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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 1, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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they ge get tired of hearing it. where can the people go? they have no answer. i know there is no answer to that. we currently have right now as of yesterday it was 1155 people on a single adult shelter wait list. that is just adults, that is not families and children. the average wait for a child to get into a shelter since january was 111 days. we need tobr to look at the larr pictures. people want this magic card. everyone wants the magic card to hand someone to help. i am asked constantly. there isn't one. there aren't the services to back that up. certain things that an example of different ways where the police could have come out.
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this last year the prop q with the tent ban would have been a good opportunity. the police are like they are to be offering housing. there is no housing. right now people are asking officers, well, prop q went through, you are to give me a notice and an offer of services. that is not happening. there aren't any services to offer. yes, we need to look at the bigger picture and look for solutions. i have 30 seconds. we were looking with the library a while back, a couple years back, and we were advocating for social workers. within the first year incidents decreased 50 percent. that speaks a lot. when you are going with the right solutions. the citations bottom line they don't work, it doesn't work. thank you.
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>> president turman: thank you. any other public comment? public comments is now closed. >> item 7 public comment on all matters pertaining item 9 below including whether to hold item 9 in closed session. >> we are about to go into closed session and consider personnel and other litigation related items. is there any comment about us going into closed session? okay. seeing none. public comment is closed. secretary kilshaw. >> administrative code action. >> president turman: we are to go into closed session to consider several items. i will entertain the appropriate motion. >> moved and seconded.
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all in favor. any opposed? members of the public we thank you for joining us for the first part of the open session of the san francisco police commission meeting. we >> we are back on the record in open session. you still have a quorum. >> please call the next item. >> item 10 discussion on item 9 held in closed section. >> i move not to disclose. >> president turman: second. >> on the question aren't we prohibited from disclosing this no matter if we want to or not.
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>> we have to make this motion. >> president turman: moved and seconded all in favor. any opposed? all right. next item. >> item 11 adjournment. >> president turman: members of this commission tonight we close the book on the commission in 2017. we are concluding our calendar for the year and we will be back on january 10th. it has been a challenging year, it has been a hard year. but we accomplished much and there is still a lot to do. let's work as productively together as we have been able to do in the past.
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i look forward to working with all of you in 2018. 2018 in one capacity or another. and i thank you for all of your time and attention to the commission and to the goal also of serving the people of the city and county of san francisco. >> i want to thank you and the commissioner for your leadership. it is a difficult year. we do what we have to do. i want to thank you for your hard work. and we hope you get well. >> thank the chief, too. all in favor of adjournment. aye. i will make a motion to adjourn. >> second. >> i vote no. i will go with the majority.
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>> president turman: all in favor. any opposed. thank you. we will see you on january 10th. left right halt i had a burning doorway to do the right thing and join the department such this we my
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brother applied and fortunately we'll here and this means a lot i'm home everyone night to study and we workout together and it is a blessing i have a brother to go home and fed off of one another we're the twins but pretty much we're not treated and individuals sometimes treated as a item if he did something wrong they use the word instead of you the it heroism we're going our our separate ways and good morning our own individuals middle of steadfastly a twin all the it but inside of the district i've seen negative and positive things and with that made me want to be a police officer i want to give back and do public
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serve always a class president i dealt with everyone and served my class not only be humble enough to serve my class and pierce being a squad leader is a responsibility of maintaining my squad and being that voraciously person i need to step up to the challenge i believe during the 8 months i fulfilled any dude and after graduation just be a good officer to learn the skill and profession and give to the community to give the best to them and be a helpful hand that's the main thing and the new people coming into the did not know why you're doing it join the department for the right reason and do it to help the community and it is sharing you're time when you get into the department do is commented
