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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 29, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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the argument. we need it look at whether additional notice was ill possible. the bill said it was at that time. so until the petitioner shows that there had been a return notice, it doesn't make sense that argue that the tax collector should have done more to provide notice. there was no opportunity for him to do so. respectfully, i urge you to delay your decision until conclusive evidence is provided in order for you to makes an informed decision rather than rush into a decision that would harm the public trust and fair government process of san francisco. thank you. >> councillor breed: thank you for your comments. there seems to be no other members of the public. >> clerk: please step up, sir.
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>> i'd like to have a moment of silence for mayor lee. i was shocked to hear that he passed away. i personally loved mayor lee, his wife, anita, and his two daughters. the last time i talked to mayor lee, it was not a very nice conversation. but i'd like to have a moment of silence for mayor lee, and for that little 8-year-old boy, gabriel, who has murdered by his father because he thought he was gay. so, moment of silence, please.
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>> thank you. miss canada, and i have a picture, if you can show it on the overboard, please, 100-year-old woman lived right across the street from ms. breed. in my opinion, was taken with a noose from her house and she died. but after she died, she was left in a cold freezer for one month
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because the family couldn't afford to get her out of storage to bury her. that's the legacy of lee and breed. no way. >> clerk: thank you for your public comment. madam president? next speaker, please. >> um, i guess my condolences to the family for ed lee's passing. i guess we're talking about homelessness again and i have to go back to, who is monitoring in the city and county of san francisco the standards of care? i -- i would like some type of answer from city officials.
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right now, i'm under the impression it's nobody. they don't monitor standards of care. my other problem is, there's been declared a state of emergency regarding homelessness. when you have a state of emergency, it's more intense. i would like to believe that we can get reports as to what jeff kazinski is doing. is he providing more housing or is he living off the coat tails of what was done? i would appreciate if you would start asking some questions. i'm wondering about -- i guess i'm just very, very traumatized because i'm a victim of how the shelters abuse people and get a
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free pass. the committee doesn't have the tools to properly monitor the shelters. i mean, if a crime happens in a shelter and the shelter monitoring gets it, all they can do is issue a report. they don't have -- they can't interview staff. they can't get video. i mean, they're under the whim of -- >> clerk: thank you, sir, for your questions. madam president? >> councillor breed: any other members of the public that would like to provide public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed. madam clerk, let's go to the closed session, please. >> clerk: item 38, approved on october 21, 2017, continued from december 5, 2017. authorizing the board of supervisors to convene in closed
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session today, december 12, at 3:00 p.m. with the department of human resources regarding the labor negotiate augustses of the open labor contracts. >> councillor peskin: in light of the mayor's passing, i would like to continue this item to our meeting of january 9. >> councillor breed: supervisor peskin has made a motion. seconded. can we take the continuance without objection? it passes unanimously. madam clerk, let's go to those items for adoption without reference to committee. >> clerk: items 63 to 66 considered for adoption. roll call vote on items. if a supervisor does not agree, an item can be severed, considered separately. >> councillor breed: roll call vote.
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>> councillor farrell: aye. >> councillor kim: aye. >> councillor peskin: aye. >> councillor ronen: aye. >> councillor safai: aye. >> councillor sheehy: aye. >> councillor yee: aye. >> councillor breed: aye. >> councillor cohen: aye. >> clerk: nine ayes. >> councillor breed: those items adopted unanimously. >> clerk: on behalf of supervisor tang, for the late mr. michael r. barton, david a. wong, dana denise faulkner, mr. j.b. rumbug, and mr. james
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semiera. on behalf of supervisor yee and in addition to supervisor tang and mr. della cruz, and for donna lindh murphy and motion made on behalf of the entire board of supervisors for the 43rd mayor of san francisco, honorable mayor edwin lee. >> councillor breed: thank you, colleagues this brings us to the end of our agenda. madam clerk, any further business before us today? >> clerk: that concludes our business. >> councillor breed: colleagues, we're adjourned. happy holidays. and we'll see you next year.
