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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 41117  SFGTV  April 11, 2017 6:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the sfrnz of tuesday, april 11, 2017, madam clerk please call the roll. >> thank you supervisor president london breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor fewer
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supervisor kim no present supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy not present supervisor tang supervisor yee madam chair we have quorum thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in the pledge of allegiance. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you madam clerk any communication. >> none to reporter madam president. >> any changes to the approval of the minutes for february 28, 2017. >> seeing none, a motion to approve those minutes by none oman
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move forward by supervisor kim colleagues, can we take that without objection? without objection those approval of the minutes will be passed after public comment. our special order 2:00 p.m. - no questions the mayor may begin to address the board up to 5 minutes. >> welcome mayor ed lee pr to the board chamber you have the floor. >> thank you supervisor president london breed and good afternoon, supervisors and good afternoon members of the public thank you for being here in the day air force opening day i'm going to speak today about what we're doing to support the next generation of san franciscans if we want our young resident to succeed we need to make sure they have strong communities and homes and apprenticeship programs and well paying jobs we
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need to create pathways for the youth by insuring everyone has processed period of time in the city every plan we develop has to be thought of through a lens of quality this past weekend i invited the training site of chase center that is a partnership between the writings chase and how citibuild that will help to train at least 41 residents in the building and trades eventually those 41 participants will graduate and be placed in juxtapose jobs across the city this is including the chase center the future home of our warriors on that event i met jesse a young man who is father was murdered the day before despite his grief he attended the training because he said his
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father would having wanted him to be there jesse said that the chase center is on a path to where he wants to be this is what we're trying to do for all the youth in the city it is why we have our youth jobs plus program we connect our young residents to local employers last month at the annual rally we received over 6 thousand one hundred pledge jobs big and small over the course of the 6 years our youth plus jobs plans has context 34 thousand youth with jobs and training and paid internship most have been participant are young resident from low income and disadvantaged communities and for them of the work is not just
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about a paycheck but an opportunity to start their dreams our work is are more about finding employment but have stable homes and good education and reliable transportation options that's why we take part in my back to you, commissioners. >> a program that helps the minority youth with the education needs we need to remove the systematic barriers that keeps young people from conceding early this year we created the free city college it's the first of its kind and we're working with supervisor kim building to provide the funding so every resident of san francisco, california receive free tuition at the city college with that program we are helping to create our next generation of leaders we a little have an eyed own the
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future that's why we're working hard to create the community here in san francisco it is unacceptable to lose the young residents because the parents cannot afford to live here this friday we'll celebrate hunters view the first part of hope sf housing program we rehabbed and rebuilt more 200 affordable housing units plans that benefit the residents of neighborhoods hunters view will include community centers and playgrounds and open space that will be a neighborhood who where paentsz can raise their children in a safe and healthy environmentalist we pioneered or poishlgd our residents to rely on public transportation for getting to and from hunters view that allows the low income and
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other does the to take public transit for free and he helping your families with summer approaching our families council created a one-stop shop for parents for activities that will feature all at the public library and the rec and park department and the school district and other city departments we have advocated for plans that help our residents in a practical day to day sense and push the programs that will enrich the lives for new possibility our stewardship at the rec and park department exposes our young students to outside learning and teaches them about viral science and natural history for many of the parent it is the first time of this nature that could be their inspiration to pursue a criteria
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in many areas housing and transportation, education job training opportunity those are all part of a package we need to create pathways to success for our youth and we know that is confusing that is a confusing time for everyone right now but must be an extra difficult time for the young people their seeing policies pushed at the national level that is contrary to what we value we must show them our commitment to doing the right thing in san francisco we support our residents we'll stand side by side with our neighbors no matter how old or young rely on the people of san francisco to stick up for each other and providing that by providing those programs for the young rointz holy our youth will learn the lessons and carry on
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and leading with yes, ma'am pith and examination and understanding as we on the doors for them they'll learn how to dbe e keep the doors open for building pathways for all the young children and families of this city thank you for your time. >> thank you, mr. mayor all right. mayor pro tem. >> >> consent calendar. all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items residential hotel on items 1 through 5. >> supervisor yee commissioner london breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin
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supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang there are 11 i's. >> those items are passed unanimously next item, please. >> item 6 item no.6 - recommendation of the government audit and oversight committee. >> 170215 - yerba buena community benefit district - annual report to the city - fy2015-2016. >> >> colleagues, can we take that without objection? we'll take that without objection. this resolution is adopted roll call vote for introduction. >> for new business is supervisor yee. >> thank you, madam clerk
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colleagues as many of you are aware car break-ins has placard our city after a 5 year high in auto break-ins it looks like it is slowing down down in 2015 close to 21 thousand car break-ins 70 that incidents per day i want to recognize the san francisco police department and the district attorney for creaking down on car break-ins our agency is needing to deploy and look to the partners in tourism and other destroys for support we on the tourist are easy target for crime less likely to report incidents and
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more likely to carry around the valuables we have tainted memories and lost valuables and feeling help also it is an embarrassment for the city with 25 million visitors coming in last year breaking and entering in the billion dollars we need to show we value tourism from my district neighborhood groups are organized neighborhood watches and placing signage warning unsuspected tourists the cars are at risk last fall i supported supervisor president london breed legislation requiring rental car companies and written disclosures to remind them to take all items out of their car we noted that rental cars are obvious target
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many have bar codes and decals on the front wind shield and other things like did rental car names or logo my own constituents have asked the car destroy not only to warn them but protecting them by making the vehicles less obvious not only that when criminals start the rent a cars in certain neighborhood where 20u678 is high they to death the cars around those rental cars meaning the residents cars so this is something that we're trying to protect not only the tourists but the residents in san francisco after several months of discussion i've introducing an ordinance that will require the rental cars that 0 operate operating in san francisco and the airport that is the san
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francisco international airport to remove the bar codes and other indicates oversees from visibility to you curve the number of break-ins this is only one small part of solution i'm committed in other was to protect and reduce the targeted crimes of opportunities last year, i also secured the funding for a neighborhood camera pilot program and along with supervisor tang and supervisor president london breed we are also increasing more funding for public signage to warn residents and visitors about leaving valuable in their vehicles so colleagues, i hope you'll support me as it moves through the board progress the rest i submit. >> >> supervisor breed. >> refer. >> supervisor cohen okay. thank you supervisor farrell supervisor fewer
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thank you very much colleagues as you may know last 340 we unanimously passed a resolution to urge us to renovate, upgrade the matrix the board is taking other actions in the past including wells fargo for their predatory and unequity business go practices may find by the unempathy behavior i researched a - the banks don't serve us in the low income community and multiple sclerosis so i'm directing the office of the budget and analyst as banking alternatives and the municipal banking 0 opens o option we building in the city and county of san francisco in our residents in a manner that is more suitable sustainable and ethical and financially responsible i look forward to the partnering with you at the public hearings and exploring next steps the rest i submit. >> >> thank you, supervisor
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supervisor kim. >> supervisor peskin. >> madam clerk today, i'm introducing legislation that will provide upgrades for the article 7 as new protections for small business in north beach, polk street and the commercial districts among did critical changes in those pieces of legislation are stronger protections for small businesses particularly submittal legacy businesses i want to thank my staff leo and deputy city attorney chris and judy for your help and looking forward to working with the community and the planning department and commission and you colleagues to get it passed in the months ahead. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor ronen. >> thank you last week the krrltz ruled that children living in rented
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apartments with family are not owed recognition payments in the family is effected in the ellis act their deemed occupant but not tenants i can't believe we have to do this but, yes indeed children in san francisco are tenants this decision is a slap in the face to families with children who are struggling u struggling to stay in san francisco yet another example of how unfriendly san francisco is so children most evicted families have to leave the city but additional recognition assistance gives them a fiat chance to stay in san francisco this is being taken away by the courts i'm hoping my legislation can provide a quick legislative fix that children are indeed eligible tenants in the context
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of a local recognition i'll be asking supervisor president london breed to waive the thirty day role one family that will be impacted by this hypothetical decisions i thank you 2 to 3 the supervisors so for your co-sponsoring the rest i submit. >> >> supervisor safai i want to submit. >> supervisor jeff sheehy >> i had a resolution inconsistently the men and women and primarily 2017 and the public works they do obviously work throughout the city and grateful for your service and second like to ask the sdwoo to
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draft an ordinance that will prevent the san francisco police department from quentin kopp in any efforts to remove individuals if playing due to over booking i don't know those incidents people are pulled off planes are appropriate and i don't think our police department should be coordinating with that and lastly an in memoriam for victor moe was a family member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders club and the organizing force for two decades after 1995 they had given the anybody else support and receive political asylum due to the hmo phobia an active member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders hosting rap groups and victor was not only
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dedicated to the freedom support but their social leader organizing gay parties as potlucks victor inspired other gay and lesbians to - he rolled up his sleeve no matter at at society where television program director because the 2017 women's seminar patients with alice griffith reiterates xhovd their disease victor accomplished a lot and made every day count he will be misses by his husband barry and his son and parents and 5 nephews and nephews the rest i submit. >> >> thank you supervisor
