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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 22, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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>> ok, good morning. i will call to order the november 9, 2017, transbay joint powers authority meeting. roll call please. >> note for the record that directors kim and sartipi will not be here. director harper, reiskin, present, mr. chairman, you have
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a quorom. item three, communication. i'm not aware of any. item four, director's new and old business, and seeing none, number five, executive director's report. >> earlier this year appointed process authority of northern california regional director as a representative on our board. the next steps were for the current member agencies to, excuse me, to obtain concurrence from the respective boards. that step has been completed. today's agenda we have an item for the board to approve amendment to the bylaws and rules of order to add california high speed rail authority as a new member and acknowledge additional city and county of san francisco member to the board. once this step is completed and
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once we have received the executed first amendment to joint powers agreement from the respective agencies, then we will, then california high speed rail will be a member of the city and new member of the city and county of san francisco will join the boards. two new members were expected to be seated at the december board meeting. on november 3rd, we hosted a senior delegation from australia led by minister andrew constance. the new south wales of transport and infrastructure. mr. constance is responsible for overseeing public transport and infrastructure for australia's largest state, new south wales, includes sydney as the capital. also in attendance, dan richards. minister was very pleased with the transbay program and the opportunity we realize. he was equally impressed with
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the high speed rail authority in undertaking to link the high speed rail to california. moving on to phase two, as a follow-up to discussion at the board meeting last month, we have posted the operations analysis report which results presented to you as part of the phase two update last month. as you recall, the reports concluded a three-track system is needed between the future fourth and transit center. i have asked the san francisco county transportation authority to undertake a peer review of the report and they have agreed to do so. once completed we will provide more detailed briefing of the report and the results of the peer review. in terms of funding for phase two, we continue to seek funding opportunities for the downtown extension. last month i reported that governor brown signed bill 595, regional measure three authorizing legislation into
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law, if passed by the majority will provide $4.4 billion in transportation funtding for the bay area and 325 million for the downtown extension. we have now turned our attention to seeking funding opportunities from other sources of funding, including the transit program. transit to inner city rail program provides grants from the greenhouse gas reduction fund, trans formative project, transit improvement project. the program recently received a significant amount of funding due to passage of bill 1 legislation of the cap-and-trade program. senator bill 1 will bring $1.4 billion to the program and cap-and-trade $1 billion, for total of $2.4 billion. earlier this week i met with staff and cal transit regarding
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the application process and the requirement. applications are due to caltrans on january 12, 2018. we will coordinate our efforts. we believe that we should be competitive in funding for this program. however, our success in receiving funding for the program is heavily dependent on the completion of the study as soon as possible and our ability to obtain a decision. as doing so would provide a clear path for comprehensive delivery strategy for the g.t.x. project. at this time i would like to invite merv pryor, our financial consultant to provide you with a quick overview of the program and presents funding for phase two. can i give you this?
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>> hi, i'm mary pryor with nwc partners and i wanted to give you a brief overview of the tricp program. the program provides greenhouse gas reduction funds for transformative capital improvements to modernnize the rail systems and bus and ferry systems to significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses, vehicle miles traveled and congestion. a sample of some of the previous awards, $20 million for the electrification project, muni, $20 million for the bart to san jose phase 2, and $85 million for the los angeles-san diego rail travel corridor program.
