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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 31, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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ambulances, and they are, i believe, i want to say 90,000 or so, maybe approximately 100,000. >> fully outfitted? >> yes, but the two models we have are not completely outfitted. they're more test cases that we're currently reviewing, but they would be -- if we went forward with them, they would be significantly cheaper than the current models we use. >> so with 1,137,000, we can probably get ten ambulances out of that, correct. >> yes. the budget is with the older style, which would be 15 ambulances and 15 defibrillators. obviously, that would change if we went with the new style and were able to purchase new units. >> i also notice on the figures on the ambulance billings, that we billed out 135,190,000, but
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we didn't collect 31 million, so we last about 6 million. is that correct? is that how much we lose every time we send -- in terms of cost to the city, every time we send an ambulance out. >> so in general, those two lines represent two things: one, the positive line, the $135 million line, that represents essentially 100% of all the billings that we generate for that year. and that 106 million represents the adjustments, write offs, things -- contractual adjustments, for example, medi-cal, medicare, patients that just don't pay, all those old outstanding accounts receivable, all that's written off through the course of the year. so the net of those two, which is about 27, 28 million, is the net revenue that we project. and that based on the insurance demographics and the demographics of our patients, there is a lot of writeoffs. >> so only a few patients ever
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really pay? >> well, in a lot of cases, we get a lot of payments. for example, medi-cal pays about $150 for a ride, so there's quite a bit of contractual adjustments on that line. >> under the salaried nonpersonnel services line item, you had a professional and specialized services budget. is that where we have our -- and that's 361,000. is that where we have our planner with our pio, our public information officer? where do they fall? >> could you highlight exactly where you're looking at. >> labor, nonlabor, under page 11 of the budget report you presented and you provided to us earlier. >> so this is the administration's budget, and the nonpersonnel of the -- professional and specialized services budget. >> so this is not for salaries, this is for essentially contractual services so this
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item covers the contractual check, new hires for department services, as well as sometimes you'll see the software licenses fees. that's kind of the technical categorization in the budget. >> okay. good enough. you can see i went through this thing. >> yep. let >> let's see if i had anything else. we put scheduled over time for $6 million. is that a usual amount, $6 million for scheduled over time? is that -- i see that kind of 6 million across the board for the next several budget cycles. is that about average, $6 million in budgeted over time? >> in general -- no, that -- i'm not sure what line you're referring to. i think -- >> on 19, page, 01, salaries, over time, scheduled,
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miscellaneous. >> so that refers to the airport specifically, and that is strictly -- that has been pretty consistent. it fluctuates with staffing levels there, but that in general hasn't fluctuated overall. department wide, i believe we're about approximately 32 or $35 million, and that has decreased over the past few years as we've decreased and gained a net staffing overall with all the academies that we have coming in. >> one time, i think we were over the 40 million range. >> yes. >> so it'll be about 40 million in budgeted over time department wide in this up coming budget? >> no. i think the chief mentioned a few years ago when we were relatively low staffed compared to previous years, we had high levels of over time, over 40 million in the general fund, and generally, we've reduced that as we've had more personnel come?
