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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 5, 2018 3:00am-4:01am PST

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or light-colored finish. and, second, we can confirm there are no side yard decks on the plans now. let me know introduce michael levitt, project plans and shadow studies. before doing so, i would like to submit a total of 56 letters of support from richmond district and citywide. i have those letters here. >> thank you. we'll collect those. >> good afternoon. i'm michael levitt, levitt architecture. picking up where steve left off regarding neighborhood context, please take a look at this analysis of the immediate area surrounding the project. this is in your packets as well on page 7. our project has been described as massive, monolithic and out
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of character with its neighbors as an anomaly in an area dominated by smaller buildings. the facts don't bear this out. the diagram indicates in red the 4th stories of a large number of existing buildings in both the contiguous and surrounding blocks. the vast majority of these buildings contain four stories that represent 100% of their overall footprints with no setbacks at all. the appellant's 2-story building is indicated in yellow and you can see there's a partial 4th floor on the building next door to his building to the east. to the west, the corner building at lake and 27th avenue is 3 stories. but as steve mentioned, it's capped by a roof ands that large floor-to-floor heights bringing the building height up to 37 feet. this is 3 feet below our
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proposed roof line. this is not atypical at all for the block, as many older buildings of 3 stories are in the range of 35 to 37 feet. a proposed 4th level is shown in blue behind the appellant's building, which is in yellow. and this represents just over half the area of our building footprint after taking away all of our side and front and rear setbacks. if you look at the diagram to the right, i think it becomes readily apparent that the 4-story buildings in this area are not the anomaly, but 2-story are. it's one of the few single-family residents in rm1, which is defined as multifamily
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housing of the height diagram that they had shown included a portion of an adjacent zoning district with lower density that indicated a lot of 2-story houses, which are not in the same zoning district where the project is. this slide indicates the project and some of the materials involved. and i think it's apparent to someone looking at our proposal objectively that the building feels appropriate in this setting. the street facade is consciously restrained, working towards being a good neighbor, not architectural object. this formal restraint will be enlivened three our use of materials and attention to detail. limestone will be used to clad the majority of the building, switching at the 4th floor to deep stained wood siding that will separate it from the floors
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below. viewed from the north, our facade follows the height created by a series of 3-story buildings to our south, whileal awe -- allowing the corner building at 37 feet to project above. from the south, the same holds true and the significant 15-foot setback at the fourth floor is obscured from view. in fact, our roof height is 7 feet above the height of our building facade. we have partnered with planning staff and the residential design team throughout the past two years responding to their concerns with modifications to the design through a number of iterations. additionally, we've modified the design as prescribed by the planning commission in response to privacy by eliminating a roof deck, adding a privacy screen at the entry, and providing
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nonoperable, profited glass windows. the appellants raised the issue of the proposed units looking into their windows, the reality is that the existing building has unobstructed views into their yard and windows, which ours will have none of. many of the modifications centered on lessening the shadow impacts to the neighbors to the north, buildings on lake street, with a viable design that would provide space for three families. the area indicated in yellow represents our proposed fourth floor. this is the living, dining and kitchen spaces 1 one of the units. the level below, part of the same unit, contains the three bedrooms and bathrooms. this fourth level will be set insignificantly from the overall footprint with setbacks at front
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and rear, as well as the north property line. the decks we've provided are a result of the setbacks. as indicated on the drawing, this represents just 58% of the overall building footprint and is the result of extensive shadow studies we've done during the design process. these shadow studies, which are in the back section of your packets, look at shadows created during the summer and winter solstices and spring and fall equinox. they look at the impacts in 2-hour intervals throughout the day from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. importantly, they also compare the existing shadow conditions with the future conditions. this comparison was omitted in the appellant's limited shadow study presented to the planning commission. interestingly, we've heard a lot about the devastating shadows we will be causing, yet the
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appellants have not presented any evidence of those claims. taking the existing shadows -- conditions into condition, change the the reality of the shadow impact dramatically, since the majority of the shadowing is caused not by our building, but the appellant's two adjacent neighbors on lake street. i can go through a few of the images now and i would urge you to take a few minutes to study them and draw your own conclusions. as you can see, the slide which is currently up, which is the equinox, it's arranged so that the existing condition is above with our proposed condition below. you can see this going through all the slides. there's basically full sun on the appellant's home throughout the day, noon, 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and you can see the shadows being caused are existing in the existing conditions as well as
