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tv   Board of Education 42517  SFGTV  April 27, 2017 12:00am-4:01am PDT

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to call tontsz board meeting to order today is tuesday, april 25, 2017, roll call. please ms. casco. >> thank you mr. cook plane ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez mr. walton ms. eng and ziegler. >> thank you thank you so much it is great to see so many people in the board room this evening we'll do our best to move through tonight's recognizes and other events and
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get to public comment as he will as possible we have a lot of people here to speak on behalf of several issues please bear with us we will have to allow you want to for everybody to be heard with that said, i want to acknowledge longer commissioner jill wynn's in the audience it is good to see you. >> (clapping.) >> section a information for the pun we're going on to section b pun we're going on to section b complete a speaker card and present it to the executive assistant. speaker cards will not be accepted if an item is already before the board. prior to the item called and present to say to the executive assistant according to the board rules and procedures speakers
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will not be accepted for an item before the board superintendant's report. >> superintendant lee immigration mr. walton and commissioners i have a few items to report on. >> one thing i forgot to do will everyone please stand for the pledge of allegiance. >> thank you president walton and something seemed a little bit out of order there so thank you for meeting that. >> i'll to start by alm that
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that is administrative professionals week by saying thank you to all of the harjd administrative professionals at the school sites in the district you are the lifeline of our organization and medic professionals week is celebrate to say thank you you're the ones that make our schools and office run smoothly and like a family it was also recently digital citizenship week the week of april 10th the age of digital media a powerful tool we guide the students to make good decision to take advantage of the technology in their hands and lives constantly connected is where we have to be good citizens during this week and throughout the school year we promote the positive citizenship as early as kindergarten through high school the lessons and
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activity at the san francisco unified school district are largely shared by an organization called common sense media you also have heard that california department of education recently releases the 2015-2016 cohort outcome data which includes graduation rates and course completion rate i'm sad to announce the rates continue to improve and lead by 4 percentage points sfusd has a high graduation rate for students that starred high school in 2011 and graduated in 2015 sorry 2016 which is 86.5 percent compared to the state rate of 82.7 percent. >> (clapping.) >> this year's cohort date one
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.6 percentage increase in the prior years and 9 plus since 2009 nodding we we've got a lot more work to do i'd like to this is an everyone educators and everyone throughout the district to help the students achieve those gains in addition to our climbing graduation rate the imdysfunction for kindergartener increased from the 2 to 95 plus an increase over 5 percent over two years the 2016-2017 rate of 95 plus is the highest to meet the imdysfunction for kindergarten ever thank you, mr. truitt and 95 he percent of seismic grant graders have
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recorded i want to extend a thanks to the health workers under the leadership of our folks and under the nurses under the leadership of mary chiu thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> next in honor ever national poetry month we do this every year it is my pleasure to welcome from the americans scores bay area an after school program that celebrated 15 years in the bay area two students one from the moscone elementary and another elementary that represents the radio poets and kilo and leslie with 15 more students all over the city
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performed in the all poetry with 50 other children and selected to center their poems on 91.7 graduations kilo and leslie thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you for your creativity and inspiration and after we have unfortunately leslie was not able to make it tonight but after chloe's perform the director of public affairs will share should remarks can we welcome chloe oh, there she is take it away chloe. >> my name is chloe the name of my enemy is life in mexico is
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glories my dream i love it i - what i likening collins clobbers and yum, yum, yum i like chopsticks in any chinese food i like small business owner something my dog and skin who cares we can all be a mexican in my family is in my from him the usa is my coach and this is
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my background. >> (clapping.) >> thank you chloe. >> thank you for the education president walton and members of the board this is our fourth year thank you having our poet athletics we're in the 15 year and strong across the city play every friday at the civic center. >> thank you for your support thank you so much. >> (clapping.) >> so i want district attorney indefinite thank the folks and chloe you the a wonderful job i saw you through the performance that poem a little bit ago i
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know you're an amazing poet thank you for coming out and joining us tonight thank you. >> and now i get to do something never done before by any member of the board of education by any other president prior to my term in office i get to acknowledge our state champion mission high school choice basketball team. >> (clapping.) >> so the coach the coach the parents and those young men have had a successfully wildlife in the past couple of weeks had the honor of being acknowledged and joining the mayor and the
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superintendent and had the honor of being acknowledged at city hall at a rally just for them they received a key to the city which is a big deal. >> (clapping.) >> they also had the opportunity to be acknowledged for they're great victory and great feat at the giant game and went to the dug out and talked with the players and now acknowledge you on our turf at the school district thank you for your great work. >> (clapping.) >> so just a few brief statements about this team this team was 35 and one this year and 35 and one - >> (clapping.) >> and as we all know this marks the first time we had a team from san francisco a public
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public educated team win the state championship in the history. >> (clapping.) >> so without further ado, you'll get a chance to hear from the rest of the colleagues how excited for this victory we'll hear from the captain of the team harris. >> naomi. >> (clapping.) >> naomi. >> got you. >> oh, good evening will president walton and superintendant lee and the commissioners the san francisco board of education my name is naomi harris i'm the caption of the mission basketball team from the division 3 champion.
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>> on behalf of my team i want to impress our appreciation for this - (laughter) this recognition this evening as i saw the team we were not just playing for that mission high school but san francisco and for the public schools as also for the community i'm glad to that we made you guys proud tonight. >> (clapping.) >> now i'd like to bring up the principle and head coach. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much board president we'll do a quick thank you's and have you introduce and get to know we're kind of goofy
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we love them they like to be grind i didn't but so first of all, i need to thank our city partners they've amazing people jumbled in and ready to celebrate within minutes as the state partners this is incredible you've been awesome we appreciate all the support and celebration we've gotten district folks commissioner caen eucalyptus and, of course, in my mentor and greatest person i know kevin truit i have got to thank our students if mission high school some are here couldn't have done it without you don't know but we are amazing the best students in the world period hands down. >> (clapping.) >> we were able to bring a couple hundred students with us to sacramento and srp the
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difference between debate and victory that's the same for the families families you deserve this absolutely our phenomenal phenomenal faculty of teachers day to day supported the players. >> (clapping.) >> and don't forget we're not graduating yet we couldn't have done it without the most phenomenal tier team an planet earth my former student we love you and the cheering thank you all this team and, of course, we have to this thing all of the coaches and teams themselves wouldn't have been possible without we don't have anything let's go bears and the coaches and nothing happened without the
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people that drive me crazy the coach of the year honorable dgo life. >> thanks eric i want to thank the board and kevin and i know g d m leaders with the backbone of our run in the season from a historical stand point i'm humbled the first in ever in the public schools we weren't perfect 35 and one but perfect for our imperfection one of the woman was covered by someone else's strength and those young men that achieved something from a history stand point mission high school is a great in the greatest school and my dear
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friend coach chester field i was humbled by him you turning this over to me and you guys. >> (clapping.) >> more importantly more importantly i want to thank my coaching staff. >> (clapping.) >> so at this time we'll call the players up and remind you all oh, gee, gee come up here you missed all the shout outing can we give it up for gee, gee our head coach amazing. >> (clapping.) >> at this time we'll call up the players mr. right you're going through and in the middle of that hours shoe first jamie m
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wright. >> (clapping.) >> now 3 junior adrian otis. >> number 4, mr. johnson number 56 you can't define. >> marseille. >> number lovingly willie chase. >> (clapping.) >> ben empathic. >> number 21 harris
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number 2, 2 williams. >> number 23, pratt. >> (clapping.) >> number 24 robert lee. >> (clapping.) >> number 3, 2 pratt a. >> (clapping.) >> number 34 anthony mcbride and finally number 4, 2 mr. abram california division 3 state challenges. >> one last time go bears.
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>> (clapping.) >> okay. and my amazing staff started with the former barrier banks. >> (clapping.) >> another graduate of sfusd donald dudley. >> (clapping.) >> my only import fred jones from st. louis. >> (clapping.) >> mission high school in 2014 graduate and our amazing coach carol bob young. >> (clapping.) >> all right. we have to it
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bunch up here . >> (clapping.) >> i forgot and arnold.
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you, thank you, thank
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you. >> so colleagues do we have anything to say to the young men now is the time nothing? commissioner cook >> i really didn't want to be first up but fellows congratulations i mean, i think this deserves a congratulations we're proud there is a lot of people that felt personally invested they saw you take the championship and because you know folks like me we grew up in
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the city as native that you all are you represent us at the state and show on the court but for your student leaders the types care and the standard composed and knew what that was about and communicated that i congratulate. >> and shout out to pe pe we we grew up together i did it here and he there you know we're keeping our seats warm to take it to the championship and the claim you built for yourselves on the court. >> (clapping.) >> your people now our city looks up to carry that with a sense of responsibility you deserve and if you want to
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continue to push and improve our community like you've done in the school i want to partner with you congratulations and look forward to staying connected with all of you. >> commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell i feel we've common each other we were all the friday you were playing we were sitting in a room dlirlt and inspector duffy the candidates that's the reason we were not 2, 3, 4 sacramento all 7 of us we have supported you it was wonderful to someone was live streaming to see you win
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was beauty it was representative of who you are as young people who you are as leader and the pride we have is tremendous and for for those of you who don't know all of the things we've been able to do together is we started with a warrior game where our boys got a standing ovation from the 20 thousand plus folks at the game that afternoon then went on to the giant home plate you guys were there for batting practice on the field and the look in our eyes while you were there meeting the coaches and players being on the field and our city so proud was wonderful and then we brought you to the where our state and local officials thank you you are the first high school team that got
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a key to the city this is tremendous. >> (clapping.) >> you know the key to the city has only been giving out to professional sports teams that won championship games and i think that speaks volumes to what you guys were able to accomplish this year we were hoping everybody was like we have to have a braid for them a braid for them we tried to get you in a braid you're in a tournament instead of playing more basketball during the caesar chavez parade but had a spot the mission is incredibly proud as well and got you know we're working on a picnic in the park another delores park for you and on behalf of the
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supervisor sheehy you know he's raised money for every single will get a championship ring on behalf of the city. >> (clapping.) >> so we are you know we know how to do up our champions the one thing the mayor said this is great i said, "yeah if they win next year i don't know if we can top all the things for you and with you for the 5 seniors that are graduating this is a moment not to forget question say over at city hall the teamwork makes the dream work and thank you to the posted thank you. >> (clapping.) >> commissioner murase. >> i want to address the team and is you show us there is nothing that you can't do when
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you set your mind to things you set an amazing example to all the kids thousand kids in the unified school district i want to thank all the educators including the coaches that are bringing those young men and finally the families i know what that means early modernize and the late nights getting kids here and there really want to thank the families for hanging in there and making the teamwork so much. >> (clapping.) >> commissioner haney. >> i want to say congratulations we're as school board members we have to represent the whole district we can't have to the best of our ability favorite schools this is not stripping 24 happened and
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mission high school an extraordinary school within an extraordinary leader principal the staff the parents, the students we knew that amazing things happen in the mission so when we see a group of young people that get to represent our community and city and unified school district this is proud to for mission high school to do do extraordinary things for the students and have young people representing that makes us especially proud and say to mr. harris i saw this young man on tv a number of times giving interviews such incredible vision and pride in our city he said we're doing this for the city we can't turn back we got
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to too many hills i i don't know if you got the play on words that represented who - i don't know if he remembered saying that but represents who you are where you were playing the entire time for all of us we were cheering in the entire city had your back i hope you continue to feel that in the future because you've done something that nobody else will do but up until now we have a special place in our superintendant carranza and the history of the city city so tha >> thank you you've made san
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francisco a world-class city and everything you win a championship we get a flag thank you and congratulations let's - give him the final say. >> asking ms. eng. >> congratulations on behalf of the sfusd i think that made us proud to be in the school board even though we were not part of mission high school but it is important to see people excelling. >> thank you for being an inspiration to our generation. >> so everyone congratulations adding to that but other than congratulations thank you for all your hard work and now you