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to the craft and enjoy it along the way enjoy it along the way i encourage you to talk about over with our families and talk 2 over with yourselves ultimately you'll do the job and find a senseably reason for doing it after the hard work everyday for 8 months straight and finally it pays off and you know as honey honor and privilege not anyone can do this job i look forward to getting often the street and learning and hit the ground running it will be a surreal moment day one i thought months here but sat down me and my brother talked about it and we're on the right track and stay focused and walking tloo
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across the stage is a huge honor >> ever wonder about programs the city it working think to make san francisco the best place to work and will we bring shine to the programs and the people making them happen join us inside that edition of what's next sf sprech of market street between
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6th is having a cinderella movement with the office of economic workforce development is it's fairy godmother telegraph hill engaged in the program and providing the reason to pass through the corridor and better reason to stay office of economic workforce development work to support the economic vital of all of san francisco we have 3 distinctions workforce and neighborhood investment i work in the tenderloin that has been the focus resulting in tax chgsz and 9 arts group totally around 2 hundred thousand square feet of office space as fits great as it's moved forward it is some of the place businesses engaged for the people that have living
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there for a long time and people that are coming into to work in the the item you have before you companies and the affordable housing in general people want a safe and clean community they see did changed coming is excited for every. >> oewd proits provides permits progress resulting in the growth of mid businesses hocking beggar has doubled in size. >> when we were just getting started we were a new business people never saturday a small business owner and been in the bike industry a long needed help in finding at space and sxug the that is a oewd and others agencies were a huge helped walked us through the process we
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couldn't have done it without you this is sloped to be your grand boulevard if so typically a way to get one way to the other it is supposed to be a beautiful boulevard and fellowship it is started to look like that. >> we have one goal that was the night to the neighborhood while the bigger project of developments as underway and also to bring bring a sense of community back to the neighborhood. >> we wanted to use the says that a a gathering space for people to have experience whether watching movies or a yoga or coming to lecture. >> that sb caliber shift on the street is awarding walking down the street and seeing people sitting outside address this building has been vacate and seeing this change is
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inspiringing. >> we've created a space where people walk in and have fun and it is great that as changed the neighborhood. >> oewd is oak on aortas a driver for san francisco. >> we've got to 23ri7b9 market and sun setting piano and it was on the street we've seen companies we say used to have to accompanying come out and recruit now they're coming to us. >> today, we learned about the office of economic workforce development and it's effort to foster community and make the buyer market street corridor something that be proud of thanks to much for watching and tune in next time for
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>> good afternoon, everyone. a call to order of the meeting of the san francisco public utilities commission for today, tuesday, december 12. madame secretary, roll, please? [roll call] and we have a quorum. >> so, before we get started, today is actually a very sad day for the city and county of san francisco and in honor of our late mayor, ed lee, i'd like to ask everyone to stand if we can observe a moment of silence in his honor.
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thank you. >> before we enter public comment, i wanted to send my condolences to many of you, especially harlan, i know you were close with mayor lee. if there is any day to wish for fake news, this was it. i think we're all very stunned. so, i want to announce closed session items 25 to 31 will not be heard today. as we're going to approve the minutes of november 14.
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can i have a motion to approve those minutes? >> so vote. >> second. >> any discussion? any public comment related to the minutes of november 14? all in favor, do approve? >> aye. >> opposed? ok. approved. i'd like to call forward public comment and i have two gentlemen here. first is peter jakemier for public comment. >> good afternoon. first i'm really sorry about mayor lee's untimely death. a real tragedy for the city. in reading the sfpuc's week in review that ended on december 1, a couple of things jumped out at me. first was conditions at the reservoir.