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welcome back the san francisco board of supervisors and thank you to everyone for their patience as we get -- got clarity on exactly what we need to do as it relates to making certain amendments. i would like to acknowledge that we are -- have been rejoined by supervisor cohen. with that, supervisor tang, you have proposed amendments? >> supervisor tang: yes, thank you. and i do want to call up the project sponsors, because i'm open to amending the hour conditions that i have
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originally proposed 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., as we stated with the supervisor peskin, it would not impact delivery. so simply the operations of the store front for patients would be 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., is that something you'd be ok with? >> president breed: can you start over? >> we'd definitely be open to that, we have a lot of respect for you, the neighborhoods, the neighbors and merchants and we just want to be as positive influence as we can so definitely 9 to 9. >> supervisor tang: this is a fine compromise, saving off hour in the beginning and the end, but it would mean a lot to the community. with that, i would like to make a motion -- >> president breed: excuse me, i was told i need to make clarification we had excused supervisor cohen and she is no
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longer excused because she is present. supervisor tang. >> supervisor tang: i would like this make the motion to insert this condition into items 24 and 28. and it would be rescinded after one year, because we did not want that to come back as cu, but would be evaluated by the office of cannabis. >> president breed: mr. city attorney, is that ok? >> i believe the plan was to do these conditions motions now and then once you've decided on whatever conditions you're going to impose, then you adopt 24 and 28 subject to the amendments. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor tang made a motion, seconded by the supervisor yee, can we take that without objection? without objection the amendment passes. >> supervisor safai: i want to
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clarify 24 and 28, the way i read it, maybe that's why you were side barring, seemed -- you said -- >> >> president breed: 24 and 28 are the ammed items. -- amended items. item 23 and 27, if we -- those are the specific approvals of the planning department and to uphold the planning department's -- well can i'll let the city attorney explain. it's lengthy. so if you could explain specifically the difference between 23, 27 and 24 and 28 and why those were amended instead of 23 and 27. >> because you're adding additional additions to the conditional use authorization that the planning department approved, you need to disapprove that the conditional use and approve a new conditional use with the additional conditions that you're adding. so the two motions that have
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been passed, you can now approve items number 24 and 28, a motion disproving the decision of the manning commission, approving the cu application identified and approving conditional use fort same planning case for the additional two conditional conditions that the board has already improved. >> thank you for the clarification. >> supervisor safai: that makes sense. >> president breed: supervisor farrell? >> supervisor farrell: if no other comments, what i would like this do is make a motion to move forwards times 24 and 28 and table 25, 27, 29? >> president breed: motion to move 24 and 28 as amended and table 23, 24, 27, and 29. is there a second?
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seconded by supervisor cohen. madame clerk on the motion, please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you, madame president, you did see item 24 to table, but i think you meant 25. >> president breed: 24 and 28 as amended, 23, 25, 27 and 29 to table. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor cohen aye. farrell aye. fewer aye. kim aye. peskin? >> can i make a motion to rescind the vote -- then no. peskin no. ronen aye. safai aye. sheehy?
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aye. tang no. yee aye. breed aye. there are nine ayes and two nos with peskin and in the dissent. i'd to make a motion to rescind the vote. i want to hear the motion one more time. >> president breed: is there a second. without objection the vote has been rescinded. >> supervisor peskin: let me restate, item 23 tabled, item 24 as twice amended, 9 a.m. 9 p.m. delivery and urging onsite consumption, in a year, urging in essence. item 25 is not tabled. the trouble i had was that i heard that there was a motion to
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table item 25. mr. rossi? is that your name? >> my understanding is the last time that the board amended cu like this, they did not require the -- the board wants to direct the clerk to prepare findings, it's usually the typical practice in these cases. >> clerk: essentially the last time we did this, the way mr. givner did it was in the same way, we tabled the findings because the cu has findings contained in it. >> i would like to preserve the right to prepare findings. and if those findings are identical to the findings that are in, i want them, but if we're going to take this action, i would like to this to be legally sound. i am not a lawyer, i play one on tv, but i would not like to table item 25.
