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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 42717  SFGTV  April 27, 2017 9:00pm-12:01am PDT

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gentlemen good afternoon i want to welcome you back to the committee and this is the regular meeting of the budget and finance committee. this is supervisor cohen i am the chair of the committee and i am
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joined by supervisor yee and supervisor tang and supervisor sheey will be joining us in just a moment. and i also want to recognize our clerk and thank you for joining us and thank you for your help at sfgtv. mr. clerk, do you have any announcements today? >> yes, we silence all cell phones and electronic devices during meeting today. >> with that said, mr. clerk, please call item number one. >> item number one is a hearing to receive a budget update from the department of
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children, youth, and their families for fy's2017-2018 and 2018-2019; and requesting the department of children, youth, and their families to report. >> so we want to recognize dr. sue from the department of children, youth and their families welcome dr. sue. >> good afternoon chairwoman cohen and supervisors yee and tang, i am dr. sue with the department of children youth and their families and today i will be doing a presentation to give you a sneak preview of our
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service allocation plan and we hope to come back and made to show us the final version of your allocation plan but i think it would give us some context with that plan to share some of our thinking moving forward. so this is for 2018 and 19 and 20 through 23 somoving forward. so first we see it in 2017-2018 for us this would be around $1 million and for 1819 about $2 million and we think that we can make these reductions without impacts and services and we are able to maintain continuity of careand services for all of our
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children and youth and families in the city. we will see a little more detail here you will see the readiness statements for our budget and to note this will be the children and youth fund and you will see there is an increase in our children and youth fund revenues and then also we have a slight increase in our private grant revenue here. we had a generous grant reauthorization from the communities for financial empowerment and we had originally thought they were going to terminate that grant but lo and behold they continue that grant for us so we are super excited and it once again shows and demonstrate our city's reputation for our workforce in the city. and we continue to have funding from the general fund but there is a slight increase from that
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general fund reduction at the general fund's office. for growth you will see that all of the growth that you saw in the previous slides will go to grants for cbo's. this was vetted by our oversight and advisory body three times once in december once in january and once in february and that was the decision that we made at the advisory body to have all of the grants allocated to nonprofit agencies. so that concludes my budget presentation. what i want to do in the next couple of slides is really share with you our allocation plan. before i
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begin, supervisor yee. >> hi, my apologies. i am just wondering in regard to your target on slide three, i guess from $1 million to $2 million, is that compounded is it like 1 million+ another $1 million for the second year and then on slide fourit seemed to have more than exceeded in 2017 the $1.5 million. and so, i look at the next years and it is almost $3 million worth of cuts. is there a reason why we are exceeding what is asked?
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so through the chair, the original request from the mayor's office was to propose 3% of ongoing general fund reduction. and so for us that means thatbecause we are moving into an rfp year, we plan to reduce our 2017 -2018 budget, by $1 million and then an ongoing 3% for 2018 2019 would actually be $2 million because of the ongoing reduction. >> i no, but i'm just looking at the first year it looks like it is by a one point-- >> for that supervisor, what
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you are seeing is from our revenue slide of one-time expenses or general revenue funds. >> would you have a sort of a detail of those one time funds? >> so dr. sue, so that i understand your presentation correctly this year you're reducing the budget by $1 million and then the some sequent budgets, they will be reduced by $1 million? >> i'm joined by my cfl leo chee, and the money that were proposing to reduce is 3% ongoing and the majority of these dollars are unspent funds
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from either work orders from other city departments or programs that we haven't started yet. >> that is great. but what i'm hearing is that there is no threat of service? >> no. >> all right. >> that was a commitment that the mayor asked all of his departments to try to satisfy. he wanted to make sure that all programs would continue and continuity of care for our children would continue. >> all right, if there are no questions and i believe that we will go to public comment p where do i'm sorry you have the second half of your presentation.go ahead. >> so the second part of the presentation what i wanted to share with you as our allocation plan so i just want to take a couple minutes here time today to share we have been working on. before i start i want to
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emphasize that we are really committed to ensuring there is equity in our funding and planning equity process and we want to make sure that children and youth in the city received the highest maximum benefit from our fund and we want to make sure that we distribute our funds to the extent feasible all of our equitbly among services for all of our partners and be able to achieve these results. so last year we did a needs assessment and we talked to hundreds of families through the city and this year were taking all of that information and creating an allocation plan and from there we will
