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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 20, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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>> i move to send this to the full board without recommendation. >> as committee report. >> yes for tomorrow. >> ok. >> motion passes. thank you. mad amount clerk anything else. >> clerk: nothing further. >> meeting adjourned.
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>> good morning, everybody. thank you all for being here on this mournful day. as i'm sure you all know, our may mayor, mayor edwin m. lee passed awau early this morning at zuckerberg san francisco general. he was 65 years old. i want to thank dr. susan orlick who is here with us today and the dedicated professional who is cared for the mayor last night. our thoughts and prayers are with mayor lee's wife anita and his daughters tanya and brianna at this time. when he passed, mayor lee was surrounded by his family, by his friends, and the colleagues who loved him. ed lee lived a life of service cut far too short, but short far
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too soon. like me, ed grew up in public housing. the son of working class immigrant immigrants, he developed early on a profound sense of community. a commitment to helping others. his father was a veterans, and his mother a seamstress. they instilled in him a humility and self-lest work ethic that he maintained throughout his entire life. the mayor's father passed while he was just a teenager, but heart break could not derail him. ed earned a scholarship from boden college a prestigious liberal arts college in maine, and after graduating, he relocated to the bay area where, like so many of us, he fell in love with the city that he would call home for the rest of his life. he attended balt law school at the university of california-berkley and joined the asian law caucus.
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ed lee fought against discrimination, working on the front lines to keep tenants from being evicted. he was, from the dawn of his career, an advocate for the powerless and the voice for the overlooked. as a director of the human rights commission and the director of the department of public works and our city administrator and as mayor, we tend to forget, but when mayor lee was apointed in 2011. he face d tremendous challenges in this city.
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he believed everyone should have an opportunity to have a good job with a good wage. and in san francisco and he believed everyone should have a secure place to call home which is why one of his first campaigns was for the housing trust fund that has invested millions of dollars in rehabilitate i rehabilitating affordable and efforts to rehabilitate and rebuild over 7,000. he always said he didn't want folks like him and me to be known as public housing resident, but to be known as san
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san francisco residents. and those suffering from mental health and substance abuse. and he explored every option and embraced any idea that could help move people off the streets into safe, stable situations. where they could be on the right path to health and recovery. mayor lee believed in the power of opportunity. a rebuilt home, a reborn community, could inspire individuals to reach for their dreams just like he had. he believed in the city where a poor kid from public housing could become mayor. ed was not a politician. he did not always deliver the best sound bite or carry the room with unspoken charisma. flash never mattered to him. disagreements never deterred him. he was humble and determined no matter the job he held, he was
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fair and collaborative no matter the heat of the moment. what mattered most to him always was helping his fellow sanfranciscans and occasionally delivering the almost perfectly timed corny joke. mayor lee endured many tough political battles, but they never -- they never dimmed his spirit. opponents may have disagreed with him on policy, but everyone agrees that our mayor was a good man with a good heart. he believed above all else in building bridges and solving problems. everyone who had the pleasure of working with mayor lee will miss him tremendously. from the members of the board of supervisors who are here with me today to the community advocates who worked alongside him, and
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the san francisco residents for whom he served with all his might. the flags in our city will fly half mast for the next 30 days. our first chinese american mayor, a man who has left an immeasurable legacy for the city and county of san francisco. and i now must assume the responsibility, and i ask for your patience and i ask for your support. and i ask for your prayers. our city's values have never been more important, and in the months ahead, let's carry on in mayor lee's honor. he has earned our affection because he was one of the sweetest men any of us have ever known. and he will be truly missed. thank you, all, for being here. and we will have dr. erlick talk
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about what happened at the hospital. [please stand by] and we attempted life-saving measures for several hour. he died at 1:11 on the morning of tuesday, december 12, this morning. we expect the medical examiner to determine the cause of death and his family has asked that we share no further medical can information at this time
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because of state and federal privacy laws. we need to respect their wishes. thank you very much. >> thank you, doctor. and i want to thank all of the department heads, all the city staff, all the commissioners and elected officials, our lieutenant governor and former ma -- mayor, gavin newsome is here, thank you all for being here to bring the city together at this trying time. i'd like to ask our city attorney to talk specifically about what comes next. as you all know, i am currently the acting mayor and will assume that responsibility and our city attorney can provide further details as to what will happen in the months to come. >> thank you, ma dad mayor. i would first like to echo the sentiments and the condolences of mayor breed and dr.
