve the people in this neighborhood so when we talked about greening and sustainable chinatown what we're talking about doing things that affect the resident for their purpose not for a grander vision but the people that live in the alleys and public housing for the people that live in sros can do they need to have a sustainable chinatown the other thing i've heard you say i've thought about a lot is the dilemma how we improve the quality of life without driving people out how do we gentrify without displace those are not the words you'll use but how to make their lives better and bring them all the benefits of the environmentism. >> i think that the dilemma you operate in the intersection of those forces and really hard
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and yet you bring warm accounting to our approach we'll figure this out and inspired by the work you to so thank you for all you do and your organization does as well. >> thank you very much >> (clapping.) >> it there any public comment on this item. >> and okay. >> rich. >> are you doing public comment. >> (laughter). >> good evening commissioners rich chin department of the environment part of team i think you guys choose wisely an honor to work on this project
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bringing together the city, bringing city agencies together working with wonderful community partners and enterprise and obviously bcdc and i think that dementia summed it up she's the awesome leader it is wonderful to work with her we created a team and it feels like a family it is really nice to be part of this thank you very much. >> thank you thank you. >> okay next item. >> the next item. >> is item 7 item no. 7 - approval of resolution file 2017-02-coe supporting san francisco's proposed electric vehicle readiness ordinance. >> the sponsor a director and the document filed for discussion item and director
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raphael would you like to introduce this item. >> thank you, president this issue about electrical vehicles i want to reference i don't think she's here anymore the member of the public denise that talked about the fact that just getting everybody out after gallon car into an electrical vehicle will not solve the problem we've got to get people out of cars when we are driving cars whether that is a homeowner are an apartment dweller are fleet we need to get off of gladden and, if you will, so this is an issue that has come before the policy committee a couple of times the policy committee has weighed in and heard presentations about what is possible within our jurisdiction that we can do so what you'll hear from barry is the result of many, many
6:08 pm
months of work, work not only with the commission but also with a number of stakeholders to craft a policy recognize that is both practical in the sense that the people understand it and know what necessary need to do and also meeting in that that pushes the envelope and pushes us forward so when we make that difference in new construction we actually make a difference in the i know of electrical vehicles so this is up think a very good piece of public policy it was sponsored by the mayor and supervisor tang we have great support and i believe that will do very well at the board of supervisors we're not there yet but to bring something so the board in a formal way rather than saying it is agenda device and talked about but you're thinking about the feelings so
6:09 pm
the resolution before you is meant to reflect that as a way to communicate that with that barry. >> thank you director raphael i'll make sure that oh, great. >> so i'm barry and talking about the ordinances and electrical vehicles have been an featured item i'll leave a few of the slides on our ipads for reference you know the context for this, of course, is san francisco success in providing green house gas emissions through being a transit first but motorist vehicles we cannot outlaw if we're using a vehicle to make sure there is renewable and
6:10 pm
translate into acts in the daily life zero - and also important to keep in mind when we look at the good news we have had success in recent years so those lines refer to something more clearly that is as the economy has grown 20 percent in the last 6 years and commercial properties have skyrocketed in values and total employment in the city we've been reducing our total commercial energy use why is that relevant that is relevant we're reducing our carbon emissions and that reduction of two percent is much less than the carbon emissions the continued improvement for the renewable energy in the grid so 2050 it boils down to
6:11 pm
technical details but 3 words that reduce, are you new and electrify efficient in all our operations as well as the supply of renewal electricity on the grid and the uses assuming that renewal electrical this is an analysis for context the blue square representatives the silver buckshot, if you will, what are the set of actions for to meet the long terms goals for transport are electrifying and shared the connected electrical vehicles as well and also zoom out from san francisco this is not just a question for san francisco alone but good news globally a limit
6:12 pm
in how much influence in the vehicle market to some of you're not unusual suspects for the positive things in the environment including the major investment banks that help the capital into the electrical vehicles manufacturing market expect that plug in electrical vehicles are well over 10 percent of global warming vehicles by 2025 we have risks of maintaining our spot in that party making sure that san franciscans have access to the electrical vehicles and wonder a hot spreadsheet but on the other hand, infrastructure for individual building people park their cars overnight that will limit the number of vehicles that can be electrical and slough that technology
6:13 pm
now we have it straightforward to adding electrical vehicles and important to the feedback from stakeholders has been skepticism how large of a group of electrical vehicles should be prepared for and built so for context half of the electrical vehicles are on the roads in california and of the electrical vehicles in california they're really concentrated in the bay area and los angeles and san diego so the governor said set a goal of one and a half million electrical vehicles on the rod it 2 percent of all cars on the roads in 40 california and particularly ambitious goals emergency millions zones and have exceeded those keep in mind the electrical vehicles only came on the moose market in 2011 their
6:14 pm
adaptation has been clear within the bay area because of this concentration pg&e the utility with the largest electrical vehicles has more and more 24 hundred vehicles and then san francisco in particular has been frequently recognized as a leader but room to improve better support of adoption of electrical vehicles in our market and nevertheless, the per cap of the electrical vehicles is 8 times greater in the bay area than the national average and last bit of context state mandate to the board this is you have in our handout the state has mandated not the governors goal but all makers want to continue making the vehicles they need to be sales articulate for zero emissions
6:15 pm
vehicles that will be prop m electrical and by 2020, 22 percent of total vehicles sold in san francisco in 2025 needs to be electrical we are one of the target manufacturers to meet that goal and last fork to keep in mind if you this is something more about a processes if you apply for a building permit today that will be likely 3 years and more four to five years you're open for business if you built our building for today's the number electrical vehicles on the market today you wouldn't have enough to serve the vehicles available even the day the donors open and the priority for san francisco is making use of our existing buildings ones that is an existing building we'll not want to remove or replace it or alter it for as long as possible how
6:16 pm
do you plan for the short term and the long term at a reasonable cost without interrupting with the community and the provision of housing and so that is what the informed the proposal in front of you a couple of ideas first electrical service so the amount of power that can be delivered to the building needs to be great enough to be at least 20 percent of spaces can be simultaneously charged with the level b charger at the same time with that amount of power to have the 20 plus percent of vehicles we expect to be on the road in 2020 but the electric means of sharing the available power given the vehicle the batteries and san francisco is home to a