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create an rfpwhich we will issue at the end of july and this will pave the way for five years of funding for service providers through our city. i just want to emphasize that we went through a process through our department to really think about equity and think about the service framework and the accountability framework and what it is that we want to accomplish at the end of the day and we have indicators as we move forward for the next five years with our funding. the first is that we want all of our children and youth to be supported by our community and we want our children and youth
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to be healthyand we want our children and youth to succeed in school and we want our children and youth to be ready for college work and adulthood. we have here populations that we want to focus our funding on and as you know, our funds are universal in scope but they are our concentrated needs in the city specifically african-american latinos and pacific islanders and also we want to remember that there are specific needs of our children and youth regardless of economic status that we need to focus on. and you will see that these are lgbt families and low
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income families and you can see that we have broken down the age groups intofor big buckets. ages 1-5, 6-9, 9 to 1414 to 18 and net if you have any specific questions i can go directly into that and if not once againi will be back and
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made to present the plan and this was very well received by our body and we look forward to presenting again due in may. >> does that conclude your presentation? yes>> >> seeing that there's no questions from my days supervisors i will go to public comment. i'm sorry you supervisor e, did you have a question? >> can you clarify the difference between 2017-2018 and 2018 2019? if you slip to
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slide 12 you will see that we are providing early childhood education for the first five years in san francisco and this includes the ece settings to support children and before school. >>from dcyf. >> oh, from dcyf. and maybe not today but could we have a copy of these numbers that you are proposing here today? >> yes. >> thank you very much. we
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will go to public comment. ladies and gentlemen. like to speak, please come up. i have one card, tony cosen, if there is anyone else who would like to speak one item number one get behind tony. >> >> thank you for having me my name is tony tyson i am a preschool coordinator and that's why i'm here today. some of this information i think isimportant to reiterate it. 90% of brain development happens between ages 0-5this specifically between 1-3and it is is proven that children that have access to early childhood education have long-term
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benefits. and of the children that are getting subsidized in san francisco are 65% andwe are looking to ask for support in city's most vulnerable.and we are looking to reduce violence and economic injustice and is currently estimated to be seven dollars for every dollar invested in ece and it is
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reduction values and long-term goals. thank you. >> when anyone else like to speak? seeing none public comment is closed thank you. >> [gavel] >> may i have a motion. we've already heard this so i want to file. >> you want to file it? >> i want to file it, yes. >> well first of all, i'm glad to see that the first three items on the agenda includes three of my favorite department so i will say thatas a record to the public and i will go ahead andmake a motion to file. >> thank you we will take that motion without objection. >> mr. clerk, can you read item to. >> item 2 is a hearing to receive a budget update from
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children and families commission for fys 2017-2018 and 2018-2019; and requesting the children and families commission to report. >> thank you. you first thing you see is we do not receive a reduction from the governor's office. the children's families action that was passed in 2010, we return these funds to the families. we make a difference by supporting quality environments and excellence in teaching in early settings and family resource centers. this includes the
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lives of our residents and families but our work is not done. and,there are many things involved in our early childhood education system and one of them is health and developmental screening and we have 50% of our kindergartners in san francisco that has had developmental screening and we will make sure that all children have had developmental screening but also hearing, vision, and dental. our next slide will give you a snapshot of where our investments are and how they are leveraged and where we see our work in the next two years. from our revenue side we have our state allocation which is actually on the slight decline and that we expected to
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rise just a little bit for 2018- 2019, but based on our finance department's projections this may decline over the next two years but based on the age of youth you have to be 21 to smoke in the state of california. so the tobacco tax in our state county and grandson the use of the reserve is used to fill a gap in the tobacco tax collection. and soour core investments is to support a birth to age 5
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system and this is a quality education improvement system and this is to link together components of quality and one comprehensive coordinated way and one component includes a comprehensive definition of understanding quality standards and assessment of programs and training and redevelopment sport for teachers so they can reach a higher level of quality, the crs and the support all of our locally funded programs. these are coordinated through a system of development which is accessed annually through 1200 educators we have excellence in education practices in inclusionary settings and at home. we
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continue to invest in family support so we have a number of community-based and family-based resource centers across the city and we also provide training and capacity settings throughout the city for our providers. we have made a one time investment from the department of public health and that's why you see the difference between 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. so our core partners would be the office of early childhood education and the department of children youth and their families the human services agency in the department of public health and the san francisco united school district and hope sf.