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ehrluches and the entire community about the profound sense of loss that all of us feel on the passing of mayor lee and i'd like to offer my condolences spufically to his wife and family and just to let them all know that i hope -- i know that the entire city family will be there for them as they go through this difficult time. you heard dr. ehrlich talk about mayor lee passing at 1:11 this morning. under charter section 13.101.5b, at that time board president london breed assumed the duties of acting mayor. she has all the powers and responsibilities that come with the office. and she will have all of those duties until such time as the board of supervisors votes on a successor, should they choose
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to do so. although they are not required to do so. in any event, there will be an election june 5, 2018 where the next mayor will be chosen to fulfill the unexpired term of mayor lee and that term will end on january 8. 2020. that is a very broad overview of where we are now. mayor breed has all the powers and responsibilities and duties of acting mayor. by virtue of her position as board president. and what occurs over the course of the next several months will be derped by what actions, if any, the board of supervisors chooses to take. with that, i'd be happy to take any questions that anybody has about the process. >> reporter: [inaudible] will
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the board of supervisors voting on this matter today? >> no, they will not be. >> reporter: what was the question? >> will the board of supervisors be voting on this matter today and the answer is no. >> reporter: is there a timeframe for the board to vote on an interim mayor? >> the board does not have to talk any action and there is not a timeline. and for that entire period of time, should they choose not to take any action, mayor breed will be both the acting mayor and the president of the board of supervisors. she has her position as acting mayor by virtue of her position as president of the board. >> reporter: so, just to clarify, there will be no additional [inaudible] appointed? >> there will not be. mayor breed has both positions. she still continues to have her board of supervisors position and president of the board and she is the acting mayor.
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>> yes. i have a question. in june of 2018, when does the new candidate have to have their filings for the election? >> yes. that -- that is something that obviously has not been top on our list. but that is something that we're examining, filing deadlines. we've been focusing on making sure that we had a smooth transition to ensure that there was a continuity in city government. >> reporter: so there's nothing in the charter that indicates that at all? >> i've given my answer. >> any other questions for mayor breed? >> reporter: as acting mayor, do you have any plans for the [inaudible].
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>> [inaudible]. >> our city attorney has already made that clear for now. i am currently still the supervisor of district five as well as the acting mayor until at such time the board decides if they would like to make a decision to select someone to fill the term until the next election. >> one more question. >> reporter: can you talk about personally what he meant to you. anything you can learn from him? the biggest legacy for the city will be? >> i worked with and have known mayor ed lee for over 20 years and what i appreciate about the mayor is his commitment to
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public housing mostly because when i became a member of the board of supervisors, i made it clear that was -- he asked my top three priorities and i said public housing, public housing, public housing. as someone who grew up here and spent most my life there, mayor lee, very similar situation, we bonded over that. and looking at robert pitts and looking at it going from this place that was completely falling apart to just painted walls and new fixtures and how beautiful it looks and the fact that he really was stead do you on helping to make this happen is really what i will always remember about him. his commitment to tune out the noise and focus on trying to get the job done and i really will always appreciate him for taking my praourty seriously and helping to get that work done. he was a dedicated and
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committed public servant and i will never forgot him for that. thank you, tara. >> thank you, everybody. that concludes the press conference. >> i would like to say good morning, but it's really not a very good morning.