6:17 pm
couple of companies with the new technology an appropriate to require it but appropriate to design for it we're able to take advantage of that and roughly speaking so have this capacity if you have it enough capacity to charge one vehicle you can share that for 5 vehicles under 90 percent of circumstances we also need to make sure there is suitable infrastructure so straightforward as possible without a charger as many parking spaces as possible we're not recommending selling the charge ers bus the infrastructure for the chargeers i'll be glad to talk about in a moment but the service capacity for other 20 percent spaces a fully worried credibility the only thing to do is add a charger for the electrical vehicles readiness and a full
6:18 pm
conduit for additional 10 percent of space the reason potentially by conduit to give more flexibility for drivers they may prefer a larger circuit that gymnasium flexibility to renovate, upgrade and the remaining spaces thought about where the infrastructure will go to extend the spaces up to all spaces throughout the entire garage. >> the ordinance allows for installing fast chargers against a level two charger to not get completely committed to none technology and gives as much federal court as possible and again not the to determine how
6:19 pm
many parking spaces how many parking spaces are allowed bones that number of spaces you're allowed to build in our building should be able to have electrical vehicles if this is zero parking spaces that's cool but if not electrify them. >> now because this is an ordinance that receiving our everything delineation or attention and costs for the anchorers there is also a i'll purview it is similar to the core element it is insuring that 20 percent of spaces can be this not in our directly to consider this this afternoon but 20 percent of spaces can be served
6:20 pm
simultaneously but unserved and 10 percent have a full circuit unchanged and then not necessarily requiring time for a 10 percent of spaces so substantially similar and most important part is the decor we'll expand to a number of additional vehicles over time the location with you put in the conduit you're selecting the location where the chargeers will be installed and if you leave some of the conduits out there is some cost savings but not as much flexibility for the kiths to be built out. >> and just for reference i included backward on similar requirements of other california communities we're presenting for 100 percent
6:21 pm
readiness the most ambitious is similar to what oakland has recently adopted 20 percent of their capacitated requirements. >> thank you commissioners any questions. >> commissioner wald. >> electrical vehicles are - sorry. >> electrical vehicles are such a critically important element of the plan to get to achieve our energy goals really terrific that your efforts has evolved far enough we actually have a real piece of legislation that is going to set a floor of not floor to ceiling but really moving forward on this i congratulate you a bar on getting to that point it's not
6:22 pm
been easy. >> to say the least. >> i was remiss thank you for the planning department and the number of department of the environment it was a team effort. >> but i really believe that once we get this in place and start implementing that that will make significant difference in both the number of electrical vehicles that we have in this city and continue it bring down our carbon so congratulations. >> commissioner hoyos. >> sorry. >> commissioner. >> congratulations this is amazing and anecdotal when i'm
6:23 pm
in a kind of parking structure a charging station honestly two or three years ago they were by but not by now this is critical i don't know how much costs savings it being saved by the potential amendment but my thought that might be needed earlier rather than looter so thank you. >> director raphael or anyone else. >> i would like to i definitely want to echo commissioner wald to thank barry he has a team that works with him closely and hose definitely the sort of keeper of the not only the thirty thousand obligating foot but the micro level so going back and forth to
6:24 pm
hold the tension and looking at the details to make sure that detail agrees and didn't conflict with the overall intention and everyone in the department of building inspection and the planning department and the puc know with barry so i think that none who looks at this piece of legislation is going to be impressed and our hope it didn't stay in san francisco this really moves out of san francisco no reason this can't move beyond our borders it is well crafted and well-thought-out and fair. >> thank you. >> thank you can i ask a question do you have a plan to move it out. >> we have inquiries from a number of cities and shared the context as you know we're also
6:25 pm
refining the language not currently recommending people to the draft there are vending changes that are important we did work on this concurrently with others and they don't build parking but communities have adopted very ambitious requirements that collaboration is very successful. >> thank you. >> commissioners this is an action item so i need a motion to approve that resolution filed you 2017 zero two supporting the san francisco electrical vehicles readiness ordinance been moved forward by commissioner wald and seconded by commissioner hoyos. >> and is there any discussion here before we take public
6:26 pm
comment? hearing none, any public comment on this item? >> good evening again eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates. and also with corridor of our city of san francisco so i mentions this a couple of times in policy committee and not made it to the policy it is great we're moving forward with some we're making charging stations available but if you look at the climate tipping points we're hitting planet wide if we get too much incentive and emphasis on personally owned vehicles as was mentioned before then the energy, the work time
6:27 pm
and the resources that we put into transitioning our transportation system will tilt to far away from mass transit because people will be driving individual automobiles we're literally not get to those bach off the tipping points if we were more aggressive about transit and car share so what i'll ask in policy committee before and ask you as the full commission move forward with that at least a time permit that says we need to incentivize car share cars to be more apt to be using the spaces to figure out a way to craft in legislation so peoplegraphy at that time, towards car share rather than owning vehicles to give you an example why it is important i
6:28 pm
said as as you may know and some of you helped a great deal of but people that spent 13 years getting cleanpowersf off the grown and working to get choice energy across the state the objective is first of all, to get us to 100 percent locally and regionally generate the clean enable then to produce more clean energy so we can transition our transportation infrastructure over to the community choice energy as well if we are way two oriented an individual personally owned automobiles we'll not be able to build clean energy in the future to supply those and the mass transit system it is too big of a demand i'll ask as you move
6:29 pm
forward you flag for the legislator that will take that up at the board of supervisors to figure out a way to incentivize car share in those spaces show you if it means building more spaces and making that a better deal. >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> commissioner hoyos i have a clarification question just in light of that comment that eric made so what is the thinking around the car share programs in the city needs to be apartment complexes. >> sure so that board it's an amendment to the green building code that regulates what the standards are
6:30 pm
when you build a building that is earlier up the chance the planning department and the planning commission writes the zoning code to allows the parking in the building so i don't disagree with the prior comments car share is critical but the building is not an instrument to get that done a and the parking for electrical car share you'll need the electrical car share infrastructure if you'll have a space not arresting you should have a parking space but where a parking space build by electrical. >> so they live they'll could be speak in the future not outside of this ordinance movement, if you will, people will push developers to have a couple of car share spots that is already there. >> well, then. >> if you build a large