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there were two significant storms this season. approximately 32,000 acre feet of water available to the city. 4% of our annual average accumulation. so, that would mean the average annual accumulation is 815,000-acre feet. i'll come back to that. second was an item -- economic value of water in u.s. metropolitan areas. and this is a study done by the bay area council economic institute. and this is the analysis builds on the bay area council economic institute report. the impacts have reduced the bay area water supply prepared in response to the water quality control plan. i looked that up and awas kind of shocked by the poor analysis that says the bay area council economic institute looked at the impacts of 30, 40 and 50% unimpaired flow requirement on the river would have on bay area water users under the 175
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million gallon per day scenario. the draft s.e.d. could lead to water supply shortfalls during dry years. regional water supplies would be reduced to as low as 67 million gallons for day from 175 million gallons per day during dry year such as 1991, 1992. i'm assuming they misquoted the sfpuc. seasonerly you want to look into that. may made the same mistake that the bradle group has done, which is based rationing on demand versus supply. for example, if you make $265 a day and you only spend $175 a day, you put $90 in the bank. if you get a pay cut of $90 a day, that comes from your 265, not from your 175. so back to the sfpuc water available. it was 815,000 acre feet per
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year. 175 million gallons per day is the equivalent of 196,000 acre feet. 67 million gallons per day is the equivalent of 75,000 acre feet. so, the 67m.g.d. figure they used, in storage, in the sfpuc has enough water in storage to last 16 years at 67 m.g.d. so that is a hard core design drought that they're apparently planning for and in the march report they basically said the method used to estimate impact was -- [bell ringing] 2014 report which we commented on and found a lot of reports aen are disappointed that that didn't get changed. thank you. >> thank you. next item, mr. dave warner. good afternoon. >> i came up here on cal train and we stopped between station
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for a minute at 12:00 noon to pay our respects to mayor lee. so i'm dave warner. i'm concerned about the delta bay ecosystem. one of the many great things ed lee was known for was unification. what a great quality that is and don't we wish we had more of that in washington. so, one place where san francisco has a lot of unification is in environmental issues. and 70% of san franciscoians voted to protect themselvess to protect the bay dell tafm i'm sure you heard of this before. but it is an astounding number. three out of four people voted if favor of taxing themselves for environmental issues. my point is, then you know the sfpuc opposes the state water board's plan. and you know the sfpuc has taken a minority view amongst scientists that the ecosystem can be protected by nonflow measures.
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and you know the sfpuc has been posing what i would say a false trade-off that's either the water or the economy that's at stake. and to me there are many, many more options than that. so, my point is a request is i'd really ask you to ask the hard questions of your staff. don't accept either/or answers. have rigorous debate that you fully understand the implication and judge whether or not it reflects the will of the people and it is also important to ask what is the will of the people? sure they want water, but that answer is probably too simple. i go to my conclusion, which is my understanding is that for having a water supply, we are second to none and that is a really nice accomplish. ment. but that is maybe only half the job. when 85% of our water comes from severely damaged ecosystem. so, that is the reasons that
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they ask these hard questions in our meeting of the will of the people. thank you. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public who wish to comment on items not on today's agenda? ok. next item, please. >> item five is communications. >> sorry. >> communications. >> communications? >> yes. >> so you or me -- >> i don't have any questions. >> any comments? >> no. >> ok. any public comment on communications? all right. next agenda item. >> item six is other commission business.
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>> commissioners? ok. is there any public comment? all right then. >> item seven is report of the general manager. >> all right. thank you. yeah, commissioners. this has definitely been a hard day for me. i've been friends -- personal friends with the mayor ed lee for over 20 years. i worked with him when he was h.r.c. director. i worked with him when he was the city purchaser. i worked for him when he was the director of public works and i worked with him when he was city administrator. he is very collateralize to the family. in fact, he was a groomsman in my wedding and so when i received the call, i was definitely in disbelief.
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i arrived shortly after his passing at the hospital and, you know, i helped the family out as best i could. and naomi is, you know, working with the family to figure out what their wishes are. it has been a rough year for me we some other folks passing away, including my mom in february. needless to say i can't wait until this year is over. [chuckling] but other than that, let's talk about government and the government must continue and so the one thing i want to first topic is clean power s.f., barbara hill. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. i have quick updates on three clean power s.f..