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as mark mentioned, $2.4 billion available over the next five years and the state will program the funds similar to how they do the stip program, every two years adopt a five-year program of projects. so the d.t.x. project meets the tircp goals and objectives. it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, increases ridership, integrated rail services, including high speed rail, improves safety and provides benefits to disadvantaged communities and leverages the funding. but scoring well on the project readiness will depend on completion of the study and obtaining the record of decision in the near term. and as mark mentioned, we have met with various different agencies to find out how best to position the project so sscta,
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cal sta, and staff, feedback, and through the process we may highlight different elements of the project, including potentially design and engineering, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation, tunnelling work, track work and systems, and/or stations. so here is an overview of the schedule. applications are due on january 12th, and approved list of projects will be published at the end of april and the c.t.c. would approve the project list in may. are there any questions? >> other programs we are going to be pursuing will be the local partnership program under sd1 and solution for congested corridors. last but not least, in honor of veterans day, all the veterans currently working on the transit center, hosting and serving
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lunch to approximately 35 hard working men and women that are laboring hard to finish the transit project. with this, that concludes my reports. >> thank you. >> you have any questions -- >> next item. >> next item is the citizens advisory committee update. >> good morning, chair nuru, directors, bruce agat, chair of the citizens advisory committee, i'll focus comments on the following topics. first in regards to the staff report, in regards to the d.t.x. and the r.a.b. study, understanding we would see alignment by mid to late october with the decision still possible by year-end. and although we have heard in
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the report a decision is still possible, as we know it's november 9th, the holiday season is approaching, and we have approximately six weeks left to the end of year. we are concerned the window for the decision by year end is closing. the c.a.c. is mainly concerned about losing momentum towards phase two and looks forward to hearing more on the timing of the specific steps required to reach this important decision. with that decision, the project team can then turn their attention to next steps required to move phase two forward. next was a presentation by p.r.i., outlining the pop-up retail program. the level of expertise and experience came through clearly, and in the presentation, and although the c.a.c. had some questions to gain additional understanding regarding look, feel, and quality of the pop-ups, the c.a.c. was overall
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very impressed with the approach and looked forward to hearing more on the implementation and progress to ensure the transit center is fully activated upon start-up of bus operations. the construction update and facilities readiness, although the schedule remains at a 12-week delay, we would like to again applaud the project team and web core for holding the line on a substantial completion of the center for the second straight month. we were also pleased to see the schedule expanded to include all elements required to ensure successful opening of the transit center. specifically added were charts on transit operations, facility, and security readiness. we reviewed current completion dates of these approximately 49 high level work streams, and we now have insight on the key elements required of
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implementation of bus center and activation. one recommend we made and director gee as a follow-up to your comments at last week's meeting, to clearly identify the key interdependency, work streams may not all be essential for start-up. we look forward to next month's refinements and update. as we said and discussed last month, implementation of bus actions for a.c. transit is the long pole, currently scheduled for june 2018, and the project team continues to work with a.c. transit to identify opportunities to pull that date in. based on the current and anticipated substantial completion date of the center, it would be beneficial to clearly identify the key
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elements which are driving the june date and specific opportunities to pull that date in. as a last item, we were very pleased to hear that we will have a presentation at our next c.a.c. meeting regarding the integrated plan to address the homeless population that could be attracted to the transit center on opening. while the homeless have every right to use and enjoy these public facilities, we are concerned once the park and building close each evening the homeless population will be forced out on to the streets to find refuge. obviously the first place to find refuge will be in the surrounding neighborhoods of the transbay district, hill, south beach, north of market, along the waterfront, etc. we look forward to understanding how the department of homelessness and supportive housing, c.b.d.,
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staff and others as appropriate will interface and work together to supportively address any potential homeless issues. thank you for the opportunity to provide this update and happy to take any questions. thank you. >> item seven, public comment. members of public have an opportunity to address the authority on matters that are not on today's calendar and we have jim patrick. >> good morning, directors. jim patrick, patrick and company, san francisco here. i was at the c.a.c. meeting the other day and it appears that a.c. transit is going to maybe slip this delivery of a whole project and i would like to get all these agencies together, i would like to hold revely at a.c. transit to get everyone together and i think seems someone is dropping the ball over there, because we want this, i think we want this transit center to open with a
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bang and not with a major tenant not involved with the fireworks. so, something just doesn't seem right to me as an outsider looking in and i would like to hold revely to find some solutions, of the opening and coordinating with the a.c. transit. thank you. >> that concludes members of the public that wanted to address you under that item. go ahead and call your consent calendar. >> all matters listed are considered to be routine and no further discussion of the items unless a member of the board or public would request, and removed separately. the resolution for 8.3 has been slightly modified from what was posted to clarify that the action is conditioned on each member's execution of the first amendment to the joint powers agreement.