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below. it hasn't changed. some of these effects are predictably felt near the winter solstice, but even at this time the difference between what the appellant is requesting at a 30-foot height and 40-foot is negligible as indicated on their own study if it was examined closely. at other times, shadowing is minor at best with no loss of sunlight. >> thank you, mr. levitt. that concludes the project sponsor's testimony. now we'll good -- go to 2 minutes per speaker in opposition to the appeal. if you will line up to my left, your right. first speaker, please. >> i would like to start by offering our condolences to everybody in the room and to the board for the mayor. it's a sad day in san francisco, i think. i would like to start by asking everybody in the room who is of
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the belief that three housing units is better in terms of helping to mitigate affordable housing and is an opponent of 218 27th avenue to please stand in show of your support. i'm joey tavone. we have no stake or equity in this project. i am a native of the richmond district, as is my wife, and are our two daughters, born to our rented apartment in the richmond district. what i do have a stake in is the richmond and in san francisco. my wife and i constantly have conversations about how we wish we had a little bit more space. little bit more light, little more privacy, but those conversations, i think, are tailored with the awareness and the recognition that we chose to live in a highly dense part of
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san francisco. and light and privacy in san francisco's great neighborhoods are a luxury, not a given. so i would ask the board or request that you analyze this case not through the lens of a single-family home ener and some neighborhoods that he's galvanized, but instead, look at this appeal and this case within the greater backdrop and within the context of the affordable housing crisis, because i think a decision to lop off a floor and take a unit will set a precedent that will echo far beyond this chamber. thank you. >> thank you, sir. mr. antonini. >> thank you very much. michael antonini speaking in opposition to the appeal and favor of the project at 218 27th avenue, but would i like to begin by expressing my condolences particularly to anita, breanna and tanya lee for
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the loss of their father and husband, wonderful mayor, ed lee. i want to go on about the project, which i feel is one of the best i've seen during my period of time looking at these projects, which now is in its 15th year, very contextually , the limestone, dark wood, and designed with three townhouses, which are perfect for family living because having children and new grandchildren, it's nice to have the extra floor so people who may be sleeping are not exposed to all the activities and these can be done on a small scale or a large scale, as has cleverly been done in this project. i visited the project on december 7 and spent about an hour out on lake street looking at the sun, particularly to see how it would -- how it was impacted by the 4-story buildings or large 3-story buildings. the sun even at this late date
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in the year was still above the 4-story buildings. so the amount of impact that list will have, has brought forth will be minimal, even around the shortest day of the year. so i'm speaking in favor of the project and all the things that i've done to accommodate as well as opaquing the windows, taking off the roof deck, setback 15 feet. it's a well-crafted project, crafted with the help of the planning commission into something that we can be proud of, three very fine units and i'm totally in support. thank you. >> thank you, mr. antonini. next speaker, please. >> shavon with residential builder's association. i will keep my comments short due to the events of the past 24 hours. i want to voice my support for
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this project that's withbeen supported by the planning commission. for a project designed to live up to everything asked of developers, which is three things -- density maximum, density equity and no sham units, this is a great example of a project that is what they've been asked for. for a developer that's gone through the process lengthy, followed the rules and cooperated, i want to support as much family housing as possible, which is three large units on this site. thank you. >> thank you. if there are any speakers in opposition to the appeal, please come up. >> i'm navine, residential builder's association. given the circumstances of today, i will keep my comments short. i'm here in support of the project as designed. and we are in need of more
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housing in the west side. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. sean tiegren, on a weird day here today. i will just address some of the items that were raised. windows, it's been established. they will be nonoperable windows and obscure glass. privacy from the decks. it's been established that the decks have been removed at the planning commission. the tree, project sponsor has agreed to an arborist. they've agreed to white or beige siding on the side portion and shadow. look at an aerial shot of that site. there's a very, very large, if not a couple of large trees with large can business and buildings next to it. if shadow alone is going to be a reason to knock off a floor, we
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will never, ever be able to build any housing in san francisco. this produces family housing. after hearing the same arguments at the planning commission, they voted 6-0 to approve because we need units, new housing, on the west side. in closing, supervisors, i'd like to address what is really going on here. we need to end or at least modify what i call the west side double standard. on the east side, we have eastern neighborhoods, western soma, 3rd street corridor, hunter's point, treasure island and i can go on and on. sacrifices have been made around density, height, privacy, and massing.
