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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 15, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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taking the time to deliberate os issue. it's not an easy issue as said y other speakers but i'm here to e for the thousand feet buffer agt schools to include child care c. i think we should take a measurd approach in the event that -- no collect the data to understand d of -- in order to collect the do understand what kind of issues d arise into the transition to recreational use. i think that would allow us to n integral process and allow the n of the parole si to make amendmd been -- policy to make amendmenr the neighborhoods and industry e that recreational cannabis becoe acceptable. with that, i hope that we woulde to keep the thousand feet buffel
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as include child care centers. >> supervisor farrell: thank yok speakser, please. -- next speaker, please. >> i'm edna james i'm the presif the community action organizati. that's in the ocean view neighb. now, our neighborhood has had lf experience with these clubs como the area. and we've been overwhelmed in tb wnumberof people coming there ir neighborhood. when we talk about party, we --, we don't have hotels and thingsg income like restaurants. so what happened is we attractee cannabis clubs. we have now coming up for a vap. so i'm just asking that that be. i'm saying that i know we've set not though move that limit in or
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neighborhood. and if we talk about parity, lee parity in all the neighborhoodst have equal amount rather than jt focusing on them going into cern neighborhoods. also, in speaking on behalf of g some limits, i wish you'd look t universitiy of california san f. they've looked at cannabis and e some health reasons. i'm speaking as a nursz also. there are -- nurse also. there are health reasons involvn people using cannabis around. i know they say medical reasonst there are other reasons also. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank yoy much. next speaker, please. >> terence, i'm chair of your te and speaking as a cannabis patie the '80s when i was diagnosed wh h.i.v.
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i'm alive today because of cann. i echo what jeff -- supervisor y says about the availability notf cap bus, but theç socialization atmosphere that allows us to bel people. h.i.v. patients were given a deh sentence. we no longer have that, but thee other diseases that cannabis cae the quality of life for and we o make sure those have a place. there no -- there is nothing, ts no equity, there is no businesse is no future without land use. everyone has to have a place. and the place needs to be fairly distributed. i liveç in district 6. we have a lot of dispensaries. district 6 is not at any economc disadvantage. i'm being evicted because of the economic advantages in district.
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the high-rises are moving down e street.ç the people are moving in and gu, cannabicancannabis dispensarys n district 6. we have 20 years of experience p 215. i can tell you in district 6, wa lot of experience with cannabise of it supports resphrictive zon. the task force recommended 500 . i hope we get there at some poi. thank you for listening. i appreciate your time. >> supervisor farrell: thank yo. next speaker, please. >> i'm ellen, i'm a family socir i'm here from san francisco com. i'm here at the request of commo do interpretation. >> interpreter: i am a residentm district 6.
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i am here to request that you hr voices and concerns. cannabis stores should be away m children an kids 1,000 a hundre. -- $1,500. 1 -- 1,500 feet. include the day care, preschool, elementary school and high scho. cannabis influence and damage k' behavior and brain development. >> we are here to oppose. cannabis stay away 1500 feet.
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we are for 1500 feet. thank you. therhello, i am here to requestu politicians to listen to our vod concernses. cannabis should be away from ki0 feet. all minors zero to 18 include ps and any kids under 18. >> interpreter: i am mrs. yee. i am here to request all the pos sitting up there stay away froms 1500 feet.
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any facilities serve 18 years ad younger include day care and pr. thank you. >> interpreter: holhello, good . i am yang su. i live in chinatown area. i am here with my family and nes and people from chinatown. i am here to strongly oppose, no cannabis store within 600 buffeç especially away from kids and c.
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i am here strongly requested ale politician ap people up here 150 feet -- and people here, 1500 fy from kids. we have a history in chinese hiy that we know, we learn about cas and it's damaging and bad for or children. thank you.
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>> interpreter: i am mr. lau. i'm her here to request to ask e laws that is appropriate to covs 1500 feet away from children. i want to you think about it. when you get permission an givet to operate cannabis stores, thit the youth nearby. do not allow any permit to opere cannabis store within 600 buffe. please increase to 1,000 minimue best is 1500 feet away from kid.
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any children zero to 18. thank you. >> interpreter: hello, good aft. i'm ling chu he. i am here to request the governt people in here the representatim the government to set up rules t away from kids. i understand that the children 5 and zero to 18 are important soy away from the children and kids. thank you.
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>> interpreter: good afternoon. i am here to request all of yout up rules, stay away from kids zo 18. i understand that they're harmfy grandkids and kids. >> interpreter: hello. good afternoon. my name is chrk che.
