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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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adjournment? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor, aye. >> opposed? commission is hereby adjourned.
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>> good afternoon, everybody. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for tuesday, january 23, 2018. madam clerk, please call the roll. [roll call] >> breed present. cohen present. farrell present. kim present. peskin present. ronen present. safai present. sheehy present. tang present.
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supervisor yee present. fewer present. >> ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] >> thank you. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> clerk: none to present. >> president breed: thank you. i would like to recognize reverend brown, former supervisor, who is here. we're approving the minutes from december 5 and 12. is there a motion to move the minutes? moved by farrell. seconded by kim. without objection? without objection, meeting
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minutes will be approved after public comment. >> clerk: 1-8 are on consent. if a member objects, an item may be removed and considered separately. >> president breed: roll call vote. [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president breed: those items adopted unanimously. >> clerk: ordinance to approve lease and tenant improvement costs for department of
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homelessness and supportive housing in face equal year 2017-2018. >> president breed: can we take this same house, same call? ordinance is finally passed unanimously. next item, please? >> clerk: item 10, an ordinance to appropriate $11 million to recreation and park department for funding received from cast powerhouse qalicb, fiscal year 2017/2018 and on controller's reserve pending receive of the grant. >> president breed: with he can take this item same house, same call? without objection, passes unanimously first reading. >> clerk: item 11, appropriate $177 million for transportation and road improvements to fund the municipal transportation agency street and transit projects 2017-2018, placing the amount on controller's preserve.
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>> president breed: same house same call? without objection, ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. >> clerk: item 12, appropriatity $77 million in proceeds from the third issuance of the 2012 clean and safe parks open spaces 2018a to the recreation and park department for renovation, repair and construction of parks and open spaces placing on controller's reserve pending the receipt of indebt theness 2017/2018. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, passes unanimously on the first reading. >> clerk: item 13, ordinance to appropriate $300,000 for cigarette litter abatement fees. >> president breed: same house, same call. without objection, ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. >> clerk: item 14, an ordinance
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to amend the health code, to impose a license fee of $1,200 for cannabis smoking consumption permit. >> president breed: same house, same call. without objection, ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. >> clerk: item 15 resolution to provide recreation and parks department to accept and expend a grant from san francisco parks alliance for renovation of certain playgrounds for let'splaysf for $15 million january 2018-january 2026. >> president breed: same house, same call. without objection, resolution adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 26, related documents between california housing financing agency and san francisco department of public health for the benefit of the willie b. kennedy housing, at
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1239 turk street with rosa parks lp for 2017-2018. >> president breed: same house, same call. without objection, adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 17 to retroactively accept 7.3 million grant from the san francisco general hospital foundation to participate in zuckerberg patient care quality improvement through 2020. >> president breed: same house, same call. resolution adopted anonymously. >> clerk: item 18, fix prevailing wage rates for workers under city contracts. >> president breed: same house, same call. without objection, resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 19, amendment to ground lease mission bay affordable housing at 201, 207,
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213, 215, 215, 219, 221, 223, 225 and 227 king streets at rich sorro commons. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 20, trance important asian and road improvement bonds not so exceed $177 million. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, item adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 21, sale clean a and safe neighborhood parks bonds not to exceed $77 million. >> president breed: same house, same call? adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 22, emergency
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declaration by the san francisco tesla treatment facility flywheel power supply units hetch hetchl not to exceed $22,000. >> president breed: same house, same call. approved unanimously. >> clerk: acquire real property at 700-730 stanyan street from mcdonald's corporation placing it under the jurisdiction of the mayor's office for use in constructing affordable housing for san franciscans and make the appropriate findings. >> president breed: i'm very excited that this item is before the board today. this is an opportunity to purchase the mcdonald's site at stanyan and haight. it's very challenging to find a