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get the entitlement now you have to push around the young students that feels great so you guys get to do that for the younger students and with that, you guys representing regardless of nominating and not you guys made that i envy you guys for that and i think that you guys started something for san francisco to be a great push on soccer wrestling or football and now you guys with that entitlement get to say i was the best but get to come here and say i did it so come give more money to our soccer field our courts to our gear because i've
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been there we need better gear and places because they're okay we can get better than that but also with that the many things because we deserve that raising our color early and right now like doing college applications and man time management is crazy right now you get to demand it is - come back to the community come on it has to keep on going i encourage you guys to follow that and with that, boss them around make them run miles i want to say for the juniors are going to college wow. because i know how hard going through our daily lives and still wanting like didn't get better than that i deal with
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that pushing more to my success so like i'm proud of you guys that's a lot and yeah, you guys are super exciting rest of the year for the rest of you guys hopefully, you come back and make things better for your families and yourselves in this program >> superintendant lee and. >> i want to congratulate the team and the mission high school families it's been really special to see everyone coming out to celebrate our victory and the bonds and the collaboration and the love and the pride that exists and it is obvious throughout the celebrations not just in this spectacular
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accomplishment but accomplish ms. linda jordan that is part of the community and glad justin steel was mentioned. >> (clapping.) >> principal kevin truit as commissioner haney appropriated a special pride we take on your behalf with the mission high school in particular and represented the district but especially mission high school so well both in our athletic accomplishment but all the appearance and the public limelight you're a wonderful group of young men and carry yourselves so well, so grounded your humble and have a good personality you have a lot of new fans it's been tweeting on
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this superintendents account for 9 months when i posted the picture the celebration at city hall i got 0 some retweets out of all the tweets i've been issuing i'm basking in our glory please enjoy this special time. >> so to coach and principal and to the entire mission high school basketball team we all have something in common i'm the first president of the board of education to be able to celebrate the state championship basketball team and you're the first champions i said something about being able to get you all in court i was teasing kind of but i really want you to understand the magnitude of our accomplishment and the magnitude
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of your accomplishment but in terms of what that means to our school and city but also want you to take the opportunity to basic in the celebration and understand what you have achieved receiving the key to the city is wonderful and other things to overcome but you've done something that has not done before a special place for mission high school and you were the first ones to do this is the amazing how sports and teamwork can bring a city together and a community don't take that lightly as you go through our endeavors as is graduate this year and next year and remember this 0 moment and the last thing i want to say the media spends a lot of time highlighting negative things with our young
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black men will spends a lot of time highlighting the negatives but don't spend enough time in this district. >> (clapping.) >> and see you're going to make sure that everybody remembers that you accomplished this and this happened with that said, let's please give another a round of applause to our
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championship. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much parents and everyone and community for coming out to celebrate those young men as well and now we're going to move forward with the meeting with that, superintendant lee. >> thank you president walton so next more celebrating to do with our rave awards so first is our rave distinguished service award this award is given to
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carolyn stan field an educational specialist at the third and marshall and it will be presented by anna lo la a special education supervisor for related services ms. lo la. >> good evening my great pleasure and honor to announce this months rave recipient carolina carolina an outstanding person with sfusd for the past 20 years she was nominated by a coworker who noted that she went out of her way to meet another needs of students above and beyond and developed. >> relationship with each student she's responsive and always willing to sought the understanding of the folks with hearing loss i've personally worked with carolina for 11
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years and have to say one the proudest moment for me i have specifically seen the difference in the lives of students for them and i could community-based on and on but end with a quote that is our employees are not as visible as some of the staff and not often recognized their efforts carolina made me proud to be with our school system congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i would like to say thank
12:43 am
you to everyone this award came when i was told i was going to get this award that was unexpected i felt like all i'm doing is my job hired to do educational biological helping kids understand their hearing loss and helping the families to understand their hearing loss and teaching educators about their hearing loss to the kids can minimize the impact of hearing loss hearing is so basic to everything we do sometimes, i think we forgot how important it is and over the years working in the classroom i can see what i was taught in school the invisible disability this is true i see it when i go into the classroom i hope in the years i've been here i've been able to
12:44 am
make hearing loss visible and help the kids that don't hear as well, not try to hide that fact but let people have the tools they need you think we can benefit help them more by providing better listening environments and not only be helping the kids who have hearing loss but helping all the students on behalf of the educators everywhere thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> 1, 2, 3.
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>> (clapping.) >> okay. so our next rave special service award goes to michael powell for the plumber in our building, grounds, and services committee department oh, i'm sorry and this will be presented by kevin conley the director of building, grounds, and services committee. >> mr. conley. >> i'm kevin if building, grounds, and services committee i'm honored tonight not supposing that mike would have received this award i believe tunneling the first one from building, grounds, and services committee to get this he's an outstanding employee professional displays leadership the type of employee that comes in early every morning and to the by my office to check that
12:46 am
everything is okay. and right now leading the plumbing department he's had a difficult winter with the rains you can only imagine and when he is on the job he makes people proud to be here he comes in a family of outstanding craftsman years and years of taken care of of plumbing and part of this school district so as young as he is he bring 60 years to this city with great honor i'd like to go ahead and introduce mr. mike. >> (clapping.) >> i'm just a plumber so i appreciate this very much. >> 1, 2, 3
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thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you okay. and last but not least we have a number of other colleagues who are being honored tonight for the second night in a row for their outstanding service and this is for the association of california school administrators or assess region 5 what you recalled recipients and they were honored last night at the regent 5 what you recalled i'll say a little bit about assess the largest organization for school leaders in the united states serving more than 17 thousand california educators assess mission statement is we
12:48 am
serve educational leaders in the pursuit of excellence to meet the diverse of the students at regent 5 with san mateo county held the annual leadership awards diner in south san francisco and during the honors for presenting the awards was mike davis our director of planning that will serve as is regents 2017-2018 school year and here to present the administrator of the year awardee. >> thank you superintendant lee good evening, commissioners as superintendant lee says i have the honor of serving as the region 5 president for this upcoming school year and as part of that i need to recognize our charter officers in regents two charters san
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francisco charter and the san mateo charter in the san francisco we are ablely represented by president linda wells she's not here tonight. >> (clapping.) >> and by the person who massing made me come up here and make that presentation carolyn. >> (clapping.) >> and now my honor to introduce the person who to a large part is responsible for us being able to participate in access and that is united administrators president jean robertson. >> all right. hello, everybody it is super fun to be here there's a lot going on you don't know i'm a mission high school mom and graduating senior that was super special my heart
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belongs to the support of administrator in the district and we're going to shout out i'll be brief start with elementary principal of the year caitlin and caitlin is at caesar chavez couldn't be here i'll keep her award and give to her tomorrow and the secondly, principal ellen at downtown high and she's in the hours and carolina with help me out and karen norm a pupil personal administrator of the year another amazing person in our district our good friend and i think he may oh, is he here sam has something else to do he's super busy but made it get our accolades the esteemed person in
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charge of all the money holds the pursestrings way to go rita and love to take time to say something but had a lot ofly event and people from the district came out i thank you for giving a warm a round of applause and gratitude for all the folks that are left holding the bag at the end of the day thanks guys yeah. >> (clapping.) >> does anyone want to take our photo; right? laura. >> i will come on. >> sorry guys we're not the basketball players but - >> ready 1, 2, 3.
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>> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> definitely want to congratulate our rave award winners and the principals and administrators for their work tonight and, of course, congratulations for your any position mr. da's office we're excited and you know you'll represent us very well we'll before we commence with the meeting we'll do something unor the dioxide had a in memoriam and call on the longtime commissioner and friend jill wynns to lead this portion of in memoriam. >> thank you for giving me a minute i guess the whole thing
12:53 am
is a pencil bridge but express my thanks to lee to serve in this position for the service to the school district. >> (clapping.) >> and i think that is your steady hand and calm leadership that made this contribution smooth so i'm here not just i'm glad i experienced this joyous celebration here to recognize and honor the life and death after the anyone wish to comment influential advocates my friend dana passed away from ovarian cancer the leading expert on the food programs and outspoken advocate for height foods and
12:54 am
was with the sfusd i knew her over 15 years we became close when our community was in a pitch battle about edison over school privatelytion experiencing outrage with the predictor of the for profits management company she stepped up to the plate in with ore skills and passion and began to study the so-called data that being used as a thing against us in a national public campaign and made home share into a professional daylight analyst and help to promote for profit management at the experience of the democratic governments she worked for the failure of the charter of the schools incorporated and their national ambitions to take over the philadelphia public schools
12:55 am
that alone we who are committed to the public school district argue the same that's not all as a parent of the mission high school worked with other parents to develop a marketing plan her dloefks and to the balboa park holiday and a time there was huge pressure on only a few holidays that everyone wanted to get into a small group of families worked with the principal with doctor patricia and made a commitment to the school and working hard to increase the opportunity for everybody at the school and today, the fact that balboa is the second high school thiens the hard working of the community and students and the parents a group of parent that she lead and inspired when i
12:56 am
heard about that where balboa was in the popularity i jumped up and said, yes that is what success feels like it takes decades and that's what happened however, dancing most important rules grew to improve the food for access she recognized for moving what they called carnival food and supported the ban on sodas what she became the principal was the first school to have a salad bar where institutions came in first to balboa after balboa was the supple last year example of
12:57 am
healthy food at balboa were the most improvements in the district i worked with anna to create the first health food policy she was the chair of the food and fitness committee for many years writing the regulations south an example for the nation long before healthy food policies were required by federal law and worked tooirlsz for the treatment for subsidized meals and got it funded and implemented and to make sure that every hungry child get a health meal whether or not they pay for it to make clear to the school districts that assembling out kids with not enough to eat was not a shame and become created the peach 70 and wrote a
12:58 am
blog to her regular column and beyond where all her columns are arrest excited and included moving contributes from and foods blog and dine on the national known blog and on i actually recommend all those to you ore chronicle obituary appeared in hundreds of news outlets around the world i couldn't be more proud of her work school children will joy her for decades to come excuse me - - what better legacy can any of us hope for a but while
12:59 am
i'm speaking about anna she came up with solutions that were effective and could be accomplished she learned how the complex food system works and dedicated herself and a partner not just a critic and unlike many advocates didn't say do this but learned the issues and helped define a way forward and wrote proposals and entered and lobbied and secured funding for many of the programs she only said she was lucky if worry how the action will effect ore personal life she was privileged to work for free and could be more outspoken what can they do to me but many people have give to causes and not worry about the consequences of speaking out that's not her, she was an
1:00 am
extraordinary advocate willing to stand point and speak out she doesn't have the time but the heart and soul and currently to do the right thing even if that was difficult she was fearless and brave the world is missing her and had many acknowledgement and recognized her tremendous work on behalf of the school and received the jefferson service award for her work and an infectious sense of humor and a loving group of friends mark and her 3 sons and her daughter-in-law and her extended families and extended family of colleagues if we can strive to be more like her the world will
1:01 am
be a better place be brave do everything you can bring all you can if you have a little or a lot this is how we change the world so i hope that the board will decade this meeting to the spirit of her and remember what a profoundly positive impact on the san francisco unified school district that is permanent and will effect all students in the future and please send striving and the wham do families the condolences as we go on without her thank you commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell thank you supervisor wynn's. >> it is good to provide us with the her obituary jill thank
1:02 am
you for being here i met dana in 2000 i was the director of the public schools and the new parent and dana taught me around nutrition that was crazy i never questioned anything she was an expert and did it with such compassion and passion and commitment and actually was the lead in our what we did for parents for public schools around student nutrition policy i reluctant distinctly we challenged the idea of taking out chips and sodas from our schools that you know all of the keys we've heard and the reasons why chips and soda needs to stay if the school she stood strong and not let us bow out i don't
1:03 am
care how much money people make but the students heartache is more important at the end of the day the schools raised money and did the things they want to do and the students healthy and to the shiverichriver and the impa the generations she fought for but our tremendous love and rest in peace. >> superintendant lee. >> thank you commissioner wynns for coming i was very surprised to hear of darin in as passing and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell