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we've seen our salary costs go up but our over time costs go down. >> so what is our scheduled over time costs for this budget cycle? >> so as approved last year as part of a two year budget the second year, our over time for our general fund is approximately 31.2 million. that's general fupd. so y -- fund. then, you have the airport on top of that, but that's mainly front line and general stations. >> thank you, mr. corso. i see no further questions from the commissioners. we'll continue our discussion at the committee meeting with additional staff on friday morning and we'll be reporting back to the commission at the
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next meeting. >> yep. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> madam secretary, would you call the next item. >> clerk: item five, chief of department's report, report from chief of department joanne hayes-white since the current fire department meeting on january 18, 2018 including academies, special communications and outreach to other government agencies and the public, and report from administration, deputy chief jeanine nicholson on the fleet and if a facility, -- facility, status within the department, training and department. >> good evening, chief. >> good even, president and commissioners. this report captures activities since our last meeting on january 10th. as it relates to the budget. you just received quite a report from mr. corso. i did want to being acknowledge that we just completed the
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second year of this fiscal budget, and we are on track with our revenues and expenditures. regarding the academies, the 123rd class is in their 18th week. we will have a graduation on thursday evening, which is a change from our regular friday morning. it'll be thursday evening from reardon high school, and letters will be going out with further detail to everyone this week. we do anticipate 124th class academy coming in on march 26th. it'll be comprised of 52 recruits, 42 recruits off the nth dpsh 2 list and 12 coming from station 49 emt's and paramedics. those -- the class is yet to be finalized, and members have not yet been selected, but we are in process. we are also happy to let you know that we've hired 36 h-3 level one emt's that will be starting at the end of this
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month, next week, on january 29th, and we welcome them into the department. we also are intending this week to announce some permanent promotions as well as some acting provisions in the rampg of h-22 fire prevention, h-24 in the bureau of fire investigation and lieutenant as well as some acting and permanent h-30 captains and acting and h-40 acting chiefs. so that's always a nice call to make to the members that are getting promotored. since our last meeting, we've been very much involved -- when i say, it is a team effort in assistant deputy chief tony rivera, james tony reedy, and jeanine nicholson. i believe we've had four or five meetings regarding the
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auxiliarized water supply system, especially when it comes to establishing increased redone d redundancy for fire suppression in various districts. we have final sign off on anything related to fire suppression for the san francisco fire department, and i'd like to acknowledge director harland kelley and his staff for that healthy relationship and partnership. so we met with the public utilities commission on the 10th, and the past forward basically is that there had been some concern about not having adequate fire suppression out in the sunset richmond districts, and through our collective work, we -- there was a report that analyzed more than a do say options for improved or increased fire suppression for the sunset and richmond districts. it was analyzed both by puc
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engineers as well as deputy assistant chief rivera and captain reedy, and it was a side by side review. there was a third party review done by charles hawthorne who's an expert in the field. and collectively, we came up and agreed with the option of the third part repoy report ou all these options. it will be part of the continuation of the easter bonds, the emergency safety earthquake response bond is 2010, 2014, and we're hoping for another bond in the 2020 range. we have worked very collaboratively with puc, on those bonds, there's been over 40 water projects been completed, including additional
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cisterns, and upgraded to our pump stations, and one of our two pump stations is at our headquarters at second and townsend. we were pleased we came to this conclusion on the 10th, and moving forward we had subsequent meeting with the two district supervisors, district one supervisor sandra fewer, and district -- representing the richmond district, and katey tang representing the sunset district. both of them were very pleased with the proposal that we will use going forward. we met with them languast weekd then just this week on monday, we went before capital planning and one of the puc staff members presented the plan, which we will again provide you a copy of. it seemed to be very well received by the community members present as well as the members on the capital planning committee. next step, there's a director
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harland kelley and i on february 7th will be going before the government audits and oversight committee to present this plan, so we feel very confident in moving forward with this project in which there's already $40 million identified in puc money to move this project forward. so more to follow on that. and i do recommend sort of maybe an invitation to the puc who has worked with us on this in conjunction with deputy chief rivera who's put in a lot of time on this to come and explain this. it's very technical, but the powerpoint has been kind of boiled down to be pretty -- pretty user friendly from a layperson's standpoint. but the bottom line is we feel very good about added protection from a fire suppression standpoint in the sunset and richmond districts with this plan moving forward.
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many of us, including president cleaveland on january 15th participated in the martin luther king march from the caltrain station to yerba buena guards, so thank you for marching to us, and some of the members of the audience came with us, as well, so thank you very much. the deputies and i as well as assistant deputy chief rivera attended the labor manager meeting which is monthly with local 798 executive board. it's always a fairly productive exchange of ideas and topics, so we've been good of keeping that on a regular basis with local 798. on the 17th, and i know chief nicholson might highlight this in some of her reports, some of items that i'm mentioning, but we did met with the nrt advisory board on the 17th. we try to do that on a
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quarterly basis, and that was with assistant chief jeff columbini. this is the civilian nrt advisory board, and that's also a very productive exchange. the categories for us sort of all the work and the class that have been attended in the 2017 year and just different ideas for moving forward and making sure that that program, which is very vital, ai know, and al of you would agree, continues to have a robust attendance. and i think after having the january earthquake, we saw a bump up in interest. we did see an increase in the interest of those wanting to attend. on monday this week, i went out to the department of human resources testing center, where the h-20 lieutenant's exam is being evaluated and rated.
