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tv   MTA Board of Directors 4417  SFGTV  April 8, 2017 4:05pm-6:31pm PDT

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i'm lucky thank you. >> thank you that's great to hear i'd like to say thank you couldn't have done it without without kenny glad it came out in a good way not negative way thank you. >> thank you both again colleagues, any questions or comments? >> (clapping.) >> thank you hard to top that one some vision zero updates 1 on taraval street wanted it let you know we've kicked off the 6 month zone pilot evaluation period you approved back last year early this year this is part of the multiple year update to taraval street what the visible signage of 5 stops along
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taraval in response to the merchants concerns about parking and a petition about the bus stops due to the stop spaces consideration so the parking spaces at those locations will be retained during the pilot period the proposal for the eastbound stop on taraval we're not preceding at the moment so we'll let you know if this is a way to retain that stop and in the full project the goal of pilot a reminder for safety particular for the people on and off the muni vehicles awhile preserving the parking in the commercial areas and not only the painting on the ground but coupled with education and enforcement so over the next 6 months we'll be vaulting how this works whether the markings and signage are effective in getting the drivers to stop behind the strain that is the
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main goal here our specific goal do get compliance up to 90 percent about 72 percent for the pilot if we can't get the compliance up with the various measures the education and the enforcement the signage and the striping then we would pursue the boarding island to insure the pedestrian safety as we do the out bound side to compliment the pilot now led flashing lights only is backside of the trains that responses to neighbor feedback and recently rolled out much larger decals on the back of trains used to be small yellow decals we've made that large and more visible on all the trains so we have worked hard to incorporate the feedback we
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gotten and thank you to the board for feedback on all sides of issue and appreciated with the safety improvement and define this pilot and glad to see this a 6 month pilot we'll be reporting back and people can stay in touch with the sfmta website on the taraval rapid transit project next the executive from pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. last summer the communication of 7 and 8 street that is moving forward quickly we did outreach with the merchants in the area to make sure we understand the loading needs and example is the see floating island on 8 between mission you may recall we heard a couple of specific issues from the hotels worked with them to
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we hope to resolve the issue on 7th street a bike way that is open to bicyclists in the last week or so with the new parking configuration should be opening hopefully, this week and initially we will have free works or parking spaces with 12w0 time hour limits and change the locations but remain on the sidewalk and once that is done people will pay at the meters with the signage the 8 street construction and north even if come up let the construction with a new parking configuration should be open transmittal e april 24th construction is underway and the striping and marking we want folks to be mindful of parking during time to park in the parking lane away
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if the curve and not park or load in the bake lane against the curve and watch for bicyclists this is a lesson we learned we were putting in place to make sure that works as defined great to see those in place at the end of the month we'll be up and running next on octavia street from last friday march 31st to friday the mta is closing off northbound to haight for the octavia street we'll experiment opening that block for people that want to walk u walking, biking, and for community outreach work with the octavia boulevard project we've heard consistent neighborhood asking for more be public space
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and creating liveability for the patricia green and some of the former freeway use and temporary use so this event that is open won't only help to see how this works but highlights the public realm opportunity along was it a popular boulevard for everyone in the area concurring during the weekend closure for the spegs dissemination use franklin or laguna or expect traffic impact with the closure this is just that a last half block before haight street that is traffic northbound octavia that is peeled off we will have a couple of public events to coincide with the
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trial cloufr one that past friday by tomorrow alters proxy 432 octavia in the same block and then thursday morning in conjunction with the off from workday from 11:30 to 430 for walking that will start at proxy 430 octavia and walk back so great opportunity it is open now for board members and the public to check it out and walk to workday this thursday continue to walk to workday there will be one dozen hub stations to cheer on commuters with the efforts for a contest for walking interesting and shoe
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blink i'll not be quoting we will have a hub outside of our headquarters at the one south van ness with hash tag those of you who don't know what that means so the reason we do walk to workday to remind everyone not only a sustainable form of transportation but a healthy bicycle choices for those it has not think a betterment for us to see some of the work we've done to make walking a more attractive choice for people we do continue to make efforts to make our city one of the most walkable in the nation with numerous intersections with
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traffic timing and throughout the city a lot of the construction which is frustrating at times to continue to improve the pedestrian environment for everyone so we encourage everyone to make the city a better place to walk a couple of miscellaneous items to share on this como saturday april 8th the mission district is hosting a celebration of latino cultural with a low rider contribute to saline this is something the sfmta pandered with the office of economic workforce development and community organizations like little meta and guarding and the low rider council to have a day of family-friendly activities to brings people to mission to shop and be entertained the low rider council will low
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and flow as at the do and electricity to saline with the 20th anniversary at the bravo theatre so on saturday there will be low riders on display in the afternoon a crews at 6:00 p.m. and pring to bravo at 2:30 our activities among 24th street with mission to potrero with the chicano international film festival we're glad to be part of it from you want to have information go to mission street another miscellaneous item i thought i'll share with you in order to try to get folks throughout our large agency to kind of better understand the aspects of the agency but we
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held a transit school kind of a boot camp for folks inside of the agency to essentially 0 better understand how the muni transportation is managed and operated this is something our transportation director john haley put together for his own staff based on positive feedback we see the tour the course and tours to put other staff through that so other staff and agencies who are directly or indirectly supporting the operations like revenue or through communications or street design or traffic management can understand how the whole system works so it is something that we'll be doing more of kickoff inspire divisional coordination across the agency something that is well-received i'm sure to the
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future courses maybe we'll see what we can do to get you in and finally i wanted to give you some updates on funding i spoke i know at some length at the last meeting giving an update on the federal budget that was not be super encouraging news and no new news on the federal budget as president proposed fiscal year 2018 skinny budget will come out in early may if there is still the requirement of congress to extend the 2017 year budget in september the current you sthoorgs goes for another 3 so, so we're hopefully, there is be a budget exception and not shut down of the government and extends the extension for the
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full fiscal year and fully fund all the pieces of the federal budget that are destined for san francisco by our may meeting certainly i'll know more what happened there so no new or great news and federal level but at the state level i mentioned we were hearing the making of a deal underway for a transportation package that the governor called for back in the summer of 2015 well the great news last wednesday the governor along with the speaker of assembly and the senate president pro tem and other legislature leader with the transportation committee announced a deal to shape and fund the states will transportation system this is something they were working with with the two committee chairs
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committee member frazer a long road but exciting it is $5.2 billion plan a year that's proposed to be raised from a combination of different sources including gas and diesel excise tax taxed on top of that authority a new transportation fee based on the value of vehicles ranging from $25 to one and $55 depending on the value of the vehicle and one hundred dollars on zero emission vehicles for the roads as well altogether that and other things $5.2 billion half will be dictated to the state how and transportation system and half will be going to local government for streets and road
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and transit and the transit wasn't part of discussion for all of the negotiations and i know that senator wiener and others working hard to get transit in the mix so it would - this package if passed will provide an annual stream of funding for street paving in san francisco as well as for transit for repair as much as you recall from our previous efforts we identified a significant ongoing deficit this will help and the money from formula and some of the money will go into grant programs we'll be eligible to compete for it is significant the big hurdle it requires as revenue measure two-thirds vote in each of the two houses that a
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tall order the governor called for this to be done a month or two ago by thursday that passed out of committee on monday the governor himself for the first time in 3 years went to the committee to pass this on behalf of the campaign and investing his minded and capital it is possibly coming up for a vote this coming thursday in both hours and again not a slam dunks two-thirds but we're hopefully and encouraged the outline for the pipeline ask strong so that's great news on the state front and locally want to let he knows you'll be presenting an update to the board of supervisors government audit & oversight committee are tomorrow morning on the status of general