1:04 am
alluded to and yourself tells us how you captured the many contributions in san francisco and far beyond i was there for a good chunk of that and she had a huge profound impact on many front including balboa high school but first and foremost with respect to our school meals and the advocacy she engaged in with some determination and skill that really paid incredible defending with our director and helped him create significant change to this day is we all whether people know it or not are benefiting from danas legacy i appreciate you're
1:05 am
coming and sharing that legacy with us tonight. >> thank you superintendant lee. >> to the spirit of dana waldo section b school district jessica and marie. >> thank you platelet and board of education superintendant president walton sorry first, i think 4 deadlines and love deadlines bring money for senior this friday will be the last day for the superintendents scholarship i'll currently free money no more than argues free money and the points for may first on the monday sorry - may first monday we'll be the deadline to determine which college you're going to it is important you have to get to them and pay for
1:06 am
the station and others that will not allow you to do this after may first, i apologize for that and met the deadline because of the hard work will be for nothing and thank you dr. mathews for being with us in a meeting getting to know it is nice to have him and kind of highlights the meeting he did magic tricks they were really nice that he was able to communicate and be so engaged with the students thank you a lot for that and look forward to more interactions with him, i didn't have the principle of being the opportunity to go to a play that was a beautiful experience and i honestly was
1:07 am
not expecting that but more like a play theatre that was more. >> musical i was able to engage and he saw a lot of students loving that and laughing through that that was great to have the opportunity and looking forward to more things in the use of color don't get to have this on the daily basis we contact and everybody from wallenberg and mission and balboa was talking about that it was something we were able to come together and see each other outside of school and have a break so our school were students were able to perform you were required to rap a song and to all the students wanted both washington do the rap really, really in his and marshall and did an open piece
1:08 am
of poet talked with them and all the students were representative next yesterday we had the meeting in a new locations that was existing and new opportunities to learn about our - mentioned the public library and encourage people to come we talked about they have open spaces for people sitting out in computer and classes about songs musical lessons and books printing and coke so i encourage people that learn mr. more and go to the spaces and a take those resources are available for us and the youth boys survey from he has has extended the deadline due to the push forward for more days again those service are important not only we get more information about
1:09 am
the unified school district but we get to know who is seating her here in the next year so important to - >> the next business item the summer interpreting and monster opportunities so we have interns that come from all different high schools and help the coordinator salvador with the daily ruins and with our partners to promote the interns this summer to all employees that point apts intern that are interested in mentoring high school youth leaders and in return the experience with the district employees can have someone work for free this program is free inform staff and
1:10 am
only requires a commitment so maria will holed up the applications you can find our coordinator and the second thing i want to say we have a presentation from grade books this is the replacement for school or the online popularity for grades and attention thank you for the department of emergency management and give the feedback on the new interpretation at the community services and health modules and making sure that the transition from school to smooth assuring that the new technology didn't crash and finally vote 16 voter reregistration requesting any updates for the resolution that was passed last year encouraging students to exercise any voting rights with the board of
1:11 am
education and present to the board of education curriculum committee and the superintendent it is partnering with the youth commission to have the voter preregistration process that includes 16 and 17-year-olds so hopefully, we can coordinate with commissioner haney on getting on the agenda and hope to see progress on the resolution finally our next meeting will be monday may 8 as 5:00 p.m. in the board ed room if you want to be on the joshed contact mr. salvador. >> thank you for listening. >> (clapping.) >> thank you student delegates and now advisory committee by board members superintendant lee. >> yes. so tonight we have a
1:12 am
report from the q pat, thank you for spending many hours throughout the year with this important responsibility and our staff the liaison. >> thank you superintendant lee. >> in the amount not to exceed a chris i'm the director of mr. larkin and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell we'll present on the board in a moment - the quality education act of 2008 is an incredible significant parcel tax and benefits to our district it brings in now neither here nor there $40 million a year it
1:13 am
is been a critical support on a number of fronts i'll lowest the committee talk about that during their presentation but want to personally thank our co-chairs and also joined by vendor may and also thank not sure who is in the audience. >> thank you it to catheter and rich as well as two of our members back here tonight mr. alison and steve and joined here mr. nick from b t d our auditor that will speak on it tonight with that, i'm pass it to mr. chris wright one of the co-chairs as you wish what we'll do we'll start with a right from the auditors and hand to over to the committee to present. >> all right.
1:14 am
thank you my name is nathan i'm the external auditor i have what you have in front of you two different reports we have for the audit one is the statement as of june 2016 for 2015-2016 fiscal year and has really two reports a balance sheet and the balance sheet didn't have that much information for this group it says that of the ending balance on june 2016 is about $10.2 million is all in caps a basically you know what make ups the equity and the other is the income statement it says how much revenue came in $39 million for the categories of expenditures that was $9 million and the on the reports we have is the report of the compliance
1:15 am
with the intended use to that respect we look at what the scope of the audit to examine the population of expenditures and examine the mopes coming in and the result of audit that was in the report basically says we completed the audit and no adjustments were necessary to adjust the financial statement i guess the biggest benefit if you have questions with respect to the audit otherwise this is unevent full any questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> before i think will to over to mr. wright one preschooler clarification that is the board will normally vote to accept the
1:16 am
audit this is on the agenda on in two weeks on may 9th that there give the board members time to ask questions and clarification before you vote on that i want to make sure that was clear tonight. >> okay hello commissioners. i'm chris wright i'm the co-chair of the oversight committee my colleague was not able to be here this is a report we have produced for this year's school board meeting and 8 pages with complete highlights i think in the interest of time i want to hit a few of the slides the first one as a reminder this is passed in 2008, and at the time that brought in $30 million and right now bringing in $40 million this is due to the inflation or the cpi
1:17 am
and the number of parcels the ballot measures include the salaries and professional technology and recognize for schools right now just go back again, the rate that san franciscans may is 200 and $37 per parcel that number will be going up every year 0 overlayed with the ballot measure itself with the language inside of ballot measure the mou that the school district has with the teachers union and that sets aside the number of monies for the future consumption and another accomodation section 71 for teachers and non-conversation support within the confines or the structure that the ballot measure lays out the measure the over laying mou
1:18 am
has an impact how the money is spent keep in mind that with the budget that was passed last year or sorry last school board sorry the teachers contract that included one hundred and fifty percent salary increase and pta, however, it does not the amount of money that is required to pay for this salary increase can't be in the reserve that is circling in the pta finding right now that is balanced by has been paid for in part by the sewer plaza plusses and minuses in the pta finding that number will get lower every year as time going on. >> i'm going to switch to a review of the achievement again, the $5.2 million that was raised
1:19 am
as a 5 percent comes out of pta totals $33 million for the pta for future compensation in addition, we have if we respond to every computer for every educator in san francisco about 45 laptops in addition, we have an impact and on what grounds award grant for schools and that is listed on another one i'll skip over that and go to the recommendations - to moving forward our group reviewed the how the money was spent and had some challenges we see some challenges again with how the language sets forth how is it, be spent in the mou we suggest
1:20 am
the u e sf and the sfusd review the mou and to see how it can be adjusted to better connect the investment with overall student compensation we ask that we understood that the unified school district is making improvements how it offers professional development to teachers we ask to work to find way that is the pd which is where there is a significant number or amount of unspent money the burden to eye that so the teachers can use that more than they are right now and in addition on the technology another area of surplus maybe an area to be reconsidered by the school board when the pta was initially adopted or passed by voters it needed an influx of
1:21 am
money since that time it's been new money both public and private acknowledging it is reinvited and finally the drivers for increased revenue again comes from the parcel tax that is adjusted for cpi and the number of parcels we ask the school district to consider trying to do a better job not a better job but excel the benefits of this parcel tax to the seniors who that may quality and take advantage of their senior exemption maybe something we can do to limit the amount of seniors paying the parcel tax do you have nothing - >> commissioners can i add
1:22 am
looking at the budget trajectory there's an under spend to help in support of one hundred and fifty teacher in 2021 that is important how to continue to rely on this at some point we'll have to make a decision that is something to highlight it will not happen today but something to look at. >> what side this expire. >> 2028 and one i left off one member mrs. linda platt a member of our group and take a moment to recognize some of the members that have existed this year or in the process or will exit in the next few months mr. steve and alison and kathy also served
1:23 am
for several years and have been essentially members and greatly serviced the city it's important. >> did the commission have any questions. >> first of all, i want to thank the q ta commission for your work on this committee it is important work and this is a committee that is in my heart i served on this before i was elected to the board of education right. >> colleagues commissioner haney. >> i also want to thank you for your service on the committee and for the members how going thank you very much as
1:24 am
well i had a question about one of the points around technology has they've been it out and analyzed epic interest was some recommendations there around potentially rethinking the technology spending i was wondering how this interacts with some of the funding that maybe in the bond we recently passes and have you started to consider some of that into the into consideration of one of the things that are currently funded through pta and also, sir if you might give us a quick update on sort of the situation with regards to the community members and if there are i can imagine appointments need to be made for the vacancies. >> school board. >> commissioner haney to the
1:25 am
earlier question about how it is to compliment the bond that is something the committee has been asking about the bond has severe restrictions long terms versus short term and not eyeing the laptops will be used up with the worrying will need long terms be more reflective of a capital improvement but let's say with that said, i think this committee is very much cognizant and petitioning to how we're putting this together many a thoughtful portfolio if you get a bond like a major supporting grant from salesforce which is bringing in agree and professional development and the work of the quality be teacher education act also there is a desire to see how this fits together the committee main focus is about the
1:26 am
appropriateness of what is used and marisco that has been their main focus but we're trying to there has been a desire to see how this is use and ultimately to see there is an effective use of what is happening and getting staff trying to get better about the response to that and explain where this fits it is complicated and so the committee has limited time but it is looking towards that i'm sorry, i forgot our second question. >> oh, vacancies. >> i know there are probably vacancies more than. >> we have two vacancies. >> okay. >> on the committee. >> we actually have one speaker on this item susan solomon. >> susan come up for public
1:27 am
comment you have two minutes. >> thank you. good evening commissioners and other people here tonight i'm susan the executive director of the united educators. >> thank you to the oversight committee i know you how many hours thank you for your service and want to say that member linda platt would have been here but away out of town right now so i have a couple of comments and a question i know you've heard it into linda commissioner sako we're trying to get a handle on the ending balance of $10.23 million in the past year over $9 million spent and it is difficult to understand how their can be a surplus when this money is intended to help to attract educators in the city i did understand the piece about
1:28 am
disputing the one hundred and fifty but the surplus is pulsing we want to make sure as the recommendation tomato misses the use of pta funds in terms of recommendation about better connecting pta investment with overall student improvements and the teacher compensation i'd like to suggest that doing everything we can to increase compensation for teachers and other creators in sfusd we'll go a long ways to attracting and maintaining the teachers and other educators such an expensive city we lose a lot of educators every year and we see a lot of turnover in the schools and know that a stable workforce school helps students to achieve we've seen that link. >> finally i do want to thank
1:29 am
the oversight committee for focusing on professional development we've seen the same issue and i was able to go to along with several other sponsors sfusd members went to a committee meeting through o p l l in the district and figuring out and giving ideas how to make sure that our members fully assess the opportunity that come to cpa and is important to us so thank you. >> thank you, ms. solomon. >> commissioner murase. >> thank you for your presentation i'm interested to know and i don't have have to an answer tonight by the impact i know with our public education enrichment fund a lot of work about what the money goes to and what impact on the students so i
1:30 am
would love to see a one or two presentation to go out and talk to folks where it is so important i appreciate the recommendations on doing some work with seniors that might be many might be on a position to pass i'm interested in any other you kinds of recommendations from the committee members i one or two tonight and have a more formal document with the recommendations. >> commissioner we can get that to i think first of all, your idea how measure the impacts that's a great question we can work with the staff and the commissioners call back and regarding the additional recommendation we can go back and look at those we have those here right now i think their
1:31 am
rather large and we'll it takes time to consider we can go back and think about it is more for a. >> commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> thank you. i too want to mention my thanks for the committee when the voters provided this is a an additional support for us to retain and recruit teachers that meant a lot to us so the oversight committee make sure we're delivering this in a proper way and it really speaks to how san francisco honors our school teachers and we honestly couldn't be able to get through in the last foe years i know that the awards mean a lot to the schools and enables them to find ways to support their site so thank you for those on your
1:32 am