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with that, i have not received any indication from the board or the public to have any items severed. >> i move approval. >> first. >> and second. >> director harper. >> aye. >> four aye and the consent calendar is approved. call your next item. item nine, the construction update. >> good morning, directors. today's construction update is an expanded one this month. not only is the regular first half that i will give, but also ron almada and others will have an expanded schedule explanation over 12 slides that will be all the integral elements, so they will walk through that. ron and also steve humphries will go through the risks slides and then i'll end it and come back with a per board director
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request, a bus ramp merge item that, and go through some of the slides explaining what the issue is and where we are at going forward. so, with that, our usual kick-off picture here that shows a lot of trees. as you go into the usual graphic, you'll see on the rooftop level there is a lot of activity going on, continues at all levels. yellow is the focus on this particular slide, we are really on the bus deck of some important concrete poured at the joints on the bus deck level where they allowed for the completion of the coating that gets us to the busses running on the bus deck starting in december. other elements that we are working as well, too, down at the muni bus plaza on the ground level, a lot of yellow activity completed in the last month and some pictures to show that as well. going down below grade, continues to work in that upper left hand area with the lower concourse, all the various, the
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big box of interior finishes, from paint to dry wall to activities in the maze of buildings or rooms in that upper left hand corner progressing well. in general throughout the site, rooftop landscaping in all areas, pathway pavers as well. on the bus deck, it's m.e.p., including column covers throughout the entire area. bus deck coating is underway on the west end and completed on the east end. elevator, escalators throughout are being worked on. the terrazo floor are 70% complete at this point. muni bus plaza is under construction, along with the m.e.p. throughout the entire structure. electrical is our controlling operation at this point. some pictures up on the roof. one on the right is some water proofing going the restaurant element and then
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on the left shows a portion of the pathway, the half mile pathway around the entire transit center being poured and looks like some cure there. this is what the bus deck is looking on most sections now, the bus deck is getting ready for the december busses to arrive. cat tracking, the temporary striping still first of december, and the first full week of december is where the testing will happen with all the agencies that transit agencies up on the bus deck. final striping by the 18th or 23rd of december, and turned over for training and ready for training any time thereafter. another element, the ceiling panels are going up. this is sort of the west end. that will still continue through the training, but there will be other activities on the bus deck that will be scheduled around the bus training as that commences after the final stripe is in place.
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this is an element that's interesting, one of the 27 large fans on the bus deck, some of the back lighting. so you know, showing pictures of that coming up where that moves a lot of air throughout the bus deck area, and that's coming along. moving down to the grand hall, this i thought was a really neat site of our rendering versus the actual. the only way you can tell the difference, i think the glass floor looks better in actual. terrazo floor is beautiful in person, but missing column covers, one of the items lagging, but great to see the floor, as a close-up, coming along ministry. minna street, all the site work that's hang. we also have the first and fremont sidewalks in and build-out of all the streets is coming along well with a lot of
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activity over the next couple months. muni bus plaza, the day before, this is the aisle, number five fulton by the beginning of december, poured probably the day after this picture, october 28th, and the team is in ernest working to meet that goal in cooperation with muni. and then here is another picture of the bus plaza as well, too. on the north side, and also oth other elements. a lot of the safety equipment is going in place and i do point out that as being a buy america project, i loved the use of the word proudly on this particular package. it sent a tone that was really cool. electrical cables pulled in switch gear rooms are coming together. ron and steve both will talk to the electrical. talking about the fisk, the assistance, and in that picture
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that is a rosaden person pulling wire. bus storage facility is progressing well. they are on schedule to deliver summer of 2018. working through the concrete challenges. they'll have some bridge pours that will be happening. they did have some impacts from the wildfires up in napa, their particular rebar sub was up there. fortunately, only two-week impact and their facility was ok. they were in the evacuation for two weeks, so that sucked up, what, what float they had, but still on schedule now and progressing well with no impacts. we did have one recordable noted on this schedule. it was a fisk employee that happened to strain a knee as he was walking down a step, so that was the extent of that recordable. and we have surpassed 4.2 million craft hours on the project with over 700 workers still on the job. so with that, i'll turn it over to ron for budget and