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dhr does a very good job in making sure it's a comprehensive evaluation process. they brought in approximately 36 members from throughout the country with fire suppression experience at the rank of captain and above to evaluate the close to 250 members of our department that took part in this opportunity. they're doing a lot of work in assisting us in getting that list published and adopted by the department of human resources. once that list is adopted, i anticipate we will move very quickly to promote some new lieutenants, probably between 16 and 20 openings on day one. that's also a positive thing in moving forward and having regular examinations. and yesterday, the deputies and i interviewed members for the homeland security assistant
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deputy chief position. we had 23 members apply, and we selected six to interview, so probably by the end of this month we'll have made our selection on that. last night, number of us responded to the third alarm fire on westportal avenue. it was a challenging fire. i'd like to acknowledge two different two today -- the incident commander for that fire was assistant chief nicole girodivac. she did a good job managing that fire. couple of them connected just by a partition wall sharing a common attic, so it was challenging. we always like commissioner hardeman come out, stand across the street, smoke a cigar, and evaluate us. thank you for being there, both in our neighborhood. i comes to so many, they might think he has something to do with starting the fire.
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we had a number of reserves that came to the fire. i know you'll attest to the crew's worked hard, and the bottom line, which is great news, is there was no injuries. there were four businesses impacted. one is a vacant building that looked like it was under renovation to become occupied, and the other three are businesses that will be out of business for a little while. went back this morning to check on some of the damage in the light of day and talk to the business owners, and then was very pleased that about noontime, new mayor farrell joined me back out in we west portal to meet with the merchants and see what ecodohed do to assist. i also attended this morning a quickly queened meeting with our new mayor, a-- convened me with our new mayor.
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this friday, we have a steel completion ceremony. they used to call it a topping off ceremony, but know they're calling it a steel completion ceremony. as you know, the units that normally reside there have been redistributed throughout the nearby stations. and then, i already mentioned that on monday, the h-3 level one academy will be starting, so that concludes my report. happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, chief. is there any public comment on the chief's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, any questions for the chief? commissioner hardeman? >> thank you, mr. president. yeah, that fire last night in
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pe westportal was put out really quick. got it out promptly, and people were climbing around that roof, making sure there were no hot spots, and the owner of the one business, the el toreador, that we both talked to, he was quite concerned. he was worried that his business wasn't going to get hit, too. so it was great performance by the fire department. and i didn't try to bother anybody. i tried to stay on the other side of the street. maybe the best i've been about not bothering people. then, i went home -- well, the chief -- again, i always like to compliment her on her extracurricular activities. so she's ready to go home. it's early in the morning now,
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and she had just went to the warriors game. we didn't know the other went, but we just saw each other. she was ready to go home, as was i, and a couple that live a few hundred yards way, i saw them. i introduced them, and the chief stood there probably 15, 20 minutes talking to them. they were talking about everything under the sun but -- with the chief, mainly about what's going on in the city and just a variety of things, but that's just how she is. she's on her own time now. she's ready to go home, and she did stick around because she was so kind. she left when they left -- oh, and they thought the world of you, so that was very kind of you to do that. then, i went home and turned on the tv, watched some of the rerun of the warrior game.
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about 2:00 went to 26, and what was coming on? the mayor's appointment calendar on the board of supervisors. so i happened to watch that whole process of mark farrell, and i'm going to be very careful about how i say this, but you know, our job as commissioners is to worry about this commission. and firefighters, employees of the fire department, the citizens of san francisco as related to the fire department and all the services it provides. so i'll just say, not trying to say anything bad about anybody else or promoting anybody's -- because mark farrell's not running for mayor or running for office. i think the san francisco fire department has a person that is going to be leading the city for the next 4.5 months that has a very good understanding
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of the fire department, and i think we're lucky to have somebody, i think will be supportive of this department. so that's all i want to say, and i don't want to offend anybody else that didn't get appointed. but i think -- and i think how the board of supervisors made their decision and how he's stepped down from his job as a supervisor, knowing that doing both at the same time would be too -- very difficult, especially now adays. not like it was when dianne feinstein took over. things were a lot different in 1978. so any way, that was it, and congratulations to our new successor mayor, or temporary mayor, intermayor -- to mark farrell, so that was it. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman. commissioner veronese? >> chief, quick question. two or three nights ago, we
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received a text message in the middle of the night about an earthquake off the state of alaska. that happened, an 8.0 earthquake, i think was a pretty big one, and then several small ones, i think in the last couple of days locally. i just think it goes to show how important it is -- of course what happened up in the napa and sonoma fires, and the special warning systems, and the warning they got out in hawaii last week that must have been absolutely terrifying. so the tsunami warning that was after the earthquake warning didn't actually happen, so i'm wondering -- i didn't actually receive it until 7:20, saying the tsunami was coming at 6:20, so i would have been underwater.
