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tv   Fire Commission 41217  SFGTV  April 21, 2017 12:00am-2:21am PDT

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flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> we'll bring the commission
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meeting to order. >> our commission regular meeting wednesday april 12, 2017 kw time is 9 a.m. roll call. >> cleveland, present. nakajo, present. hardeman, i'm here. covington, present. [inaudible] chief of department u joanne hayes-white, here. item 2, commission announcements. please be advised the regular fire commission meeting scheduled for april 26, 2017 is canceled due to lack of quarp. the next regular fire commission meeting will resume may 10, 2017 at 9 a.m. in room 416. >> any public comment on this?
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we may need to chaisk that now that we have a quorum. >> it is already posted. >> has it been posted? then we'll move forward with no meeting on april 26. i'm sure that will make a lot of people in the audience happy. public comment is closed. >> item 3, general public comment. members of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes on any matter within the commissions jurisdiction and does not appear on the ajndsa. speakers shall address the remarks to the commission as a whole and not individual commissioner or department personnel. not to enter into depate or discussion with a speaker. lack of response by the commissioners or department personnel does not necessarily consstute agreement with or support of statements made during public comment. >> any pubhook comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary.
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>> item 4, approval of the minutes. discussion and possible action to approve the meeting minutes from the special meeting on march 16, 2017. regular meeting march 22, 2017 and the special meeting on manch 22, 2017. >> is there any public comment on the minutes? seeing none, public comments closed. commissioners. >> so moved on all 3 items, mrs. president. >> a second? >> second, mr. president. >> any discussion? seeing none, i call the question. all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? the motion passes. madam secretary. >> item 5, certificate of recognition for the outstanding service of long-time fire department employee virginia ginny franklin, chief of department joanne hayes-white
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will present mrs. ginny franklin with certificate of appreciation for recognition of outstanding dedicated service as sffd employee over the past 37 years. >> any public comment? sure there will be a lot of public comment afterwards. seeing no public comment, closed. chief. would you like to say kine word? here? >> i would. thank you. good morning. joanne hayes-white. i know it isn't comfortable for her but like to ask ginny to stand and come to the micro phone. this is so well deserved and want to spend a few minutes praising i think one of the most dedicated civil servants not just with the san francisco fire department but probably in the city's history and she is going to be retiring, well deserved after 37 years of service with city
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and county of san francisco. we are grateful to have had her 36 years and i don't think there is one person that has come across ginny that has anything other than positive thing tooz say because she is a very positive person and very capable and worked under the direction of 13 deputy chief's of operation including mark gonzalez who last week convened all his pred haves with the exception of one to ginny at a lovely lunch and it is well deserved. note easy to get ginny here today, but we wanted to say thank you and from me to you personally, i can't tell you how much i appreciate all that you have done. we met in 1993, when i had just three years in the dp apartment and expecting my first child and there were not too many women in the department. i was the third to be in that situation, so uniformed women expecting a child and so a lot of test
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cases, test uniforms. we went through a lot and i was assign today the chief pfs office and ginny from day one was very kind to me and started a relationship at that point and seen you oreb the year squz quh i joined the chief's office in 2004 you were there once again to help guide and be a calm presence so want to thank you thank you for your service and have certificates and will come down and hand them to but you but let me read them so i have it micro phone. firsh of all on behalf of my slf and commission and sure they want to weigh in, you receive honorable and distinguish served. served 37 years career with city and county of san francisco. she served the san francisco fire department for the last 36 years with commitment, dedication rks and professional: the san francisco fire department and fire department congratulate you on your upcoming april 21,
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2017 retirement. that is from us and then we have-i know some in the crowd angela aloato will attest not often do you get a unanimous consensus at the legislative body so we have all supervisors weighing in on certificate of honor. city and county of san francisco. in honor of your long lastic contribution to the city and county of san francisco and san francisco fire department, for over 37 years. thank you for serving the san francisco fire department with dignity, class and true san franciscan values. from all the supervisors in san francisco. finally, on behalf of the mayor of san francisco, he is presenting on his behalf a certificate of honor and it read, ginny franklin oen behalf of the city and countery of san francisco,
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pleased to recognize and honor for your serve toos the san francisco fire department. your tireless efforts and dedication to providing outstanding service to the city and county of san francisco starth as a young clerk stenography for the police department and san francisco fire department as a executive scraeft for 13 deputy chief's are tryly commendable. you earned respect and highest commendation of the top leaders of our great city. thank you for hard work recollect devolegz and class contributing to some of most important public safety missions. best wishes a the well deserved and fruitful retirement signed edwin lee. congratulations ginny. [applause] >> thank you vaer very much.
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thank you so much. i am overwellmed. i was just retiring-go out the back door t. is bitter sweet. i have been look forward to this when most people are ready to retire and all of a scuden the day is here, so i really enjoyed all the years here. especially the fire department. once you are in there everyone loveathize fire department and they always have your back, so thank you again i really appreciate it. thank you, guys having me here. >> thank you. commissioners you like to say anything? commissioner covington. >> thank you very much mr. president. thank you ginny franklin for always being so diligent and positive and really
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sholdering white a heavy load. there is a lot that goes on on your side of the building, so we will miss you and have a great time in retirement. >> thank you. >> thank you. vise president nakajo. >> thank you very much, president cleveland. i just wanted to say ginny franklin, ginny, thank you so much. part of this is this is my 22 year as a fire commissioner and your 37 years speak for it lf. when i entered the department as a commissioner i was always amazed at the dedication of the men and women of the department and i came in a era when the consent decree was implemented and we had a lot of tradition in san francisco as we always do and it was amazing the men
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and women dedicated to the department where the retirement yearerize 35, 36 and 37 and you achieved the level in the department of consistent giving. back in the day when it was jones street and someone was new as a commissioner, the fire department is a place that takes care of business as we call it. but every once in a while you look for the frndly open warm face because all of us are new and need a entryway to do that. for me particularly i know kelly is part of the department as well, but you were the face that for myself as a commissioner gave me the ability to relax and to feel warm and to know fully your dedication. when you talk about 13 deputy chief's, holy molly. in this department because all of the chief's are dedicated but there is unique personalties with every one of them. when chief gonzalez
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comes up and gives the report and always glowing i like to ask him did you prepare this chief or how was this prepared? he acknowledges the remarks that ginny franklin is responsible for that and i truly truly appreciate that because as a commissioner, you sit here you read and listen and experience, but when the report comes down and it is comprehensive for us on this side of the table it is a very helpful thing to have that comprehension and that kind of ability. ginny, we will miss you. once you rin the fire department, san francisco fire department you are always a member of our family so thank you so much for all your giving and your heart. thank you. >> thank you, mr. vise president. commissioner hardeman. >> thank you, mr. president. ginny, you have great family tradition. part of your family will continue to go on and you will probably advise your
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husband on a number of issues. [laughter]. you are always good at communication. i enjoyed when i was trying to reach deputy chief interacting with you on a subject matter you are always well versed and when i was working full time i retired, which you will love is just the best. you know your top person is the one who has to do the work while you rin the field or whatever you were always coving all your bosses and you have a great reputation so some of you will take your seat but won't take your place because you can't pass on that knowledge and thank you for serving the city. you are a shiny example of what the best is in public services. thank you very much, ginny. >> thank you. >> thank you very much commissioner hardeman.