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welcome to the san francisco county transportation authority for today. it seems like it's been a long day already, tuesday december the 12th. i just want to start the meeting by offering our condolences to the family of edwin lee, the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco and share all of our condolences with people of the city and county of san francisco. i want to thank all of my colleagues on the board, many of whom gathered in the wee hours of this morning at zuckerberg general hospital. with that, our clerk is alberto quintanilla and mr. clerk, if you could please call the roll, we're going to have a very brief meeting and then we are going to
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adjourn to go have a press conference with our acting mayor london breed on the mayor's balcony. >> clerk: item one, commissioner breed, breed absent. commissioner cohen, present. commissioner farrell, present. commissioner fewer, fewer absent. commissioner kim, kim present. commissioner peskin. present. commissioner ronen, present. commissioner safai present, commissioner sheehy, absent. commissioner tang, present commissioner yee. >> commissioner sheehy should be named present. commissioner fewer, i spoke to a
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few hours ago, we'll take that without objection. i'm going to forego the chair support, madam secretary director, are there any items you want to share? any comment on the chair's report or executive director's report. public comment is closed on items 2 and 3. could you read the consent agenda. >> clerk: four to nine consent, items being considered for approval. staff is not planning to present on the items. >> is there any public comment on item four, the minutes of the december 5th meeting? seeing none, public comment is closed. would any member or members like an item severed, if not, a roll call on the consent agenda please. motion to move the consent
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agenda made by commissioner yee, seconded by commissioner farrell and on that item, a roll call please. >> clerk: commissioner farrell. aye. commissioner cohen, aye. commissioner ronen, aye. commissioner safai, aye. commissioner sheehy, aye. commissioner tang, aye. commissioner yee, aye. >> could you please read the next item? which seemed very important a week ago. programming of 6.189 and 4.1 for
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the prop k. >> good morning commissioners, policy and programming director. last week, at the december 5th board meeting the motion to approve the item did not pass after considerable discussion at the board. the commission generally agrees with the programming of the funds to the street resurfacing but the commissioners couldn't agree on the second part of the recommendation to transfer on the $4 million in prop k funds programmed to street resurfacing to manage lanes environmental phase. the board requested to see more evidence that the managed lanes would improve congestion without negatively impacting freeway corridors or local streets and a
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more holistic approach to congestion and other areas of concern. in light of the robust discussion, we have advised staff recommendation to only approve the proposed programming of the state funds to street resurfacing projects and this is a request to approve on first read to meet the state's timeline of december 15th of when we need to submit the applications to the california transportation commission and we would defer action on the fund exchange to provide more time for staff to complete planning studies and address commissioner's concerns. there's a list of street resurfacing projects funded by the state funds and a map that you can't see particularly well -- yes, you can see it. >> if we were to approve this as
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revised given the december 15th date, this would be the final approval, not the first read, is that correct? >> that's correct. it would be approval on first read. >> is there a motion? made by commissioner farrell, seconded by commissioner tang. colleagues -- are there any members of the public who would like to testify on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. and on the item as revised, same house, same call, the item is finally approved. next item, please. >> clerk: item 11, programming 2.813.264 to the san francisco municipal transportation agency non infrastructure project, this is an action item. >> i want to start by briefly
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thanking colleague commissioner tang and her staff and my staff who listened to i think very sophisticated discussion we had here a number of months ago. i want to thank tilley chang and the ta staff and miss lafour but particularly commissioner tang, she did a lot of the heavy lifting. with that, commissioner tang? >> thank you. i echo my thanks to the ta staff and as well amber crab as well. i just encourage our colleagues to look through the packet. there is a revised organization chart where you can see the new structure for the program. so we have decided to move everything to fall under the
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sfcta because i think it will work more well with the schools and needs brought to our attention and so i think all schools will benefit from this change. we have found a way to address this without reducing any of the funding to the nonprofit partner agencies. i think overall the out come was great and i look forward to continuing the discussion another day. >> thank you commissioner tang. i neglected to thank the mta and department of public health and san francisco unified school district for really coming to quite a number of meetings and being willing albeit with a little reluctance at first, to restructure this. and thank you commissioner tang. is there a motion to approve item 11 made by commissioner
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tang. seconded by commissioner yee. any public comment on that item? thank you. thank you to all of the nonprofit participants for your understanding, i know you all got a little nervous at the beginning, but i think you'll see a program that not only allows you and your staff to continue the good work they're doing but will make it a much more efficient program. with that, seeing no public comment. public comment is closed and on the motion, same house, same call, item 11 is approved. mr. logan, would you upset if we continued item 12? all right. is there any public comment on -- would you read item 12 alberto. >> clerk: update on the transportation network company