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site like things the haight ashbury community this is a significant opportunity. we got a below-market rate. and so i'm really looking forward of ward to this opportunity. and i want to thank the late mayor ed lee for working with me over the last two years to try to acquire this site. 5 want to thank my colleagues who are part of the budget committee for sending this to the full board with positive recommendation. and i want to thank members of the haight ashbury committee who have come together to agree regardless of the project on this site. it will be 100% affordable housing. it's exciting and, colleagues, i would appreciate your support. seeing no other names on the roster, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, resolution adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 24 and 25 together. >> clerk: items 24 and 25 are two motions that respond to the civil grand jury request to provide a status update on the
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board of supervisors response and recommendations for item 24, r2, r3, r4, taking accountability and transparency to the next level. and r2.2 contained in the 2016-2017 civil grand jury report entitled the san francisco retirement system, increasing understanding and adding oversight. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, motions are approved unanimously. next item. >> clerk: item 26, ordinance to revise the definition of gross floor area, to delete and modify accessory and nonaccessory
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committees. and appropriate findings. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, passed on the first meeting. >> clerk: item 27, to address typographical errors, clarify nighttime entertainment and update inclusionive affordable housing. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, passes on the first reading. >> clerk: item 28, ordinance to prohibit nonretail professional uses, and allow catering uses within the mission street transit district and make the appropriate findings. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. next item? >> clerk: item 29, zoning controls in certain personal
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service uses and require conditional use for conversion of any commercial use to a residential use to aform the ceqa determination. and make the appropriate findings. >> president breed: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: we've initiated a planning process with planning. we've been working with a 30-member working group comprised of residents, small business owners, merchants and long-time neighborhood leaders and associations. in that process, we intend to come one a neighborhood plan. as part of that neighborhood plan, there will be policy recommendations, legislation, and direction given. one of the things we wanted to do was put a pause on certain uses to allow it to go forward. i appreciate your support today and ask it to be voted on. >> president breed: thank you. can we take this same house, same call? without objection, resolution is
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adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 30 and 31 together. >> clerk: items 30 and 31 two resolutions that determine that the transfer of a type 48 on sale general public premises item license 2919 16th street will serve the public convenience and item 31, liquor license to city beer store llc, 1148 and 1150 mission street will serve the public convenience and recommending that the california department of beverage control impose conditions on the issuance of these licenses. >> president breed: same house, same call. without objection, adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 32, to declare the second monday in october to
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be indigenous people's day? >> supervisor peskin: we've received lots of emails about this. i would like some time to see if we can figure out a path forward that works both for our indigenous, native peoples as well as for folks of italian heritage and i have some thoughts about how we might be able to go about doing that, but would respectfully ask for a one-week continuance. >> president breed: is there a second? seconded by supervisor tang. supervisor cohen? >> supervisor cohen: i ask that we don't continue this item. i think it's been important. it's been discussed in committee. and i would like to ask that you deny the request for a continuance and take the vote today. >> president breed: supervisor yee?
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>> supervisor yee: why don't we just take the vote for continuance. >> president breed: okay. on the vote for continuance, madam clerk, please call the roll. [roll call] >> clerk: there are 4 ayes and 7 nos with kim, safai, sheehy, yee, cohen and fewer and breed in the dissent. >> president breed: continuance fails. so supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: i will be
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supportive of today's initiative legislation. and i also want to say that we need to -- i'd like to support something as a follow-up legislation to also honor the italian-american heritage. for me, it's not taking one away from the other. but actually to try to honor all the groups that have contributed so much to what makes san francisco what it is today. i want to be sure i make that statement and anybody that would like to do follow-up legislation on this to honor the italian-american heritage in san francisco, i will be glad to work with them. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: i supported the continuance because i always think it's great to give time for diverging opinions to get together and see if we can reach