recommendations on i'm curious on the kind of the timing of catcher each of those and how we should approach those so reviewing the focus on pd reviewing the technology allocations are those conversations that we're currently having with staff to meet these or where are we in those recommendations. >> so to be direct commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell we are in terms of mou we have not revisited that we continue to honor what is set up prior to the placement on the bottle ballot and continued to hold true to the 71.2 percent under the teacher compensation and the
1:33 am
remainder from non-teacher compensation i know the question has been raised in some discussions in terms of the focus on pd there is a new efforts going on ms. nora house man is the staff member in charge of that how is she looking at a school based effort i can't speak to that she's increased side participation rate that's in the books. >> and then in terms of the technology fund and complimenting them with with melissa dodd is doing and some of the other technology activities. >> ms. dodd is virtual imitate familiar with the funding and the applications i know that her division is
1:34 am
working with the salesforce and the key grants raise by the employment office she's very much using deed funds especially be able the energy process as well as the relogically o allocation for latent fingerprints for teachers in her overall buckets yes. i can speak i mean, she, speak to it but attest to her thoughtfulness and careful attention to make sure those funding streams are put together and coherent and thoughtful. >> was there nothing you want to add to that melissa or - >> good evening just do reiterate what chris has shared our technology budget overall is
1:35 am
compromises a number of funding sources we look to leverage strategize their restrictions and guidelines what can be used for what purpose we match the technology the appropriate funds i'm planning to come before the committee to give an update from the budget perspective in terms of how the funds are currently used with the core of technology support we had an increase of technology through the laptop and other technology coming for our student and lefrjdz the dollars to provide the support to be educators to how the use and integration one of the projects that has been funded by q ta the student information roll out our student delegates
1:36 am
mentioned the cindy that is opportunity through g ta as well. >> thank you on the senior exemption process this is tricky since i probably think that will not pass so where are we on that i mean, i imagine we get calls and we're trying to file exemptions and you know so was our thinking around that. >> commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell that is my baby the senior exemption office so i'm familiar try not to get too much into that into the details it is a little bit of a challenging period right now the states laufshg passed a law making that funds renewable automatically calculated in some ways to get the word out on the
1:37 am
website those are minimal efforts not quite and easy to adds something with the property taxes bill that goes out a complication to try to get out the word about that most of our office dedication has been if someone asks for this what it was passed that was part of our promise to include a xaems and my office says anyone that is growth yes in terms of our i mean number one, that's the law but beyond that that is part of our growled and respect to the voters for what they've honored are honored to not the focus on trying to convince people not to do this we certainly provide information within our office that talks about the impact and what is used for the care and the tearing down
1:38 am
use what is happening with those funds and certainly but most people will not come to the office and hear a speech how not to get their money back in many, many seniors on fixed income want to do that this is a light touch. >> okay. so the only other thing beyond the recommendations i do feel like we need to get the mou we need to get together on the mou not only to make sure we are in sequence with our unions but also answer the questions we've been heard time and time again the $10 million has been a bit of a mystery and within that mou have this opportunity to identify those dollars in some way and acknowledge what they are and where they're going so not a
1:39 am
examine that comes up every time we bring had this up that can be addressed in the mou some clarity and how to use that. >> commissioner, i should have spoken earlier the mou is part of a contract we're in negotiations right now that is part of negotiation i should have mentioned earlier two key staff essentially to this our budget analyst and staff member and a director of the budget service both play an essentially roll in this. >> so i want to say we had this conversation every year in terms of carry over i hear from the district every year that we can't forecast carry over and don't know if it is also be carry over by the sums of $10 million and $9 million i understand i not ask you to
1:40 am
project but come up with a solution to how we deal with carry officers so i'm going to at some point prop we put a formula in place that when we have q ta carry officers goes to teacher contemplations every year so that way we want project it but a formula in place it is the number and this is how we allocate it and give us the cost for the educators we're working hard to make sure they receive adequate is compensation. >> (clapping.) >> we're working on teacher housing and budget committee rated in the media by other bodies in the city how to work we're trying to do and absolutely don't make sense we don't do something about the chair offers we've been focusing when we have this conversation next year everyone in the room
1:41 am
and city will know exactly what p will happen with the chair offers i'm not being facetious this came up every year we finally need to address that i'll be pushing for that in the future with that said, i guess we want to thank the team for the hard working and the voters because this is an important piece of legislation the resources that help keep our teachers and our technology update and have we've got a lot more work to do as we flush out patty appreciate the hard working district and as well as the entire q ta committee thank you for your presentation. >> operability superintendant lee can we photo with our department members very quick.
1:42 am
>> sure. >> so commissioner murase you have an appointment to the
1:43 am
committee meeting. >> i have a resignation want to recognize my colleague to the exhilarate fund that reassigned his position had young kids i'm vetting candidates for a replacement talking to the staff about that but acknowledge lee's contributions awhile he is on the team. >> commissioner sanchez. >> thank you. i'm appointing dee dee to the oversight committee so she's a rock star get ready. >> did you get that ms. casco? >> commissioner coke. >> i'm appointing moo is a to the bilingual council. >> did you get that ms. casco
1:44 am
with that said, definitely want to take the time as a point of privilege we heard a rough announcement last summer some of us were on vacation and our superintendent at the time decided he was going to move to houston and so we had to make a quick decision and in terms of who we thought would be able to steer the leadership in the absence of having a permanent superintendent in place and so we unanimously choose our tech lee for this position we want to take the mind to acknowledge him for one stepping up and taking on the challenge of serving in an extremely political exciting and demanding
1:45 am
district but we really want to let him know we appreciate him serving this is his last meeting in this role rewant to make sure we acknowledge that and everyone the board members have something to say so commissioner sanchez. >> thank you president walton so superintendant lee i've known you since a baby so when he was hired in 2000? so i think i've known you since 2000 i thought who was the 20-year-old he was 26 i think but i've just always miertd you not only a leader but a steady compassionate humble, and meaningful person not just for the district but my life over the years i know we've been on
1:46 am
different sides but really keep the respect for each other and for the sake of the district but more time than not we were on the same side i appreciated our alliance and thank you you for your work and taking this job on at the last minute >> i want to thank you personally because you took a very big step stepped up to the plate and needed you. >> your universally represented respected and loved at the time we didn't anticipate looking for a new person it took a heavy toll to spent a lot of time but we really appreciate it. >> student delegates. >> so as students we're really
1:47 am
seeing this new job i i can imagine being in the role of a superintendent liquor tenfold with the work and hours your support for students has not been declined because you've been there for us at rallies national anthem with the students and the meeting and meeting with us and showing you your caring and finding the mind to talk with you as students we find that important and with an open door to listen we are perceptive of that thank you very much. >> yeah. i second ms. eng i think it has been really cool experience to get to know i think we get to have more experience and more like getting to know each other for the board members mr. guerrero that is like a different position and a
1:48 am
good experience to get to know i always loved our policies like open door engaging and checking in on our support what is going on but also seeing our supporting the students and making sure their stable and not walking out like what are you doing here you don't get to see that with adults making sure the students are out there it has definitely been a different but good experience knowing you're there to the point and i'm pretty much that you're going to keep on fort the youth knowing we have another ally in the district thank you for getting to know us and asking how we are doing thank you. >> commissioner cook. >> thank you for jumping in the line
1:49 am
mr. lee coming open to the board as a you know the newest pooeshg we sat down and why i remember when the announcement came out i was not privy to the conversation i hope they picked me up i hoped and that's all the reasons for a good choice at the time become equivalent as you took the helm i appreciate how you thoughtful and 2k4rib8 you've been and patient and responsive you're a true treasurer to our district our commitment to the district and city has been incredible surviving all the superintendents through all the difficult times and continuing to serve with energy and it's
1:50 am
like a new position that new position we got to see you in a new light i look forward to working with you throughout my time with the board of education so thank you. >> commissioner haney. >> well, you know, i had the privilege of being the school board president or the challenge over the president at the time of this transition and that think, however, i feel a bond with you because of that experience i had to be the one something you probably will forever hate me for calling you and asking you to a take on this role i think you exemplified what it means to be called into leadership your someone who is willing to step
1:51 am
up whenever other sponsors look to you because of commitment to the work and the children and to service and when in board asked you to take on this role i know that was something you've not thought of that you didn't see in my way and took with such incredible dignity and leadership over a time that was a challenging time you know and a longer than time than maybe we led you to believe on nearly a year you served in this role or 10 months and you know for that we went through tough times here in the district and to see the way you responder to those situations and your vision and encourage and suing seeking you in the first board meeting after
1:52 am
the new president was elected and you representing our district and values we couldn't have been prouder to call you, your superintendent thank you for stepping up i'm sorry for calling i hope you don't hate me because of that but i got do so your work one-on-one and i just think you represent the best of sfusd is i know you're going to continue to serve in that way thank you. >> commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonne mendosa-mcdonnell. >> so i too want to express my gratitude i have just loved watching you in that position and the growth and you know we get to a points sometimes, we don't think we can't grow we do and you jumbled into that positions redundantly
1:53 am
but headfirst i appreciate that will you and to extend beyond what commissioner haney said not only did you speak out but marched with the students on that theirs when they took the lead before any of the adults did you know our student delegates were organized and brought out one thousand students from every single school i remember seeing you in the middle that have that crowd and having a moment to speak like your coming out party in the middle of this protest and what started off as looking a little worried and awkward turned into just this beautiful place where i think you've landed what when was really
1:54 am
spending opening statements on the outside of what you've been accustomed to for the last several years to march with the students and be with our colleagues and to have to make appearance on behalf of the board and the unified school district on a regular basis like i knew you got to the point you had to down two minute speeches were turning into 10 minute speeches because of your compassion i wanted to appreciate our time when there was an issue to school i think part of learning that came to you was this idea you really wanted to deeply understand the challenges that our schools and parents or administrator was experiencing and sat down with them and that really meant a lot to so many people beyond and i guess you know - it was really,
1:55 am
really important and you know you and i working closely on a number of issues i have to say as much as i loved you in if position i'm excited about you're going back into our critical role in the stepping position because the work that you brought to this over the years has other sponsors have said held a lot of you've done that with fidelity and integrity that's for the one thing you said in all of this had resonates the idea you will having experience you will go back and do your job even better whether you were doing a great job you can find different ways to do your work is beautiful and lastly you know my cosmetic
1:56 am
distinct birth one of the things that is important to thank our husband mark you know mark didn't like to be in the social faces and he you know showed up to so many things with you potentially have seen him more than in the last 9 years that is hard it is hard to be the spouse of you know 0 someone who is leading the pack and so, please extend our love and appreciation to mark as well especially during this rough time in the last couple of weeks i tell you we couldn't be more proud you really stepped in and stepped up for that we're grateful. >> without further ado, we have a brief token of our
1:57 am
appreciation. >> thank you so this afternoon vince was at salesforce as a gift of mark ben how have we took credit but delivered that and but them that wanted to make sure you knew they appreciated all you've done to help to foster the next round we're going into our fifth year they wanted to extend they're gratefulness. >> thank you commissioner vice
1:58 am
president mendosa-mcdonnell this is what a bit of a surprise i was wondering what the flowers were for i want to thank all the commissioners for everything you said and more importantly for giving me this incredibly rich and profound experience and i was redundant i had a lot of reservation i don't hate you commissioner haney but the opposite i didn't know that at the time i definitely enjoyed this experience incredibly, incredibly so and i am so honored to have served this district in this capacity for the last 9 or 10 months this district is serving this district has been my lives calling i don't know that when i joined sfusd in 2000 it that's was it became and honored to be doing this work for all this time and especially for this
1:59 am
school year so i just can't say enough how much i value that experience and your trust in me i also want to thank our student delegates ms. eng and sdrorgz it has been really fun to get to know you and thank you for the 89 mile walk on november 10th as people referenced i got a lot of experience and i met commissioner marshall's but regarding to work with the student delegates and to get to know you as people and your brilliant and amazing i'm so proud in advance of things you'll accomplish that is your last meeting since i have the mike i have two more but an hour to work with you and thank you
2:00 am
total colleagues and the communities, partners, all kinds too many to name but really felt last week, a alcoholic and effort with respect to the transition but many things in some cases disturbing things happening in our community and national context that felt like i'm proud of our community for having made a great effort and staying together and think in some ways a chaotic years i know there is a lot of business to attend to i'll pass along our sentiments to mark as well >> now again, i want to to the public it's been a long meeting
2:01 am
bear with us we have consent calendar and one big item and then to public comment but i share with some of you prior to the meeting will be a long meeting and a lot of public comment i apologize but we're moving forward section c consent calendar can i get a motion and second and any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendents? >> yes. president walton. >> thank you superintendant lee two one 794 k 18 section 8 code correct thirty plus should read thirty thousand 6 hundred and 36 should read 36 thousand plus to the next section sax code should read different the number one, and the original number is deleted.