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sheehy. >> commissioner tang. >> submit madam president. >> thank you today, i have to millenniums for merriam that was born in new orleans louisiana she was married to one of the first african-american supervisors in san francisco the late perry she was a very passionate woman that working hard her and her husband were incredible civil rights leaders here in san francisco and she was structural after her husband passed away in getting a street names in the mission bay community after the late perry after her children went to high school they completed her degree in social work and became a social working in any community
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to help the seniors and families she was a charter of the jack and jill of america and active member of the lengths and she was a devote member of the patricia over 55 years and will be remembered for her kindness and warmth and generosities committed to they shall friends and family and the community she will be missed loved and survived by her children and grand children and great grandchildren. >> the second in memoriam jim in our community and the owner of a business jim migrated from greasing in 1951 after harry
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truman had the act of 1958 was drafted as a bat engineer and opened a business in downtown san francisco this bar has an incredible history janice joplin frequented this establishment and performed there his ability to provide comfortable and entertainment for the community was rare and admirable his enmistakable presents in the community will be missed he passed away at the age of 85 on april 4, 2017, survived by his loving wife garcia and business partner phil and the father of meg who is the many of you have familiar with the owner of a business in san francisco and another incredible institution
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in our city his daughter marina and four cherished grandchildren and truly be missed madam clerk the rest i submit. >> >> seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> mc we're going to go to public comment i wanted to make members of the public aware that we do have a number of special order 2:30 p.m. - recognition of commendations. >> so open up public comment and if all the members of the public are not able to complete our public comment we'll return to that after our special order 2:30 p.m. - recognition of commendations. >> workplace the first member of the public please come forward for public comment. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk go to -
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>> supervisor sheehy supervisor tang there are 11 i's. >> those items are approved madam clerk please call item 14 maintenance of effort (moe) cost sharing agreement - supporting ongoing negotiations to fund and reinstate the 2012 moe. >> services maintenance of effort (moe) cost sharing agreement - supporting ongoing negotiations to fund and reinstate the 2012 moe. >> >> supervisor yee. >> thank you last week, i introduced a resolution opposing the dismantling of care initiate and the in-home care supportive services maintenance of the cost sharing agreement and support the ongoing negotiation to fund and run states the agreement i'll be introducing minority amendments after meeting with the mayor's staff and the h s a on the numbers and costs want to
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thank my co-sponsor supervisor cohen and my staff and her staff that worked on this resolution our department of department of aging & adult services the mayor's staff and the city lobbyists that have been advocating hard on on behalf of this program in sacramento to get negotiation with the governor in-home care services program provides health and daily care as bathing and director gee and housework and preparation to an estimate 5 hundred thousand low income disabled in california so san francisco currently employees approximately 20 thousand providers t the ellis allows over 20 thousand afghanistan adults with
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disabilities for safety within their homes and community historically the state paid for 65 program costs and the community to pay for the rest of 35 percent in 2012 and 2013 replaced the prior community contribution rates in a i h s sets the contribution at the expenditure levels and increases it by 3.5 percent since the moe was implemented the state general fund has resumed the costs on behalf of the expenditure levels recently governor jerry brown eliminated the i h ss from the 2017 and 18 budget that returns the county
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to the cost sharing ratio this is san francisco responsible for covering about $40 million to continue operating this program we are already in a budget deficit and can't afford to help all the seniors with disabilities without in-home care car care i'm encouraged that governor jerry brown is negotiating with the city departments to establish the i h s to protect the community budgets we several million dollars with other state fund to fully cover the new costs okay. >> the amendments that the minor amendments are highlighted in the paperwork i passed that all the of you should have. >> thank you and so supervisor yee just to be clear you had
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some amendments. >> yeah. all of you have a copy of all of them your manning another motion to approve. >> i make a motion to approve the amendments. >> supervisor yee has may a motion to approve his amendment is there a second seconded by colleagues, can we take that without objection? we'll take that without objection. the amendments pass unanimously and on the items as amended same house, same call? without objection the item passed unanimously okay. now special order 2:00 p.m. - we have a number of 2:30 accommodations we'll be doing day and start with supervisor tang and supervisor yee have a joint commendation we'll start with that and know you'll be going back and forth; correct? and yes. >> supervisor yee and supervisor tang together you have the floor. >> thank you supervisor
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president london breed we'll be a tag team today this week the national pedestrian safety honors the 9-1-1 dispatches nationwide san francisco has more than one and 40 dispatchers working anothers department of emergency management we know they are on the job twrp both answering calls to 9-1-1 and coordinating the police officers fire houses and paramedics to respond today, i'm unemployed to be joined by supervisor tang to honor the dispatcher of the year janet action. >> (clapping.) >> so if you like to step up and listen to with us brag about you that would be great and
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honored bus of her experience as a public safety she grew up in oak and recently resides in oakland awhile dispatcher action is being recognized for her entire body of work that spans 25 years as a public safety dispatcher i'm joined by supervisor tang to combhend her for coordinating emergency responds to the shooting of san francisco police officer kevin that began in any district and ended in supervisor tang's district 4. >> supervisor tang thank you and welcome as the supervisor stated this incident happened in october 16th when san francisco 9-1-1 dispatcher received closed-captioned, so it is important for everyone to speak directly into the microphones at the podium. irradicablely the dispatcher
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action serving as a dispatcher and it was her responsibility to maintain the contact with the police officers the officers communicated they had arrived and locked the person of center minutes passed before a dispatcher heard one of the worst things none what hear officer down shots fired between the officers' arrival and the radio contribution the suspect shot the police officer in the head. >> nearing the end of her shift dispatcher action remained at her post and continued to coordinate the search of the suspect and immediately sent additional police officers and medical services to assist the responsibility were setting up a police escort they got the
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police officer to the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and this dispatcher action joined her partner dispatcher david in establishing a perimeter to contain the armed suspect as officers searched their surrounding neighborhoods the suspect was apprehended after exchanging officers with the officers and by the time the officers action end dispatcher action and her partner were the led dispatcher she wants everyone to know that was a team effort with police officers helping it goes without saying we know that was an extremely scary situation and a lot of mental energy our focus professionalism and dedication is more than evident how you handle the services responding
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to this event so today, i'm thrilled to be able to join supervisor yee and the rest of board of supervisors to recognize our contribution of our city public health as dispatcher of year i thank you and all the other dispatchers in the city for the amazing work you all do everyday so thank you so much. >> our tag team is almost finished. >> (clapping.) >> (laughter). >> one more time. >> see we have to brag about you we can't help it because we're doing a tag team what you did was teamwork being a dispatcher is not an easy job; is that correct means missing birthdays and so forth that i'm
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proud to recognize jan as the city dispatcher of year to put a face to all the san francisco 9-1-1 dispatchers and i thank them all for all of them for their hard working and i'd like to bring up the director of department of emergency management to say a few words. >> thank you supervisor yee and supervisor tang for presenting this award and supervisor president london breed and all the members of the board of the board of supervisors as you eloquently put our san francisco dispatchers are the critical lifeline for the citizens and residents here in san francisco they also keep our police officers and firefighters our medics safe on the street we answer 2 point one million calls
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a year this is up a thousand calls a day more than notifying excuse me. it is an amazing thing you all have supported our efforts to increase our staff and we very much appreciate that had 23 new dispatchers graduate this past year and another dispatcher class starting in may we're hoping you continue to support us as we get to full staffing the work they do be here in san francisco is critical and they really are the first reading and oftentimes are not acknowledged because people don't see them you know they're sitting there with incredible stress everyday what janet did in this one case but everyday as her fellow dispatchers marshall we're save is an admirable job and amazing
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constitution sow thank you you'll and thank you janet for your great work and a lot of my staff are here and wish that all of my staff would be here but, of course, their answering 9-1-1 calls so thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> supervisor fewer. >> thank you supervisor yee and supervisor tang this commendation i want to say. >> i'm sorry one second the police chief william scott and want to notify him up for a minute. >> shall i continue. >> my husband was a police officer for 35 years and said the most important piece of equipment is his police radio radio and said the dispatchers are a hard job and work really,
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really hard and know a lot of police jargon on the radio but they're the lifeline of san francisco thank you very much and to all the dispatchers thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, madam president for giving me a couple of minutes thank you from the bottom of my heart our when a person calls 9-1-1 many people depend on open you, we can't thank you enough and all the colleagues without you, we could a exist so thank you for what you did on behalf of the officers down and the whole san francisco police department we really, really thank you for your work. >> thank you chief. >> (clapping.) >> so finally janet after all
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the love you have the floor. >> thank you, thank you first, i want to thank god to help me do this critical job of public safety dispatcher and thank you to my mom and fiancee and in what capacity nap and all the love and support and thirdly, thank my public safety dispatch family for working hard much of it going unnoticed being awarded dispatcher of year is one of my greatest honor as a fourth-generation san franciscan i take my position as a public safety dispatcher very seriously and dedicated all of my adult life to helping seniors and police ape fire personnel of
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that great city and officer do you think i'm glad he's making a wonderful recovery didn't earn that award alone all of the officer down partners the four boy units u units that got him to the hospital and the paramedics and all of the dispatchers especially my partners david and my back up partnering partner shared ♪ award thank you and happy dispatchers week thank you
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>> (clapping.) >> come on up. >> oh, my goodness. >> the paparazzi is here. >> a photo you guys. >> okay. okay come on >> one more.
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>> congratulations again jaeptd and thank you for your service. >> (clapping.) >> we will now have the next commendation by supervisor fewer. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'm so proud during national library week to honor a long time larger than friend of mine clare has been committed to the development of children and families through her electrician transitional work so only fitting we're able to honor her during the theme of what the library transformed clare was born in san francisco and grew up in membership county and attended city college. >> one second we want to be able to hear you after everyone is exited. >> okay.