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obligation bond for 2014 and really an opportunity to talk about the overall capital plan and one of the concerns that has been raised is that the project that are not moving as quickly as we like them to and frankly we're optimistically when the bonds passed but our clearing to the transit and obviously we found this there is a lot more work on our part to with the neighbors we've talked about with taraval one example to make sure we have consensus to move forward at the same time, we have a copy of presentation we have a story to tell in terms of cooperation of our capital improvement so we'll have an opportunity to serve the public and i'll end there and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you very much
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director reiskin the 7th street bike lanes tom maguire stopped to watch the orchestra on the green painted the people if the paint shop were getting it ready and exciting to know that the type of projects that people are loovd to i will plug the transit school for for division visits with tom maguire it is amazing to find out more what goes on i have transit shop stickers for everyone i'll pass that out we can enjoy those and visited the octavia open space on saturday it reminded me what an appetite if the public for open space i look at the space and thought would those people be here if they didn't have a spot so sit down and without enjoying the
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sunshine it was fun and directors any comments. >> director. >> i noticed the construction on van ness and the cones were out there and the traffic has best practices de1re6rd that is wonderful to see the projects moving forward it also occurred i suspect that the boulevard itself will be safer to cross for pedestrians and the traffic is slowed down frustrating for some drivers but it will be an interesting idea to keeping an eye how that unfolds and kaupg the streets by reserving the lanes for traffic and even with the implementation phase will be interesting to keeping an eye so look for new construction going on you were mentioning that the good news to
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keeping an eye and talk about that later and analyze it in the future how it made for a safer corridor but i hate to say closing the streets for cars and instead opening for faster more reliable traffic. >> thank you imagine from the directors brother i go to public comment. >> do i have public comment. >> one member of the public tops on by mr. reiskin herbert weiner. >> two minutes please. >> herbert weiner i find it extremely offensive with the walk to work on the fourth of this week on the posters were printed in
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the record - depicted people on crushes and a person in a wheelchair really expect people in that condition not to take public transportation to work that is a cruel slam at the seniors and the disabled and it is very cruel and the your agency signed on to this two weeks ago i requested that those signs be pulled if public transportation which has not occurred i contacted the walk san francisco and got back a denial of my concerns and the statement that i was extremely rude and off-base i included other comments as my criticism of walk san francisco this is a man and woman attitude he resent is another thing about taraval
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seniors and will disabled are kicked they're expected to walk a water quarter of a mile to a bus stop it is public policy and sadly reflected on this agency you'll continue until something comes our way as far as i'm concerned, mta is mortar it is your ahead. >> mr. weiner. >> mr. north america must. >> mr. reiskin mentioned the budget for transportation and depending on that budget talking about those roads problem and creating the contacts why? the money already collected by the up state actually, their
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working towards other directions the streets of san francisco there's no ward word to say within one single block one thousand patches their worse than a third-world country their super worse if you have a brand new car you can destroy your car within 3 to 6 months with sharps and engine the way the cars jump on the streets of san francisco it is vail is gone down a junkyard of costs i read many that for part four not reading they'll cover the roads this money should not be in given because the people sitting on the top a make the backdoor deeds but this money should not be given $9 billion and this
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city has the roads like gold but unfortunately, the worst roads i can imagine the people with disability and other people in the taxis the car jumps not the car the road is jumping thank you very much >> thank you that's the last person to address you on matters with director reiskin. >> thank you move on. >> items 8 citizens' advisory council report don't see the chairman of cca so move to item 9 address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda. we'll start with jena (calling names). >> thank you. >> yes. i'm an architect in san francisco and 8 disabilities
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and seniors coming in and i'm in favor of what you guys do we need protection safety because i seen how the buses are rode to the senior and people with disabilities and the homeless are getting worse theirs having - a way out of control and call the names of us i'm part of - i had it with those people i'm glad you're doing something for us and brent miller i used to are part of the committee it was here and would have said the same thing we hope you do a good job and keep ore transit free thank you and we have our san francisco we love you guys. >> thank you, ms. luna. (calling names)
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>> good afternoon directors a taxi driver again we're going to walk you $4.7 million the taxi driver fund sow taxi director sent a notice and an e-mail to the cab companies asking to make a panel to decide the $4.7 million this paper says 13 driver populated but and the deadline was october 27th last year next day we received this paper that we are selected out of 27 people medallion holders out of 24 cab companies how come she a
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make such a big lie next day the paper in our hand there was a meeting i said give me a copy of the e-mail with a meeting and 6 weeks rain water oh, no next month it was done this paper was already out so going on into that situation she sent it to 4000 drivers what the outcome came from 4000 drivers she didn't follow that and these 27 people many of them said we can't come to the meeting but the ones that came in they were one and 87 - to distribute the money to the drivers and she hides that every meeting we asked them oh, we have it after 3 months she disclosed and so
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she is committing a fraud in public issues please roam her from the job. >> thank you, mr. north americ >> (calling names). >> i want to say i'm living in texas right now but i am disgusted the mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee has no regard for the people of san francisco in the transportation 45 thousand tmc the city of san francisco is allowing the tmc drivers to have cars rather than
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driving their own you bring other tmc seems to be breaking every law in the book the state law mandates that the commercial vehicles hired under 15have.
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>> they're closing the streets of san francisco this is different for private vehicles to get around the street the drivers are looking their mobile devices rather than the streets this is a distraction and against the law our mayor didn't care about the citizens. >> thank you that's it as i'm sorry. >> (calling names) those are the last two people to turn in speaker cards on this matter. >> mr. lee. >> my name is tony lee a taxi driver this is not only the local but a lot of outside people they must come here to finish their job business i wanted to get into the sf connect i don't get enough vote
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by the citizens' advisory council so i can get in but most of other guy is getting makes one of the largest before you werecy was in a report 7 years if he had wisdom wouldn't happen tmc they didn't accept the upgrade for the taxi business in hong kong now today you can buy a newspaper to shop in front of the news stands you get the newspaper 050 krentsd don't need to pay but those guy very soon in san francisco you should do small muni electric car everyone can use it coming to san francisco a lot of bay area people don't need to drive you have to shut
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down all the ramp on the bay bridge in the san francisco area this is the only way to stop all the traffic so push them back to their public and get this permit for the measure that - you get anywhere somebody get it you drive anywhere you get paid better than uber or lyft or tmc because you're not using the car 40 thousand maybe 20000 on the road all the time waiting for the car this is waste of time those drivers wanted to make money - >> thank you. >> (calling names) he's the last person oh, (calling names). >> thank you thirty years ago one the small dproeshz were put out of
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business by wal-mart and the taxi drivers and uber and lyft are selling their rides $1.15 plus and taxis are 275 and it is predatory rating and this is anti trust violation what is curious about the situation artificial that mathematics the unstability of the tmc the venture capital alone in saudi arabia have given uber 5 thousand dollars and it is 2350u7b8d to the uber drivers in the full-time drivers to get $500 a week to afford to pay a one a dollar a mile to stay in
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business there are things i understand that the jurisdiction is with the state public works to define the number of tmcs but there are things you can do steps to enforce the law for example, if someone runs a stop sign it didn't matter the pa police can give a ticket and emergency vehicle requires commercial plates for anyone driving if you enforce this is did you see the hammer and the uber with a private plat no longer with the participation by the drivers in the predatory pricing model if the people having to pay the $600 a month uber will raise the prices i hope you'll uses your influence to do something. >> (calling names) he's the last person to turn in a speaker card if you want to
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speak please fill out a speaker card. >> i'm not a taxi driver i like to say we're having a very, very big issue we can't leave work with the taxi driver because there is a lot of traffic and people they pick up first from uber and x companies and the company they won't pick up people they're taking all - mean all the jobs away from us we hope to raise the same issue that is a big mess in the airport you know a lot of people over there that pickup all the people they come in and say their taxi drivers and back and forth and back and forth a big mess i live in this city for 28 years and we been having a lot of issues it looks like everyone
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is blind and none see nothing i'm a person i been working for 13 years and i bought my medallion for 200 and 50 thousand i can't make the payment and on top that all the big fees and we're restricted someone comes out of no where and picks up and make the money and they have their own cars and you know, i really don't know what to say anywhere we need to do something about it and hopefully, you will work with us and you know we are trying to change everything like that i'm sure before taxi drivers we can change things around to be to provide a better service to the public thank you thank you, mr. marcus.
