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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 23, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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so probably we'll get done within a year. i asked staff to prioritize the investigations that are older than a year, so we can get down to under a year in complaints. regarding the bureau of revenue, looking to move our cases toward execution. i will say that in december, i attended a meeting of the creditors for lynette sweet, who owes the city $74,000 as the result of an order that this body imposed on her for misused finance funds. it looks like we have a chance of recovering as a result of that proceeding, but we learned that a lot of other debtors are owed money including the i.r.s., which has priority. so we're not higher priority
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than the i.r.s., unfortunately. so we'll monitor that and appear at hearings for the city. pay-it plans are up to date. and on pages 5 and 6, you can see our customary charts that list the caseload statistics in graphic form. i will take any questions. >> commissioners? >> commissioner chiu? >> yes. in your write up, the new york city campaign finance board, the director talked about using data to investigate and uncover wrongdoing. is that something that we could do here? >> i think so, yes. we track and require disclosure of a lot of the same information and we dump it into a portal called s.f. open data, where we can put in criteria and search.
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to some extent, my investigators are doing that already, but i did get ideas from that speaker of what to look for and the data and she gave a couple of examples to get at dark-money usage and coordination among campaigns. i was excited about that presentation. >> great. i hope we can also take advantage of those red flags and their experience and hopefully there won't be, but to use that to our advantage. >> yep. >> we'll take public comment on this matter. >> sorry to be so talkative today. i wanted to thank staff for moving so forcefully on the
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lynette sweet matter. this was a 2010 public financing report that we extended to ms. sweet for the board of supervisors. it's been in away -- abeyance far too long. obviously now the matter is in bankruptcy court. i had a question -- since these were public funds that were absconded in part with, have we submitted to the court that fact and that as a result, has it put us closer to the i.r.s. than not? because otherwise, public funds may have been lost? [inaudible] >> secured creditor of highest
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priority. and we're not. the municipalities are not in the bankruptcy code specifically. we're a general creditor, the same way as anyone else. >> this is a u.s. court. >> u.s. federal court for bankruptcy. >> at least we'll get due process, one way to view it. thank you very much. >> any further public comment? okay. if not, we'll move on to item 9. discussion of the executive director's report. >> thank you, chair keane. i have a brief report summarizing some of what you heard from director bloom about our attendance at the conference. it was exciting to have a strong measure of staff that were not just passive participates, but
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shaping ideas. so we look fehr ward to the idea to send additional staff to additional sessions in the years ahead. i did want to highlight one note of a report that we were asked to submit to the acting mayor's office after the executive director's report was complete, because it speaks to some victims under discussion today. i will be happy to make that available to those on the commission, but we were asked on wednesday to provide to chief of staff's office for the acting mayor's briefing a continuity of work report. and this specifically asked for three things. one, what were the items where there were key deadlines or mile stoepz that were -- stones that were a priority in the next 30 days, next 6 months and then also 12 months. just to highlight what we
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provided. in the next 30 days, we cited the focus on successfully implementing our new laws that are operational on january 1. this includes implementation of prop t, lobbyist measure that campaigns campaign contributions from lobbyisting bundling and giving gifts. and also super peskin's payments reporting by board and commission members. both of these are significant because they were requiring us to complete the technological innovations to enable the disclosure requirements to be in place. steven massie and team have been working to make that happen in a digital format. we also know we need to provide those who are affected by these laws with information so they are aware of and know how to comply. for the next six months, we
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cited our core initiatives for enactment. in addition to providing election-related compliance guidance to those to the upcoming, under the legislative initiatives we cited two. one was anti-corruption and accountability that the commission referred, and, secondly, whistle-blower ordinance, that when were helping to move those along. those were the two priority items we noted. and thirdly, election 2018 work, under the leadership of our new programs officer and her team. and for the coming year, we did cite -- they asked for issues or items that were going to require -- that they called potential threats and they other top priorities.
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and the election of the campaign fund, so it speaks to commissioner kopp's point. we need to assess the fund and make sure that it has adequate funds to sustain levels for june, 2018, as well as 2019 mayoral election, as well as 2018, november election. we'll be working with the city attorney's office and control r controller's office to make sure that we have the bases covered. and also the i.t. development, the technologies in place, and moving along to help convert our paper files to an electronic environment. so we had that in the briefing of the new, acting mayor.