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contingency and beyond. >> thanks, dennis. always nice to see the great progress out in the field and the focus on starting the button up the edges and get ready for operations and as dennis and bruce noted, our presentation has expanded a bit on schedule to speak to the operations elements, adding that up, with respect to risk, i have distilled it down to schedule, that's the big risk that we are being mindful of and watching. previously i had been carrying the risk of potential delay or delay of claims and the like, but those matters will manifest themselves in 2018. so dropped those to keep the presentation brief but issues around back charges and
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accountability and l.d.s and all those issues will be dealt with in 2018. so having said that, our slide for budget is holding steady. we continue to carry estimated at completion of 2.15 billion, and that dovetails in our monthly refresh of risk out there and projections of exposure. so that's, we are maintaining that. we have not needed to adjust that. still comfortably under our target max and comfortably in our budget of 2.259. in terms of expenditures in the last month, it was down at 19.6, if you recall. i've been using 30 million a month as kind of the water mark to make it on time, so this
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speaks to some of the schedule struggles we are having. and we have committed additional 8.7 million and most of that has been just catching up with dialogue around change orders and what have you. and likewise, with the contingency draw down as low as 2.7 in october, again, that's been a lot of known issues that have been wrestled with in terms of quantities and quantum and no real see change on that front either. that brings us to schedule and the first slides are somewhat new slide, distilled in this slide just one stream of activity for construction which for final completion takes us
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into june. the substantial completion bar has been added, the purple bar, and that still remains in march, march 20, to be specific. and we have added some streams of activity related to transit readiness, facility readiness and security readiness. and the following slides will delve into that a little bit further, but we are starting to identity what these activities are and we'll be following them and driving to completion along these lines. this slide is familiar, this is the one we have been carrying for some time as mentioned. the transit center has been holding tough in terms of substantial completion. i should note we have added a
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few more progress bars or milestone bars. the candy striped one that you see just beyond the progress bar is marking the number five fulton operations on december 26th, so most appropriate candy striped benchmark. following that we have substantial in march and right now as training and such takes us into stepping into may and june in terms of bus operations. we'll delve into that a little further as we get into more granular schedules. roof park slid out about two days, and bus storage is holding its own in terms of its substantial completion. going to the familiar granular
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flow of construction, for the most part, everything held its own. we saw a bit of a push-out on vertical transportation elevators and escalator, and that's probably driven more by commissioning and m.e.p. progress. i think some of our efforts and our lean-into is manifested with metal panels and ceilings. you'll see we have gained some ground on that front. and then moving on to schedule bus operations, we'll be tracking some key elements, readiness for network, security, supervisor booths, the prefab booths that are scheduled to begin arriving in january. road testing and lease and subleases will be tracked for
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bus operation, and we have carried the familiar benchmark or milestone bars on all the slides so you can get your bearings in terms of where it lies relative to operations with the number five as well as full a.c. transit and full m.t.a. service as it is mapped out now with their activities for readiness. the bus deck, similar mapout network security and supervisor's booth and roadway testing pretty much taking us into may and june. unfortunately, between some of the constraints on operations, it's kind of pulling us into june and on the other side with the issues we have with some of the underperforming
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subcontractors, tending to want to push us into june. however, we are holding tough with substantial in march and advocating or encouraging all parties to focus and drive to their success sooner rather than later, preferably march, and not so much focus on anticipating others' failure but to focus on your own success and drive to the earliest possible readiness. again, another bus plaza detail similar to the bus deck focussed on streams of activity. and with that, i will ask martha to come up and speak to the granular efforts of facility readiness and such.
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>> good morning, directors, martha valez, facility manager. the link intended improvements with the focus being the amtrak and greyhound space. first is the contractor selection as we noted last month, an r.f.p. was done with three rerespondents, and lincoln is finalizing the contract with turner with a recommendation and contract approval to come to the tjpa this november. this does make the schedule tight at this point. however, lincoln is still on track for completion of the initial greyhound amtrak t.i.s in march as noted below in the work stream. with regard to the design, architect is on board, focus greyhound and amtrak, and as of today construction drawings are a week to ten days away.
