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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 17, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the methodology is similar to the surveys for capital planning and for the transportation authority. we reached out to 955 likely voters who based on past voting behavior are considered likely to cast ballots in november. we interviewed online, cell phones and landline phones. given the high proportion of renters, the number of people moving in the city we find it is important to encourage people to take the survey. we conducted interviews in english, spanish and chinese to make sure they all had pay chance to participate. many of the key findings of the survey echoed what we saw on the initial research we did last year under the grant you received from living cities. perhaps not surprisingly we found voters unfamiliar with the sea wall.
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35% were somewhat familiar we think that reflects social desire ability by us. what you call lying, which is that top number. those very familiar is probably more reflectives those with a functional knowledge. there is an incline nation to not admit your lack of knowledge. there is an educational task to have voters understand the sea wall, where it is, why it is important to the community. the good news when we give the respondepartments a draft of the bond ballot message. this is the best way to understand the bond measure. at the begin we show them a model of what that 75 word ballot question might look like. it is the one piece of information every voter will receive before they cast the
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ballot. they may not read the ballot or newspaper but they will see the question. when presented with language for a potential $500 million bond, 73% indicated yes, 11% undecided in excess of the two-thirds supermajority required for approval this. is very favorable compared to recents bonds the city put forward. it polls as well as or better than the other earthquake safety and emergency response bonds on the ballot. i will note the support is soft, however. only 31% will definitely vote yes, most of those who are inclined to vote yes qualify bay saying probably will vote that way or are undecided. that reflects the lack of familiararity with the sea wall and underscores the importance of public education. there are relatively few major
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differences within the san francisco electors with the bond major beggist on par -- biggest on ballot line also. republican was 57%. we still have almost two to one support which is impressive given the tip i typically skeptical view. among the variety of improvements to be funded through the bond measure we asked the importance on the four point scale as extremely, very, somewhat, not too important. this is what they rated as take most urgent prioritied for investment from the measure. you will see a lot of it focus os protecting the city infrastructure, utilities, transportation from tim packet of an earthquake or disaster and ensuring the emergency services
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can operate in the event of disaster. the sea wall location could put those service this is jeopardy if it is not prepared to withstand the earthquake. one of the things in the focus groups esresidents put more on earthquake safety. they saw sea level rise as predictable. earthquake as something that can be sudden and very unpredictable. now over the latter part of the saururae walked through the things that the supporters might say to say how the public of the campaign might impact the voters' willingness to support. the impact was minimal. the explanation what it would do and arguements in favor raised support to 78 purse. opposition down to 71.
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we were well over the two-thirds that was required for approval. we also tested a range of potential arguments in favor of this measure. vey with a full report on the survey buts available to you which will show the wording of the messages we tested. we have to respond to rate it very convince being,some somewhat convincing or not convincing. we rated on the dark blue bars. abundance of messages. strongest are threats. sea level rise or earthquakes or age and deterioration of infra structure at the sea wall. i think these initial results are encouraging. the public recognizing the urgency of preparing for seismic risks and sea level rise and the support of investment to
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strengthen the san francisco sea wall. with that i think amber and i are happy to answer questions you all have. >> thank you. is there any public comment on this item? everybody is talkative today. commissioner katz. >> thank you very much. it is exciting to see the out reach. we are starting and correct me if i'm wrong. we are starting with a high level of engagement and support, all things considered. from a right of perspective is good. i would be curious in terms of, and i know we have a lot of physical presentations and discussions, what we need to do to taylor the strategy to handle some of our probably newer residents, get their information through different sources, aren't as involved in some of
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the fabric of the city from the standpoint of organizations and meetings and how we are tailoring our message and out reach and the polling. it is hard to reach people that no longer have landlines or communicate like we used to from a polling perspective. talk about that and if there is anything to look at in those trends >> on the community engagement side, we have so many different channels or ways of reaching people. the community meetings that the port staff are going to present. big festivals, sunday street to capture a thousand e-mail addresses in one sunday. smaller intercept activities where we are catching people at a library or on the way to the grocery store. we are trying to coordinate with community groups as well.