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i would go with the motion, but it's to approve 24 and amended, to table 23, to approve 25, to table 27, to approve 28 as amended and to approve 29. >> ok. >> president breed: so, can we have clarity, so there shouldn't be issues as it relates to the preparation of the findings. >> the preparation of the findings would be to support the additional conditions that the board is imposing. >> president breed: so there shouldn't be a problem based on the intent of what the board would like to do. >> supervisor farrell: i'll remake the motion. motion to table item 23, approve
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24 as amended, approvetime 25, table item 27, item 28 as anded. approve -- >> president breed: approved. keeping the findings on both. >> president breed: all right, i think we got it. is there a second? seconded by supervisor yee. madame clerk, the motion to approve 24 as anded, 25, 28 as amended, 29 and table items 27, and 23, has been moved and seconded. madame clerk on the motion, please call the roll. cohen aye. farrell aye. fewer aye. kim aye. peskin aye. ronen aye.
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safai aye. sheehy aye. tang no. yee aye. breed aye. there are ten ayes with one no and tang in the dissent. >> president breed: the motion passes. let's go to items for adoption. >> we have a closed session to dispense of. >> president breed: we do, but we have to take public comment. just for clarity, we're doing with the irving street, congratulations. thank you. now is the opportunity for the public -- >> president breed: to members of the public, can you please take your conversations outside? thank you very much. we still have business to conduct at the board of supervisors. thank you all for your patience and being here.
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ok. madame clerk. >> clerk: it's now the opportunity for the public to address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the minutes and items 39 and 40. >> president breed: can members here from the public, we still have business to conduct. we ask that you please exit the chambers quietly. madame clerk. >> clerk: public comment is not allowed when an item has been previous subject to public comment pursuant to the board's rules, direct to the board as a whole, not individuals. if you'd like to display your document, please clearly state such to sfg tv and remove the document. >> president breed: thank you, first speaker, please. >> thank you, president breed, ladies and gentlemen of the board, i ask for your
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resignations. you violated your oaths of office. you swore to defend the u.s. constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, yet you continue operation of city-wide case management focus here after city-wide, a joint project with the campus of the university of california approximately, $100 million a year. city-wide is a community treatment program, as such it is responsible for medicating and performing involuntary and medical procedures upon residents of the city and county. it is able to do this by denying its patients life and liberty without -- life and liberty without due process of law guaranteed by constitution amendment five. city wide denies its patients. freedom of association and the right to petition the government with grievances.
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city wide perpetrates searches and seizures. city wide denies the patients the right to confront the accusers. city wide denies the patients the right to injury trials. city wide compacts cruel and unusual punishment. city wide denies its patients personal security and bodily integrity. city wide uses medicine to control patients unnecessarily, because it offers no avenue of complaint. city wide denies its patients equal treatment under the laws. you're knowledgeable of the violations, but you do nothing to prevent them, therefore you have violated your oaths of office. i ask for your resignation. you misspelled my name on two of the meetings. >> president breed: thank you. next speaker.
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>> madame president, i haven't been here for a while, i was on jury duty, a panel of 24 people. i was having a cat fight with other lawyers. i didn't wind up on the jury. but it was on the panel with 24 people and of 24, only one did not have a college degree. there were four ph.d. a bio chemist on one side of me and engineer on the other. we started to talk before the hearing and we start to talk and the chemical normal says in your time in san francisco there must be a lot of changes. i guess she's talking about the loss of families or low-income people, but i think that you have to stay with the really important things that are actually happening and the really important thing that has been happening the temperature has been going up. you still have to wear a jacket in the winter time. when i came here, you could go
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down to the beach and catch a bunch of fish, now you might catch one, but you couldn't eat it. that's what we should be focusing on. that our ability to sustain ourselves. i mean that's the most important thing. you know. so. that's my biggest thing, spending hours about a store front on irving street when there are a lot of bigger things we should be talking about. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, my first time speaking here. it's not a good occasion. a couple of years ago a law enforcement patrol agent was stoned to death by foreign nationals who crossed illegally.
