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tv   BOS Full Board 41117  SFGTV  April 15, 2017 7:00pm-9:21pm PDT

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>> thank you for your comments. >> thank you members of the public that want to provide public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues on the items for adoption without respect to committee including item number 14 has easement sam without objection those objections are approved unanimously and mr. clerk, please read the millenniums. >> today's meeting in in memoriam on behalf of supervisor breed our jan, and ms. mann i can't think and on behalf of the supervisor sheehy for the late victor moe. >> colleagues the end of the agenda madam clerk, is there any other business before this body? >> there's no further business. >> for today we're adjourned thank you,
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>> good morning and welcome to
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the transportation, board, april, 11, could you call the roll >> commissioner breed. >> present. >> cohen. >> absent. >> far ril chl >> absent. >> kim? >> absent. >> fewer. >> absent. >> commissioner rohnen. >> safai. >> present. tang is absent and we have a kwar um. >> could we have a motion to excuse commissioner cohen? and we will take that without objection, and would you please read the second item on the agenda. >> item, 2, citizen advisory committee report this is is an information item. >> thank you, good morning.
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>> good morning chair peskin and commissioners. i want to start out by saying, on march 24th, two members of the cac and myself and tanen received a tour, and with one group remaining, and it was the planning department staff that have prepared the e-mail notification system. >> i am glaed to see that is getting fixed. >> thank you. item seven, most of the questions in the request, regarding the brt will be resolving around the lawsuit and so we, for that reason, we didn't get a lot of up date on that. and then the other item was by the coalition allocation, and i want to pointed out and i did point out to the staff, that we give the ta gives a lot of money to the bike to workday. and i think that our
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acknowledgment on the bike key ligs website should be greater than others and so hopefully we will get a little more acknowledgment about how much that we are doing for the bike coalition. item 9, the interchange, improvement study, this item is near and dear to me as the frequent user, who is chased by the bike traveling at 40 miles an hour or more and who has seen, many families and others, crossing to get to the farmer's market. this was brought as a concern to campos and taken up as a major project by rohnen. by the community members of which i am the chair. i have to commend the staff on this and the out reach to get us where we are and the commitment to work with commissioner rohnen and the neighborhood to be sure that this will be completed in our lifetime.
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and reconnect. and item eleven, i wanted to talk about. cac members noted the shift of concerns towards and beyond the southern parts of the city as perhaps being indicative of decreased affordability. removal of certain blocks, and they have the indication that more people were moving into these areas and that this will result and i am having the lessbility for the funds based on no longer being considered a community certain concern, sorry. >> the staff suggested using the block method, did not mean that this is the case. they would benefit from being adjacent to coc, and on that i will. >> thank you. >> are there any questions for mr. wadling? >> seen none, is there any public comment on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. that is an information item. mrr clerk could you read the consent agenda.
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>> three to four, and these are considered are you turoutine, i object, any of these items may be removed and considered separately. >> would any member like a presentation on the prelim results of bart perks program which we have been briefed on in the past? any members of the public that would like to comment on the consent agenda? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and the minutes are adopted. and why don't we move on to item number five. >> roll call vote. >> roll call for and that is right. on the minutes, roll call. >> made a yee and seconded by shehi. >> breed aye.
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>> far ril absent. >> fewer, aye. >> peskin, aye. >> ronen naye. >> safia, aye. >> tang? >> aye. >> yee? >> aye. >> minutes are approved. item five, please? >> adopt positions on state legislation this is an information/action item. >> mr. watts? >> thank you, chair and members and i am here to be finally to give you an overview of the passage of the transportation finance bill. but first i want to just indicate that in the packet you have several select bills that we are monitoring and watching, and no new bills are being added on at this point in time and some new major policy issues will be in the coming weeks and i anticipate the legislation in that arena emerging and we will deal with those at that point in time if that is to your
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satisfaction. >> in addition, the staff prepared an updated memo of last week's member though that went into the package to talk about the transportation funding is now out of date. briefly for an overview perspective, sd one is produces over 5 billion a years, roughly estimated to be 52 billion over a ten year time horizon. from the taxes increases and it looks as if half of the road repair is dedicated to local governments and the other half is retained by the state and there are some other transportation elements that the state would contract to control or exercise control over. >> and the last that i heard that was 22 to 28 million, for
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the street repaving for san francisco. >> i believe that is what i have here is 17 and a half million. of maybe rises to it has a built in index and so the 76 is the reflection over the ten years. it gets low and gets up over the 20. and i would like to tell you about the tax and go into more detail on the local impacts and wrap it up. if that is okay with you sir. >> mr. watts, we have all read a lot and we would love to hear it from you. >> i can't tell you all of the secret stories, but if i could figure out. so sb one has essentially has four new tax or four increases in taxes.
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the gas tax has two components, the base gas tax which we have had all along which is the 18 cents a gallon, as well as the price based tax which was the conversion of prop 32, on the excise tax. the base gas tax is raised 12 cents and it begins in november of this year. it was set at that date because that is when the summer blend comes off and they felt that there might be a price adjustment that will accommodate the increase in the tax rate at that time. >> in addition the price based tax that i mentioned, is already geared to go up two cents a gallon july the first, on the board of equalization and adjustment and they will let that adjustment happen one more time and they think that it is going to be three cents and then in 201 #, they will set the price base and stop the annual adjustment process to the board of equalization, at the 17.3 cents, and so in essence and it
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will result in a base of 30 plus the new fixed excise tax at another seven and a half cents on top of that. >> so a doubling of the gas tax. >> it is for i have not heard it say that way, straight forward. >> the diesel tax is raised again simply to the gas tax in the fall. and that is a 20 cent per gallon, for the diesel foo ul and that raises $720 million through that ten year averaging and there is also a zero emission vehicle tax that does not go into effect until 2020. the governor described it himself as he is trying to balance initiatives that he sponsored and supported that encouraged folks through
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incentives to purchase zero emission vehicles and didn't want to have a heavy zero emission vehicle. that proceeds shgs and so he delayed it until, 2020, and so that was the compromise that was worked out there. and that would be $100 a year. i don't know the name of this fee, but it is a hi brid registration fee it is not in the law but it acts like the vlf and it is based on the value of the vehicle and it starts at 25 dollars for vehicles less than 5,000 dollars in value, and raises to $175 and i think in a four steps or maybe in the five steps, $175 for vehicles that are valued at a $60,000 or more. and that would as well start in late in 2018.