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topics, enrollment and service, contracting for our growth, and our legislative and regulatory activities. our enrollment continues to go smoothly. we have successfully -- we are a successfully serving about 80,000 customer service sites today. our opt out percentage is 3.2%, so super low and our upgrade rate continues to exceed our opt-out ray. it's 4% for our customers now. that is a snapshot on who we're serving today. looking ahead are our next small enrollment will be january 2018. we're notifying customers now. less than 1% of those customers who are receiving notice now have decided to opt out. we have 120 customers on the wait list now for our next enrollment in the spring. 56% of those customers are asking for super green service.
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so, if you are listening and want to enroll, go to to be included in our next enrollment. in terms of our growth plans, we are contracting both for supply and for the bank credit facility. for suspect mraou, we're testifily negotiating our final contracts with the short listed counterparties. those contracts are for both new and existing renewable power and the energy to firm and shape it. and for our bank credit facility, the finance team is working to finalize the contract terms with j.p. morgan for our bank credit facility. we will bring recommendations to the commission on both of those contracting efforts for a vote early in the new year. on legislative activities, consistent with your vote on november 14, i believe it was, an ordinance was introduced at the board requesting the board of supervisors provide a limited, delegated authority to
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the p.u.c. to enter into supply contracts to support completion of our program. the delegated authority would include annual expenditure limits and conditions that the commission imposed on the general manager. the item is scheduled to be heard this week -- tomorrow, i believe -- at a special meeting of the budget and finance committee so we'll be presenting there in support of that item. and regulatory activities. i just wanted to mention that our annual usual adjust tonight the exit fee, the pcia, will be delayed this year so there won't be a new pcia on january 1. it will be delayed for at least 30 days. the california public utilities commission has not provided a proposed decision on that. in time for it to be implemented january 1. so, we expect there will be a proposed decision issued soon.
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and that there would be a new pcia some time probably in january. so that was kind of an interesting wrinkle to the pcua issues. with that, i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. thank you. >> may i ask a question? what was the reason for the postponement for pcia? >> so, we haven't -- we were keeping an eye out for the proposed decision and none has been issued. we haven't heard -- i haven't heard an explanation. pg&e sent a letter to the commission saying since we haven't heard anything, we won't be proposing new rates for the first of the year. and so we are assuming everything is delayed. the california p.u.c. will have their last commission meeting on this year of december 14. any action would require a proposed decision to be published for comment, has to stay in the public domain for 30 days and can't be acted on in that period. so we know we're at least 30
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days away from any action. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners, any other questionss? any public comment on this item? next item, please. >> next item is a quarterly audit and performance review. nancy hall. >> good afternoon, president and commissioners. my name is nancy hall, dpty chief -- interim deputy chief chief financial officer. i'm here to the review report for fiscal year 17-18. it highlights all oversight projects at the p.u.c. and provides a year-to-day summary, six-month outlook and update of open audits and recommendations. the agency finished first quarter with 28 projects in
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total. of this figure, five were completed and 17 were in progress. six financial audits began in q1 and they include the annual audit financial statements, the comprehensive annual financial report and the popular annual financial report. in this same quarter, five were completed, listed here by report issue and state. these include the community benefits 1b evaluation framework and the annual inventory count for prior fiscal year '16-'17 for waste water and power and also a compliance monitoring audit by the western electricity co-ordinating council. the audit highlights for this quarter is the and physical inventory counts performed by financial services who over sees the inventory audits of the main warehouses located in mulbray, moccasin, the southeast treatment plant and
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for awsf. a full count is conducted for each enterprise one every three years. for this count, h we adjust for any unidentified exceptions. the recommendations by the audit firm mglop, recommended that the sfpuc conduct accuracy and policy awareness counts to revise fuel inventory procedures for a morse reliable system of reporting, to establish policy to document causes of variances over a certain threshhold and then to also create a tracking list for items that are temporarily relocated. management did concur with all recommendations, partially or fully. in quarter two, ending december 31 this year, we'll expect to complete the financial audits previously mentioned in this presentation. and as well as complete
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performance audits, inclusive of a state grant audit for prop 84 for ground water storage and recovery and our department is also participating in two city-wide audits for city-wide payroll and another one for city-wide fleet management. upcoming audits include the p.g. interconnection cost review performed internally at the sfpuc. at our last discussion t commission requested more detailed reporting that would provide more information regarding open audits and recommendations. as a start, we included an expanded summary of all audits within the quarterly audit report and that is also here for you. the staff will continue to improve this reporting and by quarter two next quarter, we
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hope to report extended audits. we currently have 72 open audit recommendations, of which a majority are from the waste water divisional ordinance from the previous quarter and confidential audits as well. the p.u.c. last quarter close 10ed audit recommendations from the go solar s.f. audit. these included modifications of system access rights, update of the admin code as well as clarifying eligibility requirements and updating policies and procedures for the handbook. this concludes my friendsing. our staff will continue to keep the board updated on the progress of our annual audit. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> commissioners? thank you. >> thank you. >> any public comment on this item? >> ok. >> the next item is a quarterly budget status report. eric.