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and are major expenditures that are blended with other departments are in child development and family support. we are a small but mighty team at first five we are a whole team of 15 people that do this work. again, in collaboration with other city in order to effectively close as an economic opportunity gap we see all of these as comprehensive over and they really are targeted to children that aremeet that fit. that is
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the end of my presentation i be happy to answer any questions that you may have. supervisor yee, did you have a question? >> yes, i know that the funding comes from local tobacco taxes but has there been a movement to define tobacco differently or has there been something that was included up to date or does this include the tax on those-- what do you call them? those e- vapor things? >> the e-cigarette, yes. >> and, supervisor cohen may be of a to answer this but is
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there any discussion when you think about tobacco and vapor cigarettes we pretty much think this is in that category and that's one question and this is in that category and that's one question and the other is in the early education quality and improvement systems and i don't know if it's the fact that were doing this i'm but what is the funding around that? >>your first question about the e vapor cigarettes is because these are going to prop 10 so
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are other appropriations are from prop 10 programs across the state otherwise we would have a much steeper cl that we would be be facing. but for san francisco the revenue from the e-cigarette is less than $200,000 per year. and your second question about the quality rating and improvement system is that it is not a mandatory system that the state has rolled out but rather a way to be able to unify programs across the state to meet early learning standards. there is some non-systems right now that
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have early learning programs throughout the state and this is a way to create a horizontal alignment with all programs that are helping children especially 0 to 5 across the state and these are standards that all providers need to meet based on evidence and research and we expect that they are better outcomes for children and we expect that there are more dedicatedthere is a dedication towards the learning environment and what children are receiving that is uniform to some degree of all publicly funded programs. >> so, my question is not whether this is a good thing to do because this is a good thing to do, it's just a matter of where this came from. is this
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coming from the state commission thing you should do this or is it coming from the governors or the commissioners and why is the cdc not doing this. >> where there are two levels at the development of the system in the county and this is the department of education through the early education division and both are building grants to build the system san francisco has a system where we can actually leverage those resources and of course, everything else that the state incentivizes is not reimbursed adequately. >> i think that we need to talk to those representatives up there. >> i agree. >>alright thank you. i know that we have been had eight
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questions at this time but we look forward to seeing you in maine we will have more questions we do so. >> at this time i will open public comment seeing it 99 i will close public comment. thank you. >> [gavel] >> all right that motion has been accepted and with that item number three. mr. clerk can you read item number three please. >> item number three ishearing
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to receive a budget update from the office of early childhood education for fys 2017-2018 and 2018-2019; and requesting the office of early childhood education to report. >> okay we have september jarret hereagain from our early childhood education department. welcome back. >> good morning supervisors my name is september jared it with the office of early childhood education and please give me one second it appears i'm at the end of my presentation i just need to make one adjustment. >> thank you for your patience. a quick reminder, because we are a relatively new department in the city landscape, we were created by a mayor at lee in
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2007. in order to do that we have a line to incorporate funding to support this workforce and the quality and competence of these individuals really have the best outcome for the kids. we also want to coordinate and give access that easy to understand and access. we have had about 5% of our population of children under five in the city that's about 5% of our population and we have a very
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diverse population increasingly more so than our adult population and unfortunately we see pretty high concentrations of poverty or we have a high concentration of wealth with
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>> self-planning works to preserve and enhance the city what kind hispanic the environment in a variety of ways
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overhead plans to fwied other departments to open space and land use an urban design and a variety of other matters related to the physical urban environment planning projects include implementing code change or designing plaza or parks projects can be broad as proipd on overhead neighborhood planning effort typically include public involvement depending on the subject a new lot or effect or be active in the final process lots of people are troubled by they're moving loss of they're of what we preserve to be they're moving mid block or rear yard open space. >> one way to be involved
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attend a meeting to go it gives us and the neighbors to learn and participate dribble in future improvements meetings often take the form of open houses or focus groups or other stinks that allows you or your neighbors to provide feedback and ask questions the best way to insure you'll be alerted the community meetings sign up for the notification on the website by signing up using you'll receive the notifications of existing request the specific neighborhood or project type if you're language is a disability accomodation please call us 72 hours before the event over the events staff will receive the input and publish the results on the website the notifications
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bans feedback from the public for example, the feedback you provide may change how a street corridors looks at or the web policy the get started in planning for our neighborhood or learner more mr. the upcoming visit the plans and programs package of our we are talking about with our feedback and participation that is important to us not everyone takes this so be proud of taking ann
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>> we are going to have a phenomenal program we promise. we hope to promise to keep it short.and inspiring. my goal for a successful day or a successful morning, is that you
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leave here clearing to go inspired, having met new people, having forge new partnerships and feeling generally positive about the future. so good morning everyone. my name is debbie rough health and i am the director of san francisco's department of environments. [applause] >> yes. so we are here today to celebrate. after years of drought, the rain has returned and california wildflowers are blooming across the state. you see the orange all around you here. some of you may think that it's san francisco giant orange and, yes, we love the giants. [applause]. actually, that orange today anyway, is a
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celebration of the california poppy. a great example of resilience, a flower that can survive hardship and come back even stronger. a symbol for everyone in this room today. so we are here to celebrate people and so peter, i need you to [inaudible]. peter is the guy who is scanning the audience. i don't see everyone. so when you talk about people in san francisco, what we first think about is our elected officials. we need to thank them for all the ways they show up. not only today, but every day for our environments. i would like to call out and these are people i've seen. i don't know if they're still in the room-but if you are,you, please, we've
11:06 pm
supervisor erin paskin-jordan supervisor katie tang. sheriff vicki hennessy. our city attorney, dennis selby president of the city college board and emily marotta say, who's on our san francisco board of education. so, thank you elected officials, please. [applause]. we also have scattered about the room, and i'm not going to call you out by name, but my fellow city department heads. your partnership and collaboration is not only deeply appreciated but it is essential to our success as a city. every one of you comes to work every day as a partner with me and i see you all around the room. wearing your hearts on your sleeves because you love this city and you are dedicating your lives to the public service, and i am
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so grateful for all you do. we are also here to celebrate our environment commission and the commissioners. there's going to be more about that later so not going to ask them to identify themselves. finally, we are here to celebrate the community partners, the people in this room, the hundreds of you, dedicate your heart and soul to preserving our planet. we need your leadership more than ever. frankly, we are here today to celebrate democracy. we are here to own the label of environmentalists. we are going to wear that label proudly as an act of resistance andan act of affirmation. [applause].