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this is the facility maintenance on the facility services contract. on track for the r.f.p.s to be completed by the end of the calendar year. commissioning and training dependent on web core. they are having regular meetings and some initial training has already started with the chief engineer being trained on fall protection. the rooftop park, just going to talk about a couple of things, and then more detail later. from a schedule perspective, budgets and plans, they have completed their programming plan this month. i'll go into more detail later. and staffing, they have an events manager starting this month. just a couple of highlights, progress is being made on all fronts. the critical item is the content management system, meetings have
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been held this week that gets us to advancing the schedule so that full testing is expected in january and then pearl is also actively hosting tours with potential sponsors. >> on this slide, which of these things, if any, is related to the signage, digital signage that a.c. needs to use in terms of next bus and scheduling and passenger information. >> so, there is two. display content layout and the way finding layout. those are on track, numerous meetings, it's a complicated process trying to figure out how things are going to look. every operator has a slightly different information, but they are being reconciled. >> having working signage, is that after -- i think layout -- >> so that's what the testing will be in january. >> the testing of it will be in january. >> yes, yes.
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with colliers -- i'm going to talk about colliers in more detail later on and will hear from p.r.i., our public consultant later this morning, too. the next item is security. >> good morning, chief security officer. so, we have three responses we received for the security guard -- the negotiations are underway with the highest ranking firm and we anticipate bringing the item to you in december. m.o.u. law enforcement is still in progress. we anticipate bringing this item to you in december as well. in the process of formulating the transit center code of conduct. we anticipate issuing the roving security and good will ambassadors later this month and bringing it to you in january. in march, finish drafting the security standard operating procedures needed to effectively manage security at the transit
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center. and then preopening security training will be complete before the transit center opens, with the month prior to opening being used to prepare the members of the transit center security team, including the ambassadors, law enforcement and security center staff. we will also be including tjpa and lincoln staff to operate during normal conditions and during an emergency. and finally, the security information management system, and emergency communication mass notification system contract will be complete in may of 2018. thank you. >> a question on security timing. so, we are going to have people who are going to be using the muni bus plaza in december, and looks like we are not going to have security in place. how are we dealing with the interim period? >> using the existing with the temporary terminal.
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a security guard will be assigned during that time period and then closed off and part of the construction zone when it's not in active use. >> thank you, sydney and martha for the update. that brings us to our single risk, biggest risk, and that is schedule. we continue to have struggles with advance in electrical, although i'm pleased to see lots more wire being pulled. walking around, i do see considerable more mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment in place, and being ready for utility hook-ups, so, but all in all, the advancement of electrical remains the primary focus and need towards mitigation, as we have been carrying as well, the column
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covers and the e2 pylons have always, or have been vecsing for some of the subcontractors, and steve will speak to some of the strategies or statuses on the mitigation measures that we are taking to deal with those issues. and i just want to underscore that we are leaning into and focussing on our muni bus plaza activation partial in december and concentrating the grand hall work as you see with the photos, and the bus deck to ensure as soon as possible the beginning of training and standing up to systems to get operations for the bus deck. with that, i'll ask steve to come up and speak to where web core is with the mitigation
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measures that they have been employing in the last couple months we have been talking about. >> good morning, steve humphries. as ron indicated, holding firm on the substantial completion date over the last couple of months. mitigation measures are helping that to maintain. we are not really picking up time, but we are overcoming the many challenges we are faced on a daily basis to currently hold the schedule that day. primarily we are working, continuing to work targeted over time with specific trades, critical trades and where we can get the most bang for the buck. with 700 workers on-site, obviously you cannot work everybody but we are working where we can get the most benefit from it. ron mentioned the electrical
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work. we have been supplementing fisk on pulling the feeders. that's going well. we have increased that scope to include emergency power distribution, connecting the, some of the equipment, and also finishing out some of the electric electrical rooms. and allow fisk to focus on distribution and fire alarm and other things on the project while we get power up and running and fisk is being cooperative on that at this point in time. we have also supplemented our site contractor with another site concrete contractor currently working on the project. our site contractor was unable to get sufficient man power to maintain the schedule for his work, so we shifted some scope there, and that's been going well. we are pouring concrete in zone three, while our site contractor is focussing on the public
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streets in zones 1 and 2 and completion of the muni bus plaza. we are working closely with our column cover subcontractor. we spent quite a lot of time with him yesterday. we have a supplementation plan ready if necessary, report further next month. column covers are fabricated, it's now the point getting them installed. we are also looking at possible supplementation on interior finishes at this point. i think that's going to be limited in scope, but we are continuing to monitor the progress of those trades and if necessary we are prepared to step in and bring in other subcontractors to keep that work on contract. thank you. >> thanks, steve. appreciate all the efforts towards mitigation.