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and those killers along with other murderers, rapists, child molesters, human traffickers they're going to a sanctuary city over jurisdictions that don't harbor criminal and respects the law enforcement. i find it incredibly, i don't get it how you can prioritize any foreigner that is in our country illegally and prioritize them over american citizens, it's a disgrace. i don't think any of you would sacrifice your sisters, daughters, wives and put them on the politically correct sacrificial altar. i'm going to lobby the federal government to come after you to allow this to happen for civil and criminal penalties and i think you have kate steinly's blood all over your hands,
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you're fake feminists and i'm the only one speaking. her last word was daddy help me, as she bled out. i'm the only one standing up for the poor girl. it's disgusting. >> president breed: any other members? >> president breed: thank you, madame clerk. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: i just wanted to make motion to continue item 21 to the meeting of december 12th. >> president breed: i forgot. seeing no other members of the public who would like to provide public comment, it's now closed. >> supervisor peskin: i would like to continue item 21, the closed session negotiation to our meeting of next week, december 12th. >> president breed: do you want to do it to a time certain? >> supervisor peskin: it was a special order 3 p.m., i think
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there is another, so both scheduled at 12 -- on the 12th at 3:00 p.m. >> president breed: ok. supervisor peskin has made a motion to continue item 21 to next week's meeting of -- what is the date? december 12th. 2017. seconded by supervisor kim. colleagues, can we take -- oh, supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer: yes, i just have a question. would we be able to move this -- continue this item to the first meeting in january? >> supervisor peskin: this is actually the second, or through the president to supervisor fewer, this is the second in a series of ongoing closed sessions about all of the open contracts, so i think it would be important for the board to have it. i understand that you won't be at that meeting, but there will be other meetings after it. so i think it's important we
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check in december as the necks are happening -- negotiations are happening and i will continue it to another date certain after the one on tuesday? >> supervisor fewer: ok. >> president breed: any public comment on the continuance. seeing none, public comment is closed. can we take the continuance with objection? it's continued to the meeting of december 12, 2017. madame clerk. let's go to the items for adoption without reference to committee. >> clerk: there are two items, a resolution to declare september 42017 through december 8 as cancer screening week and establish the regular meeting schedule. >> president breed: item 39, can we take that same house, same call? without objection?
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the resolution is adopted unanimously. and madame clerk, on item 40, do you need to call that item? >> clerk: motion to establish the 2018 board of supervisors regular meeting schedule. >> president breed: i want to discuss that item. [laughter] look, you guys have been listening, and i want to discuss our schedule for next year. so, colleagues, this -- you received over the past couple of weeks, a schedule for 2018 and i'm hoping that each of you had a chance to review it. but i want to talk specifically about november and wanted to propose that we make a change to the proposed schedule for november. the reason why our clerk
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suggested that we have a meetingen the 6 act and the 20th instead of the weeks of the holidays is because there was a desire not to have a two-week gap in between meetings. and i wanted to express that i don't have a problem with two-week gap between meetings, so my preference that we change the november date to the dates we take off to the meeting of the 14th and the meeting of the 21st. i'd like to make that proposal. i'm looking at 2017, sorry. thank you. so, i would propose that we take off the 13th and the 20th, unless anyone has any objections, but i also want to let you all know, november 6 is
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election day. and this past year, we didn't necessarily have an election, but next year we will. so november is just all jacked up. so if we want to propose not to have as many meetings in the month of november as possible, i'm completely open to that. so i just wanted to shine a light on the issue so we can make decisions, because from my experience of being on the board of supervisors, over the past couple of years, when i first joined the board, there was a meeting the week of thanksgiving and that was a little bit problematic because of people's travel plans. there was a meeting during election day, and that was problematic. so you know, i just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention, just -- we don't necessarily having to have all of the meetings in november, but if there is a need for a particular issue that might be delayed for whatever reason, we can always call a special
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meeting. so i just want to put it out there. and get some feedback from everyone else on what your thoughts are around eliminating a few meetings during the month of november and so with that, i only see one name on the roster. supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: thank you. i'm fine with that. if we want to have two weeks, just because of the calendar and we want to be here on the 6th and not have a meeting on the 13th and 20th, i'm fine unless people have issue with it. i'm happy to have the motion and move it on. >> president breed: and 6th is election day. i wanted to hear from other members of the board on thoughts around whether there should meeting on the 6th. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: put your name on the roster if you have opinion. i heard all the nos from the sidelines.