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>> i'm not sure i'd know what to do if i'd received that text message, and i know a lot of people probably feel the same way. i think as a fire department, we have somewhat of an obligation -- i know it's not just us, but it's des and fire, but we have the obligation to give the citizens that information. because as a fire commissioner, i didn't know what to do. had i gotten that information, i don't know what i would have done. so that being said, we have an obligation, i think in some fashion, we need to fill full that obligation. whether it's to get with dem and put out the words since they're probably running the show on that issue. but we should be communicating that, i think, you know, with every meeting or with -- somehow, we should be communicating that. and i don't know if that translates to our nrt programs, with our information. they would be involved in some type of response, i guess, depending on the type of
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incident it was. i'm just saying, i'm not prepared for this type of thing, so i'm projecting that people out there aren't prepared either, and so we should do something about that. i don't know how big or small it should be, but we should definitely be doing something about that. >> i think that would be a natural segue into the presentation that the commission had on the early warning system, that that is a sub set of that whole presentation. i think that would be a good point to raise, and we will continue to work with the department of emergency management who is the lead agency on that. >> all right. thanks chief. >> thank you, commissioner veronese, and thank you, chief, for your report. chief nicholson. >> and president as chief nicholson approaches, i did want to thank commissioner hardeman's kind words. it's what we do when we go out in the middle of the night. the command staff, as you know, we work long hours, both chief gonzales and chief nicholson
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checked in with me. we work as a team. they were ready to roll with this fire, and i was actually the one that said no need, but i would like to acknowledge chief dicozio who was thereafter hours, making sure the inspections were up to date and the investigation was under a. chief columbini, who was our safety officer, which is a very important role, and we had from north beach, assistant deputy chief rivera, so we physical ve felt -- felt very well managed under the chief. this is a huge learning curve, and i appreciate the hard work. >> thank you very much, chief. >> welcome to your first
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commission report. >> thank you very much. the virgin tour, as we shall call it. deputy chief of administration jeanine nicholson. so i'm going to start the report tonight with -- we'll talk about the assignment office first. the station 49 vacancy bid was completed last week. the assignment office made a really good faith effort and worked collaboratively with the union and the shop stewards to come up with a workable schedule that would meet both operational needs as well as allow for some employee scheduling flexiblity. this schedule will be reevaluated in may to ensure that we are indeed meeting all of those operational demands. the station 49 bidding process will be complete on the 31st, but the vacancy part are complete. moving onto the physicians
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office, they completed 45 hp-level one which is the up coming class that starts on monday. we have 36 e mt's starting. the physicians office also continued with promotional physicals and continued evaluation. in terms of injuries reported, there were 37 reports. only 14 of those actually lost any time to injury or illness. investigative services bureau, captain michael smith conducted # 5 random alcohol and drug tests. all were negative, and he has completed over 150 background investigations on the h-2 candidates, and as the chief mentioned, we will be having a class starting at the end of march. i'd like to mention tonight the stress unit. i really believe that the stress unit is a very valuable asset to our fire department. i'm not sure if you all have
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met john christie, but he is going to be retiring in may, and so we are working on a successtion plan right now. so we are going to have a new member who has already been selected shadow john christie for two months so he is able to hit the ground running. i'm also meeting with john christie, that new member, and dan mazzaretta on -- tomorrow afternoon, actually, and we're meeting with a vendor who's going to be conducting a critical incident stress debriefing class for us. it's a four-day class, and we're going to be getting many of our members trained so that they can do critical incident stress debriefing and management so that our stress unit can actually take care of more one-on-one things that really demands a lot of their time right now. so i am working on that.