6:31 pm
residential building for example, most of areas where those buildings that will be built maximum currently of .6 vehicles per housing units not a mandate amount of car share and, of course, the planning department supports the car share around the city we've not been successful as a community supporting the electrical car share because in part of the electrical charging is unbucks you can pick up a car anywhere that is designated for the company and hard presses to have two locations you start with a charger and that's part of why
6:32 pm
bmw has a great location but it was not straightforward enough and other issues i agree we absolutely have to have car share and that's the core yeah. >> but the venue is more the planning department. >> yes. and grants supports the car share and interagency and you know we be happy to support the commission and make a statement about car share but this ordinance has some limits to it and trying to doing everything we can we within that. >> okay. thank you. >> director raphael. >> i think the what we've been hearing several times from several members of the public near and dear to my heart is if we're going to meet the climatic
6:33 pm
change we'll have to get people out of car we're a transit first city this is the number one, thing we have a transportation demand management tdm the planning department along with your support passed a transportation demand management ordinance that actually requires a moon of construction one of which you have to get a certain amount of points one way to put car share so in the beginnings of that barry showed a slide that was a complicated slide that shows the evaluation of how are we going to get below the levels and different colored boxes and sub box inside of them that is a very robust analysis that was done for san francisco we could bring it to the policy
6:34 pm
committee meetings to explain it in detail the number one, thing there is to the most important biggest box to get car shared connected electrical vehicles to no question this is the future of transportation in san francisco a shared electric connection vehicles we will if you ask jesse what her favorite thing to dream about this is it, it is not up to the planning department to make that a reality the department of the environment is incredibly condominium been writing grants to the department of transportation and public sector entities that particular vehicle was amending the green building code so it is a wonderful point and not for in particular application so i think that is a
6:35 pm
yes and i will say to the comments. >> any future discussion commissioners before we move on. >> those in favor of the resolution. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries and barry congratulations thank you for your great conversation and presentation. >> next item. >> item no. 9 - approval of resolution file 2017-01-coe adopting the 2017 reduced risk pesticide list for city is this item for dedication. >> so this is commissioner
6:36 pm
this is exciting i'm excited to introduce this item the bottom line the reputation of being an international leader in proving thinking and stunt and this resolution firms that responsibility it calls for electrical representative here in san francisco to do the same about our values what our values are as a city family we recently learned this federal administration wants to cut over thirty percent if the epa budget and is lead by an individual that deemphasize the impacts on climatic change and rollback decades of hard work with the environments and an order signed that by the 2025 ordinances
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
and whereas in 2013, the city of san francisco released a set of actions for government to collectively achieve the green house gas emissions reduction and impact all san franciscans the health impacts of climatic change will disproportionately hope folks with the department of health requirement san francisco climate and health adoption framework and whereas in response to the election of donald trump the san francisco board of supervisors that quote will climatic change is not a hoax or an issue by the chinese science matters we'll continue to work on the clean
6:39 pm
power waste to whereas a strong global consensus and scientific evidence that 10 percent of 20th century is for activities this is a ungovernment panel on climatic change assessment report and whereas the mayor's including san francisco recognized the urgency for this and tackle the climatic change head on and a whereas the this the agenda that represents more than 41 million americans across red and blue states objects to the donald trump must have been to roll back the climatic change and will lead the way for the climatic change and the whereas whereas the trump will back down on the paris agreement that was signed in 2016 along with one
6:40 pm
and 94 other parties that is highly unpopular and detrimental to the u.s. economy and - whereas the trump administration will dismangle by rolling back the implicit policies stimulate the economy by jobs and renewable energy like solar and therefore, be it resolved the commission on the environment has reaffirmed the climatic action by you shifting 50 percent of transit walking, biking, and bicycling and 100 percent usually more the application and be it therefore resolved that the commission on the environment never neither the solutions will be contained within san francisco's bored and encourages the city to work with
6:41 pm
the jurisdictions to be a positive city that recognizes the carbon as an asset and capitalized on the agricultural and the transportation demand management practices into the city's practices and be it therefore resolved encourages the adopt to work with other departments for the climatic municipal practice that will reduce the green house gas emissions through a climate before the communities depend on to live and air and shelter and infrastructure and safety are threatened and be it therefore resolved that is commission on the environment encourages the mayor and the department to continue to develop the bold policies that expand on the climate action and work with global and networks and - to reduce the green house gas emissions before we interfere climatic change and embodying
6:42 pm
encourages the department to collaborative across california and the u.s. to rely on the leadership for climatic change and action and be it therefore resolved will be committed to the agreement regardless of action by the trump mifshgsz to withdraw from the agreement and therefore, be it resolved that a copy of this will be submitted to the board of supervisors and the mayor. >> thank you, thank you very much science does matter. >> amen i feel like we should be standing on street corners and had an handing this out action item do i have a motion for that firmly the commissions commitment to fighting clvks. >> i think we need to have a motion and then the public comment. i think this is the proper so we
6:43 pm
need a motion. >> so moved. >> moved by commissioner wald and seconded by commissioner stephenson now a discussion before we go to public comment. >> commissioner wald. >> i can't say we're doing this today talk about bog being relevant we're talking about this when the current administration is trying to write out all the progress and policies that have created all the progress in the country to address this threat is not a coincidence some people don't believe in coincidences i also
6:44 pm
think that it is more important than ever that the departments like this one was all of it creative and amazing people and it's old sweet of programs that are climatic change continues to do the work and export that work because the federal government which has been such an important partner in those efforts will not be there anywhere now it is really does end depend on state and local government to move forward so i'm thrilled to be able to vote for this and again, i think that is really amazing we're doing it today. >> commissioners any other comments. >> i had a clarification
6:45 pm