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the shift 145 million as stipulate you lated for the cycle coming up. and as i understand it, there are major capitol investments that are intended to be recipients of the portion of it going forward. and on the state grants to
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transit agencies there is two parts to that and i mentioned the diesel sales tax and in addition to the portion of the new hybrid readministratigistra. and on the diesel sales tax that is flexible and it be spent on operations it is allowed to be spent on operations or capitol. and the mta here in town and pardon me. and here in san francisco. 27 million, and bart will receive, 4.9 and cal train, 3.9 and the portion that is transferred from the hybrid registration fee will be dedicated to the capitol purposes because it is more directly tied to article 19 restrictions in the constitution. and mta would receive 11 and a half million, and bart 6.3, and cal train, 1.5 million of that
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for the state of good repair and the other capitol purposes. the total it looks like the annual amount coming into the city, is over, 65 million dollars. and as i calculated it on the annual basis. and there are some competitive opportunities for agencies here. the ta and for mta and bart and others. there is a transit and inner city rail, there are the passenger rail fees and that is not competitive and i apologize for that. active transportation, some planning grants, and there is a new category that receives a quarter billion of a dollar a year over the next ten years. and that would sum up my presentation on this, i would be happy to take questions, and i have one more topic on the cap and trade and conclude. >> colleagues?
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any questions on senate bill number one approved by the state legislature last thursday. good news for this mu n municipality for the state of california. >> for for mr. watts, but i know that the ta staff asked if they would present and mr. watts did a great job of what is coming to the city and county of san francisco that they will present a visual to help commissioners understand the break down. >> on that point i am not good at technology, there in is your packet a summary and also available on the computer, if i knew what i was subpoenais u su dochlt >> this is actually the simplest technology and all that you have to do is lay it down and bang it pops up for everybody to see. >> there you go, a poll guys.
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>> no wrryes. >> and that lays out the 17.6 million that mr. katz referenced as well as the additional operating and state of good repair dollars totaling $66 million that were set forth. any questions commissioner kim? other members? mr. watts would you like to move on to the other piece of legislative information. >> yes as you may have read there was a recent app ellat court and by all accounts everything that i have been able to pick up with the conversation of the administration and the other folks involved, it looks like either side had committed they are going to keep raising the issue up to the next court level and while that is going on, there is still the issue that even if it is validated as not being atax, it still, and it
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ends in 2020, and so the administration and some of the leadership who have been working on this transportation package are ready to shift gears and go to the extension of cap and trade and i think that they would hope to achieve a two-thirds vote level so that it, and it neerz it from any further attacks going forward. >> are there any members of the public that would like to comment on item number five? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, do we need to or let me defer to the staff. do we need to take any actions because there is no new, there is no new positions being taken. so that will be an information item. and we will move on to item number 6. mr. clerk. >> item 6, a amend the adopted fiscal year 2016/17 budget to increase revenues by $13,396,777, increase expenditures by
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$15,356,835, and increase other financing sources by $21,335,835 for a total net increase in fund balance of $19,375,777 >> miz fong. >> good morning, deputy director for finance and administration. and what you have before you is a presentation of the fiscal year 16, 17, budget. and amendment, and i first would like to recap just what the ta budget includes, it includes sales tax revenue, sales state and regional grants and the vehicle registration fees for the prop aa and the fund for clean air, and revenues. and the treasure island, mobility agency, and expenditure and revenue and our capitol projects and our capitol expenditures operating and admin and service costs. >> in terms of the ta budget we
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have budgeted adopt a budget of $125 million. 87 percent of that represents sales tax revenue, while the remaining 14 percent represents federal, state and regional grant and prop aa vehicle registration fees. and internal interest income and other revenues. they have adopted a budget, and this represents 96 percent for the prop k, aa our tfca and our projects. and the remaining four percent represents personnel expenditure and non-personnel costs that reports the office rent and lawyer fees and legal fees, and the odysseys and in addition to the office supplies and things that run in the office and also, includes within the four percent, our revolve it credit
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loan costs. >> for those people who are listening carefully, and just heard that our expenditures are twice as much as our income, would you like to explain that to everybody who is watching? >> yes. as everyone may remember, we have approved a loan from the resolving credit agreement. and this loan in addition to a bond would help to fund the division between the $125 million, and the 120 million of expenditures. and we will be bringing before you the physician calling year of 17, 18, in the months of may and june and there you will see a bond that will also come before you for your approval. >> thank you. >> okay, and moving on to the budget amendment now. >> the budget amendment is our opportunity to take stock and changes in revenues recognizing
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new grants and in addition to acknowledging unforeseen expenditures and reflecting any new information that has come before us in the past nine months. and for anyone who has a packet, and or is looking at the budget on-line, attachment one is your executive level view of the ta budget and you will see each fund represented in addition to what the exhausted budget has. what the change is and what the new proposed budget would include. >> attachment two is a detail level of review, specifying every single grant in addition to each detailed line item of expenditures in addition to those changes related to them. and attachment three is a line ilt em description, explaining each increase as if and increase and decrease in our budget amendment. and moving forward to the actual major changes in the revenues, and expenditures we have a few new grants and we have the south of market freeway ramp
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intersection grant for $77,000 to add to the budget and this is to develop a priority set of short and medium and long term safety improvements and we also received a commuter hub study for $70,000 to evaluate the shuttles on the neighborhood safety and the environmental and the public transportation, we receive the additional, 621,000 commitments in the tida for the treasure island, mowbility agency and this includes the park and management plan, in addition the board has approved $800,000 for the geary and the bus rapid transit and this was for environmental analysis to address community input in addition to the time to work with fta and includes the cost for the legal defense for our err. we have the island that is for