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>> air uk sandler, c.f.o. of the p.u.c. i'm here to present the quarterly budget report for the first quarter ending 9-30-17. i think the good news is that things look a whole lot better than they did a year ago. waste water and revenues are higher, power revenues are slightly lower than budget and clean power is is pretty much straight on, spot on in the budget. we've seen increased revenues . -- revenues above budget for the most part expenses below budget so we're in a much better shape than we were last year when we were chasing water sales and all of our financial results meet the policy results that the commission has identified. we'll go through a quick review of each of the enterprises.
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we've seen water revenues up about $24 million. we sold about $182 m.g.d., million gallons of water a day, 11 million above the budget. most of those increased sales are on the wholesale side of the ledger. so, the $21.7 million that you see here goes to the benefit of the wholesale customers and is rebated over time. on the uses side, we've been quite spot on on the water side so we expect to spend all of our budget. on the waste water side, things are also -- we're benefiting from increased bill volumes for waste water sales as a result of higher retail water sales. that is generating about $10.5 million in revenue above budget. we build about 49.7 m.g.d. and
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that was about 1.2 m.g.d. above budget. we're seeing a significant reduction in uses and the largest share has to do with lower debt service than budgeted. that is a timinging usual yule myhrer prayerly. -- issue primarily. the $16.9 million in the planned reserve, that was intended to be deposited to reserves and so that shows up as a loer than budgeted use and then we have about $3 million in vacancy savings. on the power side, we see slightly reduced revenue. i have a typo here. i'm sorry. $1 million decrease is lower than budget is a result of reduced power sales. not water salesen. and we're seeing about $2 million in salary savings on the uses side as well as we don't anticipate having to dip into the contingency for power purchases.
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on clean power, the revenues are at budget. we're sell wag we expected to. on the uses, side, we have about $1 million in salary savings from vacancies and the $5.6 million use here is a deposit to reserves that was planned. you can see they're meeting the various objectives for debt service coverage. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> commissioners? anything? >> thank you. just a comment. the fact that we're selling more water than we planned to kind of gives us a windfall of r*f gnu and we talked before about one of the possible uses of that is to fund any conservation programs that
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we're not able to qualify under prior structures. and as we get into the next budget cycle, i will be looking to make sure that we do two things. one is assess what our consumptions are and that they are appropriately reflective of ongoing conservation efforts number one. and then number two, to look at any unfunded but otherwise worthwhile con sr. vacation efforts to see if we can get some of that work done. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any public comments on this item? >> ok. all right.