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understanding that there are going to be a bunch of people t one time and maybe we could send outreach ambassadors, chinese speaking, we are doing our best for a wide reaching engagement effort to hook all people in at the various places where they might land. does that help? >> a little bit. one of the things i see more and more effective to reach people engaged in the community is next door. i know public agencies can't post or access the neighborhoods, but it seems finding a spokesperson in each neighborhood on each next door community can keep their fellow neighbors appraised of what is going on. i am in the bay view. people are really good about posting activities that are comincoming up, events happenine
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so than in prior areas i have seen. that would be a very firm opportunity to figure out if you can get captains in each of the neighborhoods. >> very innovative. thank you. >> from the perspective of the polling commissioner. we did the survey online wireless and landlines phones. half online and half on the phone. only a quarter of the sample on landlines. 10 years ago that would be the only way to reach people. it reflects evolution in reaching out to conduct the interviews, particularly in san francisco. the number of people we contact on wireless phones or online is much higher than most other communities for the reasons you dindicated. >> going back in terms of out reach efforts, trying to get the
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viral marketing going. are we creating. we have the physical swag and the virtual swag on pinterest, face back posts and instagram. >> i would love you sharing that with the networks as well. help us go viral. >> thank you. it is exciting to see the engagement and focus on the neighborhoods, not just on the waterfront but the whole city. this really affects all of us. thank you very much. >> thank you for your leadership. >> commissioner woo ho. >> thank you. i think this is a great result from the investment we have ma made. when we engaged you. i remember that contract discussion and i think that because this bond issue is so
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important and i think to understand how to position it correctly with the voters, i think this investment is extremely helpful and insightful to know what will resonate with voters. we have not idea what else we would compete with or when the bond issue would go up. i think we are going about it smartly and positioning it. i would say it is good work, keep going, figure out how to fine tune and refining it. what vote do we need in this case, 66? >> 67%. >> this is critical to get us to that 67% number. i think we have to do a lot of homework here and i think this is a step in the right direction. i think that is tremendous to know we are making that progress, and we still what
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timeline do we have in terms when we think this would go? >> we are currently slated for november of 2018. port staff will work with the city family to access public information and voter information up to the point at which the board of supervisors present the question in june. at that point that will be in campaign mode and be off -- we will do that as volunteers. i think one of the important pieces to acknowledge is that we are at the begin of multigenerational effort. in addition to talking about the earthquake safety and first phase introducing the citizens 250,000 of them, go amber, go team, to the sea wall and understanding that we have a project today and project into the future to address sea level rise is critically pore because
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it is not just us that will be tackling this project. we are in the long game with this infrastructure. >> i couldn't agree more. we are trying to figure out how to get to 67 percent. that is goal one. the question would be what the e is the opposition going to say? how do we present the opposition wording? formal or informal, in the voters mind. i just think that is something we have to tackle as well. i'm not sure we know enough about it at this point. >> we have feedback from the out reach. when they are out at the sunday street event, people ask questions. we have created the port staff an internal saq document where we add the documents each day. for the most part i think the questions are the obvious ones.
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how much will it cost? what is the timeline. that is you expect for normal questions. >> can we afford it? >> from the outreach experience i am sure in campaign it is another story. >> i wanted to add. the early feedback we are getting is very positive. it is quite conceivable a measure like this enjoys broad support across the city. there isn't an opposition. we are going to have to be very careful. we have had train from the city attorney's office -- training from the city attorney's office. it is not a matter to address. it will be addressed through a private campaign that does not involve the port in any official capacity. we will keep you up-to-date about how the outreach goes.