question so i'm looking at the resolution and can't find the line that anthony read about the carbon. >> where was that. >> right in the middle. >> line 8 on. >> oh, here it is let me glance at it can someone explain. >> sure so as you may know carbon is a problem when it is in the wrong place we're built of carbon and carbon is in all the plants and the new transients and the soil the ideas with conscious if you been the most concrete would be
6:46 pm
the com post it is a carbon asset because it gets put on soil and changes the height and pulls the co2 out of air so a big i don't know how big but a movement of people who have afraid we are demonizing conscious when carbon in and of itself is not the problem but in the wrong place so carbon in the atmosphere is a problem but carbon in other places is an asset the works it talks about are i don't have the page now - on page 3 so where it is talking about agricultural and region active land practices >> i guess having heard concern
6:47 pm
overall this is great i couldn't agree more with commissioner wald about the critical timing and thank you, commissioner for bringing this all that is good my particular question that language is to make sure it didn't get more broadly interpreted you've used the certification and so on just e j communities are concerned about the carbon they don't like to treat it they want direct regulation and strong - is there a way to look at that wording awhile or does that disrupt the question about carbon across the city. >> in the audience we have wendy good friend our new climate program manager i'd like
6:48 pm
for her the original author of many of this thinking although i don't know if this particular whereas came from wendy so why not introduce yourself and maybe respond to this you. >> thank you. i'm wendy good friend and the new climate program manager this january and i - we have pulled that language and the thought from the idea of carbon positive and as dementia was explaining different movement from recognizing carbon and liveable and others conscious the future active carbon creates the globe climatic change we're talking about the idea of working carbon we're an urban environment in san francisco we have agricultural neighbors this goes to the idea we need to have
6:49 pm
solutions that cross our boundary and make changes in into the health by recognizing that carbon is the backbone of our bio different or eco system and that we will make great strides to not release it into the atmosphere i'm talking about carbon trading or carbon credits i don't have necessarily a word recognition for exchange but i don't know. >> the simple one the sentence reads to work with the neighboring jurisdictions to be a carbon positive city that capitalize on the carbon to integrate the carbon asset that is better implied. >> beautiful thank you. >> otherwise thank you so much for the pro-active
6:50 pm
leadership on this. >> accept that as amended. >> we'll accept our friendly amendment and we can - >> do we have to vote on it. >> no. >> oh, oh that's the amendment perfect. >> yes. >> so again, this is the timing of this was for tuesdayus our acting president has her own connections to the federal government is just felt like the timing was very well to have this come from her lips and yeah, we couldn't know that would happen today but certainly not accident all i have two
6:51 pm
trivial amendments on page one you said the word and it was not under and on page 2 line 9 you said the word and those are not there i finally though the why now this resolution simple is it going to put on the radar of the elected officials that the board of supervisors the importance of you're with climate goals you know they get points of view with a piece of legislation that is a way to step back at the thirty thus foot level and remind them that they and others before them adopted aggressive that are important for us to apply the more we get this in front of people and they're
6:52 pm
thinking the better for us that's the why now. >> oh, there we go so september the from him amendment and made the changes and ready to move on to public comment. >> yes. >> hello commissioners dementia my name is dave i'm coordinate the chart of citizens climate lobby speaking for myself i support in resolution wholeheartedly as a san francisco residents i'm xhavnl proud of the way the commission on the environment aggressively pushes the envelope on protecting and improving our environment it is really wonderful i wondering if i'm in order to
6:53 pm
say a little bit about our federal effort to fight climatic change if so, i will citizens climate lobby is a nonpartisan national organizations of well over three hundred charters lobbying congress for defends dividends that stimulates the economy at the same time i want to ask the commission if you'll be interested in learning more about that we'll be happy to make my kind of presentation at one of our meeting 15 or 20 minutes or meeting with you this national legislation, of course, is not in the commissions jurisdiction but you might be interested in taking a
6:54 pm
position on the resolutions of support have been adopted in several by city councils in northern california cities and backed by the san francisco board of supervisors not mayor yet we met with dementia last year and i think that lisa maybe familiar with the proposal is about there is growing interest in congress bone building codes of the aisle on taking action on climatic change there is a bipartisan solution in the house of representatives where to join you mob a democrat and republican at the same time it is been growing steeled the trumpet election has no affect on the growing interest in congress and if congress passes
6:55 pm
the legislation that governs the executive to i'll be happy to hear from anyone on the commission if i can leave my contact information we'll have more conversation. >> thank you shall i give my card. >> yeah. >> any other public comment eric brooks. >> good evening again eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates. so first just to support and commend you for putting this forward that is crucial and as a green i'll tell you in the just the republicans that are the problem, however, those republicans and republicans lastly are particularly egregious and taking us literally over the edge and so with that said, i'll say yes and glad that commissioner hoyos brought up the issue of not
6:56 pm
using the word like the asset with the carbon mindset we can trade our environment and make sure that avoid that i want to give you other challenge like that in our verbiage an easy one to fix in back in the first mission administration someone that many of you named frank who is the chief kind of spin administrators for the republicans managed to get it so that president bush and pushed this policy with the republicans and with the presidential administration when we started this discussion about global warming they were concerned that global warming was an alarming term should, god bless and frank managed to leverage this situation so that almost all of
6:57 pm
us unfortunately use the term climatic change climatic change sounds like you're going from one place to another before you used is climate crisis many climate organizations with switching to when you're talking about what is happening scientifically with the climate crisis another term that is started to be adopted and help us get the public to realize there is a public consciously and sub consciously the term disruption instead change if you can bring yourselves to doing that and making ever place where it says climatic change sends is to climate disruption and help fight back against frank and the
6:58 pm
republicans more than you are already doing thank you very much for putting in forward and stand up and strong strongly supporting this resolution. >> thank you other comments. >> i think hi anastasia i support this resolution talked about climatic change but want to talk about hip country like each line of this resolution you added like global warming i don't know how cut down 8 and a half thousand trees prevent air pollution how cut down 18 and a half thousand trees
6:59 pm
this city is doing like progressive thinking cuts down 18 and a half thousand trees increase urban forestry on the streets cuts down 18 and a half thousand trees on this side in our park it is all didn't like bold and forward thinking what you doing cutting down 18 and a half thousand trees if you're going to reach our climate goals this steps in this direction cut down 18 and a half thousand trees and carbon frustration how to achieve it cut down 18 and a half thousand trees and carbon with cutting you down 18 and a half thousand trees plus many more not counted give you a big