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commissioner. >> thank you. we just met and now you are on your way out. >> how doo you do? >> hopefully i wasn't anything have to do with me. [laughter]. 37 years a long time and serving this city as you know is a really important thing and honor in many ways and i'm sorry i wasn't here for any of that or at least happy i fss here for the last of it, but thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, the commission i know how hard the staff works from work wg the police department. these guys get to come up here and look good and make the department look good and they work hard but we also know there are very hard working people behind them and so i thank you for your services of 37 years, that is fantastic. >> thank you, commissioner. i just like to say thank you. you will be definitely missed. always smiling, always happy, always upbeat, encouraging to
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everyone aroun you, so you will be miss jd wish you well in your retirement. >> thank you again and this is a real big lawner for honor for me. i really appreciate this from the bottom of my heart, thank you. >> thank you. [applause] madam secretary will you call the next item? >> item 6, ovview of san francisco fire reserves, fire reserve phil buckley to provide update and overview of the sffd fire reserve program. >> good morning president cleveland, commissioners chief hayes-white. i have inate norris with me, commander of
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operations, steve dog, commander of administration and also have captain veronica penia with me and lieutenant andrew marks with me and several recruits in the audience if you want to raise your hand so the commission can see you. they will be graduating in a couple of months. thank you for this opportunity to-for me as you with the fire reserves what we do on a weekly basis, so we'll start a presentation. we are swarn volunteer organization of san francisco dedicated to serviceing- >> can we grow to the computer? you have it? >> we are sworn organization of san francisco's dedicated to serving the people of city qu county of san francisco. primary goal mission is provide training support for san francisco fire department at large scale emergencies
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including grader alarms and natural and man made disasters. our secondary mission is to provide training and experience for san francisco's interested in a career in fire fighting. the fire axilry reserve was created under 7-11 of san francisco administrative code in 1950. we are governed by the fire commission. we are under the administrative division of the fire department. my direct superior is assistant deputy chief jeff column beanie. sffd regulations apply to us and we are governed by all state laws applicable to reserve fire fighting. so, there was three bakes incarnations of the fire reserve. the sf auxiliary fire service organized in 1941
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shortly before world war roam roam 2. after pearl harbor there was members who received training as axilry fire service members under the civil defense counsel. in 1950, we were reorganized under the civil disaster counsel and we were organized under sf fire auxiliary reserves. in 1981 we reorganized again under the fire department bureau of training which is now division of training. we celebrated our 75th anniversary along with with the fire department 150th. so, at full strength we have 52 members. we have-we support
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at greater alarms. we were involved in the loma preeta earthquake, mission bay fire, but also do a lot of community service and some the programs we support are nert, fire fighters toy program, guardians of the city when they have presentations we help them with that, the cumuchy foundation, habitat frahumanity. we did ems support at the giant parade. we do hands only cpr in the schoolwise the american heart association. we meet every thursday night depending on where the division of training is at 19th and folsom or more than likely lately at treasure islands meet from 1900 to 2100 hours. the recruits in right now, they go through a 52
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hour academy. we use the same curriculum as the san francisco fire department does in their training academy. they have to have a emt license, cpr card and need to be san francisco residents which is vital if there is a disaster, they need to be able to respond quickly. here is our hours of service for last year if you can see on the screen. we had 2216 hours of training. we had 225 hours at greater alarms. 997 hours of community volunteers for total 3438 hours. we have 24 members and 31 in the academy and they will graduate in july after that squee will have a total of 56 members possibly. recently we put 6 members in
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118th academy class. three members in the 119th academy class. 1 member in the 120th class. 6 members that will graduate friday from the 121 academe class. i'm driving down to la graduating from la city tomorrow. we have one graduating from oakland in two weeks. we place reservist all over the bay area. all over the united states really. it is a great program and the people that come and participate do really well in these academies. final thoughts in the event of a major disaster, san francisco fire reserve stands ready to assist san francisco fire department and safeguarding the lives and property of citizens of san francisco. we found a
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quote by chief william mur ey. proud oof the fire reserves who's domotion must stand as a model for other volunteer forces immolate. one final thought, i like to recognize fire reservist ioanna stergiades. she moved to los angeles with him but on her way out she made a generous doimation to the fire reserves and was at all the fires and went to all the training and all the volunteer event she could so like to acknowledge her dedication for the san francisco fire runchs. thank you. any questions. >> thank you. would your
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cohorts like to say anything? >> thank you for giving the opportunity come down here, we appreciate it. >> i also like to thank you for your continued support. it is a program that is not well known outside of the fire department, but our 75 years of service i think speaks for itself and you can see from the snap shot we are fulfilling the mission of supporting the department when there is a extreme situation and for providing training to help get the next generation of fire fighters in uniform. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. this was put together by deputy commander daung and deputy commander norris is doing a great job running the academy and getting the recruits in shape for the next step. >> any public comment on the item? anyone like to say anything? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner covington. >> thank you, mr. president and
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thank you for your presentation and good work, commander buckley and the rest the reserves. i must say that during that huge mission fire that we had a couple years ago, it was wonderful to see how many reservist were deployed to help with that. i watched them work, i was very impressed with their dedication, with their skill and their willingness to jump in and do whatever was needed to fight that fire. a fire alarmer and i really appreciate your work. i had a couple questions. how does the department support the reserves? >> they support us with the training officers. they are there every thurs day night with us and offer support through our drills and offer their expertise on whatever we
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are drilling on that night. >> and where does your financing come from? >> grants, donations. we scrape together what we can. i can get a lot of things donated to the reserve program. i have done a lot through reaching out to different departments and getting stuff donated to us and our own department too is really great in donating equipment that we need. >> very good. do you say you are currently meeting on thursdays at the training facility oti? >> correct. >> that must be a tremendous help too. >> it is a great facility. >> it is a great facilsty. >> absolutely unbelievable. there are so many different thing youz can do out there.
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>> extractions, the whole thing. >> anything you imagine that has to do with fire fighting we can do out there. >> glad that facility is open to you. how many reserves are there within the state? are there a lot of them? >> reserve departments? >> yes. >> um, well there is a lot of volunteer departments in the state of california, but as far as organized through fire departments, there are not that many. there is a lot of cadet programs that is part of like academics like the fire colleges have like cadet programs where they place people in these departments to do like ride alongs and stuff like that, but don't think there are too many organized reserve programs like the way we do. that actually respond to greater alarms and our
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involved in the operations that we are involved with. >> so, you are fairly unique, then? >> i would think so, yes. >> the only other that we are aware of is sacramento. they generally respawn to greater alarms and have a rehabilitation unit so that fire reserve group will respond to some of the incidence. >> very good. thank you for that information. i see here commander buckley on one of the powerpoint slides you have the fire reserve is governed by and you list first the san francisco fire commission. >> correct. >> can you give us just a little history of interaction with the commission? >> it was created in like 1950 as part the admin code and actually if you have the history manual we listed out
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that section. generally i think the chief will appoint the commander and it's with the commission's approval. other than that it is generally supervision. you have control over uniforms, rules and regulations and the usual things, but we are pretty easy going so don't have to interact too much. >> [laughter]. i appreciate your easy goingness. and commander buckley, how long have you been serving? >> going on 18 years. >> 18 years. that's wonderful. thank you again very much. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, commissioner covington. mr. vise president. >> thank you very much, president cleveland and thank you very much commander buckley for your comprehensive presentation in the cuman force, all you who are here. members the fire reserves. i particularly enjoyed your booklet. when you had the 75th
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anniversary and to your reference all the historical content is in here as well. a lot of folks dont know there is the statue at washington square that honors the formialulation after the san francisco earthquake. i'm kind of vint age personalty so any time you tell me something like 1941 or 1947 even though i still was a babe so to speak, history speaks to san francisco and to have a organized component at the san francisco fire reserve since 1941 and 1947 all the way through to todays 75th an versery is a great great accomplishment. it is unique to the history after the 150th year to understand and get from the 150th committee the historical conitant the san francisco fire department in the sense that we at one point
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we were all volunteers and moved towards the department we have today. i especially appreciate commander buckley your presentation today and with all of the information. i believe i was the commissioner but know the other commissioners whole heartedly support the reserves, i wanted to have the reserves come up on a periodic basis. the fact you have been with the department for 18 years as fire reserve commander speaks for itself but as commissioner covington spoke about, at the greater alarms very often the fire reserves are at the scene as well assisting and supporting the department and members and i know that we the department, chief hayes-white operations do appreciate the work because again for myself you are identified by a little bit of different color but the work that you do is really really remarkable and very very important. i have to admit i have a bias of favoritism in