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you have the floor. >> supervisor safai: i'm sorry, i just wanted to say i appreciate you catching that. i didn't realize that in the draft that came out for next year. as somebody that has two school-aged children it's helpful to have the week, now that the schools are shut down in san francisco, it's really helpful to have that week off, so i appreciate you making that change. >> president breed: so you definitely wan the 20th off? >> supervisor safai: definitely the 20th off. >> president breed: and any preference as it relates to the other date? >> supervisor safai: i hear what you say for election date. can we have a half meeting -- a half day. >> president breed: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i've never understood why the board meets on election day. we encourage people to engage civically.
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my preference, although i won't be having election, but instead meet on the week of veterans. i would be fearful of having only one board meeting in the month of november. but we did have a shorter meeting on the election day. i'm open to both, but the preference is to meet on the 13 and 27th? >> president breed: supervisor kim, i would agree with you, it would be the 13 and 27th >> supervisor cohen: i'm happy to do meeting on election day, but perhaps not a hearing. be mindful of what we put on the forward calendar. >> president breed: i don't know if it's possible, it's what we're required to do by law, it's unpredictable. >> it is, but we can be mindful. thank you. >> supervisor tang: i want to support supervisor kim that we
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meet on 13th. the first tomb i ran for office, i was two hours late to my own party. so not meet on election day. >> supervisor ronen: i want to echo support for supervisor kim. >> president breed: supervisor kim, is that a motion? >> supervisor kim: yes. >> president breed: supervisor kim has made a motion we meet on the 13th and 27th of november and we remove the 6th and the 20th of november from the calendar. madame clerk? >> clerk: the other thing you have to add to the motion is notion suspend the rules because it is requirement of the rules you meet on the 20th not the 27th. >> president breed: what do you mean? >> clerk: the reason it's list is because the board rules say they shall not meet the week after thanksgiving. >> president breed: who put that
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in the rules? ok. so i will amend my motion to amend to include a motion to suspend the board rules for the week of november 13th. >> clerk: the week of the 27th. >> supervisor kim: ok, the week of the 27th. i understand now. >> president breed: sounds like something supervisor peskin did when he was president. with that, [laughter] supervisor kim has made a motion and i think seconded by supervisor farrell, colleagues, can we take that without objection. without objection the amendment passes. on the calendar, colleagues, can we take the same house same call. without objection the motion as amended is approved unanimously. >> in memoriam, today's meeting is adjourned in memory of president breed for the late
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miss ester laudher and at the suggestion of supervisor cohen and the entire board, for the late ms. lorraine taylor. >> president breed: this brings us to the end of the agenda. madame clerk, any further business before us today? >> clerk: that concludes business for today. >> president breed: we are adjourned everyone, thank you.
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>> good afternoon, welcome to the land use and transportation committee. the last one for the calendar year of 2017. for today -- [applause] monday, december 11, i am the acting chair of the committee, aaron peskin, joined by committee member supervisor katie tang, our clerk is mr. victor young. mr. young, do you have any announcements? >> yes. please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. complete your speaker cards and any documents to be included as par of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the january 9, 2018 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. mr. chair, would you like to take any action regarding the
4:39 am
absence -- >> we will indeed, make a motion to excuse chair farrell. >> moved. >> moved by supervisor tang and take that without objection. i would like to thank the folks at sfgov tv for all of their work in 2017, live streaming the land use and other committees of the board w. that, mr. young, could you please read the first item? >> item number one is the resolution renaming the 600 block of stevenson street to oddfellows way to recognize the historic significance of the architectural and cultural contributions of the oddfellows have made to the city and county of san francisco. >> ms. lopez, on behalf of the sponsor, supervisor jane kim, the floor is yours. >> great. thank you, supervisors. i'm here today before you on behalf of supervisor kim, supervising a resolution to rename the 600 block of stevenson street to oddfellows way in recognition of the oddfellows order which are on
4:40 am
that street and doing a lot of giveback. the first high light is the stewardship of the street itself, caring and taking care of the alleyway in an area which is often difficult to care for as well as their arts giveback. as you know, that particular building is not only a historical resource center, the market street theater and lost district, it would [inaudible] on the interiors of that building. there is a lot of art and history happening right now. richard perry, one of gentlemen championing the renaming for quite a while, is one of artists in that building along with alonzo lei intersections, king ballet. they're very much an art cultural hub in the district and something we want to continue to preserve. this has been an educational moment for me. i have learned a lot about the oddfellows, in particular the terminology itself came from a time where there is a lot of sort of rigid thinking around class structure during the air of industrialization and i learned that oddfellows itself comes from the mixing of social classes and from the mixing of people and so it's an