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the major projects to the year. we are carrying forward in addition to the winter season that the project has, and suffered through. and delays in the tree removal and foundational work caused by the early nesting of birds in the construction area. and in addition to adding some additional scope for the vista point as well. and we have also experienced this project delay in connect to success and due to the longer than anticipated start up and contracting process. >> and we also have an increased to the administrative costs and we have included budget amount for the development of a potential 2018, local revenue measure, in addition to adding some additional cost to help to maintain the ta's accounting system. >> and in total, we are seeking increase in 7 percent in our revenues for approximately, 15 million and increasing for 7
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percent revenues. we have included a $25 million draw on the revolving credit agreement. we received the invoice request for reimburse amount for the vehicles and we are anticipating more of those invoices to come in the next few months and have requested included the 46 and million, and pull down from the resolving loan as authorized by the board in 2017. and here you just see a chart of just how much additional resolving credit agreement that we have pulled down, with that i am more than happy to answer any questions. you may have. >> do you have any questions relative to item six? seeing none, are there any members of the p you believe who
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would like to testify on this item. >> seeing none, we will close public comment. we have a different house could you read the role. for the budget. >> yeah, motion first? and this is the interesting thing and when we are on the agenda, and the motion made by commissioner yee, and seconded by, commissioner tang, and on that item, a roll call, please? >> on items six, commissioner breed? >> aye. >> fer relevant ril. >> aye. >> fewer. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> commissioner, peskin. >> rohnen. >> commissioner safai. >> aye. >> shehy. >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> commissioner yee. >> aye. >> the item passes. all right, the next item please. >>
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allocate $193,475 in prop k funds for bike to work day 2017 and the central richmond neighborway project, with conditions, and appropriate $602,254 in prop k funds for the geary bus rapid transit project, subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules . subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow schedules and this is an action item. did you hear mr. waddling i thought well, laced admonition. all right? >> i did, and i can address that as well. >> excellent. >> i will do the first two requests and hand it over to my colleague. >> all right so this morning, the first request is for a promotion and an event day services for the bike to workday, 2017, which is mail eleventh, the events include energizer stations, to receive, information and bicycle repairs and refreshments and it will be promoted and the statements will be located across the city. and the san francisco county, bicycle coalition will be the
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leader and the organizer. and each year, the sfmta conducts accounts to evaluate the effectiveness and see the increasing participation including 13.6 percent, survey shows that many people have started biking because of bike to workday. and bike to workday is listed in the san francisco bike strategy as a tool to help to normalize the transportation and grow the mode share. and to speak to mr. waddling's point we do include a note in our -- and it kind of, and it is on the page 83 of your packet. and just as a reminder that our standard grant agreement for every grant, requires that all fliers brochure and posters and etc., with the prop k funding comply with the attribution requirements that requires to display the logo and we also discussed with sfmta and there
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in their sponsor ship of this event, we have made it clear to the bike coalition that our expectation is that the public investment will be recognized. >> so, moving on to the central committee neighbor way. this interest is for $155,000 in prop k funds for planning and out reach for the central richmond project that aims to calm the traffic and improve the bicycle connections to golden gate park, this builds on the earlier district one and the planning work. and in the san francisco bike strategy. which identified 23rd avenue as a priority bike route. sfmta has revised the interest after conducting with commissioner fewer's office to include the investigation of the improvements on the parallel routes, such as 18th and 22nd. and this request is expected to result in final conceptual designs and environmental clearance by spring of 2018. and i can hand it over to my
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colleague, to talk about geary. >> mr. dental post. >> thank you. with the transportation authority. so this request is for about 600,000 to complete the environmental process for the geary bus rapid transit project. and the current status as a review is of course, as you know is just that the project, eir was certificated by the board back in january. and as part of that it was separated from the federal environmental process and the environmental impact statement by agreement of the transit administration in order to expedite the process and we are working on that and that work is under way, and there was also a legal challenge which was stated earlier filed in february. and that was against the eir that was certificated in january. and so the additional pieces of scope that will be funded by this request are to complete the
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separate eis as part of that federal process and there is additional effort there as well as to incorporate the minor design changes, and so specifically for example, the 27th avenue, transition, where they transition from the center to the side and we heard the feedback from the community members and back in january, i committed that we would take another look at that desin, so there is additional environmental analysis and design work going on there and that is part of this request as well as finally responding to that challenge and pro-he vieding for the defense of the document. >> that was just a quick refresher and this is the overview of the project that includes, the bus only lanes all the way from market street to the 34th avenue, along the corridor and it also includes the various other improvements with the up grades and the changes to stops. traffic signal, and priority improvements, and up grades,
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including new repaving, and street lights and light and other amenitieamenities. >> funding for the project total cost is $300 million and that includes about a little over, 200 million in funding from sources that have been identified and includes 100 million that we are seeking from a federal fta small starts grant. there is about, 91 million in sources still to be identified. the positions the project well to compete for the various grant funded sources. and we have identified the sources for that 91 mill other than. >> finally the schedule looking forward, we have completed the eir but we are coming back with
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the eis and also the sfmta for we will need to take their sequa action to make their findings and we are expecting both of those things to happen by some time this summer. so will be happening. >> and with that, we can take any questions. thank you. >> are there any questions from commissioners for them as it relates to these prop k allocations. seeing none, are there any members of the public who would like to comment on this item. seeing none, public comment is closed. and is there a motion to approve item 7? >> made by breed and seconded by sheehy and on item a roll call. >> same house same call? >> our house is the same. >> same house, same call.