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next item is hetch hetchy water capital and power improvement program. >> commissioners, thank you for the opportunity to present to you first quarter report for fiscal years 17-18 for the hetch hetchy capital improvement program. if you please go to the slides. so, actually, before i get into the highlights, let me address the variances and the report. quickly. the pipeline system has a $1 million variance due to a bid being received higher than the engineer's estimate some time ago. as previously reported. and a 20-month variance due to the need to finalize our assessment work prior to going
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into the design and planning phase of the project. the other powerhouse project is overbudget by $2 million because we added the governor's home and combined that project with oil containment systems. and the warnerville substation project had a delay and notice to proceed for construction for the design build contract. the madison penstock has a 4 1/2-month delay due to scheduled constraints for outage that is needed for that project. and the microwave system project for communications has an 11-month delay due to performance issues that have since been resolved and we were able to close that out recently. and the mountain tunnel interim repairs inspection, inspection and repairs project, we added nine months so we could do phase two for the additional month that we're planning for next fall. so, with that, i'd like to just hit some of the other highlights of program this last quarter.
10:42 pm
the cherry dam outlet works is ongoing. notices to proceed was the issue of big valley he can tick for the kirkwood penstock, short rusk reduction measures. theres a design-build contract built for warnerville substation and the lower cherry aqueduct emergency rehabilitation project design was finalized in the quarter, although we're still working out the right-of-way with the bureau of land management. although i think we're getting closer and looking forward to geting that resolved so we can move forward with that project. and we've also initiated the condition assessments at o'shaughnessy and cherry dam spillways. we received letters of directives from the california division of safety at dams to do these assessments so we're moving forward with those expeditiously. i'd like the brief you on a few current project issues.
10:43 pm
this is cherry reservoir recently. you can see it has been lowered and as has been reported in previous reports, we had to lower the reservoir because of the valve -- one of the cone valves failing and the upstream butter fly valve failing meant that in order to do work on the valves downstream of the reservoir, we had to lower the reservoir so we could isolate the valves and do the work inside the tunnel beneath the dam. so, what you see there is the bypass system that has been installed by the contractor. there is a pipeline that goes over the top of the dam. we're pumping five cubic feet per second downstream to the creeks to maintain stream flows. and so this is what the intake in the reservoir looks like. normally the water level is up at the tree line there and we've isolated the gates to do
10:44 pm
work in the tunnel safely and so an the downstream end, this is what it looks like. those are two 66-inch diameter we call hollow jet valves. today they're called fixed con valves. we're replacing those. that was the original project. you can see where the stream bypass is coming into the creek so we can maintain flow to the creek. upstream of those two valves in the pipeline are two butterfly valves that were discovered to have issues. so this last summer we asked for your for mission to go forward to fix those valves as well with. since that time there's been additional challenges and additional corrosion and cracks and so forth that need to be addressed. we're currently evaluating those and will come back in january with our assessment so we can go forward with that work. the kirkwood penstock
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short-term risk reduction contract has been awarded and so the scope of this project, again, is to essentially monitor the penstock that's had significant foundation movement on the slope since the project was installed. this is phase one. we expect that there will be work done to arrest that movement in the future and right now we're just monitoring. the warnerville substation rehabilitation design-build contract has been awarded and we've actually issued a notice to proceed to the contractor. and so that is a rehabilitation of transformers and other electrical equipment at the site. i emergencied the aqueduct rehabilitation project. this project consists of improvements such as emergency debris removal and tunnel
10:46 pm
cleaning so that we can monitor -- so that we can continue to have this facility available in the event of an emergency diversion. and so we're doing that work there. again, the n.t.p. has been delayed because we need the right-of-way issues resolved with the bureau of land management before we go forward. the building is really taking shame and it will be a good facility for our shops up at moccasin. and i'd just like to end by mentioning that there are a number of projects that i mentioned at the beginning that are forecasted above the current approved budget. we intend to rebaseline in march of next year after we bring you the capital budget for approval. so, we expect that we'll be
10:47 pm
able to fund those projects with both past approvals as well as future approvals and revisions to the approved baseline will be reflected in the next quarterly report. >> thank you. commissioners, any questions? comments? any general public comment? thank you. >> so the next item is sewer system improvement program. karen cubic. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm the director of waste water capital. i have two brief reports today. the first is to highlight the red dots and the waste water capital quarterly report. that have shown up since the last quarter. and the second will be to run through the highlights of the
10:48 pm
ssfap. last quarter, i told you that the power feed and primary switch gear upgrades were delayed approximately two years. and this iss so we can align with the power enterprise bay corridor transmission and distribution projects. and that will provide us at the plant with redundant power to southeast from petrero substation. that is approximately $14.5 million increase. north shore wet weather pump station has been delayed six months for refinement to the scope and that will result in a cost reduction of approximately $15 million. central bay assessment improvement project, we're delaying six months to complete addition geo tech work for the tunnel. we did have unforeseen electrical work and code khaungs and that was a project that has been awarded for construction that's an impact of $8.3 million.