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some ways of great efection and respect to the san francisco fire reserves and for the fact as a stepping stone, so to speak or training formula as a member to the san francisco fire department, i don't think for the men and women who are interested know a greater training ground in my opinion than the san francisco fire reserves so again i want to acknowledge that. i as a member of the community appreciate all of the volunteerism you do, plug for the japanese american community and chery blossom festival. you listed the senior center. quh you are out there with the fire reserves and city college it is amazing the interaction that we have created there as the various members get to know each other and have that same kind of common bond, which is community services. i thank you commandser buckley, thank
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you very much for all of you in the command force and thank you very much to the members serviceing the san francisco fire reserve. thank you. >> you're welcome vice president nakajo. >> thank you vise president. commissioner hardeman. >> thank you, mr. president. commander buckley, all these years of dedicated service, thank you very much. it was suggested that we ask the fire reserve to make a presentation, i was uncertain because we just had the 75th an versery and this great presentation made to--the bottom line is you are the interns for the san francisco fire department in many respects with 16 coming to the board recently. when president cleveland asked the last meeting or meeting before about the numbers she wasn't exactly sure. she knew it was significant but that is quite a
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number, 16. with new commissioner [inaudible] will discover is this is just another marker or credential you will see from the outstanding candidates that we have, which all most everybody in the room wants to be a fire fighter and their credentials are incredible and you will be surprised. i dont think you will expect to see what you see with these pages and pages and pages. show you their bioes, before or after the meetings as you come in or leave the meeting, it is very impressive. when you see the fire reserves, that getting up there with something you ought to give a lot of significance to and obviously the chief has by her selection of the candidates, so congratulations to the chief for her good work and taking good candidates and thank you to all the staff that
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is here, giving up your time and hope you have a successful career. if not in fire fighting if it is something associated, thank you very murch. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman. commissioner [inaudible]. >> thank you, commissioner. commander, you said that in the-i think in the 40's there were 6 thousand of these- >> i think as many as 10,000 at 1 time. >> i have to say it was quite impressive at the time. the city had the foreciting beginning in january 1941 that war was inevable and organized through the fire commission and mayor at the time set up very prestijs committee to evaluate what was going on at the time and in the blitz in london and new york city was training and
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sent advisors all over and came to the the conclusion being a unique environment with its hills, the winds coming off shore and dense wooden structures if there was airline bum bardment whatever the other cities suffer would pail in comparison to what would hap toon san francisco so they created a fire reserve and you said you were a police reservist. we are created under the same act, the police and fire reserve is under the same section of the admin code. that was created to address that issue. it wasn't very popular for us but after pearl harbor it is something a lot of people want today be a part of so through the course of the war i think 10,000 people receivered training with 2 to 3 thousand people active at any one time. >> currently today these are volunteers. these are unpaid--
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>> sworn volunteers but with no compensation. >> having bichb a reserve myself i take special interest and as one of the other commissioners said bias towards these types of service so i love to learn more about the reserves off-line and maybe come to one of your trainings to see how you are doing it. >> you are more than welcome. >> thank you. thank you for what you do. >> thank you, commissioner. chief hayes-white. >> thank you, president cleveland. i appreciate the commission ajendsizing this item and as a former director of training i worked closely with the fire reserves from 2000 until 2004 and can tell you they are dedicated and professional. this is unpaid and you acknowledged that and i appreciate it, because 18 years of service not all 18 years as commander but 18 years of
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service with the fire reserves for commandser buckley all unpaid. many of the reserves work full time jobs and do this out of passion and love to serve and so it is wonderful training grounds for new recruits. every thursday night the division of training work hand and hanz with the ininstruct as to go through the paces and evolutions so want to take the time to say thank you to you commandser buckley and all the volunteers to make our department a better one. >> thank you, chief hayes-white. i like to add my compliment tooz the program as well. it is an amazing program. i had a couple questions, one being that what percentage of the graduates would you say from your program that go into fire services in our department or another department around the state or country for that matter? do you have any idea what launching pad this program is
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for the people who go through it? >> it's i would say upwards 90 percent. they end up here, there somewhere or through ems. they go into ems service, but most-especially now that all these different departments are hiring, a lot are getting picked up and getting jobs. i would say if they go through the program 90 percent get picked up somewhere. >> if you want to be a fire fighter go through the fire reserve program is a slnt way to make that happen. i think everyone in the room is interested being a fire fighter should consider it. the second question is what kind of qualifications do they have to have in order to be accepted as a fire reservist? >> it was the old san francisco qualifications. have a emt license, a cpr card and live in
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the city, 19 years old and that's it. >> any physical requirements? >> well we do a lot of physical. >> there is physical agility training in the program. >> >> yes. >> it isn't just book learning? >> we work with the equipment and raise laiders and pull holes, every they dine the fire academy. all the fitting and hose and bladders and equipment. >> there is no cost to the trainee, do they have to pay a fee? >> no. actually there is a slight cost. i'm trying to get the cost down. i'm trying to accumulate uniforms so they don't-when i came in we had to buy everything. we had to buy shirts, pants, boots, so right now when they come in they are required to buy a t-shirt and a
12:40 am
sweat shirt, pants, but i got a deal going with banner so we can get like a hybrid pair so they are not $120, they are like $35, but i provide shirts, dress shirts, ties. >> so there snow funding from the department itself? >> no, at one time we were in the budget, but that went away a long time ago. long long time ago. >> what would you say your total budget cosh would be if you put together a budget figure? >> it is hard to say. like i said, i get a lot of stuff donated through the department. stan helps a lot with turn out gear and boots and stuff like that, so- >> nice to know what your an nual operating budget might be just a ball park? >> i can work on that. >> if we look at adjusting our budget in the future. thank
12:41 am
you so much for your service and volunteerism and spirit. i ink this program is really the best there is in the country and i would encourage anyone interested in being a fire fighter to check it out. thank you for being here. >> thank you, president cleveland. >> madam screert secretary. >> iletm 7, chief of department's report. report from chief of department joanne hayes-white on current issues axativities and events within the department since the fire commission meeting of march 22, 2017, including budget, aadomies, especially events, communications and outreach to other government agencies and the public. report from operations deputy chief mark gonzalez on overall field operations, including greater aarm fires, emergency medical serveish, bureau of fire prevection and investigation, and airport division. >> thank you. good morning again president cleavelands and commissioners. i like to
12:42 am
welcome our new commissioner [inaudible] very nice to have all 5 commission seats filled. it has been a while. it is a little over a year so welcome and i would be remisif i didn't acknowledge that as everyone knows the city is rich in history and tradition. i know your family played a huge role in that history and tradition and i know all of us on behalf the san francisco fire department and sure your colleagues welcome you and want to acknowledge not just you but your families rich contribution particularly from a public service standpoint so welcome aboard. i did want to let you bow before i talk about our budge t and this is my report since the last meeting of march 22, we had sad news. mark corso is not with us today due to unexpected passing of his father last week so like for your consideration respecktdfully request adjournment of the meeting in
12:43 am
honor of our deputy director faulther clod corso who passed away last thursday and if you keep him in your thoughts and prayers during this time. being the professional that he is, we have been in touch and he assures we are on track for revenue and expenditures and will be presenting on april 27 at 1 p.m. to the budget and finance committee providing a ovview of our budget and will be prepared for that. wanted to note that for you. with regards to our academies, the 121 academy is comprised of 49 membersism we started with 54 and will graduate probably 49 this friday, 10 a.m., archbishop reerden high school adatorium. i like to acknowledge assistantchieve column beanie for the great work they do with our
12:44 am
academies. there a lot of probationary members in the field. 119th will come off probation. there is 120th in the second round if you will, of probation and 121 will hit the field. it is great as we know we will have a number of retirements we anticipate in the next couple years so to be able to supplement with the new hires is something that we all worked very hard for, so again appreciate your support as well as the support of both the executive and legislative branch at city hall for the hiring plan. with the graduation friday we griv the division training wuc 1 week rest because april 24 we start the 122 academy comprised of 54 members, 42 of the network exam and 12 members of our department coming from station 49. we are looking at
12:45 am
promoting or offering the opportunity to 8 h 3 level two paramedics and 4 h 3 level 4 emt. happy to report i made 22 acting promotions in the rank of battalion chief, rescue captain, captain and lieutenant. announced 7 permanent h 20 lieutenant positions. and then again since the last meeting just want to give a overview of the activity of the office. i mentioned at the last meeting on march 23 i was parseticipant in a fire boat design review panel. it was very interesting. we will be keeping the facade and keeping the building that currently housing our station 35 at the foot of harrison on the embarcadero but there will be a
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building constructed behind that to accommodate our future needs and be able to make it a safer place for our workforce. with the review panel we looked at three different designs that architects put forward and i was on the panel mostly as the operational or functional expert and my colleagues on the panel were architects and so, we provided information to the department of public works who is managing that projject more to follow on that. on the 29th our 4 commissioners at the time joined us and like to acknowledge the airport division under the direction of rudey cast llano. the grands opening of airport station number 3. they had the tours and welcome ceremony and that was well attended and looks like a beautiful facility. that was enjoyable experience.