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i'm not suggesting that we upzone this block or this neighborhood to 50, 80 or 100 feet, but we have to hold them accountable to the existing height. >> thank you for your testimony. seeing no other speakers in opposition to appeal, we'll go to a not to exceed 5-minute reboutte albie -- rebuttal by appellant or appellant representative. the floor is yours, not to exceed 5 minutes. >> it's not the 3-story, it's the part and parcel. we're not asking for density reduction.
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just a bedroom. a 3-bedroom unit is not unreasonable. shadow studies were generated that showed impact. where increased shadow impact is minimal. if we can get the overhead back on, please. not the computer, the overhead. 40 feet is permitted, but that doesn't mean it should be granted. the pattern of transition from 4 to 3 to 2 is clear. this is not about what zoning we live in. we're at an edge and we need to be cognizant of that. the photos they showed are from the next block over and are cropped in an advantagous matter. the mitigations imposed were not a gift. they were recognitions that the design has oversights and not considered it properly.
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design is objective. although it may conform to the zoning units, not to the constraints. we need to are consider this project. -- reconsider this project. >> you are yielding the rest of your time? go ahead, ma'am. >> i want to talk about the ceqa prose -- process. what you have heard is that they were not complied with. they were or were not. they were not complied with. the fact that mr. bernstein attended the hearing, the fact that he had notice of the notice of categorical exemption determination does not mean that there is no harm or as the project sponsor's representative indicated no prejudice. we submit there was prejudice. if he had noticed that a
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categorical exemption determination had been issued for an approval action that was a conditional use authorization right next door to his property in july of 2016 when that determination was issued as opposed to six days before the hearing, he certainly would have had the opportunity that was intended under ceqa. thank you. >> thank you. all right. so that concludes the rebuttal. the hearing is conducted. colleagues items 30 and 34 are held and closed. supervisor farrell, as district supervisor, do you have opening remarks, questions or comments? >> councillor farrell: colleagues, a few comments, and i will be brief. so just to frame the project before us. we have a demolition of a vacant single-family home to replace it with three units of family-sized
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housing. also in a neighborhood that doesn't see housing built very frequently that was now unanimously approved by the planning commission with obviously a number of conditions, that were mentioned. we want to talk about the ceqa. it's a small, infill project, exactly what class 1 and 3 exemptions are for. my staff has had conversations with the appellants and their representatives. they field a ceqa appeal because it was an available path. we see this a decent amount here, but not reason to support it. on the cu, appreciate the neighbors filing this. it raises a different set of issues about the project itself. a few to talk about briefly. privacy concerns, that many of
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us have living in a dense city. i agree with removing the roof deck, the frosting, and planning staff mentioned a bunch of other conditions that were included as part of the approval. i support those and understand why they went in. the appellant had raised some concerns about the legality of demolishing a single-family home. the home was owner-occupied at the time he passed away and has been unoccupied since. the sticking point ultimately is around the height. appellant is opposing a 40-foot building which is within the zoning guidelines. it's in district 2. i know the neighborhood well. it's reasonable for the area. there are a number of houses and apartment buildings that are of
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similar scale in the neighborhood. it meets zoning. went through design and review. scaled back by planning commission and if we will stop that from existing neighborhoods, we will just cause the lack of housing. if those projects can't get approved, we'll exacerbate the issue. as neighbors and was mentioned about the west side, we have to come together and take our fair share. at the end of the day to demolish a single home to put in three units of family housing, given the conditions that were approved at the planning department and planning commission, to me, this is something that i think we should move forward with. what i would like to do a make a motion to approve items 31 and