10:49 pm
and five months. also some change on some of our flooding projects. we have a six-month increase due to engineering efforts to complete the engineering report. cayuga avenue storm weather detention has been extended due to extended coordination with cal trans. if we can bring the slides up. thank you. here we are. phase one of the program. these are all the projects that have been scoped based on the approved levels of service representing the $2.9 billion that we're starting with. and we are currently under way with projects in construction. expenditures of just under half a billion. still most of our body of work is in design and that will change as we start to get into 2018. because headworks will be going into construction as well as bio [inaudible].
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this is a closeupup of our rendering of the future digesters that we'll be having. and our team is conducting a design review and received approval and can see that it's both going to be state-of-the-art as well aesthetically beautiful and we spend time with the team and how this will be with the neighborhood. you will see us short lu as we move forward a construction management for this project because we will be starting construction next summer. >> karen, if it's -- it's really hard to see on here what these things look like. if you can give us some information about the design that is being pursueded here, i would appreciate that. >> maybe what we can do through the general manager is submit the package of renderings to the commissioners? >> yeah.
10:51 pm
we can actually provide in communications for the next commission meeting, the actual sketches and maybe more information about it. but it is? ing that i think the executive team and myself spend a lot of time to make sure that we had something that the community could be really proud of. >> great. i'd love to see that. >> slide back up, please. thank you. construction on the headworks will begin in january, which is fantastic. we received notice to proceed on several of the scope one services. those were n.t.p.'d in november. and this is a high level schedule of the other major projects that are in the ssip and where they were at the end of the quarter. blue represents the bid and award. plan rather. bid and award, design, environmental. green is construction and gray
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is the close out. and i want to highlight a few of the ones that are in construction. on this side, with have our pry pair and secondary clarifiers. we're finishing up work on the last clarifier and beginning training of staff. we're at 90% complete with that contract. our disinfection project upgrades are continuinging that construction and we're at 70% and just completed the external water proofing. north point outfall system rehab. the contractor is continuing with removal of sediment, interior cleaning and apoxy lining and this is a picture of our senior environmental engineer and she is standing in the freshly lined outfall. this is kind of cool. it is a at 60% completion. client construction on our green infrastructure. chinatown is progressing. it has been a very challenging project. many things were exposed during
10:53 pm
excavation of that project. we're looking now at a completion in march. we will be sealing it all back up so it is in tack for chinese new year. so, february will be good and safe and then we'll look to wrap that up in march. the wiggle demolition has commenced. if you've been down on heat street, that is starting to look really nice with the repaving. that project is at 60% completion. visitation valley, that is a project with rec park. that is moving along really well. the contractor just installed rebar and forms and we have our first rain garden put together. that project is at 49% and the team is hope with how that is running. this is just another shot of our holloway project. in august, we had the ribbon cutting. there we also had mission valencia.