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homeland security, as the chief says, is currently vacant, but when that chief does come to work, they will also hit the ground running. i have a pile of things for them ready to go, and the command staff does continue to chief updates on any potential terrorist or suspicious activities. also in my first couple of weeks, i met with lieutenant george caruani who is serving at nicric. who are those of you who don't know what that is, it's the northern california regional intelligence center. he is one of ours, but he is on loan to them, so he updates us, as well, with any terrorist -- potential terrorist or suspicious activities. turning to training, i was able to go out and visit our treasure island facility last week. chief columbini took me out there, and i met with the entire staff, as well as with the recruits, and as you
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probably already know, the staff out there, ems, inservice, and the training staff are just very dedicated and work so hard to ensure that people are well prepared -- that we're all prepared to do our jobs. the chief stated the 123rd academy is in their 18th week right now. what they're doing is apparatus and pump operations, so they're learning that, i believe this week and next week. so how to operate the pump, how to give water, get water at a fire, how to troubleshoot, what our standard operating procedures are. the graduation is february 8th, reardon high school, 6:00 p.m. the chief already spoke with the h-3, l-1 ambulance emt class. it is a six-week class, two weeks in the classroom, four weeks in the field. the fire reserves, which is
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also under training, they put in 250 volunteer hours primarily with local 798 and 62 drill or training hours. also, the d.o.t. this week, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, have allotted space for the san francisco firefighter's cancer prevention foundation to conduct urinary tract and bladder cancer screening. and i know the first day yesterday, we had over 250 people show up, active and retired, and the airport is conducting over 100, i believe, as well, and i don't know how many showed up today, but it's also available tomorrow from 9:00 to noon at the division of training, 19th and folsom. back to nrt, i spoke with captain erica ardiceros today, and just so you know, our new
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mayor's parents were original nrt volunteers. i said work it, erica, work it. and we did meet with the advisory board, and we are working with captain ardiceros not just on recruiting but retention, as well. in the event of a disaster, we're going to be needing our nrt people. our support services projects, i'll just mention a couple of them to you. our training facility, so we do have the document that delineates what it is we need in our training if a ilt is, dpw and i know chief columbini and chief rivera worked together to finalize that
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document, and now work is being done to find a place to put this training center. so i believe old macateer high school is out, pier 96 is out. the cow palace is still a possibility. assistant deputy chief rivera and deputy scanlan have met with john updike, not the author, the john updike from the department of real estate. they've met numerous times in order to facilitate finding a location for our training facility because tida has told us we're unable to stay on treasure island. station five, the chief said will be friday at 9:00 a.m. will be the steel completion ceremony. final completion is set for october 30th of this year. so they'll be able to have trick or treaters on the 31st, it sounds like, mark, so let
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them know, chief. all right. station 16, substantial completion, i don't know if any of you have been by there lately. they've really ratcheted it up. substantial completion july 16th of this year and final cleegs september 11completion 11st of this year. we're currently working on a design with many different parties including the sf planning department, army corps of engineers. mainly, the requests, what chief rivera has told me from all of these departments have mostly been aesthetic and not functional, so that is moving forward. the adf, ambulance deployment facility, station 49, is 100% complete. the formal presentation by dpw to the fire commission, is that on schedule for the 14th, i believe, so february 14th,
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you'll be getting that presentation from dpw, and it's been a really transparpt process. a lot of different parties have been involved and have been able to have input from local had 48, station 49 members, command staff. and then finally, the awsf. i know the chief spoke about it a bit, but it is moving forward. i have been to probably more meetings on awsf than anything else in the last three weeks that i've been here, and we are working diligently with the puc and if that plan that we have chosen gets approved, we will be able to move forward almost -- very quickly with construction because of those funds that -- that the puc has. so i thank you for your time, and look forward to any questions. they better be easy on the first night. that's all i've got to say, all right? no threats, just, you know,
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suggestion. so -- but thank you for your time. >> thank you, chief, but don't count on the easy questions. commissioner veronese? >> seriously, this is -- i think we -- you were introduced to the commission almost a month ago, so the questions, here they come -- no, this is an easy one. i want to thank you for your emphasis on the stress unit. that was the softball from me, but you know how important that issue is to me and to many people in fact department that donthat -- in the department that don't want to talk about that particular item. so thank you. i know that john's going to be retiring. he's going to be a huge loss to the department. i want to know what kind of the minimum standards, the threshold that the department is looking to setup in john's absence or actually even while john is there. this class that you discussed with me is intriguing. it's a great idea. i think the more people we can get out there trained, that