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obviously, we are taking notes about the feedback in the meetings and will share the concerns we hear from the public with you along the way. >> i would add that what we are learning through the outreach are things to help us deliver a better project. some of the questions are on cost, definition of project. what are we doing in the first phase? everyone is eager to answer that question. we have detailed engineering work to do to answer that question. what about the southern waterfront and the rest of the city sea level rise leaking for context in the city lan. we are documenting the questions and it is helping us at the port perform a better project and address the larger issues as well. >> i think we have seen media coverage which is helpful. it is for discussing this. this has got to be a separate strategy we are focusing on
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cultivating the media strategy when you have those discussions so the media are fully aware of continuing coverage. the november election will be interesting in terms of what is happening in the politics of the city. i guess we are assuming we will probably have good voter turnout. >> yes, i think so. i think november tends to be a high turnout ballot. >> them it is the 67% which is the goal. thank you. >> commissioner adams. >> i enjoyed the discussion and the comments. there is always opposition. the cute flies -- kites fly esagainst the wind. we have a president that says sea level rise is fake news. you are right.
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in this city we think about earthquakes, we think about the homeless problem that is what we talk about in the city. the commissioner woo ho just hit on something. has any of our politicians. mayor lee was out front. he had the banner high in the air. good, ed, go. he was going. i am sure mayor farrell is doing that. is any of the politicians running for office in the city, is this on their platform? are they coming out strong and bold saying this is something? when you are a leader you need to be publicly stated what is on your platform. what you are for and against, is my personal opinion. secondly, i was going to say to get out to all communities.
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in the city with the average age of 27 years old. my union when we were in a west coast like lockout years ago and the media came down. we did radio ads, commercials and like the giants. they fell out almost every game. is that a place where they would be willing to say something like that? look at the young people that go and the way the younger generation communicates is different. they don't look at flyers. that is not how they move or roll. how you gain excitement or is this a mellow subdued campaign or something that you raise it as you go along? it is good to reach to the business community and the high
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schools. the warriors are moving back over here, i am wondering would the athletes be willing to do a commercial. when i lived in seattle. some of my friends played for the seahawks. they would say people never ask me to do anything. there are people willing to do something for the community. just ask them would they be willing to do something? would buster be willing to do something on tv? he is in commercials all the time. what about steph curry. this is what is good not only for san francisco but the whole region. in sa san francisco we lead the nation. we don't worry about washington. as i say if you are running for office, what is on your platform? where are you at? there is a
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guy like tom tire out there, would he be willing to make commercials. he wants to impeach the president. can we get a sea wall built in san francisco that might be easier. i am throwing that out here. we have a lot to talk about. it is all good. thank you. i hope you think about different things. it is something to think about. sometimes you put on your political thermometer to find out where people are at. they have to step up. >> thank you for the great ideas. amber, rosie, dwayne and dave. thank you so much for the presentation. you guys have just in the short few months since you received the contract, i have seen you at several events and you are doing a great job at community outreach. i love the creative collateral
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that you have. it is for kids and adults. everyone is engaged and involved. i think commissioner adams has a good note to focus on the younger voters somehow now that san francisco has so many young people, which is a good thing. according to the statistics, older people left us. we have to get it out to the young people to make sure they are aware. maybe we can get mark zuckerberg to do a commercial. no, this is great. you guys have done a wonderful job, your efforts are wonderful. i wish that it was in june instead of november with such good numbers. >> give us some time. >> thank you very much. we really appreciate it.
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>> i seem 12-c informational presentation to advertise for competitive bids for construction contract 2786 pier 994 -- pier 96 improvements. >> good afternoon. president brandon, vice president adams, congressman ka tv and congress man would who. i am for the 94 project. i am here for the informational presentation for the project construction. i would like you to see the attachment of number one, the attachment a.
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the site of pier 94 is from the east. it is the extension. from the south it is the bay. from the north it is the [ inaudible ] to the south it is a specialty crossing. this project is [ inaudible ] stone water system and pipe the water.
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engineering helping us to put a design and for the project is $7 billion. the budget for the project is 8.5. taking out the soft costs there should be enough funding to fund the construction plus 10% contingency. the project is 20%, the schedule for the project which we are doing try to complete the construction by the end of the year. we plan to advertise the project by the end of february or march. then get contracting at the port on the condition of the project sometime in april. we will try to have the construction contract ready
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sometime in may. a six month construction and bring the project completion by the end of december. i am here to see if any questions. >> thank you. clarification. it is informational at today's meeting and staff will come back at the next meeting for approval. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> this looks like one of those infrastructure maintenance projects. is that true, tom? >> thank you for asking. i am going to have rod answer that.