10:54 pm
we ran into some unusual things that had to be remediated there because we had neighbors putting grease into the green as sort of a cleaning area for restaurants. we had educational seriess with folks and now that's been cleaned up and mitigated. anyway, these were meant to be a learning experience and we're definitely learning quite a bit. i had the privilege of being a tech woman mentor for two young entrepreneurs that came in from the state department. time flew by. we showed them all of our facilities and a shout-out to commissioner quong who got them a behind the scenes tour of the academy of sciences where they were just elated. they add a chance to sit down with our brightest folk and got an hour with our general manager and now they have returned to their respective countries, palestine and sighier ra leone. so that was a nice experience for all of us.
10:55 pm
cheer achievements, we're working on priorization. we'll be back to you a lot next year as we look at launching some of the phase two work. we completed our sixth year of the city works internship and that was the final presentation. and here we are with the jobs report. we're continuing to workforce with our economic program. our prime contracts through s.f. residents have worked 34% of all the hours and we're exceeding the requirements at this time. this will be challenging as we have bigger jobs going out. that equates to san francisco residents earning a combined $7.6 million in wages and benefits. we're doing better with entry-level opportunity and providinging a pathway to careers. unions and community service providers have helped us to
10:56 pm
freezing rain and place internships on qualified projects. so far 68 hours have been worked by san francisco residents as compared to the 50% requirement. >> let me stop you there real quick. in the public sector, are we having any conversations internally about development of career pathways for those public sector positions in your agency -- in your area? >> not so much, no. >> so, in a public sector -- what we're refering to mainly is private. as far as the public sector, i think we have been in conversation on the preapprenticeship programs and we've been working with massoud. other than that, i know -- and i know your vision of having training -- >> pardon me? >> it's your vision. >> a shared vision. >> shared vision, yeah. that we actually train folks that can work with the city or in the private and give them
10:57 pm
the tools and ability to work on both. >> as we move -- thank you. as we move toward budgeting, we'll want to see what that looks like in terms of appropriate supervision and deliberately small organizational charts because if you don't have the spot, it is just a policy statement and i think we're past that. but that is why i raised it because it is probably not going to flush it out now. but shortly, i would imagine. >> one of the things that i want to finalize and i know that staff has been -- some of the key staff have been having some family issues, but i wanted to finalize the workforce policy. and that kind of sets the framework how we want to their apprenticeship and preapprenticeship programs and we've been working city-wide on
10:58 pm
the preapprenticeship program and with your leadership and the p.u.c. behind it. so i think we can make a headway and so the plan is that the budget will reflect the policy that we're proposing to go out once we kind of finalize it. >> thank you. >> if i could get the slides up a few more. we're continuing our outreach and shiftinging from program to projects because now construction is coming. it's imminent. we want to make sure that the public is ready. we're attending community meetings in the bayside, also on the westside. we had a very successful bunch of media mentions and a shout-out definitely to our communications group because there's some really nice stories. we are continuing these outreach efforts to make sure that our neighbors know what
10:59 pm
will be coming. we had a very interesting day last week when we had a second grace class come out for a tour and it was 27 second graders and we've been working with them the last month because thank you eve had a curriculum of water and waste water and it was just a miracle that everyone kept their hard hat on. [laughter] because we really thought something would fall in. but a shout-out definitely to andy clark who also was running the plant that day. and sheena johnson. the level of questions was astounding. and they really did pick up a lot. they were asking about energy and water use and how long it took to load the biosalts trucks so it actually did sink in. so that was great. some new ambassadors hopefully for the ssip. thank you. >> thank you.
11:00 pm
commissioners, any questions? >> i have a question. so as i heard you correctly, as phase two and three begin to get more firmed up and rolled out, you will be coming back to us as we go and i assume that throughout our budget hearings as well, we'll be better understanding different components of that. and i'm assuming that specifically in the central bayside tun fell project, we'll haefr more about where that stands and sort of would love to get an update on that because i know that there has been some shift on size and cost. as we've gone along. but that is phase two, correct? >> yeah. that is part of phase two. remember, phase one was to do the initial planning which we have done. i think we've brought to you what is the, we felt, the appropriate size and that was


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