7:00 pm
net carbon loss so i don't know. i think that is hypocritical this is the commission being quote should oppose this thing it should not be allowed it is not permissible and not sounds like explaining and i don't know i cannot understand where why it is going forward and being down it is damaging whatever way the administration is not the thing to do besides the fact the trees can't be restored they are destroyed for 20 years and witnessing this administration in my neighborhood since 2001
7:01 pm
every time i go for a walk thank you very much. >> thank you i thank you it is hard for me to make an agreement i got to see the language in prints i was listening to eric brooks and i have to agree that the lack is very important you can climatic change is everyday so if you're going to make an impact on what we are trying to do to educate the public about the fact that what he said something about climate destruction or some other verbiage will be better than saying climatic change because climatic change is everyday so people don't quite understand that so i think you need stronger
7:02 pm
language thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm dr e line roadway and want to talk about the language today, i came to ask you the fact that some people are a hatred for the eucalyptus for the deforesttion i was focused on ethic i can cleaning and an expert on the subject i want to convince you to the rec and park department that they are unduly flungsz how can one claim such a thing to errata one thing from san francisco in their attempt to pursue, if any, the land how do they accomplish
7:03 pm
that beyond using hyperboles and use deception and minimize the impact of their actions let me give a core example in minimizing the core of their deception they recently had an eir environmental impact report environmental review statement that was passed and approved by the board of supervisors to remove any and all eucalyptus 15 feet or less trees too insignificant to count they claim those trees are sapings and those trees are 15 to thirty percent of all trees in letting me give you another example they said that they in their eir he will plant and replace if such a thing can be
7:04 pm
done replace every single eucalyptus that is towering one and 25 years old mostly healthy they have becompromised and the deemed what is another tree is shrubs i want to ask you expect our residents to trust you to trust the city departments to trust the board of supervisors, and yet we believe their unduly influenced by developers and by fundamentalist that are threatening us all. >> and that's not part of item but thank you >> any other comments relative to the resolutions that were
7:05 pm
read by anthony welcome. >> i have ten seconds oh, good evening supervisors you've heard about the 18 thousand 5 hundred trees i want to reiterate i'll not bore you but in view of this resolution you've adopted i'm going to ask you to bring the power of your office and our good. >> pies to bear on the mayor the board of supervisors and the rec and park department to scrape this someone about convince me the decimation of the canopy through the cutting down of 18 thousand plus trees is sounds likeville practice i don't believe that it is so once again i'll ask to you bring the power of your office to bear to send rec and park back to the
7:06 pm
back to the drawing board come up with a scheme that manners from angleville stand point thank you. >> not on the topic no one else want to make a comment about the resolution that was read by anthony? >> any other topics for comments commissioners or oh, commissioner wald once again. >> commissioner hoyos. >> no, no, no. >> so are we ready to vote. >> see. >> we're ready to vote all in favor with the amendment the friendly amendment all in favor, signify by saying i. >> i >> i'm so sorry i did have a question about the line
7:07 pm
12 i don't agree with eric i'm sorry line 12 of the resolution page one line 12 it is the first mention of climatic change he you don't don't personally feel we have to say climate destruction every time but from the sierra club people are concurred with the at least sometimes not saying that every time does promote and fierce sense of urgency, if you will, i'm wondering if there is opening to consider it once in line 12 if we did it ones call out we're calling it climate disruption and fine if the rest says climatic change it is a term that the cities use i don't have nothing against it but consideration of climate disruption in the first
7:08 pm
reference. >> so the first reference is the title. >> no disruption in the city use that term needs to be a positive term so while i believe there is a rebranding effort in the environmental community with that city teaches it in that way might be as confusing as using carbon as an and the the word disruption is used consistently to promote something informative from an economic perspective so it didn't ring true to the meaning and maybe to the broader community i'm personally much more affected by the climate
7:09 pm
crisis and i'll prefer if we make the changes eric mentioned say climate crisis in line one. >> i'll be open imi'm fine with the resolution as the way it is with the previous amendment. >> whereas joining the city against climate crisis the resolution. >> on page one. >> simply that is unbold but firmly the commissions commitment to fight the climate crisis it is strong. >> thumbs up from eric it is stronger and people are open to that good two changes.
7:10 pm
>> two changes. >> dementias and we're striking the four words that reference - you got it. >> so are we ready to vote. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> of the resolution with 9 and and the two friendly amendments all in favor, signify by saying i. >> opposed? the motion carries and anthony the next item. >> item 9 education, environmental justice, habitat restoration, green building, zero waste, toxics reduction and urban maintains the pesticides identifying those pesticides and the speaker is dr ph.d the draft resolution filed the 2017
7:11 pm
reduced pesticides and discussion item. >> thank you director raphael. >> thank you, president this is not the first time obviously this is an issue of struggling with the appropriate way to restrict and yet allow certain pesticides on city properties that is something that is an important responsibility on the diments we have multiple hearings on that public hearings meeting with the commission and meetings with the community there's been many, many interacts and written comment and tried in each of the cases to be go license listeners and hear the heart burn the general what is going on with
7:12 pm
people that is makes people in the trust gets in the way of the city protecting the health and the environment what is before you tonight is the staff recommendation for moving forward this year i want to emphasize this year not an imperpetuate document a document we'll revisit at the end of the calendar year and in that work plan but you is an acknowledgement not that nothing happens between this and the next but all sorts of mentally illness and interactions that will happen between the staff between now and then i fine that is important and express my
7:13 pm
growled to chris and his team for their tremendous professionalism and willingness to listen and to adjust to what he's harder with that, take it away. >> chris, i facilitate the program and mean citywide as dementia said a large and deep conversation with our city partners some in the audience all about the citywide program and it applies they know what is going on the ground we talk about this annual event reducing the pesticides list that's not the program the list is not the program it is the outer boundary of the program and by far the
7:14 pm
vast amount of work the largest amount of work that goes on it activities that don't involve pesticides and i'm very proud to be associated with the my partners and other partners just to briefly summarize what is in our inpatient the first is the planning as dementia mentions coming here things we're planning to focus on consists of the long list of products and the restrictions by hazardous herbicides is part and parcel of that so that is where most of conversation has centered on the language on the restrictions and then finally you have issues
7:15 pm