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pretty easy to feel demoralized these days. the epa is being directed to not protect the environment. climate scienceis being refuted and dismissed. we have a president who believes that coal is the new black. so in light of all this, we want to kick things off today because today is about celebration, with a moment of uplift. we invited two people who have spent more than 20 years raising san francisco's spirit in the community to get things started. so, please, join me in welcoming happy and clean. [applause] >> we are one in spirit.[singing] we are one in the law. we pray all unity
11:09 pm
shall one day be restored. and they know we are all one by our love. by our love.[music] we are mothers of courage. fathers of time. daughters of dust and [inaudible]. this is the firstseed and flowers of love.
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love is a light[inaudible]. keep of faith. makers of peace. wisdom of age. yes.[ clapping] self-motivation. self-motivation. what is nation? self-motivation. what is nation? unifier's. don't divide us. unify us. don't divide us. unify us.don't
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divide us. [applause] >> wow. probably you sitting down wasn't that hard to stay seated? you just wanted to move around. some of you may have recognized happy and queen. they are the soundtrack of some people's commute, so i would like to say they help us with our 50 goal of getting people out of cars because you can see them sometimes in the park station if you're lucky enough but they travel around all of the bay area with that energy and wonderful spirits. so i'm inspired by that and i am also inspired by all of you. being here at city hall with all of you today reminds me
11:12 pm
that we live and we work in a very special place. that is the san francisco bay area can be a bubble inside a bubble. a bubble being california, the bay area, the bubble inside the bubble. with everything that's going on, around our bubble, we may be tempted to view this place as a protected shield. a cloak of invincibility that we can wrap ourselves in. but there is a danger in that.recently, i've got to think that while we are in this bubble inside a bubble in this roomis deeply bubble, does it matter what we are doing? are we just talking to ourselves? are we preaching to the choir? because the bay area is unequivocally the believers. we
11:13 pm
are the believers. the data shows that. we know there are no alternative facts when it comes to the state of our planets. we share a civic and moral responsibility to name those facts. as san franciscans, we have a deep commitment to protecting every one of our residents from the impacts of a changing climates. whether they are documented or undocumented, which were poor, homeless warehousedor house. that means we've got to face a reality head on. we are going to have to resist the complacency that comes with a fossil fuel based economy. we are going to have to disrupt this new national norm of climate denial, and most importantly, we in this room are going to have to offer an
11:14 pm
example of what is possible.. the words of paul hawkins come to mind when he said, cities like san francisco rehearse the future. cities like san francisco rehearse the future. we, in this room, are rehearsing the future every day we come to work. every day we are demonstrating to the world around us what is possible the city department who are switching to renewable diesel, where planning for sea level rise, working to get people out of their cars, who are designing neighborhoods to be livable walkable, safe. the 17 businesseswho are part of our business council on climate change, and they 247 businesses who have gone through our green business
11:15 pm
program and achieved all of the elements of the most gruesomely challenging checklist you can imagine so that they can be part of that inner circle of green those are just a few examples that we can point to because every face i see is an example of rehearsing the future is an example of taking action to protect this planets. because you all are willing to show up for the cause, because we all, in this room, understand that the life on this planet is sacred and it's our sacred responsibility to protect it. so they say the world is run by those who show up. i would like to thank that the world is changed by those who show up. in san francisco we have old elected leaders who show up and i understand sandra lee fewer came in. supervisor
11:16 pm
fewer are you here to be recognized? way in the back, oh my goodness. thank you. we have engaged public data shown up we have innovative businesses that show up and we have committees-committed city agencies. elected officials. the public. innovative businesses, and city agencies. there is tremendouspower in these four pillars of democracy when they are put to work for good. those four pillars that we have so strong here in san francisco enable us to her rehearse the future. they are the secret power of our bubble inside the bubble. today, we need to take a moment to honor democracy. the power of what is possible when those four pillars work together towards a common vision. and we are
11:17 pm
going to honor democracy and a very specific way today we are going to honor a particular group of people that has shown up for our city and for the environments. i'm talking about our commission on the environments. for the past 20 years the commission on the environment has embodied that forward thinking leadership that is the trademark of san francisco and its people and frankly, we are very lucky because most cities don't have a commission on the environment and they don't have a department of the environments. it was the will of san francisco voters in 1995. they wanted to create a place where the public could talk about environmental issues. that vision of democracy where we could give the environment a voice in our government, something special happened. the city actually discovered its own voice and was able to chart a bold course forward with the
11:18 pm
environment at its center. as a department head, i work very closely with our environments commission and i have to say, i am always impressed with their diligence, their ideas, and their commitments. many of our past and current commissioners are here today. our past department heads are here today, and even our past commission secretaries. so this is an illustrious group of individuals who have asked the tough questions, stood up to powerful interest, they collectively have shared new ideas for urban sustainability, and they have helped to make sustainability and climate action part of the city's dna. these commissioners listen to the public and they advocate on their behalf. they have served with distinction and with heart and with real dedication to our city and our planets. so i would like to take a moment and ask the commissioners in the
11:19 pm