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>> thank you clare was born in san francisco and grew up in marin county and washington, d.c. and attended san francisco college and uc berkley and san francisco state and san jose state a long time resident and someone i've known from our time on richmond district pta million dollar and washington, d.c. and married to paula clinical psychiatrists they have thirty-year-old twin sons now a families rasp began in the - when they are twin sons were you students there and continued after they left before becoming a librarian worked as a lifetime learn that is compassionate and went back to school to get our teaching credential and others science
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credentials working or worked more than 20 years in elementary schools across the city and the last one at the west portal school and a fantastic sustained of information for the next generation of leaders claire is the perfect larger than and is well-read herself and delights in matching the students to boxes it nurturing not only interests but a lot for learning i remember when the son was there she was - found a book for many topics and familiar with the authorities or authors the job of a school larger than is often overlooked they're a crucial part of a child's education and a school larger than is a fully credential teacher and hold degrees and read old and new books and
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manage lessons in the library the library is the soul of the school and indeed our school librarians are a place for growth so their placed escapeism and joy claire thank you for our credential service i'm proud to call you my friend it is my honor to recognize you and over your service thank you. >> claire please come on. >> (clapping.) >> hello supervisors and hello supervisor fewer happy to see you all i want to say i feel pretty humbled by this honor because i work with so many other really unbelievable school librarians they probably do be better than me but we have your gifts and
6:47 pm
everyone that i know has an incredible passion and we feel lucky to have job i want to thank the supervisors and the voters of san francisco for deciding to create those public education enrichment fund about 10 years ago we used this for the library programs in the public schools that the funding would stay and be consistent we have credentialed school larger than in every single school ever since that went through year after year the funds will be there and we've built collective knowledge amongst us i thank the city of san francisco for they're for sight not to mention the support of library system the envy of the country to thank you very much for this honor i appreciate it. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations claire.
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>> thank you for your service. >> (clapping.) >> next up supervisor kim. >> so my heernt will be a surprise today, i want to bring up april king. >> (clapping.) >> (laughter). >> i guess you saw your children you're not surprised anywhere i had a couple of
6:49 pm
minutes to get my head right many of you know a few weeks i had quickly mentioned that that was aprils last day with my office after 8 years of service at city hall for the san francisco board of supervisors and i know that caught people off guard i was in denial i think maybe april was in denial and sent out an e-mail but letting you know i want to honoree you april your work on behalf of the board of supervisors has been tremendous and your impact over the last 8 years working for supervisors and myself around issues of affordable housing, tenant rights and protection making sure that we were always negotiating the best deal for the people of san francisco in market-rate development across the south of market and mission
6:50 pm
bay and the tenderloin for historical and unprecedented percentages like 40 percent on 3 projects here in our district to our work previous to the board of supervisors whereas, the director the south of market action network you were able to work and advocate for community to make sure that we were getting more funding for our streets and parks and youth organizations through the stabilization fund and the rincon hill agreement to the plazas for the hundreds of particular filipino who were evicted from the market-rate housing and opening the tower very soon and making sure we're fighting for about replacement unit for all the seniors and families to helping us to kickoff the small site program acquisition fund we started in the south of market and able to
6:51 pm
purchase small properties to keeping existing families and seniors again here in the south of market so they can continue to make that community their home i want to acknowledge you and thank you and since i also, never have an opportunity to do that i have to thank your family your husband eric, you're amazing and beautiful children. >> (clapping.) >> nile and gracey james i can't tell you 0 how many nights eric needs his head with no message how late you're coming home and negotiating development deals and writing last minute amendments to the legislation making serious phone calls to the city attorney's office thank you for articulating overseeing calls. >> doing everything we can he know for several years we were
6:52 pm
the most prolific go legislative office wouldn't have been possible without my amazing staff but really april with the senior legislative aide here someone who guided many of the united states for those of you who don't know april well she's calm in the storm and our office is always in the storm i don't know wasn't we do without you but so grateful for our 6 years together for those of you who don't know i've known april since 1999 ones of the first people when i moved to san francisco where april worked several years ago and she was kickoff the mother along with some others taking care of many of the younger fellows that came on by the way, not much younger and stated continue
6:53 pm
working together before i run for the board of supervisors we were on an organization together and meetings and hours of discussions about what that meant to be progressive politics in san francisco and you know i'm so lucky to be able to work with outstanding smart and passionate people women and mothers but my best friend and city hall can be a tough place to work everyday i was able to work walk into my office thank you. i i don't know worked with my colleagues he work with my best friends that's not easy to do but we do the that because of the fact we are family we were able to accomplish so much despite our community and city i'm to existed about our continued work and well, i miss you so much we
6:54 pm
have a proclamation for you whereas april ac action is one the hundred most influential filipino women and whereas april has left her fingertips on all legislation passed by the board of supervisors including the western edition the youth and family suspending and the low income and the public land for all and many, many more whereas april has set the bar how to be a legislative aide power house and leader can stand and quote do that all including drafting the policy and drafting the deals and populating and that's correcting stockholders
6:55 pm
protecting tenants and nonprofits, preserving arts and cultural institutions and acting as trusted okay. i don't know what that word is (laughter) thanks to the supervisor for raising an incredible family and every standard - whereas april brought compassionate and optimisticism to her work for and with the people that will be solely missed and you will not see this coming that is very true and whereas her colleagues are crying inside and out loud they miss her as a family unit and therefore, be it resolved that the world is not the same without april in our lives
6:56 pm
>> (clapping.) >> thank you so much for this proclamation wow, i feel very, very privileged and honored too much prepared comments but as i walked into the chamber today and saw the legislative timeline - feel so privileged and honored to be part of that timeline and that part of history over the last 8 years so like so many before me will be so many after me i know that 8 years a a long time in city hall and i just wanted to thank i think part of that is i had a great boss and team jane and my
6:57 pm
colleagues about being supportive of many life changes that happened in the last 6 years that kept me in office i met my husband and had children all in the past 8 years having great, great colleagues in the district office on city hall every single one of the supervisors and their staff is so amazing and dedicated all the clerks in the office of the city clerk for helping us and making us look so go and the city attorney's office it is taking our calls and drafting legislation and making sure that our legislative tint is legal and, of course, i couldn't have done this job particularly having a family without having my amazing family support with
6:58 pm
eric and my anyone who guess here an amazing caregiver for the family and my kids and my extended famito the best of my knowledge i so much appreciate
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>> thank you for your service april you'll be missed in city hall. >> (clapping.) >> all right next up. >> two more to go supervisor yee. >> thank you commissioner london breed. >> today, i want to honor someone i've known for a real, real long, long time willie he and i used to play
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basketball together in many types of environments and maybe that's what i recognize he was a leader because even in a basketball court he was a leader so for 40 years served as a cfo of california's only nonprofit a you c the project probably every single of you will be familiar with the agency after becoming the executive director while in his 210 east he retired on december 5, 2016, during the 10 years pretrials evolved from pissed humble beginnings to the prominent agency it is today the pretrial project is a significant because enabled
7:01 pm
individuals with misdemeanors from fines with criminal detention our jails are over crowded and often two often low income individuals are punished and jailed for simply being poor or a people of color mothers or fathers that are taken from their families and children who without a mom the pretrial project has been highly effective and reduce recidivism rates the court reappearance has been at or up 90 percent that helps first time non-violate
7:02 pm
defenders with the rehabilitation overtime the case are dismissed avoiding unnecessary incarceration and neurology the folks to live with their families tare tread with dignity and respect and examination and affordability in the criminal justice system under the leadership pretrial is a constant change honoring the past that consistent changes to address new challenges during this prethrill now provides a magnitude of - one the creations was the court 50b8g9d case center the center staffed
7:03 pm
by sound-proofed facilitators officer group counseling for a variety of needs since april 30th, 2016, san francisco pretrial began user the arnold public safety assessment san francisco is two sites to utilities this inform provide the courts with information willie has retired put in place a solid foundation for future successes of the organization willies most famous phrase will has improved the pretrial during the 40 years to provide more
7:04 pm
comprehensive and responsive services to his clients neurology clients to contribute to their community and stay out of prison system sow today, the board of supervisors proclamations april 12, 2017, william recognition day in san francisco. >> (clapping.) >> and before you speak i noticed that chair hennessy is here and wondering if you have any words to express as well. >> (clapping.) >> we know you working closely with one another i want to say i remember will you didn't know him which was a deputy in the san francisco sheriff's department i know with the program was created by
7:05 pm
michael was initiative and now the standard it is basically, the things we're talking about now as we go forward we're deciding would to do with bail and the pretrial today rather than 2000 people in jail 47 percent are all on leave through the program that will started a small program that has grown over the years i want to say we owe a debt of gratitude to will and in the future talking about pretrial issues and jail issues that is one of the podiums that is working very well and other jurisdictions looking at it closely now so will congratulations from the sheriff's department i know that the former sheriff would say something humorous but thank you
7:06 pm
for your work in all the years. >> thank you sheriff. >> (clapping.) >> you have the floor. >> madam president members of the board thank you, very much. it is a special honor where did 40 years go what i can really is a has been the highest honor and just a privilege to service in the capacity if i can just think back to norm i want to share something what was back in the early 70s, 45 years ago i we were working and chinatown ymca he provided tutorial services i was a person that didn't know anything that was the beginning who would have thought that 45 years later we'll still be what the that it
7:07 pm
was a wonderful ride i'm so proud that san francisco is been with van ensured it took possession by the board of supervisors sometimes that were not popular to create the ups and downs and i guess it wasn't until december he fully appreciated that you lasted through those and figure out the wars and always another day and there was a sense that we could put together something special and in doing those things you know people need to be acknowledged i have a retirement event coming up in a couple of days and made me very sentimental i've thought of decades of people that 2rshd and what i firmly building the
7:08 pm
greatness of pretrial stands on the shoulders of many, many people far beyond mitchel and want a couple of people actually 3 people that i see - 4 to please stand up they're significant isn't history they're all individuals that have on the average this is a nonprofit organization they have 10 or 15 years of service let me introduce them kate, sharon rose the current cfo i'm confident that carries on the same tradition alison and my chief deputy and friend for 25 years that retired 10 years ago and he's looks so good i say that's a tremendous motivation to retire so thank you. the last