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35 and table 30, 32, 33, 34, 36 and 37. >> councillor breed: seconded by supervisor tang. seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> councillor farrell: aye. >> councillor peskin: aye. >> councillor ronen: aye. >> councillor safai: aye. >> councillor sheehy: aye. >> councillor tang: aye. >> councillor yee: aye. >> councillor breed: aye. >> councillor cohen: aye. >> clerk: 9 ayes, 1 no with
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supervis supervisor kim absent. >> councillor breed: the motion is adopted. okay, madam clerk, closed session. let's go to roll call. we'll take public comment and then go to our closed session. >> clerk: supervisor kim? okay. not in the chamber. new business, supervisor peskin? thank you. supervisor r supervis supervisorronen. supervisor safai? >> councillor safai: submit.
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>> councillor tang: today i'm in rope to deucing a charter measure along with supervisor peskin. it is our budget reform and accountability charter measure and it will do two things, we hope. one, it will provide a mechanism to pause the growth set aside during an economic downturn when deficit exceeds $200 million. and secondly, that funds be returned in 2018/2019. the reason is that san francisco has 19 set-asides the most of any jurisdiction in the nation. los angeles has adopted two set-asides. san diego, one, san jose, none. with the number of minimum spending requirements, it's gotten out of control. unless we do something about it now, we'll have budget balancing problems in the future. i look forward to working with
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colleagues and members of the community on this charter measure. and i do have a couple of im memoriams that i will also submit here. wanted to highlight that we're doing our monthly organ donor in memoriam. i will submit that. and i wanted to announce the wife of j.b. rumberg -- j.b. had worked and was a member of our co-op over at -- in the sunset district. he passed away november 14. he lived in san francisco for 20 years. he could break down bikes and build them up again. his family, they're all huge, hardcore giants' fans. and j.b. could also tell you who won the world series in 1946 or
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any other year. it's very sad that he has passed away and he's known for his work as a cheese monger and that's how we first met him. i want to send my condolences to his wife and son and yet to be born son. >> councillor breed: colleagues, today i will be introducing a piece of legislation that both myself and our late mayor were extremely proud of. in fact, it was the last piece of legislation we discussed when we met yesterday. i'm excited to bring forward legislation that will allow the city to purchase the mcdonald site. our intent is clear. we're going to build 100% affordable housing.
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we know that opportunity sites to build 100% affordable housing are limited in san francisco. those sites are even scarcer in neighborhoods like haight ashbury, which are pretty much developed. this aquisition and the process that will follow will transform a blighted, nuisance property to desperately needed affordable housing. and we're going to do so with neighborhood preference legislation in place to ensure that residents have a fair shot at getting acticess to new home. we'll be purchasing the site for $15.5 million, a price that is several million below market value. so i'm sure supervisor peskin will be happy to see that in the
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appraisal. this is an incredible opportunity not just for the haight but for the entire city. i look forward to working with many community members who have already expressed their support for development of affordable housing on the site to get this across the finish line. i believe we can work together to ensure that this project is something that the entire community can be proud of. thank you, colleagues. the rest i submit. >> clerk: supervisor cohen? >> councillor cohen: thank you. colleagues, i wanted to share with you in the wake of the mayor's untimely death, he, i and supervisor peskin were working collectively and we will regroup in the beginning of the year, right, supervisor peskin? so the three of us joined forces together to begin to call on our retirement system, to begin to phase out divestment of fossil fuels by identifying the
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riskiest, dirtiest in our portfolio and begin the process of replacing them with cleaner, high-performing assets. and, madam clerk, i have no legislation to commit, but wanted to go on the record. this was an announcement we were prepared to say today during the mayor's time at the beginning of our session. i also just want to recognize the collective heaviness in the chamber today and i want to remember and remind everyone that the mayor was not only an outstanding public servant but a husband and a father and i think one of my most fondest memories of the mayor is when i would see him interact with little people, young children. he had a knack. he would tell them corny jokes. they would not laugh, well, some laughed at him, not with him.