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will be less stress on the stress unit. i'm curious as to your thoughts of the name of the unit. not a huge fan of the unit. i love the name peer support unit, so it would be interesting to get the feedback of changing the name. calling it a stress unit, it doesn't really capture what the unit actually does. so i'd love to hear the department's thoughts on renaming the stress unit the peer support unit or in other name that more better describes what it does, the porps of what it does. but thank you again for your efforts. congratulations on the appointment again, and i know there's a lot of hard work ahead for you, so we're here to support you. >> thank you very much, and the stress unit is super important to me and whatever we may call it in the future, whether it's the stress unit or something else, it is -- it's extremely valuable, and i think just with this cisd class, just getting
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people more aware, even if it's, you know, 20 or 40 people, however many we train, will help to change the culture of the fire service in terms of people being willing to go get help. so -- but thank you for your comment. >> great. thank you. >> chief nicholson, thank you for your inaugural report. appreciate it very much. one question, on the awsf, can you at some future date give us a more detailed description of what's being done immediately of -- outside of the 2020 bond that we will have some major improvements to the awss, but i'd like to have a little more detail, certainly for the public's benefit as to just what's being done to protect our neighborhoods in the south and the western parts of the city, so that would be a good thing to do -- in more detail, what we currently are budgeting, what we actually are
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doing now. so that would be good to have in the future, if you don't mind. >> you bet. >> seeing no other questions, thank you for your report. >> thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on chief nicholson's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary, next item. >> item six, commission report. report on commission activities since last meeting on january 10th, 2018. is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, anything to report? commissioner covington? >> thank you, mr. president. i think it was at our last meeting that i requested -- if it was, you know, possible to have the two different types of
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ambulances available. so i just wanted to find out if there are any other commissioners who are interested in a comparison and contrast of the ambulances. does everyone know what i'm referring to? >> through the chair. >> commissioner hardeman? >> no problem going out to 49 and -- at a convenient time, maybe with chief and check out a couple newer ones and chair them to the old -- both the new -- and different types and do a little comparison, and that -- rather than having to bring them out here and then maybe have a problem with the public going in and out at the same time as us and -- i think that if we could go out as commissioners and look at the -- anything out there, i
5:42 pm
don't think we'd have to worry about the public bothering our tour our whatever. >> no, i don't think the public would have bothered. >> well, i'm just saying, i don't know what would happen here, if we were to open it up -- i was just thinking out loud. >> okay. >> so it sounds to me that it's a good idea to maybe look at another alternative which would just be to go out and look at them. >> okay. thank you. >> can i just jump in on that? >> absolutely, chief. >> yes. i know commissioner covington, you had mentioned that. i think it's a great idea, because i'm a visual person as well to compare and contrast. as it turns out, what it is tonight, i know it wouldn't have been a good night. i know chief handel said it would be good at night, or any time setting up at station 49,
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whatever your pleasure is. at any time, if you want it at the next meeting in the morning, i know there are some rules regarding more than two commissioners the a time or out at station 49, whatever works best for you. >> here at city hall i think would be good. i know that everyone knows that the very first and primary consideration is public safety, so if there is a call and the ambulances are needed, of course, you know they will go where they are needed. i understand that we will not be able to have any sort of formal presentation as we would have in a commission meeting, and that is certainly not what i had envisioned in the first
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place. it was just going to be us looking and asking questions, which the city attorney says is very, very appropriate. and we can only go into -- into two, two, and one, and no more than that. otherwise, it constitutes a quorum, so i think here would be a good idea before one of our meetings or after one of our meetings. >> okay. >> okay. thank you, chief. sfl a >> any other commissioners have attend to say? >> i just wanted to commend commissioner veronese for pulling together a lunch for the commissioners, and for commissioner veronese to come up with the idea and execute it