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>> tom gilberty mr. gilberty. >> thank you i'm a little bit disappointed i've been here before 65 hundred, 6 seven hundred and 72 hundred model buses rattletraps disappointed that after we got the first 5 of those we didn't call up and say we have a problem that is we're not treating our drivers i don't know what the buses are like and i don't want chief mechanics this 6601 i rode on the first day out i think two or three weeks ago the only thing that didn't rattle was the wheelchair
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seat that went up all the odds rattles and drove with a 6605 two nights ago again, it rattle i'm disappointed i'm disappointed in the city that we didn't respond to this we don't ride the buses yes our streets are a message and taxis are a meg mess we've loft the traffic for whores this is a disaster here and it will only grow as a disaster getting back to the maybe you can complain about the roads van ness is a terrible road but the mayor may get it straight and may not reality enjoy hearing how bad the roads are i'm disappointed
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i think you guys can treat our drivers and passengers better with the new buses all you had to do was take a cell phone and send it up and ride on older bus on the streets it didn't rattle as much. >> thank you mr. gilberty. >> those are for tops discussed by mr. reiskin. >> general public comment. >> this is general public comment. >> items not on the agenda excellent. >> i've been a taxi passenger and passengers - the option is true for. >> i'm sorry is this microphone on. >> oh, there we go thank you. >> been a taxi passenger and waiting for a taxi they get in it and leave immediately the
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ocean is true for uber and lyft they wait for the passengers and the peegz the vehicle waiting for the passenger and the passenger has 5 minutes to show up we think in this time to curve the uber and lyft they park their cars in the lanes and they wait for the passengers we have all those cars behind him have to change their lane in vent so the only way to stop 3 problem is sfmta should notify the uber and lyft to tell the drivers to go around as many times and necessary until the passengers are ready he instead of waiting there and waiting for the passengers and another thing i want to make we created carpools the purpose of carpools to reduce the number
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of vehicles on the road the option is true about those guys are hiring so many vehicles and adding to our little city of san francisco their hiring thirty people and 40 pep and 50 people a day like uber and closing the city if there is anything you guys can do. >> thank you, sir. >> madam chair the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> no one else in public comment our. >> directors you are consent calendar is noticed item 10.2 is removed if the agenda at the request of staff not received a request from my member of the public or members of the board that any other matter should be severed. >> directors a motion
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consent. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? hearing none consent calendar is approved section 320 to eliminate the medallion holder minor, non-substantive numbering errors in article 1100, section 1103, 1106-1109, 1113, 1114 and 1120. >> >> good afternoon. kate director of decades and assessable services. >> oh, was it your phone maybe. >> oh, it might not the gentleman walking by there we go. >> okay. >> great when i came before you in january this was discussed about
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taking a look at the medallion rule fees for transferable medallion 40e68d we're spent a lot of time looking at those topic and today, we have before you a recommendation to permanently wave 3 fee for transferable medallion holders we're to death this group they've invested and purchased the medallion at 200 and 50 thousand or under the half price program 4 hundred and 25 there are one and 25 thousand and seven hundred transferable medallion holders and they have a full-time driving requirement this is important to throat their opportunity for other types of work is limited and the driving requirement is 8 hundred hours or one and 56, 4 hour shifts per year most of
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transferable medallion holders having fined their medallions we say 19 ask the ratherable by amending section 320 of the transportation code that eliminates the renewable fee in 2017-2018 the fee is approximately $1,100 excuse me - $11,000 and the bond revenues to the matt is 8 hundred thousand and in the past few years i want to point out that the mta has reduced and/or eliminated various taxi related fees there is $8.27 million has been praepd over the industry the directives dispatch companies and car fees, etc. include in the board report a matrix that shows the various
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fee reductions and eliminations there are additionally some substantive changes to the code that pertain to a number of errors that is clean up when we looked at this matter we did discuss other medallion types and particularly posting k medallion holders that have a driving requirement but we didn't include them in the proposal because they these are medallion holders that earn off of lyft and not invested in the transfer that others medallion holders have invested therefore we threatened this proposal to the transferable and balance the cost recovery requirements we have to which
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economic relief so this it's the task at hand and this is what you have before you today i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> directors questions before we move to public comment. >> no seeing none, thank you. go ahead and move to public comment. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bill i'm a long time taxi driver and medallion holder for the last two years and i'm 70 years old can't do another job i have to stay with taxi driving today, i got an $800 bill for two bearings in the back of my taxi if you want me to pay. >> fee it took me 6 months to
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pay the last fee by free snauchlts i can't afford it since i money e won my medallion then thousand dollars dollars in upkeep of my taxi and maintaining my taxi he can't get drivers to drive no drivers you want to drive a cab anywhere and by the looks of uber 35 thousand of them in san francisco you never listen to what cab drivers tell you it is what it is when i come and talk towing but mark my words there will not be taxis in san francisco and they'll all be lyft and uber and go back to the taxi companies it will be more fees and it can't go on the way
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it is i'm telling you this thing is got to come to an end if you will consider this fee that we have at the pay i don't know what it is for the thousand dollar fee i have to pay every year i know that i just want a playing field uber and lyft are not going anywhere i want to pay the same fees thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good job directors taxi driver i pay 3000 plus a month for driving a taxi i don't have a medallion this money goes to somebody a cab company keeping it some share goes to the medallion owners so the medallion not to
4:54 pm
be charged the people that bought it a long awaited their suffering on the other hand, i'm suffering paying 3 three hundred the people that got free the medallions and begging you not to pay the fees she should be charged done so many pain to the taxi driver so much pain if i start telling you stories you'll start crying they've done so much horrible pain for the drivers that's why the uber and lyft's came those people should be charged and we're in favor of elimination of all the medallions and there should be a new system where the drivers should pay $500 to you and take the taxi and go to the jobs 3 three hundred definitely how is that is working
4:55 pm
you give the medallion to the cab company they're giving us 2000 under or over the table whichever and other drivers that have a free medallion 4 shifts free to drive are $1,800 if you pay their fees they're getting that $1,800 some people say offering we're only getting so many that's a lie. >> thank you, mr. namu. >> thank you (calling names). >> good evening again, i would like to say that i believe all medallion holder should be treated equal and fairly the mta implies the cab drivers that have tacked the income and rer9d
4:56 pm
some pay something back to the city or to the mta whereas if you were a city worker you're getting our income and not putting anything into it and have to pay back for them paying back nothing to the city of san francisco and as a pre k medallion holder i paid for any permit that was the same thing in south city would have cost i bought for $15,000 which my ex-wife sold for $7,000 plus 8 years ago so the people that did this for work they worked and with the idea they were going to get this medallion to have the retirement the tmc pay nothing to the city i just building that if on the
4:57 pm
camtc give control to the city to bring back the transportation to the city the city can control their destiny and make million dollars if the tmcs will obey the federal laws and you'll be able to put more medallions on the street for the streets of san francisco and get back to helping persons that need help that are attacked and members of the city the only way to do that is give the taxi industry a fair shake thank you for your time and hope you'll consider this. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> directors good afternoon marseille
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medallion holder with the yellow cab i'd like to express my support for the elimination of the renewable fee important r for the folks that bought their medallions but like you to look at pre k and post medallion holders we're struggling with a fee that is too high in the current situation we're faced with i be personally know 3 medallion holder one pre k and post k for committing suicide you hear it we're not joking it is very tough to make a living as a non-medallion holder and medallion holders those are tough times so, please i urge you to look into eliminating the medallion fees for all medallion holders but for sure for the folks that bought their
4:59 pm