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landscape and regulation in california and across the country. >> is there public comment on item 12? seeing none, public comment is closed. is there a motion to move to the first meeting in january. we'll take it without objection. is there introduction of new items? seeing none, any public item on said item. no. is there any general public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed and we'll adjourn the meeting in the memory of edwin lee, the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco, we're adjourned. ♪
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. >> can you please rise for the pledge of allegiance. [ pledge of allegiance. >> president turman: okay. >> clerk: presidenture man,
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i'd like to call roll. >> president turman: okay. [ roll call. ] clrk clerk presidenture man, you have a quorum. also with us is the police chief and the interim director of accountablity, paul henderson. >> thank you very much, secretary kilshaw. >> president turman: members of the public, welcome to the december 6, 2017 session of the police commission meeting. we'll jump rite? >> clerk: item 1, request and file action. request from the chief of police to accept $6,000 in gifd cards from target to help 40 under privileged and
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disadvantaged children. >> president turman: commissioners, are there any questions or comments on this particular consent item? if not, i'll move in favor. >> move. >> all in favor? >> president turman: any opposed. thank you. next item, please. >> clerk: [ inaudible ] presentation of safe place initiative. >> good evening, chief scott. >> good evening, commissioners. commissioners, presidenture man, vice president mazzucco. i'll start this week with crime and then talk about some significant events that have happened over the past week. start off with our homicide rate. i know that's really been a huge issue for us this year. we are at 56 homicides year to date.
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last year, we were at 50. we ended up 2016 with 58 homicides, so we have seen a downward trend in homicides in the last couple of months, and we are hoping that we can hold the ground to keep from having an uptick by the year's end. in our sheetings, we are actually down 8.4% from year-to-date. this time last year, we had 152 shootings year to date, last year, we had 166, so it's about 15 less than this time last year. so again, that's a good sign, and i think we've deployed some good strategies to try to keep the homicide rate at bay for the remainder of the year, so we have three weeks left to do that. there are some significant -- at least one significant. we had an arrest on a homicide that occurred on september 6th
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of this year. it was a stabbing, homicide with a knife. we had a suspect that was arrested on the 28th of november . his name it gregory speech. he's an african american male, 35 years of age. he was charged -- he was booked for 187 (c) murder and charged with that offense, as well. so that is good news to report, and hopefully, that case will be prosecuted successfully. there is actually -- there was one significant event and that was a shooting at the 1600 block of sunnydale. one male was shot with life threatening youries. he is expected to survive. this thing happened at about 7:22 in the evening on december
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the 1st, and we do believe there may be some gang involvement in this particular crime, and so our gang task force is investigating, and that happened in the i thingle district, and that's it for significant crime for the week. the most significant event we've had this week is an officer-involved shooting that occurred this past friday, and i'll read the details. on december 1st, 2017 at about 1:30 in the morning, san francisco officers responded to the 1800 block of 3rd street regarding a carjacking. a female lottery employee was assaulted and sustained nonlife threatening injuries during the lottery. a second vehicle observed as a gold suv was at the scene and is believed to be involved in the lottery. state police officers saw the
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lottery vehicle and the suv traveling closely together in the bayview area district. the vehicle sped up and the vehicle was stopped in the area of ingelside and were detained. officer pursued the suv and eventually an officer was involved in a shooting. body cameras from the officers involved in this incident have been retrieved, and the area was canvassed for other video and evidence. the san francisco police department robbery detail investigating the carjacking and the robbery, and the san francisco police department homicide detail, along with the san francisco district attorney's office, the san francisco police internal
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affairs division and the office of police accountablity, and the office of the chief medical examiner were also called to investigate this incident. anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call the sfpd tip line or text a tip to tip411, and begin the message with sfpd. you may remain anonymous. tomorrow, we will have our town hall meeting at 1800 oakdale. it'll be at 1:00 in the afternoon involving our practice at town hall, which we try to have it at the same time the shooting occurred, unless
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it happened in the morning, so we will have that at 1800 oakdale, and it's open to the public. >> police, i'm going to ask you to schedule that town hall to sometime in the evening. 1:00 p.m. will not give the public enough time to attend that meeting, especially in the middle of the day. so please work with your staff to come up with a 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. start time, please. >> we will fulfill that request but it might put it off to another day. >> president turman: i would rather put it off to another day than not have the public have access, so that's fine. >> and the other events this week is traffic safety operation plan for -- >> president turman: could you hold one second before you go further, chief.