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is commendable, so i'd like to thank commissioner veronese for putting that on and having mayor brown -- former mayor brown as our special guest. so thank you, commissioner veronese for doing that. seeing no further comments, madam secretary, next item. >> clerk: item seven, fire commission election of officers. item a, nomination and election of commission president. >> is there any comment -- public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. vice president nakajo. >> thank you very much, mr. president. colleagues, at this particular time, i would like to advance and nominate as president of this fire commission ken cleaveland, who is presently our fire commissioner. i have worked with many
5:46 pm
commissioners, all of us have had an opportunity to serve in some capacity as officers, as well. i know that commissioner veronese, you've just joined us, but i think that for us as commissioners, that concept of collective leadership is both in leadership positions, but also as members of the commission, that we all have fair access as well as respect among us. and commissioner cleaveland in the year that he's been serving, i have never met a more -- and there are a lot of good men and women who have served on this commission, but commissioner cleaveland, in terms of your ability to grasp budget, your experience within the business field, your professional demeanor, your dedication, you're very well informed, you're very well
5:47 pm
engaged. you're very well connected in terms of the city and county of san francisco both on a political level and business level, and i was very impressed what you did in terms of hitting the ground as president when it came to our challenge to find a location for station 49, and the kind of advocacy that you did beyond this table in terms of seeking out relationships and cooperation. so we all have a lot of work to do. i must say, personally with the passing of mayor lee, the last time we met with mayor lee, yourself and myself, but it seems like yesterday, and his spirit and his direction are very much within my mindset. i feel that we have a lot of business still to do. i know that that angie griggs
5:48 pm
is a concern. i know it's a concern, how we're going to be able to coordinate the resources that we have. there's been some dialogue in terms of friends of the fire department, which is a nice thing to say, but it's a very difficult challenge ahead, a person that has done nonprofit work for many years, but i look forward to working on this. and i feel very confident in your leadership, mr. president. so colleagues, at this time, i'd like to submit the name of the president, excuse me, mr. ken cleaveland as president of the fire commission fore ne ne fiscal year and next calendar year at this particular time. thank you. >> thank you mr. vice president. is there a second to that motion? >> second. >> any discussion -- further discussion? >> go ahead. >> oh, no, after you. >> okay. >> commissioner covington?
5:49 pm
>> thank you very much, mr. president. you did not demur, so i assume you would be willing to take on this responsibility two years in a row, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> i really appreciate you, and i appreciate your vice president laying out some of the things that you want to accomplish, so i assume that the trabiining -- the new training facility and the relationship with guardians of the city and the possibility of forming a friends of the san francisco fire department are things that you also envision? >> all will be investigated. >> well, wonderful. thank you very much for your -- as i said, your willingness to serve again because it is a demanding position. >> i have good commissioners
5:50 pm
working with me. >> good. who are they? -- no. >> commissioner -- thank you, commissioner covington. commissioner veronese? >> you haven't run for the door yet. maybe we should just bar it. i just want to lend my support as well, to this entire commission. not to blow smoke at you guys, but i've served on commissions before. everybody that serves on a commission puts a lot of hard work into it, and i didn't understand at first the difference on what it would be like to be on an all appointed commission, an all mayoral commission as opposed to the police commission which i served on for several years. it was not that way. it was a handful from the board of supervisors and a handful from the mayor's office, and it is a very different dynamic, or maybe you just all are good people. i'm not saying they weren't, but the dynamic is very
5:51 pm
different. i appreciate all you people. we have a lot of hard work ahead of us, and got some is retirees on this board, too, so we've got some time to do it. and i look forward to the next year -- chief's like oh, no, what's he going to do. but i look forward to working with you, chief, and the commission on furthering the goals of the department and making things better for everyone, including you, chief. so i third, if it could be thirded, but i think you know where my vote's going. >> thank you, commissioner veronese? >> commissioner hardeman? >> yes, mr. presidency, and hopefully, mr. president, again. yeah, i think in these real sad times, it's nice to have a continuity with a temporary mayor coming in, with him having to work with a president that he's very familiar with,
5:52 pm
and nothing to -- no significant changes in this commission i think makes it easier on the new mayor. and like commissioner alioto veronese said, we are all mayoral appointments. so in that light, in being a mayoral appointment for many years, i always want to know the mayor's agenda and what he thinks. so i think this mayor will carr carry on the legacy of ed lee, and i think you as president will make it easy for him to carry on mayor ed lee's agenda, which is moving the city forward, treating this fire department fantastic. the last few years with mayor lee were just so spectacular
5:53 pm
with this department, and you as a leader, and commissioner covington before you, and we've been very, very successful. and so i was very happy to support your nomination for president. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman. vice president nakajo. >> mr. president, i would like to call for the question, mr. president. >> call for the question. all in favor? it's unanimous. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome.