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and, lastly -- well, two other items. we've made very good progress on the hiring-related work. i will have some very good news to share with you and others about one of our technology positions and tomorrow and this week we have -- we're focusing on moving the senior auditor and senior investigative position further along through the exam assessment and interview process. so we'll proceed on that front. steven massie, who has been acting as our key on all things technology, was moved into our -- the principal position for that division. it had been reclassified as part of the budget, investigating the expanded technology work that we need to do that's fundamental it all of our work. and we had a competitive
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position-based or exam-based process for that. as a result of that, steven was the successful candidate and is today moved to an expanded position that recognizes the work and increased responsibility for supervising a broader number of people. the position he was in will be posted. but there is progress. we want to thank doris laura, who has been working with us under the work order for the past year. she's been very much a good and strong and steady ally in moving the process as far as its come. we'll rely on the department of human resources in the coming months to get them past the posts and get people in seats so we can do the job we know we have to do. >> commissioner chiu? >> director pelham, since we're
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losing the services of ms ms. lorio, will it negatively impact the ability to fill the seven positions? since there's salary savings from the oppositioen positions, we engage her for another quarter? >> that's a good suggestion. and we have a meeting to make sure that we identify the needs so we can identify how we need to fill them. we know we need to put resources on them, because when there are exam-based positions, it requires a significant amount of work to accomplish that. our goal is to not let it slip up in any way in terms of priority emphasis. one other note on the budget for the january meeting and now on to february, we would be
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preparing to submit at the end of february, the mayor's office in early december gave us two targets, asking all departments to cut 2.5% in fy, '19 and fy, '20. because we're 90% salaries, we have very little overhead it. would require us to lose positions, in my view, we're ramping up. we need to make sure that the people are in their seats, doing the work, paid to do the work and have the tools to do the work. that will be our budget request that we bring forward to you in january. i'm hopeful with the continued support with the leadership from the board that has embraced this, we'll show that we're a good investment for the work and
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resources that the city has been given us. as we approach the end of the calendar year, i want to convey deep thanks to our staff, who have been working hard to try to support your process and public information. we have some folks here around this table in the room with us, but i wanted to take a note to say how much we have a terrific team and we're very, very pleased to see the work that's being done. we have a lot of work ahead in 2018. i'm hopeful that you share the enthusiasm. and, lastly, obviously, with the mayor's passing this week, the staff and i spent some time reflecting on publicer is vits and significant lifetime service and we share condolences with
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his family and staff and we want to make note what he give to the city and continue to be inspired by those that give a lifetime to public service. wanted to end on that note. >> thank you. commissioners? we'll take public comment. >> i'm bob plantold. some of us on this side of the podium are concerned about the possibility of reduction in budget when, as your director said, trying to ramp up. i think it's still possible to pass the budget at the february meeting if you seek an extension and that's been done a couple of times before by ethics. a meeting on the 16th is close
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enough to the deadline that's been granted before. and i bring that up because i suggested it may be worth looking at how much progress there's been in the last 1 1/2 years towards reducing some of the backlog of complaints, reducing some of the analysis on pending legislation and enforcement proceedings and, therefore, saying we still have staff we need to hire to bring all these backlogs to zero to keep us current and timely, to put out a case that 2.5% per year is inappropriate. it would put you going backwards. it would not keep you where you are. it would push you backwards, if you have a statistical report showing what you have gained and what you need to reduce and, therefore, find a way to impress the supervisors to not cut you by 2.5% to 5%. thank you. >> thank you.