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a consensus, but since that didn't pass, i want to thank supervisor cohen for introducing this. i think this is long overdue, despite the fact that i was supporting a one-week continuance. correcting our history and the history of the native people that were brutally slaughtered and killed off by disease, who were in this land prior to an italian explorer coming and "discovering the land" that people had been on for a very long time is very overdue and i will be very proud to support this today. >> president breed: thank you. seeing no names on the roster, madam clerk, please call the roll on the item. [roll call]
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[roll call] >> clerk: there are 10 ayes and one no, with supervisor peskin in the dissent. >> president breed: ordinance passes on the first reading. [applause] [boos] >> president breed: i'd like to remind members of the public that audible expressions are not
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allowed in the board chambers and unfortunately if it continues i will need to go in recess, which will prolong the meeting, so i ask that you please cooperate with our board rules. if you want to express your support for any item, please do your wavy fingers. if you want to show your disapproval, use your thumbs down. thank you, so much, for your cooperation. madam clerk, call items 33 and 34 together. >> clerk: two charter amendments amending the charter for san francisco, provides that appointed members of boards and commissions under the charter fore fit their offices when filing for elected office. for 34, charter amendment reduces mayoral appointments from retirement board from three to two members and require that the city attorney appoint one
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member to require there be a hearing and board of supervisors approval within 60 days, but if not objected upon become effective on the 61st day and require that the term of any mayor appointed between december 1, 2014, expire 2018, with an appointment to fill a vacancy and require that certain retirement board disclose certain investment information on a biannual basis at an election to be held june 5, 2018. given this is the first appearance, they're required to be continued and sit for at least 6 days between the first appearance and when the board can act on them. >> president breed: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. and thank you to the members of the rules committee for forwarding both of these amendmants and i want to thank the co-sponsors of the first item and i will reserve my
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comments on that until next week when we consider it for submission to the voters. in the matter, item 34, with regard to the retirement board, i just want to thank all of the members of the board of supervisors who have continuously now for a half decade, the previous board and this board, encouraged the retirement board to divest. i want to salute the leadership of supervisor cohen, who serves on that board, and wish you godspeed in your deliberations tomorrow, where hopefully we'll make significant and meaningful progress on fossil fuel divestment, which is not only their fiduciary duty, but moral imperative. with that, supervisor cohen,
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good luck on that you've been on the right side of that fight since you've been on that board and hopefully your colleagues will join you. and i want to acknowledge mayor lee and acting mayor for continuing the policy of furthering divestment from the retirement board and we'll consider this item next week if we still need it. >> president breed: thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor cohen? >> supervisor cohen: thank you. thank you for being here for important discussions that will be transpiring for the rest of the afternoon. supervisor peskin, thank you for picking up the mantel and helping us get this very important message to the finish line. i'm grateful that you recognize my leadership. i want to recognize supervisor avalos's leadership. quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen, this has been an incredible heavy lift to even start the conversation of divestment. not only are we dealing with a precarious subject that few
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people understand or understand the ramifications or implications of what fossil fuels do and what they're doing to the environment, but most importantly, people want to rest behind the fact that we are making money off of this investment. i want to recognize the professional staff at the san francisco employee retirement fund. we've had -- we've certainly had our differences and not seeing eye to eye on this issue, but have been professional and forthcoming with information so that not only myself as a fiduciary trustee serving on the retirement board, but also as we further this conversation publicly. this is an interesting conversation. 5 want everyone to know that we're not the only trustee board dealing with to divest or not to divest. it's something coming up to mention funds across the country and i think it's important for
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san francisco to stand up and be a leader in this and not to be afraid, but to stand strong in acknowledging what is right and walking in that light and in that direction. with that said, supervisor peskin, thank you. i look forward it joining you on this and also look forward to an ongoing, long, continued conversation on this particular matter. thank you. >> president breed: can i entertain a motion to continue these items to the meeting of january 30, 2018? moved by supervisor peskin. seconded by supervisor ronen. colleagues, can we take that without objection? without objection, items will be continued to the next meeting. all right. madam clerk, we have 2 minutes until our 2:30 commendations. let's skip over and start with roll call for introductions.