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the action is item eight, allocate, 5 million, allocate $5,464,675 in prop k funds, with conditions, for the downtown extension including $4,549,675 for preliminary engineering and $915,000 for a tunneling options engineering study, and appropriate $200,000 for oversight of the downtown extension, subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules . >> so we heard about this at our last meeting, mr. cortiba is available to answer any additional questions. i believe that mr. sabonya is here from the tjpa. both of you, a couple of few things, one is i think, the notion that we are all laboring under that this does not commit us necessarily to the street
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alignment, but that we areal locating this approximately, 5 and a half million dollars for do further work on the alignment. but it does not preinclude any action by this or any other body as relative to a different alignment that we want to go in understanding all of the cost implication, and the pros and cons for either alignment is that your understanding? the development of phase two without impacting the rid study. once the rid stuffdy is complet later this year, we will be able to down to the sta and city and county of san francisco and to develop the strategies for bringing the train to the transit center as soon as possible. and then our trustee, commenter from the public, mr. lebron sent in an e-mail that i think that
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we are all in receipt of and that was also, forwarded by commission staff. relative to having a position at your agency. for a senior, and it is my understanding that indeed, you will be keeping a position opened for just that task in the future. >> yes. we are the only person currently working for the tjpa and so i need a little bit of help and once we move forward and i will give you to sfmta and the department of public works as well to again, to share, to gain or to receive some of their expert adverti expert expertise, i have already talked to mr. fungi about stealing his knowledge. >> he told me that he is available for the threats. and then with regard to of what
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wi all have on cut and towsen. and mr. lebron suggesting some emerging technology, that might allow it to be forwarded. every option
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>> these funds will allow for the cover work as well as updates to construction work estimate and rider ship and the ride of way costs. with the current turmoil in the federal transportation funding picture we need to keep the ball
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running, i urge you to approve these fund. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> good morning, share peskin, and vice chair tang and commissioners my name is bruce and i am the chair of the tjpacac and i am the member of the high speed rail and also central subway committee advisory groups, board members and transportation of the south beach neighborhood association.
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thank you. >> thank you, sir, next speaker, please. i am with patrick and company in san francisco. and i grew up with the third and townsend connection and i moved to fourth and townsend, we need to get the train downtown, and the dtx is a critical element, and this board has dallieed for the last four months, not approving these funds and that is no v in the critical path to accomplish this goal, i urge that this board take immediate action and approve this request to keep this project moving, we don't need any more delays and i have not heard you speak negatively, and so gets on the band wagon and get this thing approved. thank you.
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>> commissioners, i'm jim, and i am here to say, and i am here today to say, that what is before you is a big deal. and the public and the media may not understand it, but it is. the measures that you will approve today, or i want to say that the you know for the last five years, we have fusted around on how to get the train downtown, and we have not had a plan. and so what you have before you today, is finally a way to do that. but that is only part of it, because the study is integral to that and if you approve the planning department's budget for the next fiscal year that will all be funded in a year from now we will have a coherent plan to get the train from the south side of the hill downtown. so, this is, this is something that you know, we have been
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fussing with for many, many years and it's now time to tidy it up. and important ingredient is that your ta staff with the money that has been allocated will have the ability and to make sure that all of the ability and the public agencies play nice, which certainly has not been true, in the past. and to accomplish this we will call out a couple of people -- and he is on a lot of committees but he never lost sight of the bigger picture of how to get the train downtown, regardless of what is there, and the other is your staff and the director chang and who with the cloud of the money has managed to whip into shape, the various city departments and will continue to over see to make sure that we
7:49 pm
will have what we have been long, missing in that is the coherent plan to get the train downtown, thank you. >> thank you, mr. hess mr. speaker please? >> yeah, good afternoon, and the city supervisors, and i'm marvin and i am with the operating engineers, and we would like to you know, urge you to approve the tjpa prop k allocation interest request to extend the engineering and the design work for the downtown rail extension and the engineering and the design work is focused on elements that are common due to all of the elements currently being considered in the rnb, reb study and therefore these funds will provide essential information to continue advancing this important project whatever the out come of the rib study is. and just for regular guy, construction worker that provide good union jobs for you know,
7:50 pm
local hire people and the people in the bay area, and so they can have a fighting chance to stay in the bay area, and with a, really help our apprenticeship, that will give the minorities and the people to start a career in construction, and let alone the infrastructure needs for downtown to alleviate some of the tra of course traffic, and so i think that it is a win-win win and i would like to urge you to help with the process here. >> thank you, sir. >> see no other members of the public for public comment, public comment is closed. and before we have a motion, and a vote, let me just say particularly to mr. patrick a couple of things which is that i believe that this commission has taken this allocation which in the grand scheme of things is a drop in the bucket of what this downtown extension will ultimately cost.