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there being no further -- oh, i'm sorry. mr. bush. pardon me. >> we also want to know on behalf of friends of ethics that we posted on facebook our work we had done with mayor lee going back many years. that he had supported all the ballot members or didn't oppose the ethics ballot measures. my first time of coming to ethics was about 1992, when he was the chief administrative officer to give a tutorial to the ethics staff about how to monitor city contracts in coordination with the ethics commission. he is a man that did understand and support the work we were doing. in terms of the budget, and
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looking ahead, as i recall, budgets are ordinances and you would have the ability to put full funding for next year on the ballot in june to take effect on july 1. and so, might want to have that as a fallback position in the event that it appears that you would reduce the staff or ability to get things done. i certainly support and i think the public will support full funding for ethics. thank you. >> good observation, mr. bush. any further public comment? if not, we'll then move to item 10, discussion possible action regarding status of complaints received or initiated by the ethics commission. commissioner kopp? >> i request a closed session.
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>> is there a second for that request? >> i will second it. >> motion has been made and seconded. we don't need public comment on that, do we? >> i don't think so. >> all those in favor of the motion? we'll get it anyway. >> f.o.e. wants to wish you a happy holiday season. thank you for your amazing work this year and how as a unit you have come together so well. and i think the public is aware of what it is you're doing for the city and i think by in large seeing us on tv is sometimes hard, but they appreciate what it is we're doing. so thank you. >> thank you, charlie. >> and have a good holiday season. and while you're in executive session, i hope somebody brings in a box of cookies or
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something. >> you were going to bring pizza, remember? >> yes, we discussed pizza. >> and i'm sure the chair will deep that germane to item 10 on the calendar. >> yes. christmas cookies >> back in open session for the ethics commission, decemb december session. is there a motion pursuing to what we did in our closed session? >> i would move that we keep the closed session in confidence. >> second? >> second. >> all those in favor of the
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motion? >> aye. >> motion passes unanimously. so we then go to item 11. discussion of possible action of items for future meetings. i think some of the things that have come up tonight indicate things that we'll be doing at future meetings in record to putting matters on the ballot and just listening to what has been said. i would anticipate that in february we would have agendaized putting on the ballot the whistle-blower item and also our ordinance that we passed the last time in -- so that we get it on the ballot, both of them
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on the ballot in june, and have them effective as soon as possible. the third thing, which did come up tonight and i think it would be important, unless we get an indication from the city, the danger of the pudge the of the ethics commission being cut at this point when we've been able to protect it so fiercely the last few years, i think, is fairly substantial. we used to be not protected at all under the former executive director. we've done it with the executive director and also indicating from the commission that we would go forward with an ordinance relating to the budget, if they didn't pass our budget. so i think we ought to think about it, but also adding what was recommended by charlie marsteader, in that we put a
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measure on the ballot in june that the commission be fully funded, because we are now up and running. we're starting to get going, and to have a hole in the budget at this point, would be, i think, very sad thing to happen and destructive thing to happen. i'm just ruminating out loud regarding things that i would like to see perhaps agendaized for february. commissioner kopp? >> commissioner kopp: i never asked the executive director or you, mr. chairman, about a member requesting an item on the agenda. can that be done outside of our public meeting? >> commissioner keane: yeah. a member can request it and then there would be a discussion between director pelham and me
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as chair and the likelihood -- i can't see that i would not exceed to that request. >> commissioner kopp: all right. i will defer until the new year. >> commissioner keane: okay. any other discussion on matters for future meetings? any public comment on that? >> i have one. >> commissioner chiu: wee -- reflecting on the budget, if we were to explore a ballot initiative related to the ethics commission, i would suggest that we explore more broadly. that's not just for this upcoming fiscal year, but that we look at independent funding for the budget, so we won't necessarily always be subject to 5%, 2.5% increase over time, but that's the budgeting process so that the commission could be -- i don't know how it would work
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and that would be the work to be done, would be to have it it on the stand-alone basis and have approval be -- whether it's through a voting mechanism through the public or a mayor, but some alternative mechanism that could preserve the integrity of our budget. as i think back to where we started from when i joined the commission, we were sorely understaffed and have been chroniclely understaffed over the last 12 months. we were able to get increased funding, but with the decrease in fiscal year and subsequent year, it would gut completely the strides we've made in building up the team to do the work. and i take mr. plantead's suggestion to use the data to show the backlog of complaints.