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we'll be able to at least get to one supervisor. >> supervisor kim: submit. >> supervisor peskin: rerefer. >> supervisor safai: thank you, madam clerk. today, myself and supervisor peskin, are introducing an ordinance that has to do with sfmta. many of you have heard the conversations we've had over the last two months about a ballot measure with separating the department into the department of livable streets and mta, which would allow for that agency to focus on the issues in the neighborhood that are very important to us. over the course of the last
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year, i've worked aggressively with the sfmta. we had 40 to 50 meetings prior to that. we then shifted over to the executive director, ed reskin, and began to meet with him exclusively. in that time, i tell you in talking with constituents, along with hundreds and hundred of people in the city there was a general frustration as it pertains to the issues that are relating to curb management, stop signs, traffic calming, pedestrian safety, all of the neighborhood issues that we often hear about, but in this body we have no authority or control. so we are going to have further conversation about the ballot measure, but today we're introducing an ordinance that is embedded in the charter amendment in 2007 that allows us to create a procedure here at the board of supervisors to review certain mta decisions that relate to the creation or
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elimination of preferential parking and parking meter zones. curb management, time period for which a vehicle may be parked, permit parking, parking zones, disability parking, and temporary pilot programs for preferential curb space and shuttle programs for curb space. i will hand over in a moment to my colleague, supervisor peskin, to speak a little bit more about this, but at the crux of the matter is allowing this bed to have more of a say in the final determination that pertains to the issues that our residents talk about and are frustrated about in a consistent matter. when i was campaigning and also in my first year in office, the issue that comes up more and more than any other issue besides cleanliness and direction of the city is parking. it might be surprising to some in the audience, but parking is an issue that frustrates people
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to no end. and if we can't have a direct conover sawings -- conversation about that, along with stop signs and traffic calming, all of those issues, the decision making solely rests at sfmta. let me wrap up and then we'll come back to supervisor peskin. but thank you to lee in his office and cathy in my office for his leadership and he has the history and the knowledge to bring this whole thing together and working with them has been great on this matter. >> president breed: it's now past 2:30. we have two 2:30 special commendations. i would like to recognize supervisor katy tang. >> supervisor tang: one of the first things i'm going to be
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doing today is our in memoriam that i do every month for our organ and tissue donors. we started this awareness campaign from our office back in april of last year, trying to recognize awareness, given the fears surrounding becoming an organ or tissue donor. my legislative aide's husband was looking for a kidney donor and we wanted to make people aware that it's not scary to become a donor. there are many factors that go into it and i'm very happy to share that as a result of all of this and their work and waiting for years that my aide's husband was able to find a kidney donor and had a successful transplant and is back teaching at lincoln high school. i never imagined when we started this effort that today i would actually announce that someone incredibly special to all of us
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was also a tissue donor and that is our very own mayor ed lee. he was a registered donor. and when he passed away, he donated his corneas and bones, so very grateful that he was able to help save other people's lives through his own tissue donation after his passing. i would also like to adjourn our meeting in honor of a registered donor, 72-year-old arthur boss, who donated his skin. and charles alexander mclaren, 65-year-old male, donated corneas. and lisa coleman, organ and tissue donor. and she was able to save four lives donating her kidneys, liver and heart. we want to thank all of those individual that thought of
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others even after their passing and give our thanks to mayor lee and to his family for allowing us to share this information with the public. with that, i submit. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor tang. and our second commendation will be given by supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: i would like to call up jose pepe gonzalez. where are you? there you are. come on up. [applause] colleagues, today i would like to honor jose pepe gonzalez, who is a beloved member of the mission community and active culture producer. pepe is a latino immigrant who has resided in the bay area for the last 40 years. he's a mission bay small business owner and talented musician with deep roots in the community, who always uses his
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skill to help people and build community. pepe is a founder of the spanish-speaking radio show "pepe." he empowers through providing information on latino culture. he also has been the lead singer of a band for 25 years. the radio show celebrated eight years on the air and we're proud to honor him and his work in the latino community and connect assets to our economy. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. gracias. [applause] thank you for inviting me here. i really appreciate being here. i came to san francisco 40 years ago and i really worked for my community since i arrived at this beautiful city. thank you for reminding me. to my family and friends here.