7:09 pm
shout out that pretrial it at van guard and shout out to supervisor kim who last year provides the supporting for the next alternative that we're putting into play in the next decade and thank you very much it is a very special honor. >> you know what i have a feeling i'm going out in high style and i'm going to turn it over to alison so thank you very
7:10 pm
much. >> (clapping.) >> i'm in big trouble i didn't introduce my wife of 20 years. >> bring her on up will we don't want you in the doghouse tonight and this is how nervous i am so my wife is somewhere 28 years and. >> (clapping.) >> all right. you, go home
7:11 pm
tonight. >> (laughter). congratulation will thank you for your years of service the amazing work for our community you'll be missed and with that, to the last colonel inundation of the day supervisor ronen >> i'm sure you figured it out but can you please come to the podium this is a surprise but i think the indicate is out of the bag where is sheila. >> thank you welcome back sheila so my dear she and i first met the first time we work closely together in 2006 when we held co-plan a hunger strict on behalf of the immigrant rights in the front of
7:12 pm
the building and tag teaming and dapdz a permit for the hunger stickers that camped out in front of the federal building i fell in love with you and ever since when i figure that out supervisor campos was hiring a second legislative aide that you worked for him, i remember calling you to ask you what was the job like you think i should apply something i should be interested and, of course, you're very way he spent a lot of time with me on the phone and tell me about it and encouraged me to apply then i applied with 200 and 50 other people for the job and when i got to the first of 3 interviews with sheila and david found out organized the whole process she immediately go took my to our now small
7:13 pm
conference room a computer set up and said sit down you have thirty minutes to summarize that will the southeast wastewater treatment and make a recommendation to supervisor whether or not you support that and respond to this constituent encampment will prostitution on shot well street thirty minutes get as far as you can and prints in our office and start our interview i remember thinking to myself thank god i went to law school and passed the bar exam i got into if quickly and took my test and finished the resolution and the letter back to the constituents and pressed print thirty minutes on the dot and went into the office and bam, bam, bam hypothetical after hypothetical how would you feel about the neighbors complaimentd
7:14 pm
about a truck and this and that and i remember i was brutally honest and in the interview because i thought that was was the type of job they want you to know who you are but loved my job at the time as an attorney i was very authentic and sure enough assemblyman david chiu you know when was the right fix and working together with - despite the fact i begged you for years to run for periphery in the district and you said no, no, no and essentially forcing me to do that administrative review you promised me you'll stick with me every step of the way and the move forward to san francisco to help me run you
7:15 pm
stick with me every step of the way to the campaign and stayed to contribution me over close to 15 years i've walked and learned from you become not only a better advocate for our community but a better person because you're one of the best people i've ever met in my life and supervisor kim said working with our best friend is one of the biggest privileges and working with you has been that i see you every single day and proud of you before you worked at city hall and city government and cannot wait to see what you do afterward i want her to take 5 hundred jobs in the community can't wait to see which one you choose but thank you and tell
7:16 pm
you how much i love you on behalf of me and the entire district office a proclamation i'll read part whereas sheila has provided brilliant brainstorming services for her friends and board of supervisors and payroll born about brightly born colored eraser and sheila charm and smile will be defining what that means have to rb f resting and sheila in san francisco with her spirit spreads the joy throughout city hall and her love for green brings freshness to daily life and whereas shell last humor for calm in a storm is incredibly, incredibly missed by her colleagues and whereas shell last dedication to improving the
7:17 pm
lives for immigrants clearly the fierce advocacy for fundamental services assessable for all and whereas every legislative aide and supervisor currently working anothers centralized requests the early birds to the retreat located in the mountain she'll run balancing with a child on each hip and currently supervisor ronen is thankful she survived the hiring process used developed by halloween that had dancing over red line paper with defense of the - therefore, be it resolved the board of supervisors hereby declare april 11 to be shell last day in recognition of her invaluable
7:18 pm
contribution. >> (clapping.) >> supervisor yee wants to make some brief comments. >> i'll miss you you were the only person i knew at city hall that is bizarre i knew maybe two supervisors and no - i would an insider it was nice to see familiar faces and by the way, i know she'll be a tango teacher (laughter). >> thank you very much i wanted to say hillary you passed with underlying colors and so glad we selected you at the district 9 office and thrilled you're a supervisor thank you all for this honor
7:19 pm
you know when i started as a legislative aide for supervisor campos i don't think i knew with was getting myself into you, you look at the job description and don't understand until you're doing the work and it really is one of the best possible jobs that you can have the place where your xhavn learning and in everyone's best interest to understand the information it is also a place you can make tremendous change and it is a place where despite the fact that maybe on different sides of the aisle at the end of the day, we know that everyone is seated working with the office of the city clerk or inside of the office trying to make san francisco a better place i appreciate that i guess i'll say some parting words a lot of new supervisors and if i can share
7:20 pm
arrest 3 things that maybe you you can takeaway sharing from my experience is one to find the gem and city departments there are so many and the folks that really makes that happen and goes 0 above and beyond they care and two is remember to keep some balance that is hard because we get consumed by the work and create enough fires but don't let it con assume and the last thing something my husband asked they at the end of the day he asks did you make the city a better place i hope you'll answer yes helping a constituent or working towards the legislation that will make things better that's what we should be striving for and thank
7:21 pm
you to all the supervisors and my fellow legislative aides the folks in the city departments did city attorney's office and mayor's office the office of the city clerk and others for making my time special i think i'm done but just know that i'm here always here and happy to support the work of the board and especially at the district 9 office and my last thank you to the district the staff and to all of the volunteers who helped us to make this such a special district and place thank you very much i love you guys dearly your in my friends and colleagues and to existed about the work you'll continue to do thank you.
7:22 pm
>> (clapping.) >> congratulations on our leave of city hall and thank you for your service sheila >> (clapping.) >> we're at the end of the agenda. >> there's no further business. >> before us i know there was
7:23 pm
confusion around public comment and i am going to open up for public comment for members of the public who want an opportunity to speak please come forward. >> yes. he was ignorant how that will take place but ask supervisor peskin. >> sir hold on a second so i can get clarity on something please. so unfortunately, we have to take care of business before public comment bus the items that you were speaking on were actually already slowed on we'll
7:24 pm
rescind that vote before we allow public comment so hold on a second please. so colleagues some confusion around public comment and i know that members of the board expressed the interest in reopening public comment even though we've previously opened public comment so with that the adoption of without reference to committee items i'm going to ask in a members of the public can have an opportunity to speak on them ask if someone is willing to make a motion to rescind commissioner peskin and seconded by supervisor ronen colleagues, can we take that without objection? >> those are items 9 through 18. >> supervisor yee. >> would that be with the assumption of 14 so we don't have it go through the mainstreams. >> madam president republicans send on item 14 but not the
7:25 pm
amendments. >> so colleagues, can we take that without objection? without objection that vote is rescinded and now open up for public comment first speaker. >> thank you sorry to make all that more complicated than it needs to be next time i'll wear my sprinting shoes. >> simulate bill heather california which people ask me all the time do you believe that healthcare is a human right don't believe that is absolutely is a human rights if we on the life and liability how can we continue the healthcare so many died needlessly i was a social working and can tell you the suffering of people that be tremendous under the recent care act i don't want to call it
7:26 pm
affordable health care act people can't afford still to see their doctors and specialists it is impossible only one solution solution that is sampair we have to rolls release that all health connected would everyone someone on the bus with with tuberculosis people can't live in fear of i want to thank the
7:27 pm
for endorsing senate bill 562 you have continued a long tradition of this city in supporting sampair healthcare in 1994 san francisco was first time couldn't in the state to vote for a sampaingle-payer hea bill - we have support from fiona moss to support the single healthcare bill and enforced by
7:28 pm
gavin newsom and senator leno leno with the single-payer healthcare and many times the mental health board in san francisco the health commission has supported the single payers bill and 80 percent of democrats in the country support the single-payer bill and the majority of professionals support it thank you for being in the for the most part. >> thank you thank you for the opportunity to speak that is very important it is important to our citizens and important to everybody no matter what the age is i'm glad to see california taking the initiative to try to do something do we have to wait every time a president gets protected for a healthcare and plan do we say to wait for everyone to read of thousand
7:29 pm
page i was a finance director i paid the sprurns companies for 20 to thirty years $200 a month for respond that was 55 to 60 i paid $600 a month that is discrimination now they are we going to hire someone are we going to hire someone that will be paid $600 a month or $200 you know in england they droishd and it's never been changed universal healthcare or single-payer but don't you think that is high time to wise up and doing it for everybody and take self-out of the hands of our employees employers that decide
7:30 pm
which healthcare plan you lose our job go to another corporation read another $3,000 pages let's get a preefshg i support you supporting it and please do. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is ray i'm a prosecution always the music director of marching banned in the u.s. west division here, here we were included from chinese new year cherry blossom parade fund by the city exhibited of this this at an go marching band one plus members we're connected and share the
7:31 pm
practice of this this is free principle of truthfulness and for banners in the past 10 years we joined parades and one many first place and here san francisco italian heritage parades san francisco marries veteran day parade and respect to seattle for the macy's and portland and rose festival and grant and hollywood and christmas paired and the calvary parade last year about this time on april 17th we came here for japantown cherry blossom parade we are fully preponderance of the evidence and received from an organizer number 4, 1 for the parade and something just
7:32 pm
happened it is shocking to me and all the members which is we're excluded from the parade and i still can't understand and more details thank you very much >> next speaker, please. >> dear anticipate and supervisors i'd like to continue at 12:30 right before the parade was ready to start one held a loudspeaker and all of a sudden announced you're a difficult religious organization that is not allowed to join our parade unquote we're very shocked and trying to makes sense of what happened our parade leader went to talk with the organizationer she couldn't answer we didn't
7:33 pm
apply where we applied then our leader beside that quote not only we indicated so clearly in the application i also wrote a separate e-mail implicit explaining that all band members practice fallen goal unquote when confronted the applications director for the parade did agree that we clearly identified that we shared the practice of fallen goal ignored some of the members started to cry wish you understand if you know the story
7:34 pm
of fallen goal. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> supervisor. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> supervisors i'm a single march band captain and suffering here. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> since 1999 millions sorry is a mediation on truthfulness and for banners they're known as prosecuted by the chinese government that is they're
7:35 pm
afraid of the definition. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> since 1999 millions of people were thrown into the conversion camps. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> some practitioners managed to arrive in the united states to them this is a free land whereby we are resume their practice of fallen goal and live a life without mistreatment.