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i think that we have taken it very seriously, particularly in light of the fact that with all due respect, phase one has been an absolute nightmare as it relates to cost over runs, and the delays, and no offense, mismanagement, and so, when we go into phase two, as i have said and i think that other members of this commission have said. we want to do it with our eyes wide open. we do not want to repeat but instead, we want to learn from all of the unfortunate things that happened in phase one. and as a matter of time and delay, we are aware of the fact that the cal train electrication due to the actions or no inactions because of the city but because of the federal administration has been delayed and i don't think that this delay four months in approving would originally a $7 million request is now $5 and a half
7:52 pm
million, is not ultimately going to delay a downtown extension when it is properly built and with that, do we have a motion to approve item 8? >> made by vice chair tang, and seconded by commissioner kim. and on that item, same house same call. the allocation is finally approved. >> item nine. >> adopt the alemany interchange improvement study. this is an action item. >> miss hyattishgs. >> not so much, i am standing in for her, i am jeff hudson the deputy director for planning here at the tran pourtation authority. i am here to present on the final report for the interchange improvement study that i trust will be coming up and. study proposes several changes to make it safer, and easier for
7:53 pm
people to navigate the maze. particularly on foot and by bike as well as to make the navigation, clearer for the people who are driving. and when we get a next slide up there, we will show you that this study was district 9's planning project. go to the next. >> and this slide shows the neighborhood we are looking at. and the purpose is to improve safety and access for travel
7:54 pm
between the three residential neighborhoods that surround both the alemany maze and the farmer's market which is traversed by several high injury corridors it is an area that has several gaps in the biking network and the major safety issues for the pedestrians particularly because of an informal path that pedestrians have developed to or that have the crossing six lanes of high speed traffic without any signals or protection. in order to get to the farmer's market and get there and back with the bags of zuchinnsxishgs what have you from the farmer's market. >> so in next slide shows the whole area. and it is kind of hard to see at this level. so i will refer to you, if you have the report in front of you it is on page 13, where you can see it more closely. and as you can see the maze is
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pretty well named, it is kind of complicated to go through that area. the upper graphic here shows the existing conditions and the lower graphic shows the recommended improvements and in the next few slides we will zoom in to see a few of those specific improvements. >> the next piece is the
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intersection of san bruno, and eastbound and this is the proposed reconfiguration of that if you will click it again, you will go from the existing conditions to what the new configuration will look like. and it basically is it clears up a confusion about who is supposed to be where? right now, we have cars and bikes and pedestrians, all not entirely sure which part of the asphalt is theirs to use. and so we have conflicts that are dangerous and so we want to clear that up. >> with several painted bulb outs that we think that will make a significant difference to that. >> and then the third piece to show, is the phase two of the project. and i will get to in describing the implementation, and this is the part that will formalize what is currently an informal path that pedestrians use to avoid a long route that they
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would have to travel if they followed if they follow the route that is currently prescribed. the path that is currently prescribed is one that would have the pedestrians cross five different cross the road in fieft different place and go two blocks out of their way from the intersection of san bruno and alameny and then another five enter sexes and two blocks out of the way to come back. not a particularly safeway to go, but, people do it their recommendation there is to put in the new signal, two new sidewalks and a new traffic
7:58 pm
signal and two new crosswalks and a path across the area that median area. and that will be a little bit complicated because s it is an area that floods and we have to do the work to figure out how that works well and then the pedestrian scale lighting. to make it all safe. at all times of the day. >> finally, when we talk about the implementations strategies, and so phase one is what i described in the first few specifics that is a relatively manageable cost and you can see that we have it estimated at 277,000 and have you already approved the funds to do this work through the end tip capitol funding program. sfmta the partners will be leading the design in construction for that and have that completed in 2018. and phase two is the more
7:59 pm
complicated part, and it has got a slightly higher cost, and still only over, two million dollars, and again, have you already funded the first step of that, which is a survey in preliminary design and then further steps will be led by sfdpw in coordination with mta, and cal trans, and that will take a little bit longer to get them. >> and i am happy to take any questions. >> any questions, and commissioner? congratulations. >> thank you very much for all of the ta work on this. this was a top priority for the former commissioners. this one my number one priority for a number of reasons and colleagues i don't know if you have been at a pedestrian and a biker or a driver in the alameny
8:00 pm
maze it is a met. it is a confusing true maze two flee ways and five off-ramps and on-ramps and people walking across what is a freeway. on the ground. and when it rains, it is flooded everywhere, it is flooded under the freeways, it is flooded on alameny and two lines are completely blocked off on one side of the street. and it needs to be a priority to fix for a number of reasons. number one it cuts my district in half and essentially makes it an island sxh divides it from vernal heights. and number two, as you mentioned it is incredibly unsafe. and i said, and i go to the
8:01 pm
farmer's market on most week ebdz and i live there and i do take the time to go out of the way to walk. cross right at a freeway off-ramp where there is actually a light. but what i watch is tons of people using that informal path which is basically running across five lane freeway to fwet to the farmer market on the other side. what i watch is senior after senior, with their kashtsdz to the farm ir's market and i can't believe and i am knocking on wood here that there has not been more serious injuries and to me this is an equity issue. that the portula is a neighborhood that is working class low income neighborhood with a majority of chinese res that is literally surrounded by
8:02 pm
freeways, which way that you go. i am wondering why it is going to take until 2018 to complete phase one which we needed two or three years ago? >> so, do you have help on that? >> thank you, our understanding is that it is the normal schedule for the agency to deliver to the phase one and we work to expedite that. the good news is that with the new funding deal there could be additional active transportation funds. so also, accelerate phase two. so our hope not to lose time and but to expedite them with the
8:03 pm
implement s agencies. >> it is really important to me that we get phase one done as soon as possible. and i would also love an estimate on phase two, which you expect that work to begin. >> we don't have a firm schedule we need to do the investigation with the cal transto understand the puc in this area. by this summer we should be able to provide you with a schedule. >> again i will be working with you and be bringing this up constantly. because this is safety issue. and i want to expedite and if there is new sources of funding comeing in and imagine if we could make this project bigger than phase one and phase two. >> indeed.
8:04 pm
thank you. >> any other questions? >> commissioner? >> thank you, commissioner rohenn for taking the lead on this. i too want to ak co-a lot of the xhepts that were made here and a lot of the residents in my district traversed the same dangerous class ways and it is a lot of families and it is a lot of people taking their children on bikes. this is a top priority to accelerate the implementation of this. >> commissioner yee? >> i just want to be supportive of commissioner rohnen and to
8:05 pm
celebrate this particular area. i don't cross there. but, certainly i do drive through there and you can drive through there and it is confusing. and i can imagine as i am paying attention to, which exit or which turn and everything else frment >> thank you for your work, are there any members of the public? >> miss lee? >> >> thank you, cha irand commissioners i feel like this is already been said, but honestly, i feel like if i could just put all of you commissioners at that spot where these streets meet, it would make passing projects and getting approval for funding so much easier, once you are there, you will see, you will see these fast moving highways and these
8:06 pm
amazing farmer's mark ket and maybe i am bias, it may be the best one and you just want to go there but there is no way to get there. >> again, i think that commissioner you put this very well that this is a question of equity and we are looking at food and the transportation network will not get you there and i think that it really just lives out what the neighborhood improvement program is supposed to be. and we are looking at these multi modal routes. in nardz that can build out how the people get around, thank you for the staff and commissioner, gs and continue to support this and really i think that you are right. why do we have to wait so long when we know this is a great idea.
