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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 26, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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opportunity to choose the next mayor in as much of a level playing field as possible. i want to note, there is no such thing as a level playing field in politics in elections anymore. we talk about a fair and transparent election, the millions of dollars that get spent in these elections really do give a disproportionate voice to the wealthiest among us to determine who our representatives will be. that said, i want to honor what many members of the public have said. you know, and step back from the nomination, but i do want to thank supervisor fewer for that generous nomination. i also, chair, president tang, if i may, wanted to address one nominee that i heard from many members of the public and in fact she was my first choice and i would have really liked to have nominated her today and that is city administrator naomi
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kelly. she is someone had has served at the helm of the city for decades and is a great public servant. and would have been a perfect fit for the interim mayor role. for very similar reasons as to why the board in 2010 had shr selected then city administrator ed lee. i know she is close to ed lee and would have carried his principles and policies forward. ed lee is the mayor that the voters have voted for and in many ways it makes sense to honor that by nominating naomi kelly, but i did not want to create a show by nominating her and asking her to come down here. i did ask her and she said she would not be able to accept this position and that the best way she can continue to serve the city is as city administrator. but i did think it was important for members of the public to understand why a formal nomination was not done, because
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we received many e-mails on behalf of ms. kelly. and i want to thank ms. kelly for her service and it says a lot about your leadership that so many members of the public had asked on this board to nominate you for interim mayor. >> supervisor tang: thank you, supervisor kim. colleagues, any other nominations that you would like to make? ok. seeing none, then thank you. madame clerk, would you please read the names of the formal nominees who have accepted in the order they were presented to us. >> clerk: supervisor cohen has nominated president breed. supervisor yee has nominated supervisor farrell. >> supervisor tang: so we have two nominees before us. so colleagues, before we proceed on voting, i wanted to share the procedure. so according to our process, the vote on the nominations will be in the order that the
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nominations were received when the nominees name is called stay aye or no. the first nominee to receive a majority vote of all members will be selected by the committee of the whole and we'll forward it out to the full board of supervisors for appointment as successor mayor. again, just to kind of very have you and repeat. given we're voting on nominations in the order which they were received, a nominee higher on the list could receive a majority vote before we vote on names lower down the list. once a nominee receives six votes, voting on all other nominations will cease. and then we will reconvene to appoint the nominee as the mayor. with that said, colleagues, any questions? on the procedure? ok. seeing no questions, then madame clerk, please call the roll of the nominees in the order in which they were received. >> for round one, supervisor cohen's nominee. >> i want to be clear --
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>> supervisor peskin: this is not like a board president vote, we don't say a name, we vote aye or no. >> individually. for president breed, supervisor cohen's nomination for president breed. kim no. peskin no. ronen no. safai aye. sheehy aye. tang aye. yee no. cohen aye. fewer no. >> there are four ayes and five nos with supervisors kim, peskin, ronen, yee and fewer in the dissent. thank you, madame clerk. no nominee has received a majority of the votes. i wanted to ask if we could call a vote on a second round and
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that would be the second candidate, supervisor farrell. yee nomination of supervisor farrell. kim aye. peskin aye. ronen aye. safai no. sheehy aye. tang aye. yee aye. cohen no. fewer aye. >> clerk: there are 7 ayes and two nos with safai and cohen in the consent. >> supervisor tang: the selection is for supervisor farrell. i would like to now ask is there -- please, if we could --
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ok, colleagues, i would like to ask if there is a motion to amend item 42 to include the name of supervisor farrell. >> so moved. >> supervisor tang: moved by peskin, seconded by supervisor yee. colleagues, can we take that item and motion without objection or do we need a roll call? no roll call, ok, we'll do that without objection. item 42 amended to include the name of supervisor farrell. the committee of the whole is held and closed. colleagues will now reconvene as the board of supervisors. at this point, the committee of the whole has selected supervisor farrell to be the successor mayor. will be now ask for the members to return to chamber. madame clerk, i would ask that we
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this meeting is back in session. colleagues, earlier we had reconvened as a full board of supervisors, but i would like to ask for motion to go back to the committee of the whole? supervisor cohen, second by supervisor peskin. we're reconvened as committee of the whole. with that, madame clerk, i would like to actually ask colleagues if we can rescind the vote on supervisor farrell's nomination? >> second. a motion would be in order. >> i'll make a motion to rescind. >> supervisor tang: thank you. thank you can colleagues, i think i was caught off guard as many of us were, so i would like
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to recast my vote. with that, madame clerk. >> just to be clear, presiding officer, this is a vote on the motion made by supervisor yee and yay or nay motion. >> supervisor tang: correct. >> so a vote in the affirmative would be in favor of appointing mark farrell to be the interim mayor, that is correct? >> supervisor tang: yes, that is correct to my understanding unless madame clerk states otherwise. >> that is the selection by the committee of the whole and recommended to the board. >> so we're still in the committee of the whole? >> we just took a motion to reconvene as committee of the whole? madame clerk, please call roll. yee's nomination of supervisor farrell, kim aye.