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my heart aches. i want to send out the deepest, most heartfelt condolences to mrs. lee and to breanna and to tonya. and let them know that we love them and that we as a city family are wrapping our arms around them and also recognizing that our entire city family is grieving and we'll heal and get through this and the rest i submit. thank you. >> clerk: supervisor farrell? >> councillor farrell: thank you. i want to back up what supervisor cohen just said and supervisor breed. and now acting mayor breed said earlier. one thing i want to share with everyone. people ask us, what is your memory of mayor lee? and i want it share something from last thursday, which is the last time i saw him. we were at the christmas tree lighting at mclaren lodge, the official san francisco christmas
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tree. i went up on stage with him. for the first time, my children came with me on stage for the first time. and my little guy, who just turned 5 years old, he thought that he was going to be the one to flip the switch and turn on the christmas tree lights. i told him that was not the case. that's the mayor's job and his prerogative to do so. apparently the mayor heard me talking to him. and so when the mayor went up, he motioned to my son and they kind of held hands on top of each other and flipped the switch together with a bunch of other children. to me, it's just -- i will miss so much mayor lee the individual and it's a story that i thought was just very typical of my interactions with him and what i will very much miss. >> clerk: any other members? supervisor kim? >> councillor kim: i wanted to add my words to the passing of
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our mayor and continuing to share stories. i first met mayor ed lee in 2001 when i was a youth community organizer in chinatown and he had just been appointed as director of public works the year prior. and our youth leaders organized early morning cleanups of our alley ways in chinatown, and pointing out that alleyways were often not taken care of by the city. and ed lee came personally to deliver dust pans and grooms and garbage bags and i was struck by his immense humbleness and dedication to being a public servant. when he became mayor, one things that i found extraordinary about him is he cleaned our streets before he became the mayor of san francisco. he really knew our city. and i know that he personally
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cleaned our streets with his staff and employees at department of public works. i always joke that head of our public works is truly the mayor of san francisco, because they do the work that the public often sees as the work of the city. ed lee was a truly decent human being who loved corny jokes and loved our city even more. it was an honor to work alongside an individual who dedicated his life to public service and to the great city of san francisco and i just want to send my thoughts and prayers to his family, his wife, anita, daughters breanna and tonya. he will be greatly missed. rest in power, mr. mayor. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor ronen and then supervisor lee. >> councillor ronen: i also wanted to share my deepest condolences to his family and
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say my work with the mayor was one of most surprising things that happened to me since i became supervisor. we all know how entrenched we become on our political sides of the aisle and when i was running for supervisor i was very negative about the mayor and his leadership. so to his credit, the minute i became supervisor and came to him and said, i want to work with you really closely hand in hand on homelessness in my district, which is such a crisis, he never held my words against me. he never hesitated. he said, yes, let's do this. let's work together. and kept his word every single step of the way. when carolyn, my chief of staff and i, would meet with him each
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month, we had such good meetings with him and every single time i would walk out of his office saying, how crazy is it that by one of my closest allies in city hall is the mayor of san francisco. and that we agree on how to address this issue. that we have fun working together. we are honest with one another and have worked hand in hand and sometimes my colleagues will make fun of me. "you and your best friend, the mayor." i would say, hey, i will give credit where credit is due. he's the person that's stepped up to the plate and has worked with me harder than anyone else and has kept his word every step of the way. i just have to say that that has been one of the biggest blessings that i've had since i've become supervisor, to watch this man, who i didn't know very well before i became supervisor and who kept his word and cared
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so deeply. when we went to visit the navigation center that we opened in record time, the way he interacted with the residents of the center, the naturalness, care, concern, dignity, humility, the ease at which he related with people, you cannot fake. there is no faking that type of interaction. and it really gave me a level of respect for this mayor that i had not had before and that i will always, always carry with me. i want to say thank you, mayor lee, for everything that you did for this city for 40 years. for your attention and love for the people of san francisco, even the poorest people, for working with me hand in hand and always giving me that chance, even though we were and have been on opposite sides of the
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aisle. to his wife, anita, and to his beautiful daughters, breanna and tonya, we're just with you in this time of grieving and i just want to personally send you my deep love and appreciation. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor yee. and then we'll go to the roster. >> councillor yee: i didn't know how corny his jokes were until i went to ireland in 2013 and i -- it's unbelievable how many times i heard them during the trip. every time he met everyone from ireland, "do you know that there's a river named after me here?" that was the beginning of my understanding of his humor, where, really, how many times are you going to say this and it's still funny to you?