8:07 pm
>> any other members of the public? >> if not, is there a motion to adopt the study made by commissioner rohen, and on that, same house, same call, the study adopted. and next item please? >> adopt the western addition community-based transportation plan [ntip planning] final report . >> miss harris from the mta. >> good morning commissioners my name is monday ka and i am the complete streets manager at the sfmta and i am accompanied by dani daniel. and i will be kicking off the presentation and daniel will be finishes off. so to start off thinking very much for having us here this morning and we presented just last week to the sfmta board. and we are thrilled to be here
8:08 pm
for our findings and recommendation foz this exciting project. so to kick off with the bockfest ground, the effort life line, program, and it is fupded with partnership of breed's office. >> the background is to work in partnership with breed's office and with the community to reallind the transportation needs to come up with an informed set of recommendation and so we crafted a process that was community fueled and it was one of where we developed it in three phases. building upon the next and the high level and goal setting and
8:09 pm
second wadz more of a location specific and then the third and final phase, was the desin or the review process. >> so three phases each building upon the next. and each phase have three to five workshops. so we engaged with over, 380 residents, and you will know from the average meetings here that we really tar eted existing meetings to insure that we are maximizing participation rather than having to create an additional meeting for the folks to come out to. and the magic provider was the group that he with met with to start with that color of feedback. the first phase this is high level. and we had a cool where we ask the for questions and then we had a more interactive game where the folks marked up mapdz, about which modes they used to
8:10 pm
really be more interactive and engaging to inform the goal that would have set the framework for the rest of the project. >> and these goals that resulted from meetings and this phase came to the three categories, which is transit and safety and security and street conditions, and we have several goals in each of these categories. the necked phase was getting into more detail more location specifics where wred as a tool box and really saw ourselves as at the nta as technical experts.
8:11 pm
8:12 pm
8:13 pm
8:14 pm
you >> long term recommendations, these are a larger capitol projects and they are
8:15 pm
partnerships with our friends at rec and park as well as puc, and they include, two large community jekz v connections projects on laguna, and they work to improve the safety and access to use these recreational spaces that were identified as community, assets throughout the out reach process. and they include, treatments like bulb out to reduce the pedestrians and enhanced crossings and the pedestrian lighting as well as rapid flashing beacons to notify the drivers that are pedestrians are there. this final part and probably the most exciting part is the walkable western edition which is a pedestrian lighting network that establishes six corridors better slated for lighting and they respond to some of the community top concerns. and that thir very responsive to their concerns that were not specifically transportation related and that was their
8:16 pm
ability to make light night connections throughout community and that is in regard to their perceptions of security and addressing the crime concerns that the community has here. so last part is funding and implementation. so we have funds and program for the near and mid terms, phases and we will continue to pursue funding for the long term. additional out reach, for the community for the designs and they will require designs and environmental review as well as receive, sfmta board approval. and at this time, near term recommendations are to be completed this year and, mid herm to be completed next year. and i have and that is the end of the presentation and i am happen combr to take questions. >> thank you. miss harris and commissioner bleed, and any questions or
8:17 pm
comments. >> thank you, and for the presentation and i am excited about the attention that has been given to the western edition. i know that when this out reach was first started, it moved a little slow, and we didn't have a lot of presentation, i mean not a lot of participation, but thanks to mo magic and also the team for just trying to look at other ways to reach out to the community, i think that there has been a lot of input, and i think when we first made changes to the rapid and changed the bus stops and the community was really taken by surprise. and which is why this out reach process is so important to me and in making sure that the folks who are impacting by the changes have the say in what happens in the community, and
8:18 pm
that they spend so much time in. and they lived there. and they, they know the challenges and it is important to they have input in this process. and i am really excited about the mall, and i know that we have put other dollars into activating the mall. a place that when i whats a kid was a place to hang out all of the time and there were just never any stop lights and there always has been challenging with the people crossing the mall and when i was the executive trekter of the complex, you know, with he had some of our staff would basically spend time at that area, walking kids across the street. because you know, it was definitely car speeding, and on fulton street, and the cars and then, buses and tourists and it
8:19 pm
has always been the nervousness about the kids who are crossing street and the elderly, are crossing the street and what can we do to make, a neighborhood where a lot of kids and a lot of elderly people spend a lot of time walking in the neighborhood and using public transportation, how can we make this community safer for them? and i think that this plan is a step in the right direction. and i am excited to implement many of the suggestions here. i know that there have been a number of concerns that the people have expressed in implementing any plan you are not going to necessarily make everyone happy but ultimately, i know that many of the improvements and things that we plan to do, will still have a process in place, and so, all all although this plan is a guide and there might be changes during the process of trying to implement this particular guide. but definitely look forward to
8:20 pm
implementation and seeing some of the changes and more specifically, i am excited about what is happening even now on webster and ofaro where a lot of kids cross to go to rosa parks. i am excited for what is going to happen on scott street because that as a former middle school, we will always taking our life in our own hands and crossing the street. the neighborhood in terms of activation and activity all around, has changed a lot. and i think that the goal is to make sure that we provide a change in how and how transportation and bicycles and
8:21 pm
cars and all of those things that cross what is pretty much the center of the city and how we make sure that we keep the people and this is a neighborhood and bekeep the people there safe in the pro-process. and i am excited and i want to ask just a few questions. but just wanted to hear the feedback on what the community said about golden gate boulevard and that verses what has been interested and can you pro-he vied some details on that.
8:22 pm
often on the streets when you wake up in the morning, somebody's car has been side swiped and this is at golden gate, and from coming down that hill. and so, can you tell me about the road that is being proposed for the golden gate avenue and specifically how the bike lanes will work and why we come to the conclusion for the plan? >> the concept of designs and we
8:23 pm
are planning to go out back out to the community to do more out reach and get more feedback about how they would like that bike lane to look. how does this impact the church and what out reach was done to include them in the process? because i know that there are a lot of, and there are.