room, the past department heads in the room, and the past commission secretaries to all, stand up and be recognized. [applause]. what a great group of people. so as everyone knows, commissioners do not operate in a vacuum. commissioners serve at the pleasure of their mayor. so they are a reflection of the particular vision of administration. the commission on the environment has served under three mayors. we would be
11:20 pm
remiss if we did not acknowledge their leadership today. former mayor willie brown, former mayor gavin newsom, and our current mayor, ed lee. [applause]. under mayor brown's leadership we have started down-we started down the trailblazing course that we've been on to this day. under mayor newsom, san francisco began to shine as an environmental leader unafraid of the pushback naysayers or industry, frankly.under mayor lee, san francisco has continued to push the envelope reaching further and faster and higher. mayor lee has challenged us all to ensure that the environment benefits reach everyone. that equityis
11:21 pm
at the forefront of our work to protect our communities and our city from harm. i am proud to work for a mayor who believes that climate action matters. i am proud to work for a mayor who is standing up to our federal administration because it is the right thing to do. [applause]. it is my honor to introduce to you today mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you.thank you very much. good morning everybody
11:22 pm
debbie, thank you for that introduction. i want to congratulate all of you for being here what a crowd of people and i am more appreciative because i know all of you are risking something to be here. you are risking losing your seat up at hippie hill.[laughing]. all slow you're going to get it. which is why i have to note the absence ofwillie brown and gavin newsom. [laughing] anyway. print that. [laughing]. i want to welcome all of you. i want to welcome all of you to our city hall in san francisco. city hall,, the oldest leed platinum holding in
11:23 pm
the country. you are right here in it. [applause]. it's great to see so many of you here today to help us celebrate earth day, to honor the 20th anniversary of our city's commission on the environment, and just looking at all those that stood up and i stood up with us for over decades i'm very proud of the city and proud of the people i get to work with. you know, the mayors before me shared a very deep commitment to our cities of our mental goals and like me, they had the privilege of appointing some of the most amazing leaders and advocates for commission. i also want to welcome a good friend of mine. someone that i think whose name rolls off your mind very easily because he was there for us way back in 1970. let me formally
11:24 pm
welcome former congressman pete mccloskey who is here today with us. pete, please stand up. [applause]. it's an honor to have him with us today is one of the cosponsors of the very first earth day event, april 22, 1970. i was in college, pete. but, you know, at that time i still carried those visions that sometimes i share with debbie and the other commissioners, where over 20 million americans took to the streets of our country calling for a healthier and a better protected environments. i still remember those big huge balloons and in college, i was there saying, i've got to be a serious student because when i get out is a lot of good work
11:25 pm
that i have to get done. so thank you, pete for that. that firstearth day celebration help prompt the creation of the us environmental protection agency. certainly, under threat now and at that time, of course, with the leadership of mr. mccloskey, we passed the federal endangered species act. i also want to add my acknowledgment to the supervisors that are here. i don't see hillary ronen as well supervisor fewer. hopefully there are others did any other supervisors? supervisor safai, thank you so much. d-11. you know, the different districts -here we go katie tang. there we go. hey, katie, good to see you. out late last night. okay. [laughing]. i want to say thank
11:26 pm
you to the board because i know in their heart and in their work every day they join me in making sure that the city not only does the right thing, but stays ahead and does the model and be as what debbie said, rehearsing the future together. you know, we are celebrating this year's earth day the time of pretty deep uncertainty in the country. it's kind of hard not to feel like san francisco and our values are under attack literally at every turn at the national level. but when i stood right here at the rotunda at city hall a few months ago with many of you i was clear i was clear about what we in san francisco are going to do. we are going to remain a sanctuary city. [applause]. we are going
11:27 pm
to remain a city that is welcoming to all let me say this to you today. we are going to remain a city that takes aggressive and ambitious climate action no matter who is in the white house. [applause]. this new federal administration sees environmental policies as a stranglehold on business. they believe that the economy and the environment are mutually exclusive. well, today san francisco is once again proved the cynics completely wrong.yesterday i had the privilege of announcing that san francisco's achieved a major milestone. 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since our 1990 levels. already
11:28 pm
achieved. [applause]. we all remember that bold goal that then mayor gavin newsom set out to reach 25% reduction in 2017, this year we've a college that earlierby three more points. but we also never rest on our laurels. that's kind of why all of us are here today as well. we make announcements and then we get together and then we plot out and then we say what is next. we not only reach this goal. we exceeded it by two years and we have done this while our population has increased. our population has grown in the same time period by 19% and our economy has grown by 70% over the same period of time. what does that tell you? it tells you, jobs
11:29 pm
and business, labor and the city and environmentalists can all act and get together and be part of the success of the city. as the federal government rolls back efforts curving harmful greenhouse gas emissions, we are pushing forward. our success is deeply deeply rooted in collaboration. thanks to the critical partnerships of our businesses and nonprofit organizations, are city departments, our labor organizations, our community organizations, are coommissioners, and all of our elected officials, and our residents, so i would like you to just take a moment and look at yourselves and each other and give yourselves a hand. yes. [applause]. okay. we have
11:30 pm
a long way to go don't worry? we still do but i like doing it with people. not to people. in celebration of earth month, i have an announcement i'd like to publicly share with you. last year we were able with the board to launch clean power sf.clean power sf-[applause]. as you know, it empowers our san francisco residents and businesses to choose, choose, cleaner more renewable energy at competitive rates. to date, clean power sf has welcomed in its first 75,000 customers across the city. that is a tremendous success. [applause].