4:41 am
organization that is inclusive and open to many and is focused on giveback and charity work. one of the things that they also do is they have our community courts there in that building. so, we do appreciate that. that building has also been a partner in our city to deal with conflict in the neighborhood. so we got a lot of letters of support that should be part of your general packet. some of the letters include some of our former supervisors, including matt gonzalez. and before i take up anymore time at the podium, i know we have quite a few individuals ready to give public testimony so i'd rather hear from the community rather than myself in terms of renaming of the street. thank you. and one more thing. in the record, we also have our letters from public works and fire department and the police department in regards to the renaming. thank you. >> thank you, ms. lopez. and thank you for that. and while this street and building are in district six, i want to say that richard,
4:42 am
a.k.a. lucky, perry is actually a district three resident and, as you said, ms. lopez has long championed this on behalf of the iooaf, a storied organization that exists in san francisco since the days of the gold rush and, as you said, has been really a profoundly important civic organization. including as set forth in the resolution and the encouragement of literacy. so, with that, we will open it up to public comment and ask our first speaker to be richard a.k.a. lucky perry who is a renowned artist in his own rite and has his art studio in said building. mr. perry, please come on up. and congratulations for your dogged determination in convincing the district six office and my colleague supervisor kim to -- for this to the board of supervisors. >> thank you for the kind
4:43 am
comments. as you said, my name is richard perry. but i just have to make one correction. it's spelled perri, not y. that is something i've been dealing with my whole life so far. so, anyway. >> i've been aware of that for many decades. >> ok. but i noticed on the thing it says -- >> oh, on the screen. sorry. got it. >> ok. so, with regards to the street naming change and the reasons why, it's primarily because of the presence and the contributions that the oddfellows have made to the architecture and to the benefit of the community, and san francisco as a whole. you know? the cultural and community benefits that we provided. just to give you a brief history, as you mentioned, the odd fellows have been established here in san francisco for -- on september 9, 1849. and in 1885 is when we built
4:44 am
the building in that section. as a result, though, of earthquake we had to raze that building and sacrificed the building for a fireline. but the contributions that the odd fellows have made just generally is that they had a cemetery here. the column bering was initiated by the odd fellows, a crematorium, library, literary club as well as a bank and we have aided the community in many times of distress in many ways. some of our members are noticeable to the city. sam brennan, charles deyoung, maynard stanford, geary and samuel hail parker and also wyatt earp was also a member of the organization. today the membership is wide and inclusive and includes all races, colors, creeds, gender and any sexual orientation is invited. today the building still holds
4:45 am
a prominent position in the neighborhoods. we have -- it is a totally arts related building on the area between 6th and 9th street and i am there, i've been there for over 20 years. there are other artists there. there are writers. peter seller two is a famous historian and novelist who's written a book about the history of oddfellows in san francisco. and we're actively involved in the community and we've improved the appearance of the neighborhood. i can go on and on. but i'll leave the rest of these comments up to the other people that are up to talk. but i thank you for your time and attention and appreciate it. and, yes, i am district three and happy to be there. >> thank you, richard. >> one other thing. we are in the south pole, too. we have -- there was a man who went down to the south pole. his name is robert swann. and he wore a patch of the odd fellows so now we'll even down in the south pole as well. >> i love i. any other members of the public
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who would like to testify on item number one? please come forward. >> my name is brian schlesinger. i've been a member of odd fellows for 25 years. as a resident of the organization, i wish to give my whole hearted support for the street change. since 1885, the order has been a long-standing occupant of the corner of market street and stevenson street. since the time the organization has created greatly to city of san francisco providing relief to sick, distressed, widows and indin now. -- indigenous. an example of this is a gathering for the homeless, mothers, things of that nature. we support that. we support the mission to feed the homeless and we do this annually in churches and during holiday season. we purchase supplies and
4:47 am
assemble tube socks and toiletries for the homeless. we have a did versusty of membership of odd fellows. we're artistic and cultural building that provides the city of san francisco a totally arts-related building. we have a rich history in san francisco. you can see that by visiting our museum. we also do things for the s.f. food bank of san francisco. a large venture which we participate at least twice per year. we also help the children psychological center provide assistance to the children directly traumatized by natural disasters. we also donate to red cross, project open hand, salvation army, harbor lights program, homeless children and network. we plan to be here for a long, long time.