medallions thank you. >> thank you i do hope if you have anybody that has suicidal tenancies make aware to them that the hotline is 8 hundred - this is a serious situation and not want anyone to be in that situation without us to knowing help is available to them. >> absolutely. >> thank you. (calling names) >> good afternoon please not sorry about how much you make that less because of eliminating how much money is never been money it taxi money is not revenues before that was taxi commission you took it over and made lots of money and now a little bit of candy to the kids theirs happy what a little bit
5:00 pm
of money but pay a big container for it your taxi division must restructure all the taxi models you can't say anything like only eliminating one year we still have payment that are too high the taxi medallions you should provide the city and county of san francisco taxi collar to any driver that wants to join with a cab company this is what we do today we join any red cab because of the regulation we must do this because we have to pay the fee tovp of the people everyday we pay for this i have to look at someone even though i own my medallion why she look at the boss i quaint o can't be a
5:01 pm
both in chinese the buena vista britain have a problem you'll not be the top you must be the queen it that's what english people look at america is a great country we're the law this country for everybody that's why we learn chinese and they are - that's where trump they go to meeting because china today they're the same as american people thank you. >> thank you mr. lee. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) >> the last person to turn in a speaker card on this matter. >> mr. smith. >> good afternoon decorations i'm defied smith i'm one of the medallion holders that is burdened with the 200 and 50 thousand loan it is a burden to say the least
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it is - would be greatly appreciated if you eliminate the renewable fee we just can't compete with predatory pricing and unlimited amount of vehicles on the road goez what else can i say? to tell you about my taxes for 2016 i came out of 30k9 over 6 thousand plus that means i've been working without an income out-of-pocket those are the facts go check the irs i'll give you my social security number and i'm not the only one in the position if i had gotten my earning medallion like off the lift after waiting 15 years i paid cash but that is just not feasible and the value of medallion is
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you guys are an obligation for the credit union to hold the value is not there guys 0 none will sell a medallion and nobody will buy a medallion so nevertheless to say, i will appreciate and grateful if you eliminate this it is a band-aid over a bullet wound but grateful if you eliminate it >> (calling names) the last two speakers madam chair. >> sir. >> so as you may know all of us in the industry are under an economic stress and i think that is entirely appropriate and applaud you for wasn't you do prop a medallion we call them transferable it is the right thing to do now for the other 11 hundred medallion holders that are prop k and pre k an example for 25
5:04 pm
years whoever committed their career to being in the industry was relying on the de facto pension money the medallion was worthy 25 hundreds dollars now only 56 hundred so the rug is pulled out i think that is appropriate for this year one one year give it a second resolution to waive the fee for those medallion holders as well there are certain things that are analyzed the situation to some extent this den congratulation of passive income and city workers get a benefits by logical analysis with an annual pension fee i don't recommended that that is logical and talk about balboa the need for fringe benefits for employees that is great the workers and muni for example,
5:05 pm
but shouldn't be at the expense of people losing 80 percent of their income and need money for medication and food i wonder if this fee is a tax or fee it costs $48 for a metal plate it's not clear but again, if you get rid of 90 percent of tmcs you can make one billion dollars dollars and that's the way to go thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> thank you director brinkman 0 board of directors mark you support this as far as it goes waving the fees for medallion holders who purchased the medallions the city should be doing much more there is an
5:06 pm
obligation and the city needs to find ways to make it whole the city put them in this abstained and the city has to find a way out for them i say the city i realized that much has gone down in the industry over the past years and the unfair exception we're facing and the destruction of out of livelihood is going to the decisions at higher levels this is this board i think the city should actually be waving and the board should be waving the medallion fees and all taxi industry fees for the entire industry from the a cart and cab driver and those fees for whatever the mta read something between 75 and $100 million from the
5:07 pm
medallion sales program and that was at a time of need when the economy was bad and state and federal funding was cut and that was your time this is our time of need you have done far short of what could and should've, would've, could've i say you a bigger blanket of the city far short to prevent this disaster from take place we need your help thank you. >> thank you herbert weiner. >> mr. weiner. >> i support taxi drivers i'll never take lyft or uber don't want my drivers to be in an accident i think the taxi drivers deserve a break suppose
5:08 pm
i was the police chief and told the personnel i want a badge fee they'll put the chief in jail that was a private act of you - it was unfair to do and you've i don't know how many lives you've wrecked by doing this we talk about the potential for suicide simply the phone call the suicide prevention will not help what's the cause there was a lot of stress and the medallion fees were part and parcel of it so i really support of taxi drivers i'll never take uber or lyft and always take a taxi he know i'm in safe hands and shouldn't have to pay a medallion fee for it thank you. >> (clapping.) >> madam chair the last person
5:09 pm
to turn in a speaker card on this matter. >> directors do you have any questions or discussions for her seeing none, a motion to approve. >> can i make one correction. >> i think i corrected myself in the report i said the right thing and the wrong thing the second time the annual renewable fees is approximately $1,100 i misspoke but want to make sure that is correct. >> thank you for your work. >> thank you much appreciated so a motion to >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? hearing none, item 11 is approved. >> thank you moving on to item 12. >> sorry go director heinicke. >> there is obviously a lot of frustration and the frustration was what we responded to with
5:10 pm
this legislation or board item we hear leave things i don't mean to put the zoo on the spot or the executive director but look we've been working with the association a long time when i hear people say they feel we're not hearing them this troubles me and deserves our respect so come forward with an idea my understanding we cannot enforce a vehicle a commercial license rule because of public works has asserted jurisdiction over the whole industry that is that simple isn't it. >> yeah. i'm fairly certain we can't cite someone for failure to have a commercial driver's
5:11 pm
license their acting a commercial driver and the state is not defined them that way ze we have identified things requirements that the cpuc requirements to cite them in addition to the traffic laws but we've worked and looked hard to find anyway, we, consider any type of regulatory authority beyond the traffic laws and the police department enforce those across all people that violate them we've not found that kind of magic bullet that will reduce the tmcs on the road they spoke to and we agree with. >> if we did we'll certainly do that. >> one question about the - i have a treasurers tax collector office will they be going after
5:12 pm
people that operate on the streets with a have an actual business license with the contractors do we know how that is going and how had i mean it is harder because a moving violation the tax collectors has no ability to enforce at that level but the degree of success going after them. >> so in terms of how had that is going they issued as we've read in the newspaper letters to about 5 or 45 or 47 thousand individuals they believe to be operating as tmc operators i don't have the number first hand they got a response if a significant number i think the majority of those but left to as i understand left to the individual driver that is the
5:13 pm
interpretation where they were subject to the business tax certificate or requirement a number on the independent contractor they paid and a number that said for whatever reason they're not subject to it building they're no longer driving or felt for other reasons or part of the contingent of tmc drivers that building they're employees and therefore they're not subject to that in terms of enforcement i don't know. i couldn't speak to the tax collector office could be doing but this is one thing we're also looking at. >> thank you director heinicke a thought to finish. >> it is something the director reiskin said this is not for lack of trying i understand the frustration that
5:14 pm
effects you all in the industry far more than us and we feel the pain and that maybe cold confront but wanted that to be known and other ideas in the industry we've operate on our ideas in the past and over the course of the my years implementing several things that others have brought before us but as director reiskin said not for lack of trying if you know completely let us know you're hands are tied my personal goal do give you guys a traffic a advantage 950 market street you know my plan and work that way we can't do it we can't do it alone my thought i hear our frustration and our hands are slightly tied and want to work you with aggressive. >> thank you very much for
5:15 pm
that. >> madam chair moving on to item 12 regarding the western addition community transportation plan. >> thank you you have members of the public that wish to address you on that matter. >> thank you. can we. >> good afternoon a director brinkman and directors i'm sfmta planning director sarah jones and pleased to have a chance to talk the western addition community transportation plan today this is an informational presentation about the completed plan but because we're not here to recommend approval for the specific prolongs didn't mean this is not an existing milestone for sfmta one reason is that united kingdom's you're not traveling on one street one set of transportation effects another