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>> this project is in support of the piers 80 to 94 eco industrial project, i think. well, it is meant to establish a platform for development on these lands. david has been helping out quite a bit. he is more suited t to talk abot this. >> david with planning environment this. is the capital project we have been working on for a number of years to improve approximately 20-acres of the back lands. as ken indicated new road way. landscaping to allow interim leasing of the back lands for the areas unimproved. it is a capital project. >> this is just for the infrastructure to make it
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available? >> right take the piles of concrete we have, spread them around, create a roadway so each parcel is accessible and work with the real estate group to begin to lease the property up and generate revenue from the site. >> what would be potentially the uses? >> the uses is primarily construction lay down, storage, parking types of uses. there is no structures being constructed as part of this. it is essentially a leveling of ask surface, spreading out the aggregate material, creating a roadway so the sites are accessible and creating a cap over a regulated landfill portion of the site. >> thank you. commissioner adams.
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any questions? okay. all in favor. no, it is informational. thank you. it is informational. thank you, ken for the presentation. we look forward to you coming back at the next meeting. thank you, david. can you ask when you come back you could share with us perspective tenants and uses so when the improvements are made we know what we are looking at in terms of maximizing the use of the site. >> and a budget for specifically what it is we are doing with $7 million. thank you. >> item 13a. review of pier 70llc phase one development of the 28-acre site
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at pier 70. >> good afternoon, commissioner and director and development project manager with the port. as you know, last fall we reached a big milestone with approval in september followed by board of supervisors approval in october. this is phase one of the project. we will walk you there it. i wanted to touch on a few notes regarding process for review of the face the middle consistent with the disposition and development agreements, staff is reviewing for completion. one staff finds it complete we will forward to the port director for review. the port director will approval it within 30-days if it is
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consistent with the dda and regulatory approving and develops market rate development and infrastructure. if the port director would to find it included major changes to what was approved to the phasing plan, the project scheduled performance or didn't allow for the mix of developmenten they she would rover refer it to the commissioner. i will turn it over to jack from forest city to walk you there it. >> good afternoon. good afternoon, commissioners and of the brandon and congratulations. to we have been excited each time that we have come here and this time we are really excited because we are on the cusp of breaking ground, and what i made
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this comment if the planning commission and the president made a joke that this is actually true. i don't know that it is true but i suspect for the project of its sale we will be the quickest from project approval to project construction which is exciting. i will walk you through the first phase. most will be familiar to you. talk about the things we are doing to make it a successful first phase from the standpoint of the community and the place that is being created and talk through schedule and what we think the budget looks like. one of the great things about starting the work that we are doing, we are not actually starting at pier 70, one of the things you put in place is the momentum from rehabbing
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buildings, the work in the first phase of the park. we are excited to connect to that. obviously, we need to connect to the adjacent neighborhood, dog patch. bringing the street grid down and building the new infrastructure loop, which you see here on maryland street and then the first phase really focuses on the two -- three historic buildings on our portion of the site about 90% of the square footage. the two marquis buildings. building 2 and 12. one of the things we are working very hard with your staff and other city agencies, something that is a little challenging because people are not used to designing and building streets that go under a historic structure.