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i think you all can appreciate the tricky contractural straits he needs to navigate to deal with supplementation of subcontractors, so, and we are shoulder to shoulder to ensure that we get as much activity as soon as possible on the site, on the project site. i have seen a good uptick of electricians on evening and night shifts, encouraging to see, and again, you know, an uptick on concrete work and really focussing on cleaning up and buttoning up the perimeter of the site, and get the first bus running in december and then lean into the grand hall and the bus deck as well as keeping the roof park going, which is grading up very nicely. with that, i could take questions or actually, why don't i invite dennis, as he
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mentioned, you know, there's a number of elements that we are struggling with, both inside and outside of the project's limits and been a lot of discussion and a bit of controversy around the merge around exit street and the off ramp on to the bus deck from the bay bridge, which is just outside of our project limits, but is a point of discussion that i think bears needing clarification, so, dennis has a good history and background on that, so he'll share that with you right now. >> good morning, directors. per request, i have four slides that will close out the construction update go through with the bus merges. as you see on this picture, it shows this is where the merge area is to get oriented, on the lower deck main line as you are heading back towards the east bay. this particular picture was
12:43 am
taken around 2009. this particular configuration after the mash-up and the reconfiguration, a.c. transit and essex ramps were used until the terminal was put in place and the old terminal was taken down, until about late, 2010. to put it into a plan view, this shows you where we are at, when you have the first and essex ramps, 1ststreet is the number one lane on the lower deck, essex is number two, which merges with the bus ramp merge, which is right there. as i would call it main line lower deck. this picture shows where the tjpa, the bus ramp scope stopped and conformed, on that lower area in the yellow oval, so the bus ramp, the bus ramp project
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and the design plans reviewed stopped and conformed well short of this merge, so this merge was in place prior to the tjpa out there at all at this point. >> dennis, can you point out where the caltrans substation is? >> it's way back. i would put it, it's at least a couple hundred feet to the left of where that oval is. and that's, some of the items brought up, whether the busses were on the left hand or the right side, it's so far ahead of this merge that in some ways i think the current configuration takes it to the right and around gives more visibility to the merge, which, but it's almost 500 feet from the merge itself, so it's -- it's a very long distance between those two. but yeah, but -- and that was part of the bus ramp project. so, when, coming, you know, when we started to do the bus deck
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and the bus ramp testing, that was done early part of 2017, so about, you know, what is that, nine months ago, we got information that there was concern about this particular merge. that came in around march time. we did the bus testing in april. and then after that, the team got together and determined there was concern. caltrans had some proposal, they proposed a flashing beacon with the loop detection activation. and other elements that related to the striping. there's been many elements that have come and gone that have been in or out of this particular issue. this is all that is in the plan and this is what we are moving forward with at this point. we have had commitment from the deputies of design and operations of caltrans this is
12:46 am
the plan. a.c. transit designer is working on this as well, and it really, it keeps it very straightforward with the flashing beacons activated with the loop as the bus comes close, the beacons will flash and with the striping, whether it's refreshing the, some chevrons or -- all those are implemented and at this point, this is what's going to be in the application to caltrans, and they have committed to expediting, so at this point with conversations between the team, the entire team, at this point i would look at caltrans, a.c. transit and tjpa, that's the plan, that's the scope of it. it will be submitted, moving forward with that design, commit to expediting and to complete it, tjpa will implement it under
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the construction, the bus storage facility implement. also i'm working with a.c. transit staff to advance maybe some long lead items as well, too. control, cabinet, poles, maybe released early on from the design so we can procure sooner to ensure this is in place before full bus operations. >> here is what my bus drivers are telling me, because i -- pushing back on them, what's your problem, what's your problem. and they point out first of all that the station, the new station is a block, you know, further west than the exit from the old. so the whole ramp used to just sort of parallel essex. and so they were able, and the cars on essex, presumably, able to gauge the merge a long time in advance, and during rush hour it was important to figure out who was going to make that