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[laughter] i have to say that i admire his steadfastness and as a fighter for social justice issues and immigrant rights and homelessness and other people that are less fortunate. one of the things about him is that i realized, sometimes one has a plate full of things that they care about and it's pretty much full. what i found out with him is that his plate has plenty of stuff but always seems to be able to put something else on it and i would say that it took a little while for ed to come around on the issue of childcare but eventually, i mean, every
3:40 am
time i walked -- last three or four times i walked into his office, he was really focused on early education and childcare and he was coming around so much that he was seeing ways in which we can work together to say, we're better than new york's mayor announcement of his initiative and we can get this done in san francisco. so i'm going to miss that part of his enthusiasm as we move forward. thank you very much, ed. >> clerk: supervisor tang? >> councillor tang: thank you very much. i think i share a lot of the same memories and comments of many of my colleagues, sending my best condolences and thoughts to anita and mayor lee's daughters. we were fortunate, supervisor
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safai and supervisor farrell to join in on the sister city trip to ireland this year and, yes, he made that same river lee joke many times i would not be here today if it were not for him. i am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to serve the city and it really was because he gave me this opportunity. sorry. and we -- it's not until they're gone that you realize how lucky you are to have such a genuine mayor that listened to people from all different sides. and i remember when we had our one-on-one meetings, i would bring in our interns because i wanted them to meet the mayor and he would happily allow them to meet with him and take photos with him and ask questions. not only would he listened to them, but he would do special things like give them a giants' pin or something special from his office and it meant so much
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from the interns to have that interaction with him. he was that kind of person. i'm thrilled that we were able to work on some great policies together. i hope that finish our teacher housing project, first of its kind, in our own sunset district, which he put his foot down and said, we need to do this. we cannot take any longer and debate about how we'll do it. we're going to do it. mr. mayor, i hope we can make you proud on this project. my biggest regret is not telling him how much i appreciated him. i hope we learn a lesson from this if there are people in our lives that we appreciate, that we take time to tell them that. thank you, mr. mayor. i will miss you very much. >> clerk: supervisor safai? >> councillor safai: i will
3:43 am
reiterate a lot of the things said. i had the great pleasure of working for ed lee when he was director of public works. and really got to see his commitment to our city. he was dedicated in such a way, as many of you have said here, to keeping his head down and doing the work. he wasn't about recognition. he wasn't about the accolades. he was truly about getting the work done. and from all the politicians that i work with in my life and have been around, i have to say, believe, truly, that he was probably the most kind, gentle man that happened to be a politician. as many of you know, he didn't go into the situation looking for that, but actually took on that responsibility and embraced it ultimately. i think he was committed to everyday san franciscans and i have so many stories to share,
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but two of them are kind of funny. one was, after i won my race, he called me up and said, let's go clean some streets? what? i just became supervisor. that was his reflex. his reflex was, let's get out on the streets and talk with the people and when we got out there, you know, in my district, he was like, i really love being out there. these are real san franciscans, working people, and i think he never forgot about his humble beginnings. supervisor breed likes to talk about how he came from public housing. i don't think he lost that. i think it guided him and it was who he was in so many ways. when he became our mayor, the city was over 12% unemployment. all he would talk about was jobs, jobs, jobs, and, boy, did he turn this city around. and i think a lot of times as