5:16 pm
for this we've think looked at in a neighborhood scale not a project scale also an important point this process about bringing exit situations and that means we didn't approach this from an external perspective we work closely with the western edition community to understand what the people moving around the community of concern needed so to delve have the goals we wanted to driving to understand the community transportation challenges and make a concerted effort to address the concerns and the western edition project area actually contains 8 vision zero high injury corridors people are getting hurt here we want to address that issue and
5:17 pm
find where there are matches between efforts currently underway mta that can address did concerns and where xhochltsdz to be made within other area that would allow people that better take advantage of investment that we have put into place and are working on in terms of overall context of that effort this is part of the metropolitan program for communities of concern it is first community-based transportation plan in san francisco that was completed by sfmta the other 4 were developed by the sf c p and a and this is the last one we're excited it is coming at that time, however, they took an important role that that project was funded by the
5:18 pm
neighborhood improvements program from commissioner london breed district we worked in close partnership with supervisor breed office and appreciated that very much and all of those efforts as well as with the ta, mtc and our departments in the city we also working closely with the community-based organizations mo' magic and glad to see a representative if mo' magic here today that plans to speak during public comment so, now i'm going to turn it over to this presentation and content to monique our street manager in sfmta planning. >> thank you thank you very much board members we're thrilled to be here i'll be focusing mostly on the public outreach we had as part of the effort and the finding we
5:19 pm
learned before we get to the presentation at the end so here on the screen you'll see the study area we focused on for the project that extents extend to live pine street and divisadero and east as frank mostly reflects the mtc concerns boundary but working closely with the supervisor president london breed's office to make many refinements for the needs of the community like land use like schools parks and affordable housing developments we had slight tweaks in the boundary now into the community outreach that was a thrilled effort and designed the outreach in collaboration with sxhoepdz office and mo' magic the goes to really meet the needs of the community so we designed this in 3 phases each of phase the phase
5:20 pm
one high levels talking about the schools and the proprietor before getting into the phase two that is the location that the tools that essentially can be implemented in the community and the final phase three so 3 phases over the course of 10 months each phases has three to four workshops over the months and we reached over three willed and 80 residents we're happy about that and note most of the meetings were existing malia cohen's was intentional to make sure we are going out to get the most impacted rather than an extra meeting for people to come out to those excited with school and community groups and where we connect our input so of those you'll see the mo' magic meeting
5:21 pm
that we met with through the course of outreach their our stable and consistent source of feedback that was role beneficial to get into the outreach this is high levels of schools and priority to hear back from the community what modes of transportation and what we had a survey tool we asked questions how people walking, biking, and drive and use transit in the community and also had a intafk experience on the map which modes they used and got an understanding of the origins the designations people use in the community after this round of outreach we greeted our results and found 74 respondents said
5:22 pm
they come often and interesting a challenge that 89 respondents felt their needs to be more buses their cross-out and the second highest .28 percent vehicle and 6 percent bikes and important to note that was done early in 2015 in the outreach before muni forward implemented in the community as today it is a snapshot in times early on in the project outreach the second sort of important element that came out of phase one the priorities that provided the framework for the rest of the project so the 3 categories that came out of the outreach we heard first, the a transit service the second was security and the 3 was around street conditions and
5:23 pm
within each of those categories we see multiple goals that provided the framework for our work when later in the presentation angela will talk about the recommendations at the report most focus on security and street conditions this is because we really worked with within the context of other efforts ongoing efforts in our agency and a lot of those are excited within the ream of transit improvements so those are things like over the last two years we implemented the study area that has improvements on the rapid the 22 fillmore and the geary rapid we also most recently added the articulated buses on the acidities we also done significant infrastructure improvements to improve reliability in the neighborhood
5:24 pm
this includes in the outer fillmore and construction to start early this spring on ma lacerate on the 22 and citywide efforts within the designation used their program underway that will get at many of the city goals under transit that we heard from the community so next two do i go into the phase two this is where we talked about location in terms of treatments we can implement that is really a two-way exercise we were not empowering and keating the community on technical transportation we were not the technical spefrts but having tools like bulb outs and signal and striping improvements and how they can benefit the community and really relied on them as neighborhood experts to you tells you the best locates we can use those tools so we had a design game exercise
5:25 pm
we talked through the locations in the different tools tool in the tool box and really learned about how they can resolve at the end of this outreach we aggregateed the information and did software and saw from the cooperated o corridor with a lot of responses like the webster street and the popular tools people were excited about like pedestrian latin-american and stop signs and various amenities and aggregated where we implemented or proposed conceptual designs in the next phase the calper and webster and chair 1 and street likes steiner and golden gate
5:26 pm
5:27 pm
communicated. >> i will be sharing final recommendations that came from the plan i want to headlight that the recommendations that are in the plan came purely out of outreach that we did 10 month processes we work closely with the community and we listened to what they had to say a consolidation how their transportation challenges were addressed so the plan has a funding implementation strategy that 3wr5ek9d the recommendations into phase three mid and long term near term recommendations
5:28 pm
where focusing on pedestrian safety and specifically visibility and those improvements are take place at 41 intersections with a data analysis and they closely mirror our vision zero quick and effective package and include the kept blocks and leading pedestrian zalz and this phase is fully funded and their intent to be completed by winter this year. >> so midterm recommendations focuses on two corridors in the neighborhood turk street and golden gate and they're also two of the large vision zero high injury corridors corridors is in the neighborhood so some of the improvements included an eastbound bacon and striping and
5:29 pm
enhanced safety and part of it is signals new signals in orange the pedestrian count down and rapid beacons in blue and also featured one of the - to enhance existing public space so specifically at fillmore connecting the plaza and the playground at steiner and alfera. >> long term recommendations are larger capital improvement that are project sponsors what rec and park and the public works those two phases include our connections projects to improve the safety and access e access to the mall and 345er9 playground that is within the community outreach and include bulb outs and rapid flashing beacons the final
5:30 pm
recommendations was a long term recommendations is a pedestrian lighting network walled called the walkable recommendation in partnership with the public works with lighting corridors within the neighborhood to address some of the community top concerns that is safety, the perspective of their security as well as their ability to make night life transit connections this is partially funded at this time. >> other efforts - so those plan recommendations were within the context of the city efforts and as monique indicated there is a broad investment from improving transit in the western edition moving forward we'll continue to invest transit our transit service here the equity strategy and muni forward program and leverage the
5:31 pm
connections within the neighborhood to shape the strategy. >> for next steps we have funds programs for the design and construction of the near and midterm and we'll be pursuing additional funding for the long term larger capital projects implementation i'll be handing over to my colleagues liveable streets and returning to the board for approval i want to say a quick thank you to the western edition for welcoming me to the community with warmth and an enjoyable experience working with them and also want to recognize the the people i worked with they're watching right now their award my intern in 2015 and calvin in the back and
5:32 pm
monique who spoke, (calling names) still here laura sitting next to her and daniel english is here and rachel and sherry with watching and in closing i want to acknowledge that 49 years ago manageable was assassinated and he was automated in membrane tenseness and want to highlight the transportation pla step to strive for qualifying that concludes my presentation. thank you for your time and staff is here to answer the questions. >> thank you harris that pointed reminder how for the work we do i'd like to hear
5:33 pm