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i know on the 29th in the evening commissioner covington and i attended the mayor's women history avent at city hall. on the 30th i was given the opportunity for a third year in a row to be invite today the sf chronicle vision awards, which is a very inspirational evening with very interesting eclectic group of people i felt honored to be invited again this year. all of the nominees were amazing people. the final resiptiant of that award is prusilla chan who does great work arounds helt care and a pediatrician in the city and an amazing visionary person. i represented the department there. also, attended cesar chavez breakfast march 31 to represent the department. april 4, deputy chief gonzalez
12:48 am
attended the h 3 commission. i know president cleveland you and i have spoken about is with regard to the h 20 lieu inant exam. that is still work in progress for the minimum qualification to sit for that exam. historically it was a one year period in order to sit for that promotional exam. in 2008 it was 3 years, in 2012 it fsh was 5 years. the specifications said since 2008 three years. being the collaborative person that i want to be, we did reach out after we heard from the local 798 that their preference is go with 5 year minimum qualification and employee groups we canvased so we are in current discussion with department of human resources on what that qualification will
12:49 am
be. whether there can be a compromise which will include consideration for members with more than 3 years but less than 5. there is 130 members effected whether they can sit for the exam but not promoted until the 5th year since the date of hire. that is all in play now and will keep you updated on that as with the membership because there is a lot of interest surrounding that. on april 5, last week i was a presenter at the department of emergency management. they had a three day epicenter conference to talk about in the events of a earthquake what our contingency plans are in terms of working collectively i collaboratively with departmentagys and third party efolks like the interfaith council, red cross and salvation army so participated in one on one with
12:50 am
department of maejs manage. i believe nert gave a presentation as well as assistant chief [inaudible] and franklin also took up part of a afternoon discussing fire department planning and operations. on april 6, i participated in walk to work day and had the opportunity to meet with supervisor se fewer to sit down with all the new supervisors. typically at the beginning of their term i send a letter congrating them and asking for time. we had a very good discussion, over a hour regarding the role of the fire department. she had a lot of very interesting questions, concerns. she talked about some of the nuances of her district in the richmond, aging infratruckture, overhead wires. that was late thursday evening 4 thirty clck to 6 o'clock. the next morning there was a 4
12:51 am
alarm fire in her district which she responded to. with her i think we will have a very open minded and very involved supervirez and look forward working with her and appreciate her time. on monday this week, in the absence of deputy director i presented at the capital budget meeting to further our initiatives relate to our aging infrastructure, the need to continue funding for hbac system, exhaust extractors, boiler and generators and that was received well. no word on that yet. as you know in the past we are very realistic about our needs and the easter bon of 2010 and 14 are helpful. roughly $160 million over those two bonds, which was about $160 million out of 820 in the bond funding but we want to make sure the capital budget just
12:52 am
because of easter not acknowledge the fact that we have a lot of needs for our 24/7 facilities of which we have about 50. yesterday i presented to the counsel generals that work here in the city and i answered questions about the fire department and relationship we have in the event of a large scale emergency. after the meeting today the deputies will go to it department of emergency management. it is dispatchers week. i said with our personnel that work at the 911 certaintyer and civilian personnel they are unsung hearoes. if they don't get it right we don't get it right so want to acknowledge the good work of the partners at the dem and will be attending-they have a whole week long celebration but we will be there today. there is a janet achen is the
12:53 am
dist patcher the year and have an acknowledgment for her. this friday at 10 a.m. 121 class will graduate and for meno of us, not all because there is a conflict with easter but i will participating and some of the commands staff along with commissioner nakajo at 1 o'clock sunday at the cherry blossom parade. that concludes my presentation at this time. >> thank you, chief. any public comment on the chief's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? vice president nakajo. >> thank you very much president cleveland. thank you very much chief hayes-white for your report. i just wanted to comment on a few items here. number one is point of reference since we are talking
12:54 am
about the chief's report. in the subject matter of the potential issue of working details out on the upcoming exam for the h 20's in terms of those members who have served more than 3 years and less than 5, in terms of the recommendation on employees group i can understand that and read the justification behind that. but i also feel that in some ways some of the members who are between that categorical 3 to 5 years it may be a benefit to us as a department since wree growing and changing that we have some opportunity for those members to take the exam. so, i just wanted to verbalize the consideration concept of that. i also would like to have a consideration as a concept of
12:55 am
them to be able to at least take the exam and if they appointment so chooses to be firmed after 5 years, there are greater authorities and with the administration and hr who you will be talking to that will make that determination. i just think it might be a opportunity for us to build consistency within the officers rank for the future. i know that 3 years may sound not as much of experience, but i find many members that are in that categorical are experienced, knowledgeable, so i just wanted to verbalize that. i also wanted to verbalize and acknowledge from the department and yourself the april 3 letter to san francisco board of appeals that myself and president clevelandsent in with our fire marshal referring to
12:56 am
section 17975 article 2.5, the relocation appeal process that i'm pleased that we are working with the building and permit appeals to look into the issues of residents that might be residing in "warehouse" type looking facilities that we in san francisco and department are proactive in our enforcement but also work wg the cooperation of the building board of appeals to implement the process of appeal. i wanted to acknowledge that because i think it is so important for us to keep doing that. also, as a opponent of acknowledgment, the commission regular receives e-mail jz updates from the commission secretary and on march 3,
12:57 am
coming from fire fighter jonathan baxter was a new package of information called the new safety package. commissioners i dont know if you had a chance to look at that, but that series of information under the categorical is quite comprehensive and a lot of information, which again is encouraging because it shows us and the department there are all these educational aspects that we are trying to educate our members in the city about cluttering or fire alarms or common sense type of issues that the public can be prepared and aware of. i want to acknowledge those three particulars as well. i don't have anything specifically to ask you at this time, chief hayes-white but in your report i wanted to comment on that. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. vise
12:58 am
president. commissioner hardeman. >> thank you mr. president. congratulations chief on your promotions. love to see that rewarding people who are so deserving and i generally don't disagree with fellow commission and vice president but i was following very close the 5 year, 3 year argument without input to a human being but just watching it close, and i'm on the side experience really matters if you will be responsible for more lives. i like the fact that i agree 5 years-when i was a apprentice and 5 years i became a [inaudible] i thought i was the greatest. looking back i know 10 years i was really good. even though i fs very good but
12:59 am
one of the best after 10 years and that is just the way experience is in any job and when i was a business rep i thought i was fantastic affyear 1 and looking back i was much better after year 5. that is just a personal opinion so do think that without any input or any involvement by me that the decision was good, but having people prepare at 3 years or take some sort of a test isn't a bad idea but don't think an apontment should happen until later. glad you were involved in that fire boat station and sitting with a birch of architects must have been a little difficult. they have great ideas and they are artist basically that design things and sometimes their creativity gets in the way. the airport event chief cast lawn osfantastic, what a great job. you really did a-amazing how
1:00 am
many people you had there, how many leaders. it was veer nice. so happy i was able to make it and really enjoyed it and stuck arounds and took the tour. i was fortunate to have more than one tour because everyoneential took a tour and i was talking and got around it and it was terrific. so happy the airport has the financial capabilities as commissioner- our new commissioner will see the airport handles the financial matters and they are just spectacular with the three stations down there and you'll enjoy that. janet atkins i happened to catch her being on television being haun frrd the officer down who's acttually downs was down and she was in my neighborhood and had been a dispatcher for i think over 25
1:01 am
years i she never had a matter like this and it was really moving to her and she stuck around after her shift was over and through the night concerned about making sure that all the event that happened to save this person and catch the person that had shot this officer. so, she was terrific. just a tip of the hat to her so glad you decided to make some notice of her too in your report. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman. i also like to add my congratulations for job well done to chief cast llanos of station 3 at the airport. very nice ceremony, nice crowd and super beautiful facility. i think the city and residents and anyone traveling in and out of the airport will be better
1:02 am
protected by a first class facility so thank you for organizing a amazing event so thank you for that. chief had a couple things. one, i did receive a copy the e-mail from cynthia goldsteen who said it is the relocation of appeals board within the mayor's office of housing and community development that will be the group or the people that we would go to for any sort of decisions on relocation allowances or appeals of those are relocations the fire marshal designates so we vaperson to reach out to, gene flanry. have you talked to that person? >> i haven't but nigh staff has so we'll x up with a solution. he initially was somewhat resistant because it is a one man or one person operation and so he want today do checking,
1:03 am
very helpful but not exactly sure where it will land but it will land somewhere and know with you and i working on it i'm confident that it will land in the appropriate lap. >> work in progress? >> correct. >> alright. i also like to support both commissioner hardeman and vice president nakajo on the h 20 lieutenant situation. i do believe that if you have at least 3 years of experience you should take the exam but need five years of experience to be promoted to lieutenant. i think it is a win win arounds and hope the department of human resources will grant us to do that. we'll here more about the h 23 program. was there any final design select odthen fire boat-station 35 for the-
1:04 am
>> no final decision made. it was more about evaluating the three submittals and having a discussion about what will work best. there are pieces and parts from each proposal we felt would work well so gave very good feedback to department of public works. >> there was none that you liked the best? >> thrfs one that i did. >>thone that is the one we should have. [laughter]. >> that would be nice. there were elements of all that i thought were appealing, but there are many different component we were looking at and i think that it was a long day but it was well served in providing the feedback to dpw so confident in the process that we were able to-the information we were able to give to the project management of dpw and learned a lot that
1:05 am
day as well and think the architects learned a lot about the life of a fire fighter and what works best. >> what is practical and not practical 6789 thank you for your report. vice president nakajo did you have a question for the chief? let's welcome chief gonzalez to the podium. >> good morning. welcome new commissioner. chief. deputy chief gonzalez operation rortd for march. 13 working fires. one was a second alarm. location was 39 waverly place. the box came in at 336 in the morning. 4 story type 3, mixed occupancy. one civilian transport. the cause of the fire under investigation. assistant commandser is chief burke. engine 2 first on
1:06 am
scene. heavy black smoke. the building occupants reported person on the florth floor unaccounted for. this was reported to companies inside the building via radio transmission. about the same time the driver of the supply engine, engine 41 reported a problem with the low pressure hydrant. what happened was the inside of the outlet broke apart and won't into the section hose. luckily the screen at the inlet for the engine prevented that material going to the pump but the flow was restricted. the asisant chief burke called for the rapid intervention crew. that engine is on scene at the command post ready to rescue our units inside if there is any rescues of our own people. he directedthality engine to
1:07 am
take over from the hiderant on the other side and with that challenge he struck a second alarm. they also founds the occupant on the 4th floor and carried to the ambulance. all units did a good job at the incident and thankfully nobody got serious hurt. other instance, bay rescue march 2, one male in the water with two bystanders. the sffd and sfpd saved all of them. the original victim was transported for evaluation. march 4, thrfs a big rig roll over off 101 highway. luckily there were no cars below. this resulted in minor injury. march 9, there was a first alarm fire, 390 valencia res cude frown female. march 9, 457 30th avenue.
1:08 am
rescue off second floor. march 25, first alarm fire with rescue, 1 male adult requires intubation. the victim is doing well at the burn unit and expected to be sent home early april. march 28, first alarm fire with rescues taraval truck rescued a 91 year old wheelchair bound female from the third floor. adult female fts rescued. victims taken to the hospital where they are daing well. on the community out reach, the pubhook can sign up for emergency promotion by texting to 888-77 and also follow the twitter at sffdpio.