and responses documents we've tried to be answer the questions that have been coming in from the commissioner and the public just to i think reiterate what you've heard a couple of times this has been a long conversation and we've very much the city as stepped up to the plate i'm proud of association with those partners that in the first year of those restrictions the citywide figure was ti percent reduction in those herbicides concerns to you're one herbicides that surprised me and delighted me it tells me that we're on the right track with this approach and we have complete buy in on the fast
7:16 pm
forward i put in angle extra graph with rec and park a longer-termgraphy you'll notice in jagged peaks and valleys but the overall trend is where we want a reduction in the herbicides concerns a collaborate soundz documents this is what this program is needed for and as dementia said we've been listening to all the comments that have been coming in about the advanced notification and greater restrictions sooner and the trick here to make sure that we can fulfill those goals and that's the big conversation i was talking about so we have that buckets of improvements to the restrictions one is
7:17 pm
increased notification, measures that relate to notification the second is restrictions and the third are basically classifications on language that came up during the conversations. >> with regards to notifications what i'm going to do is summarize this rather than going to sentence by sentence on the restrictions we have clarified that we need to clearly identify the areas created more a los angeles thing but want the goal here is we want every person going into a park or public parcel to be able to know where those products are being used and avoid them so we have first on the agenda in the coming work plan the coming of the posting signs incorporating
7:18 pm
some of the things you see here we have included some posting instructions where those signs should be clarity sake we have required that the blue die marking treatments be noted on the posting and what something about the dye concentration to make sure that is visible and we allowed for certain situations for example, white oriental stone in the middle of the busy street there are certain situations not public areas where blue dye doesn't make sense and so we clarified the language to allow for those corner cases and i think the biggest change as you can see on the slide the biggest change an agreement with the
7:19 pm
city agencies to include a simple map with the listing signs for those instances not just absolutely clear where the things are take place not posted next to a tree stumble then it has to give someone an idea of where this is taking place so that is one of the larger changes with respect to additional restrictions i think that and this is sort of involves notification as well as we did reach an agreement with the city agencies on markoff any areas in pubically assessable parks or parcels those tier one products have been used and that will - well also give
7:20 pm
a mistakable sign you don't want to be walking that is in addition to extending the buffer that is already in place around designated path to the children's area we had a lot of back and forth about areas frequented by children that is difficult to have an operational existence of that for the time being and we are going to continue that discussion and understanding ways to make if abundantly clear in the meantime we have that provision to rope off on area someplace in dough they'll have to be marked by roping it off and the blue dye so and it is also worst
7:21 pm
noting in the past of years no applications for children's play areas dog parks and picnic areas and there was one in a dog park in poison oaks under an outcome but rare instances we want to acknowledge the sentiments of the community if it did happen and then a number of clarification most are minor language changes we are clarifying what we mean by roping off or demarch the dematrix we can't block a path
7:22 pm
for example, in areas. >> we also clarified under the definition of designated public i'm sorry, i forgot to mention one of the big clarifications we added a goal section by the some commissioners i believe to clarify where we are going with this we also offered a slight improvement on the definition of designated public paths as a reminder there is a 15 foot buffer around designated public paths that definition is a difficult one because it fails to exist in some areas we clarified to say if there is a map of that area of that park and those trails they're designated otherwise, it say is
7:23 pm
language we had before about maintained trails. >> we clarified also the community what we mean by the brofrt spring that is spring with a boom which is a hernl higher volume and less precise way of treating we also included some language clarifying that backpacks spray must be targeted to the plant not spraying willy-nilly we want people to be contrary about that and a few other clarifications what we mean by areas failing under the federal vegetation management regulation some areas we don't have a choice and added a definition of renovation 10
7:24 pm
square feet blocked off most vegetation being renewed or replaced and so that is role the sum of the changes this year we are very much looking forward to as you can see in the resolution language completing our survey what other cities are doing and in general what is possible in the realm of notification in the realm of other potential restrictions that are workingable on the on the ground for the city agencies and we're setting the 2017 and come back to you with other good ideas next fall.
7:25 pm
>> thank you, dr. i know that we discussed this several times and the commissioners have had questions you answered those questions and been thorough and providing a lot of information to improve the resolution in this item commissioners do we have any questions for the doctor. >> commissioner stephenson. >> one question when we're talking about plants at risk of going away because of something invasive we talked about plants designated to be endangered or threatened it is that at the state or federal and they're both designations and then there are locally significant plants
7:26 pm
the bible that is used that the california native plant society statewide inventor of sdrashgsz participants those are it 2 of the species in 6 of them are endangered or threatened federally in san francisco so that is pretty amazing actually, we have that kind of bio diversity and some of the plants represent plant community in the eco system and this is actually, the foundation for the endangered species we have those remnant like on mount davidson and the rincon hill we're trying to protect - i'm going off the subject that is the reference that is used by happy at that
7:27 pm
time, managers. >> so in the language of the restrictions when we're saying things like rare and putting that language are we taking it from all that of the sources or from the side where is that existence coming from. >> i think outside the box primarily the big reference that includes it all that native plant statewide that lists them all at once there are some species there that are locally rare for example, hustling berry on mount davidson if you community-based up north you'll find them. >> commissioner hoyos. >> yeah. so i had the opportunity to look at the changes and feel like one in particular i feel good about
7:28 pm
on it is number 13 under general prohibition i feel good about the more blanketed area there is more before and after but choose to go with a broad interpretation of that rather than say 25 feet from the parade or - and my understanding is sort of a clarification question but i think my understanding as is aligned with yours when we say other areas frequented by children ex-children and more specific over the following months mentioning is that any person will use going to
7:29 pm
somewhere like south park a playground and a soccer folds and kids catching butterflies an interpretation of areas frequented by children; is that correct >> absolutely that depends on i think even above average person that is there everyday for people working on the ground has an idea but for now we're relying on their common sense definition. >> and then in terms of a safeguard i also understand that there were at most 3 applications in the last year of tier one pesticides in areas that would be considered parks as opposed to to national areas. >> not what but.