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if we are successful it will be a special moment as you arrive and see the bay out beyond. each of the phases has a mix of commercial uses, residential uses and residential both affordable rental and for sale. we have all of those component this is the first phase. in terms of total program, it is about on the portion that we will build. we think 665 residential units. that doesn't include the parcel north that you all will actually sell-through a competitive bidding process to a condo developer. call that 240 units. about 900 units good forgetting the place established. 275,000 square foot new office building, then the 150,000 square feet in building 12, which is retail, local
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manufacturing, and office users on the top floor. we are really focused on this is to some degree a bit of pioneering location. people love dog patch, what is happening at pier 70 gives us momentum. we are going to be out at the edge of the bay to a place people are not used to coming to. for us it is important to deliver a place that feels like a community from the begin and has the amenities that can draw resident and people to work there so building 12 really will be the heart and soul of that. we are really excited about building a portion of the park program out to the waterfront to give people access to the water. we are excited to come back with the designs for the parks he
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they have been avouching. it is an opportunity to create something unique in the bay area. this renders is between building 2 and 12 headed out the park to the waterfront. that public open space will be built in the first phase, not all of the buildings will. similarly this is the portion of the waterfront park that will be built in the first phase. the buildings you see in the background are in later phases including the waterfront arts facility. each of the phases, and this is true of most master development projects in san francisco, spread the public benefits in the project proportionately through the project. for us that means both building affordable units in the rental buildings that we will build as well as the each of the three
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phases have affordable housing paid by the fees. we noticed a typo. it is not $15 million in fees generated in the first phase. it is $27 million to cover the majority of the gap functioning. the pdr use in building 12, transit fees and whole tdm program we are developing. then, of course, all of the work we are doing to integrate access to jobs and business opportunities for people in the construction process and also as we start to build out some of the retail spaces. we are currently in the process of talking to folks abou about g
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a liaison to succeed in the design and construction phases of the project and working with ycd for job training and placement for the local hire. we haven't brought on a retail broker. we hope to do that in the next six months and work with oekd and player that understand the local retail and the entrepreneurs that we can guide to the opportunity this is the first phase of ground floor spaces. the physical work that we will do, first is take down some of the structures that going back to the master plan that your staff did in 2010 have been anticipated to come down, it is a little hard to read but they are outlined in red. that will take two or three months. then we spend six to nine months
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doing the grading of the site. basically what we are doing is raising the grade of everything in the site from four to nine feet. we do that first then we come back in and put the utilities into the roads, which is the next thing. we will build the backbone infrastructure loop and wet and dry utilities and key back bone for wastewater treatment and the pump station. the infrastructure work is the construction of the parks is the last in the sequence. you want to do that as buildings are completing and you have built the infrastructure. here is our crystal ball of the schedule. we should put draft on here.
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this is what we think it will look like and really what this is geared to is to deliver all of the buildings that we will develop and open roughly the same time with the infrastructure in the park so we are not opening a building that has a bunch of construction around it and doesn't have the amenities you want to have that building be successful. structural demo, we hope to be starting next month. we are hoping to get the documents in place to be able to support that. the grading lags a little bit. the goal there is to get that work done before the rainy season starts this winter, if, in fact we have a rainy season at the end of 2018. once that work is underway they can come in and start building
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ththe infrastructure lines. the parks construction is pushed out really to the point that we are trying to defer as much of that cost as possible to be as economically efficient but to have it deliver the same time the buildings are open. we are underway with our design team for two of the buildings. building 12 and then e-2. we will come up with new names. it is a new apartment building. we hope to be underway with the design and leasing process for the other two buildings which is the historic rehab of building two and new construction office building in the next couple of quarters. we are turning the massive ship that used to be called project approvals entitlements into the ship called implementation. in terms of the cost to do this
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from the master development perspective, the hard costs are about $86 million. you can see how that breaks down. the infrastructure in the streets is the biggest component followed by the open space and shoreline improvements followed by the grading and site-prep. this is about -- a little less than half the overall hard cost for the entire project that is common for a project like this where you have to build that backbone infrastructure early to support the new buildings and users. when you add in the soft costs, we are at a total projected budget of $125 million for phase one, and that compares to -- and
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this is out of the perform mathe basis for the financing plan that you all approved about $87 million is the value of the first phase land parcels, and then there is a series of public financing mechanisms that just from the buildings and the taxes generated in phase one are about another $105 million or $110 million. this does not happen immediately. it is about timing and how quickly can we build the buildings so they generate the taxes for the public financing mechanism. the revenues are there. the project has the revenue to support the costs. how quickly can we get to generating those?