1:09 am
senting out information on the ocean beach area. ems, we had 3 multicasualty incidence, 1 march 11 with 6 vehicle collision, march 23 and 27 we had two pepper spray weleases, one at howard and third and the other at twenth and buckingham way. ems updates, i like to commends ems chief andrew [inaudible] doing a great job. hit the ground runjug doing a lot of positive things out there and need that at station 41. some of what he has done, met with director for sutter health hospital and meeting with other facilities. it is regarding what we talked about in previous commission meetings about the time at the hospital trying to getd the ambulance out of the hospital quicker so
1:10 am
be agpoint person on that. he is also going out on ride alaurks with once a week with ambulance unit which is good for the troupes. next week he plan tooz ride with ems 6. like to thank commissioner nakajo who came for the ride along. toured staegz 49 and rowd with medic 79. special mention on march 21, dan ynez reta par ticipated algalileo high. mentioned president cleveland about the h 23, we are very close. what we hope to do is trying to decide whether it is a side lettero a amendment to the mou. also want to make other language but waiting to hear back from the dhr director mickey cal hann. ems response timeerize code 3 transport units on scine, 94
1:11 am
percentile under 10man. als units under the saechb minute mark. 93 percent of the time we are on there is 6 minutes so very impressive. could be the new chief or the units on the field as well. division of fire prevepgz investigation. have the stats included and permits and inspection numbers. fire prevention community outreach, there was 8 instances throughout the month of marchl. we are trying to reach all the different neighborhoods. accelerated code enforcement admin strailtive hearings. held 9 hearings for violations at 68 properties. the next hearing is april 6, 2017. plan check section update, the warriors arena, the site plans are approved. that is a good thing. park merced maus oscone
1:12 am
unlder review. [inaudible] that is 1.7 miles of pipe. atask update transportation advisory staff #c34i9y. task is working on 7 vision zero projects. one i like to mention the turk street safety project. sfmta presented revised buffered bisical lane proposal at the march 9 task hearing. the bike lane adjacent to curb side parking and isolate the bike lane from traffic by posts or paint. we have no objections to this plan asprinted. hopefully that is the plan that goes forward. we are continuing to work collaboratively with the mta and want to reiterate all the decision we make are recommendation we make to them and any of these projects is based on public safety and our member safety. a lot has to do with our aerial operations or
1:13 am
sterning radius responding to fires. updated bureau of fire investigation numbers there are 117 open active fire investigation reports. also attached to the report is the activities for the mupth of march for san francisco international airport. to close my report i like to say a few words about the retirement of my assistant ginny franklin. i want to thank the commissioners for recognizing ginny. fabulous person, a fab ulous job from 1980 to 2017. she worked for sffd. i can't say enough positive things working with ginny. and can't thank enough for the job she has done for me. all the former deputies feel the same way including i'm sure jim olsen. it is working the
1:14 am
chief's office is a high stress environment. ginny keeps it light, upbeat with a smile on her face. does a fabulous job putting this report together. keeps meticulous track the discipline file and ongoing cases, never complains but what i appreciate the most about ginny is-and the chief assistant kelly, they keep a fire house atmosphere. they take good nature shots and give good natured shots and that to me lightens the stress level. i like to share one with you from ginny. one day i was probably a little stressed and may have needed affirmation. i said to ginny, so am i at least part the top 10 of the past deputies? without missing a beat she said well you are in the top 13. [laughter] anyway, i like it go on record thanks
1:15 am
to ginny again and enjoy your requirement and that concludes my report. >> thank you, chief gonzalez. any public comment on this report? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner covington. >> thank you, mr. president and thank you chief gonzalez number 13 out of 13. >> thank you. >> i just have a couple of questions. the big rig roll over off the 101 highway, there were no injuries. >> no and i believe from recollection i believe there was a driver and passenger. it was a heavy duty dump truck and it went off by third street over there on battalion 10. it was pretty impressive and fell 25 or 30 feet off the freeway. >> i assumed they were wearing
1:16 am
their seat belts? >> i assume, yes. >> that has to be very very squarey that type of fall. i wanted to know march 25, the first alarm was rescue at lanken, has the cause the fire been determined as of yet? >> i can look into that for you and get that answer to you. >> okay, thank you. wundsering about that mpt and then the fire safety tip. i think that is essential for people, so if we can continue to get those out so people nsds understand that say consider pets part the family the pets should be included. >> absolutely. >> that would be helpful. and i also want to congratulate everybody on the 6 minute
1:17 am
response times, that is extraordinary from where we were to 6 minutes. that's just amazing. >> it is. i were doing well on the first unit which i say those units are static usually and it could be or data collection as well is more accurate, but they are getting there. they know get on the rig quick, get their safely, but getting their expendiantly. >> you alluded to chief zan off and happy he can take credit for those one. >> he can't take credit for those but can for the ambulance ones. >> okay, as long as we share the credit. i wonder do we need to put the h 23 on the ajendsa of a upcoming meeting because this seems to drag on, the negotiations? >> i think it is languishing. if what 798 what they are
1:18 am
saying is where we are going and if i can get this agreement from the director of human resources to memorialize it, i think thalths that's the direction we have to gerather than just a verbal agreement because as you know verbal agreements are verbal agreements. it has to be memorialized i think in the mou or as a side letter so we can put it to bed and move to other issues. >> i agree with you but as my ongoing concern is as you know, that these are line items in the budget and i dont want them to disappear. i really want to fill those positions. >> this might be a question for mark or the chief. we are spending the funds by filling that position with the 33. we are spending more, so we are justifying the money, it is just creating the position is what is the challenge.
1:19 am
>> okay, chief hayes-white. >> deputy chief gonzalez is correct, the money is spent as a substitute for where we want to go to, so i share your concern and i am frustrated with the lepth length of tifem it is taking. we have committed to be good working partners with local 798. it is a clearly a administrative decision but want to engage and work well with them. we are very close and chief gonzalez has done well. i like to give us respectfully requesting hopefully by the next meet ing because i know that we don't have a meeting on april 26. i would say certainly by the next meeting we should have closier and if not i agree it should be agendized to bring it to fruition. what do you think
1:20 am
about that, chief? >> you got it, chief. >> thank you both very much. >> thank you, commissioner covington. commissioner hardeman. >> thank you, mr. president. another wonderful well written lengthy but needed, so really appreciate all the effort that goes into this document you presented that you don't read to everyone in the audience but it has the numbers and all the details including the airport chief cast llano's report is in here and it really makes it easy for commissioner to see what is going on in the department without having to make phone calls and ask around too much so thank you for that. i was watching last night san jose and congratulations on the response times. that brings up to san jose. they are looking at all the main corridors they
1:21 am
have particular routes which i guess our stations do too, to navigate and those routes are more and more crowded. there are signals on the routes automated so they are putting in $600 thousand to automate a bunch of those routes for the whole length and that is a interesting concept to think if they only cost $600 thousand to do that so you can go for quite a ways having the lights change in sequence so you take off and the first changes the rest will change automatically as the computer chip or something and chief probably knows and you might know chief gonzalez so thought that was interesting how that would play out. they
1:22 am
are claiming it will get worse because of the population so san jose is having difficult times with needed stations i guess, so that is something i'm glad we don't have that problem. the voters of san francisco have taken care of this department demanding stations stay open and are a little confined space all we can do up. the distance to travel won't go up. >> when the population goes up that increases the number of calls which means the unit won't be available, so it-san jose i am a advocate for anything that makes response times more efficient. if we had that program implemented here and did the green lights, the traffic conditions downtown especially during rush hour just because of the green light if there is no where to go there is no where to go. they have to get out of the way.
1:23 am
>> they is a lot of grid lock on the freeways but think the streets are not as bad as ours. >> we have the capability we looked at that certain stations, station 3 and station 1. mta has that capability so there is technology where the lights can be changed if a emergency apparatus is coming. the challenge for us is safe station 1 on folsom you can try to make the lights green all you want but when the is grid lock with cars trying to get to the bridge it dozen help. >> i just that it was interesting. i saw it last night and fresh in my mind talking about response time but congratulations on response time. especially after-the torture and agony, all the department and the commissioners received and the mayor and to see that now have bragging rights to say thinks are looking good.