7:30 pm
>> for rec and park can you flush out what you mean by that. >> for example, the nursey areas and the public surrounding some of the areas have not used by the public and then nurses have some use and i believe that empower section 2 there were areas recorded in the data at golden gate park for the areas. >> did you want chris you're not answering the question it is the definition within and correct me if i am wrong a pubically essentially area versus on area 23rek9d by children the 3 applications they're talking about are in pubically assessable areas. >> not frequented by children so, please answer that question. >> they're not areas
7:31 pm
frequented by children. >> what's the difference 24/7 a pubically assessable area. >> for example, there is a contractor i believe this was deponent found an acacia tree whatever rams and make sure that no breaches were off the tree and not used by people that's one example i think another was no more fess cue and sometimes a deep routed plant will 0 not be
7:32 pm
7:33 pm
comfortable and next have a discussion after the comments but i will say that in the spirit of trust to verify if there are only 3 applications and not in parks it is not i don't have the level of concerns i had before and what i'd like to see heap for us to keep an
7:34 pm
eye on is application i know that members of the public scrutinize the applications a high degree of expertise and your department does that i'd like to then you know it is the end of mark and doing a drill down 0 i'd like to have a policy committee meeting between now and then to look at were there trust to verify the work and trusting you'll also be putting more meat on the bones of specifically defining the areas that are frequented by children i know you did a lot of work and meeting with rec and park so we've arrived at something that is helped us for months i want to say i feel more comfortable if you want a policy committee meeting but focus 0 on what is meeting on what is happening in
7:35 pm
parks and my main concerns about the natural areas but been concerned about parks because it is children's exposure. >> director raphael. >> thank you commissioner hoyos that makes a lot of sense i'll definitely support our question to verify and also put on record that areas frequented are not only the purview of the rec and park department but other departments like puc and dpw that may fall under this is it maybe important to look at all the different departments to make sure we're all interpreting that the same way. >> thank you other comments. >> move on to public comment and i have i think 9 or 10 and
7:36 pm
begin with these on item 9 currently under consideration. >> i'd like to habeas corpus real directs and discusses on the proposed amendment that i have made for the restrictions on tier one, one by one i - we were requested as members of the public to provide the specification resolutions i've done so afterthought and dialogue as part of my process so i sincerely ask to you deliberate one by one and second
7:37 pm
increasing the bio diversity this refers to the goals and documents maybe a goal of bio diversity program but quote protection of seats belongs to rec and park as a goal not to i p m and now public housing might treat for termites but in chemistry treatment is controlled to protect the public safety they require more let the record show and more expensive herbicides those are actually political and economic decisions they're not a quote goal for i p m there's nothing in the rose and in natural habitat by rec and park nor in the original natural plan in 199 of that says that there is no evidence in any
7:38 pm
of the documents this is a herbicides usage law that requires more than anything other than score herbicides usage in fact, when the policeman began in 1996 no herbicides at all issues of all of a sudden hot spots in san francisco are enlarged there are only that plants that rec and park wants to monitor but easy of concern and that that are rare and threatened in california but more common everywhere and the other two plants that are monitored simply on the california native plant level for watch list that is plant of limited distribution further prove the possibility of doing nothing causing harm by evidence 0 not hearsay if the
7:39 pm
resources are devoted he ask for a law of actual public complaints and evidence of landscape degradation and tracking what happens without chemicals in that. >> ma'am. >> thank you very much i hope to hear our deliberations. >> (calling names) >> thank you for listening studio all the public comment i'm concerned about the conditioned use of steering one toxic spelling of the speakers name for the written record, and please deliver it to the secretary prior to in the park i know i'm preach to the choir here i reviewed over one hundred pier
7:40 pm
review studies and understand how the world health organization came to the conclusion that causes cancer that is right here non-hodge's limping foam and cancer and brain and birth defects and cancer why are we taking this chance our intentions to not cause cancer but we will if we don't fix this per the geological survey with the great ground and in rainfall do we really want to round up in san francisco on february 28th supervisor sheehy said quote those pesticides make our parks unusable for people children and dogs supervisor peskin and supervisor ronen agreed with his concerns
7:41 pm
over 17 thousand people have signed passengers in recent years of hosting those spelling of the speakers name for the written record, and please deliver it to the secretary prior to what about the health of workers that are forced to apply the toxics with garland why are we throwing their health under the bus we're better than this and day to day took us on a wetland project asked them if they used herbicides we are herbicides free the nation a looking at to us portland and seattle and new jersey and reno have assistant president pro tem labonge free park programs the proposed 19 not burst zone is dangerly too small the best practices for children's areas in california is now a quarter mile which is one thousand plus feet
7:42 pm
please use your powers to increase the buffer zone to protect children and wildlife and please adopt the pesticides free parks as quickly as possible thank you for your leadership. >> michael. >> yes. i'm continuing on with the ladies position which she spoke to earlier her issues of concerns one is general reminded not confirming shouldn't be given a free pass by demarch they after all pubically assessable why only a 15 foot burst in near playgrounds or areas frequented by children if rec and park put a buffer they
7:43 pm
can measure 100 percent feet buffers should have a meaningful zoning districts 15 feet is not meaningful why are so many loopholes especially is a general prosecution why not require the exemptions and a physical barrier when angle exemption is granted like poison ivy and others next to a trail but goornd preferences should be address by labor the landscape renovation to meet a meaningful concept should have a reasonable large area i p m proposed one hundred square feet the size of a small bedroom in san francisco not what one thinks of as a landscape would have had square feet right here not - eliminate the word native and rare in the frays of
7:44 pm
a trust to eco systems those are not defined more consistent operational meaning as threatened and dangers the reduction in herbicides claimed by the national areas are exaggerated table 4 summary of herbicides used indicates the national area program on reduced by it 2 percent even though rec and park reduced by 18 percent is this in the dependence of national area programs an herbicides when possible pay attention to the ivy i p m the attachment b issues and comments dated 21st march was described as a discourage in certain situations and eucalyptus described as responsible for
7:45 pm
wholesale escape and such language is an over statement and inaccurate the additional bias by admonishing the candle stick park for describing fate as a powerful corrigan which it is thank you for your time. >> eric brooks followed by mr. sutton. >> good evening commissioners hopefully, you've seen my letter although i sent it today, i have 3 minutes i try to be specific to get the specifics san francisco green party didn't support in document because we had conversations with your staff asked for some specific things only one of the things
7:46 pm
came through that was areas frequented by children here are some others that are crucial the first and more importantly is under general requirements number 5 the text by march first said all traded areas must be clearly noticed that was removed and amended now no requirement ♪ language to notice treatment areas that needed to be put back in all treated areas must be noticed should be returned to the beginning of that section then we have in the natural areas an expertise in the new section number 9 that was unexpected that is that when areas are being having boundary put around them and marked in the natural areas program are
7:47 pm
exempted and golf courses people will going to the naomi kelly areas and walk in those areas and take their pets in those areas so there's needs to be barriers and marking in those areas when a spelling of the speakers name for the written record, and please deliver it to the secretary prior to application so it needs to be truck from section 9 section number 11 gets into designated public past didn't solve the problem that people will walk on other paths they're not recognized by the city so this whole section needs to be simply simplified no use between 15 feet of paths used by the public that is a big one >> then another one is the
7:48 pm
backpack issue when we kept handling that issue that specifically we showed you a video someone was used a backpack sprayer over a area with a whole bunch of plants the text didn't distinguish that from going from westbound plant and treating it so you need to add something like treating entire plants in one area 9 square feet is a form of broadcaster spraying or pretend it is backpacking on one plant the others you've read and talked about won't go into that thanks. >> robert sutton and karen.