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and for this recognition. thank you so much. [applause] >> president breed: congratulations, again, mr. pepe, and thank you for being here today. [applause] okay. we'll go back to our regular agenda. and we'll go back to roll call for introductions. and supervisor safai had asked that supervisor peskin be referred based on the item he had spoke to, so supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: with regards to the ordinance that supervisor safai introduced, which i'm co-sponsoring, i want to put it in a little bit of historic context as the author in 2007 of proposition a, which was the charter amendment, that
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devolved power and oversight to the mta commission and gave it legislative powers. and in doing that, it was done with a theory that we were attempting to insulate the critical functions that the mta is in charge of relative to public transit, flow of traffic and curbside management from political interference. what i didn't anticipate at that time was that i would take out the -- we would end up taking out the legislative oversight and check and balance and really have political interference only from the executive branch, if you will. but when we -- i was reminded that when we wrote proposition 8, we included a provision that allows the board by legislation to involve itself in certain
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instances. the way that supervisor safai and my staff and his staff crafted that, does it in a judicious way that will allow the board to have oversight over curbside management, but also will make sure that the mta will continue to be able to discharge without interference issues related to bicycle lanes, rapid transit, other large infrastructure projects. so i want to thank supervisor safai and lee hoeppner in particular in my office and the staff at the mta that have been very cooperative. let's see how it works. and maybe we can revisit the charter amendment that supervisor safai and i have been discussing at the rules committee if this doesn't do the trick. i can do the rest of my roll call, but we can keep going down the list, whatever you would like, madam president. >> president breed: well, you asked to be rereferred.
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so we'll go to supervisor safai to finish his roll call and then come back to you. >> supervisor safai: we intend this legislation to give us the opportunity over the next few months to see how the appeal process or having some moral authority back in this body will work and make a final determination on the november ballot. so we intend to have that conversation we appreciate the rest of the conversation. the rest i submit. >> supervisor peskin: i indicated that i wanted to introduce an amendment to the question time process, which i'm introducing now. in 2010, it was passed that the mayor would appear before the body at least once a month to
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engage in policy discussions with the board. at the time, the intent was to provide a level of meaningful engagement for all to see between the legislative and executive branches. unfortunately given the ordinance adopted at that time, it frankly, really, has not occurred and has been a stilted process. so as a result, i'm introducing this ordinance that will be before the board in the months to come to allow for a bit more of that intended engagement without creating too hot a hotseat and tailored in a way to allow a brief back and forth, but genuine exchange instead of the current, as i said, stilted process, where the mayor gets five days advance of the question. this would allow a supervisor to ask a directly related follow-up question and for the mayor to ask a directly related question
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to the questioning supervisor. i hope that you will consider that seriously. i have two in memoria. i will submit. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor sheehy? okay. submit. supervisor tang? >> supervisor tang: thank you. today i'm introducing legislation regarding electric vehicle charging stations. based on ab-1236 that took effect in january, 2016, it requires that every city/county with population of 200,000 or more to adopt an ordinance that creates an expedited, streamlined, charging station. so very happy that as we have adopteded more stringent requirements arneloun around el
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vehicles that we help with charging stations. >> supervisor yee: submit. >> president breed: submit. >> supervisor cohen: i'm excited, because today is january 23. and today we're celebrating the 59th anniversary of sam jordan's tavern. i know there are some people in this chamber that knows sam jordans. let me see some fingers if you know sam jordan's. also known as the mayor of bayview/hunters point. i'm excited and honored to recognize his legacy and contribution to the city and county of san francisco. let me tell you who exactly sam jordan was for those of you that don't know. sam jordan was an african-american navy veteran that arrived in san francisco soon after world war ii. after a decade spent working as a longshoreman, he purchased and opened sam jordan's tavern in
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1959. the bar quickly became a gathering place for the african-american working class in the neighborhood and sam himself led with the community mindedness and heart of gold. that coupled with a work ethic. he strengthened the community fabric of the beautiful, vibrant, bayview neighborhood. sam jordan ran for mayor in 1963. i think it's appropriate at this time to recognize this. sam jordan ran for mayor in 1963, first african-american to do so on a progressive platform of social justice and racial equality. although he came in third place, jordan was widely referred to as the mayor. today i am honored to recognize