public comment first, this is not an action item for us but like to hear public comment and thoughts from the board. >> let's do 3 minutes please. (calling names). >> good afternoon forgives ms. harris i'm a little bit anybody else as well i was dependent upon to come to you i'm dementia the director of engagement impact which is a fiscal for mo' magic more than 25 partners who work and service the western edition children youth and families so we so enjoyed the collaboration with this incredible team over the last
5:34 pm
you know since 20 months since 2015 you know midsummer and share some thoughts with this body during public comment and - the western edition community has had its share of transportation challenges and even sidewalks and insufficient lighting to make walking difficult for so many of the pedestrians there's a concern relate to which cars thrive e drive through streets and buses what about unpredictability so those are some of the areas that resident were able to share with the project team over the life of the early phases the process is valuable for all involved mo' magic as i mentioned is a nonprofit collaborative director are well positions to to the work of mta transportation centers by sharing feedback and
5:35 pm
facilitating the examination of many voices especially if i may relative to respect of our seniors we had a great session about the rosa parks senior center lively collaboration of concerns and our organization working hard to create to build people into the conversation to o so their voices is to be acknowledged and heard and the inclusion of the feedback for real lasting trait for the improvement in the western edition community and from an equity perspective the western edition has not had a high priority area it is haney to see this we've brought to the process eave all leaned heavy on input if the community members that
5:36 pm
are in tune with the stakeholder with - we're delighted to be a partner and looking forward to moving forward with the work in later stages. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> i just modified think on haight and ma song i met a new nearby i was claiming a crime inside the house this person robbed and went to my apartment my housing and told me about it something it going on our streets on ma song homeless i've seen people crossing jaywalking
5:37 pm
it is gotten worse i told the chp i tell him clean up haight and ma song our san francisco will support it - we need officers for patrolling the bay area we're low income we're concerned about my neighborhood and thank you. we have the arc and mercy thank you western edition finally we got an answer from the committee brent miller you guys are doing a wonderful job and j.c. is part of a sfmta i love it and my friend phil's is telling me jena high crime
5:38 pm
and homeless i don't know what they're doing two people coming out of house there were right there. i don't know what they're doing and in mercy housing i tell him to get out of >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) the last two people to turn in a sponsored speaker card to address you. >> good afternoon. i'm daniel a community organizer basis in san francisco a third generation san francisco a member of the western edition for half of my life and lived in freedom west as said in a number of times the western edition has not been a priority neighborhood back to redevelopment in the way that neighborhoods and people were treated as a project the overall goal and today, i can't tell you the number of tour buses that come through and ride past my
5:39 pm
development and talk about the parts of hayes valley and the historic places in the neighborhood there is much history to the resident that live in the residential projects and places like freedom west and crotches if alive can tell you the story i'm sorry what the western edition has been treated like a there are no thoroughfare with superintendent gerrero a primary example but people living in the western edition given priority who to transportation or financing projects after i feel like this is an opportunity for the mta to be part of reestablishing the history in the western edition to move forward with strategies community-based steams and the staff of this project and very care and concern they have utilized to make sure that the -
5:40 pm
i hope you'll support this project and support the people in the western edition that helped to direct the project as well thank you. >> thank you, mr. english and thank you for your work on this project. >> the last member of the public to - >> this presentation make me reluctant about the country called in iraq they build a gutter in the sky and higher all corrupt i still recall when someone was in office he used obama money and didn't know where to put finally in the middle of the lane calpers are and finally all the trees out and put concrete. >> now you do so you'll this project came and looked at it
5:41 pm
them like a nice dream like san francisco like a garden western edition blah, blah, blah i used the whole city i know myself 28 years driving a cab and put in all the bike lanes and nothing you touch the traffic is bad so stop and go from maybe like a parking lot nobody going to die i look at the news still see the people so funny you said vision zero like three or four years ago when the mayor started all of this politician cruise oh, we're going to have vision zero and everybody fold the bands and cha-cha-cha this is so upset so the mayor said green everybody is green you don't need to follow the mayor you do it the r right way they people don't recall before the big earthquake
5:42 pm
yes now look matters to but high-rises and but the point is you have too much money month to spend that's where you don't count the young people before what it looked like oh, here's - so funny i have a chance that's why i come here blah, blah, blah i lost my cab i'm going to give up my closed captions this city a very stressful i know how to cut a - but i don't want to get a ticket those police officer they should citation more and more and the whole area is blocking up and admonish projects and more traffic so i still - i'd like to find a job
5:43 pm
you need to hire guys like me for four or five languages i can tell the people how to cross the street you hire me teach the old people you have to look at how much time you need you see but they don't see they hit you. >> thank you any more speakers no seeing none, public comment is closed. directors i'm sure interesting questions if you want to start. >> i save my comments for everyone else. >> this is obviously a great example of a project we did strong outreach and part of communities so this entire team a green job and talk about how we were able to do the projects and other projects this seems to be collaborative we worked with the community groups and able to make people be part of the
5:44 pm
progress and the outcome and this is part of guilty work and great to talk about the other areas in the agenda how this process we talk about how this progress happens and how we can do more of this. >> so this is part of the mtc lifeline podiums that was started in 2000 and identified community of concern including the minority population and low income and other factors and what came from the lifeline program the embryocommunity-based transportation program that identified funds to create those funds for the plans of the community of concern this was the 5 one in san francisco and previously completed by the mta that is our first crack of
5:45 pm
taking a crack added it we're in a position to implement some of the projects that were identified within the plan. >> thank you yeah. >> director heinicke. >> you said their interesting questions i can't guarantee (laughter) i'll phrase it as a question (laughter) what's the question. >> thank you for the wonderful presentation from what i'm gathering the traffic reconfiguration is going on in golden gate not on the technical terms but i believe in our presentation you said that the decision golden gate verse turk was drive by by neighborhoods input am i roll call. that; correct? >> correct. >> i'm curious if you can expand on that why the neighborhood will peace officer the changes those changes to go on enlivening as opposed to to turk. >> we had two bike lanes a
5:46 pm
eastbound and westbound to explore golden gate a two-way streets that will require the removal of south park for 9 blocks and split the will go bike lane one on turk and one on golden gate and communities resident were not in favor of retail use to one lane so from one concept in the turk street and the other concept and that's where the community landed okay. >> i mean one aspect of it maybe 509 i'm not open of golden gate but turk the lights are metered there and it is designed to be a pretty deepened to way
5:47 pm
east west so i was curious where the comments on that were coming from this is not from outside drivers but people - this is the community wanted to keep turk two lanes. >> that's the outreach meetings two were targeting western edition resident and the 5 was a collaborative effort with the planning department and other project managers as district 5 openhouse that outreach event hosted a number of other community members if the haight street and hayes valley it was role interesting to see different responses based on those outreach meetings and found that the district 5 outreach there was more interest in the call bike facility, however, with the western
5:48 pm
edition community they were not as interested. >> very helpful i mean you know we heard from cab drivers but i'll anything else, ms. a proposal that will be favored by people you'd of neighborhoods for obviously using that street for traffic reason that's one answer that totally answers the question i'm not sure that was interesting. >> director ramos. >> thank you yeah, so i guess first a few things to say thank staff for all the incredible work and thank you to ms. harris for her perfect characterization how i say we cut my teeth as a community planner doing work like this in mostly in oakland so based on that experience i can assure
5:49 pm
this 4 and the agency and the public listening this is how you do communicated based transportation this is raising the bar in the way we generously partner with the community and get philanthropic input working with them and getting the kind of input that reflects the authentic concern as putting out something we might think are concerns and getting their yeah, and nay that was authentic and grassroots i suspect will worthy of an award i'll encourage you folks to stoned to the planners and what have you see this is a gem as you pulled off you'll not find someone more supportive in implementing what you covered then i'm happy to say this a fanatic work so koudz to all of