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when we began this work, there were complaints stretching back to 2014 and now we're on the cusp of 2018 and now we don't have things pending from two months ago or two years ago and so that's very powerful evidence to show the resources that the city has committed to us and mayor lee was instrumental in that. when cuts were being asked for across the board, you know, he didn't mandate that we had to go along with those cuts. and i think that's part of his legacy, is the support for the commission and i would like to explore ways in the upcoming couple of months to see whether or not that support can be institutionalized in some legislative fashion that would help to preserve the independence and integrity and
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resources to do the work. >> commissioner keane: you made a very important point about mayor lee. ever since we started to emphasize it to him, he's been responsive to that. now we have a new day and everything starts from zero in san francisco when you get a shake-up like this. and so the new mayor, whatever the board of supervisors's views are, they're not necessarily going to or at all going to reflect what mayor lee's been doing. so these are things, i think, we should definitely do in order to instituti institutionalize what we've done so far. any other thoughts on that? okay. so additional opportunity for public comment on matters appearing or not appearing on the agenda pursuant to ethics
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commission's bylaws article 7, section 2. i see no public comment. and i suggest, commissioners, that someone make a motion to adjourn and adjourn in the memory of mayored lee. and the significant loss of his passing. i knew him since the 1980s and he headed the asian law caucus and i was involved with him in a number of matters over the years. and he's someone who made a big difference in record to our community and i would entertain such a motion. commissioner lee made the motion. >> second.
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>> commissioner keane: all those in favor, aye. >> passes unanimously. best wishes to everybody. >> i would like to say good
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morning, but it's really not a very good morning. welcome to the san francisco county transportation authority for today. it seems like it's been a long day already, tuesday december the 12th. i just want to start the meeting by offering our condolences to the family of edwin lee, the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco and share all of our condolences with people of the city and county of san francisco. i want to thank all of my colleagues on the board, many of whom gathered in the wee hours of this morning at zuckerberg general hospital. with that, our clerk is alberto quintanilla and mr. clerk, if you could please call the roll, we're going to have a very brief
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meeting and then we are going to adjourn to go have a press conference with our acting mayor london breed on the mayor's balcony. >> clerk: item one, commissioner breed, breed absent. commissioner cohen, present. commissioner farrell, present. commissioner fewer, fewer absent. commissioner kim, kim present. commissioner peskin. present. commissioner ronen, present. commissioner safai present, commissioner sheehy, absent. commissioner tang, present commissioner yee. >> commissioner sheehy should be
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named present. commissioner fewer, i spoke to a few hours ago, we'll take that without objection. i'm going to forego the chair support, madam secretary director, are there any items you want to share? any comment on the chair's report or executive director's report. public comment is closed on items 2 and 3. could you read the consent agenda. >> clerk: four to nine consent, items being considered for approval. staff is not planning to present on the items. >> is there any public comment on item four, the minutes of the december 5th meeting? seeing none, public comment is closed. would any member or members like an item severed, if not, a roll call on the consent agenda
10:32 am
please. motion to move the consent agenda made by commissioner yee, seconded by commissioner farrell and on that item, a roll call please. >> clerk: commissioner farrell. aye. commissioner cohen, aye. commissioner ronen, aye. commissioner safai, aye. commissioner sheehy, aye. commissioner tang, aye. commissioner yee, aye. >> could you please read the next item? which seemed very important a week ago. programming of 6.189 and 4.1 for
10:33 am
the prop k. >> good morning commissioners, policy and programming director. last week, at the december 5th board meeting the motion to approve the item did not pass after considerable discussion at the board. the commission generally agrees with the programming of the funds to the street resurfacing but the commissioners couldn't agree on the second part of the recommendation to transfer on the $4 million in prop k funds programmed to street resurfacing to manage lanes environmental phase. the board requested to see more evidence that the managed lanes would improve congestion without
10:34 am
negatively impacting freeway corridors or local streets and a more holistic approach to congestion and other areas of concern. in light of the robust discussion, we have advised staff recommendation to only approve the proposed programming of the state funds to street resurfacing projects and this is a request to approve on first read to meet the state's timeline of december 15th of when we need to submit the applications to the california transportation commission and we would defer action on the fund exchange to provide more time for staff to complete planning studies and address commissioner's concerns. there's a list of street resurfacing projects funded by the state funds and a map that you can't see particularly well -- yes, you can see it.