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supervisor tang said, we take for granted what we have. he committed himself to the housing trust fund. he committed himself to turning the economy around. he worked on the mid market tax break and it's been so much more phenomenal than anyone could have imagined with the amount of jobs and economy it's brought back. my heart goes out, as well, to his wife, anita, and their two daughters. i had the great pleasure when i first became supervisor inviting myself on his trip to the conference of mayors. i thought he would say no at first. next thing i knew, i was on a plane at the conference of mayors and i really consider this mayor a friend and a mentor in so many different ways. for the people of district 11, in our part of town, that have felt for so long that they were overlooked and forgotten, this mayor immediately jumped in and embraced probably one of the biggest projects we've been
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working on for years, which is the largest affordable childcare subsidized childcare center in the city. when i met with him two years prior to even running, he said, we're going to do this, because this is right. and i didn't even know that this was the largest subsidized childcare center in the city, over 224 families. we closed a $5.5 million deal. that was to his credit. not many people saw the mayor get really, really mad at them. i -- we were at a warriors' game and i don't though what was on his mind. steph curry hit a 3 and there was no emotion and i said, mr. mayor, don't get excited. i said, you know what i'm excited about, i'm excited about the corner of turk and hyde and where is mohammed and where is
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marlin and get everyone in here. and everyone was like, i don't know what you did. i've never seen the mayor so mad at anyone in my life. by the end, every single time he would see me, and i know jason can attest, he would not stop talking about turk and hyde. he would never let it go, until the last moment i met with him, he talked about turk and hyde. it's a sad day for our city. he was a phenomenal city and great mayor and he will go down as one of the best mayors in the history of this city and may never get all the recognition that he deserves. >> clerk: supervisor sheehy? >> councillor sheehy: it's been an experience for me. i really did not know the mayor when i got the appointment. it's been relatively little time with him and i was surprised and shocked that he made that cho e
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choice. it's been something getting to know him. one of the things that i have been touched by is just the sheer hard work. i've never seen any individual work so hard. i'm struck and terribly saddened for his family, for his wife and daughters, because he made tremendous sacrifice for this city. and he deeply cared. i've known a lot of political folks. the most decent, humble human bei being, i remember one morning, we were going to a school in my district. and i watched him get out of his car. and he had just come from san francisco general where he had been meeting, you know, seeing
3:49 am
an officer that was injured in the line of duty. and the weight on his shoulders, the way in which he so deeply car cared, about the individual that he was responsible for. and i looked into his eyes, and his shoulders were slumped. you know, it's hard to go see someone you are responsible for and take on that pain. and yet, you know, 10 minutes later, we're under a desk with kids and he's talking with them and engaging them and genuinely, very real. as we're walking out, i said, i don't know how you carry this for the whole city. and you could see in his eyes the depth of feeling that he has
3:50 am
for the people in san francisco. i mean, he's -- we're in the same neighborhood in glenn park. our place to meet was a diner. and that's where he ate. the connectiveness of the ordinary lives of the people that live here was so deep, authentic and genuine and the way he worked every day to make everyone's life better and, you know, i was -- to my colleagues, i was -- he was so committed to doing something significant about homelessness. i was in his office yesterday talking about the state of emergency. and he and i have been talking about homelessness because obviously this is such a crisis in our city.