7:49 pm
>> good evening, i'd like to address a couple of points quibble on points number 24 and 26 that were public comments and agency responses i want to point out that the responses are incorrect and inadequately addressed mostly to talking about life representatives green street hazard the response is not likely to get into green street that is bound tight to the soil that is researched notifying and the 1989 study and study by other in the past that are not necessarily unbiased can we get overhead - >> this is just a - this is a summary of study by the u.s.
7:50 pm
geography society 70 percent of rainfall is indeed it was immovable and binds to soil how does that become part 70 percent of rainfall and the getting into the green street this was the most significant and substantial study to dated none of this is reference anyone from the rec and park or the material they referred it referenced it is the most respected study and only render the 2005 study and a small-scale 2011 study it shows that clearly this goes everyone and binds to soil this brings up a significant point about green street all the
7:51 pm
areas their spraying significant spraying in the parks and permeates through the ground and into the ground water supply and that's all drawn off on the western edge but the water table and the green street if the entire area that feeds into that area so basically we're drinking this it is below the acceptable quantity but this is i mean do you really want to drink any not a good idea and significant run off as you can see this is a natural area it is sprayed on mount davidson and separated in february 7th hours before that rained they say in here unlikely to run off they'll not spray it
7:52 pm
from there is rain but once it ran off down the mountain and rained for 3 days after that thank you. >> karen. >> good evening, commissioners sounds like enough evidence not to use is pesticides and herbicides in public areas from all the information especially now additional risk they'll add hetch hetchy with the ground water in the making i think maybe they're doing it that is all on the west side and also mountain mount davidson they go off trail and spray if the
7:53 pm
school knows about that but plenty of reason to ban them in france has banned them and there was also a comment made at the before the board of supervisors - somebody with industry up a round up and have that a couple of times a week and see how that comes out you like studies if you like - .
7:54 pm
>> (calling names). >> welcome. >> hi my name is ellen i'm here with jessica we are representing the san francisco public works we work with tim ramos in the natural land i'm a manager and jessica and tim ramos attend a recent policy committee meeting where this issue was discussed as you're probably aware the sfpuc has a large body worn cameraic extent ranging from san francisco to the potrero
7:55 pm
community we would like to commend you for doing a great job working with us on a wide variety they provide regular technical advisory committee meetings and work on a case by case basis providing exert input to help us use the least toxic measures our didn't want has been a part of protest for the reduction spelling of the speakers name for the written record, and please deliver it to the secretary prior to and providing feedback along the way we can make that proposal work we support the proposed improvements and clafshsz to the p pesticides list and jake
7:56 pm
you're next after him. >> i'm tom will start from page it of my document and go great from there the dangers species to local and rare etc. there have been spraying of could i do not brush and those are all native plants their justified the spraying as if their invasive the native plant is not invasive you have to change this language that is 19 and 18 scraper ramps i have to say all the allowed use are a purpose why they're allowed nothing in the landscape renovation that gives a reason it should be allowed nothing what about a escape renovation
7:57 pm
no justification for it so there's really makes no sense and the first page that is note worth now no postings are required unless a requirement and there is no requirements to post in those documents we've completely lost this in this reiteration in a posting is required than blue dye is not required why would you want to remove the blue dye >> where are you in the documents. >> number 5. >> there used public school a requirement for posting that eric brooks point out that is gone so, now not only to say that but if you don't have to post you don't have to use the blue dye why in the world would
7:58 pm
you not want that so you not double apply and see where the pesticides is not letting the public see where the pesticides have been applied and very, very cheap so why not use the blue dye and on the blue marble that needs to come back in and then i'm afraid i'll run out of time i'll jump to the back page for the issues and responses again, it illustrates the point that native plants are sprayed in the name of being invasive coyote is not an invasive brush can't justify for that reason and the other thing it says in here monkey flower was not separated and articulated we've shown you
7:59 pm
a video of sticky monkey flow the blue dye is why they want to getting into the weeds of that but sticky monkey flower was sprayed if it is not on purpose but with a backpack sprayer thank you. >> jake. >> my name is jackie earn my living as a garden for 35 years and volunteered for the natural areas since retiring for 60 years i worked weekly with natural program gardens and when i talk about maintaining the areas i know what i'm talking about the natural areas gardener are dedicated to preserving your wifi i ask the commission to do
8:00 pm
it's best to help them could their job the commission and department two restrictive that has hampered the gardeners posed by invasive plants those restrictions are unwarranted by science or everyday experience too much focus has been put on chemicals and not enough on what is front and center bio diversity the document is called reduce risk pesticides list as this was a game to see how little to use instead of how much bio diversity to save this is not a game we have a heritage to say an essentially of organisms that took millions of years for a stable community in appendix a in the letter he sent to the commission last friday


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