10:35 am
>> if we were to approve this as revised given the december 15th date, this would be the final approval, not the first read, is that correct? >> that's correct. it would be approval on first read. >> is there a motion? made by commissioner farrell, seconded by commissioner tang. colleagues -- are there any members of the public who would like to testify on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. and on the item as revised, same house, same call, the item is finally approved. next item, please. >> clerk: item 11, programming 2.813.264 to the san francisco municipal transportation agency non infrastructure project, this
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is an action item. >> i want to start by briefly thanking colleague commissioner tang and her staff and my staff who listened to i think very sophisticated discussion we had here a number of months ago. i want to thank tilley chang and the ta staff and miss lafour but particularly commissioner tang, she did a lot of the heavy lifting. with that, commissioner tang? >> thank you. i echo my thanks to the ta staff and as well amber crab as well. i just encourage our colleagues to look through the packet. there is a revised organization chart where you can see the new structure for the program. so we have decided to move
10:37 am
everything to fall under the sfcta because i think it will work more well with the schools and needs brought to our attention and so i think all schools will benefit from this change. we have found a way to address this without reducing any of the funding to the nonprofit partner agencies. i think overall the out come was great and i look forward to continuing the discussion another day. >> thank you commissioner tang. i neglected to thank the mta and department of public health and san francisco unified school district for really coming to quite a number of meetings and being willing albeit with a little reluctance at first, to restructure this. and thank you commissioner tang.
10:38 am
is there a motion to approve item 11 made by commissioner tang. seconded by commissioner yee. any public comment on that item? thank you. thank you to all of the nonprofit participants for your understanding, i know you all got a little nervous at the beginning, but i think you'll see a program that not only allows you and your staff to continue the good work they're doing but will make it a much more efficient program. with that, seeing no public comment. public comment is closed and on the motion, same house, same call, item 11 is approved. mr. logan, would you upset if we continued item 12? all right. is there any public comment on -- would you read item 12 alberto. >> clerk: update on the
10:39 am
transportation network company landscape and regulation in california and across the country. >> is there public comment on item 12? seeing none, public comment is closed. is there a motion to move to the first meeting in january. we'll take it without objection. is there introduction of new items? seeing none, any public item on said item. no. is there any general public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed and we'll adjourn the meeting in the memory of edwin lee, the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco, we're adjourned. ♪
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>> good morning and welcome to the treasure island mobility management agency meeting of december 12th. mr. clerk, can you call the roll? >> clerk: commissioner breed, breed absent. commissioner cohen. present. commissioner farrell, absent. commissioner fewer absent. commissioner kim. present. commissioner peskin. present. commission
10:41 am
commissioner ronen absent. commissioner safai present. commissioner yee, present we have a co have quorum. >> we have a motion to excuse commissioner fewer and seconded by commissioner yee. >> motion to excuse commissioner breed. >> we'll take this motion first, do we need to take a roll call on the motion? that motion passes without objection. commissioner peskin has made a motion to excuse commissioner breed. we have a second from commissioner yee and we can do that without objection. items two and three. >> clerk: items two and three, information item and executive director's report and
10:42 am
information item. >> i want to recognize my colleagues for your service, i will not read out a full report and moving to director tang for executive director's report. >> deferred. >> thank you. you'll post the executive director's report online. can we take public comment on items two and three. public comment is closed. mr. clerk items four and five. >> clerk: four and five compromise the consent calendar, considered routine. staff is not planning to present but are prepared to present if desired. if a member objects, they can be removed and considered separately. >> thank you mr. clerk. can we please take a motion on these two items?