7:36 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> for that reason they joined the marching band and paying for the uniforms and the instrument all by themselves and wish to show the world the beauty of fallen goal through the marching band music. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> however, when they were suddenly denied the right to join the parade in such a rude way it hurt them as reminded them that the people are suffering they went throw in china. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> san francisco them the
7:37 pm
unavoidable question is here why is this happening am i in the united states of america? >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i will continue. >> after the incident we followed through with the organizers and got two reasons verbally one is chinese chamber of commerce who excluded us from chinatown new year's influenced them and japanese government pressured them we don't know new details but know that is not rare that the chinese government had pressured many government's to stop the voices to cover up the prosecution in fallen goal and now new year's we got a one line recreations you're not approved for the parade no reason given
7:38 pm
we've ked the organizers for the reasons but got none let's think about it for a second if they have a legitimate reason why not just state it to give us a reason for the retion we're looking at a total telethon reaching into our community and one group to miss treat another group should this be tolerated on san francisco this year, the jeans cherry blossom parade excluded us we're hoping we can participate in the parade which will happen next sunday april 16th if you are able to help us we will be deeply appreciative of our action in the meanwhile we wish to keep you updated here and building this is the matter of moral
7:39 pm
principles of the city and thank you if you can help us. >> thank you for your comments and. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, everyone supervisors members of the public i'd like to drawing your attention to some of the comments made by some of the supervisors here today and their aids they adamantly proclaimed that each day to make san francisco a better place it wouldn't be further from the truth in fact, is san francisco politics has been on a roller carrot ride where light threatens the san francisco and religion threatens the politics of san francisco
7:40 pm
where working white males threaten the politics of san francisco. >> that has been the agenda of the board of supervisors but so blatantly their aid and certain privy members of the public come to their defense to proclaim oh, yes, we work with good intentions nothing can be further from the truth the gap between the rich and the poor in this city is so wide you can fly two jump both jets through that there is nothing in this city that even resembles what that was like as a city prior to this democratic registration fell political agenda california that will describe
7:41 pm
the place you hear previous speakers talking about fallen going on you don't see this in any of the parades so interest has gone way too far. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors speaking on items 12 in support i'm charles and today, i speak as one of the thousand of persons mostly local household and most of us seniors we obtained your none transferable taxi permits over a period of many decades when the medallions were awarded to look at taxi drivers we operate in the correspondence with regulations that includes the payment of fees and normal times i've felt that the fees were reasonable now we're at
7:42 pm
different times yellow cabs dissolution a seismic potential as disruptive as the bankruptcy of old yellow cab in the 1970s and have ripple effects that plays financial pressures on everyone in the business that is in addition to the ever increasing pressures from the tens of thousands of tmc so, please vote yes an item 12 that is the resolution urging the mta to entrapment the lease by waving fees during this exceptional difficult year for the taxis. >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you to supervisor peskin and we have item 12 taxi medallion values down 75 percent compared to two years ago 45
7:43 pm
thousand unregulated and unlisted medallions the companies subsidies the directives with money so tmc spend magnificent capital resources for the sustainability of their business model every year in the billion dollars and taxi drivers pay that hundred dollars fortions and tmc pay one hundred lying to the carriers and the appointed officials we forbode you to do something schedule a committee meeting for a policy tmc are popular their cheaper than taxis and the consequences for the pricing will surface already major traffic congestions reducing the disfranchised citizens also you can raise one billion dollars by issuing and selling
7:44 pm
4000 taxi medallions only if you get the tmcs off the road when we community-based in front of the bodies they say they don't have jurisdiction to say how many tmc for the - but the jurisdiction and the responsibility inform endorse status of women on city streets and a car can't grow a red light - we're told so i hope all are a committee meeting and approve item 12 thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm terra i'm a caregiver and medallion holder you'll see that we have a small community your grateful because - but the economics are such
7:45 pm
every cab driver needs to be grinding cannot afford to come here but there are over one thousand directives in the same position as my colleagues and i in previous years over the decades the taxi permit has amounted to 3 housing unit 75 to 5 percent of my yearly medallion income because of the uber and lyft now i'm getting $500 a month from anywhere medallion therefore one plus opposed to renew my preliminary and 18.9 percent of my gross that is even before i irs and social security and whatever other fees and taxes and insurance i have to pay
7:46 pm
and things are so dire people think we live on the medallion income we don't my on and on cost refuses to let me drive i have to i have to keep a roof over my head even though i've had steady rent for a long time please, please vote yes on item 12 it is only fair and shouldn't be paying over $1,100 a month when we getting 6 thousand a year from this. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is dave i'm a long time taxi driver in san francisco. >> sir pull the microphone
7:47 pm
closer thank you. >> david a long time taxi driver in san francisco former chicago legal aid lawyer amateur all that good stuff regarding item 12 i can support that i think that is pretty good i think the sfmta passed that but i may be wrong you can double check but, however, a glitch in the formula awhile that covers medallion holder it didn't cover the front line worker that kick up to the medallion holders and the companies so there's another fee called the medallion renewable fee the 8 card that the sfmta charges they take driver's license for all cab drivers and costs just over one hundred and telephone bucks i like to
7:48 pm
include this in our legislation that those fees be deferred too because a lot of lines and sharecropping workers that are by the way, incidentally i drove during the 1906 san francisco earthquake after the giant were playing i thought on my way to work it's a my job i'm going to drive during the earthquake and combrvl people told us what was going on thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is michael bear a resident of district 3 and i am here to request that the board of supervisors consider crafting a resolution to speak out against what is going on i reached out to my protections their rouventd up in concentration camps and with the
7:49 pm
history of san francisco hoping that we can have a - a resolution that we can you know push the san francisco general out what was going on so more people will take up the cause and know what is happening thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'd like to hand those out to the supervisors is that possible. >> yes. the sergeant will be there in a moment. >> thank you honorable supervisors for allowing me to speak i'm the president of the leadership fountains a nonprofit in the fillmore and we wanted to notify you all to the community meeting we're having this upcoming monday and fillmore heritage center inside screening room and we'll be discussing our community benefit plan we submitted in 2015 for the building and also, we also will
7:50 pm
be talking about how to insure applying on the community benefits and we definitely want to give honorable supervisor supervisor breed for this historical rfp and the rfp community benefit was mentioned i believe 13 times but nevertheless, we city do have concerns with the community benefit and one of the letters stipulated 7 critical issues we have one of the main concerns enforcements is not as strong and historically there's been no enforcement of the community benefits in the fillmore as a result of urban obviously so the communities has not bend and the time has passed the opportunity to benefit and another concern we have there was only a less than two most timeframe for the community to rely we got a 3
7:51 pm
week suspension but not enough time so the first letter a letter of coalition of black organizations in the fillmore that requested more time the deadline is i believe the 21st of this month so we want to notify everyone out thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon president of the board and board of supervisors every time he come to this mike everybody glasses over i'd like your attention not looking at your cypresses but your attention my aunt is dead as a result of failure of your department and your agency we recorded the break in of peter owen to the police department and recorded the change of locks by peter and or
7:52 pm
to the police department and reported the cameras on the front door and backdoor and other ticking owners the 12 indictments that were attacking her i came here several times to report that they stalked and done everything and andrew zach that fought the city and the judge who ruled it tickings were legal that was who the judge that were under not a chance of hell in winning that case the things that went on were illegal not addressed by the police department or the department of aging & adult services by our special victims unit and district attorney's office i've seen tweets that people tried to help us because don't degrade the name of my aunt or mitchel we fought and fought and fought peter oh, wednesday launched
7:53 pm
that lawsuit in a way for the process for condominium conversion it your guidelines not hers he utilized to the press he's allergic to the truth important more importantly we moved everything out of my aunts property everything that she owns and paid for her body is rotting in our mortgage i shouldn't have to buyer her the mortgage costs were $18,000 thank you for your comments ma'am. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> the mayor of our great city of san francisco i'm barbara i've lived in district 7 i'm a retired r.n. and also a counselor i've helped people
7:54 pm
with medicare and medi-cal i'm here to thank you for your earlier endorsement of 562 this is such an important step for this legislation we tried many times but with all the threat of appeal with the affordable health care act and things accomplished i feel this is the time that we tried real healthcare reform and i really appreciate our support at this time thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is maria i'm an activist of local 1021 thank you for supporting a holistic approach thank you for being smart and extending our humanity i support
7:55 pm
sb 562 because the healthy california act will be comprehensive if combaekd cover vision and dental the whole person i long building that healthcare is a right and also building that the right way to provide care is to be holistic sb 562 promises to support the whole state of california awhile we in san francisco have the open myself to see that become a reality please over my lifetime that are the that he is any of that on the letter on the other hand, issues is the last letter of score instead of the first letter in opportunity we have to opportunity to promote healthcare for all thank you thank you and before the next
7:56 pm