8:24 pm
i wanted to understand the out reach work that went into it that they know what is being proposed to change the area. >> there was no further out reach, specifically in how it wou would. and talk about them in the design opings. >> i think that part of it is that especially when you talk about driveways, and so there is a large there was a development on golden gate boulevard and
8:25 pm
they have a driveway and so just access to driveways, and how if there had been significant changes that are going to impact people's lives we need to make sure that even though, . and the churches that i know in particular, are definitely used to things being certain way, and so i want to make sure that as we adopt this plan, this is a guide and then as we begin the process of possible implementation, and i don't want there to be the wrong impression that we are going to just push these things through
8:26 pm
aggressively without making s e sure. planning director. i want to say that there is a lot of excitement at mta about this plan and specifically about the effort that went into creating it. the process of what is really, a true importance here, and we do see this. keep working with the community this is not and the people say this, that this is not going to sit on a shelf. these are relationships that we have built, and we do want to keep following through on it and making sure that we continue to be responsive to what people who live around here need and work
8:27 pm
around here. there has abeen a comment push to come up with really reenvisioning the mall and making it into making it into an incredible place for the community and a lot of activation and a lot of work has gone into it already. but part of the work could include and it should be collaborative with what is being pro-he posed in terms of public safety, as it results to the intersections that we are looking to change.
8:28 pm
we all know what walk stops are, and they can be some what moasac and colorful and fun which helped to cut down on speed and intersections and those could be potentially incorporated into just to allow some sort of a connection of the mall as a whole, from the point of eddie street to fulton street and how that works, i don't know, but i know that the community is still coming together and talking about the mall and they have some ideas as to what they would
8:29 pm
like to see.
8:30 pm
>> i got involved, we were trying to get rosa park shoved in between big streets, and i found out that that school actually has one of the biggest bike champions, she writes a blog that is international read called home of the city, and the brett whose kids go to the elementary and he is the guy who using a bike app drew a turkey for thanksgiving, these are big bike champion and we went to their friday with their parents we found out that they did not feel comfortable having their elementary school children walk in the area because the streets were not safe, in came the western edition, and the community based transportation plan is that the development areas or mtc and there is just amazing opportunity and i just want to thank danielle and the rest for meeting people where
8:31 pm
they are at and having this community out reach be very comprehensive and i think that there are a couple of big learning moments here and i hope that the ta staff could take away, that planning takes a long time to do it right, you have to meet the people and have a lot of meetings and takes a while, but the second big learning here is that you can come to a conclusion that works and you can get really good out comes from it. there are the learning modes for the staff on this and thank you, breed for mentioning the bike lanes and if you know, golden gate, and the street, and i would like to see the similar treatments on both of them and we would like to see going through the environmental review, the protected bike lanes, and just a thing that we heard a lot for the members of the tender loin, and making sure that the commissioner kim is getting more attention for the bike lanes there and make that whole kicks from the market all the way to the western edition to help all communities. >> thank you. are there any other melz of the
8:32 pm
public >> seeing none, public comment is closed. breed would you like to make a motion to adopt the report. >> so moved. >> second? >> seconded. and we have a different house, roll call please. >> breed, aye. >> cohen. >> aye >> far ral. >> aye. >> fewer. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> peskin. >> aye. >> ronen. >> aye. >> safai. >> aye. >> sheehy. aye. >> tang chl >> aye. >> and yee. >> aye. >> next item please. >> adopt the community of concern boundaries for san francisco - . >> i am warren logan the new transportation planner at the ta and today we are going to be talking about communities of concern.
8:33 pm
so first of all the purpose of this presentation is to sduls the adoption of proposed boundaries for san francisco. first off i will discuss the purpose, which in again ale is to identify the disadvantaged communities around the region and then the disadvantaged factors that mta use to identify the communities of concern and we can talk about the transportation authority, to adjust the communities of concern and then we can discuss the proposed boundaries using the methodology as the finer grain level and a technical definition for the communities of concern. >> so first let's discuss the purpose of communities of concern. >> they prioritize the projects that are located and sernz the communities to many of the competitive grants, including one grant and the life line transportation program. as examples, the funded china town design and the program which funded treasure island, and balboa station, and the communities are concern are
8:34 pm
eligible receive the planting grants, and as an example, the western edition, program is one of those programs. investment strategy is low scoring projects to make compelling arguments in conclusion, if they serve the communities of concern, as two ca examples, the southeastern and the corridor improvements were low scoring that were included because they serve communities of concern, the improvement program for the public focus on neighborhoods and under served neighborhoods specifically, the funds are available for the communities of concern and the funds have been used as both of matching funds for the community based transportation plans, like the western edition, and the fully funding projects. in addition to our agency, other agencies also use the communities of concern, definitions and so as an
8:35 pm
example, the department of public health traffic and collision, and equity analysis, uses the bount boundaries. and the last thing is that the muni uses similar factors. but that map is not dreblthly from our community of concerns boundaries. >> for it's 2017 definition, mtc uses a series to identify the communities of concern based on the data. and the track can qualify as a community of concern if either of two ways, if the tract has both a concentration of people of color and low income house holds or if they have a con certify administration of low households and uses three of the factors that you see here. as a regional planning agency, to conduct the analysis at a larger geography, using the
8:36 pm
synthesis track level information to identify the disadvantaged communities, we believe that the method is sound in factors that they measure, shown in the previous slide, however given san francisco diversity and density, the map does not capture many of the communities, adjacent or within the more afluent neighborhoods and so we proposed a smaller geography to better characterize the unique and diverse characteristics. >> so we conducted analysis to create a proposed new san francisco specific for communities of concern. >> this map shows you the new proposed definition with health and concur ans, and the areas in light blue are census tracks and mtc, existing 2017, definition, the areas in dark blue are blockers for proposing to add to these boundaries, these are based on the following definition. you can see the proposed
8:37 pm
definition. i will let you read that over, i will note here that we are using the existing thresholds that we just saw without change because they are based on strong analysis at the regional level, the result is the ad dish of numerous block ribs near the existing neighborhoods. and with that i am happy to take your questions. >> thank you, and are there any questions from commissioners? this is seems like really good work. and just the additional blocks that you are adding, make sense to me and certainly in the district and i will concur with
8:38 pm
that, and seeing no questions from commissioners, is there any public comment on this item? >> seeing none. we have a motion to approve item eleven made commissioner cohen and seconded by fewer, and we have the same house and so the item is adopted next item please. >> proposed independent analysis and oversight contract scope of services >> madam executive collector, there she is. to allow the board to make
8:39 pm
inquiries to request, and to particular analysis and in three areas and so we have identified a scope of work that is in your packet to . and we would be able to identify the task orders at your request, to analyze the different legislative initiatives. and to do research to develop legislation at the state or local level and finally a third area of task orders that we had proposed was an area of budget and performance analysis, and whether it is at another agency or at our agency, it will be at your disposal.