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i'm here to request government s to set up rules that is 1500 fey from children. including day care. and preschool and any school ago 18. mines from zero to 18. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. my name is au yong. i am here to ask you as governmt officials to set up rules 1500 y
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from children and youth. include day care, preschools, me school, high schools. and anybody who is birth zero t. we know cannabis is harmful to y people. especially influence negativelyo youth. thank you for your attention, t. >> thank you next speaker. >> interpreter: good afternoon, everybody. i'm ti hau sim.
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i am here to ask government offs and representatives, when you ge permit and approve permit for c, must stay away from kids 1500 f. according to what i know, cannaa poisoning drug, illegal and haro youth and children. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank yot speaker. >> interpreter: hello, good aft. i am a resident in district num.
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i understand that there is harml substance inç cannabis. i'm here to voice all my concerf you giving permits for people wl cannabis, think about children. stay away from children and you0 feet. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: next spe, please. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i'm lan wong. i live in chinatown. i am here to ask you to rye ex r culture and voice and concern.
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you know cannabis is harm folloh and children. i am here to oppose any permit t allow cannabis to be away 1500 . from children. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. my name is kwong. i am a resident of district num. i am here to request you listene people's voice, the voice of re.
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allow cannabis operate only fary from children, day care, preschy youth zero to 18. zero to 18 should be stay away y cannabis stores. i'm theer -- i'm here to reques0 buffer zone. to prevent cannabis damage to ay who is from zero to 18. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: next spe. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i'm lau. i am a resident in district num. i am here to oppose cannabis.
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we know cannabis is an illegal ç please, when you pull permit --u approve the permit, stay away fm children. i am here to request 1500 buffe. include preschool, day care, ze, zero to 18, all of them. thank you. >> interpreter: hello, i'm mr. . i am here to ask the government representatives -- i am here tot
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the government officials and representatives to set up rules0 feet away from children and minm zero to 18. thank you. >> good afternoon. my last name is wong. i am here to oppose cannabis ner children. as you know, cannabis is harmfuo children and youth. set up regulations to protect c. i am here to request any educatl facility, the cannabis should by
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1500 feet. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. my name is yee.çó i am a resident in district num. i am here opposed cannabis stor. i am here to ask the government officials to limit the number of cannabis stores. any cannabis stores should be am zero to 18 age. 1500 feet. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: if you cp it down while people are talkink you.
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>> there are people that speak t dialects. i have to digest what they said. there is chinese and cantonese. >> supervisor farrell: i wasn'tg to you. >> interpreter: i am here to ase government officials to listen o people's voice and people's con. please list tonight voice of pe. please help set regulations 150r zone away from children and kid. do not set regulations that is e cannabis to poison -- i'm trans- poison the kids. thank you.
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>> interpreter: good afternoon. good afternoon, a am here to opd ask the government officials top reums and relg laitions to prott chirp, 1500 buffer zone away frç minor zero to 18, thank you. >> good afternoon. i am from the lee family. i am district 6 resident. i am here opposed 600 feet of cs stores. i am here to request 1500, that. thank you.
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>> interpreter: my name is hop ç >> he had a problem with hearin. he's here to oppose cannabis.
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he had a problem hearing. okay. >> interpreter: good afternoon. last name lui. i am here to oppose cannabis sto open within 1600 buffer zone. i am here to support 1500 buffe. you know cannabis is more negate impact and more positive impactr life. it is too closer to any facilito
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18 that might be a chance for p, the youth to get earlier exposud they might have a chance to gets earlier than you and i think. so i'm here to ask the governmet officials to think about regula. to think about the children. stay away from kids. we spend a lot of time to take f the future leadership, the youtd children, so please, help us. >> interpreter: good afternoon. my name is lan chong. i am a resident of district num.
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please listen to our residents . think about our next generation. recreational cannabis, the ruled recreation should be stay away. stay away from private school, c school day care, preschool, eley school and high schools. zero to 18, all minors should be protected. should be away 1500 buffer zone. thank you.
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>> interpreter: good afternoon. i am here to request the govern- the people that represent govero set up rules, stay away from chn 1500 feet. we know from experience cannabin illegal drug. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i am from chinatown.
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i am here to oppose cannabis. i am from chinatown, stay away m children and youth 1500 feet. iç am here to oppose the reasoh and younger people, they are soe and sometimes they get early exo trite drugs earlier and we knowm appearance canada is an illegal poisoning drug. >> interpreter: good afternoon.
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i ai am here to request the govt officials to set up rules and regulations to protect childrenm zero to 18, that includes day c, preschool, oamently school, mide school and high school any schos serving children zero to 18. 1500 feet away from any minor. stay away from our next generat. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i live in chinatown.