speaker i'll innovative mrs. nancy cross in our interested in making our comments ma'am, you're welcome to come. to the podium. >> thank you for the courtesy i'm anxious to bring it to your attention someone that has not been put on our agenda but ingressiveus it is city shelters beginning in mid-january i've
7:57 pm
been subject to a series of the city shelter many people have never been insisted a shelter and they cream it like their own bedroom or their cots but everything is secure and safe maybe not a k34067b9 level but a secure place i've had been subject to serial theft person in the shelter who is saved by sanction in the sense that the police are not allowed in the people in who carry out to with search warrant they examined the theft of property they knock on the door and maybe
7:58 pm
someone comes out of shelter but the person that is the victim and the thief is inside and the police have no access to their room and last time i had several hundreds of money theft as well as theft of the police reports that i was being asked to inducement i'd like and not just from the federal agents and does have a secure and 86. >> thank you, ms. cross thank you so much for you patience. >> thank you, supervisors i'm
7:59 pm
ed, i retired from the department of health a furious worked through thirty years and the i was working i saw a healthcare system that needed a lot of repair i'm happy you've voted once today to support the senate bill 562 and thank you for doing that again there are many reasons to support in kind of medicare for all but mention some of the reasons why it is important simply for the finances of the city one is that the provision of healthcare for the employees of this city will cost less for the city second we won't all including the city be wasting as much money as they are right now as
8:00 pm
you may know $0.20 to $0.25 of every healthcare dollars goes to for profit insurance companies that from my perspective working in the healthcare field provides no care don't provide anything they're a middleman set up for profit nothing else they bring to the table another thing that is important for the city to consider that the city's contribution to the department of health will be able to be stabilized and minimized because of reimbursement that the public hospital will get will be equal under that kind of a system thank you for your time and appreciate your vote. >> thank you for your comments. >> sir. >> madam president good afternoon members of the board i'm jim senior a native san franciscan born and raised in
8:01 pm
the mission district and lived in san francisco my entire life supervisors i'm here during the last couple of years i've watched the northern california union they've brought in ranges and file members of the public meshes they're not here because of jobs or union principles and not the most ideal ethic but they're here lower-income in their contractors if this is not the saying case tell me why the last two years carpenters local 22 my local the most preservation local the unions that started it all had approximately 4000 members we've lost 11 hundred during the greatest construction boom in the city and county of san francisco and that's because the emphasis is not on san francisco
8:02 pm
if union bosses don't live here and not part of community don't care i watched that tactic as a planning commission and the on the commissions including that body here the problem is it frustrates the stakeholder we the homeland security we are the taxpayer have to suffer over development are the ones that deal with that they don't they don't live here they can care less about san francisco we can do alert the vendors to the fact that when you come in here we expect the community benefits those are the apprenticeship jobs they stay in the brown and black i know that is the truth thank you, supervisor and thank you for all your hard work and thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is james a resident of the open neighborhood in a
8:03 pm
constituent of commissioner borden i want to repeat what some of the other speakers stated about sp 562 under sp 562 healthcare in california will a public good and not a commodity to be bought and sold for profit the health of california under no longer be in the control of insurance companies thank you for your support of spks 562. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> hello, everyone i'm - >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm currently retired when was the working and had health
8:04 pm
insurance and now i don't have this kind of insurance now that i'm retired. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i currently have medicare and bus this only covers major ills not hospitalization. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> when i went to go to the doctor and get medication he need to pay out-of-pocket. >> have to purchase -
8:05 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> as a senior we all worry we can - we all worry if he can afford it for tomorrow. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i think i thank all supervisors for supporting sb 562. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> prupt said the united states is number one, i hope that we will be number one, in providing healthcare. >> thank you.
8:06 pm
>> thank you. >> . >> next speaker, please. >> sxoed and supervisors good afternoon. thank you for the opportunity to speaker today my name is marseille i've lived in san francisco for 33 years i've been driving a taxi full-time for 28 years a prop k medallion holder and here to support item 12 supervisor peskin resolution urging the mta to waive the medallion renewable fees for all medallion holders i understand folks about their medallions are struggling more than anything else but the truth it all medallion holder all taxi drivers are having a tough time to extradite with 45 thousand tmcs and making ends meet the mta is a billion dollars
8:07 pm
agency they can't afford to show some compassionate to all members of the taxi industry so i kind ofly ask you to support that resolution and kindly ask you for your vote and ask you not to net the taxi industry we take a lot of pride in what we do. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is jim i'm speaking to item 12 supervisor peskin's to waive the medallion fees well, you know, i graduated from a privilege law school and came to san francisco and went into a deep expression driving a taxi i was fortunate to invest in the co-opt before they went out of
8:08 pm
business but supervisors i'm not sure if you or others were here during the time when the where the rubber meets the road when uber and following lyft start rioting in the streets of san francisco and did anyone on the board of supervisors i'm not aware of it lift a finger we know that the mayor would not lifting a finger because he was support financially by the billionaires from silicon valley but i'll ask that that you consider this last year after making any investment in yellow cab which allowed me to drive and goat through the deep
8:09 pm
depression i was fortunate to have this monthly check we want to say as it is now last year, i made zero, zero so as i reached 7 is years old i got zero living off social security and handling pro bono law cases i'll also recommend to the board and to supervisor peskin to set up some kind of subcommittee on tmcs or taxicabs to should issue can't be brought - thank you, thank you for your comment thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> hello supervisor breed and supervisors of the city and county of san francisco my name is carolyn i'm working for the california nurses association and i want to thank every single
8:10 pm
one of you for your support of sb 562 the california nurses association has been fighting for a single-payer for 20 years this is our real opportunity unfortunately, the orange one is d.c. has given us a negative of trying to destroy the ac a we can take the opportunity to move forward with something better and that will provide healthcare for all i think that most of us in the room and the california indoors association believes that healthcare is a human rights and that will solve public health and our seniors i want to thank you for your leadership and for being in the forefront and supporting sb 562. >> before the next speaker if there are any other members of
8:11 pm
the public that wants to address the before mentioned please step forward. >> next speaker, please. >> good day 100 percent years ago this week we're celebrating or not celebrating the one hundred anniversary of our entry into world war one a great educator and a leading spokesman for the pays off tried to visit wilson in the white house but he was too busy to see him the next day in baltimore a large meeting and passivists occupied by rabbi genus and berkley this meeting
8:12 pm
and a major baltimore auditorium was attacked by a mob of thousands of cold war people led by prominent businessmen from the john hopkins university and hundreds of police their star speaker the opposite or the proponents of war were able to go surrounded the throat and break into side entrances and charge up to the podium and they said this is just as jordan was in the middle of his talk declaring for peace that meeting stops now and they absolutely shut him down and the whole meeting and by the way, the cops also booshd a number of heads of the pro war protesters thank you. >> thank you, sir.
8:13 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> reading from the first church of god and capitalism i read this before we'll do it again, a great searching inform great justice and the tests was your driving a truck loaded with frozen meat in the winter mountains of colorado and our who's also on the trail were frozen you called corporate and they said stay with your load we'll send a repair and the man stayed and woke couldn't them his feet he wasn't
8:14 pm
thinking clearly he couldn't get warm and called corporate they said stay he got warm he ran the engine and saved his life and contact on his load that was a test for the great justice and the great justices said no the company if center the right to fire a man who was ahsha safai his life until the 7 judge the judge said corporate orders supercede ahsha safai our life and the ministers of capitalism decided that was good court rings supreme a capitalist - the mayor promoted 8 washington to one and turns it down and in
8:15 pm
sacramento former member pressed a court case said let's nullify the vote it restricts financial growth whose financial growth real estate developers the rich the rich the rich pier 70 thank you mr. gilberty next speaker. >> mr. gilberty said something that is the case that is the actual we all realized lake that the actual center of power in the united states is in the congress's not the white house and when i point out is that the two times that the white house has changed from democrat from republican massive changes over healthcare first hillary clinton and president obama in an
8:16 pm
opportunity to dispute u put something better 2, 3, 4 colonel 65, 52 in san francisco and throughout california the primary safety net health system medi-cal is underfunded and over prescribed and have is to be crazy not to notice that the other thing i'll say we were when in hard times and people came up with healthy san francisco and people on the board who have important in that organization and april as well i'll always remember that, of course, the labor council. >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you members of the public that want to provide public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues on the items for
8:17 pm
adoption without respect to committee including item number 14 has easement sam without objection those objections are approved unanimously and mr. clerk, please read the millenniums. >> today's meeting in in memoriam on behalf of supervisor breed our jan, and ms. mann i can't think and on behalf of the supervisor sheehy for the late victor moe. >> colleagues the end of the agenda madam clerk, is there any other business before this body? >> there's no further business. >> for today we're adjourned thank you, we're adjourned thank you, everybody,
8:18 pm
- working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrant and dynamic city that's on the forefront of economic growth, the arts, and social change. our city has always been on the edge of progress and innovation. after all, we're at the meeting of land and sea. - our city is famous for its iconic scenery, historic designs, and world-class style. it's the birthplace of blue jeans, and where "the rock" holds court over the largest natural harbor on the west coast.