1:24 am
you know, chief gonzalez the last few meetings you talk about ovhead power lines and made be aware of what a tangled mess. i am looking up now and say you get to intersection jz it is like holy mackerel, this is a web. also i see your concern with getting in the corner and there is no way you can be in the middle of the intersection and shoot in a corner of the 4 buildings that may be there because the power lines are everywhere so have to go on the side. i see where you are saying when the truck is driving around or a engine they are looking at the lines to see if there are new lines and how that will effect fighting the fire or rescuing someone in the building. >> it is a challenge. they work to get-if there one aerial
1:25 am
shot there is one shot and the truck needs it be cognisant. they make consuggestions because you are move hose but there is one spot to put the truck to get the aerial shot and that is where they need to be. >> glad to see you are still here after 5 years. you are real good at your job and that comes from all different sources including 798 says you a reasonable guy to deal with and you are good at what you do and hope because ginny is leaving that doesn't effect anything you do. >> we'll see how that goes. [laughter]. >> and you handle adversity very well. you have a good demeanor about you. lastly, congratulations to chief column beanie for your class going oen and hope to get at least a couple days around easter to
1:26 am
relax. your group works very hard, thank you. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman. vise president nakajo. >> thank you very much, president cleveland. chief gonzalez, thank you for your comprehensive rort. i want to comment on your report, not only is it comprehensive but very very detailed. i won't go through the whole report but basically on page 3 when it comes to the community outreach section i very much appreciate the detail of the community outreach section. fire fighter baxter's responsibility to provide this information, chief? >> it is lieutenant baxter does provide this information. >> lieutenant baxter, i appreciate the detailed information. i'm on page 4 and your categorical is emergency medical service, i assume page 4 and that cot goreical chief
1:27 am
zanoff is responsible for the report? >> yes, sir. >> i want to tell you chief zanoff and will get into details about my ride along but i very much appreciate your report t. is very much comp hence v. i'm a commissioner that doesn't mind ic looking at all your details. there is nor more information we received in the sense of more enhanced clear information. again, we are joined this morning by commissioner alota and commissioner on page 6 you see the indicators of response time at 94 percent, 10 minutes oreb or less. chief gonzalez talked about als engines respondsing 93 percent sth
1:28 am
>> yes, sir. >> for many those are magical numbers for compliance and for us a long standing issue within that. as you can see through the report, page 7, page 8, all of that is very much comp rehensive. chief gun zaulance fire prevention and community outreach presentation, who houses this particular unit, is that fire marshal unit? >> yes, sir. under prevention. >> thank you very much for this. i again when it talks tit about the community outreach and give the dates and location it shois this commission again our relationship with the community at large. how important that is as well. i was impressed with this report again with ginny franklins retirement chief gonzalez i assume the quality and comprehension of this will not suffer at all because again, all of the material is clearly here. >> we are holding interviews
1:29 am
next week, we'll see. >> page 10, is thatd a area housed by the fire marshal or what categorical is that under? >> captain balming in fire prevention is our point person and handles most of that as katie fengon. lieutenant fengon. >> correct me if i'm wrong but i don't recall a report separately for transportation advisory committee previous. this is great again because if it is anything we haven't had, any additional it is just a complete comprehensional package. is this something we are going to get in the package on a regular basis? >> i'll keep them in there, vise president. >> thank you very much. page 11 we have a categorical again, when chief williams was here it was lengthy because
1:30 am
there was so much area of responsibility equal to euros. san francisco international airport assume that is chief cast llano in terms of that responsibility am i correct? >> yes, sir, vice president. i >> i with the commissioners very much enjoy chief your airport station 3 grands opening. impressive to say the least. we are very very fortunate to have that support from the san francisco airport director as well. just as a opponent of information for myself, quh i wents to the station there are issues that came across our screen in terms of that station and perhaps with other stations that were issues of perhaps concern or modification, so for myself as i did detur specifically paying attention to the exhaust issues of the members in the station who sleep and work and
1:31 am
close pruximity of the plains taking off once the doors are up i can hardly hear myself think. you can smell the odor. i understand again that architects made a strong design of really strong air filter pumps so these issues are again not an issue. again, it is brands new so we will see. just as another point of information chief, hayes-white as well, i was interested in the layout of the dormitory. a concept of private rooms to dormitory style because we in the department had that dormitory style for a long time but also know with the infusion of women members of our department or even men members if there is a ability to a little more individual privacy so to speak, when one is resting or sleeping i only say that because again my visitationwise the president at
1:32 am
station 38 you forget the old style so to speak unless you are up there looking at it. station 5 will go soon through a demolition is similar to that as well, but as a opponent of information, those are the things that i look for as well. i know our stations all have certain uniformities in termsf our members and what we need, but again through our bond issues the stationerize old and modifications going on to do that. if we have a opportunity to have a new station like the airport and in my mind the fire boat station coming online is another similar, not that the airport is special or the port station is special, but they are unique within the naicher the stations because of the airport facility as well as pier 35 coming up. i'm just reiterating again the kinds of
1:33 am
observation i make for what is best for our members in terms of long term. i just was really really pleased with that. i know station 5 is coming online. i know station 16 is right arounds the corner and the commission still has a opportunity at some point to visit the stations and again i'm not going through all the pages but the activities, summary reports, there is no page number on that but again commissioner, it is so much information you can see by the categorical of what is a abdahmsinal pain or assault or where the addresses are for the various kinds of incidents and again i just want to acknowledge it as i go through my notes how really comprehensive and important this is and how much the
1:34 am
commission myself included appreciate this because if we are short on arrival time or if there are cost factors we want to ask for we can refer to this. appreciate it very much your report chief gonzalez, thank you chief hayes right. >> thank you, mr. vise president. i think we share your comments and your accolades for the report from chief gonzalez. chief hayes-white would like to say something >> certainly, thank you prezden cleveland. i want to respond to vise president nakajo regarding the layout of the upper floor, the dormitory and it is a dormitory style that we continue to go with. you are correct sort of the state of the art new fire stations have for privacy reason frz more efficiency reasons a dorm etstyle where there is more privacy. we went through meeting after meeting and heard loud and clear from the members the preference is have a
1:35 am
dormitory open style even though the industry standard now a days is not that and so station 16 on grinch was modified late in the game because of the concern that was raised from the members and local 798. moving forward we have-that is why the airport was modified to be consistent to come up with a play book of what works best for the san francisco fire department. so, we heard loud and clear and those are the reason why we moved forward. one thing because i think it is a very valid point that you bring up is the genders living together up in a common dormitory. certainly that changed with prop crrfx and believe in 1992 there was bond money put forward and all stations were completed where there would be separate bathroom and changing facilities for men and women. as it stands now including
1:36 am
station 5 which is in vision to have more privacy and dormets opposed to a open dormitory style was chaichcked because of the membership. >> i appreciate that very much chief hayes-white because of the observation is some the stations just my personal opinion and observation, station 5, station 38, they are big huge rooms and again as a commissioner you get used to what we have. if this was a system and the way it is, very auch this is the way it is going to be but very often the beds because i know our policy is provide a bed for every member, those beds are all over the floors and the closest privacy that i can see is a partition to separate one bed or another. i asked the question where did the women members sleep. i didn't get a real defined answer to that but depending on-this is based on
1:37 am
the slide and information they choose to go where they go. showering is showering and sleeping sp sleeping. just as a point of curiosity i did research in terms of preference. preference in cost. i thought dormfore itory would be a style that is lestz cost. floor beds and find a corner but intrigue would the private room concept because of cost factor and there are only two departments, creth me if i'm wrong that have dormitory type effects. generally i think san francisco fire department and new york fire depampt. the stanered now is moving toward individual rooms or cubbies or some type of denotion of privacy. again, i know members sleep there and ask can i grab my sleeping bag and put it on a mattress and
1:38 am
take a nap and looked for personal art ifacts like isn't there a picture of your child or favorite lantern. this is a home in the sense of your are sleeping there but it is a business environment. i'm just commenting again chief hayes-white and chief gonzalez and curious with that because we have other stations coming online. thank you for answering me about station 5 and 16. i assume it is dormitory style and, >> correct and that want our original plan. >> i understand there was cost savings with individual rooms. this is a amateur speaking. i wasn't at the architectural workshop. >> there is more functioniment and efficient from a cost standpoint and privacy. >> again, the commissioner being the commissioner we are very consciousf oour dollars and our budget. not saying the airport budget is nothing we have control over but if the
1:39 am
airport could change comparative to what we have just curious about it. thaupg for the information, just wanted to report back to the command staff and fellow commissionerwise the observation from my side only because we were all there and so i just thought that--thank you very much, chief hayes-white and chief gonzalez. >> thank you, mr. vise president. mr. hardeman- >> i have a comment after vice president nakajo. thank you. i also asked the same question on the tour about the dorms because like your comments the airport is very interested in doing everything first class and i was sort of surprised that i didn't see any separate rooms for gender and i asked that question to a woman that was on the tour and they said
1:40 am
it was discussed and this is what we ended up with. no one made anybody do anything and it want a financial concern, so i'm-that is all i can share with you. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman. commissioner covington. >> thank you, mr. president. just regarding this subject of dormitorys or dormets or private rooms, the fire fighters have been very forxing and frank in what they want and they want the dormitory. they feel that's more culiegeial, more community and some spend 30 years in the dorm tores so think they are very used to them. it is just part of the
1:41 am
san francisco fire fighter culture. we don't have metal helmets. we have leather and that's also part of the san francisco fire tradition. you know how it is looking from the outside because i never slept in a fire house, looking from the outside it seems as if it is more comfortable another way, but sometimes in large families if the family moves to a larger house all the children have their own separate bedrooms and wake up in the morning and everyone is in one bedroom. we have this nice big house now and are like ngo no, we want to stay together. i think it is wonderful that the members were canvased and late
1:42 am
accommodations were made even though the department was going one way, people voiced their preferences and those preferences were given to them. >> thank you, commissioner covington. any further comments from any of the commissioners? okay. thank you for your very comprehensive report. i had a couple questions. i know that we had 8544 responses for medical call squz that isjust one month, correct sth >> yes, sir. >> over 8500 medi-cal calls 5800 transports in one month. that is an amazing number of calls in one month, an amazing number. i notice you had to do intubation which i assume is inserting a breathing tube. how often do our paramedics have to deploy that?