4:48 am
thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is peter sellers, the building manager of the odd fellows building. been there 19 years. and have sought through the transformation of that building when it was on its way out. and what i believe and what we're not mentioning here is we have 1300 members of the organization here in the city where eight lodges are doing those things that brian schlessinger just mentioned and we're doing so much more. we have given to the pets unlimited, the spca, you name it. aids foundation. you name it, we support those entities. my lodge, number 15, is housed in that building and we're committed. we only give contributions and donations in our efforts to community-based organizations. so we don't take that outside
4:49 am
the city of san francisco. and i ream want to em size the diversity of our organization. we're not the odd fellows of 50 yearsing a, we're the san francisco group that have come together in the name of odd fellows. so, we are -- we have every representation in our organization. every representation and i'm very proud of that. i'm very proud of the work we do. to the pasht of taking on what is now stevenson street to that street to kind of keep the hundred or so syringes we pick up each day off of that street. that is one of the biggest nuisances we have. i heard that we're all -- an all arts buildingment we're not quite there. we do rent to c.v.s. pharmacy. we are 80% arts, fraternal
4:50 am
organization, nonprofits. 80% and that is if keeping with something i worked out years ago when i was on the steering community for the community benefits district. that we brought in. so, we are quite active. thank you. >> thank you for your testimony and for your work. next eke spaoer, please. >> hello, my name is pam hag an. we have been in attendance at the odd fellow's building since 2002. 15 years now. our ability to move our studios from the old building we used to be out at 50 oak was -- we thought it was impossible to do until we met peter sellers and were introduced to his building and it became possible to have the full group of people that were part of our organization, move to this new location. odd fellows are not only doing things in the past, but they
4:51 am
are so actively doing things moving forward and the support of arts in the very civic center, the center of the city, a difficult area now and it is beginning to prosper. a lot of arts groups may be finding themselves priced out of the place all together. that is not the case as tenants of odd fellows. they're very supportive. we have not only the performance company that's actually on tour right now in france, but we also have b.f.a. program with the dominican university of california. we have a training program for students who don't want to go through a college experience. we have open classes available to both cities. we have community programs that we take out to schools both in san francisco and the surrounding bay area. we have lots of students that come in from our summer program. that we audition from all over the country and people come. some come from foreign countries even to be part of it.
4:52 am
so we feel like a strong part of the community. i think they deserve all the recognition they can get. thank you. >> thank you. next eke spaoer, please. >> hello, supervisors. my name is jane. and i'm here to voice my support for the name change at the 600 block of stevenson to odd fellows way. i am the president of the homeowners association of a 250-unit mixed use building. our front entrance is on mission between 7th and 8th. but our back entrance is on the 600 block of stevenson. we walk that way to get to market street. right now this block is a shooting gallery with open, intravenous drug use all day long and it is dirty and frightening. imagine walking along with your child, a 9-year-old, and explain what that man is doing putting a needle into his neck.