5:50 pm
you on that this community especially is one that i think needs is so many because of facts that the numbers that are articulated in this plan the fact that is the block population there's been role kind of badly disappearing from this right the report stated 46 percent of black folks in the community in san francisco is now down to 19 percent in san francisco so that's just in a short period of time we've seen such a hemorrhaging of black folks from 70 in a number of ways this particular communities good evening so close to downtown is subject to incredible displacement pressures more so
5:51 pm
than the other community being addressed to the strategy and all of that to say and given the fact that 80 of the 89 is that right 80 of the 89 highlighted the trait one of the major concerns namely frequency during peak hours to reduce the crowding and on getting better service was on the list that was called out and from what i understand you folks have been taking the input if august of 2015 so for two years people are and in making their voices heard they'll like to see improvements to transit i know that the economic strategies have improved i suspect on the 38 and that's wonderful as articulated in the report it
5:52 pm
is said something like that we'll get to those in two years if i'm somebody in the community that two years ago said i'd like to see my transit addressed and get polled by this process another two years total 4 years 80 of the 89 folks said they would like to get that additional we can do better i want to ask this board and agency staff within reason to ask transit to respond with a little bit more sense of urgency given the displacement pressures this community is exercising given the fact we've heard so many if the community they want to see this a priority given the fact there is a goal overall to do the kind of work through the
5:53 pm
strategies it seems like it should be an office and go can we do something more quickly than just expecting the community to wait another two years to see the improvements on the 22 and the 6 and whatever other lines could stand for profit i think we're well articulated on page one of of you put together a wonderful report card so staff might want to respond to that or yeah before i ask anything further. >> a quick point of clarification we agree that the strategy for phase two this is to come from the future years but highlight the work in the presentation that has been done recently and soon there again the construction that is going
5:54 pm
to be spring ma clarity and improvements - we've been doing improvements on the community that serves the western edition is improved in the last two years we august that that assessment i don't know if sarah wants to add anything. >> i think that is the capital improvement are certainly going to be necessary to get some benefit for sure faster boarding times and you know ideally get transit moving more quickly i'm interested in the operations for funding for operations that is a different category than folsom you can speak to i appreciate
5:55 pm
the capital investment if we're looking to increase the operations it will cost money we'll have to raise new money or move money around and i think at some point i'd like to be able to have a response from transit within a reasonable amount of time ideally with a sense of urgency the folks started to make that point in august of 2014 i don't think that is unreasonable to get a responded by augmentation of 2017 to assess the operational improvements and even if it means telling the communicated we don't having the funding when you'd like for the operational improvements but it is something we can shoot for in another ballot measure or transportations as part of our strategy - our system wide
5:56 pm
strategy things of that nature does that sound doable or worthy of pursuit. >> sparring jones mta planning director wear in communication with transit and yes they are absolutely ready to respond i want to call out one of the great advantages of this and the purpose of this effort to be something that supports the many, many decisions it goes into how to fund prioritize and go forward with all types of improvements and so this is now a tool we have to bring into our you know myriad planning efforts around the city so that we are aware of the needs and issues and that is one of the most important purposes of this whole
5:57 pm
effort. >> i applaud it and i can't wait to start to implement - implementing i would like to see is accelerated given the fact this community is at risk displacement we've seen how much the black population has dissolved in that short period of time in the 70s and a lot can happen in four years with that in the interest of getting folks the services we've heard them as a they want to see i want to hear back from staff responses to you know how do we address this and implement what i've heard operationally. >> we'll be more than happy to share the plan but what is done with the improvements made reference not just capital
5:58 pm
operational improvements i'll say the 5 fulsome is for the first rapid r0u89 we've piloted and intentionally increasing service going if coaches the 38, you know one of the busiest lines 7 day rapid so the mufrnl muni is ahead of the game with the addressing the transportation but the feedback from the survey there has been significant serves as part of the 10 percent increase you authorized in the budget have land and in that neighborhood the 5 and 38 more work coming
5:59 pm
near term and future in terms of the 22 and other lines i think that is a really good story to tell so i think the transit staff fully feels that sense of urgency and every dollar has been put to use in a lot of benefiting the folks. >> yeah, i agree we lost a ballot measure in the past election unfortunately but like to be able to go back to the community and articulate all that that and all the wonderful improvements in the planning in the guilty planning but make sure that we demonstrating and organized response iconic to some of the concerns lift up in the plan we're still hearing despite the improvements we've
6:00 pm
made i wondering if it is all right if we can - i'll direct my qstion to the chair to get a response back from transit at some point from. >> i'll be happy to come back if the board wishes we'll present what we've done and the plans of the western edition specifically bans what came out of this project. >> i guess i'd like to see what would be the plan to get that report card that was done on page 106 where i had that listed to get them to an a how much cost to get the service in the community. >> yeah. like how much would it cost or take to get us there as you folks know i'm representing the caltrain and work with bart and the crowding has gotten to a level where we're losing rooirp
6:01 pm
on those lines and ridership will increase when this community we hope that will we've got to particularly for this community the displacement pressures we've got ton as active as possible to address what this community has identified as an issue to grow the ridership as necessary so i think that will be a good news to mention. >> thank you director rubke any comments and questions. >> i have off director bordens point all community members i was wondering i understand that is kind of funded by a particular project and this is the last of those particular types of you know the community engagement project i'm wondering in the cost differentiate to
6:02 pm
what we spend in terms of the capital projects and other projects like - a huge difference or something we can built in as we move forward that's a great question. >> a that's a great question. >> i think a number of things we're may be different at the play in our typical capital improvement i think one we had an outstanding team with outstanding parishes with the community already you horde compassionate and that brought to bear a number of creative tools in terms of really engaging in that thoughtful 3 step outreach process first get people up to speed and expertise and put it altogether as you can see it was not somebody standing
6:03 pm
in a big room talking with a power point sitting down with people that was intafk there were a lot of tools we've not consistent deli done with other projects that was helpful director ramos said will set a new boars that was one thing and the second i think we've not funded as adequately as we feed to outreach as part of the the outreach we've ramped up our poets the public outreach and training strategy so, now we are funding up front in our capital budgeted for significant outreach functions so we can do outreach in a more engaging and intraf way that they've done here the third difference i guess point i'll make it was different
6:04 pm
here's this was not coming in with a project a muni forward project that was developed through the t e p over the course of seven years here's what we developed what do you think this is more of a blank slate more towards working towards solutions a different starting point the more community-based planning and interesting in district 11 right now along those lines we're not coming in with heros a bike lane project came out of bilk strategy or a muni forward out of t e p but let's discuss the issues and of them what relate to transportation and go know what solutions a we bring what we can bring a process like this this is different than the el
6:05 pm
taraval that was seven years of planning that went into kind of a tool kit approach of improving the transit along that corridor we brought to the community in a much more advanced stage than here a little bit of apples and oranges but with that said, we're having a good experience and not so go to significantly improve how we fund and engage the public in the outreach of many projects and doing it earlier in a project but this was an outstanding effort and sets a new bar. >> i relate to that artists there t e p the 5 and part of that muni forward project that was part are there other things that overlap with the muni forward projects that we can
6:06 pm
prioritize them more quickly. >> one of the slides showed related a number of related projects some of through - i think monique mentioned work on 34r56r9 the muni forward project will be a year ago so i think as part of the board requests from director ramos i think i heard what can we do to accelerate the plan or to get all the great stuff we can come back and report what we have done and planning to do and plan to accelerate or performance beyond we're in two-year budget that doesn't include the service increases we didn't have the