10:43 am
okay. commissioner tang has made a motion to move this forward with recommendation, do we have a second? commissioner yee. and we can do it without objection. item six mr. clerk. >> clerk: authorize executive director transit district, this is an action item. >> we have rachel hyatt to present briefly on the item. >> if you want me to present i can. >> just a quick summary. >> as we plan to implement service on treasure island in 2020, the committee made a change to strike a reference to the trans bay fare and will work on that before bringing it to
10:44 am
the board for adoption. the transit board did adopt the agreement back in june and clarified some maintenance responsibilities and layover facilities in oakland in the agreement. >> thank you miss hyatt. at this time we'll open for public comment on item six. seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. mr. clerk, same house, same call, we can do it without objection. mr. clerk, can you please call items seven and eight. >> introduction of new items. item eight public comment. >> colleagues any commissions would like to make comments on items or introduce or request items for future considerations. seeing none, we'll open up for general public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. clerk, are there any other items before the board? >> no other items. >> meeting is adjourned.
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>> good morning, everybody. thank you all for being here on this mournful day. as i'm sure you all know, our may mayor, mayor edwin m. lee passed awau early this morning at zuckerberg san francisco general. he was 65 years old.
10:46 am
i want to thank dr. susan orlick who is here with us today and the dedicated professional who is cared for the mayor last night. our thoughts and prayers are with mayor lee's wife anita and his daughters tanya and brianna at this time. when he passed, mayor lee was surrounded by his family, by his friends, and the colleagues who loved him. ed lee lived a life of service cut far too short, but short far too soon. like me, ed grew up in public housing. the son of working class immigrant immigrants, he developed early on a profound sense of community. a commitment to helping others. his father was a veterans, and his mother a seamstress. they instilled in him a humility and self-lest work ethic that he maintained throughout his entire life. the mayor's father passed while
10:47 am
he was just a teenager, but heart break could not derail him. ed earned a scholarship from boden college a prestigious liberal arts college in maine, and after graduating, he relocated to the bay area where, like so many of us, he fell in love with the city that he would call home for the rest of his life. he attended balt law school at the university of california-berkley and joined the asian law caucus. ed lee fought against discrimination, working on the front lines to keep tenants from being evicted. he was, from the dawn of his career, an advocate for the powerless and the voice for the overlooked.
10:48 am
as a director of the human rights commission and the director of the department of public works and our city administrator and as mayor, we tend to forget, but when mayor lee was apointed in 2011. he face d tremendous challenges in this city. he believed everyone should have an opportunity to have a good job with a good wage. and in san francisco and he believed everyone should have a secure place to call home which is why one of his first
10:49 am
campaigns was for the housing trust fund that has invested millions of dollars in rehabilitate i rehabilitating affordable and efforts to rehabilitate and rebuild over 7,000. he always said he didn't want folks like him and me to be known as public housing resident, but to be known as san san francisco residents. and those suffering from mental health and substance abuse. and he explored every option and embraced any idea that could help move people off the streets into safe, stable situations. where they could be on the right path to health and recovery. mayor lee believed in the power
10:50 am
of opportunity. a rebuilt home, a reborn community, could inspire individuals to reach for their dreams just like he had. he believed in the city where a poor kid from public housing could become mayor. ed was not a politician. he did not always deliver the best sound bite or carry the room with unspoken charisma. flash never mattered to him. disagreements never deterred him. he was humble and determined no matter the job he held, he was fair and collaborative no matter the heat of the moment. what mattered most to him always was helping his fellow sanfranciscans and occasionally delivering the almost perfectly timed corny joke. mayor lee endured many tough political battles, but they never -- they never dimmed his
10:51 am
spirit. opponents may have disagreed with him on policy, but everyone agrees that our mayor was a good man with a good heart. he believed above all else in building bridges and solving problems. everyone who had the pleasure of working with mayor lee will miss him tremendously. from the members of the board of supervisors who are here with me today to the community advocates who worked alongside him, and the san francisco residents for whom he served with all his might. the flags in our city will fly half mast for the next 30 days. our first chinese american mayor, a man who has left an immeasurable legacy for the city and county of san francisco. and i now must assume the responsibility, and i ask for your patience and i ask for your
10:52 am