11:31 pm
with that, we are celebrating the rollout of clean power sf to the remainingquarter million electricity customers by 2019. so offering clean power sf to every eligible san francisco resident and business is the single most important factor in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from san francisco's electricity grid. today i'm excited to announce that by 2020 we are not just going to completecitywide enrollment for clean power sf by 2020, i am pledging that all of san francisco energy will be running on at least 50% renewable energy. [applause]. that's ambitious but we can do it.we can do this. obviously,
11:32 pm
for all of you that look at numbers and study what we are doing, this is obviously an ambitious goal. it's ambitious for literally any city in the united states. but you know california is already one of the most forward thinking states on climate change. certainly thanks to our governor. we are now going to leapfrog our state by putting ourselves 10 years ahead of california's 50% target that is 2030. now sourcing this, and that's why i need to work with everyone here in this room, sourcing this much renewable energywill not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.5 million metric tons of carbon, it will also create an additional 5000 jobs. yes. that is important. [applause]. i am going to make sure, as i constantly talked with debbie and the commissioners, i am going to make sure those jobs
11:33 pm
go to the people who need them the most. they are part of our future. clean power sf also offers customers the option to upgrade to 100% renewable energy with a service called, super green. yes. well i am proud to be a super green customer. [applause]. we can make that choice and i know others, when confronted with choices will make the right choice.because they live in san francisco. by making clean power sf the default electricity supplier for san francisco, getting more and more of our residents to sign up for super green, we can show the rest of the world how it is done. today, the back of the table for those of you who of yet consider this, please, take a walk back. there's a public utilities commission staff ready and eager to sign you up.
11:34 pm
when willie brown and gavin newsom get here will get them to sign up as well. [laughing]. well i want to say this. i am very proud of our public utilities commission. the general manager arlen kelly, who had the pleasure of working with for was two decades now and of course are commissioners themselves. thank you, to our puc for helping lead such a successful launch of clean power sf and for all the work that is ahead of us that you will do to reach our 50%renewable energy goal by 2020. it is up to me, it's up to all of you. it's up to everybody in this room. if we work together, that's how our city will lead the state and the rest of the a city we are also continuingto walk the talk when it comes to clean energy in at a municipal
11:35 pm
level. last year we shifted the entire san francisco municipal fleet over to renewable diesel. [applause]. it wasn't easy. we had to trick a few of our departmental customers by making them use it and letting them know they were not using it yet. well, this meansnow today we are reducing our tailpipe emissions from our muni buses, our firetrucks, our heavy duty trucks at dpw. thanks to ed risk and in our san francisco municipal transit agency for their work in implanting this. it was not an easy process. but certainly one that we were happy to do. it's always a happy thing to educate others about more green fuels and green energy sources. we are able to make the shift because of a great partnership
11:36 pm
with renewable diesel provider and it's great to have them today. please, stand up. thank you very much for your leadership. thank you. [applause]. thanks for being a sponsor today but also working with us. by the way, were going to get those ferries in the bay area, too. this week, i am also pleased to announce that writer, the fleet manager company has committed to switching their entire san francisco fueling facility at third street to renewable diesel. that shift-yes, thank you rider. [applause].that shift will result in reduction of about 1000 metric tons of emissions for san francisco and the bay area. so as we shift to cleaner fuels, for our city's public transportation, we are also creating healthier communities. that is why it's so fitting today that i also take this opportunity to thank
11:37 pm
kaiser permanente not only as a sponsor. you are my hmo, too. i want to thank you for being here today. kaiser, please, stand up. here we go. thank you. [applause]. thank you for being part of this. for helping our city be greener, but also healthier. so at this time i would like to invite my good friend congressman former congressman mccloskey emma please, join me up here on the stage. let's recognize together a few special san franciscans. [applause].as debbie said earlier, for the past 20 years, i and mayor newsom and mayor willie brown had the privilege of working with a fantastic leaders in our environment commission. since 1997, over30
11:38 pm
san franciscans have served the commission, helped us institute some of the most ambitious time and changing goals our city has ever had. many of them staying long enough to actually see them completed and when we look back at the commission, we see that we always-the commission has always been if you steps ahead.. that's what we wanted to do, right? yes. they have seen for this down the field. they've always considered the bigger picture, and they've always reminded us that we have a duty as a city to lead the way for the rest of the country. so, again, let me with now one of the cosponsors of earth day salute all the environmental commissions. again, please, stand up again for another accolade that you deserve. [applause]. thank you