6:07 pm
revenue to do that and any place we want to increase the service we have to find it within the service budget so that i appreciate you're making that point too that with the failure of the sales tax last year that we don't have we have to live within our means we can bring to you trade offs look like in a sense of service increase with the next fiscal year part of this for bringing the score card up. >> director hsu any questions or comments. >> i'll pile on and say, i think that a great piece of work and appreciate the community engagement so cobra. >> thank you, again i want to congratulate the staff on the work of that i think this is a fantastic example of outreach and going into the community and listening what the community has to say i offer you kudos and
6:08 pm
want to be a cup of cold water i'm a bit concerned i look at when i look at golden gate and turk i'm concerned we're not going far enough on turk to make that a welcoming sustainable transportation street when i look at page 15 in the presentation and i see that there is support for a 1-way street on church there is less support for a lane removal and see that people absolutely want to maintain the parking but then when i switch to our sfmta bicycle document peddling forward 59 percent of those polled building those should be separated from cars i'm concerned with that diagram of
6:09 pm
turk and golden gate with the bike next to the moving vehicles again, we know is not what people want to see i want to have a little response what what do you mean in a year or two years come back to the community and is still what we know people want to move through this corridor on bicycles a buffered protected bike lane i don't want us to be in a bait-and-switch situation we come to the community and take their input for the midterm recommendations but when it comes to completing our bicycle network we've offer something else soon. >> yes. i agree i definitely don't want to do a bait-and-switch but currently turk street is going on and happening in the tenderloin
6:10 pm
portion and unfortunately in project sponsor is west but going to move to the western edition side and approaching them separately as they're two different neighborhoods so right now this is turk golden gate near term you see here and working on another project that is turk long term which is focusing on the large infrastructure go changed such as a protected bike lane, however, liveable streets and planning buildings additional community outreach with the community as well as bike shares into we hope that 60 percent bike share will increase, however, those are concept designs and nothing that permanent but a reflection of what we heard from the
6:11 pm
community. >> the community is aware we're talking about foe and in short term and midterm but the future could look at different in terms of - i don't want to run into the situation if we look at a design that will be the way the street will be for 60 or 70 or one hundred years oh, we did this and agreed on those things and now your telling us something else. >> yeah. i'm not sure who wants to handle that ms. jones. >> i wouldn't say that we are saying to the community we're talking about you know we'll listen to you right now and put this into place but all bets are
6:12 pm
off in the future not the spirit in which we've had this conversation i think we've started an important relationship that at a time in the future we're considering a project that is necessary necessarily consistent with what we're heard in the process we would continue to build on that relationship recognition the commitment to the community and go forward in that way there are a lot of reasons and urgency more bike facilities or things like that but we you know we're listening to what we horde. >> all right. thank you again congratulations on the work on this project i think that is really a fantastic example for us to follow and geography with the community and again? information no action on
6:13 pm
this i have no other questions or comments. >> i actually want to piggyback on what she said a policy how for example, treat bike lanes or certain things we need to be up front with people think that in the beginning of the 0 process for people to see the process didn't marpt that 67 years ago we already rehashed and did that 7 years ago so, now things are different we can't do the same i mean, he with a policy how we treat bike improvements in the future and maybe things more affirmatively state as a board that has to be considered in conversation. >> anything else. >> yeah. like a timeframe august is remarkable ask to get
6:14 pm
to hear back from transit if not sooner ideally within 3 months. >> thank you for keeping us on that very much and we've had public comment so we'll move on to the next item. >> 13 whether to invoke the attorney-client privilege and conduct a closed session conference with legal counsel. >> do i have a motion to go closed session. >> we're back in open session. >> thank you items 14 anonymous the disorderly conduct met to discuss with the city and county of san francisco the board of directors settled the case and discussed anticipated litigation but took no action item 15 for disclose or not disclose the
6:15 pm
information discussed in closed session. >> not to >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? hearing none, item 15 amending the sfmta advertising for the changes to prohibit the it is times for political or public containing images that are intended to be be insulting or offensive or harmful or disruptive to the sfmta and protect unsafe transit behavior of the sfmta effective april 5, 2017. >> ms. stop sign. >> directors i'm gail from finance and information technology i've been managing the agency advertising since 2008 advertising is an important source ever revenue in the current fiscal year it provides $20 million revenue
6:16 pm
plus services as much as the transit shelter we have two contract 1 the street for outside and the other one the vehicle intersection which was are formally known those contract are similar and the advertising nationwide we have been discussing possible changes to sfmta policy for sometime the first policy was approved by the board in 2004 and has come before a before the are board 3 times twice in 2007 and once in 2013 the last came to the board a sufficient number of ads we've moved forward of posted those ads have generated complaints from the you customers and operators and distracted 80 from us and over the last two years other major transit systems have been challenged their
6:17 pm
advertising change their advertising this is similar to those changes made whefrn the sfmta is prototype do change the advertising police that align policies of other transit agencies the proposed to no longer dispager or offend a group disruptive to the transit system or encouraged unsafe behavior and insure that the public issues that includes no violence we've engaged with groups that expressed interest in the advertising policy and across the board everyone supported the restrictions on advertising to eliminate insulting and demeaning or disparaging acts we are heard concerns about free speech and a deserve to see as
6:18 pm
posted with message that the groups will support we've always taken those concerns very seriously we did make a few small changes to the policy in response to the comments, however, the reasons that we stated we've decided that is prudent to come forward with those provisions to the policies thank you i'm available to answer any questions. >> directors any questions or comments seeing none, do i have a motion. >> oh, i'm sorry public comment. >> thank you none has turned in a speaker card on this matter and didn't look like anyone is moving forward at this time. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. do i have a motion to >> second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? no hearing none, approved madam chair directors. >> there's no further business. >> on this fine day. >> thank you adjourned thank you for spending
6:19 pm
the afternoon with us
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>> neighborhoods in san francisco are as diverse and fascinating as the people who inhabit them and today we're in the western addition in district 5, where we'll hang with supervisor london breed and experience firsthand the renaissance underway at the buchanan mall. buchanan mall was connecting city blocks from grove to turk street and
6:26 pm
once besieged by violence, today it's revitaling community spirit with an urban garden. this is where anyone who grew up in the neighborhood and spend out any time outside we spent time at buchanan mall and we hang with one another and made it work. we had fun together. the good news is that it seems like the activation is bringing the community back to the area. this garden, i think, can do a lot for bringing the community together. my hope is that with these cooking demos, that will bring folks out and they will start talking to one another when they probably normally wouldn't do that. crystal jem started cook as soon as she could start and the coordinator for community grows an organization that teaches cooking and nutrition, sanctifying growing spaces
6:27 pm
and nourishing communities. >> it was to have a sea of calm for pause and congregating. i see more people out. if they are out here playing, it's still safer. it's a beautiful spaces and people are less inclined to mess them up. it allows them to want to instill some sort of ownership over this good thing. before we did this buchanan mall project i had walked through here -- hadn't walked through in ten years because of the dynamics of the neighborhood. >> for residents who kov founded green street a local business that offers re-cycling for the properties, activation took opportunity for the environment and community at-large. >> it's the but thy of the whole mission north and from the
6:28 pm
prison yards together and now we stand here today pushing good energy for those people around us. i learn businesses through this and now i can share business with my community.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen the chairman has called the meeting to order. please, turn off your electronic devices. and please rise for the pledge of allegiance. >> [pledge of allegiance] >> commissioner turman i like to call roll call turman here, mazzucco present, marshall present, dejesus is excused. tran laura present melara present, ong hing present. a qu