2:02 am
>> thank you. superintendent any items removed for first reading by the board and severed by the superintendent for discussion seeing none, roll call vote only consent calendar which can be found on page 18. >> public comment on content items. >> two members of the public for the consent calendar. >> and you have two minutes for public comment on consent calendar. >> okay good evening commissioners okay. my first point is almost a prosperity that is for everyone in the audience and people listening i others are concerned about the lack of financial detail on the 32
2:03 am
consultants contracts being approved increase in point in the name of saving paper no information for the people in the audience i shooum assume that online i, find that but a parent of a student that comes to a meeting didn't have access to find out what is the dollar amount attached to each of those items that's a problem the problem now and should be corrected starting tomorrow and in any case briefly i wanted to speak about the proposal to bring in a third pipeline through m y u it was this is a proposal for a third pipeline a teacher preparation pipeline which is geared at the mission high school in the southeast corner of city not a high quality program they're calling it blended learning one
2:04 am
professor on the ground from m y u that online class work and coaching to get back to what is it e to be an educator and train an educator we want our students in our most vulnerable schools to have the best trained teacher not people - second point money whether san francisco ucsf or private funds we are heard that salesforce money will pay for tuition support not going to a private university if we have money coming in into the district going to our public school to m y u and. >> (clapping.) >> okay. it is important process like san francisco teacher residents on the advisory board stanford and usf all was not involved and not
2:05 am
informed in this decision you're going to be voting to bring m y u on board. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, commissioners. >> student delegates and superintendant lee susan again i'll pick up where president block left off one the concerns at the san francisco residents advisory group if appears that the m y u will be competing for spots with sf t r trying to complete with the same schools we have plenty of schools but certain criteria that participate in the teacher pathway programs the other detail i wanted to bring up is speaking that has come up again and again from many commissioners one the goals to cluster the residents in the
2:06 am
m y u that hard to staff mission high school i know that is come up as a concern from commissioners we share the same concern we're going to put basically the newest at least experienced teachers at the newest schools and the we understand there is a teacher shortage this is not how we should be addressing the students that forbode need our help the most with an induction program innovate adequate for the teachers i certainly hope they get the support we'll get them support but hope you'll reexamine the notice of clustering them at the hard to middle school. >> with that said we have a
2:07 am
motion and second we we called a reinforcement no public comment reinforcement please ms. casco. >> ms. eng sdrorgz. >> mr. cook plane men's except for item k through 12 a retroactive. >> dr. murase ms. norton commissioner sanchez and mr. walton. >> that's 6 i's. >> yes. but an item i'm learning this new agenda the item for all trustees builders i have issues with their practices but i don't know the resolution number. >> all the trustee. >> yes. >> one other thing i want to let the public know we are working this online system fairly new and trying to balance
2:08 am
in terms of what we have for paper agenda and work with the technology he apologize you're not getting information we've gotten feedback we extended this and continue to do so to make sure we have the perfect balance of what you receive on paper as well trying to - we're apologizing and work this out how i had to vote with that, section d no discussion on consent calendar section e superintendents proposals and support of construction of a new school in mission bay commissioner haney and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell this was moved and seconded in 2017 and committee reports for budget anyone here seeing none, go ahead commissioner haney. >> yes. so it was forwarded
2:09 am
with a with a positive recommendation we discussed alternative funds for this so that none of the funds for the planning and preparation outreach will come out of outreach fund and i look forward to unanimously with a positive recommendation. >> now commissioner haney and reading of the resolution by commissioner haney and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> whereas there are over 15 thousand resident in mission bay including couples but no elementary or middle school and the demographic usd enrollment that grow by 7 thousand plus and 14 thousand by 28 by the current new housing and approximately one thousand tell you user plus new students in the south of market area by 2021 the largest
2:10 am
growth of new neighborhood and whereas the mission bay north and south redevelopment were established in 1998, 7 thousand housing units are anticipated more half have been built thirty percent about think affordable units and as petitioner of plan parcel 14 is designated to sfusd and the city and county of san francisco by usf at no cost including .7 acres designated for a school townhouse developed by ucsf and as parcel 14 is adjacent to parks and housing and public transportation and sits in the mission of mission bay - building permits issues for 2000 plus residents and coveted it is ready and willing to start construction and
2:11 am
whereas the city and county of san francisco and ucsf fail to expect that will be developed and few - among the residents and businesses and institutions and families and whereas public schools help to add to the vital and character and make sure the neighborhood is welcoming for families and children and whereas the mission bay organizations institutions and stakeholders democratic club and neighborhood association uc and the golden state warriors and is advisory committee have willingness to develop a school in mission bay and whereas supervisor jane kim has been a strong supporter and her office stands to support the efforts and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> and whereas sam of uc san
2:12 am
francisco as ritdz the support as a commitment to convey parcel 14 to the city and county of san francisco for the development of a school and whereas the school improvement general obligation bond passed on november 2016 included the following language the district my constrict and fissure and equip school facilities the location of those sites shall be determined and may include new schools and the bonds set aside new school facilities and is board of education tint those funds to be used to build a school in mission bay therefore, be it resolved the board of education supports the new school an parcel first year and embodying the board of education calls on the superintendent to initiate a process which shall include the city and county of san
2:13 am
francisco, residents in communities partners to put forward a plan for the construction of a school in mission bay and therefore, be it resolved the board of education calls on the superintendent to consider all option for the site including the full - be it therefore resolved the board of education requests the housing for educators be considered for inclusion as part of the development on parcel 14 and further be it resolved, the stunt consider whether the central community is complete a be it therefore resolved that the superintendent should consultant and involve major he organizations partners in developing this plans including uc san francisco the city and county of san francisco, and the office of economic workforce development and further be it resolved, that ucsf will involve
2:14 am
all refusal partner we're ready and able to commence the construction avenue school and further be it resolved, did superintendent shall report back to the board of education towards construction of the school and shall report to the board on a bioannual basis until the school has opened. >> thank you commissioner haney and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell we do have several speakers on this item had a discussion will be the fact we'll allow 15 minutes for public comment on this item i'll call speaker cards but notice 15 manipulates for public comment i want you to be cognizant of fact we have a lot of people here in public comment to speak with that said,
2:15 am
(calling names). >> 15 minutes totals for public comment. >> on this item on this item. >> it's not appropriate to sits here 2 hours and 20 minutes and mission bay public comment please thank you. >> please consider a whole bunch of people want to speak we'll allow everyone to have an opportunity. >> i've never made that announcement, sir.
2:16 am
>> president walton go student delegates i'm the lead for the mission bay steering committee i went to the supporters to manage the time like the supporters to stand point please note some folks had to leave thank you, everybody and including our supporters include the southeast neighborhood association and south beach democratic club and the advisory committee and is merchants successors and many other organizations including ellis the giants and warriors so much appreciate our commitment over the past 18 months and thank commissioner haney and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell for co-author the resolution to build a school in mission bay and truly grateful for the support from supervisor kim and hear from residents and other supporters
2:17 am
regarding their support i'd like to add a couple of comments it provides school bonds for two schools we ask a comprehensive look to how to meet the enrollments projects makes sense and applaud the due diligence, however, the need is immediate as commissioner haney said over 75 housing units have been built in mission bay and the remainder will be finished in the next two years over 65 units 40 percent affordable housing it endorses the possibility to include educator housing throughout the district or other district assets and heard the process takes to plan and construct about 5 years with that said, we're hopeful that you can set this and make sure that the mission bay school can be locked down in a timely manner time
2:18 am
moves quickly we're coming up one of months since the school bond was passed in 2016 i'd like to close by than you on behalf of the coalition and ask you to support the resolution today and participate in the planning process for the school thank you. >> good evening my name is amy i represent my self and my husband and two dozen self-interest residents of mission bay some have children and some no children and all support the school we all support paying our parcel tax to support public education and the need for the school children in mission bay thank you for bringing this to those attention
2:19 am
of the committee. >> (clapping.) >> good evening thank you for the opportunity to speak i'm harvey i'm a professor from usf and currently on the board of regents at the san francisco state i'm here to support fully the partnership and the further development of mission bay community by the addition of that project this school the faculty the alumni and the students are enthusiastic about this issue we have on record the support of alumni of the four proposal medical and the graduate school and the idea that we could collaborate with you with the unified school district in coming up with possibly new
2:20 am
ideas of curriculum and in relation to science is terribly exciting and furthermore, the idea of having a professional development and teacher educational program that will be based on the state e same site allows of the evidence will then show of that expertise in the school to be spread throughout the district for teachers coming in that area receive training and then be able to take that back throughout the unified school district i think the idea of housing is terrific we all understand that that need i would say the university is excited about learning from the unified school district and also contributing and we see the opportunities for involvement of the faculties the passenger side the students on that site participating in the school participating in the teacher
2:21 am
development programs in spite of today's holland's for funding the university has done a remarkable job in terms of raising funds usf is number one, in the nation and the idea of collaborating with the unified school district in terms of future funding is an exciting opportunity thank you for this chance and hopefully, we'll move forward. >> (clapping.) >> good evening president walton and sprerpt and commissioners and student delegates i'm the project manager for the office of infrastructure for the redevelopment agency i'll notoriety nrtd but happy to answer any questions you have in mission bay thanks. >> hello, i'm sarah i'm a resident of mission bay
2:22 am
neighborhood my wife works at the you usf down the discredit and the parents of a four and a half-year-old and looking for an elementary school it is impacting the families to our moving into the neighborhood and having children there is an identified school 80 there is excitement and hopefully encourage you to support the resolution thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening my name is richard i'm also a parent of a year and a half child in mission bay and looking forward to one day having that child go to the mission bay school i started this process before my child was even born i went to board of supervisors committee meeting commissioner haney and supervisor kim were there to start this process to get the bonds on the ballot we come a
2:23 am
long way and here before you with this resolution though at the finish line the next big step we ask you pass that resolution and make the school a reality we can be proud of thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> hi, everyone i know i'm representing supervisor kim's office i am happy to say enforcement is up we're talking about building a new school rather than closing one that discussion happened years ago they're the cornerstone for our community and essentially to bringing the neighborhoods together that's why it is absolutely needed in the mission bay area if projected that by 2018 will
2:24 am
have 65 hundred units of housing up to nine hundred students in that area being that so many students will call that home in the near future we have to prepare for that day many students doesn't are a neighborhood school and that will be worse that's why mission bay school has been a part of mission bay neighborhood plan for decades so for those reasons supervisor jane kim myself, the community and the entire district 6 office fully support building a school in the mission bay neighborhood and ask you this evening to do the same thank you. >> thank you. we got that done in less than 9 minutes teamwork.