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peskin aye. ronen aye. safai no. sheehy aye. tang no. yee aye. cohen no. fewer aye. >> clerk: there is six ayes and three nos with supervisor safai, tang and cohen in the dissent. >> supervisor tang: thank you, madame clerk, the outcome has not changed. supervisor farrell has still been nominated as the successor mayor. colleagues, actually madame clerk, ask if we have to go back to item 42 to amend supervisor farrell's name >> clerk: we should. >> supervisor tang: moved by peskin, seconded by yee. item 42 will include farrell's
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name as successor mayor. without objection, item -- roll, call please. on the motion to amend item 42 to add the name as successor mayor, supervisor mark farrell, supervisor kim? kim aye. peskin aye. ronen aye. safai aye. sheehy aye. tang no. yee aye. cohen no. fewer aye. >> there are 7 ayes and two nos. >> supervisor tang: item 42 is amend and passed with supervisor farrell's name as successor mayor. now, colleagues i'd like to welcome back our president london breed.
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i'm sorry, i apologize, first i see if -- we will now reconvene as the full board of supervisors. welcome back, president breed. >> acting mayor breed: thank you. so we are -- we have a couple of more items to -- a couple more things to take care of. and so madame clerk? >> clerk: madame president, the committee of the whole has selected supervisor mark farrell to be the successor mayor and has amended item 42 to amend supervisor farrell's name to the item. if you are rejoining the conversation, as we spoke of you would withdraw your nomination. >> but we were pulled out of the committee of the whole and i didn't vote on that item and we're no longer in the committee of the whole.
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>> no, that's correct, but for you to rejoin the conversation, you have to withdraw your nomination to participate in the process. >> the item is to approve item 42 as amended. >> acting mayor breed: it was my understanding that you all just did that. >> the committee of the whole amended item 42, recommended that to the board. >> acting mayor breed: ok got it. got it, thank you. so now we're going to approve item number 42. >> clerk: we will consider 42. >> acting mayor breed: at this time, i withdraw my name from consideration and i will be voting no on item number 42. madame clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: item 42 as amended, kim aye. peskin aye. ronen aye. safai aye.
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sheehy aye. tang aye. yee aye. breed no. cohen no. fewer. there are eight ayes and two nos with breed and cohen in the consent. >> acting mayor breed: the motion is approved. please stand by.
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>> madam clerk, please call the first -- i mean -- let's see, the mission rock -- >> we're going to continue them. why don't we call both items and
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then we'll take public comment for them both and then do the continuance. >> 35-37, sitting as a committee of the whole for a public hearing on the project area one mission rock and subproject areas 1-1 through 1-13. infrastructure district number two financing and items 36 and 37 the ordinance for the project area and 37 is the resolution to approve the issuance of bonds and 38 and 39 is the board of supervisors for a public hearing to consider an ordinance approving amendments to the development plan to remove a parcel known as p-20 and item 39
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is ordinance to approve amendments to the mission bay plan. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you as president breed mentioned, i'm asking the board to continue the items to tuesday february 13th to hear the items then. >> supervisor kim has made a motion to continue. is there a second? seconded by supervisor yee. any public comment specifically on the continuance? seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk on the continuous, please call the roll. >> on the continuance of items 35-39 supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor tang.
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>> aye. supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> aye. >> those items are continued to -- what date is that madam clerk? >> february 13th, 2018. without objection. all right. that brings us to the end of the agenda. can you please read the end? >> today's meeting will be adjourned in follow -- in honor of the following individuals, on behalf of supervisor aaron peskin for the late mr. peter overmier. mr. tang qualm sang and from supervisor tang charles alexander and miss lease an m coleman. >> any other business for today?
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>> that concludes the business for today. thank you. ♪ >> we had adjourned.
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>> they tend to come up here and drive right up to the vehicle and in and out of their car and into the victim's vehicle, i would say from 10-15 seconds is all it takes to break into a car and they're gone. yeah, we get a lot of break-ins in the area. we try to -- >> i just want to say goodbye. thank you. >> sometimes that's all it takes. >> i never leave anything in my car. >> we let them know there's been a lot of vehicle break-ins in this area specifically, they target this area, rental cars or vehicles with visible items. >> this is just warning about vehicle break-ins. take a look at it.
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>> if we can get them to take it with them, take it out of the cars, it helps. you.