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i am here to request the regulat up 1500 feet away from children. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i am here to oppose cannabis ner children because i know cannabid for youth. the youth will be the future ler our nation.ç the youth are our future leader.
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stay away from youth. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: next spe. next speaker, please. if you want to come up while wee waiting for the interpreter to k up, come on up, mr. washington. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i am a resident from sunset. i hope the board of supervisorsd government officials listen to r voice. 15 buffer zone should be set upe kids.
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protect students, youth and anyo to 18. thank you. >> hi, good afternoon. >> interpreter: i am here to mat short. as you haird from many commentse me, there are many people who lo request 1500 away from kids. just like jews do not eatç por. indians do not eat beef.
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, our community do not want cann our community. why call us gooks? p we are here to advocate our ss part of democracy. so we spell our lifestyle, we sr community. do not discriminate us. we love our lives, we love our lifestyle. thank you for allowing us tow3 n front of you. thank you. thank you. >> interpreter: i am here to asf
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government official who are able rules and regulations take into consideration zero to 18 includy care, preschool, middle school h school zero to 18, thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i hope that the government offis respect our voice. when we don't want it, don't cod give it to us. stay away 1500 buffer zone from children. include day care, preschool andn
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tower our residents' voice and k you. >> i'm not here to interpret fo. >> you can interpret english fom because they don't know what i'. can you do that? my god! >> talk into the microphone. >> it's not on. testing, one, two. here we go. i wanted to the interpre interpl these people here most of them , i'm 623 yearsç old. i have kids. grangrandkids and great grandki. where are your grandkids?
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i'm sure they wouldn't come up d say what you are saying. smoke wawn is to make you are fl better. if you don't know about that, du know about the whie he white heo our country? damn it! i'm a baby boomer! i'll be damned to say what you t want in your community. we have a choice to tell what wt want in our community when theyt that bhie china and heroin in my community? talk to your grandkids! see if they don't want no marij. maybe you should be smoking somt and maybe you could speak like - maybe i better appreciate becauo ever is organizing you all you'g a good job.
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anyway -- [gavel] >> how can the audience do that? you should go back to them dld y speak --? i'm only speaking my peace. my name is ace and i'm on the c. >> supervisor farrell: ace! mr. washington! get him out. that's it. [noise and shouting]
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>> i live in district number 3. >> interpreter: i am here to ree government to set up rules 1500t
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away from children because the n sometimes are acting naive. you're not able to see what is d wrong. when the youth and the childreng by the area where cannabis secod smoking, there is damage to ther health. thank you.ç >> interpreter: good afternoon. my last name is lim. i am here to request the governt officials to protect our generar children and the next generatioo come. please set up regulation 1500 br zone away from children and you. thank you.
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>> interpreter: good afternoon. my name is lui. i am in a lot of pain -- a am it of pain every time i hear abouts because i know cannabis is harmo people, stay away from people. good afternoon,.
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>> interpreter: i am from sunse. i am here to request -- to set s 1500 buffer zone away from child youth. as you can see, i'm old, but i'o ask you to protect our children. thank you. she speaks a different die a di. i had to learn that dialect. >> hello, my name is betty. today i'm here for the first tio learn to speak to you all. i'm come here tomorrow, again, e
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600 -- against the 600 square ft buffer zone. we want the 1500 and we want alt to extend the age from zero to . save our children. we hope that you guys use your intelligence to design -- to mae law right. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i am here to request governmentç officials stay away from school. stay away from any school.
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day care, any centers that servo 18. i am here to strongly oppose cas stores next to children, stay am children. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i am here to request the governt officials to set up rules and regulations 1500 buffer zone awm any children.
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think about and care about the . you and i know cannabis is not r healthy people. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. i am here to oppose so many cans stores already in san francisco. too many. so the people who are healthy, s no need for cannabis, it's bad . i am here to request buffer zon0 feet away from anybody who do nt it. for example, myself, i do not wo
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smoke secondhand cannabis smoki. when i think about cannabis stot to my home or in my neighborhooi reluctantly will go out. we understand mr -- we understad neighborhood that creates more s when there is cannabis stores. e robbery associated with cannabis stores. thank you. >> supervisors i'm a resident of chinatown. we are fortunate to have ay [ino chase away the marijuana shops. today i ask all your supervisors
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maintain this quay, w -- way, wt marijuana shops in chinatown. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is le valencia, i'm not an s.f. res dt part of the s.f. canada working. as a research, i completed one e the first and comprehensive repn cannabis. i am highly concerned about adue permits. not only does it create a tempoy monopoly of existing businessest have been able to survive/floure tie certain level of privilege. it opens the doors for the oppoo continue to pus unequitable lane concerns. they are more to prone to happea
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adult setting that is not flush. if this is a regulatory experimt should not be done at the expenf equity applicants since they hao navigate an equitable landscape. thank you for your time. >> supervisor farrell: next spe, please. come on up. >> interpreter: good afternoon.ç a am a resident from sunset. i3me am here representing manys and communities members. i am here to support many of you supervisors already saying thate limit -- should be limits. number of cannabis stores in san francisco. i am here also support minimum 0
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buffer zone away from any child. include all private school, pubc school, preschool, day care andy school. i permanently propose 1500 buffe away from kids. scott wiener has been publicly acknowledging that the vocal miy kill the cannabis industry. the san francisco planning depat already approved 40 something cs store in operation already.