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commissioner d commissioner dejesus, is this along the same line of what you just said yes. i think it's important that the community and the public be able to go, and so i'd ask that it be moved from 1:00 in the afternoon. >> president turman: thank you. chief of police, please proceed. >> thank you. the police will conduct a traffic safety operation on december 12th, 15th, 18th, and 28th that will focus on bicycle and pedestrian safety. over the past three years, the department has identified areas where significant numbers of pedestrian and bicycle related collisions have occurred and responded by deployed additional officers to those areas in an effort to prevent deaths and injuries. special attention will be given focus on the following allegations: speeding, failing to signal for right-hand turns, as well as any other dangerous violations, and that is the -- my report for this week.
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>> president turman: thank you, chief. did you want to call the next item on your list, chief? >> yes. so we have commander david lozar who will make the next presentation. >> president turman: good evening, commander. >> good evening. members of the commission, chief scott, i'm david lozar from the police chief commission. i'm here to speak to you and present to you a new program and initiative that we're initiating in the san francisco police department called the safe place program, and officer navarro's going to get that up on the screen here. so briefly, i'll just give you the background what our objective is, the implementation and our key points, our goals, and plans moving forward with the safe place program. so a little bit of -- on the
4:41 am
background is that there's an officer by the name of james ritter in the seattle police department, and in 2015, he created the safe place program in seattle, and it was essentially created to address the lgbt community issues -- >> president turman: we've had this part of the presentation. can you get to what we're doing? >> yes. okay. here's our plan, and i just will say this: in 2013, the san francisco police department under chief sur started a similar initiative, but it was just relegated to police stations and the will lgbt community. we're starting this in january . we'll have an officer who was be engaged in the liaison division. we're going to message this program through bill boards and press conferences and social media and any way possible to get the word out. we've created our own symbol to
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recognize san francisco safe place initiative. that's new branding decals, but a 6 by 6 sticker on the window. anyone who's willing to participate, they'll get a little bit of training and we'll be grateful for their assistance with the public. as you know, the goal is to help the public, anybody is in need of police services, if they're fearful, if they need help, they will see this sticker, they will see this symbol, and they know they can go into a business and be helped. our phases will be in four phases. one will be schooled, followed by community facilities, followed by businesses, followed by faith-based organizations, and of course we're rebranding our own brand. is essentially, the plan, we're going to exceed the seattle police department's model. we're redesigning the logo. our pilot program will begin on february 1st, 2018, in the mission and the bayview
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districts, and then, based on surveys, and our interaction with the public, we'll make adjustments to the program and essentially roll it out citywide by the fall of 2018. in terms of the community engagement division and the tasks, we're going to look for grant funding and other federal grants and donations to roll this out. we're going to do internal training with the department by putting out a bulletin, letting every police officer know that we have this program. we're going to work with our community officers at mission and bayview. we need their support and officers and buy-in to roll this out in two districts, and we're going to have the officers on foot beats and have every officer we can to promote the program. each station will be marketed, and we're going to get success stories on how it works. we'll put it on our department website, and we'll promote it any possible way that we can. i know tonight i thanked you
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for approving the $6,000 grant from target. that's for another program, but target now has agreed to provide $2,500 to help us kick this program right away. that'll be a consent item that comes to you down the road for approval. on the last page, i'd like to reference the decal, if you have it in your handout. thanks to officer yolanda williams and tory grady. each part of the star has a symbol: compassion, justice, honesty, integrity, respect, and this purple star will be placed, four by six decal, in the windows of these businesses. we're very excited to roll this program out. last note, i'd just like to note that we made changes to this presentation and powerpoint from the original one. it's been amended for the public that may have received it on the internet when the commission posted it last
4:45 am
friday, and with that, i'll take any questions that you may have. >> president turman: commander lozar, i want to say, i meant no disrespect. it's just i'm sick and i've got a long agenda. i just want to get this. >> it's okay. >> president turman: commander lozar, thank you for your dedicationtu dedication. >> president turman: chief, do you have anything you want to say? >> i just wanted to say i thank officer lozar for putting this together. >> i just want to say i am so grateful that i am to have a program of this type in the city and keecounty of san francisco, and i assure you we're looking forward to making this a model that other cities will also want to tailor.