3:51 am
and he always approached that issue with true compassion. he wasn't going to take a path that treated the people on our streets with less dignity than anybody else gets. he would not look at it as problem to be shoved in a corner. i agree with my other colleagues that he will be remembered as a truly great mayor. there was an expectation that he controlled everything that happened in the city. and no one can do that. he couldn't do it. we can't do it. it's a dynamic, growing, living
3:52 am
city. but he did take on problems and work them. and i feel as a fellow parent, it's what you do with your kid. you work and you work and you know that there's no endline, no time when you get to stop or rest or let it go. and i really miss him. and the love he's given this city. not just being mayor, but he's worked to make this city better for, what, over 30 years? and it's been an honor to know him. and, again, for his family, we owe his family so, so very much. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor sheehy? supervisor safai -- >> councillor safai: sorry. that was from before.
3:53 am
>> clerk: that concludes new business. >> councillor breed: thank you, madam clerk. >> clerk: at this time, the public may address the board supervisors for up 2 minutes to include the minutes, which constituted a quorum of the board of supervisors. including item 63 and 66. public comment is not allowed when the item has been previously out for public comment. direct your remarks as a whole and not individuals. speakers using interpretation will be allowed twice the amount of time. if you would like to display a document, please do so. >> councillor breed: first
3:54 am
speaker, please. >> thank you, president and acting mayor breed. ladies and gentlemen of the board, i ask for your resignations. you've violated your oath of office. you swore to defend the united states constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and yet you have the citywide case management and community focus, a joint project with the san francisco campus of the university of california, which the city and county funds at a race of $100 million a year. there's assertive treatment program and responsible for involuntarily medicating and surgical procedures that is not voluntary. it is able to do this by violating its patients' life and liberty without due process of law.
3:55 am
it denies its patients personal security and badly integrity. it also denies its patients freedom of association and the right to petition the government with grievances guaranteed. reasonable searches and seizures. denies the right to confront accusers. citywide denies the right to jury trials. citywide cruel and unusual punishment from its patients. citywide uses medicine to control its patients because it offers no alternative. denies patients equal treatment under the law guaranteed by item 14. you have violated your oaths, i
3:56 am
ask for your resignation. back to you, president breed. >> councillor breed: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i remove my hat and tip my head to mayor lee. we cannot outlaw tragedy. end the year subdued. i'm humbled to be here. residents here in this chamber, charles pitt came in today, i got his name, when we had the
3:57 am
police here, he said if empathy is to be a part of our police department, shouldn't we look for it when we do our hiring? saying that we're missing our water, and that should have been taken care of 10, 20, 30 years ago. are we building, flushing, watering our plants still with pure water. supervisor kim, graduates of the navigation systems do better when they're relocated outside of their environments. there's districts that don't want the navigation systems. but they should be able to handle the graduates. we need a new, realistic housing
3:58 am
policy for the people in san francisco, from the seniors, that the steps in their homes, they can't navigate anymore, to the seniors on only social security. from the renters that are stuck in homes that they can't move out of until they die and they have to die before the property is sold. reality check time. happy recess. >> councillor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. if there are any other members that want to address the board, please step up. come to the right side of the chamber. >> i'm michael shane. i'm here to address our concerns about the written findings about the sale of sello terrace.
3:59 am
we heard that several supervisors have stated that they based their voice on the facts. let's look at the facts stated in the finding. "upon receiving confirmation, owner of the property had not received a mail notice that the treasurer should have taken additional measures to provide notice to the property owner." while we all heard that there was a return notice this year, that is not relevant to the facts of the written finding. the petitioner had not produced any evidence that there was a notice prior to the tax bill in april. so why is the date of return confirmation important? it goes to the plausibility of
4:00 am
the argument. we need it look at whether additional notice was ill possible. the bill said it was at that time. so until the petitioner shows that there had been a return notice, it doesn't make sense that argue that the tax collector should have done more to provide notice. there was no opportunity for him to do so. respectfully, i urge you to delay your decision until conclusive evidence is provided in order for you to makes an informed decision rather than rush into a decision that would harm the public trust and fair government process of san francisco. thank you. >> councillor breed: thank you for your comments. there seems to be no other members of the public. >> clerk: please step up, sir.


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