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we know 3-8g m.c.d.s already in operation -- we know 38 m.c.d.s already in operation. scott wiener did not acknowledge current cannabis stores. what is the intention for scottr to talk about the cannabis stor? this is a tourist industry. san francisco will be the indusr cannabis. does that mean that we are a goo have a cannabis city and becomer for everybody or for him? scott wiener killed the democral
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reresidents voices and concerns. and he is violate his own promio the people who voted for him la. last year scott wiener said whau want is what i want. that's what he promised the peoo voted for him. now the residents know cannabise community who opposed it. now he wants to put it in the cy where opposed the most. this is not keeping a promise te had said to people who voted fo. from now on, we're going to sayo scott wiener.
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our votes. as you all know, cannabis is a n for our culture, the chinese cu. same thing like juice, they do t approve pork stores in their co. thank you. >> interpreter: thank you for sg the city and thank you for comi. i am a resident of district num. a am thankful to the united stas government and people of san fr.
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a beautiful city. a beautiful country. freedom of choice. vitd rans' home. we have a beautiful city here. we have clean water in san fran. we have fresh air right now. we have multiculture and multidt and multilanguage in san franci. we are a harmony community righ. we are multiculture community. i am very thankful to all of yog up here today for the supervisod city government officials.ç
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i am very thankful for all of yn 2017 and today and thank you fol your work serving the city, tha. we respect different culture. culture remember taj. -- culture heritage. decent voices. we accept and support each othes cultures. no hate. we love each other. we accept each other. my heart, my heart is in san fr. i love you all. i love th you all. thank you.
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>> interpreter: good afternoon. i am a resident of district num. my name is si jong chan. i am here to oppose the regulatt is not good for children. i'm here to request to put in 10 buffer zone away from any childo to 18. i don't think there is a differe between cocaine and cannabis.
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as a sometimes pass by the publ, i sometimes smell cannabis and t good for anybody's health. you know cannabis is pretty damo any, especially youth. thank you for listening to our . >> supervisor farrell: next spe, please. >> my name is christine moir. i'm from district 6 and i'd liko register my support for the 600t regulation. that's all i have. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: next spe, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors ç dr. chris emmerson. i'm a foe counseledde cofoundern
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district 6. i want to thank you for all of r theç tireless and relentless we put in. this has been a huge resource sr all of us but it's necessary bee we're standing on the precipicea historic event. last year november 400,000 voted to pass prop 64 at over 74%. not only did they expect to jany first having access to adult-use cannabis in san francisco, theyd for an equity program. if we shut down pipeline am wand equity applicants january first, you'll destroy the equity mark. we cannot have a diversity of ps if we don't have a diversity of. i'm not sure the board understae challenges of producer getting r products on the shelves in san o in a competitive and frankly, sh
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vaited -- saturated markets. if you have equity applicants tn 2019, this ban of 2018 is goingo destroy the entire equity marken francisco. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank yo. next speaker. any other members of the publico comment, we're goin we are linee wall. we're going to wrap up public c. >> the overhead? here we go. that's the overhead.
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>> interpreter: good afternoon f super sizers. -- board of supervisors. i am a resident of san francisc7 years.ç billion regulations, legislatiod laws we talk about today, i hope people are paying attention. when you set up rules, think abe children and youth that they hao voices. then you guys should put these n front of you. what you see in the projector re
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is 19 pages of comprehensive ans from san francisco department oc health. the analysis was from differents and different comprehensive rep. in this comprehensive 19 pages , it clearly explains, cannabis vd medical use is same like alcohod smoking. this report is about 10 years of history.
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the cannabis-related hospital cd hospital staying has been incre. from 2006 to 2010 and from 2010. the cannabis-related hospital sd hospital crisis increase 136%. for emergency, increase 88%. so this analysis has [inaudible] when you think about the laws


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