4:46 am
>> president turman: thank you very much. it should also be known that we took seattle's program and modelled it outwards. thank you for taking the first step. thank you so much for your hard work. commissioners, do you have any comments? >> commissioner melara: officer lozar, i've been waiting for this for a long time. i was involved in the initial conversations with the seattle program, and so i want to extend my help because when i -- we started talking about this here, bank of america, who's very involved in seattle, and has expressed interest in contributing here, so i'd ask you to follow up. >> thank you. >> president turman: commissioner dejesus. >> so thank you for expanding it.
4:47 am
this just for lgbt or anyone? >> it's for anyone. anyone who needs possible assistance, they need help. they'll see this and know they can go into a business or school or faith-based organization, and they'll know they can get that, so we're promoting that. >> i think it's a great idea, and i'm looking forward to seeing it put out there. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> president turman: all right. chief? >> commissioner, that is all of the chief's report. >> president turman: don't you have one more on the -- or is that on a separate line item? >> i think that's on a separate line item. >> president turman: thank you so much. all right. inspector sergeant kilshaw. >> report on present dpa announcements, report on the 2017 statistical reports, presentation of cases received,
4:48 am
mediations and complaints, adjudication of sustained complaints for october 2017, and companion reports. >> president turman: director henderson, we have your reports, and we have had a chance to read them. what else can you offer in your reports. >> i presume you don't want me to read them line by line. they are scintillating. understood. but you also have the monthly stats, and you also have the third quarter october 2017 reports. i will point out just the highlights of these things, the three cases where discipline was imposed on cases investigated by the dpa this month were also consis tetent,d we agreed with the discipline administered by chief scott. there was a lot of discussion
4:49 am
about the cases last month that we did not agree, so i just wanted to point that out. >> president turman: good. >> i will say in the last year, we received 380 cases and closed 545 cases. at the end of the third quarter, moving to the third quarter report, the highlight is the 270 cases remain pending, compared with 418 cases that were pending in the last third quarter of 2016. the other highlight combining the information from these two reports is that 55 of the cases were sustained in the third quarter of 2017, compared to 43 in 2016. theum other informati the only other information i want to share is we've reopened
4:50 am
the final negotiations with the district attorney's office for ongoing negotiations. i'll keep you updated as we moving along. t we've introduced software to our office for better customer satisfaction from the community, and we've also started with our public records training so that all staff will now be trained in terms of how to accommodate and respond to inquiries that come from the public. our new computers are out. that training is take is place. also present with me today is senior investigator sarah monder, and my chief of staff, sarah hawkins, and they are available if questions come up during the meeting that they can respond to. that's it. >> president turman: commissioners, any questions for director henderson? commissioner dejesus i just
4:51 am
wanted to say, we talked about the training fund, it's a little bit low for your investigators, and so i'm wondering if you can just speak to that. >> sure. it's one of my top priorities. the training budget allocated for the department is $4,000. that's about three books these days. and the work that the investigators need to do, the work that the lawyers need to do, the work that our policy people need to do really means that they have to be exposed to a broad number of current topics in order for us to follow and define best practices, so one at the very top of my list of priorities, when i meet with the budget team, and i start meeting with them next week, is to address the training budget. up to now, we've been addressing that by having and making calls, and having
4:52 am
friends coming to do the training, but that's going to run out, and i'm going to need funding to get the training going. i'll keep you upgadated, but ie already spent my $4,000. in the first three days, i spent it. >> thank you. >> president turman: all right. any other questions for the director? >> president turman: commissioners, do you have any reports? commissioner merle? >> commissioner melara: yes. not sure if that falls under that or their future scheduling for the commission. >> president turman: are you asking for something to be scheduled? >> commissioner melara: yes. >> president turman: then it falls under future scheduling. >> commissioner melara: okay. >> president turman:
4:53 am
commissioner's report. >> clerk: item 2-d, scheduling of announcements, and announcements of items introduced at future meeting. >> president turman: commissioner merle? >> commissioner melara: just to ask that the cid policy, the new draft be sent to the commission and be scheduled for the january meeting. >> president turman: any other -- any other scheduling requests? secretary kilshaw. >> clerk: commissioner, we have public comment on items 2a through d. >> president turman: members of the public, is there any comment on item 2-a through d?