2:25 am
>> (clapping.) >> colleagues any comments. >> commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> great, thank you i don't want to wait anymore i'll make my comments now in 2006, we were excited about the possibility of turning parcel 14 lot 14 into a school and at a time we didn't have the enrollments projects we're anticipating in the coming years we had two funders that helped us out but not the same enthusiasm we have now and thank you to my colleagues for supporting in resolution allowing us to express to you the porn of a school in mission bay and that our commitment to mission bay and the bayview was demonstrated by the positive outcome of the prop a passed
2:26 am
november where we set aside one hundred million dollars to make sure we can build schools in our community that will be noted the most when i walk around mission bay i see nothing but families that is amazing to me. >> (clapping.) >> just how much the community has grown and how fun to actually be out there and you know we watch the basketball game out there 0 last night and go to the sf social for food trucks we're in the park we love the ellis their prominent there and have a lot of ideas of what we want to see in terms of connecting with uc and the biotech industry for the young people i really want to thank commissioner haney for partnering partnership with me i was a loan wolf the last time i think your passion and commitment in the communities
2:27 am
that is actually yourselves yours and the relationships you've built over the last couple of years has race in an accident i wanted to thank you for working with me on this resolution and look forward to seeing this through and back to the drawing board in the near future and look forward to the support of my colleagues thank you and want to thank the community you guys have been awesome reminded us every single day you're growing and our families are coming together we want this school and expect to see after all you in our public schools in mission bay. >> (clapping.) >> commissioner murase i want to thank the people folks have been here multiple times and the
2:28 am
hundreds of people that contact the media about the need for a school in mission bay i will be supporting this resolution tonight i also want to acknowledge the budget staff (calling names) in the reading the resolution not clear where the money was coming from we all made a commitment on teacher salary the bucket staff that looked every corner of the budget to see if we couldn't identify the funding for this outside of general fund and went the extra mile with the strong support and want to thank commissioner haney and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell for being a champion on this and i fully expect all the folks that wrote to me and came out to be there are for the ribbon cutting but to support this school as it
2:29 am
continues we can used more partnerships and more collaboration with the communities thank you. >> commissioner haney. >> i want to thank everyone that came out tonight and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell said is this has been talked about for a long time actually 10 years ago then serious conversation one of the most egregious missed opportunities that exist in our city is right there in mission bay we have as folks said hundreds and hundreds of children that are out there you see them they're walking around and literally across from the playground is an empty lot with weeds growing on that that long ago was put in our hands the purpose of building a school
2:30 am
i think that the difference of why we're sitting are here today and having a conversation about committing to build this school ways because a because the community came together thank you for pushing us usf is home has it now and will give to to the unified school district this is what it means it to have a city that supports families a lot of the housing that is going to mission bay thirty percent is affordable this is a diverse community that is a community that deserves to have a school and as you've heard our school district it growing over 10 thousand new students over the next 10 years and need to build more schools this is not the only school to be built we had a conversation about to build a school in candle stick
2:31 am
point and build additional schools the difference with that school the families are there foe we have plot of ground and the growth will be tremendous in the years this is an upgrade need for the district and city it is its been a long time coming and the last thing i want to say this will benefit not only the mission bay community and the southeast but also the entire school district and the entire city we have the opportunities to go up to 90 feet on this plot of land talking about putting housing and the potential of creating a science stem learning opportunity for the entire school district for the city to benefit so many opportunities for what can happen in this area another this school site so thank you all for your leadership i'm looking forward to standing with you and commissioner vice president
2:32 am
mendosa-mcdonnell and fighting this for the last 10 years and actually standing there when we cut the ribbon for the new school and all the families that have been waiting as an example of a city that is fighting for and stauptd up for children and creating space thank you it's been an honor and hope the rest find my colleagues will pass that resolution thank you. >> (clapping.) >> student delegates. >> i believe that we were going to vote yes, but i agree it is always good to have more school buildings with our - my only concern how we meet the
2:33 am
students those students with the school standards if we have teacher shortage if we're going to build for school buildings we have to move faster to united states future but looking at the percentages thirty percent affordable housing and knowing that our city keeps - are we build more schools not for students are getting evicted so. >> (clapping.) >> this brings not only about like being there for the students but like bringing evictions forward we're building for teacher a request with kind
2:34 am
of pushing forward it will not be possible we'll not fill out those seats with classes of people that are capable of loo
2:35 am
fought to get the approval on the building of two schools i'm excited to see that come to fruition we know that work will continue to happen with that said, i don't see any more public comment from colleagues so reinforcement please ms. casco. >> ms. eng ziegler. >> yes. i didn't mention that earlier but i will add something about affordable housing will be too. >> oh, it's in there. >> it's in there. >> mr. cook plane or mr. haney
2:36 am
ms. mendoza-mcdonnell and dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and mr. walton 6 i's. >> now again, the point i've been apologizing for all night thank you so much for being with us and bearing with you usually i'll get to public comment sooner it was unavoidable we wanted to make sure we had public comment with that said, we're in public comment tonight please note an opportunity to hear from the public we ask you refrain from ice the individuals names if you have a complaint submit to the employee supervisors as a reminder the
2:37 am
california law doesn't allow us to respond if appropriate we'll ask the staff follow-up with speakers everyone has two minutes for public comment tonight please come up to the microphone and we're going to in order with paul rivera and please forgive me if i mispronounce your names
2:38 am
(calling names). >> you have 40 minutes please carry on conversations out in the hallway. to come to the microphoplease f to come to the microphone. >> you can come up i'll catch your name with the card. >> hits the bottom. >> some parts of california is
2:39 am
singing two inches one thing is ground water is pumped out during the scream drought the thinking is a problem for the state but getting worse and will at some point we don't need to look at the city we have our version on franklin and feels like the majority of san francisco public schools are falling into a massive sink hole this building is at the epic center not to bring back april an african-american woman and paul rivera principal the teachers love her and she has great ideas to help the students in the community a role model for african-american students please let ms. scott keep her
2:40 am
jobs otherwise we will have another sink hole by paul rivera that school board will take immediate action are you a member of that school board when will things change when you come to work tormented morning i hope you take the shovels that the people that are during the sink hole deeper and bring our ladder to help all sfusd students and keep ms. scott an asset to our schools the best part she has a 50 foot ladders i'm a parent of a first grader at paul riveever
2:41 am
thank you. >> i'm a parent of a first day grader and during that time the administration was questionable but this year, the evaluate principal is like a ray of should've, would've, could've grantee people with a smile and prompts diversities and she's concerned dealt with without hesitation and committed and devoted to the children's success as paul revere i've witnessed the university and thrown that out of the door
2:42 am
schoez been asked to leave and in fairness she was not asked as far as i'm concerned, treated fairly so with that said, i'm on the sf c if i'm not mistaken has the right to - or deserves the opportunity to waiver the principal or the advice principal coming back to school other sites have been grand that opportunity unfortunate not happened with paul revere are we not part of san francisco unified school district not part of what is there and justify in the san francisco unified school district so i'm asking today it please let our a team stay at paul revere as a program for the upcoming year we don't want to
2:43 am
lose her. >> (clapping.) >> to the indigence and the board i'm interfering an activist for children i'm here to speak upon the sister scott ms. scott understand she's the principal assistant principal and understand she works well with the children and learns about the bravery and kourmg and has the kids having high those permission there is a positive beacon light for this school that is considered as a prepositionaly highest education school so i'm asking this board to look both this matter about this waiver and take into
2:44 am
consideration perhaps a misunderstanding how this situation occurred we ask you all to take into consideration to keep ms. scott there at the school if this was a problem i'm quite sure you would have heard it earlier she's doing the right thing and the children are accepting to her why pull something away in the whole is not squeaking why touch that take into consideration of keeping ms. scott there thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening illustrious commissioner, i apologize for my outburst earlier i misunderstand i want to tell my constituents i'm not here to speak about the sfusds decade long failure to
2:45 am
address the needs of students at the paul revere or to ask for an explanation of a lock-down that occurred in march when a student arm was hurt and the information the sfusd needs to function in the manner it is required to by law other time for that in many, many other issues that pistil at the paul revere i'm humbling request that you retain the advice principal and promote her to the vacant principals permission has all the professional qualifies to pull the staff together and prompt a positive atmosphere for the school she has the leadership abilities desperately need for the 2017-2018 term i think she'll be many other people
2:46 am
think also shields be the beginning of change that has been promised for many, many years i've been there singles 76 i know of which i speak all right. i'm a member of the ss c a parent after a 5-year-old student and with the e lack pta and along with the teachers we support the advice principal to be promoted her ex particular performance in the out come back cue do leave and other sponsors absence she's more than comparable to fill that position if you don't listen to me listen to an 8-year-old teacher not seeing any improvement in years i'm aware of the people including the pta and ada and e lack and staff and community who
2:47 am
support the advice principal to be promoted she relates to everyone without exemption i also want to thank you for coming to the school and being present we invite everyone and anyone may first 5:30 at the paul revere the unified school district will come i'll say address the concerns i think i'll say will listen to the concerns of the many board that exist and the communities thank you for your indulgence. >> (clapping.) >> hi, my name is. >> in his i'm a parent at the paul revere and thank you, thank you mr. walton for attending one of our meetings to hear our concerns i'm a very active parent that is involved with the
2:48 am
education as well as other children at paul revere i care about the children i care okay. and care about who is in the leadership position i've been a part of paul revere for 11 years and siege when that had no changes explicit for the past years made me feel like more of a home than a community over this past years the advice principal can make sure she's readyly available for changes to the paul revere community and a people persona team player that cares about the teachers and staff and makes me and my daughter feel welcome she's present at every meeting and stays to impact with the parents and goes above and beyond the call of duty the advice
2:49 am
principal gives me updates in person and always available and - the two school with my advice principal is a win-win situation and demonstrates patience and thinks about trust on a more responsible level and my daughter is here she says she's patient and uses the tools with the program implemented in the school so with that, paul revere notes a strong principal at paul revere with a person of dignity and sure will and skills that makes paul revere is destined for the job i want them
2:50 am
to be the more - >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> she can come to the front and use the mike up here. >> i just want to say that our assistant principal ms. scott me and my friends want to stay for the assistant principal and this is one of my friends and one of my friends is already there .
2:51 am
>> (clapping.) >> thank you ladies. >> thank you this is my fit speaking good evening. i'm scarlett been here for thirty years and. >> (clapping.) >> thank you and in the thirty years i've been there the student advisor/liaison nurse nurse
2:52 am
nurse i keep on coming back our kids need people they trust people that care for them i'm one of the people and as you may know you, you know your school has been through changes when people mentioned paul revere oh, you work at that school once i'm proud to work added paul revere i had students that went there whose children are going there i'm here tonight we've been through so many changes and challenges with our assistant principal she and i work together and make things happen and i need her to be there her supportive ways, her the way she makes people feel whether your black and white makes you feel at home i've felt that a long
2:53 am
time i'm asking you let her stay with us thank you. >> student delegates is not a clap such get home safely we'll see you if not sooner. >> good evening members of the board i'm ben a paul revere parent you're hearing from parents invested in supporting and strengthening paul revere and part of strengthening paul revere is having a level of continuity that's why i'm speaking in support of ms. scott my daughter will have hair her third principal that's troubling to me we have challenges as paul revere by people invested in solving the challenges we won't by reinventing the wheel starting over with square one
2:54 am
and let's just move forward thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> good evening president walton and superintendant lee and members of the board i'm puerto villarta key puerto villarta the local baptist church on 1330 golden gate avenue he pastored some of the members their students at the paul revere school and certainly here 0 show my support for the school and the parents and the student leaders are uniting around concerns for the administrative leadership at paul revere it appears that a very capable staff member ms. scott has not given the opportunities to continue her service at the paul revere and we will appeal tonight to
2:55 am
our moral conscious to reconsider ms. scott and we if you've witnessed several members of the diverse community feel that ms. scott is an asset to the school and hope you'll reconsider thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hi, my name is robert gary's with paul revere and today unfortunately, i can't address you with the title we have the same group haven't gotten together and focus on today but had the members of the pac coming to voice their concerns with regards to our changing leadership definitely my position it is not to support
2:56 am
one position or the other but request clarification to allow people to understand the hiring process to be well-informed as we feel we're pushed to i greatly want to encourage more broad mile-per-hour to in the resources that we get in understanding things liquor the right to waive or the ability to pull apart administrative contracts who has would right and that is my request you know as i'm here with everyone trying to makes sense of this impact appreciate it thank you. >> (clapping.) >> ready show time okay. >> hi, i'm carpenter garden a
2:57 am
parent and advocate of my two children an african-american male at paul revere and mixed transgender at jordan i want to take the time to say specifically to superintendant lee thank you for showing up our students during the time of that shooting that really meant a lot to me and that's where i met you moving on i'm a firm believer if you take the time to sound the alarm you can hostility and honor the good things that are taefrj so this is why i'm here i in my frustration acknowledge the things that were unacceptable going on at paul revere i failed to acknowledge the professional and acceptable things that were co-existing within the leadership at the paul revere
2:58 am
our head leaders didn't do a go job our assistant leader did a wonderful job at our school. >> (clapping.) >> just even considering the fact she was new on the scene she was met with recreation superstition and criticism and not with positive altitudes in this place this woman continues to say a pleasant smile awhile gladly doing her job showed up by willing to work through problems and to create solutions well also by being present outside of hours showing dedication and commitment to the community she'd demonstrate leadership to effectively run the school in an appropriate way
2:59 am
she maintains the student center at all times showing we want to see more across the board within the district and raised. >> tackle standards for the students regarding the emotional and not only been present thank you. >> sorry mr. walton has been punk wall and gardened resources that help to benefit our students as well as adult subject and demonstrated true care and concern. >> thank you. >> i'm almost done okay i have seen her support many of the students while they are in a mode he can go on and on but not allowed enough time clearly just
3:00 am
want you to know my presence and her presents to laud the great leader in a hands-on way to say to the district we appreciate her work. >> thank you. we need to l others let othe- let other com >> good evening board thank
3:01 am
you for the opportunity to speak i'm karen and a proud parent of a third grader at paul revere as you may know the ends up of this school year a nearing and certainly uncertainty and tension in our community want to make sure as you and the board integrity make the final decisions regarding the plight of our community that our exception are clear front and center while we suppress our frustration about the current principal we acknowledge the current assistant principal ms. april scott demonstrates a strong representation of leadership and embodies all that the san francisco unified school district says it stand for she is student centered fearless, promotes unit, social
3:02 am
justice and diversity our current principal has the leadership to lead paul revere school we welcome her to assume it leadership position at our school paul revere and hope that our ears and hearts are open and allow us our right to waive here interview thank you. >> (clapping.) >> anticipate vice president and superintendent commissioners my name is shawn richard i'm the executive director of brothers against guns and the vice president of the naacp i can't understand how we have an african-american administrator and how that wants to be here and can't get african-american
3:03 am
teachers to teach in the unified school district but want to get rid of of our african-american administrator that is urban acceptable it is unacceptable. >> (clapping.) >> because we have eagle goes we are dealing with that is unacceptable we put profit before our kids let's be for the kids. >> (clapping.) >> i'm a graduate of a san francisco unified school district balboa high school i'll not tell you what year but balboa high school but want to say the fact we have less than 45 hundred african-american students in this unified school district and probably less than 20 to thirty african-american teachers and probably less than 10 administrators but we want to tell an african-american administrator that she can't apply.