11:39 pm
for your foresight. your vision. your work. your tremendous difference and please, if i may aska former congressman pete mccloskey to offer a few remarks. [applause]. >> my great-grandfather came here in 1853. ever since then this is been the friendliest city in the world. notes can be the greenest city in the world. but there's something you don't know that i like to mention. a colleague of mine in the congress back in 1970 had attended san jose state phone in love with california. many years later as a us senator from wisconsin he was in one of the skyscrapers may have been hopkins. with a friend, he looked across the sunset over the golden gate and he said,
11:40 pm
you know, there ought to be in earth day to celebrate the beauty of california. so that earth day had its founding here in san francisco 47 years ago. it's now celebrated in something like 182 countries. last year the united nations chose the signature on the global warming treaty to be on earth day, april 22. unfortunately, this year it will be sort of a day of mourning but 21 months from now hopefully will elect a democratic congress to check that. [applause]. [cheering]. house of representatives could still be a check and balance on this crazy white house, but thank you, mayor. this man is a legend. the city is a legend. thank you, all. [applause]. >> okay. so we are going to do
11:41 pm
a little photo op celebration right now. it will be quick but it will be meaningful to our state delegation could not be here today with us. they're busy in session and that's a good place for them to be. but i want to thank them for their leadership. san francisco doesn't operate in a vacuum. it is because of the bold laws that the governor and the legislature passed at the state level that enable us to make the progress that we can. so i would like to invite up to the stage right now, representatives from san francisco state delegation from the office of assembly member phil 10, assembly member david chiu and state sen. scott weiner, if you could come to the stage and mr. mayor and congressman, you could come to the stage that would be great.
11:42 pm
representing all of you commissioners will be johanna wald, who is currently the vice president of the commission on the environment. so come on up, johanna. [applause]. >> good morning everyone. my name is alex walker i'm here on behalf of state assembly member phil ting and i'd like to introduce my colleague with me today. >> hello. on victor release and deputy district director with center scott weiner >> katie r bona a summary member david chiu's office. >> on behalf of our legislative delegation, who as a [inaudible] can veer today because they're working on behalf san francisco values to sacramento into the state of california we want to bring on their behalf resolution
11:43 pm
separating the 20th anniversary of the commission on the environment on behalf of the delegation i like to present this to our esteemed colleagues around the state and take a photo. [applause]. >> awesome. so, of course, we
11:44 pm
cannot host this wonderful event was in for our sponsors. i want to emphasize that sponsorship of this event allows us to offer the invitation to so many community-based organizations and nonprofits who are in the trenches every day never giving up. so our sponsors, we are so deeply appreciative of your generosity to enable a room the size to be filled with so many environment all champions. the thing come as i read this list to you, i want you to think aboutfor a minute, most of these companiesdo not consider themselves environmental companies could that's not their reason for being. but each one of them in their hearts understands that you cannot separate out environment
11:45 pm
and economy and so they are here with us helping us blaze the way. kaiser permanente, for your commitment to renewable energy in a less caustic world. [applause]. nasty and let's say the applause for the injured nasty, for your leadership clean renewable diesel. salesforce, for your incredible innovation in greening all aspects of your operation, even your data centers.united airlines, for your investment in renewable jet fuel. another planet entertainment, blue shield of california, cool effect, san francisco giants, levi strauss, new deal advisors, rm w, school of thought, and wells fargo. thank you all so much for making this possible. [applause]. i want to give a big shout outto the staff of the department of the
11:46 pm
environment work so hard for so many months to put on this date they are probably very relieved it's almost over, but thank you so much. yes. [applause]. there's a lot of love in this room for you guys. sf of tv, the city hall staff to make this possible, the servers are working so hard, and spirit which is thank everyone who put this on. [applause] finally, in this time of political uncertainty, it is important that we remind ourselves that our actions do make a difference. that we can see our efforts are working and that we will not be diminished by
11:47 pm
obstacles thrown in our path, or by threats of funding cuts and program reductions. we will grow stronger and we will work harder. which is why, today, we as we leave this breakfast, we are gifting with little packets of california poppyseed's that can be found on all your tables. these seeds teach us about resilience and power. they remind us that our actions, when rooted in goodness, can break through and flourish even under the harshest of conditions. together, let's show our resilience and exercise our power, not just for the next four years, but the next 20 and beyond. let us rehearse the future together happy birthday.