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8:20 pm
>> we love our parks, but we love... >> and the community who is really the core of it all, came together and said what we need is a place for our teenager to
8:21 pm
play, not just play grounds for the kids and soccer fields but we need a skate park that will keep the kids home in the neighborhood so they can play where they live. >> the children in the neighborhood and it will be a major boone. and we have generations, the youth generations that will be able to use this park in different places. >> the best park in san francisco right here. >> creating place where people can be active and lead, active, healthy life styles that are going to just stay with them for life. ♪
8:22 pm
>> hi, i'm with building san francisco. and we have a special program of stay safe today where we're going to talk about what you can do to your home after an earthquake to make it waterproof and to be more comfortable. we're here at spur in san francisco, this wonderful exhibit of safe enough to stay. and this is an example of what your home might be like after an earthquake. and we have today with us ben latimer from tvan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll talk about things you can do you don't have to be a professional contractor to make your home more livable after an earthquake. >> i want to talk about things a homeowner can do.
8:23 pm
we have comfort and we have things like a little bit of maybe safety if your front door is ajar and waterproofing if you have a leak in your roof, or if you have broken glass on the window. >> so unr, one of the most important fib use is keeping outside out and inside in. let's look at windows. >> let's assume this window is broken in the earthquake. we have wind and rain blowing in. one of the most important things you need to do as a homeowner is secure the plastic properly. if you just take staples or nails and put them into the plastic, we're going to get a strong wind and rip it right off. what i'm going to have somebody do is they're going to have -- this is an old piece of shingle. you might have -- everybody has a piece of wood in their basement. it doesn't have to be fancy. they take out this rusty screw begun, and hopefully you have one of these. >> there is one at the neighborhood support center. >> at the neighborhood support center. you're going to wrap this plastic around this board, take
8:24 pm
your screw. and then screw that in. >> you need a permit for this? >> you do need a permit for this. and you can contact the former head building inspector to get that permit. that's it. now when the wind blows, it's tight and it's not going to pull through, having a single point of contact. >> great. what about this door? take a look at this door. what can you do? let's say it doesn't shut tight. what can you do? >> for the sake of argument, we're on the inside. i can't lock my door at night. i have a very similar, very similar idea. i'm going to take my 2 by 4. i can put it across the jamb in the door. one. two. maybe i want another one up here, maybe another one down there. but i can go to sleep. and
8:25 pm
that quickly, i can get it off in the morning. >> terrific. what about the roof up here? we see people throw blue tarps over their roof after an earthquake. that seems reasonable. >> i think the blue tarp is reasonable. the things that people want to know that they need to know is if you have multiple tarps, how you overlap. starting from the bottom and moving up so that you're overlapping this way. so, rain running down doesn't slide under your tarp. >> right. >> and the same technique we did over here, as silly as it may sound, wrapping the end of that blue tarp with your board and then securing that if you can underneath, if you have to on top is fine. but making sure that you don't have an area where the wind is going to get under and bill owe that tarp. >> the wind can rip it right off. >> and then you're back up there again. >> let's go inside and check out what we can do inside. >> old fun. here we go. >> so, ben, i see you have nails, universal tool right here. >> man's best friend. duct tape. let me show you a couple things we can use this for after an
8:26 pm
earthquake. this window right here, because it's off kilter, we have open seams all along. i have a lot of air coming through. i want to stay comfortable at night. i want to keep that air out. it's as simple as that, all the way around. >> excellent. >> now i don't have any air coming in. let's say this one is one that would annoy me. everything is a little off. my doors won't stay closed. i take a piece of my favorite duct tape here, close it up. and at least it will stay out of my way when i'm trying to live throughout my day. if we're not talking about pressurized water, we're talking about just the drain, sometimes they're going to get a crack here. >> right, sure. >> and you're going to get a leak. duct tape around that is going to help us get through until we can get a plumber out and get that fixed as well. let's say we only have electricity in one room, so we're running extension cords across the house. if i'm going to run an extension cord from one room to the other, i don't want kids tripping on it. i don't want to trippon it. i take my trusty duct tape, tape it to the floor, and i don't have to worry about it
8:27 pm
getting kicked. >> great, great. look at this. let's look at the duct tape here because we see a big -- >> yes. in the event of an earthquake, i don't think we're going to have too many -- too much debris that's safe to put into a plastic bag, even as strong as it might be. these are called vice bags. this is what they use to put rice and things when they ship it. this is something where i take my glass, i can take broken pieces of wood, i can take anything sharp and fill it. and it's not going to puncture and come out. it's not going to fall all over the floor. i've not going to have it sticking out, maybe scratch myself, cut myself or anything like that. these are a great thing to have. >> you have a little go-to box for emergencies. that's great. thanks very much for joining us, ben. it's really been interesting. and i want to thank you all for joining us here at the spur urban center. and we'll see you again present
8:28 pm
8:29 pm
>> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone i hope your bundled up in this chilly place down here an exciting moment so welcome my name is deb the director of san francisco department of the environment and i'm thrilled to be here today, we have an amazing announcement to make with a phenomenal group of exams at my side it is not everyday we find ourselves blow ground in a parking garage to make a press announcements and some say an indication how far we'll go to take the lead i see that as reaching new height we're in fact, below ground electric vehicles that's why we're here
8:30 pm
basically we are here because the world needs to follow solve the climate problem an electric vehicles getting off of gallon and diesel is a big part of the solution electric vehicles are more and more adopt we're seeing more and more people buying electrical vehicles as people's awareness comes up to speed but the problem ero over and over is the lack avenue charging people don't have a place inform plug in their vehicle at night or at work we need to a solve that problem here in san francisco that's why we're here today because mayor ed lee and supervisor katie tang have a solution and their talk about that solution and help us understand both the need and the excitement as well as what is localities of that law will be so i first want to thank mayor
8:31 pm
ed lee for his leadership in maintaining us at the front lines of climate action thank you for your strong voice and reinforcing san francisco values of electing people and the environment no person feels that as deeply as mayor ed lee so let's welcome mayor ed lee and hear what he has to say. >> (clapping.) >> thank you thank you, debbie and you and the entire staff at the environment commission and department for your leadership to make sure we accomplish the climate agenda i as a also want to say thank you for supervisor katie tang in producing that important legislation mike i met you today congratulations on the wonderful building i understand now that all the
8:32 pm
tenants are being exposed to one of the best chinese restaurants on the cornerstone the golden carrousel let me begin by saying that our legislation and i just arrived in my official car that is the chevy volt every time he go in the car and that green engage didn't end he feel pretty good about getting around the city it is on sunshine and electric vehicle i'm contributing to the quality of life for everyone in the city i know that electric vehicle users and owners feel the same way but more and more than feeling good it makes sense that's why supervisor tang and i teamed up with the department of the environment to say what else can we support this growth
8:33 pm
it happens to be that 50 percent of all electric vehicles sales in the country happen in the state of california the bulk of which happen in the bay area so we got to support this trend we also know i know that a great part of it i think that someone in the federal government is using this word although we'll see it is infrastructure and it is important that as we have studied the establishment of charging stations around the city for quite a few of the years to figure out how better to support users and owners of electric vehicles by making that part of our infrastructure so the purpose of this legislation is that for all new developments going forward it will be required they create the infrastructure to support
8:34 pm
electric vehicles that didn't mean you - we're going to be requiring the build out but that means and one of the most expensive parts and time consuming parts after a building is built brick in the wiring to those buildings this is having a cost in my of the establishment across the country across the city a lot of users on every level wanting and desiring to have their electric vehicles but the infrastructure is not under will i'm talking about all the apartments buildings and the homes and a condition i think will end up saving the developers the cost of putting in one later to have it wired to charging stations can be placed there when the tenants and businesses move in i think this is exactly what i expected he wanted from our
8:35 pm
department of the environment to guide us because it is more thinking this is what we've been done all along in our entire lives as we accomplish what eave already done and it makes sense because right now i think we have a epa administrator that suggests that complying with environmental climate goal is anti business i suggest to you that the facts the real facts show in san francisco the contemporary market our city has been able to reduce the green house gas emissions by 23 percent at the same time that our population has grown by 15 percent and that that our economics are economy has grown by over 50 percent because people want to
8:36 pm
live in cities in buildings, that working believes that are greener and while this is happening and we believe - we had those conversations, in fact, i think we've done it art collaborated with the developers with investors with people in the housing coalition that are here today it makes sense to do it as early as possible in order to reduce the cost of putting in the infrastructure later on, i think this is just forward thinking and smart and also a commitment developers like mr. cohen who is already done it right here that's why we take advantage and thank you, mike for getting us in your garage i got to visit one of your units that is the right thing to do and this is how we work with everybody and collaborative with
8:37 pm
everyone in order to get to the climatic change goals that's why your operations people want to be part of the greener city not only are we taking care of infrastructure as recently a few weeks ago we announced a free city college one of the passes that one can take to city college we have many is the students and teachers here today is the i think many say called the hybrid and ev certification program at the san francisco city college and today, we have students and teachers let's give them a hand. >> (clapping.) >> they are part of the present and the future workforce the clean workforce those are clean mechanics you ever hear of a mechanic that is clean those are clean green mechanics as part of workforce and highlight them as
8:38 pm
part of legislation behind green goals of the city we've always this is something that deb and others and i talked about when she was hired but make sure we create those skill sets that's why commissioner tang and i are excited to introduce this legislation and make a milestone in your opinion particularly the residential development the other reason i know the housing action coalition is here when you build the infrastructure everyone can use is not just the people who are living in market-rate apartments low income units and the below-market rate unit and families that can now say hey in the infrastructure is there it takes away the ain't of considering 100 percent electric vehicle car for their use so the
8:39 pm
environment goals the climatic change goals it that we have shouldn't be in the way of people's prosperity and progress that is exactly the reason we wanted to make that announcements the way we're doing it in the building that is build out and inviting the residents to buy their mo' magic like 9 unit away from full capacity maybe in a few weeks they'll get this building occupied they've been open for less than a year thank you to everyone son staple for allowing us as a city to exemplify our climatic change million people inform other parts of the country are nay surveyors we have a friend and many cities in
8:40 pm
the state of california across the country who are collaborating on that very thing and want to be the best works i want to congratulate everyone here and thank you. let's get in legislation on and more buildings ready for the 100 percent easy ready city thank you. >> (clapping.) >> wow. there is cleaver a lot to celebrate here this is a legislation that is holistic in its view and holistic not only in the number of parking spaces that will serve but the number of people as well we're incredibly proud of that our next speaker supervisor katie tang is an incredible challenge she said deb how are we going to get more clare across the city and it was a great question and in fact, i was happy to hear her
8:41 pm
it was a question i was asking we've been looking at as a department for months before she asked that question but she wasn't willing to wait for us to come to her we have to lead by example what about our own fleet for the city police to be 100 percent electric so she called a hearing of city departments and said how will you get us to 100 percent so this is a politician a resident a woman who speaks from the heart and is has a vision of 100 percent electric san francisco and it is such an honor to work with her and get her help to a move 24 through the board of supervisors let's welcome supervisor katie tang >> (clapping.)