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short, very short intersection when. and now that it's going, coming from further west and coming in and coming around, what they say is a building, the caltrans substation there, that blocks their view and of the people on essex from the busses, that's what's necessitates this, because the merge distance is the same, the short merge is the same, but don't have the ability to gauge what's happening on essex street until it's very late. and so it's -- that's the problem, but i don't think that's being communicated adequately. from these things, it seems like everything is the same. but what's the same is the last, you know, 40 yards or so is the same. up until then, it's very different ramp, and that's what
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the drivers are saying makes their job more difficult in figuring out what's going to happen when they really do have to merge with essex. so i just, i was told to put that out there, so everybody would understand that there's genuine concern and that these guys do know their job and they do remember their job and they are not just belly aching for no reason at all here, and this will help. these loop things will make it a lot better. it's most dangerous, you know, they say, when the speeds on the bridge get up pretty high. ultimately both of them very quickly are having to merge with bridge traffic. >> it's the nonpeak. >> and the bus-essex accident there, things would jam up all the way back into san francisco so quickly. so, you know, i'm kind of in support of -- yeah, i'm glad they brought it up. and i'm glad it's going to be
12:50 am
taken care of. because from what they describe, and i have never driven it, of course, but they do, on ramps, everybody gets on an on ramp, judges the traffic from some time back and the longer they have to judge, you know, the better. we have 23rd avenue thing on 880 that is harrowing right now, you know, that on ramp is boom, you are there. and they say that that's, with the amount of busses that we want to pull out of this place, it's going to be -- it's important for essex street to understand that. >> that's why we are committed -- the whole team is committed to implementing the plan. >> and on the whole thing, with mr. patrick saying a.c. transit is dragging its heels. you have to understand from our standpoints that the building does not just have to be constructed, it has to work. and the other thing is that we have to commit way in advance of
12:51 am
that time in which we know the station will be, for us it's a terminal, it's not a bus stop, a terminal, when the terminal will be working for all intents and purposes so we can do it. that's why we have been saying and warning, look, we have a long training period we need to get our drivers familiar with. i'm glad it's being worked out. but sometimes the pictures on this thing, i was afraid, was giving the wrong impression that a.c. transit is just picked up on some issue that it shouldn't have because it's the same exact thing as it always was, and drivers tell me otherwise. >> thank you. question? >> yeah. >> two schedule questions. one is that we heard a number of mitigation efforts, which sounded good, bringing in a second electrical contractor in
12:52 am
particular. i guess my question is, does the schedule reflect those efforts, and i'm asking because the substantial, overall substantial for the transit center has not changed. so i'm wondering if these efforts are just what we are doing to not continue to lose ground or will a subsequent schedule show us bringing the substantial back? >> yeah, and the intent is to pull us back. thus far it's only so much is maintaining, you know. there's been some activities that kind of during the month pushed out and been pulled back in, so -- the intent is to pull it in as sooner rather than later. however, a pattern over the last few months, is just kind of treading water and holding where we are. i think now that we have kind of
12:53 am
gotten through the latest round of tussle between web core and fisk as to transfer of scope, i think we will see an uptick of rosen activity and expect some improvement on that. >> and just one suggestion, seeing the vertical transportation slip, i know one of the challenges that the industry is having because of all of the construction work is not just on the contractor side, but on the state inspector side, so, i'm sure you guys are already doing this, you may want to be in contact with the state early to kind of preschedule so they don't become on the critical path. >> yeah. >> of the transit side. >> they quite often are a bottleneck. the two agencies that get the bigge biggest gripes are elevator
12:54 am