1:43 am
>> the air way was closing but can ask assistant deputy chief zanoff come up with numbers. >> ems division chief. paramedics intubate patients on average twice a day, some days more often. they have different methods. they have a air way called a tracheal tube where they visualize the patients vocal cords and pass between the cords and can breathe for the patient that way. we can have device that doesn't require dwebt visualization of the vocal cords, it is a emergency air way and we have the bls air ways we can use with patienterize not breathing. >> that is an amazing medical procedure. >> one of the most important procedures the paramedics can do and have 30 seconds when you stop breather for the patient to get the tube in and get it secure squd get breatheic again. it needs to be done
1:44 am
fast and done right and we train our paramedics fairly well on that. >> rigorously. >> thank you, that the word. >> two or three times a day it has to be deployed? >> yes. >> that is really amazing. thank you chief. i want to congratulate lieutenant baxter on the foyer safety tips. i did review those and thought they were terrific. i hope they are on the dp apartment website so anyone in the city can read them. if they are not on the website i urge they be placed on the website. great job, great document and full of good information for all our citizens, so i hope that we'll put that on the web if it isn't already on the web. >> i'll double check. >> i like to thank and congrtulate the fire marshal pulting together neighborhood outreach meetings talking about fire safety. it is a certain concern in the itisy and
1:45 am
particularly certain communities and the outreach is important and i appreciate i & commission appreciates the fire marshal putting those together so like to put that out there. finally, i see on the back page of your report that you did 16 elevator rescues this past month, so i guess was that practice run for visit by ben carson? >> i doubt it, but it could be. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, president cleveland. >> madam secretary would you call the next item. ? >> item 8, commission report. report on commission actirfbties since last meeting of march 22, 2017, including vice president nakajo's recent ride along with station 49 ambulance crew. >> mr. vise president. >> mr. president, commissioners, chief hayes-white, command staff, i
1:46 am
had a ride along the opportunity in the privilege doing a ride along of march 24, friday. i want to acknowledge chief gonzalez, but also wanted to acknowledge chief [inaudible] met me at the station, station 49. part of that was the desire by this commission to ride on a friday night which is usually a hot night. the intention is go from 4 a.m. to about 1 a.m. and pooped out about eleven p.m. discouraged and disaopponented in myself i didn't stay long frr the hot time. i had the privilege riding with medic 79 with paramedic chris couch and emt leslie fong. we left the station at about 5 o'clock.
1:47 am
commissioners i encourage all you to take a site visit to station 49 and have the chief show what the layout is. again, being a commissioner of some years, station 49 changed quite a bit. there are and a squads used to be there and closing depot is there but there is modifications of the members and room and dispatch room and a ride along like that is invaluable. valuable in terms of getting a first pond point of view what goes on. i had a opportunity with the chief to go through the load up where there is a store keeper and the chief can explain it better at some other point of when the ambulances come in and get loaded up with the various medication and equipment. last time i visited there wasn't such a thing as a personnel person called a store keeper,
1:48 am
that is designated job to make sure all this equipment is ready for the ambulance. : colleagues and chief, the point of this commissioner is not only to observe what is going on with a ride along but also all the other component in terms of again what your report reflected chief gonzalez on all the factors it takes for us to get our men and women out in the field to provide the servicess for the public and the amount of time it takes to do every segment. that load up by the store keeper is a very efficient system. i had the privilege riding with two women professionals and i was greatly impressed with that. the paramedic was about i believe a 5 to 6 year member. the emt member was new, relatively after not even a year. but the dedication and the comments
1:49 am
that may made really really made me very very happy. they both talked about their jobs being their dream jobs. the position they want to be in. that swing shift is the shift that they want to be in. their expertise and passion, their commitment. i'm looking for sensitivity and professionalism and all of that is there. what good about a ride along at station 49 is you interact with a lot of the members who are there. i think it is so important for the members of 49, all the members in the department to see the commissioner come out to the stations to the workplace. we went on our ride, again rapid deplayment so asked the coverage area and it is the mission, sirfbic and downtown. that is a hot corridor. i have been on ride alongs previously
1:50 am
and been exposed to what occurs there. part of this as well is justification of other components like ems 6 and creation of ems 6 to do the frequent fliers take up so much time of our membership and still give the quality. part of this is the president and myself visited the emergency management communication on march 1, so for us the research for the commission is not only at the communication center, but it is at station 49. it also obvious we are observing the condition of the ambulances, our trucks being able to expose with the various membership. we wnt out rapid deployment. didn't take long to get our first call. it is really great to see the cooperation between our departments and this particular instance of the first call i'm
1:51 am
not going into detail, we were requested to have truck engine 1 accompany to a site on mission street near the jewish museum and this particular call was a patient that got out of the hospital but needed to make sure we had enough personnel if there was a case of taking the patient out to the ambulance there may be assistance, but it is important for us to see how the mechanics work as well. it is great to see the members of the engine come and see the commissioner work wg the paramedics. interesting enough, nobody was surprised. everybody was delighted to have the commissioner there as well and it became quite obvious as i road the ambulance through the night i would see the crew from station one quite freck wntly. that is where the action is.
1:52 am
the other calls were again familiar calls. individuals on the streets of san francisco, in the mission complaints coming in from citizens, complaints from businesses and individual out there on the street with various conditioning and as we roll up i am informed the san francisco police department will be there as well to make sure the area is secure because i concern myself with the safety of our members as well. not making any kind of comment, but riding with two women personnel going to a incident that might have some action or occasion to be able to have the san francisco police department there as well and our engine response is quite comforting. all professional being able to do with it. the justification of ems becomes really clear because that evening with all our calls we wind up at st. francis hospital. part of our
1:53 am
research was known in the communication in station 49 and the crews but at some point the hospital council. very pleased chief in your report there is a inication that you will meet with the hospital council personnel in terms of that discharge that we identified. again, i walk in there with a point of view but have to quickly erase that point of view. i foupd the staff and nurses at st. frances to be very professionalism very very sensitive. it is difficult especially with 2 or 3 gurn asian and patients. one person may screen and another yelling another may be escorted out of the hospital. there is object so much protocol the hospital and do and so much we can do but do our job and bring the patient to the hospital. the hospitals take care of them and look over them for medical situation but at some point or another that same patient as i
1:54 am
observed before is someone we see again through it continuing evening. i just wanted to say again that i want to acknowledge those personnel at station 49. again commissioners, colleagues, mr. president, with your advocacy of a new station of the paramedic station 49, the bond issue it is so clear to me that we need to have that established for us to move forward in terms of continuing services. it was just interesting because things like when we to eat something we all wound up at whole foods picking food off the shelf. when it came to my necessity to viz sit the restroom we had to go to st. francis hospitalism i know there is a policy we can go to any station, but i found that st. francis hospital with
1:55 am
the ability to take advantage of what they have there was an advantage but it reinforced to me the importance of station 49 and importance the men and women out there in rapid deployment that work the long hours and have basis for nurseishment and hygiene. that is pretty much what i want today report to you. i know that the chief zanic would be more than happy to have us come down and do a aboveation or ride along and thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, mr. vise president. any public comment on this item? seeing none, commissioner hardeman. >> they are doing commission comments so i thought i would jump in, mr. president. i was
1:56 am
fortunate to be invited to a presentation of nert and actually our dog, vander, our rescue dog vander with eli thomas the former cao bill lee and wife carolyn were responsible putting together a community outreach for community leaders to then intern get people vaurfbed in nert. bill and i personal friend so he mentioned it as vandser was coming the dog and eli thomas and captain-her last name-- >> art sairo. >> captain art sairo was there. my wife and i both went but it fts a wonderful presentation. the start of the show was the dog and eli thomas who had just
1:57 am
made a presentation to us at our last meeting so interesting to see him again and much more relaxed frame of line and stood up there for half hour 45 minutes talking-everybody could care less about the nert program, they were interested in the erision relationship with the dog and family. it was wonnerful. it was at gander hall which is a indsian hall as in next to pakistan, that indian not american indian and it was a wonderful experience. delighted i was able to go and so happy had a nice handout and erica explained how responses nert and emergency so it was terrific. while i have the floor, i have to bring up joe [inaudible] and his wonderful mother angela [inaudible] who
1:58 am
just left. anyway, she was here up until recently. anyway, your family the alioato family i met three people in my life that i think defined charisma. i cant think of a forth. john kennedy, bill clinton and joe alioato. and there is something spelths. i was at a dinner when he was raising money for catholic charities and he was the cyo person of the year and i had took jack hening who was under bill clinton, he was-under john kennedy, the secretary of labor and became a bachelor in new zeal end. before that the head for jerry brown in california and in the 70's head of labor. the california-the greatest knowledge of irish history of
1:59 am
any person i ever met and could quote thijs at dinners and everything, so i drove him to it dinner because he didn't live far from me and on the way back i says, do you believe that speech that joe gave? everybody in the room was just up and clapping and screaming and no notes. jack heny who went to st. marry's college he said here is jack kennedy knew all the president from going back in his life. one the smartest guys, recognizes just a master in anything he did, was the editor of the newspaper in st. mary's. he says he is the smartest man i met in my life so you have real ground to cover to keep up with your grandpa. it will be hard to call you commissioner without
2:00 am
saying alioato first. i will be like commissioner cleveland and say commissioner alioato. welcome aboard and you did a presentation to the room because we were ready earlier to the people in the room about yourself, but president cleveland is it appropriate to give background like he did? people watching on tv. >> if you like to reintroduce yourself to the audience. >> thank you, i promise to disappoint you given that the pedestal-i had great respect for my grantfather and when i appeared in cort time to time introduced as joe [inaudible] but the judges called me mr. alioato so used to it. listen, i really appreciate mayor lee aopponenting me to this commission. as i mentioned
2:01 am
prior to the people that are here, i come from a long history of public service in the city. very proud of the service that my family has had to the city starting from my grandfather in the 60 pchs as two term mayor. my mothers a a member of the board of supervisors for many years as i was in my younger years and president of the board. and also my cousin mu kalea who was on the e board of supervisors. when i was in my 20th atu cla decided i wanted-needed to serve so i joined a police acad #5e78 in los angeles county, decided to go that route. i was hired on as a reserve police officer here in san francisco, so the reserve-the service of the reserves to the city are near and dear to my heart. putting your life on the line for no pay is a big
2:02 am
deal, a realee big deal. my mother often questioned my sanity as she heard me leave the house at 3 o'clock in the morning to go to a call. but also after being on the reserves for the city, i joined the san francisco district attorneys office as a law enforcement officer as a district attorney investigator into the hal nan administration and as a da i worked on the streets in san francisco in the mission and tndser line in charge of the paper food stamps that were traded for narcotics and gun. interact would the fire department and as a child my grandfather took us to the fire station, a huge fan of the fire foickters. he said the fire fightererize the only ones that can come to your house,
2:03 am
douse with water and thank them on the way out. the fire fighter cz do no harm, what they defor the city and people is absolutely amazing. so, the fire department is near and dear to my heart as well as the police department and so just to continue on following my service in the district attorneys office, i became a attorney while i was at the da's office and followed that path, the family path. my suchbs to the city and state didn't end there. i became police commissioner under mayor nusem and served the state as a senate appointee to to the criminal justice commission for 7 year jz recently as of last week appoint ed to the state international relations committee so really looking forward to representing the state both here and abroad to foreign dignitaries. and then
2:04 am
sworn in this morning with commissioner cleveland to this great commission. i really look forward serving the people and working with the fire department and getting to know them. there are things i'm interested in like technology and the reserves are interesting to me and making sure that we serve as a commission the people that are out there making those calls and making sure that as i know seconds matter being in law enforcement that we do our best to serve you and support you. that being said, looking forward to the years on the commission and work wg these commissioners and the staff and the chief as well. thank you so much for the warm introduction commissioners. i promise to disappoint you, i'm not my grandfather. he was an amazing man however i do appreciate the service to the city he had and the love people had for him. thank you.