11:48 pm
[applause]. >> >> >> >> 5, 4, 3, 2 , 1. cut. >> we are here to celebrate the opening of this community garden. a place that used to look a lot darker and today is sun is shining and it's beautiful and it's been completely redone and been a
11:49 pm
gathering place for this community. >> i have been waiting for this garden for 3 decades. that is not a joke. i live in an apartment building three floors up and i have potted plants and have dreamt the whole time i have lived there to have some ability to build this dirt. >> let me tell you handout you -- how to build a community garden. you start with a really good idea and add community support from echo media and levis and take management and water and sun and this is what we have. this is great. it's about environment and stewardship. it's also for the -- we implemented several practices
11:50 pm
in our successes of the site. that is made up of the pockets like wool but they are made of recycled plastic bottles. i don't know how they do it. >> there is acres and acres of parkland throughout golden gate park, but not necessarily through golden community garden. we have it right in the middle of
11:51 pm
>> welcome electronic devices is prohibited. set all to vibrate or turn the device completely off. this is the regular meeting of the wednesday, april 26, 2017, and the time is 5:00 p.m.
11:52 pm
actively roll call. commissioner vice-president nakajo's commissioner michael hardeman commissioner francee covington commissioner joe alioto veronese improve of department chief joanne hayes-white and should be noted that sxhoeld has been excused from today's meeting item 2 on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction subject matter jurisdiction on the agenda. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department commissioners or department personnel. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with a speaker. commissioners or department personnel does not necessarily constitute agreement with or support of statements made during public comment. >> is tell you members of the public that wish it give public
11:53 pm
comment at this time. >> please approach and identify yourself please. >> my name is michael and on a lot of the cherry bloom festival thank you for supporting our festival and celebrating 50 years of japanese cultural i participated in this as a spectator and through the counters art now as a 15 year member of the community and can tell you how for this festival us and our community as a cc sf student and recruit it truly was an honor with an enormous since of pride to walk in the rain and represent the department that is loved throughout the community.
11:54 pm
>> the city the committee would like to say thank you to battalion and other for the mentorship students and commander buckley for supporting the festival with amazing group of hard-working volunteers these volunteers supported myself and the recognize ethic team by setting up the event as late as 10:00 p.m. a huge thank you chief joanne hayes-white to commissioner president ken cleaveland not here and commissioner vice-president nakajo, deputy director mark gonzales the assistant deputy chief and assistant deputy chief and go francisco and members of the public of the san francisco fire department and fellow folks for walking in the grand parade
11:55 pm
in the pouring rain worlds can't impose our gratitude i have a letter along with a pin symbol listing the 50 year i want to present to commissioner president ken cleaveland. >> you chief joanne hayes-white from one the chairs recognizing the department. >> thank you for the continues support for another 50 years thank you very much. >> thank you, sir >> (clapping.) >> next speaker, please. >> identify yourself please. sure. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my name is stephen martin i'm a firefighter for san francisco station 32 and nert commissioner
11:56 pm
moore with the mandarin corp. a fifth generation san franciscan the president of the sunny side organization i like to thank the chief so for her support of our association and for all the service members she's hired and considering hiring as a firefighter i can is with certainty that the veterans in the department are employees of the highlight caliber they have the toughness necessary for this job and have the highest level of and discipline modern as president the sunny side neighborhoods association i'd be remiss in my duties if i didn't urge the highest hiring
11:57 pm
of the individual with veterans i can go to the 22 household of whose welfare i'm charged your indeed in good hands has some of the strongest and honest individual in the sf fire department looking after you and veterans i'd like to ask all the veterans in the room to stand briefly and please be recognized veterans. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much martin pinto any other member of the public wish to give public comment at this time seeing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary
11:58 pm
determination under the california environmental quality act, making findings of consistency members of the board is there any comments for the meeting of april the 12 at this time commissioner covington >> thank you, mr. president i have a few grammatical things to go over with madam secretary. >> would you like to do it at this time. >> no. >> internally. >> nothing will change the meeting okay commissioners at this time. >> move the minutes as specified commissioner hardeman a second commissioners. >> second. >> commissioner covington as seconded the motion do i need to take public comment madam secretary. >> to the public none with
11:59 pm
public comment in terms of the minutes at this time public comment is closed. i'll call for the question. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? passes thank you madam secretary item 4. >> item no. 4 - presentation from the surf rescue committee - discussion. >> assistant deputy chief rudy castellanos and captain robert styles pertaining the surf rescue committee and program. >> thank you very much chief joanne hayes-white would you like to introduce this item please. sew commissioner vice-president nakajo i'd like to ask the assistant deputy chief if the airport revolved in this surf rescue committee to present this in addition to other members of the san francisco fire department i know several of the commissioners are supportive and had a lot of good questions about the program where it came from and the extension of the program so assistant deputy
12:00 am
chief castellanos. >> assistant deputy chief castellanos and committee chairman of the surf rescue committee and chief joanne hayes-white and members of the commission thank you for the opportunity to give us allow us to give you an update of the surf rescue committee you want to introduce captain styles and the other members of the surf rescue committee where are you they'll be giving the presentation and captain styles a recipient of the sullivan award for a surf rescue committee is a driving force part of committee for every several every years along with katherine swanson do most of training to recertifying o certify the members this is why our program move forward at this time, i'd like to introduce


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