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the legacy of sam jordan. i'm introducing a resolution to rename part of galvez avenue to same jordan way to celebrate the contribution to bayview and entire city and county at large. [applause] i'm not done yet. i have more goodies for you. hope s.f. are you familiar with hope s.f.? i'm introducing a resolution for at least in hunters view to support a wellness center. the department of public health has committed to opening a wellness center in collaboration with hope s.f. and this in an effort to revitalize public housing. this will help us meet that goal and i look forward to further discussions on the benefits and, of course, the needs, the unfounded, profound needs for a wellness center in the community
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up on the hill. the third thing that i want to talk to you about is cannabis year two. colleagues, i'm calling for a hearing on the cannabis state legislation task force year two report. this report was finalized last tuesday and in the past has provides us with great feedback and i think the feedback is important for it to inform us as we continue to move forward and navigate cannabis regulations here in our great city. as we continue to monitor the implementation of cannabis regulations, the report will be useful. with that, the rest i submit. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: submit. >> supervisor fewer: colleagues, i will be calling for a hearing to evaluate the impact, success and effectiveness of the
6:44 pm
cigarette butt pilot launched in district 1 and district 4. no secret that cigarette butts were the number one most littered item in the city. a number of hotspots that were selected as locationed for ash can installations. we've seen with robust outreach and education, residents are utilizing the ash cans to providely disclose of cigarette litter. public works, sf environment, and neighborhood associations worked to install the ash cans in cigarette litter hotspots, especially where cigarette butts can enter the ocean and bay and commercial corridors, where it's unsightly and source of pollution. i hope this hearing will allow us to have a conversation about the effectiveness of ash cans to curb cigarette litter and identify strategies in sustaining the programs to benefit the city. today i'm proud to announce with
6:45 pm
my colleague, supervisor ronen, the introduction of legislation that would provide funding for universal immigrant legal defense in the face of threats from i.c.e. to conduct raids in our city and communities. a year ago, i worked up the work begun by supervisor campos's office to identify funding for immigrant legal services and we were able to invest funds in community-based legal defense and rapid response net work, but also in the public defender's office with tremendous result. at that time, the president had just been elected and we didn't know what was going to happen. but we know now. 250,000 refugees have spent time making lives in the united
6:46 pm
states. and dreamers are being used as political pawns. increased staffing for i.c.e. and i.c.e. conducted massive raids on 10o 7-eleven stores. there is is the time to in crease our investment in a universal legal immigrant defense system in san francisco. it's time to put our money where our mouths are and get ahead of the game. the legislation that myself and supervisor ronen are introducing today will provide the fund for expanded staffing for the immigrant defense unit as well as community-based legal representation. i look forward to the support, colleagues, and reaffirm our commitment to communities and status as a sanctuary city. the rest i submit.
6:47 pm
>> supervisor ronen: i just wanted to also remark on the legislation that supervisor fewer and i are introducing today. i want to appreciate every single one of my colleagues and acting mayor breed for from the moment this president was elected for standing tall and strong for the immigrant community in san francisco but unfortunately our worse fears have come true. so what he's threatening to do to this community he's made good on those threats. he has removed the daca program protecting and allowing youth who have grown up in this country to thrive and work and
6:48 pm
get a higher education. he has targeted families with workplace raids. he is working constantly to build a $1 billion border wall. he's not just screaming and yelling. he's making good on his threats. supervisor fewer did incredible work in the beginning of this year right off the bat after being elected to her seat to beef up our infrastructure, to protect immigrants in deportation proceedings. the fact of the matter is, if president trump makes good on his retalitory threats to raid and target northern california and arrest and deport 1,500 immigrants, we do fought have the legal support or the infrastructure ready to deal with a raid of that level. and just the rapid response
6:49 pm
network, who last week -- the week after the news came out about the threatened raids, the week before that threat, they received 1 to 3 calls a day for the rapid response network. the week that the threats were made, they received 500 calls. they don't have enough workers to respond, find out the credibility, get legal help, to all 500 of those calls. now as a sanctuary city, a city that has the back of our immigrant community, to step up and to really put, as supervisor fewer said, put our money where our mouth is, and create the infrastructure to respond to a raid of any side and respond to the real threats coming from the president and his administration. so i'm proud to be following
6:50 pm
supervisor fewer's lead from the beginning on this and supporting her efforts. i hope we can do this as a unified board all together, because this is the type of support that our immigrant community needs. thanks. >> clerk: all those items will be appropriately referred. that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president breed: this is general public comment on the item for adoption without reference to committee items, which means the process specifically to comment about the process for mayor and not necessarily recommendations for mayor. this will give us the opportunity to go into a committee where we'll have public comment for that purpose. so the clerk will read public comment and give you the specifics around how this will work today. madam clerk?