5:54 pm
>> all right. well, thank you all very much for that support, and i look forward to continuing as the president of this very vital and very hard working commission. each one of you as commissioners are hard working, along with our department staff. everyone is concerned about having the best fire department in the country. i think we have it, we want to cope keep it that way, and this commission has pledged to support the fire department in any way that it can, and that includes this president, so thank you very much for all the support. okay. we have a nomination for vice president -- commission vice president, so i'd like to know if there's any public comment on vice president. seeing none, public comment is closed on the issue of the vice president for the next year. commissioner covington? >> thank you, mr. president. i see no reason why we should
5:55 pm
break up such an excellent team, so i would like to nominate our senior -- i almost said oldest -- our most senior commissioner, vice president nakajo to be vice president nakajo. >> thank you, commissioner covington. do i have a second to that motion? yes, commissioner hardeman? >> yes. i agree with the analysis of commissioner covington. i agree we have a good team. you both are available. you're very active, and in case of a need for you to -- vacation need or doing something in your personal life that takes you away, i think vice president nakajo will do a bang-up performance as president in your absence,
5:56 pm
whatever the case may be. in carrying the legacy of ed lee on through this temporary mayor, i think the next 4.5 months are critical and in this budget process, and you and vice president nakajo are familiar with. i think we'll be in good hands with both of you sitting at the table representing the fire department. so i do support the seconding of vice president no, ma'akajo another term. >> thank you very much. commissioner veronese, you want to add a couple of comments? >> i would second those comments, as well. huge amount of respect for commissioner nakajo, and i'd hate to see him have to reprint his business cards, as well. no, but in the sake of being a part of a fantastic team, i
5:57 pm
want to thank you, and i second those. >> thank you, commissioner veronese, and i'd also add my words of praise to commissioner nakajo who's been the president of this commission at least two or three times in the last 21 or 22 years on this commission. we are blessed to have someone on this commission with the institutional memory that we all profit from on a regular basis. when i first came to this commission, commissioner nakajo was my mentor, and i continue to look to him for counsel on the ways of the commission, because no one knows the commission department or the commission better than the vice president nominee. let's call the question. call in favor of mr. -- mr. vice president continuing as
5:58 pm
our vice president, say aye. [ applause ] >> okay. on that happy note, madam secretary, next item, please. >> item 8, agenda for next and future fire commission meetings. discussion regarding agenda for the february 14th, 2018 and future regular meetings. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary, before we ask our commissioners for additional items, can you
5:59 pm
please just reiterate items that are already scheduled for future commission meetings? >> clerk: we have, i believe, confirmed from dem michael dayton. he's going to come in and do a presentation on the early warning system. we have the adf update, the ambulance deployment facility, and the physicians evaluation. >> that's for the next meeting. >> correct. >> can i interject. >> yes. >> i believe there might be a budget item on there, as well. discussion and action. >> yes. please add that. commissioners, anything else that he'd like to add onto the next meeting's agenda? >> mr. president, i don't know if it has to be next meeting, but chief nicholson brought up about the cow palace, which is interesting because the old
6:00 pm
union i used to work for is working on a big project out there to remodel the facility to move into a giant training headquarters for my old union, so i find it rather interesting. that property, i guess, is not going to be demolished. it was talked about putting housing in there and a bunch of other things, but i guess they're -- obviously, if they're looking at a training center, they're going to utilize this space for different things. so anything of interest on that that you might want to bring forward, it sounds like the most intriguing spot right now, just from hearing about what other people are looking at out there and doing so. might be a most attractive. who knows. that was all -- mainly talking out loud, so doesn't have to be next meeting or -- whenever you have information, or if it


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