4:53 am
around the corner at 7th and market in front of c.v.s. is an open market for stolen goods and drugs. we're working with the police, the pay your and the odd fellows but that area is worse than ever right now and we need your help to make cleaning it up a priority. they have commited to leading the way on recapturing this block, which we really appreciate with monitors and cameras and clean-up every day. their historic building is beautiful and they have completed a major rehab to enhance it. they keep their building full of active tenants to keep foot traffic active and keep the bad things at bay. we like the idea of honoring the long history of odd fellows and think they are deserving that name one block to recognize them and their historic building. and besides, now when we call the police, at least we'll distinct address to call them to. on note, i'll be talking to you about the central market plan
4:54 am
and specifically the goal five of that park and rec. i have the honor of recommending district six to an aed vie sorry committee and we have specific ideas where we want the public benefits allocated mid market in the tenderloin. they're the densest, poorest parts of the city and have the least square foot of open space. the gorgeous open space in our city circles the center, but leaves a hole in the middle which includes the odd fellows way. so thank you for your attention and congratulationss to the odd fellows. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is henry rosenthal. i'm a nearly 40-year resident of the 700 block -- excuse me, the 500 block of stevenson, the one adjacent to the proposed odd fellow's way. and i would like to voice my
4:55 am
support for this historic name change. and it is fitting in the -- in conjunction with the renovation of the extensive renovation done to the building and the restoration of our historic neon sign. so, this worthy organization of which i am also a member and have served at the local, district and statewide level is most deserving of this honor. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker. if there are any other speaker, line up to your right, my left. >> good afternoon. i've been around that block of market street since 1977, native san franciscan. i had the fortunate opportunity of meeting richard "lucky" perri while he was serve his art. it is in our office now. but i think the fact that the
4:56 am
odd fellow's has been around so long and since it's probably been around before, i wish i knew the history behind mr. stevens or stevenson, but i think it is only appropriate that it should go there. and i think it will create a lot of interest about the odd fellow's organization. san francisco's a very culturally rich city and the more people that know about this cool, for lack of a better word, club, the better in my opinion. so, thank you very much. happy holidays. >> thank you, mr. san giacomo. seeing no other speakers, we'll close public comment. i think everything that needs to have been said has been said. and is there a motion? supervisor tang. >> oh. >> i didn't realize -- i'm sorry.
4:57 am
supervisor kim, i did not see that you were there. i was so focused on public comment. supervisor kim, welcome and thank you for bringinging this before the committee. >> thank you, chair peskin, but unfortunately i bring sickness into the chamber but luckily she is also sick. >> my lucky day. >> i wanted to recognize the members of the community who worked for year advocating for the renaming of the odd fellows alleyway in particular to richard for ri. who came and approached me at an event and has worked patiently with barbara lopez in my offices to move this forward. garnering support from all of the neighboring members and stakeholders ensuring 100% for this renaming, which is rare. congratulations to you all and also for your work to really build community in this area and really lead on community stewardship in terms of both ensuring that we're supporting
4:58 am
our nonprofits and our arts organization and making this area cleaner and safer for our residents and neighbors. thank you very much. and colleagues, i look forward to seeinging this passed with positive recommendation. supervisor tang, is there a motion? >> all right. i'll make a motion to send this motion to the full board with positive recommendation. >> without objection, we'll send item one to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> and as a -- coughing] >> sorry. not as a committee. >> no. it will be heard at the first board meeting which i believe is january 8 of 2018. that will be the order. mr. clerk. next item, please. >> just to clarify, that is january 9. >> i'm sorry. january 9. >> next on the agenda is item number two. the resolution posing for 18 months interim zoning controls limit off street parking for new development and remove the
4:59 am
possibly for conditional use authorization to increase such parking in the area known as the hub or the market street hub and making appropriate findings. >> supervisor kim, today is the supervisor kim agenda. the floor is yours. >> thank you. >> although this is actually technically supervisor breed's. but you've been wrestling with this last issue that we discussed at our last meeting. >> yes. and you believe this is just a continuation of the item from last monday and originally introduced by councilor breed and chair peskin and it is really to ensure in a neighborhood where we're building more density and has access to both a great number of bike, pedestrian and public transit routes that we limit the number of parking and cars in this neighborhood. and so this is just a set of interim controls that would
5:00 am
prohibit any kind of conditional use authorization to increase the parking to unit ratio. unless there is a minimal commitment by the project sponsor to build 25% of its union on -- units on site as affordable housing. i believe that amendment was made last monday and today we'll hopefully be passing this out of committee. >> thank you, supervisor kim. is there any public comment on item number two? mr. leavitt, mr. thornly, on lunch again, mr. henderson. >> i'll just step ahead. good afternoon, committee members. i'm andy thornly, speaking as a neighbor, citizen. thank you, president breed, for bringing this forward. thank you supervisors kim and peskin for co-sponsoring. i'm supportive but very skeptical or worse of the notion of the loophole for on-site inclusionary.


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