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>> clerk: thank you, madam president the public may address the entire board of supervisors for up to 2 minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include december 5, december 12 minutes and items 45-48 on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. item 46, motion to direct the clerk to prepare a process. 47, to approve the process. and 48, whether or not the board should convene a committee of the whole today to take nominations and appoint a successor mayor. as the president stated, there will be a separate opportunity to provide public testimony specific live on the nominations when items 40 and 41 are called. pursuant to the board's rules, direct your remarks to the board as a whole hand not to individual members of the board or to the audience. if you would like to display your document on the overhead projector, state such and remove the document when you would like
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the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you, president breed. ladies and gentlemen of the board, acting mayor breed, i ask for your resignations. you swore to defend the u.s. constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and yet you continue the case management focus on citywide, a joint project that is funded $100 million per year. citywide is the treatment provider responsible for involuntary medicating and performing surgical and medical procedures. it's able to do this only by denying its patients live and liberty without due process of law as guaranteed by amendment
6:53 pm
5. citywide also denies its patience freedom of association and right to petition the government with grievances guaranteed by amendment 1. citywide perpetrates unreasonable searches and seizures in violation of constitution 4. citywide denies patients the right to deny their accusers by amendment 6. citywide denies the right to jury trials. citywide exact cruel and unusual punishment. citywide has used its medicine to control patients because it offers them no avenue of complaint. it violates u.s. constitution amendment 9. citywide -- sorry, 13. citywide denies patients equal treatment under the law. you are knowledgable about the
6:54 pm
violations but do nothing to prevent them and violated your only of office. i ask for your resignation. back to you, president breed. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i would like to say, congratulations to interim mayor breed. and i am from the tenderloin. so i believe -- i see you very seldom in the tenderloin. when have a district attorney with all of you being supervisors. how dare you have the nerve to have gascon as district attorney when 5 to 7 people got killed under his watch. and he was promoted, number one. number few, never should have got kicked out because he never
6:55 pm
did anything. i have officer wong that constantly threatens me and kicked me in my leg october 17 before i went to barry my uncle in tampa bay, florida. and then my father died. it's officer wong and he mentioned gascon. they're in cahoots. when i reported this 10 years ago, everybody looked at me and laughed. okay? officer wong threatened my life in broad daylight on 6th street in an unmarked police car. he threatened to kill me or send me to prison, okay? i need somebody to look into this instead of spending money on the cannabis and everything else. you need to look into the dirty policing. that's all i'm asking. you don't have to point no fingers. just look into it. thank you. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon.
6:56 pm
i'm louisa, american resource center. thank you supervisors fewer and ronen for introducing the concept and idea that san francisco needs to invest in our values. i'm happy to hear that we're spending $50 million on a park renovation. so i think we should have no problem in investing i don't know how much but making sure that residents have acknowledge to due process. our city is 1 million people and 200,000 some are foreign-born. 1 in 4 children in the san francisco school district has a foreign-born parent. we want it say thank you for standing for our values, publicly sending a message to our community that our city stands with them and that we're not going to succumb to isis threats and bullying. as we know, children today are very confused about who the
6:57 pm
leader of this nation is, who continually threatens and bullies families, children, and people of color. so thank you, thank you, thank you. we hope to see you unanimous vote as we've seen before. [please stand by]
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
we have gotten calls from people letting us know that they're afraid to go to work, afraid to send their children to schools, so it's really important that in order to prepare and be a united city, that is a sanctuary city, we have the full support of the city, the mayor and the board of supervisors to help support our immigrant community. thank you.
7:00 pm
it's no our charter, me and so i hope you all will vote to appoint an interim mayor. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i wanted to thank all the supervisors and interim mayor breed for all of your support around creating infrastructure and making resources available for communities with immense fear. we serve particularly api but also chinese members throughout the city, there are 10,000


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