3:04 am
a principal position assistant principal position only apply for a teaching position that is unacceptable >> (clapping.) >> it is unacceptable school board members i'll remind you, your familiar we voted for you, we supported you. >> (clapping.) >> so we expect you to do the right thing by the community and by the people >> (clapping.) >> we have to understand our babies if we're going to brand them took successful less brand them to be successful i know we're still built up with racism in the united states in 2017 and anytime we have a famous tennis player puts out an tweak when serena is a tennis
3:05 am
player no chocolate that's unacceptable in closing in closing i'll say this do the right thing by paul revere and do the right thing by ms. april scott thank you . >> (clapping.) >> doctor brown you want to say in words to the superintendents after the naacp gentleman spoke. >> thank you, mr. chair very con rat of you members of the board about 50 years ago then young
3:06 am
bright jfk jfk uttered those words on the occasion of his inauguration he quote him this nation was founded by men i might add women of many nations and backgrounds it was funded on the principle that all men and women are created equal and that the rights of every man and woman are the diminished when the rights of one man or women are threatened. >> (clapping.) >> the heart or the question
3:07 am
is whether we're going to treat our fellow americans as we want to be treated. >> (clapping.) >> members of the board i've been in this town for 419 years and it was in 1978 unfortunately african-americans were mistreated ♪ district because of that we're not going to stand here and take that we had a school board that was 85 percent effective and he submit to you don't push
3:08 am
us to the point of repeating what happened in 78 we know how to protest we do know how to march we do know how to open our mouths and tonight i don't apologize for my address i'm a baptist preacher and know how to look like mr. king and clean but this is a good backdrop what i'll end on it is time this unified school districts takes it's moral and intellectual and social experience because you are not physically fit not physically fit when children are walking out of school at ap
3:09 am
because they are not in the words of john kennedy treated equally when students at walberg are overlooked and victimized by racist disclosures in that progressive liberal city of san francisco african-americans feel in the words of one great writer and thinker mr. alison their invisible not recognized not treated fairly and on the way we can show we're not that way and going to be really fit is that number one, put ms. scott into that principalship
3:10 am
>> (clapping.) >> in the 419 years in this town i've seen parents and community leaders all over the city come before this podium and support administrators support teachers and the school board urges them and they follow through and do the right thing listen to the people >> (clapping.) >> we work for the people. >> (clapping.) >> we are here for the parents. >> (clapping.) >> we heard from the children tonight hear the lamps lambs that are talking if we don't do if san francisco will prove that john fittings gerald kennedy are the words that that city refuses to measure up to
3:11 am
something is rotten in denmark we have in the city 25 folks that look like me in the school district and down to a dismal disgraceful 45 hundred we were. >> thank you, sir. >> i pray and hope i appeal to you this night do the right thing and live out the world's of john kennedy that we'll one nation under god invisible would be liberate and justice for all >> (clapping.) >>
3:12 am
(calling names) >> there commissioners michael san francisco council i caught wind of a couple of days ago that there would be some discussion of 1979 mission this evening i checked the agenda nothing on the agenda so i figure out i'll show up and have done see so sees stickers and signs around those rooms i feel something will gone in public comment i think that is important if we are to have a
3:13 am
discussion about 1979 mission talked about the views and that is done in a way that is importantly noticed to the public so you have united states opportunities to listen to those variety of views ours are the trades and sympathetic and can't say are more complex that requires time and consideration 0 explore i would think if you'll have a discussion of that should be with the opportunity for the developer to present to this board and to answer questions, however, hard and this as a hard as you want to make them to the developers so rather than community-based into the issues on this i will point out that that's the process that we prefer that we would like to the opportunities to explain our point of view and we would like
3:14 am
to the opportunity to turnout the fabulous that allows us to do so so thank you for that. >> good evening it out i'll take a breath i've been up since 4:30 i'm a teacher and mother of four been a long day >> (clapping.) >> i've been working in the district for 14 years and following up housing and gentrification for 20 i teach focusing on fourth and fifth graders and science and math and do everything i can i
3:15 am
can to support the teachers and provide the quality education with an emphasis on finance i say that well, let me tell you more and president of the latino association president for 3 years and a member longer than that i work on educating brown and black children. >> really an emphasis in supporting our community that they face the amount of struggles as a member he put in for in my paycheck to support the scholarships for the documents immigrants everything in any life to approve improve the quality of life for the students i'm really supporting the resolution to oppose this project
3:16 am
and i oppose it because i believe that as a latino president not only support the education in the clam and every part of that child's life is important one time i saw a clamor of students and my mentor said to me ask them where they play outside of school i ask every kids on beverage a full classroom and i asked them only at school my - those children play outside when they're at school many of them so that building will create change while we are we putting a price tag on sunshine or your children
3:17 am
deserve to play in the sun. >> (clapping.) >> good evening school board members i'm a organizer with for the environment economic rights been 25 years in the neighborhood that is my partner cynthia i've been up since 4:30 and i make the lunches but we've been working 25 years in the neighborhood along this corridor working alongside families that come up with solutions the problem that are displacing us keeping us sick and poor and in the shadows through organizing and actually through our leadership a few years back 1950
3:18 am
mission projects moving forward over one and 20 units for working families families that are supporting our district schools we have folsom and environmental justice and as well as other projects through organizing and the leadership of our decision makers you sitting there taking all of us together with the families at marshall in 2015 when they asked united states to please organ and please work with us we being kept in the dark about the project that they're proposing on 16 and mission 1979 mission we were hearing that we're in a housing crisis and market solutions will not get us out the crisis real affordable housing will get us out of the crisis that crisis affordable housing for our families for our administrative
3:19 am
staff and teachers our nonprofit workers people that keep the city alive and thriving we're hoping to get our support to oppose this maximum partners that is only a slap in the face there be kept in the shadow most of day the on time they get open space outside we live in neighborhoods or cramped housing with no front yard thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hello, i'm mary lynn a community organizer and born and raised in the mission and since 14 fight for their community for for affordable housing and against gentrification i'm here fighting against the monster in the community my community has
3:20 am
seen enough luxury development every time he walk down the street people don't look like me and dumped immigrants, etc. that live in the community reporting or; right? who can't afford those 1 o'clock housing on 16 and mission we have - we don't need luxury develops the students at the marshall and teachers will not afford that my best friend that lives nearby is at risk of leaving their house because that goes up they know their rents will go up the sro nearby has put their houses you up for sale so we, there will cause displacement and continue to cause gentrification the people are in sros with no where to go
3:21 am
max must wants to get rid of of people people can't afford to live in the building 3000 unhoused students in san francisco again 3000 unhouse students in san francisco their families will not be able to live in the united we oppose this project and create a resolution to oppose this housing thank you >> (clapping.) >> good evening school board members superintendant lee and president walton do i have to hold it the whole time thanks for having us we apologize for that we wanted to come and update you where we are plaza 16 we formed
3:22 am
3 years roughly more than the fall of 13 to vaccine for affordable housing in the mission district and to oppose what we've deemed a monster in the mission this was whose who, who gather cal and mission neighborhood reservoirs and the sro collaborative and mission office of economic workforce development and calle quarto and the human rights committee and the tenants union and went on to gain support from seiu ton to one and jobs for justice and united educators of san francisco san francisco rising and ongoing we have a list of over 100 percent companies on check that out over the past 3 years we've lead
3:23 am
massive marches down mission street we coming up on the second anniversary of the mission take city hall we co-led we brought hundreds of people under the doom hundreds of people that can't be here tonight but the biggest presence inside of city hall since the housing un-america activity committee at that level that is secular video online you should see that and then a couple of months we brought a resolution to the board of supervisors to put a temporary pause on market-rate development and that was potentially the only meeting that was longer than this one 10 hours of public comment that night i'll encourage you to watch that the folks if the mission pleading for a pause on the gentrification and the displacement that is happening in the neighborhood and want to thank. >> thank you
3:24 am
>> (clapping.) >> thank you amos brown that spoke passionately under the doom in front of the mayor's office advocating for the mission district thank you. i went over time sorry we're keeping you here later thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm quinn a small business owner in the mission as a matter of fact a mike small business owner my purpose to come here to ask you to give a fair hearing to 1979 mission as our brothers and sisters in the construction unions are asking for there is some amount of support for 1979 missions because there's going to be a plan on merry can do and addition to marshall school i want to ask for a fair hearing for that so we can know exactly
3:25 am
what we're voting on. >> (clapping.) >> hi, my name is gene born and raised in the mission and retired a faculty member if san francisco state and i'm a long time community organizer in the mission like 40 years i'm here tonight because your principal at marshall let's us know that i guess the opposition to the project were talking to parents and trying to get them to come this evening we assured him we'll not be that kind of group our group is called the mission for all it is exactly what it says we could not building.
3:26 am
>> (clapping.) >> we formed because we are not of the opinion that you have heard for the last 3 years we support the project at 16th street and mission the kinds of changes that are happened in our communities are going to happen and that we need to integrate that we need to negotiate we need to be part of what is going to be developed we will also come to you occasionally to clarify myth presented to people to you to parents it is not luxury condos being built it is 91 units of affordable housing that will be put into that spot
3:27 am
91 of the units out of approximately three hundred and thirty units so too is that it is luxury condos for the rich there are not condos it is a rental their apartment, however, will be workforce housing for teachers and others that you can buy. >> thank you. >> for very reasonable cost i want you to know we'll invite you occasionally and try to bring people who will tell you a different story than what you've heard that's what we plan to do in the years coming as we talk about to project thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening before i say anything i want to make sure that mission for all is paid for by max must real estate they're
3:28 am
paid for by the developers to stewart set did record straight hi, i'm with the policy 16 coalition and work for mission housing i'm a born and raised san franciscan a graduate of sfusd schools if betsey carmichael to galileo and mission bears tonight a shout out to them we recognize there are urgent needs for the community and people that reside in and around the bar plaza but luxury apartment do not address that there is one thing and that is needed there which is service-based housing on that site we need compassionate social services not luxury apartment we need 100 percent deeply affordable housing and not luxury apartments
3:29 am
luxury apartment and specifically again will cast a shadow on marshall elementary school that development will block out the sorry about that to the kids playing on the playground they've said it in their own environmental impact report and they can't mitigate it they don't want to myth it it hurts their profits this will not address the concerns in the plaza but criminalize the folks of what happens to clean up the plazas campaign and look that up what we did and push people into on the spaces we ask and demand you pass that resolution opposing the monster in the mission this is without a dough i doubt a monster for the neighborhood people don't want it and have to say again anybody for mission.