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so i will sum up. we are super-excited to make this happen so quickly. we hope to catch the tail winds of the economy that still seems like it is strong in the bay area, there are still people looking for major blocks of office space, people are still renting units. it is not the fervor of late 2015, but it is still really strong. we are excited to get underway and make this place the place that we can all be proud of that you all set the stage for many, many years ago and your staff and that we are hoping to step in and do right by it. with that i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. is there any public comment on this item?
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no public comment. commissioner woo ho. >> i want to thank the team and thank jack for presenting. i think we have heard a lot about pier 70. it is great to go into the ship of implementation. we have been hearing about all of the various phases and to see it happen. this is going to move along. i don't have any specific questions. i think we have been informed along the way. i am excited to see this getting to the point where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. the team has done a fantastic job and we have appreciated the great job as well as working with forest city and pleased to hear this progress report. >> commissioner katz. >> thank you everyone. when the port is put together so
9:45 am
well, it belies the incredible work that has gone into getting us to this point. i under score the work in it very exciting to be here. we are all excited with you that we are at this point. i will take a moment. we haven't thanked the board of supervisors for their approval that allowed us to get to this point. that was unanimous. that is nice to be in this place and get unanimous support on something. we have spent a lot of time on the project. it is exciting to see the phasing. it looks like a reasonable timeline. one concern is lining up on the
9:46 am
construction projects. getting the work force lined up is significant. i imagine that is already in play. i want to under score that is one of the things that is important to us about the project. it ask enhancing the opportunities for the local work force and getting the appropriate steps put in place so we won't have to have any lag time while putting the teams together to start the project will be significant. i did have one question. i think it is premature, but i am pleased in phase one will be a child care facility. once that is constructed an operator will be found to run that. i wasn't sure. it was never talked about that piece of it before in terms of community improvements. maybe we could talk about how that will be run and how an operator will be selected and
9:47 am
how the 50 children will be chosen to be part of that. that is certainly something important in the area. i think it under scores that we are looking to have families come into the project in the site. we are planning for that and that is significant to point out. i am excited. you answered one of the questions i had with respect to the parks and open space putting them to the tail end to be available for the residents. i am not sure what kind of maintenance will be needed as things are phased in to keep the area safe and whatever work ask done that it is continually maintained. i am sure that is in the plan as well. thank you very much. i am excited to be at this point. >> commissioner adams. >> jack, this is awesome. i can see your heart beating
9:48 am
through your shirt over there, brad. it is good. i am liking this. i just can't wait to see it finished. i am looking forward to seeing things starting to come together. it took so long to get there. i think things will just come together so fast. i mean this is going to change the landscape of san francisco and in that area. for us there is no turning back. we are going to have a whole new area in san francisco. when we look out there and i know this has been the dream of president brandon for years. it will be like another city. i mean it will be so much to the city. it is not that big but it will be a hip, cool neighborhood that is so different. i think of the housing and your
9:49 am
commitment, and i am hoping that more people will be able to stay in the city and enjoy the city of their birth. i think you will provide that people will be able to live in the city. i am really excited. thank you. >> thank you for the presentation. this is definitely exciting. this i can't wait for the groundbreaking. this is so exciting to have the project actually starting and a proposed schedule that looks wonderful and hopefully you are able to achieve that and get the project going. this is so needed. you have put so much time and energy and work into this. as commissioner adams says. this is going to be a new community and a great one. thank you.
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>> new business. >> i have the calendar two items. one is a debrief on informational item on th on c rd cruise strategy and maritime portfolios. >> there is a joint statement from me and commissioner woo ho. we agree. put that in the minutes. >> is there any public comment on new business? >> can i have a motion to adjourn in the memory of am amys mom? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor. meeting adjourned at 6:04 p.m.