2:05 am
>> thank you, commissioner alioato. good to sooyou on board. thank you vise president nakajo for taking the ride along. i think most people know that 70 percent or more of our 911 calls are medical emergency so it is ambulances that respond and it is super important that the service that they do is on a regular basis honored and i'm delighted to hear our new chief of the ems is doing weekly ride alongs. just understand what the rank and file are doing every day, i thij that great and appreciate you doing that. and i urge all the commissioners to do ride alongs. i have done one bhieself and probably due for another soon. our newest commissioner it is a lot of work on the commission so want you to understand that there is a lot on our plate, so we
2:06 am
absolutely welcome you to this commission. with that said, any further comments or final comments, commissioners? thank you for your report vise president and we'll go to the next item. >> iletm 9, communications. e-mail from james corriganidated marn 29, 2017. letter from janelle caywood dated april 5, 2017. letter from united fire service women dated march 22, 2017. >> any public comment on these communications? seeing none, public comments closed. commissioners, any comments? none? seeing none, move on. >> item 10, ajena for next fire commission meeting on may 10, 20s 17. >> any pubhook public comment
2:07 am
on this item? seeing none-commissioners? yes, commissioner hardeman first. commissioner covington. >> thank you, mr. president. this is not in any particular order, but just for consideration of my fellow commissioners for future agenda items. a report on vision zero and tasc. discussions regarding dedicated marine unit. i did receive sure all received in the packets a few pages on tsunami preparedness. tsunami preparedness week was march 27 through 31. i assume
2:08 am
that this is given to us for our perusal and it is needed comment. well, i see that the department is preparing a tsunami preparedness plan and so i would like to know more about that. >> very good. >> and i had requested earlier that we have a presentation on the feasibility of solar panels on our propertys i say properties because we have more than fire houses and the department. and in regards to one of the letters we received concerning aerial ladder inspection, i would like more nrfckz information on that as well. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner covington.
2:09 am
>> is there a clarification, i know there is a notice about the april 26 meeting, is that changed or we have addition of a commissioner not sure, just looking for clarification. >> it was advertised as being canceled, so- >> and posted. >> i guess we can repost it and hold it. what the feeling of the commission? >> i would say to chief we have any reason why it is important to-the april 26. >> so, i'll differ back to the commission. we are available if you want to put the meeting back on calendar now that we have a 5th commissioner. >> you want to entertain a motion, mr. vise president? y i have question and think commissioner covington had a question before me. >> thank you. i would like to consult with the commission
2:10 am
secretary as to the process to go through getting it announced as a meeting day? >> i have to check with our city attorney that overvees the brown act and find if it can be unposted and what we have to do after making the announcement today. >> okay, thank you. >> vise president nakajo. >> mr. president, we issued a post ponement on the 26 for lack of quorum, i didn't want to assume that the commissioner would be available on the 26 for us to have a commission meeting. as a point of view, commissioners, since we are calendared and if we have a quorum between myself and two other commissioners, my preference is to have a meeting
2:11 am
only to take care the responsibility of that regular calendar. if the commissioners feel otherwise, i can beope toon that, it is just we didn't have a quorum number before with the consideration that some members will be committed elsewhere on that date. >> thank you, mr. vise president. commissioner hardeman. >> yes, mr. president. i never been involve in canceling a meeting because of lack of quorum because we don't do that. was surprised to hear we did it this time but having 4 commissioners we had no choice, two could want be here. i say commissioner alioato availability may be in question because he was told-you are available. then i would think that we don't cancel meetings because of lack of quorum on this commission since i have been on this 6 and a half
2:12 am
years. >> that is my vote. >> thank you, we will check with council. can we readvertise the meeting as being held? >> yes, president cleveland. city attorneys office wow can renotice the meeting. >> alright, then i think i don't know if we need a motion but the sentiment of the commission is hold the meeting on the 26 so well not have a canceled meeting and vice president nakajo will be the presiding officer for that meeting. >> okay. >> thank you. yes, commissioner covington. >> one final word, yes. i will be traveling at that time, but i am scheduled to be back the morning of the meeting since we have the afternoon meeting, but air travel being what it is these days i'm glad that we will have three commissioners
2:13 am
here. >> we could have 4 commissioner snz >> yes. >> you won't have me, i will be in washington dc. okay. madam secretary do you want to call the next item? >> item 11, case number 2017-03, commission deliberation on proposed findings of fact and possible approval of findings of fact regarding commission pfs decision on employee discipline concerning verified complaint filed by chief of department against member, dated september 20, 2016, for violations as follows. section 2004, restricted passengers. 3905, famil larty with rules. 3907, safety rules. 3909, false report. 3919, proper behavior. 3921, inattention oo duty. 3923, acts detrimental to welfare of department. 3941,
2:14 am
use of vehicles. the commission is now considering proposed findings of facktd in relation to that decision. this case may be heard in closed session pursuant to code section 54957 b and san francisco administrative code, section 67.10 b. item a, public comment on agenda item 11. possibly closed session. members of the public may comment on ajendsa number 11 including whether to consider the matter in closed session. government code section 549, 54.3 a, administrative code section 67.15 b. >> thank you, madam secretary. is there any public comment on going into closed session on thisite item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, do i have a motion on the closed-going into
2:15 am
closed session on thisite 78? >> so moved, mr. president. >> do i vasecond? >> second. xhickzer covington. all in favor, >> aye. >> any oppose? mo [meeting rec are back in open session, the time is 1154. this is case number 2016-03. >> first you should disclose that the commission in closed session approved the findings of facts in this matter. >> thank you council. back in open session and just wanted to say that the commission went into deliberations on the findings of fact on item number
2:16 am
11 and we made a motion to-we will have a motion to not disclose these deliberations. i would like to entertain that motion at this point, so do and a motion from commissioners to not disclose the deliberations on the findsings of fact? >> so moved. >> second? all in favor? >> aye. >> motion is approved uninanimously. would like to add a second motion here and that is a motion to disclose to the closeed session transcripts and evidence presented but not the commissions dlberations to human resources department, representatives for the purpose of civil service appeal. >> would you also be disclosed the findings of fact sfwl
2:17 am
>> we can disclose the findings of fact, absolutely, yes. do i have a second to that motion? >> yes. second. >> so moved. >> and moved it. do i is a second? yes. all in favor. >> aye. >> thank you, commissioners. the motion is approved and do i have a motion to adjourn this meeting? >> so moved. >> do i have a second? >> all in favor- >> in the memory of-- >> i'm getting to it. all in favor? >> aye. >> i like to close thigz session of fire commission meeting in honor of clod corso the father of mark corso who passed away recently. thank you. yes, sir? >> [inaudible]
2:18 am
>> is it on? >> yep. >> there it goes. >> mentioned jack hening, his son, brian who is 73 years old died from alzheimer's. the only reason i bring it up because i mentioned jack's name is and funeral is at st. monicas next tuesday the 18th at 10 a.m. >> thank you. >> thank you for allowing me to put that on record. >> absolutely. this meeting is adjourned. [meeting adjourned]
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