3:30 am
all they're funded by the developer and their documents that show you if you want them we'll talk about that afterwards >> (clapping.) >> good evening my name is peter we're located half a broke if the schools and literally next door to this site we know that extremely well i want to talk about a few technical concerns as you're hearing that will literally cast a huge shadow over the school in a neighborhood where the service is simple the park is not keeping pace we know not keeping pace in a way that causes kids do rely on the actual schools right the eastern neighborhoods envisions that we'll have dense
3:31 am
development and somehow maintain and level of park service e that is simply not happening every time we lose a park particularly in an important school in the neighborhood it is a critical loss not a small thing forever no going back they make their profits one bus if so focus this is how many generations of kids at that site let's talk about the traffic all the research shows the wealthy individuals don't meet to debate what we call the housing in order to afford this one and $22,000; right? in a neighborhood we know where the recent city laid on the ground ti percent are making under 50 thousand a year this housing is not for the people in the community not for most of families at this school this is a project that is about
3:32 am
moving on to a street where you acquire property cheaper for the moment that's why mission street has 22 projects com22 is krarp and this project is part that have collapse and this is our center corridor so the loss of that strip needs to be safeguard you can take action by making a resolution against this project thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hi, my name is gary i'm a tenant in the red stone building an artist at the would 16 and cap also the president of the tenants association the red item association and we endorse we are concerned about the displacement to our building a community center we are artists the theatre groups and
3:33 am
nonprofits and small businesses smile the luxury development goes we'll be on the way out and yeah, the displacement in general, you know people making 120 they'll be seeing people - we don't need more criminalization we need to think bigger why not 100 percent affordable housing on this spot no reason we can't think in terms of that big instead of developer profit and also i work in a nonprofit for people with disabilities and i'm a member of seiu 10 twenty and on education for local 1021 and endorse the positive coalition the majority of members are not pleased the developer eliminated union jobs
3:34 am
that's another reason why we oppose this project so i work at at the unfortunate and work out went to a meeting they said oh, you're an artist you make $60,000 a year i make $30.00 nothing as an artist who what afford those units none of the artists more mire coworkers they work in nonprofits please oppose this project thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good work as everything said in a really long night i have an
3:35 am
8-year-old waiting on me, i'm a graduated from the high school and studied added mit and did a - i have education and background the nature of my attention was really a respect for marshall elementary school but hearing inaccurate information i want to touch on a few pots a marshall elementary school yes, we built the bottom line building we've proposed the parents have told us for mission. all like us to lift the school 15 feet that will give an additional 50 percent of classroom size for the school so what we'll do with the school we'll lift if that will lift the school then the sun returns i keep hearing people talk about
3:36 am
regentrification and want to keep the community if that is on your mind and the color of people is the problem mission for all 31 percent low income we don't have any other developers or launders that are proposing 31 percent they're on be proposing what their mandated that is 18 percent this project alone is unique in and of itself and a lot of lies to people go on the website and found out more we're helping marshall elementary school you'll know that we're not trying toy identify the school the san francisco general has been region if i had in every community from district 10 and district 9 and 11 and 6 region if i had and we need to learn to live together as a whole that's
3:37 am
all i have to say >> (clapping.) >> can he be respect of everyone's public comment please. good evening. i'm janice smith i graduated from balboa high school i'm a longshoremen and so the reason we're here is about our children our children the education of our children they're more concerned about cutting out the sunshine and talking about the kids won't have sunshine to play in i'm not sure to give you you guys what happened today on 16th street and mission and i was standing at 1980 mission next door to the mission where the parents wanted the ground lifted up 15 feet as
3:38 am
i'm standing waiting for someone i was there as 515 next door to the school they want this project the children and principal i'm standing there waiting for someone to by the time let me in they've not mentions what happens on 16th street and mission with the needles all the people that are using drugs there so within a 10 minute timeframes i'm there listen - >> excuse me - >> excuse me - >> we're allowing everyone to have public comment please don't interpret the speakers. >> necessary failed to 34e7ks about drug use the little children have to see there everyday i'm there at 515 i see this lady walking across the street right in front of a bus
3:39 am
almost got hit by the bus and two seconds after that, she pulled out a knife and trying to stab the lady the other lady got out a stick and the police come out what if the children were there another school with the parents and the school that wants to lift up 15 feet and have sunshine they'll not see the drugs and people and the people that is acting crazy we're here for the children.
3:40 am
>> i think if we come to a common ground things will go smoothed that's all i have to say. >> (clapping.) >> good evening. i'm representing mission for all i just feel like you guys should focus on what if effects the kids i understand the concerns of other problems they think will come first of all, even if they clean the neighborhood we can't keep people from coming back the children should have to look and seeing and be experiencing all the problems that gone on 16th street and mission there is a lot of criminal activities and drugs be
3:41 am
parents walk their children and needles everywhere and people are smoking all types of of drugs not a good environmentalist for them to play on the mraurlgd everyone is concerned about seeing people getting stabbed and shot and doing drugs not fair to the kids at the end of the day people are talking about housing but even if they build 100 percent how are you it shades the school either way that will shade we are offering to lift the playground which from the parents like we said their idea not ours i think that will be really good for the community and for the children and give them a better chance and double the size of school the school a really small so by listed the playground will give the school 50 percent of classrooms to do
3:42 am
what they want to do with that that's all i have to say. >> (clapping.) >> i'm not paid by and
3:43 am
market-rate developer i'm a native of san francisco a sfusd shore graduate and happy to tell you could i project open proposed on mission is the largest gentrifying force in the mission that's why that's called the monster we're talking about luxury housing that is unaccessible to the parents and students at the marshall 70 percent or more having free reduced lunch and 80 percent live with the half-mile of the school we've lost 8 thoughtless latinos from the mission communities since 2000 the data says if we continue to built the monitor projects in the mission we'll lose another 8 thousand if you want to continue to build the projects in the mission my grandfather sold newspapers for
3:44 am
15 years any father founded at 16th street and cap for 15 years anyone here that wants to tell me what goes that's the gateway for working families that's our gateway for looking for opportunity in san francisco don't try to gentrify and criminalize people that have not 0 other living room with no other opens but to try to make due and get services we in the mission had services to help people to advance economically and socially that needed to get out-of-sight 100 percent affordable at 16th street and mission we need affordable housing that is assessable 77 percent of mission residents earn less than $35,000 a year according to the survey that w the public schools let's build housing for them not the luxury
3:45 am
comblond that is displacing businesses that have been this for 40 years immigrant market. >> thank you. i'm a martial law parent and been with the marshall school fighting since december of 2013 and is packets give us a timeline of the events
3:46 am
at the marshall school starts with letter from the pta in december of 2013 expressing our serious concerns about the project i'll let you read on the timeline what went on throughout 2014 but address the elevated mraurg that didn't come from the parent we had several proposals that were rejected the idea of elevating the playground came from the developers is would not increase the space of this school because the space underneath it will be walls on 3 sees so most not usually as classroom space no light or ventilation finally after a request then superintendent car sharing agreed to come to a
3:47 am
meeting at marshall elementary school school on february 12th our head of the family voice whose name i'm not allowed to mention and the parents unlawfully not unanimously there maybe two or three people that throughout the development as unconventional but clearly the majority of the parents were opposed to this building and we've come to you several times no. you, read for office uses what is marshall parent had to say about this development we're really fighting to keep the community alive. >> thank you i know you said about supporting the families and communities and jill wynns quoted we should be brave and stand point for what we believe in i hope you'll take that advise and stand with the
3:48 am
marshall family and oppose this project. >> (clapping.) >> i the a couple of blocks away in marshall in rent control and then been religious about my rent i got a notice to get out i horde had was happening with the
3:49 am
max must with the vendors building on affordable rent as a paraprofessional i couldn't afford and also i noticed in the times i've stood up for myself and teachers can't afford to live teachers had to leave college teachers who i've worked that had to mute out they couldn't afford had that note been for the community tenderloin housing clinic and all those organizations that helped to stand my ground i wound be here today but i would be on 16th street asking. a dollar for a flower i say what those people are doing at the
3:50 am
development the image that comes to mind they stated they'll put affordable housing that affordable housing is for who for those who can afford it that being the mainly the tech people i say to you, please support the marshall family center in this project thank you very much >> public comment. >> oh, so, yeah i am a second grade teacher and grattan and would like to actually read a poem i made for a colleague of mine so this is called phillip and it represents him i arrive in the early morning
3:51 am
awhile it is still dark out of my community laptop and frank sinatra millennium booming welcoming voice shouts good morning kid do and students drop by to construct amateur enthusiasts abound that is the highlight of this year school day students depend on me this is what i do this is what i do my grattan community that is where i belong so i decade that poem to my colleague phil we want him back.
3:52 am
>> (clapping.) >> good evening thank you jesse for this time anyway, i think but my i had a brain injury that left me i but thank you to jesse i'm going back to school and i spoke 7 languages and i didn't speak my language fluent, however, i'm studying for child development and why american education is failing the main reason the public schools are under fund and critical studies for 13 and 14-year-old not fit for their capacity so pie question is i'm
3:53 am
humbly asking if they need it or not preventing them from excelling their education i want more scientific studies that make them more smart and have thus, the accounting and nursing so my question sorry because of my brain that is fragmented i'm asking to consider the education to have - i'm not asking to be
3:54 am
overnight but consider to have the cycle if they need it or not it is necessary because i did a scare for kids it is not helping them to excelling their education thank you very much i'm hannah. >> good evening my name is beatrice and i am a lifelong resident of mission qualified to talk about what is going on that is me all right. i'm not the only one but want to voice that outs i i'm a student of marshall high school and my 3 housing unit brothers and sisters we're unfortunately foe people that are left in the neighborhood because of the building on 16th street and mission is probably the most destructive building there are so many things i want to talk about i have an opinion of everything but today, we got good news the judge in san francisco blocked republicans action to against the sanctuary city so let's got to the point the majority of marshall
3:55 am
families are immigrants i don't know if this is changing this is critical sanctuary city means to protect immigrants mile protect our immigrants at marshall school that building is not for them and the majority of people and the families are low income maximize must is a piranha not benefiting anyone except in their pocket book but they're getting paid and what those people need to thinks we're the stock exchange ground to make money their next okay one thing i want to say is we're qualified you to be against the monster in the mission you need to be against the monster in the mission you're
3:56 am
responsible for this issue in san francisco your their voice if you don't say not to delay this project guess what the children will be gone we are asking you to please say not to delay the project it didn't benefit anyone and the children at marshall thank you >> (clapping.) >> my name is laura john's and the first one i want to say i'm looking forward for "anger management" for students and support for teachers we have a crisis at the wallenberg high school i'm concerned what is happening and walberg mr. dickey has meeting with the naacp and mother one meeting with the parents parents should be your partner's i know african-americans are put into the school with no support the
3:57 am
teachers don't know how to handle the black students they're afraid of us so for the teachers it becomes a pick our battles for the students that becomes fs in the classes we have no where to go you try and send us across town not safe for us all black people don't live in the bayview i know they took fillmore from us some of us are still there we are at walberg help us thank you to the esteemed commissioners, thank you for the lateness of hour and being alert i didn't have any intention of puc; is that true? did do have a granddaughter in wallenberg i
3:58 am
was lying on oh, my god i live in hayes valley i'm coming here to prepare you for something for too be parents and child that is typical of african-american males in san francisco and the san francisco unified school district and so i'll let this parent and the young man tell you i want you to know i'm deeply disturbed one that worked with the mayors - i was one the ones that reconstituted who organized parented to reconstitute the high school now this is something. >> (clapping.) >> that we may have to do with some of the charter schools with the academy in the edition i
3:59 am
refuse them to take a black male any black child under any watch to bring them to a number and give them a juvenile case could a have any caretaker i didn't anticipate you know presenting to you, you will be hearing and i'll be quiet and say some of you i'm sorry because i'm 60-year-old and i decided to one of my budget things to go to usf some of neurons don't work as good as they used to i'll be seeing you in the future. >> thank you good evening i'm a parent at kidnap sf academy want to speak briefly
4:00 am
about a topic a growing problem at the school it is effecting kids and child porn grateful is a serious crime when we think that that we think it relates to the issue about adults watching porn but it is has to do with with kids as well and tonight i want to for the panel and the parents that are here that are children are being expelled and up important expulsion due to it issue their jailed and this is for a lack of awareness i'm here to bring this issue up because it is similar to sexing and if the child receives a video or a text message


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