support. and i ask for your prayers. our city's values have never been more important, and in the months ahead, let's carry on in mayor lee's honor. he has earned our affection because he was one of the sweetest men any of us have ever known. and he will be truly missed. thank you, all, for being here. and we will have dr. erlick talk about what happened at the hospital. [please stand by]
10:53 am
and we attempted life-saving measures for several hour. he died at 1:11 on the morning of tuesday, december 12, this morning. we expect the medical examiner to determine the cause of death and his family has asked that we share no further medical can information at this time because of state and federal privacy laws. we need to respect their wishes. thank you very much. >> thank you, doctor. and i want to thank all of the department heads, all the city staff, all the commissioners and elected officials, our lieutenant governor and former ma -- mayor, gavin newsome is
10:54 am
here, thank you all for being here to bring the city together at this trying time. i'd like to ask our city attorney to talk specifically about what comes next. as you all know, i am currently the acting mayor and will assume that responsibility and our city attorney can provide further details as to what will happen in the months to come. >> thank you, ma dad mayor. i would first like to echo the sentiments and the condolences of mayor breed and dr. ehrluches and the entire community about the profound sense of loss that all of us feel on the passing of mayor lee and i'd like to offer my condolences spufically to his wife and family and just to let them all know that i hope -- i know that the entire city family will be there for them as they go through this difficult time. you heard dr. ehrlich talk
10:55 am
about mayor lee passing at 1:11 this morning. under charter section 13.101.5b, at that time board president london breed assumed the duties of acting mayor. she has all the powers and responsibilities that come with the office. and she will have all of those duties until such time as the board of supervisors votes on a successor, should they choose to do so. although they are not required to do so. in any event, there will be an election june 5, 2018 where the next mayor will be chosen to fulfill the unexpired term of mayor lee and that term will end on january 8. 2020. that is a very broad overview of where we are now.
10:56 am
mayor breed has all the powers and responsibilities and duties of acting mayor. by virtue of her position as board president. and what occurs over the course of the next several months will be derped by what actions, if any, the board of supervisors chooses to take. with that, i'd be happy to take any questions that anybody has about the process. >> reporter: [inaudible] will the board of supervisors voting on this matter today? >> no, they will not be. >> reporter: what was the question? >> will the board of supervisors be voting on this matter today and the answer is no. >> reporter: is there a timeframe for the board to vote on an interim mayor? >> the board does not have to talk any action and there is not a timeline. and for that entire period of time, should they choose not to take any action, mayor breed will be both the acting mayor
10:57 am
and the president of the board of supervisors. she has her position as acting mayor by virtue of her position as president of the board. >> reporter: so, just to clarify, there will be no additional [inaudible] appointed? >> there will not be. mayor breed has both positions. she still continues to have her board of supervisors position and president of the board and she is the acting mayor. >> yes. i have a question. in june of 2018, when does the new candidate have to have their filings for the election? >> yes. that -- that is something that obviously has not been top on our list. but that is something that we're examining, filing deadlines. we've been focusing on making sure that we had a smooth transition to ensure that there
10:58 am
was a continuity in city government. >> reporter: so there's nothing in the charter that indicates that at all? >> i've given my answer. >> any other questions for mayor breed? >> reporter: as acting mayor, do you have any plans for the [inaudible]. >> [inaudible]. >> our city attorney has already made that clear for now. i am currently still the supervisor of district five as well as the acting mayor until at such time the board decides if they would like to make a
10:59 am
decision to select someone to fill the term until the next election. >> one more question. >> reporter: can you talk about personally what he meant to you. anything you can learn from him? the biggest legacy for the city will be? >> i worked with and have known mayor ed lee for over 20 years and what i appreciate about the mayor is his commitment to public housing mostly because when i became a member of the board of supervisors, i made it clear that was -- he asked my top three priorities and i said public housing, public housing, public housing. as someone who grew up here and spent most my life there, mayor lee, very similar situation, we bonded over that. and looking at robert pitts and looking at it going from this
11:00 am
place that was completely falling apart to just painted walls and new fixtures and how beautiful it looks and the fact that he really was stead do you on helping to make this happen is really what i will always remember about him. his commitment to tune out the noise and focus on trying to get the job done and i really will always appreciate him for taking my praourty seriously and helping to get that work done. he was a dedicated and committed public servant and i will never forgot him for that. thank you, tara. >> thank you, everybody. that concludes the press conference.


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