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>> today, i wanted to kickoff and welcome you to the first every family well forum (clapping.) >> compromising is carmen chu currently which this of the family forum we put this event dough went to a lot of community meetings and we're he and she about families worries and
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troubles aaron planning for the future and ahsha safai for buying a home and college and retirement and for many of the seniors how to passing on their prompts to their kids. >> the family forum benefits throughout san francisco i'm supervisor norman yee representing district 7 people are homeowners fritter buyers and they don't thinks the planning. >> what you'll notice if you walk around today's activities multiple languages transactions available for people in the seminars and 101 counseling and the today, we not only have vendors that have come here the seminars where people are lining about important topics was of most unique pieces we have one-on-one free counseling for people so important that people understand about taxes and how
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you transfer your assets to our next generation because we do it wrong as you may know to lose much money. >> we did if grassroots on the radio and worked with all nonprofit and partners to get the word out we personally went to community meeting to tell people about this event we'll have a whole line of people that will wait to ask skews i'm thinking about passing on my property or so glad i can speak but i cannot speak english well we created in first every family forum and hope that will bring a lot of people good information to plan for their future three hundred people signed up for 101 counterand we so hope that is a model for success for the future and hope to do more if we learn
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from this one to be better >> i'm warren corn field and we are doing a series called stay safe, we are going to talk about staying in your home after an earthquake and taking care of your pet's needs. ♪ >> here we are at the spur urban ken center and we are in this little house that was built to show what it is like in san francisco after an earthquake. we are very pleased to have with us today, pat brown from the department of animal care and control and her friend oreo. >> hi. >> lauren. >> could you tell us what it
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would take after an earthquake or some other emergency when you are in your home and maybe no power or water for a little while. what it would take for you and oreo to be comfortable and safe at home. >> just as you would prepare for your own needs should an earthquake or a disaster event occur, you need to prepare for your pets. and i have brought with me today, some of the things that i have put in my disaster kit to prepare for my animal's needs to make sure that i am ready should something happen and i need to shelter at home. >> what are some of the things that people should have in their home after an earthquake or other emergency to help take care of their tasks and take care of themselves. >> i took the liberty of bringing you some examples. it includes a first aid kit for your pet and you can also use it for yourself and extra meds for your pets.
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and water container that will not tip over. we have got both food, wet food and dry food for your pet. and disposable food container. and water, and your vet records. in addition, we have a collar and some toys. >> yeah. to keep oreo busy. >> he needs toys and this is san francisco being a fruity city and come on oreo. this is your dinner, it is patte style chicken dinner with our foody seen here. >> what they say now is that you should have at least a gallon of water and i think that a gallon of water is small amount, i think that maybe more like two gallons of water would be good for you and your pet. >> does the city of animal control or any other agency help you with your pet after an emergency. >> there is a coalition of
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ngos, non-governmental organizations led by the department of animal care and control to do disaster planning for pets and that includes the san francisco spca. the paws group, the vet sos, pets unlimited. and we all have gotten together and have been getting together for over four or five years now to talk about how we can educate the public about being prepared for a disaster as it involves your pets. >> a lot of services. i understand that if you have to leave your home, we are encouraging people to take their pets with them. >> absolutely. we think that that is a lesson that we concerned from karina, if you are being evacuated you should take your pet with you. i have a carrier, and you need to have a carrier that you can fit your pet in comfortably and you need to take your pet with
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you when you were evacuated. >> i am going to thank you very much for joining us and bringing oreo today. and i am go francisco. >> my name is fwlend hope i would say on at large-scale what all passionate about is peace in the world. >> it never outdoor 0 me that note everyone will think that is a good i know to be a paefrt. >> one man said i'll upsetting the order of universe i want to do since a good idea not the order of universe but his
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offered of the universe but the ministry sgan in the room chairing sha harry and grew to be 5 we wanted to preach and teach and act god's love 40 years later i retired having been in the tenderloin most of that 7, 8, 9 some have god drew us into the someplace we became the network ministries for homeless women escaping prostitution if the months period before i performed memorial services store produced women that were murdered on the streets of san francisco so i went back to the board and said we say to do something the number one be a safe place for them to live while he worked on
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changing 4 months later we were given the building in january of 1998 we opened it as a safe house for women escaping prostitution i've seen those counselors women find their strength and their beauty and their wisdom and come to be able to affirmative as the daughters of god and they accepted me and made me, be a part of the their lives. >> special things to the women that offered me a chance safe house will forever be a part of the who i've become and you made that possible life didn't get any better than that. >> who've would know this look of this girl grown up in atlanta will be working with produced
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women in san francisco part of the system that has abused and expedited and obtain identified and degraded women for century around the world and still do at the embody the spirits of women that just know they deserve respect and intend to get it. >> i don't want to just so women younger women become a part of the the current system we need to change the system we don't need to go up the ladder we need to change the corporations we need more women like that and they're out there. >> we get have to get to help them. >>
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sw*ek eel go ahead and call the meeting of the san francisco municipal transportation authority for tuesday, january 16, 2018. could you please read the roll? [roll call] please be advised that director torres will not be at today's meeting. item three, announcement of prohibition of sound-producing devices during the meeting. please be advised that the ringing and use of cell phones, pagers and other similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room.


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