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thank you. i've got time i've b with 25 jobs so for young people one of my favorite days in san francisco thank you, thank you to the companies that are hiring. >> (clapping.) >> the city of san francisco and united way are calling an employers to have jobs for youth in 2012 president obama issued a challenge and the challenge was get disconnected young people connected to jobs and so mayor ed lee said we should lead this challenge that the city will
9:52 am
have 25 hundred jobs that first summer 6200 jobs and been building. >> i'll high are ups we like to pledge 50 jobs so for youth this summer. >> excellent. thank you. >> a large part of the jobs it did manual resource center started off a a youth program and our first year 35 percent of the young people working full-time we know there the pressors looking for committed young people the resource fair attracts over 6 hundred people if all over the city and the greater bay area. >> we have public and private partnership the employers came from hertz rent a car and many private sector jobs sea have the city staff so the airport is
9:53 am
here, starbuck's is here we've been retail we have restaurants, we have offices and so the young people will get an opportunity to partner search warrant with so many of the great champions for jobs. >> for the past 5 years we've hired over 3 willed youth to work as business traces they have been promoted to supervisors. >> if you're doing a job at starbuck's the opportunity for them allows them to understand math if tire working at anothers architectural firm understanding debris or a media to understand reading and writing differently those are opportunities that the mayor is clear he wanted to provide we're going to be do mock interviews helping young people that the resumes a it pulls them
9:54 am
to the career opportunities and building inspection commission make sure they're prepared for those opportunity educational and in terms of their preparation skills by the time many of them leave they'll leave with jobs and new relationships building their network of the opportunity to thrive and i think i could focus and i check around the booths to see had is available i'm hoping to get a job but have employers you know employers give practice. >> i feel this will be a great way to look for jobs we can do this like you get paid. >> when our young people walk we capture their information so we can do follows up and we have a room that has a our computer lab an opportunity for them to do cover letters and talk about
9:55 am
updating their profile and i think how you do things on the internet we help quam and they can update tare resume and can look in interviews and on the spot job officers we hire about one hundred young people today lee alone it is exciting out of that it is if they come through with one hundred walk out with a job. >> we'll rock and roll i guess in the job interviews it went great. >> as a youth we get to go through experiences 3 builds a great foundation gymnasium a positive outlook and more importantly confidence. >> we really want to do at the end of the day exist a young person with the possibility of what we can be and do we have them go home i want to get there let me connection with those
9:56 am
folks and ultimately got on the path. >> good morning good morning caitlin i'm caitlin lopez 23 years old i moved out to california and san francisco, california had i was about 8 years old and actually put in foster care at the age of 9 or 10 had a baby at the 16 years old so i've kind of had this crazy like youth experience. >> despite the challenges she faced caitlin finished high school and take advantage of program. >> i heard will mayor ed lee's program through my social worker and i interviewed with entrepreneurs after i was matched walking sweet spots office i thought imitated not
9:57 am
been in that type of office ones i got into the office with my supervisor we boptd and i got a call from h.r. i got the position and i'm in. >> i have. >> we hired merry for 8 weeks and saw how she did she was only going to work 8 weeks but at the end question offered her a position part time. >> i have those traits it has been great working here my term of 5 weeks was pretty much like family supporting each other i feel like the mayors job program helped me to get in job without the jobs plus program i - i probably would have not even had a job. >> in her case she's a mother
9:58 am
of two now going to school full-time and making it happen so if she can do it differently anyone that has a willingness to try at least try to make it can do it. >> those programs are amazing they're so important for young adults to really go out there and make a better future for themselves and despite not having a traditional - you can go out there based on the programs that's what they're for they want to help you succeed. >> we'll be committing to 25 jobs in the tech. >> the san francisco rec and park is hiring 3 and 50 youth that summer . >> (clapping.) >> and only child born in the office development allocation to r so for me is a network of the
9:59 am
community that made the difference no way i'll be with united way this network was here for me this was personal and professional so important we create the opportunities who know the next ceo or champion of the community is coming today to find their path. >> that's the roll in san francisco we really by helping each other out >> (clapping.) >> the goal for 2017 to create 5 thousand jobs for youth if you want more information invite them at sf
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