8:42 pm
>> thank you for being here. and thank you for the sf staff deb and jesse and others i saw everyone who is at the present environment listening to me you couldn't ask those questions you might wonder how i got interested i live in a multi unit building it is not as nice as this and timed to drive an electric vehicle i was researching and went so for as to test drive one, if i brought it home i couldn't plug it in i did contract the department of the environment and said to my surprised not surprised i was blessed spent a lot of time researching easy and had gone to other countries to see how it is they do it in norway and
8:43 pm
scandinavia taken the lead but felt like san francisco we should be the part continuing my tradition of corny jokes the mayor didn't have one we looked at the fleet and today director reaping mentions i'll be introducing legislation to make sure that by the year 2020 in san francisco we'll be utility weight emission we as city government take the leads on the issue but we through the other legislation that partnering with the mayor on will be able to make sure we are all electric vehicle ready in san francisco and i'll say another great benefit to being all electric in times of the emergencies much, much safer that is people think gosh we're reliant on the cars
8:44 pm
had is that we're driving what is in it and when things happen it is an "x" above device in terms of the electric it main ace in terms of our legislation we're looking at the fleet built in language as technology tons to improve we adopt to it and this is important we're not just stuck in the times right now there can be many things we can adopt to better technology and more efficient 0 i think outside the box at this time when we have individuals and entities in the federal government that don't believe in climatic change that here in san francisco we know that is real and that we need to address it now and plan for it plan for our future we have a have a future on the earth thank you for this especially the department of emergency management and let's
8:45 pm
go ev. >> (clapping.) >> wow. thank you, supervisor is to so inspiring to work in a city i'll surrounded by champions especially, as we compare to other parts of the country right now so as you've heard this ordinance was not done in a volume we worked on that with a large number of partners i want to thank you who are here that worked on this ordinance where you're from the housing world, the electrical utility or fellow city departments like the department of building inspection and the planning department we all came together to put that legislation before the board of supervisors but as you work on this sort of paper trail it is very hard sometimes to envision what the outcome looks like 0 so we're
8:46 pm
blessed to say have a real world example of what this ordinance about do for buildings in the future i did is a beautiful spot if this is an underground parking garage at least we can image the beautiful garden on top of us and he is juxtaposition the way that was envisioned i have to give oyster development a lot of credit they put in thirty electrical charging stations with no guarantee their occupants will get out there but a tremendous i know people without electric vehicles purchasing a parking space it was likely in the future they'll get an electric vehicle so oyster and mike
8:47 pm
understood they're not just meeting a present demand but for the future with that, help me in honoring mike ma cotton from oyster development. >> (clapping.) >> thank you there's so that note worthy things i'm tickled there is so many people in the garage thank you i don't have a gift of the previous speaker i'll read a little bit here so we're here bus rockwell has proved that the market for electric vehicles is strong and i'm here to express my support because it recognizes the growing demand for evs and many
8:48 pm
actions to turn back the negative impacts of the reliance rockwell is for the community with 200 and 59 units and 200 plus parking spaces all the spaces move behind the gate some of you witnessed that rockwell is visually sold-out with the homes available mayor. (laughter) to your point thirty spaces at this point westbound built in roughly 50 percent of 200 that have electrical car charges and only 3 available that's encouraging the market demand that 14 percent for this building type we've also put in the capacity
8:49 pm
coincidentally similar to the requirements of ordinance one of the innovations is charges mounted on the puzzle list not done before in the u.s. so i'll speak a little bit later to who helped us out but inform commercial about oyster development leads by gene creates with a focus on more than architecture for the needs of homeowners duo to date 53 oyster communities marlow a few blocks away and vetting to in the mission and rockwell for a previous company dean and i development at mission bay when is silver with all the communities have in common the
8:50 pm
playful more than architecture design that is in the present and looking forward which i believe attracts positive forward thinking people forward thinking people complete oysters goal of the successful community it is this personality that is compelled the electric vehicle market where it is today and ask that oyster upgrade rock wells parking spaces with the car charges san francisco home to the positive forward thinking people that will keep us at the forefront of social and environmental movement it is an 0 another example of our progressiveness that leads the money we didn't install more than 3 percent of charges and
8:51 pm
didn't have plans for expand ability after the sales office opened the abuser expressed an interest in the charges we were lucky to have the capacity and karate's enough to believe that we could find a way to install the charges without assurances that we could get the building department approval without the knowledge of the cost we presold most of 0 thirty charges with the help of charge portfolio here today their product cupertino the manufacturer of the puzzle list we were the first to accomplish what soon that be canopy in san francisco and every ciall aroun the world it took a well the
8:52 pm
genus you don't have to be lucky to have access capacity that will be built in i'm in support of easy readiness ordinance for the environmental benefits for the developers to prepare for the future i look forward to working with mayor ed lee and supervisor tang and the department of the environment and other stakeholders to fine-tune other factors the easy readiness ordinance it constitutional right critical for the future thank you >> (clapping.) >> that warms my heart to hear the developer call our policy genus thank you. >> the mayor said we are not alone in san francisco state of
8:53 pm
california is a beacon for the rest of the country and josh has made a goal of one half a million vehicles by two 25 the state gets the incentive allows us to drive in hov lines with emission cars takes citywide san francisco and as well as hayward and fremont and other places in california to make that real and make that possible for every person to take advantage of the driving an electrical car and incredibly important this 0 policy not just for about for those who can afford an expensive unit in san francisco this policy applies to
8:54 pm
affordable housing units and market-rate housing in order to do that we have to work with the housing developers to make sure whatever we put in place is practical for them as well and incredibly our honor to have met rob poole and worked with the housing action coalition and be a part of their world to hear from their members so the language in the ordnances is both achieveable for their development as well so with that, let's welcome rob poo poole. >> good morning i'll keep my remarks brief i'm a little bit tired tour affordable housing people will be installing the easy stations we're excited to be here for this ordinance at
8:55 pm
our heart we're on environmental organization and since we were created in 1999 one of the main goals to address the environmental challenge we know lies ahead if we can promote the principles like concentrating growth and housing production in the city and have initiative manufactured we can prepare users for the challenges despite what other say so you know we're an organization that advocates for housing of all levels of affordability whether moderate or high-end income with those things this makes the evictions more assessable to people at all levels of income i want to thank all you know all of groups that came together to form that
8:56 pm
ordinance first sf environment for doing the harked hard work and mayor ed lee and supervisor tang and to mike and his team at oysters and for being one of the early adopt oversees of this round of applause. >> (clapping.) >> and thank you so much we're looking forward to working with our housing community to promote innovative solutions. >> (clapping.) >> okay so winding down you've heard a lot wonderful passionate speakers speak from the heart and talk about the portions of this legislation i want to thank deeply mayor ed lee and sxhaeng for their leadership and their belief in us at the department of the environment
8:57 pm
with this ordinance we're laifrg the ground work literally for a clean vehicle future in san francisco that ground work is built on the shoulders of so mesopassionate and of so many hard working people thank you to mayor ed lee for it keeping us on track and thank you to supervisor katie tang and her staff and mike ma cotton and oyster and roepz and to tom huey his staff he allowed to partner with the department of the environment on crazy things make sure that will be a defensible and implementable ordinance that developers will know what to do with and his staff will know how
8:58 pm
to implement thank you, tom and the rockwell and eric nelson for the hospitality and sfgovtv and charge point charge point are an amazing partner they held us with the charges outside of city hall and i want to do a call out to city college and to nick and his team who this policy for them this policy is creating a demand for the infrastructure a demand for the vehicles and city college is going to be posed to meet that demand so the plo and the college work to make that a forward city we've heard from all the speakers so that's the end of the program i want to invite you if you've not seen a staek parking garage i know i've
8:59 pm
not we'll get a tour and how the electric charges are installed if you want to stay for the tour you may and the people will be available for interviews as well thank you very
9:00 pm
>> good morning and welcome to the transportation, board, april, 11, could you call the roll >> commissioner breed. >> present. >> cohen. >> absent. >> far ril chl >> absent. >> kim? >> absent. >> fewer. >> absent. >> commissioner rohnen. >> safai. >> present. tang is absent and