8:40 pm
so happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. commissioner yee? >> is this the one where there is some funding that we areal locating? i assume that this is the estimate and we don't know what
8:41 pm
the cost is until we get bids. >> that is correct. >> and is it easier in your thoughts and have a price tag in mind where it might be more than we expected? that it may not be something that we want to support. >> i hope not. the number of tasks that we do are limited in scope and the staff thought that it was doable at that level, and ultimately we will subject this to the market and see. but i am hopeful that we can do that within that amount. if it is way out of the range of that amount, you are planning. >> it will have to come back to
8:42 pm
the commission. >> we will then come back and bring you the consultant award as a result of the procurement and will identify that we will place, 105, and we can monitor that and the mid year we could increase it as-needed. is there any public comment on item 12? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and can we have a motion to approve the scope of services made by commissioner far relevant seconded by commissioner safai and we have the same house and same call. the cope of services is adopted and our final action item is item 13, mr. clerk, could you read that item >>
8:43 pm
[final approval on first appearance] approve a resolution urging the california state legislature to amend the california vehicle and public utilities codes to enable local jurisdictions to permit, conduct enforcement and access trip data for transportation network companies . this is the action item. and it will be the final approval. >> and so we approve this virtually identical item at the board of supervisor thz last week, and thank you for your support. and we heard it at the vision zero committee and forwarded it to the full ta for a vote so that we can do this both as a ta and the board of supervisors and there has been a little bit of a promising development. and not to put too fine of a point other it, but this is actually an outrageous situation where tmc shared the data with the state and the state puc has made repeated findings, that sharing this information with local governments and the people of state of the state of california, is not in the public
8:44 pm
interest. and it is absurd and it is time for it to end. and with that, i will turn it over to commissioner and safai. but theyed that they would not share data, that they have collected, that could help us plan for and monitor or roadways and actually make it a clear assessment and i am not one of the people that has jumped into say that i believe that the tmc have added to our con jeks and i think that there is a visual assessment by most people that will affirm that, and i was at the airport yesterday. and i thought that i whats in another country.
8:45 pm
because there were so many ride sharing companies that i could not pull up to the curb to pick up my wife it was unbelievable. so what i had said and i asked and i have also said to the transportation authority and i reached out to the city attorney and maybe it is time to take the legal action and ask the city. and looking for the puc and forced them to share this information for us. because the idea that they have data that they don't want to share to or with the low calty that could help us plan and waking the way through the courts or the potential for that my force this to be presented to us and, so i asked the transportation authority staff as sfmta and also the city attorney and i reached out to him yesterday and i asked him to
8:46 pm
pursue this option, so thank you. >> thank you, and thanks for furthering this cause. and commissioner cohen. through the share to the commissioner. what was the response from the city's office, was there a general level of interest in is there a foundation for a case? >> i think that the city attorney said that he is going to have his team look at it and they will report back to us shortly. he is out of town at the moment but i was lucky to get him but i think that there could be, and i can't imagine theyed that there is a public information that they have gather and they don't want to share with the public. >> so, on this item do we have a motion made by commissioner yee? >> seconded by commissioner kim? >> and we already had public comment on this and so we don't need to have additional public comment under the new rules, same house same call. the item is approved, and is there any introduction of new
8:47 pm
items. commissioner far ral. >> a few years ago i called for the white paper on the city's policy approach for the private shuttles such as char ro the that were operating in my district and operating around the city. and certainly in our neighborhood and i do believe that the study is integrated with the broader technology and transportation and i wanted to interest the up date off the research and it is important that and i want to make sure that we are informed on the rea research and the data. ein you, is there any public comment? >> yes. >> -- peaceful nation, make sure
8:48 pm
of the success for prosperity of the people's livelihood. -- nation and heaven. everyone can follow the holy way -- personal toleration -- pathway -- then the work can be well managed. -- the research was on true principal and shall be see these -- thank you. >> thank you, is there any other public comment?
8:49 pm
seeing none? public comment is closed and the ta is adjourned. >> i have 2 job titles. i'm manager of the tour program as well as i am the historyian of city hall. this building is multifaceted to say the very least it's a
8:50 pm
municipal building that operates the city and county of san francisco. this building was a dream that became a reality of a man by the name of james junior elected mayor of san francisco in 1912. he didn't have a city hall because it was destroyed in the earth wake of 1906. construction began in april of 1913. in december 1915, the building was complete. it opened it's doors in january 1916. >> it's a wonderful experience to come to a building built like this. the building is built as a palace. not for a king or queen. it's built for all people.
8:51 pm
this building is beautiful art. those are architecture at the time when city hall was built, san francisco had an enormous french population. therefore building a palace in the art tradition is not unusual. >> jimmie was an incredible individual he knew that san francisco had to regain it's place in the world. he decided to have the tallest dome built in the united states. it's now stands 307 feet 6 inches from the ground 40 feet taller than the united states capital. >> you could spend days going around the building and finding
8:52 pm
something new. the embellishment, the carvings, it represents commerce, navigation, all of the things that san francisco is famous for. >> the wood you see in the board of supervisor's chambers is oak and all hand carved on site. interesting thing about the oak is there isn't anymore in the entire world. the floors in china was cleard and never replanted. if you look up at the seceiling you would believe that's hand kof carved out of wood and it is a
8:53 pm
cast plaster sealing and the only spanish design in an arts building. there are no records about how many people worked on this building. the workman who worked on this building did not all speak the same language. and what happened was the person working next to the other person respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today.
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