inspectors and p.g.e., and to be honest, my experience with both have been rather good on all my projects. so, but they tend to always get -- get gripes. >> glad you are committing to bring your good luck to this project on those counts. and my final one, i guess, more of a comment than a question. i just wanted to -- seeing the sfmta, muni full service vertical on here, i was a little surprised at where it landed, and i just want to -- where i had left it with my staff directing them, that we will be ready as soon as tjpa is ready for us, and as greg said, we need certain infrastructure to be in place, amenities for employees and passengers to be in place, we need time for training, but i was last told but my staff that they were told from tjpa, now trending towards
12:55 am
june. and this is showing april, may, again, we will be ready and if you guys can create the space for us to be ready even sooner, we'll be ready sooner, so i just want to continue to be sure it's clear, we will be ready when y'all are. >> and we have had some good discussions with john katz along those lines, april, may, holding a tie of no further separation between a.c. transit and muni being about two-week separation and stand-up. that's driving the may right now. and you know, across the board we are all trying to get to the right place and get the most enriched readiness as possible. unfortunately, you know, some of the activities are pushing us
12:56 am
into june and they do kind of focus on some of the training and testing activities. you know, we still need to get electrical and mechanical in place, so it's a true statement. we are either getting pushed or pulled to june, and as soon as i entered that, people kind of locked on to june. but i'm trying to reinforce to keep our eye on march and drive towards that. >> ok. and just be mindful of the -- i understand the gap in time between the full muni service and a.c. transit being a factor, but also the time between the partial muni service and the full muni service. so we will have our five fulton and five rapid fulton starting in different places during this period, which is not great for our riders, and also our hopeful, or expecting that our riders who are starting to use
12:57 am
the center in december won't feel they are being dropped off on a construction site. so, hoping, expecting the site will be ready and decent for the folks and the operators. >> with security, lighting, the perimeter, that's why we are putting so much focus on buttoning up the perimeter, not only at the plaza but also along all the other streets and trying to, you know, keep the follow on, or the continual construction as much as possible internalized to start reducing the impact to the streets. >> ok. thanks. and great the way you have put together all the schedule elements and the presentation, makes it very easy. >> thank you, good support on that front. >> director gee. >> thank you. backing on director -- thank you the entire team for putting this all together. it becomes clear where some of the issues may be and where they may be lurking. also emphasizes how complicated
12:58 am
this project is and as everyone pushes towards, whether it's march, partial service, whatever the different milestones are, for me, as illustrates that you, i'm sure you are working on this already, but to minimize disagreements downstream is have agreements of when we take control of certain parts of the facility and when the warranty period starts on certain elements. i can imagine probably dozens of different warranty start periods for different pieces of this project, and that is going to be very complicated to come to agreement who is in charge, who takes over what, when, and when the one-year warranty period starts. >> yeah, and that's why i'm grateful that we have online kind of a full and enhanced commissioning program which lends some sanity to all that. and some rigor to it.
12:59 am
>> it's going to be complicated. >> yeah. >> no question about it. good job, thank you. >> thank you. >> questions? ok. go to the next. >> item ten, facility readiness update. >> martha valez will present this item. >> good morning. facility manager. so the areas i'm going to cover are the lincoln tenant provements, lincoln facility maintenance, p.r.i. retail transit and sydney will cover security. so these are just a few progress updates as we move towards construction of the focus areas in late march. to let you know that the teams have started discussions on finishes and selections, meeting with d.b.i. was held last month to work out the permitting process, to enable lincoln to
1:00 am
directly pull perimeter starting with the retail areas. the follow-up is going to be either an amendment of the existing agreement or creation of a new intergovernmental agreement. operational areas, meeting on the layout were held, in particular, equipment, this impacts electrical and the selection of the general contractor was discussed earlier and i'll give you more detail on the information on the r.f.p. on a subsequent slide. so, on facility maintenance, the primary update is not directly related to maintenance but getting the project started, the purchase of domain names. aside from salesforce transit center, also purchased salesforce transit, .net, and .com,


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