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>> good evening, commissioners. i'm not sure, in your report, did you talk about the fatal officer-involved shooting? okay. so i'd like to -- last week, when i was here at the last meeting, i brought up the report of the civil grand jury on fatal officer involved shooting and all the recommendations that the grand jury made, and i would like to submit this to you and ask that you agendaize this for future meeting, that you talk about what is the implementation status of the grand jury recommendations, and we ensure that the investigation of this officer involved shooting is in compliance with the grand jury recommendation. >> president turman: any other
4:55 am
public comment on items 2-a through d? >> good evening, officers. i would like to also address the killing that happened. you know, there's a line from a bob dylan song. steal a little, and they put you in jail. steal a lot, and they make you king. in this case, steal a little, and they kill you. you know, we're dealing with a lot of poverty and a lot of tragedy, and i don't think someone carjacking, suspected carjacker deserves to be killed. they say that they don't know if he had a weapon yet, or they're not reporting yet, but they kind of know that it's always reported if they do, so this seems like another tragedy that wasn't necessary, and i think we need to think about why people are stealing, and why we're living in such
4:56 am
desperate times. true tragedy, and i feel like we need to really work on -- i mean, if that was your mother or brother, would that policeman have shot to kill? how come we never hear about people getting wounded, taken down by being shot in the leg or in the hip or anywhere that doesn't kill them? i feel very sad about this happening again, and i want you to consider that we're living in very difficult times, and stealing is not a death sentence, and it's no duty of an officer to determine guilt and to therefore kill someone. well, he stole a car, and therefore, the officer had to kill him. it's not simple what's
4:57 am
happening in this world. it's a tragedy, actually. thank you. >> any other comments on items 2-a through d? okay. seeing none, public comment is now closed. secretary kilshaw, next item. >> clerk: general public comment. the members of the public are free to comment on items that do not appear on tonight's agenda. under police commission rules of order during public comment, neither police commissioners no, sir officers are required to answer, and should refrain from entering into any debates or conversations with speakers in public comment. comments are limited to three minutes. >> president turman: thank you, secretary kilshaw.
4:58 am
public comment on items not on the agenda. good evening, mr. sellhorse. >> good evening. happy holidays and all of that. sergeant kilshaw, police commissioners. i don't have anything prepared. i want to say a couple things. i don't have anything prepared, but i want to say i think the new chief is doing a much better jonathb than his predecessor. the officers just do their job like professionals are supposed to do it, and i thank our new chief. he's done a great job in instilling a professional ethic in a department that has always been good, but has it a plhad of flaws under the previous administration, police chief
4:59 am
sur. and if you don't think we have a problem, i invite you to look at what's happening now, peter strzok, and all those politicized agents. that was where we were going under chief sur, and it took that poor woman who was shot in a moving vehicle, it took her death to finally get this commission to get off its buttocks and do something about that corrupt little man and get rid of him. it shouldn't have taken so long. now, the next issue that i want to bring up, and it's still a chestnut. there are still officers that think that chuck limbert, a former officer who's no longer in this department, but they still hold him in esteem. they think that's the way you
5:00 am
get promoted. that's not how you get promoted, and i want to congratulate you on promoting una bailey. she's a captain in the mission station. she's the one that had the courage to call out former officer limbert on his latest shenanigans or crimes in 2013, that led to his dismissal. i appreciate her not being fired, as greg sur tried to do. my time's running out. i want to wish you all a happy holidays. i want to welcome the new commissioner. i congratulate you sir. i think you're doing great work. one final point. i never agree with the -- corrupt -- what the union is


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